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1 first AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi Solar and Rechargeable Battery Indoor Home Security Camera, Alexa/Google Home, 1080P, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detect, IP65 Waterproof, Cloud/SD AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi Solar and Rechargeable Battery Indoor Home Security Camera, Alexa/Google Home, 1080P, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detect, IP65 Waterproof, Cloud/SD By AKASO
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2 AKASO Outdoor Security Camera 1080P,Work with Alexa,Google Home,Fire TV, Home Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera,IP65 Waterproof,2 Way Audio,Remote Access,Motion/Sound Detect AKASO Outdoor Security Camera 1080P,Work with Alexa,Google Home,Fire TV, Home Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera,IP65 Waterproof,2 Way Audio,Remote Access,Motion/Sound Detect By AKASO
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3 best AKASO WiFi Security Camera IP Camera, 1080P HD Wireless Home Surveillance Baby/Pets Monitor with Two-Way Audio,Phone APP Remote Access,Pan/Tilt,Motion Detect,Panoramic Navigation,3D Positioning (P20) AKASO WiFi Security Camera IP Camera, 1080P HD Wireless Home Surveillance Baby/Pets Monitor with Two-Way Audio,Phone APP Remote Access,Pan/Tilt,Motion Detect,Panoramic Navigation,3D Positioning (P20) By AKASO
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4 AKASO WiFi Camera Security Camera, 1080P FHD Smart Home Surveillance Camera, Baby/Pet Monitor Work with Alexa, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Motion Detection, Remote Monitoring Cloud Storage(P40) AKASO WiFi Camera Security Camera, 1080P FHD Smart Home Surveillance Camera, Baby/Pet Monitor Work with Alexa, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Motion Detection, Remote Monitoring Cloud Storage(P40) By AKASO
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5 AKASO WiFi Camera, 1080P HD IP Wireless Security Camera with Auto Motion Tracking, Panoramic Navigation,3D Positioning, Pan/Tilt Remote Control, Motion Detect, Two-Way Audio, Card/Cloud Storage (P50) AKASO WiFi Camera, 1080P HD IP Wireless Security Camera with Auto Motion Tracking, Panoramic Navigation,3D Positioning, Pan/Tilt Remote Control, Motion Detect, Two-Way Audio, Card/Cloud Storage (P50) By AKASO
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6 AKASO Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Waterproof Hunting Scouting Cam TC05 with Motion Activated Night Vision 120°Detecting Range and 0.4s Trigger Speed for Wildlife Monitoring AKASO Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Waterproof Hunting Scouting Cam TC05 with Motion Activated Night Vision 120°Detecting Range and 0.4s Trigger Speed for Wildlife Monitoring By AKASO
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7 AKASO WiFi Camera 1080P, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant, Pet Camera Dog Camera, Indoor Home Security Camera Baby Monitor, Pan/Tilt Rotation, Motion/Sound Detection, 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, P30 AKASO WiFi Camera 1080P, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant, Pet Camera Dog Camera, Indoor Home Security Camera Baby Monitor, Pan/Tilt Rotation, Motion/Sound Detection, 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, P30 By AKASO
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8 AKASO WiFi Camera Pet Camera, Home Security Camera Work with Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV, Indoor Surveillance Dog Camera, Baby Monitor, 2-Way Audio, Remote Access, Motion Detect, Cloud Storage(P30) AKASO WiFi Camera Pet Camera, Home Security Camera Work with Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV, Indoor Surveillance Dog Camera, Baby Monitor, 2-Way Audio, Remote Access, Motion Detect, Cloud Storage(P30) By AKASO
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9 AKASO Baby Monitor WiFi Camera, 1080P Pet Camera Dog Camera, 360°navigation, 3D Positioning, Indoor Home Security Camera, Pan/Tilt, Motion Detect & Alarm, 2-Way Audio, Privacy Secure, Motion Tracker AKASO Baby Monitor WiFi Camera, 1080P Pet Camera Dog Camera, 360°navigation, 3D Positioning, Indoor Home Security Camera, Pan/Tilt, Motion Detect & Alarm, 2-Way Audio, Privacy Secure, Motion Tracker By AKASO
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10 AKASO Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P Wildlife Hunting Scouting Cam IP66 Waterproof Camera with 120° Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4inch LCD IR LED TC04 AKASO Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P Wildlife Hunting Scouting Cam IP66 Waterproof Camera with 120° Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4inch LCD IR LED TC04 By AKASO
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Top Customer Reviews: AKASO Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Milissa
Any that looks for the security external camera which will not give you a question partorisca change a battery to the each month likes the coverage, or each one to that 2 month likes Arlo has to that to good sure look to this camera of solar external security.

Is in California, and ensuring your half of the house is the MUST today. You would know alive especially in the Angels.

To the equal that take likes 6 cameras already around my house, but this one has taken my attention been due to a solar option is comes, which have not seen this in a lot of some cameras of security there.

A thing adds in of the this is a fact that is solar, like this calm does not have to that concern roughly likes it has said to change that it is battery from time to time.

Although it is not the camera of big mark, would say any calm really need the security to be the big mark to see some images of same quality. Have Of course an application to sync he with your camera, and can regulate quite anything other very known frames have opted gives. A vision of the night in this camera was objective utmost level , & black during a night, and a detection of motion is inner a 10-20 row of the adjustment of feet has done.

Has taken this just for a main reason of laziness of any prpers that wants to concern roughly running is the battery was and maintain the changing. Like this far I am a lot satisfy to see a camera is in the daily full battery!
4 / 5 By Dirk
There is A lot has has lost containers lately of my yard, comprising the order of iPhone new. This camera in fact can me save plot of question. With a together easy on and installation, any big bill of electrician. Pocolos fulminas Is all dip--three for a solar poster, and three to locate a camera; then connect a microUSB. Any pike, any disorder, any worry in battery. A detection of motion and work of vision of the good night. A magnetic point is strong. Well-fact and big-material of quality.
Besides, has bought of Amazon the pocolas stickers that says that this property is controlled 7/24.
Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Priscilla
Looked to install the camera regulates in my yard and he. I have found this Camera of Wireless External Security. I had it once installed and has imagined was regarding the use , is resulted my camera of the favourite security has not bought never.
4 / 5 By Leigha
Was expected like this with AKASO CAM when the work adds in some premiers few days, but he off duty sometimes, he always half on 'Estabishing the canal encrypted ' , which takes long time to wake device, tries to connect to a service of client that state said to 'control a speed of coverage', are by train to say you, has dipped 4 different mark cam in my big house, his all perfect work, not having the question, is the device of control of the security that to ensure your house. If it takes the long time to enter an application to see a camera every time, or a cam need king-enter an application little time to do , is useless, has given AKASO CAM the description of 5 stars, but are like this disappointed now, no for a defective element ,to see said by a service of client is ' gone back a container has issued so only the quantity of half of turn of the mine, does not know reason say me to us that , this was an experience of compraventa bad on amazon of this vendor.
5 / 5 By Alayna
This camera and the solar poster is utmost to signal in your house on big.
With which is trace once, calm never really need of the go down again.
A solar poster will maintain one uploads of battery.
A wifi works quite very this in spite of can take signal of my interior my house when this is trace 30ft external and up in the tree.
5 / 5 By Elizbeth
Has has wanted the camera of security for rear of my house but any one have loved the to be wireless and WiFi. Of then if it was not, would have require long cord to be able to and boss of long Ethernet for WiFi and he no looked messy and the time that eats for installation. As it take this camera of solar security with WiFi, as any hassle for mandate to be able to or cord of long Ethernet and can dip it on where never. I am impressed with this camera, a lot well to build and the quality of picture is utmost. He'w value a prize.
His easy to dip up and do installation. The law adds. Now I seat more surer.
5 / 5 By Pat
This camera is the lifesaver! They are like this happy the partner of the mine recommended mine, really has not wanted to pay an electrician the tonne of money to install the camera, neither has has wanted to one that was to have to that constantly change some batteries on.
This one was the perfect solution for me! Like this easy to dip up! A detection of motion and work of vision of prejudices he surprisingly well thus point of prize! Very a lot of-fact and big-the quality can say that this go to last years to come!
This has to that be one of cost of mine of Amazon preferred never! Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Many
A reason has bought is is needs it camera for my house and this camera is so only that precise. A solar energy and the when being wireless he really simple for me to install like the novice. I gave also more than elections on where for the install. It has not taken long that follows instructions in a manual. A picture and the vision at night is perfectly clear and vivid. Quality of his good east and the motion relieves is well. The When being solar powered and waterproof is wonderful. It can he leave to be for the long time without that has to that wary in a condition in an of the sud where rains often. To to A better course likes is of an application has done is versatile and able to verify while it was.
4 / 5 By Renae
Has bought pair of some cameras of security before but all has finalised is returned. My house has been located in the busy street in our subdivision. A camera has been installed in an entrance forward. Not liking an is is returned cameras that is too sensitive and has registered all some birds and the small animal/car flash no light by means of etc, a camera has taken all the human movements: factor, handyman, or together... I have been using this camera for 3 weeks and is satisfied with an action. I can see my topmast has been rid while it was shabby 30 miles was... Also I can take alert when the tutor of my boy has arrived 5 mins sooner that planned and can call immediately partorisca advise that we will be home shortly.. .. Such the saver of life.
5 / 5 By Irma
Is looking for The wireless and wireless security true to the camera like him, then of this description is for you. I have purchased a camera of external security before but never install and use it, so only reason does not want to treat a question to run a boss and cord of power by means of coverage to a porch forward. This one is powered for solar poster and/or rechargeable battery, can be installed external or interior in pocolos small. It resupplies IP65 waterproof function, well for external use. And it builds with 1080P sensor by heart and vision at night for quality of better video, also has 2 audio so that leave you to you to communicate with a stand of external person of a house. It fulfils that I need.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO Outdoor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Faith
Quite easy to install. It REQUIRES the smartphone to do so even so. 64gb SSD Stain quite 10 days of video. Picture of the clear colour during a day provides quite a lot of clarity to see the cat of a neighbour sneaking in our property of 100 feet has been. At night change it to scale ash. The picture is acute. It provides quite a lot of light of backdrop in easily done the cat has said was concealed taking taken in our alive cheat while a raccoons that a cheat has been feigned for the give the width berth. Works of detection of the motion reasonably well. There is the big parameter and low half. Capture to pose down and alarm when a UPS the man is stepping in your advance of porch. Calm the half captures a UPS characterises' is truck and the exiting him his truck 20' besides your porch. Down the capture a born swarming the cat of your neighbour poo of 25'
5 / 5 By Claudette
That the pleasant surprise!. An installation is mere - easy install of SD card, quality of picture of Real sake a characteristic of the vision of the night was clear, qualified of Covers in efficiently the control describes a lot the cement has required, can see the the glass clears of my telephone,which are the characteristic amours .
5 / 5 By Noble
I have purchased the number of cameras of IP of Amazon, everything of them prendidos to do after few months. It looks for something does not have button of reset with the cape and easy setup for SD cards. To verify diverse weeks different cameras, at the end chooses easterly the unit IS a better one compares in eight cameras have bought of Amazon. Easy setup and quality of pictures very good. So far any complaint, will see another little of the months then update my description again..
4 / 5 By Preston
That is to say it camera well , and do quite well, but has taken was some stars so that it is only accessible of the tlphonique or tab, and required to access he of my PC of Windows. If calm only wants to see he of your telephone, was a lot. As I am returned he for the repayment.
5 / 5 By Kristal
This camera of security is surprising!! I use for external security and is able to see all a day and night is so mere to pose up and easily use! A quality is the sum for a video and picture like the good work to do sure everything is external sure! And definetly Recommends to take one if yours looking for the camera to pose out of your house or same interior
5 / 5 By Emery
5 / 5 By Laure
Amur A camera. Very satisfied with purchase of mine. It chooses up motion of the vehicles that stops of unit. If any attacks in my door can say mine something of the echo of Alexa joints my bed to aim me a forward of door and then can speak with them of mine a consolation of my bed. Also I can see when the containers are fallen has entered my porch. A desire of only thing was desire to the scanner could take it to turn he so that it can see the widest view but another that that is to say the compraventa adds !!!
5 / 5 By Justin
I am so impressed with this camera. It installs in a backside of our house these looks in our swimming pool and yard. That is to say the add little artilugio. I am a long way of the technology geek and was able to install and take this thing that enters my smartphone. A vision at night is excellent and a view of the time of the day is well. Sometimes I have the small bit to see of problem in my telephone, but think that this can be been due to a fact that has too many things enter with my telephone. It can be time to update . I am thinking quite taking another camera for a side of a house.
5 / 5 By Brigette
I very like this external camera! It was sper easy to pose up and while you can see in some photos are supremely clear! To well sure recommend it this camera!
5 / 5 By Ana
That is to say my premier Cambra External and and has to say that it is very done, building very solid, the initial trace is very directly advances, and a quality of image is excellent.

