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Top Customer Reviews: sixthreezero ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Reactions like this initial, I the plot partorisca research when looking for the bicycle that suitable. They are 5' ft big, exactly, 60 cms, are the small woman of adult. It is really near the impossible partorisca me partorisca enjoy a Limebikes and other external services in a zone of Boston as I have had to that commit and buy the bicycle that has dressed my small height.

A minty the green is adorable, perfect so that it has been expecting, a quality and sturdiness is a lot obviously there. An assembly was quite nettling -- was put partially together (which they no noted is level for an Around some bicycles of Blockade) like that follows a manual was basically redundant. A grace to save was Youtube and all some video of present assembly to help me to the long of. It is the heavy bicycle and can require two people to help regulate things like calm dipped those together. In general although I love an appearance, has bought the basket of mint to match a bicycle, which will be useful during my commute.

To the equal that has bought one 24' reason have read some descriptions and woes of another smaller woman that struggles with one 26'. His web of place has said 5-6ft for one 26'. It is a utter there was mentido. Hardly I am taking me to a 24' has arrived then mine, is not necessarily roughly quotes (in the is not all the humans of cutter of the cookie) sound in your PERIOD of LEG. Has the longitude torso and short legs, am happy has chosen one 24' reason is literally an only election has had, has to be in mine tippy toes with him so it is, but trace. If it has taken one 26 ', would owe program to spend to locate a bicycle. If you are short and have alike proportions, can wants to consider neglecting his suggestion and taking a 24'. Had another reviewer this has said that that has complained to maintain his 26' in 5'1 reason could not achieve comfortable. Like this beware! Also, there is the limit of weight of 198 lbs for some 24' wheels, something to consider also yes is overweight and that looks for to use this bicycle to take access, more has weighed that seated and a bicycle has not moved well. It has not been that say 300lbs, this looks mine really insane .

According to which suggestions of assembly, some constant swivel of a chair can be fixed, so only has to that take the ratchet and or crescent wrench and turn these windy SÚPER closely. His tools resupplied is TERRIBLE. Own yours use. As the one who a crowbar of chair goes, sure mark the fat too much. I found building it on the carpet because it has helped to protect a bicycle of scuffs likes I haphazardly has spent he during my assembly.

Will update with which use during my commute to see that hard. Has big hopes!
4 / 5
Are 73, quite apt (has given so only on horses n jumping), & decided to take the bicycle. 'Thought' a Round a Blockade more, but there is quickly @@give this bicycle is not adapted for my hilly subdivision; it is drawn for FLAT streets n short walks. PurchSed A 3 speeds, but has changed a sprocket for the proportion of better train. A 7 speed would not have helped—too much coaches not being used Also a step thru the frame would have been the better election , mainly reason can not launch my leg on with the basket in a backside. A bicycle comes partially gathered, but need some expertise. To do imports correctly/opportunely a precise the stand of small reparation, has spoken wrench, etc. Some wheels in my bicycle has not been some, brakes no regulated properly, as I am spent $ 50 for an assistance of expertise. I have added the mirror of rear view, headline of iPhone, light/horn, baskets, Cloud9 comfy helmet & of chair. If you are trace in the subdivision or around walkers take a horn of Bicycle of Elegant Election.
In general one 'Averts a Blocked is the good election. Oh, For a more economic & basket better the plastic milk crate has ensured with the bonds of zip is SUM!
5 / 5
Loves my new bicycle! In age 46, has loved the comfortable bicycle to locate around with my family where has seated whole, has had the little train, and was quite light for me to impulse to a rake of bicycle. Total success! Some characteristic better is: as comfy a chair feels, a coverage of drive of the canal and a work to paint. It was also like this pleased to find that some handlebars and a handbrakes was adjustable to my specifications esatte. Unfortunately, a chair is fallen off and have fallen in mine 1st walk along when I swerved to lose the toddler, but that has been due to error of assembly not manufacturing . Felizmente, was able to quickly reassemble he I after walking house and resume my walk.
4 / 5
There is no @to @give until the month + after the dipped near (of of the this is winter , there was no the trace has had the good day, like this the decided to locate with my boys in a go) Now, unfortunately, is too late to return 😢

has begun to locate, and has changed has fallen out of a frame (comprising canal) looks for having suffered harm (there is not remarked when I have received he). My husband has thinks that that something was bad when he first near of plant he- but of then has not changed train then- I not having @@give a question (still really does not know one is too late to return) And now have an expensive bicycle, has broken I never really used.😔....And a repairman will be necessary to fix it.....(Additional cost)

there is Disappointed has has not inspected disappointed in a compraventa.
5 / 5
My husband is a mechanic of ex car and has had any question that gathers a bicycle. A train shifters is in some grips of sleeve and rotate to operate. A shifter for a backside was rigid and last the rotate but was able to operate it. A shifter for a front dipped of the train was too hard for me to take of a train a low plus to a big train. When Pedaling a bicycle there is the noise to attack that looks to come from a right pedal zone. My husband has called a number of telephone of the help and a crown have said would have call them of technician behind in in an hour to give joint. The person has not called never. We expect all day a next day and finally called behind in an evening. We remain on control for more than five minutes and then the message has registered is coming on and said for knots to leave ours and the topmast and they would go back. Several hours still any word. My husband has diagnosed a noise to attack to the bad that resists in a right pedal. It has been and it has purchased 2 new pedals and concealed fixed a noise. Had seats the one who rough one that resists felt when I resisted it and has turned he dulcemente manually. We are at all happy with a quality of a bicycle or a lack of help with your service dept. Any Recomend this bicycle.
4 / 5
Has called and spoken with sixthreezero roughly when being 5'2 and a lot that loves a bicycle to be too big for me. I have been ensured that it would be the access adds for me. I have been for him and when a bicycle arrives was beautiful. This in spite of felt them to like it was too big for me. I decide to maintain it like this to send it behind would have taken awhile to take another. M, and my husband has been ready to locate. It is now be 6 month and every time locate the desire had sent them the backside to take one 24'. If you are short the to good sure would recommend to take one 24'. Now if the return it could cost me until 50 restocking cost like this the the supposition am stuck without when being pas comfortable. It is the beautiful bicycle . And it drives it adds. Has question leaving a bicycle. And coming to the stop reason my legs are short. So you are short to good sure go with one 24'.
4 / 5
Taking bit it older means to locate the traditional bicycle that takes bit it harder in your hands of knees and also rear. A member familiarised has suggested the Townie bicycle that has had one on posing legislation with the pedals of before the foot. But calm once see a yours prize in accident of sticker. They are also be to the tent and has tried one, but was still last in my knees. With which some investigation in of the bicycles have found a SixThreeZero bicycles. Some prizes were much more abordables. After reading some descriptions have taken a casualidad and has ordered one. Of any tent spent him has thought if the didnt like the amazon would take it behind. But I have found I have wanted to it loved/ it that! A creation is better then a pricier a. There is not any pressure in my wrist and of the hands with one poses whole of him. And a peddle advances to draw his much easier in my knee! Neither I have had to that take out of the new mortgage for the buy.
5 / 5
Has bought a bicycle for my daughter of adult. It has not had a lot of assembly required and has been I joint easily. But I have been at the beginning he disappointed. A wheel forward has bad out of alignment. I have thought roughly returning it but has then contacted a company saws email. They have answered immediately and has has loved pictures of a wheel. In a has been moment in an internet and has looked several video on like this to true the wheel of bicycle. I bought it it spoke it key and was able to some one wheel. I have been surprised that the has not been that hard. Some brakes have required also adjustments. An internet where find all this video is the wealth of information in of the bicycles (to the amazon does not leave appointing a place of web that has all some video). I have looked also video in adjustments of brake. Very better that a manual of instruction. I am impressed with a bicycle how is my daughter . It is it adds it looking bicycle and easy and comfortable to locate. His very built quality the bicycle done. Some grips are the good touch . They are laced like that find on some steering wheels of automobile.
4 / 5
Here is my pros and gilipollas.
- Global I am happy with my bicycle. It looks to be of beautiful good quality. They are so only happy to having taken he with some penurias of bicycle that goes in in a world because of COVID-19.
- I like a backside little storm of storage. The jumper taken finally bosses so many can begin bow down my stock exchange or add his basket.
- Locate quite comfortably and a chair is quite comfortable also.
- A colour is the really good mint /seafoam green.

- An assembly was easy but has has had to that the take to a tent of local bicycle reason could not take everything of some train to do. So much star was partorisca east. This was in fact enough disappoints it especially after expecting 2 month to receive a bicycle.
- Also, a stand of has fallen sucks... And forget has the basket in a front or the god forbid the toddler the chair of bicycle has attached. It is not stable.
- Perhaps is my lack of experience with fines-beach to accelerate cruisers but has been expecting the to be easier to locate on hills that my beach of alone speed cruiser. Perhaps it is a weight of him concealed the most difficult fact? I have it on one 3rd main train and the seat likes goes in a force of same push like my alone speed. I never dipped the in a train a low plus reason concealed is waaaay too much work.
4 / 5
Does not buy this bicycle! I have bought a reason have think that looked really and has bought to some descriptions have left of another. It took him 2 1/2 months to ship it mine. @I give that theres the pandemic that goes in so much of the tried to be patient. This in spite of, am coming to @give that a company has known has not had a stock to sell but has maintained to sell in all the chance and cause the plot of people to expect for them to do the one who a supply has demanded. A lot of emails to them have been unanswered. They sent it it was emails of coverage that says people when they would take his bicycle but of the dates of the caducity has been said the'd take my bicycle has come and has gone 3 times. This company does not concern in his clients afterwards have your money. They have sent finally a bicycle but send me to knots a wrong manual. I have tried it calls him but it has maintained to take one although it registers that has been to occupy doing bicycles and there is has not had people to answer some telephones. I have had to that dip a together bicycle that use common sense. It thanks the goodness has the little. There is remarked also that a fence of sleeve has scratches in the, all a way around a bar of boss, is coming that way out of a box. It is lined all a way down to a metal and am concerned that some scratches will rust in some point. It looks it has it lined while dipping in some brakes of sleeve. Any point in calling them or returning a bicycle to arrive to this point because I will not take another for which knows what time. In all the chance, finally take a together bicycle. A chair was very delicate. Has the very economic presionando coverage around a with the and is hard to close. A chair swivels, to any subject likes last the in bylines. I have had to that regulate some for 3 or 4 times because it looks to exit of thick alignment. His hips squeak horribly. I do not have fat of bicycle and the am not sure calms dipped quell'on brakes in all the chance. A bicycle racks is odd fact in this bicycle and of the only accesses there sixthreezero baskets but there the basket is also terrible. So much, the esees has has had to that jerry-rig another basket to a storm of bicycle. A stand of has fallen maintains to come free and has to that maintain that presiona that also. It has taken another email of a company with the video of a CEO that promised to fix all the questions and all have to that do is to fill out of the form of question with them. Well the plenary was and has taken the forming that it has received a form but his did not contact me once in a scratch in a wheel to stress. For a way, so only leave to complain roughly a thing. There is not way to complain roughly more than a likely. They did not contact me at all. It is the a lot of looking bicycle but any value a question.

Top Customer Reviews: Segway Ninebot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken he out of a box, has attached a bar of the sleeve and all have been well.

Installs an application, update a firmware, Bluetooth has maintained disconnecting. This was a prime minister signs this was partorisca be returned.

Is trace he in my paving and he looked well.

Took it external partorisca the walk and immediately
there is remarked a speed has not been attentive. It has said that that was 27 miles which would be impossible of a max the speed is 15mph. So only it has gone around 10mph.

Has then braked on me small time that quell'was súper scary reason did not expect it and felizmente was dulcemente he so that it was able the mainstay I.

There is wanted like this but looks that I have received the defective scooter and experienced the one who other people have had subjects with in a es2 and es4. I have thought perhaps a e22 would have this question but does. And for him to be the defective legislation out of a box is that the import any no for me. And that pays almost $ 800 that comprises an extra battery is not to value he. They are happy I am able to return this.
4 / 5
Almost has broken my leg that tries to take of a footpath to a street, this scooter is like this the law is dangerous. Also some pauses no well, almost took to an accident and has had to that jump was.
Does not buy this mark.
So only a lot ossia that has an application in a telephone which leave me to truck he in chance takes stollen.
5 / 5
Our friends have had an older version of this scooter and my boys have loved that. As we buy this one for an anniversary of boys. I have been at the beginning disappointed, has not had a power or the speed have announced. We have then done a bluetooth what and has taken a firmware has update. WOW! That the difference, can fill full speed. This thing is def 'of-dipped to aimed out of a box so the mark sure updates a firmware!

Took it on the travesía and all some adults and the boys have wanted to locate this around, has included one 230 uncle has not had any trace of question and down some hills around .

Has had a bit hiccup, one of my boys has used a characteristic of lock, but then a bluetooth has turned was. So that maintaining could any unlock that. It has tried plugging in one load, still has not done. In the whim has taken of some handlebars and disconnected a connector of unit of the boss (still a precise connects on assembly) and concealed cleared quell'was! As we do not use a lock anymore. I aslo docked begins he partorisca east.

Global happy with this compraventa and recommends.
5 / 5
Treats it To him decent for a touch of money
of the that expects to go too quickly with him and to the equal that has announced max the speed is 12mph
the battery will last and 9 wheels of thumb resupply decent suspension
4 / 5
That produced Fantastic!! It is sturday and feels sure. It is easy to manoeuvre and walk. It comes quite dipped near. Everything needs to do is the key and the trace!!!
5 / 5
A scooter looks very built but out of a box can not be touched and died after a first day of use.
4 / 5
Is of good quality like pointed in some images thank you segway
5 / 5
Some fund: Segway, originally an American company, has been purchased for based in Cina Ninebot in 2015. I do not know to that obtains—yes at all—Segway contributed to a development of a E22 scooter he, but his very poor manual and mobile application like this shout 'half-assed Chinese product.' It concealed it is not really the question for me, but annoy me that ossia marketed like the Segway vehicle when, in reality, is clear that so only is using a name for recognition of mark.

✔️ Row of 13.7 miles in 9.3 mph (upgradeable to 27 miles with adding-on battery)
✔️ Max. Speed of 12.4 mph (upgradeable to 15.5 mph with adding-on battery)
✔️ brakes + maquinales Electronic for the distance to take like this down like this -13 feet
✔️ Foam-fill, career-the flat wheels ➡ walk smoother that solid wheels
✔️ Luz, maneuverable, and easy to bend and spend
✔️ Powder-coated crazy arrive it conceals maculas
✔️ Comprises bell

❌ absorption of Poor accident ➡ hard walk in swipes.
❌ Throttle The crowbar is difficult to resist still in hard ➡ swipes to maintain same speed.
❌ The manual and the mobile application is in broken English and bad writing.
❌ In-application the tutorial video is tiny, touches too quickly, and is difficult to follow without taking each pocolos second.
❌ Bienvenido and emails of the code of the verification is in Chinese prime minister, according to English. It could really they do not resupply to him it locates some emails have based in the tongue of your telephone?
4 / 5
Opts to try this an out of, that knows that Ninebot has bought a Segway frames. Well, but we were curious in these scooters, esp. After my adolescent niece has said that that has had to that have one.

My amours of husband artilugios and this was so only a thing to acclaim up for his anniversary of quarantine. It is gone in the heavy box , but was a lot of packaged and arrived without harm.

Setup Was extremely easy- 6 rays. So only be conscious that Chinese is a primary tongue in both one application, a manual, and emails, and English comes second. We do not have the hard time with other tongues and pressing 1 for English- but for the product designated for an American phase he perhaps first English fact. Some other users can be frustrated by that. No extracted he-breaker this in spite of!

