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Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL AD410 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Christian
To start with go with the refusals of trivial pair. A reader is small and like the text in an exposure is of look of small way. If raisins to read the glasses will require the to read an exposure. A setup the manual is of look of way printed in tiny impression. Again, no the significant problem since some documents is available on-line. A setup the manual means a necessity to do a bit the manual steps that use Windows 7 to install an engine of the device yes is updating a firmware - in my case a device has been recognised at any rate and any manual installs was necessary.

On in a positive - have in the handful of the occasions have had the tent of local parts uses his reader to pull codes of the same 1997 Explorer - every time take multiple test and 5 in 10 minutes for them to take some codes have read. I plugged this device in a OBD2 port, turned in a ignition and in 30 bren looked in some codes. Very painless. On that properly it informs two codes have tent. A much more expensive and like or a tent of the parts has used the unit informed only

A cape is quite fat and closely locates backwards in a container. This directed in some preoccupy that law like the low cradle and interferes with straightening a cape. Felizmente A cape is quite supple and easily straightened was - very totally but far more this has expected.

A real-time graphing the function is amused to touch with the Mays has had legitimate required cape for him. I can say that a tax of sample is quite big and some pixels in an exposure is quite small this taken enough sake of detail in a graphing. It IS although it can choose you and choose that elements in the set graph - has taken only the bren of pair to pose throttle place, rpm, and volume of flow of air of mass in a same graph.

A device does not have any stack. It means that the calm does not have to preoccupy enough listens the fatality some next time goes for the use. The thing is even so it conceal with a manual code lookup has to be in your cart and has connected.

Looks quite sudden in last and to tolerate when being fallen, launched in the box of tool, etc. When being very clear when lining it and the majority of us has been taught that heavier=better - look concealed is misperception with this device - afterall with a measure of electronics today, a fact that this has the buttons on are probably a behaviour of only thing the to be so big while east.

And in a final question, buy it again or recommend in more in, yes, I .
4 / 5 Alecia
I have bought this element so that my car fiance has required to spend of the emissions to Atlanta of metre, has had still a nagging 'engine of control' clear on. Still still after being fixed, as some of you can know, included after a light is was, has to stroll for the nebulous quantity to time before it spends of the emissions. This device the work adds to control a state of when a cart would be 'clear' to spend emissions.

Even so, since, has used the the tonnes of help of friends (and an occasional stranger) with his subjects of cart. Far less hassle use among different carts that bluetooth or smartphone-the solutions have based tried.

In general - want a better for your buck, that is to say the election adds .
5 / 5 Merideth
Tool very good to have. Quan That pesky light of the engine of the control comes on, is well to have this in your toolbox in planting to direct all over town to find a AutoZone or O'Reilly is in active read the some codes since you. A thing learnt after buying this and using it I. If you limit in and a black of stays of the screen, control your lighter of fusible cigarette. Apparently that it can it the to him causes some covers that a OBDII access in any one to have pot. Almost I routed this behind, until I give has not been a machine that was bad, but the cigarette the clearest fuse has burned caused a OBDII any one to come on.

In all the case, give you all some codes that can cause problems with your vehicle and sample if a part is already go or is pending. It knows still which all can do and what each way of screen. I have grown up learn to do in of the carts before there are computers. Tan Very this material is new in me. But the calm can not learn unless you enter there and try new things. This calm also give you the diagnostics and he graphs was feedback. It estimates a money, especially in of the carts of the model he old plus (with computers) likes him mine that has the engine to control clear pop up at least once or two times the year ( look). It saves money in a long career, so that the calm professional mechanic probably go you to touch an arm and to leg only to use his own OBDII reader. With it is can find you some few codes, researches that it is by train to cause them and is so angled, fixed a calm problem. I very like this reader and for any one in that likes him fix his own material, that is to say have to has for your toolbox.
4 / 5 Charmaine
I have bought the cart used with cash for small in at all. They take in the mechanic that has been surprised in that well to form a vehicle was in for such small money. This has done two of us. The week and 150 miles later, a engine of punctual service the light is come on. I even so, , this was also good to be true. But in planting to take he in the mechanic, decided to purchase this little doohickey. Hook he up, has run one OBDII scanner, and WHALA!!!!, Code P0440. Any precise to say you Youtube that this lovely. It was in a tent of parts of the car, has purchased one OEM covers of gas...The problem has resolved. It opens, the image was gone in the tent . Better still, the image was gone in the tent . One Ancel AD410 has paid for him 400x on.

