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1 first AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector - Pocket Size Portable Mobile Mini Projector with mini-HDMI, built-in Media Player & Speakers, 3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB readers and 8 AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector - Pocket Size Portable Mobile Mini Projector with mini-HDMI, built-in Media Player & Speakers, 3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB readers and 8 AAXA Technologies
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2 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector - mini-HDMI input, built-in Media Player & Speakers, 3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB readers and 80 Min Lithium-Ion Battery (Renewed) AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector - mini-HDMI input, built-in Media Player & Speakers, 3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB readers and 80 Min Lithium-Ion Battery (Renewed) AAXA Technologies
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3 best AAXA P300 Neo Mini LED Projector with 2.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, Onboard Media Player, HDMI/Mini VGA/USB/microSD Inputs, 1080p Support (Renewed) AAXA P300 Neo Mini LED Projector with 2.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, Onboard Media Player, HDMI/Mini VGA/USB/microSD Inputs, 1080p Support (Renewed) AAXA Technologies
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4 AAXA Technologies M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector with Built-in Battery - Native 1920 x 1080p FHD Resolution, 1200 Lumens, 30,000 Hour LEDs, Onboard Media Player, Business/Home Theater Use AAXA Technologies M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector with Built-in Battery - Native 1920 x 1080p FHD Resolution, 1200 Lumens, 30,000 Hour LEDs, Onboard Media Player, Business/Home Theater Use AAXA Technologies
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5 AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector with Rechargeable Battery - Native HD resolution with 500 LED Lumens, For Business, Home Theater, Travel and more (KP-600-01) AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector with Rechargeable Battery - Native HD resolution with 500 LED Lumens, For Business, Home Theater, Travel and more (KP-600-01) AAXA Technologies
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6 AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector, 30,000 Hour LEDs, Mercury Free, Native 4K UHD Resolution, Dual HDMI with HDCP 2.2, 1500 Lumens, E-Focus, Portable Size AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector, 30,000 Hour LEDs, Mercury Free, Native 4K UHD Resolution, Dual HDMI with HDCP 2.2, 1500 Lumens, E-Focus, Portable Size AAXA Technologies
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7 AAXA KP400-01 P3 Pico Pocket Projector with 50 Lumens LED, Media Player, HDMI and Rechargable Battery, Black AAXA KP400-01 P3 Pico Pocket Projector with 50 Lumens LED, Media Player, HDMI and Rechargable Battery, Black AAXA Technologies
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8 AAXA Technologies P300 Neo LED Video Projector with 2.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, Onboard Media Player, HDMI/Mini VGA/USB/microSD Inputs, iPhone iPad PS4 Xbox Compatible, 1080p Support AAXA Technologies P300 Neo LED Video Projector with 2.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, Onboard Media Player, HDMI/Mini VGA/USB/microSD Inputs, iPhone iPad PS4 Xbox Compatible, 1080p Support AAXA Technologies
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9 AAXA P4-X Android Wireless Smart Pico Projector, Built-in 90 Minute Battery & Touchpad, Office Viewer, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Android 5.1 OS, 175 Lumens, black AAXA P4-X Android Wireless Smart Pico Projector, Built-in 90 Minute Battery & Touchpad, Office Viewer, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Android 5.1 OS, 175 Lumens, black AAXA Technologies
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10 AAXA KP-700-01 P700 WXGA LED Pico Projector, 650 Lumens, 70+ Min Battery, Native 1280x800 HD Resolution, 15,000 Hour LED, HDMI, Media Player, DLP AAXA KP-700-01 P700 WXGA LED Pico Projector, 650 Lumens, 70+ Min Battery, Native 1280x800 HD Resolution, 15,000 Hour LED, HDMI, Media Player, DLP AAXA Technologies
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I possess the bakery and I have purchased this projector with an intention partorisca use it partorisca help me decorates the z/the sugar has surpassed far my expectations my wild plus!! I have contemplated partorisca purchase the Kopycake previously partorisca buy is, but a Kopycake is in $ 300 and can does not imagine partorisca do very better that this projector. This projector is also small, and like this easy to use! All precise is the flash the walk with your image has downloaded his and is ready partorisca go! Such the wonderful product and an amazing prize
4 / 5
has bought this partorisca decorate cookies. Mostly it likes him to Me the hobby and partorisca of familiar & friends so that it could not justify purchasing the KopyKake and has does not want to something big & bulky that would require to be business neither. This little projector is easy to use, taken any one spatial and projects the perfectly clear image! I have had the question with him closing of some first time used it. Has @@give a connection of discharges was bad. I have called and it has explained my @@subject and send me to us the new substitution a very next day! One covers was a lot of & snug as it does not anticipate any one dreads plus a lot remote. In planting to purchase the plus pricey stand for him, has bought a drawn for mobile phones. He clamps to the table or contadora and has the flexible arm along that I can aim in my surface of work. ( It was so only in $ 10.)
4 / 5
Like this first was, has to develop that ossia mine 2nd a reason a prime minister one was defective based in aaxa technical support. It has not recognised to be plugged in any device but the police of the amazing turn of the amazon left transmission he for the new one without subjects.

That the be has said aaxa the support of client was adds. Michael was a lot of bondadoso and patient and gain in taking me hooked up with some right cords and shooting of question.

A 2nd one was sĂșper easy, discharges and game and works perfectly! Michael emailed me some few cords to take to connect to the mine telephone and MacBook. So much buyer beweare, further of this project requires extra cords, one for your telephone, one for your MacBook and a hdmi cord, all desquels can be purchased on amazon.

I also has taken the desk tripod for $ 15 which is better way that a gooseneck clamp, sees photo for picture- much more stable and easy to dip up!!

There has any a lot of to learn on that it has to that use a projector is oretty self explanatory but has abundance of tuitorials on Youtube has to that need more direction.

A sĂșper useful tip that Michael said was that you have to that spent in a cord to be able to (to touch he) to a unit and have BOTH USB plugged in!!! I have had so only an USB plugged in and still with which 5 hours, a red light never turns green to indicate the full load. Once both USB is Was plugged in, has turned green after the few hours. A lot of reviewers has said a beat the life is not a More adds them so they are by train to ask me if ossia where a question was and the people so only did not give it the full load??

Using the east for the films would recommend a speaker of source of/additional audio reason is not a More adds them. But it is so only in the small room, a built in the speaker would be good.. But yes calm like strong or to listen in of other noises around you, he prob would not be quite good.

A projection the/light work although it is daytime and can find the shadow-and wall.

In general, am very impressed with this projector for an amazing prize!! The beaten that it pay $ 200+ for him!! I have bought also one 4 protects of slowly of year, for $ 11 looks the economic prize to pay for something concealed can a lot of last 4 years, ossia the long time !! ...So only sayin'!! In all the chance highly recommends!!
4 / 5
This little projector is fantastic. So that they want to use he with an iPhone ( is using he with the 6s) - requires a compraventa of the pair of extra bosses. Specifically, I need a HDMI to mini HDMI boss and then require a HDMI to boss of lightning of the Apple. I will try the photos of estaca of the as that look. This has not been to clear in a posting for a projector and has wished any one could explain a configuration of right boss for products of Apple. Like appearance these helps. A HDMI to mini the boss was so only in $ 5 and a boss of Apple was another $ 30 on Amazon. That will do is to insert a mini HDMI end to a projector, a rule HDMI final to a female port in a boss of Apple and then an end of pin of the lightning to the yours telephone or iPad. Once it is dipped on correctly and touched, work like the field. A thing the note is that it does not touch and game a same time. Like this when calm take it, calms that has to that give the full load before it will do. My edges loves this projector and will be able to use he for everything of games and films to projects escoles. It is excellent!
5 / 5
Well. It has taken this to decorate cookies of sugar with. A projector was the prize of descent, has the clear picture, and is small and compact. This in spite of, does not say you that any @@subject that the device connects with you will finalise to require some another piece of connector. With pill of mine, telephone, or the computer there would be has had to have something more. It could have used the flash the walk BUT this would have been the big ache in a rear end reason have loved to be able to resize in a screen. You will require the mini HDMI conversor, which have bought when it has taken projector of mine . My computer has not had a HDMI port as we have had to buy a convertor for the hips. A life of battery is like an hour and the half (fully touched) in this projector and ossia my MAIN complaint. It calms that can leave plugged in but concealed taken out of a portability of him. In general, it would recommend this product. A projector has used is big, heavy, bulky, and has to that find storage for him when they are not quell'using.
5 / 5
Love my Beak! Utilisation for cookie of sugar lettering and assistance to draw. Im Like this happy has been with east in place of the kopykake! If you are trying to decide among a two you to good sure would have to that choose a Beak.
5 / 5
Is pastry the boss and a lot the times find me transcribing detail of cake of paper to found. I have bought this projector to minimise detail of cake that does and maximizing my productivity. A projector is perfect for a work because I can now discharges in mine iPhone and project anything is in a screen to cake of mine and a rest is history.
4 / 5
Has used this for the cookie that decorates and has done well and really helped improve a consistency of the mine that pipes. It was easy to dip up with my Mac, calm only precise sure has some right cords (mini HDMI + conversor for Mac). My only complaint is that a life of battery is like this short. Mark sure plans yours piping to leave 2-hr pauses each 80' or like this to recharge a projector.
4 / 5
This thing is terrible! A prime minister an I received would not remain directed. I have contacted a company and they have suggested that has exchanged he for the new a. I have imagined perhaps it was so only he fluke. I have received the new an interior the few days to send a prime minister a backside. I plugged in a new one and left it touching all night. I am coming house to do has excited to turn it on so much could decorate cookies. It is remained on for roughly 2 minutes. Then it has closed it was. I unplugged All and tried it again. Remained on for roughly 30 second and then has closed was. Calm can does not use while it is touching and does not remain in quite long to see anything. This has been a worse product has bought on amazon. It does not squander your money or your time.
5 / 5
The cookie that Decorates: I have researched the projector for first month to buy east. Blown was after my first use! Some possibilities are infinite. I can draw anything directly my cookie of my photos, Pinterest, etc. Take Lucinda application and you can then rotate and measure any image to record your cookie. Phonto The application give 400 sources more to choose of. They are nowhere near of Youtube/of Youtube technical and looked instructions in setup and troubleshooting. I need an extra boss (any one included with a container?) For products of Apple. You owe that resist your stock exchange to decorate in a corner to avert that it blocks an image. I initially thought after reading this that that would be problematic for me. No a subject, has adapted immediately. My Beak has other capacities that has not explored still.
4 / 5
Usually I do not write of the descriptions, but this product has deserved one. It does not possess a closing but will be partorisca purchase an after the use last night. My buddy has spent his on and project a game in a backside of my house. A quality of picture has surprised, especially partorisca a be of projector in a measure of an iPhone. We hooked a projector until my uverse box and an external speaker and has looked a whole Oregon/Limestone the external game. If you are interested in the mini the projector highly would recommend east a.
4 / 5
Like the professional cookie decorator, has been excited when it has discovered this projector! It has done good-looking sources the breeze and that duplicates the creation of anniversary like some napkins or an invitation for the party effortless. Have Also have the big that is still in Tik Tok and has informed on 100 people to this projector. I have bought an on done the year and is lasted roughly 9 month until I have had to that purchase the new a. That is spending in a video I posted like the spent to a prime minister an and now my second a that has had now I so only UNDER the month and is doing a thing esatta same. It will not remain in still although it is plugged to a outlet, and yes tries to the use is load , so only last the maximum of 3 to 5 minutes. It does not project any one lights down, and has verified everything of my connections multiple time. It does not use this projector often, perhaps once the week for roughly two hours. It does not look of the films in the, so only Decorates cookies so that it is not when be used for long periods of time. It is to store in the cupboard and a lot to the left was to take clashed and such. That is awesome is, is that has the cookies foreseen the Saturday tomorrow ( is Thursday ) and need this to do! It has dipped already in still the turn in this product like my window expĂ­ra in 2 days. I will be to run of more Buy tomorrow morning for the new one of the different mark.
5 / 5
Loves this projector. With all some pictures have taken or has downloaded is amused to see them expanded in a wall. I have concerned me that a low lumens would do it hard to see. But if a room is dark a projector is brilliant abundance . Utilisation a HDMI cord to attach it to the mine portable but you can use the clave by heart wants to take a projector and your photos in the house of friends.
Likes download; works of art, TV or animate film stills, coverages of albums, coverages of book, ski-fi and art of fantasy, photo of shows of television and films, the places will not go never like external space, Thailandia or deep submarine (any that Thailandia is not to cool), photo of science, the pictures have taken reservation, comics, and pictures seen again , pleasant, historical photos, etc. usually will look in of the pictures in a morning while listening to some Circle and good Rock and doing some exercises. It is the way adds to start with a day.
4 / 5
Uses this to decorate the cookies and I love it. They are able to rid names of pipe, characters, and much more. I so only hook the to my laptop and find any images I needs.
4 / 5
This projector take my cookie that decorates to a next level, especially reason has horrible penmanship. This in spite of, a house is very difficult to obtain to a point that frequently considers to contact a mfg. A lot it does not complain a compraventa at all but frustrate me like this bad when I am ready to do and can outrages of no. concealed, his question to have that takes some extra cords, a life of battery is short like the maintenances plugged to mine portable when decorating. Also, cookiers will require to buy the tripod also.
4 / 5
UPDATE: it DOES not BUY THIS!!! There is prendido to connect with which less then the month (Right after my window of enclosed turn). My suspicion is that a Micro HDMI the port has spent was reason is not well. I have contacted a vendor to see can take the repayment is. I will maintain you all posted to see that says. My next step is to contact a company that the fact to see can take the repayment.

No the bad little projector for the very small room. Probably it calms so only take roughly 60-70 thumbs of a first wall of this projector really looses brightness. Has mine measuring roughly 105' was(Of the results of screen he dim 66' screen) of a wall and is well for film to see. It does not add , but well enough for the fun walk in experience with some girls. A battery is quite terrible, like this plugging this in the the continuous power is the must . In general, there is probably other projectors that is this small or the little elder ossia more brilliant. It would go with that a. Or so only the look on to 60 TV of thumb, as you will take the very better image. Ossia Well for the projector of travesĂ­a fun.
5 / 5
Ossia The add little projector. I want like this small . In fact it could spend he in my pocket there is wanted . It projects well and it is clear. It likes-me to plot that has keys until controlling some functions. Wine with the little bitty tripod that has not thought would cost a lot but he in fact done a lot amiably reason a projector is hanged like this light . I used it to project an Air of iPad (with relieving it to HDMI adapter) and has done adds. This will be adds for meetings in the small room or projecting video in the drop-light room. He no for the big room or the half light big. I am comparing this with another beak-projectors to find some better one to buy 10-20 of still the project. Like this far this an estimate very up there.
5 / 5
Has to that redraft my description.. In 2016 I has used this projector roughly 4 times and have gone still dress, some colours are fabulous reasons is to LCD light , and although a sound is horrible can treat you that with external speakers. Any have to Him legustado a life of battery. But in 2017 I was unable to use it at all reason has had some class of misfire. It was in Tanzania at the same time where the power is problematic to the equal that need the diagrams of battery have operated to maintain the things that goes. A misfire was like this bad that a reset of what whole and then begins again and have begun like this an investigation. Learnt that perhaps it was a AVI boss. Like this displaced more than a prize of a projector to go to a more next city to for him reputable AVI connector. Sadly All this money was the waste . Still this fast disconnects and a flashes spent the sure number of time, a whole thing has been he was. It has to that way that be careful with this projector to maintain it attentively dips was and to maintain he of falling or stop it 'of attack' he. But I have not had this question with a Optima which no longer returns mine mac. They are a lot very sad in a quality of these cars and would not buy the form of product AAXA again.
4 / 5
I desire would have listened in my better opinion more than my hopes of the good shot and haste. These produced feels a lot cheaply fact and there is prendido of course do the outsides of JUST DAYS of a window of turn. They are like this crazy in me because I have read some descriptions and the leftover have this has said this has not been the good compraventa. My screen of the projector randomly has been sees/rose and blue in some means to use it. It has maintained so only run and that careers and has not answered to anything, any one can was, any leaves to rastras, not unplugging/plugging behind to my computer, any plugging to charge of wall. So only any prenderĂ­a that runs this screen of spatial. It has run and and it has been he announces around an hour, taken real hot, then in some enclosed point was. I can count on two hands a number of time there is softly has used this product. Any reason for such to dysfunction.

Take which pays stops. Spend the little extra and take the one of confidence, that the projector does well.
5 / 5
This thing done never of day a. I ordered it to use in of the cookies, when I took it, has had to that order an additional HDMI boss and the conversor and a splitter that would leave me to it to use he with my telephone. Well, anything. As I order all this material and does not operate. I call a company and say me to knots that requires to order a splitter of Apple because “sometimes the generic parts no .” I (another $ 60 bucks), still does not operate. Ossia An absolute source of frustration in my house because it causes to struggle every time tries the use. Especially of then there is not any instruction and no the real question that shoots to speak of. I have looked all a tutorials on Youtube and he absolutely does not operate.
5 / 5
I have been surprised by this mini the small measure of the projector, light weight and crisp resolution. It is not particularly brilliant, but partorisca work of small stairs in any-too many-brilliant places, this thing is awesome. More video of touches, audio and pictures of SD papers and flash walks And has a HDMI in And the built-arrive-parleur And the headphone jack. Utilisation this partorisca bathe you in of the video of meditation of the Youtube! There have it so only an odd defect. A unit comes with an unusual 'is boss partorisca be able to it atasquemos to TWO PUT YOU of USB simultaneously partorisca touch. A question is that in mine portable (Powerbook) some ports of USB are in of the opposite sides of a car. This half has to that use the boss of extension of the USB (woman of USB to male) partorisca take the pertinent load.
4 / 5
Ossia The quite impressive projector for a prize. A resolution looks attentive. I have not had any screen for the compare to, but this projector dipped in fact out of the image of the main resolution that AAXA 720P variant. It concealed it is not to say this is dipping out of 720P image, creates AAXA falsely is announcing a resolution of his another projector.

AAXA HD The beak has DIRECTED Projector with 150-Small Rechargeable Battery, 1280 x 720p HD Native Resolution, Portable Mini Creation of Cube, 20,000 Now LEDs with Onboard Player of Half comunicacionales

25 Lumens is not very brilliant. I need the very dark room partorisca east to do effectively. In of the dark rooms, the law adds. Proportion of the contrast is not to order, but takings to the equal that pays stops.

My only complaint was that this unit buzzed the bit with which roughly 5 minutes of use. They are not that it goes to jump he aim in favour that as it can finalises to be the defective unit.
4 / 5
Ossia A projector of exceptional/portable pocket . It maintains to import that because of a low lumens does not go to do a lot well in the brightly the zone lit but can ensure you that you dim some lights a picture simply is in amazing. I research extended in these projectors and expĂłsitos that some announce more lumens and better viewing but this one has received the on-line exceptional descriptions. There is several video in a web that will aim you these projectors as well as his competitors. One on board the the audio leaves the plot to wish but the portable speakers are small and economic to purchase they like this law extremely well.

In general ossia an amazing little Hammer the unit and I would buy it again and has promoted my friends to purchase them too much.
5 / 5
Has paid the plot of money for the glitchy and undependable piece of crew. Of day one this stupid thing has not done correctly with the screen to flash, shaking images with grains of lines and pixels, and ALWAYS in losing signal In a half of the project. I have thought perhaps it was error of user or cords of poor quality. I have purchased the different cords and I am experimented with him for the months and is still basically a overpriced paperweight. If it is taste and purchasing of of the east for the cookies or the cakes do not squander your money. A lot another character has experienced some same subjects as has. It is like this frustrating to invest a lot of money to something that thinks is the product of quality so only to have bad work of a moment is out of a box. Another subject with this product is a life of low battery. If you are doing in the project detailed to be prepared that this will die legislation in a half that is doing on.

Saves a question and go with a oldschool Kopykake. The sure desire has had.
4 / 5
A RMA the unit there is now is aiming initial signs of failure. It does not buy this product, failed two times.

This product is the decent 720p projector to look half comunicacionales, with the little caveats:
- One first unit has died on me after 6 month and I have had to RMA the. ( It has been sent the new a.)
- A device does not remain house. Attentive to king-directed the first of each use. Directing is the ache .
- A device uses pleasant audio. If utilisations the headphones do not use HDMI audio.
- A device there is down light start. He no unless you are in the very dark room.
5 / 5
This has been one of some better investments has done them recently. Utilisation my beak projcetor to do the cookie that decorates. When they are not that it uses a beak, to my uses of edges likes him to him the projector to look of film of the his teléfono.un the beak is quite small to return in your pocket or purse or rucksack. Opportunely Petit to spend anywhere. It is also he hanged very light. You owe that touch around with some cords take some correct cords for him. And once it is on and going, has to touch around with him some more to change a projection to the equal that can project a calm way loves it. I have found felizmente the video to tube that helped the figure was. With which take a hangs of him, is the piece of cake to do with.
4 / 5
Uses this projector to quickly sketch my products.
Saves like this time. An image is brilliant and acute. He same laws well with a light of room on.
Is priced a lot very also.
Saved like this time.
Are very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
Disappointing that although it can touch the very wide row of files of video of local storage, can not touch some clues of audio in MKV files, or at least, there is not founding any clues of audio in MKV files that play of local storage. Enough the plot of my video is in mkv formed, and had liked me join me idea of having the player as it could touch him without requiring the computer on and that careers. I can have a MHL connector to write around which will do for one of my pills to speak to this thing, but are not 100 that I , in that if it would require a computer that careers and in this point a projector results the 'reason are I spending these hips?' Need of device to attentively slowly that it will look it based in the format is in and that it is powered up.

A projector this small does not add the plot of utility to the need of laptop so on and that runs for the feed the signal of usable video. Adding an additional point of the failure any the plot to remark given an insignificant profit.
4 / 5
Has had this little unit for the pair of the weeks and am very happy with him. So only I ignore 1 star been due to a fact would have been well for a projector to come with adapters for some mini gone in has (mini hdmi and mini vga) how is the less than type of the common boss and I has had to buy special cabling to do better use of him. A stand of tripod comprises is the good perk, but having the material the heavy plus has built his to prevent that it touches and moving would have adapted it better. Like another reviewers has declared, use any class to wire of the video has weighed probably will send this toppling and that play without any real endeavour.

This has said that that are to impress. I hooked this a hdmi out of the gaming computer and touched Skyrim on that. Yes a low plus 'neighbourhood HD ' the resolution has meant an extreme of detail finalised has been lost in a game, but ran it still (the game has run in 1080p) and a game looked solid and the text was totally readable. I hooked the to the xbox 360 and has run to Sleep Dogs and has taken he by means of some sequences of fast behaviour, and adds. I have tried he with youtube video and also using the conversor that swapped vga and analog audio to the only hdmi and he that amiably also.

I then hooked the to the ps3 running older ps2 games (the fat originals ps3 with ps2 the installed hardware in him, no a variety emulated) and has been surprised to see gives brilliant colours , vivid and the detail adds.

Running he in the tone the black room is one 'ideal' to the equal that will look vibrant and very lit until roughly 40-45' corner to corner. I have run he in my office (some light to come from window but mostly dark) and looked adds to show roughly 30' big. I have tried he with a pc in my workshop of basement (light more environmental very been due to multiple windows) and has been washed was but still very visible projected to some white concrete wall. Whewn Tried it on a xbox was in the to wall the aim painted entirely darknedd and in partial (alone light on) the light and looked utmost. And finally trying it on a ps3 in a screen of real projector with the lights mostly was and totally was, has looked any one another projector.

A thing has appreciated was of then is not using the big bulb, does not take a 'glare' hotspot some projectors have launch an image exactly front and centre to a screen. I also amour that can run he of a battery for some time and is virtually silent while it is on. Also, hooking the speaker to this has seen a headphone out of jack has really solid product, clean audio. A speaker in some works of projector, but unless you are seating legislation for him, does not go to touch all that add or strong.

Go to use he for entertainment of travesĂ­a in a future, as it has taken this projector , the conversor like this vga and the material of components converts the hdmi easily, and the bluetooth speaker with USB that the touches qualified. At present I can return everything of of the this, comprising connecting bosses, in the packaging of a speaker and to the equal that has the laptop 40' the TV can quickly dipped up and run out of 1-2 outlets anywhere.

A bad:

some effects of sweet rainbow were visible when quickly panning a camera in of the sure games where the line of the contrast big or the object was visible, but no too bad.
Will do 60fps well but did not see it never go on the this. Movement of fast full screen the light product blurs typical of east of then does not have any class to fill of frame/of smooth vision.
Regulating volume and other settings in a paper of projector is less than perfect. Having the volume slider in a unit would have been very better, but of some stinks of inner speaker, the suppositions is not so much the worry.

A good:

Amazing clarity in spite of the lowest resolution.
Quite brilliant to see well in dim rooms, very brilliant and vibrant in blacks of tone.
Clarity and the utmost colour projected until roughly 40-45' but also fact very widespread by means of the 100' screen (so only washed was/poor contrast).
Can adequately consolations of exposure gaming (at least xbox 360/ps3 and older) as well as pc video and audio like the field.
Silent and fresco.
Petit ( Is roughly 2/3 a measure of my note of galaxy II)
a lot of entrances (usb, microsd space, mini usb, mini vga)

Highly recommended for something taking random use, use of travesĂ­a, secondary monitor for business people, or possible trace in the room of girl to look cartoons or games for economic. He no the projector of theatre of stellar house like the primary function, but will do more all quite enough!
4 / 5
Has bought this August 27, 2017. It is now 4 month later and no anymore. It was to add when it has done now will not touch . đŸ˜«đŸ˜«. Also, the a short use times this has the difficult fact is better was to take a one over time to use longer. I seat it likes perhaps it has taken of the lemon because all the world-wide raves in these
4 / 5
Bought this projector partorisca do the camping experiences more enjoyable partorisca the little buddies of the mine the one who has not been never camping before. Maintained some two finals of USB of one and-the connector comes with to the mine Anker According to Gene E3 (5V/3A start) band of the portable power and he am lasted all night. To good sure recommends to order another tripod. A one that comes with him does not look partorisca do at all. It is the ache in a butt and no very adjustable. Has the built in mediaplayer like the even more portable and compact fact reason can touch film out of your flash walk and/or SD paper. It RETURNS in my POCKET and feels lighter that mine iPhone 5S. Yes it comes with built-in the speakers but I would recommend to connect his the battery powered speakers partorisca one alfresco or yes is in home, connect them covers he-in-of the speakers of game partorisca take a work done. Works so only for the half the basses/of light darkness means. Partorisca The better results use of the same and screen of clean white/discharge.

