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5 / 5
This was the fantastically writing, fictional accounts of ‘that he'. That have known that spent during a time of Jesus life that is not registered in some Gospels? That if this time has developed has had the woman? That this woman there has been the bold, revolutionary alcohol entirely in contradiction with that was expected typically partorisca women at the same time?

Like the Roman Catholic, is always state taught and there is has believed whenever Jesus was a unmarried, itinerant preacher the one who have saved everything. When I have read a premise for behind this novel, could not help but marvel like Kidd would direct everything of these doctrines of Christianity. They are like this happy to see that she molded tradition with his conjecture a lot respectfully.

Has had points when some scenes brushed Scripture and has done a reader goes ‘hmmm'. But partorisca one the majority of part, this was fully a history of Ana. Jesus was a lot the secondary character of this history and Kidd swimming to tarnish some faiths that the Christians resist wanted. She simple said the history of the daughter the one who COULD have been a woman of Jesus.

I really loved this book. And honradamente? A history that home more closely on Jesus' the human side seat even more after his and loves mine of studio Scriptures and His teachings even more.
4 / 5
That In disappointing. This book was difficult to read. A main character Ana was hard to believe. Had little to like. A book has taken for ever to result interesting. An insertion of several disciples has done little sense. A scripture the quotations were uncomfortable in better. They are like this sad am spent my money has won hard is.
4 / 5
Has begun to read my copy last night and does not want to dip the down, remained on late to read more. They are so only on page 50, but am enamoured entirely.

Has so many powerful spiritual women has informed to joint with some discharges of subjects of religion, class, family, Colonial expansion, etc. And has has begun so only.

A writing is brilliant.

Feels like this incredibly sincere for a period of time and a narrative in a place and view of women.

Some characters and his reflections have very deep and wise.

Ossia A book there is wanted always be writing, thank you.

Can not expect read a rest.
4 / 5
A book is fiction but felt like this real that is to be surprise to learn that Ana has not been the real historical figure. Like an author, can not help but ask the one who different a world would be if a report of Ana and Jesus there was real state and has documented. It is refreshing to read the female perspective in a history of a time when Jesus has lived. Rid adds.
4 / 5
Continuous Fray Kidd is the plus talented writer. This history, know an end. A history among women of impulses to a big plus.
Very Done. You are always be one of my favourite writers.
4 / 5
Has wanted to absorb this in a bite, but I restrained I and read the on some days, leaving a character of Ana to grow in my heart and imagination. If it was to try to imagine the woman for Jesus, Ana would be . Strong and independent (like the culture left), observant Hebrew/Hellenistic woman.
To the swimming in this novel was offensive the traditional views of Jesus. In fact, it looks highly plausible. I appreciate a complete house on Ana like the whole person, any to hanger-on to Jesus' ministry.
A writing was faithful to a voice of Ana, thoughtful, clear, practical, and desire, but has not sung. Perhaps it concealed the most realistic fact.
4 / 5
Representation a lot written of a direct possible life for Jesus previously his death. These years were described wonderfully in his historical context. My only flu is that of an use of words has attributed his, likes turn another cheek, etc. am not debating has said those or no, so only that has touched trite and no really apt to a dialogue.

Has such the strong sense/faith among a lot of today that Mary Magdalene was in fact Jesus' woman. I have been disappointed that your imagination is gone in the different direction when I have presented to Ana. I create MM was Jesus' woman and the strong woman the one who has not been that is to be direct to believe for the redrafted a history.
This in spite of, there is enjoyed a book a lot.
4 / 5
A fascinating and inspiring book. Fantastically it is writing and a lot of believable. Down waiting for to share a title with friends those who will have an open alcohol to some interior of possibility.
5 / 5
I sampled a book and has given on surprises that a book was rented like this highly. It is not very written and an author any soyeticulous' investigation like some claims of editor.

A first narrator of Century says 'All my life, the inner desires have lived of me, angering like this nocturnal to complain and sing by means of a night.'  Some prayers at night have called Nocturns or Nocturnal is not existed in some first decades of a first century when a ploughing of a book is put . It has not had any Church and has not had any Christianity. Calm can not trust an author that does to to the the deception likes that in adoration of Christian. If for some reason has meant a musical nocturnal, ossia even more of the blunder, of then concealed is not existed until a @@@1800s....

Like this, there was at the same time three festival of @@@peregrinación during those some Jewish have been suppositions to do @@@peregrinación to Jerusalem, but a narrator has said that his father is trace to Jerusalem still Passover and Sukkoth and does not mention a third, Shavuoth. Ossia To blunder quite gross and spear to doubt Kidd comprehension of Hebrew life in this period. Then it has said that during the walk by means of the place to stage fill to listen esnatches' of Aramaic. It concealed he no any sense: that the Aramaic was a frank tongue of a Jews in a Mediterranean oriental. A narrator would have been surrounded for speakers of Aramaic.

These are basic facts in a period and in Hebrew life a first Century any easily can look on--that has done Kidd directed take them bad? And that has done his editor any wince in laughable to the images the 'As His alcohol was an immense feral country that there is spilt his flanges'? There are more lines in a ploughs it that have so only does to the laugh was like this terrible. Has any reading anything of Kidd is before, and a poor take of historical detail and a shaky the prose does not promote me to try.
5 / 5
Believes in to the Bible likes them to them the word of Goddess, ossia the terrible book . Sincerely I wish it it had revised the forward to order has loved like this the leading works of this author.
4 / 5
An audacity and arrogance of an author partorisca touch around with the bible is unbelievable. One plea of authorship in an end of a really done book his decision to creatively moves advances with this worse book.
5 / 5
Was excited like this partorisca begin Continue Fray Kidd the newest reservation. They are the defender of 5 stars of his leading books. They were like this obliging, very written, and hard to dip down. Some subjects of his leading novels were fascinating. So many, A Book of Desires was, partorisca me, an incredible disappointment. It has had to that force to maintain that it reads it to an arrival. One first splits of a book in the life that Ana is portrayed extremely interested historically. Certainly it likes me to me the woman @gives that it has come far. This in spite of, when it has entered a phase of the report of Ana with Jesus, has defied credibility with me. I can a lot of fathom Jesus like the married man, and certainly can not imagine that there was married state, would be to the to to any one likes him to him Ana. A book would have been like this credible like the work of historical fiction Ana there was state married of more, like the disciple.
4 / 5
Has bought this reserves not knowing that it was roughly reason have enjoyed other books thus writer. This rids extremely disappointed in that has portrait Jesus as fully human, any resurrection, any miracle. Ana begs to and honours “Sophia” a female appearance of Goddess. A house was in of the women and a deplorable way have been treated. If an author so only had written this history in an unknown man and any one some Edges of God, perhaps would feel different. Ossia Blasphemy in better
5 / 5
has bought this book how has been recommended by my club of book. After beginning to read it, found the partorisca be a lot offensive and the reading prendió. I have expected it returns the but concealed does not look to be an option. I do not want financially sustain an author the one who would suggest a pair of Jesus like the possibility.
5 / 5
In general, 'A Book of Desires,' to Continue Fray Kidd, is not the bad book, but the few defects prevent to be a book adds could be. One first half of a book is much stronger that a last half. If I have had to that estimate a book in a point of half way, would give it 5 stars. But a second half of a book disappointed and has reduced my global indication.

A book begins with Ana, a meeting of centrical character and finally marrying Jesus, as it wins a lot, a lot, seemingly impossible hurdles do like this. A history is said in a 1st person of the point of view of Ana, the wise election for Fray.

This in spite of, in a second the averages of a book, while still when be said for Ana, some turns of history of Ana to Yaltha look for the daughter has lost long. To arrive to this point, Ana results the secondary character , included although it still is that it relates a history. This disappointed like the history would owe that it has been Ana history, no the history of his aunt.

The mine more adds quibble with a book is a lack of historical and Biblical accuracy. An author directs this subject in his notes in an end of a book, but of this book has involved real people of Bible, the accuracy would have been appreciated.

A bit those that examples that I bad. Tabitha becomes friends of Ana anoints Jesus' feet with oil, more than Mary. In a book, Judas was Jesus alive and looked to be crucified. In Bible, there is hanged previously to a crucifixion. Also, in Bible, Judas is returned some 30 pieces of money to betray Jesus. In a book, launches him on an earth while it speaks to Ana in the wooded zone.

Again, any subject of entity, but would like me have the accuracy dress more historical.

Would like me have given a book 2.5 stars, more than just two, but I some weaknesses of a book prevent me to knots to give three stars, as I have had to that solve for two.

Again, is not the bad book; well read, so only beware of some weaknesses.
5 / 5
Had included a slightest possibility that Jesus there has been the woman, would have looked in a bible. Ossia Extremely disrespectful to a whole history of catholicism. I have expected more than this author. I do not expect any lack of respect future religions next time.
4 / 5
To good sure have mixed emotions in this book. There is a lot to admire; it has resisted my interest a lot enough. Perhaps writing in any contemporary of Jesus'—much less his woman—is too delicate to please all the world.
Gives a house of this history is Ana, a feminine, Sophia, was hard for me to read roughly Jesus in a pair in Cane without mentioning wine, and Lazarus during a place without mentioning of his resurrection.
For some, will satisfy. It has left .
5 / 5
Looks for to comprise me. I look for to comprise God. I look for to comprise and cure my place in a universe. I look for to be my more self. Like the Christian women this travesía has been rocky for me.

This book taken situates has not gone still and cured and helped in of the so many ways- a lot of duquel was previously unaware of.

Highly recommend this reserves the women and of the men. It is like this sincere this in spite of tasteful. A history swept me on and taught so much. Some laughing. More cryings. Tonnes of goosebumps.

You will not be a same person with which have read this book. Thank you Continuous Fray Kidd to be the voice partorisca east.
5 / 5
This book was the difficult bed during the pandemic. It was weighed more that there is wanted, but could has not dipped down. I have been drawn to a historical world where the women were (look of as) powerless this in spite of more like this left without voices. Kidd An incredible work to draw a reader in, because so much to the equal that think that that we know roughly Jesus, am so more does not know in a world has lived in. Ana is the strong and courageous young woman when it fulfils at the beginning. It has Maintained to compare to me in 14, and, oh, was sure not facing. During a novel, marvelled in his value and his capacity to want to and adapt to some changes that is to be force his for circumstances. Jesus young is true to a character knows, the person that want to all the world, has included his enemies. A tongue and some words are like this good-looking. It is the book to be savored sure. If you have loved an experience to read A Red Tent for Anita Diamante, will find you filled with marvel and awe after reading this book.
5 / 5
Too fanciful for me. Has-liked me a concept of following the history of a woman but the chair has lost a historical mark and his characters were way too simple has imported. Sad, no for me.
5 / 5
This book has surprised. It could begin to reread it again and I so only read the fact the week. I have been concerned would feel out of place reading the book of biblical era. I am not really religious to the equal that has thinks that that this would be quell'has bitten a lot partorisca me. Oh Mina, am like this happy has taken a jump. This was enlightening, those interest and an amazing history of amour, sacrifice and fraternity.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this book thoroughly. I graduated Of the Christian university. Although I am no expert, has had to that actuate theology to the each course (Yes, comprising mathematical and science). Has not reading this book as if to look for inaccuracies with Bible of an author has not written the no-history of fiction. It liked that it has done it to it to him more in of basic theological history and mostly centred around the his fictional woman and life by means of his eyes behind then. I comprise that some can say that it was too modern or unrealistic for this time. This in spite of, liked that Kidd has pressed of some limits with this character. I can envision Jesus be drawn to the woman that flanges of pushes for a sake partorisca want to more out of the life that that earth has has had to that so only offered. Has has had desires for more. As He.... For his Gentleman. I have loved some characters, and although they can not be realistic thus period of time, was such enjoyable experience to read to all the cost. It contemplates your own desires. It contemplates your travesía spiritual own. It contemplates so more than just a book he. I enjoyed it and it would recommend any for the bed while they maintain an open alcohol.
4 / 5
Book of Desires to Continue Fray Kidd is the novel of recommended historical fiction roughly Ana, a woman of Jesus.

Ana is an only daughter of Matthias, scribe of boss to Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee. It wants to be the writer , the scribe, and say a untold histories of some women. He the father there is indulged his to resupply the tutor and writing supplies, but that change when, in fifteen, is betroth to the very widowed older. When Fulfil for a first time sees for a first time and is attracted to Jesus of eighteen years. Goodness of circumstances to his pair fixed that goes to the failure and his eventual pair to Jesus. Ana his house with him the Nazareth. Oh, And it is related Judas .

A novel is divided to the sections have based in the location of Ana in that then. While a quality of a writing is excellent, has been expecting much more of this novel. It begins out of slow, but improvement with which this. A history of a region is coverage. One the majority of the essential fact the note is that ossia in the first place Ana the history and follows his thoughts, plans, and sleeps for his life.

More importantly for me, embraces the fatal defect. A defect that is the pet peeve of the mine and a reason looks for to avert fiction more historical is underlined in a Book of Desires. I cringe while the characters in the period of historical time is believed with sensibility and of the modern perspectives. We are all the product of our period of time and still one the majority of innovative and progressive thinker still reflects a society and was in that alive.

In an end, having Ana when being a woman of Jesus (that it would have to it has been Yeshua or Joshua) felt more as an attention grabbing ploy to sell a book. Like law has thinks that that some readers will love these based in an audacity of Ana when being a woman of Jesus and in the name of an author. Ana could have like this easily married one of some future apostles - or any one another random person during this period of history. The characters are a lot of abonos or bad, without complexities or real subtlety in his representations.

Disclosure: My copy of description was courtesy of Penguin Marie Random.
5 / 5
An extraordinary history dipped a first century in the woman the one who finds his voice and his destiny, a fictional woman of Jesus.

In his mesmerizing fourth work of fiction, The BOOK OF DESIRES (Viking, April 2020), Continuous Fray Kidd takes the intrepid approximation the history and amena the life a history imagined of the young woman has appointed Ana, the one who resulted a woman of Jesus age 15.