I like an easy to read screen and a mere creation. And still although I find value in a AD410, probably will go with the intuitive plus OBD II SCANNER next time. One AD410 lacks in saying it layperson in-the information of depth can require in pinpoint problems. Some codes can be very imprecise. It likes the most thorough description to say, P0440, without that has to google the. But for the mechanic, or included very very car savvy, AD410 is the gem. Low cost the common accurate information of alive data, is quite awesome. Taken more than those decrees of paid. I have taken only it was 1 star . So that for the monitor with the screen that big and that shines, can say more than EVAC for the P0440 code.
5 / 5 Rubie
These products is the product adds and estimate an extra money in a cheap more OBD2 scanners. Esquerra induct Went me to say has the 2006 GMC Sierra. These results of scanners can vary according to your mark of vehicle. I actuate Only the used my vehicle. This produces slope a money even so. Connected in my vehicle easily, hurriedly and perfectly that follows some proportionate instructions of manuals. A product is mere to use and was able to read codes of problem, provides fast information in some codes of problem and deletes some codes each very easily. A creation of the card in a screen is easy to comprise and has not had any problem imagines was so to do that required.

Also a capacity to cause tests like a EVAP flavours of the marks of the sensor well estimates a money. Any one all the sensors try constantly and necessity to be caused for your computer to try and codifies of problem of the show. That is to say supremely useful for Californian there for tests of smog, while it can has to stroll approx 50 miles (plus or 10 dollars less in my truck) for these sensors to cause afterwards compensation codes. I have learnt that a road takes the pair of years of marks.

Has also a capacity to read alive information of a computer duquel the vehicles can be supremely useful when doing diagnostics to find a problem these results of codes of problem. It IS in any one leaves the apropa so as well as computers of diagnostic of some manufacturers, but for 40 bucks is the Plot more this has expected.

An only subject has with this product is some of a sensor readouts has the code (p. p.ej. $ 02) In place of name. In this way it have to one little investigation on your own to imagine out of that is.
5 / 5 Tama
I will not allege to know the plot in these things. But, our cart there has been the very tiny void that the filter has turned periodically a light of engine on. With east, was able to verify that a problem was even more small and visit a light has been. He what the flight in.
1 / 5 Lindy
The support does not look to exist. In fact, it gives a product at least 4 stars can record (the anseldirect.com very leave and pode any email me it code), can download updates for a device (the place of the web will not leave me - has tried two browsers), and can read the manual of an user without the glass to augment (plus or 4 types less in addition to signalling that 10-12 point used by another). I think a product probably does well, but will be necessary to imagine it has been since you and lives without updates (has a cart an old plus, concealed can be very). It do not buy it again based only in a lack of support.
1 / 5 Rita
All my computers, the telephones etc. ARE. That is to say, Apple. This device will not update or data of scrolling in my Mac computer.
To quote the manual of an User:
'A software of the lean update only (sic) windows 7/8/10'
'Other systems can run software to update directly, only windows 7 necessity to install an engine'
Quan connects in my computer each volume is two vertical lines in a screen. Any work of functions.
Has at all in a description of element or in a packaging to signify that has to have Windows 7 to update a software or data of scrolling in your computer.
1 / 5 Eugenia
Revised, of 4 in 2 stars. After three days and that use a unit two times, pause to do. A screen aims the random patters does not answer in any one of some tones. I have contacted ANCEL for assistance, but some looks of response to be for more with another question and some do not recommend does not match that it dress. Very thwart.