This is not a big more “trim container.” You take the plot for your buck here May:

A walk is rough, but know that this is not a model with absorbers to impact
that Control a speed and the brakes was relatively easy to imagine was, esp. For a rider of motorcycle the one who is spent the majority of a time that tries was

Ossia easy to bend, easy to unfold, and could feasibly be gone through the commuter. It is probably too weighed to dip in the chance or joining to your organism, like this in a city, is the take on a bus or metre and dip the down type of extracted.
Some wheels are solid but concealed a lot adversely affects a walk.
Touching is easy, and out of a box, was on 50 has touched.

An exposure is easy to read and follow. I have had to that change an exposure of kilometres (kmh) the miles (mph) and this was the little bit of an adventure but imagined it to us were.

This would be the element adds for any with the short commute requiring the zip a last one thousand or like this to an office, employed in the corporate campus that requires to go among edifices quickly, boys to go to and of pupils ( can be ensured with purchasing an additional lock), or so that the fun zip around a scooter of neighbourhood. It does not try and walk he with your dog. No- I has not tried this but like it the sense has required to signal this was reason, a lot-- Youtube.
5 / 5
They are always skeptical state of these scooters. It has not thought Never they owe that be worth it and has thought always were the fad in a verge of oblivion. It was bad. I am 34 years old , 6'2 and 210 pounds. But when I locate ossia likes me to him I am the little boy again. It is like this entertainment . It is not a fast plus or one the majority of powerful scooter, but does not require partorisca be. It is announced partorisca go 12 mph and would say that ossia quite attentive, included in my measure.

Comes with uploading it and instructions, there an application for iOS and Android. It is very intuitive to use a scooter, an application very so much. One uploads so only will resupply enough the bit of entertainment. I locate during my neighbourhood and the 7-11 and CVS down a street. An only question is my woman flies it reason is like this entertainment . Going to order the second an or perhaps look in some of another Segway offerings.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCHEER 350/500W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
When I have ordered this bicycle was a blue Ancheer bicycle. I think that that a bicycle is one same like that is to aim at present minus a LCD screen.

A box is enormous when it arrives. Partorisca Be expected. Originally I have asked a technician of bicycle but annulled because of his availability. Which saved $ 70 reason results this bicycle is 85 has gathered. It comes with all some tools and of the precise instructions finalise it. Ps This is coming from the daughter the one who knows absolutely 0 roughly building bicycles.

Like this far has is trace this to do 17 miles there and behind. The law adds! Still in some hills in a zone of Seattle. A chair is extremely uncomfortable so that so that all the world suggests that the transmission was. Also it would add fenders.

Another concealed it.... It would say to touch the quite good compraventa. There is the economic more ancheer bicycle that is foldable a subject was a battery was different and he bugged was after 1000 miles. While I can write an update when I he to that far on like him some controls of battery up over time.

In general yes would owe that buy!
5 / 5
Has possessed this bicycle for the few weeks now and he so that far it has dipped it 140 miles on he according to a built-in computer. My primary use for this bicycle is to take around Boston of then does not drive and a T is has fill always. These times have done some observations in the each component expósito in this bicycle, here is that it has to that say.

Initial assembly:
This bicycle among the a lot, box very big of then comes mostly gathered, so only an advance of wheel and need of handlebar to be attached to use some tools have comprised. Also I unpacked a battery and upload first to take a battery that touches while I have dipped all near. A container shipped of California all a way to Concentrate so that it was the bit has concerned a condition would arrive in. A box arrived with a hole in him and was a guard in a backside derailer has been bent for interior, was bent easily behind was and any harm has been done. Some train requires to be dipped ready out of a box, and of then am new to this, has taken this bicycle to the local tent to have all has verified on and has dipped ready properly.

An Engine/of Battery:
because of the mine height (6'3), has opted for a model of Blue Spark that has the main wheels and also the main battery and the engine have compared to some other available models. An engine has 6 different assist levels, 0 when being pedals so only and any engine, 5 when being assistance of full engine while pedaling. One transfers throttle can be used any time except level 0. Hanged roughly 205 lbs and in the flat surface an engine does not have any question that accelerate until a max speed of 20mph and can maintain this speed well in flat earth. When being so only he 350w engine, a power is not anything too competitive but is spare for my daily horse riding. An engine is also extremely calm to a point another can very immediately say this bicycle is electrical. A battery takes roughly 6 hours to touch of entirely died, but there is still to fully drain this battery. My longer walk so much is far be 13 miles and that so only drained a battery halfway using only tram for the majority of a walk.

A Blue Spark comes with Shimano Altus the installed train. Of then I have any train of bicycle to dip ready of experience, has left that to my mechanic of bicycle. With all has dipped ready properly, some law of train smoothly and is entirely silent when pedaling. A turn to coach reliably using paddle shifters and like this far has not had any subject with them. An only thing would prefer is the proportion to coach main, when a bicycle is in 20 mph, included with a big plus of some 24 train has selected, like the chair are pedaling faster that it would have to be. I comprise ossia the highland bicycle and ossia a reason for a lower train but I will take to that in a next section.

With this when being the highland bicycle, has expected a suspension to be on pair with my leading highland bicycle that this bicycle has substituted. A fork of suspension of the front in these looks of bicycle like would take of a do one when being that has an option to be enclosed and a stiffness also can be regulated so only to turn the dial. In my experience, this in spite of, a mania of suspension to at all likes would expect of the highland bicycle. The holes and the smallest swipes are directed for an advance of wheel but a rear wheel always feels quite hard. My primary use for this bicycle is in of the streets and occasionally that traces thru herb/wooded zones. Included on second light looks offroad streets, each swipe is enough to shake this bicycle uncomfortably. If it plan to do very serious highland type biking, would look elsewhere of this suspension is not built for him.

This bicycle comes with mechanically the brakes of disk have actuated. One of some first things there is remarked was some brakes have required significantly more force to take compared my old bicycle that the brakes of rim have used. I have spoken to my mechanic of bicycle in of the this and has suggested for the bicycle to accelerate big like this a together with the rider to the heavy plus likes, the upgrade to of the hydraulic brakes of then will leave for easier braking and delete a risk to snap the boss of brake in a future. Have there was Shimano the hydraulic brakes installed in this bicycle and an action to brake has been very better. Some brakes cost hovers me of $ 300 but create has be worth it for an improvement is action and security .

Service of client:
Before I have ordered this bicycle, has ordered a more economic option offer for Ancheer, but has changed my alcohol with which and has ordered a Blue Spark for his measure of the main wheel. Of then I have ordered so only another bicycle 30 minutes ago, I emailed Ancheer and has asked to annul an order.
If any precise never contact this company, be prepared to expect... The plot.
His service of the client Based in some another country like an only time I recieve the response of them is around 4 in a morning and is usually in broken english. When being that I have ordered a bicycle in the evening of Friday, did not contact me until tomorrow of Monday so only to say me that an already shipped bicycle and there is at all can do. So only I have bought for the second, this in spite of, of one that follows distinct FedEx did not choose it on until night of Monday.
With which some confusion with my mailroom, has had one wrong the bicycle is returned to a sender to avert any touches of extra nave to the equal that has finalised working. Ancheer, This in spite of, there is prendido to answer to mine emails for the few days and he have finalised to be the few weeks of rear and emails of advances with them to dip commanded a bicycle. After the few weeks this in spite of, has taken finally my money behind in a wrong bicycle.
A subject only has had with a Blue Spark is some instructions for a computer of bicycle any when be pas comprised and has not had any idea like the reset a milage for a travesía. Ancheer Was able to send me the pdf of some instructions a next day, felizmente.

Would recommend this bicycle to any the one who is interested in of the electrical bicycles but does not want to do the investment the big plus to something more powerful quite still. If you are planning to locate on anything another like streets or perhaps the street of muck, suggests that it research other bicycles of this suspension is not up for him.

UPDATE 11/1/19
after finalising the walk last night, there is remarked my rear wheel has vibrated the bit, not thinking any one very spent a bicycle in to touch for a night. When I Am returned has found my rear wheel to be entirely flat. I have found a very small hole in a wheel that the looks has been nailed for the needle. I will be to substitute an inner tube behind now. I also the cost needs the wrench for a rear wheel of a correct measure for this wheel has not been comprised with a bicycle.
4 / 5
NOV 2019 bot A 19.5' Ancheer BLUE SPARK with the 36V/ 350 Rear Watt hub engine ................... FANTASTIC MTB And-the bicycle for both pedal & pedal assist. Construction of QUALITY, softens to move 24 Speed Shimano Train, work of excellent product, 27.5 x MTB the wheels and has fallen is concealed does not interfere with some pedals. Has the BIG easy to read LCD that strolls to level to be able the & information of exposures I level of use 1-2 has taken to locate 3-10 notes that is roughly 20 of my newspaper 8 walk of one thousand in a street. One 350 Watt hub the engine there is more can that I need with consumption of minimum power. I have substituted some Brakes of disk of Boss Maquinal with brakes of disk of HYDRAULIC Boss [approx $ 180]. These walks of bicycle & manages utmost in a calláis & the park consecrated in trails.

Boss Hydraulic Brakes for a Blue Spark: />
That improves need, is not a bicycle, but for ANCHEER to resupply the MANUAL of FORM of USER with each bicycle & the web of place to sustain to obtain the Manual of User of the pdf.

LCD Exposed info is the factory dipped to Kilometres [to change Kilometres to thousands, control & of keys of press, in same time, until the exposure goes the way of RESET and then changes to dip 1 Kilometres to 2 MPH]

Sustain: Revendedor: (626) 333-4255
5 / 5
is not often a product has announced is 'that take'. But, in this chance, a ebike was more than has expected. The assembly takes roughly 2 hours or less. A bicycle comes totally gathered except front handbars and wheel forward. It was surprised at the beginning locate some components all has done correctly without any adjustment, to comprise some brakes of disk. I have taken so only a bicycle for the walk and has surprised. An electrical function is one that took a peddle the process that leaves less energy especially in of the hills. One 'throttle' in a sinister side leaves one to of like 'paste' the to move faster. I have tried a ebike moment in Europe this has had to that have one. For a money, a bicycle is upper quality . It agrees, turning
he ebike electrical has taken was and have the normal bicycle. One touches of a key and all the hills are much easier. It enjoys!
4 / 5

am still very happy with this compraventa, and has purchased in fact the second a so only the month later. This trace of smooth bicycle, quickly, and good bosses. I took it it was-street by means of vase, to muck and the herb and has managed all have launched is like this far. I usually walk with Pedal has Taken way in any 1st, 2nd or 3rd speed... Occasionally 4 or 5 it takes entertainment. It does not use a throttle a lot but is the option adds need the explosion of speed. Mina 6'3' the trace of son-in-law and is returned well, like the he the row done really of 5'2' to at least 6'3'. It does not doubt in this bicycle, probably a low better option $ 1k on Amazon.


has solved in this bicycle after several months of investigation. It has looked for a eBike down $ 1k and has wanted to take a better bicycle for a money. While it has had several next competitors in this class of eBike, has chosen a Ancheer Blue Spark for some following reasons:

1. The value adds
2. Mountain Hybrid Type - looks the classical highland bicycle
3. Pedal Assist And Throttle options
4. Excellent speed - until 20mph
5. Excellent row - until 25 miles throttle so only, until 60 miles with pedal assist
6. Manuel adds (24-speed) and electronic (5-speed) has opted
7. Moderate standover quotes - quite small for mine 5'2' woman
8. Upper 2 in class for descriptions more on-line
9. Descriptions of excellent Amazon in general

Some things has been concerned roughly:

1. Any one uploads to rack, level or optional (any question, has added to 3rd party backrack)
2. Several negative critiques on answered of support/of the manufacturer for questions of client and questions
3. Some descriptions there is complained roughly challenges of assembly and lack of instructions of exposure

Assembly – has Taken so only in an hour. Sincere and simple. A bicycle comes 85 has gathered. All have to that do is to attach some handlebars to a root, rotate one forks 180 terracings ( is shipped behind for spatial reasons), install a forward of wheel in a dropouts, installs some pedals, installs a seatpost, connect an electronics, connect a battery (load fully in the first place), and adjustments to mark to a rear/front derailleurs. In general this is to go quite smoothly. It could be much easier if a manual was has organised better. Some subjects with that:

1. No very written or always clear I roughly indictment
2. Poor illustrations
3. Any calm indication A lot the TIME has to that PRESS key of power in a Controller to power in
4. Any instruction to take derailleur guard, which accustoms purpose to ship so only

Exposed – For the bicycle in a down $ 1k classifies an exposure is fantastic. Lustrous, A lot backlight with brilliant/dim option, notates can of battery, current speed, half speed, level of train, kilowatt, mileage. Very good.

Settings of exposure - does not have ANY INSTRUCTION RESUPPLIED to change some settings of exposure. Ossia That the imports love transmission of a incumplimiento kilometres for now the miles for now. It was able to find some instructions to look for in an internet and are by train to resupply them here:

Regulate Settings - Long press a plus and minus keys in some keys of Controllers for 2 seconds
1. A first setting is 'the travesía clears' that is defaulted to TC-n (the travesía Clear - any). For yours reset travesía mileage behind to 0 hastens a plus or minus key to change a incumplimiento to TC-and (the travesía Clear - he)
Press a Info ('I') key in a Controller to go to a second setting (or long press to save and start)
2. A second setting is 'Backlight' that is defaulted to BL-2 (Backlight setting 2 - half). To change to dimmer or hastens more brilliant a plus or minus key to change a incumplimiento to BL-1 or BL-3
Press a Info ('I') key in a Controller to go to a third place (or long press to save and start)
3. A third place is Unit that is defaulted to Or-2 (km h). To change to Miles for press of Now a plus or minus key to change a incumplimiento to Or-1 (MPH)
A lot of press of time a Info ('I') key in a Controller to save and start
NOTE: If you are inactive in of the settings also long he simply revert behind to a main exposure

Geometry – is perfect for me. They are 5'8” and right in a something sweet for this bicycle. It is marketed like this well among 5'1” and 6'4”.

Managing – For my purposes, excellent. Ossia branded Like the “highland bicycle”, but would say that it is more than the hybrid/of mix of the mountain. It is not adapted for terrain of the rugged highland bicycle and calm would not take this bicycle in any technical hills. Ossia Well with me. While you know and it is well with him soyountain light of bicycle', ossia the bicycle adds :

1. Pedal Assist and throttle-only is both a lot of responsive
2. It creates to 20 mph in a throttle quickly
3. Walks well in some pavings and of the corners well, and can close an advance of accident for flat walks
4. Walks surprisingly well in the smallest swipes, curbs etc in of the big speeds
5. Life of looks of battery to be like this announced like this far. In a travesía maiden has been 16 miles with the mix of pedal assist and throttle only and has had still on 75 of life of battery that remain.

Are very happy with this bicycle like this far. I will update with which take some time of plus on he some coming months.
5 / 5
After reading by means of other descriptions in this bicycle, has decided to take one submerges and take this that prime minister of mine and-bicycle. Here it is some thoughts there has been as dipped that all near:

can gather Ikea mobile, can dip this together bicycle in the pair of hours. You save of the money of assembly. So only it does not lose a separate inserts/inserts to explain that first of calm anything, use some wrenches to rotate a gooseneck 180 terracings. I am spent for big this step, and handlebars of mine looked odd.

Some wheels, chair, and the pedals celery very economic, but usable for now. These will be some first things I upgrade. Another has commented in a low quality of some shocks, but like a partner of the avid cyclist of mine has said, calm will not take shock of quality unless it spend the thousands of pair bucks in the bicycle. This look to be quite well for my needs, this in spite of, in my opinion.

Had assumed (mistakenly) that a battery would be street has touched to to the USB the like all more nowdays, but sadly, of one load is the enormous brick and no very compact.