Created In the rich family with bonds to a ruler of Galilee, Ana is rebellious and ambitious, with the brilliant alcohol and the alcohol to dare. Ana involves in furtive scholarly investigations and written the roughly neglected narrative and silenced women. Ana is expected to marry a widower an old plus, the perspective that horrifies. One finds with Jesus of eighteen years changes everything.

His pair evolves with amour and conflict, humour and pathos in Nazareth, where Ana the house with Jesus, his brothers, and his mother, Mary in the very lived humbler the one who that has grown up knowing. Ana pent-on the desires intensify among a turbulent control to the occupation of Rome of Israele, partially directed for his brother, Judas. It is sustained by his fearless aunt Yaltha, the one who put you the secrets to oblige. But dangers more utmost–and revelations–unfold, and Ana finds the shelter for the unexpected half. The fate of Ana is determined during the stunning convergence of chance has considered among one the majority of impactful in human history.

Grounded In meticulous investigation and writing with him reverential approximation to the life of Jesus that marries in his humanity, The BOOK OF DESIRES is one inspiring account, unforgettable of the intrepid fight of a woman to @give a passion and potential inside his, while alive the time, the place and the culture devised to touch of silence. It is timely and timeless, of the masterful writer.

Found me that questions to the equal that has thinks that has known on Bible, a life of Jesus, and that it wants to speak this history. More, I entirely identified and sense for Ana, the brilliant woman, ardent has thank you to read and write. It has interested mine, hips, to see so only that contemporary the biblical history can be. Had the few parts in a last third of a narrative this looked to go in the little too long (for me) and felt the tiny has bitten heavy, but otherwise, a writing stunned and descriptive, in that seat how was right there, at the side Ana.

A writing agreed to plot of the work of Margaret George, especially his the majority of recent titles roughly Black. Calm also could enjoy Anna Soloman is The BOOK OF V (Henry Holt & has Sawed, May 2020) interweaving diverse term of time and women, but notably Reina Esther of Bible; also NAAMAH for Sarah Blake in a life imagined of a woman of Noah.

|Always with the Book
5 / 5
A book looked well. It was able to read he in four days. It was a lot simply writing. It did not like. It could manage a subject @@@subject. It has wanted to like Ana and Jesus. But sense like an author there has been really an occasion to do something adds but failed to continue personality of characters to an end of a history. If you enjoy well it has researched it reservation to time again , of Hebrew culture and a geopolitical climate, this is not a book for you. A reviewer has written that it was deconstruction of the Christian Orthodox religion and I guess that really it is a better category for the dipped . It has given already a book was and has asked that they do not return it . No the book loves in my personal library.
4 / 5
This emotional and historically plausible exercise in of the offers of constant imagination a lot of ready details that confusion some senses and resupply the sense of earthy authenticity. It has frustrated that Ana, Jesus' woman, has not learnt some details of the his two ministry of year because it was sequestered with a Therapeutae in Egitto, writing and copying handwritten. For this has not required to comment in some histories, especially some miracles, concealed is recounted in some Gospels. Jesus of Ana is the gifted preacher, but no like this the god that comes the earth. It has expected the liberty of a novelist could have extended to Ana is writing a Gospel of Mark, a prime minister a writing of one New (having any individual likelihood to be writing for any one has appointed Mark). To the literary skill of Ana could have embellished a history with wonderful anomalies, which interpret today like this miracles, in honour of some wonderful anomalies that Jesus' the message has done often in 20 centuries of human hearts. Some active pondered that a Alexandrian Therapeutae was one of some first Christian communities--Greek that pause, Jewish, Gnostic and philosophically consecrated to perfect goodness. As this could have resupplied another edge of plausibility. But it concealed it is not required really in this wonderful piece to write of a perspective of the woman of a Master the one who could have been.
4 / 5
A book of desires me curious to read this creative idea of the as if history. It tops that the fray is certainly a eloquent storyteller
the one who magically can weave good-looking iconography with fictional characters perfectly to a history more order him has not said never. That was like this deeply disappoints it In this book was an idea of this which he. I think that that this was to use so only like the hook to sell a book.. It has not been that if “history “ of amour but one Which when being feminist qualities in the young woman in Israele ancient . A character Ana was like this marginally connected to his own husband Jesus it bordered in a ridiculous. Have has wanted a cleaver way Judas was weaved to this history this in spite of believes a history to be the idea adds. This in spite of, quell'concealed would have required Ana character to be in awe of the man. It would have required Ana to Recognise his husband to be at least the prophet or I dare has said edges of God and then, humble she to this reality and leave his celestial goodness to seep his soul and his transition To a history of amour more order him has not said never. Instead It Tops Fray the fallen Christian and ingrained in the feminism could any never write this history of this corner. It was easier that do Jesus travesía without Ana all a time For like this disconnecting sound of the transformation to listen histories of him in planting to assist . It was easier that dip of the pagan in a function of the can it big plus that the really embrace one which of this idea. Still desire.....
5 / 5
Like the Christian was like this curious in this book and roughly is representation of Jesus and biblical time. In general, it is the wonderful history with vivid descriptions of life during this time (comprising a eerily pertinent page in the step/of plague of the virus by means of with phases and subsequent quarantine that is closed for month! Yikes!), The book any would enjoy. Deceit with a Bible viril and conflict (war, conquests, battles) -the point of view has directed, and marvel if ossia in some ways the reflection of a culture that tries Jesus and his apt God. This book tries a lot last to remain true to some chances but present in the view that is more current. Calm forces to consider to the bible would touch Jesus different was to arrive in our current culture. So only like A Red Tent gives the view of historical fiction to those some women of some old can have senses and to the equal that could have lived his lives, this book courageously search to face a new in the alike way. In an end, has a unsettling that feels that Jesus could have had the woman and if he , his contributi and life probably, or probably, would have been spent for big or ignored - and in our loss of sympathetic more roughly Jesus. I have enjoyed the notes of an author in an end in his process to try to find the way to like this with accuracy like this possible represent women during this time, whose thoughts, feelings, and the lives were often a lot remarked or writings on.
5 / 5
Could not dip this book down and has felt when it has been finalised. Ossia The sensitive and heartfelt portrait of Ana, woman of Jesus. While ossia his history , has wanted like Jesus has been portrayed with such humanity. A quantity to research required to write this book has to that it has been prodigious. They are always he has surprised that when I learn more in ancient Judaism, I always averted with the more adds to comprise of Christianity. Continuous Fray Kidd really dipped the all in a line to take on this @@@subject and has paste he out of a park. The other has ensured that there is at all blasphemous, or negative in this history at all. It is so only the clear and fascinating take on that it can be been. I have wanted to it loved/ it That.
4 / 5
Are a person has imported open , but when it comes to my Gentleman will not be behind and look any one tries tarnish His blessed name and life. A bible has said any to add to or take out of a scriptures. This has broken my heart that looks the woman the one who is the a lot of talented the writer that writes the book that creates is blasphemy. Jesus and His ministry was quite. It has not had the woman. It has not required the woman to fulfil his mission in this earth. I seat for a treatment of some women of this time, but in my heart can not lumber with this book. I owe that stand for my convictions and be true to my Gentleman and Salvador Jesus Christ and any to leave to be mocked in this way.
5 / 5
Continuous Fray Kidd has written the book to the long of some lines of Harm Brown is One gives Vinci Codice. In a Book of Desires, imagines that Jesus has been married. The historical fiction has to that have the semblance of the truth and this book is far from a truth that fallen the lies. I found it offensive and would not recommend any reading it.
4 / 5
Oh, Was like this bad in this book.

The multiple times have resisted partorisca buy this book partorisca Continue Fray Kidd, included although I have read his forward three novels and has wanted to him. But it has had something in a description of plot that me recoil. ANOTHER book roughly the non-existent woman of Jesus? I give the pause. And I have then read the description of professional books that has changed my alcohol, and am really happy this is to spend. This is not so only another reservation roughly the non-existent woman of Jesus. It is like this more. Yes, it is the book roughly Jesus. His family. His first early years of his fiscalía has begun. But the majority of everything, is to portray it radical of the voice of a woman the time when the women have not had any power, any place, any privilege—and especially any voice.

Would be it more be unusual—to the equal that in, would have defied a more closely the expectations resisted and of entities of societies—partorisca Jesus to has not married. New Scripture in fact does not say a way or Jesus has been married. It has not been until a second century The one who some first claims have been done that Jesus is remained so only and celibate. (Read a 'Author' Commented in an end of a book for more fascinating the information is.)

But that Jesus has married? Ossia A premise of Kidd book, written in a first person for a woman an author has imagined to having married. His name is Ana , and Jesus different, comes from/comes from a family of big class. Ana is ready and able. It is also stubborn, determinate, and filled with the desires for the life can have never simply reasons is female. It can read and write, and his joy more orders in life, a lot his mother chagrin, is writing histories. Ana is the rebel, the one who finds it difficult to return the society like placid and meek the woman is expected to be. When it Fulfils Jesus in a warehouse, his world is turned to the rovescio. Complicating subject, the father of Ana is Herod Antipas upper scribe, and Judas is (adopted) brother. When The life of Ana is threatened for Herod Antipas, evasions to Alexandria with his beloved aunt, Yaltha, the one who has the secret to devastate of the his own, which is a time although the active ministry of Jesus begins.

And finally…the history of Passion likes to portray he in this book is like this emotionally and has included physically resonant that found that resists respite of mine to the equal that have read. For ever it will change a way listens Palmera of the Passion Sunday and during some Canal of a Cross.

A power of this book is double: In the first place, a expertly has researched, detailed, and absolutely fascinating descriptions of the life a first century costs a prize of a book. As, Kidd writing with a respect adds and reverence to fully commemorate and portray the humanity of Jesus. And like this odd to the equal that can touch, is totally believable and realistic.

Shining and beautiful, as well as richly has imagined, this book is the celebration that the causes have thought of any so only the life of Jesus, but also a redemptive can of the voice of a woman. And this results a acknowledgement to all some women throughout time those who was silenced and has not listened never.
4 / 5
Continuous Fray Kidd do again! I love his writing, and A Book of Desires is any exception. A history is centred around Ana, the young woman that wants to write and read and the one who spends to fulfil, the enamoured fall with, and marry Jesus. Yes, Jesus. For these uneasy roughly imagining Jesus like the husband, Kidd treats it well and does not take too deep to a nitty-gritty (the physicist read) of married life. It does not touch the centrical function in a book because it is frequently absentee of the life of Ana. He the sufficed to say that ossia, again, the history of Ana. We look his father contracts his to pair, tries to offer like me the concubine, and basically disowns them. Ana is repeatedly silenced but directs, with a help of his aunt, to discover and honour his interior self.

Ana has listened to rabbis speak of Moses, Abraham, Jacob, and has been surprised to discover that the women were mentioned also in a Scriptures. 'To be ignored, to be forgotten, this was a worse sadness of everything.'

Speaks of his father: soyy the aspirations embarrassed them. When it Could any subdue his, a light fact of them. It likes to say an only boy in a family was the daughter .'

Ana' the aunt said: ''A man' saint of holies contains the laws of the god, but inside the woman is does only desires.' . . . It was one the majority of good-looking blasphemy, wicked has not listened never. It could not sleep tonight for an ecstasy of him.'

And, then, has a incantation bowl. I will leave that for you to discover.

Kidd The investigation has extended to a pre-was it Christian has translated in his writing and also headed to easily transport to a period of time. It could not dip this book down and the history of Ana has appreciated a lot of.

Highly recommended. It agrees, it is the work of historical fiction. If you are doubting, calm promote to have an open alcohol and give test.
5 / 5
That Jesus has been married? This changes his message in a world? I create the no. would do more, so more. A missing longitude 18 years of his very good life could be be spend living like the normal Hebrews rabbi, doing as it carpenter, those worries for his familiar and living like the married man. I think that that I prefer to believe Jesus, some Edges of God, was entirely human and entirely divine. A man the one who has known the amour of the woman and has known and has fulfilled his Father is feigned mission for Him.
Excellent and enlightened writing for an author. Thank you To write a history of Ana, a helpmate of Jesus.
5 / 5
Continuous taste Fray Kidd to write and approached this novel with an open alcohol. Has some thoughts and of the interesting sentences. They Liked him Especially of some descriptions of as a narrator there is portrayed wide view of Jesus of humanity. But partorisca write a whole novel roughly the woman of Jesus and a lot once treat a possibility of his divinity is, mine, that loses a point. Calm can not choose and choose when it comes to this subject. It has taken instead an easy way was, exiling a first narrator of a pair in Cane to Alexandria, returning to a scene in a point of a crucifixion and then immediately return arrest partorisca exile. So much, two stars partorisca a writing and no more partorisca a fainthearted approximation to a subject.
5 / 5
“ Is magic,” the partner of the writer said when describing Continuous Fray Kidd is A Book of Desires. His recommendation, I promptly has ordered he partorisca mine Kindle. Amazing writing. I love a way Kidd dipped that (the novel) up. All knows the one who Jesus is and that is to die, but concealed does not take out of an appearance of a history. In a novel, house Ana, the young woman that has to that evasion in Egitto with his aunt, and a reader knows that Ana can any one: the mission of Christ has begun. While in Alexandria, the life of Ana is both sheltered and precarious. Curious and ready, is quite a scholar, an unusual and dangerous combination in his world. Has the voice and uses it partorisca write his ideas and desires.

Are very conscious that there is any mention of Christ be married in Bible. In fact, we know at all of his life of twelve to around thirty. But my purpose is not partorisca contest in that. Any one can win this discussion. In imagination of mine, can the apple to Ana likes Veronica, of a woman the one who hands Christ the cloth partorisca dry his brow in a way in Gólgota. It has said of another way,, a book has done a life of Jesus more real.

Am recommending a book because of the his informative, fascinating, the good format researched and Kidd capacity to do one contemplates social subjects. It is the history , a lot in fact, but one submerged totally a time and place of the his occurrence. Never I have considered the family of Jesus that last the life has to that it has been: like a scene of Passover has touched, looked, and has odorato: it dusty a street to Calvary was; and one says-relieve caused by occupation of some Romans.

