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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I love these few diagrams do well, does not use it daily, A time has been for use he and does not do partorisca agree read the description of the buyer this the one who has said that it arrest him waters it acting would not touch partorisca lose , bought it reason any all the world revises is not one same 1 to 5 accident some other spectators ,has said likes him, has not been partorisca launch of east has the career was Hot water under a spout where a caffè comes by means of the washed clean water dipped behind in a chamber, the little time and a start to water that comes by means of a spout begins to do touches the pleasant few laws of the car well am happy I any throwed has been
4 / 5 By
the bomb there is prendido to do. I have had a long guarantee and has had any the question that takes my money refunded.
5 / 5 By
Has bought in January of 2018 and has wonderfully done until a last month. Now the averages of a cup of caffè goes during a counter and another half in a cup. You think it that it is it lasted longer.
5 / 5 By
Has taken this in Seven of 2017, with which on 2 years is continuous to do adds. I use work, average 2 cut the day 5 days the week. Utilisation quell'water filters, and there is has not had to the cleaned still!
5 / 5 By
Takes with us when we travel in a summer. Also we use it when so only we love a cup of caffè fast. It is it adds it little, dependable K car of cup.
4 / 5 By
Costruttore Very small of caffè. It has had to that add water for each cup and takes the little while to heat. Better use: any drinker of caffè for guests that do
5 / 5 By
5 / 5 By
real a lot of
4 / 5 By
liked really of this car of caffè to the equal that was quite economic and small like him well for my dorm but with which two years so only takes to dispense waters it and have not been able of the fix.
5 / 5 By
A unit has failed to do inside a two guarantee of period of year. Another has been sent was for the substitute. A substitution is lasted 4 month before it leaves to do.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Kaila
I have done 6 pots like this far and 2 of them were Luke soul in better. Another 4 was a lot. I have verified a temperature after each pot has been finalised brewing and a temp the row was 120F in of the pots 3 and5, 165F in some other 4 pots.
He Continuous with this incongruence will be partorisca return
4 / 5 By Mable
has been using this newspaper of a day bought it. Very easy to use with an instruction has resupplied. Any need to take any water filters like this has to that done the basket has resupplied. You can also dipped on a timer partorisca a costruttore of caffè to brew a caffè before it believes partorisca bed so that the majority of my family would be partorisca rush partorisca do. Outrage conceal, a pot of glass is really durable and in good quality. A measure is perfect partorisca the big family. Another profit roughly is is really easy to clean. There is also the pause and maintain warm key that will be you able to enjoy caffè warm during a day.
5 / 5 By Maragret
Are very happy with this costruttore of caffè. There it has like this partorisca want in this costruttore of caffè. A creation is very easy to use. It is calm and enough quickly, a caffè tries very good. It likes-me a dish to animate that it maintains the caffè hot and a sample maintains perfect is the addition adds to my cookeries .Highly recommended !
4 / 5 By Rebbecca
Some costruttrici of caffè am very complicated but this a simple east and does the caffè adds. I especially like a filter of point comes with as no more than has to that buy filters of the paper and I think gives a caffè the better flavour, also. Some instructions were clear and easy to comprise and is an excellent value .
4 / 5 By Eryn
This costruttore of caffè was basic and economic . It is easy and effective to use and give me that I want to ... The cup of caffè. In 5-10 minutes take the steaming hoards of caffè hot. Compared to some costruttrici of caffè that has bought before this was way more economic and simple to the equal that recommend this to any that wants to buy the costruttore of caffè simple.
4 / 5 By Nenita
My caffè of frames of the husband each morning. This pot is well for his needs. It is small and does not take on a lot of space of counter. We can wash a pot in a dishwasher that is very convenient. He 12 cups that is abundance. It has been using it every day for 3 weeks now. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5 By Ayako
His really easy to use . Very fast. I have bought this for my office workplace and all the world loves it . Spatial saver also. We price you treat it well it enjoys it like this far
5 / 5 By Sharda
I some investigation before I have bought this costruttore of caffè to substitute an expensive one has had before. It is like this as well as expensive a. It is easy to use, quickly, an add trying caffè hot, and maintains the caffè hot in a right temperature. A measure is perfect for my cookery. It is sure to go with the costruttore loves something concealed has the reasonable prize and good quality.
4 / 5 By Marcella
A carafe does not touch an emission to jump to leave a caffè drip down. 1 mm main and is well, but useless unless you are there and impulse a carafe while a caffè brews. I can not be an only one with this subject. I will try the glue something to a carafe lid like work properly.