Headlight Does not operate, but is very economic and something looked probably costs in $ 4 in a tent. I will take something of better quality.

A bit that the bell has been comprised. Really? My boys have laughed in me when has of then.

All looks for to be returned near a lot well and easily. I have taken so only he to move it quickly around a blockade, and another that some the economic parts have mentioned earlier, all looks quite solid. I will update this description with which take some miles in.

Update, a year with which shabby: I have begun to have some subjects with a canal that slips, as I took it my tent of reparation of local bicycle. It has found a @@subject and tweaked the, but has said notes that a cassette of train looks for to be integrated to an engine, as if some needs of cassette to be swapped was, a whole engine will require to be substituted also. It is not to like more bicycles where a cassette can be changed is gone in his own. It has said the majority of some questions finds with and-the bicycles is where an engine dips was more torsion that some train or the canal can manage and he his door was faster.
4 / 5
A bicycle has arrived today. Packaging Well, instructions of sincere assembly . It has taken it likes 1 hr to gather it initially . I have then taken he 3 walk of one thousand and has had to that dip ready brake of disk of the front and boss . I still train of precise tune shifters , but is not like this critical. So only any ocassional noise of a backside of a bicycle . For a money these costs of bicycle , like this far can say that has the value adds . It feels solid . I
be by train of the walk each day to a work and behind -8 miles each day , will update my description to the equal that goes.
4 / 5
Can not be happier in this compraventa of a Blue Spark! Before I go need further calm to comprise have learnt like this in these bicycles.. 0-350W is the BICYCLE.. (15-20MPH) An engine will drive a bicycle like fast to the equal that can is the MOPED that an engine will drive it FASTER that you can pedal. (25-30MPH).. 750W-1000 is in ELECTRICAL MOTORCYCLE.. (30-40MPH). I need to be VERY CLEAR in that wants to do here.. EXERCISE, TRANSPORT Or EMOTIONS.. Has 58 Years and out of form.. That The gymnasium has closed. I have been looking in these bicycles for the moment but a COVID had motivated me partorisca buy, has chosen the BICYCLE to help me that takes ready.. It could not have chosen the better bicycle that this ESPECIALLY a point of prize. A bicycle is very built and has characteristic is. Easy to gather and life of good battery. I have added it lights, the mirror and has created my with the one of goose. I locate each morning before alone on and are having the explosion!! It is quickly of abundance for me. Falling of the bicycle in still 10 MPH will hurt much less 20 or 25MPH so that any precise to go any fast plus. A 350W the engine press to the long of just well.. They are 6'4' and 250 lbs and has thought a bicycle would be slow and undersized.. NO!! An engine arises to 500Watts has required .. Ancheer Does to 500version of Watt of this bicycle also. It is more money and heavier but will go faster if ossia that loves.. If I have lived in the zone of Metre and required to take to do/the cost would go 500W, BUY THIS BICYCLE!!
5 / 5
Has expected until I am spent 1100 miles in this ebike first to comment… in general are 100 satisfied and think that this was a compraventa excellent ... mechanically Is a lot the sound and an upper speed is 32 has had the local tent gathers it, well value of fun & looks folks could prefer the “go through half of” the type of him can swing your leg in the “boys' bicycle”, this ebike is the winner!
5 / 5
I have had the few subjects with a compraventa initial. With which some time partorisca go back and advances, a vendor he well. We send me to us the new metre and some missing rays partorisca ensure them. A web of place could be improved partorisca offer more instructions in a bicycle. They are the big 6' 3' type in 310lbs and has been using a bicycle to commute partorisca do, taking me to a caltrain canal of my house in some foothills of Jose of the Saint and behind at night. A walk behind is on a hill is a lot of empinado. Going some miles to a canal and work I use 1 bar. Charge against laws. A ebike take me home with 1 spare bar. I do not owe that stop and walk. It has fulfilled my expectations. If I have lived any one the big plus on a hill would owe that have the engine the battery of big/more stronger. A battery uploads is the big brick and would be good to take something more compact.

Top Customer Reviews: EBIKELING Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5
Installed this in my bicycle according to ebikeling video, has done sure all some connections were stagnate - this in spite of, the interior means an hour of random horse riding, an engine was come from to entirely ignore an arm, rotate in an iron, and has bent a dropouts in a fork facing a point of failure! Felizmente, a wheel a lot entirely fails while it locate - so that it is partorisca say the dangerous situation that goes in 20-30 mph. But now my precise bicycle the new fork, which costs more than a prize of any one so only this arm of torsion, but other models of torsion arm that is better quality .

Besides, with which fail, has discovered that some original designers of this arm of torsion, Grin Technologies... If you go to his web of place and go to his page of Torsion of Arm... It mentions that this particular creation of arm of torsion ('v1') has been discovered to not doing well enough to prevent big powered engines (like the majority of the economic boxes now are, among 500-1000w) to break dropouts. No longer they sell this version for this reason. Perhaps it has the beefy fork of steel, will be well, but, then again, one has to that consider if the pause of costs of prize quite that security.
4 / 5
Metal of poor quality. A metal that resists an interior has bent axial are month. Any recommended for 1000 W or on and bicycles.
5 / 5
Any one included think roughly using the front-engine of wheel in the bicycle or trike without installing an of these. TWO, if possible. Without one of these, a torsion of an engine turns quite probably out of a drop to fork outs - a space where some walks of square iron. There is a lot give and instructions that does not mention this.
Ossia The cost of low solution well, but still needs some precaution. A hose clamp can rasgar was. If your dimensions will leave it, would have to substitute these with the measure that resupplies a maximum of possible period of solid clamp strap and like this little like this possible period of slotted portion.
5 / 5
Has used 2 arm of torsion in mine Ebikeling geared front hub, one in the each side of some forks. These have been in the Schwinn Meridian trike using Ebikeling front geared hub. I have been building ebikes for ten years now and think his of entity to declare that Any torsion the arm is so only the reinforcement for a dropouts and No a half only to maintain an electrical engine axel to turn in some mountains. This universal torsion the arm is not he faulty creation to the equal that have run this fashion of Grin for years on DD hubs. A subject of entity is that the bicycles are not drawn like this of the trams —— of engines of the motorcycles on so the varieties of bicycles require an installer the first marks a axel access and sure (c-washers, walk and lock washers, access of precision to dropouts ) then use an arm of torsion to reinforce an installation. Then an user has to that maintain all a axel dice and arm of torsion fasteners tight and insurances and maintain verifying them like this the time spends of longitude. I have gone a no extra on some builds to add another hose clamp or has to that it has weighed bonds of plastic boss (also bosses of fashionable bond of aircraft). @In rodeo; it does not trust on one separates of a ebike to do the majority of a vital work that resists an engine to a bicycle. Test be redundant in of the supports and does not expect yours bicycle to be drawn as to motorcycle.
4 / 5
Has gathered only mine ebike goes at the head of the conversion 500w engine. A box has come with an arm of torsion and this a quell'matches. A bicycle has an aluminium frames like this more to reinforce a front forks like this more to the equal that can.
5 / 5
This torsion the arm is a lot sure in place of having at all at all, this will not resist to arrive well use with anything on 36v 1000watt how is too thin, transfer and pauses. If you are building a ebike 36v 500watts then this would have to that be well. It has installed two in my woman DIY Ebike and has resisted on final. Of only has 36v 500watts. If I need something more durable, be ready to spend for something more.
5 / 5
Am using this in my electrical conversion for mine trike. I have imagined out of a mountain to look in other pictures. Easy to install like this the trace and a wheel of conversion in same time. I have done sure to have a brake of disk is trace in the first place first to situate an arm of torsion. In this way the have any question and a fact that an engine can do properly without turning an iron of axial are adds for longevity of a conversion. To good sure buy this produces again.
5 / 5
Has taken my electrical wheel of ebikeling to the equal that avenges with the torsion arms my edges have taken his roughly plant more like his axial turned in his forks have it almost has destroyed I so that it has ordered these have repaired his bicycle has had to use two so many sides been due to a harm caused for some other vendors leave economic . ebikeling Included tossed in two quotas pocolas headlights with my box. awsum
4 / 5
EBIKELING Arm of universal Torsion for Electrical Bicycle. His torsion the arms are part of mine and-build of bicycle. My highland bicycle of full suspension is now to 1000 city of watt munching car. Thank you Ebikling, for an arm of torsion of the quality and fast delivery. The access adds together with being easy to gather and install. A product was properly packaged with some right parts have comprised. Thank you Of Ross, an Amazon first Member.
4 / 5
A torsion the arm is the precaution of security to maintain your physically attached wheel to your fork or mark it have to that a hub rays, QR, or Thru the iron does not result never I quite free to cause the potential disconnect of a bicycle. Especially for one And-the bicycle with one has added torsion of the hub engine. This element is simple, but wine without directions of assembly or suggestions.

Top Customer Reviews: METAKOO Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
This was my prime minister and-compraventa of bicycle. An electrical assistance is incredible in automatic way. It adds power to easily and quickly accelerate or hills of trace. It is very natural to enhance your own pedaling, and like this easy to choose on speed and maintain he with ease. Calm still can take the decent workout with one and-the engine has turned on, but one and-the engine can also easily be turned was or place to a level asistencial of yours choosing yes has wished. The train that the movements is very smooth and some brakes are excellent. Biking In trails of muck, streets, or anything, is the explosion. They are very happy with a compraventa. Absolutely love my bicycle.
4 / 5
Likes to recommend this product, one the majority of the reason of entity is that it is very powerful.
Has used it so only roughly 10 times like this far but is state adds. They are 66 with dodgy the legs but I can fly uphill without losing any speeds. It is too prompt partorisca give the full description but I love it. It is 100 value this prize, expects that my description can helps a decision.
5 / 5
In general the fantastic bicycle partorisca a prize. The bicycle has come a lot quickly and was a lot of a lot of packaged. It was easy to gather and the wine with some tools has required partorisca gather. A battery can be take of a bicycle and has touched for separate, which is very useful. Some wheels are all the street , which is well. Can take it to a forest and walk without questions. With an advance of suspension has added is the perfect way to locate both was and in subjects. Bicycle a lot very partorisca a prize.
4 / 5
This bicycle has come punctual but has had the surprise when it opened it to them and has begun partorisca gather.

Among other things was missing a brake of disk of the front and one upload and other parts that comprises Pedals.

So the cant has included to trace likes them the regular bicycle !

Really while an email of support inside the works and response.

Shabby american calm of any extracted subjects like this, while I am them able to return if his cant take me some separates etc.
5 / 5
has received an earlier bicycle that has expected on Sea 5. The good bicycle looks good quite a lot of quality especially for a prize. Arrived a lot quickly. Some instructions are not some better but any with the little bit of common sense would owe that be able to gather quite easily.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I had it I considered always the sportive person any one alfresco and always had shunned electrical bicycles! 'If you go walk, calms the favour and manually pedal yours way to exert', has used takes to say me. Two boys later, this in spite of, my level of the fitness no longer is where would like me to be, and hauling of both of them around with my highland bicycle of the crosses of Santa was resulted in cramped legs in the number of outings.

Sees, for a majority of the recent walk of 25 miles, pulled the weight combined of 40-95 lbs further of my own organism, and this was when I was VERY APPRECIATED for a eBike! A last house of one thousand would have been painful without motorised assistance!

A down the cast is usually my must-haves for the battery-powered bicycle. We will go in some reasons because plus late.
- Decent engine to help with empinado curves
- 21 train/of speed to face difficult, uphill trace
- Pedal has Taken System (STEP)
- Walks and looks the normal highland bicycle
- Detachable battery , big for long and convenient walks that touch

A prime minister eBike was the seeds-foldable that my woman and I had bought for his mother, and his alone speed there would be to be being for me to use. After, my brother has loaned his 7-accelerate eBike, and still although it was much more mine in pleasant with his 7-train, city cruiser look, has not felt never quite well for any the one who has had the habit that traces the highland bicycle of Crosses of Santo. Based the week-long investigation, my election for an electrical highland bicycle is touched to lose to go in Lived that and the Metakoo for global prize to estimate. I have chosen finally take a Metakoo Cybertrack 100.

Metakoo Cybertrack 100 is any highland bicycle of Crosses of Santo and would not trust never in my life to a unproven the mark that goes down some hills empinados, rocky without concerning if a frame or the wheels would resist until abuses. But comparing a $ 700 electrical bicycle to the professional one this costs 10x more (but hanged one same in 46 lbs) is unfair. With this said, has had a lot to like in a Cybertrack to the equal that has verified all a must-haves that researches in the battery-powered bicycle, comprising 21 speed (7 behind, 3 front Shimano train), detachable battery with 374.4 Wh capacity, 350W to be able to (500W summit) and the pedal has taken, and everything a moment looking the normal highland bicycle. He withstood some rough terrain in the recent, walk of 25 miles by means of asphalt, cement, and streets of muck while towing the trailer with the weight combined of 40-95 lbs with ease. It had used the mainly with Train 1 pedal has taken traces slope (590' profit of total elevation) and has had 75 battery has left in an end of a leisurely, 4.5 day of now.

Some assembly has been required when a very protected container has arrived. Metakoo Manuel of instruction and QR the distinguished code in the video of Youtube that has taken calm by means of an annex of a front 26' wheel, brake of disk, handlebar, and accessories, but a speed in that the be be present was the tad too fast and partially incomplete. If you had it that has not built never the first bicycle, would be possible to do like this for your have some patience, but a person has experienced easily could gather a whole product with ease. All some parts were already pre-dipped ready, but some the small adjustments were still necessary to ensure a brake of disk of the front there is not rubbed and some train of 3 speed has moved properly. You can consider take your new bicycle in tending it to him professional to the equal that has required.

Fork (front) the suspension of accident was decent and some bosses were neatly has hid has gone by internally routing by means of a down tube. Cybertrack Looks Of frame of league of aluminium and feels sturdy, but again, would not trust he with hardcore, rocky downhill walks, although some brake of disk maquinal has treated well for fast, has controlled partorisca. A heavy, Lithium-enclosure of the battery of the Ion is waterproof, could be securely closed to a frame with the pair of tones, and has the key to aim levels of cariche in 25 increments. The battery can be turned on/has been with the built-in the transmission and his port to the touch is protected with waters achieves resistant. A 168W AC to the wall uploads red of lights when touching, the green when fact.

A Bafang brushless the engine is powered on with a handlebar-trace KD58C LCD joint, the speed is showed in mph, and the level of battery is aimed in 20 increments. It has had 5 levels asistenciales has controlled invernadero some +/- keys and 20 mph has been achieved with the 195 lb bicyclist. A support of claims of the manufacturer for until 300 lbs, and a frame would owe that accommodate riders among 5'3' – 6'5' big. Cranking A throttle in a boss lateralmente well involves an engine for when you love provisional assistance: a more is turned, a big plus one has taken and faster a speed.

Tip: A less an engine is committed, a row more order, life of battery, and exert you will have during a walk.

The acceleration was exhilaratingly smooth, quickly, and silent, but maintain import that the prolonged use for an in action maximum engine could overheat the. Like the result, his inner system gradually throttled an upper speed after the short period. Metakoo Alleges the row of '26-40 low miles pure electrical way' and 37-50 my pedal street assist. A Pedal has Taken System (STEP) is useful for when you want pedal with the small quantity of electrical help, and this will result in the most utmost row and life of battery at least of an engine is used. As declared sooner, has used so only 25 of battery in the 25 my walk with an engine so only supplementing me (and additional 40-95 lbs) on trace.

Has very found to like in a Cybertrack 100, and reason his frame is quite small in diameter for an electrical bicycle, was able to accommodate some Boys of Shotgun MTB the Chairs of girl for when one of my boys has loved to locate on front. You could always retrofit a bicycle to exist with a eBike box, but Metakoo the offering is the amiably streamlined container that looks and walks like the normal mountain, recreational bicycle with motorised assistance. We have been appreciated like the parents for a pedal assist concealed there is enabled to locate the longest distances with girls and of the weights have weighed in tow.