Has battled initially with some parameters,but once comprise support of bien.un of the law of a provider is fantastic - has asked the question saws email and took an immediate detailed to answer which has resolved my problem.
Record in 32gb micro SD cards (one in the each camera, has purchased separately and easy to install) and that uses a ready application can see alive images in mobile phone of anywhere concealed has WiFi access. Routinely The control when Torres of law at night. The helps maintain my familiar insurances.

Has enabled ready detection, and the Big sensibility has selected and the notifications of the push have enabled. I then begun to take a lot of alarms in my telephone. I have turned then he down down. I take images of good quality during time in the daytime and quality of vision of the night during communication of dark time.Two of the road is possible through AKASO Ready Application. I actuate There It go It only this for the little of the days and everything look well so far. On all the camera loans very good.
4 / 5 By Teodora
Experience this camera partorisca security of house, initially does well , now this in spite of a lot of spotty , can a lot of playback common of video , that the camera will not open , notification very random , the audio does not act , has contacted

service of client but like this of 5/21/19 has not received the response , extremely disappointed

in this product and service of client, has been partorisca purchase more cameras but unless some responses of the company and the helps correct this question will be partorisca return and that goes with a
different mark .
Will update

Like this of today does not have behind listened service of client in of the considerations to subjects with
camera , will be partorisca return so that that the camera fails all
the time , video playback is no existent, a lot disappointed in this product , would not recommend purchasing.
Update 9/29/30
Finally listened of service of client , Sophia was very useful and bondadoso, a just need to do his time of response of service of client, has received the new camera today free of load ( has not expected neither ask this ) there is wanted to so only some questions answered , of then cameras of the updates of the software is doing very better ( small closings glitchy but better ) has augmented indication been due to response of service of the client ( finally)
4 / 5 By Jettie
was under an impression this camera was wireless but in fact has to that be plugged to a outlet like this the have any way to use this. Has an adapter has known has has had to that the be plugged on would not have purchased it. Has has wanted to he for purpose of the security but all the person has to that do is still to unplug it and then flies that it loves, are like this disappointed
5 / 5 By Elroy
the containers were flown of the our porch to the equal that take this and are súper happy with him. It was able to insert a SD paper to register any time am wanted and am able to access one feeds of my telephone. The better part is that I give the notification every time relieves movement like this now am controlling some thieves and cant wait to record and take these B$ %
4 / 5 By Katy
Yep together easy for afterwards 2 days have has had to that then maintains to locate on a ladder in mine carport to this bull ..The correspondent could that any never imagine was like this to find a time in some video ..oh A lot Behind to look for the MORE not squandering your money
4 / 5 By Quyen
In general ossia the very based camera in a quality of picture this in spite of have not used Akaso recommended application. I can not comment in a quality of a Akaso application, but simply did not require it I so that it has used a esmartLife' instead. Ossia So only reason has them exist components to house that was already in SmartLife. Without an application, some cameras today am generally a lot looked in the quality and the action of then use some same senors and software to the equal that have tried was. I recommend SmartLife like an alternative Akaso is no for you. Answered of house of mine of Google in pertinent

exposures of Google. Ossia This in spite of biting it dulcemente for a video to look, but am not sure if ossia a lack of camera or google failure. Also I have uploaded he with the 32GB the paper and laws like this far add to give fill playback without the byline again by means of a SmartLife application. Works of sensor of the motion.. I give an alert.. I leave the replay when an alarm of motion has arrived. ...All like this expected that. I have bought two and power for the pair more. Lovely camera very

Update: Aug 15 - Out of 2 this is running right now, One of them constantly is falling out of WiFi. An irony here is is physically afterwards to the each one like this another in the corner overhang. All a firmware is to update and any sure reason one east acting ape.
5 / 5 By Asuncion
Comes with a camera, boss to be able to, three that fulmine of trace & the together fast up drive.
Súper Easy to dip on, has to download the free application.
You Neither can use a SD Paper that loop some new images in an old plus or can use a cloud. I choose a SD subject of Paper like this idk that well laws with a cloud or has to that pay some class lateralmente of service for service of cloud.
An application is sum . Calm leave you to appoint a camera, the alive clock, playback old images, video of capture or screenshots of the images have said. Also it has the microphone the one who calm leave you to speak & listen. A negative is a zoom is terrible.
I camera neither can be put the detection of motion or constant record. I dipped it/ I dipped It the constant like this idk that a lot of works of detection of the motion.
The picture are to add any @@subject a time, night or day. Vision of sum of laws of the night.
Trace some cameras was súper easy, although it has used the fattest rays with the main bosses in planting to use some the smallest rays have resupplied. An only challenge founds where spent he in a source to be able to but a more is calm once calms does not have to that worry in battery.
A work of camera with Wi-Fi. This negative so only when a Wi-Fi exits like this do some cameras. When A Wi-Fi goes back some no. of camera will owe that go each camera, unplugs of a source to be able to, replug the backside in & wait for them to go back.
In general would recommend this camera. At the beginning I have purchased so only one for the try was but now have 4 & does not complain spent of mine.
5 / 5 By Claribel
Has done three calls to sustain of technology of the Amazon and several emails the Akaso--can not take cameras hooked the TV with firestick of then does not love to have squint to those some cameras see. If I do not take this has solved today--I am sending camera behind been due to plant inaccurate web desc.
4 / 5 By Jenelle
Pros: Video of decent quality, able to touch behind anything of this day, any cost, easy to locate, has the space for the HE paper, and says is test of time (havent tried it still)

Gilipollas: the sensor of motion has 3 levels- the basses takes almost swimming, the half takes 70 of movement but somehow does not have on elected in the 30 book raccoon having the be down with the stray cat in mine doorstep or the odd type that looks around my door. Big calm alerts the leaves rustling and so only is not usable. There is also the cord that has to that be plugged in- Be wireless that astound. I have had intermittent questions with him connecting or that establishes the sure connection.

In general ossia the good security cam yes is well with one on points. Having to that be more frugal like an idea to spend money in the monthly byline like another cam is the no-go mine.
4 / 5 By Daina
The camera October had to that 2019. Fact well until December, then would not go back on-line when wifi reset. Support of the client contacted and has done with me for several days. Camera still a lot of reconnect without the hard reset. Asked the substitution how has been sent to good sure. The new camera is on and that careers again.
4 / 5 By Errol
Ossia First mine punctual camera . I have purchased this camera because it was much more abordable that a Nest or product of Coverage. I can not justify this investment quite still but I recieve enough the number of containers. I have required something concealed would leave me to see my porch forward. A camera is cost video of quality. It do not say it is real HD this in spite of.

Three Vision at night the quality is comparable to other cameras have seen and on which have read revises.

A width of the view also could be very better. For users of android; it does not use an application that a costruttore recommends neither. I use Ready Life to the equal that integrates with House of Google and devices of Echo and can add virtually appliance of device a lot ready/.

The hips has the micro SD space of paper to record video. Has the 500Gb paper in the mine and utmost.

This camera was easy to install and configure. They are the guru of technology and enough a handyman but included any any-technology savvy or handy can dip this up. Two rays, discharges he in and connect to an application. The ready life has an easy QR function to scan to add the camera. So only add the device of camera in an application and when asked to scan a QR, so only situate your mobile device in front of a camera and league. Whoa The!

A so only another thing that would say is a forget in the part of a costruttore is an adapter to be able to. Of of the this is technically the time resistant camera that can be installed external; a cord to be able to and need of adapter to be UL estimated for external use. Has the installed mine drop the porch covered but another can not have this option.

