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Top Customer Reviews: PRIMETRACKING ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Roseann
Desprs Installs had some problem that takes the signal with a satellite, but the service of client was very useful and after the day or as it was to arrive and running perfectly. Tones in 100ft, supremely accurate and reccomend in any clues of era discreetly and efficiently!!!
5 / 5 Alec
A first device took was defective. I routed out of an email any one while any very while it was Pasqua Sunday. In my suprise took the response almost immediately together with the call of tlphonique of a company. They have cured of a problem and there was arrive and current in less than 3 days. That is to say by far an experience of the service of the better client never has had in Amazon. Some works of new tracker perfectly while ad. I use these trackers for work and this one am adds. Precise and long location durable stack. A bit those that the questions of technology have had has been answered immediately and competently. I flange said quite a lot of good things in a service of excellent client has recieved of this vendor. If you are looking for the tracker of GPS, the decree these looks and buy easterly the unit will not be disapointed.
5 / 5 Maryam
An application was easy to install but a accucy is was has been totally. If you want the reliable gps this is not the !!!!!

Has update : I have contacted a company after some problems have had with a tracker has to say that they were very courteous and routed me what the new tracker has been doing perfectly. If you are having the similar problems will suggest to give them the call ASAP is sper useful!
5 / 5 Thi
It IS it has been for the few feet. My Deep (green arrow) shows that it is under my yard when in reality is in my driveway (red point). But another concealed wants it planning on taking more for ours other carts and my dads semi truck.
5 / 5 Lavone
I have had in the principle the ordered the different gps tracker for a car, and with that a, also required to buy the HE card and take his application. It CONFUSES! An application has not been easy to use and only looked to follow my tlphonique - no a unit of GPS has been supposed in. An application was Chinese, and could not comprise regarding the use after a lot of test. As it is returned, and has bought this instead (for LESS!). I want to this one! Sper Easy to use, follows a unit without a HE additional card, and has the life to add stack! The desire had bought this or first! If you are not sure what gps to buy - EASTERLY buys One!!!
5 / 5 Dannette
That is to say very accurate and like me that it can it you to him pays $ 25 for month for a service and annuls while it wants to you. I add for peace of alcohol with small ones.
5 / 5 Keren
That is to say a second device to follow experience and this product by far is one the majority of accurate and reliable. The stack has lasted by 10 days that is very so that my another the only hard tracker 4-5 days. The byline is also very cheap compared in his uses and an option for the annul any time.
5 / 5 Shawnna
Very impressed. We buy a tracker for our agents of urban nails to maintain your of them and his showings. All was very accurate. A support is further anything never experimented. In an end of a day does not know never when shows the house that is aiming he in. Us Which for careful be. In this way we can maintain all the sure world to give them the tracker to do sure is well. Also we use a tracker in our adolescents that unit. I say what hurriedly is directing that honestly it is my favourite part .
5 / 5 Liberty
Quan Yours piece of calm husband out of an application of tesla has to use this application! Found him!
5 / 5 Gaye
Always I am doing late like my mamma with the illness of the illness of an Alzheimer marries rests. Sometimes they go external, and things and compraventa alimentary. A time, has taken in home likes him almost 12 half night and my mamma is not to house! I have found his chair in a canal of bus around 3 east. Thank you So much for this tracker so now can control the location of my mother!!
4 / 5 Tera
A first device has received was defective. I have sent out of an email any while any one a lot that it was Easter Sunday. To mine suprise has received the response almost immediately together with the call of telephone of a company. They have cured of a question and there was arrive and that careers less than 3 days. Ossia For far an experience of service of client I better there is never has had on Amazon. Some works of new tracker perfectly to the equal that has announced. Utilisation these trackers for work and this one are adds. Precise location and long durable battery. A bit those that the questions of technology have had has been answered immediately and competently. I cant say quite a lot of good things in a service of excellent client there is recieved of this vendor. If you are looking for the tracker of GPS, the stop that looks and buy is one. Calm will not be disapointed.
5 / 5 Yetta
After installing has had some question taking the signal with a satellite, but the service of client was very useful and after the day or to the equal that was to arrive and running perfectly. You follow interior 100ft, extremely attentive and reccomend to any that wants to follow discreetly and efficiently!!!
5 / 5 Mozelle
An application was easy to install but a accucy is was entirely was. If it love the one of confidence gps this is not the !!!!!

Has update : I have contacted a company with which some questions was having with a tracker has to that say that they were a lot of courteous and sent the new tracker that has been doing perfectly. If you are having the alike questions will suggest to give his the call ASAP is súper useful!
5 / 5 Larraine
My grandson has taken my car the parties. As we have dipped this in mine car and me and my woman has been and has chosen a car on while it was inner a night. Taught lucido the lesson.
4 / 5 Kamilah
Always am doing late like my mamma with the illness of an alzheimer remains house. Sometimes it go external, and buy feed and things. A time, has taken home likes almost 12 half night and my mamma is not home! I have found his seating in a canal of bus around 3 are. Thank you So much thus tracker like this now can control the location of my mother!!
4 / 5 Louella
Very impressed. We buy a tracker for our agents of urban nails to maintain clue of them and his showings. All was very attentive. A support is further anything has not experienced never. In an end of a calm day does not know never when you aim for the house the one who are by train of the feign. We Like him be careful. In this way we can maintain all the sure world to give them the tracker to do sure is well. Also we use a tracker to our adolescents that strolls. I say that quickly it is driving that honradamente is my favourite part .
5 / 5 Cherie
Is has gone by the few feet. My Deep (green arrow) tip that is under my yard when in reality it is in mine go (red point). But another that loves it planning on taking more lame ours other cars and my dads seeds trucks.
4 / 5 Shay
Has had originally has ordered the different gps tracker for a car, and with that a, I also required to buy the HE paper and take his application. It CONFUSES! An application has not been easy to use and so only looked to follow my telephone - no a unit of GPS was supposed to. An application was Chinese, and could not comprise regarding the use after a lot of test. How it is returned, and has bought this instead (for LESS!). I want to this one! Súper Easy to use, follows a unit without an additional HE paper, and has the life of battery adds! The desire had bought east a prime minister! If you are not sure the one who gps to buy - buy THIS ONE!!!
5 / 5 Brian
This was the gimmick, does not say you that a byline goes to be $ 25/month, any to mention he no same clue in real time
5 / 5 Mina
Left to say you that has impressed incredibly are with this little PERSONAL GPS tracker! Coast $ 50 and a plan is $ 25 the month. Any agreement and any commitment.
Purchased it and touched it so only a time, the arrival. As I am writing this description, a device still sends strong signal and has 9 battery. Today it is one 11th day !!!
Does not have the way to call for (and have the conversation) that I can say and there is not using a SOS the key but is dipped automatically with your number of telephone when it configure an application. Work like the key of panic to alert until three contacts that is in question and to start with in you following.
This little look of beauty sturdy and has the good to feel and his weight. It uses 4G LTE and updates a location each one that ten seconds.
You, taste, is looking for of the device of confidence to follow your boys of special needs, ossia the good option for several reasons. It is roughly 2/3 a measure of LIKE THIS, is battery last at least 11-12 long days (as calm really will be necessary touch he perhaps three times the month versus 30, is faster and like this attentive. You can dip geo fences but although they are there, this device never alerted once on leaving it geo fence. Suspicion ossia so only a question of application and a need of developers to give a no on his game like this is the powerful device with an application that is being missing of.
Is really better that my clocks of boys (Gizmo Clocks) in many respects excepts to do function of calls. But it closes on location very fast. A lot, much faster that our clocks. Still I will use some clocks because they are wearable.
I poated the little screenshots of an application of mate.
In general am satisfied extremely with this product and would recommend for an elderly to the equal that could be better that the boy to press a key as it has wanted to it one can begin follow.
I tangentially mention that with a legislation of magnetic waterproof chance, has no better device or more economic that knows of to follow the person for the situate down his vehicle and recovering he in the date he late plus. An application has one incredibly wonderful 'historical street' that can filter it you for date and now and calm aim you absolutely everywhere a device has been and for what time, comprising of the like time to that time.
5 / 5 Teodoro
These works of tracker well but one informing is not very good. I have used partorisca have this same type of tracker that has purchased of Americaloc but I misplaced has believed it so it would try is a reason a device looked one same but was much more economic. You take as it pays stops! Some characteristic partorisca inform was like this better with a Americaloc GL300W! Informing is partorisca add and very precise!
4 / 5 Tamesha
When Your husband has cut you out of an application of tesla has to that use this application! Found him!
5 / 5 Marilyn
Bear you have pay a quantity each month partorisca a limit. Without the payment is so only such an useless device.
If it is well with you, can go advances with him. It has amused!
4 / 5 Ellamae
Ossia A second device partorisca follow I experience and this product for far is one the majority of attentive and of confidence. The battery lasted partorisca 10 days that is a lot because mine another tracker so only last 4-5 days. The byline is also very economic compared to his uses and an option partorisca the annul any time.
4 / 5 Synthia
Has bought this partorisca my edges those who has autism and likes run was. We have tried he in a shopping centre and I have resisted my mobile phone and a Tracker in any hand. My telephone gave a correct location but this Tracker said me was 1500 feet out of where in fact was. That the disappointment.
4 / 5 Chrissy
Ossia awesome!!! Precise maintains clue of something of entity in real-time? This he! My edges have situated he in his truck while it leaves the partner takes loaned a truck and had updates of real time. I have used he in luggage also.
4 / 5 Scarlett
A course of map of the history of this device that is supposition partorisca dip was specifically where has been lags say time esatta. No the defender. Spytech Is better in that!
4 / 5 Judy
Battery of aversion so only that last the week. Some streets are certainly very attentive and often the fact looks a street of the travesía is linear (that spends for fields and of the trees and houses) versus in fact that aim a street in a street. Bouncie Is very better.