Access in my Light + pocket
Hard by means of the multiple films when connected my band of portable power
micro HDMI versatility
RCA compatible
has Built in player of half comunicacionales partorisca touch out of flashdrive/SD paper
the picture Adds but no quite full 1080p HD

Only works for the half/dark light down in the screen of white/discharge (only 25 lumens afterall)
the tripod is the joke
the Inner speakers are the joke
so only -80 battery of life of small when it has not connected the source of external power. Any enough for the whole film
4 / 5
has has has had questions with east of a second use! Has has had to that the send behind reason a hdmi and touching the bosses were sooo loose, has had to tape the partorisca take them to remain . I took it behind and it has done a first use. According to timing a screen flashed and has had stirs it of lines, and has maintained to the turn was on me. It has maintained also do in brilliant sounds. I knew it it does not have to that it has squandered my money is.
4 / 5
Cookier Here. I have possessed my projector of leading Hammer for 5 years before it has crapped was. More probably the bad battery. I have tried it orders the $ 14 battery of substitution and substitute an old battery but concealed has not been the success to the equal that have finalised with this projector of new Hammer. A lot resembled an old model has bought in 2015, but something I amour in east a that a leading model is not if it is plugged to a HDMI, automatically connects to a source and I do not owe that select HDMI boss of a main paper each alone time, likes before. A mini-port of USB in my leading model has taken really free with the age and he have taken the work of good tape to maintain a cord in a perfect place to touch, as we will see like this the model done with age. I will update calm in five, lol!
4 / 5
For a measure, characteristic and prizes, these few ROCKS of projector! I am spent SOOO long looking in of the descriptions and specs in projectors in this row of prize. 25 lumens Touched likes at all at all... I have concerned me this thing hardly would look. A picture was in fact quite vibrant of 4 feet were. Visibility/brightness begins to the fall was further 6ft. One of some main resolutions in him is class with good clarity.

Experiencing a AAXA has DIRECTED the beak has changed a way I look in projectors.
Is not everything in a lumens. It is more in an application: as you feign the use.

THAT it is A lot of STOPS:
use of Random entertainment. Travelling light. Students. Dorm-dwellers. Camping / RV travesĂ­as. The sleep of the boy-on. Halloween haunters With limited spatial that need to hide projectors (me). Any the one who does not love tote and hook on extra train.

Again... It is more for random use. Any something loves for the professional presentation.

For something concealed video key of the USB and microSD, is smaller that your iPhone, and COMES WITH A STAND... $ 110 it Is a unbelievable prize. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
This thing is incredibly light and small for a prize, and no the difficult to use neither. Also it projects the quite crisp picture and still in the daylit room, an image was visible lighter-colored surfaces (resupplies a sun has not gone ALSO that shines directly in this surface). A speaker was decent and clear. I have not tried a battery to his limits still, but has not aimed any sign of conking was on me when it has walked around a house that come from a thing. Also it touches half comunicacionales in his own - a transition for images was bit it dulcemente, but showed them well, and films playback has not been the question. It is ordered that you can burst in the micro-SD paper or walk of USB and half comunicacionales of exposure without the computer/DVD PLAYER/etc. A system of paper is the tad wonky, but no extracted he-breaker for any half.
Has no keystone correction, but that expects for such the small device, light?

A reason this does not take 5 star is does the few things that a low prize can any excusar
-the keys do not have any focus - I expensive supposition? Perhaps his really, really, really required to save in weights, and could not resupply that extra gram for marcaciĂłn.
-The AAXA does not recognise gif images. I comprise, this in spite of - a format is so only be around for roughly 27 years now; probably they have not listened of him still.

All kidding avert, this feels like the solid little tool for the reasonable prize.

A caveat - I there is not founding the USB DC adapter that pode this thing while it is running - an only way could take it to remain on while plugged in era to use one special And-boss that is coming with him and covers like this connectors of USB of this to the powered hub has had lying around. Ossia Bit it clumsy, but serviceable.
5 / 5
Has excited to take my projector today. Taken the to turn on for roughly 3 second and has then cut was. Hopefully With which gives it the full load will do.

Afterwards full load he powere on easily. It was able to hook the to my iPad and project anything was in a screen of alive camera, utube, flat anywhere, film of amazons PowerPoint while a lettering was big. I have been impressed with an image. I have used the piece of paper to copy clipped to the box like the screen to dip up and all my lights were on. It has taken the clear picture . When I have turned some lights was and projected it on a ceiling far was was has impressed still. I recommend it.

Has tried hooking the to my lg G4 telephone and my lg g8 pill without regime at all. So only it has taken the message that says that any signal has relieved. I will try the different boss to take he of mini sub morning hdmi and see if this does later. I have been included to some options of developer in mine telephone and place he until using a boss to spend die behind and advances and no like this the boss to touch.

An USB flashes the walk has done well but the laptop of hard walk a lot of

Some elections of only boss are composite and hdmi. Once it is hooked to an iPad with a hdmi laws of boss well. I have not tried another boss. Some elections of the paper in an inaugural screen is to find files in the usb walk or sd paper and there is at all to do with connections of boss. An orderly thing I expĂłsito is that a screen can time was and gone black and a continuous picture touch. Some files in an iPad have done like this game of air and so only looked in an image projected but more things so only mirrored a screen.

Are disappointed that my devices of the no still android but am expecting to imagine went it. I did not imagine it it was the one who a fact of enclosed boss. It is USB the USB with a semi-detached mini boss of USB. I assume it is for connection of the computer but I have not tried that.

A mini the tripod is useable you clip all some together bosses and the balance. It likes-me an annex of threaded tripod in a camera to the equal that can hook the to something more substantial. I want to try one of these self when being tripod selfie claves with him.
5 / 5
Will update this with some pictures later.

For a prize, can not beat this. I want that a costruttore does not exaggerate a lumen exited and then to paid for the descriptions of fake likes like this another of a beak the at present available projectors. (Seriously Amazon, need to face this question. It is undermining confidence in a system of description)

Ossia watchable in the 50" measure in the entirely dark room. In the usually lit room, can do out of the picture but I would not say is watchable, which is to be expected of the 25 lumen projector.

A speaker is roughly in pair with the telephone of android of low end, so only in unusable except personal viewing.

A system of paper is simple and intuitive and is touched each file has tried like this far.

Are happy has bought this projector and any of some another alleging 3000 lumens and 2 hrs life of battery of something a same measure .
4 / 5
Has used this thing everywhere and is like this impressive. It is not for a film interested the one who report extremely pictures of big quality to enjoy the film. Ossia More paralizaciones to to the some people likes them of those who really does not concern in that. I dipped it/ I dipped It on the clamp and dip the in my headboard and I can look films in my ceiling in 50+ thumbs while law. It has dipped my chromecast in the, hooked a usb to a projector to be able to and a chromecast has done so only well. A fact that is very portable he all a better. If utilisations a chromecast, a life of battery will reduce the fastest plot that some 80 calm minutes usually would have, but covers a projector in and is good to go. I have bought the 10000mah battery to go with him to camp and such and could not be happier. It is that I am taking all the world for some holidays!
4 / 5
Love this little projector. Surprised in like this brilliant and clear is. The utilisation to transfer images the cookies. A projection is like this brilliant and clear. Utilisation in the fully lit room. I add to project small images. It uses a walk of jump of the USB with mine has has saved images in planting to connect to my computer.
5 / 5
This has done well a prime minister little time used it. It is a lot of touchy. A no hard battery now and so only closes era. Ossia A lot frustrating because utilisation this to project images to locate. Of the last few times have tried use the, does not turn on with out plugged the source to be able to. It says that it is connected to the mine telephone but will not project . A lot disappointed with this product. For like this little as I used it on a last year follows mark the new condition is so only the piece of junk this is to spend his window of turn...
4 / 5
This projector is quite impressive for a prize / of measure. Different I supposition each one another reviewer, am not using these to decorate cookies, but instead dip faces in squashes to create interactive jack-or-torches.

In general does quite well. Has the light hard time that directs it 100 in some squashes, but ossia also be expected. In general I am very impressed with a whole device. Offered usb and microsd playback of mp4s, as well as hdmi and rca. I have not tried to run a battery down, but ran it roughly 45 minutes a day of yard 1 and has done adds.

A brightness is impressive for a measure, but obviously less than the main projectors, and can very really take some faces to look until 8pm or so many. A speaker is well for next row, but you def loves something more to dip it the big plus.

A real odd part so only is there does not look to be the indicator of battery anywhere in any of some papers or a main screen.

In general the bang adds for a buck, so only sure has the spatial the dark plus.
4 / 5
Has purchased this particular projector for the cookie that decorates like this a lot another cookie decorators recommended it. It has done prefect for us 2 months and has then begun to do the noise and taking heat where a mini hdmi the boss connects to a projector. The calm import has purchased a boss to connect a projector to the mine iPad as recommended for a same company that sells a projector. I have called the amazon and has suggested that I email AAXA. I concealed and it has been said in an email to purchase the adapter of lightning of the apple or use the usb. I sent him it has included the video so that they could listen it. A noise is in a projector. They are not taking has called he so that it is hard to explain. It touches it likes him to him he does not back his same product although some papers receive with a projector has said that do. It has asked the call to speak with any one. Buyer beware or both a service & of commercial client of product.
4 / 5
SĂșper Easy to dip on - I use he with my macbook pro with the conversor for a HDMI mini to regulate HDMI that has had to purchase. Calm so only can see a screen when it is sĂșper dark outside, as it would not recommend wants to look anything still before sunrise.. Unless has curtains of blackout. Desire there werent too many bosses - I usually connect a HDMI and one uploads a same time reason I so only last roughly 2 hours without one upload plugged in. One of some league of bosses in a side, how is difficult to connect to the mine tripod (usually used for telephones). The house is manual. It likes-me the project the shows in a ceiling to the equal that can look place down.
5 / 5
Has received this projector for my anniversary in Nov 19. I have not had a value to try for the use until Jan 2020. Utilisation this to decorate cookies. I can not take a projector to do roughly 30 of a time. It will do to to the diverse things like to say, “any signal,” and yes everything is plugged in correctly. A pair of time has aimed stirs it of colored lines, like the UPC symbol, and flashed. Sometimes it takes stuck in a leading picture has projected to a cookie. I have tried turning it was and unplugging all and beginning again. Tonight any of that has helped. They are a lot of fallido with this thing! They are also very impressed with those that cords are required to use this with my iPhone. It is one 21 century , would think would have the little more advance with any projector of pocket.
5 / 5
This pocola what is surprising! A perfect spend anywhere anything projector of pocket. They are so only deducting the star been due to a noise to line produced by a telephone of boss jack, the looks is not shielded properly. If you are using audio in HDMI or Equivalent, has his perfect. The battery am lasted also our whole session - has not achieved an end of a battery to say what time will last this in spite of. You can also just power has seen micro usb boss - this in spite of, does not touch a battery if a projector is into use, so only when it is was. A mini inner of the speaker is well for troubleshooting but the would not count on he for any backyard Netflix night of film. They are not even faulting that, am them surprised more than them somehow crammed the speaker to this thing! It averts of a noise of line of a headphone jack, ossia a perfect product .
5 / 5
This projector sold partorisca around $ 150 when I purchased it. I seat it is absolutely value $ 150 dollars, and am surprised a prize has on jumped like this big to the equal that has done. It is perhaps been on sale at the same time of cost of mine. Any way, my description is based in my opinion based in that I paid for him.

A quality of video is excellent, that considers a measure of this thing, which is roughly like this big and like this weighed like the hard walk small outside. You will require to dim a room in order for an image to be clear, as it is not very brilliant, but considering is the projector of pocket , this would have to that go without saying.

A hard battery a lot roughly -80 minutes. So only long enough to look the film and take vested his first of a climax and a battery dies. Some reviewers has mentioned that a Beak does not touch or run in AC beats while in operation. This true, but does not mean it podes any run he for longer that 80 minutes the time. Calm so only require the adapter of USB or the portable battery pack this has the big quite indication of start. I have tried it uses the 5volt 700mAh to wall of USB uploads and a dead projector while into use. I have changed to the 5volt 2100mAh to wall of USB uploads and was able to run he for on 3 continuous hours without @@subject. I have read that he 1000mAh the device of start will do also. In all the chance, so only he sure that is to touch on before it try to run the out of the wall has adapted to upload. If a battery is drained will close it was although plugged in.

Some inner speakers are horrible. Felizmente, there is an audio jack so that I can connect external speakers (sad, any bluetooth). There is the port of USB in a side, as you could can economic USB powered speakers of him.

Can read files of video of the microSD paper or device of USB. Could take it to recognise mine 1TB external HDD, but any he 125GB flashes walk for some reason. I have been able to touch mp4 and flv video of him without @@subject.

Here is some two reasons because it has chosen to give the 4 stars in place of 5.

1) Has any indicator of low battery. I can say that it is roughly to go when it begins flickering, and so only then. When it is touching there is the red light in a side, and when it is full has the green light. But ossia.

2) Any keystone adjustment, that means that a corner in project it has to that be relatively directly.

In general, for a prize (of $ 150 when I have purchased he), thinks that ossia an excellent value . I have been using this daily projector for roughly three weeks now, and there is still fell it accidentally the little time, and has had subjects of zeros with him.
5 / 5
Is 2 out of 4 for the films have tried in this thing. Has some adapters.. Lightning To hdmi (for iPad), and hdmi to mini hdmi for a laptop and iPad.. First question is that it dye invert on some films for some reason. We were able to look Eddie eagle and marvel, but BFG and 2001 spatial odyssey looked terrible! Also a sound is entirely useless. And you connect to an iPad, has to use one to the cord to connect a projector to the speaker (any Bluetooth). So only we pay eighty nine dollars partorisca east and thinks it would cost 3 times that a lot to buy the projector that solves these subjects so that they are not angry but some adapters were around 70 dollars.. As you can love factor that in when doing comparisons of sides.
4 / 5
Has had this product for four month and he have prisoner to do. No longer it receives gone in of a HDMI boss (the still used boss so only a lot before), and an image (still in a setup window) is bouncing and glitching. This is to be use so only once or two times the week for short quantities of time, and still then has not had never 80 minutes of life of battery.
Any guarantee? It would have expected it to at least last a year, especially with a minimum wear receives.
4 / 5
The projector Of pocket adds. Some can be discouraged to purchase this projector reason are fearful of a projector that is unable to produce the clear image. This in spite of, this projector that exposures of surprises the image clears enough to where is a lot of enjoyable. Of course a quality of video wont be comparable to a quality of the your laptop/of telephone/or any one another device, but really takes a work done.

This in spite of, has the pair of gilipollas in this product, but is expected reason a prize is like this down.
1. 25 Lumens - A projector no well when there is too much light. For example, you are planning use a projector with some lights has turned on, forget it. If a zone is planning to use a projector is quite dark then calms so only will owe that seat behind and enjoy a show.

2. Speakers - some speakers in a projector honradamente is disappointing, as that uses the pair of speakers, auricular, earphones, or surround system of the his east that will be forced to do.
4 / 5
Yes, need to be in the a lot of dim or dark room wants to project big pictures, but a quality of a screen is sum. Unfortunately, it is plauged the peels to questions likes him, composite of the video has the time of poor response, some settings at all to change a picture, and in my unit, a green and red LEDs was in a wrong place, but hey, acts a lot of vell, included wii Or looks well in this thing, the little main quality that a gamepad he.

In general, I still recomend the, but no attended absolutely everything to be perfect, but yes calms so only is that it speaks roughly projecting the image of big quality, then ossia perfect

Modification: unfortunately, I have to go down my indication to two stars because has another defect, and this a fatal, this projector is extremely susceptible to burn of irreversible screen-in. I will be to return projector of mine . An only reason a lot down to 1 star is reason love a company the death with as add his disguise the support is. Hopefully His others the projectors do not have so many questions. If you are looking for the fun projector to use occasionally in of the very dark rooms and does not concern very a lot something spends his, ossia for you. If it plan on using this for prolonged periods for time, find another projector.

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA LED Pico Micro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I eat... There is the curve partorisca learn with this artilugio. ( I have used he partorisca the cookie that decorates.) First of all, yep. It has maintained partorisca close down on me. This in spite of, have learnt late in my project that has two HDMIs in some arrivals of a boss partorisca touch. BOTH needs to be plugged in, in order partorisca a projector partorisca touch correctly. ( It looks quite inefficient.) Then , an end is plugged to the yours telephone/ipad/portable and another two HDMIs the need that block of touches (these pocolos cubic thingies). Another thing with this projector is that the mine there is not coming with instructions. I finally found his on-line, but the video of Youtube were my better friends . There is in fact video a lot very there on dipping up and using one was same a lot some to use a projector specifically for the cookie that decorates! Once a projector was on and place to my specifications, has done really the good work. A brightness was perfect, included in the room with muted alone. A clarity is adjustable using the little wheel in a face of a projector. While this AAXA has Directed Beak the projector felt like the version of beta that is supposition to be , has to say that he a work loved it to in the fraction of a prize that other projectors are going paralizaciones.
4 / 5
Has purchased this beak 4 month ago refurbished to use for the cookie that decorates. I used it a first month and he have done well. I took it then it was the little month later and now is not doing properly. He doesnt connect to my devices and a screen maintains to flash in and era. They are a lot disappointed with this compraventa reason he basically done long enough for me to not being able of the turn anymore. Some complete waste of $ 125! The ones of the that recommends to purchase refurbished.
4 / 5
Has not known bought it to them refurbished unit. While I am able to use a projector to project images to my cookies for decoration, a unit intermittently to the park was, included when plugged in and telephone it are still awake and aiming image. Also, he the strong noise to the equal that are by train for the use. It does not think it it is cost a prize, included although it was discounted slightly of the new prize. To good sure would spend an extra $ 20 next times to buy new.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for my daughter, becasue expensive accident likes the mother can see me that it pays this a lot of for something on its own name. But knowing my amours of the daughter to draw can use this to locate imagine and by night of film! Like an aggregated more mommy taking to try he to decorate cookies
. :)
4 / 5
This product is the tool adds for my subject of cookie but no properly. You owe that maintain the turning in bc maintains to the turn was. This spends when calm in the first place the turn on. Once finally gone back in his stays on but took 10 minutes to touch on and era. It is a lot frustrating especially when you are in the haste. I have followed all some instructions of service of client but does not look to help. The sound that takes worse. The returning more probably for the substitution. Perhaps the mine is defective but my sister has a too and also has subject with him...
5 / 5
Are disappointed with this element so only reason A place to insert any of some bosses is free and hard to attach a boss. I have purchased this in July 2020, and has used it so only roughly the time of dozen of then. And now he no at all reason can not connect any of some bosses to a device. I have purchased this with an idea that would be to buy an upper quality . I have paid enough the bit of money for him knowing has taken something well. But I am a lot disappointed reason has done so only the time of dozen and now is broken and no at all reason can not attach any one his bosses.
5 / 5
A bit last for me to use of then maintains to turn of n in
5 / 5
Need to buy other parts to use. It does not resist the load.
5 / 5
Laws as well as new. Utilisation he for my cookies of sugar. It likes I any precise 4k quality. These works for me.
5 / 5
The work adds to assist me with writing in of the cakes/of cookies!

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA P300 Neo Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
After revising numerous descriptions partorisca generally of the costs of video down projectors partorisca use with PowerPoint partorisca in the middle of the audience has limited, has selected a P300 Lunar Mini has DIRECTED Project. Like this far, it looks well.

Mechanically A device looks his and substantial. He powered on easily, but a far control is a bit apparently the distance of a device is partorisca be after ( has changed a battery so only partorisca be sure). The book of instruction is WELL, but in some zones is incomplete. For example it has the light to be able to and when plugged in and it touching the glows at all is mentioned in a book in a colour of some devices will change of red the green when a battery is touched. Personally I do not see the need to run of a battery.

Has contained of the colour in the screen is GOOD and sufficient to see although a bit muted. Prendiendo Attention to a colour pallet of the presentation would owe that suffice for easy viewing.

HAS the variety of settings partorisca light intensity and a lot port. This in spite of partorisca use a VGA port, an assembly of special boss is required of a costruttore. Of any all of my computers have HDMI ports, VGA results more than entities. A container comes with the composite boss of able video partorisca connect some starts of the conjoint-upper box or another device to a projector - I would have preferred that when being optional and a VGA level.

In my initial tests, a measure of picture is really good and same in the room with alone and of the lights of interior, an image was reasonably quite brilliant (still in econ way) to be seen. To coach sessions with the few people, would have to be appropriate more.

Usable with PowerPoint - absolutely!

Has taken a refurbished version and condition wise was excellent. This in spite of one of some four feet - the hule inserts/to insert - has been missing. If balanced in a small tripod has comprised, the no-@@subject. The costruttore has said 12 guarantee of month for refurbished in his places of the web when bought of authorised with shipping the documents have said 90 any one has required.

Still will require more time for the end initially the solid four stars.
5 / 5
Uses a AAXA P300 Lunar projector for business presentations. So only the little folk in a half of office. It is infinitely better that having three or four people that tries to see the screen of laptop a same time. It is small and light, and with the bit to plan I often a lot included require my laptop.

In a down side a @@@knob of home is not like this positive and soften he so that it would like, of a noise of defender is the distraction , and some controls to the touch is quite sensitive ( takes some taking used to). With an older laptop will require to take a VGA the mini-VGA adapter but remarks that this does not sustain audio. You can be able to use a start of audio of the laptop (typically 3.5 mm phono jack) and pair this in the RCA pins of the audio but I have not tried this closing. Calm alternatively can use your audio of laptop directly.

In general am a lot please with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought a refurbished projector the week and has arrived very fast to Germania. I have paid the little more than expected, but thought it to them is side of the money. It has not been a chance.

++To a projector he++
+ a quality of picture in of the decreases of conditions read is well.
+ Easy paper - but any a lot of settings

--I has given 2 out of 5 stars, reasons a projector has several gilipollas--
- a built in the battery no anymore (with which three times into use). I think that a heat, while using he with a boss plugged in, has caused a harm.
- A keystone the correction is horrible, an image is still distorted
- a wheel of home is very sensitive and unfocus of vibration, those some defenders produces
- the colours are oversaturated (magenta)
- a onboard the speaker is economic (would not recommend ), but using an audio via bluetooth in combination with the FireTV the clave is the good solution .

Has not been , if a process to turn will be easy, causes a shipment the cost is big, but will return he in all the chance. Also the are not that it goes with the second try, the think that one to the fault of battery will spend again. I can not use a projector portably anymore.
5 / 5
Has been thank you to write the description because I have found a quantity of lumens this projector boasts is misleading. A projector always can on in the plus under lumen. To take it to project in 420 lumen, has to always change a setting. A manual also declares that in 420 lumen is sustained so only for until an hour. That has annoyed me also roughly this projector was that it always turns on in a screen of paper, in the place of a last entrance was on (hdmi).
5 / 5
In general, excellent brightness (still in way to echo unplugged), his decent (has 3.5 mm jack for external speakers wishes), and the mediocre stand (but mountains anywhere the majority of camera does and is light).

Quality very better of picture that another mini the projectors have purchased. It is it announces 2.5 hours in way of echo, but hardly remarks a difference. It is still quite brilliant to show in the fully lit room, although, as any projector, will be better in a darkness.

Some speakers are decent quality , but one 3.5 mm jack leaves for the easy use with external speakers loves the sound the full plus.

Has bought mostly this to take on travesĂ­as with me, but has has substituted in fact my main projector. This in spite of, a stand that comes with east the bit of the toy. Some inferior rays to the majority of stands of camera and is light, as it can be has trace easily. A stand I use sure the occasions was the stand of camera that so only cost $ 5 and good works.

To good sure reccomend. Utilisation for my nintendo transmission and my mobile phone and I a lot enjoy this product.
4 / 5
A AAXA P300 Lunar is the entertainment , small but projector quite brilliant. Quality of looks of picture well, although a house is very sensitive to a touch. It would have been well he is coming with adapters of boss. We have had to buy a hdmi to adapter of dragon for the take to aim an image of an I telephone.
4 / 5
Am returned the smallest projector, more economic that purchase this one instead. I am pleased with this decision. A quality of picture is quite solid for this row of prize. I wish this model has comprised some bluetooth or options of wireless connectivities, but I suppositions is for this that paid for the model the expensive plus. I have bought this projector to use in my fourth and to take with me when I travel and thinks it do fault this good purpose.
4 / 5
Has used this in a cabin to look video (stored in the walk of portable USB) and plugged to the 12V battery to be able to it the time the plus along that a built in battery. Also plugged in the battery powered speaker. It has been it adds to dip down looking the big screen more than huddling around the small laptop or iPad!
5 / 5
The works add. The tripod has comprised is not fantastic, take the substitution and calm is gold.
4 / 5
More classifies with a prize is alleging ... Satisfying

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA Technologies ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Wonderful partorisca a prize. You can take a HD projector partorisca $ that is not partorisca like? Well I will take to the pair of things in an end

Remembers, takings which pays stops!

Has bought this mainly like the business projector, giving presentations of product, updates, that breaks the analysts, investors and like this advance. It comes with the handy spending the chance and I have used a HDMI boss (any comprised) to hook he until my Apple Macbook Pro. The picture is a lot well, brilliant, very acute and use my slides in 16:9 way like HD works of good projector for me, also can uses to see film, TV, etc.

Is light and easy to spend although an arrival will take, and show fingerprints, smudges, etc. will run in of the batteries also, the good characteristic for any any one has the portable projector with them as well as the laptop, any electrical power has required to go in your subject. An inner battery also resupplies another good characteristic, when running in the battery is calm. Yep, plugged Is noisy. Too noisy to really wants to listen to. Calm mean could but does not think calm would want to look the film, show of television, video of Youtube, etc while it is plugged in. If you are thinking roughly he strictly like the projector of the entertainment of the house can wants to look elsewhere.

An another drawback, is manual wife , as be conscious will owe that tweak the when that moving around.

Crisp picture
Detailed - the acute and easy papers to read
the by heart good looks
Comes with the chance
the battery has operated
Easily portable

Noisy when plugged in
Manual house
5 / 5
Ossia a better projector for a money. It is small and very brilliant. When it Is in Brilliant way, is strong, in Regular way, a noise is acceptable, is totally calm in Way of Echo. Echo The way is not quite brilliant unless a room is quite dark. I have found the majority of and almost everything of a time am using Regular way, is quite brilliant for the room has lit. Some speakers are strong quite like this calm does not have to that spend an outside or Bluetooth speaker wherever goes. One launches the distance is also quite good. The paper is easy cruise it. A lot of people there is complained in a by heart red extra in the face of the people when aiming films, but concealed did not annoy me a lot. Perhaps reason have not paid a lot of his attention.

Now on to like this to do this really useful projector. This projector comes with the built-in battery. It can project until 1 1/2 hours in Way of Echo, and only works in Way of Echo. As I have mentioned on, a projector is not quite brilliant in this way, and that ? Calm to good sure would have to that order the 50000mAh bank to be able to. It does not order so only any bank to be able to, but order a one a fact for TSSUCCESS ($ 120) Reason? Reason some of some banks to be able to beat to have a bit same 50000mAh, but no quite Amps to power a projector. These draws of projector , a TSSUCCESS beat it exited until 20V . The majority a power banks only start until 4A, afterwards has dipped a projector in Brilliant way. With this external battery, can can a projector in Regular way for prĂłjimo to 2 1/2 hours (2hrs. 28 mins.), 1 1/2 In of the hours in Brilliant way. You can have an outside or party of beach anytime with this battery and a projector. I plan to order another battery, with 2 50000mAh battery, can have included the football (I has the HD tuner of television which can be powered for a same battery with his space of USB) the external party, anywhere go.

Wants to impress your friends the one who small your projector is, has to order a ' BAGSMART Stock exchange of Organiser of TravesĂ­a of Electronic.' A AAXA M6 and an adapter of apt power perfectly in this chance. A stock exchange comes with a projector is probably quite small for more than people, but prefer a same chance smaller.

