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Top Customer Reviews: Canon PowerShot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Letty
When Have in the first place begun Photograph of studio, everything could resupply was this camera. This was the long time does. Now it is 2017 and they are the Autonomous Photographer the one who possesses the little DSLRs and the little a lot of lenses. The photograph is resulted the course a lot of entity of my life. On some last few months, included although I possess seeds-pro cameras, has begun that it use my Cannon SD1000 again. Reason, ask? Reason is probably a better Point and Cannon of the camera of the Shoot has has not done never. Sure, it is so only 7.1 MP, but like that? If calm attentively think to your compositions, and use a camera in the tripod when it does not have sufficient light partorisca rid the resist, can take the photographs add with a SD1000.

A SD1000 is the rugged, easy to resist camera. A quality of image is to spare very partorisca excursions more external and enough well for small impressions. A camera is incredibly compact and can easily returned in the tejanos pocket or pocket of discharge, and can spend he with you anywhere go. It Likes him the photographer is far result too got obsessed with a later technology, and is also is result concerned with the camera has a resolution of the main image and some the majority of bells and whistles. The majority of forgot that the photograph roughly is documenting life. You can take interesting photographs with enough any camera, comprising IPhones that's that and cameras of Shoot like a SD1000. Calm included can take a SD1000 partorisca around $ 30-$ 40 here included on Amazon. Although you possess other cameras, calm to good sure would have to that take one of these few types to take with you wherever go. I have bought recently the second SD1000 for $ 35 so that it can have two of them.
5 / 5 By Norma
Has bought this edition of the shoot of point & of the Cannon roughly 6-done 7 years and loved it totally. I have bought other cameras, cameras more complex main with all the classes of settings of then always while it can take a camera 'perfect'. It has decided finally that has been tired to spend all this weight and bulk so that I have gone back always to a SD 1000. @I give now that ossia a 'perfect' less for me. But also it likes having of the camera of backup in chance perhaps. Although a prime minister an I has bought still is going strong, has ordered this still exact camera like this now have two of this same fashion. I am using it is an I bought like my primary camera and my older one like my backup. Both of them give me the good clear pictures and a telescopic lentil is more than pertinent for my needs. And more than everything, is simple to use included although has the variety of settings. Also a lot of the entity is that has the finder of view. It is really the soiled shame that the new cameras do not resupply finders of view. Living in Arizona where a daytime the sun is like this brilliant, a screen to see can be totally has washed was. Hopefully, These will be some last cameras I never need.
4 / 5 By Charlsie
This was a upgrade to a sooner Elph model that - with which years of abuses and negligence - there is prendido finally law. Also I have the digital SLR and would consider me to be a photographer has interested advanced.

The quality of image is very good. Based in other descriptions, almost has not bought this camera. Some descriptions have touched like this would be the step backward, but that certainly has not been my experience. A quality is each one has bitten also like another camera are has used - better when it consider a megapixel accounts. A quality is not like this as well as mine DSLR, but that the camera and to the lentil cost in $ 2000! If mine DSLR is the 10, would say that ossia at least an eight.
Tips for better results:
- I has regulated a setting of ISO. A camera comes pre-dipped to automatically regulate ISO. Like the result, leave you to take grainy pictures of BIG ISO in timing when a camera really ought to say you to turn in of the lights or use the flash instead. It has dipped my camera so that usually it shoots on ISO 80, and never on ISO 200. This dramatically cut-down in a 'noise' seen in some photos. So only inside 200 when it is darkness in a room, some subjects are moving around, and can not turn in some lights or use the flash. In reality, ossia the quite uncommon phase.
- I view some photos in a measure am meant to be seen - where take of a full screen, or smaller. I ask that of a disappointed reviewers simply is looking in some images fully 'blown on' and is for there is disappointed so much. A photograph pros llama this 'pixel peeping.'
- I turn was 'digital zoom.' This is so only the marketing gimmick. You take more afterwards to a subject for cropping of megapixels and (to do it worse) then blowing-on an image to return an original measure, like this significantly impacts quality of image.

