What is Acer Video Projectors?

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Has the big venue (church) where has required two projectors partorisca launch the strong beam in bylines to 20 feet, while also in garacon some lights of serious FOCUSED phase. I have researched a lot of models in a phase that knows that I have required at least 5,000 lumens, and ossia a better projector could find for a money. Has abundance of HDMI ports and many other connections. They are trace both of them to the horizontal truss ossia 18 feet on a phase and utmost. A beam is strong and can be regulated perfectly partorisca return my zone of big projection, which is the white wall , and some projectors am a lot enough. Like this far I am very impressed with Acer and has had some good experiences with this mark on some years. To good sure would select this projector again.
5 / 5
The defender is is exited no too long with which shabby, raisin in $ in sure/of surpassed to ship to a costruttore to be repaired. Now, literally it goes it to him it has had this thing for the year, suddenly will not turn on. It has died so only. Zip. At all. The vendor contacted (the one who at all of only honour the 30 turn of period of day), the one who has said to verify with a costruttore on taking it has repaired. It does not squander your money in this projector likes has done.
4 / 5
Has done adds for a year (with light use) then has died entirely. First time have found this with the projector. Absolutely it has died. Any response to be able to.
5 / 5
1 Only 3 recognition of week and 3 other shows is all has directed to exit of this projector.

Has travelled without accidents in the chance of flight and has broken two times on me.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I will begin partorisca say, has not had big expectations partorisca this projector. We look for a projector of economic cinema partorisca the theatre of house. I have seen this projector there has been decent descriptions in the web of place of technology, saw it then has been on sale partorisca $ 250.

Buys a projector that expects partorisca a better, but while a worse (especially of Acer).

Would estimate this projector like comparable to the projector of the fellow that cost almost 10-time a quantity. A 'professional' the projector of cinema has black darker and the picture the brilliant plus. But for 1/10th of a cost, is not complaining and is not the a lot of noticeable subject.

Had surprised more in a quality of an image with a invidente open or lights on. I have expected a quality of picture to entirely diminish, but concealed is not a chance with this projector.

Has had the subject odd when a far no sync to an on first use of projector. We contact Acer, and for some time answered it magically fixed he. My only real complaint in a far is one small-measure. I can not count a number to time a far has been lost to a couch cushions for days the time.
5 / 5
Was in a phase for the projector. I have had a Epson 2040 has chosen was and has thought sure has been with that.
Then this explosion on the the sale partorisca $ . After reading the descriptions could not spend for a prize! I snagged one and found quell'Homegear 120' Motorised Screen to pair this with.
The installation was simple. I bought it Cheetah mountain of the projector and he have installed interior 15 minutes. Has he in slope of the paving joist.
Once a screen has been installed was able to try a projector was! Out of a box some settings were decent. The flipped by means of all a presets and could not find one has loved. I have finalised to do my own settings. It does not take some settings but I know shouted a brightness and contrast some.
Has to that say, am VERY IMPRESSED with this setup. I have spent my brother and his woman on and look American Sniper. All enjoyed it.
This has exceptional colours and brightness for a prize.
Also, was the little nervous that it was so only 720p. I thought that it that it would be able to say that it is not full 1080. It was bad. Calm can not say at all. Ossia A lot of crisp!

For an audio, does not possess an One/V receiver to the equal that have bought a HDMI audio extractor. This calm leave you to use RCA or Optical to surround his plus that run the 25' boss of audio behind your crew of sound.

Would recommend this for any one.
5 / 5
Could give this 3 1/2 accident . I like this projector, but could be add with the little creation tweaks. Any complaint in brightness. These works of what so only well with environmental light. I used it on white and of white wall and the screen of projector. Any complaint any way. For a fact that can project mean comunicacionales until and more utmost that a big plus TVs in a phase for the fraction of a cost, are everything in. It is not 4K or anything, but is a lot quite that am not complaining.

A drawbacks:
1 stinky speaker small. To look in a picture (and in a device in person) looks it could have the speaker in any side of a lentil. Nope! So only one. And while it is not downright is to good sure a lot that wants to listen when I am projecting mesos comunicacionales to 80+ thumbs.

1 Audio is the jack. Any L/R 1 measly was. I have taken around this to purchase the HDMI/audio c soyencima!

Any house of car. While I can take the quite decent house that use a manual would be well marries of car for the precise clarity was the part of a container. It is difficult to say sometimes exactly that it is so only too much a way or another.

Averts of these drawbacks (which has not gone enough of the breaker of extracted for me to not liking he), is the projector adds for a prize. Probably a go to find more in this point of prize.
4 / 5
Look, Hate Acer with the passion. Reason? It has put neighbouring some of some worse poster has not seen never.
But this projector.. It is LIKE THIS GOOD. Master to this likes is of my creature. Now that is been 3 years still loves it and with 3D technology? Precise cloth to dry these tears of joy.