- Smooth, Quickly, silent acceleration with Bafang brushless engine
-- Nominal (half) can: 350W. Estimated (maximum) can: 500W
-- Upper speed: 20 mph, tried (limits of the speed of California is 20 mph)
--- Overheat protect when going uphill (flash 'H' on LCD controller)
- (4) ways to Be able to
-- Fully voters: Any necessary pedaling
-- FULLY – Pedal has Taken System: it takes assistance while pedaling
-- the engine was: bicycle of Movement with a power of your own legs ;-)
-- On asks: handlebar of Tower throttle the manually speed of the increase and the engine assist level
- Bafang Battery (KS0306): Leo-Ion (36V , 18650 cells)
-- Detachable with Lock and 2 tones for more convenient touching
-- These writes the battery have the 500+ cycle lifespan and lose roughly 20-25 capacity after each 500 cycle
-- the Automatic power was (10 mins goes him)
-- Bafang the upper uses-tier cells of battery for Panasonic and LG
-- Waterproof
- Two elections by heart: Black | Aim
- IPX4 control of water – essistant to water splashes of any direction'
-- Bikable in rain but does not spend for water that is quite big to achieve an engine or battery!
- Fast-load with 168W wall to upload (4A 42V)
-- the costruttore alleges empty to 100 in 3 hours. Gyroor C3 Has taken hours with his 84W brick
- Row: 26-40 my on fully-electrical, 37-50 mine in pedal assist ways (according to costruttore)
-- the estimativa is in accordance with another 350W eBikes this has the 360-375 Wh battery
-- Approx. 100 Mine with the occasional pedal has taken based in recent 25 my walk with motorised help in uphill trace (while towing 195 lb rider, 40-95 lbs load, and 46 lb bicycle he)
- Shimano 21 speed (3 front, 7 backside)
-- When a battery is was, a number a big plus of train will leave easier, more effective, manual pedaling
- Dual disk , brakes maquinales for faster, has controlled more paralización
- suspension of accident of the Front for smoother, comfortable managing, although it does not have any absorber of rear accident
- KD58C LCD Poster to Control
-- speed of Exposures (mph) / battery and start of level of engine (20 increments) / quantity asistencial of the engine (0-5) / travesía / of time of travesía / of distance of odometer half speed / max speed
--- When I level asistencial of the engine is dipped to 0, the engine does not turn on, and calm the fully pedal manual
-- Backlit with two options of intensities and readable in brilliant daylight

the number of Serial is etched to a fund of frame for registration with local police to help with recovery

- has Arrived almost fully gathered
-- has Taken 20 mins to finalise build
--- Rotate threadless root, installs brake of disk of wheel forward, attaches handlebar, pedals, wheel forward, derailleur protective, estaca of chair, reflecting/rear advance, and small, dipping ready adjustments
- frame of league of the Aluminium with support of rider for until 300 lbs, according to Metakoo
-- Can accommodate 5'3' – 6'5' biker height with his estaca of chair of fast emission
- 26' Wheels (26 x tube) for more controlled, comfortable walks
-- Uses Schrader valve with recommended pressure of 50 psi
- Hanged: 46 lbs, resembled Gyroor C3 and the no electrical Saint Cruz Heckler
- Built-in, period-adjustable kickstand
- A lot of-manual writing , has illustrated
- the tools have comprised
- 1 guarantee of year

- Some assembly has required
-- Those any one a lot-versed with the edifice of bicycle can struggle the bit, especially if some dipping ready needs to be treated. A video of aims/of Youtube of the Youtube some steps of entities
- No built for the mountain advanced biking
- Behind does not have suspension to clash
- Weighed in 46 lbs, this in spite of resemblance in weight to a Gyroor C3 and the no electrical Saint Cruz Heckler
- has Limited to locate options in a frame, regarding the cage partorisca bounce water or bomb of wheel
- Any battery-powered boss or lights to row
-- Likely any one comprised reason ossia the highland bicycle , no the recreational/city cruiser
- the Upper tube can be too fat for the chairs of boy have done for traditional bicycles
-- Girls of Shotgun MTB the Chairs of girl can develop the returned almost any thickness to frame
- LCD Poster of looks to Control to have his enclosed and inaccessible Programming
-- Prevents calm to change to the options likes them exposed of of units (km/of mine), the pedal Assist (STEP) delay to start with, CAN BE proportion of power for each level asistencial, and limit of maximum speed


- Before first use, uploads a battery fully
-- has Covered to touch the port is in a removable battery he
-- AC that touches the brick has DIRECTED: Red = touching. Full = green
-- battery of the ion of the Lithium is known to be volatile and could take on shoot
--- does not touch at night or unsupervised for prolonged periods for time. To stop that the once full touches
--- does not leave a bicycle in ice cream or alone full under
-- Maintain the battery has against loaded 50 or more partorisca prolong the 500+ cycle of the battery lifespan. It tries never sinister drains entirely
--- Lithium-the batteries of Ion lose roughly 20-25 of capacities after each 500 that cycle of touches
- before trace, controls a pressure of wheel (50 psi) and presionar any one fulmine loose
-- Ensure the estaca of chair is closed and tight

- Engine: it enables to press one 'Power' key in a unit of exposure and turning in a battery
-- Pedal a bicycle, and will feel an engine that has taken (Pedal assist)
-- Throttle an accelerator for a boss lateralmente right, and an engine fully will take on (Can on continuous)
--- A more turned, a fast more a bicycle will go
-- To power of an engine as so only would be able to pedal manually, Power of press (Pedal only), the neighbours has Taken Level to 0 in an exposure, or turn of a battery
- the Manual power assist: Press and key of control for 2 dry to actuate engine in low speed
- Helps with walking a bicycle uphill
- So that the battery approached empty, there is remarked that the maximum speed gradually gone down
- Show backlight: Press and key of control for 2 dry to toggle among big and basses brightness level
- does not brake hard. Doing so it could do you painfully tumble, skid, and/or wear out of some wheels
-- Be conscious of unexpected obstacles. I tumbled once while mountain biking and has been hurt quite bad. It has not been fun

More, if any all, the airlines forbid bicycles and electronic scooters that does not fulfil of the criteria concretise. Has has joined Airlines, for example, leaves folding some whose battery is both removable and down 300 Wh. This bicycle is is 375 Wh. Lithium-the batteries of ion am known to be volatile, and of the big more his capacity, a riskier is. Control with some airlines for more than details.

Investigations an Internet partorisca 'Yuenx Metakoo Cybertrack 100 At all-for-Gives a spent for detailed, any one-for-instructions of no.

If an error arrives, one of some following codes will show in a LCD:
- H: the engine is overheated. Transmission to pedaling or take the pause
- 21: Current abnormality and generally the subject of controller because of the engine that is too big-powered or current too big. A new controller can be required
- 22: error of Connection among throttle sensors and main controller. The boss can be free or fond inside throttle resulted dislodged
- 23: the error of Connection goes in for behind hub engine and controller. The boss can be free or fraction
- 24: backside of interior of the Sensor hub the engine has failed. The boss among engine and controller can be free or has broken. The engine can suffer harm
- 25: error of connection of sensor of Brake. Brakes still manually laws but will not be in sync with a speedometer and LCD screen. The error can be be cause of some brakes in that has been actuated while turning in a LCD. It does not touch some brakes when powering on a screen
- 30: error of Connection among LCD screen and controller. The boss can be free or fraction

I in the first place learnt in the laws that governs motorised scooters when revising a Joyor X5S last year, and unfortunately, was (and still is) any one directly-advances. It had Had the number of the accidents that involves the scooters that paste the pedestrians or the riders that has hurt they. I take it. The laws are there to protect people of each another and they, especially of irresponsible character.

Surprisingly, some laws that governs the electrical BICYCLES are much more lax. They are a lot looked the very motorised bicycles, in fact! There are different classes of eBikes. This Metakoo some falls under a Type of low speed I with the maximum speed of until 20 mph, and like such, can be used in @subject of bicycle. Be sure to verify with your local controls. Some declares categorize eBikes like mopeds or vehicles of engine.

Download of authorship: they ARE not A LAWYER. Please consult your local city, police department, and/or legal professional for joint.

A following is my interpretation of as comprise a law. It has been shortened ready so only out of parts that found to interest or aventajado.
- Does not require that it locates with the licence or Permission of Instruction of the Engine (eScooters require them!)
- Any stuffs of the licence has required
- the passengers remain while a bicycle has been drawn for him
- Can locate in that exists infrastructure of bicycle
- Accelerate limited to 20 mph
- Follow the majority of some same laws like this bicycles very motorised
- the helmet required partorisca riders 17 years and younger
- does not limit of minimum age

A Metakoo Cybertrack 100 had been to entertainment, recreational highland bicycle to locate concealed has not felt any one different of the mechanic a. His engine that accelerates quickly has resupplied quite a lot of tin to assist me pedaling on hills (with 40-95 lbs in tow in the piece of 25 miles), and for this I was very thankful. Without electrical assistance, my thighs have cramped much earlier and the facts for the very painful walk marries retreated — and perhaps both young boys that shout it roughly reason has taken like this long to go back.

Has very appreciated a capacity to take a battery for much easier uploading against house or the work without that has to that spend an interior of whole bicycle. Besides, a battery could be securely closed to a frame to minimise a risk of flight. Moving among some 21 train was seamless with Shimano derailleurs, and some brakes of disk have treated like this expected for has controlled partorisca.

My familiar and has had there is enjoyed a lot explore the city jointed in place of idling around in a car. It is both the activity sã and the way adds to bond with an another while building on the confidence of some girls and endurance.

Does not see Me going back to the no motorised bicycle unless I have loved to go back to trails for more anticipated downhill mountain biking. It is good to have the bicycle with an option to dynamically turns on or of one the electrical pedal assist.

Total 40-95 lbs weigh it towed in the recent, the walk of 25 miles has looked of: (28 lbs) Bicycle of 2 Trailer of Seat/Stroller / (13 lbs) Kids Bicycle / (40 lbs + 10 lbs) Edges and Water / of daughter and bites

Top Customer Reviews: ANCHEER Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia My prime minister And-Bicycle. I have researched several frames, and creations of And-the bicycles and I highly suggest calm yours researches also before purchasing. This in spite of, delivery down, ossia in a prize a low plus goes to find in a level of entrance And-Bicycle for a prize. Read on.

Has there is wanted commute to do for the while now, but without ease to rain work, has not gone roughly to locate one of my traditional bicycles and chair in my sweat for a rest of a day. This bicycle has solved that question. For reference, are 5 ft 5 big thumbs and roughly 175 lbs. With east And-the bicycle can locate to do in full throttle way, or with minimum pedaling all a way to do (7 miles, with the few hills quite empinados) in roughly 30 minutes. In a house of walk can pedal like the regular bicycle, the pedal of use has taken, or full throttle according to my way. In my way to do I half roughly 13-15 mph using so only a throttle with occasional pedaling to create one 2 or 3 hills in my street. They are in no way really dipping any endeavour to a pedaling, but so only helping an engine the little his so that it is quite empinados. Certainly it could use so only a throttle and arrives some hills in my street and probably half roughly 8 mph on some hills. During a rest of the mine commute (which is in the trail of local bicycle) a terrain is flat that augments my speed to roughly 16.5 mph, for this a half mph of around 13-15 mph. In mine commute manacles no really cured roughly taking sweaty, as having the pedal with pedal assist put in a level a big plus or use full throttle and pedal constantly. With this option I easily half 18.5 mph and occasionally paste until 20 mph. It is the good 25-30 small workout. I will say that still in a train a big plus (21 train comprised) can turn is gone in this bicycle. It wishes a proportion of train was the little better so that really it could presses on 20 mph.


ASSEMBLY... My bicycle has been rid enough free harm. A small puncture in a box that has not looked to affect anything inside. It has taken perhaps 5-10 mins to take all and begin setting. The tools are comprised for assembly but I reverted to better some so only reasons was easier. There it has very too much to gather, and while has some basic general knowledge in bicycles of any calm class would not owe that have any questions that calms. You owe that install some pedals, a chair, some bars of boss, a wheel forward, and a headlight. No really lame all some commentaries in a be of the fork of the front has turned around. A headlight the groups easily would owe that say that way some needs to fork to be turned. It thinks roughly he people. In all the chance, all gathered without questions a lot. If you are unsure, Youtube of investigation to gather this concrete bicycle and look some video before starts.

TOUCHING... Although a battery has some load out of a box, would recommend fully that touches a battery before first use (follows an instruction). In a much less, discharges he so it is gathering a bicycle as it can be take some load . One uploads to connect a lot easily to a battery and has the light indicator when a battery is touching (red light) and when it is touched fully (green light). It does not maintain one uploads constantly connected to a battery with which is touched (read and follow some instructions). Once a battery is touched, besieges he in a headline of battery in a down tube of a bicycle and snap he in place. The mine needs the little pressure to take it to click fully to plant. It would not owe that be removable once clicked in, and will require a key this is coming with him (place of 2) to release a battery.

The first WALK... Once a battery is touched and closed in a headline of battery, will press a red rocker transmission in a base of a battery to turn it on. In some bars of boss, will press an ON key for the second or two and red lights lit to leave knows is on. For incumplimiento an And-the bicycle will be in a level a low plus of pedal has taken way. In this way it will take some assistance of a battery after the pocolas revolutionise pedal in a bicycle. Calm will feel it has fallen in. A throttle at all in this way. If you clique to a calm half level then will take more assistance of a battery, and is noticeable. In big will take one the majority asistencial out of a battery. Usually it takes 3 or 4 pedal rotations for him partorisca kick in, but he a wide work to assist you while you are pedaling , especially in of the hills. It maintains in alcohol that has to that you pedal for a pedal assist ways to do. Calm once pedaling to arrest then a battery disengages and cost you in your bicycle like calm usually . If calm resume pedaling, a battery has taken will kick in again after the pocolas revolutionise pedal. If clicar all a way behind to low and then a click of plus, will be in throttle way. In this way it will use a half throttle grip in a right handlebar to power a bicycle. Any pedaling is required in this way, this in spite of, has beaten still calm master . If they are in the complete stop tends to pedal the pair of first revolutions to turn a throttle, again, so only to assist an engine that has to that it propel me of the dead stop. If you maintain a throttle has involved fully in the calm flat terrain easily would owe that see 15 to 18 mph according to your weight, etc. NOTES: Of a factory a bicycle comes with one of some bosses has connected in a box of boss to limit your mph to down 15, but can disconnect the boss to achieve one 18-20 mph speed. It goes the Youtube and look a video on like this to do east. Easy, peasy. While the majority of mine commutes is short (7 miles each way), was able to take this was a weekend and is trace roughly 48 miles on he no-stop with full throttle and pedaling constantly. A finally drained battery on one thousand 49-50. Of the perspective of time taken roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes with the short pause to locate some 50 miles, like the battery is lasted the quite decent quantity of time with constant use.

1 Month In... They are now state that traces this bicycle to do every day that a time is cooperative and really loves that. I do not seat in traffic during morning or late commutes. I take the little bit of the built-in workout in an evening, and has had any subject with a bicycle at all. The difference other descriptions, a horn and the light of boss has done without any questions also. I will say that I agree totally with all the world is evaluation of a chair that comes with a bicycle. It is BAD! Annoying is a understatement. This in spite of, is the quite easy fijamente. I have substituted he with one of the mine other saddles and are the perfectly comfortable trace now.