Looks to love:
- A start-on the time is fantastic. Any one has lost more shots.
- Way of film. This camera offers the main measure and imposed of better frame that the majority in a phase. It is it adds for this time when we do not want to lug a camera of video around.
- A colour 'vivid' the setting is good way to add some 'punch' visual to my photos, without taking a time to modify them in Photoshop.
4 / 5 By Helene
Has purchased recently a SD 1000 to substitute the Nikon Coolpix E5600. A SD 1000 has the a lot of appealing creation (of as well as your flavour of course but in any case, does not look economic) and to the equal that can see pictures posted in this place, is small and a lot of pocketable. A SD the series is everything on factor of lack and small form of full manual controls (to the equal that has offered on some of some Some cameras of serious) but shoot that's that very qualified. To the respect, a SD 1000 delivery the one who a rest of a SD promised of series. Fast and attentive directing, detection to face that really works (and I very bad exposure expensive and no just detection), answered a lot quickly with almost unnoticeable shutter lag; surprisingly way of fast explosion (still with the slow SD paper), attentive colour and a lot another characteristic has mentioned of another reviewers. As I have said, no appearances control them full manuals like small measure was more than entity for me (I already possess the Digital to Rebel ). You take control on some settings of ISO and a white balance. A prime minister is particularly that imports which take me to an appearance that does not like me on this camera. When being the 7.1 megapixel camera, has expected some noise, but a lot so much to the equal that has taken with a setting of ISO of the Car and any flash (available light) indoors. I create when I say that the inner pictures with these settings am VERY NOISY. You can avert this to go down an ISO that dips to 200 or less. But then, a lentil is like this slow that shaken of the camera results a subject , he doing almost impossible to take the good picture with available light under low lighting conditions. Settings of main ISO that 200 is quite worthless because of some levels of big noise (main closing that my horrible Coolpix). Ossia The shame like this that the camera is very a lot down a lot lighting conditions. I guess so only I will owe that use a flash indoors or spend my D-SLR. It does not recommend this camera like your mate of travesía only (calm does not know never when you go to be in the situation where flashes can not be used) or yes expect shoot to plot indoors without flashing. Still It likes Me the factor and global action of the small form as it gives it four stars.
4 / 5 By Dayle
In the first place, this is not the description roughly all some characteristic technicians and the electronic expert description. This description is of the no-techy perspective in a Cannon PowerShot. Please read some of some other descriptions for that of experts of electronic. I have required to take the camera that was...

1. Really A lot ( it has Taken the photos add)
2. Súper Easy to Use
3. Easily Portable.

A Cannon PowerShot SD1000 fulfils all three of these criteria like the FIELD.

Spends with me so only roughly everywhere reason can is such the portable measure PERFECTA . As has the small camera with me in a restaurant when they are with prime of mine. And have the small camera with me when we visit Disneyland. And a quality of picture is excellent. Again, I am not aiming for photographs of professional quality. But I have loved photograph of excellent quality. My Cannon totally the book concealed.

Where has been this year spent where kicked you reason neither have not had the portable camera or where a quality of you camera (like a one in telephone more digital) was poor? Well, buy this camera, and final that that spends again in a future.

Reason ossia your laptop of digital camera , will love also purchase the protective chance for him to avert scratches and nicks. Something that Kroo Chance of Camera for Cannon Powershot First Camera of Digital + Camera Bundled with Universal LCD Protective Screen Cloth + of Boxes (A lot of the Available colour) (Slender NylonPink) for some options by heart, Protective Case For CANNON PowerShot the Digital cameras Comprises Strap of Convenient Shoulder & Mini Tripod that has both a chance and fresco mini-tripod partorisca in a same prize, or one of a spiffy at random of skin likes them PSC of Of Cannon-55 Deluxe Peel Marie Compresses SD Seriáis Digital Cameras .

A a product 'drawback' is that a Paper by heart resists really so only roughly 15 pix. Which is well for an evening was with your family. This in spite of, when you are travelling for vacacional or in the country of wine of the weekend jaunt, love a liberty to take A lot of pix without that has to that run to the your laptop and download them to clear some memory. While you are ordering your Cannon here, so only add the most robust memory paper ( has bought two reason so only not to love it NEVER to be a @@subject and is súper economic.) BURNING 4GB Sure Digital SDHC Paper by heart and is good to go and has amused.
5 / 5 By Breana
Love this camera. It is economic, shoot that's that utmost, but still has a lot of settings for me to tinker around with to take to one likes me the only shot master. It is quite small that maintains in my stock exchange all a time, and is a camera I incredibly adds to have with calm for these random good-looking scenes that the life occasionally launches in knots. It takes incredible external photos and of the decent poor/interiors that photos read. As with all a Cannon digitals has used, a colour are to add and continuous impress me, included the photos taken in totally of the dark rooms with one flash looked surprisingly well. I usually skip a flash, simply because of a way flashes look of people of the mark- greasy and brilliant- but this camera usually does so only well without him.