This unit has done well and has conformed my necessities. Even so, a manual of instruction is bad scripture and leaves the plot was. A product can benefit of the better manual. Like The minimum, the small step-for-examples of any of the typical use would have been very useful. I took me the moment to imagine was so to take alive data and controls a temperature of engine for example. Also, some covers of description of the Amazon out of a fact that for updates of software of the download, or data of debits/of control of the test, this unit requires the Windows Or/S Computer, a factor of entity for me since only has access in Mac and machines of Joined and has not been able to verify this work still.
4 / 5 Les
I am not he techie the types of type and computers are defying, but was able to pull in an engine that warns clear problem to use some directions.
Was able to read a problem and deletes a code also. Only cual required to do. It has discovered that in fact require take a vehicle in a trafficker for a fixed.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL AD530 Vehicle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Joetta
I have seen this produces on revises for Randomfix in youtube and ordered it based in his feedback. Absolutely it wants to it!! It can graph dates alive, can say you possible solutions for DTC, has the mere colour-test of preparation of smog codified.
5 / 5 Tyron
There are tools more expensive there , but this one can do all some things and has wanted and is very abordable , easy to clear codes, and read codes, give you more info in of the codes of error that use a big (I) button , can read state of load of the stack, enters a lot of tongues and behind the manufacturer adds for updates !
5 / 5 Lenita
Handy tan to have around. Both of my vehicles are older and used with some lights of engine of the control on. My husband has tried so many different things to resolve some the mechanical subjects and this thing have imagined has been inner few minutes! Very mere to use, directions and very advance and easy to comprise. Highly it suggests the invert in an of these!
5 / 5 Yvonne
Like this I declare, to be likes him the quality of solid sake artilugio, has the sake the big screen and a cord are quite very the time has achieved easily a port in a cart. One covers of USB also the very mere fact to download he in your computer. Easy to use you can clearly navigate through a tool to find that it is looking for, and there is separates very enough comprises that it informs in a manual this comes with this so that it clears things up since you. He as much as everything of an expensive ones in the fraction of a cost.
5 / 5 Roosevelt
A OBD2 tool of the diagnostic of the scanner is the addition adds for each ardent automobile, gives support or professional mechanic. These tools will leave you to verify the action of your cart in real-time. ANCEL The tool of scanner has been designed by engineers to read and interpret all an Engine to Control clear opinions in of the carts, minivans, clear trucks, and SUVs has produced since 1996. It IS able to communicate with each OBD2 protocols and provide the data lives lovely. A tool is easy to install and use. All precise to the mark is to limit a tool of diagnostic in the DLC port of a cart. This tool of beat to scan that it is used with the reliability adds on more EUA, European and Japanese models of 1996 in current. It IS also able to read and shows a data of mark and lives of engine graphs out of him, to comprise easier, codes of diagnostics of problem, reveals codes of pending problem, and do the snapshot of the right of data of an interior of vehicle a moment a failure looked.
5 / 5 Eloise
There is the Launcher OBD2 reader and another cheap no-unit of house of mark and this a swipe both of them out of a water. An exposure is clear and big, some buttons are big and easy to press (same with gloves on), and the majority of all a mere SPEED of this unit. I am used to 1-2 according to lags among a press to time the button and when a unit aims anything has pressed only. This OBD2 the reader is almost instantaneous. His likes him uses the good smartphone.
Function-wise, is an although much more world-wide.
5 / 5 Lisbeth
There is the light of engine of the control in my old BMW and has taken has verified was has cost me at least one $ 60 or three times that in a dealership. I have verified a failure and expsito that lacked of covers of loose gas . It was able in re ensure some covers and clears a memory of failure in 10 minutes. Very easy to use, fast response in of the selections. Amur An exposure by heart. Any precise of the connections to be able to external additional. Can be it update via USB in your pc. You are also able to see data of real time to try that it enters handy. The tool adds to have I your garage.
5 / 5 Elouise
A ANCEL AD530 has diagnosed the indicator to be with a longitude of Engine of the Control each what so easily to follow some instructions and seeing the Youtube. Any one, experimented or novice, can take a necessity of the information before it goes to take the subject of his cart focused and has a confidence to learn what a problem before it is taking in a tent of reparation.
1 / 5 Marry
It Beginning that it reads a manual, supposed to be able to limit in, road usb, and update. It can see he cual a unspecified usb device, but can not access at all. Val, perhaps require pull the file of a company. It has to it records in still be able to look for a download. Desprs Register, a model is not even in a list! FAQ? Nope. Community forum? Nope. Number of support? If alive in China. Tried 2 different computers, can not see on or. It is returning.
5 / 5 Caridad
I left me say you that this device save me $ $ . It was with daughter in an earth of game when my light of the engine of the control is coming on. Lucky of me one of some type pulls this device of his cart, scanner my cart and looks exactly what a problem is, manifold of intake. Well at least in this moment in timing it has known still can direct a cart in a mechanic this has wanted to me $ 80 to say me that exactly it is a problem . Well I have called VW has said what a code is and VW said me that my manifold is down to extend guarantee, as they will substitute for free. You think that that a mechanical premier will say me this ?
As it purchases a same device and flight the, easy in the use will aim me exactly what a problem is and basic diagnostic of a car, likes him stack, alternator, o2 sensors . And that my VW is full with sensors and electronic that is to say the device is saver of money . I think that all the world-wide necessities to have this in a trunk, so that this device save me last week in $ 300.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL AD310 Classic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This OBD II the reader is in difference of an economic some concealed to have to you use an application in your tlphonique to actuate (which I also own). That is to say the support only reader that it is very the cosy user, and calm aims in the each movement. Immediately identify it your car, and does not have to enter a year, mark, engine, etc. Of your cart. This unit is also economic compared in another in a piece, and highly the recommend.
5 / 5
After paste the little swipe in a road and remarking a eservice Punctual Engine' the light coming on in a half of my commutate, was fearful that it was necessary to take the day to do to take my cart inspected and fixed. Thinking at least could save some time and money to know that exactly it was bad with a car, has ordered a ANCEL AD310 Classical Enhanced Universal OBD II CODE to Scan of the fault of Car Engine the Tool of PODE of the reader to Scan of the Diagnostic - https Negre://www.amazon.com/dp/b01g5ea74i/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_alone_0.