A bit those that GILIPOLLAS... During my travesía maiden (first walk) one of some bosses inside a box to wire result disconnected with which have been in the quite big swipe. Immediately I have lost all beat to a bicycle and has had to that finalise a walk an old fashioned way. After arriving in my fate has contacted Ancheer and fact by means of a subject. They were a lot of responsive to mine emails, and after taking a box where all a wiring terminates has found a disconnected boss, reconnected the, and has had very additional issues anything. It was in that then that I also disconnected a boss a limited a bicycle mph to down 15 mph. While a disconnected the boss has not been the subject enormous, a bicycle is VERY HEAVY and same with the low train can be hard to propel this bicycle in of the hills. Like the comparison, my bicycle of main street is roughly 18 lbs. And these clocks of bicycle in in 50+ lbs. It is WEIGHED any @subject eat ask you he. You take the use to this pedal has taken enough quickly. A lot of reviewers there is complained in a squeaky brakes of disk. Here it is where think that precise to be the little more educated in of the bicycles in general. The brakes of disk require the little finesse and adjustment to delete a squeak. There is this what really utmost has called an internet. Google as to take brake of disk squeak, or Youtube of trace. There have it at least the dozen good video in that. I have looked the pair, has done the pocolos adjustments in a wheel at the head of this bicycle and rapes!, No more squeaky brakes of disk. The bicycle is is maquinal and tune to need ups and attention. So only like the car, if the negligence, go you to leave down. Any handy with tools? Find the tent of good local bicycle and service your annual bicycle, each one that 6 trace of month strongly. Also they can assist with derailers concealed is not entirely in tune. One some in this bicycle has not been when it has arrived but did not expect it to be perfectly dipped ready thus point of prize.

CONCLUSION... As I have said in a start of this description, after researching And-Bicycles for the first month to purchase, ossia a point of the prize under that goes to find for the complete And-Bicycle. Has a lot of be happy with him. They are sincerely disappointed when a time is bad and has to drive me car to do. It would recommend one And-Bicycle for any one any take on upper of biking but can have some mobility or stamina questions with locating the regular bicycle, and specifically would recommend this Ancheer And-Bicycle simply for a point of prize. It is a quality of the plus has built , better , but is the very good entrance level And-Bicycle.
4 / 5
In the first place this is not the motorcycle. I have bought this to use like the newspaper commuter.Now I have 1000 + miles on that. A pedal took good works and can be very partorisca leisurely the horse riding but I so only use a throttle and pedal. Ossia The bicycle adds . Wheels and strong frame. State in two accidents and any harm. Some wheels are a lot was wheels of street and now maintain the base of my highland bicycle of the daughters. I changed him it was for wheels of street of big pressure. Forget a horn and light. His no . They are 6'1' 32' inseam and has had to that buy the plus along seatpost($ 30) to returned this frame. 13miles each way commute. The life of battery is well. After a 26 round of one thousand travesía has the little juice left but any enough for another walk to do. It would buy again.
5 / 5
Utmost of electrical bicycle. They are very happy with this bicycle! Utilisation this bicycle the commute to do daily. Roughly 13 round of travesía of miles. Except time and money and enjoy one walks.unla The bicycle is the little heavy, but no too bad. It weaves it to them to research first to buy this electrical bicycle, is priced right and take the plot more than stops of has paid! It likes that I take 10-20of min to take in pupil, but has to touch it each way wishes a battery would last longer. There is an immediate impulse to be able to a second trace so that an only reason to go to a next level is if you are for real ready to locate. Sum of electrical bicycle that you to good sure will enjoy! You wont be disappointed with this compraventa.
4 / 5
My electrical bicycle is arrived last week and is utmost state! It locates in trails of muck and paved the streets and work perfectly. If you are curious in electrical bicycles, but does not want to jump immediately to some of some very expensive options there, this bicycle is the point of good start . A lot good-looking shiny colour. A brake forward is extra strong! It does not use in chance of emergency or calm front-toe he. A soldering is very precise without the acute flanges neither ugly (uneven) frames. I have connected the basket lateralmente to a behind racking(I installed the rear frame), doing this bicycle compresses an effective hauler for travesías to a tent, and to spend my book to study. In general, has had amused with an electrical bicycle and has loved that.
5 / 5

January 1, 2017 - Update - 509.5 trace of miles

has had my first accident in this bicycle. Right in a 500 mark of one thousand mid-November. The sand had blown during a street of the bicycle and I took it too fast. A cost of bicycle, but when I chose it behind on an engine no . I pedaled a rest of the mine commute and has taken the house of walk. I have suspected (and it was corrected) that a crowbar of sinister brake has been bent and an engine has not been able to involve reason has think that braked. It was nervous muscling the backside, but has not been bent too bad. So that it is that it has done it. And I have taken also a time to substitute both wheels, inner-tubes, and give a bicycle the cleaner. A wheel forward was less bad in the tread but a tread of rear wheel had gone entirely. Changing a wheel forward was easy. A rear wheel was more defiant reason some bosses of engine and brakes of disk. Finalising that leaves a wheel in a bicycle and so only moving it slightly to take a tube and wheel in place. Finalising so only when being More the annoying that difficult. A clean canal on good with some Simple Green. Have not locating in a commute almost like this with me feeling the little more cautious and it darkening like this prompt (any precise to dry is gone in a route of bicycle to traffic...) All is a lot this in spite of. It has Had it subjects of zeros with an engine of then bending a brake behind to his (or near of his) rightful place.

October 11, 2016 - Update - 245 trace of miles

Well went it on the month and 245 trace of miles with a eBike and loves it. My commute to do each day is roughly 6.5 miles and taken roughly 25 minutes each way (in business random cloths). The external time adds and averting traffic of street. Like this here it is the little has to that it notes of update of the mine down informs (and changing of 4-stars to 5-stars)

== Vendor ==
True his word (main reason for transmission of 4 to 5 stars), send me the turn of train of the substitution for a one this was has broken on arrival. It has taken the few weeks and once when I emailed that asks an update, was unclear has shipped in fact a part. It has arrived, and I am very pleased with a vendor.

== Tuning of bicycle ==
has continued to have subjects with some rear brakes. A brake of the rear disk bent when I have braked and could not imagine was like this to take he partorisca rub in some tampons. I have taken finally a bicycle on to REY and paid for the tune-up. Fantastic work for them, a bicycle has the better upper speed for the pair mph now and emotional/braking is much smoother. Also it has had subjects with a canal that jump of a front derailleur in big torsion (big train of standstill). It looks I has required so only some experts for the give a tune.

== Consuelo ==
still disturbed a chair enough bit it. It has taken the tampon and am looking for something with the little more absorption of accident.

== Extra train ==
With some brakes of disk has had to that take the new to rack for a backside of a bicycle. A frame is like this fat and there is drilled the inaccessible holes, has had to that exit and take the new storm. Has pictures included to comprise like this have used an assembly to seat to help resist a racks in place.

September 7, 2016 - Original Description

has had a eBike for the week now and the figure is now of estaca my impressions. In general, I am satisfied with a bicycle, especially based in a prize. It has not been without hiccups (sees down) but with which enough the bit to research on-line I am convinced for a prize, at all there will compare. Any five stars have based in the pocolas slopes issues that hopefully be solved. It is not to perfect. I do not have any idea if some bicycles some expensive plus is 'perfect', this in spite of. I am spent some good time tinkering in this bicycle that does adjustments like this far, but ossia normal for any new bicycle.

== Nave ==
UPS there is rid a day later that a date of delivery has expected. It was the small frustrating, but a day is so only a day, as it can not be all too unbalanced. The box has arrived in good condition . Inside a box, a bicycle looked to be packaged well but has had subjects. A boss of the tower of sinister train has been snapped was. Homdox Has been notified and has said that would send the new a (boss, turn of train, bicycle.... Any insurance, assuming the turn of new train).

== Assembly ==
was easy tools , well has been shipped with a bicycle. Some instructions are almost useless, this in spite of. Like another state of descriptions, a fork forward is behind in a picture and has behind shipped. A brake of disk would owe that be in a port/sinister side. Toe a handlebar clasp around and leave a guard of muck that advance of faces. All some bosses would owe that flow of course in this way. The pedals were good to dip on, one of some pedals has taken the minute to take threaded but has taken finally has presionado.

== Apt ==
A record is the little rough for me. They are big, roughly 73 thumbs, and the chair like a bicycle is small. They are trace the pocolas miles of dozen to comprise the travesía with the trailer of boys towed behind, and is not really be uncomfortable, but the little cramped compared to the mine Schwinn Trailway 28'/700c hybrid bicycle. Seat Rule up but feels tilted for behind the little more than would like me. They are trace in shorts and tshirt to a beach as well as khakis and the key up with rucksack to do, well comfort so many ways. Perhaps so only it will take some time to take used to.

== Action ==
-- Battery --
has not given the plenary benchmark on life of battery as I have not gone without pedaling so only using an engine. Alive in the hilly the place and I need the pedal of the do on some hills. But the initial impressions are well. Mina hilly travesía to a beach with the girls in tow was roughly 13 round of miles travel it and I he down to 3 of 5 bars in a battery. A low battery when an engine is down stress but levels when behind on earth of level. The battery is looking good.

-- Stable --
A frame is solid. In fact too solid for me. A frame is fat with such the girth that my bicycle of rear wheel racks no returned (around a frame or to a pre-has drilled holes because a brake of disk is in a way). It looks of shock to do well. Joy having a stand of has fallen more behind, resupplies to plot more stabilisation to an addiction of bicycle that is more afterwards to some pedals.

-- Engine --
So it has said before, trace the hills could require any pedaling, but is LIKE THIS EASIER with an engine that careers. I seat like the voltage he the big plus is used on level 3 pedal has taken that it can be taken so only using a hand-held turn, this in spite of. It takes the pocolos pedals for a pedal took to kick in that can be annoying, but save some battery in initial acceleration. Calm also has to that be careful pedaling around for estacionar a bicycle or in the corner callejera while to traffic because it calms does not love an engine to kick in and send calm to the labour or worse bank ... Oncoming traffic.

-- Brakes --
has no quite imagined some brakes was still. A rear brake has to that it weaves to rub on one brakes tampon (outboard). I am spent for Youtube and has done all careers to take some tampons of brake was and regulating some cradles. Any sure that goes to do roughly he still. Brakes of law of utmost disk this in spite of. Has some annoying squealing but is probably on me partorisca any when having has regulated well.

-- Train --
Some train does not look to maintain up in this bicycle. There is 21 train, still as mine another bicycle, but there is much more control in a train a big plus in mine another bicycle that goes 20mph that has in this bicycle. A reason that is a subject is that during pedal has taken, a bicycle goes quite quickly and does not want to be air of pedaling, master a bit, so only the little, control. I do not know a mechanics of him or like this would be a chance , perhaps reason this bicycle has the smallest wheels that mine another bicycle? A bicycle has come enough very regulated in a derailleurs. I have not touched a backside but a front has had to that disorder with the little. A canal is fallen off outboard once, as it has had to that regulate. It saves of canal his work well. A canal has taken stuck enough well, but once I loosed a guard of canal all was has moved easily.

== Service/of Client of the vendor (Homdox) ==
A bit those that days after receiving a bicycle has received an email of Homdox asking all has arrived well and like a bicycle is exited. I left him it knows in a boss broken in a turn of train and sent him pictures. They have answered a first business day that has followed to declare would send the substitution. I eat... The impressions now was are well. Hopefully A part arrives quickly and is in fact a right part.
4 / 5
After losing my licence been due to poor decisions, has decided that was to have that takes the highland bicycle. With which weeks of investigation and verifying state laws, has decided to buy this bicycle. After all, it would be to pay a same quantity for the decent mountain without the engine. And I have to that say that I of the that spent of mine of the remorses. When it has taken out of a box and the place joint it, has been surprised in a quality. I took it then to a gas canal and has fill some wheels with air and trace and there is pulled for behind a throttle. I couldnt to stop that I smiled and laughing . A power has not been that it has expected them. Hanged 235 and pulled me quite quickly. Like this me that are, has had to that try this thing was to see that it has taken. This first week iI bet I at least 150 mine untill has taken the flat rear wheel . It has discovered that it can go almost 20 mine in the load in pedal has taken way. And it has had some hills quite empinados on some of hikes of mine. Thats A beauty of this bicycle, can go full speed in planning the seeds hilly streets. And then when have paste these hills empinados abundance of the ones of energy to face them,and a pedal has taken help all to the long of a way. For me I touch a perfect pair of exercise and when being able to go where wants to go them without being there is exhausted. I have added of the load racks and stock exchange, lights for horse riding at night and speedometer. To good sure would recommend to buy this bicycle so only reason his entertainment.
4 / 5
Love this bicycle. I am 63 years old and it does not exit any one very been due to any when being pas able to walk very remote. I have used this bicycle to go to CVS to take mine med is, and ossia to three round of one thousand travesía. Alive in the valley and a hill is a lot of empinados to exit, and roughly five blockades long. Utilisation a pedal-assist to create a hill. Then like my wheel of legs I transmission to box of the pure electrical way recovers. East times a level to be able to is down to three bars out of five, but like I pedal from time to time a battery recovers until four bars. I have installed the load racks and stock exchanges he so that it could tote behind to to him some groceries like to them the milk, eggs, bread . Everything roughly 50Lbs. And two round of one thousand travesía. It has dipped roughly fifteen miles the week in a bicycle, but concealed early will change when some pauses of time. Some controls of battery on well, and am planning to piggy back the house brew 18650 bank of battery to a system to exist to improve action. But how it is it is the ADD! Spent for a money. Hope This helps some one this is looking for ADDS it! Bicycle.
5 / 5
Has used to locate the highland bicycle to do, but some hills were brutal for me there is like this decided to buy a model a new plus (2019, 500w engine). I am pleased to say that it surpassed it my expectations! For these unfamiliar with an experience, some frames of engine feels likes any one is by train to give you the backside of strong push. He the hills celery to like swimming and feels really fast!

The assembly was well, has no leading experience but was able of the together place properly with the little help of some instructions (is not an utmost plus, a english is the little rough and some pictures are very hard to see, also youtube the video thus model were non-existent) and the little bit of guesswork. A bicycle comes with the tool pouch containing all precise of the gather. A battery has the light of level of the load in an upper can press you to verify for when his any trace behind in a bicycle that is well. A battery comes with the pair of tones to close to a bicycle and resist his uploads well.

Regarding to the things do not like ; A chair is very rigid and changed it immediately has been for mine another chair of bicycles. A front the pedal train feels small and feeble, and the'll probably substitute them with big some reasons included down has taken way and a train a big plus on front and behind, can a lot of pedal quite fast to maintain up with an engine. Another sews the am not fond of of the one of the east a light concealed attaches the bicycle. A horn (inside a light) is well. His quite strong partorisca pedestrians, but the am not sure if any in the car would listen it. Regarding a light sucks, sad! It is incredibly dim, blue, and so only lights the very small pinhole-like this spatial in front of a bicycle. So only it would use it if mine own handlebar the light trace was to run out of battery because a bicycle does not come with the reflecting advance.

In general this in spite of can not find the better bicycle for a prize! Highly I recommend it!
5 / 5
All arrived in perfect condition with minimum assembly. It has taken the moment to imagine was where a headlight goes, and a reflector behind has the bicycle-chair (any one mark it) mountain, but any I still requires some instructions. (What good, reason some 'instructions' suck. Find the video instead.) This has said, spent this, pay attention: as another there is remarked, a brake of the disk of the front will be in your SINISTER side when you are done (the fork is revoked for purpose of packaging).

Am surprised honradamente for a power; they are 5'9' and 240, as I have researched ebikes first to solve is one. Pedal-Assist down in the train he down the plus in fact will look for to accelerate arrive me, as I have had to that find the a lot of cruising train. Engine-only of the start to be was sluggish, any surprise; when already emotional (and included a lot that fast) this butt of kicks of the what!