Are very happy with a speed can take photo- so many cameras in a sub$ 200 row has the longitude lag. I am not sure it is a sensor or a camera is expecting to write to flash, but ossia the most economic camera that it is a lot of felizmente free of this @@subject to frustrate.

In that feign it my mamma, takes all excited and has has loved the digicam of the his own. My aunt bought one for Navidad, he chunky point-and-shoot HP model that cost one same likes that I have paid for a SD1000. It is slowly like all the start, down pixelage, poor colour, shots at night poor, he crappy LCD, and no useful settings to improve one shot without navigating by means of papers for the week and the half. Constantly I am trying imagine out of the diagram because you can wreck another camera and buy my mamma a SD1000 like the substitution.

Is the add upgrade of our elderly 2 MP (but still the camera a lot very in other respects) S100. It is amused to see them side for side- a S100 looked like this small when we take it to knots in the first place! A S100 is the rock, and take some cajoling to convince my woman requires to upgrade, and yes am lucky this little type will last to like a S100 has done.
4 / 5 By Delfina
Was nervous after reading some descriptions on here this was really critical in a camera, but has to them that say that ossia for far a BETTER camera Ive has not possessed never. Ive Has possessed to plot of digital cameras. Everything of minolta SLR to Kodak to Cannon. The cannon is for far upper of more other companies of cameras in a phase and until pair with the little another.

The thing adds in this camera is that it is a lot compact. It can return in any purse or so only be past and he doesnt feel like the load or bulky in any form.

HAS so many functions for each type of the situation and a manual way is utmost also. Really it is the fully functional camera and there is enough each characteristic could never need in a ultra compact. A detection of type is really well also.

There is remarked that sometimes a flashes looks really overbearing in of the pictures when looking in a LCD but grieve upload your images results a flash wasnt like this hard as it have looked in a first place.

I amour this camera and spend it everywhere with me. Still it take my fiancé that loves a paralización when continuous in of the travesías.

Ive Is spent sometimes $ 300 the time in the digital camera but there is has not had never an also like this and in such the economic prize of $ although there are them remarked a prize of money is trace and now a black is $ last the checked but his value a $ 160 for the camera adds!!

Suggests to take the chance for all the cameras, but a a that the cannon has done specifically thus camera sucks. As I wouldnt recommend this chance. A question is cant is returned a strap by means of a hole resupplied in a chance and besides a flap that is magnetic doesnt close when has a camera in a chance.
4 / 5 By Nedra
Has been the defender of camera of Cannon for some time and has purchased a SD450 for my woman done 2 years. When I have loved to buy the digital camera compresses to offset a Digital SLR I own, a SD1000 looked to be a logical election.

Can say that this has been one of some compraventa better has has not done never. For the compact camera, this simply is stunning. His no without some warts, but these have spent easily for big for a prize.

That... To a good:
the quality of Picture is stunning, simply stunning. A new chip has used the utmost products have shot after utmost shot, one recycles the time is to add and and a new software in a do one to frame the group has shot dead simple.

The decrease of light action is better that a SD450, but still not perfecting. This has said, ossia the compact digital (and the sub$ 200 7 megapixel in this) and a built-in flashes done the good work in fill in where required.

3x that the Optical zoom is a lot quite so that he , one the digital zoom is after the useless this in spite of. The life of battery is surprising for a measure of a battery, but here is niggle that that can not begin to comprise. So only like a SD450, a SD1000 does not have the metre of battery. You take warned that a battery is going down (for the Red symbol in a LCD) roughly 5-10 first shots of a battery in fact the careers was. Look to be quite simple to dip the metre of battery in a camera, like reason a lot he?

Has comprised work of software a lot quite and his welcome to see this software for a Mac is comprised, although iPhoto finds a camera instantly and manipulates it perfectly.