My hope was to imagine was if a problem was quite of entity of the take fixed for the professional, or be something could fix on my own. I have used a Tool to Scanner ails to arrive, and immediately a bat a tool gave me a code of the fault of the engine and a description. Result, has had a 'Evaporative the emissions Filter', could cause which for covers he of loose gas. Sure enough, my covers of gas has been posed in wrong, and after the day the reset of computer of an engine and has cleared a code of failure!

Easily could have spent $ 200 only for the mechanic to say me my covers of gas was in wrong, so literally in an hour for the take, a Tool of the scanner paid for him a lot of time on!

To well sure recommend this product!
5 / 5
I have purchased recently the cart has used. Almost like a sample an Engine of the lights of Punctual Control have ignited. I do not know the plot in of the carts, as I do not want walk in the tent and take taken advantage of. I have purchased this reader so that it can take it some few codes I and research the in an internet and potentially wants a cost of some reparations. It was able to confirm that a tent was took some same codes have done.

A reader is very easy to use. Calm only precise to locate where one covers of reader in your cart. You can choose clear some codes after you have read what probably gone back of an Engine of light Punctual Control. It is not the bad ideal to run a control of code again if some light returns on to see taken some same codes .

Highly recommend any one to take this reader of code only to maintain in your box of tool. Can save you hundreds of dollars in of the unnecessary reparations of unscrupulous tents of car service.
5 / 5
An Only OBD2 reader never need. A light of control of the engine in my pinch is coming on, as I have prendido for a Deep dealership to see what a subject could have been. Of course, I have been said there would be the $ 95 load has wanted the to pull one that code 'nt of has coated any work or the yes precise parts. I have decided to leave and it has ordered a Ancel AD310 OBD2 Reader that arrived a next day.

Has read a manual, plugged he in and sure enough the code looked. Still it has the description of the cual a code meant and what has separated more probably has to when the be has substituted. I some the furthest investigation on-line and imagined out of the concealed has had to to substitute to take drawee of a light of engine of the control.

