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1 first Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (10ft), MFi Certified for Flawless Compatibility with iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5 / 5S and More(Black) Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (10ft), MFi Certified for Flawless Compatibility with iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5 / 5S and More(Black) By Anker
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2 Anker 6ft Premium Nylon Lightning Cable [2-Pack], Apple MFi Certified for iPhone Chargers, iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5s, iPad Pro Air 2, and More(Black) Anker 6ft Premium Nylon Lightning Cable [2-Pack], Apple MFi Certified for iPhone Chargers, iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5s, iPad Pro Air 2, and More(Black) By Anker
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3 best Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable (3ft), Probably The World's Most Durable Cable, MFi Certified for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus (Black) Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable (3ft), Probably The World's Most Durable Cable, MFi Certified for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus (Black) By Anker
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4 [3 Pack: 3ft/6ft/10ft] Anker Powerline Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified - Lightning Cables for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6s, iPad Mini / 4/3 / 2, iPad Pro Air 2 [3 Pack: 3ft/6ft/10ft] Anker Powerline Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified - Lightning Cables for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6s, iPad Mini / 4/3 / 2, iPad Pro Air 2 By Anker
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5 Anker Powerline III Lightning Cable 3 Foot iPhone Charger Cord MFi Certified for iPhone X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus and More, Ultra Durable (White, 3ft) Anker Powerline III Lightning Cable 3 Foot iPhone Charger Cord MFi Certified for iPhone X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus and More, Ultra Durable (White, 3ft) By Anker
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6 Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable (6ft), Probably The World's Most Durable Cable, MFi Certified for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus (White) Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable (6ft), Probably The World's Most Durable Cable, MFi Certified for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus (White) By Anker
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7 Anker [2 Pack] Powerline Lightning Cable (6ft) Apple MFi Certified - Lightning Cables for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus, iPad Mini / 4/3 / 2, iPad Pro Air 2 Anker [2 Pack] Powerline Lightning Cable (6ft) Apple MFi Certified - Lightning Cables for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus, iPad Mini / 4/3 / 2, iPad Pro Air 2 By Anker
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8 Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (6ft), Silver Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (6ft), Silver By Anker
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9 Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (3ft), MFi Certified for Flawless Compatibility with iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5 / 5S and More(Black) Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (3ft), MFi Certified for Flawless Compatibility with iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5 / 5S and More(Black) By Anker
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10 Anker USB C to Lightning Cable [6 ft Apple MFi Certified] Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable for iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max / 8/8 Plus, Supports Power Delivery (for use with Type C Chargers) Anker USB C to Lightning Cable [6 ft Apple MFi Certified] Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable for iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max / 8/8 Plus, Supports Power Delivery (for use with Type C Chargers) By Anker
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Top Customer Reviews: Anker Powerline+ II ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 By Aracely
It take a true ANKER Line to Be able in+ II 10 ft. Cape in the gold and the cape of dud red bundled in a ANKER box. Both focuses in a box with a red cape there was been of open cut, one focuses inferior in a box has been rasgada was, a cord has not been closed in the plastic stock exchange, had any Velcro the strap embroiled around a cape, and had any number of serial. As you Can see in some photos, a red cape is clearly any one to to cape still likes him to him the cape of gold. A red cape does not match any one of a ANKER capes I own which comprise enough the variety of period and ways has sold in a past 2 years.
1 / 5 By Almeda
It can 2018: the product has done adds for the month and then suddenly prendido to do. I have achieved among Anker and issue me the substitution, only very sure that time this cape will last. This produces in fact has lifetime guarantee but and does not listen likes him take substituted the each little month.

Update! August 2018: A cape of the substitution has exited now! I am in accordance with other users that some pins of metal in a look to upload against the turn was or turn grayish and any mark of small movement while a telephone is touching causes he no in loads. Another message at random locates my telephone is that it is this cape is not compatible with iPhone (something what). Anker To the service of client likes him returns and of the forwards every time asking has tried using another cape and asking number of serial... As it take it the moment to take the substitution so that they only response each which how 24-48 hours.

Remarce: This spent in the mine regulates Anker capes and at the end a guarantee has run entered these like the service of client has suggested that buys this one with the lifetime guaranteeed. As it is it likes him fulfil coming defective the products and have me only does raisin more the money buys to buy the new product with lifetime guaranteeed. I have used to be the big Anker adherent but now not even is recommending he in of the friends or familiar anymore.
1 / 5 By Will
It edits: taken the substitution and a same thing are spent the second time. The additional photos have attached. This time was worse and a white piece has broken was also.

Waste of money. This clip of metal of the cape in a tip of a final male is exited in my port in load. Careful Be shopping this cape.
5 / 5 By Tyisha
I have bought this was Amazon last week. A week of normal use all can say is "Ahhhhhhhhh" so that it is very good to have the 10ft cord of lightning behind in my life again. State using the fund 6ft cord of noodle for the while now that is state adds, but is not 10ft. I will try to upload beaks tlphonique in this description after a fact, but for now here is a lean. A cord is quite two in three times a gauge like OEM cord that the roads of apple was. It IS more to the long of the to the some lines likes them-them USB-C cords that has to Anker. An USB and the ends of the lightning is built incredibly robust and robust. A resplandor of a case is very smooth and an annex of the rubber and the protective line are a lot of to please in you toes. It listens and looks well.

Operation: After the solid week to use some laws of cord as well as an another PowerLine cape this has used in a past. This PowerLine+II even so it is built to be more robust that included a model an old plus. Flow of power in my looks of device to be constant and with the lowest cords. I know in a past has seen better action with the lowest cords that longer ones, but these some looks in of the parties. A core of a cord is very flexible. In other cords some cores tend to be rigid and no very flexible. With anker cords, container and weaves his cords to be very flexible to conform curves or odd corners.