In general, is looking for the big-the compact quality digital camera that has died simple to use, produced consistently the access and the photos add in the pocket of shirt, calm can any gone bad with a SD1000.
5 / 5 By Elba
First of all, has had 4 camera of first Cannon of east a (the legendary A80, a A95, a recent A560, and one Rebels XT, which has been flown). Also, I work like the photographer for the local newspaper and in the constantly use big-Cannon of final SLRs and serious of G compact canons. To the left say that a quality of this little type (the prime minister Elph has had) is impressive. In fact, it say that ossia up with a 'G' and SLR quality of picture of the series, is like this to do the pocolos adjustments.

Has had a powershot SD1000 for 6 month, took it to the pocolos travel, parties, chances of work, and spend in my pocket every day. Some characteristic has (likes detection of type, digital macro, video of time of period, emphasis by heart, etc.), For a prize, is fantastic. This in spite of, a better thing these offers of cameras, IMHO, is the fast operation. It takes pictures A lot QUICKLY, and has dipped a colour to vivid, with the pertinent white balance, some images takes will surprise you. I have had recently the travesía to Cancún and has taken a camera with me. When I Have gone back it has written a piece in my travesía for a Magazine of Sunday in my newspaper, and has used my pictures, as they looked very professional.

If you are the random photographer , can not beat this prize, the take now.

Has A THING, this in spite of, still expect the presents of cannon in a future: the most practical video format of way.

Are not that it says a quality of video is bad. In fact it is one has seen more in ultra-compact. A thing is, that after actuating possessed the Pentax Optio s5z for the year (first of east a), which has used good quality divx compression (files smaller a lot of), found me taking a lot of video without concerning in remaining space in a paper by heart. A 'what of video' begun that grows to plot on me. This in spite of, uses of cannon almost any compression in a AVI files and like this, for each 1GB by heart, can so only record 8 minutes of video (2GB = only 16 minutes!).

In a stabilisation of image: I do not lose it . If your hands am not a lot of shaky and use a pertinent ISO, can win this. This in spite of, are using 1600 ISO, will see 'grains' unless you maintain a picture to 'the web that accione' measures. It is normal with compact cameras.

My next camera will be (if it is still on sale) a SD750, reason recently fund has to that 3 thumb LCD, and any I really uses a viewfinder in SD1000 (a personal election).

Inferior line: for vacacional, every day use, social snapshots, pets, an inspiration 'artistic' occasional response , fantastic and pro images of qualities in the prize a lot abordable, can any gone bad with this camera.
4 / 5 By Erasmo
This was my first Cannon digital camera, previously had possessed and has loved mine Minolta 5 mega-pixel but with the holidays that comes has on beloved something with the main resolution and the little smaller. After researching the dozens of cameras solve in a SD1000 with this mix of characteristic prizes , basses and good descriptions. I took it and mine Minolta in holidays and there is taken on 200 pictures in some premiers few days. Roughly halfway by means of my travesía has taken out of a Cannon and has taken the picture is then be to turn it was. A camera has refused to retract of the leaves and has done the small grinding noise. A screen there is showed a message 'error of lentil, restarts camera'. After trying each combination of keys to see had some trick to take a camera to do again has given up. It was lucky to have the camera of backup in my travesía otherwise would be remained in a cold like this error to the equal that results, means a camera has to that be envoy for service. A star of gold goes to Amazon for promptly sending out of the substitution and accepting a turn in his say me. The cannon in another hand loved to pay to ship it behind to them and attentive until they fixed it.

In of the terms of a quality of a camera, looks very good and takes pictures quite well although I owe that say that when I see one 7 megas-images of pixels in 100, his all look slightly grainy, wheres my old Minolta 5 megas-knife of look of pictures of acute pixel in 100. Some controls are easy to use and a big screen is very useful. An only characteristic I desire had added to this camera is some class of stabilisation of image. Some pictures taken thus cameras in way of car or manual way so much look prone to have the very light blurs to them. In general I am satisfied with a camera but will have to that see if my model of substitution suffers a same fate like original a.