Top Customer Reviews: AMERICALOC GL300W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified This tracker is LIKE THIS EASY to use, and his department of support is fantastic! It was able to follow my husband partorisca deceive in the house of his promise, then to the each restaurant spends OUR MONEY in his (that it will result it that it imports later in yard--- a lot of he be surprised!) An accuracy was impressive, included could say that spatial of estacionar was in. A word of precaution, this in spite of, a car that has followed was also in my name, as I have had each legislation of the follow. This in spite of, if one transports is is so only in his name, would verify your state laws partorisca do sure are spent. Last times deceive are spent of the thousands in the private detective. This calm device of the hard evidence partorisca the fraction of an each penny. Have to that purchase the byline partorisca see a tracker in the web of place, this in spite of partorisca the simple $ 25 partorisca a month, can have all a info precise in of the colours of brilliant satellite with focus of time! I have chosen to hide mine in the plastic box that has used partorisca some personal fact include dipped a box in a trunk partorisca me not knowing never actuate his own consequence. Partorisca Those of you the one who asks like this the history has resulted, has left so only has said that the history of a tracker helped to make history also!
4 / 5
The cost has verified Really hate partorisca leave bad descriptions partorisca anything. This witch of the unit of the GPS has looked partorisca do quite well So only somehow have given the dud reading. We maintain this unit in the z/in the rucksack of our girl. From time to time I check a location. Well my surprised a location of unit was smack dab in a room of local emergency. Verified a history and a movement would look that a unit has travelled directly of a pupil to a hospital. Well With which frenetically that called some results escoles a boy and the unit of GPS was all still located in a school. Thank you Americaloc For some 20 minutes of sure terror.
4 / 5
The cost has verified All can say you that that does not say it never wins he. I produce it adds. I have found reason my husband has changed so much with me! When be Deceived is a worse part of the report. Good regime and be poised partorisca discover that it is looking for. If it think and your heart seats it. It is certainly true you so only require the little be of the help and this little type will do a work.
5 / 5
The cost has verified I no the plot of descriptions, but has had to that take a time to do is one . I produce really it adds and same service of better client!
Has bought this to dip in the scooter of mobility of my main dad (this alfresco only trace), as we could be notified (any for email or text!) When movement had and then again when the movement there is prendido. When we Have been notified of movement, can see where is and then when there is prendido emotional, is to notify again. So only it thinks that that it is a key of emergency (which also is), so that it can press an only key there is on he in chance has the question. If it presses a key, can take the text or the email that says that a key of emergency has been pressed. We can then look in an application of tracker and locate. Such peace of alcohol! I also dipped on an alert for when a battery is going down I so that it can recharge the. They have thought of everything!
Will say that with which have in the first place created my account, is not sure state that looked in in an application. It is the little busy and has not known that to do. I have called service of client, and was AWESOME! I have explained that that has has wanted to do with east and his I very said me quickly where to go and that to do. It is very easy and can do changes now that knows that I am doing. It say him also that looks a battery drained quickly and has done the far programming changes concealed has extended a life of battery besides my expectations. It say him that a scooter will be estacionado in a cochera the majority of a time, as they something to not maintaining draining a battery while estacionado in his cochera.
Knows that the people use this element to verify in the spouse or boy, but is also fantastic for an elderly! It gives theelderly parentpeace to import to have the key of panic (concealed does not call to some police like them to them some have fallen and can no to create me keys), but sends the message to the has wanted to one the one who can see exactly where is. Like this caregiver boy, also can verify on the partorisca do sure is WELL. You LOVE it!
4 / 5
The cost has verified A lot researches before purchasing this device. It is to good sure a better partorisca of the money. It can take the most economic units without him papers and treat everything of this calm but wants to spent and game, ossia!
An on-line software and application of telephone AM YACIDO is outdated. (But it is functional and calm give you all a precise information)
take some taking used to.
A support of email is fast and easy and very had to that help!! I am not impressed easily but has to that give the credit where is foreseen.
Highly Recommended of any the one who is Highly Critical.
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought 2. I hardwired one to the automobile this was to transport when we has moved of Colorado of Minnesota. It has dipped another in the box that is to be pack with an emotional company. It was able to follow both all a way. A battery in a one has packed lasted 8 data of days before. This was a plus the day that has taken partorisca a movement.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Utmost Work. The life of battery is basically that one announces. When The vehicle is partorisca go to agree them the deselect a function of speed. These consultores in longevities of a battery. A law of magnetic chance adds partorisca those looking for a. Magnet VERY STRONG
5 / 5
The unit of Compraventa has checked fact as it has announced. You can dip calm arrive alert of email and then have the emails converted the messages of Text that gives a lot near partorisca alert of real time. We take alert of movement of confidence , and was able to follow the street of a thief, while notification some police. Followed a thief all a way to his fate and civilises it has been summoned partorisca take with sakes still in possession. Some premiers two free months of the service of cell was a price added . These works of units, and works reliably. A life of battery is well, was still 80 touched (calm say state of load) after the week is gone in a field. Easy to dip on, and the service of client is awesome, answering to, has included to promote future inquires, almost immediately. His tweaked some settings to follow for me, and was very on the all a way. There is a lot of unit there, but this one east the sure bet , at least is for me.
5 / 5
Shabby compraventa has verified this tracker partorisca control our 5 year the travesa of the old glorious daughter to/of colegiala in a bus. Here Florida, a start of bus escole can be retarded when the conditions of dangerous times exist. In summer, ossia often. So much, we are not never sure when it leaves or where a bus is located partorisca his Dad partorisca fulfil his newspaper. His parents tucked a tracker his rear band. Some sleeps of pending tracker of the periods of any movement. Initially, a tracker sometimes there is not wake-arrive to grieve the movement has arrived. Our email to support has been answered almost immediately (interior 1 now). Of the transmissions where downloaded directly to a device in a coverage, a tracker has a lot of be of confidence. One uploads of hard battery more than a school week. So much, we are very pleased with an action and an exceptional followup that Americaloc continuous give. Periodically they contact to confirm that a product is fulfilling our expectation. For us, this product and the support are utmost!
4 / 5
The cost has verified A unit there is at present is doing bad. The sound that informs all the classes of dud information. Wrong location, movement when any movement is spending, A lot EXTREMELY the retarded particular device has to that be defective. I expect that one do one well in this compraventa expensive and the stop that give the song and dances it roughly everything of a sound of wrong information that informs and so only substitute this unit partorisca act bad with a mark ossia new and in fact is doing. IF this raisin And a substitution in fact does properly, I updatethis description consistently.

Top Customer Reviews: GPS Tracker Vyncs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Lucilla
With two new engine in a house (twins), my woman called me to imagine out of the road to remain in of the masters that his to the behaviour was, go where said that is going, etc. Found a Vyncs tracker of GPS that hangs investigations of general internet and decided to give this tries it. That cemented my decision was a fact these laws in a 3xarxa of G without agreement, any wi-fine or the plans of data have required, and a first year of service has been comprised in a prize. It has been exactly that has required and has been able to listen ensured that our boys is by train to be automotive manager and knows is achieving his fates, then knows when is returning.

A fact these laws through some automobiles OBD scrollings and does very the necessity that the touches since is on when a vehicle is on and was when is was, therefore it does not drain a stack was another reason is happy with this product. Some available reports in of the habits of engine, while it alerts when a cart surpasses a mph the frame has braked posed, excessive or acceleration, excessive g-forces, and the health of general vehicle was only icing in a cake.