A pair of weeks in, has had the wreck (the brakes have been trace revokes that I earth; the wheel forward has on enclosed during the turn). A half-throttle/the assembly/of light horn has suffered reparation of harm further. Emailed An account of official company and some supposed owners' accounts several times; any response. I have had to that buy to prójimo-identical part of the Chinese company and king-me boss he.

Inferior line: happy with a bicycle, entirely disappointed in a company.
4 / 5
Has had a bicycle for the month there is & racked now on 125 miles. I have added the rear carrier, stock exchange of storage, chance of handlebar for mobile phone & speedometer. If you are considering this bicycle, my joint is to look video like this a lot of of Youtube/of Youtube can find. Read all some descriptions here, and sounds like the good returned for you, goes for him. Sure I have any remorse. The word consulting: they are so only on 5' 8” with the 29” inseam. So only I am returned to grieve this bicycle, especially with a backside racks on that. It is not for short people. Also, you are defied technically, can wants to consider that it goes for one extra load to have a bicycle gathered and put up for you. It locates less than an hour to receive a bicycle, but has has had to that tweak some brakes and a Shimano train. Any big shot, but if ossia out of your together of skill, could wants to spend an extra bucks.

Top Customer Reviews: SWAGTRON Swagcycle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Update Seven 2020:
has used partorisca estimate Swagtron likes 5 stars. But have subjects of qualities- particularly subjects of qualities of the battery. It is why I have purchased 6 swagtrons and each one which so only one has has has had subjects. A battery has died with which 6 month but has been of then begin to the winter has not alleged a guarantee (my failure) and has had to that pay for him a the after state. Another battery has died with which 2 years to use VERY LIGHT. And to 3rd dead battery or his controller to be able to dead person with which 1.5 years. And when I say died, does not mean of negligence of mine. They would go of fully works to glitching, as that has to that the turn was & on battery with a key to do in a half of the walk, the then entirely died in spite of the functional fuse and contacts. Purchasing the new battery fixed one @subjects every time. But Swagtron uploads $ 170 for the battery! That the tear was! More more than load of companies. It has used to touch under $ 100. I contacted him and it has declared a prize of battery is extreme, that would have to that fall he for everything or at least give me the code of coupon has purchased of then so many bicycles. But with which weeks of while to the response has said a lot of reason a prize to build a battery is trace . Really? A prize of the batteries almost has bent in some the EUA? This is funny because each one another battery buys has not changed in prize or has taken more economic thanks to competition on Amazon. His more probably that Swagtron the avidity has bent a prize of the batteries of then know to possess a bicycle already and calm does not have any election but the cough on a money. But ossia so only a polite supposition. But a thing is sure- I for a will not purchase another swagtron & no longer will say familiar, friends, or people on Amazon that would have to purchase one. There are options more economic there with like this well the quality & with part of the most economic substitution. For a way, has purchased & possesses other electrical bicycles and ANY ONE have had some subjects of qualities have had with swagtron. It is that I am speaking roughly.

Has read my original description first has known subjects of qualities:
I own 5 electrical bicycles different for people of different height in my family:
1) a Addmotor Hithot H1- for me, are 5'11'' and ossia perfect measure for the main people.
2) A Genze Serious 200 frame of 16 thumbs goes through half of- still mine 5'5'' woman.
3) A Swagcycle EB-6- for mine 11 I edges. The electrical highland bicycle perfects for girls and in an electrical pedal bicycle so only could find specifically drawn for boys.
4) And finally a Swagcycle EB-5- which is this bicycle is looking in still compraventa.
5) A Swagtron EB7

Of all some bicycles have mentioned on one the majority of versatile turn all a different measure the organism in my family is this EB-5. It is surprising in this I easily can regulate a bar & of sleeve of the chair until apt mine 5'11' longitude legged type of organism and he still looks can regulate a main same chair. It can he locates a lot comfortably without feeling that annoying at all. How it was the bicycle drawn for any one my height.

And is an only electrical bicycle that I can regulate all a way down quotes so that it returns mine 9 I daughter ( is 45th percentile still height and hanged for his age). A chair and bar of low sleeve far quite where can be comfortably. I owe that say that that there is remarked at the beginning his pedaling looked that annoying, likes there is had to that bend his way of knees also and has thought perhaps his reason some pedals have the diameter of the main adult. But I simply dipped a height of chair on the little so that it has to that stand in his toes to pour now while in a chair and now his knees look quite normal while travelling sale. Any to mention his knees looked súper bent in his normal bicycle also, the suppositions there is not remarked that before and a tent of bicycle has said that ossia normal for small boys.

Like this basically this mine of returns of the bicycle 4ft 7.ºn And 60 daughter of book and mine 5ft 11.ºn 180 organism of book, and anywhere goes in. It felt like the mine normal bicycle, any engaged in like this feels geometrically like the bicycle for me. I have asked my little daughter a same question and she have said one same, “any does not feel pleasant, so only feels like the normal bicycle, so only as mine another bicycle.” I do not have any idea like Swagtron has fulfilled this versatility but they have done.

This EB-5 is powerful. I maintain to base of the hill and he easily ameno for 180 organism to reserve on a hill. I have seen also he youtube inform where has managed easily he 260 type of book, which is an upper limit of recommended weight for this bicycle. It is like this powerful that my pocola 9 I daughter & 11 I the edges has to that be careful while on that. Material my daughters pocolas 60 organism of the book does not dip quite stress of weight in a bicycle so that taken was so the damn rocket. It explodes when it paste a throttle or uses a pedal has taken. Calm so only has to him supervise a prime minister little time so that they are conscious of his can and take used his. If no, easily I can see like an accident could spend. Ossia Especially true with a pedal has taken. When You pedal included the small to go dulcemente, if a pedal has taken is on then explodes him advances like the rocket. That has done to solve ossia that can it any never have a power on when his first beginning in a bicycle. In the first place I have his walk the small to obtain the speed and he then remains to turn in a power. If it calms he in this way then would not owe that have any accident.

Is reasonably quickly. Roughly 10 to 15 mph that depends if his in quantity my organism of heavy mine or mine more súper light boys. It is also an electrical bicycle extremely light. My others the electrical bicycles are 50 to 70 pounds. This in spite of this hanged no more than the regulate 20 thumb of wheel bmx bicycle.

One one and so only downfall of a bicycle is that it does not have one the adjustable pedal assist. It is neither on or it is it was. There is does not go in. For example, mine Addmotor the bicycle has 5 different levels to assist, to help so only the little in level 1, the gone full throttle in level 5. But sincerely mine Addmotor costs of bicycle $ 1500 dollars, three times more than this EB-5 with only 1 level has taken. A swagcycle looks to go in 80 to 90 power with a pedal there is taken on and there is not turning the down. As it helps the little also when hills of trace. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it to so only help the little. An only another negative is that without a pedal took a pedaling is harder that regulates it bmx bicycle. Harder as in aggressive workout harder. As if they do not have a period of perfect canal the proportion of pedal coverage, which would have to be easy for them to fix and to have has thought roughly first to produce this bicycle. Another negative is management of a pedal has taken then to turn of a capacity to only use a throttle. Of then it does not have the multilevel the pedal has taken, as minimum I desire a pedal has taken could be turned was but then so only could use a throttle when we require it. But he no that, any pedal has taken and throttle is both on, or is both were. Swagtron At least would owe that fix this, which would be easy without that has to that resupply an expensive plus multilevel the pedal has taken. Simple has a pedal there is taken on or of separate of a throttle would be my joint.

But in an end, for one $ 499 prize has paid for him then is easily he 5 out of 5 star. Especially of then it looks to be one of an only quality electrical bicycles that it could returns mine 9 I daughter. I have bought another 2 of them like this present of a Swagtron the web of place more economic for $ 20 with the code of coupon.

A whole family enjoys biking now in some streets of bicycle with tonnes of hills, is exerting more and taking more is. Where Like this before they have refused gone biking because of some difficult of some hills. As it takes this bicycle, helps to attack the TV familiarised that looks, helps to take familiar integer outside to exert.
5 / 5
Be warned - if a battery dies, is screwed! This thing could look the bicycle, but is the scooter . Some pedals are mainly for assistance of hill. It is almost impossible to pedal unless you are in the flat surface, and included then takes enough the bit to try to take has the fixed canal, as any train to change.

Are to add so that it is. It locates well and I am very happy with him in general, but any when being pas able of the use if a battery dies is the defect of big drawing.
4 / 5
Has paid 499 dollars partorisca east and when I took it, a rear wheel was flat and ruptured. I have looked for to go in contact with Swagtron the people but was taste 'oh, well, an element is out of stock... So only the send behind our and will see that it can do it.'

Eh.. I took it instead to my tent of local bicycle and a type fixed a wheel for 14 bucks. Taken the backside in 30 minutes.

When I have had finally a capacity drives this thing in my city, feels fantastic, is cruising easily. But a minute begins to locate the hill, calm also gotta peddle to help trace. Which is a lot of reason a bit the helps of engine to the plot like calm is not pulling you. But, when being that some wheels are like this small, after the moment, chair your legs taken has sworn. It guesses a measure of a wheel has to that it weaves to do with as hard peddle.

Has driven he until 7 miles in the alone load and he still the works but calm begins to remark a lack to be able to and acceleration. But calm once touch it well behind on, one do one quite good.

The folding Is quite easy, is surprising like returns perfectly well in the trunk of my car. But calm mark sure find something concealed to resist in there reason he so only flops and shoes around in the trunk of the yours car if you do not join it down.

In general, a bicycle is good but after this dilemma of the wheel nailed me @give the one who fragile this bicycle is. Some brakes in a steering wheel has begun also take free after the moment, as I seat calm like gotta maintains up in the verify, in the now and see all is well. More, spent some bonds of zip, all those lose the bosses sometimes go in a way when you are travelling sale .

Buys again? I do not know . I will leave it is after 6 month. To the left it is to see the one who fragile this bicycle really is after month of use.
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle directly of Swagtron reason to the amazon was out of stock. I took it to haul it Tipke marine cart down a cradle to slip of mine of boat. When I have bought a trailer has not known would return a EB-5. It can be done to return and work well.

Go my descriptions of a cart and hitch for details of like this to attach them to a EB-5.

There is on 70 years and has not been in the bicycle for roughly 10 years. They are ash on, disabled, and have some questions of balance. They are no light-hanged in 245 pounds. It is 850' of my space of estacionar to a slip of boat in marine of mine, all floating cradle that is flat. I do not want to do this walk in 100° times, while pulling the cart manually.

Trace a EB-5 a first time yesterday was the challenge for me, although I have used to be quite athletic. A difference among a EB-5 and main (any-tram) the cycles is an a lot of sensitive steering in a EB-5. Like a difference in flying the plan of fighter and flat load. A EB-5 has taken was and has course until the speeds he quickly more that loves travesía. I throttled behind quickly.

After the loop around my neighbourhood (1/3 one thousand) headed was to the streets of pair with almost any car. Roughly 1/2 way by means of excursion of mine there is in 10° to 15° note partorisca in the blockade. A EB-5 has negotiated this easily with all my weight, but there is retarded to approach noticeably a cup. I coasted down these curves in a way behind.

In all I 6.5 miles, and has had enough beat life for the few turns around a neighbourhood later . . . With a cart has attached. An only difficulty has had negotiated two hule big the speed clashes which have has had to that the edge goes in. In spite of my subjects of balance, has done he smoothly. In some last blockades of pair of a travesía there is not remarked any retarding of an engine. But, these streets were flat. Would have has wanted to try that it locates another hill in an end.

Some there is complained that is sunk if some careers of battery was. I personally found a very easy bicycle to walk if it could no very pedal. For my purposes, I never run a battery down. It could do 20 travesías more to and of slip of mine of boat without recharging, has based on today first walk.

QUESTIONS: 1) With mine 245, a chair clamp has slipped all a way to a fund. This was dangerous, and has bought the hose clamp and clamped of a grasp to the seat where has has loved that. A hose clamp has resisted a chair in a correct place perfectly.

ADDENDUM 7 Seven 2018: A call to a very useful client the office of service has verified that the estaca of chair of a bicycle clamp is done of metal, any plastic. There is advised any to concern roughly torquing he down some to resist a stick to seat firmly. I have done like this, and a clamp resists a estaca without question now.

2) A box has been missing Allen yours and fines sized wrench. My email to the service of client has fixed concealed and is sending an of the each one was mine. They have answered less than 24 hours :-) any one a lot of @@subject. Some ready manuals Allen yours and the wrench like some parts has contained in a box but any never the reference to them in some instructions.

Service of client very Good: they were QUICKLY. An email to Swagtron Service of the client and I have had a response of entity to a chair . . . A clamp the CROWBAR is aluminium and would not owe that break if a ray of adjustment is presionado to resist a estaca of chair in place. A clamp would owe that resist mine 245. I have presionado a ray of adjustment and snapped a clamp the crowbar has closed. It has done perfectly . . . Any slippage. ( I have maintained a hose clamp on, in chance that).

A costruttore there is advised against hauling the trailer (like the cart of creature) with this bicycle. Tipke, A costruttore of a trailer and hitch have bought any quell'hitch that will return a very fat chair estaca in a EB-5. Has thinks that that this subject could be remedied, but any until I have had a hitch and a bicycle in my possession.

One fixed for a hitch was very easy in an end. It sees some photos. A hitch is drawn for the estaca of chair of normal measure. When Open, goes around a EB-5 estaca, but does not close and does not leave a cotter yours to be inserted. After lining my boss for the bit, I grabbed the keyring of stainless steel, pried opens, and threaded he to some two holes in a side of a hitch. It returns perfectly, and some lateralmente opposite returns exactly in a tube by means of that a cotter spends of tone of must to close down a hitch. A pair of towers in a ray of the fixation and all was tight.

The WEIGHT And THE MEASURE have BENT: I am not supposed to impulse more than 25 with my inability. This has said, thinks that some pictures say it everything. A EB-5 astonishingly returned in C-6 Corvette Stingray. Both a Tipke aluminium marine cart And a EB-5 interior of access Jeep of mine Cherokee has Limited.

Hitch Fijamente: One first photo aims a Tipke hitch with an addition of a keyring. Some slips of coverage in a tube to an accident and a nails ensures a two near in a estaca of chair. A 2nd photo aims a clamp with an extension of keyring in a estaca of chair. A 3rd photo aims an adaptation completed with hose clamp to elevate a estaca of chair, and extension of keyring for a tongue of trailer. Photo 4 is a rig discover. Photo 5 shows a EB-5 returning in a backside of Corvette of mine. A final has shot shows a EB-5 and Tipke trailer and hitch Jeep of mine of the interior.

Gives a EB-5 the plenary 5 stars. There is pulled easily a trailer. I am not sure state was there until it looked behind. They are sure he would pull he with 100 pounds to stuff the interior has packed. Ossia To a large extent because of some big wheels and bearings in a Tipke trailer. You trace on day two was much easier, now that I can elevate a chair to a right height and no for the have slip. A bicycle in fact access inside the Corvette . . . Simply in amazing.
5 / 5
In some 10 days had it, and the pair to enjoy walks in, a rear wheel has been flat. A receptor of air of the front (pic any bomb) is different of a backside for a way is angled, an ease to access with bomb of air and a lack of the base to a receptor so that has the empty to a side of him (pic with bomb). I have included left out of an air to see bases it to him has undermined deeper in wheel but any gone. I will be to return b/c this so only would not owe that spend like this quickly and based in other negative critiques that declare the one who the hassle is to take the rear wheel has substituted. Please the note has retreated the rim and connections of the boss of the wheel is vastly different of a wheel forward. You will require the special pro bomb and the pro still substitution.