Last but much less. Of a projector does not come with the coverage of lentil, has purchased some estickers of Vinyl of the Erasable Plastic circle Removable Chalkboard Seal' as spent of lentil (external of a lentil). These stickers can be reused long, can substitute with the new a when they do not stick anymore.
4 / 5
Has tried like this of small type, like other descriptions have said yes some defenders can be strong but if that pays the his film any noticeable. His really that shines especially for his measure and 1080P frames these measures of big screen doable and still treble. The works add in environmental light.... But here it is one @subjects that is by train to do me gone back he... His no a lack of keystone correction(this are annoying) his that any chip is using for a projector done his by heart horrible reproduction!!! I mean his just simple bad!! I can not look the film in of the this like the colours is like this distorted... When plugging in the mine portable included some basic windows desks (windows 10) some flowers background look like this bad that it can any the be... Has has has had projectors for years and included it projector of on done 20 years has had the by heart better reproduction that this... I also flu that one does so only can sustain the 32GB the walk of USB is annoying also, has another LG unit that can cover mine 4tb HDD in and touch all files of mine immediately of him. This projector would do the good laptop PowerPoint the presentation but concealed is not me... So only I can not take on some colours... I am sending east a backside... Also I think that that something concealed would have to that be considered in the micro that the projector is that it runs to spear is preferred usually that the smallest projector will be used in the small room... His do not treat he of offer but in the dorm soiled (or equivalent) to take the 100' screen this precise be quite far behind. I have tried to want to this his brightness and the resolution have won almost on, could live without keystone the correction but a reproduction by heart is so only too bad for me... And it finds a onboard player of half comunicacionales worthless...
5 / 5
Ossia My second Aaxa that the projector and I really want to this one. For the projector that shows 1200 lumens, his much more brilliant that has expected.
Have the generic projector that demand to rid 2500 lumens and a M6 is much more brilliant and has better contrast. Aaxa HAS the good and clean paper system and very easy to use. Besides using for business prisoners, use this for film and like this halloween special effects. His works add.
Has had a ding, would be one that a defender is the little noisy, but there is still to find the projector with the really calm defender. His no worse that any one another projector this in spite of. With today of advances in technology, think that all the vendors could improve in this zone.
Also, a M6 is coming with the good chance, which is in prize and a less accessory I need to buy. I do not have any remorse, ossia perfects projector for my chance of the use of the vendor has trusted that I can count on if any questions were to arise.
4 / 5
Any capacity to regulate keystone period. I have known the has not had characteristic of car before I have purchased but calm assumed manually could regulate. If you can not situate this level of the what does not buy it . I have used the small 8” tripod to create it was a table so only the bit and one 1/4-20 tripod inserts/inserts pulled free on first use. I am expecting in a epoxy to dry now... Hey AAXA Mould in the hex shaped insert and spend the little more bucks manufacture to correct a keystone and gladly would pay $ 150 more and give you the indication he big plus. The picture is good and for a money and measured any to plot discovers other options in a 1080p spec.
5 / 5
Update Each one which of some devices has received the arrivals of long term with a same defect! So only today it has had to turn a M6 on on 35 times before it would begin! Each one which of this test fracasada resulted in 5 red flashes of one can (battery) light, clue for the fast blue flash of a poster of upper control. AAXA Has been given of sufficient information to correct this, but for the omission has refused to do like this! Lately, the support not even will answer!

Like this far, like this good. :) It has on dipped was easy, but has had to use my own picture and of the settings by heart. To take tones of good flesh, has the place has maintained to 65. The colour is strong in 20. Brightness In around 60. It does not find a noise of partidĂĄrio significant, but is on a zone to see. A distance of screen in report to the diagonal measure is not attentive. Also it would help if a documentation there has been the better description of a device, which would do it easier that locate. I have created the program for him to seat in tall (the projector is to the rovescio. I have cut the hole circulates in a program for some controls to be exposed. I have used also the hook and strap of eye to ensure to a program. This M6 is substituting mine LG UST projector, a mirror duquel was the rubbishes shortly after a guarantee there is expired! A picture is much more brilliant that a LG, included although it is has estimated so only 200 lumens main that a LG. Once burned, two shy times; to the equal that have purchased a plan to protect! One contrasts is incredible! I can recommend this little powerhouse highly!
5 / 5
Has bought a M6 Micro Full HD 1920x1080 projector for developers & of projects of the work so only to the along in fact the month of Amazon. It has done well for any first few weeks. Then a far appearance to leave when being able of the control. A unit can on a manual transmission, but will not answer the orders of some far.

Has changed a CR2032 battery in a remote & any joy. I have bought a 4 band of year of long guarantee and would like me discover there is some trick that so only could take sync'd arrive and that read again.

Loves a projector, hate a hassle of something this essential that goes the whale fails.

Posting This same email to a description of Amazon like the buyer has checked.

Please advise a solution proposes.

Tim Barry
5 / 5
projector Very versatile. I use it mainly like an extra monitor for my computer and to look film. A projector is quite small to spend in a same rucksack that spends mine MacBook Pro in (raisin-on to aerial, etc.). It is quite big to have the brilliant bulb and the big resolution. I trade Stock and agreements of futures, and use a projector for mine charting software. I have required the exposure of big resolution for these purposes. This projector adds in this consideration. It was abroad for six month and has used a projector like the second monitor, projecting to a wall of my paving. I locate on it tripod of camera. Has some noise of defender in normal or brilliant ways, but has been satisfied with a brightness in Echoing same Way during a half of a day, which is virtually noiseless. I used it also to project in the wall it big plus to look film, and was very happy with some results. I use external speakers, and a lot really have any commentary in an interior a.

When I Have gone back in some the EUA, has had the question with my unit. Still although it could be be cause of travesĂ­a or my new setup, was still down has guaranteeed. A department of service repaired it down guaranteeed and is returned a lot of promptly.

Has been using a projector for roughly 9 month now and has a lot of satisfied state with his action and with a department of service of the client in AAXA. It would recommend this unit as it portable projector (but no like this it projector of tiny hammer that apt in a palmera of your hand). Also it would recommend AAXA for his support of client adds.
4 / 5
Has has had so only this projector for the pair of days. I have used he for two presentations like this far. It has expected until it could find the projector that has had plenary HD resolution in Native way. One first presentation was in the wall fill sized whiteboard with a roughly 10 screen of feet. Files of PDF to aim 2 paper regulate side of pages for the side seen of 15 feet were readable using dimmed light of room of the conference while a unit was in of the batteries. All the world has been impressed. While in of the batteries, there is any defender to listen to any but an image is dimmer. A second presentation was in the big Room that use HDMI start of the mobile phone to run PowerPoint presentation again, has has had to that do battery with any that resists a projector slightly on the table roughly 15 ft of a screen. There is a lot Keystone the adjustment and was noticeable but has not affected a readability of a presentation. Some lights of room were was but some 65 people in attendance was able to see a screen easily.

Has tried out of a colour rendition with some images have generated to buy the big-finalise DSLR. A saturation by heart was quite good. So only for fun, has run also the short video while it was in a laboratory with a screen of 10 feet. A bit that the speaker has done well enough in the 14 x 36 ft laboratory without another crew at present that careers. Synchrony Among a video and a sound was a lot.
4 / 5
With which having this projector for several months has thought now that would leave some commentaries, which I never! Never! Do so that it is saying to plot already. This apt projector my needs 100 so that I have looked for. I have built the box/of projector of the dresser to hide a projector in a foot of my bed. Been due to of the this, has not required to have keystone adjustment. Some chairs of projector roughly 94 thumbs of a wall and give me one 89' diagonal screen. I project an image to some walls which is painted the light ash . Any I really remarks a tone of red skin/on-saturation another has mentioned. It could be because of some walls ash or reason have taken so only has used his with a AAXA 300P has used in a past. An image is quite brilliant in regular way for me to use during a day and is so only well. It does not change never he of this incumplimiento the causes of way is too hard to take to still this class of what. One 1080 HD conjoint of the chip is very better that a 300P. A text in a screen is very clear. This does not have a subject of home that a 300P done, so that it is the more extremely enormous in my book. Basically it is like the monitor of mine giant computer. Have take a battery of then is the permanent location is inner a dresser, did not require it to be portable. It does not remark a noise of defender because it is sotterrato inner a dresser with baffling fact out of acoustic foam. I can not listen some defenders at all unless I have dipped my ear until an air intake ventilations. A lot it would recommend this projector while any precise keystone adjustment.

UPDATE 8-1-2020
has ordered this projector again because we require an unworthy a one has written previously on. I have taken plant up and has spent of some options and there is of then have it keystone adjustments now! It can see he in some photos, one lighting in this room has not been order when I have taken a photo but calm can see that it comes with an option of adjustment now! Ossia For far a better projector for a prize that has found after doing a lot of investigation!
5 / 5
The projector Adds! A quality is surprising. It is that it shines also and it can be used besides shaded inner half means. The power of battery is also quite good. Perhaps so only I cut of 90 mins. I have used he for gaming with my Transmission of Nintendo and a life of battery of the projector outlasted that device. My only flus with this projector is:
1) A defender is strong
2) A coverage to mount that connects it to the tripod slid out of place my first time that use he
3) And my main COMPLAINT. There is no keystoning characteristic for adjustments of corner of the screen.

Comprises that last characteristic and this projector would be the no-brainer 5 element of star. To all the cost are still happy with a global device.
5 / 5
A quality was utmost and a measure was perfect. Not comprising keystone the correction was the enormous omission . Any when being pas able to show the video in a corner done this useless player for Christmas/Halloween decorations where the placing has limited usually and changing. His add to have 1080p, but no in a cost of Keystone. It will go with another 720p with short launch and an a lot of required keystone correction. So only shabby will dip and forget, just alcohol that an installation will require to be perfect like calm will not have any corrections to an image.
4 / 5
VERY Like this yes, his noisy and would want to find the muffling device that any overheat a darn what, but another that it niggle a projector is A lot handy. I take he with me on all my travesĂ­as and frequently am able of the appeal is gone in the business meeting to do the presentation to substitute one often ageing an installed in a meeting room. It is also very bad to look film in of the chambers of hotels while travelling. A resolution of image is that it bursts eye although it contrasts of the colour looks for to be dipped too big.
4 / 5
Wonderful little projector. It was hard to find the small projector with native 1080p. Utilisation this with the adapter of Microsoft of Wireless Exposure and has been concerned that a port of USB in a projector could not be powered. It is powered, likes work like the charm, included down battery. A projector is noticably dimmer down can of battery, but ossia acceptable mine . A subject only has had with a projector is that I have not been able to do a work of far control. I have not done a lot of troubleshooting to see if he so only a battery of far control, but like me all concealed to do directly out of a box.

A chance to spend that it comes with east a marvel of engineering . Everything has the something cosy that brotas a projector protected and compact.
4 / 5
Fantastic. Still in a way to Echo to save of the power, i.et. When Running on battery, is quite brilliant in the room has lit inner very reasonable. When Running on can of wall, is brilliant same in the very lit room.

A hard battery for on 100 minutes! 10 minutes more than has promised.

A picture is acute, and is easy to direct a unit.

Have a small plus AAXA M5 also, this model is more brilliant, and a hard battery much more. In this way it is significantly main that a M5, and a M6 does not come with the tripod. I need to take the tripod for separate for a M6.
4 / 5
Has been moment to this Projector for YEARS. A NATIVE HD Projector that is FOR REAL PORTABLE! Ossia A laptop of REAL PRIME MINISTER Mini Projector of factor of the form - And ALSO has a capacity to run on Battery so only. When plugged Is Very good and Brilliant and can be used in the reasonably soiled lit well. When in the battery so only is more to have the relatively dark room.
A TONE is that for some first calm TIMES in fact can give presentations in FULL HD (1920x1080) - 1080p the resolution that use the FOR REAL PORTABLE Projector that easily access in spending-on luggage or rucksack. Ossia The Transmission of Game for Warriors of street!
5 / 5
These products would have the indication the big plus of me excepts fails the characteristic tone for my use- Keystone correction- something all other projectors have bought has ( has bought roughly 20 for my company that comprises 4 different has has DIRECTED projectors a bit like this a). A 1st has surprised was any adjustment /of height of the foot but has seen then the hole of ray for the tripod... I am spent to have the tripod of hand-held type (something the a lot of users can not have) and liked a better tripod that feet of adjustment on some-BUT discovered it then has to that be 100 level to a screen because has in keystone adjustment to square an image when signalled up or down.... whoops, Required to return it. Apparently it has other small projectors that also have a lot of keystone, but ossia necessary for my on-the gone of the sales reps this has the half different means to dip up in, if any precise this perhaps ossia well reason looked a lot a lot of otherwise.

Notes: ossia the shame because this unit looked to be better that mine Acer, Optoma and LG has has DIRECTED projectors (more brilliant and 1080p in the good prize). One another note- has the brick of small power vs so only the cord and are not the defender of bricks to be able to. Mina Acer/Optima have any need for brick of external power, but mine LG is to do (PF1500 the brick is enormous)
5 / 5
measures! Very light. Easy to spend.
2. The picture adds... More brilliant that mine leading projector
3. The long life has has DIRECTED bulbs... LEDs Last far longer that traditional lights.
Could be bit it more brilliant for situations where the environmental light brilliant can not be deleted or dimmed.
5 / 5
Rids down a more brilliant battery powered the projector has seen in a phase. A brightness has had to be turned down for applications of small but regular room brightness the way is perfect for a living room. The quality of projection is surprising and sĂșper crisp with a plenary HD resolution. Wide row of starts/of entrances and also looks the built-in player of means comunicacionales for playback of USB flashes walk or microSD paper. A M6 unfortunately does not come with keystone and the desire has done to do setup easier but no really the breaker of extracted.
4 / 5
This projector comes with an odd combination of characteristics. A built in the speaker can not win a defender. Calm so only is taking 500 Lumens the majority of a time, in way of ECHO, reason a defender is intolerably strong in brilliant way. A picture is quell'has bitten misleading, this holding of type has hands like Shaquille Or'neal. It is really any that small... A built in the battery is well, but can not cover a period of the film of characteristic. A built in player of the video for USB has question with audio syncing once tries fast advances the film. Combo That with a battery lifetime, means that splurge to plot to time fast sending to where has to that the left was when a dead projector - and now that that the audio is out of sync. This has meant that some needs of device to be plugged in all a time for my use. Sure it is portable, and a brick to be able to included converts AC has beaten to DC, but of then is not 12V ( is , ) calms can not buy an adapter for the vehicle.

Quotes a loudness of a defender so only can recommend this for the rear exposure setup. You can save to whole plot of money and buy the economic plus 500 Lumen projector him him , an usual, projection of before setup. A battery and the speakers are squandered the figure concealed adds side, but resupply little value. Some speakers can not win a defender neither a distance for rear projection. Still in way to ECHO some speakers are quell'has bitten underpowered for use with anything another it silence and attentive auditors.

In general thinks that requires to fix a noise of partidĂĄrio before I can recommend spend this quantity of money on projector.

My friends are all very impressed with this projector. But his no quell'I paid for him. The quality of picture is well. The house is easy.

The speaker is not strong quite
1200 Lumens only using rear projection (otherwise so only 500 Lumens)
the support of USB has questions with fast sending
the life of Battery times no quite well enough for the feature film
DC power, but any 12V

Impresses fellow

Update 1: I have contacted support of client. Already I have a late plus firmware, like the noise is still a subject with the front that projection of types. Has, has solved this in spite of mine DC question to be able to. I have purchased the 12VDC - 19VDC promotes conversor that is significantly more effective that AC inverter more an original AC to DC brick to be able to. A M5 the sum of returns of the tip.

Am clashing my description until 3 stars, reasons now that has the best DC solution to be able to am much happier. They are happy to use a onboard speaker with the front that expensive in way of echo, but still resembles whole plot of same money although it is the fantastically packaged solution.

Regarding a question of fast sending: there is remarked that if a device does not lose the power and your film is interrupted will offer it to resume where has to that the left was. Hopefully He firmware The update will leave a device to agree (roughly) where has to that the left was when a power is exited. In a moment, with mine DC adapter in place, are not probably to lose can anymore.
5 / 5
In general it is the projector really adds, but his no small at all. I think a picture of a projector in a hand is misleading, because it is not the realistic comparison.
5 / 5
Ossia My second AAXA projector. Utilisation a projector in my room and resupplies the clear picture when projecting images or slides. It has given a projector to 4star because it is not the micro the projector instead is quite big and bulky. AAXA Creates sturdy the projector has DIRECTED that it can take newspaper and heavy use, especially in the setting of room.
5 / 5
The quality of picture is quite good and a UI is quite simple. A subject big here is a noise of defender, is a lot of noticeable and unpleasant is near that. Calm probably will be quite near to listen it considering is not the shorty launches
5 / 5
using for mapping of projection of the video. Has good distance and is sĂșper brilliant. When paired With the wireless HDMI adapter, results the mobile wireless solution. The defenders are strong, but the trade was is life of long battery, and the resolution adds in the small container. It has not built in key lapping, which is not terrible for my uses.
5 / 5
Has been moment to the battery powered 1080P native projector for enough some time and a wait was finally on. Extremely brilliant and clear projection with all some entrances of entities/am exited. Highly recommend this projector, state using he for 3-4 weeks without the subject alone.
4 / 5
Does not operate, a light is not turning on and he manufacturers the plot of noise. Has come also without the boss to be able to, but with a powersupply. Bought I the boss. Intel EUA Does not pour It werking.
Already answered, expect it can be substituted,
5 / 5
A volume has the question. His crackling and faulty. Sad a lot. The resolution is a lot very this in spite of. A lot disappointing that the can not use he for the powerpoint presentation without the computer. He doesnt accept a format. The sound supposes to be NEW GENERATION. Right?
5 / 5
Has taken this to use like the second projector around a house and to take on travesĂ­as. As such is not the add compraventa. Although it is light and more brilliant that has expected his colours in of the films and the TV is really was when it comes to red. Red is in saturated in the way that mark some lips of look of men likes is dipping half of brilliant of red lipstick of a time and the tones of skin take the strong red tinge. Calm can not correct this although there are settings of correction of the colour does not look to do anything, has dipped them a red on ZERO and at all has changed. I have tried each setting and still at all.
Ossia The terrible projector when it comes to tones of flesh. But yes it calms so only it loves this for powerpoint presentations in some gone then this there would have been to 4 indication of star. Appearance AAXA direct a @subject by heart in the firmware update, will change this to 4 or 5 stars.
Another reviewer has said a light start is main that a epson 2040/2045 has them one the same projector and this is not a chance. A epson is noticably more brilliant and has red Very better but a M6 is very brilliant for his measure.
4 / 5
The unit can not be trace to the rovescio. Ossia Down stupid legislation!!!
5 / 5
Has Purchased this projector done on 18 month, has had the subject with a projector has contacted aaxa support of client and has surprised. AXAA swapped A projector still although it was out of guarantee.
4 / 5
I have received so only my new M6 and feels like the solid device. A brightness is impressive partorisca such the small unit, but have the few immediate reservations. 1) there is any adjustment of height. We will require partorisca slip the small book under an advance of flange to create an image in some rooms of conference. 2) there is no built-in player for PowerPoint presentations. It likes- one capacity to run the fast presentation on can of battery, but would be a prize added could take for without hooking he until the laptop to do a presentation. There is the port of USB and flash reader of paper, but can so only film of exposure, photo and music by means of these interfaces. 3) My main worry is a power on/of options. There is can change 'lasted in a side of a projector that entirely can of a unit, this in spite of, a unit also can be powered has used the momentary transmission in a cup of a unit and also of a far. They are fearful that the users poden of a unit that use a esoft' change and then store it is gone in a chance where some keys of power in any cup of a unit or in a far accidentally could be pressed to be able to retreated on inside a chance! This remains easily for a functionality of battery has operated. It could expect that this could cause the yes left fire unattended. 4) A chance is quell'has bitten too small to leave you to store even a boss of video to be use to connect a unit to the laptop. Enmedio Corporate shared, ossia the drawback of then likes to maintain all some bosses that could be required for diverse half half (portable VGA, HDMI, MiniHDMI, etc.) With a projector so that the users can verify he out of census and expect all require will be with him.
5 / 5
Salvation, in fact love this device... The projector of better Hammer has had. I sent unfortunately two broken/not doing well elements.
Am interested to buy to to the the projector likes 1080of p full HD but new and without defects. These two has something tip deep down black. The projector is much better then qumi Q8.
5 / 5
Thinks that is 8 feet more out of a wall to that the project. The house and the clarity of image is sum.
5 / 5
Likes another has said, has the strong defender to run in normal and of course big brightness settings. I usually run the on ECHO which is calm this in spite of for my setup decent brightness. HAS the model the old plus of AXAA and has had constantly a subject with constant refocusing and the screen that tears been due to sĂșper sampling a projector. With this said, yes, was the 1280 and ossia he 1920 how is obvious that his action would be night and day but ossia an only reference that can base it on. It was big that that has thinks that was but has not been that big of a subject. At present I am suspending he of the claw clamp. An only thing that does not like me with of this that can not regulate an image to a angled surface with a far. I suggest it? Perhaps. If they have added in an adjustment of screen, absolutely.
4 / 5
Acts the weight adds , light and compact. In a process to buy on 100 of these devices for the application done of commission.
5 / 5
Produced excellent. The far wine broken. A lot of responsive. The substitution has sent immediately.
5 / 5
WELL, in the first place of of the this is the a lot of the projector dipped well. Well built with utmost colours, black detail and brightness. A 1080P begin it in fact looks better that some of the mine much more expensive is crisp and any one wash was. Black, as I have mentioned the sooner strong look.
Launches the distance is a lot very also. I know it declares a lumen exited to be 500 with power of battery and 1200 with a M6 plugged in. To the left say me it
these projectors brightness has to that individual. It is overpowering mine 2200 lumen Epson 2045 with ease, the work Adds AAXA! A lot impressive.

Gilipollas: The strongest defender in any projector, Never. Any one sure has been has required. Under bad. Big power ....eek!
Gilipollas: WTH AAXA??? As it Can I build this good the projector and not comprising Keystone??? Big loses!

5 / 5
Too dark partorisca ours was pergola of door, in the house would be wonderful.
5 / 5
My woman has purchased this partorisca me partorisca our anniversary of pair . A colour are add, a detail is awesome also. This in spite of, some defenders are obscenely strong in brilliant way. I owe that run a projector in 500 lumens partorisca listen anything the games on that. Also, it has had them a projector partorisca roughly 4 weeks and one on board the speaker is exited now. They are by train of the turn And exchanging he partorisca the P300 LUNAR which court well in 500 lumens in all the chance, and is smaller with the life of the longest battery.
5 / 5
A M6 is the projector adds partorisca those looking for the true 1080p portable projector with good brightness and the battery built-in. Perfecto partorisca my living room partorisca walk like the substitution of television but has taken some time to setup a projector properly of then does not have keystone adjustments. This means a projector has to that be perfectly levelled partorisca avert the slanted image. This can be the breaker of extracted partorisca some but if no, highly recommends it.
5 / 5
Excellent Portable projector partorisca presenters and of the trainers on-the-street. I have run it runs in of the colds, humid, and sweaty changing rooms of club of the rugby that project PowerPoint presentations and documents in the yellow wall in the brightly soiled has lit. Work well in formation half more comfortable means also, with the clear, crisp image in any partorisca wall or the white screen. It finds that I take the good image in until 3 metres was, resupplying the big quite image for people in a backside of a room to easily see some contents.

Is easy to dip up and connect to, has the clear and brilliant light, included when those careers in Way to Echo when running on battery (until 90 minutes; rechargeable battery). In a more brilliant way, sample a lot in closing was-white or has painted slightly wall (yellow, beige, light blue).

Has connected his numerous devices that use HDMI and VGA bosses. I have found that for the majority of my devices HDMI resupplies a better resolution and proportion of appearance (widescreen) which adapt PowerPoint presentations. Mainly it uses a loudspeakers in mine Macbook Pro although an inner speaker is quite strong included in mid-rooms of measure (seating 10 to 15 people).

A cushioned spending the chance is well to spend a projector when on-the-street, bouncing around a car and protects it well. In a chance, has the far control, and the composite boss/of video of the audio (RCA), as well as it covers it to be able to. You will require your own HDMI and VGA bosses, and call you to take good quality some.

Some options of connectivities are well, especially for the portable projector, with HDMI, VGA, and RCA connectors. So only it uses a HDMI and VGA connectors. It sustains USB and TF papers also. Has big-quality HDMI and VGA bosses, and good quality dongles (USB C to HDMI/VGA) for my portable the and portable devices. I have had the dongle that has thought was to fail me well in of the main resolutions and he widescreen proportion of appearance when connecting my MacBook Pro.

Is this a perfect device?! Almost. A projector not having keystone correction, which in my chance is a lot like me always travesĂ­a with the Manfrotto tripod of camera to locate a projector on. It is the shame that is missing of HDMI and VGA bosses like the majority of devices will connect his when on-the-the subjects uses any HDMI or VGA. It is a projector of excellent presentation , although has machineries by heart sure (bleeding by heart?) Ossia noticeable When looking film on he (are still adds to look film on, on hotel and B & B ceilings of room).

In helps of chance: Some use of devices that has been work well, both using HDMI and VGA, is the MacBook Pro 15' (Mac YOU X) of 2018, he GPD Pocket 2 (Windows 10 and Mentions of Linux), and the Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 10+ 5G (Android 9). I run presentations and of the films on all the devices that use this projector.
4 / 5
A M6 is an excellent projector, one missing sub-1k the projector loves, >1080p, but has a defect- can does not begin on way of echo. You owe that change an every time calm setting loves it turn on.
5 / 5
Any regulation Of the trapezio. Coloreé Too saturated image has given low quality ... For him price paid will find has given much better . Any The software has given third left (Netflix etc ) so only the regulation audio and video .
5 / 5
This was a upgrade to the our M5 and the one who the difference. The quality of picture adds. The nave was quickly too and very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
Is returned this product because it has had no keystone correction. It would be difficult the setup in the boardroom table without this characteristic. It would expect more than a $ projector. If one fijamente is to spend the tripod then also could purchase the slightly main projector with keystone correction.

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA Technologies ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought these two years does and a bulb is exited. I have contacted a costruttore and said to us that does not have to that split the ones of substitution partorisca his produced and offered discount it partorisca buy the new a (the prize has discounted was $ 20 lower that that it could for the new an on amazon). I am spent $ 400 in the product that is lasted 2 years without way of the reparation. AAXA So only has taken two thumbs down but not backing his own products.
5 / 5
He never done properly and there is prendido now doing at all. I bought it on February 3 and is April 27 and discovers can not return this POS. I will not buy never the product of this company again

is January 2018 and a second a has died. Ossia Two unit and three battery. No spent never anything of this company.
5 / 5
A AAXA P300 micro the projector is an amazing little device. For such the small unit, light the 100' (diagonal) screen of projector of Innovations of Screen with quite a lot of brightness to be visible without darkening a room. Setup Is very easy and intuitive with means comunicacionales and of the support of sufficient entrances of format to manage so only roughly anything the pocket-sized the projector would be asked to project. A unit comes with the installed battery, in spite of an implication in a manual that is optional. In reality, an extra battery is optional.

Has several ways of picture (p. p.ej. Film, Level, Presentation, User) and temperatures by heart (e.g. Warm, Normal, Frescos, User) to tweak one spatial by heart, gamma, and contrast. It would not call any of them THX or ISF there is aforado, but is to good sure a lot enough for an ad hoc film that session of looks, the screen that accione, or PPT presentation.

An only two smaller nits that each one strikes the half-one-the star of my description is:
A paper crediticia-thin far is A lot of twitchy. It takes the sweet and/or lucky touch to have a key of active thin film once, and so only once.
A brightness drops noticeably when those ran in of the batteries. It has tried all the classes of entrances and formats while plugged in and was very impressed with a daylight brightness. When I have treated the demo for wifey, after a unit was touched fully and unplugged, a projection was noticeably dimmer. Has thinks that has had the injustice to dip, but has confirmed that loses perhaps 1/3 of a lumens on battery.