My woman is thrilled and now is more expert in pulling reports and analysing some a lot of details have provided that now to the left know me tidbits of information that now uses to to maintain a cart in the sake that order of works.

Very pleased and will continue to use this same product when our boys leaves a nest in a fall.
5 / 5 Byron
Absolutely it produces to astound! We purchase this to maintain tabs in our again minted the adolescent engine concealed has not been so reliable while we would like him. It installs to break and is sper easy to pose up so much in our PC of house and mobile devices ( has iPhones). More importantly, in fact laws...Enabling us to follow our adolescent is each movement while it meanders around city like the feral the cat that looks for amour. Voice , our lovely 16 year is supposed to be looking for the work, even so the fast look in a Vyncs the aims of application has entered a parking of country with his new fiance. Really? Why you say that you are in Chick-yarn-A tongue with a manager when clearly can see park on for some lines to be able the external city. And you fulfil it is by train to follow you! SMH.
5 / 5 Brandon
That is to say a prize for a whole year. Has an application in my tlphonique these shows where a cart is at all times. Any only that, but where is state, those times take to take there... That is to say a better parenting invention never. No more lying quite where is. The mamma already knows. Accelerating? It take an alarm for that. Cutting class and leaving early student? Alarms for that, also. He thank you God my parents have not had one of these creatures!
5 / 5 Kali
Has the Deep Pilot. I have required to buy one 12 in long extension 16 cape of pin with this product. A cape of extension enabled me to tuck a device under my joint of pinch and out of view. Other carts no in that have the veiled OBD 2 port. This produces proportionate waypoints each which how 2 min and 30 dry. I have found some points of road of also be far out of the each another when that directs a cart around the city. I have required to purchase some updates and augments a waypoints in the each 60 bren. One 30 increase of dollar. I Like him his of a fact that can do you this in a web of place after it has purchased already a product. Each waypoint provides a speed and to focus them of time. An application is well . It does not offer as much as a web of place while using the computer. A web of place is much more robust. You can look for different days among other things with a web of place. A price of compraventa comprises a cost of a product more a first byline of years. You will require in re buys every year. There is not cost very monthly. It IS relatively cheap compared in another of a same measure. This unit even so also you give you his note of your car, mpg and use of gas. For this product to do at all will require In&T or T mobile Point. Pose up was very easy, any one can do it. Highly it recommends in any one.
5 / 5 Tegan
Place in my eldery car father to maintain your of him! Work perfectly, and included give me accelerating alarms. Too much often...LOL!!
5 / 5 Dona
It uses several devices of GPS that in the first place required to take the plan of monthly service and it actuating YES card with the wireless provider. Then a HE the card has had to when being posed in a GPS and all actuate. More than a swipe the no active and found me in a half of the toe these signals among a carrier of cell and a person of support of the GPS. And that before it is installing a GPS, alloy in a cart 12 system of volt, antennas of routing, ensuring installed, etc. With a Vyncs unit, has filled was some very generic information in his web of place, plugged a device in a cart OBD 2 port and looked! Taken less than 10 minutes, works like the charm, and gradient 50 - less 70% to operate that mine other devices. A Vyncs the system is which will use in a future and can not recommend enough.
5 / 5 Susannah
I can not think that well these works... The true value is to take to find but this product surpasses my expectations. The volume given to situate and real time. If some covers of vehicle my clear-cut zone that takes the text . If the speed arrives to take the text . I can follow each detail of the each trips these marks of vehicle and everything for a a cost of time. I am more conceal it has pleased. The vehicle that is still in his best!
5 / 5 Renato
Coast This product saves my money, now and knows each raisin in my car ( likes him problems of engine and etc), and my threads sometimes uses my cart and and can see that it spends hurriedly.
5 / 5 Stephine
This Vyncs the system was very ez to limit in and place up in an user cosy application! I have ordered the second device for mine 2 vehicle, which has posed up in less than 5 minutes. A subject of only smaller experimented during the installation was that some clave of device out of the bit far and the the wing left only an inch or so clearance only above my pedal of brake of the emergency. This could do a car burglar experimented the suspicious bit and leaves in easily identify a device and simply taken. A mere fixed was to purchase an adapter of bond of flat extension of left that cape me he resettle a device quite 12' further out of view under a wheel. A OBD the port now the only looks have carried he of factory or covers it installed. I have used the bond of the zip and the by force extra fold back tape to ensure it...The problem has resolved.
5 / 5 Babette
It was not that to say quite concealed has not been has said already. I use it to maintain tabs in my main mother. Another utmost characteristic is a capacity in remotely vehicle to control statistical as it can say when his time to take his oil has changed, etc.
5 / 5 Contessa
Surprised... I have purchased this device partorisca 1 bad employee. It has installed one in the each vehicle and expósito that my @@subject my big plus was with another employee that would not have guessed never. The start of hours of our technology in a first work and arrival when you leave yours last work. Begin his time when you leave his house and when it take home, included when prendes partorisca his courses of hair, compraventa personal and has included crossed in a bridge to the county no in stops his personal cost. My types would owe that take 5 service calls the day, but so only going in 3 because of his personal time. ( It conceal it is not just payroll, but gas and mileage use also) has been using this product for 2 years. Has work 5 vehicles with this device. You can move your plan on (Fleet) for better that follows, which is which I immediately, and is still a lot of abordable. Payment $ 99 annually each one which so and he 1 times dipped on side each one that like this, and is a lot of value he. I need to find a plan that calm more return you. I can accuse payroll of these reports. I pull the (stop and start) inform (RODEOS of TRAVESÍA of the ENGINE) and also the (LOCATION FOR DAY) which maps out of his daily streets with stop and pins to start with. Ossia When it has found writes to drive for all the city for personal use and not turning of his vehicle. ALERT of ZONE of the plus, which is my preferred . It has dipped on the zone of house of the each vehicle, which mean volume the text when every time some technologies leave his house and the characteristic of turn is a (IDLING FOR DAY ) which leave me know appeal on and stop without turning truck. Some some employees have turned in some newspapers averaged of 2 hrs in that that has had really. Another good characteristic is a history of vehicle that leave to know that it is bad with some trucks. No more the saying was last reason a battery had died. If a truck is having subject, can look it and see the one who a question is. You can follow vehicle millage and gas also. I can match on some partorisca to some Bills turn in and found the plot of the times do not have writes on a bill and touch a client because his where that goes for the do later and has forgotten. Our company has had to that follow devices behind in a 90 this when there I was a company to Follow install one in the each vehicle and paid the fortune for them with 10 vehicles to follow. The same what has retreated then, there is prendido the plot of personal use after the hours and the weekends and is always a less attended person. Each company with the trucks of work would owe that use east devises. To find the support of technology is hard. If it love cat with any, a telephone for the support of client is does not look him the EUA . You can email the and ask the call of turn. They require to take the pop-arrive box of cat for fast help in my account. Another that that, are on renewal of car.
5 / 5 Darron
Has not been that to say roughly concealed is not already state has said. The utilisation to maintain tabs in my main mother. Another utmost characteristic is a capacity to remotely vehicle of statistical monitor so that it can say when his time to take his oil has changed, etc.
5 / 5 Jack
Order this device to install in the vehicle of my main mother. Has dementia, but is able to drive. We want to be able to maintain up with sound. It was easy to dip on on computer and use in our telephones. Installing he in a vehicle was simple. We have used he in two different vehicles without the question. We receive notifications when it leaves or returns the sure zones have on dipped and leaves these zones, shows besides where she in fact parcos in the plot of estacionar. Amazing.
4 / 5 Jenice
East devises work a lot, a lot well. A Vyncs the interface of web is easy to use and resupply treat adds of information in a state of a vehicle, driving habits of engine, and, of course, location and information of travesía. An add compraventa!
4 / 5 Natashia
Follows some instructions. Experiences by means of Amazon with 1 service of year has comprised has paid $ . During planting on on 11-9-2019 I has been touched another $ for another 1 service of flat year still although it was supposed to be comprised in a compraventa of Amazon. We have paid now $ but any service, Can not take any responses to our questions of service. An application could very fully install in Samsung to the equal that try the install in ours iPhone. A Vyncs the software has uploaded felizmente in a Iphone. Once installed in a Iphone does not import given of a vehicle. Logged To a web of place of computer and tried to modify an Engine and information of the on-line vehicle but one MODIFY the key has not done. So that maintaining is here. Squandered Roughly 5 hours my day was (Saturday). Reloaded An information of vehicle 3 times. Vyncs HAS any service to sustain the Saturday late or Sunday when the working families have time to install software in his cars. Sure appearance go back with me. Counting some hours have squandered. It looks him it has called the Monday when we are in . To arrive to this point would not recommend this device to any one. To be continued posted Saturday in 8:32pm 11-9-19 Amazon has contacted for help. They have said this company there will be support of technology until Monday. Disappointed that we have to expect until Peel. I can not take calls My-Friday because byline and can not use our pending telephone of the hours of work. 8-5.
4 / 5 Helena
Has bought this the few months does to follow my daughter of 17 years. The law adds and was easy to install and configure. It was able the setup zones, so that when entered or leaves them, take the notification of a Vyncs the installed application in my telephone of Android.

