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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Val, left me in the first place say that I am the professional of the security has certificate , like this the description is the precaution for this unbalanced in his security of clean and personal information.
1. The calm can not access some registers of the this is spending in your wi-fine point. The calm can not see if any one is trying to attack your system or has the misconfigured the device this subject of cause. Any one beat of only register that is seen by a developer of squad of a company, and waste to decrypt the and subjects behind in a client. They can answer some imprecise question, but has been trying arrests the month now to discover if my neighbour still is that it hack come from my wi-fine with only 'and the chair can not give concealed' as of the responses.

2. A boosters is much bigger this has thought, and a magnetic mountain, while it can turn to accommodate almost any room, a side of some parts of cover he and is the inability in the turn the difficult fact to plant in some rooms.
3. An application can achieve a AP through your firewall without listening able to configure any additional security. These ways your point is connected in his hub, which are external of your control and collecting unfamiliar data. As it can when being collects signals or information of system . With them veiling some registers, can not know sure.
1. A setup was supremely easy. It can bedone of an application for granular control (likes him rename a AP and boosters) or of a small clock sized screen to touch.
2. Some levels of signal in a boosters the marks cleared as it is communicating.
3. A point is to adapt carts in some means to maintain a better speed.
4. Posing an illumination the tower was and on with the schedule the easy fact to plant a base anywhere,included the chamber, and any one troubling an occupant.

One Amplifies on allis the device adds. A secrecy and control to leave access in some registers of system, and a connection in his service without any road to opt was to give me the pause adds. It have to to do changes in my firewall to block some ports and the road of traffic through a net. This very almost impossible updates, but very does not want my pictures and accesses of personal documents in a wi-the fine filter has been been due to his poor security and model of shady subject.
5 / 5
I in two month to research to Mesh Points before purchasing unit Initially, concentrated in a familiar plus ones had listened of: a Lynksys Velop, Netgear Orbi, Eero, Google, etc. Has researched the each which at length and while reading the description of a Orbi in Amazon, seen to mention of an Ubiquity Amplifi HD system. The May had listened his of him but he they the childbirth resulted then of my project of investigation to Mesh Systems.

Like My investigation has continued, a Amplifi HD the system looked better and better. A first thing that has taken my attention was a fact that is less expensive that an another, and a concept looked the good idea . One covers dotted to Mesh directly in a outlet without cord. One covers electrical is part of a device he. As it can be he out of alcohol, out of place. Any necessity for room of table for your points of point. Also, a hardware is fantastically has designed.

A 2 thing that has remarked was that almost everything of some descriptions in Amazon and elsewhere was positive. (At the same time it was 4 way of stars of 408 descriptions in Amazon) And any descriptions or clave for the people that has the problems have aimed that has been contacted by a company that was any council to offer on so to resolve a problem or asking an user to contact them so many can resolve any subjects personally. A be of point; a company (Ubiquity) had answered in any one concealed has had problems or has not been happy with a system. This aimed me that a company preoccupied and has wanted to that has had problems. This was a lot of entity in me. I have visited of course his web of place and have it drenched each in. But have the concrete questions have required the responses before decide to Mesh System.

While in a Amplifi the web of place has begun the cat with them. One wait was less than 30 bren. My questions were concrete and has been answered concretely. A support was hurriedly, professional, wise person, and cosy. I have contacted probably he 3 or 4 times (sometimes a lot late at night) before doing any decision. A support has been point and averts in the each and each cat has had with them. And that is to say the big part of a reason was with Amplifi HD in a Orbi, Linksys, etc. But no an only reason. At the end, the action is a main ingredient all the world is looking for.

Quan A system arrived of Amazon, hurriedly unpacked to start with to pose the up. (Included a packaging was very!) It have seen the video in Youtube where Casserole An Organiser the complete Amplifi HD has posed up and has thought, 'why uses a manual?' A video am to add and calm give you all one necessity of information to pose in a Amplifi HD system. Highly I recommend it.

So much, basically posed in a subject, has given he the name, signal, etc. Using an application of Android, and has connected he in an internet. In this point, essentially, has been done. I plugged one of some points of Mesh in a wall upstairs and out of one issues and connect automatically. Any one fuss, any one muss. Same thing when plugged in a 2 point of point. So much, after you take a together to issue up, a rest of a system basically poses up. It covers in some points of point and after the little of the so much law perfectly.

Has given afterwards my points of signals appoint so that it knows that it was that law for the moment with an application of Android. An application is directly advances, hurriedly in reply, and easy to use. It was able to see everything of some devices that was in my grandson, what each devices mac to the allocution was, if they were in the wireless or connection of Ethernet, which signal of the point has been attached in, and quite anything more would want to know . Also it can give each device to mesh the pertinent name is by train of the do very easy to learn that it is that . (Has 23 so many wireless devices and Ethernet, in my grandson) the point of pose of the guest up was also the breeze and he are very flexible leaving you to pose the time wants the on or has been. Of course it has an option to have it always on or has been always. You can limit a number of guests, view that is, and which point of point is connected in.