UPDATE: a vendor sent the free substitution that reads perfectly.
4 / 5 By Lynda
This are adds. Like this slightly. In a morning I any precise wait the time also anxiety caffè. It does not have noise. And easy to clean.

Top Customer Reviews: Aicok Single Serve ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Willard
After spending for like this negative coffeemaker the descriptions felt partorisca discourage partorisca buy the costruttore of caffè. Didnt Wants to treat toneless brews or leaky faulty schemes didnt wants to overpay neither with which 2 yrs of any in that has one in home has taken finally a dive and has bought is one! A week and roughly 14 cups of the caffè the late plus the officially can say this car is SURPRISING! Strong brews, very done, easy to clean, brews cleaned, quite calm, still very hot brew with which incinerates/of the milk has added, sturdy parts and earth/of option of the capsule of caffè have has sold! His wonderful!
5 / 5 By Bobbi
First impressions after the cups of pair of caffè:
A Good:
1. Fast and easy.
Quite and convenient for my camp.
3. Correctly for the cup of paper that control roughly 10oz of caffè.
4. This newer version with a wider mouth to add waters is really good. This in spite of, can wants to try your to touch cup in a first tank to see yes goes to run down a side of your cup and any to a costruttore of caffè (width of looks brim the cups tend to do this).
A No-Like this Good:
1. With which brewing a caffè, a k-hoards drips the bit, especially when you are to take a k-cup. A drips goes to a removable drain which is handy, but then has to that clean a drain. I found it much easier to take a drain (any for the use at all) and so only dipped the towel of piece of paper in his place.
2. A k-container of cup (where a caffè drips was) has the cavities in some subordinated that it can not be cleansing taken. It suspects that a regime of container, but has not been that.... It unscrews, it snaps it Was....??? And I do not want the pause that that come from a wrong thing. While, I so only run the cycle of simple water for the cleaned.
UPDATE: Aicok sent in fact the video to take a drip boss, but looks more the question that well except long-designates to clean:
1. Impulse on an upper as when adding water.
2. Lame four rays of an upper interior of a house, one in the each corner.
3. Impulse on a whole upper half of a house, that exposes an inferior half of a drip cup.
4. Impulse out of a drip hoards to clean.
5. Reassemble.
Yea, Thinks so only will maintain to do the cycle of simple water for the cleaned.... :)
4 / 5 By Yasmin
gosh im Like this angry I of the that knows where to start with.
A lot has bought an element 2 month ago, until then does perfectly and one all of the sudden, stop, entirely. It does not fall , it was not submerso in liquid swimming. When I have contacted to the amazon has said that that has had to treat a manufactuere directly bc was spent a guarantee of amazon. My SURPRISE... There is ANY NUMBER of CONTACT for a product so only One the CHINESE!!!! You can SO ONLY Email the and his whose answered. AS it KNOWS I am writing this description to leave all the world knows Of WHO SQUANDERS YOUR MONEY>
5 / 5 By Opal
has in the first place used this car in the chamber of hotel. I have wanted to you love/ It To it so much has had to possess one. Petit, easy to use, light, abordable, of confidence.

Some only times have had the K-the cup leaves the earths everywhere was when I have used an out of hoards of mark. It focuses active Breakings more to do with a focuses that a car. A schemes is not a variable, a K-the cup is.

Adds little car! Highly recommended!
5 / 5 By Cristina
A very simple and effective way to do caffè, a cup the time.

Instructions: 1) I fill your cup with a quantity of waters loves in yours caffè; 2) it touches a water to a reservoir and insert a K cup; 3) after and close a lid and situate a short under a K cup; and 4) press an in the key and the wait for a blue light to go was.

Love one 8 caffè of ounce, then play 8 ounces to water to a reservoir. It is that simple and perfects felt.