@In rodeo, am very happy with a bit powerhouse. Extracted until or surpasses all my expectations.
5 / 5
-Contrast excellent. Black is black. And this thing is BRILLIANT for as this small .
-Simple operation.
-Having An inner battery is ordered.
-Quality of the image in general is quite darn well.

-Noticeable 'Effect of rainbow when scanning your eyes by means of a screen, but no worse that another DLP projectors
-the Poor colour that bosses and the image that tears when using HDMI (wrong colorspace, some class of wrong sRGB managing), would have to use VGA when possible
-Feels likes creation and economic plastic of toneless chance (creak when it press some keys)
5 / 5
has taken to plot to time first to decide that the projector has loved to take. I required it to be portable, quite brilliant for rooms that has not had light control (of our classes have has had blockades of ventilation to the long of a side), the battery operated and has had several options of entrance. Eventualy, has decided in a P300 and was pleasnatly surprised when I took it to find that it had been upgraded to 400 lumins and has contained a band of installed battery.

One a first trace of evening in the u8000 tripod that has had for the years and I have projected to the long of the wall in home to a maximum measure of 120 ( was in fact 127) in the room that has had the just quantity of light. A film was quite viewable and an audio was stronger that has expected. Some colours were crisp and some details were quite clear. They are at all disappointed in this compraventa and look forward to using he in my classes.

Update: I have connected only mine 500 Gb hard walk to an USB outlet and has done. They are able to the look films that has tent in a device. Of a manual, I presumed 32 Gb was a limit.
5 / 5
Uses this projector for work and leisure! A quality of some materials has used is the upper notch. Ossia The a lot of sturdy projector and well value a prize is selling in! A measure is perfect for travelling and a lumens that this little type has is surprising for his measure! More than everything is a projector CONCENTRATED like the life of this projector is LOOOONGGGGGG! Another pro in this projector that is a FOCUSED is that it begins on top of any time (approx less than 30 dry). A noise of the defender in this projector is mediocre, but afterwards calms for the moment of the that comment even he anymore.

-The measure and the light weights is PERFECT for fraveling
-material of the Big quality has used
-the looks add
-Easy to cruised some frame different ways in paper
-the time = of the longitude of life FOCUSED
-Rechargeable battery (Can run until 2 hrs in dipping main before running out of battery)
- SĂșper Brilliant! Works very was with the little sun in a room

-Any adjustment of Bone Key :[
-A tri-pod that is coming with this poop
4 / 5
Like this far, this projector has lived until my expectations. A quality of image is surprisingly well. I have not had an occasion to use he in the big room, but in my office has been I adds. I suggest to take the big plus that spends chance; I have bought the small plus more compact a, but concealed does not resist everything of a estuff' that comes with him. It connects to my computer. A built in the paper has been easy to learn. A defender is the little noisy, but tolerable. I am expecting to use he in the venue the big plus to determine a diffusion of image and environmental light contamination. Some descriptions had me to knots the little nervous, but in this juncture in time, has no qualms roughly recommending it.
5 / 5
Ossia The add, small CONCENTRATED projector. Good native resolution, the difference other small projectors that demand to sustain HD, but in fact down convert to quarter VGA. I have purchased this projector because of a capacity to run in the built in battery. It will run in the intensity reduced partorisca in an hour.
Uses this like this splits of an exposure for the kiosk of show of the trade, that projects an image of roughly 50-60 thumbs in a backside of our cabin. These agreements of days touch the fortune for electricity. These leaves of projector to run on battery and avert purchasing power for a cabin. A supply to be able to is the 120 VAC to 12 V DC brick; I am planning on using an outside 12 battery of volt to take time more career and besides big brightness while still a lot that has to that spent in a wall.

I colours and contrast is very good. There is keystone correction, and HDMI as well as VGA gone in to run out of the computer or DVD PLAYER.
The speaker is anaemic , but has an outside 3.5 mm the audio was socket , as I can spent in some external speakers for more than sound.

Will sustain files of video directly of microSD paper or USB attached to the equal that run our cabin without requiring the laptop.
To the amazon sells the chance thus projector that well of law and will protect your investment.
4 / 5
TravesĂ­as To plot with my work and has required the light projector could spend with me. Descriptions in a AAXA P300 was well, this in spite of, is a disappointment of absolute epic . It is like this light, has to tape a tripod to a table to maintain he in place. A wheel of home is an epic fails. It is hard to turn, and like this sensitive, has no final adjustment, is neither to plot blurry or the little blurry. Then it has a brightness adjustment. With book of instruction manually, I attentively read by means of that to do when some needs of projection to be brightened. A projector would not leave me he. It has had greyed out of an option to brighten a picture. Horrible, hate it, will be to send the backside.
4 / 5
Has purchased this projector reason travels to plot that gives presentations. Ordered in $ 100 in of the accessories and of the bosses to take it to do with my iphone(one of some main reasons has selected this model was that it alleged it to be Iphone compatibale)

after spending everything of teh money in of the accessories and of the bosses a unit has done sum and has been satisfied. With which not using a unit of then December 2018 I has packed he until the use in the presentation has been meant to rid to 60+ people and he have not done! Now it is spent when being able of the turn or take help of service of client and are totally bummed and unbalanced. This was in $ the small investment for the small business owner!
5 / 5
I have bought this behind in 2014 partorisca my spiegamento in Afganistan. Do fault well while it was there constantly resupplying I and my platoon entertainment. It has not been a brilliant plus in our tents that hangs hours of time of the day while we were just chilling but was quite brilliant. And at night it has been it adds. Lasted on 4 years. Still works but overheats and afterwards was. Time to substitute. But this projector has surprised.
5 / 5
A lot disappointed with this projector. A light CONCENTRATED is exited after only the few hours. Unfortunately, it is out of guarantee, and his was not the law likes them loved to send of him in still reparations. They have suggested I so only toss the, but offered discount it small in the new a.. Any Thank you.
5 / 5
Has ordered this once, and after the month there is prendido to do. Reason has had informs of sound (here and street A Wirecutter) has assumed this was the fluke; it was able of the take substituted with the new one in any cost. I have ordered a new a 4 month done and he so only died again. Now a window of turn is closed. The stay was!
4 / 5
Has ordered this in August 2018. For January 2019 he prendiĂł only law. He so only closed of legislation after turning on, and then the harvest has not turned on at all. It was disturbed enough and has bought the new projector (different mark). It was a lot of disappointed with a new projector and has achieved was to AAXA service of client directly by means of his web of place. They have diagnosed quickly a @subject like him faulty cord to be able to and has sent quickly the free substitution. It has done the charm and I was able to send another backside of inferior projector to Amazon and maintain is one, which has a picture a better brilliant plus and such the good tiny measure. Ossia In fact a third projector has tried of Amazon and for far a better, although it was also one the majority of expensive. The films are of entities in my house and the knots so only could not live with another, the most economic options. Highly recommend this unit and a service of client of a costruttore.
4 / 5
Volume to choose the majority of a technology for my company, and decide in a P300 projector. I have bought one first a new mark and has done well. One 2nd order of time, has taken 3 more. The mine is to come Died on arrival. Mina coworkers looks to do now, after receiving a 2nd group of them, mine of result coworker the one who has situated an order taken refurbished some. I will owe that begin a process of turn, and are the little has concerned that the mine has done he by means of a refurb process like any turns inclusos on for more than pocolos second, and then will not turn on again.
Am planning on buying more than these for work, have at least 2 employees those who will require an immediately and more in a future. It would be much happier if my broken refurb has taken substituted with the new a. We will see like a support is, will update my description for better or worse. One 3 this is doing is really adds, acute pictures, easy to use, quite brilliant. One comes with the battery is fresh also! It calms that can use on a gone without discharges he. Abundance of ports and sustains all the types of means comunicacionales.
4 / 5
When Compared to the projectors regulate the main east is in real dynamite . Has all some characteristics that attended of the projector. An only drawback is that we require to have different types of adapters/of bosses to use telephone of apple/macbook with this projector ( and thats no a subject with a product but the general inconveniance the products of apple create) .

&62; This beak that the projector is light weight , quickly to start with and the transmission was and games of USB ( although this doesnt sustain little of some formats of video ) , VGA entrance (video of only supports) , HDMI , micros SD
&62; Big screen - easily could substitute a need for the big TV. And ideal to look sport :)
&62; clarity of amazing picture in low light or at night

&62; Any sturdy quite and can fall off of a table in the light push of here need be careful while using it. It can be a tripod is not quite strong.
&62; Has my doubts in that time this will last but the only time will say .
&62; Clarity of poor picture when we change in some lights or during time of day
4 / 5
has bought this AAXA Projector 2 1/2 years done , Im an educator and use he for presentations grupal small. It has done extremely well for roughly 1 1/2 years have begun then having question with him closing down on me. Always the utilisation connected to the tram outlet , no a battery,
When it has called them AAXA support of Technology to ask some questions because this has spent has taken them the message of topmast of the Voice to leave my name and the number and they would return my call. Like this here it is reason he would not suggest this to any one ... After leaving 4 PERSON of the messages DID not CALL Me NEVER BEHIND!!!!!!
If this company can not sustain his product does not suggest calm purchases it. Now I owe that buy the new projector and he will not be AAXA!
5 / 5
This was one 2nd AAXA P300 has bought.. It was in fact any for me but for my brother in law.. I have been using my own AAXA P300 stops to the long of the year and could not find anything better to recommend to my brother-in-law.. This model is estimated still big in some casts of 'Better' mini projectors for his class of prize. For the 300 lumens that the projector has to that maintain your realistic expectations.. It uses this in the dark room and he have excellent crisp images with utmost colours... I have used recently he in the business meeting together with another projector and he looked pale in comparison to another projector.. But be realistic th,and another projector cost in $ 2000.. For a paid of prize for this AAXA P300 the action rid adds..
4 / 5
Ossia The good product and is quite brilliant for the presentation of regular meeting room. This has said, a mechanism of home is both difficult to regulate and according to a distance, hard to direct. For a prize, a costruttore could dip the dial of better house in place. It is light and a lot of plastic. A black arrival is not the plus in this he smudges quite easily. A tripod is functional but flimsy. A positive is that now they comprise a battery. I have had the pair of questions in a unit, and his support of client was awesome. The product takes four stars because for a compact measure, is really the good projector. The time will say in a quality. I
5 / 5
has bought this reason my client has not had the projector. I have had originally it purchased it the different one this was 100 lumens but is to remain with disappointment that a projector simply could any beam that shines he quite image in a wall in of the low-conditions read. The, in turn, has purchased this one with 500--and wow, the one who the difference! An only draw behind - will take you so only 1 now - perhaps less - of juice out of a battery.
4 / 5
Occasionally it travels internationally partorisca teach and ensuring the projector partorisca points partorisca be able to beat to be difficult. I have chosen this projector been due to is sized and reasonable prize. Before the mine last travesĂ­a in Manila, dipped that up in my office with all a florcent lights on and has launched the decent picture approximatley 8 feet by means of using the light colored wall of olive. An only challenge has had was the dark PPT the fund of slide was the little darkness . While Manila, used it on the screen of the regular projector and he have done add. Even has launched he of the mine I Pand mini 4
5 / 5
quality and Good measure of fantastic picture. A stand has comprised the easy fact to situate in your table or office much easier that stacking stirs it of books or boxes! I recommend to project of the portable street HDMI and using the Bluetooth speaker (has not tried a projector is built-in of the speakers because I do not have any one content in an old format will recognise). I have confused, this in spite of, reason my unit does not look to have the battery in spite of a listing of product that declares it would have to that have one... Now it supposes I need to buy one, reason a boss to be able to really limits some options to situate a projector opportunely.
4 / 5
A question was that I have not used that a lot, perhaps 5 times. When it was well, that considers his measure. Some last times have used was more than fact 7 month. Fact perfectly. The place averts it. When that loves it use again was kaput. Need to be substituted. It can not be fixed. It is not a brick to be able to that is not doing. Has two main projectors that is 3 old times and use them the plot for long periods of time and has not had never the question. Like this tiny some require to be bit it more long that hard.
5 / 5
Has done well in the courtroom, but has has had to that dim some lights, and some courses do not leave concealed. Probably it will owe that purchase another with light start more order him to substitute is one . Any question, and do like this announced, with a bit those that shortcomings that another reviewers has signalled was.
4 / 5
Is the good projector for the half means darker. A @@@knob of the adjustment of the image is the little caseous, but no too big of the question. A projector does like this announced and is a lot easy to dip up. A mini the tripod is a lot economic and is unfortunate that could not resupply something with just the little more quality and his stability. A global quality of a product is questionable when it feels a @@@knob of house and see a tripod. Calm marvel where more would have corners of yard inside a product. Work, this in spite of era the little disappointed with a brightness and some characteristic forwards has mentioned.
4 / 5
Perfecto for presentations of small room. Enough well it launches even when a room is lit still but more in a half a possible dark plus. It takes the small 'taking used his' time to comprise the better adjustments but you can reduce or delete keystoning easily. A bulb FOCUSED is the enormous plus - does not run hot and will last the good long time. Bought the customizable spending chance. It is sĂșper portable and perfect for on-the-gone of the presentations. The prizes add!
4 / 5
Ossia The good unit .
Pros: - Brilliant picture , clear quality.
- Relatively compact.
- Comes with connecting bosses.
Gilipollas: - Relatively expensive.
- Go of home is small & touchy to direct.
- Has the turn by heart in a red spectre of orange-red the magenta.
- The unit is small but any pocketable; it bit it big for the travesĂ­a that to could him to it like.
- The defender is manageable but bit it noisy.
- No Bluetooth compatible. It does not have the boss of connection for iPhone.
5 / 5
Purchased it to aim the presentation of point of the power of the mine Ipad. All the appearances of a description of web of place indicates that it would have to that be possible. As it results - apparently it calms it does not have authorising to use Mac produced with some far to a projector. I have been said has had to that convert a powerpoint the JPEG is & then use the walk of thumb to aim a presentation. While these laws - took out of a 'presenter' seen' that would aim in the computer or iPad - for this any note can be seen in this way. It is not that I have looked for & again a description has not been attentive!
5 / 5
Has possessed this element for 6 month. I used it the total of 6 days - roughly 36 total of hours. This product there is prendido connecting in any device. Some turns of projector on, but a screen of paper that used to burst on any anymore. Any portable sample or any one another device could hook until using the VGA or HDMI connectors.

Has purchased a hard chance for him and has had any regime that takes it to turn on. I have found this projector based in the referral of Wirecutter, but a an I has taken looks to be the uselessness.

Modified: I have wanted to so only add that a company has substituted a free product to touch after verifying a subject in a side of technology. The service of client adds. Changed of 2 to the 4 star.
5 / 5
Tried it so only has been to project an image in the white wall of roughly 6' in the soiled daylight has lit.
SĂșper Claro and brilliant!
Oh And comes with the light table 't sees that in a description.
Need to take a HDMI boss for project of ipad/iphone.
4 / 5
It is tiny. It has Expected the moment like this the that could use alot before the reviewd the. It is legit like 6 thumb for four in what but easily projects at least to 90 screen of thumb to the wall of roughly 10 feet were. You CAN touch muck of multimedia video for use but a softwar qualified of a projector sucks all a conections laws with hdmi all a way the vga and all have the big quality when you regulate a @@@knob correctly. deffinetly Value he reguardless becasue while some speakers in him am tiny and usless can regulate some settings and covers same he to the system of the his with a start. absolutly Wants. anyquestions Feels free to ask
4 / 5
there is DISAPPOINTED extremely. It has taken this like the present of anniversary for my partner and so only the months of the pair later is broken. A screen is randomly the odd pink colour still although we have taken the excellent cure of this element. Unfortunately I can not recommend this element.
4 / 5
The projector Adds! Awesome Resolution and brightness for the projector with this small of the impression. Access easily in mine MacBook 15' stock exchange of computers and is quite brilliant partorisca in-of the presentations of office of graphic drawings, prototypes, films and software walkthroughs/has given.

Needs the small projector that it is sĂșper brilliant and crisp for presentations of office? This one does perfectly for me and my crew to draw of experience of user. Operation in the only low battery brightness substantially, but plugging he to the source to be able to enables filler-lumen capacity.
5 / 5
Picture of good Quality for the portable projector. I have bought he of different place that cost me little less. So only a volume is not well in a device. If or cover the to the speaker or system of receiver of theatre to house this is to solve. Happy bought it and would recommend this product.
5 / 5
A characteristic of home is really uncomfortable and hard to use. A dial of roller for home looks the skip has spent one something of house and does not go a lot of smoothly. The desire is coming with a boss to hook to a ipad/ still am trying imagines out of the cord to buy for that. It has connected this in spite of a lot easily to the mine portable and broadcast my screen without question. A cord resupplied to connect VGA was too short--grieve long enough to move for a part of a laptop to another.
5 / 5
This projector has the picture adds and in general is easy to use. This in spite of, is too noisy. I have seen at least three descriptions here this has said that it was calm. It would suggest that these people take to a ENT doctor asap! Also, that runs the presentation with a projector and any one portable no a More adds them---far is delicate and sometimes advances of slides or does not advance to depend that it press some keys. The presentations ran much more smoothly when a projector is attached to the laptop. They are by train of the turn.
4 / 5
Has bought this for the meeting of crew in planting to rent of a hotel to the equal that would have touched 2x to rent one for a day likes compraventa this. Crazy. And this is resulted to be very crazy. It can not comment on .
4 / 5
Has bought this on Amazon in 2013 (the 300 lumen version) and really enjoyed an action. I used it of then 4 times the year for roughly 1 now every time and has begun today close down with which 30 use of minutes. I eat... With which less than 30 use of total hours, is now useless.
5 / 5
Has bought this I so that it can travel with the mini projector. Work well, use for inner presentations, a quality is not a lot enough for the presentation that client of faces in the big room but the law adds for my purpose. The subject only is that it is not the stable how is small, calm accidentally attacks a cord to be able the attractive a projector. A better profit is load of hotel $ 500+ the day for the projector to the equal that have saved the tonne that uses this for my inner meetings.
4 / 5
These works of good projector while work, but is not built to last. After the year of use, a port to be able to has begun to do bad. This was probably be due to the free connection in an interior of a projector. For the moment, an effective solution was the simply wiggle a boss to be able to until it has begun to do again. Once wiggling there is prendido to do, was able to further extend a life of a projector for partially unplugging a boss of power of a port, leaving he in that never-like this-slightly something tighter, perhaps the less millimetro deep that has inserted fully. It has not gone long until a state of a port had deteriorated has spent that it could be won with cast of positional tactic, and has substituted a projector. A substitution there has been a same question with a port to be able to, as I sent it behind immediately.

To arrive to this point, looks that an obvious solution would be to find another projector, but this one returns so only perfectly in the very small space in mine sailboat. I have not been able to find any one another projector that will do like the pertinent substitution. For this have tried again and has purchased the substitution of the local tent (ossia technically my third of these projectors). This has done well for some last 8 months, but now a port to be able to again has begun to require wiggling for work. Appearance this only last the little more month before to do entirely. In this point, probably will take to avert and tentativa to solder a connection I.

Besides a no robust creation of a port to be able to, have so only the few complaints in this projector:

1. Every time I turn it on, I have to use a far to select a HDMI source. It is a so only an I never use, would be a lot could agree a last entrance chosen and maintain this setting by means of a cycle to be able to.
2. A far is an economic plus, flatter, the majority of products of element of the mass at present in my possession. Some keys of membrane are all identical, organised in the dense grille, rectangular. For this reason, is a lot difficult to operate in a darkness.
3. An entrance of USB does not look to do at all. I have followed some instructions in a Aaxa put web for formatting some video correctly (does not comprise a necessary software to format some video, but recommend where can find you a right software). I have looked for to store some video in a hard walk outside and in the flash walk, but a projector does not touch of any device. So only an USB and a VGA laws.
4. He a bit those that months, a picture has begun the flicker among different states of saturation by heart. I have assumed this was an indication of a projector dulcemente dying. In the scarce rape of a second law of thermodynamics this in spite of, a picture has ceased of the flicker. A question has fixed apparently.

To be just, here is to that likes me in a projector:
1. It is a lot small.
2. Work quietly.
3. A female component of a mountain in a fund of a projector is to regulate Œ-20 UNC in accordance with ISO 1222:2010. This means is compatible with one 1/4' ray of a regular tripod, mountain of ceiling, pod of gorilla, is a lot useful. I love levels.
4. It can have a capacity to temporarily of decrease his own entropy (sees complained 4 on)
4 / 5
It likes a contraption, but of man, sure is noisy. It does not buy it you are thinking to the use is in the small space, calm. These are utmost partorisca open spaces. Another that that, a keystone law to work so only partorisca horizontal sprain, any vertical.

UPDATE (some few years of the latest pair): A projector still is kicking. It has to that refocus every time first of the use, which is annoying. Some flanges of images have this odd silhouette, but calm as soon as I can remark it. It is well. Flavour the one who portable is been. It is still too noisy partorisca my flavour.
4 / 5
Am spent of the weeks that look in of the descriptions and has chosen finally is a projector partorisca buy. It is roughly be five month bought it of then. It was in the estimativa and has has wanted to something to occasionally of use partorisca fun --nights of external film/etc.

GAMING: I did not try it at all partorisca gaming but does not think it would be an ideal tool partorisca gaming in a daily base, but would be good to have for the friendly take-hover playstation/xbox gaming night.

FILM: My chromecast and netflix work wonderfully by means of him. Like the smallest projector that the uses have DIRECTED, is used more at night partorisca detail rich images.

CHARACTERISTIC EXTRA: A port of leaves of USB touch some films by means of the walk of thumb, this in spite of some formats of the file can not be read or lose his audio. A characteristic of USB there is grazed probably meant partorisca powerpoint presentations, which have not tried. It uses 2 speakers of computers because some built in the speaker is worthless partorisca any purpose of entertainment.

CONCLUSION: taking 1 star was reason a built in the speaker is worthless and partorisca film and TVs is almost an exclusively nighttime device. Still it would recommend it!
4 / 5
The laws of projector adds in an office. It will do in the room lit for work and very portable to spend in stock transmission of laptop with pc. Very easy to hook on and present, subject of the minutes of pair. I have not tried with telephoning still but will be punctual. I have tried included this with the film while travelling and was very surprised that very looked in the wall of chamber of green hotel.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic projector and the value adds.

Takes this in our travesĂ­as vacacionales and once hooked until a Touch of iPod and SPEAKER of EU of the ones of Booms the theatre to house that any one will want to have. We have had it is dipping it it was at least one 8' screen for some girls and was the fantastic swipe. It was a lot of and clear and quite brilliant for everything to enjoy.

Is easy the setup and control and is a perfect measure to take anywhere. We add a battery that gives another option but ossia the unit adds.
5 / 5
Was fearful that when turning a projector in a quality of image was to be enough for my presentations that is done usually in any of salt like this dark. But it was satisfied on-with a quality of image and a capacity of these 300lumens.

Easy to use, to good accessories likes him a tripod and VGA connector.

In general am satisfied totally with this compraventa and hope to enjoy for a lot of hours this product.
5 / 5
Has bought this projector the fact for the moment (as it is not guaranteeed down) but has has used so only he less than the time of dozen. I maintain in the chance, how is in virtually of new condition.

Inside the uses of dozen, something has broken. So only I can assume it is one of a LEDs, reason all looks the colour darkness lived, grieves visible same in the black of soiled tone. I know the bulbs do not owe that for ever, but his sure so that the hell is supposed to last longer that 12 hours. A shame, reason some descriptions are of sound. It has not gone yes AAXA so only is that it pays people to artificially inflate an account of star or if so only has taken the gigantic lemon but any way ossia virtually DONA.
5 / 5
My husband LOVES this!!! We have had some difficulty connecting iPhone and iPad with a connector of USB a projector has not looked to recognise this outlet has to that way that be the tent of apple and experience for $ a box of television of the apple and HDMI cord that would recommend more than of the this. It has been rid like this fiancé and has had patience for techno the subject would have called undertaken for @@subject but (I follows sure was something I stray) but with a box of apple is phenomenal!!!
5 / 5
Like this, delivery down, ossia a awesome produced in an amazing measure. I have used this one has bought the one of then (does a week) has resisted to 100 person meetup and has treated well. A quality of build is well. I can not complain in an action.

A lumens is a lot down is. Have has had to that the turn was the majority of some lights in a 100 room of person to take the good view of a projection. If you owe that have brilliant lights in a room, this can no well for some.
5 / 5
Has bought this for the office that fulfils presentations. Has the small group (8) in the relatively small space and this have adapted our needs perfectly.
Easy to transport, together light , easy up with iMac. You will require the ray to HDMI adapter.

Powerpoint The look of presentations of sound. That The projector dips on roughly 7 feet of screen in mini tripod (comprised), keystone the easy adjustment.
The easy house, picture very clear. Quite brilliant for our needs, more with room slightly dimmed.
4 / 5
After revising the diverse beak is and regular projectors, has decided to take it casualidades in this Aaxa reason has had a fewest critical negative. I have not been disappointed. I have expected several weeks before I have published the description to see like a P300 has treated. I purchased it mainly for PowerPoint presentations in the half sized room (30'x15'). A clarity and brightness is better that expected and does long when it leaves some lights during a presentation and an audience still can see a screen without any questions.

A tripod has comprised was worthless. I have purchased the Targus Digital 6' table upper tripod and portable speakers. I have purchased also a HDMI boss and has used he in all my presentations. It has not been that a projector would treat with some other bosses but using a HDMI, the work adds. I have looked the little video and again a projector is clear and brilliant. Well value an investment.

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA 4K1 LED Home ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia A third Aaxa mini Projector that has possessed on some last diverse years. I that aim it partorisca buy Aaxa projectors with a later resolution (720p and 1080p) grieves was available. I have it that has not had never a @@subject and felt that a mini the projectors have treated also or better that projectors more expensive main.
Pros Of Aaxa 4K1:
- 4K
- small measure, there is placeson inferior to connect stand of tripod
- no too noisy
- easy to setup/configure out of a box
- less than $ 1000
- life of long battery (30,000 hours) meaning any bulb partorisca change
- Upscales 1080p contained

- any motion that softens (like the studios and the video have interested hates in all the chance)
In general, am very pleased with compraventa.
4 / 5
(UPDATE!) NEW FIRMWARE Fixed all the subjects! Spoken with AAXA lean it and send me the 4k1 partorisca try with comprising the new firmware that all new 4k1 the projectors will ship with. If taken the bad a llama AAXA partorisca an update! A++ Support!
--Old description down--
AS it has taken them this yesterday and was very excited partorisca the try was partorisca video and action..
In the first place of a gaze of utmost image when the plugged he to the PC partorisca try..
Two HDMI 2.0 put you in some behind and some supports of projector (at least alleges to in all the chance) 60 fps in 4k Perhaps has taken them the bad one but he shuddered and hitched video playback of Any class in any resolution.. I have tried on PC has tried in the laptop.. It has Tried a Xbox a X and a hitching was one same by means of all the devices.
This projector there is ALOT of potential in the good prize if it has not been having this subject.
Has a lot of options of paper partorisca Echo the Normal way or way of IMPULSE any of witch has helped a hitching video playback. There is also he Firmware the option of update Saw USB but looking in Axxa view of web has found them any obvious update partorisca this model..
Has asked to to the substitution likes would want to have them the projector of of this quality of image brightness and measure (doing properly obviously) partorisca use for nights of nights or familiar game of film.
Will UPDATE THIS DESCRIPTION grieves the substitution arrives does properly.. For now ( 7/23/19 ) it does not buy this partorisca video playback of any class..
((UPDATE)) 8/1/19
has Received a projector of substitution and he STILL Stutters.. Called AAXA And is conscious of a @@subject to the equal that of Yesterday ( 7/31/19) is doing in the firmware fijamente.. If a fijamente does not do or he cant be fixed a 2 description of star will remain and will send them this has retreated also..
Good regime the AAXA partorisca find a subject. The service of client adds!
(UPDATE 8/6/19 )
has any firmware update partorisca a AAXA 4K1.. I have called AAXA behind partorisca verify and send me the map of compatibility partorisca 4k 60fps..
Out of a box your computer or game console probably very exited with some settings corrected but send me the map that settings of aims of compatibilities partorisca 4k in of the taxes of different frame partorisca help fix a hitching subject. I will try these punctual settings partorisca do sure his in fact laws. The new picture will be uploaded.
(UPDATE 8/6/19) Any of some settings of a cast of compatibility has done on PC or Xbox.. I do not have the PS4 pro partorisca try with but AAXA is alleging work in PS4 pro in 4k.. I cant for behind this on and partorisca arrive to this point does not trust his testing.
This is not the value that shabby there is LIKE THIS fiddling partorisca the take to do. And in my chance still has not done.. This is going back the Amazon. 1 star.. Sad AAXA but this is not exiting.
5 / 5
A one has received skipped frames, has had sync rasgando @subject and could any paste 60hz vertical refresh in 1080p.
A support was really bondadoso and tried partorisca diagnose a @@subject but has has not looked learnt on like this partorisca try for rasgar / frame skipping (judder) until I sent him video on like this partorisca do like this.