Have known these things, but Kidd the thorough studio and the narrative fashion help me visualise—feel immersed in—the life and time of Jesus. A narrative is not preachy, opinionated, or dogmatic. Still somehow a reader feels a weight of social injustice, comprising disparity of gender, like the history unfolds.
5 / 5
Has finalised this book last night and has has had to that really think in that I has loved to say in my description. In the first place, it is the work of fiction. Has has had to that spent of this fact the little time when I have begun partorisca read. I took the little has bitten partorisca time partorisca take by means of a first part, Sepphoris that was roughly Ana, the youngster pistol of the daughter. I think that that it was 14 or 15 years those who has been disturbed for his mother. His help of father feeds the desire partorisca write of Ana for sneaking his papyri and, Yes agrees correctly, in the insignia partorisca do ink. It was a part of entity of a book because ossia where an impression of his life that follows begins, and where Jesus has fulfilled.

This book is Ana the history and is such the good-looking history. One these women would owe that fish and think roughly and learn to identify and embrace his own desires. Like the reader, has to agree that while some scripture is shared, a character of Jesus is before it was Edges of God, Rey of a Jews. Ossia The character imagined when it was in his prompt 20s and a pair has imagined to Ana. Ana has a lot of desires in scorching interior of sound. Jesus embraces and amours Ana partorisca these desires. Jesus has the inner desire in of the llamas of him partorisca result the disciple of John one Submerged that Ana embrace. It is because of this that coming partorisca belong to the each one which as another like this so that it belongs to them.
5 / 5
Has has felt pulled partorisca read this book because Continuous Fray Kidd has been one of my favourite authors in fact a lot of years. It felt he could trust partorisca write the worthy history of his subject. I took awhile partorisca read a book because it still has had the hard time with a possibility that Jesus would have been the Hebrew man normal Hebrew and to the equal that would have been married. A fact that at least some of his disciples have been married, but the history entirely leaves them out of a New the fact very too much of the piece partorisca think of Jesus be married. I took also the little more weeks partorisca read reasons know that some finals of the history and he would be extremely painful to read of Jesus is . In all the chance, I finally read this book and was impressed like this for Ana and some other female characters. Continuous Fray Kidd has done an excellent work partorisca do Ana a main history but melding he with Jesus history. Ana was the strong woman , courageous surrounded of strong, wonderful female characters. No a book. You will be happy has done and the history of Ana happy has been said by the glorious writer and history teller. It is the work of fiction with the strong coverage for real.
5 / 5
Like Headed like a premise of interesting fiction, so only feel walk partorisca me. Ana, a main character has not been likeable- self centred and no in the good way. Resembled skim in the part of Jesus in a history and was sadly has developed down. The characters were rigid. Poor execution of the good idea (any pun feigned).
4 / 5
A Book of Desires partorisca Continue Fray Kidd is Ana' history. Ana is the young woman that grows up in busy Roman Judea. Although his father is using his betrothal partorisca ensure the better financial state partorisca he, Ana has his own deep desires and desires partorisca his future.

A Book of Desires is Ana history. While Ana results a woman of Jesus, remain his history.

A minute has read a synopsis has known would read A Book of Desires. Like the deeply religious person, with the faith in a divinity of Jesus Christ, has been concerned like His life would be managed in the fictional accounting of his pair.

Continuous Fray Kidd says a history of Ana. It writes of Jesus with respect and house in his humanity. It has done long investigation in a period of time and writes of a politics and the z/the zeal partorisca revolution likes Jews fight against Roman oppression. But one the majority of appearance of the entity of a history is the young daughter in the world where his voice is silenced. Still, has the voice and she long partorisca shout.
5 / 5
Ossia An intriguing history , and although when being a woman of Jesus is a backdrop of a history, really is the history in the woman, that bolt in the culture where the women have not had any voice, the one who long partorisca live the life of sounds partorisca choose and one in that his voice is listened. It is fascinating partorisca read some speculations roughly Jesus' life before it is public result with his ministry, but like author clearly states, ossia fiction . So many readers, if religious or no, can appreciate a travesía of Jesus' look for and committed end his street. A history of Judas is also intriguing to the equal that experience his life and that spent him the this moment of treachery. But a real house of a history is on Ana and his travesía and some of some amazing people, a lot of women, those who are the part of his life. Fantastically Writing and historically that it interest, A Book of Desires takes my recommendation.
5 / 5
Has read he in of the impulses. It was intrigued with a main character. A character of Jesus is not developed fully reason leaves and returns like the visitatore. Aya Desire to write and express his voice was a main premise of a history. Jesus is the secondary figure and certainly Christ. Aya Adorations another deity, Sophia.
A book me feel that annoying how was sinful partorisca the bed. And they are not the Christian fundamentalist.
5 / 5
Ana speaks with his voice and with his writings. By means of his experiences have learnt that the woman there has been any one says in his own life. Included the woman in the rich house was the labourer partorisca be used by men partorisca his own purposes. Ana was able to speak so only for secretly writing on papyrus and it hiding.
Jesus sees his alcohol and save his of destruction partorisca marry. I seat that Jesus is portrait in the way that is fully compatible with my view of him by means of reading Bible. I love some laughs of way, his amour of a poor and oppressed, his need to beg, and his sympathetic and goodness. A intertwining of Judas to a history has been ready and has augmented a personal character of his treachery. My heart hurt partorisca Ana during a narrative and expected partorisca his to find peace against any that grows never odds
thinks an author an excellent work partorisca create people and his feelings of a time. My amour of Jesus has grown so only partorisca read this fictional history..
4 / 5
Has think that this was a book has better read in ten years. They are the enormous defender of this author. It is the writer adds and is in some same
Page with religious faiths.

Seats thank you partorisca say that ossia the book of fiction. It has researched he partorisca fourteen month. It has explained in a final because it has taken some liberties has done. But I have to that disagree with that has said that his investigation was poor. Any explanation of them. It was a lot of clear in an end roughly reason she that has done.

This is not the religious book, although a lot it will take it that way. If you are of a Evangelical persuasion, could take offend. This author has posed a question. Jesus married and in the have does it

has Lost mypost. Read a book. It is wonderful.
5 / 5
Partorisca me, has said a history of Jesus the one who alive inside his and she inside lucido. It is an intimate, loving dialogue. They are and it is not never state averts. It is the fully human fully divine presence of unit and Consciousness any dual and reciprocal report. One the majority of lovely awareness of feminine masculine Otherness, a third Way of a Christo-Sophia in a centre of the each one the ours beings. We are holistic and never so only. Partorisca me Sophia is my inner Presence and mate. 'David, calm wants to you!' He mine has said often, touching, flooding of inside me with intent but without words. Still, some appearances of his Consciousness have shared partorisca resist a flow of vibration, energy and frequency.
Like this always Me Kidd the writing has flown my heart.
Thank you,
Dave Schutt
4 / 5
A history of Jesus fictional the woman has interested. I want to Jesus and I has not offended of this book at all. I comprised it partorisca be the ' that ' the history and I have thought Kidd has done the lovely work partorisca illustrate the one who the woman of such the world-wide radical changing the man could be like. Have enjoyed some travesías and of the adventures of his is and one has detailed descriptions of customs and historical locations. I have thought she Jesus justice in sympathetic reason has come and that has done. It has not been the book of detail of Jesus' three ministry of the year but he have aimed his zeal partorisca his mission and an idea that his his years the young plus could have looked. It has loved that!
5 / 5
Has loved the majority partorisca Continue Fray Kidd books. This one was no different, although I took all state partorisca read because of Coronavirus has been looking mine grandkids partorisca give my daughter the pause.

Offend you partorisca imagine Jesus having the woman, no the bed .

Enjoys the history of fiction that calm places in some real places of biblical time, a ossia very researched, and has to that well it weaves, will enjoy this.

A main character Ana marries Jesus. There are scenes of amour but is roughly amour, any sex.
Continuous Fray Kidd is the enormous researcher and storyteller. Have enjoyed is one .
4 / 5
Had said could relate me to a fictional woman of Jesus and pulled in his history partorisca read this book, would say does not touch like my cup of tea. Some draws of calm history in the life of Jesus, a man and a woman the one who has loved. It is believable and that describes real a humanity of Mary, his mother, Mary Magdalene and Ana, his fictional woman. It is the likable character, not perfecting or saintly. A history has done thinks roughly how was partorisca be the woman a time of Jesus. Work, amour, in-the laws and the work familiarised this an unforgettable and beloved book.
4 / 5
Has loved really has taken. His descriptive passages are gorgeous, rich, and technicolor in detail. You will see, smell, imagines a tiny plus of details... He also, sadly, law like the ALREADY NOVEL. The character of Ana is so only a lot of likeable. Fray Kidd Jesus is flat, one-dimensional and consistently left that it loves more. The advance of plot is quell'has bitten tedious. I want a tentativa partorisca champion some women for behind a legend but honradamente was happy to be fact with him.
4 / 5
Left to save calm to read east. House Jesus, is happy partorisca the little moment, and then does not see never again until as it is in decline. An end.

Top Customer Reviews: A Scot Mess: a ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Oh My gosh! This book there have been laughing out of strong. Caroline Law in his plus refinadas! A hero and the hero are delicious characters. I so only Finn of amour. Also I love a banter back and advance among some brothers. Always they are trying a-on the each one another. You are brothers, three insiemi of twins, all
been born a same year. But each one which as one of these brothers has his own only personalities and little quirks. Down waiting for to read some other books in this series.
This book has been delightfully entertaining fun highland romp. They are sure all some other books will be like this entertaining. If I need to take your alcohol was all this is going in in a world-wide today, grab the copy of this book, seats behind and enjoy! You could it wants to begin to read this book when has abundance of extra time. Calm reason once begins does not want to dip the down until a last page has been turned. Buying this book will be money is very displaced!
4 / 5
Oh Mina! If you are looking for heat and laugh, ossia of the best! Caroline has treated to the delicious, irreverent highland romp. There is conflict, that some can see like the bit unreasonable, but taken in to likes it of of the insecurity of entity perfects felt. Also, different some books have read where miscommunication and comprising bad permeate and tug on by means of a entirety of a sad, aiming headaches, this one is solved quickly and in the way that will dip tears in your eyes to laugh!
This book contains explicit scenes. And, you are looking for the historically attentive history, please go investigation some of Caroline is other highland novels, this one this pure entertainment .
4 / 5
A lot of distraction can be found in a first book of A Hots partorisca Scots serious, and a hilarity to only increases likes him the history delves the some lives of the family with three insiemi of twins those who are facing the very unexpected question of his father. A Oliphant clan a day requires it laird to substitute a man the one who now governs them, and the diagram is devised the quite choose a next leader. That spends when you are men with personalities very different has to that find the woman and then give his father a grandson that master is cleverly imagined for Caroline Law, where the humour is the big house while subject emotional and simmering the desire is also enjoyably has described.

A father of Finn Oliphant is laird of his clan, but of then he and five other brothers are all illegitimate, any of automatically will receive a title. Like this when some the young men are said that a a those who marries and has the edges will take on like this laird when a time comes, thinks his casualidad of the winners is better that another siblings. Finn praise had previously Fiona MacIan in the next phase, and the a short times are spent to take to know an another has left with a revelation his wed. When it Gives the reception to Fiona and his familiar to Oliphant Castle as it can be decided will marry , all his and his doubts owe that be erased or his desire to wed in the first place will not spend .

While some circumstances in a history are emotional and other situations portray so only that more than Fiona Finnish for real cures for an another, is some pleasant appearances of a book that a lot the time will agree. A lot of some accidents certainly will be to take and me grin once again because of some scenes that visualises to spend. The chances that looks the Finn and his brothers are especially that induces to laugh, as his commentaries and the actions are something-on for male siblings. When Any female characters are added to a mix, a result is often like this involving. Finn And Fiona are like this appealing, and any actions treat left his resplandor of inner character by means of, for this leaving me coming to feel as it has known the ones of fact. Caroline Law has comedy sprinkled everything during SCOT DISORDER, which cause nonstop laugh and a lot of delight to read. I am thrilled always when the series begins with such the book to reward, like six have casualidad further for me to be entertained.
4 / 5
A place of the identical twins can be delicate. Two insiemi can be the comical disaster, especially when one dips is boys and another lasses. And when one of some boys and one of a lasses hope to marry, especially when some other twins no @to give some opposite sibling is identical, also.

Has loved a book!
5 / 5
Entertaining And bobo, with some scenes of sexy amour have launched to a mix. Of course it has insiemi multiple of identical twins, and of course a resultant confusion never really has a reader that doubts an eventual tangled web will take aplanada was and the true amour there will be sucedido!
5 / 5
SCOT DISORDER is standalone read with the happy end. It is dipped in way of Scozia behind a day. An author does not give the period partorisca time reason calms want to bear you know is not an attentive accounting of the historical period. It is the romantic and calm comedy masters to direct in that. Has the sexy scenes and a tongue could be has considered colours. I think that that it is to be ape considered more than inappropriate. So much, according to your sense of humour to the equal that to like this would judge things. I have had the little bit of the question that comprises roughly words because I have not been to clear English but the Scottish takes on English. It is quite clear that comprises the one who bad when they are speaking.

Has the a lot of lusty laird with the number of edges. His woman has died several years and he never married again. All his edges are ladies in a clan and this looks to be a good to sew in this period. It has created All his edges is with which have achieved the sure age. It is the good father and looks a mother is also. All the world-wide looks quite happy and any one spends test. Of then all of his edges are around a same age - when the be has come from/different mothers come from, precise choose an heir. Some of some edges want to any one leaves partorisca take on some authorships to begin his clan. Some active has chosen already the profession. His all look to have his own ideas that loves out of life. A first requirement is dipping on is that his all have to that marry and a prime minister a to produce the edges will be an heir . Any one wants to marry but one. Oh, I have forgotten to mention that has the together of identical twins.