Use this cord now for when is gaming in my telephone. Mina other cords that has used sometimes listen likes him go his to break when at stake. Like the conesure of cords, will say you that is to say the sake or and estimates a money even more so that anything main or equal prize would find in Compraventa Better, Walmart, or any one another vendor that details. Each cord has not bought never pauses of retail tent and craps was afterwards the month or so much. You Anker the cords will last a test to time while any purposefully the pause.
4 / 5 By Alona
More looking capes around and available in well of long period. They have used to be add and I amour anker is other products and they very wowed me punctual on when issue me the defective upload and has substituted then he without me asks.

These capes are supposed to be unbreakable and has crossed two or three in some last six months. I take the message in my tlphonique this says is not the device backed and then my Telephone in load.

UPDATE: anker has the lifetime guaranteeed in these capes. Only full out of a form in his web of place and the new a apresamiento mailed has been in you. I bad the mamma my cape broken and concealed has to expect the few days but honestly a lifetime the guarantee is sum .
5 / 5 By Celine
If you are I how me, has been burned by a lot of different touching capes. I have learnt that the cheap capes are cheap for the good reason: typically they lacking to be recognised by quite a lot of devices hurriedly. Included some pricier a tank. But have very been impressed for mine Anker capes; they are a test of time.

HAS it fabulous collection of Anker capesvery so that they have failed, but so that I want to having different capes for different purposes (the plus a more acclaims in our device-the house filled and when travel). I favour some braided capes, which winery until one yanking abuse of my two boys. I appreciate when Anker done of the improvementsand with one Powerline+ IIand take an even more the robust cape and the fastest load. The tan when looked for the long capes (so that the heaven forbidden that necessity of boys to seat near of in a touching hub or each which as another moment in his respective devices . . . ), I a bit looking around, but hurriedly has resolved in Anker capes of 10 feet in of the red and now very (acequia' of the elections by heart). We are all very pleased with some minesame capes hubby! Some boys listens less tethered in something concrete in the room when in his devicesand also helps when trip. For example, we take some trips of road when some boys was in a road-back of a van and could limit us in the canal to upload against a front of a van with these low capes a centre of a second row, among some chairs of cube (any one necessity to burn banks to be able in!). Some boys also could touch his devices while using some devices of virtually anywhere in a room of the hotel or his room in hiring holidays, while another was bonded prpers prpers that it has to remain near of in a touching hub.

Some capes come bundled a lot of (while it is to level for Anker products) and with him velcro strap for the storage that/allocutions his period when is not into use or when his full period is not necessity. Different versions a low plus (which also has), is or does not enter the zippered if (so that the need when being the big case . Hahaha!). Has my own zippered pouch this use for capes and of the banks to be able in in all the case, so that you are not the problem for meand one velcro good law. A cape also listens substantial and controls until the sprain that/crimps (in fact, he very easily crooked, which are utmost. Easily it can bows with one velcro, but is not the dinky cape). I gotta said, also, aesthetically, Anker done any sake-lookin' capes. We want to be able to choose different colours and all some colours have chosen some years have been appealing. I am especially fond of a red and compraventa in addition to gold recently. In general, another adds Anker produces this has enjoyed during month and before use of look in a long tug.

UPDATE (July 2019): Our Anker the capes still are going strong in spite of daily abuse and a lot of trip. Matched With the fast that uploads hubs, winery in better these capes of original Apple. My husband, this tends to buy cheap capes, has been through a lot of this failure and the need that is substituted while one Anker some some boys and I use to maintain to do and does not fall averts. Solid inversion in me!
5 / 5 By Lashawnda
A Anker PowerLine+ II CAPE of Lightning (10ft) that the experience is absolutely fantastic. If all the products have been built like this, then washers and the dryers would be low drawees of generation in generation. This thing is built like the tank. Each cape here in the Ranch Relaxes has been embroiled up in cape of plastic torsion those covers to maintain some pets of interior to chew in the. We no same problem embroiling this cape. Some cats are come on and has had the little chomps in a cape and left to try matarprpers. This am ADDS INFORMATIVE! From now on, when I need the new cape for something goes to verify of a Anker first catalogues. This cape has done the very positive impression on me. It is spent a test of cat.
1 / 5 By Paul
A Anker powerLine screwed a mass up in my iPhone 6 More. I have taken my iPhone in a tent of the apple and they have said could not be fixed ! I am returned a powerLine back in amazon. So that I am returned a cord behind in amazon, Anker has said could does any me anything to help. The May would recommend purchase anything of this company of stock exchange of the sum, Anker !
1 / 5 By Laticia
Him me Like his a 10ft of period for my Air of iPad while chair in yard. It does not want to purchase a very expensive steel coated capes, as I have resolved in this $ 20 has thought of the cape is expensive, therefore it has to when being of wail very calm.
Even so, has remarked a bit fray in an end to cover small. The electrical tape situated in re-request prender a fray. After 5 weeks some small covers is exited. The picture has attached. Very appreciate it the substitution in this time any colour will do.
5 / 5 By Suzi
If you do not think that buying the 10ft the cape of iPhone will change your life, please maintain reading. I have had anteriorly the bought the 6ft cape, in that could pose it through half my bed of queen and comfortable use my tlphonique whilst the touching. But it OPENS, it can pose in an integer another side of a bed and do a same. Also, this enters handy when one outlet is in an another side of a room for some reason, and calm only very required to touch your tlphonique but is not able to leave he through a room and of the roads of part with him for the low quantity of time. So much, partner millennials, only purchase this. Calm any lament a 10ft cape! But can give it concealed has an addition in your iPhone.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker 6ft Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5 By Jarrett
Another Anker cape that any last long. I have believed whenever Anker was a better cape that could buy calm in a piece but the man was bad. These capes are really some same likes to buy a lot another locally. It does not expect anything more than the few months to come from a Anker capes.
5 / 5 By Laila
the rabies contacted me and issue me the substitution. Good company always to continuation well of client.