Am not sure in a knowledge of some people for behind AXAA creation of technical product. But of my experience with this product, look partorisca sustain strongly to economic overy quality.

A good anology partorisca east is the economic any telephone of android of the mark that looks a lot on paper, but on use, frustrates calm with his sluggishness.

A working unit could be very partorisca under framerate the viewing of film likes the clarity of picture was decent, but my consultor is partorisca look elsewhere feign use he partorisca gaming / the sports that sees like his time of response is bad and would finalise with macizo ghosting concealed the fact the a lot of unpleasent experience.
4 / 5
A lot usually write descriptions. But partorisca $ 1000 I now have the computer of 100 screen of thumbs concealed is partorisca dope like this h3ll. This thing is ultra-portable and amazing. A brightness could be slightly main, BUT are at present in the room with 2 brilliant lights brilliants behind me while this thing is on and is More than bearable to use. So only closed of some lights and pull a invidente while you want flawless brightness/quality of picture. Zero remorses with this compraventa.
5 / 5
EDITA! One first unit there is prendido partorisca do, Aaxa substituted it quickly but has had to pay a cost partorisca return in some the EUA of HK (that it was it around the third the cost that buys a new with free nave!
A substitution arrived and in only a second time that use him are begun partorisca fail too much... I have contacted Aaxa, asked partorisca do to reset of factory.... To the left it is partorisca see if this fixed the...

Looked on-line partorisca descriptions of of the this but reason his quite new has too many. As I will take a time partorisca write this. It likes him anything, depends that it is looking for. Partorisca me ossia Ideal. A good balance if quality of picture portablityvand value partorisca money.
Obviously in this prize and measures it there will be projectors in a phase that has the quality of looks and characteristic better picture, but will be 4 times ghe measure and prize.
Takes any adjustment and test and error partorisca take a better out of the this but when I have dipped well is a lot very in fact. Oyt Of a bix a balance of the colours is not too good but this can be regulated with a lot of pleasing results.
A defender is strong on everything excepts way of echo, but way to echo when doing the cinema of house is perfectly quite brilliant.
Is also some 4k and in this prize that in him the only fact.
Is in the estimativa and master 4k and portibility, ossia last partorisca beat or perhaps at present an only option.
BTW: Has keysto and correction
4 / 5
A lot well a vendor, his mine writing partorisca do sure a product arrives without any question to Colombia
add some pictures, that the projector is dipped in way to echo low noise, all the image with to the light bulb of room focused , last a light bulb was partorisca aim a nvidia shielv the TV relieves a 4k projector

Also, a prjector will do in EU , upload pictures of a ac-dc adapter of me aaxxa 4k1 projector
the ac-dc adapter that coming with him, work in EU.
4 / 5
Produced excellent. Highly it would recommend partorisca those looking for the portable projector with native 4K signal of start. Things partorisca know: this not having HDR, the defender can be bit it strong in regulating and augment brightness ways. It suggests Way of Echo partorisca brightness-the defender is almost silent. Otherwise, Any complaint. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Has done this purchases not knowing which partorisca expect with a seal of prize that is much more economic that any one another competitor. A 4K the native resolution is crisp and clear. Works well with all mine 4K devices without any subjects of compatibilities. A wheel of home motorised resupplies adjustments of tune end to a house and also controllable has seen the far control has distributed.

A brick of adapter of the can is big like the fact bit it less portable but still a small plus 4K that the projector DIRECTED in staging to my knowledge. It does not come with the chance partorisca spend so it recommends neither purchasing a aftermarket spending chance or simply king-use a box of product if any calm use he regularly.
4 / 5
Aaxa 4K1 UHD The quality of projects of the projector of excellent image. Compact the projector classifies 4K UHD projectors.
Partorisca See a content of video in a room of curtain ECHOES the way is quite economic. Partorisca The daily viewing of the content of video is quite Standart way.
In way of ECHO, some defenders partorisca cool is almost inaudible. So only in way of Impulse - a noise of defender is quite strong.
The projector Adds partorisca your class!
4 / 5
This is not the description has paid. And I am writing my personal opinion, without any sprain.

Pros :
1. Home very acute
2. A projector resists his house ( any of-directed with which sometime like other projectors )
3. Well brightness. It looks partorisca be main that 1500 lumens
4. Small measure and easy operation.
5. Rich colours and quite decent black levels.
6. The integrated speakers are usable, any extraordinary

1. The house Is done electronically in no. Of here or need to direct and then regulate a distance of projector partorisca tuning end of house.
2. Partorisca Change way of picture or contrast of levels / of the colour / brightness, has to leave a screen of film and go to a screen of paper. This is distracting.
3. The operation of paper would owe that be streamlined for a costruttore. It can be the update of the software is required partorisca change parameters without leaving a main screen.

Signals partorisca consider :
is economic.
Stability and house of impressive house.
The picture can aim bluish maintained, the correction by heart can be done.
Found the best that viewsonic x-10 4K projector (my Neighbour has), but concealed can be due to some settings of picture.
The far sensor is so only in a backside of a projector. And far in any omnidirectional :-(

would like me thank Orealo Revendedores partorisca do a process partorisca purchase quickly, easy, and the fastest delivery.
Has taken the extra endeavours do a ship of Saudi Arabia of projector of EUA.
A packaging has been done properly curing of some swipes and paste a container would experience during traffic. It would estimate him in 4.9/5.0.

In general highly would recommend a projector. Well buy.
Some works of the better projector included has used with the screen of metallic projection (with profits 1.5 or main).
4 / 5
I have had has has expected YEARS partorisca the small (ie portable the in mine Briefcase/Manbag/Rucksack) Native HD (1920x1080p) - and AAXA is exited with 2 inside a last year - THEN - a day has seen this Gem - of AAXA remarked in Native UHD/4K (3840x2160) and ALSO PORTABLE in my rucksack - has to it that way that has had to that take. Totally the projector adds - and really portable.
4 / 5
Liked a 4of k projector. The picture adds I use he partorisca my laptop and ps4 pro. An only question has had with era a far control has not done. I thought that it that it was a battery, as I have bought the new battery and a far still not doing . I will give it 5 stars when I take the working far.

Update 10/26/2019
A Battery gave had died. I have substituted he with the new one of wall mart.
A far work but is class of flimsy. A sensor is in a backside and calm so only take roughly 49 terracings of one censor to far. If you are seating to a side of a projector no . Until they the best to censor for some far are by train partorisca give them 4 stars.
5 / 5
Hdmi Does not operate.. In the a lot of systems would give the a lot of spaces of exposed signal. A zoom is not adjustable a picture when it is not 4k..
The far receiver is in a backside of a unit and with the cords is difficult to do included 2 feet were.. I have listened it telephones with more than speakers of qualities.
The worse part of of the this is a service of the client does not answer his telephones and there is any option partorisca leave the message partorisca the call behind.. An only option partorisca communication is by means of email that is very slow to answer the
5 / 5
Although a brightness and the quality of general picture is a lot well, there looks partorisca be the defect in a separates of a beaming assembly been due to that has a speck of white point constantly looking in a screen to a hand-held side right lower. It is so that annoying that I am not able to enjoy a video at all.
I amour out of some the EUA and am not sure to the equal that goes to fix this @@subject of then there is no easy way to achieve a costruttore.
5 / 5
Has ordered and recieved a prime minister, and has had bad rasgando, images of ghost, and escapes light terrible in the black screen. It has filed for the substitution and recieved to the week later. It has Had the picture adds, but when I chose it on something rattled inner. I touched it to a side with some ventilations and the ray have fallen was. A picture was quite well would try for the third, but the step of the amazon dips limits it on that quickly it can situate the third question of substitution. Has 2 another Aaxa projectors, I like his products like good, economic, any frills projectors, but something with these looks to order to maintain in hablador subject.
4 / 5
Ossia Mine 3rd has DIRECTED AAXA projector, my first two still works albeit both just 720P and go down Lumens. With a 4k1 1500 Lumens and electronic that directs - the films are clear, and the text is readable when used like this monitor of PC included in 100 screen of thumbs.
5 / 5
Petit, easily portable spend-in the luggage still has the phenomenal image when used in subdued or the room has darkened. This projector fulfils all my requirements for presentations scienziathe and alive video of next-arrive lens of contact of the speciality fittings. Very impressive and cost very reasonable.
5 / 5
A GONE the sensor is in a backside of a unit so only. If you are planning to locate a projector in a ceiling directly on or in any distance behind you, or situate it on to wall-traces it of shelf, or dip the up for rear projection, will not be able to use a far!

Ossia The BREAKER to TREAT total . Otherwise Is the projector adds .
4 / 5
The picture is excellent dimension , the physics somehow is not partorisca match like this described in the characteristic and spent of the battery of far control is sloppy has built.
4 / 5
All the work adds except a far, any always answered. Minus That has the quality of image adds that the has not beaten can be in this prize
5 / 5
was the very good projector but has not fulfilled our requirements at present
5 / 5
there is wanted really love this projector. A start is not too bad, a measure of him is utmost. But an only way this thing is usable is in econo way.. Which is too dim still all but dark rooms. One contrasts/of the colours is has bitten he less than in this way, and ideally loves run he in normal or brilliant way, but a volume of some defenders is like this strong.. It is so only impossible to use unless you are looking something with the system of the his strong in situating to flood out of some defenders.
Ossia A rubs.. Calm basically has to that use econ way.. That give you a supposition 30K the hours of use FOCUSED. But it is so only a lot quite brilliant for use of normal day.. P. p.ej. Wanting to substitute the TV for hours to use each day goes to be difficult with east because of a dim exited and sĂșper start of partidĂĄrio strong.
Another class of subject annoying is does any info in which hours to use a LEDs active on him. They are sure I has taken the unit has used... It has not been wrapped likes some of a unboxings has seen. But there is any way to verify/verifies has been used or no. So that it is class of the downer that you can not verify some hours of use.. That goes to be especially problematic one of a LEDs the burns was or he dims way too punctual.. And you want to take AAXA to substitute he because of him dying way too much collected. Without way to see those that hours are in the, calm will not be never able to contest this point.

Is the prize adds , and in brilliant way, 4K looks a lot very on that. The text was readable. It likes a lot this in spite of, so only can not take spent of a start of strong noise and like this stuck in dim way of the use.

Goes to look now in UST projectors of laser.. Although any laptop.. They look a better bang for your money now still partorisca 4K.
5 / 5
Aaxa Says that a product is compatible with iPhone or IPAD but in fact is not ! An iPad / of iPhone there is incumplimiento “dobly” touch which can not be turned was and a projector can not accuse calm so that it takes any sound when streaming trough these devices, more like this with films of ITUNES but sometimes trough another program like Netflix also. A lot disappointed to learn will not be able to use projector and current with these devices. Service of attention of client loaned and responsive (I gives him an additional star for that) but has suggested spent a TV of Apple.
5 / 5
This projector is surprising. An image that is showed for one looks of the projector adds in the dark and decent room in the room lit for some inner lights. If it love the projector that has an amazing 4K image, low entrance lag, 30,000 hours of light CONCENTRATED, and the factor of small form, then ossia a projector for you.

Are upgrading of a Aaxa P7 1080p projector. This projector is awesome in $ 400, but has loved the clearest image of then I project to the 100 screen of thumb and chair 8 feet out of him. A P7 would look so only well in 100 thumbs while you have seated around 15 feet was (to the equal that for a map has comprised in my photos). A 4K the image resupplied for a Aaxa 4K1 is very detailed, brilliant, and colour in the dark room in 100” (Ossia a measure of my white screen, but also looks adds in 150-200 thumbs in the dark room also). Calm still can see an image with the light has turned on, but will be washed out of just like any one another projector yes has been showed in the white screen. I have been touching some video games in mine Playstation 4 (A Last Of Knots <multiplayer>, Call Of the Modern duty Warfare 2019 <multiplayer>, and Batman Arkham Cavalier <alone player>) and there is not remarked any entrance lag. I have measured an entrance lag to be around 32 milliseconds, which are adds for me because it does not remark any lag still while touching on-line with the controller. A keystone works of characteristic well. A projector can communicate with external devices by means of HDMI so that turning in your external device also can in a projector. You can turn this is gone in some settings want . I can not rent a 4K image enough. A detail together with a measure of enormous screen and contrast it this far upper to any TV in the dark room for me. More is more portable that the TV. Something in a clear big image so only done the unsuitable TV look for maintaining. This in spite of, the TV is rooms of bosses more brilliant to better plot in this point of prize, but a trade was is the measure of the smallest screen. A company also has the service of client adds. Some positive far outweigh a negatives for me has bought of a projector for a purpose to produce the big, detailed, and image coloreada. I any precise to the characteristic extras likes him built in of the speakers, or “of characteristic casts.” Although a built in work of speakers, would recommend auricular or the speaker (like him bluetooth speaker that has it jack for the connection wired to this projector).

A far is almost useless for me of then a projector is trace in the legislation of shelf on my boss and flipped to the rovescio. In this corner a far no longer works. A GONE the looks of sensor to be in a backside of a projector near of a fund of a device. I have bought the $ 10 GONE extends on Amazon to fix this question. If it plan to locate a projector, could wants to do sure calm does not use to the shelf or you could take GONE extends. There is three tripod rule in increasing holes in a fund of a projector, so he wants to use this projector with the tripod so only ( looks the big/weighed for this anyways) has no easy way to do like this. When A projector is in way to echo a noise of defender is quite calm to be forgotten while utilisations a projector, but in regular way and especially brilliant a noise of defender is a lot of noticeable. Utilisation a projector in regular way with some “settings” of picture regulate in the dark room reason these two look of settings to offer a quality of better image for me. A law of echo of way a lot enough, but prefer an extra brightness go in regular way. A projector has no characteristic “ cast.” If you want to use this projector to content of precise current has an outside streaming device. This does not annoy me of then uses a projector with an outside streaming device (Playstation 4). An accuracy of the colour is not one the majority of attentive, but does not remark anything when I use a projector another that paints a lot vivid. Some people prefer colours that is less vivid and more attentive, but prefers some vivid colours personally. One operates speakers, but is the little tinny and no the strong. You would owe that invest in some external or auricular speakers if any already have some.

If any one is looking for the projector with adds it 4K image, any noticeable entrance lag, the longitude that the hard light source CONCENTRATED (the projector is estimated for 30,000 hours to use while another has DID not FOCUS projectors last around 4,000-6,000 hours before I owe that buy the new bulb), and the factor of portable form without ready characteristics, then ossia a projector to take . If has any worries in a projector always can call Aaxa and can answer some questions for you. His crew of the support of the email is surprising also. I have received an email of them less than few hours with which sent them an email. The service of client adds.

P.D. For nights of films with other I only uses the bluetooth speaker (Sony srs-xb40) and covers that mine PS4 controller ( could cover a speaker to a projector also). Usually I will use some on some headphones of the ear yes am using a projector so only. Some headphones that use him is auricular of the extra basses have done for Sony has called mdr-xb950n1. These headphones annul out of a noise of defender and bomb out of the plot of low that they are adds to look film without annoying any more around you. I will update this description has any subjects with a device.
5 / 5
Aaxa Has done wonderful projector in of the terms of qualities of picture. For real it is in amazing. This in spite of, in that wrote it to some vendors and has asked the pair of the questions have not received any response.
A projector cut hot and has 3 partidĂĄrios to maintain it fresh which is really noisy. It has run like this hot that a focuses in a front has begun to peel was. This would not owe that spend in 1000 projector.
Has been used with television of Apple has seen a HDMI port. One of some questions has is that in some pictures a red, the green and the blue colours can bleed each one another. I have tried turning them down, but a projector maintains to show a same picture. I have it quell'has turned included some colours was and there is no black and white image. So only it remains one same.
Has has tried also an audio by means of some speakers of projectors and concealed does not operate. It has not been if ossia reason is is by means of a HDMI.
5 / 5
In general would buy it to them again, his value a $ 1500CAD the paid (at the same time of compraventa, there was literally any option for the 4K in this row of prize excepts is a)

- very small, compact and portable
- fast startup and closure
- 4K60hz
- clear picture
- no too strong in way to echo
- CEC acts a lot still with the PC has attached, the powers of car on every time

- the accuracy by heart is bad, but yes is so only casually looking video his well, his no meant for any serious work
- my death of projector of the prime minister in roughly 2 month of property, but a company sent the new mark an and that one has been doing a lot of
- his a lot of strong in max brightness way
- supply to be able to has an annoying blue light, has had to that use electrical tape for the discharge
- the system of paper is class of annoying but the ones of the that goes in there a lot of
4 / 5
obwohl als NEUWARE ausdrĂŒcklich deklariert, handelt Is sich DURCHWEG (ich habe jetzt bereits gives 2. Projektor bekommen) A KundenrĂŒcklĂ€ufer Etc. Give lĂ€sst sich one gives bereits geöffneten Kartons leicht nachvollziehen. Bei Gives ersten Lieferung War zwar gives Projektor funktionsfĂ€hig, aber die Fernbedienung defekt, denn sie funktionierte nicht (is kann ja auch are EmpfĂ€nger im Projektor liegen).
Beim zweiten Projektor funktionierte Quotes Fernbedienung - allerdings nur ca. 10 they give. Seitdem ist auch Has given nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. Ich habe Harm Sustains ĂŒber die Homepage vor 4 Tagen angeschrieben, aber bisher (noch) keine Antwort erhalten. Heute wurde deshalb einen 'Erinnerungsmail' gesendet. Bad abwarten - anderenfalls trete ich vom Kauf zurĂŒck.

Gives wĂ€re eigentlich schade, denn wie schon erwĂ€hnt, ist die BildqualitĂ€t sowohl in HD (also 19201080 Pixel) cup, als auch in nativem 4K, also 38402160 Pixel (Wiedergabe vom 4K UHD BD-Player direkt auf gives Projektor). Dabei wird allerdings HDR10 + NICHT unterstĂŒtzt, Was zu sehr farbkrĂ€ftigen (bunten) Bildern fĂŒhrt. It gives hilft is dann nur Die FarbsĂ€ttigung are Projektor herunter zu regeln. It gives eingebaute Mediaplayer (PMP genannt) funktioniert entgegen Harm, im Manuel genannten Formaten auch has dipped MP4, TS (von DVB-C) und MKV-Dateien. Leider versagen Given Lautsprecher, wenn is sich a Dolby Digital5.1 AC3-codierte Common handelt, obwohl im Projektor-Paper eine Einstellung Dolby Surrounds ausgewĂ€hlt ist. It gives mein UHD-BluRay-Player aber einen extra HDMI-Tonausgang hat und a meinen etwas betagten 5.1 Receiver angeschlossen ist, klappt wenigstens beim Anschauen gives UHD-BluRays ĂŒber gives AAXA-Projektor die Wiedergabe ĂŒber die . Of the (fĂŒr mich unnĂŒtze und fĂŒr viele Verbraucher sehr verwirrende) managing give Kopierschutzmechanismus (HDMI / HDCP 2.2 bei 4K UHD) beherrscht give AAXA 4K1-Projektor aber aufs allerbeste. Keine Probleme. Immerhin kann Gives Projektor anstatt ĂŒber Quotes Fernbedienung auch komplett ĂŒber heart als 'Keypad' bezeichnetes Bedienfeld (oben) komplett bedient werden (s. mein Bild). Aber wenn Has dipped Fernbedienung, dann muss has given auch funktionieren.

Noch einige Worte zur Bildhelligkeit: Geliefert wird Gives AAXA 4K1 dipped TANDARD'-Einstellung. Of the ist extrem Hell und die 3 (!) LĂŒfter One gives Seite machen dabei ordentlich Krach. GlĂŒcklicherweise kann Man auf ECHO-Way schalten, was given Helligkeit nur unwesentlich senkt, die LĂŒfter aber nur noch leise vor sich hin 'trudeln' lĂ€sst. It gives dritte Modus'timulate' fĂŒhrte bei mir nicht zu noch grĂ¶ĂŸerer Helligkeit, als im Rule-Modus, dafĂŒr verfĂ€rbte sich gives Bild ins grĂŒnliche... Dieser Way ist m.et. nicht zu gebrauchen. Man muss wirklich staunen, was heutzutage place LEDs fĂŒr eine enormous Licht-Leistung möglich ist (in TANDARD-Einstellung' nimmt gives Projektor 130 W aus dem 19V ext. Netzteil auf).
Wenn Is give leidige the question dipped gives Fernbedienung nicht gĂ€be, wĂŒrde ich ihn uneingeschrĂ€nkt empfehlen können.
3 von 5 Punkten, Gives schon give zweite Projektor has dipped Fernbedienungsproblemen und weil is sich (bisher) dabei a KundenrĂŒcklĂ€ufer / Instand gesetzte GerĂ€te und nicht a NEUE handelt

Ich warte noch ab, was mir give Support mitteilt. Ggf. mache ich noch ErgÀnzungen zu meinem Text.

Gives AAXA-hat of Support sich nun gemeldet und bietet quotes Zusendung einer Ersatz-Fernbedienung a. Ich hoffe, dass has given dann einige Jahre ĂŒbersteht.

Durch Öffnen Gives defekten Fernbedienung konnte ich sehen, dass One gives GONE-CONCENTRATED eine LötzinnbrĂŒcke zu einem Kontakt einer nicht beschalteten Diode D1 auf gives Platinum beim DrĂŒcken (und damit 'durchbiegen' give Platinum) möglich ist, was dann wahrscheinlich zur Zerstörung gives SMD-IC fĂŒhrte. It gives sĂ€mtliche Beschriftungen gives IC entfernt wurden (!) kann Man auch gives Typ / Hersteller nicht ermitteln a ggf. selbst einen Austausch vornehmen zu können.
Ich empfahl dem Supports, die AnschlĂŒsse gives has DIRECTED place Isolierschlauch zu versehen, damit bei gives (nachtrĂ€glichen, hĂ€ndischen) Setting beim Lötvorgang solche Verbindungen kĂŒnftig unterbunden werden...

Update 2 vom :
Heute kam ein gepolsterter Writes von AAXA bei mir a, in dem sogar zwei neue Fernbedienungen lagen. Sollte nun Bad wieder eine ausfallen, springt die zweite als Ersatz ein. Of the ist doch eine cleaned Conceive von AAXA - Danke dafĂŒr.
5 / 5
ich Cube eigentlich sehr zurĂŒckhaltend, was Bewertungen anbelangt.
Allerdings muss ich Yesterday eine Ausnahme machen :
Relativ schnelle Lieferung aus United Kingdom ( Sendungsverfolgung ) nach 3 Tagen !
Heute ausgepackt und finde eine Àusserlich geschundene GerÀteverpackung vor ( zerkratzt, Dellen, Siegel-Aufkleber aufgeschnitten, ...), Die klar zeigt, dass ich ein gebrauchtes bzw. reklamiertes Modell AAXA 4K1 erhalten habe ( ich habe ein NEUES GerÀt gekauft ).
Like geht is weiter als ich gives Deckel abhebe - alles lieblos reingequetscht !
Die Fernbedienung hat keine Knopf-Battery - has given gehört allerdings zoom Lieferumfang!
Eine Anleitung ist auch nicht mehr vorhanden.
GerÀt eingeschaltet : Ein Ventilator klappert !
Total of cube genervt !!
GerĂ€t geht natĂŒrlich umgehend zurĂŒck.
5 / 5
I like a measure and portability of a projector, acute, quite brilliant. My only worry because a far control does not operate? It is there any the one who could help?

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA Technologies ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this little projector partorisca to the long of the month.
Is compact, when he well, work mostly a lot well.
A speaker is 'nahhh' but does not expect utmost speakers in projectors. He to his good work.
HAS battery although they do not owe that a lot a lot unless has a light source in Echo.
Is not heavy and mostly hands.
1. At least the mine has some issues partorisca connect correcly to a box of boss. An image is well, but works of his sometimes, and some another time he no. One same HDMI source, when used in mine old OPTOMA HD projector or in my TV FOCUSED always does well. Like this @@subject is a projector . I have taken a time partorisca write the AAXA before writing this description. We exchange the emails with the good type have called Michael. The majority of a time has tried to explain as all fact and a question was just mine . After going back and advances 9 times, has given finally up. It was a lot well of excusarse but then again, has said that it has to that have the subject of compatibility among my box of Boss and a unit (again, a question was mine and no a unit is). As I have explained his in mine last email before giving on, take his , other days I gentleman', is incompatible, so only no of a software can any one 'exited of the subjects' (is not the programmer, is so only the program), as it will not exit that it is bad. If he sometimes, and sometimes he any (while everywhere more a connection is always good), then is neither a subject with a HDMI imput or with the software of a projector. Ossia. As we agree to to disagree.
2. Other annoying small subjects:
a. It has dipped a light in way of IMPULSE, and a projector, in his own, ameno for behind brightness to the interior Regulates 10 minutes. So only it does not remain suddenly (more brilliant)
b. The house are a lot annoying. It is so only the short wheel. So you lose one something exact, is was home. ALSO, if calm the those that does with a tripod comes with and listening noisily with a onboard speaker, will shake enough for the movement and for the take was home. Have that creates each one that 20 minutes the refocus.
c. Ossia Common of all these small projectors, some works of interface but is terrible, and some far is just rubbishes.

IN GENERAL: it is still the very small projector and rids the plot for your buck. It is so only I plenary of small nagging issue the one who a lot of detract that could be it a enjoyable experience. His department of service is responsive but the desires have looked for to solve subjects in place of, a lot politely, that tries to convince an user that there is at all bad with a unit...

