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1 LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55' 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55' 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) LG
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2 Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model Sony
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3 New IR AKB75855501 MR20GA Replaced Remote Control for 2020 LG Smart TV OLED, Nano Cell and 4K UHD Models with Netflix and Prime Video Hot Keys [NO Voice Magic Pointer Function] NO Batteries New IR AKB75855501 MR20GA Replaced Remote Control for 2020 LG Smart TV OLED, Nano Cell and 4K UHD Models with Netflix and Prime Video Hot Keys [NO Voice Magic Pointer Function] NO Batteries MEIWELL
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4 New MR20GA AKB75855501 Voice Magic Remote Control for 2020 LG Smart TV OLED, Nano Cell and 4K UHD Models 49NANO85UNA OLED55BXPUA with Netflix and Prime Video Hot Keys with Batteries New MR20GA AKB75855501 Voice Magic Remote Control for 2020 LG Smart TV OLED, Nano Cell and 4K UHD Models 49NANO85UNA OLED55BXPUA with Netflix and Prime Video Hot Keys with Batteries MEIWELL
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5 LG OLED55GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series 55' Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) LG OLED55GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series 55' Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) LG
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6 AKB75855501 MR20GA Replace Magic Voice Remote fit for LG 2020 Smart LED TV OLED Nano Cell 4K UHD HDTV with Netflix Prime Video Movies Button (Screen Mouse, Voice, Cursor and Roller/Pointer Functions) AKB75855501 MR20GA Replace Magic Voice Remote fit for LG 2020 Smart LED TV OLED Nano Cell 4K UHD HDTV with Netflix Prime Video Movies Button (Screen Mouse, Voice, Cursor and Roller/Pointer Functions) AIDITIYMI
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7 CHUNGHOP MR20GA AKB75855501 Voice Remote Control for LG 4K UHD Smart TV 2020, Fit for OLED, UN85, UN81, UN80, UN74, UN73, UN71 Series TV CHUNGHOP MR20GA AKB75855501 Voice Remote Control for LG 4K UHD Smart TV 2020, Fit for OLED, UN85, UN81, UN80, UN74, UN73, UN71 Series TV CHUNGHOP
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8 Replacement Voice TV Remote Control Controller for LG OLED65GXPUA 65' GX Series Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) Replacement Voice TV Remote Control Controller for LG OLED65GXPUA 65' GX Series Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) Generic
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9 Sony XBR-55A9G 55' Bravia 4K Ultra High Definition Smart OLED TV with a Sony HT-G700 3.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer (2020) Sony XBR-55A9G 55' Bravia 4K Ultra High Definition Smart OLED TV with a Sony HT-G700 3.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer (2020) Sony
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10 Samsung UN43TU7000FXZA 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2020 Model Bundle with CPS Enhanced Protection Pack Samsung UN43TU7000FXZA 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2020 Model Bundle with CPS Enhanced Protection Pack SAMSUNG
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Top Customer Reviews: LG OLED55CXPUA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It would estimate one 65' CX as to 5/5 TV, but a number of bugs of the subjects/of the software have experienced have a lot of unbalanced fact. In fact it would pay more money partorisca take the majority of a esmart' the characteristic has takes. I will update this description updates a software.

My Setup: Apple TV 4K, PC with 2080you, 7.1 surrounds receiver of sound.

Quality/of Image of the picture: [6/5] Glorious. You can it has not beaten LG SMELL, and ossia any exception . Better colour, contrast of black/levels, and qualities of the global image has not seen never. 4K HDR/Dolby The vision is spectacular. Look so only: the exposure is a lot lustrous, like sure mark ossia in the dark or opposite room the dark wall like any light source for behind a spectator will be visible. Now it has included I am running 4k60 partorisca film and 1440p120 partorisca more than games. There is no HDMI2.1 sources so many of this description as I can not try 4k120 gaming on he still but are hyped to! TruMotion Is useless, so only the turn was. In fact it prefers a smoothness, but some machineries are unreal. Any scifi the show with the fields of star is the example adds, some tonnes of frames of the interpolation of deceptions and glitches was constantly. LG Engineers: Load on A Expanse in first Video with TruMotion conjoint the esmooth' partorisca see exactly that I bad.

Sound: [5/5] Any one has used at all ( has to that careers in some outsides 7.1 setup), but is very partorisca on-sound of TV. This has said, the one who in uses of earth on-his TV in the $ 3k TV?!

Software/YOU: [1/5]. BUGS PARTORISCA DAYS (more in this late plus) A gist of of the this has the million settings, often tucked was with which paper DOWN STILL LOW paper LIKE THIS ANOTHER PAPER. The options are in of the places that no very dang felt. It likes seriously so only so only give me of the paving, has unified ettings of picture' and have all some options down there in place of 5 different settings the down different breads nonsensical nested streets. Included better, some settings silently toallita humid out of the yours other settings. For example, you find AY frame of picture (which is not in of the settings of video btw) and turn that on he nuke the settings of your current profile without warning. And then it has profiles. There is the plot of them, and calm can customise him (Game, Level, Cinema, etc). A thing that has not been the obvious mine was profiles has the available different settings. That I bad for that is can change some things on 'Cinemas' that can it you a lot on'tandard' etc.

Bugs in of the launchers firmware:

-Tonnes of flicker subject when using GSYNC with PC. Sometimes a flicker is a 'black along' flicker this lands each one that 30 second or so many and takings the black frame for each 30 seconds. Then it has a static ash flicker this lands each one that 5-6 dry and hard . An only way was able to take both to go was was to use 'played way with ALL filtering, TruMotion, etc dipped to out. Answered of instant and deep colour on, and in Nvidia frames of poster of the control sure is using nvidia settings by heart, type by heart = RGB (the YC something something frames all has caused flicker... And RGB is better anyways), row of full black level (any one has limited!). GSYNC Dipped the 'GSYNC Compatible', way of the low latency mass to ultra. This has taken the plot of test and error for my part with the 2080you/later nvidia engine. Of course they are plugged head to a television and tried multiple HDMI bosses. Material finally is doing now with one on the strike of settings in forests. A system would not owe that be this fragile!

-Optical was audio sometimes hitch each one that 15-20 seconds. Because of questions with television of Apple 4K ->auricular ->television HDMI loop when using Dolby vision (looks my receiver can not manage he), has had to that go TV of source ->optical turn to receiver. This has done adds at the beginning, but a television randomly will begin hitching where the the audio will turn was/on for 1-2 dry each one that 15-20 seconds. Restarting a fijamente television this until it bursts on again. NOTE: calm in fact has to that turn a TV was, way of sleeps any the fixed .

