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Top Customer Reviews: 1Mii B03Lite Long ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clara
That is to say awesome! Has the Samsung Ready television (without Bluetooth tho) and has had the times take concealed finds adapters of Bluetooth this was compatible but this one is and is was BRONZED easy to pose up! Highly it recommends. Looking television while the circle is so much quite now... In fact I can listen a television in a treadmill auricular road.
5 / 5 Mallie
It takes the few minutes to match with my Sony auricular. He reconnects sometimes instantly and sometimes the small delay. A quality of his excellent east. Any hissing or buzz. A field is quite very too many. I can walk during my house even so it listens clear without any dropout.

Uses of the so gone in in a unit, 1 of boxes of cape and 1 of blu-player of ray. The works perfect for my setup. Very happy with this unit!
5 / 5 Fredric
BT Transmissive With a field a long plus has not tried never in the similar devices that comprises iPhones/iPads, etc. The field is 2x-3x any smartphone and 1x-2x other similar devices. At present I am trying five of these headphones/of the transmitter and this unit surpass the each which varies. In the three history townhouse easily layers all the fund when is in an inferior level -- can not be matched by any another the device has tried. It IS in a measure of current version of television of Apple with two adjustable antennas.

The instructions are in understandable the different English the majority of headphones of Chinese/transmitters. Setup And the party of the device takes the minutes of pair. Re-The party arrives automatically when so much a device to take (auricular) and the transmitter is ignited a same time . A button of push of the big round with the point has DIRECTED to circulate in a unit provides been operational visible and the easy fact to turn a unit on/was, pair, and state to match of the control. All the buttons require the good push to engage. Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, And another BT the receiver has matched almost instantly. The quality of audio is equal in or better that each which as another BT the transmitter has tried. That is to say it is very good. Connected in television of the results of optic beginning of a television in any detectable latency or delay.

A transmissive pair in two different headphones and game in so much simultaneously. That is to say to do to select the buttons localised in a cup of a unit. I have tried this with Bose QC-35s and Bose QC-25s. The quality of audio was excellent to touch in so auricular a same time. I have not detected any stuttering, dropouts, or other potential subjects that unit two headphones simultaneously. In the each quality of the audio of the tests was quite respectable -- no hiss, distortion, dropouts, stuttering or the effects of adverse audio have been remarked.

A downside is concealed does not have the control of volume as having the control of volume in your headphones or earphones is useful. BT earphones Without game of control of the volume in or levels which are quite listenable.