You Always can see a last/current location, this in spite of, was a lot could see all has joined the majority of the first recent locations of the travesía is complete, calm of then looks you so only can see these locations once a car has been turned was, which complete the travesía. It would like to see a current in-the travesía of progress has done available, as I can see all some locations for a travesía, at present in progress.
5 / 5 Alisa
With two new engine in a house (twins), my woman called to imagine out of the way to remain on like his models of behaviour were, go where has said that is going, etc. has found a Vyncs tracker of GPS that hangs investigations of general internet and decided to give this tries it. It cemented My decision was a fact that read in a 3coverage of G without agreement, any wi-fi or the plans of data have required, and a first year of service has been comprised in a prize. It is exactly be which has required and has been able to feel ensured that our boys are responsible engine and know is arriving to his fates, then know when they are returning.

A fact that read by means of a car OBD port and does not need touching of then is on when a vehicle is on and was when it is was, therefore it does not drain a battery was another reason is happy with this product. Some available reports in habits of engine, as I alert when a car surpasses a mph the limits have put, excessive braking or acceleration, excessive g-forces, and the health of general vehicle was so only icing in a cake.

My woman is thrilled and now is more expert in pulling reports and analysing some a lot of details have resupplied that I maintaining leave to know tidbits of information that now uses to maintain a car in good working mandate.

Very pleased and will continue to use this same product when our boys leave a nest in a fall.
5 / 5 Rueben
Very a lot of gps. I can follow my flet vehicle. There is no monthly cost. It buys it and it beginning that use it. Very attentive. I am living Washington Dc and my cars always in a street ( Baltimora, Virginia and Dc) can see my vehicles where go during a day and like them behave. I have received included on notification of speed. The update of vehicle is calm quickly exactly know where is. I highly recommended.
4 / 5 Sasha
Has bought this to control the automobile and his engine for my elementary school. A car is having the habit of transports the student of special education, as I want to know where a car is, that time is there, and likes to join the engine is operating. I love this product! Extracted exactly how is announced, and frankly, thinks that operate better that would expect with our poor cellular service in rural Vermont. It has dipped he to service in the car with 40 miles in the, and now has 2500 miles. Utilisation a GeoFence characteristic to do sure some car leaves in a morning when it is supposed to -- the I still sends me an email to say me that a car has left or has entered a GeoFence zone. A data collects in the travesías is excellent. I can say if an engine is accelerating, cornering too quickly, braking or accelerating unreasonably. Also I can say like some systems of a car are treating. In each way, am a lot, very impressed with quell'credit these works. I can not imagine finding something less expensive. Paid an extra $ 25 the year for data signals more frequent, like this in of the totals, sides me $ 100 the year. For a security give and an engine, and a consolation to control systems of vehicle, likes me the cost a! If I have had the adolescent, would take this for a car.
5 / 5 Jeanene
Hard to estimate the support of technology likes the product was darn game and discharges afterwards. Setup Was the breeze. My daughter has driven to colegiala this morning and has has sent already the screenshot of some notifications for hard turns. It tends to be the little heat in some corners... The costs and the costs are upfront, plainly listings in a description, and very reasonable for my needs. I so only precise maintains clue of 'Incident,' my engine of 16 years. After an accident, has researched and invested in a Vyncs and has said upfront was in his car. Material so only when being there cool his jets, and certainly Dads of offer (me) some peace of alcohol.

Top Customer Reviews: Spytec STI 2019 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
1 / 5 Beverley
Do the any to give of the monthly costs for service
1 / 5 Jordan
The looks cool. Any tone that a lot of laws even so. Activation and plans of monthly payment? Quite sure in a description clearly says only actuate and tone. Routing He behind. At all worse that when being lied in only to sell the product
1 / 5 Talisha
Horrible. Involved any cost. Very big monthly costs
1 / 5 Elsa
Only it take it this and he look well has done. BE IT has ADVISED: it has it to you pays for the service duquel fields of byline of $ 45(5 dry updates), $ 35(30 dry updates) and $ 25(60 dry updates) for months.
HAS the 30 turn of police/in the daytime of annulment as I think that that I will try it has been for 30 days and do the decision then for the maintain or no.
1 / 5 Debi
I have ordered this product and he are come quite rapids. It comprises instructions very easy in a box. Calm basically say you to touch he that hangs 4 hours and ignite and then plant where would like me clue. I have posed this in my car for hire for the days of the pair has planted then he in my stock exchange and forgot it literally. It IS very undetectable and person like the small way any the will remark and easily can plant says in the box of glove, armrest, etc. Has wished used this in a past to take the consort to deceive but has used this to follow my vehicle. I Uber and Grub hub delivery to feed and would like me maintain your of my vehicle. If your automobile does not take never towed or has robbed this would be an invaluable piece of technology. It can pinpoint low GPS in street, the etc. Amiable city of spooky. It updates each minute but can pose he until each 30 bren. To pose up and has the teak of Spy goes in a web of place. It chooses the username, entered an email, enters a device IMEI number. Included a service of client was adds! If yours an owner that possesses the Fleet of carts or included the Fleet in Turo considers to use this device like the side by the gravest side of option. Value he!
5 / 5 Luella
It enjoy to use a tracker so far! I finish to be trying it has entered my car adapted by a bit those that the days spent to take the better idea of everything of his characteristic and look for to be supremely accurate. A fact that can limit and apresamiento notified if a tracker leaves these verges look the characteristic that really could enter handy. Also I like him his that I can obtain of reports on accelerating, and register of whole trip, and taken so much the latitude of map of + coordinates of real/time of longitude of the positioning of a tracker. A stack assembla last very very time, after the few days to be on consistently, the stack of a tracker is in 94%. At present I am using a $ 25/plan of month, which refreshes each which how 60 bren. For my purposes to use this tracker, does not think would require the quickly more refresh tax, but would be interested to update a plan if the necessity arises. In general, it looks that is to say the very reliable and easy to use tracker!
5 / 5 Tyesha
I have used he for the shaddy promised. Only need to confirm my suspicion... There it go it 2 days, at all still.
5 / 5 Imogene
I want this thing. We pose it to us mine my main aunts glovebox to the help maintains the better eye in of the chairs. A web of place to remark an adherent was the cosy and grave user accurate in an allocution of a location of devices. A life of stack is orders also. It has Had he for the small in two weeks and still has still for the touch. Highly recommended! :)
5 / 5 Edna
It fails partorisca mention an expensive monthly cost partorisca subscribe partorisca use a tracker. Returned.
5 / 5 King
Has verified mine (now ex) the promise has deceived. It sucks But it is better that not knowing never a truth. A tracker was incredibly easy to dip up. The load is lasted longer that the one who other descriptions declared (the mine is still 55 with which so only the week). A better characteristic for far is a Geofence; it takes alert of text while my ex arrived or has left a complex doubt to walk. I have situated a tracker under his vehicle that use a Spy Tec M2 Waterproof Weatherproof Marie Magnetic for STI GL300 / GX350 Trackers of GPS of Real Time that also recommends.