Now, the effect of Rainbow is there. The no. Is at all likes something serious. It is so only the simple blue/colour red/green of a projection that looks when or move your eyes quickly enough. You grieve noticeable when casually seeing the film, resembled in the theatre. At all to be concerned roughly.

3D are adds.
The laws with these 3D glasses take in the theatre? Nope! Need some special DLP 3D glasses for that. They do not come economic. Also it notes: taking so only a GONE of the glasses. RF No with this projector. It does not recommend a SainSonic Serious of Rainbow Rechargeable. Dims A brightness so that where taking to annoy. Also some frames are small.

I colours are utmost.

1080p Stairs down to 720p looks adds. (Yes, it has it concealed. This projector is native 720p. Maximum signal that that can be received is 1080p.) If while possible, always will say a sender (likes use this projector like the monitor for your pc) that it is the 1080 p signal. When it is not really the native 1080p exposure. It goes to take so only this signal and down stairs he so that it will do looks more acute and looks 1080p. Still quite volume he 1080p to explode these extra pixels. Ossia Economic this in spite of. Taken the on sale for $ 299.

I colours are pristine.
Black is well. It would recommend to turn of a car-contrast or the blacks the deep more those plants if it is called like this. Horrible.

Is exited/of entrances:
x2 - VGA in
x1 - VGA 3.5 Audio in
x1 - Audio Out of
x1 - RCA Video in
x1 - paralizaciones of Audio RCA
x1 - S Video in
x1 - VGA Out of
4 / 5
has taken this in him Wirecutter recommendation for the sub $ 500 projector in prompt 2016. This has substituted our film that looks in the 17 laptop of thumb. Enjoyed the while it is lasted. It marries option a lot well of entertainment.

Has had to substitute the bulb downwards 2 years ( hardly used for 2000 hours) although Acer boasts of the long life 5000+. To the amazon was ours saviour . It has chosen an option of substitution fill in place of some coffins bulb for $ 70. This has done well for the year.

And has the data is gone in Jan 2019 just short of 3 years. Tried to repair it. Acer Has asked $ 250 just to take the look. Other local types have asked $ 75 diagnostics of paralizaciones. It took it to NYC for the estimativa free. They are spent the pair of hours and has said can not find the way of the work.

Shame in Acer to do such the low quality product. Perhaps so only my unit or so only each product that is built to last 3 or 4 years until an end of a guarantee :(
4 / 5
A picture is a lot well excepts has the a lot of noticeable shadow(a bit those that verticle lines or smudges) in some have left of a screen. His out of one looks of main zone in usually but is still class of annoying in time. It looks any one has touched his nose while it installs an optics. I require a projector for the night of film I hostess now, but has purchased a long guarantee and will be to send he in to repair finally annoy me enough. It likes me quell'has said, does not have to that never it has spent it. And now Acer takes the description he down the plus been due to of the this.
has taken exactly a day and I was like this patient of some something sent it behind. To the amazon has accepted a turn any question and will ship me the substitution.
Update 2
the substitution arrived and everything is perfect; all the world loves it. upgraded To 4 stars.
Update three
Odd question where has to that manually create a volume on and down one steps to turn on audio to speaker of mine when using to era. Once this is to do once he never short was. So only it looks to spend when I use the boss along(any longitude a) and when it covers a unit in with which cabling a to the. Has thinks that that a projector has been broken some first time called it, look so only.

Remarce: I have compiled the night of film of estimativa ready good down Eric Therrien nomination, with everything would require to start with the night of small film, if any one is interested!!!!!!
5 / 5
Awesome. It has been impacted the one who credit a picture looked until there is prendido to do after 10 hours. Support of the amazon called and help me was immediately. We have tried to change a bulb, concealed no so much change a whole unit. One the whole ordeal has taken so only roughly 4 days and was relatively ache-free. Behind amazon on that sell.