Need only the BT transmissive (is not the receiver) with saying field, audio very well in an or two headphones simultaneously, and basses or any video of playback of the latency has posed this device in your low list.
5 / 5 Ronnie
Well, has mine.
IS easy to match and of control of the pair.
Beat it listed in my television during a house...
Plugged A unit in, powered he up, pair the paste in my earbuds and he instanty has matched.
The quality of his this very good.
5 / 5 Charisse
It looks for the Bluetooth Transmissive that would do so much with a System of Entertainment of the House and a Computer. Surprisingly coverage to be very responsive in both systems, and in the big house with the big room, was very pleasantly has surprised. Still It Go has the field and yes in or finals in an another end of my house, expects to lose only. Matched With my JLAB Group to Ray BT in in these works of transmitter likes them in them have to. Sometimes it has some static when begins to repair with headlining place. I have found to resolve that ,is to restart a transmitter, if that the does not resolve it , has restart my BT headset and this resolves all some static problems. It finds that a prize is very well for which can think could handle or rid an action but he can. Have Already says all my friends and familiar to consider this Bluetooth Transmissive. He that feigns and coast a money.
5 / 5 Edgar
As you Know, it has ordered four of a bluetooth transmissive so far. I have chosen he of diverse, and any necessity to try another. Has two old friends that the could not listen his televisions clearly. Both use that listens helps. It take some transmitters , which also has optic entrance, to try. Has the JBL Clip 2 bluetooth putting and has used he in a first television only to see that it was easy to use. My partner, now 97, has listened a sound of a small speaker and has taken the big the grin and said can listen it clearly. This of the 49 Samsung of road of television inch a transmitter of blue tooth. Has worry that would be it complicated too much to operate...Matching, on and was, etc. This device takes is can of the port of USB of a television, and a default is ON, so everytime a television is turned in a transmitter goes in life and wait for a JBL Clip two to ignite, and parties automatically. It IS almost he tries of fool. A sound is very clear. I have expected to be buying and trying different earbuds and auricular, but at all necessary. I have bought a second transmitter for the television of another partner, 92, and also now can listen television clearly using the JBL Clip 3! A later two has ordered was alone name and another partner. It IS sum by prejudices he late to have west small has turned down way down below, but supremely clear. I do not know why it is so clearer that a television is built in of the speakers. In all the case, excellent. I think it that it back it two bluetooth auricular/of speakers/earbuds.
5 / 5 Nicol
Works while it describe. Automatically reconnects when the television is ignited. A television that installed this has had in any jacks to start with. Hooked A transmitter in Plan is a receiver and Bluetoothed the in west with a optic cape. I add to synchronise but only laws in HD canals. Changed out of a optician in a RCA the capes and he have done on all the canals, but the sound looked the subordinated bit.
5 / 5 Cesar
It was not sure cual to expect but, has wanted has used my bluetooth earwear, BT buds, BT auricular, and another BT listening devices, and curb my Sennnehiser RF headphones. HAS! Spending my BT buds movement around a house. Basement, room of far corner, advances of porch, behind porch, is moving at least 50ft out of a Mii BT Transmitter. A party of button, easy to use. So far so good!
5 / 5 Claire
Experience by our townhouse. Coverage the easy to use. Matched Well with my others elements. The fact adds with Alexa that musician of steams through him. State using he for the few weeks now he so that it sees like the register maintains to do in a future. It Likes him to of me concealed has 24 month very hassle police of tower. I listen me surer with this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: 1Mii B06Pro Long ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Barabara
It have been looking for the good receiver with beginning of optic audio. My yamaha the receiver does not have in-built bluetooth. So that is to say the perfect access Very very looking and robust quality. That is to say a cheap more bluetooth receiver and found with optic beginning.
Very happy with a quality of voice. Has another bluetooth the receiver connected in yamaha auricular with RCA capes. I have compared both side of headphones for side, with device of same entrance, same song, level of same volume. There are few songs that sounded same in so auricular but few songs (that it was it big quality ) was stronger and the cleaner in this receiver compares in another.
IS also happy with a field. It can control of 2 room was (likes him 50 feet or as) easily even so connection very broken. It comes with optic cape that is the plus , any necessity to buy separate cape.
Recommends if your device can take optic entrance (mostly AV auricular, no for cart) then that is to say the compraventa very good .
5 / 5 Yee
Works perfectly with my older receiver. Opened Can use it Alexa in musician of current through him. It attaches I breathe it living in perfectly of costs, but outdated auricular!! Pose up was mere. Highly recommended!!
5 / 5 Jolynn
Works while it has to. A unit has very of the different beginning that it comprises optician as it has alot of flexibility. Also some looks of unit to be of big quality, does not look cheap. The time will say.
5 / 5 Reginald
PROS-These laws add in a room where and use he for musician, also the laws add yes and has my tlphonique on me and and is walking around a house and he any one loose connection,
GILIPOLLAS- has had the small connects problem in a principle, has the hard time that connects in my telephone( android) but my threads has tried his iphone and the only sake , after the law headed to.
3 / 5 Debbie
No my premier surrounds with one of these types of adapters. While a tez/of the quality of this device is well, when being forewarned is the Bluetooth very aggressive hub. Sure, easy to match, but is hooked in any others devices of Bluetooth this thing constantly wants to when being a boy with all a candy and he rob a beginning in your devices. Have had to unpair a dang thing for the take for prender. So much for easy to use... The same thing when matched in my television. With my another the device felizmente could select a beginning QUAN has Wanted. Once again, with this device is constantly nagged for my television with a question ' sound of amours to start with in this device?'.

Sure would be well had some road to do this more passive thing.

5 stars conceal the small problem has been fixed.