To well sure would recommend this product for any one requiring codes of attraction when this light of the engine of the control comes on.
Saves a bit money! It takes a calm separate you and perhaps still does a work on your own is able in!
5 / 5
Wow, This sucker the ROAD has done better concealed has expected. Plugged He in, said me to turn tone in in place. I flipped a tone, and inner quite 20 bren has had both of my codes in a screen, and was able to clear them ( has known in advance has required only be cleared). This was a first time used it, but has been in the cart described a lot of time for his have control some codes for me, these works of device two times so hurriedly likes him ones use..
3 / 5
Fast delivery. Easy to use and very basic. He no read all the codes. There is the light of code in my car but the reader of the code has said has did not have grinded codes. Has the 2008 BMW. There is the coil of bad ignition and covers it bad. Any sample any misfires.
5 / 5
That can say, saved me the bouquet to upload that would have has had to to pay in the dealership or tuneup tent. I have purchased a unit when had the light of engine of the control that comes up in my Ford Evasi. Hardly arrive I hooked he up that it was waste so mere to say you that! A code of problem was hurriedly pointed and is gone in an Internet and found an explanation of a code. Behind in Amazon to buy a sensor has required, the sensor rid and behind in an Internet to see regarding the install. After the installation has used a ANCEL unit to clear a code and light of engine of the control. The work has done, another happy client.
Almost advances of look in a prjimos 'Engine of Control' clear!
5 / 5
It goes to buy the most expensive unit but has thought would try easterly the unit has repaired 3 vehicles a day with a help of this unit. I have seen bad descriptions and has thought, does not listen the descriptions of films so many, and was very again! A mechanic has taking that the hates computerised carts!
1 / 5
It do not read code in the 2005 Toyota Prius. Of an information read it would have to have . Buyer beware.
1 / 5
Bought this to diagnose 'engine of punctual control' clear in 2004 BMW 325here. This ANCEL the reader has said that all was well, any codes of error. Tried the plus or three times less, same result every time.... It says that everything is VAL still although a 'engine of punctual control' the light is still on in a cart. It takes car in AutoZone, hooked he until his reader and taken P0171 and P0174 codes, running too lean, which are the common problem in this cart. Any insurance that is a problem , but is returning a unit.
Update: based in some codes have taken of some borrowed Autozone reader of code, has taken a cart in for service, has substituted a DISA valve that is one of some upper causes to run also behind in the E46 BMW. This was done 5 month and a cart is running well and a 'engine of punctual control' clear never returned on. This confirms a ANCEL the totally failed reader to read some codes or included detects the problem.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL FX2000 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Mckenzie
This scanner is more in a version has advanced, that only the mere OBD2 scanner, while it can scan for each small subject that your cart is experimenting. And highly it recommends once take a unit , update in a software a late plus of ANCEL website. Mina 2015 vehicle wasnt included to take detected, as and has to update a software in of the orders for him to do correct diagnostic.
Sounds the delicate bit to update so it ails tries to provide the useful instruction.
Spends 1: it connects a scanner with a cape of USB that comes with him in laptop
Any 2: it Downloads a software of Anceldirect and the marks sure download a FX2000 software
Any 3: you downloaded you to him once a quite easy software in only clue an instruction from here that from now on.

The sound adds to have this class of unit in a box of tool, included if you are not very handy, the help informs that it is entering with your vehicle, and when takes in mechanic, can say the where a subject is arising of, covers to say sounds a sensor of oxygen, in this way you wont apresamiento rasgado has been for the mere reparation or can take you the small adventurer and purchase an oxygen was here in amazon and look youtube videos on that for the substitute. His quite easy to do. The tool adds to have in toolbox
5 / 5 Candie
I have purchased this element to assist subjects of diagnosis in my woman 2007 Hyundai Elantra. When being a cure an old plus with the value to block, no longer wants to go race in the mechanic for each subject. I imagine to be, has the occasion of the resolve I. This device is complete overkill for my real necessities, but imagines will grow in him, and as ours other car falls out of guarantee, hopefully will be able to use on he also.

Has not required to connect this device to update a software. It exits of boxes for me, my cart was has uploaded already. That is to say my first time that uses an of these, but was quite easy to connect, navigate, and diagnose. It was it grieves more than cover and game. Only I have to identify my cart and he exactly that has required. I have cleared in the first place a light to look and rove a car bit it. A light is returned. I this, so that it have done the little of the anterior things purchase this device, and has wanted to to be sure accesses only necessity to clear a code ( has read that sometimes it has to clear a code in of the sure carts although a subject is resolved since). In all the case, looks my subject is the unit of Refrigerant the road of the temperature that can my gauge of temperature in a poster of instrument, which are pegged in a lower temperature. It is not the subject of refrigerant, is not the subject of thermostat, as I have ordered the new sensor and plan to install and see that it spends.

Opens calm to comprise you can be question after it shared everything of this when the majority of him looks unconnected. Well it is mere...I am not the mechanic, is not very very 'handy', and has not used never the device has taken. You are a bit in awe, but result to be relatively easy. In my eyes, that is to say which want to. Work, was easy to use, and also when being as the tool that will last during the years and I can grow in. Also, if some updates of winery of free software some in a future, actuate little to dread there. I am happy with a compraventa, although it was 3X more than any another, highly estimated, devices. I any one lament a compraventa, and any chair rasg has been.