In all the chance, this projector are add, especially for a money. It is native resolution is 720, but looks acute and crisp in 1080 and 3D film look to SURPRISE with some active glasses; it is better that a theatre. A projector of the prime minister there has been the light machinery in an average-right portion of a picture that has taken so only when be run and container with buying the relatively economic projector. One the new projector has received has any subject of this class, this in spite of, as they are to recommend this sure to any one looking for the projector to have some entertainment with.
5 / 5
In the first place one has received was totally defective. Has has had to that return it, to the amazon was utmost in a turn. According to an I has received has done to add for just to the long of the year (15 month). The calm import was a lot slightly used, perhaps 3-5 hours the week max. You trace to a ceiling in mine living room, and was very very cured of. Again, perhaps 5 hours the week max, does not have boss or regular TV, has used so only he for film roughly twice the week, and video games perhaps once the month. Suddenly a bulb has been. The picture is resulted incredibly dim and unwatchable. The support of the technology of the costruttore was very polite, but informed this 'troubleshooting for the projectors is very limited' and that could send he in still reparations partorisca $ with to 3 guarantee of month. Seriously?!? I bought it at the same time it was $ 350, quite sure has touched to lose he in pricing of then(correction, is trace?!?!?). So much, @in rodeo, considers this it disposable projector in better. A year that the fact, was awesome. 3D was the picture adds , well, etc. In my opinion, your money would be better invested elsewhere. It alleges the life of bulb of 5000 hours!!! LOL!!! It tries 260!!!! Incredibly dissapointed
4 / 5
has dipped this up in mine backyard in the white discharge for tailgates and nights of films. A escreen' is roughly 10 ft wide and a picture is clear crystal grieves is past dusk . Honradamente, can not beat a picture for a prize. An only downside have found like this far is that one the inner speaker is not súper strong and while you can hook on an external audio, need to be hard-wired. If I have had a compraventa to do on again, probably would pay bit it more to have something bluetooth able.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this projector. He night or utmost day, Netflix looks Blue-Ray, PS3 and Xbox 360 work adds, and same volume (has taken) was for walk-in of the films against a side of a barn. This in spite of, when I have tried covers he in an Apple 4K TV, a HDMI the entrance has failed, and now also could take the new a. Buy a plan to protect!

Top Customer Reviews: Acer C250i Anytime, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Where partorisca begin.....
Poor Poor, was the cloudy the day and I have had all a invidente in an enclosed room so that it has not been the tone the black room but he have had a lot down lighting. I have had question that reads the paper of a projector reason a projection was like this light if a projector was more concealed 3 feet of a white screen have used. Looking in touching adds partorisca a projector one can remark that calm does not have any idea that far was that the projection of a player of electrical guitar is. It thinks photoshopped in the brilliant picture and there is then looks enormous. Partorisca Take the picture that big will be necessary to be you 15 feet behind and any way be that easy to see in so that it shines to to the room like them to them the looks of of ad partorisca be in that was exactly that has expected paralizaciones.
Far a same room under same conditions, unless it signalled it directly in a point GONE less than 1 feet was, would not choose on a far mandate
Portrait really the class of bondadoso of extracted. It has expected it could paste the transmission in a projector and has goes the way of portrait. It has to that use his proprietary application to take a way of portrait to mirror your telephone. You can a lot of telephone of only blue tooth directly to a projector, has to spend for his application. For a way, his application takes two stars of the people that estimates it. You owe that sign on, give them your number of telephone, etc. Etc. Etc.
has had to that use the glass to augment to read a tiny impression and a manual gives so only a very minimum information. I have struggled with just connecting the WiFi reason a paper has not been a lot useful.
In general, thinks that is the idea adds, but likes has said, is not on the dot for prime time, not even close especially for a prize.
4 / 5
Am returned an element. It could it does not take the Bluetooth of the mine iPhone without the errors and that purchase an application that neither has done