Some uses of so system 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz groups. You can walk through your house with your device and a system automatically the change of or point of points in another or in a subject he, like that signal is stronger in your location. He also automatically change of 5Ghz in 2.4ghz what necessary when yours distance of the point of point (or a subject) is too far. So much, one SSID and seamless wireless scrolling to signal to signal to signal.

After taking ones pose of the system has had above the few additional questions for a squad of support. Again, it take the service adds every time. And it has not founding anything has wanted to do with a system could did not conceal. In essence, I have not seen any real defect at all or has since. And the characteristic new is being firmware of the automatic road has attached updates.

WELL, in the to to sounds likes them to them to them the I works for a company and that this can be one of these descriptions of fake. Nope! As you Can see, I am the buyer checked and ensure you, no for this company or any company of technology. I am taking, curmudgeony musician and computer geek to Minnesota this has purchased a lot of products of computer that has disappointed. So much, when something like this comes to the long of and surpasses my expectations and a company this same, is wanted. Has data like this this system any 5 merit of stars. Everything of a product he, in a creation, a packaging, a support, and a web of place of company is 1 class . And there it is maintaining had posed his up during 3 month and the reliability and the action have been flawless. Has Had problems of zeros and has does not have to re-boots a system still once.

Am trying to sell this product? Well, while it have not listened of of the one of the east or a company for some first several weeks looked in of the systems of point, gives concealed has been buried down to plot of products very visible of some of entity, companies very visible that consumer of marks and marries wireless systems. But this can have been a better of a bouquet, and any one knows had listened of him! Tan Yes, am. And while I am sure that the number of these other systems is very well, more all is more expensive that one Amplifies HD system.
So, while I can see, is very hard for me to say anything negative in this product. But it does not take my word for him. Faiths An investigation, visits a web of place and some plants web other products of point, contacts a company, compares in his competition, bed of the impartial descriptions here and elsewhere. Yes, there are differences. But I have found this system all has wanted and more, and a prize was adds!.
1 / 5
Piece of system of junk and support of poor client.

Has done well...Until you are not . It IS easy to pose up and 'only acts', until he the no. And the seeds are screwed.

My subject looked adds. Until prendiendo to broadcast more than the feet of pair, any longitude after or a guarantee of the year has expired of course.

Sustains of the client could finishes to say bolted you, your guarantee is (ail) has expired. We ran me To us instead through a RMA dog and show of pony only to say, in a final, bolted you, your guarantee has expired...This was a very first thing has said the, of course, that a guarantee there was only has expired...But they have done it likes him to him he is for of his products, the left wing is only a RMA. Big waste of time.

In a while, has bought the new Amplifi subject - since can not be without internet during the month - only to discover that some points of original point are hard codified the only work with an original, death like the nail of door, subject. The tan now has two useless points to mesh also. And essentially we trick me to give them more money after screwing join me first time.

Crappy Undertaken.

HAS TO buy they, you favour and does not buy one issues bundled and aims of point. The May There Would be It, had known that a day my dead person subject - a year and some change in - my points of point would be useless also. It buys one issues the compraventa. And any points to mesh separately.

Would have been very had announced that little nugget...
3 / 5
It IS supremely excited to listen Ubiquiti has done the system of the point of entity of consumer the little month behind so of course was one of a premier in pre-mandate. While expected to take my system has purchased also a Netgear Orbi system and here is my thoughts.

Netgear Orbi: The global system adds and a clear laureate in nickname of LAN (internal) throughput. A speed has taken to seat afterwards in a unit of satellite was almost a same while it take afterwards in a main unit. This of course is when being been due to a consecrated 5Ghz group for backhaul. I have found also that a distance could plant a unit of the satellite out of a main subject was far I more adds that it conceal of one of Amplifi points of point. Another profit of Orbi was a total number of ports of Ethernet, has 7 among some two units.

Some gilipollas of Orbi is as follows:
- Horrible application for computer and of the mobile devices
- together of the characteristic is also terrible and the characteristic this loses tones like a capacity to see enough of signal of the each device, which unit the device is connected in and which group is on. Had the work around in or signals to signal in a 'debug' the page but concealed was to take.
- Any road to see that device is eating for on bandwidth, those imports if yours the internet is not a fast plus
- QOS is minimum and can not be posed by device.
- The option wired any one prende backhaul

Amplifi HD: I attach to look subject with the exposure that is to say in fact useful. The coverage is good but does not add . The speed of internet is compatible during a whole house. Subject Has very looking DIRECTED to ignite that it can be ignited/was and has scheduled. An application is useful in a sense those aims signal enough of devices and which point of access is connected in as well as rx/tx imposed. One issues only surprisingly has the field adds. It IS very stable, has not had to reset he.