Buys for my iPhone all of Anker. I have bought these capes also before. They are well, durable, but for my surprise those that took afterwards 10 days my iPhone 8 More any one touches properly, my iPhone does not recognise a cape from time to time. I change telephones to see if my telephone was a problem but he same uses an iPhone 6 of the work and a problem are still.
5 / 5 By Shalon
State purchasing and trusting Anker produced for years, and this cape is any exception . More durable and longer that Apple OEM cape, in the fraction of a prize. An only thing to look has been arrests is that a plastic base in a connector is slightly fatter that Apple is, as it is possible that some cases could have a subject with the tight access. But another that this would say that this cape costs each penny.
5 / 5 By Huey
It conceal I do not need an extra that cape of load? He bonded with this mark, so that they have been well in me.

Has left expensive he, more the subjects with capes/of Lightning of the USB the organism that comes from/come from that his insultyanking, twisting, any prendiendo attention while we are trying to eat the sandwich, the walk and is necessary to our mother behind. It does not think has any cape that totally withstand our carelessness, but this writes the good work.

Has had 3 of these in a past and is quite indestructible. This cord of smooth tissue is the plus ; to to the sound likes him is living the deluxe of life.
3 / 5 By Valeria
After years to buy capes for products of Apple with problems of zeros, the looks found another road in disorder with us. Some of this load without the problem those uses any usb port. Some touch only that use a box of Apple. Some no never. Some work until pause to verify, then surprises calm out of a blue and calm say you can not being compatible, after they have been used very time on the way very compatible. That is to say some of all some marks have purchased, so cheap and big quality. These capes look for to be in a category of big quality, as I am blaming a problem in an Apple to monopolise company, this rebuffs to do long capes, but finds the road to maintain you to use some facts for other companies. It advances and try these, probably will find at least a combination to do since you. The sides of long capes a tentativa.
5 / 5 By Emma
It take the set of cheap capes that utmost facts during the month. It spends the small more money and takes the product of good quality. Anker The elements did not leave me never down.
1 / 5 By Noella
I have wanted to to have additional capes to touch my iPhone. This experiences a so that it say that it was certified for apple and has used these products of marks in a past. I am not sure what MFi has certified in fact the averages so that my telephone maintains to say am a unsupported device. It orders an Amazon Basics cape in a past and work well.
5 / 5 By Josphine
I have bought this group of double together load and has has wanted to it! I want that it is certificate and has the braided. These were some two things looked for and a reason has bought the east unit has purchased this behind in October and in the February there has been a subject with a cord. I have contacted Anker has achieved quickly has been in me and has substituted my cord the week. You are a service of better client ! Tan hurriedly, And very cosy. To well sure only it buys they from now on.
1 / 5 By Rayford
These capes look very robust and backed for fasts of touch. Alas a failed in less than four month. Which are quite sad to consider entered the two group and I change among the three capes likes them where is touching. My cape of the mark of the apple is 2 years old as I am impacted has been hard these purportedly capes to have that has weighed. They would be the five product of the star had lined in better. I will update my description if a guarantee is solid.
1 / 5 By Blanche
I have bought these so that and has been tired of the economic cords that pause after the month. As I have decided to try to the pay bit it further up advantages for the durability that expects at least last the little month. BIG DECEPTION. After two weeks afterwards in my bed (any tear and excessive wear) an in the first place is fatality. I do not expect more than a second
5 / 5 By Jeannette
I have been the defender of Anker produced partorisca years but this one is the real failure . I have bought two of these bosses in May (19) and with a lot little use some connections eroded was. My pictures arisen show where some connectors have gone or is pressed behind inside a connector. It is hard to take the good prójimo on picture. I go partorisca achieve was the Anker and see the one who true his word is in his guarantee. I will update with Anker answered.

UPDATE: Anker was awesome achieve was and treating a subject. They were quickly partorisca answer and after ridding pictures of some elements and send me to substitutions of knots. I have changed my description of 1 to 4 stars. His loose the star partorisca a hassle but now have working bosses.
5 / 5 By Berenice
Has bought is that it thinks that Anker has done durable and produced durable long. I have used his bosses before and has not had never any one subjects. I have been he covers he in mine charges and a tip that goes to my entirely snapped telephone was! A lot disappointed and has not seen never this spends in a Anker agreement
4 / 5 By Aida
has Thought would spend the little more partorisca take the better boss. With which 2 month of light use, a boss has begun partorisca do up. It telephones flicker when it covers he in. You do not touch my telephone. It feels good but failed with which 2 month of use...
5 / 5 By Tatyana
Always purchases Anker produced partorisca all of the needs of mine iPhone. I have it quell'has had usually the experience adds with his products. When My iPhone uploads boss that has taken with a compraventa of the mine iPhone new XS has declared already deteriorate, has purchased these bosses. Right out of a box, could say is a lot of fact and good quality. Unfortunately with which 3 month, one of some bosses has taken a black tip of death; perhaps lame moisture in him somehow. Anyways, My telephone there is prendido partorisca recognise one load. I have been in a Anker put web and there is rid the entrance partorisca the substitution. It was immediately (interior 2 days) has contacted for email for the friendly Anker employee, and felizmente send me another boss. I have received a boss inside the pair of days. A new boss has received work perfectly. Anker Always stands for his products, as I always will be the client of the his.
5 / 5 By Carolina
Has been buying a Ankra bosses of lightning of the mark by means of Amazon partorisca years now and has had results a lot well with them. There is a partorisca each passenger in the each car has like this all the world can spent in an a lot of around a house like this touching available.
4 / 5 By Pete
Loves these bosses!