Top Customer Reviews: Acer H6517ST 3D DLP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Like this far im that it wants this projector has the picture the most better colour acute and the little more careers to launch that my optoma gt1080 and his the calmest plot to an only question is the cant imagines was like this to turn in some ways of echo under a maint. Dry. An upper line says way to echo an arrow on key in a far wont go all a way to an upper to try for the turn on and the cant finds any one another place in a paper that says anything in some ways to echo at all, another that that his the utmost me them consider a acer h6517st the good upgrade of a optoma gt1080
4 / 5
This projector are adds! After doing the plot of investigation, this was a better election partorisca short launch in this row of prize. It runs the little heat, like sure mark to still the give spatial and flow of air. Near easy on and the picture adds! It takes it!
4 / 5
Has Had he for roughly 18 month and has loved the thru these 18 months.. Today a partidário has decided to die in him and his a lot of the replaceable breakings sadely... Really expected to take the better life out of him
5 / 5
verry good quality projecter would recommend them for the house with small spatial
4 / 5
considering a prize, ossia the compraventa adds . Bought these 3 months done, dipped the up in mine tiny living room and has a lot of satisfied state with him like this far. A thing, highly suggests to use a system of external speaker for him.
5 / 5
Are quite happy with this projector. Launches the scarce the capacity is so only that has required for my configuration.
5 / 5
HAS this in mine upstairs the living room where has wanted to fill my wall to walk to ceiling and able to return the 165' screen and this projector that of only 6 feet has 3d to spear of short capacity is a lot of practice for the pavings or the small and calm rooms still can look your walls learns filled with awesome measure!.. I add for football or any film or picture of the video does not look to take like this brilliant like my Acer h6510bd projector but the just need to regulate the pocolos settings for these the to short spear is very useful and the take the a lot of main image can not go wrong with him!...More has the shield of protective powder to maintain the better harmful powder that much more expensive some!
5 / 5
This projector has the short life has turned. They are in mine third light and secong DLP chip. You can neglect a big lumens estimating reason the averages of some pixels will be has died/stuck in two years.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer X1161P 3D-DLP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
We purchase this projector partorisca an external theatre. We aim films in the 180' proprietary screen in our yard. Our friends and the family can not believe a quality of picture. Really it is it likes seat in the theatre. A picture is brilliant and crisp. I have been using this projector partorisca roughly 3 month, 2-4 nights. Like this far, like this good. You will require partorisca buy the conversor partorisca VGA the HDMI. I think that that we pay around $ 30 partorisca one. We purchase the Sony blue ray that curve like the receiver and surround sound. We build a screen out of three discharges of joint of vinyl of a tent of hardware, which am fastened to the joint in an upper and inferior and taped in a seams in a rear side of a screen. He didnt in the take $ 100 partorisca build a screen. We are a swipe of a neighbourhood and have some experiences to film weekly without paying for some films. Also we plan to hook on a XBOX and WII of for life measured gaming, and slowly partorisca look a superbowl in a big screen also.
4 / 5
As well as.... $ 300 Partorisca the 3D Big-Def projector? Yeah... Right. But seriously, to the left it is decrease partorisca revise 'bidness. This was my first compraventa of projector and has done hours the hours of investigation in of the comparable elements, trying sure has not blown money of new electrical guitar in the piece-of-junk lightbulb title. It results this thing is in fact quite good. I use it mainly to touch video games, sometimes invites friends on for the film. It was able to hook on mine Xbox using rule composite (yellow) the bosses or my method have preferred to achieve 1080p HD when being a Xbox to VGA boss of conversor. It looks of the picture adds against coffins the white wall and I have dipped it to echo way with 50 dim to lengthen a life of bulb. Any ghosting (blur) of fast moving images. An only downside(s) to this proudct would be any audio in ( has separated surrounds system of the his for that) and a fact that this projector is VERY SMALL. I have been impacted when has in the first place opened a box, almost fearful the included dipped the on reason felt it could not have been that have ordered because of a measure. As it results ossia a goodness in some considers to see as well as this the extremely portable fact. Has come included with the chance to spend. Have Still to try a 3D way mostly reason do not have some glasses or content in 3D to try. If ossia main reason to consider this projector (3D) would clash on one $ $ $ quantity so only to be in a sure side. In general the solid all-around has produced.

Ossia For far a compraventa has better done this year... But then again I have bought he in February lolz.
4 / 5
Pros: Used mostly for presentations and occasionally to show video, astonishingly visible in the a lot of illuminated room, minimum difference among ECHO and normal way to the equal that can go way of the ECHO in any one conditions, fresh characteristic to regulate light start to compensate colour to paint of the wall (to the equal that can convert any wall to the real screen), 6000 light of hours in ECHO, low noise, a lot very scaling of any one the native resolutions have tried 1280 X 800, 1366 X 768 and 1650 X 1080, has fed the 720p HD OTA signal of television of the game of the football and a picture was excellent, in fact that surprised for the projector in this row of prize, brilliant colours, substitution of light around 120 USD, small impression for the 2700 lumen device, option a lot well for the projector of data in this prize. In fact ossia a second Acer that the projector has bought for my group, very satisfied with an action.

Gilipollas: Any audio.
Any key, some slides of far control in a projector that marries to be used likes canal of key, as you lose a remote will suffer you, like this better maintain a far attached to a projector.
Only 1 year of guarantee, all another Acer the projectors have 2, any sure reason, this in spite of partorisca less than 40 can add you 1 year of guarantee.
(Any one the with, more as the suggestion) Looks one transports keystone the correction is too much sensitive and can try readjust an image each one that 5 minutes or like this, this causes image flickering, like this manual keystone the adjustment is a way to go .

Other Thoughts: Acer is doing electronic a lot well in of the prizes abordables, has a Acer AMD portable (4 years now) almost indestructible and very of confidence, 2 23' LCD monitors have bought takes less than 139 each one that like this, very satisfied with Acer, Maintain a good work.
4 / 5
Really does not have any a lot of to say, another that a fact that has not been never happier with the device of video, that are with this Acer. A prize was too down to refrain to try it. I have maintained my expectations down, he so that has few exceptions to a principle that takes that so that it has paid. With this Acer, volume more (when compared to models looked other costruttrici. I resisted it it is gone in my description, until I have known that a satisfaction with a product would be long-durable. I have had this for several months, now, am happy has not spent in a unit been due to such the low prize. If I need/to master it projector, and your estimativa is limited, seriously recommends that taken the next look in this little Acer. It is small, light, and brilliant (still in daylight fill), with the very intuitive user interface. Incredibly the value adds.
4 / 5
UPDATE 1/13/2014 (has given the a fifth start because it still is kicking and has not degraded at all has had of then he)

Still doing, still in mine original bulb, has used it like this so much the monitor of computer and the TV (well, hooked to Xbox for hulu technically), in general is treaty so only a lot on some years