One of a neighbour was in a phase that buys sakes for a family when it fulfils Fiona. They have had a connection of instant and is spent a together day that speaks and falling for an another. They have promised each one which as another that they a day marries. They have not lived far of the each one another. As they are spent a writing of winter and falling more enamoured. When the Finn Gives has mentioned that his all the house the Finn was loved. It has loved to marry Fiona more than anything so that it was punctual to do it official. Oh, I Mention that Fiona was one of the together of identical twins?

This period of time is very different of modern time. His sense of humour and tongue is very different also. It is the good history and are sure some will find it a lot of comical. A history is entertaining and the enjoyed. To good sure would recommend it.

Has not been paid for this description. They are not the writer neither I know one. I am not kin to this author. They are the reader and ossia my opinion , at all more, at all less. 2/11/2021
4 / 5
Thanks the goodness for histories has taken! So many laughs in these courts, apes, entertaining the roughly Finnish history Oliphant and Fiona Maclan.
Can imagine having 6 edges, all been born during a same year but with different mothers? Well, ossia Laird Oliphant family! Oh, I have forgotten to mention that it also has the daughter the one who also has the different mother to a rest. It has to that it has been it a busy man!
Retreated To Finn and Fiona: there is the terracing of sizzling sensualness in this history that has not seen in the book for enough the while now. There is also some heat, the bit of anguish and to whole plot of the laugh that evokes the situations that involves identical twins and thats all go to say in this @subject to dread to give too much of a history was.
So only know that ossia the really interesting bed and to good sure recommend it!
4 / 5
All very sweet and pleasant and lighthearted. Finn And Fiona were like this pertinent and like this a lot . I know it is that the lady Reads was paralizaciones...(A lot of noise for at all). The sister of twin of Fiona THERE Is the character! In all the chance, this agreed of the cutsie, bobo and has amused ALREADY history that has had to weaves of playful the misunderstandings that goes in but at all spends until an end and then, kaBAM! Fact...
4 / 5
There is enjoyed a lot this book... But I think it that it could be it the little slow. A bit those that the time found looking advances... I have known something more interesting has had to spend punctual, and has done. This in spite of, are the partidário it big plus of Colgante Romantic, that are of Romance or Romantic Comedy. This was a perfect book to read on surprisingly, this was a day that read that. LOL
In general, some characters were very written and entertaining. A history and the locations were quite imprecise to dip a history without resultant part of a history.
4 / 5
A date of an idyll is not specified, but is clearly pre-industrial. A female goodness thinks his, “Could his subconscious surrounds his eyes in sound?”

According to Wikipedia, subconscious is the concept developed for Freud in 1893; turning some the eyes has been used for Shakespeare to indicate desire or flirtation but “the use along that goes eye in the negative connotation has not been to present until a @@@1980s.”

Sad – I has gone immediately my eyes in disbelief and the reading prendió.

Top Customer Reviews: The Saxon Lord's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
It has left other voices take precedence on reason ...

Oh Mina, the one who the heart wrenching history!
Left shaken, things like this displaced and would not have liked me like this too much.
Is dark, is wanting to, is flailing and stirring.
Still has read like this he long, the pages that fly an after another.
Prefers my histories partorisca be read hearted and easy partorisca my peace of alcohol, still have any remorse to having read this book, is the glorious and harrowing history of like this casualidad and recovery- I can not write cure, reason some characters will remain partorisca always marked for some chances that the door near.

Eloise Is the saint , would have to be canonized partorisca a purity of his soul even more after an agony has the lean data. Never she the free sound tempers, always looks in control. It is sincere to a failure, anything a prize could cost.
To the equal that Could Harald remains blind and deaf his goodness partorisca like this long, when it would owe that be worshiping some walks of earth on.

Has thought An Enemy in a Highland Yard for Celeste Barclay was a summum of the like the abuse could be, which hurt era.
Will not ruin this history but know you will have to that take while it follows Eloise and all some abuses faces silently, his boss has bent.

And while I can comprise reason Harald has reason partorisca be wary of women, but has done of an example reads it. Although it is again and again distinguished the one who bondadoso and that concerns his new woman is.
When A history has achieved the sure turn, has not seen any street partorisca redeem partorisca he.
To the equal that Could atone partorisca all his sins, anytime deserves that has had state admitted, doubting his anytime, that prefers to listen the snaky treacly voice that confidences that has in front of him all this time.

And because of him and his inability to trust or his need to believe a worse of Eloise, has dipped his in way of harm, do a plus times the victim of an unthinkable.

Be warned, is not the history to dip by all the world is hands, is not for a faint of a heart, this history will achieve his full circle but in a travesía, some characters will face challenge and ache, will be for ever changed and some trauma never for real cures . While the amour prevails, some pages are uploaded with hurt, sorrows and wounds like this deep for ever will be tattooed in his soul.
And yes, is the very dark history and he in timing be even more sinister. But in an end, triumphs of amour.
5 stars

𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗺 𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 onscreen there is detailed sex and lovemaking scenes.

𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 Abuse and sexual assault.
5 / 5
Takes your cloths ready! Have enjoyed this history immensely! Has the little quirks, like the few deceptions to modify, the time that spends of long way too fast or to the fortnight has turned to the pair of days but otherwise the a lot of very read! Very emotional and some action. A very bad type. Strong rich characters. I owe that say a last 2/3rds of a book had in of the tears was and on. Calm once the volume to a history is a lot of enjoyable. Especially I like him -it enjoys me the good tear jerker! Lol! Happy reading! Lori😸
4 / 5
An emotional roller-coaster walk of emotions! Left me breathless! 6 stars

Emily Reale rids the UNWANTED PROMISE of the SAXON GENTLEMAN has taken literally respite of mine was! I have devoured each pages and I could not taking the reading until an a lot of last chapter! I have read he in two sittings reason is the real page turner! They are sure, will take his readers in the roller-coaster walk of emotions, of the dark tone of the history of amour to the a lot of-crafted travesía of two good-looking souls. You will alternate to be sad and smiled for his wonderful characters. His travesía emotional near is really breathtaking and filled with ups and downs!

To ensure peace among Norman and Saxon, Harald of Wildstorm is commanded to marry Norman noblewoman has appointed Eloise. His future husband is the mysterious man with the dark side caused for terrible nightmares of a Battle of Hastings. His future woman is the sweet and sweet soul the one who is pursued still for his tragic past. Harald Is really a hero of alpha viril with Eloise and a lot of defects taken glimpses of the sympathetic man under his rugged outside and will look for to be patient with him. This in spite of, is naïve roughly Eloise and a lot fully trust. But when danger lurks around the his, will do everything to take behind! He be able to save his in time? It admits his injustices his? It can two souls helps broken each one which so another? Amur True be possible among these two tormented souls? Edwin, Harald The brother touches a function of entity in his lives. I expect that will have his own history a day!

A plot was developed well, some the secondary characters were amiably blended to a history. I have wanted that a period of time was Mediaeval, one of mine was preferred. Strongly it recommends his series of new Mediaeval Promises! A MUST to read! That can say, the one who the one of truth in amazing exceptional book! Amazing start! Grab The cup of caffè, or tea, the warm coverage and rig to be swept is gone in the glorious adventure! Level of heat: HOT! BEWARE, This series will be a lot of ADICTIVA!
4 / 5
Wow! Emily Reale is “the Unwanted promise of A Saxon Gentleman” will take your respite was like six catapulted in an emotional rollercoaster walk. No, no for a faint of heart, this dark history is fill with acting like this harrowing, duel, anguish and ache, still is like this state resisted spellbound, flipping pages, thinking surely has had a HEA in here to somewhere. They are always state fascinated for histories and the mediaeval history but these were Emily and the Real turbulent time is the history written well expresses this in colour full.

Two unfortunate is, surviving of the abuses of his pasts are forced neighbours to create an alliance. Harold Our hero is suffering PTSD of a battle of Hastings. I am not sure state that have to him legustado a history for some time but I could not taking the reading. It could comprise like Harold can mistrust women and all the world thus subject. It felt his behaviour to Eloise to be unforgivable. It was such the wonderful character the one who has had to that some way devised the way to take his situation in stride and hope for some better. It was well, class and that worries . Like the woman of his day can, has suffered in the silence that expects that a bit those that glimpses of abonos has seen in Harold someday develop the good and fond husband. In spite of him Harold has begun to see that reward he for real had in Eloise.

Some characters were a lot of crafted and has thought was. A dialogue was befitting a history. An iconography surprised and some emotions that has touched was during a history has been written like this extremely a lot was in of the tears in time. A plot was intriguing and has very developed. It was mesmerized and when this pair has achieved finally his felizmente never with which was deserved well and hard livestock for them both.

There is wanted in fact a history! I have wanted to Eloise included this in spite of in the time has wanted to shout in paralizaciones to touch to bellow against some injustices has suffered. Ossia An unforgettable history of amour, hope and treachery, and of a power of human endurance during this time to try. It takes the a lot of his author animadamente draws calm to some pages and have experience one each emotion that is portrait among a page.

Thank you So much Real Lady for this wonderful history where the amour for real conquers everything. With thrilling looks forward to to read a prójimo a.
5 / 5
Is emotional and that the painful mediaeval idyll was difficult to read partly a lot of. Both Harald and Eloise has suffered in some hands of malicious people and whilst Eloise has covered in his fear and adopts the calm gesture, Harald spends a horror of his past likes armour of battle. In spite of his treatment of his promise, Harald can not help but admire to devotion of his woman to owe like dulcemente wins in any only some members to touch maintain and a villagers but Harald also. In another hand, a warrior has forced to take Norman has promised or lose his familiar holdings is less than pleasant and was although one can sympathise with his ache, his treatment of Eloise is unforgivable. Inghilterra At the same time of William a Conqueror was the dark period in the history of a country and this novel amena out of some difficulties facing some Saxons. Although I shuddered in of the parts, was happy that Harald and Eloise has found finally the place for each another in his hearts and that a history comes to the happy and the conclusion of joy has fill. I have received the copy of this novel like the present and ossia my sincere and voluntary description.
5 / 5
This was one épico and well history to write of mediaeval amour for Emily Reale. The Unwanted promise of a Saxon Gentleman is dipped in 1066 and is book 1 in a series of Mediaeval Promises. A history was full of deception, trauma and secrets, and full of the passions have hid among our hero and hero. Harald And Eloise was strong characters , both with past traumas, his like this resplandor by means of but takes some time to take there for both of them, has to learn to trust each one which as another the majority of everything.

A history was full of energy, maintained captivated to see like his felizmente never with which would result.

Has received an ARC and ossia my sincere description.
5 / 5
Ossia The dark and disturbing history of amour and confidence finally triumphing on treachery & of abuse. That The herald is the hard hero and Eloise, extend it still extremely strong hero, the one who teaches partorisca love & confidence. His history was difficult to read in time, but some years that follows a Battle of Hastings was the period to add harshness. Die of the good people but a villain is vanquished. Amur And some sacrifices like this Harald & Eloise is has had to that do for each another is a true history . An epilogue is the memory that the amour is all powerful . I have received an ARC instead for a sincere description.

Top Customer Reviews: Highlander ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Maggie was the youngster of widowed lady still of duel after losing his creature and husband. The z/The uncle of Maggie, Grame Ross has been determined partorisca marry was collected like this how was possible. Morgan had not planned on marrying but he and Maggie have been taken in the a lot of comprising place. The appeal and the lust are the difficult way to begin the pair. Vaporous idyll During the time of politician upheaval. The history written well with the fast moving storyline, utmost characters, anguish in both his part partorisca different reasons. Thrilling addition to a collection of the Highland hearts Flown .
5 / 5
There is wanted absolutely this book. No like this very like this in the first place, but well all one same. Appearance in a next book Maggie is pregnant with the creature of Morgan.
4 / 5
Ossia The good history . I have been disappointed roughly listen more roughly the in the latest history. A lot
5 / 5
Book: Highlander Entangled
For Jayne Castel

has Revised for Barb Massabrook

Serious: the Highland hearts Flown, Book 2

Date of Emission: March 25, 2021

Global Indication: 5/5 Stars

A heroine of this book is an ache stricken Maggie Munro, the one who is barren and can not take pregnant with the bairn partorisca want to. Seat it will not discover never of the feelings of amour or passion never again, more now is that alive in desesperanza with his black hearted Uncle. His in the laws a lot included love car for the woman of his edges and his Uncle hates his niece with the passion and so only wants to be rid of sound. As Maggie self estimativa and feeling of self the value is the big fat zero. Now his wicked Uncle wants to marry was to any so only to be rid of Maggie! A wicked Uncle want to Maggie to be more question any sound! Like door the Inverness to some Joint of Rey. This in spite of Maggie is ready to discover his life is for transmission for a better!

Is surprised to fulfil the swoon worthy warrior in Inverness in the joint and Maggie of a King the life is ready to take the turn of entity. Sometimes the calm amour surprise when calm is not quell'expecting. Ossia Exactly that spends Maggie is when he fulfils a drool worthy, warrior Morgan MacKay! Still it has been it feeling garbled like this was unfaithful to his dead husband as it does not want to remarry. Any @@subject the one who his bad Uncle has thought. On Morgan has not had any interest in pair although there be enjoyed to flirt with the quite lass. Morgan was unusual for the man of this period of time, as has has not abused women or treat them like the be the smallest like the a lot of men has done. It has seen like this beauty, but also his independence and intelligence also. They are forced to marry but like this hurts stricken widow has reacted? It accepts this pair when @it gives his second husband wants to be together his very behind him? The readers can be a judge . Any that loves to spoil this history will finalise my description here.

This history there have been mesmerized to start with to finalise like the new reader of this author has touched absolutely my heart. The only desire has read a first book but calm obviously can read like this stand alone histories also. A setting was breathtaking, brilliant dialogue, detailed storylines, multidimensional characters and plotting paced perfectly. I have wanted yes this book and look forward to a prójimo one in this phenomenal series!