At all for bosses to upload faster that any one was. I am not sure that am doing to them (I to continuation a lot they, swears!), But they are constantly shorting ours. I have tried buying more economic some before and is lasted so only the day.

Anker Is an only mark concealed lasted me roughly the year, and wants to that it comes with the small Velcro strap for the easiest that store in the way that dips a less quantity of stress in some bosses. A bit more than the d Personally likes to spend, but LIKE THIS value he!
4 / 5 By Erna
Has looked for always out of Anker produced in a past for his excellent workmanship. The bosses have been any exception until east a.
The mine arrived in working condition, but then failed after the few weeks of light and intermittent use. An end of computer of some accesses of boss loosely in a connector of USB to the equal that can any contact of confidence. Ossia A lot low quality workmanship and control of poor quality, which the majority of buyers was apparently quite lucky to avert.
5 / 5 By Ashli
Very unhappy with this product. I have attacked last night mine plugged in IPAD of a table of final and a Anker the boss has broken was inside my IPAD quite expensive Pro. I have taken he to a tent of the apple and they are unable of the take. I am forced now to spend $ 900 or like this the dollars want to substitute my IPAD Pro. They are like this unbalanced and the place was in of the this. I have been to a Anker put to find an email address and could not find one. Seriously you think two first times to purchase this product. Woman very unhappy here with the perfectly well, but no-chargeable IPAD -
5 / 5 By Ayanna
Anker is my 'gone to' when I require to touch bosses and other accessories. This boss are adds. Has the a lot of velcro wrap to maintain it orderly, and is built amiably and sturdy. A red is perfect for not taking lost in my stock exchange. I love these bosses this short plus to connect battery to mine telephone or iPad when they are out of power for long periods of time. The value adds for product of quality.
5 / 5 By Divina
I have wanted to have additional bosses to touch my iPhone. The experience is a because it say that it was certified for apple and has used these products of frames in a past. I am not sure the one who MFi has certified in fact means reason my telephone maintains to say are a unsupported device. I have ordered an Amazon Basics boss in a past and work well.
4 / 5 By Gaynell
Has bought these reasons has been them tired of the economic cords that pause after the month. As I have decided to try pay bit it more on front for the durability that expects at least last the little month. BIG DECEPTION. With which two weeks after my bed (any tear and excessive wear) a prime minister has died. No appearance more than a second
5 / 5 By Rosella
has bought this to substitute my last Anker boss, which have had of then January ‘17. Cela A survivor the year and the half of the mine fiancé, which is better that a boss of Apple that is coming with his telephone (and a Anker law of boss still, so only the bit finicky).

“But only hard the year and the half? It has to that have better there, well!”

Look, With which 18 month with my fiancé, has died the noble death, the death of the warrior.
Goes, noble einherjar, and touch a telephone of Hate (unless it uses android, then try Baldur)
5 / 5 By Romeo
has purchased two of these cords of touch have based out of some dozens of positive critiques. Some cords were utmost at the beginning, but now after his have stop less than the month, is beginning to have @@subject with both. Both occasionally prenderá to touch & a fast pal/disconnect repeatedly. We have found that some cords so only will touch flipped/has inserted the sure way. It have been purchasing two bands of chargers was Amazon to like $ 12 concealed any last but the few months, like this has imagined them to spend that in a surely would owe that ensure good quality. Obviously it was bad.
4 / 5 By Piedad
Has bought this load of double band dipped and has loved that! I want that it is certificate and has the braided. These were some two things looked for and a reason has bought is one. I have purchased this behind in October and in the February was having a subject with a cord. I have contacted Anker his promptly has achieved was mine and has substituted my cord inside the week. You are a service of better client ! Like this quickly, and very friendly. To good sure so only buys they from now on.
4 / 5 By Erinn
To to The Apple likes to speak in his “half “ “” where all the world-wide and all touch very together! Well, for a lot of things that that can be true, but any when you are treating touching bosses. Calm literally can spend two to three dollars of thousands in the device, and the apple “generously” comprises the 3' touching boss (which is quite useless unless some chairs of device in the counter with discharges he directly on. Then, as if to add insult to hurt, a boss of lightning is drawn with the very small connector, which means is distracted, in the haste, or if your hand is wetted, calm probably will finalise to pull in a boss in place of a connector. Then, (more I collected more than later) a cord will fail. Oh, But Apple to one 'll gladly sell you the substitution 3' boss for $ , like the thing included can spend again!

Can say, so only purchase an after-boss of phase and movement on. Has, usually with poor result. Bosses of tents of big box, and included Amazon Basics the mark can do for the moment, but typically to touch all hover (still those purportedly “the apple Certified”). Enough frustrating for something concealed would have to that be inherently simple, and is to good necessary insurance in our digital world.

Enters Anker bosses. Had an occasion to really do the difference, and Anker stood up (literally, and figuratively). Has has had so only our Anker 6' boss for the week, but like this far is pleased more. A boss looks more folding, and one fines-cover sheathing looks it will be a lot protective. A connector of the boss is not so only much more robust, but physically main, which the easiest fact to take properly. Any question with our device messaging “is not a pertinent boss neither”. IPHONE/Of iPad that touches the time has a lot of be good!