-No really the bug: A incumplimiento the behaviour of closure is esleep', and yes has to that restart a television to fix the flicker/his hitch dream of bug often any one fix it . Precise goes to settings of energy and say it to in fact closed down when have paste a key to be able to (lol). It is well, it has fallen on súper fast anyways.

-Bugs of Response of the instant: A TV can take to the loop where a screen will flash, 'A Response of Instant is on' the poster will look, and then will flash again and a poster king-look. This looked to be treat he-breaker at the beginning because with the response of instant was volume the TONNE of entrance lag (smiled of movement, movements of cursor wayyy later. You control them celery rubbery). A good informative is was able to do around this to change to a 'played profile, which heads to a next bug:

-profile of saver of power of Car: Some looks of TV to want to randomly change to a video of saver of power of car profile, and causes a lot of questions. Transmission of this profile ASAP and yes have the questions see if a television randomly changed behind the his.

[Misc Negatives]

-Súper invasivas anti-Characteristic of the privacy is everything on for incumplimiento. This TV will inform on all content/you clock unless it opt was. Personally there it has like this in like this I am not giving this access of coverage of the what unless I want to update a software.

- Is SÚPER thin. It likes, to of averages like this fat like my iPhone. This technologically is surprising, but that manages this thing honradamente spooks me. Calm really need the creature he dipping arrive and was honradamente paranoid will break just lifting a same thing with two people that is careful. It imagines lifting the wobbly 90 lb mirror of glass ossia the like this fat averages like your telephone. It is kinda likes that he like this the mark sure is extending is the own weight was ( any grab for upper corners for example!). It would want to something that can stimulate and any to the worry will break. Once it is in a wall the one who concerns the one who fat a rear dish is?

-Characteristic of ready House: Perhaps ossia fresco calms the want, but personally would not use never the television to run my house. Die one daunts/invasivas in so it is on for incumplimiento, would have to be crazy to hook your whole house until this IMO. LG: Take the look in as the apple is treating daunt (on learning of device, differtial privacy etc). When you Begin your report with a client that tries to follow all does and it doing hard to opt-was does not go you to trust when you want to have the heat mic in his living room and automate his toaster. Only mine 2c.


-Ossia a better TV there is never has possessed. A picture is breathtaking, an only thing that resists this backside is an abysmal software . They are also súper hyped to try 4k120 this fall when a next gene GPUs is exited. It would want to give this he 5/5, and yes patch a software certainly will return to do like this.
5 / 5
For $ 1800, would expect the television to have the picture adds. This a fact. Well a prize. They are very pleased with a television in general, but has found that believes is the bug in a software. LG The service of client is doing on that. This in spite of, have informed a question to some technical people and there is not founding a response in some last 10 days. I am expecting they aim.

A question is that a TV is announced like this when being able to connect two bluetooth-the able speakers for some surround his without any bosses. I have purchased a two LG-recommended speakers for $ 200 and of the discovered when I have been to install them that the so only could install one in a left (Any one.1 place). Had any way to select a legislation (No. 2 place). Besides, a one this has done the hook has on had virtually any volume in max setting. When I have looked for to augment a volume to use a balance slider among interior and surround speakers of the his, is looked to be inoperative.

Taking true surrounds the sound has not been a primary reason has purchased a TV of SMELL. It was, this in spite of, a thing that decides me bite a ball and upgrade to a better TV in a phase. Appearance that has this question fixed quickly.

7/2/2020 Revised Description

LG has sent out of the update of new software today. My question with one surrounds the sound has been solved. Some work that no the law has been fixed and a sound is beautiful. A screen where look you some speakers now has icons that show that the speaker is right and that has left. I have not seen anything concealed has aimed that when it has struggled with him.

Can enthusiastically say that ossia a better TV in a phase today.
4 / 5
Has description of update (10/13/2020)

the mountain was the breeze . It has taken roughly 10 minutes to ray a mountain to a backside of a TV. The majority of this time has ensured that has attached to one has has wished holes in a mountain, likes support of trace of then attaches a TV in of the multiple locations. Taken 2 people to locate. I do not concern the one who calm strong thinks that is. It is not the subject of weight like this so it is the wingspan subject. A placing required of your hands, as you do not spoil an EXTREMELY thin screen, does not leave for only that resists a whole TV with 2 hands. I have asked a help of the mine that visits in-law. We choose it to us on, hooked a mountain to a wall and early has been to do. Plugged In a power and of the bosses and ready to look.

Recommendation: pay of the extra money and take AC outlet directly for behind a TV. They sell boss of power in-of the boxes to wall that does not require an electrician and am sure those do like this well. Basically those are routing of just boss outlets concealed leave you to use a tram to extend to spend can of a outlet for behind your earth-mobile to level thru a wall until an extension 'outlet'. It is fresh reason is really so only the cord of elegant extension as you are not faced with a cost of an electrician to install the new outlet. Point one extends or the new outlet. Any calm way is not that it goes to want to see bosses dangling down a wall afterwards locates your good-looking TV, expensive. I have had to that take the real outlet installed reason a wall are trace on was a wall of external perimeter, likes thickness among a dry wall and a concrete blockade have left in thumbs of spatial. Electrician of mine has had to that feed some bosses thru a wall until his hands was bleeding (better those that me) as spatial was like this small. A mountain of wall has had to that be drilled thru a drywall directly to a cement also. Upside, This TV is not never falls off it a wall. It could hang 10 TVs of this mountain. The prank.

Has bought also a band FOCUSED that is stuck to a backside of a TV. He atascamos directly to an entrance of USB in a backside of a television as it turns on/has been with a TV. You can change some colours but I so only go with the soft aim and he really compliments a television and resupplies an external glow that that can be seen in the mine has has attached photo.

Original description...
All the world speaks in a quality of amazing picture as I will not annoy with that. To the left so only said is incredible.

Something concealed really impressed are a thickness of a real screen. It is thinner that mine iPhone X. A 'downside' to a screen that is this thin is when we lifted has been concerned roughly applying too much pressure and potentially in hablador to to harm likes flexed. Some instructions speak like this to resist a TV when lifting he while the majority of a pressure is in fact to an inferior half of a television as it is not really the question but something to be cognizant of.

Is easy to access all some starts/of entrances in a backside. 4 Of a HMDI the ports are in fact in a sinister side (facing a television). A cord to be able to is in a right side, although rear facing. It concealed it is not the complaint, so only wants to resupply this information.