So only because work, and is that it shines (although a lot often so only when it feels like) and has his (again, mostly when it feels like)... 3 Stars.
5 / 5
Has loved the projector FOCUSED small could use indoors and alfresco to look house of film. Read some good descriptions in a P300 Lunar and spoken to his support of client to do sure this mini the projector would be the good access for me and am happy has been with him. Any only is this VERY PORTABLE projector but a projection his perfect for my boys. It is sĂșper easy to connect to the mine portable and like this easy to connect my iphone X, which leave me to enough that runs anything master. Very happy with my AAXA the projector and I would recommend.
5 / 5
Has received so only this projector. It was skeptical. Tried the and has blown my alcohol was. In the first place, some colours were richer that mine HD screen of laptop. An image was very brilliant. We could see he with lights lateralmente on in a room. It has touched immediately several formats of video in the clave by heart that comprises very old HD the video have registered in some old HD cameras and playback was perfect. In fact, any device has in a house was able to touch for behind this video smoothly but this one has done.
Was able to project a screen so only a 18ft the ceiling and was well, brilliant, and awesome. Some boys have dipped down in his rear and the course looked of the film that way. I have projected included an image to neighboring the houses and he have projected far. Can attach it to the dron and see the one who big can locate and project down to an earth.
In all the chance, the entertainment averts...
Comes with the small tripod well, supply to be able to, and the far full function excepts could any rewind or before fast :(
is not strong. A noise of defender is very reasonable and no the question.
The house is manual and like me concealed. Very easy to direct.
Has tried a HDMI and has done like the charm.
Has tried to project an application for business and has done adds. I plan to use this travesĂ­a multiple business I so that it will update a once done description.
Listen his out of him and was reasonable that considers a measure. No attended unreasonable volume of his and richness of the small device has taken. As it has fulfilled my expectation. Master more the sound then connects external speakers.
Does not come with the chance to spend or protective case unfortunately. You owe that take your own. Any protective lentil neither.
Is small and light. Very portable. I have purchased the chance to spend for him.
Has impressed our whole office. It was able to walk around, without bosses, and material of project during a place. It has not tried a capacity of battery still.
5 / 5
Mostly Taste partorisca of a measure, contrast, brightness. I use it almost every day.

Some colours have had to be tained down to on means of a incumplimiento the done a picture the little cube
die more reasonable reason a incumplimiento is also 'punchy' alot of saturation , which some red really pink and glowing...

Sounds like an old laptop in way of big action. You definetly listen a defender, but with a film in a fund forgets.

Loves a projector to attach subtitles to a film does not operate. subtitles In english is unreadable, and to the another tongue likes hebrew any of work.

Thinks that a prize is good but has to that know a downsides.

Measure , contrast, brightnes, good white colour. Acute nail a coverage of house for a milimeter. Any lag. Tripod Well. Prize. It agrees last settings.
A lot standart same light with battery but for 30 minutes- echo the way is longer. (Buying a extrenal battery for external use to the equal that draws so only 25W)

colour too hard. Red is pink. Any subtitle support (a lot of entity partorisca travelling if you are not english native - now has to them that buy the player..),
A lot of light is extended around a picture (likes 20 frame of dim light). Any keystone in a shoe of device (has to that maintain a far with calm).
Sleeve softly with coverage of home partorisca nail house esatta.

Update :
loses home with which pocolos small. Need to be refocused with which roughly 5 minutes. And that stays in directing
4 / 5
has bought this projector specifically to have the small projector to spend with my transmission of Nintendo.

Is quite brilliant same with some environmental light in a room and is a lot crisp in detail especially when you have dipped a transmission to start with 720p.

My only flu is that like the portable projector I really like the way to protect a lentil when any into use. I have bought the chance for him that would have to do well but the little sliding shutter would have been awesome.
4 / 5
Ossia Hands down my projector preferred has not purchased never and easily mine buys favourite of a year. This tiny pocola what packs the punch!!! It has had the habit to use $ 80 projectors of amazon or the $ 1200 massive beast of the projector, this one extracted like this very like this $ 1200 a, but is portable and has the built in battery! It is like this tiny.

Incredibly satisfied with cost of mine. A rule sized hdmi the port in a backside is the utmost characteristic. A onboard the computer is surprising, leave me to touch slideshows of photos with eases and does not have any class of persistent or annoying map when an image is stopped, etc.

has bought the chance of hard walk together with this concealed returns it perfectly!

Ossia An amazing projector . Hands down. Compraventa Better. It loves it! The engineering adds AAXA!
5 / 5
Entertainment little artilugio. In of to the works likes them announced, and of the majority of some descriptions is something on to the equal that signal out of a pros and gilipollas. Has the good picture, is the little strong, takes the little heat, is very portable, etc. So only the few notes:

1. It is not sĂșper brilliant. If utilisations this in the dark room with all the lights has turned was, then is sĂșper brilliant. But tests use this in the room with windows during daytime, then is not that easy to see.
2. A battery is almost the joke. It says 2.5 hours in Way of Echo in a description here. In a AAXA put web, so only has said 60+ operation of minute. We were able to take exactly 60 minutes in Regular way: we look the film , and one the enclosed projector is gone in a 59 mark of small, but probably spend 1 minute that dips up in a start.
3. Connecting was surprisingly easy. Bought the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI boss (like AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Boss - 6 Feet ) and has connected a MacBook Air to the this projector. Then the Digital entrance selected in a projector, and Looked! Had the good-looking image.
4 / 5
After possessing an old P1-J for years(and that they want to), I upgraded to this.

Real HDMI Entrance
Keystone correction. Admitted, is digital, but the better still way that at all.


Archaic onboard soyedia Player' is terrible for several reasons:
1- is a lot of finicky in those formed will touch, and AAXA gives any documentation in it codecs laws more.
2- Has to that it weaves of entrance lag when using a far.
3- When Moving a selector in the file, he arrests, a whole interface will close-up for the pocolos second, a screen will go totally spatial, and then will begin to touch the 'preview' of a file. There is any way to take this or for the turn was.

The life of battery is 'iffy' - the better results arrive when plugged in. A wall-the brick draws 36 watts max, as I can can he out of the Jackery powerbar. Also, a power comprised-the supply is very bulky. For a prize, this thing has to that so only run out of USB-C.

A comprised far-the control is terrible for several reasons:
1- All the keys are shaped a same way, like this yes is using he in a calm darkness can not distinguish a key of another
2- forgets/to lose a far, some keys in a cup of a projector is not very useful. They are capacitive, how is hard to say that it is pressing. Also, a lot of functions are difficult/impossible to do without some far.
3- A lot of entrance lag.

32GB max In an USB and Microsd paper? The support has called to consider of the this, and has Very 'said, could do with the main devices, but ossia one the big plus sustains'. Real taking! Any one has papers these small anymore. Ossia The big limitation , and included his later big-final 4k that the projector has said 32gb max.

Felizmente, the majority of a gilipollas is relieved yes calm only use a HDMI gone in, which calms so that it would expect. Die this, loves projector of mine and probably would take another.
4 / 5
I usually does not write descriptions for the products but this little projector blow me is gone in of the terms that was it able to do. Still although it is quite small to easily the control in a delivery, am coming to a conclusion that a P300 Lunar is a perfect projector for entertainment of mine in the house and he are likely to be excellent for business use, he assuming dim room. It is extremely simple to connect to another hardware while the HDMI the boss and I was able to connect the walk of thumb with pictures and of the video and touch them was a projector also. While your files are in the format to file a projector can read, calm will not have any subject! I achieved it it was to sustain of client with some questions because a projector has not read a first walk of thumb has tried to connect his and has taken a response quite quickly! All have required to do the one who the sure frames have used the walk of thumb 32GB or less and to do sure a walk of thumb was formatted to FAT32, so that once it has to that change to a 8GB (tried with the 64GB at the beginning), has not had any subject!
Definitely has been thinking roughly taking this -- I am happy has done and are sure calm will be too much!
4 / 5
Proprietary VGA adapter a lot included. I have had to spend $ 20 to take he of the website of a costruttore.
Locates to the rovescio, which thinks perhaps a manual says any to do. An edge of the mountain of the metal inserts/inserts slipped outwardly the bit, but does not think it can come all a way was. It looks to be a lot to the rovescio. It uses the mountain of camera regulates.
Some noise of defender. Any bad this in spite of.
Thinks GONE ( Infrared ) the receiver is in an a lot of behind to somewhere. You owe that be directly for behind the to use a far.
The room will require to be moderately dark to see a good image. I have covered some windows, and turn of a more after half, and sometimes everything of some lights while using this projector.
Does not have any zoom or optical keystone adjustment in this projector. It would recommend to regulate an image to plant of a projector. Also I recommend to avert to use a digital keystone, as this will result in quality of horrible image in the projector of resolution has moderated like this.
See pictures and semi-detached video for more than details. It remarks that the parts of a start of video of house. Ossia My camera , and any projector.
Update: Threaded inserts to the trace has come finally I free after being to the rovescio for month. I have used epoxy to ensure it behind in the place and is been a lot never of then.
5 / 5
Right out of a box, something was rattling inner. I have maintained partorisca shake the until him finally tored,' suppose in some nook or cranny. In spite of, I have not had any confidence in this particular unit as they are by train of the turn. That has seen in 10 minutes partorisca try looked well. Image brightness was that it has expected. I took it to mirror a screen in mine ipod touch (using HDMI boss and an apple a/v adaptadora). The defender was perhaps bit it stronger that has expected. It has run the DVD of test by means of a HDMI boss (Woodstock) and has touched well by means of a tiny speaker. Sure, some colours are of the bit (a lot warm, red same). I suppose he the way to regulate concealed. But I am returning this unit as I do not want to run on some hours. I will exchange partorisca another hopefully better unit of a same mark.
4 / 5
Adds little projector. It has been expecting the to be much bigger but his seriously like a measure of the PS4 controller. Surprisingly quite brilliant, especially the way has augmented on. Looks Quite well with lights of room on, but really resplandores when some lights are was (And leave to be sincere, more the people go to be using the projector with some lights was). A built in the player of means comunicacionales is the function added good , but a playback the navigation takes some taking used to. I have loved mainly a HD projector that has had a HDMI gone in like this really uses so only HDMI source in a projector. A measure is like this small and an adapter to be able to is not the brick of enormous power likes all the returns amiably my stock exchange of portable when I travel. A tripod that comes with east the tripod of boss of the ball to the equal that can easily tilt a projector. There is also vertical keystone but his only accessible with a far.
Has has had to that done a subject with a projector where a way of battery drained too prompt (As only durable 20 minutes!) And it was quite frustrating reason was to good sure has touched fully. The support has contacted has seen his email and they have answered in the few hours with him firmware update that has taken so only in the minute to install and was really all is doing adds without loss in brightness! I have added some picture to the equal that can see that I bad with a brightness. Everything of is in a incumplimiento regular setting.
4 / 5
Tecla only AVI, BMP and GIF. ANY MP4 MPEG
Can not show PDF, PPT, files of simple text so only
JPEG pictures so only
volume A lot down and clarity of his poor
EZ interface. Good measure to spend
Fast startup - 7 second and full intensity - no slow glow startup
increases of wheel of the House on an upper surface of a projector - easy to break or start of house.
5 / 5
Adds little projector. It is quite brilliant to do in well has has lit rooms and has the solid interface. A picture is clear and a wheel of home is not the giant ache.

All this be has said, with which roughly 5 hours to use any continuous has begun to show the picture distorted. All troubleshooting and to reset of the factory could not fix a question.

Ossia The add little projector. Mina too bad is lasted so only the few days.
5 / 5
The quality of picture is utmost, is 720P. His the projector of beak, as they are not while it fill 1080p or still 4K. Nizza Physical measure, very portable.

Some questions have with this projector is:
1) Video a lot self regulate when a screen is of cambered.
2) Is concealed is included is flimsy, as it would require the better stand.
4 / 5
Ossia The good product with a subject big. An audio not taking reproduces sometimes. When I Use prime of Amazon or another streaming the services with my computer have connected to a TV an audio is reproduced in a TV, but when I connect it to this projector, an audio is not sent to a projector but starts of a speaker of computer. Ossia The limitation that degrades an experience.
4 / 5
AAXA Is the company adds. You will want any projector of them. Value of the money to pay for the main definition (720dp or better). It calls him and they are happy to converse in his products, upgrades, new models. I have had the scratch in lentil of mine and has substituted a whole projector for free.
4 / 5
A paper in a cup was very sensitive -- almost impossible to not actuating a paper when regulating a place of projection. It was brilliant and has had good resolution. A keystone the characteristic of correction was a lot of fiddly to use. A signal of a HDMI often the cut was without warning and would have to that king-select an entrance. After trying he for the day, has found a gilipollas far outweighed a profit in the professional mini-situation of presentation. It is returned and will look for the most pertinent projector.
5 / 5
Has looked for the small weight, light, easy to transport projector that would leave me to do presentations of small venue with some room lighting still on. This does a lot well for that. Enough that has expected. Very easy to dip up but one manual house requires some finesse. It attaches my Surface seamlessly. It has attached also the laptop the current netflicks, prime of amazon and boss also. The boys love it on a big screen. You owe that buy some bosses that is not comprised and attach the external speaker loves volume. It wants to try to attach to Xbox but so only has not had time. Like this far like this good. To good sure would recommend produced.
4 / 5
Tin a lot included finalise the 45 min episode of TV. A colour is also he quite was.
5 / 5
Sum and compact quality. Ossia Quite small that can dip them he in my room with girls or in a backyard to project for backyard parties. Im Happy with a quality of a picture for a prize has paid.
5 / 5
Do more investigation before shabby.
Some colours have not been that attentive.
Some some settings some brilliant plus while changing boss plugged in fallen to regulate with which 20 minutes, while when being extremely strong.
4 / 5
A lot very in general. I have been using a forward P300 model for the long time in of the schools - on 20 of them. This model this new plus has the battery of the longest life, which is well. A lumen the indication is quell'has bitten lower,b ut looks to be SIDE like this far. One issues - a VGA the the adapter is no longer comprised in a shipment, which means the separated with which order of phase.
5 / 5
Almost impossible cruise it. Once it has taken to a source of picture of the USB, so only the averages of an image has aimed.
Trying correct that, hard to go back and difficult to advance some images effectively.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed a quality of picture and brightness for two nights of films. I can not take on that strong and 'tonal' a defender is. A space has loved to look the films in a wall means that our bosses are quite near of a unit. If it was the aim of the your big plus 'wush' to air it would be WELL, but my unit there has been the noise of low frequency that was really noticeable in of the films.
5 / 5
P300 Lunar And Tab of Galaxy S2 has been connected with Google Cromecast, streaming 'A Name of Rosa' of NRK (national broadcaster in Norvegia) saws Internet/WiFi. A Lunar is easy to dip on, and good works. A small measure and the mobility of my system of global presentation results excellent. A quality of video is 'big-finalise' given a specification of beak of projector and prize. A level of noise of a defender of projector is the little has bitten big.
5 / 5
Does not resemble b touching correctly -for a next day is down to half the load already, without being has used. Has another week to take his law has jointed, or is taking correspondent behind while there have it still the period of turn. Spent too much for him to not touching correctly
4 / 5
A measure is a lot this in spite of big that looks in an image. They are by train to use it Connected to the Lenovo Yoga 720. Immediate connection without hickups or subjects of resolution.
A quality of an image is a lot very still in dimmed room. It is the little noisy but any to a discharge that really annoying.

An only drawbacks has is with respecting to a build of quality, some plastic looks a lot of flimsy and a key of home also.
So that it expects this will not fall aside quickly
4 / 5
This projector will not read any point to be able to of the Microsoft or documents of word. I have called his L the department and they have confirmed that they do not have any software that sustains any program of Microsoft in any of his projectors. This does this projector absolutely worthless for any type of business presentation.
4 / 5
Luz, small, clear, easy to use. I last all day powerpoint presentation in big brilliant rooms.
5 / 5
This small projector is easy to spend for presentations and of the works a lot of images of project partorisca sketch, illustrations, murals or projects.
4 / 5
Has purchased this projector based in a has estimated highly descriptions in some old more P300 regular model. This new plus P300 Lunar looks a same action and among the factor to form smaller with keyless touchpad up. Like this far this little projector is surprising, but has to that warn that it takes quite warm likes sure mark some ventilations are not blocked.
5 / 5
Error of battery. Closed down with which 25 minutes. That is bad with this product? Has the very bad experience with east.
5 / 5
The work adds, perfect to look film
Description: Experience this little projector for my boys to look cartoons and films in his chamber. A projector is simple to use and resupplies quite brightness to project in the big image under dim lighting. A lot please with a compraventa and highly recommend!
5 / 5
Has bought one for the work and do like this a lot that buys one for a backyard. You will require to connect his speaker that looks anything.
4 / 5
Has no far way partorisca advance some slides. It is a lot I compact that it could be very partorisca travelling or other things but has not fulfilled my needs.
5 / 5
Ossia The mini rechargeable Projector and handy for use in of the places with less than suppliers to be able to and is is a lot very deep down dark.
4 / 5
Image lag with the video is a lot in entertained. Stutters Of same image with more than low king files of video.
Does not recommend .
5 / 5
Of of the this is my first beak compraventa of the projector has not had anything to ask the one who brilliant 420 Lumens was to be, tents more electronic that sells him does not have him on for real world-wide exposures. It was a lot pleasantly it surprised it that in the dark room 420 lumens is very brilliant and is perfect for my needs to look films, especially when camping.

Goes to give 4 stars because when I have tried to touch the films have purchased of iTunes and touching them of the mine iPhone or iPad that uses the lightning of Apple to hdmi adapter all would take is a video and any audio of some films has purchased of iTunes. It would touch video & of the music of the music has purchased of iTunes, also would touch Youtube and Netflix programs without the question. It was just films has purchased of iTunes. I have discovered later that the films have purchased of ITUNES is DRM protected and will not touch the yes connected audio the hdmi.

Has found the work around this in spite of. You will require to purchase the lightning of Apple to vga adapter (he goes to use an iPhone or iPad), together with AAXA proprietary mini vga adapter for a P300 Lunar ( was $ 15 has purchased directly of AAXA). This left to look the films have purchased of iTunes in this projector, and has done adds. A picture was excellent and could send an audio to some the external speakers have seen a headphone jack in mine iPad or iPhone or by means of Bluetooth.
4 / 5
It would be good partorisca a half user but I has has had to that return it with which 2 days partorisca try.

To That it liked him to it:
1. It is small and lite.
2. It uses partorisca regulate HDMI (any one this mini of concealed them would require an adapter)

That has hated:
1. It mounts creation very bad. A piece of metal that is pressed so only to plastic without anchoring. You can a lot of that. It exits easily.
2. It freezes (hang) a lot often and it would not turn it era. Raisin more often when exploring mesos comunicacionales of SD paper. And an only way of the turn was is the hard reset ( has the special whole partorisca a pin partorisca press).
3. It uses the a lot low quality software king-exemplary (look simple bilinear a) ossia a lot low quality and creates the plot of aliasing in an image.
4. A worse of everything is that it is doing keystone the correction in software has seen one same bad king-exemplary that creates constant moire models when showing contained of big resolution and has any way of the turn was :(

Attached is in image of Moire machineries when showing objective black and alternated 1 wide pixel of vertical shots in native 1280x720.
4 / 5
Has been that looks for the small battery powered projector partorisca take on a gone when travelling with a family. We last used this projector with our Transmission of Nintendo partorisca ours travesĂ­a of cabin of the Mammoth and was utmost partorisca some boys. It would be surprised the one who big and that shines a projection can take when besides dark lighting conditions. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Am looking forward to when being able to spend my own projector at random, more than using the less effective product.
This projector is small, light but is powerful with the quality of wonderful image.
4 / 5
Has purchased this projector the few weeks done and the action has blown my expectations was! Native HD the resolution remained with 420 lumen is the add combo partorisca house and use of small business presentation. Photo of a P300 Lunar in action aim to follow!
5 / 5
No like this strong to the equal that have thought a lumens would be, but add for travelling to do presentations!
4 / 5
The works perfect an audio is not that well but purchase the speaker with to the and has solved a question in general awesome compraventa.
4 / 5
If although has several meeting rooms with projection, this little project of video is adds like the backside-arrive when our integrated systems are down or partorisca take to the long of when travelling partorisca meetings. Consuelo and utmost value
4 / 5
This projector adapted my portable needs, doing add like this far!
5 / 5
Can not believe the one who brilliant is partorisca such the small unit. Some red and the roses are the little strong, this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA P4-X Android ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this awesome little projector partorisca the alone chance, the camp of corporate/picnic was. My brother in law has travelled a world-wide and has wanted to aim attendees pictures of some of some places is been. I have had already the screen of projector (long history), as all have required was the projector. Aliamos Be in the place without being able the outlets, like the operation of battery was the must . I owe that say, this little project is coming by means of in of the big ways. Some images were saturated and brilliant. We expect until dusk (any dark still), and has had a lot of @@subject.

Of a chance, used it to aim film for a kiddos. They love it. It is like the chance of theatre of the film in a house. You can hook he until a program of audio (on-speaker of the joint is not enough for video/of film), and is adds. In the dark room and plugged in (more brilliant plugged in that in batts), this thing is awesome. And it packs it was at random to spend ( has bought separate) has drawn for compact camera. Magnitude. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Is the handy device for presentation. This in spite of, a start on the paper is not a lot robust. Sometimes it begins like this it manufactures incumplimiento paper without any application at all and sometimes begins with the paper fill with applications. One lighting and function of home is well. This in spite of, a thing has to that complain is so only accepts mini HDMI and mini connectors of USB. This requires compraventa of additional bosses reasons a container does not come with bosses with mini connectors.
Has looked for to use he with the Powerpoint presentation of the Macbook Pro laptop. A question is that it can so only video of show but no powerpoint presentation with HDMI. He of then cut in an Android, require the special application to touch a Powerpoint Presentation. I owe that send a powerpoint presentation to an email address and then received for a device (which is the a lot of characteristic !!). Well, of course, some of a powerpoint presentation the special effects has been lost after a conversion. Another question has been he can not take an integer powerpoint slide of presentation if a margin of an original presentation is too much small. Perhaps it will do better use google application in place of software of Microsoft.
Some papers of a product is insufficient and has to that go to a web of place of company to troubleshoot a question. I owe that it feels that this product is pressed to a phase in the haste and there is still some need of rough flanges to be polished.
5 / 5
After doing stirs it of investigation , ossia a projector has decided to buy . My main uses are video /of films and the bit of gaming . The ones of way that far has run it video of USB and XBOX without the question . I have done my own screen (6'x4') and some colours are vivid and the picture is clear . Any HD , but still a lot good .
A speaker has known was useless , but I simply run the Lepai amp with the pair of B652s and the work adds . A defender is the little noisy approaches that , but at all concealed is not to win for decent speakers and having a unit out of you .
One a thing that sold on this was portability . A fact that that can be run without the cord to be able to when it wants to do the fast show of pics etc .
People that has seen this projector in action is surprised in that that can do he for such the small measure . For $ 300 , it is hard to beat .


has been using this with both the Lepan II and Acer Iconia ( both HDMI was) for streaming video like an external theatre . Still doing add and has done enough a splash with my friends of daughters on ' prejudices of film' . Entirely happy with this unit and will buy another if this a does not die never on me .
4 / 5
Using in the MacBook Pro. Used Mac MiniDVI the VGA adapter (any one comprised) to connect to a VGA the boss distributed with a projector. Finally it will take the MiniDVI the Mini HDMI boss for normal use but a VGA the quality was excellent. In the room of normal daylight with tall florescent, a brightness was that it suffices on can of battery to see an exposure in the white wall 8 feet. In 25 feet, the projection is still good and the measure of picture is well, but invidente to block the sun that goes in. In an adapter to be able to, is noticeably more brilliant. If you are using this for the business meeting in the room of the small conference where can you dim some lights, would have to be quite good to take a work done. If the big meeting room where measures it the elder is required, the worse chance can has to that run went it the adapter to be able to and shade an environmental light. In my opinion, he rivals some main and more bulky units. The note also has run on can of battery out of a box, any one sure if his recharged the or no in a factory.

Has come with the mini to the boss of USB rule, roughly 6 thumbs in period, the boss for connectivity of video of the component to the connector of telephone (TRRS) ossia in a side to receive for a projector, the 3 feet mini VGA (side of projector) to VGA regular boss, 1/8 thumb. There is the headphone port 1/8' TRS. I have not tried a quality of audio because having a lot to use audio in my presentations besides my own voice (I figure if I am not doing an in alive speaker, that is a point of me when being there?).

Comes with the small far. Any one sure will not use never that of having to that control my presentations by means of a keyboard in my car. Also it comes with the flexible three leg of tripod to signal that is 4.5 big thumbs first to regulate some legs. It is packed in value of decent box that maintains it organised in if you do not finalise to use another class of boxes of stock exchange. Probably I will take the box of aluminium/of small camera to spend he in.

An adapter to be able to has roughly 4.5 feet of period of boss. It begins 12vdc in 2A, cylindrical jack with negative outsides. 1/8' diameter.

Shipped with the lustrous two sided business paper for support of technology to ensure satisfaction of client. 714 code of number of zone, email address, hours of operations, allocution callejeras of AAXA Technologies. It looks he is interested seriously in of the satisfied clients.

Some 32 users of page drives is 3.5' X 5' in measure, full of pictures. I a lot in fact read the, or need to, but date a quantity of pictures looks quite simple if for some reason a lot really can not imagine was like this to use a device without him. I have found a device to be quite intuitive.

When powered on gives an option to use a mini SD paper (any one distributed but the port for one east in a front of a device), USB, VGA, HDMI, Composite or settings. It was quite simple cruise it by means of stops gone accident and right (any one on and down). There is the rear key, key of side, on, down, to the left, well, can on/was, and control of house of manual rotation.

To be able to on/was, control a key to be able to down for the pocolos second. Pressing he with immediate emission sends has beaten to a unit but does not remain on.

A measure is like this of the shows of picture. It is returned amiably in my hand a very same way. 5.5'' For just on 1'
 hanged roughly so as my mouse and iPhone have resisted a same time (I knows, technician
.But I have not had the stairs. In short is light).

Given all that really likes to of me and will do a work requires it to do. For a prize could have probably has taken a level of the projector gone in main, but a whole point was that I do not want to lug around the projector discover especially in the plan.

A negatives. A defender is quell'has bitten strong, but was in the room for me when I tried it and no another noise. It is likely no very stronger that any one another projector that has has not used never. A room has measured 40dB with a device was, and 54dB with a device on. A difference among the quite home or conversation of whisper and the normal or calm conversation. Speaking in my normal volume, a metre was in 86dB. A metre am using is an application of iPhone, as it is likely no attentive or aforado but based in some points of reference of normal environmental noise and my normal that voice of pause, would have to take an idea of like this strong a defender really is (I has the good ears has relative like this touched of strong mine to any room any one like this strong a can not speak in the or the find too much distracts it in the big room
 was a lot afterwards his).

An assembly of lentil is recessed in a unit so that one has to that never accidentally touches unless they exit of his way to stick the toe down ' hole of diameter in a front that favour to a lentil. Still, it covers it it would be a lot so only to maintain the powder was. Then again, it has to it weaves of airflow ventilations in this device, as it can calm really powder of maintenances out of him? Speaking of airflow ventilations, can see some circuits by means of them which means the good work in packaging all
so only does not spill anything on that.

Some have said that that lacking of in characteristic that another beak the projectors have for multimedia touch without the computer. I am not sure a profit to be able to dip it powerpoint in the USB or SD paper and it touching was a projector. If I am projecting, probably I am trying causes an audience to answer in some way or ensure is informed. Not knowing the one who the questions can have for advanced, goes to have my laptop or another device with me in all the chance.