Update: I have decided to contact Swagtron directly reason has expected would have reparation of local trusted service the providers have based on something declared in his web of place for another product. This in spite of, when I have mentioned that has had so only the defective wheel has said still has to that ship by means of country. The the estimativa on-line in the nave of earth costs as it would be $ 138. This would have to that be paid every time has the @@subject as well as weeks of time of tower. They have said it it has based on guaranteeed, could ship out of a part but can not resupply directions on reparation. But again, a rear wheel is part of an engine hub and really precise of the professional tools. I have thought that that I regime was but no. This was perfect before this and now I desire did not try it never was so that it would not be such the disappointed.
5 / 5
So only the fast update -- a bicycle seated for the majority of a winter and looked to resist the load in spite of any when the be has not used. It has taken he to move it today. I am pleased still with him with which roughly 6 month of property.

To start with was, are the moderated 'tent of department' cyclist the one who there is commuted in any zany ways on some years, comprising for traditional skateboard. I have been toying with an idea to purchase a ebike for years but has not taken never one submerges. I have it quell'has had also goofy and economic no-nomination to bend bicycles in some pasts that enough has taken my money went. Based my first weeks to possess a EB5, would say a EB5 is the fun and sturdy produced that automakers could finalise scared of.

Are 6'1 and probably in an upper end (but any max) of the capacity of this bicycle -- but more reason prefers a whole bicycle. A pole of abundance of looks of the chair a lot of time with room to go but I generally does not like him for the be bent on to some handlebars, which is like me finalises in this bicycle -- no ridiculously hunched, but not feeling likes in a whole bicycle. It wishes a root of the bar of the boss was the tad more along, but is not terrible as-east.

Compares to locate a EB5 favorably to use the hire and-scooter. In a same speed (15mph cups) when using a throttle (the pedal has taken in fact looks to retard a down compared bicycle to a throttle) and the alike feeling and stress in of the shoulders for main folks. Besides, some bosses of bicycle clashes better that it scooter for hire, thinks, and there is qualified to add the basket of handlebar and/or the behind racking and there are holes there is drilled in a frame (a horizontal ray only) to add the economic fender has required. It likes-me the use a hire scooters voters, but am thinking a EB5 is the better cost ( has considered to buy the one of alike way priced commuter scooter or chair he-down scooter without pedals).

A bicycle looks a lot of sturdy and easy to bend compared with a cheapo the folding bicycles have had in a past. I will not say it runs over down like this to the origami but he would have to that return to the car trunk without any question. I have purchased the stock exchange via Amazon for $ 30 (ossia the little oversized) to do the transporting easier, and a bicycle is quite light (any one the light feather -- roughly 30lb?) That can spend it packed in the stock exchange like the stock exchange of the shoulder yes has has had to that. A stock exchange is not to to the terrible idea likes them to them the bicycle any one the together click when bent and could potentially that the wing was when that transporting (but does not look record to do this like this curve quite tight).

Another has commented in a bicycle gearing. Having to that use a pedal has taken so only he on curves or when I want to try to take up with another cyclist and a throttle so only is not quite strong. An utmost characteristic, thinks, is able to the turn was all the assistance in the press of the key and pedal a bicycle usually -- I has confidence in a bicycle like the bicycle with one can was, navigating terrain more defiant and downhills or yes would not go never besides a row of battery. This in spite of, a torsion is a lot strong in the flat earth that uses it pedal has taken--I has found I unexpectedly that explosions wheelies using he in the few chances of the dead stop (I follows quite lean), and a more could direct was the three pedal then cadence of cost that so only felt odd, and especially compared with a smoothness of a throttle, which is the little adictiva. I do not have experience with pedal assist in other bicycles, but could see like this the bicycle could be the very strong hill the climber given a measure of wheel, gearing and and-impulse.

Does not take some of some commentaries / a a commentary repeated in a be of bicycle 'difficult' to pedal. There it has any one a lot if any noticeable the control with one can was (and is easy to change a power on and was) and a manual does not suggest that calm does not have to that the trace with one can was, eats . . . If you are concerned roughly row, looks to like you could locate this like the yes calm bicycle would not lose never can or so only wants to take some exercise. A manual suggests the potential row of 30 miles (my supposition, an exaggeration). As said, mix to locate a bicycle with one can was (by means of some stops or more congested or defiant zones) and on with a press of the key.

In my chance, some drops of bicycle so only one of five bars with which 9 miles of mainly in full quantity throttle in flat terrain. It looks to lose the little speed/of steam after prolonged use, but no terrible. A measure of small wheel that traces a bicycle without being able to seat odd, but is been the number of years has been of then in the bicycle with such small wheels and is just part of an experience to locate bicycles of small wheel. Some brakes celery a lot of mine (I likes that they are not electrical or disk), any look of wheels to turn some, and has added some air to some wheels before they are trace -- taking them until roughly 30 psi for now. Sleeve-up out of a box was the breeze . The packaging takes simply (a lot of bonds of zip to cut) and animal-has gathered a bicycle of the place has bent.

Wish a battery slipped out of a frame, which would do to touch easier. But ossia the sub $ 500 ebike after all. In of the different points in my career, a EB5 would have been mine commuter vehicle of election -- especially like the way to do, with an aim to arrive punctually and without breaking the sweat.

In our conditions of traffic (with some red lights, etc), can cover 3-4 miles in 20-25 minutes. It maintains no with other cyclists and does well with traffic in 25mph zones. With the acceleration adds of dead stops and by means of intersections. A tram is so only like this smooth, and fact he hum that gives any look that is in an and-bicycle to at least of pedestrians.

Like the chairs has the row of options with this bicycle (different with one and-scooter) -- that comprises a capacity to spend some load with the basket of bicycle or behind storm. The calm look can do in the, sure. In an a lot of worse, could undress a EB5 down and arrival with a good folding bicycle traditional one and-the components do not go never bad (my supposition, finally a battery). Have enjoyed some descriptions of Youtube have looked before purchasing this bicycle and expect the community of users and modifiers develops.

Likes that a EB5 is like this earnest -- any application, simple components, seemingly solidly has built. It is the surprisingly good-looking looking vehicle in some crazy the black but an aim could have been the election / of the main visibility slowly more sure on doing more horse riding at night. They are happy with this bet like this far. If you are more serious in an use of potential of pedal bicycle of this (and cure less in a measure that / the folds qualified of him), could wants to go a next measure arrives (EB7?) In measure of wheel for the pedal cruise more comfortable. But there is to plot to like in a minimalist creation of a EB5 like this-east! In spite of some small flus, are by train of the give 5 stars for now.
4 / 5
This bicycle is not announced like this. In a first place is not aluminium. A bit those that of some parts are but the big percentage of them is steel. It is announced like light, and is weighed enough. As, a calm description say neither can use an electrical power or pedal. In fact tests to pedal, some kicks of electrical power in. Perhaps so only it has taken the lemon, but for $ 500 I attentive all of them to do properly. I do not have an alternating to suggest, but choose this one is sure he is in First. BTW, bending Is very defiant.
4 / 5
I really like this the bicycle more than has thought and could buy another. So only the few days on he this in spite of.

was able to buy east racks and mountain he with the bit of hardware of a tent. Material I just need to buy some dice and different rays. Hauls Groceries Like the field now.

My main use:
uses he on university campus. I drive to campus and has to that the park in the mile was. Like launching in a backside of a car, park, then locates around class the class. The no really peddle and just cruise with engine, to the to the equal that likes, as they are not the fat of hot sweaty disorder when it classifies.

Are 5'10 roughly 165lbs, as it maintains that in alcohol I supposition when that reads mine pros/gilipollas

A good:
is the measures adds .
Feels sturdy mine.
Sure seats when that traces to all the speed.
His quite easy to break down and quite small to dip in a trunk or the big stock exchange.
His comfortable to locate even with to big weighed rucksack on, the chair adds.
The life of battery is sum.
Cost it are to add so that takings.
Likes like a battery is built in so much I any precise worry roughly the when be flown and looks more like the normal bicycle.
See the people complain roughly that it last is to peddle. It does not think it is terrible. His basically like the bmx, perhaps bit it harder. Any insurance like another wait without train. This has said would not use it so only to peddle this in spite of, unless it has been them stuck.
HAS a lot of the very basic components. In fact it loves this he like this half down and economic interview.
I utmost brakes to be simple.
Life of looks of battery to be excellent as declared, roughly 15 miles.

A bad:
His in a flange to be too slow. Probably I take roughly 10-14 mph. I wish he 15-20. In of the hills retards down more, sometimes where precise to peddle to achieve the reasonable speed.
Have the feeling would be in question if he snowed while it was in the class and I has had to that go back. ( It will look for to update when volume to winter)
the desire is coming with the stock exchange like that could spend inner bit it easier, or raisin has had also.
Sound the little heavy. I have seen some people say his no heavier that the bicycle. I mean his 36 lbs. It would not want to spend this far.
Sound the little that annoying bent also like this spending around is not extremely easy when it has bent. It could try take it velcro strap partorisca east.
To to The My partner no liked him to him a way an engine involves when travelling bandage. It comes to like on 80 or something. Of the dead stop is the little jarring at the beginning, but has taken has used his.

thinks for $ 500 sound the bicycle adds for campus or around city/of city. Anything more than this I seat likes would be disappointed in speed, consolation and row. It could buy another for the partner. The to good sure a lot of commute too far on that. Enough it would locate my bicycle of manual street. Included that could try dipped quell'racks on he for my books or groceries. It would give it a more star yes was so only 5mph to 10mph faster.
4 / 5
Informs revised with which 6 property of month. No SHABBY!!!! A row is now a iffy 2 miles and is the ache in an ass for this organism of 58 years to pedal with which dies.
4 / 5
Little first context of a real description. Studio in Arizona and live roughly 1.5 miles of campus. I do not have the automobile to the equal that owe that bicycle to campus. In a summer, the here temperatures of paste 100 terracings and the travelling sale in that then is extremely difficult and arrival to sweat profusely for some time takes the class.

Has bought this bicycle to an end of summer and in spite of his (almost) $ 500 seal of prize, is tried his value each day only. It touches relatively quickly and I last the good three-four days to locate to and of campus. In fact, I touch a bicycle less time that touch my mobile phone.

Mina a worry was if this bicycle would do me underline like the sore thumb in the campus but I could not be more wrong state. Some looks of bicycle so only like any normal folding bicycle without the band of enormous battery that the estacas was (which is so only bad creation in 2018). It is included extremely silent except the light hum of an electrical engine. They are almost sure that ossia something the people have taken used to in the campus that considers those that scooters voters have here.

My second worry was I, be 6 big feet, would be comfortable horse riding this. Well, in spite of his tiny frame and 14 wheels of thumb some frames of the chair of bicycle likes them is trace so only in any half sized bicicyle. A plus of having wheels these tiny this in spite of is a radio of small turning that it leave zip by means of groups of people with eases.

A bicycle creates to the modest 15 miles an hour that is so only perfect for the campus and other places have meant for people to walk in like this of the parks but any ideal for streets. I usually walk in a footpath like opposed to block a route of bicycle of a street. This in spite of, 15 mph is enough bit it faster that that more the people can fulfil in his bicycles especially in a heat of Arizona. There is remarked usually would take the class the good 5-10 early minutes that it is the university student the one who there is always late is like the blessing. Neither requiring to the pedal means no known no for some time takes to campus.

An only question is with a pedal has taken. The Pedal has taken is basically an engine that has fallen in hardly begin pedaling. Of a bicycle has tiny wheels and any train, when the pedal has taken has fallen in, a bicycle accelerates a lot quickly and pedaling to maintain up with this speed turns your legs to egg beaters. I usually just clave with maintaining legs of mine comfortably in some pedals while using a throttle to go everywhere. The Pedal has taken absolutely is that it surprises when it traces a curve this in spite of that go so that it is primary use .

In general, would recommend this bicycle to any in a phase for a abordable and bicycle for a campus/of city. It is built with components of only big quality and of then does not use the mechanism of economic train so only for a sake of him, everything is moving the parts are very durable. A so only another complaint has is with one odd, almost the childish name but ossia very subjective (and can be fixed with stickers). To good sure the shabby are very happy with!

Top Customer Reviews: ANCHEER 26' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
When it has taken out of a box and the place joint it, has been surprised in a quality. I have then taken has fill some wheels with air and trace and there is pulled for behind a throttle. Hanged 235 and pulled me quite quickly. It has discovered that it can go almost 20 mine in the load in pedal has taken way. And it has had some hills quite empinados on some of my hikes. Thats A beauty of this bicycle, can go full speed in planning the seeds hilly streets. And then when you have paste these hills empinados abundance of the ones of energy to face them,and a pedal has taken help all to the long of a way. For me I touch a perfect pair of exercise and when being able to go where wants to go them without being there is exhausted.
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle because it does not look the typical and-bicycle with this monstrosity of the battery to the long of a frame where my waters of boat would owe that be. A battery in these chairs of the bicycle under a rear bicycle racks where any will remark.

A bicycle looks the regular bicycle and to to the walks like some hips. Any need to turn to a battery on would like of take some exercise and walk around a city. Some 6 speeds are quite wide to locate comfortably and manoeuvres some hills. A chair is comfortable and am happy does not have to that purchase the plus comfy chair. Some handlebars are whole and does not have to that pull my backside. A bicycle is the little weighed to dip in yours automobile or spend on some stairs this in spite of. It is the bicycle the big plus ; they are the light , F in 5.5' but is not any a lot of a subject when that locates a bicycle at all reason has taken a chair down enough. A go through half to frame the easy fact to locate and of a bicycle.

A bicycle has taken roughly two hours for me to gather, but has taken my time. A harder thing was to vary a wheel forward to do sure some brakes do not rub . If his , take your tent of local bicycle for the tune on and sure mark all is well with assembly. I have found that it could not go down a chair all a way because a battery was in a way. I have changed some notch to the long of a racks mountain to the equal that would leave chair to having gone down another thumb perhaps. A wheel forward does not have to that impulses of fast emission, mark so only sure presionar some rays in. Calm perhaps can substitute rays with fast emission.

Has taken he for the walk in my neighbourhood and was able to imagine out of a tampon of control in just the pocolos second. I have found that a throttle was the explosion immediately. One has taken the ways were startling how is retarded and accelerates to the max speed. More to involve one has taken ways when already in the step the fast plus. A throttle are to add reasons has the widest row of sensibility that one has taken way and is instantaneous. I have taken a bicycle in the trail of sand has packed to try it was and has found a bicycle was the little hard to control, a wheel forward felt light and wobbly. The bicycle is meant for a street or street of the muck packed and walks well in these conditions.

A battery is still on 3 out of 5 bars with which almost 20 miles of cycling like this far so that it is a lot informative. A throttle is my preferred and-characteristic of bicycle, and can give you that little it stimulates when precise and can maintain calm out of question like the common of the people can not run faster that 20 MPH :).

Looks the regular bicycle and to to the walks likes him to him one without And-of functions of bicycle - any control.
Looks fresh, a lot of fact and the comfortable walk with good chair.
The battery is decent
Throttle is the row adds , well of sensibility.
HAS front and of the rear lights and the horn.
HAS the port of USB to touch devices in a battery.

The bicycle is weighed and in a side a big plus.
Has taken the ways are delayed and sudden, be careful of an acceleration and that it is in front of liking you the people or the traffic . Works well if already in any fast.
The bicycle has engine in behind, like this heavier and the balance is was. Lighter that it has to and can burst wheelies he also fast or out of control. First of lean.
I brakes are not utmost, use like this sinister and right.
Turns/at the head of the handlebars is wobbly, normal because of the heaviest hip.
4 / 5
This bicycle has arrived sooner that a date has expected. It is gone in the sure a lot of box of the heavy map packed with lid of scrolling and spacer to armour plate to protect some parts.
Had gathered partially, and has required roughly 30 work of minutes to dip wine & together with some tools to gather a bicycle. ! My familiar looks of lovers of bicycle, like the portion of assembly could take longer for people unfamiliar with part of bicycle lingo.

