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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Agreement... The instructions are the pocolos odd, but calm once comprise it... Enough quickly to gather. The works add! I do not dip some rays of inferior pole in as the base and the attractive of upper section averts really quickly to transport. Very solid, that resists the 55' Consent.
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Ossia Precisely that requires for our purposes! While slightly confusing to gather, he all has been I near in in the half hour. It comes aside easily, also, to transport.
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This TV the stand is exactly that has loved. Some instructions were the small confusing and take several hours to gather but a product have finalised is utmost.
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Perfects- has to that weighed - easy to go-- to have to that 65inch LG is trace his
can hide some wiring in a stand also

any worry of him touching on.
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My woman dipped is joint in 30 minutes. I produce it adds! The instructions could be the little clearer but the woman there has been this any subject!
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A stand is very built and easily sustains a weight of the mine monitor. With the east bases have drawn well , easily access to the tight space and is very stable.
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The product adds! Able to sustain the 59 Plasma of television of book without question to the equal that has announced.
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His arrive and is enjoying in record time thank you
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Top Customer Reviews: Monoprice Smooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Young
Some highland works but has the defect to draw. Has this installed mountain in the wall of neighbourhood among my fourth master and my room to seat. This permitted me partorisca see mine 65' LG of both rooms when balance a TV 160 terracings in any direction. A capacity of the weight of the mountain is 66lbs and mine 65' LG hanged in in 59lbs. When being a lot of handy was easy to install and doing sure an annex of wall was balanced perfectly and ensured to a stud. There is an extra hole in an upper half of an annex partorisca wall so it has added an extra ray to a stud for extra security. To complete an installation and having a TV is trace has balanced a television to be perfectly directly initially with a viewing of television in my room to seat. All arm the movements have been regulated perfectly and an arm has on moved and down perfectly. Later in this afternoon I dulcemente swung a TV 160 terracings to see in my fourth and has discovered that a TV was disturbed entirely a lot directly. With a television that sees now in mine fourth master readjusted a balance to be perfectly directly and dulcemente swung my TV 160 terracings to have a viewing behind in my room to seat. A TV was again entirely was balances again. There is the defect to draw to somewhere to the long of an arm and when a TV is balanced in a room is not balanced in another room. I owe that do the adjustment to balance everytime change my viewing of a room to another. This would not owe that be as the TV is swung in a same iron 160 terracings in any direction. Like this ossia an only mountain that movement of leaves on and down and 160-180 arm of the movement of terracings will owe that live with this defect to draw. I have substituted 2 of a vesa highland dice with dice of wing to leave for ease of adjustment of balance.

Has contacted support of technology in Monoprice in this defect to draw and has thought is not the defect to draw but the defective mountain. I have purchased of then this of Amazon I has had to contact Amazon for a substitution that was utmost roughly. We send me to us a substitution in the first place so that I can easily transmission out of a mountain. With which transmission out of a first mountain with a substitution a subject to balance still is existed. Unless I have received 2 defective mountains conclude does the defect to draw.
5 / 5 By Hattie
His the good mountain. I am using he for the relatively heavy HP W9S97AAABA OMEN for 32-thumb QHD Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Technology (Black).

Has looked for something more like this North Bayou Mountain of Mur of Controls grupal TV with the Full motion that Articulates Swivel and Gas Cradle for 17-27 Exposed Thumb of Flat Poster (chrome-plating-double extension) but estimated for a weight I need. Has thinks that that this would do a trick. And for one the majority to separate fact. It does not sustain rotating more than just the pocolas terracings, would be better to be able to change among portrait and landscape--but this limitation has been comprised going in.

One a thing concealed took was saves is that I can not press a monitor to his the majority of flush dipped unless a hinge of height is in a main row of his motion. Rings to use this to achieve height of comfortable monitor to seat and when be--that does quite well. But I can not have a monitor flush when has the chair quotes reason a paste of arm .

Otherwise His súper sturdy and easy to install for the mountain. Also it looks to be an arm of the gas cradle more economic that it can manage this weight. It has loved so only leave another knows has some limitations of movement that you could not expect.
5 / 5 By Phung
Has built the inner TV of the double cupboard in my chamber. A groups is a lot of sturdy! It is the small frustrating when installing reason a groups behind is not centred to a TV. I have had to take a TV down two times and movement some groups to centre a TV. I want that it is easy to move and regulate. It has loved to group it that would pull he out of a cupboard and movement up on a molding while we looked TV but also moves down and behind inside to a cupboard like him some doors will close. The desire would have bought a groups included for ours another tvs.
4 / 5 By Numbers
Has treated as well as it locate more expensive that has installed previously.
4 / 5 By Michell
A moonrise serious smooth arm of television articulated has been doing a lot some first weeks of use.