Of a work is done , there is rid the form in his web of place to annul a service. If they continue to touch my paper (like other descriptions have warned of) will be sure to change this description to the-star. UPDATE: they have confirmed my question of interior of annulment 24 hours. Locating a form of annulment was like this easy likes to write pytec gps annulment' in my bar of investigation. The 10/10 recommends this product to any one suspecting of infidelity.
4 / 5 Lina
Looks fresh. Any one follows that well laws this in spite of. Limit and plans of monthly payment? Quite sure in a description clearly says so only actuate and clue. Sending it behind. At all worse that when being lied to so only to sell the product
4 / 5 Maire
has Used this to follow my ex-woman. Suspected his to deceive and has taken sure enough his visiting his boytoy during a day when it was in work. I am divorced now and can laugh roughly the, but at the same time looking a Spytech screen and see each movement was traumatic, but has had to know
4 / 5 Natalie
This tracker is junk and how is a support of client! I have had this device of then January this in spite of can do not taking to do. The support of looks of client of an on-line cat (any number of telephone to call) saying you to device of reset on and on then take he for the ten walk of minute. Well I have done that the multiple time and he still the aim are in New Jersey. Any spytec, are not in New Jersey! It have to that it has researched it other first trackers to purchase is one. Total waste of money! And I mention a service is $ 25/ month?
4 / 5 Dorian
Has lost so only a part that says need the monthly byline to use that it cost more than a tracker
4 / 5 Cyrstal
suspect your spouse is deceiving precise to buy this. Work perfectly. I said exactly that has required to know and now a process of divorce has been begun 👍🏻 to Ignore some negative critiques. Those are only people that has not followed some instructions to take bet on legislations.
4 / 5 Clelia
This experience has like this state horrifying that almost I chair to like are in the social experience. This can not be real. Ossia A worse product , service of client, and billing the experience has has not had never, never.

-I has purchased this on 12/27/15 and received it on 1/2/16. I actuated it on 1/3/16.
-On 3/8/16, two month with which actuated it, this device no longer would resist the load. A piece of metal that control one load looked sunken/dislodged. This product was managed grieves and used and was touched so only once each one that two weeks. Still it uses an iPhone I experience in 2013 reason are like this to take well of priest of the mine electronic!
-Certainly, took several months to write in the company, everything a moment are billed $ 25 for month. There is no on-line dashboard that to direct or annul yours billing, regime like this well if I do not want never change your plan or annul -- to beat read you roughly this in other descriptions also.
-When I have written in, the support has been spotty -- sometimes they the message has retreated immediately, sometimes takes weeks and several follow-ups. Have in the first place said that they would issue me the repayment of 3 month and credit of 3 month for some six months have paid service for the device broken. They have then said that they would leave me know in a credit -- is not sure state could that to him subject. They have then said that they would issue it and that that would be reflected in my account. Like this far, I have received a repayment of 3 month, ANY CREDIT, And MY CONTINUOUS ACCOUNT BE BILLED. It has to that individual. Still with which know that I have been billed falsely, my device is broken, am expecting on the partorisca send me the new a, continuous bill me. Like this unethical.
- Has said they topmast me it new device. A device his mailed me (more than 4 weeks with which have said they , and with which have had to follow on two times) is entirely different and entirely bad. Literally it is the entirely different product that can any one and does not love use.

Are in the loss. Some pauses of product. Continuous take billed. There is no recourse. They continue the disorder on my billing and break his promise to issue me the credit. They continue to fail to send me the device of substitution.

Averts this product and undertaken so to the equal that was possible. LOOK IN THE OTHERS NEGATIVE CRITICS!

I never write descriptions, but this whole experience has to that way that be terrible that chair the personal authorship to leave another knows.
5 / 5 Natasha
The works add any precise an expensive service partorisca follow it so only the free application.
4 / 5 Pearl
After receiving a project there is @@give has the battery of lithium in him. Calm can not dip battery of the lithium in luggage has checked. Like reason promote this like the tracker of luggage so only partorisca have TSA take it. Totally it attack a purpose. It is been the waste of my time.
4 / 5 Chaya
So only has taken this and the looks well has done. Be ADVISED: you owe that paid partorisca the service of byline that rows of $ 45(5 dry updates), $ 35(30 dry updates) & $ 25(60 dry updates) for months.
HAS the 30 turn of day/civilises of annulment to the equal that think that that I will try it was partorisca 30 days and do the decision then partorisca the maintain or no.
5 / 5 Gricelda
the buyer complains main upfront is service of terrible client. One is no, or sustain very limited of technical telephone. A number of calm resupplied telephone say to email . I have sent 20 emails more than tries to take assistance. It is obvious Support is OUTSOURCED. Each response has repeated quite some same questions but failed to resupply any solutions when a question has been explained. A tracker is not a lot of dependable. Has has long when it aims the vehicle more than 2 blockades of him is real location. Tip the vehicle is moving when it has been stationary for hours. A life of battery there is not having never 7 days more with use of normal behaviour. It is announced like this until 14 possible if a vehicle is not used never, but this attacks a purpose. A micro the connections of USB am very fragile and loosen over time doing it impossible to touch a tracker. This is to be signal is gone in diverse of some descriptions. A tracker is cheaply done in Cina. Some the cariche monthly am very expensive. $ . Then Spytec has begun to augment a monthly cost each one another month until it was almost $ 40 the month. Your paper crediticia is on file and has touched automatically. The clock was for some cariche additional.
4 / 5 Winston
Am returned a prime minister an after the question with a piece to touch in a device and has spent another thinking it was so only defective. 2nd one is usleless with which less than 2 month with same question. It can you do not touch. You do not buy again!!!!!
4 / 5 Tarra
Bought it on June 16th 2018. Tried to actuate it and has received a following email

Thank you to choose Spy Tec!
Yours form of the limit is felizmente state there is rid.
After, requires to verify yours billing and information of contact and program your device of GPS(s). We will contact you to us if any one subjects arises to complete these steps.
Please notes that can that to him takes until 24 hours to actuate your device. A next email receives of would be necessary to comprise your register-in credentials to follow.
Thank you Again!

Has not received never these credential and has looked for to actuate again on and on. I am returned a device to Amazon on June 20th. With which little month, has imagined out of this Spytec has begun on August 16 to touch my paper crediticia (which have asked during a process of limit that has not spent never for, which was on June 16).
Called him and has said that any poden any repayment a monthly byline and that require to fill the form to annul a byline the master to take that touches my paper. Supposition that info require in a cancelation forms!! A credentials that has not received never. Like this basically failed to use a device and touch me to us for 4 month without me still knowing or sending them the email of received and an only way of prenderles to touch me is to call my bank to take transactions further of his (if these same works).
5 / 5 Katelyn
Has ordered this product and he have come quite fast. It comprises instructions very easy in a box. Calm basically say you to touch he for 4 hours and turn on and then situate where would like me follow. It has dipped this in mine car for hire for the days of the pair then has situated he in mine purse and forgot it literally. It is a lot of undetectable and person like this half small no the will remark and calm easily can situate say in the box of glove, armrest, etc. has wished has used this in a past to take the spouse to deceive but I have used this to follow my vehicle. I Uber and Grub hub delivery to feed and would like me maintain clue of my vehicle. If your automobile does not take never towed or flown this would be an invaluable piece of technology. It can pinpoint GPS down the street, the city etc. Bondadoso of spooky. It updates each minute but calm can dip he until each 30 seconds. To dip up and has Spy tec goes to a web of place. Choose the username, enter an email, enter a device IMEI number. Included a service of client was adds! If yours an owner the one who possesses Fleet of cars or has included Fleet in Turo considers to use this device like the option of the lowest side. Value he!
4 / 5 Jasper
This thing done like the charm. PRECAUTION: the calm mark sure really wants to know that it is expecting to discover. This thing trailed my woman and his fiancé to a half of nowhere.
5 / 5 Devin
This law of unit so only in T Zones of mobile coverage. They allege they are doing on and it has to that have ready early one these works in of the zones of coverage of the AT&T but would not give me partorisca date for when this would be available. I have squandered My time that buy reason this information has not been resupplied in a description of product on Amazon.
5 / 5 Serena
Oh Work!! I have had a subject where my ex woman has taken my girls and disappeared partorisca 6 months with my boys. They found and has his prisoner in Knitting. I have been of then returned and there is Visitación a lot again. As when being nervous taken was again has bought a partorisca my edges my old plus partorisca be supported by he. Two battery of week the life and follows inside the 20 feet easily. This product has spent piece of alcohol. It is in a measure of the pager.
4 / 5 Asia
The product is not doing correctly. In a troubleshooting the instructions have said partorisca call client : 'If green FOCUSED is blinking once by second, then a location of the units can not have coverage. Please contact ours leaned I DID.....'If a green FOCUSED is blinking each three seconds without any update in a place pleases partorisca contact ours leaned I support is not real with spytec. Now I will look for to annul my service. This in spite of afterwards read the one who hard is partorisca annular will see this goes.
4 / 5 Dorethea
These products do a lot well, but a monthly cost is class of the ache. I add partorisca take deceiving conjoint, the vehicles flown, or partorisca follow your boys. A 2 battery of week the life is well, but with a battery extends (with chance) extends that life of battery to roughly 3 month. It is attentive to roughly 25-50 feet so that it is not exact for any half, but takes a work done.