An only question is how long will last.
4 / 5 By Virgen
Ossia The add little car! It has loved to scheme he of cup that use K cups for our camp but has not loved to spend of the money in the Keurig. More has loved schemes it that it was very small and would not take on a lot of counterspace. These works of car fantastically! It compress it adds of caffè and is very simple to operate. Included it can launch this at random when travelling, is that small. Any remorse on purchasing is one and highly recommend for any the one who is considering schemes it has taken!
5 / 5 By Stefan
Was very happy with a product while hard, which has not been very long! Using it on an average of a cup for day, a costruttore of leaves of caffè on me this morning, which is less than 3 month of use! It have purchased the reason I so only drunk a cup in a morning, and has loved to use spatial of minimum counter. Now I will be to buy something different. Save your money and place he to something more substantial,
5 / 5 By Iona
A senior so only like to love simplicity and value. This costruttore of caffè is easy to use. It covers and game. Game and open cup in of waters he, inserts/inserts pod of caffè, press and key of next lid to start with. 3 minutes later compresses adds of caffè. Has prisoner squandering the pot of caffè that do and launch 1/2 era. Thank you Aicok The stops have thought adds in the prize adds.
5 / 5 By Loni
The work adds. Works to the equal that has announced. Simple and easy to use. I expect that I last the long time. I have had the question with earths in my cup that thinks has been caused by a hole that is paste in a too next pod to a flange (sees photo). Tip a pod the small to a backside of a hole as you press it down to plant. This would have to that move a hole out of a flange. Any earth in mine caffè has begun of then do east. When I Am done doing caffè for a day, takes a bit filter of water and dip the in a cup (sees photo) to leave a filter and a reservoir of waters was dry. I think that that this would have to that minimise growth of bacteria and also could help a costruttore of caffè last longer.
4 / 5 By Jill
That adds it kcup car! Experience like the travelling car - his compact, easy to use, easy to clean. Controls 12 oz - more than a mugs travesĂ­a with - any selection of measure - as any plenary on reservoir of water. It takes the pair of minutes to heat waters the good temperature , hot. We buy an Igloo ColdMax rucksack to spend ossia. Turn perfectly in a main compartment & once in place, has had the abonos portable fresher that use in travesĂ­as of day!

Top Customer Reviews: French Press Coffee ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Bernita
I am using this French Press mainly partorisca tea. Has different classes of leaves of teas, like this Along Jing, Grazed'er. A duplicate wall will maintain an external fresco, and inside heat to time longer. A perspective is good and everything is stainless steel . Looking forward to doing caffè with him punctual.
5 / 5 By Carly
Has looked for the French press with the double wall. Has-liked me a simple creation. Now the not being fearful to touch boiling water, and the double wall maintains a longer temperature. There is no acute corners, everything is quality quite big . Inner some stairs. A spoon is has comprised also.
5 / 5 By Pilar
Loves that! I have had the Bodum prints French for on 5 years until a glass there is shattered .
No longer that loves glass, has decided them give this tries it. The better cost done and the amazing prize!
Thank you!
5 / 5 By Ada
The construction of double wall maintains the caffè hot! It is heavy but really well of law and has the creation to please. I recommend
4 / 5 By Seymour
Double wall stainless steel vacuum flask is awesome, easy to use and easy to clean.
4 / 5 By Charolette
That maintains your caffè hot for some times his easy to use
4 / 5 By Tomoko
Ossia exactly which want to, the good material looks and is easy to use. It recommends
5 / 5 By Jake
A lot of
4 / 5 By Dulcie
Of then I always occupied with work and does not like to drink a caffè in Keurig K-Cup, has decided to buy this press of caffè. A reason has had my eyes is was because of a double-wall of stainless steel. Quality very durable and have some his weight. A point to press down the caffè and the tea is done also of steel. I know that stainless steel insulates the better heat. I plan to do caffè in this press of caffè and dipped some condensed milk in, after this wa-can you he has caffè Vietnamese all day. Also it plans to do the green tea Japanese in this too

has not had the occasion for the try was but will do in the pair of days. We will see like this it goes and I will give it writes a punctual update.
5 / 5 By Eugenie
Receives our Costruttore of Caffè of French Press, Aicok Double-Wall 18/10 Stainless Steel Caffè of Costruttore and Prints French of Tea and has been using paralizaciones the week. With which having the double waled glassl french presionó (concealed has wanted to) but breaking he inside the month of the take have gone back to thought of the amazon would order another only to discovers does stainless flies french presses. I reward it they are it Adds! Work well and the caffè test adds. A bit main that has loved for mine 12 ounces of caffè I drunk the day but work well. No more worries roughly that pause my french press.