- The points of point are limited where can plant the been due to his creation.
- Very ports of Ethernet in of the points of point
- the group has consecrated any one for backhaul
- dotted necessity to Mesh to be quite near to issue unless you change the in the 2.4ghz join which only can be done saws application of android and any iOS. To do so narrow a bandwidth for informant behind issuing.
- An of my points of the point at random disconnects and no re-connect unless I reboot the (the signal is usually in around 60-64%).
- Absolutely any QOS
- management Very far
- signal to access steering very always a more add
- any road to control wide of band hogs
- has the characteristic that total above uses of bandwidth but can not be reset apparently. That is a point ? It was useful for people that has isp cover of the data yes could in fact reset he.
- Can not attribute names or nicknames in of the devices without the attribute the static IP
- that a lot of class of the same changes subtiles in to like them to them attribute him the access of dotted cause of static IP to lose signal or reset.

Has probably more the things are forgetting and knows my looks to revise mostly negative but only is when being earnest. It IS the good system , only very also like some of some descriptions of the mark of fake goes to be. A lot these the descriptions have been published an exact same day for people that casually has grammar quite decent, any typos etc. Another thing to consider is the plot of people that is giving this the description adds is of totality of the consumers have had probably the very basic sub $ 100 subject before; of course this will bury these routers. My description is that of a The PROFESSIONAL with quite a lot of 18 years to experience that usually it updates routers once or two times the year and usually spends $ 250-500 in routers.

If it only is looking for coverage of whole house to rid your max speed of internet through a whole house any device will do. If the weave to you of scrolling of internal in your point like backups in the NOSE, local Plex streaming, cameras of IP etc then probably would be satisfied more with a Orbi system even so beware a set of characteristic is limited in so much.

Expects this help roughly of you.
5 / 5
My cape goes in a house in a basement. Our main funds are decorated to comprise cements in a basement. Some covers of concrete funds issues very good to run ethernet cape of a basement in a main fund has decided to use the system of wireless point. My original candidates were Orbi and Velop. In the to to this did not like him in a Amplifi of system, at the beginning, was that one covers far-in wifi the units have no ethernet cover. I have read then that it could you to it use a Amplifi subject like the point of point with 4 ethernet ports. As I have bought two of these, one that subject and another like the point of point. This was almost $ 100 cheaper that my earlier candidates. Setup Was easy with the small help of Amplifi on-line cat. I am taking each one speed of Internet is paying arrests in both deep. Wifi The signal achieves during mine 3500 sq foot the main fund and I always could attach the wifi point of need of only point . It have to mention that ethernet backhaul maintains included although the could not use.
HAS has did not have he quite long to comment in the reliability but I are quite happy so far.
1 / 5
I am the engineer of professional point . Lack Subject to maintain connectivity to mesh points. The devices lose connectivity while they roam dotted of point in issuing. Devices at random connectivity of drop. Manually selecting canals of wireless radio or leaving a subject in the cart selects a lot of difference. AmpliFi The support has tried to assist but has provided any significant idea.

HAS has deployed dozens of Unifi points of the in half corporate accesses. They have used to be spotty 3 - done 5 years but has taken very better likes them refined a software. It expects this also can be a case here.
5 / 5
It see In the house of 120 years has done of plaster, lath, brick, and so cape and tones, is basically he faraday cage. Or enough, the series of them. Routers Of the wireless level only could not penetrate a very good wall, and still with routers of bridge to extend a wifi signal, was abysmal in better. While it has taken 120-150 Mbps in a room with a big to age wifi subject, two rooms was was lucky to take 9-10 Mbps in meso, 20 was very lucky. Speeds of clean down was also terrible in non-existent.

Has posed this system up today, and a process to take it each on-line was quite earnest. I have downloaded an application, which walked me through a process, and inner the little of the minutes was to arrive and race. Then it was only the subject to pose on some points of accesses, which was so easy likes plugging them in and configuring them, which has taken two minutes.

Opens Takes speeds of 118 Mbps in a backside of a house, as well as down. It is surprising! Automatic backups the wireless road to the point strolls hard (Capsule of Time, in our case) is also seamlessly, and does not affect in the action of global point likes him done in our system of old point.

If changes of action over time, will update a description, but for now is supremely happy.
1 / 5
Like the product has done well and this would have been to 5 description of star but now one of my points of point are fatalities. It take this element the Saturday, September 30 2017 and to have the component fails a year is objectionable.