Opens Comprises, looked in of the a lot of devices, and while yes, has cheaper ones, does not want to misrepresent this like the device of mechanic of the premium. It do not have to the to any idea likes him ' in the first place' is, but knows that of the devices of true professional are until 10X more expensive. That is to say only stupid money for the type the only test apresamiento in a level of mechanic of tree of competent shadow. Please take, is your estimativa , your capacity, and only that plan to use in a future. If it was spent that done to use this once, no the good roads. But, in zngano use in a future, that feigns to learn and extend my capacities, this plus looks that has adapted.
5 / 5 Song
Luz of the engine of the control had been coming on and out of a time in this part. The mechanics has said that it was some conversores catalytic , a fixed has been wanted to be $ 500 in $ 800 in of the parts for my F150, concealed is not comprising work. The test of emission is come on top of the few days and has not had the glorious to pose around so bought Cataclean (has followed directions) and has bought this scanner. To the left only it says spent some tests.. This thing aided dress me some few codes and read an I/M preparation cleared some codes to see when my truck has been ready. Perhaps the less expensive device would have done a trick but this one has given me the each a info has wanted and now has the unsuspecting device by any future problems that can arise it.
5 / 5 Taren
That is to say perfect. I give me a need of information and then more! It researches you stop them different scanners before I have decided to go with easterly an and very happy has done. Thank you For this product! The prize adds for all some capacities of this model.
5 / 5 Deandrea
I can not say quite a lot of things of sound in this fx2000, he all are says marks. Any one when being very a lot techy this tool is easy to use. Still it connects in my BMW and is able to recover BMW concrete information. Sper responsive And easy to use. IF you are by train of the look for scantool down $ 500 that is to say a a to POSSESS.
5 / 5 Thomas
Bought he for my husband to update of his scanner of original. It wants exactly which want to. Scanners abs, has misfire current and history. Also it give it ice cream and frame of alive data. Evap More than controls each that an original scanner has done. Works while it describe. Bundled Properly and took it punctually.
5 / 5 Bertie
I the plot of investigation in these readers/of Code of the Scanners and has looked for one these transmissions have scanned. There is the problem of transmission and this help of tool the fixed to me! My reader of the old code would not choose above codes of transmission. I am very impressed with this tool in 120 test for my Ford.
4 / 5 Roselle
His so easy a wrong scanner for your cart or a these necessities the program of special computer that the modern computers very behind. But these laws to scan very well with mine bmw x5, His marks each thing while I announce cleared in mine ABS problem and signal in a right direction to resolve other problems. Work
1 / 5 Dimple
State doing in the carts and the squad have weighed since 1977. This tool is hard to use. If calm think you only can limit in and calm say you everything ? Well He no. Some necessities to manufacture to do the better work on counting very only that is selling but as to use a tool. The readings of sensor are subject was and does not do to remark that so never. Any BANG OF THE BUCK .
1 / 5 Kena
He no read my truck routed backside.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL AD210 OBD II ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Chrystal
Be able to you the has not beaten he for a prize. Has my light of engine of the control that comes on in mine 2000 Ford Taurus. Decided in the the end buys one of this more concealed tugging it to Qualify of Cart, where one can of local scanner or can not be working. Hooked He up, turned in a ignition and in less than 15 according to my code has been found. It shows a number and what bad. I have cleared then that puppy well out of there and a light of the engine is exited instantly. Quickly stashed A scanner in my box of glove. Easy peasy. Well the fact and an exposure is easy to read. If you are considering a model abordable, then highly suggests this Ancel.
5 / 5 Aundrea
I direct the carts the old plus and this have all a necessity of functionality to see if your cart is ready for inspection. My carts are quite old that often has the control-clear of the engine and this are a less expensive all-in-a concealed will give me quite info to learn can fix a problem or the need take a cart in. I have used to to have the bluetooth OBD sensor that connected in my tlphonique and work, but that is to say very better so that it is less expensive and does not have to treat connecting he in my telephone.
5 / 5 Dian
It Liked him a lot this setup and of prize. Very economic, but well has done. It IS VERY DISAPPOINTED to see the booklet of some codes (in place of the integral database) but was bad...Desprs Taking a code the pair of second shows later a meaning of a code. This reader could very in fact clears a code, the saying had a unfamiliar error, but disconnecting a negative cape in a stack during the minute he.