Quite problem.
5 / 5 Matt
I am using this in the mid in system of big final. A sound simply is surprising. I am very happy with this product tez solid and toslink
And included comprise it. For a prize of this unit to have this connection and to comprise the cape am to add and scarce. THE PURCHASE!
5 / 5 Cleotilde
I have required something concealed would leave me for audio of touch of my laptop or my telephone through my sake stereo system in my dispatch of house. I use a optic beginning and maintain it powered with AC adapter. The laptop and the tlphonique come and go of a dispatch, but looks to take a party. Has does not have to animal-left any device. A field of a device is very enough that I crank in a stereo in a dispatch of house and audio of game of my tlphonique while it moves in a house and he maintain a connection. If I need the device for bluetooth the audio in > optic the audio was, these some works and was reasonably easy to pose up and use.
5 / 5 Valentina
Purchased this unit of Bluetooth to connect my receiver and uses my external speakers for an external cinema. Reception of field very very time without any lag (any lyp-synchronises subjects). The quality of audio is pristine through my external DAC then routed in a receiver through your regular RCA entrances. It recommends in any one with an older receiver would recommend to obtain wireless capacities.
5 / 5 Alease
I am using this device with a B03 and creates the perfect pair for the low latency bluetooth connection in emission of the television of loan in the system of his wire fence. Also it uses this device like the independent receiver plugged in in an old plus AV issues auricular a optic the port quality and rid of sounds very good. Side of note by side: a optic the cape has comprised in a packaging the big quality has surprised. A quoted field in a description is correct. It does not have any problem streaming in this device of any place in my house. In general, that is to say the addition adds in the system of the sound and I would recommend this compraventa.
2 / 5 Linwood
I have bought this to give my early 2000s A/V receiver bluetooth described and concealed but when that compares a beginning of level of line of equivalent in other sources, is significantly calmer. Still with a volume of a device of source and bluetooth the receiver has turned each one way up, find me cranking a road of volume up in my amp in indistinto a beginning of my player of CD or A/V has entered. The party is easy and was the able pair with some three devices tried it on without subject. The only desire has had beefed in an equivalent preamp circuit in this device as it directs my amp the small more take in of the levels of the volume the low plus.

Update: I have decided to return this product because of a level of line of equivalent under the beginning that enough me to turn a road of volume up in my amp in indistinto a level of volume other entrances. Quan Doing so many, when being the digital to buzz his in a calm among songs (course of a fund of noise). It looks that that is to say the interference caused by a bluetooth radio hemorrhage in in a beginning of amounting - poor protecting/filter? I have decided to go with a BluDento BLT-2 like this is informed to have the fund of noise of calm death and a audiophile commentaries DAC piece for a RCA has been.

Top Customer Reviews: 1Mii B03Pro Long ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Laverna
The cost verified has bought this he so that it can use some excellent old RCA speakers or Bluetooth auricular with my new Samsung ready TV. The works add now, but is not exited of a box been due to the settings of a TV. In a TV in some settings of the audio advanced has to that it change of Digital Dolby the PCM (sees some pictures). Now all the work adds! Control of the volume can not be done with the far TV and has to that be fact with a far speaker or in some headphones, which well for my neighbour-up. Cords: TV of Optical form the entrance in a box, 3.5 the RCA to some speakers. In the boxes choose any bypass for speakers or transmit for Bluetooth. Working add and really enjoying his well.
5 / 5 Lashandra
The cost has checked A 1mii B03Pro fantastic work. Utilisation partorisca receive way the one who half receives songs wirelessly of mine iPhone and laws like an adapter to hard wired speakers. A beauty of this model is his capacity to receive and continue reproducing songs although I roam quite far has been to a backyard. When Return in a house, a music still is touching! Other products have tried any one has this class of row. At all it is worse during the summer cookout that gathers that beginning my interior of tunes then when I go outside with my telephone in my pocket to roast dinner, some stops of music.