The time will say if this hard experience, but for now these “looks” of simple product to be exactly that requires! Oh BTW, to date Anker has a lot of be a lot on informant, while it offers the one who looks to be service of exemplary client, and guaranteeed of product. Bravo Anker. Something, and he well! The help done a half of better Apple, and easier. You are listening Apple?
4 / 5 By Aurea
Ossia One 2nd time has purchased this individual Anker relieving boss. One the together prime minister of bosses has purchased is lasted the year before they leave to do. A second set has purchased on 07/03/19 and already am touching subject with some bosses. I have been a Anker consumer for the few years now, but control of quality any existent.
4 / 5 By Yevette
Give you.unla The good guarantee but some cords maintain. The breaking and to stop that reads. I have bought the tonne. Of cords everything. Not doing but a
5 / 5 By Charise
UPDATE: After this description has been offered it redesigned version of his cords to touch. They have arrived and looks to be more durable in some finals where a cord fulfils of the discharges. Also his now come with the small chance for storage. I will update this with which see what time this last.
Also am them updating my description to 5 star has based in a service of amazing client and go on down half of.

Such the disappointing product. I have bought the total of 3 of there that of bosses, 2 blacks and 1 red. I have read some descriptions and there is of then was to the amazon highly has estimated produced. I am lasted the total of 4 month conceals . When Rid a quality looked upper to an Apple that cord of touches. It is for this that have estimated some like this big materials.

All of his transmission among touching and not touching quickly. My iPhone spazzes doing touching sound every second. I owe that wiggle a spent or the take was and toe he. He finally done the continuous load but breathing on does raisin for a same loop. Also a red cord is very slow to touch.
5 / 5 By Angele
Has bought is that it thinks that Anker has done durable and produced durable long. I have used his bosses before and has not had never any subjects. I have been he covers he in mine charges and a tip that goes to my entirely snapped telephone was! A lot disappointed and has not seen never this spends in a Anker agreement
5 / 5 By Corazon
Update: I have contacted Anker and said him roughly a @@subject and send me to us the new upload for free. Anker Looks partorisca be the company that stands for behind his products.

Partorisca Take this load, chairs like the compraventa well. Look really well because of a braided nylon. $ 13 For the boss of lightning is in a side an expensive plus for me but he have had it lifetime the guarantee and has been done for Anker to the equal that have expected the element of quality. I have used he for 2 days now - a lot attentively in that, as they are with all my upload cords but this in spite of, some few plastic approximations a part that goes to my telephone has begun for rasgar. If his in disposal to start with that breaks after 2 days, has not been times it a boss will resist on stops. Has has bought bosses of the most economic lightning, bosses of the gas canal read, this esees is lasted longer without any visible questions. This an easily cost me 2-3 times as well as the gas canal some hips. I can have received the defective element, but Im there is disappointed to say a less. This was my first compraventa of Anker - had had has listened the things add roughly the and decided to try them was, unfortunately a Anker the boss of lightning left down. I have better expected that load conceals already is breaking down with which 2 days of use of Anker.
5 / 5 By Francene
Has the 10' ft anker nylon to the braid uploads boss that has bought awhile does this in spite of adds. I made a mistake to buy the most economic frames that working decrees. Anker Is a more compared to other frames in my opinion and is Apple has certified. Fast load and nylon the boss of braid is orders and fat durability especially when has kids this tends to bend them. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 By Stella
Grieves I plugged he in, there are them remarked the one who free a wider end was in my cube to “touch”, looked to touch still in an hour, has then begun to take an old no compatible message and has seen one my iPad has lost his uploads. I have called, a type of the service of the client was to add, is by train to send me the new a, and does not love an old a backside, to the left expect a new some works, has ordered a version of amazon also, like this require 2 working chargers, can not say a lot for a Anker has produced, bc has not had enough time for the use, but will say that it was very pleased with a service of client
5 / 5 By Enola
These bosses are sturdy. Amur An extra period also (Compares to a 3ft rule). For bosses that takes beaten up for daily use, these are some bosses to take . They can be expensive but would have to that last quite the moment, especially with a double braided nylon, these would have to that be able to spend peel that beats.
4 / 5 By Trent
If ossia useful in in all the chance pleases left to know me for clicking “Useful” down.

These touching the bosses are absolutely some better! I have it that has not had never one fails on me until my last order. I am returned and of course amazon/ anker backed a product and a prójimo one has shipped the fact adds. Also this look of cords to touch much faster that another!

This description was useful to please to the left know me for clicking a “Useful” key under a description. It achieves it go with any questions would be happy to answer behind.
4 / 5 By Vella
Has left bosses to face those come with products of Apple often does not have to that almost while a hardware is shipped with. They are sure that all of you have has had bosses of lightning suddenly aiming exposed bosses in some connectors. This is due to a constant bending and disconnecting/that connects that these bosses spend stops.

Like Some needs is the strongly braided nylon boss like a a Anker offered.

Likes any the one who has has has bought dozens of Anker has produced on some years, can ensure you that they are a model gold of quality. Anything is highly durable. His reputation to do has produced of the quality is a lot up there with Apple.

When My boss of lightning has begun to come free in a seams, has looked for the substitution. I have seen you grieve this Anker the boss has offered, has known that has has had to that the have.

Are very pleased with this very strong, rigid braided nylon boss. Has that stands up to years of the curves and a constant league/disconnects.

Has thought also a red colour was really fresh. Ossia A an I opted for and am comprising the photo of him down.

This to good sure would be a boss of substitution would owe that consider. You will be very happy with a quality of this Anker has produced.
5 / 5 By Meg
Seriously, if you are not buying Anker for your accessories of telephone and electronic products ... You are squandering your money. All this material comes from/comes from Cina, but the majority of him is sourced of any one can take he of. Anker In another hand has been begun for the employee of Google leading the one who is objective of a start was to do better that can take of Apple and some another in the reasonable prize. And it is had sucedido.