Easy in setup, easy of use, and some speeds are utmost but any one of these subjects if some pauses of hardware on you. To take the point of new point would have to spend another $ 130 and there is any road to learn that it last any longer that an anterior unit
1 / 5
Of the that Buy east has the strong wifi signal with special characters as $ % etc. Has such the signal because of the wifi the measure done several years. As my teleport would not connect in my wifi has tried several different things like rebooting, signed out of my wifi point in my then used tlphonique a same signal that had copied to sign behind in my wifi as and knows a signal and had copied was correct, has taken the control of the support of technology saw the cat and a first thing ask me uses special characters, has said yes and has wanted to me to change my integer wifi clean in of the mere characters for the take to do, has said any one is this the subject with a teleport? And in the round besides or less the road has confirmed this cual the subject. Tan needless to say has been returned. That also preoccupies me quite that is to say that it is or the insect in a firmware or is not fully compliant with wifi levels.
5 / 5
I am very impressed and is blown frankly has entered a thoughtful creation and implementation of this system. We have burned even so routers in some pasts and has tried only in the each mark. This element bonded was no only so that it use it the technology of the point but he are a premier concealed has did not scatter boxes during a place. Instead use it these points to signal that cover you only in the wall like any precise to locate in the wall or plant the in the shelf. Us All have outlets through out of our houses or of the dispatches. For this reason, installing some points of point have any extra work.

A unit of base together with some points of point are simply well. A look is clean and access amiably in the bookshelf in mere view. This differs of an ugly insect these routers of looks there. This hides A Amplifi HD system, is the grandson that looks device and comfortably can seat in an open like the classy stereo system or the thermostat of NEST.

Setup Was effortless and an APPLICATION for iPhone is a road to go. Only the little of the taps and you are well to go. Included better, a system, comes with the guide of fast beginning in one which box clearly is writing and guide you visually through a process of setup. Once a canal of base is setup, simply limits in some points of point and inner the little of the moments find a canal of the base and your point are alive. In his web of place can take access in a manual of owners wants preview that is involved.

A canal of base has the clear and well has thought was screen to touch. It is amused to look a blue and cyan to to the the metres likes them-them the point is used and pressed with content of real time. Of a screen of the touch there is another since consumption of data of the show, information of allocution, and such.

An application is very fresh. Of him, it can see and configure everything. You can verify a heath of a grandson and included try it. A bit those that taps and things that necessity the static allocutions can be setup. A system still proposes allocution that knows is opened like any precise arrives for the think. It IS possible of prender an internet for everything or concrete devices. Still it give it the good list of all some active devices, if they are in 5G or 2.4g, and a type/of the name of device is. The functionality and the information adds in your yolks. I am glossing in some upper things but he can do more

the action has been seriously breathtaking. Any lags, hiccups, bumper,... Of any class. Has the connection of the reliable internet and my old subject has had everything of of the this. Included worse, has had to 2.4g as where was in a wireless bubble. Opened Can take it 5G anywhere and is fast and smooth.

I technology of use of some class all day very time. I have it the habit of and has been the very long time that something truly innovative is exited. That is to say a first thing of technology this has entered the while that is to say very exciting and marks exactly that he the said . Any BS, any fluff, only correct and thoughtful creation with pertinent execution.

A prize is well in a field of similar systems that is trying to provide the point of point. I have found he to be a better prize and was cheaper then another system that has not seen so better in any subjects. This also is using 802.11ac and has room to grow he so that it is this compraventa will be to serve me and my users for years to come.

Uses wireless technology in your house or small dispatch; that is to say simply a solution of the better wireless/system has not seen never. It IS well, hurriedly, easy to direct/setup, powerful, and designed for future growth.

If you are sceptical, visits his web of place and read some blogs of CEO. A company comes from/comes from roots very impressive. They can rethink contacted in in to to the devices likes them-him it to them to tesla re-has thought a cart.

Top Customer Reviews: AmpliFi Gamer's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Wilmer
Test Eero, Orbi, Luma, Google, solutions of Samsung of point and everything of them returned in a tent for one reason or another. I have maintained a unit of Google until the one of the east exited so that it was a less bad, but plugging this in and posing some points of point in some something still exact some units of Google were, instantly has seen the enormous (+70%) increase in throughput and force of signal, as well as a latency has announced reduced. This thing is the beast . 2ms ping, 877mbps Down 400mbps up, constant, in CenturyLink 1gbps strand... In the 5ghz client of smartphone. Google WiFi In a same connection has had decent explosion but could any never sustain more concealed 500mbps down in meso.

Some critics that attacks this for any MU-MIMO... It does not import . Luma Has MU-MIMO and that is to say the vastly upper unit, included with a lot of devices of the width of the big band connected and streaming immediately (4 HD Cameras of Nest, the television streaming native 4k contained, 2 tablets that Netflix of use and the House of Google this musician of touches). Any stuttering, squelching or reduction of signal of any class. Netflix The shows begin streaming instantly without buffering delay.