Subjects so only has is his no very friendly piece of furniture. The meaning will owe that use the desktop computer to really of use of mark of a tracker. A mobile device can be used is so only a lot last to use of then does not have any application partorisca a system.
4 / 5 Precious
Has bought this product because it have suspected my husband was having a subject. With which actuated it, has dipped he in my own car partorisca two days. I have read some revises on to the equal that can be is gone in an allocution esatta. Has has wanted to do sure has known like a soyapping' done before it has accused of something if in fact he any anything wrong. It has been it has gone by a number of allocution for the pair, but has given to good sure the general idea. This device is quite small, so only has situated the down his chair lateralmente of the passenger. It was in his truck for 2 days, so only 2 days, and has discovered my gut was a lot. I have found in the house of another woman!! 50 $ more I am spent. Of then already I any need this device, am going the deactivate my account.
5 / 5 Danika
Is looking to purchase something like this probably calms already know a truth in your gut. I have done certainly. But in the state where calm really loves something to do, the excuses can be thin and calm paper still buy them. As I have required clear evidence, and took it certainly. This little device has exactly done which alleges. It was able to follow my vehicle 24 / 7. I have used a plan an economic plus: $ 24 the month for 60 second readings of interval. With this plan the battery of a tracker is lasted 14 days, to spare time to confirm my suspicions. Once it was on I was able to annul a service without any questions.
5 / 5 Marg
Terrible. Justo terrible. The service of client is the joke . His of the that listens. Subjects of Place of entity.
Beats login to continuation..... But not billing side..... Any transmission.... I am spent of the hours that try takes/adds device.
Reps Consultor That it is conscious of subjects and suggest adicións/additions of manual/scrolling..... That the joke.
Simply does not have time for hours of rear and advances with support of technology when he decently the place has maintained would achieve a same result. It AVERTS. LOOK FOR OTHER VENDORS.
5 / 5 Rufina
Order two of these. We have loved to maintain clue of the ours valuables be it transported by the emotional company. We move of one west to mid west zone. So only the three walk of day in the big truck. We have lost clue of some trackers after a second day. These are not for constant movement. Felizmente The belongings our arrivals but this obviously has not been a corr ct the product requires. We finalise to return both units
5 / 5 Hollie
A unit of the laws of GPS add, exactly to the equal that has announced. This in spite of a company he extremely confusing to annul a service, and still after annulling will continue to touch you. I emailed the partorisca annular, has said to be of, the week more has tried late touch me (this was the prepaid paper, as any money was able to be taken was at the same time). When I emailed again, has been said has required to fill out of the form. Well, that, has been said again is done, would not be touched again. Another week spends of longitude, has been touched . It has written to a company for the repayment, but the one who knows those that days that will take. I have left of my husband partly been due to an information gathered for this device, are quell'has bitten cut on money here, and ossia has required bad!
5 / 5 Janette
Highly attack of the forces of the signal is well.
Quite good to take my woman to deceive, has said enough!
5 / 5 Juanita
I have used he partorisca the shaddy has promised. So only required partorisca confirm my suspicion... I had it 2 days, at all still.
4 / 5 Geraldine
Wants! You love it! You love it!
Has been concerned that my husband has not spent time of quality with me this in spite of like this was not home.
Each question finalised in a querella sooooo decided it has been now of to do the bit of sleuthing for my account.
Spytec gps Gave all a info I required and is legit. It have been better if he so only communicated in planting to be evasive.
With which 2 weeks of constant control, will give the pause.
For real value each one which say me.
Thank you Instrument Spytec GPS
4 / 5 Kiera
has not had any information that has declared was was the T Mobile device. We do not have T Mobile Coverage in ours local apparently and a device no . We will be to return the and looking for a concealed is not T Mobile.
5 / 5 Jannie
Is so only WELL. No very attentive and can be difficult to use. A web of place and the application am not a lot very neither. If you want to something on tracker, this is not a product for you. Look In a picture. Have driving by means of houses.
5 / 5 Lenard
Has used this to continue deceiving is easy to not trusting our instinct of gut. I have been pleasantly surprised in that a lot this has done! I gave a info has required to know.
4 / 5 Ja
If you are by train to suspect you the spouse that deceives does the reason and the majority of a time is not to likes does looks. A day has taken this in a topmast dipped it up and has taken his in a same night that deceives on me. This magic device has saved my sanity and so as hurt me partorisca discover it helped calm my thoughts to run and take on my woman now p.ej. Not Leaving dona take answered .
4 / 5 Rozanne
Has taken my promise in several lies. It was curious to see where goes every night while it was work . I have purchased this tracker, together with a magnetic chance. It was still in his house ej. We are no longer together now. Description of product??? Well, work well. It maintain to lose signal. Sometimes a place would be was. It says his speed (which are to add). A service is not too expensive. You recommend that you sure that a provider of the service for a tracker is compatible with your zone. It is the investment adds this in spite of yes calms really wants to know (I bad that literally). Calm really wants to know??
5 / 5 Ralph
This tracker is awesome! It is quite attentive and a prize are adds. It take a long battery and magnetic waterproof chance. A definite has to that have if you are really that follows any to establish models. A service is easy to setup and use. His service of client are adds! Anxious to help and very sympathetic. The company adds, goes with Spytec! Calm will not complain it .
4 / 5 Bong
Map of register of the street any one same as announced in picture of ad . It sees pics. Real One in accident, announced in legislation. I have taken a plan of better prize $ the month (notes of detective). At all that has expected. You have taken my money this time and never again.
5 / 5 Jamie
This is SURPRISING and the law adds to follow mine anything! I purchased it personally to see if my fiancé has deceived on me, which to good sure is not and now chair like the crazy person. But nevertheless, lame in a topmast, and that the day still was actuated. I have had he in my car of fiancés, and has been to control never sense. Calm in fact has to that pay monthly cost, a prize depends in the calm often wish see updates. I have decided to go with a basic and more economic plan, mainly reason are to coach to use it to follow the spouse to deceive so only would require to see when arrest for a long period to time that half it does not import is for a minute updates the five second updates. A map is very useful calm reason say you that it is in some surrounding zones like this of the subjects are around or a location. For like this, if it was to be estacionado in the plot of estacionar of the motel, would not know is update in some intervals of small or five second intervals. He no any noise anything so that it is not suspicious. A life of battery says it supposed to last until 14 days but in realities lasted it so only roughly eight cups of days. I am not sure it take the defective one or something. Well little toy

Top Customer Reviews: No Monthly Fee - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Brandi
In general, these works of good device have chosen one 10 second byline of update. Calm does not require partorisca download an application, has used so only a browser of web. Here it is some things I desire can improve:

1) HAS a capacity to disable some lights of indicator have DIRECTED. This could be an easy implementation by means of an interface of web. Of course, calm always can use electrical tape, or painting in a LEDs, but is not cleaned like this or enough.

2) A vehicle very always follows some curves of a street during historical playback. Your car can look had corners of cut in planting to round them, doing to the looks like has been driven by of any under an influence.

3) Your device often will inform smaller (and erroneous) that drifts while a car is there is estacionado in fact. For example, if your car arrives in a fate in 8:00am (start of time of work), and some works of engine until 5:00pm. During this 9 period of now, often informs one transports has done small movements after his arrival (i.et. 8:28am). This is not to treat it big, but wants to do sure that your spouse (or boy) that to do (or pupil) punctually, a last state timestamp would owe that it has been his real time of arrival. Calm of course can use a historian playback to verify that a car in fact has not moved, but calm really wants to squander your time for the touch behind in place of just looking in a timestamp?

Has purchased still a device that knows an aforesaid glitches? Yes, but without these glitches, ossia easily the solid 5 product of star.
3 / 5 Jayna
When in the first place we order a device. I have thought the one who credit can the $ device of GPS BE. Honradamente Thought it that it was the big failure . It was very easy to install. We are using this gps device in our jeep of daughters. We take a $ plan that clues in real time. In fact it does really good. It follows that quickly it is going, level in gas, when there is prendido. Has all his jeep ifto in chance a vehicle is flown. I think that that we love it to us! A week and like this far like this good. I produce it adds partorisca a price! And partorisca $ the month, partorisca do sure my daughter is sure in a street, is the good price. They are happy has tried this first!....Behind partorisca finalise this description because With a device is coming 20 out of a monthly price leaves the description. It is been 3 month and 20 discount. Still we are that they pay $ 40 the month. It was very partorisca take one discount. Every time I call roughly the, is really good but does not call never behind likes says . Not To Take me the wrong product is add, the law adds, but still any one discount.
4 / 5 Francine
I have purchased this product partorisca maintain clue of engine in a family, but has discovered quickly does more than GPS JUSTO that follows. The limit was quickly and easy. So only create and the account has entered a number of serial of a device and choose the container partorisca follow. It has had two available plans. One that refreshes a location each one that 10 second and on that refreshes each one that 60 seconds. A price partorisca one 10 according to the plan is the little elder of one 60 according to one. They offer the discounts have paid partorisca month for advanced. It would like to see flatter that choose of in some future updates. I have chosen one 60 as slowly but can change them to a 10 as slowly like the looks of small partorisca be the little also yearn me.