The mine takes...
• A good product for a prize
• quality of picture/of Good video
• Easy installs to locate
• Easy application setup (Ready Life)

• the width of View could be better
• adapter of cord/of the Can is not to try of the time or that resists
• the Recommended mobile application is craps: he no with Google or Echo of Amazon
4 / 5 By Zenobia
In california, while a total value of a property flown is down $ 950, so only the ghost of an offend has arrived. In my neighbourhood, the crimes have augmented. I have listened always it like broken in the the automobile or burglary. My cochera small does not have quite spatial, as estaciono my car in mine go at night. It has concerned like this, volume out of my pinch cam every day with which takes house . It can not taking my anxious, as I have ordered a camera of the roughly done security a month. It has been it has taken place in a cup of a cochera. Has vision of good quality in daytime. At night, has some red lights in a camera and a vision have turned to black and aim. Reason a red night, thinks that some thieves would owe that be take more has thought. Can verify it any time in my mobile phone. It rains too recently, still it acts. Look In a picture I posted, this has taken screenshot in prejudices and raining. In california, suggests that each family would owe that be have one or more camera of security, at least, a thief has would take more the thought sees some cameras.
5 / 5 By Irving
The work adds. Notification in yours telephone - excellent. Vision at night - excellent. Sleeve-arrive - excellent. Control - excellent. I am purchasing the additional cameras have based in some results of a prime minister an I has. I have installed a mfg application, but already uses the application of Ready House (99 identical)...As I also installed a camera on. Both good work. It creates the sure video 'called' with your telephone/of pill to look an alive current any time or the game back a video has registered. It can be controlled with Google Mini devices in that that can you common a start of camera to the Chromecast the device that/ looks a video in your telephone/of pill is by means of an application of Ready House or mfg application so only, no an application of House of the Google. Still, no the subject big for me. I am purchasing the additional cameras have based in some results of a prime minister an I has. Reason any one all devices of the technology so only does like this announced like this this one does. Good work !
5 / 5 By Annamae
Update, Alexa frames have been dipped to the turn was all the external lights in a morning and my handiman had used a light external outlet for a camera.
The law of camera adds
has Done adds for 2 days. Now lame 'off-line' during DAYTIME , work a lot at night… for the fix a insructions still state unplug a camera. Of then it is waterproof has assumed is well for external use. I require to locate in the ladder to achieve one covers. This means to assume a handyman to go back b/c am too old to risk situating a ladder in uneven earth. I can require return the. My others the cameras are doing well, as it is not an internet
5 / 5 By Denny
Like this happy has done this compraventa! I have had my neighbour installs reason have not had a the right hammer has bitten to drill by means of stucco. Alive in the townhome complex and feed the cats of pair in mine porch. But of course we have the residents those who has the question with the cats that roams a complex, as they have left his dogs mutate were to pursue some cats were. Like this ossia a reason because has has wanted the camera in a porch, to maintain an eye was for mine kitties. I have had he for roughly 2 month and of works perfectly well, loves it! I produce it adds for a prize! Thinking roughly buying another to dip in a cochera. We have had some reports of the people that pause to some cocheras.
5 / 5 By Sharon
Quite floored because I credit these works of camera. The installation was the breeze but requires your smartphone. Has the coverage of point in my house and this camera is installed on some corners of my cochera that faces a backdoor. It takes the strong signal of a point AP inside my house - absolutely any one issues anything with WiFi connectivity. Using it microSD paper with him the one who looks to do well, but precise to format he of interior a Akaso Ready application for the use! Had any question that takes so much my House of Google and my Cube of television of Fire of Alexa to recognise a camera and spend on a current of bolt of video.

Sensibility and real-time to alert work so that ads. The vision at night is sum without real loss in picture or quality of video. It do not doubt to buy more than these if I have not loved never develop coverage around my house. For a prize, calm simply can has not beaten the.
5 / 5 By Lara
Camera a lot well for a money! Quality of decent picture. And like-me that has an option to register in a SD inner of paper a camera (sold for separate). For the reference has purchased the 128Gb the paper and record almost 48 hours of 1080p. The detection of motion is the little sensitive this in spite of. There are three different settings for alert of motion, but still in low sensibility I still alert me cars that strolls for in a street (the camera is in an advance of porch and a street is roughly 30 feet was). No really the question, so only a lot adjustable my preference. Also, it wants to be able to show a video feeds in my devices of Show of the Echo, but has not been able to imagine was regarding the do. Any one sure if it is not an option or is so only the neighbour complicated-arrive process.
4 / 5 By Ashli
While a camera has fulfilled my expectations, a no. of application will give this _camera_ 4 stars. Akaso The support was a lot well with his punctual response and offered to repayment.
5 / 5 By Ayanna
Has surprised felizmente in a quality takes for a prize. This law of camera adds in porch of mine forward. I locate under the ceiling of my coverage, but resists until some elements. A picture is good and clear, a vision at night is in fact better that other cameras have possessed, and a playback is of big quality. It is it adds to be able to see yours cameras of yours telephone or pill, and is adds that you can speak the people and listen behind with a microphone and speaker that come built in. A lot easy to link with an automatic setup characteristic.
4 / 5 By Katia
This camera is a lot well, can be waterproof day , rainy is not fearful of a camera is broken, can be a lot clear, a lot clear, included by the prejudices also can see a lot clearly, a colour is also a lot brilliant, can control each corner, the installation is a lot simple, with this camera can be very ensured to go outThis the camera is a lot well, can be waterproof day , rainy is not fearful of a camera is broken, can be a lot clear, a lot clear, included by the prejudices also can see a lot clearly, a colour is also a lot brilliant, can control each corner, the installation is a lot simple, with this camera can be very ensured to go outThis the camera is a lot well, can be waterproof day , rainy is not fearful of a camera is broken, can be a lot clear, a lot clear, included by the prejudices also can see a lot clearly, a colour is also a lot brilliant, can control each corner, the installation is a lot simple, with this camera can be very ensured to exit
4 / 5 By Garnett
First was this has to that be said, an application required thus very done and easy to use BUT malicious.

Some disorders of application with the audio of a telephone. When Connected to Bluetooth an audio will come from a telephone any one subjects that. It covers in of the telephones of the boss and an audio comes from/comes from a speaker of telephone. If I can take this to do with headphones and unplug them then the sound will exit of a HOLE of JACK of TELEPHONE of BOSS and any SPEAKER roughly that. I have tried this on 4 different Android telephones with some same results. If I uninstall an application and a telephone is of tower the normal.

This is not meant to be the description of an application but a camera. Really It likes Me a camera and so only wish an application has not been buggy. This camera are adds for a money and a neighbour up is a lot easy. It is easy to regulate a corner and rotation of a camera. The quality of picture adds and sound.
5 / 5 By Prudence
I have bought two of these cameras partorisca my front and backyard. Quality of picture of the time of day is order this in spite of the vision at night sucks. Backyard The camera is maintains partorisca take fooled for light bulb; some time does not use his way of vision of the night and take all perfectly but the majority of vision of the night of the time annuls was light bulb and take overexposed the video feeds.
Quality of video of the camera forward is well, this in spite of the vision at night sucks. Sensors of the motion does not do partorisca except when it wants to take picture. I do not receive any messages when once in the works of sensor of the moment. backyard Sensor of the camera does not act.
4 / 5 By Marcelo
Alive arisen is gone in a country in an acre, sometime concerns roughly any person like this very that pays recognition in our house when we are was, a company of security has loved several dollars of hundred to install the camera and then in the touch $ for months to control a darn what.
These wireless cameras are utmost! Maintaining have 5 aiming all the sides of our house, is like this easy to install, all precise is to find covers it. I have used one covers of utility in a coverage and has purchased 12 extension of cords of volt for some cameras.
An application is very simple to use and syncs well with Alexa.
4 / 5 By Bethel
Camera very good. I have begun with one and has ordered finally more two. A neighbour up is really easy, took roughly 10 minutes to actuate a camera. A harder thing is to install or hammer wherever wants to dip the. An only negative thing has to that say in a camera and a software is regarding a WiFi coverage setup. My question was when I has dipped on the new WiFi the coverage in my house has had to that redoes a whole process to dip on a connection of camera. This has meant to locate until a location of a camera and scanning a barcode image inorder to actuate a camera. I seat that this could be fact in the simplest way. Another that that has not had any questions with my cameras.
4 / 5 By Nigel
Although a camera has quality of good picture, was massively difficult to install like the base is small like discharges of camera some holes.

Is not true that you can connect to the Clave of Fire or Alexa. A camera connects wireless street 2.4 GHz and Alexa runs on 5 GHz and does not connect to 2.4 GHz devices.

An only way to connect is with his application. Has the server of file, IN The, and Continuazione of G any desquels can connect to this camera.

A camera is not to try of time, especially in Montana. A first day, a wind has blown a camera was and hang for the boss.