I highland hearts flown for Jayne Castel
Highlander has Deceived
Highlander Entangled
Highlander has forbidden- TBR 5/27/2021

Download of authorship: I received it complimentary copy and a copy of reader of the advance of . I voluntarily adapted verbalmente of the just description and blog. All the thoughts, the ideas and the words are my own.
5 / 5
Highlander Entangled
I highland hearts flown 2
Jayne Castel

Maggie Munro is widowed, barren, and looks to be at all but the load to his uncle felt. Still it is ailing a husband there is wanted and has lost. It does not love neither no attended never feel any class of passion again and would prefer to remain the widow, but then fulfils the good-looking Warrior in the joint of a king in Inverness and at all will not be never a closing again.

Morgan Mackay is a brother a young plus of a Makay cacique of Farr. It is to good sure not looking for the woman and a lot really feign marry. The joint of some results of king to be the tended gathering to say a less. Incredibly it finds irresistibly drawn to a lovely widow Maggie. They fulfil up in the offer to find his sister and arrival in the tavern having the little too many ales.

Like deals of Scottish King out of hard punishment to some north clans in sound of war, Maggie and Morgan launch precaution to wind a night and have the ardent fulfilling quell'arrived in something that his both am not wanted never.

Jayne Castel Door another fabulous novel that maintained reading long to a night. This novel there was the all, amour, deception, and happiness. It was vaporous and was hooked of one taking goes. I have spent also behind to some people fulfil in a first novel and the mine concealed he so better. Maggie is the sweet soul the one who is stuck with the z/the terrible Uncle that there is not wanted never. Morgan is the hard Warrior the one who has the sweet side that surprised really. I really like these Mackay boys. Crown Castel has written and incredible novel that is to be fill with the vivid details and I can not expect read a third book.
5 / 5
Widowed and barren. Maggie Munro has been fill with a emptiness of ache for two years. All while fending of his uncles comment cruel and tentativas relentless to marry was in man that'll has. Maggie loves is peace and liberty, but in reward it.

Like the edges the young plus, Morgan MacKay there is enjoyed his life in his terms and of the rests of only woman near is his congregation Wolfhound. Although the doubt will not marry never, still enjoys to flirt with the appeal lass. It is so only such one attitude that beats to his knees.

In a start Maggie is stubborn with the strong emotional shield. Precise closeness more than this ready to admit, which is reason his cariche excessive do his vulnerable to the charming personality of Morgan. It unfolds it among his serious gesture and his winsome the personality is a crux of this Highland idyll.

Some the big earths during a fifteenth century was the turbulent and dangerous place. If the clan has not struggled clan, then King James was to spend misbehaving clan the heel. Such is a backdrop of Highlander Entangled for Jayne Castel.

In this continuazione of a Stollen serious Highland Hearts, Crown Castel there is meticulously has researched some chances to disturb of a period and then deftly woven the to the rich tapestry of ache, guilt, honour and amour. A result is the for ever of history of amour.

Has contained 411: Although this book contains to swear very small, has very there is detailed sexually intimate scenes.

Disclosure: I have received an ARC of this book of an author. Voluntarily I am ridding my sincere description.
4 / 5
This fantastic book begins with the short useful recap of Highlander has Deceived that goodness
the this thrilling history of Maggie and Morgan.
Does not have only idyll but the bit of the political work among some clans is also in a plot.
A two fulfils quite abruptly and the one who takes on it the turbulent whirlwind
travesías to find his HEA; that finally does.
Trying the together law in the secret mission is when an attractive really begins included
this in spite of neither one of them loves the together future, but the things have the way to change an alcohol.
Hot radiates among a two, has treacheries, family of anguish, emotional situations, smoldering kisses,
intimacy, sadness, consequences, and so more.
This book has maintained my attention entirely with out that loses the word.
Has loved a heart to heart speaks that it turned it finally this to the 5+ history of star.
An epilogue was like this heartfelt and happy together with the bit of sadness.
Has done some characters look like this real. I chuckled in time and spill the tear or two.
Rest waiting for reading a prójimo in a series Highlander Forbidden.
Ossia The stand the alone history but is also more has read a serious on commanded.
Mature reader:✔
Intimacy before pair:✔
4 / 5
A harrowing and sweet idyll among Maggie and Morgan. Maggie poor the widow the one who is in the laws am not wanted and an uncle that despises. An uncle takes to the summit of some clans with a king to the equal that can labourer his out to a first sap the one who will take. When Maggie Morgan has fulfilled in the first place, was two alcohol. In the first place, it thought that it that it was good-looking and very attractive. As, it has had to that adapt the spurn any and all the advances of men. It has not wanted to marry. It is decidedly poured in his dead husband. Morgan has any plan anything to marry. It concealed any to touch that admires Maggie attractive. It felt bad for Maggie. These days the majority of some women of time was chattel and treaty like such. Morgan has not been of this mindset. It has seen woman like equals and partners. Because of unforeseen circumstances Maggie and Morgan are forced to marry this in spite of like this Morgan takes it more favorably that Maggie. I owe that confess Maggie was the ʙítčħ to Morgan. It thanks goodness Morgan was the man bondadoso and patient . The defences of Maggie were any party to the fond heart of Morgan and has broken down, has confessed his heart and has won an amour of the good man. A good bed.

Has received one there is Anticipated Copy of Readers of this book and voluntarily am leaving the description.
5 / 5
Maggie Ross has lost his husband two years ago and has sworn never to wed again but his uncle has other ideas and he taken the Inverness when a King calls all a Lairds to answer for his crimes. It decides so only it has to that take by means of a recognition without offers.
Morgan Mackay is the smooth tongued, good-looking highlander. It joins his brother when it goes to see a King and while there, look Maggie.
Is drawn near and when finally harm in the appeal, is discovered by his uncle the one who washed his hands of his. Left without the election agrees to pair.
This was the wonderful history ; takings to visit characters of some leading books and read roughly Maggie and Morgan is' pair. Maggie has the plot that goes in and precise comprises to help his cure, while Morgan is exasperated to help his partner.
A thoroughly enjoyable read, your heart bleeds still Maggie and Morgan is determined to do his happy but has to that compete against the ghost of his husband. I am loving this new series and can not expect for a next book.
I voluntarily received and has revised a copy of ARCH of a book.
5 / 5
SETTING: we are to take behind in Scozia in a 1400 east with these clans in sound of war , and unsettled reports with Inghilterra to one Of the sud. A widowed Lady Maggie Munro, forced to move behind to the his unloving the house of the z/of the uncle, is said has to that marry so that his uncle no longer will be responsible for sound. It accompanies to the meeting of some clans with King James of Scozia.

A wonderful mixing of real people, places and chances, spending in of the characters of his earlier history, Crown Castel has woven the beautiful tapestry of the history. One all-too human failings in ours H & h coming them the life, drawing to to the his lives likes them to them the history unwinds. A H & h does to win some questions in them this embrague of cause in his report, leaving his characters to mature. There are some vaporous scenes, doing this the pertinent work for adults.
Adds storyline, a lot-has has developed characters, blends history with believable characters, doing the wonderful beds that a does not love final.

Has received the free copy of this book via Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.

Top Customer Reviews: Shield-Maiden: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
After reading a prequel Under a Moon of Strawberry (which can take for free to join some authors newsletter) has known, has KNOWN this was to be an adventure that would fall enamoured with. I have jumped in this book a moment was available and has ordered a paperback; although it can not expect have finalised like this to read he in KU until my book has arrived.
This history is rich in mythology; the details have developed well characters, an amazing plot, adventure, tension, heat, passion, anguish, work, abuse, hurt, destruction, mystery and some Of the (and all this involves). I have taken lost in this history for the day and really, really does not want to gone back the reality. It can not love this history more. An author has taken such time and investigation to do this history feels likes read the really ardent account of history.

Tin a lot so only read this history, calms that has to that experience; calm does not give you any election. While a history is darkish, is more the historical darkness, the in front of the that these really have experienced populate and to the equal that has lived his lives. A brief system with thin a history surprised and (according to which can say) attentive. I have loved heat an author has directed to incorporate history to such the intrepid and saying history that is the alcohol that adventure of swipes and a walk of your life. Some characters are rich in of the emotions and strong in his thoughts; I have connected to them and he was yelling and rooting for them a whole time.

I seriously recommend this history and this series to any one looking for adventure of big quality, any strong characters, mystery, action, passion, desire, and Vikings. Really it does not improve that this. I have received an ARC and am leaving a sincere description. I also king-read in KU and has bought the copy.
4 / 5
Glorious! Melanie Blew was with this refreshingly impressive approximation, presenting this engrossing storyline and involving plot, kicking ass and taking names, that bursts this bad boy wide open. The satisfaction is a understatement, does not take any better that this. Anarchy, escapades and havoc career amuck, trace roughshod and that funds this together creature smoothly. Discovering the foray of work, intrigue, confusion, abuse, misgivings, unexplainable situations, danger and in quantity colgante, together with the boatload of secrets, while dodging calamities, the adventure that alcohol of swipes. Exerting The thrilling phase is, ramping on an exuberance and adrenaline with such intensity and precision, that blows this gem to the tailspin with the stupefying, eye-inaugural culmination. Forging by means of some tests and tribulaciones, together with amazing transfers, impacting turns and crisp lines, trying our characters in of the ways could have has not imagined never. Some characters are true and originals with qualities and shots this transforms the amazing personalities. Some scenes are strikingly treble with descriptions and of the abundant details, as to give you the sympathetic plenary and realism that flow smoothly. Remarkable work Melanie, give the graces to share this little type with us.

Are voluntarily posting a sincere description after reading a Copy of Reader of the Advance of this history.
4 / 5
Oh gosh!! This book pulled me in legislation of a start!! This was mesmerizing and all an impact of plus to my heart to having read a prequel! I seat it likes me quell'has known these characters like this well and seeing Hervor has treated like this terribly and endowed with such odd sleeps have done so only my ache of heart! Has such the beautiful spirt and can not expect see his sound and grow to the his destiny together in motion for Hate he! It seats like this saddened for as his grandfather has treated and like the alcohol of his mother has been broken. Has has wanted to which in spite of this all, finds fellow that has helped to form his destiny. Loki Has been looked is and I squealed!! It is my Nordic god very preferred and I amour like touches to a plot and his cheeky the attitude was expertly has executed! I am excited to see the one who a second book will spend!! The big chances are in some works!! I am expecting that we see more recognition of the and that Hervor will direct a way for transmission among his people. If it love Nordic mythology or viking knows to populate, this is to be write so only for you!!
5 / 5
I amour Melanie Karsak novels so many is any surprise that has been wanted to to take my hands on Shield-Maiden: under a Howling Moon, book 1 of the his new A Street the Valhalla serious. This book is, enough simply, extremely imaginative and superbly writing. There is so only that has wanted to comprise the plot adds. Frankly it adores Hervor and the amour that looks his take on all comers. I know little in Viking mythology as I do not have any idea like correct to an original this history is - but does not concern me . If a shieldmaiden Hervor, can be an inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien Éowyn (Absolutely fresh) then think more than deserving an up to date he counting again of his history, and ossia so only an author for the do. Any I still is “Viking the Historical fantasy” was the thing , but reason any when it is done like this well and with such the perfect star, and the mould of support of characters that is quite that surprises also. Enough frankly, this book is too easy to highly recommend. To good sure are that it looks forward to book 2.
5 / 5
Another book I amour of Melanie Karsak! Each book there is not reading never for his has sucked to join it to me history. I seat I like him there with some characters. You L heart will be to burst of amour, anger, sadness, hope and that loves more for everything. You recommend to read a novel before this one can the to you taken if bylines on partorisca Melanie Karsak newsletter can take he for free. A novel gives the big backstory with Hervor mother. This book is a start of Hervor life. The big transmissions are coming his way. I create some of them will be good and some no. is to good sure his mother and the daughter of the father. If it love strong woman and Viking choose on this book to the equal that will love a history. I can not expect for a next book.

Has received the free copy of this book has seen an author and voluntarily am leaving the description.
4 / 5
Has been the moment to the east has read of then Under A Moon of Strawberry!
Any father, forgotten by his mamma been due to the wave for some Of the and left to be domestic for the hateful and cruel grandfather.
Hervor Is cursed for sleeps of death and destruction not knowing reason or that lucido the father was.
Happy to see is finding the way to the better life and the one who is meant to be!
Has revised voluntarily this book of ARCH.
4 / 5
A beautiful viking one that builds world-wide,to some characters,ossia a history of men and women,his faiths,destiny,idyll and godly intervention. smartly Has presented,wonderfully has expressed! A pleasure to be that it turns page sure.
4 / 5
Thoroughly Wanting to. A mother that does not have any one the idea there is. A grandfather that annoy. And the desire for more. Hervor Sleeps of the magnitude is not matched reason sees around sound. A world is smaller that his hopes. And an only a the one who pay attention to his adorations a God of mischief. With adventure like the sleep, suspended around the each corner, and secrets everywhere, as it survives some changes that comes is surprising. I recommend to read a prequel (Under a Moon of Strawberry) so only to be presented to a world-wide described and like a past for real flu a present.
4 / 5
Melanie Karsak Do again! Have enjoyed each book of his leading series and am excited like this to be reading his Shield seriáis Maiden! I have wanted to read Under a Howling Moon! Some pages have practically has turned! The force of Melanie like an author is his capacity to do you really cured in his characters. It have involved emotionally during a book and I can not expect read a next book in a series!
5 / 5
Wonderful history that calm draws in and maintain you enthralled until an a lot of well. Some characters are complex and very done and a setting is rich and magically writing.
4 / 5
The one who the very written book. Full of intrigue, mayhem and Some Of the ones of old.