The installation could not be any easier. Calm so only locate a OBD2 port in a vehicle and control that has a device there is lined on correctly ( tin a lot really disorder this up like the device so only can go a way). Then turn a ignition transmission. Any calm included has to that turn a vehicle all a way on, so only enough to take some lights to pinch to come on and is well. A GSP the application and the web of place will choose it on instantly. Has the worry roughly takes a device, as it looks to be the tight access when I have tried to take the, has verified mostly to see if it was likely to fall out of an empty while under a street. I have not looked in a web of place still but can have the tutorial for him.

An interface of the web for a device is utmost! There is the plot of the available options in an interface of web that does not see in a Mobile application, but can be available in of the future updates. An interface of calm web leave to setup OBD alert for several conditions that can be relieved for a vehicle, this characteristic can no if your vehicle does not sustain him . You can dip on alert for moderate, excessive, and severe accelerating, braking, turning, detection of impact, levels of fuel, the device unplugs, and can on and level of power of the battery. You can have this alert dipped to be emailed yours or sent your mobile has seen the text or that uses a mobile application. There is a lot to to the another characteristic like-travel it to him playback, and informs that it can be exported in several formats of different document. I have not been able to take some alert to do, but am not sure if totally I comprise his purpose and process. Still it likes that these options are available reasons resupply more info that so only of that follows, calm quickly can discover if a vehicle can be been in the accident (detection of Impact), or going down on fuel.

Am pleased with this product. It offers the plot of options and looks to be the a lot of produced well. Like this easy the setup and use any one can do it. I expect that a company offers more options of slowly in a future.
1 / 5 Katherine
The device there is prendido partorisca do ; experience of Amazon . Situated in car grandfather of then tent partorisca take stray.
Has trusted on device; claims of sea of air of earth the amazon has sold old devices . April 2019 Without warning and in spite of autopaying devices of costs of the paralizacin to control to do. Sea of the air of the earth has said 2technology of g all Verizon failure. Sea of Air of the earth, Amazon, neither Verizon notified. Of here when the grandpa has been to lose; it has had to that call police. The grandpa is well; but dud sense of security with this device. They have cut of then it was contact without remarking to device.
4 / 5 Yvette
First of all, a never done device as it has drawn. Constantly taken 'lost', and has aimed a vehicle estacionado in a half of a motorway partorisca hours the time.
LandAirSea Sent the device of substitution, and immediately exhibits some same questions esatti.
So that there is CELA.
But has had long communications with The regarding a device, and was AT ALL but responsive and a lot easy to do with. Kristi, Denise And Kathy have been totally out of his way to try and help .And...
Results that there is simply some vehicles in that this unit will not remain connected. And I comprise it conceal; a vagaries of RF alive-a-live a coverage of cell is a lot of-has established.
May... And ossia A lot of ENTITY... These ladies a lot so only refunded my costs of byline, and my cost of limit, but there was also return an original unit (that it was it FAR out of a window of turn of the Amazon) and has said will cause Amazon partorisca return my price of compraventa original!!
Cela... Well, ossia some really upper client service.
EAT: Be conscious that a device can not do like this announced or has feigned... But some people in UPPER SOUND-run treat questions.
5 / 5 Lorilee
A silvercloud sync was easy to dip on, so only select the name of user, signal and plan of payment in a place of web and spent he to a car, and prompt of the looks of vehicle clearly in the google to to the maps like to them the exposure. I choose because of a show of satellite concealed calm to leave you to see dip them approximation a vehicle as well as a battery of backup that can follow a car although it is turned was and there is estacionado. I took it to maintain clue of my mother the one who is always be the direction defied but especially like this now that is taking older. In this way stray taking can call me and can give his directions that dive to use as well as name callejero. Still it can you say that what gas is in a tank and what uploads is in a battery. One do one like this well like place of web to follow. Included can plant you geo fences that the calm alerts via email or text if a vehicle strays flanges further of neighbours of the user. Has another characteristic also that would go in handy to control the adolescents or the employees but I did not try so it can not say do or no. The wait does. They are very happy with him.
5 / 5 Clair
A LandAirSea Sync2 has been the way adds partorisca maintain clue of the mine grandma, age 90, while driven. It has put geofences of a web of place so that I can see when it enters and leaves his normal places of travesa and receive alert of telephone every time this raisin. Also I have the speed that warns dipped so that volume partorisca look when continuous in 60mph. It is not difficult to use at all. Quite easy. Any battery or touching.
This technology amena peace of alcohol in the situation where any special needs to be controlled. Of course it has been it adds for any business that need to follow the vehicle.
5 / 5 Sigrid
Like this far like this good. I have had a unit partorisca roughly 1 week now and looks partorisca do quite well. I find it very easy to use and a price of a hardware is unbeatable. I will be of tower to buy more after the few months to try this unit was. I have had the pocolos emails behind and advances with his department to sustain so only in general roughly some questions and was fantastic. It can not be pleased more with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Margarito
Our subject of construction uses this system of GPS on everything of our trucks. It gives a capacity to see the one who is which besiege labour , verifies is arriving punctually and leaving when they are suppositions partorisca be leaving. In the payroll so only is saving the money of tonne. Another perk, can ensure our engine is taking partorisca signal A partorisca signal B without accidents with his reports of note of the engine, and like the result is saving some money in ours sure! The vehicle adds that it follows system; material any subject with the vehicles of precise multiple company have this system this in place.
5 / 5 Kera
They are the Contractor partorisca Plumb with multiple vehicles in mine floats. This has looked the way priced reasonable to maintain clue of my vehicles of employee. A SilverCloud Sync-2 was easy to dip on, so only select the name of user, signal and plan of payment in a place of web and spent he to a car, and of the looks of vehicle clearly in the aerial view. Calm also can change in sight of map of the street partorisca take touched of of a congestion. Utilisation an aerial view that leave partorisca see dip them approximation a vehicle. Of then he atascamos to a OBD-II any precise PORT partorisca concern in the battery. You send the notification is unplugged. It take my first unit partorisca follow the vehicle of concrete employee that has been having subject with. You can dip on GeoFences that the calm alerts via email and/or text if a vehicle entered or leaves the concrete zone. You can dip a InstaFence in yours telephone instantly so much can take in notification when some movements of vehicle. They are very pleased with him and will be partorisca purchase 2 more!

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung SmartThings ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Granville
The cost has verified will begin partorisca say, are the new father but also the a lot of techie person. When My edges of 3 years has begun partorisca take the school bus of daycare the preschool, has not been partorisca leave concealed manage without partorisca be able to know where is. SO after doing a bit undermining at all some other types of trackers of a knockoffs on here the Tiles, has found this device before spear. After reading some descriptions, specs, and that allege to do, has imagined would give to try it.

Pros - This device does quite well. You direct of a Samsung application of ready things, in any Android or iOS. Once you setup your account, can login on more than a device with this account and take some alerts in both devices. My woman and I so much is logged in and take notified, this in spite of has to that launch an application in his Android (sees a gilipollas for explanation). A geofencing is really well for alert, although the desire could setup the circle the small plus. Has alert to enter daycare, leaving daycare, entering preschool, and leaving preschool. Some alerts is the little retarded, would say perhaps 2 minutes give or take. A GPS is quite something on. It likes-me a free year of service, but still after these ends, is almost the averages of monthly cost like other options.

Gilipollas The life of battery is quite down. I leave it on all the week (would be likely the turn was once is home to save a life of battery) but take me 4-5 days in the alone load. There is characteristic of saver of the battery, but does not want to lose alert been due to this like this I a lot of disorder with them. The only reason has given this 4 in place of 5 stars, is some notifications on Android. My woman and I Android of devices of use for personal telephones, has an iPhone for work. Both have had is that it goes in our Androids and first what am remarked was if I have not launched an application of Ready Things in a morning, would not take notified for a Geofence alerts. I have decided to dip the up in mine iPhone to see was one same, and is not . I do not owe that open an application at all and the volume has notified all four times the day. I know there have it probably the setting in mine Android to maintain an application that careers in a background and maintain characteristic of battery to kill an application but I does not like him to have to that all these transmissions for something concealed would have to that do in this way for creation.