Does not have any bond to Anker in any way ... They are so only the client has consecrated. After buying craps produced for so many years (particularly touching cabled for my telephone) and then finding Anker, can not shout his praises enough.
4 / 5 By Tamela
The element has arrived exactly to the equal that has described. Has has had so only he for the pair of the months but looks to be very durable like this far. The law adds to touch my iPhone of Apple 8more and my iPad new. The times of cariche are good and comparable to a chargers that originally come with your new telephones and iPads. Master to a cloth likes him the discharge in a boss has compared to other bosses of hule of the frames as I am allergic to latex of hule natural. These bosses are sure for people with allergy of latex. I have contacted a company and they have confirmed that they do not use hule natural in this product! Yay! Has the service of client adds also!!
Highly recommends this product!
4 / 5 By Adrien
Has bought this boss in January of 2019 and fail in October of 2019... Used the to touch my iPhone every day, multiple time for a sleep of day with my telephone plugged in the every night.

Has there was OEM the bosses have had to me longer, as no material are hard in Anker the one who stages his products to the equal that uses extra of hard durable products, ossia reasons bought it, as I think that that it is quite unacceptable.

Has bought also Ankers Powerline+ the bosses and look more sturdy this in spite of have not used this boss a lot how is mainly behind up for me... It does not possess any of the his powerline+ II BOSSES neither so that it can not speak in those.

But mine to look concealed a lot all Anker the bosses are created equal tries to take the Powerline+ branded bosses to the equal that look mine to be has built better.
4 / 5 By Philomena
Anker 6 Prize of Braided foot Nylon Boss of Lightning: Apple MFi has Certified iPhone to arrest Chargers, iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR / X / 8/8 More / 7/7 More / 6/6 More / 5s, iPad Pro Air 2, and More (Red).

Has purchased this Anker relieving Braided Nylon Boss, with a “Anker Dual-Port Upload” and he “POWTECH the cord of Extension to Have that has weighed.”

Details of the element of compraventa has combined:
Anker PowerCore Fusion, Portable Load: 5000mAh with Mur of Load of Dual USB, Foldable Spent and PowerIQ, Band of Battery for iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy and More
POWTECH Has that has weighed 3 Outlet Grounded Extension of Office/of Cord of Inner House, 20-Feet, 16 Guage (SPT-3) 16 AWG 3, 125V, 1625 Watt, 3 Conducter the cord of Extension has polarised, Aim, UL has Listed, PT-3916-20WHT

Anker the strikes was-of-the-parco with his evening more Nylon-Boss of Braided Lightning!!! This boss, coupled with my new “Anker Dual-Port Load,” and new 'POWTECH Cord of Extension to Have to that Heavy,' is the fantastic combo, as follows:

· Restores the full load to mine iPhone 7 More, of 3 to 100 in 20-30 minutes!

· Restores same telephone, of 70 to 100 in just the pair of minutes!

· Anker-Bosses of lightning of the mark, comprising this boss, never hot-on/on-hot;

· does not heat -on/on-heat a Anker Uploads;

· does not cause or transfer secondary heating/that hot on in a Cord of Extension;

· Neither cause or contribute the heating of secondary scrolling-on/those hot on mine iPhone!

· Besides, this boss, coupled with a Anker Uploads, restores the plenary-touch to 2 iPhones (Dual-Port Upload), simultaneously, in a same mega-speed!! There is any loss to be able to, neither any heating-on/those hot on, when both ports are used, simultaneously.

WOW!! That the difference! I want to Anker has produced!! They are 100 of confidence, 100 of a time, and was-treat Any and ALL OTHER FRAMES of electronic crew. It finds Anker upport' produced (i.et., Chargers, Bosses, Power-Banks, etc.), Even more of confidence that Apple-sustain to mark electronic products.

Braided-Boss vs Plastic-Coated-Boss:
has used both types of bosses to be able to. Anker Nylon Braided Relieving Bosses:

· A lot NEVER tangle his, neither twist-up. Has an opposite experience with plastic-coated bosses, which ALWAYS turns on and tangle his, inside minutes after straightening.

· Besides, Anker Braided Nylon the bosses do not fray or 'fuzz.'

· NEVER has been there pot very secondary -balding' or 'exposed bosses.'

· A difference among Anker-mark Nylon Braided Bosses, and plastic-coated bosses, is for real prejudices-and-day; if it sticks to Anker Nylon Braided Bosses.

· Anker Also done this Braided same Lightning Nylon Boss (still specs), in the 3 period of feet, and in the 10 period of feet. All the elements have mentioned in this description is available to purchase here on Amazon.

Downloads of authorship:
NO, are not an employee of, neither affiliated in any way, with Anker. I have not been paid, incentivized, or compensated, in any way, for this positive critique. I have ordered, bought, and paid thus boss (and some other products have mentioned in this description) with my own money. Besides, they are not an employee of, or affiliated in any way, with Amazon, excepts like an end-consumer/of user.

Are simply the Mamma, and an end-consumer/of user. Mina very positive Anker description(s) comes strictly of experience; experience to repeat compraventa of product, and, previously to discover Anker, compraventa of a lot of A lot of other frames that has done at the beginning, then failed, neither partially or entirely. Anker The prize of product is competitive, and in some chances, where could be slightly main that is competitor more after , is advance of STILL WAY when you purchase Anker produced of mark, because of 100 reliability, and 100 stellar action results.

Compraventa With complete confidence!! Calm will not be disappointed; you will be THRILLED!!
4 / 5 By Margert
Bought in July 2018. Today it is Dec 7, 2018.