Setup Could not be easier. I have had my box of boss has connected thru HDMI and my PS4 has connected thru HDMI also. I have turned then in a TV for a first time. In a course of the pocolos small a TV has relieved all this was plugged in and has asked the question 'is these some correct components plugged in?' It averts to resupply a wifi the signal there is not had to that take involved in a setup at all. After all it was setup I plugged in mine Bose Soundbar. I have looked for to use a HDMI eArc discharges that failed as it always has (successful same lack in my leading TV). I am coming to a conclusion that an only way to take a Bose Soundbar to the work is thru an optical boss, and does not dip a fault in LG. Ossia Certainly the Bose shortcoming. To all the cost, I plugged he in thru an optical port. You owe that cruised to one 'All Frame them' paper thru a television to some settings of sound. There is the selection to use Optics, TV, Both, etc. When I have done a correct election has done as it has expected.

A television also comes with one in an air LG service of television. This was entirely unexpected. I have confused that with a boss resupplied for my box of boss of the Spectre. Have @@give Once that has spent was pleasantly has excited. It has not been I will use it to him, but considering a cost of boss is something will research further.

Has had a TV of Fire of the Amazon in our older TV and do not require it anymore in this new TV. All these same services that use, Netflix, Prime of Amazon, TV of Apple, Disney More and Hulu is built in. As it has expected an enormous number other services is also available. Ossia Very convenient.

Finally recommends this compraventa of television with zero hesitation.
5 / 5
So only has taken this yesterday. Like this description, to arrive to this point, is everything roughly first impressions. I will try to write more later.

Does not have to that say people that an exposure is awesome. It is for this that are spending of the money for him. That in a sound of some inner speakers? That in a far? It is some easy papers to use and intuitive? Read on...

For me, the far controls are sometimes the breaker of extracted. This one has taken but few hours to regulate, but think in general, a simplistic creation is easy to use and has everything needs like this far. I have been impacted to not seeing the fast forward or skip rear tones. I have learnt the Youtube of paralizaciones, pressing on two times in a control of navigation of the centre and then right or to the left is the good substitution. It is of entity for me to find some keys without that have to that look in a far. Some controls of volume are easy to find with my toes. Some controls of centre are very easy to find. Some other main keys have contrast it big to the equal that are easy to find in dim light. An indicator or cursor that looks to control the papers and other options is FANTASTIC. It does to enter signals and of the email addresses to a system the breeze.

Setting on a TV in the first place use was one of a simpler TV setups has been by means of. It has communicated with a box flatly and my Denon system of theatre of the house automatically. A Denon was the little older to the equal that have been surprised.

Inner speakers: I have thought at the beginning that some speakers were lousy. Youtube And informative programs the commentators have touched terrible. I have had a subject of his place to AY His Pro. I have changed you grieve to Clear way of his of the Voice was adds. AY His Pro are adds for film, but any to speak shows. For some reason when the hosts have had multiple microphone setups, changing goes in has changed a volume and a clarity. Like this now that knows to change among some ways of his, some the inner speakers are quite utmost. A sound of starts of speaker of a fund of a TV.

Has been concerned roughly burn in in this SMELL. My surprised, the screensaver comes on with which 30 seconds to show some random exploding points by heart. Perfecto. It chooses on a far and behind the normal.

Mina old plus Sony 4K the TV has not been able to show 4k video with 60fps. This television to mania fantastically.

Has a lot of ways of picture and ways of sound. Taking to some settings of television is very easy. A key. An user guid is built in. There is the browser of web!

More later
5 / 5
WELL As well as the message has said is and the only thing of note is that it says is G-SYNC and concealed is not some does not sustain G-SYNC at all have another controls the 27' Predator ACER that sustains G-SYNC works well. Quite sure ossia dud ad . Using 8k 48gps HDMI boss, with Titán @ XP, any reason does not have to that it reads in my final.

Outrage this has the picture adds but lacking one of some reasons of entities of reasons has bought this goes to return probably he to lack a G-SYNC.

Is using He for the normal TV his awesome the utmost colours means is the SMELL has perfect blacks.
4 / 5
Coming from a 8-yr-old Samsung reflect, which has continued to do so only well. But a quality of picture in this SMELL the TV is that it falls jaw. State looking 4K HDR (big dynamic row) video a lot-stop for the few days now -- contrast incredible, detail, colour, and clarity. Black is black really deep. Also state remarking the finest shadows by heart with regulating HD upscaled gladdens also. The poster is like this thin is almost scary -- thinner that my mobile phone. Tonnes of settings of qualities of the picture... Be prepared to spend some time tweaking things to the yours in pleasant. This LG the TV sustains 4K HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG-HDR, but no HDR10+. A small window momentarily indicates when it relieves that formed.

Also has the built-in browser of web, Assistant of Google, and Alexa. The majority of some common applications (Tablo, Youtube, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, TV of Apple, etc.) Is downloadable of a built-in LG tent of Content. Any too much need for mine Roku box now. The far control has the on-way of indicadora of mouse of screen, which is a bit useful but takes the moment to take used to. (It does not have to that it uses to prefer a navigation of 4 keys.) A lot of keys in some far owe that 2nd function when it has pressed long. The entrance of voice is also in a far.

Has not tried gaming on he still, but looks to be very a lot of-prepared for mine upcoming PS5 buys this winter.
Has no really used an on-speakers to joint a lot of (still using optical boss to an old plus Yamaha auricular and 5.1 surround his).

No really concerned in a burn of INFAMOUS SMELL-in @@subject -- this dips has automatic tools to prevent that. So only take he out of Vivid way and go down of the Lights of SMELL to dip to the reasonable level (roughly 30 to 40 ) in any-HDR ways of picture. Kicks Of saver of the screen in with which 30 seconds of picture any emotional content. The screen is brilliant abundance unless a sun is shining directly on that.

Inferior line -- once look the little 4K HDR demo video in this screen, will be like this hooked.

P.D. After dipping in a table/of stand, take a protective film for one rear (and of course a front!) Of a poster. Easy to lose. It would owe that help prevent any subjects of hot, although compared to the plasma, this TV is to fry of gel .

. There is the key to be able to underlying in an inferior flange of a poster, under a red standby light. Useful to reset a television he closes on when changing HDMI settings or bosses, or yes lose a far.

. It shows the video of Youtube to build one is. Some directions suck, and is not obvious like a front and rear pieces interlock together. Easy, but no obvious at the beginning.
5 / 5
Echoing that another has said king: a lack of instruction, but that even more is angering is that this does not come with some pertinent rays to locate a TV.

Besides, a stand is outrageously unstable. A strong gust of air of a a/c to the ventilation will attack a television on.