Finally, is better some investigation and find the different mark of camera.
4 / 5 By Rossie
A camera is the cost of good value , and work well. A quality of picture is quite well, and works well in mine WiFi (I has other cameras of security that drop a WiFi connection randomly in time, but no east a. My only sweet complaint is an application , of then is not like this easy to cruised thru looking for has registered to at random like him to him others such applications. It would like to see the better options to register around chances, and better adjustment of a sensibility of chance. But, for a prize, ossia the good camera .
5 / 5 By Marquita
This is not the camera well pleases does not buy any thank you
4 / 5 By Zelda
Cant description. I am returned element because the didnt knows like this to install.
Update: it would like to give this company 5 stars because there the service of client is on point and very appreciated. His to good sure cured in his client and take time to achieve was to them that for me deserves 5 stars. Thank you To take the time was to direct my worry. They are very sure this the product adds, unfortunate for me am not too savvy with installations. 🤣
5 / 5 By Chastity
I alive in the Townhome where an association does not leave of the external cameras have believed so it would install a atleast inside a cochera. A neighbour up was easy and an application is easy to use. If has the he the paper saves your video. It likes-me that has two speaker of way. Has vision of vision and clear night of clear day. I alert any movement and of the sounds. For a prize this does a work and some. With alot to stop ins approximation-me to me now sleeps better at night. Compraventa And utmost value.
4 / 5 By Gita
Well This camera is way very better. And doing well. I am using they are together with my Coverage doorbell. This is to dip up in balcony of mine
4 / 5 By Jackeline
the camera has done to add while it was home but could do not seeing out of application to house the device has said is off-line. The company has contacted that has had to that delete me application and reinstall the but still no when using cellular die. After reading the descriptions in an application have found has not been an only one that has undertaken of the questions has suggested to return the element of then no right
5 / 5 By Rosalind
Taken these because has thinks that that they were house of Google compatible, and partorisca be just, his kinda east, but no integrable with an application of house of the Google. While I have tried to see his in an application of Google, said partorisca open his application in planting to aim me that it is in some cameras.
His application is well, but baffle me that you can not see all some camera in a screen ( has has had 4). As I have finalised partorisca return these and has taken the place the traditional plus up.
4 / 5 By Takako
A wifi that the camera has done splendidly. I used it to up a security in our house partorisca control the one who can be in our door forward. An application is easy to use for playback video of the period of sure time and partorisca alive viewing. A quality is glorious partorisca this produced, has included late is gone in dusk. It is also very fresh that a camera has compatibility with Alexa or assistant of Google as these have results quite cliché in of the houses for eases of use. Highly it recommends this product!
5 / 5 By Vida
Possesses a lot of camera of D link.. And it has thought always it has been them closed to them... But it has tried them this camera to if it acts for me. They are Alexa big user also, and D-link it has not done with my devices of Show... This law of device adds. An application of telephone (I follows an user of Android) the work adds and fast. (Very better that a dlink crap). It comes on on Alexa tip well. It takes the pocolos second for Alexa to the records of supposition in and spend on an image. I have it it have taken the little of my neighbours of mine old plus to buy these cameras for his houses, a simple interface to his telephone was the profit key.
4 / 5 By Breanne
This camera has done so only a way has expected. The vision at night is clear and calm the alert choose on all a way to a street. A setup is a lot the friendly user ! has bought this for external security of my house. Already it possesses three interior !I highly recommends this mark to the equal that has produced of good prize and is easy to install. The prize adds and has taken roughly 30-40 min for my husband to dip up. Has an application dips up in my Amour !of iPhone as very simple an application is to use. Can take it smAlthough a camera does not move , takes the width eough corner that calm leave you to see the good quantity of your half immediately. If I need to see something it just zoom more afterwards in, he this also.
4 / 5 By Patrica
Ossia An external camera , there are them alexa, and the the law adds with him, first of all, is very clear, not liking that another fashion said there 1080 which is so only 720 max, ossia some 1080 and a vision at night is very clear also. Transmission of day the quite clear night, dipped the on, hook he with my telephone less than 5 min, and has been throught rain and snow. The strong stay like this far.
5 / 5 By Almeta
Has bought and installed three camera around my house. After using them for roughly three months, can confirm a quality of picture is big, a vision at night is sum, and installing and using some cameras were súper easy. Also, I have not had never any WiFi subject of connection. In general, I am very happy with a product.
An only thing that that can be improved is a software. A Akaso the Ready application is easy to use; but, it can improve in pair of ways: it can result sooner in relieving motion. For example, now included moving the leaves are relieved some same like some moving people. Also, when the motion takes relieved, an application can send a video registered (in place of the picture registered) in a notification so that we do not require to open an application and chance of control a-for-a to achieve this accident. All these are material of software that easily can take improved. A hardware is drawn perfectly well.
5 / 5 By Krista
Has on dipped with my telephone was relatively easy. Absolutely it do not connect with my show of echo. While to service of client to contact me. I have learnt today the application of ready life has been having enormous questions. The UPDATE Was finally able to link my show of echo 5. Has has followed instructions of another reviewer, having a same question. It has not had Never the service of client goes back with me. Everything is well. Changing my indication of 2 stars to 4 stars.
4 / 5 By Donald
This camera of security is perfect for my needs. It connects easily to an internet and wifi and quickly is dipped up in my telephone. He still to an application and the leaves see a video in real time of anywhere are with my telephone. I dipped it/ I dipped It until looking my house while they are was. I can verify to see if any one is trying to break in or that is going so they are was. It recommends this to any the one who needs a together extra of the eyes that looks for any situation around a house.
5 / 5 By Randall
Was perfect further of the criteria have looked for. It liked that of them interfaced with Alexa. Quality of good picture. They were very easy to dip up.

Has had the plásticoes casing. I have loved metal. His never last spent the season in a heat of Arizona. A quality of the voice has not been a better. Returning because of a plastic casing.
5 / 5 By Mirna
The video of quality adds and súper easy to dip up. An only reason does not give it 5 out of 5 is because of a built on-parleur. The volume is like this down that the people do not comprise of the instructions. Another that that, is the product adds .
5 / 5 By Christopher
Quite easy to install. It REQUIRES the smartphone to do like this this in spite of. 64gb SSD Resists roughly 10 days of video. Picture of the clear colour during a day resupplies quite a lot of clarity to see the cat of a neighbour sneaking ours the property of 100 feet was. At night it changes to scale ash. The picture is acute. It resupplies quite a lot of background light to easily does the cat has said was that it takes taken in our alive cheat while a raccoons that a cheat has been feigned for the give the width berth. Works of detection of the motion reasonably well. There is the big setting and under meso. Down dipping captures and alerts when a UPS the man is stepping in yours porch forward. The half takes a UPS characterises' is truck and exiting them him his truck 20' besides your porch. Down it takes a nats swarming the cat of your neighbour poo of 25'
5 / 5 By Ervin
calls this an external camera but do like this a lot of indoors. Has this in mine living room facing a forward of door in chance that any one takes spent some external cameras. Also I can utilisations to verify in some cats or to speak to them if we are to go for the few days.

Ossia Fast and easy to dip up in WIFI (These only works in WIFI and any 5ghz). It resist until the 128GB SD paper that has to buy you and the supply yes wants to use one.

All just works. The vision at night is sum, connects Alexa adds but lag the little, audio in/out are add, detection/of the motion of the sound is almost too good and can require turn a sensibility to low or can take the plot of notification, quality of video he 1080p and some works of good application. They recommend a AKASO application, but uses an application of Loans of the life of then already has other devices dipped up in him that use.
5 / 5 By Agripina
Ossia The camera well , and do quite well, but has taken was a star because it is so only accessible of the telephone or tab, and has required to access he of my PC of Windows. If calm so only wants to see he of your telephone, was a lot. As I am returned he for the repayment.
4 / 5 By Eartha
The one who the pleasant surprise!. An installation is simple - easy install of SD paper, quality of Real good picture a characteristic of the vision of the night was clear, Leaves qualified the efficiently controls any concrete zone has required, can see him the crystal clears of my telephone,which is the characteristic master.
4 / 5 By Loris
This camera has been in amazing! Calm give you the sense adds of security when when being out of house. I want to be able to dip the sensor of motion to alert my telephone when it remarks motion. A vision at night is súper clear and calm can dip he until regulating Def or big definition.

A commentary of the maintenances of what only is the people does not know like this to find a SD space of paper to the equal that am attaching pictures to aim where is in of then took also the moment. Highly recommend this!
4 / 5 By Ken
4 / 5 By Grisel
Has purchased the number of camera of IP of Amazon, everything of them there is prendido to do with which few months. Rings something does not have key of reset with the boss and easy setup for SD papers. To verify several weeks in of the different cameras, has chosen finally is one. It is a better one comparing to other eight cameras have bought of Amazon. Easy setup and quality of pictures very good. Like this far any complaint, will see other few months then update my description again..
4 / 5 By Herman
Loves a camera. Very satisfied with cost of mine. It chooses on motion of the vehicles that strolls stops. If any strikes in my door can say mine something of the echo of Alexa joints my bed to aim me an advance of door and then can speak to them of mine a consolation of my bed. Also I can see when the containers have fallen is gone in porch of mine. An only thing I desire was scanner I desire could take it to turn he so that it can see the widest view but another that ossia the add compraventa!!!
4 / 5 By Orlando
Am impressed like this with this camera. We install in a backside of our house that looks in our swimming pool and yard. Ossia The add little artilugio. They are very remote of the technology friki and was able to install and take this thing that goes in smartphone of mine. A vision at night is excellent and a view of the time of the day is good-looking. Sometimes I have the little has bitten to see of question in my telephone, but thinks that this can be due to a fact that has too many things that goes in with my telephone. It can be now of upgrade. I am thinking roughly taking another camera for a side of a house.
5 / 5 By Justine
Has required an external camera abordable for porch of mine to walk. This was easy to install with an application and quickly that need. The picture of camera is clear. Happy like this far. That The camera could be fact out of the little heavier plastic. In general he good and easy installs.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO WiFi Security ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
As has wins something partorisca a house that would alert me if we are not home, also so only partorisca verify in 5ovmake sure all is well, read some descriptions is and decided partorisca the buy, that the camera is coming a lot of packaged, has downloaded an application and has taken roughly 5 minutes the setup, an application is a lot the friendly user, that the camera rids the quality of picture adds, two way that operates of pause well, could be better but in general very bad at all, more can so only gone back in a mic, has storage of cloud, a vision at night is really good and a lot clean to say a less, in general am very satisfied with cost of mine and how is my family has some piece partorisca import when we are not home and can verify in also. Giving this product 5 stars, to good sure recommend and especially partorisca a prize. The element adds.
5 / 5 By
Ossia That the camera adds !! Excellent picture, and near simple up. It was like this pleasantly surprised in a quality of a picture and a sound. I go partorisca be using it as the monitor partorisca my toddlers fourth. Highly reccomend!
5 / 5 By
I amour that takes alert when the motion is relieved in this device. Also it loves that I can register and the storage of cloud is coming with a compraventa. A neighbour up is simple and the friendly user. Be sure partorisca check your WLAN first compatibility to purchase.
5 / 5 By
Wow! I have used in a paste few diverse years casserole/tilt/camera of zoom and, partorisca be really sincere the majority of them is has economic sensors and was with the promise of image adds, does not have to that the fact ( and the stop that read properly weeks of pair with which operation).
Has surprised really of a quality of of the one of the east one that begins partorisca a quality of a container. A clear image on the way of the night is surprising (has seen more partorisca users of house) and a silent operation of a casserole/tilt Is the plus.
Setup Is easy and fast and an application has done flawless. The planning buys the few extras some same like present he in some friends looking for cameras of security.
Looking advance partorisca an operation in a prójimo little month but a quality have built visible indicates will not complain an acquisition.
4 / 5 By
A lot appreciates an ease with those these works of camera. An installation was quickly, and has characteristic is like the microphone and vision at night. We buy this partorisca control the main father of my woman partorisca do sure is sure in home, and has been wonderful. A field of row is excellent also. Like a prize added partorisca all of defenders of calm star of Wars, a camera has the miniature, robotic look to his likes the BB-8 blended with the Storm Trooper. My woman thinks that that it is adorable.
5 / 5 By
Has purchased this camera partorisca use like the monitor of far creature partorisca my grandson when it remains with us. When Used with an APPLICATION of Android, can be down doing and control the room of a creature that is upstairs. Like the distance is significant.