Surrounds - is thinking roughly this for GPS that follows that you are too far partorisca to the to something likes him Tile to do, then does not doubt to try of east. A price are adds. A cost of service is excellent, included after a free test. It is quite small to easily of stay inside the z/the rucksack (ossia where my edges is is), or in the pet (I has the fellow this goes to take one for his dog).
4 / 5 Alix
The cost verified has had this partorisca 3 month, and has been doing in this description of then December. The calm hope finds it gain.

Has bought this tracker with an only purpose partorisca follow my electrical bicycle (GoSondors!). Like this the description will not cover that it follows your pet, or girls. Also it have to that be remarked, this can very really be used like the tracker of fitness. It does not integrate with any applications of type of the fitness, his no drawn that way. My purpose is partorisca follow an advantage, and with this advantage, the already have access to the usb upload (remarks this partorisca later).

A main reason has purchased this, was a support of current cell by means of AT&T. It was patiently while to the verizon version, but does not avenge never, and samsung has fallen a price in this unit. The majority of economic trackers uses to 2coverage of G, which, the majority of 2coverages of g make for stages was. Another factor was cost of service . It has it priced unit in a phase that use current coverages, and some the monthly costs vary of $ to $ the month... This model is $ 5/month or $ 50/year by means of in&t.

To the equal that has bought this clue partorisca follow my bicycle, His slightly main that the regulate bluetooth has has based trackers. According to a model bluetooth tracker, his also roughly two fat times , but still compact! [Photo]

uses a SmartThing application (any classical)... That. Setting on there have been them a lot of hiccups, but in an end has found them partorisca restart my telephone fijamente some hiccups has had them. His accuracy comes and goes, and the improve results in mine cellphone.
Other things partorisca remark. He so only works in ios and telephones of android and pills. He no in samsung chromebooks (with support of android). In fact he no on anything more. A rest of a family is not the technology, like this sadly has any web of place partorisca go to. Partorisca Use a tracker, is so only in an application. So much, in the way this hampers a device. My mother can not jump in a computer and see where a device is located. To good sure would like me see some class of the web has based login system partorisca a tracker.. Register to the mine samsung count it on-line and he any a lot of at all.

Like this now leaves partorisca take the things. It likes quell'has mentioned before, my bicycle has the usb upload in the, like the tracker has been purchased partorisca be situated in a bicycle, and has left so only. It go to embed the backside a controller.. This in spite of there are them remarked something that the esees has verified . Like this here it goes. If you cover a unit in the usb , a unit will touch to plenary. He then run, the low box, then can go. Have Recently expsito am annoying.. My process has thought is although, in the now plugged to one uploads partorisca mean his loan-to-go when it unplugs... But sadly, if his summer plugged in and touched and begins partorisca drain, can finalise with the tracker has touched moderate when you unplug partorisca use... Found this was last night when the the unplugged and has stuck he in a car.. So only partorisca the follow an hour later and is 'a lot down'.. arg! A System of Management of the precise Battery he firmware update or something.

Once was, touch behind until full. But here it is a kicker.. You owe that press a powerbutton and the resist turns of boxes behind on. A system of management of the battery in a unit does not maintain a unit there is topped was like him cellphone fact. If samsung is reading this, the the hope updates a firmware partorisca leave he partorisca the touch when low (or still 50), when his connected to the supply partorisca be able to/upload. Sadly In this chance is not really the neighbour-he-and-forget it situation. Especially you dipped in your vehicles of fleet and does not love tinker with him. But there is hope and the light workaround. Of then it can run 3-4 days without touching. If calm has it plugged to usb this is to connect to the method of interupting (the vehicle that the turns on/was [the load of cigarette lighter], or your bicycle has the power on/was etc).. While has the power has turned was partorisca approx 15-20 seconds, and then behind on. Copper. Like this when my turns of bicycle on, one uploads load. These arrivals partorisca exit I so that it locate almost daily. It has to that have this interupt, to start with a cycle to touch. I have verified it has them a current version.

This of mine of BETTER joint.. It maintains it plugged in liking you usually , but try and unplug it,15 dry, discharges he behind in, roughly 2 hours before you are exiting. Sound an only way was to take maximum load out of some doors.

In following.. Well. Work well.. It follows always surprised for his descriptions to follow for a day, when it has not moved a thumb [SEES PHOTO}. It looks to do well in general with general location. I have not tried that follows 'on and down'.. It likes dipped the I in steps 40 of the edifice and that sees as follows with elevations.

Some gilipollas to remark. There is a lot of beeper or alarm in him. So much, you lose your tones, no the noise or vibrate to leave know where is in. For this reason here is my little hack . It takes a tracker of GPS,on a tracker, has them the bluetooth tracker . Utilisation 64mm heatshrink [for bands of battery], to do the tracker-sammich. Like this now, a gps will take calm in a general direction, and have a power of a venue bluetooth tracker (with audio/of noise) to take you to where need to be.
4 / 5 Lawanda
The cost has verified partorisca have the truck without full insurance and use this partorisca follow my truck in chance is flown. I have tried the little of an out of systems of GPS of the mark. His neither cost $ 20/months partorisca service or take the tonne partorisca time the setup and then pause after the few months.

A lot included annoy with a no LTE trackers. I am spent the hours and the hours and a signal so only has not been a lot quite 80 of a time.

Has bought the 'dc conversor of USB of car power' stops less than 10 dollars and wired both bosses to a car battery, then plugged in an USB and the just zip have joined some bosses for behind a battery in a boss. Some stays of device have touched, and found those attentive to roughly 10 feet.

Unfortunately, a device in bylines down after the days of pair and I need to go to a truck and open a hood to paste a key and turn it behind on. I emailed lean him two do two weeks and never listened behind. It was to return east.
5 / 5 Gale
The cost has verified Finally the tracker very which does not exit of row.
Mina 2nd grader now has it on his rucksack.
Leaves partorisca know where is at all times.
Has come with the year of coverage.
5 / 5 Thaddeus
The cost has verified the concept adds but can not be used with Cake of Android, Pixel 2xl in my chance. You can register a tracker this in spite of download needs the controller in application to in fact use it. All download resulted of tentativas in 'Could not download controller' the subject good documented in of the community forums.
4 / 5 Rachel
The cost checked there is WANTED really this tracker to do foreseen that it is the samsung but has been hook to the mine samsung s9+telephone . Spent 3 hours in a telephone with the tack and turns it on to the specialist that has not answered never. Shame in calm Samsung.
4 / 5 Glinda
The cost has checked Yeah, this thing is useless to have to turn on and king-connect every day before use. Has can, but he so only maintained disconnecting, and only way the reconnect is partorisca press a key and to the left accuse it partorisca like 30 mins. I am returning this junk.
4 / 5 Esperanza
The cost has verified A Tracker is fantastic. It is perfect to maintain tabs on all some things that subject yours and give me that peace of alcohol.

My amours of dog the sneak out of a house and I have used partorisca have the SmartThings sensor of the arrival in his with the likes the volume alerted of SmartThings when leaves a geofence but does not say me where is out of a house. Now, with a SmartThings Tracker, can take alert when he sneaks was and have his location esatta. Also, it is it adds that it is test and resistant water of powder. Also it calms it can not beat a price and have 1 year of service has comprised!
5 / 5 Cammie
The cost has checked was extremely alentador when I have received my tracker. In theory, everything in this element would owe that be add. With this be has said, giving it 1 star is generous.

Pros: If you go to an application, and a unit is powered on, and a unit has service, and all more is doing correctly, can take the location of a tracker.

Gilipollas: A battery any one last 7 days. In meso, taking roughly 3 days out of the load. Ossia Worse fact for a fact a unit will not touch while it has turned on. Like this here it is that it spends . You touch a unit, gone back he on, and 3 calm days late take the notification that says a battery is down. Shortly after (an hour or as) some turns of units of. You would think at least be software that gone back a unit has retreated on once is no.
Besides, has to manually enter a ap partorisca take die of location. So a unit has turned was, itll so only aim you a last location has had a ap open, no a location in the turn was, or anything goes in.

Finally, yes wants to use this partorisca short term, the real time that follows, can do for you. Of the that Thinks of this like this the permanent characteristic.
5 / 5 Trinity
Life of Battery partorisca Purchase checked is terrible, so only 1 day partorisca me. Also the application is very hard to use, does not give you realtime info, so only each one that 10 minutes. Calm also can any place more than 2 zones. I want to be able to dip several zones, House, School, Work, Grandparents, etc.