Absolutely criminal this is to sell for $ 2,500 and will not be in his own 2 feet.
5 / 5
Yes, ossia an amazing visual product and well value which I payed. Calm does not require me to say you that he a lot east , there is already abundance of the descriptions that explains a value of a LG OLED55CXPUA. Enough it would direct one of some subject expósitos in other descriptions, some missing part. A TV is a lot of packaged, this in spite of a packaging is hiding roughly parts.

Packing I straps resist an inner part and outside of a box has jointed. Once some straps are to take an external sleeve can be pulled on leaving an inner packaging and TV in a paving. If you look inside an external sleeve, if it is remained inner, is the big pre-molded piece of foam. At the beginning look it would be easy to assume ossia all is and discard an external sleeve like this at all more than packaging. Ossia Some reasons for some parts disappeared. One is is packaged in another side of this piece of foam. One is is concealed entirely without any indication is there. I found it before I have begun assembly because it was curious if anything more was in a box.

Another subject has read was in missing rays. When I have begun the assembly has thought that has broken to to some rays like in of other descriptions. I am gone through all some pieces of thought of the packaging has to that be hide likes one is was but there is no to found them. The short long history, some rays are packaged in the white plastic stock exchange that looks to plot as it silica gel sale of desiccant. Still it felt a stock exchange some first time chose it up and has thought still was the one of-moisturizing gel band.

Is the shame that LG has decided to exclude the instructions was a a place was to cut corners in doing this TV.

UPDATE: This T.V. It is not a lot HDMI 2.1 compatible. A HDMI 2.1 level is 12 bit and 48gbps bandwidth. LG There is downgraded this T.V. To 10bit and 40Gbps the bandwidth that the incompatible fact with any HDMI 2.1 products. At present this effects NVIDIA 30XX SERIOUS of GPUs. Declaring that this T.V. It is HDMI 2.1 compatible is dud announcing.

So that they do not comprise that it is without importance that is or is not available or that it is practical, a costruttore has declared this TV is full HDMI 2.1 compatible and is not .

Has to that 2.1 entrance?

Answered: All four of a HDMI gone in in a LG CX 55 thumb Classifies 4K TV of READY SMELL w/ HAVE ThinQ® (54.6'' Diag), Model OLED55CXPUA is full spec HDMI 2.1 put you and is all HDCP 2.2 compliant. HDMI In 2/eARC supports HDMI eARC functionalities...^IFV
For Ivan V. Costruttore In Leaves 17, 2020

Also, this TV is not the G-Sync device, is the G -Sync compatible device.
4 / 5
Has bought this Monitor/of television for PC gaming. I thought it that it would be it it adds to have a monitor of SMELL in place of the dim has washed was LCD. A picture in this monitor is beautiful. This in spite of, has been sold and marketed like him gaming television, has 120HZ, 4K, HDR exposed. This in spite of is dud advertising , can any 120hz, 4k, some HDR neither is HDMI 2.1 which is involved. I have connected this to my PC, has tried to touch the game in 4k, 120hz, G-Sync HDR and with which roughly 5 seconds to a game a whole system has on enclosed, a monitor, computer, video. Has A lot another gaming controls that everything does well in these settings and included main, like six a question is the question of capacity of the bandwidth with a TV. Calm also can a lot included enable HDR in your windows of PC, will not leave you . Also his a lot of any 10bit hdr, his fact the a lot of low quality chroma sub sampling that could see in a Nvidia settings. There is controls older was today that use DSC like this sub the sampling is not necessary. LG Plastered Nvidia G-Sync logos in a monitor, HDR 4k during a box and packaging. Ossia misleading In better and perhaps still deliberately dud. Nvidia And LG need to be sincere. If you are using this for the TV would be to add, is touching games in the console of present day would owe that be well, but can or can no in a big quality HDR settings with some new consoles that exited for next year. Ossia The television any the gaming monitor.
4 / 5
Has decided has required the 2nd television to the equal that have purchased this to substitute my older OLED55B7A (2017 model). They are once again stunned for like this a lot of looks of SMELL and some new gaming has related the characteristic is the welcome addition .

Top Customer Reviews: Sony A8H 65-inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
The picture maintains dimming same with the light sensor has turned was.
Starts of picture of utmost , then darkens.
Loves my settings of picture to remain where has dipped him.
Are UNHAPPY, the desire could send it behind.
Sony Transports dimming the characteristic is terrible!
4 / 5
He Has the room of dark cinema goes with this Sony. Calm will not be disappointed. The picture is more natural, but darker. Otherwise, Thinks LG takes a goodness for his 2.1 HDMIs, more modern looking, has paints more vibrant and is more brilliant. After the few weeks that diverse contained look, am returned this Sony because still although it is surprising with a screen of SMELL and there is slightly better motion, was too dark and reflective for my brilliant-ish room and has gone with LG CX instead.
5 / 5
In planting to write in a TV he, my house in this description goes to be in a disastrous process to purchase this TV, “lack and” expert installation of reasonable support by means of a process of Guarantee of terrible Happiness once the things have been bad.

When I have seen this TV in the sale adds during first Day, has been excited! Of then alive so only, has known it has required to purchase expert installation to have something has trace like this. I have considered strongly it uses More Buy instead to the equal that have had good experience with them, but when being the client of Amazon of long time has wanted to give them the try.

An initial (yes, has been now by means of multiple deliveries) the delivery of a TV was a lot. A day of a “expert installation” has been planned a technician looked for him but has said a TV has not been weighed and confidently could locate to my wall in his own, as it has done before. (Question for Amazon-reason ossia some acceptable police ?) I have said well and leave a technician takes to do. To start with, it has been supposition to measure 42 thumbs of a paving - I not having @@give until much later but has measured 46 thumbs of a paving. A technician spent in an hour and the half taking things ready to dip a TV in a mountain. It felt like the moment but I am remained patient.

When A time has come finally, we lifted a television to a mountain of wall in a wall. A technician is then be for presionar a television to a mountain and The WHOLE MOUNTAIN And the TV are fallen out of a wall, has has attacked things in his way and clashed in a paving. Some pictures of some consequences are that I active posted in this description - like this clearly can see, there is not only harm of entity to a television but my personal property also.

A question was clear - a knuts has used to ray a mountain to a wall was tiny, has had any still and in the is not in the stud. They are any technician but like a half person, looks quite obvious that with an expensive 65 SMELLS of thumb ossia a wrong way to securely trace anywhere.

Had left now with the television broken and any plan to fix anything. I took on 6 hours in some telephone to setup the TV of substitution to be envoy and have any one chooses on one broken one. Some first time have been suppositions to choose on a TV, to the amazon does not have to that way that has had to that spend for this two times in the two period of week and further has frustrated having the multiple boxes that imposed on the majority of my paving.