Using a wireless coverage in my house, some controls of a camera with my telephone is easy to use and responsive.

A neighbour up partorisca a camera was easy. It uses so only a wireless version of a product.

A prize is very reasonable and a quality of an image is fantastic. Side a lot well/lovely proportion.
5 / 5 By
A point of prize and the quality of a camera is sum but could see improve an application has associated partorisca do a UI more user-friendly and dynamic. A row of enormous viewing of a camera, vision at night, and listen/speak the functions are all the useful characteristics that read well.

Although it likes that it can see it you of different cameras (has to that have more than 1 in your house) of an application and can share cameras with another, more senses partorisca have an interface where can see you those feeds neighbouring in a page more than owing click each individual camera every time wants to see that it is going in in an alive feeds. For this reason, probably no shopping more than this type of camera partorisca security of global house reason an interface is not like this well like another when seeing more than a camera, but do enough as well as the monitor of creature on its own name, husband and caregiver.
4 / 5 By
Has received this camera and with which the test was the quality of the picture adds, and easy installs. But it has had some defects.
Has contacted with crew of technical support, was more than excellent. It take the new camera like his substitution.
Are like this happy.
5 / 5 By
Purchases this camera to the equal that could look our dogs while out of a house. In general it does quite well, especially when you factor in a prize. We have had some subjects of connectivities; to good sure one more when connected to a same WiFi coverage, but unless it plan on when being in a same zone loves clock, concealed is not súper useful. Better work in general with WiFi has compared to data, but work well, especially when calm dipped quell'on regular definition in place of big definition. In our chance to look dogs, this does so only well and could very really say a difference. A two audio of the law of way adds a way and so only a lot another way.
Overalll, For less than $ 50, ossia the good product and the value that buys partorisca to to the random use likes to verify up in of the pets, kids home so only, light security, etc. does not think this would be the compraventa well for constantly registering activity in some hopes to take an active criminal or something likes him concealed.
4 / 5 By
Fast nave all was a lot of box any fraction. Easy and fast to hook up! An only thing I need to do is to buy the HE paper for him to register. Any while I am happy with this product is clear picture .

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO WiFi Camera ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Therese
Surprisingly quality of good picture!
This camera was very easy the setup there is @@give once has not been in the 2.4 ghz coverage and has changed on. The so that it did not like on a setup has been had to that too many devices to choose of and can not choose for name but, no too difficult to imagine was. It likes like this you can tilt and movement of a view of this camera and listen in or behind habladuría ( would have to that it has seen my dog when I this lol). An application controls a camera and calm leave you to take screenshots and video and save to your device.
A box comprises necessary pieces to hang he of the wall like .
5 / 5 By Clifford
Has installed this camera in living room to remotely view and communicate with my girls while they are in work and like this far, am very pleased with my compraventa. This camera is very easy the setup with an application & connects the WIFI and also resupplies the very clear and his picture in my ready telephone.

Here is some PROS and GILIPOLLAS in this camera:

1. Quality of clear picture: 1080P HD resolution of video.
2. It receives alert of activity of real time instantly in mine telephone while they are out of house.
3. I any precise to pay monthly cost for storage of cloud because it sustains micro SD paper until 128 GB.
4. Another good characteristic is that these works of camera well with Alexa, can see my alive video with the mandate of simple voice.

1. An only question is that these laws of camera so only with 2Ghz WIFI. 5Ghz is not sustained!
4 / 5 By Sal
Súper Easy to dip up with some instructions that come with him. Downloads an application and he calm enough say you regarding the take up and that goes. It is little and very discreet. I am pleased with cost of mine. I will be to use the to spy in my dog during a day while they are in work.
4 / 5 By Davina
Looks the camera of good security.... It can not expect take the place up and that careers. It comes with everything will require and looks the product of quality
4 / 5 By Elaina
This camera has everything am looking for to maintain me feeling sure in my house, and maintaining me the other has ensured that I can look my house remotely of my application of telephone when I am travelling.

A detection of motion is offered in three different sensibilities (the half/low/big), like this calm can dip it has based of your account personal circumstances.

A quality of picture is excellent, so he is was and seeing by means of my application, can see that it is going in with the crisp, video and clear picture.

A vision at night is very good and is quite light with good quality that I can see exactly that is going in in my house in an evening and slope of the decreases of situations read.

A camera was simple to install and was able to download an accompanying application and sync the to my iPhone less than 5 minutes. A manual of user detailed is available, but any I same precise uses it. I have downloaded once an application, was able to easily regulate some settings to my preferences. One of mine place preferred is planning a detection of motion to be on 8am - 6pm daily when I go to do, as I can be alerted to any motion in my house immediately by means of some settings of notifications in mine iPhone. I receive a signal/to look of the alarm when any motion has been relieved and instantly can access the snapshot of my house to research that it is going in.

Outrage to be useful and maintain an eye in my house when they are work , use a camera to control my first paving at night when sleeping, as I can be alerted immediately to any motion when they are house in another room/another paving.

This camera is also useful when I need to maintain an eye in mine housekeeper and the mark sure is cleaning like this adapted to :)

In general, has found this camera of security to be big operation, excellent quality, dependable, and easy to install. I go to buy the second a for my mamma to the equal that can feel sure also.
4 / 5 By Delorse
A camera all require it to do. It avenges with easy to follow instructions. Calm simply can scan a QR code in a manual to find an application to control it. I took time very small to take it dipped up. I have chosen to manually add a device to connect it to the mine WiFi coverage and scanning the QR code with my telephone. As you can see of my video a camera can casserole 360 terracings. You can casserole a camera until a ceiling, or down to a paving of your ready telephone. There is the two microphone of way in a camera to the equal that can listen that it is going in, and speak by means of him. A camera also has detection of motion, record of screen, the screen has shot, and qualified of vision of the night. I have purchased a camera to dip in my room of daughters at night. I think works well, especially for a prize.
5 / 5 By Laraine
Has taken this camera to the equal that can see the one who my dog marries done. It resupplies 360 terracing in 1080P. Has clear video in 19201080p HD solution of video. It extends a distance to see until 32ft in dark. Also you go in with the motion has Caused that record each movement taken for a camera. Has audio of 2 ways that can converse easy with my familiar anytime are by train to see them around. Also it resupplies Storage of Cloud that record to avert loosing some images. It sustains micro SD paper until 128GB. He also works with Alexa and Assistant of Google and does not sustain 5Ghz wireless coverage.
4 / 5 By Shirlene
Ossia An easy to install, any hassle camera. You mount inverted Or right side on, which can be regulated in an application. The application is easy to find and has not had any questions of first order. A detection of motion does quite well and seldom there is much more that the 3 according to delay for notification, the bus has varied. Not to use it sd paper in this closing, but plan to. Report behind on like these works and records. In general I give it the 4.5 for ease and functionality. One All is robust and the looks there is very other ready devices and things to add. The desire has selection of zone for the motion that comment to choose a zone of motion.
5 / 5 By Pricilla
This camera was very easy the setup (5-10 mins). The picture is very clear. The application is quite robust and easy to use. There is the light lag in a camera, but concealed can be attributed to simple wi-fi lag. Ossia Perfect for the camera of pet, or camera still of security. For a prize, this camera is fantastic!
5 / 5 By Kathaleen
Was the little sceptic in this camera when I took it, but is impressed me. A setup of easy era, has has had to that so only download an application and create an account. A quality of picture is a lot very also. I Like him that it can have you of the two conversation of way by means of an application and calm can also the casserole has left/well/on/down also. It does like this while it remains quite also.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO WiFi Camera, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Kathaleen
Pros: The quality of video adds, easy the setup, the motion that follows, wide row of view, easily configurable, comprises partorisca locate group and fulmine, HD or SD option of quality of the video, cloud or micro SD option of storage, súper calm to the equal that moves around, noise of frames of the camera when the motion is relieved, can turn follow of
Gilipollas: it can not turn the vision at night was, any turn partorisca plant of house, need to press and control mic icon in application partorisca speak, only supports wifi

A P50 is the camera of inner security adds. I have found a motion that follows partorisca do well with an exception. There is not any turn to setting of place of the house. It was able to take a camera stuck facing obstacles the little time during my testing. Meaning a motion of camera has followed to the point where the obstacles have obstructed a view. When This past, a camera was no longer able to relieve motion, the control in an application and emotional a camera behind to the fixed place a subject, but was very partorisca have the turn partorisca plant of house. I have struggled partorisca take communication of voice by means of an application partorisca do initially, but this have been due to any that resists a mic key to the equal that have spoken. A camera has required partorisca be plugged to the source to be able to partorisca work. Appearances partorisca an interior rechargeable battery, but ossia smaller. A notification in an application of the movement is not annoying, has paste this in spite of the race conditions the little time where has been partorisca verify a video of an alert and a file could not be found as it was not on the dot partorisca see still. I have used microSD storage with the 32GB classifies 10 paper. A solution of the storage of the cloud is free partorisca premiers 30 days, then has the monthly cost. During setup be sure partorisca have the speaker of your device maxed was as it touches like an audio of uses of the application cues partorisca program a camera. It has dipped my camera in the window partorisca the few tests, utmost facts during a day, but a glass reflects a GONE at night and he the useless fact. In a window, the cars are chosen up and has kept well, the people so only would be relieved when prójimos to a house.

Is looking for A camera of inner security with a lot of characteristics, this can be a a partorisca you. It is easy the setup, easy to use, and extracted like this announced.
5 / 5 By Therese
This little camera is resulted partorisca be more useful in the then expect! While it can be used like the monitor of creature or a camera of external security, does not have any boys in a house neither live in a zone where feels a need to control our forward of door with the camera of video (neither wants to has to that run the boss of power of outside). We choose to use it likes him an inner camera in our main room partorisca maintain an eye in a house and our pets when we are partorisca go.

A camera can move 360 terracings around, as well as the good corner on and down. It is small and discreet and comes with the mountain and the rays love the in a wall or ceiling. Installation of an application and a camera in a wifi and the application was easy.