Setup Has taken everything of 15m comprising 2 updates of firmware. A mobile application is capes and shoulders above a competition.

In general could not be happier.
5 / 5 Anette
I have purchased a AmpliFi HD Gamer Edition to substitute mine 5 old year subject. It see In the condo and has remarked the plot of interference of canal of neighboring walk. Setup Was the breeze! A firmware aimed me to update two times. Sample in a forward of the indicator and all have required to the mark was to touch in a button of the update on protects. I want a screen of LCD of characteristic touch. Sper Convenient!

Has wanted the stylish and sophisticated subject that it can do the smile every time sees it. This Gamer the cost of edition a money! I want a lustrous black colour and like mixes in with a rest of my electronic devices. Yes it is excelled by a quota has DIRECTED to ignite in a base. I am proud to aim this device has been.

My old subject would provide around 150MBps speeds of download but this one take me 200-250 MBps because of a point setup! Absolutely it wants to it!

Also have my old to issue plugged in an of some ports to attach additional connections. It has not had any subject with matching he with an old subject.

Does not know why expected this longitude but happy decided in the the end this compraventa. Yes, a port of USB no for now, but no a subject for me.
5 / 5 Isobel
I am the small century old house, and one isolates master is 3 fat wall out of one issues, that comprises to wall to tile. Anteriorly The fourth master only can take 10 Mbps of 100+ Mbps of minimum Spectre guaranteed. Desprs Installing AmpliFi Gamer Edition, and touching around with locations of beacon, is able to take 100+ Mbps in a master bed and everywhere more in a house while yes you are being afterwards in a main subject. It remarks that a force of the signal of the beacon is aiming 68%, but a speed throughput is afterwards 100%.
4 / 5 Colin
The works add. Any one something the dead coverage and in the compatible end without that has to reboot issue each few days. Only thing that is disappointing is a throughput speed. It IS very compatible, but the much more under bitrates that another routers has. It does not expect more it conceal 150-200mbit wireless. Speedtest Directly of unit in mine 400mbit ISP seldom will download in 220mbit. If I direct to connect the laptop or another subject in still... I am able in easily take each 400+mbps. That is to say with Throughput or Gaming parameters.
5 / 5 Cristen
Test WiFi extenders and expensive alternatives in some pasts to take compatible strong WiFi in my house. AT ALL IT ACTS.

This has done! Far it surpasses my expectations. We have had gaming PC that would fall connection and lag was all a time. Any anymore! This point WiFi the points are surprising in a house of old plaster. I have posed up 3 in a level a low plus of my house and has the solid WiFi connection during a house. Still with Consoles of MULTIPLE/PC gaming simultaneously with video streaming the devices that race.
Any only law to surprise, looks to surprise too much. A product has the arrival of big quality and gives the deluxe look.

Thank you Ubiquiti! Highly it recommends this product.
5 / 5 Sharita
This system of point is a road to go ! Ive Has tried 3 another routers and has had any luck that takes wifi to achieve some chambers. A setup of a amplifi the system through an application was very easy in comparison in the level ip setup. Once setup was complete career speedtests during my house and has had perfect connection everywhere. Also I can take quite 50ft out of my house before it begin it to lose connection. The Tan Far likes him gaming of the appearance does not remark any improvements of latency and class to listen sweats the gimmick. But it does not import so that it looks better that a regular system.
1 / 5 Patrice
I imagined it it peel out of one extra 40 bucks for decrease of latency and a quota of black drawing. Some points of point are bad designed and take on a whole socket because of a ridiculous overhang in a creation of covers. A box declares that there are 270 titles duquel the must of liberty has remained on of a very gaming creation so that these points of point are bricks with 0 titles of liberty with zero tolerance for his form and a room around a outlet. It opens One of some points of point continue to look for a hub any subject that the approximations posed he and has had he for less than the week.
5 / 5 Sarina
Substituted an Extreme of Airport of Apple later and two Airport extenders.
The speeds of download are much faster from everywhere in our house and my garage are not falling of any longer. Battle with my wireless camera above a door of garage, a camera of Mesh in a career of dog, as well as a SkyDrop controller of sprinkler. It opens If any complained of a subject with internet, is able to look in an exposure and visually seen yes is maxing out of some speeds of download or no. Want to this setup! A black colour is the premium :)
5 / 5 Jena
Quan Has update in strand in a house, our ISP could not provide the good modem. We were even so 4 ISP has provided units that has not gone also the unit like old. A partner in a subject has suggested a AmpliFi gamers point of point of the edition. My threads am together his. It says no longer it has subjects of action with his xbox, while touching on-line or download. I want a coverage around a house. I can common only in anywhere in a property.
5 / 5 Sharri
Honestly, This subject goes to press a envelop since you. Any calm only can check in in the while you are in the work but can see you that it is in yours internet or for wifi or through llan connections in your house. For some parents there if your boys has been doing up and wants to prender his accesses of internet all has taken to the mark is to press the button. But the majority of you concealed is reading is is preoccupying in this speed. Well. I left me only say that my speed of internet is smoking and some subjects is handling all these launches in him! And it is kicking it is butt and is asking more to do. Highly it recommends this product.