A process of Guarantee of the happiness of Amazon can have been a icing in a cake for like this terrible this is resulted. I have been required to fill out of tonnes of the information but the PERSON would choose on a telephone to call me and habladuría by means of him. Instead, we love me to us to have even more that some 6 people already in my paving to now gone in and take estimativas to see that it could be fact to fix a work. Given my career, a quantity of insane time has dipped to take this solved to date and a risk of COVID, reason is like this difficult for Amazon to find the way to offer me something to direct this clear disaster has created concealed does not dip me risks further to take this deadly virus that goes around? Reason could do any the call of telephone? Reason not even an offer to waive my First affiliation for the pair of years?

In the chances are considering using Amazon in a future for the cost of help and big TV of need with installation - A lot of HE! It goes to Buy of more. In fact they cure and backup his work. I will be to document my experience with a second averts to locate, which has been also disappoints it, in the separate description. A point I hope is clear to any one reading this - does not leave a mark of Guarantee of the happiness of Amazon thinks when the things go to the wrong amazon can help. A level to sustain this would have to that be resupplied for the compraventa of this measure is not something Amazon is able of - still in the chance like this blatantly clear like this mine. Neither they are able of effectively that directs his vendors to the equal that have experienced with Goodman Solve those who do fault Denver, has SAWED phase for installations of Amazon.

Are sure a TV are adds... But I will not know until I am in fact able of the look and is state to the long of the month of mine buys original. I wish my house was in a quality of a TV. Unfortunately, my house has been and rests in the negligence of the amazon in management of vendor and unacceptable approximation the resolution. It felt it necessary to share like this another does not have to that spend for a same thing has done.
5 / 5
First things In the first place a moment has taken them this thing out of a Sex of box has shouted, Lustrous, Elegant. He not having prendido there, the powered arrives it and has run by means of one 3 min dipped reason the have an account of android already. Launched my favourite shows in Netflix the carbon Changed in Dolby Vision and has been hailed with Netflix way aforado that looked better that any together has them each one which seen. Some colours have burst so only a motion was jag free and one contrasts was so only ridiculous.

Considering audio this was perfect for mine AVR together on reason this neighbour sustains a HDMI 2.1 Characteristic eARC for lossless audio, Like an audio was also glorious. Also it undermines a new Far this comes with east of works with mine Xfinity box and can control mine AVR of one on screen the fast paper for the adjustments of fast audio likes canal to centre db and more.

Regarding the application sustains his any old android SOC this was súper slow and laggy, was so only súper fast and buttery. Also it has tones of applications that takes to update in a fund like calm does not have to that you never concerns roughly any in that has a later version of Disney+, Amazon, ESPN and more. It thinks he on 5000+ applications and that the android so only maintains to add more . It sustains my mould of Apple and material of boxes of the house.

According to that gaming this together has no VRR or Free-sync support, but a neighbour has picture of Car like transmissions to way of game in a blink of an eye with an entrance lag of 15ms and go down in the lowest resolution. With all honesty was súper fast for me like this the touched a last of knots 2 in HDR 4k. Any to mention Free-Sync and G-Sync is characteristic for PC gamers and PS5 and a new Xbox, and the does not know if the games go to explode 4k 120FPS with HDR or still 1440P with 120FPS. Mina eARC is more than entity of mine together with all the formats of HDR.

I amour a picture, some corners to see is impossible to beat, Sony the step is unbeatable, thin likes Object HDR Remastering, Clarity of X motions, Sony mapping of the yours Dynamic, the dinner has bitten mapping and Triluminos the colours are perfect for me the so only has not seen the better picture that this together.
4 / 5
A good? The picture is well. Ossia Roughly that. A question? This thing is súper laggy. Included turning a volume on or down lags. Push a key of volume down and takes the second to answer. Then, sometimes a TV will not answer at all. Push the key in a far and some television only chairs there...... Then after pressing the different key, and another key (trying cogerprpers to do something) gives on, and perhaps think roughly take has beaten to a TV of the take to reset.... And ossia when some answered television with everything of some keys that pressed. It DOES not BUY THIS TELEVISION Or it compraventa and prepared to be frustrated out of your alcohol. Ossia Prime minister of mine and last Sony TV...
4 / 5
Modification 9/17:
In the first place was, would give Amazon 10 stars yes is possible. After a Sony sustain of disaster of technology, has decided Amazon of contact the one who cheerfully and sent immediately was the new TV in any one load. Awesome Service - I would owe that it has thought of this prime minister! Sony Has answered my initial description down and has received the call of then had opened the chance - but loved to knots to send them video and test of picture, then later would do the determination like partorisca has to that send a unit in the the centre of reparation of the service, or plan the technology partorisca in-reparation of house. Any of these options would have taken the weeks and To the amazon has averted everything of this hassle.

A new TV has been doing felizmente for the week now. Here it is my up to date description in a working unit:

the Incredible picture based in technology of SMELL - contrast a lot well, brilliants & of vibrant colours.

Vast variety of options of calibration of the picture - of presets to fine dipping ready parameters for has advanced users.

The sound out of some speakers of television is in fact decent, but has used quickly the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar still Dolby Atmos & surround sounds.

The far TV is easy to use.

A height of a TV is adjustable using some feet (ossia of the good informative), but low look gilipollas for a bad informative.

Screen of television is highly reflective so that beware when using in the room with big environmental light (a lot of windows for chances) reasons will see reflected a lot of.

Likes some another has declared, a picture is not like this brilliant likes a LG or other frames, but a bit can win this to use 'that Vibrates' as the picture preset, and another tweaks. I also turned of a car-dimming.

This TV has a eARC HDMI port, which goes through half of all a later sound the options and calm can use this to control the soundbar. Sony Calls this his Bravia has connected this to a eARC of a soundbar (soundbar updated of later firmware) and this connection is not always of confidence. A television sometimes will control a soundbar, turning it on and controlling volume, but sometimes decides does not love. Perhaps this connection is more than confidence with the Sony soundbar but does not have one of those for test.

Considering some adjustable feet - does not have any instruction has comprised with a television on like this to regulate these feet for different height - has has had to that finally go the Sony put web for the imagine was and is not intuitive at all. Ossia The simple omission in a documentation has comprised.

Mentions that Sony the support is the bit to disappoint ?

A GONE the receiver for a TV is located to the long of a fund is using this TV in his feet (not walling-mountain), included in a setting of the main height and using A lot of soundbar quell'placed in front of, a cup of a soundbar more probably obstruct a GONE auricular. So much, probably I will require to buy the mountain to wall so only to take a TV has situated big quite so that an inferior flange will be in a cup of a soundbar to be controllable with a far.

If you are the gamer, remarks this any active television HDMI 2.1 support.