Is in fact state using an audio of two characteristic ways like the class of intercom among any in a living room and any with his telephone ( installs an application on everything of our telephones). An only downside to ossia that thinks that that we can have has convinced accidentally one of our dogs that lucida pillow that chairs under a shelf with a camera on can speak.
4 / 5 By Clifford
HAS MOTION in FOLLOWING. Yes this camera relieves motion in his field of view and then a camera will move partorisca maintain an object in view. This was a reason has bought this I so that it expects that this description will help partorisca clear for another. Also, súper simple 3 a lot of setup, movements of camera QUICKLY. giggling Like the schoolgirl.
4 / 5 By Sal
Liked a creation of product and the characteristic but there is prendido so only do a day and has not gone back never the life. It was so only after the week. I am returning. Perhaps so only it take the defective a. It can try a time of plus and see that it spends.

Update: A company has achieved was mine and has substituted a AKASO quickly. It is now on and working. I will expect the few weeks and update again. Augmented estimating to 4 stars partorisca service of company.
4 / 5 By Davina
Ossia The very good camera system. It installs easily and has very characteristic useful. Some pictures have the resolution adds and is very clear. Some pictures at night am equally clear. I have not had any question of then installation. Work so that it describe. Ossia The plot of camera partorisca a prize. The service of client was a lot of responsive. It has had no on-line manual partorisca this model and his quickly send me a manual after the short email to them. Certainly you consider this mark partorisca any compraventa future.
5 / 5 By Elaina
Has been looking for awhile partorisca the camera partorisca give me peace of alcohol. I have found he in a Akaso P50 camera of Security. Any so only was this camera abordable, but a quality is done with this point and averts.

A camera is easy to dip up and can be situated wherever your desires of heart. Speaking of quality, partorisca a prize the dipped quell'on the pair with some mark more types in qualities of picture. A picture is very clear and a lot blurry at all. Absolutely I love this addition my security of house, on this I also can maintain an eye in my edges when it sleeps. The bang Adds partorisca your buck.
4 / 5 By Delorse
A lot handy partorisca me with my creature, and im sure will continue to result useful like the continuous time in. I have it when being in a corner of the cradle of my creature and returns amiably. A quality of camera is also very a lot that comprises a vision at night. It can rotate his boss more than 180 terracings horizontally which is to spare partorisca my need and tilt on and down corner quite decent, perhaps around 40 terracings vertically. Some works of good application and leave me control a camera, but has the detection of the works of motion concealed is a lot also. In an application can leave other people partorisca see a camera but doesnt has full control on all the papers, and im able to see my same creature when im any house.
5 / 5 By Laraine
To the equal that have had this partorisca the week now and has to that say I really the like. The quality of picture is a lot both with and without light. I love a fact can have the transports follows like this automatically follow a movement in a room. The quality of audio is also something partorisca be mentioned, a lot clear in mine his application of telephone. My only questions is when I apresamiento sd the paper was the replay on computer to modification does not have the program that can touch behind (H264). But If you do not have the need to modify video that any worry.
5 / 5 By Shirlene
Has taken this partorisca look our creature of 3 month in his cradle. A quality of picture is utmost and this camera can take utmost corners downward corner, which my last no. of the Also qualified camera he of the vision at night adds.

A characteristic of volume is utmost. Going both ways, can speak my woman of work and listen also. Also we can listen the awake creature up. A playback the characteristic is ordered. You can skim hours of video quickly and game behind something master .

This camera is excellent and would recommend it .
5 / 5 By Pricilla
A Akaso WiFi the camera has to that 360 characteristic of terracings together with 1080 HD and vision at night excellent. It was easy to install and is treating well in mine condo. They are able to control a condo remotely and receive alert of email if, has wished. A FOCUSED in a face of a camera can be turned On and Of remotely, as it can a characteristic to follow. A lot of flexibility in the reasonable prize.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO Trail Camera ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Ta
Ossia One 2nd camera of the game has purchased of Akaso and is the better plot that one 1st a. They have improved a resolution and a life of battery, as well as pictures very better at night. The law adds like this it camera of game as you can see in 1.os 3 pictures and also could be used like this it cameras of security 4th pic. It is a lot the resistant rain as we have received near of a thumb of rain with twenty on 30mph among some 1.os 2 pictures and he no faze the. They say that it does with the 32 micro GB SD paper (any comprised) but has been using the 64GB microSD without questions.
Has required another camera of Game I to good sure but this one again
4 / 5 By Exie
has bought a Akaso TC05 to have to that like this camera of trail. My Akaso TC04 has been fantastic. A TC05 is really really adds also.

Fantastic fun - is like the property hunts - verifying my photos to see has the picture of the deer, in front of, moose or Steller Jay. Some pictures are really utmost. A Steller the jay still is so only one 8 picture of MB but some feathers are like this clear. Afterwards I will try one 16 mb pictures. Some video are wonderful also. I have it quell'has had so only a TC05 for three days like any picture of deer or moose but will spend.

This camera is the value really adds . It is really a lot of fact and durable. A strap to resist a camera to a tree or the estaca is quite long to wrap around big trees. A neighbour-on the instructions are very written and of the clear. It was to arrive and that careers in roughly 5 minutes. Having a camera promote to walk around our zone that looks for trails of deer, scat and to choose on a SD papers. Looking in some pictures is really really fun. So much entertainment and an exercise animate for such the reasonable quantity. A camera is really a lot of camouflaged for a forest - so it takes time to agree or GPS where situate a camera. Besides we use some cameras like this of the cameras of security are out of house for the day or two. We move some cameras to take pictures around our house. An only negative is the very small a. It takes the little search to imagine was like this to take a SD the paper was easily- I so only dipped a delivery under a SD space of paper, press a SD paper once or two times and tomb my hand. Any big shot C camera is for real wonderful- The so only has not beaten can be.

Buying a Akaso TC05 is one of some compraventa better has done. So much entertainment for like this of small money.
5 / 5 By Teresa
Has the plot of forest for behind my house and there is the plot of animals behind there! I love an idea that now can see the one who exacting is doing all some noises that is listening in a night! This camera is very very built and live one seeing that/corners/of records that offered. I have it quell'has taken already the little pics of dears in a first night but am expecting to take some video of some coyotes that thinks is in a forest! Perhaps I will take the photo adds of Bigfoot the one who knows.
4 / 5 By Leland
Has multiple cameras around my property and ossia my preferred new. I love a fact that there is a DIRECT screen where can look in some pictures well in a camera. Also like a fact that has three detectors of motion very sinister and half helping me to take everything of a game that spends of longitude. Looking forward to verifying this time of camera and repeatedly. My supposition is will take some amazing images.
5 / 5 By Florine
Ossia A camera of better trail there in my opinion. Has such one easy interface, would not owe that be hard at all to learn like this to operate. And not to take me begun in an amazing prize. Any one annoy spending hundreds of dollars in cameras of trail when you could take a AKASO camera of trail for 70 bucks! Highly recommend this bad boy. The video and the quality of picture is surprising and loves some few sensors of new motion,
5 / 5 By Jewel
has used TC04, leading version of TC05. I can say , in following new has improved the characteristic is orders of advantage added ,
(1) 16 MP of 14MP image and video.
(2) Sensors More infrared (3 maintaining).

His camera of level of good entrance and his more returned for all the type to control.
Likes to see some characteristic plus in future emission of this product, like this wifi connectivity with telephone, and alert of instant in chance an activity is relieved. Also registering to has has connected devices in wifi.
4 / 5 By Gilda
Loves a built in lcd screen to see imagine well in a camera! This would have to that be the characteristic in the each camera of trail of the game!
4 / 5 By Bernardo
Estela global very cam. It can use 4 or 8 battery. It takes a sd paper. Easy to dip up and a screen to see is good quality . Raincoat. It comes with cord of USB and the strap to connect it to where would not like you never.
5 / 5 By Mirella
Has dipped this camera up in to take the glimpse that continuous in at night. It take diverse deer and the raccoon. A quality of image is quite well, and has several highland options. Option of sum of external camera.
4 / 5 By Alysa
A camera has taken glass clear pictures. A speed of trigger was a lot on like any one has has lost pictures or of the half pictures. Maintained the decent load. That The camera adds for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO WiFi Camera ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Ta
Has an older generation Wifi that the camera recently maintains disconnecting of a coverage . As I order this Wifi camera because of a side a low plus to substitute an old a
has been concerned roughly reliability of this camera because of a prize a low plus . I have bought previously the camera of the most economic mark and has to that returns because of @@subject of quality. They are happy with this Wifi camera like this far.
A camera has done well. We use it to us to maintain an eye in our door forward . A vision at night is a lot well, although it is not seeing to the big zone likes I any need some capacities of vision at night excellent.
A PT laws of characteristic a lot of (a bit retard when calm say it to casserole) although it does not use never except when I in the first place dipped on a camera as it is not the subject of entity .
And produce it HD image that is better that my old one and I likes him that it can connect it to mine less congested 5GHz WiFi broadcast yes has required. In general the a lot of Wifi camera
5 / 5 By Exie
has Required one the economic inner camera and I have decided to give this one tries it, I really like a form of him is really pleasant and some combinations of some paints behind and aims lol an application is easy to use and was fast to dip on, walks calm by means of a process, a quality of them the image is a lot well loves it.
5 / 5 By Teresa
The camera adds for inner purpose with reasonable prize. I have bought this camera to look my dog when it is so only in home to do sure that it is not biting/destroying any material. This camera the work adds on that, with a vision at night, can literally can look my dog anytime, anywhere
4 / 5 By Leland
This camera was real easy to setup with his simple instructions.
So only download an application and byline on and is ready to go.
Can a lot of sync the try again. A clarity of picture is clear and same vision of the night is surprisingly clear.
Can control up and down, left and right. Also it comprises basic highland rays.
Likes all wifi camera a cord to be able to is short to the equal that will owe that use a cord of extension.
4 / 5 By Florine
In general, ossia the I adds little camera, works to the equal that has announced. A quality of the video is not fantastic, but is quite well for a prize, so only a lot annoying zooming in. Setup Is quickly and very easy and some works of good application. Motion and detection of his work perfectly but desire some phase' the characteristic was easier that use. Calm basically leave you to dip on actions for a camera (i.et. Record time-period when a sensor of motion is dipped of only among half night in 6am), but is not very intuitive.
4 / 5 By Jewel
This camera are adds to Locate To the rovescio, reason? Reason can move around 180 terracings, any way. I locate in a ceiling, in a half of my room, and can be gone back wherever the master. And it registers a screen and register a voice. You love it. His the small room anyways. The vision of laws of orders at night also.
5 / 5 By Gilda
Has so many cameras of different security in a phase today, has been using Arlo for several years, and also had used as to the another mark likes him to them the camera of Nest and Coverage. This in spite of, this one east one the lovely majority of camera of money of security for interior. With the for real big definition, is better way that a Arlo pro 2. A lot especially, to calm like him can regulate of different corners to see, left or right, on and down, almost has spent 360 terracings.
4 / 5 By Bernardo
This has been the really convenient and easy to use camera that has on dipped in a workspace. A characteristic of the detection of the motion does really well and of the helps to cut down in spatial of storage in a very that connected it behind to. A characteristic of the vision of the night does to better plot that thought it and can in fact frames out of the clear face without any one lights on. The quality of picture looks good and I really like a capacity to login by means of my telephone while master. You can have a camera turns all a way around in any direction like this dipping he in a calm centrical point of dress it to them perfect of any zone would like you control.
5 / 5 By Mirella
In fact has taken this for security while we are to go in vacacional. I give a peace of alcohol. It is very easy to dip up and hook until a WiFi. When Required, is a lot of responsive. Now no respecto when I leave my house for has has extended periods to time
5 / 5 By Alysa
Adorable! It looks the little robot . Bought to use with google house. The installation is easy when using google ignore a red opinion” so only sustains 2.4 ghz and so only enter your signal. The house of Google is the dual band and automatically uses ghz cut on. I have installed in a ceiling.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO WiFi Camera ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Therese
I have been using this camera partorisca several weeks and have really enjoyed the one who simple is partorisca operate! Setup Was quickly and simple only taking roughly 60 seconds by means of a free application.