Like usual, has written another fabulous history to entertain some masses and I can so only left his know that it has it very appreciated his talent is. I took to the far was earth of Warriors, Maidens, & Of the, muttered of amour unending and the injustices that is righted. Until his next emission
4 / 5
has been the moment to the east has read of then Under A Moon of Strawberry!
Any father, forgotten by his mamma been due to the wave for some Of the and left to be domestic for the hateful and cruel grandfather.
Hervor Is cursed for sleeps of death and destruction not knowing reason or that lucido the father was.
Happy to see is finding the way to the better life and the one who is meant to be!
Has revised voluntarily this book of ARCH.
4 / 5
Wonderful history that calm draws in and calm maintain you enthralled until an a lot of well. Some characters are complex and very done and a setting is rich and magically writing.
4 / 5
I histories of amour of Vikings and some worlds of fantasy have created partorisca they. I have found this history partorisca be one that the could not dip dawn and are really that looks forward to a next book. I have read a prequel to the equal that dips a fund partorisca this book. I owe that say that have enjoyed really this book and I recommend this so that like this Viking histories. Any spoilers here, so only read the.
Has received an ARC of an Author and am leaving this Totally Sincere description because I choose to and has loved this book. Happy reading!
5 / 5
The one who a reading of history of thrilling mystery. I love a Viking of which come the life in the plot of appearances of a history. So many questions and have you to you guessing until the stranger has said the history. But among some questions and a stranger is like this like this more. Sincerely it recommends this book.
4 / 5
Ossia The spectacular history ! An edifice of character, a storyline, a richness of a half, is surprising and riveting. This history resisted and me feel so many things. I want to Hervor! I love a way Melanie says a history and comprises a way some of the meddle in mortals bolt.
5 / 5
The Or is an amazing character. His grandfather is still Notes it A Jerk. I have wanted to read this history. Some characters are marvelously created and inspire some pertinent emotions to them. I am looking forward to reading more than Hervor upcoming travesías!
4 / 5
Can not expect for a prójimo a. I want that a main character is strong! Also really it appreciates a writing and that depth have given. His emotional row is awesome. Usually a main woman is too soft-hearted or like this cold because of being the treated bad that takes like this long to leave another in. I want that a main character here is bondadoso and last a same time. A history moved unexpectedly :)
5 / 5
are Melanie Karsak defender. And reason am giving this 2 incident has to that go 5 stars another reservation which are like this better. This history could be be say in 5 minutes. It is not that there it is development of character, or passion, or same fund of quality. So only it falls slowly. Ugh. It was so that it looks forward to the new series for one of my favourite authors in the beloved gender.
5 / 5
Well, Melanie HAS more certainly done to again. A Shield-Maiden is the wonderful to follow to the bottom A Moon of Strawberry. I want to Melanies way to write and constantly leave me that loves more. They are to sucker for fantasy of historical/fiction, and once again remains to anticipate an emission of a next book. If you have seen Last Realms or Vikings, this rids no disapoint. I am enamoured Hervor and can not expect see that it unfolds for his in a next leg of his travesía.
5 / 5
This series is was at the beginning add. Some the main characters are utmost. His shots and the personalities are all a lot of-has developed. I found feeling his emotions many times during a history. Also masters like an author weaves history and lore with the dose sã of imagination to create the world-wide ossia easy to imagine.
4 / 5
Has begun once follow this saga, a lot of pleasure some Celtic histories, has not had any way could dip a book down. Melanie Karsak Knowledge of a time and some people whose histories weaves is the true blessing. In my way to a next volume! Thank you, Melanie.
4 / 5
Shield-Maiden: under a Howling Moon (A Street the Valhalla Rid 1)
Fantastic adventure
4 / 5
the mystery writes Amiably dipped in Viking time. Some characters are interesting and well has developed. Has-liked me this history and look forward to a next book in a series to see where an adventure goes
5 / 5
Very A lot of - I there be enjoyed to read this book and the recommend to another.
5 / 5
A fascinating law likes first book in this new series dipped on amiably for some adventures to come for Hervor a Maiden Shield.

Top Customer Reviews: Hero of Rome (Gaius ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
“Hero of Rome” for Douglas Jackson is the novel as it has related a rebellion of an elderly Britons has directed for Boudicca against Roman Principle, as seen by the soldato Roman.
Has dipped a year 59 AD, a history follows Grandstand Valerius whose order of a Ninth legion Is for final. One first splits of a book begins with this legion that besieges, assaulting and it destroying Briton city. This in spite of has protected wall of worlds of palisade and solve, a hard legion, the veteran achieves the fast victory, bloody that resulted in some usual Romans retribution- all the men are killed and some the surviving women raped and killed , except these women those who has struggled beside some men and was slain with his husbands. The boys and the surviving women have been taken like this of the slaves.
There is then a interlude of garrison has to that in Valerius' life , which resupplies time partorisca be entranced for Maeve, a good-looking daughter of the venue Briton the one who bolt in the power of the Roman / city built in honour of Claudius, an Emperor the one who has conquered a country. Valerius And Maeve results secret lovers reasons his friends Britons has despised some Romans and would force Maeve partorisca leave his lover and evasion to a field.
Some natives felt' disgust and hate partorisca a Roman principle that exploits to some to local people likes them to them the tax- impoverished serfs in the earth concealed was his once his own farmland has grown. Early, Valerius and his commanders listen of the presence ignored , calling she Boudicca, Reigned of a Britons, the one who is fomenting the rebellion and that gathers an army. Valerius , The one who was in his way the Londonium partorisca cruise for home , is take partorisca direct a Roman response to an enemy . It has to that face the army of vast enemy seething with fury with only the little thousand legionnaires. When A battle comes , the death comes with him.
Excepts some first chapters of this chair have mentioned on, A majority of some novel worries he with the life of a hero in and interaction with a Roman settlement where resides. Valerius Is the agent has consecrated, fair and in bylines- rid, respected by his soldate , and trusted for his superiors. It is the man that his have to that. We see his condition partorisca grow for Maeve good-looking and of his condition to him. Valerius Appealing the character is very conceived and writing; a reader feels connected . His subject of amour is almost idyllic. It could withstand a hurricane of warfare?
Is when Boudicca directs his armed against some Romans that some novel grips a reader in some of a more effectively scenes of thrilling battle in any historical novel. These pages are not for the easily has dismayed readers for blood and gore. A description of prójimo-fight with sword and spear waged in the period of arms is horrifying and obliging. Like being warned.
Here that. Finals of rodeo of the plot here to avert spoilers to a history.
Ladies .Douglas has done obviously his duties in that life could be like in the Roman settlement in the rainy, cold, Big Bretagna hostile of a 59AD. It gives an abundance of reader of Latin names for people and of the objects for verisimilitude . I thought that it that it was the bit overdone. A longish mid- novel romantic interlude has retarded things, also, IMHO. ( But like the male, prefers an action in a field of battle in a chamber.) Coverage blurbs has compared this book to those of Bernard Cornwell novels of Saxon -Danish- Viking war Historical saga According to which the scenes of fight go, the just comparison. But Cornwell the novels are more compact , and have impact More adds them. Still, volume at all out of Gentleman Douglas' novel a lot readable.
Recommends this prime minister in a series of nine novels that looks Valerius some Romans. “ The hero of Rome is complete in a sense of any one when being no the reef-hanger, but a reader is conscious fact that the life of a hero there will be more adventures.
4 / 5
This book is historical fiction . One in quantity of Boudicca and his armed of the warrior is registered, this book takes a view of of the this of the quota, of a boat, Roman grandstand, Gaius Valerius Verrens, that is fictional.

Before, slope, and an end of Boudiccas increase. Gaius Is in Roman grandstand the one who is 'fresh' and a lot fully comprise some ways to be the soldato until it is thurst to a place. It results the fellow to some of some natives, has the report with them. While having the among others roman disagreements, in an end his actions, honour, and be due to show of Rome.

Some descriptions are a lot very done. To good sure would recommend this book to another concealed enjoys to read in this period of time.
4 / 5
A soldato normal has pressed to a forefront of one of some the majority of significant battles in British history. The history adds, the fiction has wrapped around fact, and has learnt certainly to plot more in a Roman invasion of Big Bretagna that was to teach never in pupil. I have read this reserves the long time does and has done by means of to finalise a sixth in a series. Each book maintained has absorbed totally. My husband, no the lover of real book, arrivals to finalise Heroine of Rome; it could it has not dipped down and now it is beginning in a second, Defender of Rome. A whole series is recommended highly for those of the that there was mentido of interest in both history and likeable heroine.
5 / 5
An amazing history. Utmost characters, rich thorough and breadth. Masters some few heroes, despise a harm, and feel a conflict so that they are both . Accolades For a whole book could be die for pages - but some last 100 pages were riveting. I have run by means of each page any reason was in the haste, but reason have not loved to interrupt a minute of a chair and is resulted. Bravo! I can not expect a prójimo in a series.
5 / 5
Prime minister of mine Douglas Jackson novel which have chosen for a subject @@@subject. Any one bad but has had some defects of my point of stand. In the first place some pluses. Some characters are developed well although the small the predictable. Segundo some descriptions of a city is and a place of an earth has been done well although it would want to see more to an end of a book. An honour of way is touched up in both sides especially that of some veterans create taken the true sense of faith. To That that did not like in of a history has been was the predictable. I know it is history and is not easy any to be but in some movements of characters were the easy to predict. Some sciences of battle were has thought well was but way to fast in there of execution inside a history. This especially true for one hard those imports to battle which was the enormous victory in reality. Finally some terms annoy me to knots especially when one launches of word was used in report of a pilum. A pilum was to javelin any one spear and the Roman would not call it to spear. In general his value the bed to spend time.
5 / 5
I really enjoyed this historical novel of a Roman occupation of Big Bretagna. Like the young boy in Canada during a 50s, the British history has been taught and Douglas Jackson there is revived fascination of mine with a clash of civilisation that has taken place some early years of AD, or THIS eats is now has recognised increasingly.
Verrus Is the worthy hero and his adventures reflect a turbulent time of early Roman principle in Big Bretagna of the sud. His product of the word of some Celtic tribes spent them bolt, and his fairness to both sides there is enhanced my ready suspension of disbelief. Looking forward to a second delivery in this series.
5 / 5
Thanks god; no other procedural police, or lawyer of elegant test, or pair of Worse, or the book” of beach of “the lady, or pair of policemen of detectives, or people with supernatural power(s). This book, and serious, is fascinating the history said for the master history teller. Animate, Engrossing, obliging, Entertaining, that Thrills Battles, in Interesting Historical Figures, All a Magnitude this was Rome . If you enjoy any class of history, you banquet in this book. Do. The no. Spends. Up.
4 / 5
Has discovered this book for incident, read the, and has bought a series, something I seldom do. Well writing, packed with action and incredibly believable. An author takes a feeling, a treachery, a callousness, a politician maneuvering and a glory of ancient Rome. More I have not seen never for the novel has taken. It is done his investigation . The frames feels likes is with a outnumbered forces against impossible odds and merciless enemies. Arms and attentive tactic. Well fact!
5 / 5
Had not listened never of Douglas Jackson and his series of Rome, but has exploded the offer of low prize of the amazon, as they are always state interested in of the histories of Ancient Rome.
Like this happy I , ossia an excellent read. A book goes to detail add regarding a composition of some Roman legions, and an also painted author the vivid picture of Big Bretagna ancient and a brutal, savage way of this age. This in spite of, one there is detailed the descriptions do not hamper a flow of a book.
Feigns to follow on histories of Gaius Valerius Verrens.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed always roman Military histories good, both historical and historical fictions. Jackson the work adds of a last resupplying an interesting enjoyable the history and the character based in historical happenings. Also it resupplies the good reflection of both sides and some abonos and bad of both in place of too utmost to glorification of 'Roman magnitude'.
Remains to expect the reading another in this series.

Top Customer Reviews: The Norse Queen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
A Nordic Queen is the history partorisca captivate that has incredible detail in a Viking the age — can envision life at the same time and take absorbed in some characters' bolt. It roasts, a character of goodness, is involving and found me rooting partorisca his paralizaciones partorisca survive and have sucedido! An attractive romantic among his and Olaf transcends some centuries. Heid, A sorceress, and his powers were the part of entity of a history that was individual fascinating mine. Some finals to reserve of entities juncture and will feel the need to read a next volume. It would recommend this book to any the one who enjoys historical novels, but also to the rid of to the amour likes him Harry Potter or Ladies of a series of Coverages.
4 / 5
An author has done the wonderful work of his investigation and development of character. Like the practitioner of Seidr, was pleasantly surprised for the see a lot of-has presented. There is the riada of bad researched and writes Viking-themed novels in a phase. Ossia The jewel ! They are really that looks forward to a next book.
4 / 5
Fast-acting, investigation- of depth, layered plots, in interesting characters, and so only a right dose to return fantasy - which more could one master? An a lot of entertainment has read.
5 / 5
Romano that the interests have read in Nordic history. I enjoyed it enough to order books 2 and 3. Obliging movements to the long of in the clip.
5 / 5
There be enjoyed to read this book. It likes-me a main female character. Some transfers of plot have surprised. This book was unpredictable in some better ways.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Ossia the Scandinavian saga . That writes well, with the significant number of odd, ancient Nordic words, managed with such dexterity for an author that is assimilated easily and grieve to affect a flow of a history.

To That like him to him the majority in a book was his step – in bylines and in bylines, never deviating of a subject centrical. It roasts, a daughter of a king of Tromoy, is invited to marry Gudrod, a king of the settlement near. His insiemi of negation of the series of chance that change his life and some lives of all the world in Tromoy. The life in ninth Norwegian of century was hard.

Some the diverse settlements have spent out of frequent murderous raids in the each one another to take sakes and women of capture and slaves. His daily lives were influenced strongly for Hate, Freya, and a rest of some of the ancient Scandinavians, a sorceress, or Völva, having some ends have said in all have done. The animals have been sacrificed partorisca appease some of the in time of estréses or conflict. And faced with overwhelming odds in battle, they the human sacrifice still appealed to.

A book is historical fiction , but his pages are the solid prime minister in Nordic history of a period.

Highly recommended. There is the sequela, hips, that expects to read.