In general:
Ossia neither one 1 or 2 chooses SMELL the TV has based on by all the world revises so it does not think you will be disappointed. A picture is surprising, especially for animate films (but attentively consider the picture preset option; for the chance has founded 'Cinema' to be way too subdued and the colours were the bit has washed was). It does not think has such the thing like perfect TV and while this approaches, for some of a gilipollas tin a lot quite go 5 stars. And again, well mention the support of amazing client of the amazon :-)

Has has purchased always Samsung TVs, but decided in 65' Sony A8H SMELL for our daily viewing. Less than 1 now out of a box, a TV has developed the vertical line brilliant green to the long of a legislation lateralmente hand-held. These looks when management a television on, and to all the cost of source of entrance how is to good sure the question with a TV he. I have researched this @@subject and results, ossia the very common question with has DIRECTED TVs of any mark.

I then contacted Sony sustains, the one who is by train to do me jump by means of all the classes of hoops to upload video, pictures, etc. Those who then in the turn is dressed my chance ' to determine the one who any to take afterwards. Like this in other words, it will take me at least the first week of even can expect take any one was to treat the reparation - unacceptable for the subject known.

In spite of his measure, probably will return to Amazon and buy the new one more it messing with support of inept technology of Sony. If a new TV is question free, will consider to update this description. Shame, reason that another there is remarked, a quality of the picture and the black levels are surprising.
4 / 5
The accident is to take an obvious out of a way. A quality of image, seeing corner, the black levels are all fantastic. Ossia The TV of 5 stars by means of and by means of when it comes the quality of image, especially when fed the 4K 60hz signal.

But I so only paid roughly $ 2K for the television that announces forces on me. If I disable a writing of uggested' programming in of the settings, another comes up. It is an ad whack-one-tope. A late plus one has taken today was the 'Bravia Notification', the picture has attached. There is any way to disable it. It loves transmission of Netflix the TV of Youtube? Ads. Turning In your TV? Ads.

Ossia Bad. I will not be a product. I refuse One practical now common to force ads on all ready TVs. Sony+Google has crossed a line, and I waste to think that is normal the only chair there and be forced to eat material of marketing as it goes in fulfilled simple newspapers. Absolutely disgusted with Sony. It does not recommend this television purely in these earths.

I honradamente does not know that to do of TCL, Samsung and LG all have equally of the intrusive or worse ads. It concealed he any he well for Sony still sink to this level. I have had a XBR 27' wry CRT, he 32' flat screen XBR, he 2007 40' XBR CONCENTRATED, he 2013 55' Bravia CONCENTRATED and now this TV. Sony Like the mark has died now the mine of then is Google is resulted clearly b.
4 / 5
According to that the quality of picture goes, does not have any complains. A poster is upper notch while Sony the excellent step resupplies another improvement of quality of real life. The motion that softens does not leave any obvious machinery, while upscaling works so that it would expect. A picture any quite 'pop' as LG TVs , but a colour is more attentive and is so only more comfortable looking. A TV is the little in a side an expensive plus, compared to LG models, but took a estimativa, calm totally would owe that it considers.
4 / 5
The total delight to look, has found a picture a more have never has them has has said people to compare smell with qled in a tent when it could go in,there has calm to good sure will choose smell. I have been with sony because of a loan of operating system of the android,quell'digital tuner,reason has them antennas partorisca in a reception of air and a ethernet connection for faster wifi,After the longitude setup the have the wonderful TV with alexa and am extremely happy wih purchase of mine.
5 / 5
The picture adds. His of a TV is excellent also. The reason for 2 stars is that I have purchased a HTZ-9F sweep of the his that is to be recommend for a TV and has had numerous subjects. Some drops of his stops on means the second when streaming video of a TV. Works of the boxes of boss regulate well, but anything concealed is coming from a TV intermittently drops. I swapped out of a hdmi boss that goes of a eARC was the bar of his and is spent on four hours troubleshooting with Sony. They can not look to identify a question and wants to bear me send them some pocolos produced in my cost! After researching this subject, has found that it is common for this TV. Like Sony can not identify and corrected has seen the update of software is further me. The TV Is does not take a bar of sound!

Top Customer Reviews: LG OLED55GXPUA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
Like this far a sum of television looks, but one installs was the bit of the ache like the DIY project. In the first place, when you have read a manual, says that a hardware partorisca mount comprised is recommended so only partorisca use in concrete wall (!?), Included this in spite of LG page of the product said 'Installation to the stud is recommended. Please manual read.' A lot Well, I have imagined it was like this partorisca hang a mountain securely I.

Then, LG comprises the personnel of full measure partorisca help locate a group partorisca mount correctly. Buyer beware --- does not trust some personnel, calm measure! Some personnel has taken has aimed a cup of a TV 4 1/8' on some highland groups, but when have hanged in fact a TV, has come so only to 3' on a group. I really annoying. In my chance a difference of extra thumb in the height any the enormous difference, but in some situations that would be the disaster.

Can say some personnel is bad so only partorisca measures it. You can see in a picture a distance of a cup of one 55 GX to some measure partorisca centre roughly 14 3/4', but a height of a TV is so only 27.5'.
4 / 5
Start with an easy material. A picture are add, vivid and gorgeous. Active there was so only the few days in the so many will have to that see long term. It has been with the Samsung in the first place, does not have has wanted to concern roughly burn in. After a Samsung has had subjects of enormous reflection, rainbows by means of a quite brilliant screen to overpower a picture, returns it and has been LG SMELL. FYI This model does not come with stands, any have @@give that gallery meant in a name, but ossia on me. The sound in this thing was insanely well too much. If you do not have a bar of his outside or system of the his, will like you a sound is. I can finalise take touched of of my crappy Bose 700 ossia the ache to maintain working.

Has two zones have taken stars era. First mountain. A hardware has sent with a TV is not a lot quite quality to hang a TV with. Followed his direction and when I have been still to hang a TV, 5 of some ancore there is pulled of a wall. Scarred One craps out of me. Finalising that paste a tent of hardware and taking ancore that will resist the total of 300lbs. Better to a lot of that any enough, ONLY WHOSE CONFIDENCES The HARDWARE WITH The TV!!!!!

Segundo crashes is to take because of a far. Has no @to @give that LG has had to go a way of a Wii. Ossia One of these Wii point and shoot remotes that spends now with which now that tries to take a far to turn an indicator on, then when finally fact, has to resist he in such the corner of funky that the stupid seats. In some signals during a setup, has signalled a far out of a television reason was an only way of the take to register an indicator. Cela Well the full star to leave any one is mark of 9 years a far decision.
5 / 5
Was initially while to a 48 thumb CX model to be mainly used like the monitor of PC to program and gaming but has not loved to expect any long plus.