Inferior line, am pleased with a compraventa reason goes to do quell'I require it to do: Project quite big and quite brilliant to direct business meetings while when being quite compact that I can easily dipped he in mine spend on with my laptop.
5 / 5
This produces the law adds! I have it running probably 7 hours the day 6 days out of the week. Has has had questions of zeros. Has utmost colours. An image is quell'has bitten red all is to go to some settings and reduce a red. The image is surprisingly brilliant for only 125 lumens. A built in the player of law of means comunicacionales adds also. It has managed any format of means comunicacionales has launched in him. All the entrances do well. A battery is announced in 90 min this in spite of, is so only able state to do for 55-60 minutes. In general touch the product adds. Really it would recommend it to any one. I think that that ossia one of AAXA technologies he the better projector is for a money.
5 / 5
I a lot of descriptions in these small projectors before I have solved in this beauty. I love it. Petit, compact, and does the best that the work has expected. Much more brilliant that some the negative critiques have read. An inferior line is to know that need a product to do, and buy a concealed . Sometimes this means to spend MORE in the projector of big final to fulfil precise. It would not buy this projector that thinks it would do for an auditorium. Works well in the means sized setting of room of the conference. It likes all the compraventa of of things, the use has left some people of common senses. I love it. It fulfils my needs perfectly.
5 / 5
Has purchased this projector of individual hammer for the wide row of tasks: presentations of client when any one the projector is available, impromptu use for gaming/the film that looks in the wall or ceiling, launching schematics to a surface of metal/of forest the scale for scribing a yard markings, launching the image to drive until painting murals in of the big surfaces.
Has to that say, he all and he he well. One 80 lumen the light is quite brilliant like the presentation of point of the can is readable with some lights of room of the conference on, he using to scribe schematics to the material in the good workshop has lit, I eve. Used to still a 2nd characteristic of screen for a F1 race recently, with to plot of environmental light that play in of outsides, and an image looked well.

An only gilipollas, and these are smaller some at most:
A defender to cool in a unit can be bit it noisy is looking video without audio in the calm setting for a long period of time, if has any background noise is hardly noticeable.
Some colours in look of video bit it vivid, but this can be mine any in that touched he with some settings enough.
A built in the speaker is a lot of tinny, any one worthy to be used for audio, but would do if no another alternative is available.

Another that that, a unit is sum ! I have been surprised with some accessories that was bundled, that the tiny tripod was in a box, which was surprisingly sturdy. For a prize signals that ossia an excellent to buy is looking for the small projector, versatile , laptop to tether to the laptop or compressed in a gone.
5 / 5
Love a measure. Amur A clarity of an exposure. User-friendly calm once imagines it era. This in spite of, for any one no used to projectors, certainly has not been an easy task. It would give it the 5 for the measure and the clarity once is doing.

Is to good sure a lot easy to begin..... I have in the first place required to purchase an extra annex for my Mac which I so only discovered after several tentativas in trying all and then googling reasons the projector no ; then Signal to Be able the only laws to connect it directly my Mac that use an annex has purchased. Still I can not take Point of Capacity to do with my walk of thumb... Some slides have not been in mandate... A lot frustrating. Neither I can take a projector to do of iPhoto. It does not like to critique a projector reason so only could me be.

Buys again... It is quite expensive for any one when being pas able to use all some characteristics but I once taking has imagined was some More the the suppositions is better that some main projectors.
4 / 5
Has bought this to use in a room for presentations and of the video. I want to that has to that 90 battery of minute as I do not owe that treat like this cords. Power Point is clear without requiring to dim some lights. The documents of word are clear and readable you zoom in fully. I usually the project of the mine portable has seen a HDMI the boss like this is easier. I have connected wirelessly to the mine iPad/of iPhone, but has the bit of the lag time how is usually easier to so only use a computer. Interface for a built in Netflix, Youtube, etc. Can be difficult to use, like this in a room I just current in mine portable and the project have seen HDMI. Has the separate speaker that covers in stops his in to the the video likes him to him the speaker has comprised can be of difficult to listen in the room. I love a small measure to the equal that share the rooms and I have to that take these backsides and advances every day like plus lighter and small, a better. In general, for a measure, prize, clarity, life of battery, and the quality are a lot happy.
5 / 5
Is of entity to remark that I have had this little type for 25 hours. Also of entity that has bought takes only (1) purpose; to expand sketch the cloth of full measure. That the WONDERFUL device. It is quite brilliant for working in 'daylight.' At present I am seating in -50 footcandles, and is more than quite brilliant to do with easily. If I open some shadows to leave a paste of sun a surface of work in the prĂłjimo-blinding 300 footcandles, is the washed was also to do, but in any one-industrial lighting is well. It launches the distance is also excellent. I am doing in a 18x24 paper of watercolour, not using a full width of a projection and a lentil is 60' of a joint. Ossia 30' diagonal in 60' distance, exactly that a spec said would owe that expect. Ossia A prize Âœ of a projector considered (one specifically marketed like a projector of art), with ÂŒ a lumens, and am believing it has taken a better shot, reason do not owe that fuss with the cord to be able to.

Likes to nod the to another reviewers, yes a defender is quite strong to remark. But really I do not concern ; usually I have music or a television that goes when I paint.

A subject only has had like this far is that a far was bad out of a box, but looks structural failure in a keypad. I have contacted already AAXA support of client and expect the substitution to be afterwards.
4 / 5
I have bought this in 2012, With which two years of heavy use (the leaving on on .) Still it would recommend it. I use it on the wall painted in a basement. It is more in way down below light like this partorisca be expected. It is not salvation def but does not have any complaint in a picture, has known that have bought. The connectivity is sum , comes with bosses of adapter partorisca just roughly anything can think of of RCA the HDMI. I dipped it/ I dipped It behind to in the 100' screen in a basement and the people are impressed that it is like this small and resupplies this zone partorisca see. Utilisation partorisca the films and the games and utmost. I will say this: Recently, I have been partorisca turn a unit was and has had the static accident when I have touched a projector.. I think that that this has caused a joint of the his to fail. Now I owe that cover any unit are by train of the connect the directly to the mine stereo does not think some on-works of his of the joint more but have any conclusively tried this. Beware Of static. Otherwise Resupplied me with two full years of happy use.
5 / 5
Has had this projector partorisca 2 month now, used it roughly 10 times, and are entirely satisfies like this far.

Require dipped your expectations consistently, when buying the compact projector like a P4X.
Does not go partorisca take this thing to a park in a half of a day and project a 80' film partorisca yours girl' party of anniversary.
Is the small, -$ 300 projector. . . It has dipped in the dark room, with small to any environmental lighting, and an image 'pop' so that it has announced!

Has used he with a distributed VGA adapter, as well as a HDMI connection, and both active consistently has produced an excellent image.
Each one that like this of my uses has been 3+ hours , and there is still partorisca have the subject with only that the quality of image of a projector, or his capacity to run constantly.
Was also happy to find that a port of USB resupplies can adapted to power the Chromecast out of him.
To the equal that am able to hook a Chromecast to a P4X (with a HDMI boss of adapter), and then use a stock Chromecast usb boss partorisca go directly to a projector partorisca be able to.
Laws perfectly and the look adds! ( It has bought in fact the Chromecast specifically partorisca use together with a P4X)

has has not tried personally an action of life/of the battery, as I have not had the need to do like this still, like another reviewers can resupply his own personal opinions of an experience of battery.

Like this again, is looking for the projector of professional note, where a quality of image goes partorisca do-or-break a difference in your presentation, calm then precise goes partorisca buy the Christie projector, or something of this caliber. (The stop that looks in -$ 300!)
But yes wants the small economic projector for uses of personal entertainment, then can say that this projector returns a bill.
4 / 5
Ossia The really good pocket sized projector for a prize. I used it to project in a wall and has looked films, TV and same parties of a World-wide Cup 2014. It has had no lag and although one contrasts was in a side a dark plus, has thought a quality of picture in 80' was really good. I need to find a right distance of a wall to take a better picture. Note that so only can uses unplugged for the maximum of 2 hrs.
An only complaint that has is in a noise of an interior of defender a projector that is sometimes too strong that he block same a real sound of a device that is not a lot at all. It uses a sound of your player/of laptop, league to the speaker and he would have to that be well.
Using the HDMI the boss together with one is that is coming with a projector has not been very stable and I reverted to use books and other materials of the give the solidest base. In general I am happy with a device.
4 / 5
This in spite of has a HDMI port - his in fact the MINI-HDMI port - that the does not say in a manual. For some reason, an iPhone of iPad/of Apple HDMI the adapter no with him. They are sure a VGA adapter/of iPad of the iPhone will do.

With which a SD the port of paper is in fact the Micro-SD port of paper - again this is not mentioned clearly in a spec layer - not even in a box. A Micro-SD is not like this populate like SD and this could be the question .

Some pictures are crisp - a capacity to touch the files of the walk of USB is of sound.

A noise of defender is in plot but can be overshadowed for the system of good speaker.

For a money and a measure, ossia the add compraventa. The desire could imagine was like this to take HDMI of iPad/of iPhone working.
4 / 5
This unit is brilliant and amused to use. I owe that do several presentations the year where does not have any crew or a crew is not doing. I pull this creature was and prompt, a presentation is still on! I take he with me on all my conferences.
5 / 5
Has done enough to plot of investigation of first comparison to decide in a P4X. I have bought initially he for use with some experimentation with screens to touch projected, Wii whiteboard and another such experiences. To the respect ossia an excellent election . Also, I am extremely happy with a measure and hanged, can dip it without accidents in the upper pocket of my question. I have used also it is like that the projector has attached to mine Roku the really has the same good picture in daylight with invidente is to good sure very better in the room has darkened. If purchasing this to project video/of television invests in the better tripod and some external speakers. It is quell'has bitten noisy with a defender but this is not the big question for me but something to be considered.
5 / 5
Has revised a band of beaks and has chosen is one. He no with the boss purchased of local vendor. Ensured HDMI mini boss of AAXA that works. It has had to return first near, as it directs no like this acute to the equal that have has wanted to (yes, has takes plastic band of lentils). Slowly to use this on travesĂ­a of mission to of the one of the sud Pacific the next month that video of projects of IPAD. As both are battery powered, will be the good access. It has on dipped of the house and I am pleased with result. Far it is not useful, neither is flimsy tripod, but these are subject smaller . Otherwise, Is produced well for the use has feigned. It will try it on I become friends this week. Other readers of this description could consider that ossia the good product to resupply for missionaries, if they are bent like this.
5 / 5
Has bought this like an alternative to the TV. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in my table of caffĂš approx. 5ft Of a wall and the together small of speakers (bought for separate) down also attached to my PC.
A quality of picture is unbelievable same without the screen. Any I really remarks any noise of the defender like other descriptions there is complained roughly but then am not pulling to listen a sound of inbuilt to the speakers of PC likes him another power.
His small would return of more than stock exchanges of villages easily and accesses amiably in my table of caffĂš. His hips a lot of hassle to move room in room.

A tripod that comes with east of a bendy variety of leg to the equal that can take the little has bitten to time for the regulate the question if his in disposal to be in a something included the majority of a time.
The quality of picture goes way down like this light does not have any way would look TV in the room in feeble light fill far out of a screen would not owe that be investing he in some black out of curtains.

taken the light colored wall and the darkness (or can be darken room) spent this and the together small of the calm speakers seriously will think is in the cinema has dipped to grieve the film that careers.
4 / 5
Like the representative professional sales that sells instrumentation of analytical chemistry, has required the projector of travelling measure like this to do presentations to my clients... Both Point to Be able to and animate video of products and like work. The majority of my presentations that use a projector is for 4 - 8 people in the room of office or small conference. Trying objective that a lot of people the video in the laptop is little practise. With this projector, all I need is wall of small space and easily can project an image and direct my presentation. Works like the charm!! The image is clear... Fast and easy to dip up. Complete wine with all that has required... Mini Tripod... VGA/Boss of USB... And other bosses to connect to devices of Apple. Bought the small Sony case of camera in Walmart for $ 20 to maintain all near... And that access neatly in my office to go that it takes on aircraft with me. More still... I have closed in the number of sales with this help of Projector of east Hammer. Five stars by means of a joint!
5 / 5
Use to project to my ceiling of chamber for extremely seeing of lazy TV (using this tripod: Pedco UltraPod II LIGHT CAMERA Tripod ). I have used a projector with MiniSD, USB, and HDMI (using the MK802 clave of Android) and all has touched well. A volume is feeble, but very better that having any built on-parleur (I use Cyber Acoustic Subwoofer System of Satellite (CA-3602a) plugged to a projector). A brightness are adds at night with some lights was, and very was with some lights on. Daytime The use is not a lot well, but to good usable still insurance for shows that has seen before.

A far is functional, but need to be signalled directly in some GONE auricular for him to do.

A built in the battery is also orders. Note that, if AC discharges is not plugged in fully to a projector, an image can drive mad (inverting, flipping, blinking), doing think that something is bad with a projector he.

Hopefully A hard projector!
5 / 5
An only reason so only are that it goes to 4 star in this product is my opinion is is so only the short hair on definition of image in of the zones/of rooms that is not entirely dark. It is not quite like this clear & brilliant like my old dinasaur projector but honradamente takes a work done. His like this versatile on where calms that can dip on, regulating a picture, etc is the big plus. I have used he for 3 meetings already and all the world-wide always asks where has taken this . It is in fact quite amazing for a plus of measure I really like an option of battery. It is in fact so only the little less clear when calm so only use a battery but still has to that say a pros the way was hanged a gilipollas in this plus of product thinks the quite reasonable prize.
5 / 5
Had satisfied entirely with projector of east hammer... After comparing the number of them, was really fearful would finalise with something obnoxiously strong or like this dim that has been essentially useless. Has the hum, but this little one is a perfect but still measure quite brilliant to see something in the quite brilliant room (this in spite of obviously better in the darkness a).

Has used for an installation of art that would be up for the week - with me that turns he onin a morning and was at night. It was fearful the would not last ... But it has done!... visually At least. Before I have begun included an installation the a short sound was when so only tried it the pocolas days before. I have had to change a material has used last now to go with something silent. Like the result, am returned he without question. I am not sure if this was the defect of a product so only / was possibly refurbished or something... Or tongue to a product like the whole.

But otherwise was the satisfactory product and am interested to buy another for future use... So only it could expect the bit to see something spectacular or new starts before volume around his. But I need a now -- this some DID returns a bill... The just hope there is not the defect!
5 / 5
Has has researched projectors of hammer for enough some time and finally decided in a AAXA P4, am very happy with this creature.

A P4 sustains the wide row of entrances (VGA, HDMI, SD, USB, RCA). It has attached the walk of thumb of the USB (has has had to that reformat to FAT32) and was able to touch the film of characteristic (mp4) without questions.
I previously rasgado some films eat .m4v - As the simple renames to .mp4 Has taken this a lot working.

Has then run some boss my box of boss, and has had early the 5 feet the wide image has projected. Wow!
With the 60 watt CFL on in a room, a picture was enjoyable of roughly 9/10 feet. With some lights was, a picture was amazing - acute and crisp and quite brilliant.
The Centrical projector has the screen sizing map (these chairs is too conservative):

A P4 the paper of settings has options to regulate contrast, maintained, acuteness, etc... - But it does not agree these settings when I closed down and behind on again. No the big shot this in spite of.
Also can regulate light temperature and EQ an audio.

Neither treats it big, but can be to some: there is no keystone adjustment, as it suggests to locate a P4 in the tripod and the level that way. Once I have levelled a P4 an image was good and square.

Mina only beef with a P4 is a far - is quell'has bitten economic and unresponsive in time. A P4 is done a lot very - solid throughout and feels like the piece of professional crew, some far looks out of place.

Finally, has read revises to mention a noise of defender - in my opinion was to grieve noticeable. There is remarked so only a noise when it was a lot afterwards his touching with some controls. If have stereo speakers hooked until east you will not listen the thing.

5 / 5
Purchases this projector to show pictures in the pair of my daughter. In general, these few works of projector extremely well. There is the little has bitten to cool noise of defender. Better to treat concealed that fails of premature system because of overheating. A tin of battery resembled this device for roughly 45 first minutes to require to be recharged. 'Pro Is' is; a lot of capacity for special characteristics, sustains the good row of bosses of data. This little projector dips out of the quite good image that considers is measure . It looks quite robust. Fact so it has announced. A prize is 'right' for all some characteristics possesses. Easily it would recommend to another requiring an easily transported projector regarding small business meetings.
5 / 5
Has looked for the very portable projector to use in of the small meetings. It was a lot of dubious when I have begun to look in some projectors of BEAK on Amazon but some descriptions for a AAXA was like this well has has had to that the give the try. I have it there was so only the days of pair but like this far am very pleased with him. It will not take never a place of the 2700 lumen full sized projector, but for small meetings or included looking video of the mine portable in dim light of room he an excellent work. Some papers are very precise and easy to comprise, dipped up is the breeze and an integer setup comprising bosses, supplies to be able to etc.. Accesses in the very small camera stock exchange. Down waiting for to use the.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for mine toastmaster tongues. A defender is strong but no like this strong the speaker of the practice can not be listened. Projector of mine is coming with the 3 legged stand. A noise of partidĂĄrio is reduced a lot or grieve audible when you have dipped a projector in a three legged stand that comes with him. It likes-I one projector for small soiled presentations. Opinions that a far control is not to like the far laptop. You owe that signal a far directly in a projector-has thought at the beginning has not done. Some the far works are and like this far any question
5 / 5
A zoom in dodgy and having the question that takes whole picture looks of cloth to lose a boss or feet. The practice will help to good sure. Far works well and love a reverse photo that leaves a unit to project in a backside of a cloth and enable locating a picture without interrupting a projection of a photo. If project to the main zone does not have any question that takes a whole picture in. The delivery was wonderful is coming at the head of a weekend and three days of date have expected. Received the Friday Melbourne Time of Australia and has not been foreseen until a following Wednesday. Personally it would have liked me to him he bit it more cushioning in of a box was in but was in perfect working mandate like this aparantly was sufficient.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason have has loved the projector to take on spiegamento. Quite freaking sweet. I will say you that it has to that have the relatively dark room for the use because it is not sĂșper that shines like that the projector of full measure would be but so that it is to the law adds. It was able to use my laptop, iphone, ipod, and ipad on that. Of course for some devices of Apple will require some pertinent adapters.
4 / 5
Ideal to look the films and the presentations resupplied you can darken a room suficientemente.un low number of lumens means that has the room that is reasonably very lit calm then will have some questions seeing a lot clearly.

A portability of an element so only is in amazing. Compared to the projector of full measure, this thing will return in the small stock exchange and will last for more than an hour without being able to. Ideal for locations with fluctuating electricities and will cost calm less than the projector rule. I produce it adds. Fully recommend.
5 / 5
An initial description of a AAXA P4 P4X Projector of Hammer, 95 lumens has indicated was a brilliant plus (in 95 lumens) of an economic (&60;$ 300) models of projector; this in spite of, the action of some leaves of projector to plot to be wished. An image is washed was unless there is near total darkness in a room, included when a screen is 8 feet less than a projector (approx 60 image of thumb). A house is troublesome also; never really achieving fully crisp, the quality of image focused. In a side besides, a built in bed That the battery of ion is convenient does not have the neighbour outlet.

Regarding a listing in Amazon: a page suggests that another the one who has bought a AAXA the projector has bought also the Sunpak mini- tripod or it Tripod of Chance & of the TravesĂ­a partorisca Compact 85-Lumen Projector of Pocket. First of all, a AAXA the projector comes with the mini tripod, likes Sunpak the tripod is unnecessary. After, a chance of travesĂ­a and tripod for the compact 85 lumen projector of the pocket announced for $ this specifically drawn for a Brookstone 85 lumen projector. A AAXA, with his accessories, will not return in the Brookstone chance. . . (I has has had to that the turn. I have substituted he with a AmazonBasics Chance of TravesĂ­a Universal for the electronic Small and concealed is not quite big, neither, for all some accessories.)

While the action of a projector a bit is being missing of, works in the compatible level with his prize, I supposition. It has said of another way,, takings like stops of pay. Having has used already a AAXA for the presentation and when being a lot of disappointed with his action, would suggest one 300 lumen AAXA.
5 / 5
I have not gone too sure the one who a global quality would be but was has surprised at present. It is the good quality little unit packed with characteristics that ships with everything of some connectors of video that some supports of units (except the mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter), different some another that need to buy stirs it of connectors before I can use it at all. Once caveat to ossia that are that it wants to connect to an iPad/of iPhone then will require to take an Apple HDMI connector for separate. I have found that these units does a lot well with and iPhone 5s and a iPad2.

Has spent this to use when we go in vacacional but was unsure would be brilliant quite so that it has not had any idea that 95 lumens has looked. It is the portable projector really well that reads brilliantly. It is also the most brilliant plot that a description would involve when it use also, included in the battery is quite brilliant to look, in the fully lit room is still visible but to the equal that has expected is not some ideal conditions to use the projector in.

A quality of picture is a lot well for his measure is good and acute with the by heart good row.

A partidĂĄrio inner is strong but no stronger that the projector of full measure and is bearable. It locates this in a boss to bed roughly 2 feet on my boss that use the mountain of the gorilla and a noise is well. I run a volume on 5-7 (roughly 1/4) and is in legislation for me. An inner speaker is quite good but some can find that the together good of headphones is better.

Has no keystone correction in this model like this ideally require to be squared with a surface that is projecting to, has found this in spite of that that can be slightly was and still looks well.

Has the stand has distributed, which has not expected , but would suggest to invest in the stand of gorilla likes these are more stable and can be dipped to grip the surfaces to prevent a whole assembly to touch on.

Would recommend to take spend it chance for him so that it does not have any chance distributed with a unit and there is the plot of bosses of small/connectors etc.

has used this unit the numerous time and has done fantastically every time, highly would recommend for travesĂ­a or the room of the girl.
5 / 5
Has several chances of use thus projector. In the first place, has has wanted the use this with my Cub Scout Band to look film in rainy camp outs and another time 'Calm'. A quality of picture has been point and averts and a capacity to simply turn it on with clave of USB and look the film quickly is awesome.

I also the use to share the desk while teaching classes. Extracted better that has expected, but he no excel.

A so only gilipollas has them is a speaker is low volume , as it requires a system of external speaker. A far control was DONA . It is not the big shot, but has contacted lean it and I am expecting in his response.
5 / 5
A AAXA P4X projector of Hammer ($ 300) is the light battery-operated, video of palmera of measure and projector of monitor. Purchase to direct presentations in a fly for my subject of instruction of the photo. My monitor fulfils in of the public inner locations for our 2 hr classes and often has accesses to be able to or the screen for projection. Powered With light CONCENTRATED, a Beak the projector is a lot effective in the room darkened for until 10-12 feet and with to 5 screen of projection of feet. A life of battery was in hours; those suffices partorisca to 2 class of now. I have projected included to 90 film of minute for my boys alfresco in the park. His is a lot of available connections. I have used a VGA with and retina of iPad. There also audio in still his speakers, connection of USB or Flash walk , HDMI regular video and a SD space of paper to see photo or video. Control for formats for pertinent viewing. It did not try it still. I will amend my description later. I have connected a Projector of Beak with has has distributed bosses. A texture of surface is hule likes; I add gripping. They are trace a projector in mine tripod of photo. Ossia Fresh! Has come also with the mini tripod to subject upper projection.

To That it liked him to it:
Small measure. Laptop
the battery has operated. Good life. 3 hours the recharge to first time.
Distributes bosses. This in spite of can has to that find adapters to other devices.
Options of connection
the tripod is trace
Keys and easy papers to use
textures of easy Surface the grip.
Brilliant projection in of the small spaces for small groups

My worries:
has had some subjects to maintain some have distributed VGA the boss of adapter has connected the unit. A bit free in port. It has had to use tape to maintain he of falling era. It thinks a weight of a boss bit it too much. Trying another boss or HDMI next time. It does not come with minHDMI/HDMI boss. Reason this subject, 4 stars other wise would have been 5.

My Plans
will try some options of connections and remaining viewing. Life of battery of the test and bosses in other phases and of the conditions.
Connects to other devices; laptop, player of disk, telephone it( with adapters) this has the video was. It connects speakers

In general very pleased with this projector. John Perez, Owner, Indy Photo
4 / 5
I supposition has been expecting to be able to use this of the furthest distance that is feigned to. Essentially, it has taken this he so that it could look prime of Amazon of my computer in my chamber in a far wall. A wall is roughly 11 feet out of a projector, and projects the big image, clear, but expected it to be so only slightly clearer. Also, a @@@knob of home up is a lot coarse, and is difficult to take the really final house. In general, this in spite of, is adds it small projector.
5 / 5
Unit a lot small. Any one sĂșper brilliant, but the law adds in the chamber. The external speakers are the must yes love film of clock. It likes- one measured and feel. Mini hdmi The hdmi was the ache to find locally and side too much, just mandate a. Hooking On a chromecast and streaming is sĂșper easy. It can not expect use the in a coverage the after state.
4 / 5
Although it has used seldomly, this dead product [would not touch and now will not operate at all] the pocolas days before an end of a guarantee of manufactures. It had purchased the 2 year has guaranteeed extended by means of Square Trade, but has been informed in that then [mid May 2014] that of a product was still under the guarantee of the manufacture has had to treat AXXA. Today, of closing the had not taken the call for behind a manufacture, has contacted the trade Squared again and the representative now is that it directs a situation. Appearance the repayment in a form of a Paper of Present of the Amazon inside the few weeks.
5 / 5
This little type outperforms the main projectors so only the few old years. A light is a lot brilliant. Quite brilliant to project images to the wall with some lights still on. Also law the majority of formats of video, like this calm directly can connect your full hard walk of legally the digital films have purchased his without the computer.
A hard battery 90 minutes without recharging, so that enough time to take a half film in.

My only complaint is a sound of a defender to cool. It is always on. After the short while it calms no the commentary , this in spite of. It is not quite strong of the hard to listen a speaker or anything.
5 / 5
Has bought this AAXA projector to show information of mine Samsung Galaxy S4. Some turns of projector on, a screen of the paper of the looks of projector to select an entrance, but could any never takes to show my S4 the screen that use HDMI or VGA port.

Here is as it has dipped the on how was so much for some instructions and in a web of place.
S4 --&62; MHL Adapter --&62; HDMI boss of full measure to a mini/micro measured --&62; AAXA

is supposition to do without S4 plugged to be able to. This in spite of, have tried with also plugging a power in S4 (by means of a MHL adapters micro usb was to be able to). Still the has not done.

I hooked he on my PC (hdmi was and VGA the boss resupplied). It has not done.

Has not been has taken the bad piece . It has travelled out of country and planned to use he for purpose of the demonstration and he was the big left down. Now, I can not return one marks new element with packaging because some 30 days there is expired.

Spent in your own risk.
5 / 5
Can take he with me wherever the gone. I can touch my games in a ceiling, film of clock, and TV.
Ossia The good projector . If you are looking for something for the theatre of house, calm obviously the good money and would have to that verify cnet for alternatives. If, I like him, alive in of a paving and so only loves game in a ceiling or wall... Ossia The good projector .
Uploads does not resist long, as it maintains your to upload with take era.
5 / 5
Is basic use , like the projector of work of portable light battery has operated really well. Perhaps ossia where would have to that it has to that the left was. Some Windows have comprised THIS VERSION is is useless. There have it also a built-in capacity to see/playback Word or PowerPoint files. It maintains in alcohol, this will not read a word a new plus files like this, save all your files in some formats of the oldest office want to included have the prayer for his touch behind.
Included in that he PPT the file can take minutes to upload. I have uploaded the text so only PPT file 780Kbs in the measure and a time of load is near 5 minutes with a file located in a P4 he. Any walk of USB. Some touches of presentation behind but will require the abundance of load times like this advance of slowly. Taking the files to a device can be operates it in him. So only a usb port for both keyboard and smiled then at all to use to upload your files of. A small plus usb spend it does not look to do anything in our unit, your mileage can vary.
A method has better found like this far is covers it a P4 to your computer and the scrolling files that way, probably more so only to touch for behind your files of the PC also and so only skip a built in software.