Fast summery: it likes, of happy bought it

A pros:
like this vga and composite entrances
automatically senses and corrects keystone
Like this far the very long life stock of bulb (swipe on forest)
far (note, ossia changes that calm gone in, maintains clue of him and rests in is space in a projector when any into use)
spent of Lentil
decent prize
can be used like the monitor of computer or the screen of television for things like Xbox or your box of boss
any of this sound has built terrible that some active projectors

800/600 resolution, can trick your computer when doing 'elder' but in reality, ossia that volume
him him the brilliant of sunny day, will have the hard time that sees a screen, but while runnings of the bulls some shadows of window will be a lot of

Tips for buyers of perspective:
never lose your far
gone back of a projector when you are not quell'using
invest in the white discharge or screen of economic projector, done to to the marvels like to of them would not believe
Priest of him, will last enough the moment if you
5 / 5
has looked for the brilliant and versatile work-projector of the house and ossia to good sure that. Still with all some lights on in our room, and projected -5 big feet a projection is still easy to look in. Also awesome is some blacks, which are essentially indistinguishable of some surrounding environmental. (When Aiming the film in letterbox, does not see some upper & inferior bars unless really I look for them) Once has turned some lights down the bit, then really explosions. Like an experience, has projected was ours window , and calm still could see a film (a bit dimly) has projected in some houses by means of a street.

Has been concerned on is disappeared an extra resolution of models more expensive, but have a lot at all; the films look incredibly crisp and run resolutions of computers of 1024x768 all a way to 1600x1200 and everything is still readable when resized to 800x600 for a projector. (I hardly ever run computer in a native 800x600 anymore reason a scaling is like this good and is likes to take free anti-aliasing)

wishes a projector was instant was, but one 2-the fresh minute-down the time goes really quickly and is to the fastest plot that other projectors have seen.

See some effect of rainbow, but is so only when I move my side of together boss quickly; the desire was bit it less but is not the big distraction, and has not had any headaches of him.

@In rodeo, knows that it loves. If it love the big resolution or refresh tax, will require something more; this in spite of, are looking for brightness and versatility, ossia to good sure the election adds.
5 / 5
Has used to this element likes him 3 of days and has bought likes the substitution for my old epson and likes complete the to mine benq... Have probed He in the different conditions and I can describe it as follows...

At night lights on or was simply the law adds in of the presentations of point of the faculty and general of use of the computer... One same for connected to a ps3 or mine 360 images am not like this very so much in the lcd TV, but was possible to touch and ossia normal considers that this projector is 800x600 and is really economic... When Connected to the mine old xbox, mine ps2 or a wii laws exactly like him TVs, same quality... In all the chance would not recommend this unit to touch new video games...

In day the conditions read continuous to do perfectly well... You can see some images clear included in an image 60' wide... Terrific action for such the economic projector... Highly I recommend it...

Compares this projector to mine another two some (some expensive epson and economic benq) so only have a thing to say... Reason has done'n this acer exist when I have bought projector of mine of prime minister? This an upper east in all the terms...

Acer x1161p Is in fact 2700 lumens, any 2500... In a quality of image of economic way the decreases to the left is says likes 15 or 20 % in day the conditions read but is still another hand, for the prejudices can very hardly see any difference...

Wants to buy the projector takes this seriously the consideration... It is it adds.... And agree, the light of substitution is so only 128 bucks...
5 / 5
This projector has done well for roughly 6 month. It would say it that it has been it has used roughly 2 hours stops . It has been located in the room of secondary conference of my company, as it would think it has not been used so as our room of primary conference. I plan to take another mark. I do not go to annoy with ACER, of then reading roughly of some other descriptions have tried that it was worthless. I will try ViewSonic afterwards. We have had it ViewSonic control that is remained on for 10 years directly (24/7). So only we substitute that monitor for the main flat screen.
5 / 5
Has been using this projector with relatively any subject for almost the year. This morning it began it to show the 'PARTIDÁRIO FAIL' error and no . We verify our guarantee and have 15 days have left on he felizmente but maintaining has to that paid to ship for the send behind to Acer and expect the one who knows what time to expect for this reparation and turn .

A word consulting, spent a guarantee by means of Amazon if of then option. They are much faster and easier that treat that Acer.
5 / 5
Ossia A projector of prime minister has possessed. We install with the mountain of ceiling and use he for Netflix and projecting photo, etc; it is not used for applications/of business room. A projector has to that it weaves of built in characteristic that the very easy fact to use, comprising automatic adjustments for an orientation of a projector (right side on vs to the rovescio; keystoning) and the number of options of paper that the useful looks (way of economy; way of big altitude -- which is appropriate in our chance). A picture is brilliant and crisp. I can not say like this it compares to the 1080 projector as I did not see him side for side.