Top Customer Reviews: FujiFilm A340 4MP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I have had a leading model partorisca on 18 years and one in the key has died. This camera is one of some better cameras never built and has sold. If any precise mega pixel, photograph at night or an extreme zoom, this thing is. The the graphic drawing and I am hardly ever to do the correction by heart. It believes the plot of shots of product, súper pictures vacacionales, is súper easy to do with. A new plus one is almost identical to the mine old one and although I possess the súper Fuji S Finepix that it is likely to do more than me never need or comprise use this little camera 90 of a time. If it can take your hands on a - buy it!!! Immediately!!! VERY HAPPY WITH COST of MINA!!!
4 / 5 By
This camera was the substitution for one that has suffered harm. Apresamiento Very good pics and in his basic way is an east point and camera of shoot. A paper takes the place and a bit difficult to use. A camera that has suffered the harm done without defects. A camera of substitution has something wrong with an electronics. Sometimes it comes on and sometimes, all the volume is wavy lines. Beware Of the cameras have used , economic. If you take one these works, is well for the point and model of shoot. They use an older paper and a capacity by heart can not match some papers an use of the newest cameras.
5 / 5 By

- 4 megapixel Photo.

- Life of long battery.

- Easy to use, so only read.

- Justo 7 keys all optios in paper...(It likes him to him the use the windows)

- the photos Add and in the 128MB takes 133 pictures in 4 MP or 66 in 4 MP+fines

- Easy conection to some pc just conect(like usb yours, can use like) , and of speed of fast scrolling.

- Way of Car adds and Macro Ways (pleace read some manuals)

- AutoFocus and good Zoom

- the prize Adds


- taking pictures in nigh is very hard reason a LCD no tip anything (but use a viewfinder, likes 35 mm camera) and a working flashes the row is roughly 3 metres.

- Marie very soft...

- Wend A handshake are relieved is better any to take the picture, was moved.

I really loves a camera, reason is a lot of poketsize and easy to use, so only buy some memory 128 or 256 taste and can take of a camera recomended for random no for professional pictures (likes pictures of calendar or...)Like -you he the paid ($ 800 Cannon EOS)
5 / 5 By
have the habit of a APS variety of shoots & of point, and lose a panoramic and zooming of a last an I had (Nikon). This in spite of a thing zooming to the lentil has broken two times, as I have decided to finally go digital.

Has not loved to break a bank, and has loved to maintain a reasonable prize this in spite of takes the product of quality. An integer outfit was down $ 215, like material well, but are not 100 happy with a camera.

Is in accordance with another reviewer in a coverage of plastic lentil... That the ache to open & near repeatedly to take a camera that goes again! And it is flimsy, fearful the will snap is gone in the year or 2.

According to which pic quality, the think my aps the better or comparable work. A zoom is not almost a lot enough, and a blurring of the night and any flash and macro the ways is annoying like this heck... If you are not using the tripod, forgets to use these settings, which think is riduculous.

In another hand, for the beginner digital user, this camera is the very-quite a lot of pushes & of point. 'Quite good...'. For another $ 100 or like this, goes for more than capacity of zoom.

Other good points, touches quickly, Pictbridge that press no of PC. Other bad points, class of bulky and heavy.
5 / 5 By
Has bought this for my grandson of 4 years because it likes him take the pictures. It is perfect for him. Economic and easy to use.
5 / 5 By
This camera was my first dads and only digital camera. Spent a when they are in the first place exited and has had good regime with him until quell'whitewash so only before christmas, has dementia but still can take good pictures with this camera. I have been thrilled of still can take the new old camera so only like a a harm. My only complaint is a discription has said avenges with the 16 meg xd paper of camera but concealed has not been in a box.
4 / 5 By
A lot Here go,

Utmost cam I supposition... But mine fujifilm 128mb xd is givin me it the error read has contacted them fuji in of the this and has taken them any response!!!

But anywayz... That The zoom could be shot is the ache cuz of sobresalto of camera. But in general a cam is damn well for a prize and seriously would owe that be looked in still snapshot enthusiastic
4 / 5 By
All a Fuji Finepix the camera is is fantastic.

Iv'And has had this one for the year takes better shots that mine Nikon 90X. A SLRD Fuji is is way behind on technology but his point and he shoot is something on.
5 / 5 By
A product recieve power, but after buying to XD paper any SD paper, finds does not act . If it have done it that have been the perfect for our boy the one who has loved his first camera.

A compraventa of person of excellent era this in spite of. The nave was a lot quickly, and there is not any question accusing our turn. Have the data has included the background credit of trade for our questions.
4 / 5 By
Broken when I received it!