Has revised to Discover Diamonds
4 / 5
Nuanced, professionally researched, and thrilling. A Nordic Queen for Johanna Wittenberg is the scarce triple threat to your free time.

Nordic mythic the novels were all an anger roughly done fifteen years. This vary in quality, as when I have been approached with this title, was at the beginning bit it skeptical. Until I some laymen (google) investigation:

“Åsa Haraldsdottir of Agder was the legendary Norwegian Viking queen to Age regnant of an insignificant realm of Agder. According to sagas referencing a clan Yngling…”

He, an in question existed character, and after reading so only the few chapters in, has been surprised in a quality. We follow Asa, a future and Nordic of Reign of the title, in the coming-of-adventure to age to recover his birthright and avenge some chances that directs to be a last member that remain of his family. Work ensues, and is to treat to the winding mystical, sometimes included fantastical, history.

Wittenberg There is navigated the difficult street is that it counts again, turning obliging work while maintaining true to some details some big plus. Ossia The historical work . Ossia In time, the piece of fantasy. Ossia The history of amour with abundance of action and quite a lot of rituals and historical references to do the history nerd a lot troll he the oblivion. Besides this have found the fashion to write of a fantastic author. Touching to my original fears, has been concerned this book would finalise to be has bitten it oversimple; if it was to do the cliche fail any and judges for a coverage. It concealed it is not a chance. Some descriptions are wonderful, and really earth to help a plot. Besides, some characters are all a lot of-written. Included a main antagonist is sympathetic – full of any moral ash that a unforgiving the world requires.

Ahh, But at all never is perfect. Insanabile cacoethes scribendi. Latin, an incurable addiction to write, but applies here (has taken literally). The Nordic queen follows to to the the rhythm likes more than another, an old symphonic structure. A half for of the this is usually a place that is softer, sweeter; it tugs. This book is any exception . Also, I have not gone totally it convinced it that two characters (the aforesaid romantic appearance) would form the believable pair. Still, given a conclusion, this is not enough to really attack a book.

A Nordic Queen is the I a lot of-written and thrilling account. Wittenberg The writing is nuanced, descriptive, and vivid. His plotting, and storytelling is also glorious. It was happy to has been given an occasion to read this wonderful history, and fully create this book has all some ingredients keys of any good historical fiction and defenders of delight for years to come.
5 / 5
When One east looking for the quota, attentive and masterfully crafted history in Vikings ossia a a . In-pair of investigation of the depth with involving characters, a history unfolds with the rich texture that drew in and maintained in for a whole book. One touches of fantasy that develops is to be supported by some faiths a Vikings has resisted. Have enjoyed especially this history.

Ossia The must -read for this interested in the people that lived and has loved fiercely.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
An author has known sound to ancient Greece, comprising a state of women. We take partorisca see Jocasta the enamoured fall with the good-looking stranger, much younger that is as well as Jocasta boys. A politics of a time is dipped was and, depressingly, some results of several plagues. Prpers Having read a game, has known how has been supposition partorisca exit but an author has taken his own way with a plot. Lovely reading.
4 / 5
Natalie Haynes Way to write in the GIRLS OF JOCASTA is impressive in the transmission, Homeric way -- I was pleasantly adapted of Mary Renault tongue in the DATA of MUST of REY and The BULL OF THE Mar. Posits the reality that could underlain a magisterial, fate-laden life of the tragedy given later for Sophocles; easily we can think that his Jocasta and Oedipus, Jocasta brother Creon, and his boys are real flesh -and-people of blood. Somehow, this in spite of, is remained the feeling there is disappointed that there is not any goddess or Furies in Lady Haynes universe, so only bad regime. As that? You can say; but when reading in a famously ailing-the queen and the king starred of Thebes, would like me know that they have been condemned by something More adds them that they.
4 / 5
But has not known that adds. The sinister start was to say I history of amour. And I love the good history. Calm there the him. Ossia Both . Read a synopsis. Buy a book. Read a book. I thank more than evening.
4 / 5
A fascinating redrafts has imprecise memories of Sophocles play and a Anouilh and grieve Oedipus the look has read with trepidation. I have found a writing of good book and enough gripping especially to an end. A Afterword is a lot that interests too much spills it lighter in a history and evolution of some myths.
4 / 5
A history of Antígona and his family has condemned redrafted with emotion and beauty. For lovers of Greek mythology.
4 / 5
A lot very together of novel writing of plot concealed some Greek myths of Oedipus counting it again that explains that really it could have spent his and his familiar had been the real character .
4 / 5
An enormous defender of historical fiction, this took to the period to time that I have known at all roughly.
Has been transformed and the learning has wanted.
5 / 5
Bit it sad, tugs in the bit, but is really the lovely more along bed. Some progresses of the history in the park estimate as it agrees a plot amiably
5 / 5
am spending for all his books! The amazing writer and his characters fantastically are writing. One has to that read so that they love classical literature.
4 / 5
Natalie Haynes Counts again a history of Oedipus of a point of view of his woman and mother Jocasta, and of that of one of his daughters.

Plucked Of obscurity and forced to the loveless pair with Rey Laius, Jocasta finally resists the boy that is rasgado out of his in birth because of the prophecy. In his ache results the prisoner inside his palace, until the good-looking stranger ameno his informative that his husband has died. Of this point, some seeds of a tragedy are sown.

Haynes intertwines A history of Jocasta with a history of his girls, said by a young plus, Ismene. A inheritors of a curse familiarised, is condemned also to live in some shadows of tragedy further, which his uncle Creon causes.

Finally Ismene and his sister Antígona learn a truth of his parents' refinadas bitter.

Haynes' Version of Oedipus a King and Antígona is highly readable and suffused with starts and of the sufficient transfers for inclusos these familiar with some Theban games to be able to enjoy a history again.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I can not think that this book has not received more coverage of means comunicacionales (, rave Descriptions). Perhaps it is reason is British or perhaps reason Madeline Miller (correctly) sucks a lot an air of Homeric retellings out of a room. This in spite of, is the wonderful book that says a history of a Iliad and an Odyssey of some perspectives of some women have involved, of Penélope Cassandra and still Penthisilea (the Amazon). And it does like this brilliantly.

While a book is arguably the feminist approximation Homer, is not in any way the screed or manifest it. Enough, he his signal -- to a large extent, these women are so only the heroic like some men in sound of war -- for a simple and sincere device to add storytelling. Crown Haynes has said a history in some first and third people, of as that the one who a subject of a chapter is, and uses the wonderful epistolary device for Penélope, likes to write to his missing husband Odysseus grows frustration in his absence that has arrived never. But to all the cost of an approximation, strikes out of a park.

4 / 5
This book is to dull it rehash of any pivotal chance of a Iliad and Odyssey apparently of a point of view of some female characters. In reality, it is simplistic and absolutely predictable, and some female voices expósita of superficial, snarky commenters in a narrative regulates more than character with his own experiences and of the perspectives. A much better, albeit still a lot defective, the alternative is A Silence of some Daughters for Pat Barker.
5 / 5
Are the big defender of myth retellings and this a there is not disappointed, saying some histories of some women have involved in a Trojan War, and to a large extent averting Helen. The the evolution of Penélope has loved particularly by means of out some ten years of an Odyssey, and Cassandra admonishes, but has included some known characters smaller, everything there has been something to contribute, all has added to a side of toe of a narrative of some women and girls that remain when some battles are won and has lost.
4 / 5
Maynes Is darkly ape. His take on some consequences of a Trojan war of the perspective of some Trojan women animadamente portrays sweat plight. Some are like this bloodthirsty like his men. Another finds ways to maintain his dignity in a face of enslavement (or same sacrifice). It interweaves This line of main plot with two another -- as and reason some the ones of the Greeks have begun a Trojan War (his description of Afrodita and the reaction of his men broke on), and sound that counts again the ones of the smallest' the histories were new mine . The papers of Penélope to Odysseus likes failure to come home insightfully critical his investigation for (goes) glory--simultaneously express derision with sarcastic humour, frustration, and hot to Odysseus. I go to hunt to good sure on more than his books.
4 / 5
Finally the book that offered the different perspective to some full ancient histories of eternal glory for some warriors add of old. Finally the book that says some histories of the left behind women to any fate had planned for them. Astonishingly Writing, ready, moving, real. The calm frames ask you on a shortsightedness and shallowness of some estimate histories more ancient celebrates.
5 / 5
This was the beautiful that counts again of a Trojan war. Some characters were rich and some details fleshing out of the very known history was perfect. Highly recommend is one!
4 / 5
This was the present in the genealogist and avid reader. It has loved that. It said it that it was very interesting, very written, and exceptional histories. Highly recommended reading.
5 / 5
Has has loved always a history of A Illiad and An Odyssey of infancy when I found them in the first place in a Classics the reservations of comic have illustrated our father bought for knots, and has on followed like the adolescent with some poems. In university Latin classes, has read a Aenead of Virgil, those who was the latest inspiration to a poet Dante, and was his mate by means of a Hell.
Has finalised this book in two sittings: it could it has not dipped down.
Cups Haynes has done the masterful does to say a history of some points of view of some women those who has suffered in both sides of a history of a War.
His treatment of one has conquered the women of Troia is one the majority of powerful and harrowing, adapting me of Michael Cacoyannis' film of Euripides', esome Trojan Women', which will be king-looking.
Some histories of two women in the opposite sides of a conflict underline
Two mothers, Hecabe, queen of the defeated, ravaged Troia and Clytemnestra, queen of Mycenae, the woman of Agamemnon experiences fierce ache for lovely innocent daughters Iphigenia and Polyxena slain like this of the sacrifices to some of the. But for Hecabe, a revenge is for a last and younger of his 50 edges traitorously gives to some Greeks for an a lot of the king had paid to hide and protect. Both women take revenge, Hecabe for a surrender to some Greeks of his last edges Polydorus that it had sent it that to Polymestor, Rey of Tracia, to be hid. Oddly Enough, his revenge is assisted for Odysseus king of Ithaca the one who is an enemy , but the one who the sympathetic looks his. Still in the history of such horrible butcher is in sound of war, Hacabe revenge in Polymestor impacted to this reader.
Clytemnestra, Reigned of a blustering bully Agamemnon of Mycenae, bides his time, but takes his revenge with a help of his prime minister Aegisthius the one who is resulted his lover for a sacrifice/of murder of Iphigenia
A meeting of only failure is with a overlong the episodes have said for Penélope. That mostly he is to count again his husband Odysseus' history, a lot duquel tin a lot possibly know.
Would be it more be effective had said his own history, and more roughly that spends in a house after Odysseus develops that it is returned, I always found a history of a fate of a bit housemaids the one who there has been a misfortune to fall enamoured with some of a suitors unbearably poignant. The commentary of Penélope: will have the question that finds substitutions. It is one of some female characters the one who is for real powerless.
Included a nymph Oenone, one first woman of revenges of Parigi faithless she on the, when, wounded and bleeding, looks for his help.
In spite of, Crown Haynes has written the history to female force in adversity. Some women although some are situated highly in his cultures are powerless against some decisions of his men, but in his absence, a lot find his power; some find fury and his revenge with the unexpected power in of the women of his time.
Some of the, although present in a history, found like petulant spoiled brats roughly that plots to hatch against some a lot of people that adoration the, and this explains a history of an opposition of three of the for a golden apple in some hands of Parigi, spoiled prince of Troia, and a root of a Trojan War.
An author has done the long investigation and he aims in any narration.
4 / 5
Has been blown has gone by this book. As he lifelong enthusiastic of mythology and student of a Classics, always have some quantity of trepidation when chair to read the mythological king-saying. Respecto That at all written now can any never stand up to some original histories.
Miles Ships was like this very researched and like this a lot of paced that felt likes simply read an alternative translation of some histories has loved my whole life. Turning some histories in his bosses to give a perspective of some women were cut at all of brilliant. Listening some voices of characters likes him Penélope, Cassandra, and Clytemnestra was such the refreshing movement he in some chances there is portrayed in these poems. Listening Calliope chastise some poets those who have left out of means a history to direct so only in some heroes was to welcome rebuke . A lot some points have done in this book is thoughts has had of then I in the first place read these épicos on done 20 years and seeing these points in the impression incredibly is validating!
This history has been ready, harrowing, poignant... It was quite afterwards to perfection and it will go back his again and again.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
This book is the sequela to a book, Hero of Rome, which would have to read you previously to the east a. Continuous with some experiences of Valerius, a Hero of Rome.

In this book, Valerius is in Rome and summoned for Black and has said that has extracted he - that will impact his future (life or dead). His task is partorisca find a leader of the esbellious sect' known like Christians. His leader calls 'Petrus' or to a lot of , St. Peter.

A rest of a book is spent in Valerius' tentativas partorisca find St. Peter, his career ins with a Pratorian Guard and his harm and corrupt and dangerous leaders and his travesías to Seneca villa, a Danube and finally to a villa of Neros the woman familiarised external of Napoli. It is in this final location that a climatic fight arrives among Valerius and his men and some leaders of a Pratorian Guard and 20 of his men.

Black Is described properly like personification of bad. It is sickly gross, maniacal, sadistic, etc. there is no reprehensible action that is besides his capacity. In a signal, sexual start the Valerius while tug. In another point, he revels in some Christians that is eaten by lions. And then, he sickly enjoyed one that burns Christian the one who is joined to bets and covered with tone. Around the, as expected is further reprehensible the character that comprises his leader of Pratorian Saves more his second in front.

In another side, St. Peter is described like the strong but saintly individual the one who is a lot last to find. This in spite of, in an end, agrees to gone back with Valerius and be turned in Black reason there is threatened to kill 20,000 Jews to Rome St. Peter does not give up.

Has some critics of this book that has and a reason that pode any calm data has joined main mark. In the first place, a book describes St. Paul like the conniving individual the one who is in cahouts with Seneca - highly unbelievable, at least for me. As, a traditional history was that Black has pursued so only persecuting some Christians with which one that burn of Rome. This history all arrives previously to that. Tercero, a book describes that has had a lot of upper Romans those who Christian results this time, that comprises the woman of Black - this last element was hard for me to believe but fact for the good end of a history.