A monitor of FIRST USED PC of a GX was to 43 thumb LG 4k 60hz monitor(LG 43ud79b). Has thinks that that 55 thumb could be too big like the PC of office Controls Like this has been them my fourth and has gone down Samsung 55 thumb KS8000 TV of a wall and moved it on to my office of office. Initially, it overwhelmed and it felt too big. This in spite of, with which 3 days, has taken them used to a measure and felt more comfortable.

Dread so only the had with a setup has been felt too close up of where the seated of a TV has not been trace to a wall. It looked in a CX specs and looked as it will not be flush against a wall like inferior portion of a TV in a backside is calm thickness and a mountain of television also will add more spatial among a wall and a TV.

Then looked in an expensive plus GX model and the whole back of a TV is very thin and comes with the flush locate which can have the habit to locate a TV in a wall with 0 empty to the equal that seats to walk in a wall.

The short long history has bought a 55 thumb GX model in 2299 which is excellent prize of then also comes with a real mountain. This in spite of, does not comprise the stand of television. For my chance, has gone to be to the wall is trace in all the chance so that it has not concerned me for a stand of television. If you can not locate a TV, will require to buy a stand of LG for separate.

Was able to locate a TV in roughly 20 min using some rays comprised(4 rays) on 2 studs. It maintains to import that a mountain has comprised is so only roughly 16 thumbs like this planting in a wall will be very delicate unless has these two studs in a perfect location. System of the management of the boss is very very actuated for behind a television and subjects by means of backsides of means of a TV. Bosses a lot bulge your television was and will remain flush to a wall. So only add the boss raceway and is good to go. I have turned in a television and has been impressed in a quality of picture especially a black level has compared to a IPS LG monitor after the his. Mainly they are when using like the monitor of PC and does not look TV of boss or bluray/uhd on that. My expensive is roughly 3.9 feet out of a television and feels very comfortable.

Uses of Control of the PC as the Programmer and Gaming 4k 60hz + GSync + HDR (on/was) (using 2080 you)

1. Sum of big screen. All the text looks clear. I am using he in way of PC. Need to change focus or icon to PC to do he the WAY of PC
2. It dips a television the Way of Game
3. In Nvidia Poster of Control. It has dipped a format to paint to 422, 12 has bitten depth by heart, and the dynamic row is exited to limited.
4. You can use HDR with up settings in 60hz when using 3840 x 2160
5. Gaming Is awsome in 60hz with HDR and GSYNC. I have tried Tactical of Train and Shadow of Tomb Raider. Both look of games awsome. GSYNC The row will be 40 to 60hz.
6. I so only turns in HDR for HDR the games sustain given. For desk the terrible looks.

PC gaming in 4k 120hz without HDR + GSYNC

1. For in this way, it will require to select a 4k resolution down PC in nvidia poster of control.
2. You will be able to select 100hz and 120hz.
3. You can enable GSYNC this in spite of will not be able to use HDR because of HDMI 2.0 Limitation with current generation of papers of video. Once, HDMI 2.1 video given endure the papers am exited, will be able to use 444 120hz 10bit and HDR a same time. This in spite of, LG CX and GX and all another 2020 smell the models will be limited to 40 gbps for HDMI 2.1 and any 48 gbps so that it will not be able to use 444 120hz HDR 12bit. In the note lateralmente last model of years is able to use full 48 gbps but at present he cant to 120hz in 4k the difference of a CX or GX model in hdmi 2.0.

In general am very impressed with this television and am happy has been with a GX model on CX to the equal that leaves more spatial among my eyes and a TV of chairs flush against a wall. Regarding a Measure, his used takings and feels well. I do not think never I will go smaller. I think that that 55 thumb is something sweet for me.


has taken RTX 3090. Down the information also applies the RTX 3070, 3080

using HDMI 2.1 boss, Now am able to select 3840 x 2160 Resolution, 10bit and Full RGB, GSYNC on, HDR ON and 120hz.

Initially has had to to some bugs likes him to him the screen blacking was, this in spite of, LG has fixed already this subject with the firmware update.

Has a subject remaining, where can stutter it when FPS this among 100 and 120 fps. This is to be confirm For LG and a fijamente would owe that go was punctual with the firmware update.

For now, can limit a max FPS in NVIDIA Poster of control and limit a fps to 99 FPS to avert a stutter when fps continuous in 100.

Am enjoying this screen even more with a RTX 3090 and touching games in this LG SMELL GX is out of a world.

Thank LG for the support adds and taking the things patched on like this quickly.

Updates 2

subject to Stutter when FPS is among 100 and 120 fps while using GSync is fixed now with the new firmware. I have received so only a OTA update . I can confirm a subject is has solved now.

FYI: The rays have comprised is well to locate a TV in a studs. Have pulled out of a television countless time the upgrade HDMI bosses and try different HDMI bosses. I have used 4 rays have comprised with a TV. First of a TV has arrived , has bought the strongest rays of IMPOSICIÓN of HOUSE but I any when finalising using them reason he no returned some holes.
4 / 5
Looks LG is going for an aggressive legalese approximation now - any of some functions in a do one unless you agree to some agreements of licence. This would be well except one HE the key in a dialogue of the agreement of the calm licence require to accept some agreements of first licence. It has said of another way,; a TV is taking in the agreement to authorise infinite loop. It is not like this he so only forbidden some applications of ready TV neither, this prevents ALL The USE of paper. You can very included change a brightness and contrast without agreeing to some agreements of licence. It looks a lot of people have this question but LG is coming on cut in a response.

Ossia Like this pointlessly frustrating and unhelpful that a whole TV is so only the very a lot looking brick to arrive to this point. Some the current settings are hardly usable for now but can not change appearance or settings to scan, neither audio.

Adds to look TV with totally broken firmware.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. To the left initiate me my description to say, ossia my TV of SMELL of the prime minister , and am complaining not taking a SMELL sooner. A picture is exceptionally stunning. A LG GX the series combines perfect blacks, contrast infinite, and the good-looking gallery-the fashionable draws concealed chairs flush against a wall to give you the perfect looking experience.

A main and better characteristic of this TV is a beautiful picture. With self-lighting pixel of SMELL, you the dark scenes in of the films like Wars of Estrella: An Increase of Skywalker in 4K Dolby Vision on Disney+ looks fantastic like the creators have imagined. My past 4K TVs has been LCD and was frustrated often for a noticeable backlights that halo contained in a screen. With SMELL, this question has gone.