Because of this period & of weight , this could not be a bicycle for any the one who has to haul he on stairs. But it is amiably he draws fact , well, easy to the trace/was. A pedal has taken the characteristic is the one who my bad knees required and work well. A bicycle is quite speedy, and has done so only a test run reason require to buy the new helmet also.
4 / 5
Was skeptical roughly buying the 'bicycle' of any class for 900 bucks but decided with which 5 rear surgeries have required a EBike. I have chosen a ancheer ebike because of an adjustable 3 boss of sweep of way, a cradle loaded chair and a suspension of fork of the front. Ive Been trace now for 10 days and has dipped 100 miles on that. Really it likes to of me alot!! His smooth and calm and comfortable. Now a gilipollas.... Some brakes are feeble especially some backsides. I have paid included the man of reparation of mobile bicycle to exit and try regulate them and has been also thru an advance of whole bicycle to back.. So only 60 bucks,,, has tried but couldnt rule properly,,, his in current his best now, likes attended alittle tweeks here and there.... It could use the 7th 8th or 9th train in my opinion also. I know that now when eye to upgrade the few years perhaps.... anyways,, Recommends to buy the May be prepared to imagine was the majority of a calm assembly he so that it is in broken english and some things are same in to the some instructions like hooking on some orange bosses to do one has taken work... The common sense there is prevailed emailed the vendor and has answered all 3 times but was imprecise , so that the doubt paid he 60 bucks the so only go thru the....... On everything, yes the bicycle of level of good entrance with abundance of power for some foothills of a Ozarks!! Volume 30-35 miles out of the load to use DOWN took so only,,,,,, enjoys!
5 / 5
Has purchased two bicycles and an implication to time to dip up was so only roughly 1 now each one that that. I have had some subjects to unpack. Two rays have been missing of one of some bands of battery, but has been found. One of some bicycles there has been the missing ray, nowhere to be found and one forks at the head of ray of same bicycle of protects has not been installed and found free in a fund of a box. Then in both bicycles, one saves of the canal has been broken and another broken. There is not locating his closing, but will update yes expósito defective.

12/22/2020: it has loved to resupply an update. I have contacted a company saws email of Amazon and will be to send me two canal on call of substitution. Considering like a bicycle operates; unbelievable! Although have not locating never one and-the bicycle was able to imagine out of some operations have seen Youtube. The sum of the short bicycle and I can not expect until we improve time to the equal that can adventure bit it further.
5 / 5
All the world is different but my bicycle is awesome. Highly it recommends this electrical bicycle. Utilisation this bicycle to commute to do daily. Roughly 13 round of travesía of miles. Except time and money and enjoy one walks.unla The bicycle is the little heavy, but no too bad. If yours in a right train, pedaling without power of the battery is not hard at all.
4 / 5
Has ordered the aim an and the black a. The interior has received 4 days. I have taken two blacks. The assembly was directly advance and there is taken on an hour each one that that. Really amused to locate. Election of 3 peddle-assist levels or throttle control. Little it has bitten of the lag in a peddle-assist ways and sometimes to to looks like too much help. I prefer a throttle control because it takes to determine when and how much assist volume - the no. or the travelling sale goes quite quickly in the pavings that use so only an engine. In of the probably calm hills also precise to peddle to maintain request. Paste some pauses causes an engine to cut was (characteristic of security!) An odd thing, sometimes an engine a lot of king-involve and will require to touch some for again for the take to reset. It is to 6 speed , but has has not used never anything but a train a low plus. Unless you are hill of trace , using a throttle has taken can press you faster that podes peddle to maintain up. It travels longer has taken like this far was roughly 10 miles and has had still 3 of 5 points still aiming on battery gauge with heavy use. In general, very happy with purchasing
4 / 5
This was prime minister of mine ebike. A power is spare for flat earth and of the moderate hills. Fight on some of a highland bicycle empinada real trails. Some rotors of disk were very bent when they have arrived; it was able to straighten them was. It is very rear weighed also. A stock seatpost the ray undressed; as I upgraded to the estaca of chair of the suspension ($ 30) and has done this bicycle the sleep.
4 / 5
Really has to that it weaves of fun with mine Ancheer electrical motorised bicycle. I have not been sure that it was to be quickly, but was pleasantly surprised by a speed of a powerful engine installed in a rear wheel and also was the smooth walk also. With a durable battery that has it easily can trip until 16 miles in electrical way, but also has that can assist the way where can locate the around a row of 35 miles. I know taken until 6 to 8 hours to fully of cariche.

This 26 wheel of thumb the electrical bicycle has the creation adds with the frame of league of light aluminium and the quality throttle creation and handlebars, bell, and the metre FOCUSED that pode of battery of the shows. Has three ways of trace that does tram so only, manual without tram, and electrical assist which takes some of an endeavour when that goes in some diverse heights of surface and the hills that train of use 1-6 to change to that way of horse riding loves. I had it once all has gathered was able to regulate a chair to a height corrected and and enjoy a walk! It is easy to manage and has learnt as to regulate speed quickly and has assisted when I required it and left to peddle for when I have loved to go more than the manual operation. In general, I add compraventa and now can maintain up with my friends those who can be professional in horse riding of bicycle.
5 / 5
When being an avid trail/was street biker, has loved the way to take my woman to be able to join me on some of these trails because has subject doctors that limit to use the conventional bicycle, especially out of conditions of street. When I have researched eBikes that would have several terracings of pedal has taken, and full throttle assist I honradamente could not find another eBike this has fulfilled these criteria for basses $ 1000 or thus subject, I same low $ 2000. When I have received a bicycle unfortunately, a goleada has suffered harm of a shipper and looks a battery has not been in a goleada. I have contacted once a vendor, was extremely cooperative and mailed me the battery inside the few weeks. Yes, it has taken awhile the finally take a battery and it beginning that it use a bicycle, but WOW has been value a wait. Any to take to specifics, I and my woman is extremely happy with a eBike. So like this, last week has ordered two more on its own name and one for my edges of adult. With thrilling expect these bicycles (which have more powerful 500W electrical engines). It can you do not say like this it satisfies they are. It would suggest this in spite of the calm yours investigation and do your own, has has informed decisions. Honradamente, Has so many elections that apt yours particular fashion to locate, your height and hanged, and yours comprising that you really flat to use stops. Good regime!

Top Customer Reviews: Unit Pack Power Top ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
They are very happy with this battery with which trace 100 miles like this far and paired with a Voilamart 1000 rear watt hub box of engine , ossia my description :

100 update of one thousand on battery and engine ..... They are trace this setup in the wide variety of conditions this week in all variable of relatively empinado uphill and downhill terrain, the streets of bicycle , was muck of street and registered , partorisca jump in of the footpaths where the roots of tree have pressed some footpaths on and has created the ramp and honradamente could not be happier with an engine and a battery like this far . Both are very strong and the places was abundance of power with the plot of speed and row when I look you this neighbour . This setup easily creates to 30mph in the flat surface although I have gone 35 in the light decrease and included paste 40 mph on more than the downhill while sustaining advance partorisca cut by means of a wind. Today my walk of bicycle was sure on 30 miles in several speeds in all these conditions while also comprising pedaling and coasting as well as so only full throttle and achieving upper speeds in of the flat surfaces. This setup easily resisted in 20 mph going uphill while pedaling also and I didnt has to that pedal a lot last at all and this was with which on 90 minutes partorisca be traces already. If you are looking for a solution abordable partorisca do your bicycle goes faster , then partorisca around $ will be you very pleased with this setup , especially if ossia your build of prime minister and does not have the plot of ebike experience . Voilamart 1000 engine of watt 2 thumbs up! UnitPackPower 52v 20ah battery of triangle 2 thumbs up !
5 / 5
A ebike the battery has bought has had the looks there is wanted and has had packaging and excellent nave 2-5 days with Fedex. I have bought the new trike of Raleigh and has wanted to dip a battery in a rear basket and there is then @@give that it would be necessary has done it more investigations. My level of skill was way under the mine loves level. Having the brain of 74 years has not helped neither. My service of client rep, Abby, is coming to a rescue, has managed a question a lot quickly and professionally. It was able to exchange my battery for one this would install better this in spite of give a power there is wanted. I buy a lot of on-line material and has to that say is not never state treated in this way of any vendor on Amazon.
4 / 5
Has substituted original battery with this unit. It has wanted to more qualified. Has has had to that slightly modification to exist mountain of battery. To touch battery, the transmission has to that be dipped on. With the boss of battery has included installed like leading battery, and transmission of battery on with uploading in place, the power is feeding a controller and wiring. I have wished to be able to the turn was can of battery that goes to controller and such, using the transmission of bar of the boss (amazon) has joined to positive (red), so as to cut of a power fed (red boss). When Estaciono bicycle, will turn was transmission of bar of the boss and transmission of battery. And or take battery, as any one any disorder with him. It thinks he the very setup. Prodecotech Never the response is the messages , as it has on data and has been this street.
5 / 5
Has required the light powerful battery for the he you ebike conversion . Already I have the UPP 52 triangle of battery of volt for my highland bicycle to the equal that knows is of confidence .
Perfect access and so only quite can for one 350 watt hub engine . I add that it is removable to transport . I am taking the workout and roughly 30 miles out of this fashion of bicycle of street . All the joint now and really likes trace . The only question are has 3;bicycles now , the bicycle of street , the cruiser and the highland bicycle . It has to that do a decision daily . Which love walk. That the question huh ! 😁🚴
5 / 5
In the first place, thanks to Band of Units to say me to verify a esviejo for' seal in a page of product. Another vendor has copied his page! An only different is a esviejo for' seal and an allocution of vendor. I have asked the unit Packs the few technical questions and was a lot of responsive, upper frames there. Another more is that has the report with the subject in Knitting like some batteries are sent of there that and the mine has arrived quickly for FedEx. Sale of the unit also offers 30 returns of day and to 1 guarantee of year.
Has bought a 52v version how was a prize still likes 48v at the same time. So only the little more can, which can leave my woman to run one has taken the level the low plus and for this a battery will last longer - both for walk and hopefully lifetime also.
The installation was easy, a base of battery uses a downtube highland holes of waters of boat. Unfortunately in our bicycle these are trace to down in a tube as so only could use a main mountain in the hole the low plus of a base. There is more in increasing holes basses the coverage of a base but there is not lined on any for me. This in spite of is an easy fijamente, has used so only the big hose clamp, which thinks attaches a beat much more securely that some mountains of boat. One bases of the battery has Anderson connectors regulated small that plugged rights to the mine Bafang BBS engine. A clip & of the red black connectors together in both calm sides like this precise take them a round of right way! If he any one covers in, is a round of wrong way .
A beat has arrived with less than full load, as it has to that, as I touched it so only at night and was of a next day. Any question at all. An old battery (48v 12Ah) has run was after so only 20 miles or like this, ie in his last legs. This new a still aimed almost filler with which on 30 miles another day, and am sure could take 50 or 60 miles out of him ( is 52v 13Ah), perhaps even more. This is running he with level 2 has taken in meso (the unit of control has levels 0 - 9).
A real test will come with time. My main worry is with an out of-inner of battery of the mark. Ours last battery has failed after so only the pair of years, really expect this one will last at least 3 years of horse riding regulate 2 - 3 times for week. Offered of Band of the unit Samsung the batteries but this augments a prize almost 50! They have had to that that much more I marvel?
5 / 5
This battery is incredible my movements of bicycle in 36 mph traces to do every day second the one who distancio volume roughly 30 miles out of him before I require the recharge has lost my tones and Abby in the service of client Sent another dips extremely quickly love a battery,people and everything roughly that!!!
5 / 5
Has used this battery for several months now and an action of battery is flawless. Continuous touch until 58v and resupplies an energy has required to locate carefree. It was also very impressed with the desire to do of a trader sure was satisfied entirely.
5 / 5
A battery so much is far excellent state. Volume roughly 30 miles for the load and this is using a throttle much more that I peddle. They are older to the equal that will take some time to go back the form where can peddle more. I have regulated some handlebars in my bicycle and dummy me no him presionó down properly. I have been of a shoulder of the street paved and when I have tried reentry, an advance of wheel yanked has left and some handlebars well, that causes a bicycle to suddenly stop and launched advances to a pavement. A ebike box I installed powered behind on and was able to locate a house of bicycle in epower. A beat has taken the licking and I have had any question with him. It has to that be fact well to give sustain the accident and still work perfectly. It loves it.
5 / 5
Has update: A Vendor contacted to solved a subject of hardware, Good vendor, recomended.
The battery arrives well, good container, like this far 9 km used and any need for recharge, the installation is simple him him a complete hardware and tools. This in spite of, is coming with only 2 rays. I need 3 rays, and 3 RIVNUTS to ray in some rays in the frame of bicycle. I owe that order the together integer of RIVNUTS (110 pieces $ is a small and more economic plus), rays of installation of the plus.
For an available price, will be easy for a vendor of battery to comprise so only 3 rays and 3 Rivnuts. But please does not take me bad, perhaps any question for the professional installer, but for an user of final is.
A connector does not match with a connector of controller, as I have to so only the connect an old way.
In general, some looks of battery to have storage of good electricity that it is one the majority of @@subject of entity.
25Mar20, I already tried, 21 kilometres, and voltage and start to be able to strong closings.
5 / 5
Has had has ordered previously the different battery of Eahora that was junk. It can be he craps he-shoot with these Chinese batteries uses cells of good quality. I am pleased to inform this band fulfils or surpasses has described published. I used it to substitute the 14 AH the battery and last at least 1.3 times like this long. Cells Of good quality, fast nave, but again of this vendor when I need another battery of bicycle.

Top Customer Reviews: ECOTRIC Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I am pleased like this! My investigation has begun Navidad 2019 and finalising with Ecotric $ 895 special. It is the explosion partorisca locate and no too difficult to gather. Mark sure presiona some bars of sleeve like no. Any harm another then the smallest hole in my INCREDIBLY fast delivery. 4 days on 2/20/21
4 / 5
has researched the level of entrance goes fat electrical bicycles for the moment and patiently expected until the prizes fallen and the quality has improved.
My patience has paid was with THIS BICYCLE AS I LOVE It!
Has taken roughly 3 hours to gather taking my time and all apt together seamlessly.
My travesía maiden was simple and left to do the smallest adjustments to a chair and handlebars.
I so only returned of the walk of now that goes full throttle on level 5, a fast plus and some bosses of bicycle perfectly.
Some fat wheels really cushion a walk and jumping curbs or the small obstacles is the breeze has compared to thin bicycles of wheel. Hanged 245 lbs and this thing can manage this weight and more.
Will say that we conquer the hill a lot of empinado and while I pedal, this beast taken up. Impressing!
Am surprised in a power and walk of this bicycle.
I desire is coming with fenders and the load of rear good to rack but for a prize, the one who the GOOD ELECTRICAL BICYCLE!
4 / 5
A bicycle is comfortable, and easy to locate. I love a travelling sale assisted when my wheel of legs and for hills really empinados some plenaries throttle the way is like this convenient. Volume compliments in this bicycle everytime trace.
5 / 5
Produced and utmost company, had purchased 2 bicycles, very easy to gather and the service of client was to add, has done some transmissions was punctual! Very scarce these days, highly recommends these bicycles
4 / 5
is fast and take me to do wishes a battery is lasted longer but another that that his add
4 / 5
is gone in good condition. Like this far there are them around 26miles in an Odometer. Max speed the taking is 20-23 mph in pedal has taken level 5.
4 / 5
Excellent bicycle! My woman loves it. A lot very he he! Received the so only the few days after the order! Well value of the money is past!
5 / 5
Quickly very fast. So much fast. It is really well for people on 6ft

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