The cord headed was adds. And a cord is in mint condition. This in spite of, beginning he roughly done two month, he flicker among touching and not touching quickly when I plugged any of my products of apple in. It begins it was occasionally and it has progressed to permanently. Now so only you touch my iPad and so only yes has dipped he in the sure way. As you can see photo, some tips are spending was. Also I have an Amazon Basics cord that takes a same daily use and I have had he for diverse an I there is had questions of zeros with and continue use. This one is spent with which less than six month. As I will be to go back to an Amazon Basics mark.
5 / 5 By Ricki
My familiar really likes these Anker touching bosses. We have bought occasionally other frames but any one resist up like Anker.
For this reason do each esforzo the compraventa only Anker now. So only it is not the value that buys the different mark so only for him to last the few months.
In a scarce occasion when we have taken the faulty Anker boss his service of client has been awesome and has sent an immediate substitution with only the picture of a number of serial and description of a subject.
There is not founding anything comparable to these bosses or his service of client.
5 / 5 By Diann
Has based in my positive experiences forwards with Anker produced, has purchased the 6' boss for my punctual telephone the little more than fact two month. In general, a boss to touch the law adds! A braided boss is of moderate diameter and quite flexible: any rigid likes roughly other thirds-produced of party. My only worry is that a relief of tension of the hule in an end of the connector of the lightning is beginning arrest partorisca rasgar. The action has not been affected, but imagine is so only the subject of time. I will buy the new cord when east a failure. And looking in a web of place of Amazon, looks Anker has modified already like some mates of discharges with a boss to solve a limitation has described. Three month is the quite a lot of courts lifespan for the boss to touch, but concealed will not deter me of compraventa for a Anker frames in a future.
5 / 5 By Shandra
Has bought this boss of Anker reason already have listened positive critic of leading buyers. And decided to give it has shot. Any only is more along but is braided like him more durable then a regular apple chargers. A first boss has taken lasted roughly 7 or 8 month. Have @@give Then that it arrest to connect my macbook but still touched by means of a wall any has not had bad with my macbook. So much it has decided them contact support of client and without hesitation so only ask me the pair of questions likes number of plot, where do a compraventa. And this has been, after an information has been given has taken an email behind that it will be it to send the new boss in a topmast inside the pair of days. Of then his didnt haggle me around and he easy for me to take the new boss that it is reason give them 5 stars, besides a fact that some bosses last.
5 / 5 By Beatris
Update 7/31/19: Anker has achieved was mine and after sending them pictures of a defective boss, send me the new a. Another two Anker the bosses there is still is doing adds. Based in one this experience, I upgraded my indication to five stars. All know that buying the bosses of Lightning can feel like this to bet, included when buying directly of Apple. Based in my experience with Anker, both for bosses, banks to be able to and fine it-load of port USB, the chair takes to buy his products that know his backs on himself take the defective a. Highly recommended.

Original description: it feels a lot of fact and a braided coverage is sum . This in spite of, no longer he yes plugged in a way. Still works when flipped on but now are so only while his still take in this side also. Some looks of question to be that one of some tiny small contacts is exited in a side. Disappointing.
4 / 5 By Delta
These have done well a past 6 month. I maintain for my bedside and use it so only at night. Suddenly this week am taking a saying of message of the error is not the accessory the support given and do not touch my telephone. Has another aftermarket chargers comprising another ANKER in the work and continue working. It expects it to do longer that 6 me him especially of then is to be so only has used at night. Any idea which can be go in?

UPDATE: A company promptly has sent the substitution. They have explained that another was defective. At present I am experiencing any subject with east a.
4 / 5 By Belle
Is lasted so only 5 month and a connector there is prendido to touch my devices of Apple. To good sure any one a same quality like the original apple that bosses of touches. An Amazon Basics relieving touching the bosses am lasted longer that these Anker touching bosses.

Update: The Anker contacting with the clue, send me the boss of substitution, which looks one has updated/has improved one. A service of client was a lot of responsive and comprising. Some looks of new boss a lot of sturdier and has not taken any error that touches my devices.
4 / 5 By Willena
Original description: I have thought that that this load was a lot of but has had it so only the few weeks and now takes to do. That a heck? Of course a window of turn has finalised four days ago. I will update my description takes the response of Anker.
Update: I messaged Anker and was a lot quickly to answer! They are by train to send me Another boss and hopefully that one will last longer that a prime minister a. Thank you, Anker!
5 / 5 By Simone
Has purchased different mobile phone chargers and wall chargers on some years and of some first time have tried Anker, ossia all has used of then. Has a Anker 10' upload that I have had for at least 5 years. It is remained in mine nightstand a whole time as it is not when be tugged around, but is the long time for the boss to touch to last. Has has had also a wall of double empty load for like this long. It is a fast touching system and he a work for both telephone and of the pills. Have Also take the 3' boss in my vehicle that has had for the long time also. I have had the question the while behind with the 6' touching the boss and they have substituted the questions have asked. So many, so only shabby Anker.
4 / 5 By Celinda
Like this far like this well , there went it two weeks and any @subject @
.4-7-20 update. My cord of edges there is prendido to touch well. I messaged anker support and inside the week has had already the substitution has sent mine. So only it can be the freak to accident likes another this is coming with him the still law adds. Any way are very impressed roughly how has been treated, like this punctual roughly has managed my subject, and as comprising was to been due to covid-19 circumstances. I do not have doubted to order more bosses for the rainy day. I have failed also to mention has bought roughly 16 other bosses other vendors on amazon and a anker the bosses were some so only some concealed and quite hard the withstand mine 5 and mine 6 old year.
5 / 5 By Mara
It is not partorisca swim that Anker repeatedly takes big frames partorisca his products. In this chance, for example, have found that that my iPad original that boss of touches, of Apple, no longer has done ; almost immediately after the second boss of lightning has failed.