Has to that no for the found easy to connect a projector, to resupply entrance of video and systems of start of the sound. There is relatively few options for entrance -- HDMI failure -- and any for start of sound. This is not the breaker to treat, but has to that it weaves of the bosses that career of the ROKU box, the computer, and the player of DVD to several sockets of entrance in a Acer and to a system of use of sound with him. Another negative characteristic of a projector is that in an installed room that to knots, a noise of defender is quite noticeable. It is the noisy projector , like crank of knots on a volume in a system of sound.

Gives a Acer four stars because it has to that it weaves of hardware and software in him in the very reasonable prize. We are happy with him and I doubt that I do not want never pays three times so much to take the projector of prime minister of tax.

After the weeks of pair of use, will add a plus 'with' the ready. To regulate a house of a ceiling-the trace of projector, has to locate up and regulate a lentil manually. If it have not been to locate the in a ceiling, there would be prendido attention to the respect. But the house is to annoy he for me, with a unit is trace perhaps 7.5 feet up. Still it gives a projector four stars, this in spite of.
4 / 5
I have purchased this projector done 6 month after reading some descriptions roughly the and doing [that it has considered it partorisca be] the on-line long investigation. Remarking the pocolas critical negative, has bought an additional guarantee partorisca cover my bases. Fool Gold that was, but will go back to this late plus.

My roommate and could not be more happy state with a compraventa partorisca some premiers two months or like this, and then a question has begun. Without going to all the details, has used partorisca use a projector all a time. Would have the fellow or of the friends on, and would look material in a wall to the equal that has bent like this to 70 screen of thumb. Once, I have fallen slept in a couch, and when have wake on a projector was was. Had the fast flashing red and blue light in a key partorisca be able to. I did not think it it was the big shot , until I have tried to turn the behind on. Then it has taken the slow flashing error that has meant that a bulb was bad.

This time, has contacted a third guarantee of the person undertaken partorisca touch in in a guarantee has purchased. We gave me to us two excuses. First of all, they would not substitute the bulb under any circumstance because it was the esplaceable splits'. As of everything, would not help me reason was still under a guarantee of costruttore. When I have protested, they have said that I have not been happy would give me mine $ 20 backside!

Now was in a place in that has has had to that neither send a projector to Acer for which knows what time or buy the new bulb. I forked in a 120 something dollars for the new bulb and expected for a better. Two month later, this bulb has blown also.

In some point in time, had sent the message to Acer, and has received a full email of bogus tips that question of shoot of some type in Indian. They are not the technician of projector, but are the mechanic , and is when I am taking the smoke blown in mine . . . Ear.

Finally, has @to @give a question for sheer regime. We have had a brightness is looked partorisca take the better picture. A projector could not manage this, and was overheating . When He overheat, would lose can. When it would lose you can, it would close down without cooling of a bulb. When it would close down without powering down and cooling of a bulb, a bulb would break. I have turned a brightness down in a projector, and has been doing without incident never of then, but a whole experience was the class of buzz kill. If have has had to that do on again, obviously would spend the little more on front, in planting to spend an extra in some bulbs and also a time and headaches. Partorisca A record, my brother had bought a Viewsonic, and has has not had never subjects with him, falling alseep in front of him or no. A day, will take another projector. My experience with this one has been . . . No a better.
5 / 5
I like some products that is like this simple like possible and require a lot little plant on time. It was able to take this on and that careers with my interior of computer 3 minutes without inclusos looking in one drives of user. When I have begun streaming the film of Netflix, a picture was the crisp 70' film-frame of quality of the theatre (really crisp when I have turned light). They are really happy has bought this in place of a LCD screen.