Have installed the I, with a help of father-in-law of mine. I think that it that it can have installed he for me, but, was appreciated that I do not owe that .

The looks of installation of:
1) that separates a stuff that continues in a backside of a TV of an arm.
2) Gathering a necessary hardware and spacers, and the arms to the east among a stuffs of television.
3) that Attaches a stuffs of television to a backside of a TV.
4) Attaching an arm to a wall (more in that down)
5) Rey-that attaches a stuffs of television to an arm ( hangs it on an arm, and then presionar fulmine)
6) Clean that level on a TV, regulating a tensioner so that some floats of television in a right height, adds plastic coverages to hide a mechanicals, bosses of the career by means of a wall likes , of etc.

Have the house of frame of the forest with drywall, which is extremely common where alive. My TV is big. The instructions have suggested that I so only dipped two rays to a wall, directly to the stud. I this, but with which I entirely installed a TV has maintained to listen unsettling creaking and moving noises. Perhaps a stud in a wall has moved, or perhaps the ray his way was, the one who knows. I have finalised to go to the and buying 4 toggle rays and adding them support like this additional, so it has had the total of 6 rays that resists in place: 2 in a stud, and 4 in a drywall. I am not really happy with that neither like drywall will not sustain a lot a lot, but, after dipping 6 rays in a wall a unit does not have these unsettling creaking and moving noises.

A tiny level is comprised, which have used two times. A first time when you locate an arm in a wall, so that it was directly. A second time was after a TV has been installed in an arm, has dipped a level in a television and has then regulated a television to do sure was level .

In all other respects an arm has articulated are adds. He behaves exactly as it love it to. His possible to tilt a TV, the transmission goes, dipped he in a corner, shouted, lower, etc. does not have any worry. His a lot of solid.
5 / 5 By Coral
Has taken this mountain to use in a chamber with the a lot of light 40' Sceptre the TV FOCUSED. A bed faces the window of big picture like television has had to be traces in such the way that could be it pulled out of a wall and angled but then dipped behind when any one used.

A first obstacle has faced with this mountain installs (and would have been true for any mountain) is that an ideal stud the location was a stud a constructor dipped an electrical box and persecution of boss outlet on. To solve this and mark for easy mountain, has painted two 1 x 4 pieces of forests to to a colour still likes him the wall (doing 'cleats'), has ensured those to a stud on and down some boxes a right distance averts to ensure a mountain and has ensured then this mountain to a forest he. Now a mountain was out of a wall quite does not interfere with a mountain and a mountain have had something very sure to be bolted to. Still with the light TV, calm once pulls it was a moment of a TV would augment a stress but any worry with a forest cleats.

A TV is 200mm x 200mm VESA so that it has not had to use some arms of extension.

Operating it, is a lot smooth. Any one can pull a TV was and corner he and then dipped the backside. It is a lot any for the have so only seating in the dresser now. It is better on has bitten it main. Work perfectly for our situation.

Has bought a lot of Monoprice produced on some years. It likes of those, this a does not disappoint .
5 / 5 By Shonta
Ossia An extremely versatile Monoprice TV of Smooth Series of Full Motion-Mountain. She The one who has to Be Obeyed spoke to the big old adjustable bed which is in fact two twin beds together place so that both can have fully of the adjustable sides without annoying another (excepts a whir of some electrical engines have required to move a bed to plant in any side). But I digress a point of this description is a Mountain of television of Monoprice and am very pleased with him.

When the knots had mentido in bedding for the prejudices usually have a bed has on regulated like him recliner to look television, but sometimes so only the maintain slowly and clock of pillows according to a state of the ours behind any day now die. When the paving requires to have to that it traces of wall concealed any only transmission was but adjustment of leaves of full corner to the equal that can see a Screen of television clearly forms an almost prone dipped. It enters a Monoprice Mountain!

A studs in a chamber is solid of rock and adicións/recent additions in a house (well roughly five years after the expansion of room) and has bought this reason leaves for the two installation of ray that reads well if your stud is in fact mecer solid. We locate the 55' LG Electronic 55.ºF9500 55-the TV of SMELL of Flat thumb with Dimensions (W X H X D): TV without stand: 48.3' x 28.3' x 2'. Ordered a Monoprice Half of Smooth Series Mur of television highland of Full Motion grupal in a big measure. A TV hanged 44 lbs.

The installation was the breeze with some two rays that return securely the walls stud and a Television mountain to some group easily. It takes everything of in an hour and the half to complete an installation and run a cabling behind down inside a wall. A same box comprises the level as you can do a bit touches to finalise right there.