In general is pleased with this product, included with these caveats. The purchase again has required in with out of remorse.
5 / 5 Georgiana
Tom ot dast without taking.. Work very very sso has tried far he in my car the small time already .. Calm say you whats injustice with your vehicle without requiring to look in of the codes
5 / 5 Long
The prize adds. Easy to use. Use without any subjects in some vehicles of follower: 2008 Toyota Avalon, 2004 And-350 Van, 1997 Toyota Camry, and 2004 Deep Pilot. So far, I have been happy with this element. I am not the professional mechanic. Only he my own vehicles, and occasionally in the familiar/friends the help was, as I can very vouch for this yes subjected element into use heavy. For the 'house-gamer', looks to do utmost so far.
5 / 5 Elsie
Fact well for resetting light of engine of the control and compensation codes.
5 / 5 Nada
I produce add easy to use cover and game. It comes with instructions. Everything needs to diagnose your light of engine on.
5 / 5 Madalene
This has done while it expect. Has maintained having the pop of back of code up. Quan Was in tent of parts of local cart, would use his scanner and a code still have maintained to look. Well, I have bought this scanner, has done a clear function and the code are come on more! It has BEEN SIX MONTH , has cleared of a code and he have not returning up. So many, am now positive that a subject was with a code does not listen cleared before. I have used this in 2002 Ford F-150.
4 / 5 Vikki
I have purchased this low cost car reader as it can when being poised before I take my cart in a tent to learn that it is entering. This scanner is very easy to use. It covers mere in a OBD which are localised under your steering column and he a rest. Read your car computer and the left wing know what a code is and what is the averages. That is to say useful no only as yours educated before go in a tent, but also is buying the cart used like the codes are stored. An only subject has is that the question wants to take a code and he no on all the codes. Another that concealed, work as it has promised.
5 / 5 Jerald
Easy tan to use. I have lost my premier an and was so unbalanced, this has substituted he with this same unit At the end founds a lost a, has given he in s the partner and he think to has to me more subjects that what the cost so that it think it that it is the final tool very big. You Any one reprogram your cart with him, but can see each statistician in your engine in voice and of the real time some codes of diagnostic also. If I lose it again, it buy another of these.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL BST500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Audrea
Too much time goes to a car tent and say you to you that need the new battery and all seat is that thy tries the upsell joined.
Each car tent would have to that have this , covers easy in, any magic, any confusion, the fast and calm test is done , the diagnostic of receipt takes form and the happy client. I do not comprise reason any all the world is using east!
Ive Tried it on the old battery that has had so only 7.3 volts this in spite of facts, will give you percentage of life of the battery , as you will be able to estimate for a next battery , or consider for the first transmission of the winter comes and takings has stuck with your car in a snow. It is Brilliant ! I have tried all my battery in a house and the pair of mine together, is like this magic :D
5 / 5 Maya
It weaves it to them labour lateralmente automotive reparations my spare time. Trying a battery is an easy test partorisca do . Before, it have to that write down the one who some results of test were and agree to resupply concealed to a client. Now with this Ancel, so only can print some results of real test and leave he in a car as I will not forget .

Has tried two different battery together with two another load of battery testers. All 3 has given some same results, like six this an attentive east. An only difference is that this one has the built-in printer. After printing, can tape some results to a battery partorisca use later.