Has not tried transmits way still (sends his of television the Bluetooth ear buds) but am sure this unit of quality will manage it perfectly.
4 / 5 Narcisa
The cost has checked A 1Mii B03 Pro is an excellent addition in any device of audio that not having bluetooth qualified. The inaugural a box was pleasantly surprised partorisca see drives of fast start in an inner flap that has explained some diverse ways. Some instructions were clear and easy to comprise he so that it was able of the take connected in of the minutes. A 1Mii B03 Pro has 3 functions. It transmits, it receives and bypass. Bypass The audio of leaves of the way partorisca go through half of a port and was another of a same type (optical to optical or to ) while leaving a device has connected partorisca transmit and receive audio in a flick of the transmission. For example, you could connect a B03 Pro among the television and vintage stereo auricular. It transmits the way can send audio of a television to bluetooth auricular, or toe a transmission to receive way and send audio of any bluetooth the device enabled to a receiver. These 3 ways leave a 1Mii B03 Pro to be the versatile bluetooth solution for any phase. A row is excellent as I am able to remain connected included in another side of my house this in spite of 5 wall. Before a B03 Pro has been forced to remain interior 8 feet of the mine stereo auricular has loved to listen the music and use my telephone. Now I can crank on a volume and external paving with my telephone manually without prpers that has to that concern roughly loss of signal. Quality of his this like this very so much with the same cord although my Samsung S8+ does not sustain HD bluetooth audio. Different the majority of economic bluetooth auricular, a B03 Pro has the digital optical audio was which will leave you to connect the DAC he wishes to do like this. A 1Mii B03 Pro is an excellent, ultra versatile bluetooth device with enough of row for any situation.
5 / 5 Kaycee
The cost has verified This product is all has expected paralizaciones. It is the VERY small measure , transmits quality very big, and has been priced well in mine estimativa. There is the little LEDs, but all am a lot discreet and there is not flashing. To good sure recommend. They are by train partorisca use it partorisca transmit the record player to the bluetooth speaker, and is perfect!
5 / 5 Logan
The cost verified has bought this product behind Run 2019 and has been using it quite regularly. Mainly it uses one transmits way in a device to listen to television when all the world is slept to not wake on a family. In general, a product is awesome! I have linked this with my Bluetooth Auricular of Studio of Audio of Beaten and has not had any subjects of then pairing him. Initially the pairing can take the while which is probably an only defect has with a product. I took roughly 15-20 minutes to try multiple time to finally take them to pair. So only it was a subject with some Beaten, as has the pair of Jabra Elite Bluetooth receiver like paired inside the minute or so much. Once some beats finally paired, repairing is a lot quickly and easy (inside the minute max). Like this certainly I can live with some initial subjects.

Has On dipped: Hooking on all was very easy, has used in fact the different Optical cord that that is to be resupply in the boxes likes plugged of him my soundbar and has required the boss the long plus to achieve. I have finalised to locate a device for behind my television and of a device is quite small, cant included see it when I press a television behind in front of a Device.

Row: Any complaint at all! The row is sum , can go roughly 60-75 ft of a device this in spite of has the good connection, strong. Of my device is situated for behind my TV loses some vary like this calms there was it open and clear obstructions, are sure calm can take much more. Probably one of some transmitters of better long row have used (very better then a Avantree transmissive of the Long row there is upstairs)

quality of his utmost east and how is a sync. It has not had Never any subjects with a sound any when being any synced with a the video and a quality is sum, any complaint at all.

In general, highly recommend this product to any one looking for the good Bluetooth transmissive. So only with era that takes roughly 15 minutes to connect my headphones of the beaten but this subject could be concrete to beaten like my Jabras has connected so only a lot initially. The service of the client of a company is also really well, so only downside is thinks is located in Cina so that the communication so only can arrive via the email and he can take him roughly 5-10 hours to answer according to some times of day send an email. But I am very useful!
5 / 5 Deborah
The cost verified has not been sure has required a BO3-Pro, but am now very pleased has it. A quality of his this A lot of GOOD. I want that I can be listen to something (of the mine telephone) in bluetooth in a car, walk in a house, and almost seamlessly continue with a house stereo. A quality of his, quality of build, and the row is everything better that a unit has used to have, and this an also transmits, which mean now can look TVs in mine bluetooth auricular, which are adds. Also it appreciates that this a work silently, as my old one has done some soft noises when operating. Very pleased with this bluetooth auricular.
4 / 5 Zula
The cost checked Like these products done how is described. You lean multiple Devices of SBC, AptX, AptX HD and AptX LL. Been due to of the this, a sound is a quality has better found in the Bluetooth device. There is not any battery, connects to a outlet to be powered like the stereo or TV. In general, I am pleased with a product.
5 / 5 Tisha
The cost has checked is in accordance with all another reviewers ,the product adds .Quality of his excellent especially yes fibro optic the digital start goes has used
5 / 5 Sherie
The cost verified has bought a 1Mii B03Pro together with the Avantree More than Oasis and here is that it has found...