An operating system of a TV is very fast and easy to use. I love a magic far concealed leave me easily type and select content with the flick of my wrist. It feels like the wand of Harry Potter, or the better way Wii far. Each alone application has loved to use has been comprised, of Netflix, to Disney+, the Hulu and TV of Youtube. Some the applications disappeared only were HBO Aller, HBO Now, and HBO Max. This is disappointing, as when you press a key of investigation in a far, suggests “Gone back to HBO” right in a screen. This in spite of, reason an Apple of supports of the television Airplay, easily could open a HBO application in mine iPad and send to a TV. While LG can add HBO in a future like the native application.

A gallery-draw fashionable of one 2020 GX the series is a stand -was characteristic. This TV is meant to have trace in a wall for professionals. In fact, not even it comprises the stand. While you could buy the stand in eBay that LG sells in of the sure phases for a GX serious, does not recommend it . If it love a same TV esatta and does not plan for the trace in a wall, spent some CX serious instead for less than money. If has one something legislation in a wall, buy a GX. It is like this thin that my friends and the family was daunted of as the lustrous look when it traces. It is not like this thin as, said, a LG Wallpaper TV, but ossia reason a Wallpaper the TV has had the required soundbar and boss to run down to a box. A LG GX is all-in-a. Now a caveat here is that ODORO the poster can experience burn-in if you are not careful. It does not recommend that it leaves this television on like a Samsung Marcos with illustrations (was this in spite of LG comprises a way of gallery of the art). There are characteristic builds to avert burn-in, which me feel better. And yes, you can returned the Chromecast for behind a television this in spite of has chair flush wants to has Launched built in.

To take a better picture, recommends to touch around in some papers of settings of deep picture and turning of things that mentions Imposed of Marco or Motion to avert an Effect of Soap opera. Calm also can change to a comprised Filmmaker Way to do this automatically, but note that Filmmaker the way under a brightness of a screen, as you will not take one the majority of impactful picture. Also it recommends to turn of a Way to Save of the Power like these limits some maxima brightness of a poster of SMELL.

One 2020 LG GX is the TV of luxury for any house-theatre geeks the one who loves a better picture, with a better creation, and the cup of an operating system of line. Highly it recommends this television to any the one who is looking.
5 / 5
Unbelievable Clarity. The colour and the true black is something on. I add tweaks for more all the picture and of options of sound. If possible, hook the internet and update firmware BEFORE hooking on your seated, bluray, or other sources of entrance. New firmware fixed the pocolos bugs. REAL a lot hdmi the bosses are the MUST ! If they are not or better, any annoying using them. I have done that deception. If you can find 2.1 bosses, take them. It saves calm of a lot of questions.
He Uses the receiver, the mark sure has the earc or arch or will have the real questions that takes his to do correctly.
Paired This with a Denon AVR-X4700H 8K Ultra HD 9.2 Canal (125 Watt X 9) AV Receiver 2020 Model and my Klipsch speakers of Reference. I think that that I am fact , finally. It does not take any one very better concealed it!
5 / 5
Quality of beautiful picture, a lot lustrous and thin like this announced that. Only negative is square of trace — of instructions has complicated excessively the instruction for use based of LG group. ( It has seen finally YouTubes on like this would owe that be fact .) The instructions written to anchor so only to cement. The one who in some the EUA homeowner the phase has wall of cimienta. The group does not have the spaces have adapted for 16” stud spacing. It Finalising that it use stainless steel washers in some extreme ends to locate spaces of LG group and long rays the studs in lath and wall of plaster. It sees photo. Of some instructions, to to the sounds like an is not of supposition to do east??
Also the email has received never instructions on like this to allege my free bluetooth soundbar of Amazon??
5 / 5
Is impossibly thin. I know it does the thinnest models there but this thing is profile a lot down .
The installation is resulted to be quite easy ( has the with here see down).
Is really easy to change among streaming services and devices. Very better that a model an old more the paste 'gone in' several times.
Finally, and more than entity, a quality of picture is surprising. When Looking the HD the video feels likes a bit the actors are so only in another side of the window.
With one 'AY' characteristic a TV enhances video of quality smaller to do it approached to a realism of HD video.

The instructions of installation are daunting and does not have any suggestions partorisca regarding the dipped up in empty wall. Felizmente, has had the stud next to a centre of a highland zone and was able to use molly rays for some other points of still.
An interface for venue lan the servers of file sucks and does not sustain formed to file older.
4 / 5
The navigation that use a magic wand (, far) is a lot frustrating, included for something simple as changing canal. Taking around some bells and the whistles is another history. Here it is my beef my big plus: we purchase a version of GALLERY to aim OUR ILLUSTRATIONS. This in spite of, a characteristic of GALLERY aims the only images have downloaded of LG. Included then, it is the show of the slide timed without settings for facts of commissions to time. Yes, one could upload his own images via USB, but shortly after showing images, a TV thinks his to go them and goes to the screen of spatial. Useless. $ 2000 For the TV concealed any that is to announce to do - ascents of illustrations/of the exposure during a day. It looks SAMSUNG has the better idea after all...
4 / 5
Unfortunately, the big question that considers is paying extra for factor of form. GX Is done to seat flush with a wall and LG announce likes a lot empty any highland TV of the shadow. I have bought one and after the install has @to @give is bent, concaved. 3 corners of a chair of TV flush but some corners is of a wall. If I press that corner, other explosions of corner was. I have situated the metal leveler to see is a wall or dread of TV, and can see in some pictures, leveler is touching a backside of a TV with this well , but has the empty goes in. When I Apply light pressure, can see can bend a TV behind and then seats flush with a leveler. When Liberto, he bents again. Cela Calms mean extra paid for any empty any shadow but you have taken the TV bent very expensive this has the empty. Again, ossia second TV of substitution and has a subject same exact in a same place. Perhaps the bad batch... But for $ 2500 client has absolute right to expect flagship quality.

Top Customer Reviews: CHUNGHOP MR20GA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
The alike element and the inaugural was pleasantly has surprised that is to look partorisca be one same like original. It has dipped some batteries in and my LG the big screen identified it and said it has been ready partorisca use. It could not be any simple plus!
4 / 5
Has bought the exposure CX 65 thumb that has not had his far. Bought this, now fact. Really a lot far in general.
5 / 5
Does exactly like a far original this is coming with a TV. Absolutely any question that programs it. Utmost cost.
5 / 5
So that do far really have me has concerned well roughly the reason was the substitution a but do a lot does not have any complaint this time
4 / 5
the substitution Esatta so that it has had. Easy to program. It was here less than 48 hours!
5 / 5
The value adds has paid 3 times more partorisca the LG magic far in a past. This one is like this good and comes with a usb auricular.