A thermal printer is the orderly idea , as it do not have to that you never concerns roughly that careers out of ink.
5 / 5 Toni
They are very impressed. Any details of only aims in the condition of your battery, but also analyses your alternator is touching qualified to the equal that can say if this is doing properly. I tried it on my Ferrari and all was a lot of (the battery was <1 year) and then in mine Subaru and identifies that a Subaru the battery has been in decline (the battery there is roughly 3 years). They are happy to have a BST500 like another useful tool in my cochera!
5 / 5 Porfirio
Because has stirs it of motorcycles as well as 3 cars in my house, has the plot of battery partorisca maintain and monitor. One Uploads of Battery Declares taken the plot of guesswork out of trying to imagine out of that yours forms battery is in. It was the little confused by a propiciado by instruction at the beginning but calm almost can ignore entirely and just hook a declare until your battery. A declare is very intuitive and calm walks by means of all some steps of the each test saw onscreen objective. It is for all the world? No. But if, taste, has of stirs it of automotive or battery of motorcycle to cure of, can be the interesting investment .
4 / 5 Max
It was a lot if spelling (in English) was corrected. The testing is spelt testting and the model is modle. Partorisca A cost, I chairs could does at least has taken a spelling corrected. More was a lot could dip a date and the forget and turn of a beep partorisca each press of key.
5 / 5 Silas
They are the Technician of heavy crew . I have compared this unit to a 700 dollar declares that our tent has. He some same tests and matches an accuracy of an expensive unit has in our tent. I have tried the 720 IN battery has estimated this morning this has failed. Indication of voltage and in the reading was inner .02 volts Of the each one another and one IN Amp the reading was inner 2 amps of the each one another. I am impressed and several technologies I work with now wants to purchase one for them. Especially it likes that I can dip of a number of serial of the car in in a printout seal. Helps with our claims of guarantee.
5 / 5 Ingeborg
I buy and work in the plot of cars of auction. Some cars seat like this long and is abused in of the auctions so that The MAJORITY some battery die . So only reason die does not mean can not be touched, but has squandered the plot of time in a past that tries to touch and will begin/work partorisca the day and data again (reason has the bad cell) or so only touching them without result. This takes some starts of supposition of everything and leave me know if an only precise battery the regular load or require to substitute a battery. It is also useful to try alternators and yes is in business can resupply you the printout partorisca your client partorisca aim them. Really the shot adds in the tool adds!
5 / 5 Pamila
Pleased. Decent quality. I have tried against my expensive mechanics a, gives the almost identical CCA number. Well to match battery, can see what life has left. It gives tolerance of inner battery.
5 / 5 Earl
I do in a motorsports industry (motorcycles, ATVs, UTV is, PWCs, etc.) And has specialised testers partorisca some batteries have used in these products, but there is not had to that declare for the main batteries and decided to try this one of ANCEL.

Once received, one first what there is remarked was that it is easy to operate, included without reading a manual. Basically it calms so only it has to that hook he until the battery and follow a onscreen orders. (A backlit the screen is easy to read.).

In planting to write these steps was has resupplied some screenshots under this show some different screens will find when that verifies the battery. ( It sees 1st 4 pics)
Type of Battery: 12V Model
RESULT: it substitutes Battery
INT REY: m (the inner control, anything on 10 is not a lot)
SOH: 15 (state of health)
DISCHARGES. Law: 198 CCA (cold current cranking amp capacity)
DISCHARGES Std: 500 CCA (the cold has estimated cranking amp capacity)
DATE BE. NO: 00000000 ( it inserts/ it inserts the date here loves )

in an end of a test can choose impression some results of test, the sample of the bad battery has tried down.
Note: A printer uses thermal paper that requires any ink.

C declares also can try a system to touch of your vehicle, resupplying resulted of a system to touch while a vehicle is running with the load. I have comprised the little screenshots down and will update this description has had once the occasion to use this looks more. ( It sees last pic)

In general thinks that ossia the very good battery declares and load analyzer. It is very easy to use and a capacity to print out of some results to try neither for your own personal reference or to attach to the order of the reparation of the client is extremely handy. An only light negative is I desire avenges with the chance, but the chances are economic like this is not the treat big mine.

Will update this description has used once this declares the little more.
5 / 5 Terra
I have it quell'has used so only an operation partorisca try of the battery of this tool, included although it also can try your system partorisca touch. I have tried two battery of car. You enter CCA specs and measure CCA and said that has.

Takes his power of a battery. If it has to that died-dead battery, does not turn on.

Been of the battery of the press is an excellent characteristic . You can be able to do your money behind partorisca possess this tool. Saying the client his battery is bad is not like this effective as ridding them the printout that objective his battery has died (or under specifications).

A paper of impression can take stuck the bit, probably reason a space is very tightened. A circle of the paper so only remains there without the pin like this while you plough a plastic section, can fall. This also the easy fact to substitute a circle. If any see any impression in a paper, the casualidad is installed to another way around.

A beeps is annoying and the desire avenges with backup of circle of the paper and the protective chance.