Buy this needs the portable projector plugged to your computer for presentations.
Buy this if you are up for the challenge that the transfers files to and of. That would have to that be easy will resupply hours of fun.
Does not buy this to trust a capacity to see presentations with some built in software.
Does not buy this for Windows C, unless you know that it is a lot of stops.
Does not expect a tripod has comprised to be of any use. For him it could do except, calm once connects bosses to a P4 a tripod is likes balance the bowling goes in the toothpick.

Can be better was with some Windows C free version. Account so only on using this plugged to the your laptop.
5 / 5
This projector is powerful and launches the big visible picture and acute still partorisca the group of 30. An inner battery is announces in an hour. A measure and the light weight is VERY CONVENIENT. It can operate independent of the source partorisca be able to and some numerous ways partorisca show that has is exceptional. It has dipped video in the microSD and there is showed, with his, a video has wanted to aim.
5 / 5
This little projector are adds for presentations of sales, the video etc. Projects so only like the big projector. Extremely fresh.
Has Had the defect that the could not imagine was before it has left them for the travesĂ­a: has has wanted to do the slideshow. A calm device so only leave to touch slides like the film, any slide for slide. You can take in the each slide, but the the logo of big pause in a corner of a screen.
Is this the question or a way is? It has not had the occasion for the imagine was.
4 / 5
I travesĂ­a frequently in business and has thought this projector could help with presentations of client, propositions of sales, etc. An A lot of GOOD compraventa! It is small, is brilliant and is easy to use. A tripod is the little delicate, but am so only happy a unit has come with 'll upgrade the plus late. If trip like him -- and precise take your message by means of 'visually', ossia the device adds to have .
5 / 5
Adds little projector. We have used he for impromptu presentations of our travesĂ­as, and for films of house. We take with us when we travel, reasons is like this small and like this versatile. If I have bought again, it would buy one with more lumens. A room has to that be quite dark to see a picture in a wall. He no well in daylight unless calm really can darken a room.
5 / 5
Has read some other descriptions for some details. But know this thing is small and quite darn powerful. It will not substitute the big projector, but are adds for the smallest rooms. It is facilitated and compact measure of frames of connection for near fast up. You can require some any one has comprised connections for the newest laptops. A complaint so only: a comprised (which is almost enough to win a complaint) the tripod is not like this as well as it could like you. But hey this thing really is salvation-the fresh technology.
5 / 5
My woman has taken this projector to the presentation for work. We could not take a projector to connect with our laptop (has had felizmente the backup) to the equal that return this unit.

The supports of client was very useful but unsuccessful fix a subject. Probably so only we take the bad unit but opted to purchase the projector of different mark in all the chance.
4 / 5
Has bought this for business presentations and was pleasantly surprised by a quality of an image. I have been concerned roughly using he in the room with to plot of light but was very brilliant and clear. A volume of sound has been limited but no a subject for as it uses it. Sum of compact measure. Projector A lot well in the prize adds!
4 / 5
This projector is coming without the useful bosses and I has had to that buy 3 has separated some before it included it could take some right bosses to connect to a computer. A far for a projector is RIDICULOUS. A toy of boys is more responsive!! SĂșper Fallido And will return this ASAP if a far substitution is no better. It comes without the instructions and a paper have projected is practically indeciferable. There is disappointed really.
4 / 5
Has purchased recently this element for my grandson like the present, both and was very surprised in his action. A thing is (thus measured ' is the true interpreter.
Has been blown is gone in a clarity of picture and calm can regulate a measure of a picture this in spite of has the experience of wonderful viewing.
4 / 5
Any bad. Small measure, a work. In fact it can touch some files of video for him.
But when comparing with the project regulates of alike prize, these looks of what small so less powerful. Well, ossia a character of this type of portable product.
A lentil is small in diameter and does not look for to be fact of material of big quality.

Top Customer Reviews: AAXA KP-700-01 P700 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Utilisation this projector partorisca different projects as well as so only looking house of film. Like the person the one who movements and travels the plot, ossia a perfect solution . A hard battery an hour and a picture is very brilliant as you can look anything anywhere.
But that has loved the majority for far is some reports of AMAZING client. I have bought mine in October 2015 and in February 2016 an of one beat the rays have come loose and a picture has not aimed. I have contacted service of client to fix a question, is returned projector of mine to them and my surprised, has received the new mark an interior the week!!

Is extremely quickly answered. A product further of a service of incredible client, the absolutely cost fact a prize.
5 / 5
Has some subjects with AAXA reasons, while they offer the only product, his skimp the bit in some final details. A hardware is decent, and there is abundance of characteristics to like, but there are some issues that they do not say you roughly that thinks, for a lot of people, would turn them out of buying east.

‱ The software of a projector is atrocious. It looks it it has taken a software although a P500 the work had and the glue and the paper have used to regulate he for a P700, and some things so only... It does not operate, for any apparent reason. Settings of the adjustment of basic image will be grayed was for any apparent reason, but can trick a software to leave accesses him begin to regulate one and then select a one loves afterwards. He no any sense, and looks an accident that has not taken or never annoyed to direct.

‱ Some proportions of appearance also sometimes no well, as that is sending to a projector. 1080p Video, creates, sample correctly, but discharges you in 720p video, will be extended slightly, and cover he to your PC, calm will not be able to explode a projector fill 1280x800 resolution in his proportion of pertinent appearance. Things in this look of resolution more reason the the 1:1 pixel the proportion of image. It has done well in a very alike P500 but, for some reason, he a lot here. Some options of proportion of the appearance neither does well and a lot whenever it describes.

‱ Updating a software, for a way, has not fixed some of these questions and additions in new some, doing feels even more broken that before. Some months have tried of then, has not released any new and updates of mine habladuría with service of the client does not say me that they had moved already to direct in other products more than fixing his deceptions.

‱ Has the noticeable unevenness home of a projector. Horizontally It Looks perfect, but vertically, directs something like this looking in a cup of a screen and then look in a fund, will be blurrier.

‱ A projector will exit to direct over time. You can remark the interior of difference 20 minutes of use. I am not sure that bad taking but know that when I use for games, has to readjust it constantly.

‱ A P700 boasts some class of overclock of classes that leaves to augment a light start the bit, in a cost of a life of the yours LEDs. I have tried this characteristic out of the little time and all looks to do is mark your picture... Yellow. I am not sure like any one could deceive this for has augmented brightness. It does not look more brilliant in a slightest and so only distorts a colour of image.

‱ A defender is the little strong. Compared to a P700, this one east the bit to annoy. It will take stronger and calmer as it heat is, but is running a projector in full brightness, will go to all the speed the majority of a time. They are not even sure that a defender is that it is causing a noise, but perhaps bad insulation among a defender and other components, that causes an annoying rattle, or perhaps the boss grieves is touching it. If you are seating his next legislation, will require to crank some speakers to win a noise.

‱ Speaking speakers, a projector comprises an interior one and, for something not requiring quality of his, is well and pertinent for the small room, but could has remained probably was. There are numerous economic speakers there that his very better and seat an inclusion of one can finalises to add to a measure and complexity of a projector. Felizmente Has an audio-out of jack for you to do so only concealed.

While one on the questions is the little damning, has things to like roughly that. You take the projector FOCUSED that has a life of bulb along apparent. For some a lot of hours have dipped in this thing, has not seen any signs of dimness. In spite of some subjects of home, a resolution and clearness of the picture is generally I enough adds, with good brilliant colours. The life of battery is decent and could take by means of the presentation with this entirely unplugged. There is also several options of connector to choose of, which, for his small measure, is well. A unit is delicate but light and easy to move, like this calm easily can signal he in any direction in the tripod without concerning that it will touch it on. It is also decently brilliant. The complete darkness will take you a better picture, but some the environmental light is acceptable when it is plugged in.

In general thinks that this product has been hasty. If you go to AAXA put web, will remark that they pump out of new projectors quite often; some, like this one, is small alterations to exist produced. A P500 felt like the product I quite complete that all that the quite announced well. I have had one, and when I have bought is one, has assumed would be to take that, so only bit it more brilliant. Instead it has taken the disabled version of a P500 this has the picture he brilliant plus. I think that AAXA models of products like this new that does not give time to neaten on loose ends and a P700 was the victim of this hasty, messy process. He the difficult fact for me to recommend this projector, or any projector, of this company simply reason a quality is paste totally and lose. Enough it would have the product with less characteristic of all the law although one with the tonne of characteristics that grieves work. I have done my peace with these subjects but I would not suggest a lot compraventa this. It is the real shame reason there is byline that can do really utmost, abordables and the projectors time very durable but simply choose the disorder he up.
5 / 5
Ossia That the projector has DIRECTED really brilliant , suitable for use in meeting room in daytime (dimmed the light is better). A lot of options of connection that is adds. You can it covers in the mouse of USB and access some applications and of the settings. Supports Netflix streaming and mirroring of an iPhone by means of HappyCast. (Mark takes your telephone and that the projector is on exactly one same wifi coverage). There is to plot of applications and accesses of game that are unfamiliar with here in Australia - but does not require him in all the chance.
A far control distributed has not done and after trying thoroughly and informing a subject saws email, a Aaxa the support sent out of the substitution immediately to good sure. Aaxa The support is in a ball and answered to mine emails promptly and with information very useful.
A question of improvement for the future model: it would like to be able to zoom in and has gone to regulate measure of projection and have a lot of more final control in a wheel of house. (Zooming Is done to reposition a projector). A big plus downside is that a defender to cool is quite noisy. Tried looking the film in a ceiling - does, but have fallen asleep!
Still with the few things that could be improved, am giving this small projector and a Aaxa instruments of support 5 stars.
4 / 5
- Resolution very good. Vivid colours. I add to look film.
- Very small as it spends it on our holidays

- Noisy defender. kinda Strong esp when you are seating after the his.
- Really take far control. One of those really economic, the half-bake remotes.
- His Android is too slow to use I so that uses Roku streaming clave with him. The May adds that Roku has creation to notch upper far control.
- Built-in bluetooth the transmitter is almost useless. He doesnt transports-connect the previously paired devices. It thinks his reason a signal of transmitter is too feeble. Mina workaround is to buy the good Bluetooth transmissive and paired with bluetooth the receiver has connected to mine AV Auricular (so that it takes to use speakers of mine of theatre of the house!).
- No automatic keystone correction. youll Has to that manually. And that the adjustment is for vertical so only. If horizontal fixed precise, youll has to that movement a projector he.
4 / 5
This little type is SURPRISING. Bought for conferences of work and works perfectly. Totally quite brilliant same in the very lit room, and can spend it to a show with just to rucksack!!

An only downside is is STRONG. A no-@@subject in the room of big conference but has bought this for the house of film would be prohibitively strong and would ruin an experience to see.
4 / 5
Ossia The add little projector for a lot of purpose. I bought it reason have required the projector of the battery driven to be used in a field or in a studio, to project images to the model for purpose of photograph. This in spite of, ossia also quite powerful to give a real presentation, if required, or like the backup for mine habladurĂ­as in of the clubs of cameras, in chance a main projector dies mid-presentation. A built-in empty by heart leave me to store images to be used, has wished so only that would store a thumbnails in planting to re-create them every time, which is slow and tedious.
5 / 5
Ossia A worse product has has not purchased never. I possess a AAXA P300 and was sĂșper happy with him. Cela A law adds of years. I have purchased then a P700 Pro because of Wifi and Bluetooth qualified. A prime minister one this is to be ship has not done at all. Some works of substitution with HDMI connection, this in spite of a HappyCast mirroring no - no with products of Apple neither with application of Android. Tried Firmware update on projector. It does not operate. Neither update by means of Clean connection neither of the works of clave of local USB. When that Uses a file downloaded in an USB sticks to to do the local update, a device closes was has update of paste COAST hardly. Reset Of the factory tried and take some same errors with HappyCast and clean connections. The majority of an interface of English user has to that errors of wave and no properly. I guess an only good thing is a quality of image , this in spite of go in and out of house. Also, if I owe that it covers in a HDMI reason all other connections no , can also clave with mine old projector. :(
4 / 5
Has bought this for our church to substitute an ancient projector. Some colours are vivid and an image can be enormous this in spite of being clear. It is tiny but the little strong, less noticeable when more the people are in a room. I have bought the separate lightning to HDMI connector for a Mac and HDMI to HDMI boss for a PC. I have bought also the chance to spend for storage. We want to the one who easy is to setup.
5 / 5
The images are distorted. ( It sees my pictures) uses this projector to draw but some images are squezed. I have contacted a costruttore and they have said to change some proportions of image. I have tried all and he at all have done. I will send this produces behind! A regular (any Pro) is better. More this projector is very noisy compared to the mine leading a. Has a projector still, excepts that these times have been all a way to fing the one who looks a upgrade. Very characteristic informative fresco but very noisy and my far does not operate, as I am going for the substitution. A projection is very clear tho, but hard to look the film approaches a projector.
4 / 5
Fabulous Projector. Substituting the big projector very old that has taken the place to store and spend behind and advances. ( It has had to that consecrate the stock exchange of computers of whole rolling.) This P700 Pro is easy to spend (small and light) and the project adds for our meetings of 30 people. Some have said that a defender is strong - which is true, but ossia so only is seating his next legislation. I love it and it would buy again.
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca fast film nites out of this summer. My projector of prime minister and with which roughly five film like this far this season are very impressed. The picture is that shine / adds. It is an easy and quickly dipped up with a HDMI connection. So only it connects my device of election (TV of Apple, Roku, etc) and common era. A fast audio was stain my portable speaker (EU megaboom, pill of beaten, any) and are in some films in mine backyard. Good product. To good sure would recommend!!!
5 / 5
Looked partorisca like it would be the good shot but this projector is like this noisy can not use he partorisca presentations. I tried it too late partorisca return it ( has seated in his box until I have required he) As $ 200+ has squandered. I have wanted really it covers it and game - that could them so only discharges in the flash walk with the powerpoint but he doesnt look to do that although it will project pictures and of the video of the flash walk.
4 / 5
Has had this projector for the year. Utilisation likes him my backup my big projector. I took it of then an on/was key, has been the little release. Where When you slide the to an in the situate any click to the equal that does when the calm turn was. But still it turned it of then on I maintained it so only. I have used he for three presentations, and when I have tried for mine 4th presentation would not turn on, with or without battery or upload. It suspects a defect with an on / was the transmission has materialised. I have tried number of the support of the technology has left VM but any regime still.
4 / 5
This projector sells with bells and whistles but is incompitent in his use. It could never sucessfully register to an internet, a projector has not uploaded, a projector would close was was tilted in his side, could very easily look the video. And worse of all can does not return. Claim the repayment!!
5 / 5
Has been using he for the pair of the months and I love it, is brilliant and projects the clear image, has used he for streaming video, videogames and same like the second monitor to do with. The text is clear like opposed to other projectors have tried. A defender is the little strong but I headphones of use or external speakers like this hardly remarks it. Out of a box does not have to that it weaves of applications but of then is the android can use a browser to download and install a Tent of Game apk and the one who that installs the launch, Punctual Launcher 3 good works and is very light. Add the wireless keyboard with touchpad and concealed would give you total control in your device.
5 / 5
Adds little projector. The works add to camp or a backyard. Even fell It 3 feet to an earth one first week and he am exited... Black, was on but any light. Smacked He again, and has done perfectly. It does not suggest of the test this in home, so only take my word on that. Have Almost has had the attack of heart when it is spent. But everything is a lot now.
Some complain is too strong, calm can listen a defender, but is not too strong. It has it hooked until eternal powered the speakers and is well, uses the adapter of Microsoft of wireless exposure, to Youtube of current and another on-line content of pill of mine to a projector, the wonderful work. Also use the flash walk with film in the, another do another sake. I have tugged included out of a dvd player with a HDMI and has touched dvd is , again, for the projector in a point of prize, the work adds.
5 / 5
Totally pleased with this compraventa. I have revised mid sized projectors for years (literally 2 years) before it has purchased them this and im happy that this was my election . Utilisation in my room and in the house and is brilliant same during a day without an use of black out of curtains. Students of mine enjoys to classify more and my edges is ecstatic when his look of cartoons in a wall.
4 / 5
This thing is awesome. Easy to use, intuitive quite interface, brilliant projection. It wishes a life of battery was longer, but will do the work almost at all more can do interior a moment.
4 / 5
I amour that is compact, has the built-in battery and comes with all the connectors and it tripod. Nizza! An only disappointment is a far control has the ashes of keys deep down black. Really? Calm only projectors of use in a darkness. Like Six supposition to see concealed?
4 / 5
In the first place one has taken has had the transmission of bad power . A second a there is had the firmware question. Brightness On was very good but a Sound of defender was way too much strong and a speaker was way too down. Still with a project far was and with external speaker a defender was still too strong.
4 / 5
Perfect combination of portability and clear picture. Some projectors of beak down 200 lumens does really so only in the dark room or at night. Partorisca Professional presentations a day, ossia a combination has better found partorisca a prize. Screen reshaping imagines really does these projects adds of any corner that you need.
5 / 5
Very better that another in this measure but, still very expensive and could be better in all the categories.
5 / 5
Is a third an I compraventa , each one which so it has given me to him action a lot good. This give form helps the plot with his integrated battery
4 / 5
the presentations on Signal partorisca Be able to is clear crystal and a measure and the weight are really convenient. This in spite of, is slow to begin up and answered to far control, and the look of photo grainy.
4 / 5
The work adds, but noise of partidĂĄrio strong and in colour saturated. It looks a noise can be deleted has taken averts and packed some pieces partorisca vibrate with paper or something.
4 / 5
A lot light and compress -- the picture adds, A lot A lot of brightness.

Does perfectly with each Mac and PC has tried to give you/
4 / 5
compact projector and the available Better laptop partorisca of the money has invested.
4 / 5
Defectuos Element. The colours have not done and at all could be seen besides lines ashes. Envoy behind partorisca the repayment and will be partorisca look for another option!
4 / 5
It has had to that expect almost the month for the take. A quality of a picture is well , but a battery does not touch . A lot disappointed like this has required them this for a travesĂ­a business international next week, but now has to it to them send behind.
5 / 5
Very good and that shines in 650 lumens. The desire there was an operational manual with him but no the proble in internet of disposal for manual of users
5 / 5
the bit noisey but him him the speaker or auricular his no a @@subject
4 / 5
A bit too many subjects for a pricey mini projector:

1. A defender is not too strong, but a bit is annoying. It is like the slightly big tone that grinds noise; sounds a lot rough (like a wheel bearings is not to clean or something). For me, ossia a bit of the breaker of extracted. Also, a speed of defender is variable - I hate this. My alcohol has maintained that it wants to direct in this noise in place of a film. If it has had an only question, could try alive with him, May ...

2. Some blue lights in an upper stay on constantly. Has not founding an option to turn them was. This am a lot annoy especially of calm am likely to use this in a dark to look the film. Unless this is trace in a ceiling or has situated behind you, some the blue lights a bit brilliant is distracting. It looks a forget for a costruttore. Resupplying the simple setting to turn this was would be the good addition.

3. A global build and some keys in some upper look bit it economic. Although some keys have the good click, so only feel flimsy; especially for such the pricey projector. No the big shot - to good sure any one the breaker of extracted.

4. Quality of his - this well, but calm would not use never a built in of the speakers in any of this mini projectors. You will owe that use an ours audio to connect to use Or external speaker the clave of television of the Fire of the amazon in a HDMI port and the connect the bluetooth speakers.

5. Now, here it is one the majority of part of entity of a projector: an image. In the nutshell, has not been impressed for a lot of reasons. It is to good sure does not feel to like 650 lumens. Has the 200 lumens Brookstone projector and a Brookstone the projector is so that shines (if no more brilliant) that this one. Yes, there are a lot of settings of picture (brightness, contrast, has has directed ways, etc) - but tweaking any of those of a colour of regular causes rendition questions. A main reason has bought this was to consider that it substitutes my television and to use this during a day with a invidente enclosed. Unfortunately, this will not be possible reason an image is so only a lot quite brilliant.

6. The proportion of appearance is problematic. It thought it that it would signal this was of then highly is annoying. A native resolution is this 1280x800. 720p The resolution is 1280x720. I eat ... This means the video will be extended vertically to return some 800 lines of the resolution that is resulted besides long that it imagine normal. Contacted Aaxa in of the this and has taken the response of them that declares that this there was the state has solved. I upgraded a software that skill he 16:9 proportion of appearance - but a question has persisted. Ossia To good sure the breaker to treat BIG for me. It can not look film with the proportion of bad appearance.

7. House and keystone the correction is decent. A control of home is is better that on more another mini projectors. But a keystone the correction is manual so only. For the projector in this row of prize, would have to has comprised house of car and car keystone correction. So only it influences it - in no way it breaker of extracted.
4 / 5
A portability is sum . A house is appropriate for powerpoint and spreadsheets but probably any one a better for video.
4 / 5
Very Portable the good resolution, has been using for mine PS4 and Macbook Air by means of a HDMI port. I have not tried for one 120' projection but the less for 80' and still has the very clear image. Some the inner speakers are good but is better to have other options of his, use of mine portable speaker. It would like more it has had it to it bluetooth of connectivity for some speakers. I discover that a defender the little bit of noise, but with some speakers in me never look, so only when I am not touching or looking something (That it would be it a purpose for has it has turned on if you are not doing anything with him) as it would not concern me on this question.

1. Laptop
2. Resolution
3. Battery

1. So only for Dark Rooms
2. Speakers

Like this basically he one same likes any projector but in the small version. I really recomend travels It to plot and does not have the stable place to live or calm is planning to move to to the plot of him is put.
5 / 5
This was awesome! So only it adds.. crisp Claro.. Laptop.. Included in 100.Âșn Was clear..
4 / 5
A quality of image is very good and a hard battery 70 min. Has been concerned in a brightness in some rooms and a capacity of a projector but do really bien.un the question has is a noise. When Used the maximum capacity, a noise can be I really annoying. They are the professor and sometimes I work in of the small rooms. A solution I expĂłsito is partorisca use he in way of ECHO like the noise is not that disturbing but takings bit it less brightness..
4 / 5
Has purchased this product after the long investigation of everything at present available micro projectors. Has has wanted a partorisca acts, as it has had to that aim text well in the room of the conference and I have not concerned as has film in fact or sound. I have chosen a AAXA reason has been estimated more for text, BUT also reason has the battery. One annoying a big roughly dipping on the projectors for work is finding a outlet and bosses to be able to. Outlets Is seldom in the good space and travel of people on some bosses and send your flight of hardware. When I have tried a AAXA for some first time can imagine mine dissapointment when a battery has done not even last 60 minutes! A box has said that will last roughly 70 minutes, but mine any last 45. To do the worse subjects, when a low battery, explosions on this ENORMOUS battery down blue box that entirely blockades out of a whole screen!!! You can imagine like those nettles that has been and a projector immediately same useless result although a battery has not gone officially drained still. Of the that creates stupid was that? So I need the project for the work and calm love the battery that last for at least a period of a half meeting (60 minutes), takes something more. If any precise that, then this projector is well.
5 / 5
A AAXA P700 is very brilliant for the very small projector. It is roughly 3x like big as it projector of beak but in 650 lumens, is significantly more brilliant. I have purchased this to use for business presentations in of the small or still rooms holes-formation of place in meso sized rooms.

A brightness was surprisingly well, leaving me to see the Powerpoint enmedio sized room with sun of the evening and some curtains have drawn. A room was still quite brilliant but could see an image so only well. ( It has projected this in the wall of spatial roughly 8' of where a projector has seated.)

A construction of a unit feels quite solid, but some keys look very economic when it has pressed. An image of a HDMI has been was extended vertically a bit and could not determine by means of some controls or manual regarding the regulate. A AAXA folks comprises the number of support for questions, this in spite of have not called. I have found two elements particularly that lacking that it is reason I is returned my unit . In the first place, an image was a bit pixelated, to all the cost of some settings has chosen. A second is a noise of defender . Although any horribly strong, this unit is to good sure very calm. And in some place plus very brilliant some ramps of defender until a annoyingly strong level. A noise of the defender could not be the question has had a projector that chairs the short distance out of where has been seated, this in spite of, using in of the small spaces, or in the business meeting, to good sure would be noticeable.

Has not had any question that directs like another reviewers has mentioned. A wheel of home has holds very rigid, which the defiant fact, but has done well for me. A small tripod that comes with this economic , but has done a work so only well. I have not concerned me that a projector was to fall on and a tripod in fact helps to take a good image in a wall, although keystone the adjustments are available. A software is well, if no the bit clunky, but work.

A bit those that other characteristic that there is not founding particularly useful:
- has three that shines blue has DIRECTED lights in a cup, behind some keys (sees image). One lights him is not real keys so that I am not sure the one who a point of the his has is? If it is the fashion intent, then, would prefer any to have the characteristic stylistic brilliant distracts it of my table upper presentation. In the room has darkened, a LEDs is quite brilliant.
- HAS the 70 small (claim of costruttrici - I has not tried) the battery has comprised. This can be useful to some, although the mine is not quite long quite that would feel comfortable using he in the business situation. It would want to have an adapter to be able to the point in a chance has received the opinion of battery during a presentation. In that if, go to have an adapter ready, can also covers so only he in. Also, you are using this for the party or night of film, 70 minutes is not probably to take calm by means of your film. Another can find a battery the good supplement, this in spite of, the mine is so only useful could last the minimum of 120 minutes, preferably 180.
- A creation does not feel polished. It is not that a plastic is not sufficiently rigid, but only escome' as plastic -- like this economic-boy-class of toy of plastic. Besides, when pressing in some keys, a feedback and his of the plastic click so only looks low quality. This does not mean it no well, but felt it the value that comment.
- Also, look in where some rests of interior of lentil a cutout, there is remarked that a lentil has not been centred. This has not looked to impact a quality of an image as I have not remarked any shadowing or sprain, but, only leaves to one in general has fallen that these produced is not quite that would call professional note.

My global impression is that ossia the decent projector for a prize ($ 450 row), this in spite of, has found other options in the alike cost, this fulfils a need for the small-soiled business projector very better. A such projector is a Vivitek Qumi Q5 500 Lumen model. It is not like this brilliant, but still quite brilliant and a quality of construction is a lot, very good. Although, I will say that I think a Vivitek is more competitive so only yes calms that can take near of one $ 400-$ 450 row of prize.

Resumid: A AAXA P700 is the a lot of quite small projector (one of one more those the shines can take you) for a prize, but there are options of the available main quality.
5 / 5
Control of home is not quite precise. It looks to be mine-has varied. The text is directed in sinister half of screen but blurry in right half. When you Regulate a half right - then a sinister half is blurry. Need of costruttore to improve a mechanism of house.
4 / 5
This projector has to do fault his purpose a lot well. Nizza Small measure, good resolution, and impressive brightness. Good product!
5 / 5
Cant Takes this thing to touch video of the player of DVD, one of some points for more than entities that buys it.
4 / 5
PartidĂĄrio Very STRONG. Poor embedded software. In general, it produces very disappointing.
5 / 5
Any that has expected. I require it to do with PC without bosses. He no.