Top Customer Reviews: AmpliFi Instant ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Marlena
UPDATE: it take the second unit and one install was much smoother. The subject has Connected in the minutes of the pair and the point was alive. Point of the point synchronised in a system perhaps 2-3 minutes after the boot up. I have moved a point of the point in the room has wished, which are a fund up and a room on of one issues. The signal was in 60% ~that poor quite investigation such the low distance (two wall was done of drywall and the fund of forest enters). Running the east has seen accelerates of method in a 20mbps field (duke 220mbps after issuing). Felizmente A Amplifi Insant leaves a ethernet backbone. I have selected this option and plugged in a change is spent to have in this room and everything are well. Has good coverage and good speed. It say that it conceal had has not had an available ethernet the line in this room would have been disappointed by some speeds and has to or return a unit, attaches the third point of point or simply moves a point of the most next point in some subjects. Only I so that it can share stairs here, our house is 2700 sq ft. It likes two units would have to be quite very time enough without a backbone.

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: honestly I have expected this to be to five star any compraventa any question has asked, but the number of the subjects is arrived. It want to pose this description there that apt the up.

In the first place, a subject has connected very hurriedly, setup has been well. As you Are upstairs to limit in a point to mesh the stray internet of one issues. The look in my device is said any connection of internet , included although I have been connected in a SSID. It was no more it conceal 20 ft of one issues. I reset a subject and has not had a same subject immediately, as it was to connect a point of point. It covers on the dot of point, illuminates and... At all. Amplifi The application is by train to say me has not connected in any subjects. Any available for setup. Only at all.

A bit bummed was to imagine perhaps his mass out of one issues, which would be to disappoint. It returns behind issuing, point of point of covers he in prjimo in issuing. Same result. Only to be clear, everything of my 'old' contacting the devices were disconnected and the modem unplugged in front of principle.

Bronzed After inverting 40 minutes of test and error are by train of the return. That is to say probably more thwarting so that in a front of a box they all etup in down 2 minutes.' I will be to give the second unit goes he in hopefully have the better experience. If the things improve with number of unit two will revise my description. It IS Ubiquiti tends to do well stuff which are why I is ordering the second unit. Report behind any one issues resulted on of unit two.
5 / 5 Alvin
I have installed this in what marries small has had wireless problems because of a creation. First of all a process of installation is very earnest. A unit to pose to base up very hurriedly. An extension of point is come up in the pair of minutes. Had the update duquel firmware was perfectly and an action of an extension was sensibly has improved. I can control some remotely that the devices are utmost in such some economic WiFi system.
In general, highly recommends this while the satisfied your requisites. For the main or more intense houses WiFi action, would go with a pertinent more Ubiquiti systems.
5 / 5 Ashlea
I have tried the pair other systems of point. A Amplifi the instant was by far a fast plus to pose up - has not required the separate to issue ( can return my lousy the verge has rented to issue) , and provided a time of the fastest speed. Everything in in meso a side other systems has tried.
5 / 5 America
That is to say tame down a better subject has used. Sets In sper easy. An application is awesome the left wing is am all the devices have connected in a subject and what the data is using. You can prender any device and visit on the way of guest to leave friends to use your WiFi for the sure quantity of time or indefinitely. A lot of parameters in advance and self diagnosing roads. One issues included looks sexy with one lighting has DIRECTED. Very acute. So far I am streaming using television of Apple in 4K in a television. 1080 In another and using 2 iPhones. All can run a same time without subjects. I actuate Still to require to use a point to mesh so that one issues achieves everywhere in a house 4000sqft without subjects.
1 / 5 Yung
It does not expect any a lot of for documentation or help of application if he no right out of a box. Admitted can take you the on-line support can take the on-line subjects.One is by train to be right afterwards in a unit to signal has had less than half of my throughput. And a one this has taken a cake, in a room around a corner of one issues and afterwards in a point there has been quite 5mbps, when afterwards in some subjects has had 65-70mbps. And it tries to take Sleeps to connect to hover he of an hour that flavours several things without any success. Desprs And returned in my modem of Motorola of cape with Wifi has had to to Call Sleeps again and coverage very better. For something those looks for to be estimated so highly was very impacted and has disappointed. There is still diagnoses it page in an application that is gone in when a point would not connect and all say was has not connected, lol, any road to diagnose anything, would have to rename this page in just state. For the company those looks to have squad of good company, his less expensive Amplifi the instant Called poor coverage.
5 / 5 Joe
It take a so the present that knows that it was when being upper. Has a HD system already and has done with 0 failures/emit/complaints for the few years now. This system is no different. It was minutes in setup, lovely to look in, and fast. There is no lag and now a person has taken he for has full coverage any subject where is. Before had something enormous death. It opens, streaming is possible everywhere.