A camera has a lot of figure concealed has all has done adds partorisca me comprising Wireless, Detection of Motion, HD Video, and two audio of way.

An application comprises a lot of characteristics are that they comprise an alive view, casserole/tilt, register, setup, and storage of cloud.

Control out of a video comprised partorisca my full description of this camera.
5 / 5 By Clifford
Ossia My description partorisca a Akaso camera of wireless security.

Has required the camera of security with 1080 p quality and full 360 movement. Together with motion and detection of sound. More a capacity to speak by means of him was awesome!
Ossia The I adds little camera and the good form. I at present uses in mine living room partorisca verify up in that is going so they are was. When I have received a cam was quite small, perfect partorisca any something, more has the very little the highland fund of the ray can attach and trace anywhere and he wont fall.

Has loved always have the camera that could speak to some boys in home real easy by means of a device. This does enough very this in spite of when calm this by means of an application partorisca the users of Android is kinda odd. He something with a sound in the way that when you are connected to bluetooth say for example in a car,while you are listening the music in a car after tongues in a telephone by means of the cam when in firm an application of camera he disconnects of a bluetooth in you car and touches a music by means of your speaker of telephone in place of some car speakers. That resembles the work is that it has to that force closes an application and reconnect, takes the little time but then yield a bluetooth is of tower and some games of music out of some car speakers again. Any sure reason he this but the hope there will be an update of application in a future that allocutions this question. Another that that an application is súper quickly when uploading on an alive feeds. One 1080 king. It is a lot a lot looking. A movement of the direction is not bad and quite responsive that has seen.

Really love a look of this particular camera very smooth and the quality adds. Also it likes that of a micro sd the space is developed when calm movements a camera all a way in an on situating legislation under a lentil. Like the use a characteristic of Alexa of the amazon of this camera but am sure need you a show of echo partorisca east to do.

This camera would be the perfect returned partorisca any that wants to maintain an eye on there pet, family, or any unwanted intruders. A detection of the motion or the sound perfects and quickly sends the notification to your telephone with the screen has shot of an image has taken.

Thinks that this camera of security is the product adds partorisca buy. And totally value of the money.
5 / 5 By Sal
Excellent camera with vision at night and characteristic of detection of the motion. The quality of picture is brilliant. It shows a video partorisca the description more detailed.
4 / 5 By Davina
A lot usually write the description but I absolutely love this camera.
4 / 5 By Elaina
A main reason has given this camera tries he because of him is not so only compatible with House of Google Hub, but also Amazon Alexa. A bit draw for behind this 10+ dry behind when common in both GHH and Alexa. This in spite of, he common good quality alive video with his own application 'Akaso Ready' with less than a second delay. Certainly I can live with that. It has attached the pictures aims a HD quality in way/at night of the day. Calm also can add a camera to Loans of the life yes calms already the his application. Works a same way as its own application.

Updated on 1/5/2019 - Cam no with something of echo. Reboot beeping Touches each sure time. A big conflict with an use of creature cam. Agreement on a creature. Any solution has been resupplied after several tentativas partorisca sustain instrument
4 / 5 By Delorse
This little camera is surprising. Have trace he in a corner of my cookery on my cupboard. This placing give the view adds of mine whole living room , house and partial cookery. Of an application, can zoom and casserole on, down, left and rights. Calm also can speak by means of a camera of anywhere the whomever is in a room. This camera has surpassed far my expectations. Highly it recommends this camera to any one looking partorisca add the bit of peace partorisca import in his house.
5 / 5 By Laraine
Well, A cat has it almost has destroyed a first day out of house. ( It notes the self: mountain he in a wall or first ceiling of next use.) I am coming the house and a cord was final down some stairs of basement, with a mini USB literally has bent. A camera was in three pieces. Dipped the for behind near and he still works. Amazing. A quality of picture is excellent partorisca a prize of this camera. Súper Sensitive to sounds. Lame 24 notification in 5 minutes before I finally turned of notification altogether. Ossia Reason I not having @@give a camera was has destroyed. It have to that it has done it so only quite noise when the regulate to try to see that it was until those draws his attention and she have decided the maim and disembowel a poor a-offending camera. So that the durability has tried. Two claws up! I will have it that imagines was like this partorisca turn down a sensibility. A software is not intuitive. You owe that disorder around with him partorisca the imagine was. Also, it can no images was like the replay common of the video registered (the files am not readable for any application that can find in a tent of game). Really it was necessary the like has seen a carnage first-hand. Has a SD the installed paper, so that it has not been a subject. I think that that it is the yes calm requirement loves it partorisca register. Another thing the note is that this is not the rechargeable device. It have to that be plugged in partorisca do. A good informative is that it do not love any risk that any one is eseeing' or 'listened' that is going in in your house without your knowledge, so only unplug it. There is any key partorisca be able to. It is spent and game so only. You cover he in, is on. You unplug, it Is it was. Totally value a seal of prize this in spite of. Once I take a hangs of in fact using it, thinks that will be happy bought it.
5 / 5 By Shirlene
An only complaint is that I need to listen something has to that turn a volume all a way on, otherwise is the I adds little camera. It is small and access in a palmera of my hand. A camera is súper clear. So only we change our twins to toddler the beds and have in his room like this can him to them look at night and during naps partorisca see that in fact it is doing (besides sleeping)! The salt adds. It installs it was súper easy also. Downloaded an application, has followed some instructions and he all has taken roughly 10 minutes. I want that a camera can turn around and trace and down. Ossia Which sold. More a cost was súper reasonable. I go partorisca take probably another partorisca in our house. I have not tried register but has taken a sd paper partorisca he too much.
4 / 5 By Pricilla
All a specification of product has said was corrected in this camera. It is the tool adds partorisca remark my backyard berm like this aimed in a picture has attached. An application is easy to use, a capacity to regulate directions on/down, has left/well of the alone touch of an application of ready telephone is very convenient. A capacity to take screenshot and video and save directly to my ready telephone absolutely is stunning!

To to Pocolos enhancements would like to propose to a developer of application:
1. Described like this the touch behind based in SURE TIME. Now included it calms so only leave you partorisca select to date, but any capacity to enter row of concrete time.
2. Described the zoom in to the sure point and has left the be a incumplimiento option.
3. Described to the equal that connects to 5G wifi.
4. Motion more sensitive partorisca objects out of a window. For example, certainly it takes a moment something moves a lot of neighbour near of a camera, inner few feet was, but any to the to something far likes 40-60 ft was.

In general, is the camera adds and highly recommend it.
5 / 5 By Kathaleen
Ossia An AMAZING little camera. A picture is súper clear and is easy to use. An application is also really easy to use. In fact really I love this little camera.

My question comes with a fact that has had to spend roughly 2 hours that imagines was like this partorisca connect a thing in my House of Google so that it can spend on one feeds in my TV because while it say that you read with House of Google there is ANY INSTRUCTION in an on-line manual or in a bit the manual has resupplied. It gives directions on like this partorisca connect to an Echo of Amazon, but any house of Google. I have had to find the on-line video for some random person reason a Akaso youtube also instructions of only shows partorisca like this partorisca connect to an Echo. Included conceal it not to help me and I so only spent to accidentally stumble to some instructions inside a Akaso application. FINALLY, it take a camera that does with my House of Google. One feeds looks fantastically, but has the delay Of ENTITY. There is the solid 15-according to delay among that is spending in a camera in my telephone, and that is spending in my TV.

My woes not having prendido there. Absolutely I can not maintain this application in my telephone. So only I do not have a room. A purpose of me taking a camera was partorisca a upstairs soiled my games of edges in so that it can maintain an eye in lucido. Like this although I have had a room in my telephone can not leave a camera up in mine telephone all day. The next question is a fact that my pill of android is the slow piece of junk. As it can very really the look on there. As I have imagined. Hey, Law with Echo of Amazon. They are sold on Amazon. So only I will download an application of a Tent of Application of the Amazon and dip the in my fire. This'll the work adds!

NOPE! They do not have his application in a Tent of Application of the Amazon.

There is like this pulled on my Nox (Emulator of Android) in mine thought of the computer so only would download an application and I could leave one feeds up in an of my screens of computers all day.

NOPE! An application will not spend on one feeds in an emulator. Immediately it closes down.