Top Customer Reviews: Olympus FE360 8MP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 By Trula
This 1/2 thumb he slender camera with the detection to face taken the photos add the difference of any camera that has possessed. I love it and everything of some characteristic has! I love a detection partorisca face that automatically it marries and optimises partorisca a perfect photo when it is in way of car. Also automatically rule with one lighting and has multiple settings. Some of some manual settings comprise underwater portrait, decadence, sport, landscape, and scene at night. Some pictures are acute thanks to one on-stabilisation of image of the joint. I have tried he among a street to see yes could take vehicles in the big speed and he have frozen literally some vehicles without the clue partorisca blur it that takes the acute photo and doing to some look of cars likes likes has not gone included moving. After possessing this for the few months still has not been all of a tweaks and tools because it discovers something new with him everytime uses it. A rechargeable the battery has the long life and has done he by means of a whole day of use in a park. They are a Olympus defender of for life.

Top Customer Reviews: Olympus Stylus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Dorathy
I have bought so only a FAITH-280 partorisca substitute another FAITH-280 that has been using the Iraq partorisca the very long time. Reason have had like this sucedido with my leading camera, was an easy decision partorisca substitute he with the new a. An only reason my old camera has failed was reason the utilisation every day in a incedibly dusty half, and he finally so only choked on powder.

This camera have very do fault well a past year, and an only complaint that I can think of this that a key partorisca be able to is far partorisca close to a shutter key. Utilisation my camera often at night and is very easy to press a wrong key, turn of a camera, and lose a does not take alot of casualidad in the according to attmept in the shot here the Iraq.

Ossia That the camera adds . It is very light, takes the pictures of qualities adds, has the very easy paper cruise it by means of and place on your preferences, and a lot of another characteristic. I especially like a very big screen in a backside because usually I take my pictures while I am moving, and the big screen the a lot of easier fact to ensure that you are geting that feigns takes.