These types have nailed house and small dispatch WIFI. His attention in the detail and the quality are in the level would expect of in to to the business likes him the to of them the apple.

Wants to WIFI to do then Amplifi is a road to go.
5 / 5 Lyndsey
C subject has been add so far. There is the little of the characteristic is expecting that they will attach in of the updates of firmware of the futures, but in general very good. This instantly has improved a wireless coverage in our house, was supremely easy to pose up, and is probably or the majority of point abordable setup in a piece right now. I am the small more than the user to be able in, and this am lacking some of this user of plus to be able to situate that it would like him, but that it is of my only complaint .
5 / 5 Avril
I produce it adds, it has improved my parents WiFi coverage of spotty and unreliable with the Motorola ASTRIS combo subject of modem (what very crumble down more concealed 3 or 4 devices) in happiness of whole house. If had the mark that knows wireless internet, his Ubiquiti. A setup the guide would be far more useful was more than only 3 pieces of goofy cards, but a setup is quite mere that it can go through big this even so I date 5 stars.
5 / 5 Yi
I am the adherent of ubiquiti produced. I have moved recently and it has discovered that our old ap any one will give good coverage among each zone in a house. In some describe a wifi same will not connect , as I have bought Amplifi.
A problem of coverage is gone after it has installed Amplifi. An application of tlphonique is very easy to use.
My only nitpick is in an application, requires account of half comunicacionales social to see a state remotely,
and any sample hostname/name of the client yes is using the server of independent DNS likes hole of pasador in your point.
Each joint, trust me, a Amplifi will not leave you down.
5 / 5 Isreal
Easy to pose up and work while ad. The coverage has had better. Taken at all the corners of two house of history.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Katharyn
That is to say the tale of two descriptions, pre-the firmware update and bond. Pre-Update of firmware has been ready the road he behind. It see In an old 3100 feet have squared houses that is the client takes for wi-final. Has the only to issue before and could not take the signal in a room afterwards in a one with one issues. As I fulfilled it it have to spend some money to take the system that would fill my necessities. I am the cutter of cord and need the barn, strong wi-fine system. A setup was the breeze, downloads an application, and only follows all some instructions. Very it can any one of state easier. I tinkered with a location of a small extenders, since could not take the 5 GHz behind-connection of final in a unit But was able to take the good signal in everything and has been satisfied with my initial action.

HAS a lot of devices, probably 11. And for the while at least I am adds. But I have begun then to take interruptions. If you looked in a main exposure said any connection of internet. If you were in an application and doing a scanner of diagnostic, says any one allocution of IP of a modem of cape. If you have seated there and paste refresh constantly enter and has been. Typically I have to re-begin all and he would return in normal for the moment until he he again. This thwarted me and ticked my woman was since she has looked for always be in a half of the show when he he. It IS very near the road he behind.

Then I it firmware updates. And felizmente, does not have of subject since. All have taken is action of solid well that easily it is that it runs an old main house that asks a cord. So that I me happy.

And wants an application and some controls give you. Anytime, of my telephone, can cut an internet in any one of some devices has connected. Which are utmost when my threads of 5 years wants videos of Youtube of the clock in 6 same EAST although it is not the time of the screen left during a week. I say that my boys is one keeper of an internet and I have all a power. I dread me.
5 / 5 Bobette
There is the only problem in that my subject/of wireless modem of Comcast is localised in my workshop that is quite 100ft. Out of one that house is the house of level of the breaking of two funds. Only it can it take wi well in a rearmost corner of a house upstairs and at all down like the majority of a wall is concrete bloc, more a workshop is embroiled in the foil of isolation of aluminium coated under a lean. Comcast Has run the separate line in a house for television but has wanted to me to pay another cost of internet for another subject/of modem for a house in 90.00 for month so that the has not been to spend.
Has bought the Amped booster but after trying different locations bot afterwards and out of one issues a booster has not done.
Looked for and begun to read in these systems to issue of the point and read some descriptions in easterly an and the figure gives shoot it. A fellow that is to update in these things have posed he until posing a subject in a tent and posing some two antennas of point in a house enough in a half with or in the each fund.
The problem has resolved. It open it it HAS estupefaciente wi/well during a workshop of whole/house and all a low road in a that barn is quite 300 ft has been.
My television that it is the Samsung the Ready television is now streaming things without lag or buffering. My woman now can use his laptop anywhere in a house or out of a house in a coverage.
IS impressed.
5 / 5 Marleen

This system blows a competition a water. A speed and facilitated of setup is absolutely fantastic.