First subject: A 1Mii B03Pro has some quite bad latency.
According to subject: A 1Mii B03Pro looks to be very susceptible the RF interference.
A third and the final straw have discovered that some legislations and the sinister canals were internally swapped?

Now a Avantree More than the also exhibited oasis some latency, although it was far less than a 1Mii B03Pro. A Avantree More than the also chosen oasis on one same RF the noise has listened in a 1Mii B03Pro but was much lower. Finally some legislations and the sinister canals were corrected in a Avantree More than Oasis! I have tried use even some same bosses of a 1Mii B03Pro and was corrected still.

Will admit, both units look Chinese cockroach junk, but a Avantree More than the oasis was a clear winner here. A 1Mii B03Pro is going back.
5 / 5 Roseanne
The cost has checked mainly use this partorisca listen to a television at night. An optical in jack frames that simple. I want that these offers of unit so much flexibility, this in spite of. Quickly I can it move to a computer or any one another device dondequiera Bluetooth in or era.

Top Customer Reviews: 1Mii B03 Long Range ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has checked seldom leave descriptions but wants to help another so that no the deception included has done. Have in the first place tried the
Miccus New! 160ft LONG ROW Bluetooth v4.2 Transmitter That has not lived until description of costruttore or some of some descriptions have read before purchasing. I have been you grieves out of an audio in a speaker has begun to break up and a low latency has not been like this described. A difference among my wired inner of the speakers and an external speaker have annoyed. When quell'Conceal that has not done have tried this 1Mii 230ft LONG ROW Bluetooth Auricular of Transmitter. I do not know roughly 230ft but the the way has the treated was a Miccus. I have connected a same speaker and a current of the audio has not broken never on himself on yard forward, in cochera or behind yard an audio was solid. Solve my question of having a same music streaming of my receiver is wired speakers to the external thirds Bluetooth speaker. It was very pleased.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Any computer or Bluetooth systems of the speaker has not listened never partorisca beat compares in Boston of speakers of vintage of A400 Acoustic. This in spite of, my A400s is connected to the no-Bluetooth stereo auricular. So much, it likes volume all some currents of music of mine cellphone the mine adds to touch stereo? A 1Mii B03 Bluetooth auricular/of the transmitter does exactly that, work perfectly, and was the snap the setup. A booklet of instruction and fast setup drives is writing clearly and abundance of characteristic of graphic references. This comes with the edge optic boss, the boss, and RCA spent, as it is ready partorisca gone well out of a box. A row is quite good. I can use this with my telephone in a side of a house and a receiver in another side without subject --perhaps 35ft was with the pair of wall goes in.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Yes could give this product 6 accident ! First of all honradamente appearances the subpar has produced partorisca a cost, but when I have received a product (punctually) has to that give quickly ossia upper quality . I took 5 minutes less the setup and beginning streaming in mine bluetooth auricular. In general a quality of his east acode upper with a triple and the bass that transmits in big quality in stereo. Ossia An AMAZING product when some boys are in the bed and calm wants to take up in your favourite shows or of the sports ;-)
4 / 5
The update of Compraventa has checked 8/7/18: Of 2 to 5 stars
A vendor has achieved was mine and offered partorisca send me substitutions partorisca try and ensure has has had to that do unit. My original unit was defective like new one does perfectly (or to the equal that have to that). The initial pairing was still difficult, but concealed can be in leaves of my devices partorisca listen. This in spite of, have been once closed in, all paired amiably. Partorisca Clear, after initial successful pairing, both pair of devices of car instantly once turned on. Also it founds partorisca leave in a device 'ON' partorisca the days leaves a device in the safely warm state.

My main parents are pleased extremely with a device. Has an option partorisca turn in the bluetooth speaker and situating them roughly optimum the television that listens. Or when my mamma wants to fly a television at night, easily can use his bluetooth auricular.