Will be happy with this camera. They are.
4 / 5 By Rosamond
Any one same like the original model has possessed. An original model has possessed has been purchased in the tent of local electronics. This element looks the meaning partorisca sale out of some the EUA, at least a one receives. One the majority of annoying think in this camera is that it has to that reset a date and time every time a battery is substituted. It do not have to that that with a first/original camera has possessed. Yes, so where a number of same exact model.
5 / 5 By Zandra
Love this camera! Ossia My second a. My husband bought the Sony and did not think it was like this easy to use that Olympus to the equal that has ordered this same Olympus camera that has had done a lot of years. They are the point and shoot gal. I do not love the million settings or keys. If it is taste then of east is a camera partorisca you. Utmost pictures, súper easy to use and reasonably priced. Highly it recommends this easy to use Olympus camera.
4 / 5 By Ed
Buy 2 of a FAITH-@@@280s; a partorisca we and a pleasure the present partorisca the no-user of camera. This was perfect partorisca a new user the one who has learnt partorisca take pictures and video any time. Already we have another Olympus tecleadas SLR and this camera takes comparitive shots of qualities. Ours another camera is big and this one is very partorisca time where the big camera is inconveninet. A shutter the speed is the little slower, how is partorisca be expected in the small camera, but has loved a characteristic of camera of the video. We so only returned vacacionales where was used at length and is very happy with some results.
5 / 5 By Alton
I shoulder there was recently surgery this in spite of can does not stimulate my main cameras and more weighed still. This little number gave behind my capacity to take the photos add again! Thank you!
4 / 5 By Golden
Camera of good Pocket
5 / 5 By Elfrieda
the substitution of Camera Adds
Order of a olympusmarket the vendor and we was happy we
highly Recommend calm to buy it
4 / 5 By Phil
use this camera every day and there is not never the question still
4 / 5 By Yuri
Ossia good and compact, but has too long of the delay of a time you click to a time an in fact taken picture. The majority of the cameras of ready telephone are like this very like this. Has mine, but has considered tossing he in some rubbishes, unfortunately.
4 / 5 By Quincy
There have been many of these cameras and use them for underwater photograph. The down chance of the water for this camera has been interrupted. Has there is has not had questions with some newer cameras but some have used some have bought gave the questions that cause of a origianl use of owners. It recommends to take the new cameras for less than questions. When Doing well, the pictures and the video are utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: Casio Exilim ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Isis
This company is sum partorisca do with! I have bought 2 camera of them. Both elements have been shipped a lot fast. One first camera there has been the faulty to the battery likes the company sent the new a free of load. The house of car of one 2nd camera has been broken like this I emailed his roughly that. It was roughly 2 month with which ordered it becuase has had has begun so only use the. A company there have been ship a camera behind and offered partorisca fix it free of load. The definltely commanded of this company in a future. His service of client is surprising!
4 / 5 By Leeanne
Has purchased this camera partorisca substitute Casio Exilim model. There is disappointed totally. Camera the little bulkier that has expected. Quality of picture any I so that it adds. Zooming Impero Quality of picture (has not experienced this with another model). The smallest complaint - any sepia/or dipping of black aim. The colour of camera is some to picture, life of battery quite well, spent of the boss of the USB leaves direct scrolling of camera to computer (fast scrolling)
5 / 5 By Karen
One the majority of the wonderful characteristic of this camera is his almost total absence of this horrible lag time among a push of a shutter emission and a real taking of a photo! For the transmission does not lose these pictures of my grandchildren because that the camera takes too long to in fact take a wished has shot! This camera has to that character for that a characteristic only but outrage concealed, is easy to take to the long of in the pocket, has abundance of extra characteristics and takes utmost pictures. That more can loves in the camera!
4 / 5 By Floyd
My daughter has has wanted to this for his anniversary, probably reason is pink, but say one of his fellow there went it and that it was adds. Any so much. A quality of photo is lousy and a camera is inconsistent in like this works. Sometimes it acts, sometimes he no.
5 / 5 By Alda
Thx The present was perfect
5 / 5 By Wilbur
are the defender of casio and elected on the pair of these older units for my girls. They are easy to use and take good photos
4 / 5 By Modesto
excellent thus prize
4 / 5 By Angie
Perfects little camera
4 / 5 By Slyvia
5 / 5 By Enrique
am pleased entirely with this camera. Still imagining was some of his characteristic, but really like all some settings for different classes of shots. A quality of some photos is utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Digimax ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Zonia
I have purchased so only this camera last week. I shopped long and hard and has visited each website in photographs that never existed, more each brick-and-tent of photograph of the mortar in city. I selected it b/c has loved the pocketable camera w/some decent zoom, more megapixels (my old one has 7), the big plus LCD screen, concealed still would take SD papers and EA battery (taking more scarce and more scarce). I have bought in fact he of Amazon, b/c was almost a better prize -- and does not look lovely saving ten bucks to buy of some random website I never listened of.
Like this far, some pictures have been fantastic, and down some situations of difficult shooting (like the game of my daughter, where is moving in onstage and are in the dark auditorium). They are any expert of photograph , so only the mamma any utmost pictures of his boys, and holidays, and some 'artsy' material also. My mamma (the one who generally has shot to add pics) and has taken pics in a same situation (play it), and his was the blurry disorder w/his year-old Nikon Coolpix L-something. A Samsung Anti-technology of Reduction of the Sobresalto really done a difference.
Has included to some looks of video likes him the quite good quality.
Some small complaints:
--Some career of battery was quite fast (but any 10 pics like this previously revised), like this always spend transmissions and invest in rechargeables has a lot already!
--A real manual is on CD so only, which are annoying -- I does not love the impression was 102 pages ; it is too much to ask them to do it? But anything. A small basic one is comprised, to take you has begun.
--Some measures have listed in the each website so only is so only bad. They do not comprise 'protrusions', and so many the well is concealed? Some protrusions are in fact THERE! Like this painstakingly I have measured a camera (when you go in sixteenths there is rounded on), and here is some REAL measures:
W: 4 3/16 in. H: 2 9/16 in. D: 1 3/4 in
Then , in general, really likes to of me to plot like this far. It has given 4.5 stars if this was an option , but there is rounded on b/c one of a forward reviewers was like this down!
5 / 5 By Lacey
At the beginning when I have read other descriptions was the sceptic of has bitten in this product, the maintenances look for elements looked a has maintained always go back to the east a. I mean and 3'LCD exposed for less than $ 200.

Some produced does very same with alcaline battery, although I can consider transmission to NiHm of for life of the longest battery. You would owe that take the pocolos small to touch with all the options in a camera like this when using you the in public know exactly that the option is more for a situation.

The photos are always gorgeous and yes consider concealed is too big to topmast your friends, does not concern ... Calm always can use an option for lower MP is.

Is has had already he Samsung Digital camera, but I like this quite more, concealed has finalised to recommend the to the fellow that with which so only some looks enters to buy one.