Has been at the beginning to buy the Eero, but listening in AmpliFi and imagined to give it shot it. Once the principle that mountains, my Nest the External cameras have begun to aim the 'A lot of' in 'Very very'. Before, I have run the Extreme of the airport and the airport express, and some signals has fallen constantly was.

In general, this company is undervalued, and precise more attention. CE WIFI WORKS of SYSTEM!
3 / 5 Renna
Any sure why this system decides in the esmo gone off-line in obtrusive time, which require restarts it to take that he again. Any one? Any one? Bueller? Bueller?

Otherwise, when IS on-line, the laws adds only and to good sure extends a WiFi field and force of signal during our 2100 sq. The foot marries 2 histories.
5 / 5 Rose
I want this subject - a speed is point and averts and some signals to mesh extended a signal through a house, in a garage and so much a front and backyard. They update quite regularly and seldom it has to reboot while I have done with my anterior subject, a Netgear Blackhawk X6. Has 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, 3 Fire TVs, the chromebook, Comcast OnDemand and the PC. It was a decision of the technology has done better in of the years - with the recent Comcast update, is taking 250mbps-300mbps. The flight!
3 / 5 Maia
I have chosen this on forming that out of netgear the subject of big final has no the cut when all the world was on-line. Nephews constantly lag while in psn. This arrived in a lustrous black box. Pose up in down 5 minutes and chosen two something for some points of point. In the minutes could say the difference we the test of the speed and went of 25 mbs in wifi in 89. Lag In psn has been gone and can any one when being any happier has had doubts in a prize but was a lot to estimate the to augment speed, and deletes an ash of zone has had in some outskirts of a house.


Has so posed out of an update done 3 month there has been has caused subjects with some signals to mesh to remain connected and speeds. You can do some investigation and finds this with the mere google investigation. He been on and of a tlphonique and lives of cat with the support and an only thing suggest is rebooting resetting in of the parameters of factory and leaving them know maintain to disconnect but any solution if offer.
5 / 5 Bart
I do for the dispatch of doctors and during the years had battled with his big houses to take wifi the coverage where required the. It tries field extenders and everything looks to the mark is only attach more troubleshooting for subjects. This system of point is that I earth in a business world where all the just works with wireless. I Liked me included of his so much this has purchased one for my also that marries is not almost so big as there 5,000 or 6,000 feet marry brief. At present I am recommending this in any these necessities the new subject.
5 / 5 Kiyoko
I am soooo happy this has been with this Wifi system of point. This Ubiquiti AmpliFi the system is supremely easy in setup, all was to arrive and current in less than 10 min. Why 10 minutes, has to update a firmware on all three devices. Has the 2600 sq ft the house and have signals very strong during my house. The plus of entity is does not have to have the different SSID. This has substituted the 3 old year wifi device.
5 / 5 Charlott
Only my first week with this subject and is been surprising so far.

Paid for 50 Mb DL of Time Warner and with my anterior subject, was lucky to take 30. It opens Duke of 50-60 consistently during my house.

The points of point are here to remain . Highly recommended.
3 / 5 Charissa
I left me in the first place say that I am the Ubiquiti adherent. That is to say why it has purchased this device in a first place. I will echo in feelings of some other descriptions. This device is well . It IS more expensive that other commercial products but I take consolation that Ubiquiti the devices do not spy on me.
-Easy to configure and install
-mere Death to pose up saws application of Android-- is very good and marks to pose in of the points of provisional guest breaks it
-the looks belong in a house.

-The same feeble documentation for the characteristics has listed in an application. If that is to say to suppose to be the cosy user then would expect the clear tongue around poses to the point of point or more advance setups. This would be the occasion adds in of the videos of Youtube of the advantage for east.
-The action is has adapted only. Has an old ASUS that the subject took me in 350Mbps through a house and a plus concealed two antennas take me is ~200Mbps in optimum configuration? And these have to be quite near of the cual way that would owe another pair of antennas to take full coverage. This mark for the very expensive point.
- Has to use an application for setup, an interface of web has some objectionable insects. For cases, in initial setup only ask you new wifi signal once--what the people know accidentally big toe the signal in any tentativa? And you go to expect that they take it well a first time without road to aim them his signal in clear text? Also you change a admin signal in web setup is closed enough out of an interface therefore it have to you reset a device. Once another insect this has remarked included maintain a admin to signal likes him wifi the signal is that an interface of the web will not except a DHCP the option and the left wing continue with a configuration.

Has has had only this device during 24 hours. I will continue to try my point. If all my critical locations do adequately, then maintain it.