A basics:
- Comes with the VGA connector partorisca your computer - no precise of the buy for separate
- is incredibly light in 5 lbs - very portable
- A cord partorisca connect to a supply partorisca be able to is quite short (estimated in 3-5 feet), as you could require a cord of extension according to where has dipped he in your room
- Any speaker - will require - separate speakers. So only I have bought Sony gaming speakers to connect via USB to my computer for the experience of theatre of full house
4 / 5
I definately would recommend this projector yes is researching. A prize are to add and a quality of picture is excellent. For the film regulates that looks and powerpoint the presentations does a lot well. I have bought the 60X60 portable Draper screen to go with him, which has done perfect. If you do not have the screen, the light colored or the white wall still does suprisingly well. I have been impressed when it tried it on to wall painted slightly beige. An only downside could find was the light 'Halo' effect when looking the film with brilliant/flashing sequences read... ie The total Takes (new version). But I have read that ossia the smallest defect with more DLP projectors. I did not possess it very long still, as I still am dipping a bulb and his reliability to a test.
5 / 5
Has had this projector for 8 years and his closings in disposal ! Utilisation in a room to project images for students of mine.
5 / 5
Ossia A awesome little projector. Begun well on and has better data that half colour. Any hips well in a lot of the brilliant room has lit. After reading some useless instructions and scrubbing a web for more than info. (That it was it also useless) am coming to a conclusion that any something was bad with a far or that has required to purchase something additional. I have called ACER (in fact conversed on-line) and has been said that this particular unit does not come with the far that will change slides on the dot of Faculty (LOOK! There is not ANY INDICATION of these low products info. Or anywhere in a box). So much, so that it is buying this simply for film, is well. So that it loves that the projector adds for the prize adds to use with presentations, HAS TO exited and purchase the universal far. I have found I add it one in Better buy for $ 50. They are sure you gives a very on some notes inside Acer line of projector, will find one this has a far but I no a comparison lateralmente to the equal that have bought this on-line and has not had a time to spend for a turn of topmast. In all the chance, so only be prepared for east an inconvenience.
5 / 5
Especially for a point of prize, ossia one all-around that the projector adds. Mina a question with him is that it takes scary hot interior. It likes, could choose it up and use a ventilation of of air like the hairdryer. Still I am doing in that finds the way of the maintain comfortably fresh, but while a heat there is never impeded is action .
5 / 5
The unit adds and has been doing in my classes for some last 3 years without the hitch. The clarity adds and included projecting in a screen of the old projection with minimum of the luminous reflection is brilliant and clear enough for some students to see of a backside of a room.
5 / 5
For VGA gone in so only, ossia the very small projector for a prize. It can be ceiling is trace, which has done them. It is brightness, clarity and colour or a lot well, again considering this is VGA so only. Has 4 of these in a half of office, two desquels is the trace of ceiling and another two has used like this portable some.
5 / 5
I am using a projector for 3 weeks and each thing is well; in a start, one first view is not a better, is the square plastic box without any creation but of course, this is not a must sews of entity in him; connecting a projector to the mine MacBook is the experience adds, an image is really clear, any pixel, any question.

I just using 1280 x 800 with the image adds with presentations and seeing video.

- Easy to use
- Good resolution
- Good product partorisca a prize

- a creation of Boxes (is not the good-looking box)
- Hot, has the plot of hot produced in a front of a projector, of course knows is normal.
5 / 5
This projector of video are adds. Dipping was 2400 ANSI brightness. I add partorisca see film in home entertaining your friends. Any need HDTV. It can very short up. Easy to use. Definitly Bang Partorisca a buck... Never thought that Acer would build similar product. I owe that look on more produced of Acer.
5 / 5
Abundance quite brilliant same with invidente open. Laptop and easy to use. An only thing would change is that a far HAS TO THAT be attached to a projector partorisca turn a projector on. I really really really expect a far does not take never stray...
4 / 5
Has bought this on Amazon and has had my parents rid it mine in some the Filippine (this saved almost 50!). I am using this projector partorisca entertainment of house. I have it setup in my cookery/of living room. This room takes a lot of light to the equal that are in 16th walk. Has a bulb dipped partorisca echo way, as I want to extend a life. An image is visible in my wall, but no a lot enjoyable partorisca look. When we Close all some looks of curtains adds. It finds a quality of image partorisca be quite well, included projected directly in my white wall. I do not have any HDMI material, as it does not import that it can not manage HDMI entrance (this could result the question in a future suppose).

There is 2 negatives partorisca this projector like this far.
1. It does not resemble car-relieve an entrance. As changing of the computer to DVD PLAYER requires yours pressing ource'. No the question, so only has bitten to annoy.
2. Interior a 1st month partorisca use a picture has been dark and a light to be able to has turned purple! I freaked out of the bit, flipped by means of a manual of user (which is crap, likes the majority of manuals of user) partorisca find any consultor useful excepts partorisca spend paralización servicing! I left it so only partorisca the good hour or 2, but the light rests has maintained partorisca flash! As I have decided to unplug the and covers it has behind fact! It has not spent again of then. It had been using he partorisca the few hours which can have cause it the overheat? I have it quell'has changed also is location that is quell'has bitten more open and would have to that it help with ventilation.

Recommends this projector partorisca users more half. Calm will enjoy it and is big picture . We still boss of clock in our small TV in our chamber, but all the films take seen in a projector. If you are thinking partorisca take one of a new has has DIRECTED projectors because of a what time a bulb will last, consider your time of half viewing. I have calculated ours and this bulb would owe that last roughly 4-5 years! Ossia Quite decent.
5 / 5
Has bought this projector last month and am them impressed with a brightness in way of ECHO. I use it so only partorisca look film and sport. Shot to 120 image of thumb in my aim of wall of the living room, is awesome. Well each one which has beaten he partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Uses this partorisca small to mid-meetings of measure. I have required something portable that would not break a bank.

Pros: Compact measure, options of good paper, flexible keystone settings, dockable far, appropriate brightness, well spending chances, VGA and Composite the bosses of video have comprised, VALUE partorisca prize.
Gilipollas: Low row of zoom focal period, volume of defender.