This in spite of, in spite of these critiques, recommends this book for any interested in the writing of Roman history in the animate, the way of action has oriented. If you are interested in this historical context, some draws of calm book in and maintains has interested.
5 / 5
To good sure lagged in quality in a prime minister, and has not been all this appreciative of a no like this thin ooh gee material of miracles. I also bondadoso of does not love that like this far, be anything another those heterosexual looks to be the sign of the bad and / or the person has condemned. But decent and will continue a series. I enjoy a setting and a historical detail, and there is enough emphasizes in all some characters and his fates to maintain some cartoons were.
5 / 5
I really liked a first book 'A Hero of Rome', very written, a lot of fact and really very interesting. I have then read few descriptions in a second the book has described more like this slow and the little has bitten to held. Strongly you disagree. In fact, have-liked me a second book much more that a prime minister a. I have loved an idea of Valerius Verrens be it forced for sleazy Black to find Christos and his defenders. It liked the one who Seneca has been aimed and of a travesía to find Christos. A history is interesting, changing and a lot involving. I think that that a writer was very achieved in like this objective some transmissions in of the Roman citizens when I am Christian result and like them the life has meant. A history is not so only Rome, but everywhere like the very successful fact and I really adds. I have bought all some books and can not expect read him.
4 / 5
To the left begin me this description to say that it likes them to them one 'Gaius Valerius Verrens' trilogy. Ossia A second novel of a trilogy in the Verrens is of tower to Rome after returning like the heroine of a mixed British. After reading a prime minister and beginning a third, my evaluation is that this one east a toneless plus of a three. This is surprising reason there is a rich more backdrop -- Verrens, a 'Hero of Rome' is present in Rome at the same time of Saul and Peter Santi of Tarsus and interacts with both of these fabulous character. This dazzling context has given certainly a potential for the wonderful history. Unfortunately, for reasons that can not nail down, has found this history to be murky, sometimes last to follow, and tedious in of the places, with a unsatisfying and a bit inconclusive final.

For everything that ossia the readable novel that certainly has something to offer. After my disappointment in a esadability quotient' of this novel I almost balked compraventa and reading a third novel in this trilogy. They are happy that I no, reason some third characteristic novel writing very better and is excellent. RJB.
5 / 5
Ossia A second book has read in a Roman 'Valerius' Serious, reason made a mistake to buy both 'Heroes of Rome' and this title, based in exagerrated descriptions. The books of Douglas Jackson are missing of an emotion that page of the turns of one has listed in authors. His books have it paucity of scenes of battle and is slow emotional. I disagree With a reviewers the one who compare to better authors.
5 / 5
This series amena calm to a heart of the Roman Legion. It is awe inspiring. Please read this series. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed in fact this book more than Jackson leading novel in Verrens. I have ordered a next delivery of Verrens adventures.
5 / 5
Ossia Mine less favourite of these books. It is very written and again an author creates the riveting world that you really can imagine. But I have not concerned me for a history, there is not an even feels likes first book.
4 / 5
Excellent pacing and involving premise, with references attentive historians. A dialogue returns a narrative with ease and is evidenced with abundance of forethought. A melding of storylines adds to a believability of a narrative.
4 / 5
Has read everything of the books of Douglas Jackson and found 'Hero of Rome' especially enjoyable. His sequela 'Defender of Rome' to the left disappointed me.

This book has been missing of an energy and passion that has done his leading novel like this successful. His main character 'Valerius' excels in of the scenes of the battle of magnitude adds. Such occasions have not presented in this novel. A storyline is predominately based in politicians and intrigue.

A subject @@@subject of an early Christian Church and his persecution for a Black emperor was the subject reasonable to pursue but, an author would owe that enter such the subject highly sensitive with precaution and especially when such an author is has had to that to add a 'author' licence' to these historical chances.

Is clear that in some disagreements of early church have taken place among Paul and Peter in an inclusion of gentile to a faith established for Christ. But, the disposal partorisca portray of an author Paul, the ready participant in a capture of Peter, knowing it would be execution and torture gone on down the decree of an emperor, is the licence of an author taken too much far.
An author of fiction takes a same licence with Muhammad and an Islamic faith?

Remain waiting for the next novel of Douglas Jackson where his main character 'Valerius' can be portrait in his better, in of the scenes partorisca battle threatens it Imperio Romano.
5 / 5
A writer looks any partorisca want to think that jaded some novels was. If you have read these looks Tiberious was partorisca lose comprised aand no the bad of the person. It looks he likes has not researched enough to of elderly roman writings or so only does not believe them . I am reading Robert Fabbri Vespian the serious and look more real. Lists some the old roman writers is doing was.
4 / 5
This could be a book of the fiction has better read in ancient Rome. A plot is interesting and gives a reader an idea that could it to it have been likes to be forced to the service of Black. A plot is believable and that interest also. Highly it recommends this book.
5 / 5
The addition adds to one in general all the history of our hero,this time dipped in Rome and spending in a political intrigue and a power of an Emperor , Black. It has maintained still my interest of an extreme to the another with a threat of the arbitrary intervention of Black every time and a challenge some faces of heroine to try to do the duty of soldate and a thing 'right'.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this book immensely. An upper writer that takes behind in time. That has been he likes behind then I always marvels. I think that that this writer has imagines era. I took behind the time and ossia the one who the utmost writers are suppositions to do . A book and saga that does so only concealed.
5 / 5
A tiny bit dulcemente in a start but ossia one of some historical Roman novels better has read and has read the plot. Excellent.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed this book. Like the sequela, a house of author in a development of a main character more than battle and scenes of military history. While there is still treat adds of action, has the emphasis More adds them in Valerius' deep dynamic and familiar. You see that it influences of infancy and forms a base of his character.
In this sequela, Valerius experiences anger, fear, depression and ache because of some physicists, emotional and spiritual challenges types. This gives depth to a main character and he does more human and more likable, in my opinion. I am looking forward to a prójimo novel involving this character.
4 / 5
In general a history is very good. It says it has been written for the readers the young plus and I was able to take by means of a book a lot quickly, but concealed has not been the bad thing. Have enjoyed really a book and has had the hard time that dips it down.
4 / 5
Jackson continuous impress with a history and a fashion in that the write. Some characters are very clear-cut and has been excited to follow together with this individual storyline. The work adds!!
5 / 5
A plot illustrates an absolute power that the leaders of Rome crave. It is not very very different of modern politics'. So only diverse slightly in a level of cruelty...

That really impress me concerning this trilogy is Jackson qualified partorisca describe each weapon, tactical and consistently battles in a detail a plus end. The gentleman does well!
4 / 5
The history adds and a lot well has presented. They are sure I will read never reserve this has written.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca follow until hero of rome. Always the like partorisca read the books have taken.
4 / 5
Verrens Is struggling time in the mission partorisca find the underlying man for his defenders. Some bets are big and Verrens has powerful enemies.
4 / 5
Exceptional historical fiction. Jackson humanizes some characters of a inexplicable was. It was our Roman ancestor civilised or savage, glorious constructors or vicious destroyers, soldate brave or raw killers? Yes, Jackson convinced, was all of an on and more, much more.
5 / 5
Has read a three of some serious and has begun some advances. Like this well it likes him Bernard Cornwells serious of ladies pay.
4 / 5
Gaius Valerius Verrens Is returned in Rome after surviving a brutal Boudiccan Disgust in Big Bretagna. Although his emperor, Black, there is bestowed his a crown aurea, pronounce the heroine of Rome, Valerius finds the yard of Black has fill with treacherous men , ambitious those who consider the threat to his sleeps partorisca be able to. Also it finds his sister in a flange of death of the illness partorisca persist and his strangely far father. All wants to is to return to some legions now that is to be return with the fist of walnut to substitute a hand taken of him in payment for his life for a woman once wants to and a Iceni nobleman he fellow called once.

But Black is the creature of perverted fascinations and toys with Valerius, while it adds the hero of Rome to his stable of conquests. So many, Valerius spends his days retraining to result the left-handed swordsman in the school of local gladiator, while to somehow convinces an emperor to reward with the new army posting instead.

A day, summons to arrive and Valerius is surprised to learn of a Praetorian Prefect that is to be attribute a task to find a place to hide of Petras, the defender of the crucified Judean rebel called Christus.

Ladies Jackson had said to join me book of second was quite bit he different of a first book in a series, as to arrive to this point has has had reservations in a direction a history was. I have had bonded with a protagonist of warrior in a first book and I certainly any one have loved to transform to the meek pacifist. But, as it results, I have not required to concern in that. Valerius' Investigation of Petras is resulted the tense cat and game of the mouse complicated by some endeavours of some powerful Praetorian Prefect and his bad henchman to spy in Valerius to the equal that can remain one gives one at the head of him and finally take Petras his to garner a lot of laurels that is to be Black had to and hopefully destroys Valerius in a process.

His treachery is not some only forces that reads against Valerius neither. During his investigations discovers his old neighbour and tutor, Seneca, has creations in Valerius and the properties of his familiarised also.

Likes Progress of investigation, Valerius inadvertently develops some highly the members have situated of a Christus the taken and is horrified to assist the disposal of Black of some members of cult in the gruesome orgy to stab teeth and seering llama. Valerius Begins to abhor his task, but is threatened with a destruction of his whole family if any continuous.

Remarce Historical - Faustus Cornelius On Félix, the descendant of a famous Roman general, Lucius Cornelius On the, has been executed for Black in 62 , although it was cut down for the killers have sent for Tigellinus dinner, no in a way described in the history of Jackson. It was also any one the beautiful, gilded-haired youth but ash and balding at the same time of his death. It is said that Black tease some rests of some patients-fated On the boss, like the boss has been maintained in a palace for the time, in spite of a fact that On had been it married to an Emperor Claudius' daughter and On the' the grandmother was the niece of Augustus, do officially the member of a July-Claudian dynasty.

Also, in some signals in a narrative, Valerius results conscious of a torture of the patrician noblewoman has thought to be conspiring with a Christus sect. A woman is resisted in some deeper recesses that a Praetorian prison and, although such clandestina the torture has arrived , the torture has not gone typically used against some Roman citizens, especially an elite, in a prompt Imperial Period. A protect of Roman citizens against pre-condemnation the torture was ensured essentially for a lex Julia of has seen public, has spent reads it during a Republican period. East protects has not gone significantly eroded until a Severan Period.

'While the only slaves could be tortured like suspects in his own crimes, a constant of basic principle is remained, at least of Augustus to Hadrian, albeit has abused in maiestas inquisitions, that no the free Roman citizen would owe that be tortured first of condemnation' - Janne Pölönen, Plebians and Repression of Crime in Imperio Romano: Of Torture of Convicts to Torture Suspicious

Finally, Black watchtower to kill Valerius and everything of a Judeans Rome if it does not take Petras interior ten days. One the climax tended is each one has bitten like thrilling and finally gratifying like this Valerius' defended courageous of a Temple of Claudius in a first novel.

Once again highly recommends this book, a second in a series. The characterisations of Jackson are absolutely vivid. Black has done my skin crawl. Like this, the sequences of the action of Jackson is perfectly choreographed to maintain a reader in excruciating suspended until a last moment and some transfers of plot maintain you guessing until some final pages. They are like this hooked on Jackson is 'Heroine of Rome' this I already there is headed book three, Avenger of Rome!
4 / 5
Gaius Valerius Verrens Is returned in Rome and is done the hero Of Rome for an Emperor, Black partorisca his actions and bravery in Big Bretagna. Of course when being in Black spotlight is not always the good thing like Verrens discovers after being be ask for Black and then given an almost impossible task, prendiendo Petrus, a leader of the informative religious sect that threatens to undermine politician and Roman society.
An author has given the history of a lot of intrigue and has populated a line of main history with a lot of obstacles for Verrens to negotiate and livestock in this thrilling sequela. While a first book was of the military mindset, this one is more than the history of detective dips mostly in and around Rome he. Cela In and of aims the capacity to move of an author his main character to the situation that involves different skills while building in some lessons learnt and the confidence obtained in his earlier experiences.
A history to turn of the page that spends a face to face with politics to be able to, religious ardour and a fight to satisfy the capricious leader, sincerely recommends this book and series.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed a leading book, 'Hero of Rome', but have any massive differentiator, and has found a hero, Valerius , never like this slightly bland, but a book finalised with him slightly has broken. As I have on elected 'Defender of Rome' with interesting to see where an author was with a character.

Valerius Is of tower to Rome, mentally and physically fraction but recognition of his actions in Big Bretagna has spent to the unwanted attention of Black. Black Is crazy, bad and dangerous and insiemi Valerius an impossible task, to follow down a leader of some Christians that sees like the threat to an Empire. Like this ossia the dark and dangerous history and one will be unable to predict where is by train to take you. Valerius Is among the rock and the hard place, is forced to do the things do not want to and looks that this in spite of is manipulated, the people loves probably will finalise died. The majority of novels that play with a subject of the centrical figure with the integrity and the determination always leave a last now ready evasion, no like this this one and ossia that now he Valerius the far more complex and interesting character. So that like the bit of the action there is also abundance of that but inside the dark and dangerous political landscape. A history to grow the Christianity in Imperio Romano has given an interesting and complex dynamics to a history and Douglas Jackson has populated he with the row of detailed and diverse characters.

Darkness, has thought to cause and recommended.
4 / 5
Liked Really read of this book. It was súper! Some characters were utmost. A history adds. Some scenes of action were of sound. It root for a main character in this book, which is the good thing . Has-liked me this book read it so much the second time recently. If it likes-you the historical fiction, if it likes them-you the histories roughly Rome, read this book! You will acclaim for a main character. Has defects, has weaknesses, also has the qualities add, and will like you!
5 / 5
A light transmission of a first book in that his plus in a politics in rome that big battles. But still a lot of action - recommended.
4 / 5
This has been súper the book with the history adds and abundance of action. Have enjoyed he of an extreme to the another.