So it loves this camera. A camera is surprising. Ossia Reason there are four stars, but a fact that like this far is something can SO ONLY the shows have seen my telephone or some so only TVs in my house is troublesome and limiting. I really exited of wait with an Application in a tent of application of the Microsoft and/or in a tent of application of the Amazon so that it can be used on something more. Reason the box then would not take another camera on its own name. Which is the bummer reason look forward to partorisca take a partorisca my room forward also.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO Baby Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Therese
The quality is utmost partorisca a prize. Same vision at night better. A fact that pode a direction that some faces of cameras with just an application, is awesome. It take the plot to 'hide' this camera. But ossia the good thing partorisca knots. I want to all the world-wide to know that it is there. Especially my boys those who think that that it is good to remain up in the school night to sneak in the show of TV before they go partorisca sleep.
5 / 5 By Clifford
Was hesitant to buy this camera partorisca control at the beginning because of only a description, but I really really recommend it and loves the now. First of all, a nave was really fast. Are shipped inside hours of pair with which have situated an order, and has taken my container a next day! Secondly, A manual of user was súper easy to comprise. It do not confuse at all, and it was able to dip on enough quickly. Also, I have been impacted that well a quality of image is, has included a way at night is quite clear. Has another camera of monitor but that one is a lot of blurry and slow. In general, I am happy that has bought this one with the reasonable prize. It is in good sure values he.
4 / 5 By Sal
Am spent 1/3 of a prize and take a same product. I have bought another ossia way more expensive, is some same to be sincere, like to like an application is easy to connect and of material, some works of camera well, goes 360 terracing, that the zoom is well, also has a way at night, which are adds to spy in my dog at night. But no really like a notification of storage. But on everything is a lot of
4 / 5 By Davina
Very pleased with a quality of this camera. A bit those that the things would have changed or there is wanted. 1. Some mark to blink of the red point is hid less, if ossia that is going paralizaciones. 2. The desire avenges with the paper by heart ( has the space for him). 3. You owe that cover he in still he to do - any one there is @@give the to him has not been Bluetooth. Another that that, ossia exactly that need - simple.
4 / 5 By Elaina
This monitor of creature is awsome. It has Bought he for my boy of creature to verify his each motions in a room when the cooked or something more. A view of a camera was a lot clear and have 360 corner to see a whole room. The Easy to install and control in some applications. Also I can register and share my family. Ossia Like this consolation. I love it and recommend it.
4 / 5 By Delorse
Is which have been looking for in the camera. Clear camera, the sounds are clear and scans a whole room.
Easy to install for a camera and also register in the application. It can register video with a click. The sound is strong resolution , big . We love it to knots! Highly recommend.
4 / 5 By Laraine
A quality of picture is surprising!!!! I want to this! I have lost the creature and have severe anxiety like this this all a difference in a world for me! I can see súper well and here when I require! It was easy to setup and can achieve the distance adds! Like this happy with him ♥️
5 / 5 By Shirlene
the camera Adds, quality a lot good and a lot easy to install. It has taken he out of a box, plugged the and connection of Ethernet (both bosses comprised), has downloaded an application in mine iPhone and has followed some steps to add a camera. We use in home to maintain an eye on when we are not there.
4 / 5 By Pricilla
Loves this system of monitor of the security!the purchased this monitor of the creature based in mine some inform has read them and am them pleased that it has done them. It is a lot easy of the place up and take connected ,the picture and quality of his very clear sound so only has to that retard a lot small,360 turn of the terracing around looks left has not lost never any corner. HAS no very connective subject of used it to them. Produced excellent!
5 / 5 By Kathaleen
Adds Cemera! I have bought two but my family has decided does not require them ! But while they were in the service has here utmost fact! Easy to dip up! Clear picture with zoom and rotating functionality! Application of sum of working mate!

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO Trail Game ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Julieann
After the week partorisca try a AKASO Camera of Estela, has been pleased with his action partorisca a prize. Partorisca $ 60, calm will not find the camera with better action. We run 60+ camera of trail, and although the majority of them is a $ 400+ prize reconyx cameras, this one has resisted his earth.

This camera has treated perfectly during a day. Some of some pictures at night were the pocolos washes was, but in general, still has taken a work done. In of the pictures of fast-acting, there is some motion blurs calm so much can see with a picture of fox, but in of the pictures of movement go down some results are quite good.

Would recommend this camera of trail.
4 / 5 By Jim
His camera has has very surpassed my expectations. When it Arrives, it is a lot of packaged. Had easy to take coverages of films in a lentil, motion and zone of light zone of detection. It had included an extra piece - the stand that can have the habit to resist a camera in the estaca, railing etc.

A camera has been done of sturdy plastic with strong latches. A book of instruction was good and easy writing to comprise. A book of information of the instruction comprised in an option to use AC adapter to be able to a camera-a good extra.

A setup the process was directly-advance and easy to do. A book of instruction has resupplied additional information in the each one of a setup options. In roughly 10 minutes, a camera was all setup and ready to go. I some initial testing, taking pictures of the our feeder of external bird of interior and out of a house. Some pictures are starts really well.

Down is some of some pictures that takes. Some pictures of a moose has not been caused by a camera. A camera was upstairs taking pictures of a feeder of bird when the call is coming - “Moose in a front of a house”. I grabbed a camera and took it external to take some pictures.

- Takes utmost pictures
- A lot of sturdy
- Fast easy setup
Fantastic value for a money
Really, really fun
Very versatile - can use for fauna and flora and security
Camo the colouring is utmost - but clearly document where has dipped a camera. It is hard to something same when being so only in front of him 10 feet was (I knows this of experience)
Really, really fun (has has had to that so only repeat this)

informs of Temperature on .jpgs Is usually right but a lot always
that it Clashes information in an use of rechargeable battery among camera and book of instruction. I have been using rechargeable with out the question.
When A camera is inner and a feeder of bird is external, a camera a lot always causes like this expected

Ossia that the camera adds . There is has very surpassed my expectations in each way. Like this happy has bought finally the camera of trail. Really happy has bought is one.
4 / 5 By Anitra
Very impressed like this far. It dips up it is easy, a very easy paper cruise it and use to dip on initially. Apresamiento Astonishingly clear pictures. My only critique, and reason the did not estimate it 5 star is an use of a microSDHC chip by heart. It is almost too small to use. A lot I last to go in and was f a space. A SDHC the paper would be much easier to use. In general, good camera.
5 / 5 By Brenda
Is of the years of summer have bought of the trail cam and was hesitant with which some questions have had with east a roughly done 15 years. So many for me this was the data the reception to and add upgrade for half a prize. I have used he for roughly of month now and here is some things that is like this better. Some batteries still are that they go strong after being used and taking hundreds of pictures. Revising the pictures in a screen is sum, and a system of whole paper is like this first of easier and right . And of course a sd the papers resist so more. Some pictures at night are well, and some pictures of day are utmost. And now it is the one who bondadoso of the animals are roaming around my property at night.
4 / 5 By Hulda
A affordability of this hard camera to spend on, and was to good sure value a prize. I have enjoyed to be able to see the photos and the video without that have to that take a SD paper, and is very convenient to be able to regulate some settings to take both photos and video.

A quality of image was perfect, and a trail cam was undetectable when it traces to the tree. Also we like him be able to returned a camera in a palmera of a hand. For all the offer, is small in measure.

Has had the habit of always buying one hundred camera of dollar is, and always receipts of mediocre results. This camera has gone to good sure on and further of this roughly of these cameras are able to offer, and for an unbeatable prize! That more can has to that you offered?! If you are looking for the low-side, presupposed of a camera, this Produces the phenomenal photos is east!
4 / 5 By Luella
Has taken this camera of trail to follow activity in ours feeder of bird. He certainly that well! There are several subjects, this in spite of. In the first place, it uses the micro SD paper. A compartment for a paper is in the corner the low plus of a camera, and is quite hard to insert and take comfortably. Be ready for that. As, it has dipped a 'period of video' to 15 seconds. In fact it takes 8 seconds of action and then 'freezings' for some last 7 seconds. (I has a surgery to the east with Akaso, and will modify this description when I listen they).
Comprises the small highland annex that can you to it scrape to the tree or edifice. It was well to have the small hook in a cup of a camera to be able to hang he of the limb.
Is good to have the cord of USB to attach a cord to the computer or source of external power.
In general am happy with this camera, and would buy it again.
5 / 5 By Tyesha
Ossia My second Akaso the camera and am very impressed. Near very easy on, takes pictures really clear. We dipped it to us on like this it cameras of security to control a backyard at night and like this far am very pleased. A detector of the excellent motion - has taken the few pictures of cats of neighbourhood. :) So many pictures & of the day of the night is really clear. The resolution of picture can be dipped until 14MP and the resolution of video can be dipped to 1080P. A 2.4 thumb LCD is really convenient to see some photos and video, perfect if you do not want to connect to computer. You recommend to dip a sensor of sensibility of the motion to your half - likes has had to regulate down because of a breeze and trees. Very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 By Imogene
Can not beat this fines-produced of purpose thus prize. It comes with the manual but is very easy to dip up and comprises the connection that turns and the base of flat round with several calm holes so many can use rays to attach it the trees or in the big place that uses for security of house. I need 8 EA battery for operation. It likes him-me some 3 options of sensibilities for a sensor of motion. Also it has the video+of looks of photo so that it takes the still photo and then begins to register. Quite fresh. Has several ways/of photos of the register that comprises period of time.
Will be to try way of vision of the night the week or two when I go to some mountains and of the photos of estaca and video then.
In general, am happy with cost of mine. Ossia Mine 3rd AKASO produced and look forward to seeing newer artilugios exited with.
4 / 5 By Edna
Has been that cost to PLOT of trail cam lately. Respecto Roughly taking them flown so that I do not like him spending of tonnes of money in the camera so only... But also I require of the good pictures to see a deer in a property that am hunting. Ossia That the camera adds . An ad does not declare it , but has an interior LCD screen to see pictures, settings, etc. Ossia ENORMOUS. Also it takes pictures really well in both a day and night. A deer does not look for the see neither, which is big for me. Shopping another in the heartbeat.
5 / 5 By King
Has impressed really with a picture and quality of video of this quite economic trail camera. My Edges has paid 3 times so many for a look it in fact years and a quality of picture is nowhere near of like this clear. Also it has to that down upload his first pictures to see, but with this camera can see him well in a screen inside a chance. It has attached the screen has shot of one of some video takes yesterday. Ossia One 2nd AKASO the product has purchased and both have been excellent values .