Is a lot happy with this full mobility . It pulls out of a wall and will move up or down in the foot and tilt in any corner with full rotation has required. With a counter of gas cradle-system of balance You The one who Has to Be Obeyed can move he with a toe is is bent like this. It Likes him he concealed. It is extremely solid and although I have concerned me on so only two rays that resists in with which in the use of the month still is moving smoothly without any creaking or groaning or any one another sign of loosening up. It is heavy quite that knows is done with materials of qualities and costs far less than this comparable competitor .

Has any one questions of longevities will return and go down an indication and redraft a description.

For now this in spite of, deserves is Five Stars easily.
4 / 5 By Tammera
For a prize, really can any gone bad with this mountain. It resupplies more motion that flat mountains to regulate for corners of different viewing, and so only using two rays during installation directly to the stud, with holes in a highland dish for more the support that use drywall ancore and rays. I suggest to add more support, especially will be to extend television elder further out of a wall. Two people will be required for an installation, like some needs to group to be unassembled and then dipped for behind neighbours in no.

Once installed, has the decent row of motion. It does not seat like this plan against walling so it would like me, but has not gone also. A characteristic of the management of the boss is good but any the entirely invisible . If there is spatial among a fund of an organisation of cord and a outlet will be visible. It moves quite smoothly without a lot of control. If it love the simple creation that any cost of the hundreds, this mountain is the good option .
5 / 5 By Lacresha
Ossia The a lot of flexible and easy to move mountain of wall partorisca television is until 66 pounds. I have used the mine partorisca wall locates the 65' LG screen of SMELL, and have a lot of be happy with some results.

A unit is solid and well does generally. A record and the arrival is smooth and big quality , and all the together rays in the precise way. Some states of costruttore is limited to 66 pounds, but looks like this sturdy like this of the units have used concealed is estimated to 130 pounds or so much.

Any wall-the highland group goes to require the bit of skill of basic carpentry to install, and this one is any exception . A good informative is concealed is mountains with only two rays, but of course, precise locate them in solid wall studs. In my chance, a TV hangs in the wall built with 2x6 studs and the discharge of drywall, and installed like this explained in some instructions, is quite solid. Like this to the equal that has weighed your TV is, can require the second person to help attach everything. Another good informative is that in a lot of zones, to the amazon can fix to have the professional installer dipped this up for you, as if you are not until a task for some reason, can take help in the prize of @@subject.

Another thing to think roughly when installing this type grupal is management of boss. You will require at least pode and some type of boss of signal (HDMI, for example), and is of entity to think roughly like these bosses will be routed to the equal that moves your screen around. If has a lot of bosses in current your television, could wants to invest in the simple A/V receiver or transmission of video of some type so that I can run so only the alone boss to a monitor he.

Once installed, work easily and is quite simple to take your television exactly where calm the want. Different some mountains, he both seats flush against a wall when 'estacionado', and give you on the foot of extension out of a wall. He pívot in any precise corner, and is quite solid to remain where calm dipped that. Some other frames have tried tends to be the little shaky - a lot of walking by means of a paving done some television movements the to say concealed is not a chance with a Monoprice.

Him him The big monitor to locate and calm love an arm to articulate, a Monoprice is like this a lot I so that it has very seen. To good sure value the look, especially considering a reasonable prize.
5 / 5 By Kari
Will leave a description and of the components of this product to a page of product and external commentaries while I concentrate in my experiences.

This is not a prime minister has produced that has used to locate the TV in some wall of my house, but is a prime minister one that has done without external help.

Has not been easy to dip some together group, installs some groups of wall, a groups television or to connect some two group.

Has not appreciated some instructions that is coming with this mountain. The instructions written more than the pictures would have fulfilled my very better needs. I took the moment to imagine was like this to locate a groups to a backside of my TV. I have ignored finally some of some pictures have imagined was for my account.

Am not like this sure with a force of this product to the equal that are with another. A reason is that a mountain for a TV on my chimney has two vertical suspenders, each mountain to separate 2 for 4 near of thumb for behind a joint of wall and slate while these mountains of product in the suns 2 for 4.

With which group of trace in a backside of a television to a one in a wall, when I have moved a TV could listen creak noises of a forest where are trace some two rays to them. Consistently, Have take a television and installed 4 more rays to a joint of wall. We will see like this it resists over time.

To be just, a prize of the mine another television mountain was two times as much as this a moment both regulate vertically, horizontally and advance and backward of a wall. Further, my television that has used thus produced was weighed much more.

Besides, some instructions recommend professional installation for two people.

For security, also would recommend that you go to install this product for calm, is critical that has and know like this to use it stud finder. Also it was much more sure to use two strong people to impulse and connect a wall and of the television portions of a group.

Are sure my opinions is tainted for some frustrations have found during an installation of this product versus my leading experience with the most expensive mountain and my lack of confidence has expected some noises partorisca creak have listened while it locate and regulating this TV like opposed to a one trace in my place of fire and has given a profit of a doubt to regulate my indication until doing sure are fair .