Faith me, is the product adds .
4 / 5 By Claris
Has bought this camera to substitute a 8MP model that had fallen, so that it causes a lentil to be jammed while it has extended. Another that that vulnerability, which is too common among zoom-lensed camera, would recommend this camera for each reason: facilitated of use, optical quality, quality of image (still in way of video, this in spite of not to think you can shoot the feature film with him). For me, an organism of this camera, with his grip-formation, is quite substantial to rid-resist firmly and then to return to any pocket in the quell'had been the spending. My only complaint is that this line of Samsung the cameras looks to drink battery quickly, particularly while shooting video, like this rechargeables is advised.
5 / 5 By Stephania
Has taken a legislation of camera before mine 2 cycling of travesía of week. There is the few things has looked for in the new camera, which would be useful in my travesías of cycling. One is sure he is EA battery. While in the gone and sleep in the tent, is quite often last to treat the built-in of the batteries. Another @@subject - an use of SD paper. I have possessed previously Sony camera, which uses Claves by heart. They are more expensive, messier when simply I want to copy a content, and, calm once is done with a Sony camera, enough the waste. Registering the audio was another my desire. While travelling tentativa register my chances of day every night. Writing it on the piece of paper is way longer. Using the recorder voice in the device that is the must in the each travesía (a camera) is the enormous profit. More multiple another looks which is quite these days in the each camera, likes register of video, etc.. As I found it everything in this camera. And I want to partorisca east. I am not sure roughly that time a camera will last, this in spite of. But have stirs of friends that states in consonance this election, of then in his experience Samsung product last. So much, appearance maintain using he for long time.
In a 'with' side - one uploads of battery. It tends to take the wrong information in one load has left. And laws consistently. I have had the few situations when it say that mine uploads of battery is down (with some same batteries), and then after the transmission was and on was a lot again. Utilisation rechargeable battery and a pair lasted in meso partorisca roughly 200 pictures and the pocolos small of video. Ossia Roughly two times like this less than mine leading Sony camera, but still acceptable. Mark so only sure has another together of the handy battery.
4 / 5 By Goldie
Ossia My first description , although they are the frequent reader . A samsung digimax S1050 is the characteristic camera packed with all am wanted. But there are some serious defects. Mainly a software, is the bad place was and extremely volatile, class of screen like this blue of death. I have developed the loyalty to samsung after the series of excellent products, but am not still to blind. I have been spoilt for like this rock the solid cannon was, samsung hopefully will offer the flash to fix this. Some characteristic severely decreased quality of image. The control of motion has changed 10mp camera to the 1 mp webcam. Have Quite he lag for this autofocus. For point and pushes this in spite of, thinks that is one of a calm more can take. Seriously so only I am signalling out of a worse, does not spend all a time.
5 / 5 By Mora
This camera has been on sale. I guess it is because of some revise the one who gives the lowest indication. After the compraventa has been surprised with an action of a Camera. I have taken a picture at night without any light. It can not believe a picture to the equal that have taken in daytime. I any precise big flashes more. Ossia Third mine digital camera . All a camera has had has eaten quickly of battery. I do not have any complaint in a question of battery. Ossia A better camera with a better prize. The thank you a bit writes those who has written negative critic and give a casualidad to buy this camera with good prize.
5 / 5 By George
Good camera. Good works.
5 / 5 By Antonette
Has bought this camera for my sister like the present navideño and there is it wanted. I have had to that substitute his old a, which has broken when he the tomb. It loves a camera still reason no of one some in a phase were like this very like this one. They are happy has bought he for his I that maintains to have to me two LOL. I recommend that this camera takes utmost pictures to the equal that took of the professional photographer-and is easy to use. Well of the money and is not even close in pricing to another concealed does not resupply characteristic alike.
Buys it and enjoy!
The happy picture that takes!!!
5 / 5 By Karla
5 / 5 By Barrie
Has has wanted to one looks of this camera and an idea that has been 10MP. I have hated Some photos. Still in the cloudy day ... This camera has maintained to shoot in the shutter speed 40 or 80 the done for any blurry pictures. In shoot of sun in 120, which is not bad but would have expected it to be 250. That really returns me this camera was when I has shot mine 20th photo a camera has begun to do sizzling sound. The When On for 10 seconds until I have burst out of some batteries. When I reincerted his, a sound has been gone, but that had spent is fried mine 4GB SD/HC paper. Geeezzzz. Bought a Olympus FAITH-280 instead.