Partorisca A prize, can has not beaten the!
4 / 5
Master! Our exposure is roughly 150 thumbs and is clear crystal. It is easy to see with all some lights on, included in of the dark scenes. To good sure would recommend this to any one looking partorisca purchase the projector in the estimativa.
4 / 5
Want projector of mine is the tool adds partorisca have the useful tool around a house and abroad would recommend this tool to all the people
4 / 5
The still works. Clearly I can see a same picture with abundance of environmental light. I took it alfresco at random of sport/of film of screen. Still it plans on taking the HD projector, but ossia more compatible with the majority of the mine electronic. So only of the subjects is taking the flickering after the moment when in way of echo, but ossia probably because of all one smoking in a compraventa.
4 / 5
Has used this partorisca business and partorisca the like and he is utmost partorisca both. I have it quell'has used included he in church.
4 / 5
I have taken this partorisca use for the room of conference in the hotel. The hotel has wanted to touch $ 200 to rent his for three days... Bought this one for a same prize and he have done utmost.
4 / 5
My title says it everything. This projector is an only one will require is to anything the taste and does not need a HDMI gone in to augment of a quality never like this slightly. This projector is practical and abordable. A quality of image is glorious. Highly it recommends this product to any compraventa around for a better value in the projector.
5 / 5
Has had work with epson and nec projectors so only well in mine mac book pro. But this projector no with mac. It averts of of the this is the product adds for a prize.
5 / 5
The picture is acute unit , easy to use, and compact to spend with you. Be sure to take the cord along, using in a paving. It would recommend this unit
4 / 5
compact, convenient - wish it has had the far this was accessible [the instructions say to slip to the connection - then any possible to do portable!!]
4 / 5
Has chosen this indication because I am very pleased with some characteristic of this projector the picture adds and is priced afordably.
4 / 5
Has bought this to look film on in mine living room to walk. The law adds, showing the very clear picture in the discharge of white bed! It Projector Of estimativa adds
5 / 5
uses this for nights of films and one of a better projecters has used. Utilisation in a tent and of the works well in any wall. Works well during a day also the only thing is a 3 d law of way so only with computer any xbox 360 and does not have any one the speaker built in him and no hd discharges of boss in. It Global good projector
5 / 5
Ossia The very good projector partorisca a prize. Still although he doesnt have HDMI entrances, a vga and composite the entrances still leave more than devices partorisca be hooked up with the very good screen quality.
5 / 5
I initially debated among a projector CONCENTRATED like a Favi RIVER and the projector of light - like this happy has solved is one. Shows the picture adds in the room with lights on, mainly using films of Disney of shows and paralizaciones east of television, as well as streaming netflix.

This is not the 1080p image, likes look elsewhere yes so only has to that have a more acute image possible - but is interested to look so only a lot looking film in the big screen ossia your projector . For some prizes is unbeatable.

Has bought the mountain -PCMD Mountain of Ceiling of the Projector partorisca Acer X1161P that does very a lot of - highly recommend he for this projector - very better (and more economic) that generic mountains.

Has bought also 50' of composite boss for the signal of TV of ours tuner to a projector ( has a TV of old plus this has required the digital tuner).

True, does not have any audio in. Any big shot. I have bought the 2.1 system of the his for $ 27 Sign 2.1 Speaker of System of Computer NS-PCS21 , has used one to the in with the control of volume for a tuner of television and DVD AUDIO and plugged he to the mine portable partorisca neflix etc.

Everything of paralizaciones east down $ 400 - the system of theatre of complete house that also can take external during a summer for parties of blockade or anything. To good sure value of the money for my application (film for my girls, netflix).
4 / 5
Is the projector does really well. So only we project to the wall and take the good image for film that's that to Be able to.
5 / 5
Amazing picture very easy 2 use is d more I recomen has been rid in the timely way and he have come with the far chance and of the bosses ready 2 b used utmost :)
4 / 5
Two good times for a prize. Works like the charm. Active used It so only the pair of time, but has done only fi9
5 / 5
was so only able to try he in the room any quite long to see a full measure of an image has projected will revise the time the late plus when has an occasion to do during the seminar.
4 / 5
Takes film looking seriously in our house, and when I have purchased this projector, was the big swipe . We are by train of the look In the white discharge and a picture is still really good. Any complaint and everything is well.
5 / 5
Are really happy with this projector like this far. It has put on the diy screen in mine backyard, and has had the pair films quite achieved the party is. Once some suns down, can take the picture really well arrive 100 diagonal thumbs that touch the DVD of the mine portable. Later a year, when some suns that fallen the little earlier, am looking forward to football at night of the Monday in a backyard in mine new for five screen. An only light negatives is a connectivity (vga or s the only video),and a quantity to heat some products of projector. But ossia so only the subject in the small room. In general, I produce it adds for a money. Comparable to projectors two times a prize.