Original description:
These looks of device awesome and works well when he in fact works. Unfortunately, it does not look to be operation all too well. I have used my whole arsenal of bluetooth speakers / of headphones and have all there have been questions maintaining the connection. I emailed a vendor to see yes could take the possible remedy for a situation. I will update this description with which this is to do.

There is boxed well and comes with pertinent English instructions
factor of Small form that will look well anywhere
Touches excellent
A better price for a AptX-LL with ways / of receiver of the transceiver and optical in/some starts

Terribly difficult to initially pair (even more last to pair two devices)
connection of Drops consistently (defective units?)
Labeled AptX HD In a real device, but so only mentions AptX Decrease of Latency in a specs / documentation. It has to that probably

1) rear connections
2) the measure has compared partorisca Box of television of Fire of Amazon 2nd Gene
3) the measure has compared ready of Echo of the Amazon
4 / 5
The cost has checked was hooking on the together of Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones to mine Give television, which there has been Bluetooth, but would not recognise some headphones (probably a TV (Samsung) was of an older generation bluetooth. I have bought a 1Mii partorisca connect like the economic plus bluetooth the transmitter resulted in poor reception and the signal of the audio broken. This 1Mii done awesome. Connected immediately and have flawless audio now.
Ossia The really the system has drawn well without subjects that like this never. To good sure the strong recommendation!
4 / 5
The cost has checked looked for the device that could hook until my TV and use my wireless Bose auricular. I have been to the local retailer and has bought the device that has not done and has has had to that the turn. The surched Amazon and found a 1Mii 230 and decide reason no. If the work adds can do not returning also and probably give up looking. I owe that look any far plus. These works of device. Has the 32 Samsung acts and punctual TV on that. Now an only thing are are that it has to that use an optical boss that is comprised reason a RCA covers him has not done. One another thing is that a sound is not like this strong likes a bit the people can love it to be, but is quite strong so that calm any you def. I go afterwards trying he with mine 40 Phillips LCD TV. They are sure he will do with him also. The device adds, the packaging adds and good price. To good sure recommend it to the partner.
5 / 5
Works partorisca Purchase checked awesome and has excellent row. Easy the setup and love a dual battery he atascamos to a wall and comprises of the discharges where other Instructions of the no. of the companies adds. Mina turned 1990 kenwood auricular to the Bluetooth auricular and the pair my iPhone 7 with him.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This bluetooth auricular/of the transmitter is perfect partorisca when I need the audio of current or the music that use yours bluetooth-has enabled speakers or auricular. I have used a transmitter the music of current with my TV in a living room and then my mobile phone while some speakers were in another room and utmost. A box comes with a resupplied of bosses so that has more than an option partorisca a way of entrance, as I have used an optical boss and one to the the boss and a sound has been transmitted clearly. A device is light and fact of good quality. A manual comes with clear and easy instructions partorisca setup. I am pleased with cost of mine!
4 / 5
The cost has checked Modification: Ankbit the service of client was excellent and sent in fact 2 devices of substitution partorisca try was and the mark sure was happy. A paired felizmente transmit the way and the fact adds. The streamed music of my TV (by means of an application of music of the Amazon in mine Roku) and touched it on my JBL the speaker of Load has gone by a group, and law perfectly. Very better streaming music in this way versus by means of my telephone or tampon, with some constant interruptions. I have had some interruption partorisca signal when I have dipped a console of mine of interior of device, but when in a cup of a console (and streaming external) the law adds.

A 2nd device of substitution send any pair transmits way (so only like a a mentioned in my original description down). So much, so only 1 device of one 3 in fact the fact transmits way. No the indicator adds of quality of product, but certainly support of the service of client & adds.

Original description:
has taken this specifically partorisca one transmits way to send music to the external speaker for my group. Unfortunately a unit any pair with anything transmits way, and would not broadcast the discoverable Bluetooth signal. A lot frustrating and disappointing. Returning.
5 / 5
The cost has checked really loves to this device likes almost can be used of of anything. With him I can connect two Bluetooth auricular to a same device. An instruction is easy to follow and dipped up. Basically, it is the simply but practical device.