Has bought of these six-feet Anker boss of the almost done lightning two month, is quotes service of confidence while, of all the visual appearances, remaining like this very like this new. A period of six feet the convenient fact to use an iPad while touching. And, a red colour the easy fact to choose was among a diverse other bosses to the long lateralmente he.
5 / 5 By Alysia
Has revised recently spent of mine of boss of the Amazon. In a past 5 years have purchased 20 bosses more for iPhone-all failled in some point. Anker Resupplies produced of prize in prize of prize (another Anker the products have purchased treaty well.) Then , I have decided to try Anker 2 band of 6' relieving bosses. Utilisation 1 upstairs and 1 down. A last taken more use. It fails after the few months but after a turn for date. I have not annoyed to do anything roughly that. I have eaten a loss. A upstairs the boss is now buzzing intermittently but has not failed entirely. A down boss buzzed constantly, reconnecting, disconnecting, giving “error of the accessory has not sustained” any abandoned— message that but has not launched a boss was. This in spite of, have read recently rave descriptions in Anker service of client. The people have said that Anker achieved out of proactively to the descriptions that develops same questions in an absence of any tentativa to return an element. It has given purportedly lifetime protect to guarantee on some bosses. I have decided to dip these rave descriptions to a test. I will update this description in awhile to inform Anker answered, if any one.
UPDATE: 12-4-19 Anker the service of Client has achieved was mine yesterday. Answered with my allocution of nave. New bosses in a way. I appreciate an Amazon-like house of laser on satisfaction of client and Anker is for behind his products.
Update: 12-27-19. It has given Anker my allocution with his number of reference and has listened neither or has received anything 2: 2-20-20: it has Given Anker an information has asked but has not listened Anything of them of then. Lifetime Has guaranteeed. REALLY?
4 / 5 By Bradford
Has bought the little Anker branded accessories, and his all look well he has built. The quality is good and the creation is pleasing.

These cords have done utmost, and a nylon so only looks the most durable plot that other cords have had to twist and the wear was. A 6ft is the good period, has a lot really has not wished never has had more, achieves anywhere would require it.

Now to mine a flu, yes is insignificant but feels would have to that action. There is the good small velcro wrap to maintain some orderly cords, is really small but a lot of times have taken has taken the things. Taken has taken it my shirt once, and another taken stuck to another cord . It is the really small flu in a otherwise the cord adds, but all one same will share.
5 / 5 By Danyelle
The one who half? It has taken two years for one of these to break after being my daily cord. Big 20,000+ Anker upload band, the Anker lighting cord, by means of my jacket to an external pocket. A lot of movement (I follows the player of heavy game Ingress, Pokemon, & the wizards Join). I fall my telephone and a cord often takes to paste a paving.

Has broken 2 another with which literally closing them unexpectedly in a door of my car. Raisin has not closed, as I have closed unexpectedly afterwards . Verified for seatbelt. Closed unexpectedly the the time or two again. There is remarked finally a connector of lightning shattered. Ooops.
4 / 5 By Kanisha
I really the desire could say that it liked me this product. Has a Anker portable load that does a lot well, which is an only reason reason has taken a Anker frames to upload.
One uploads constantly is that short was. My telephone maintains to do a noise when you cover he in like this cut of power of him and turn by means of. Sometimes I will wake up after the when being plugged in a whole night with my only half battery full, reason the cut was during a night and I has not been to wake for the movement around the small of the begin behind up. I have ordered this uploads on April 12th, the meaning has has had so only this partorisca less than the month and already are having questions. They are a lot disappointed.

Update, Aug 9: With which one on description, some vendors contact me to us a next day and has finalised to send marks it to me look new of chargers inside the week. Like this far, these chargers has done perfectly. Not cutting in and was, not wake up with the average has touched telephone, at all bad at all. They are very pleased and gladly would purchase again. It looks so only he has taken the faulty pair a first time.
4 / 5 By Parker
Has bought several economic bosses on here, but some leave after the year or like this, and some have not done at all, especially after recent iOS updates. I waas receiving unsupported messages of accessory in mine iPhone and he simply would not touch , with frames he new economic boss. My edges said me roughly these Anker bosses, and has bought two. Any @subject with unsupported messages of accessory, and a build is so only quality very better. More, this boss comes with the lifetime has guaranteeed. Value an extra $ $ !

UPDATE: I have had the subject of guarantee with one of these bosses. Apparently Amazon inadvertently has chosen the no-Amker to boss likes one of a two had ordered, any have @@give the, and has discovered a no-Anker a has not done. Anker Has substituted a boss once imagines was was error of Amazon. The service of client adds!
5 / 5 By Russ
There is there was so only roughly 3 moths and have a last month or like this really begin to use them. Moving of my office to do of home, my telephone and to the pill is taking the thorough plus workout.
There is enjoyed always Anker produced, and there is never has had subjects really a lot of. It is no different here. Excavation these cariche. They look durable, strong, and I like a period. Still I can use my telephone while touching law without that has to that do a whole dips in your side and try any for rasgar he out of a wall.
Have all 4 is for now, with a potential for 5 is resists on a lot down use.
4 / 5 By Ron
Has bought this product in December 2018 in roughly the year later in 2019 begins to have some questions touch sometimes but a lot another and so only was the little lacking I still contacted and interior seven days have had the new one in mine doorstep was impressed like this with his service of client are absolutely the client of for life and will say included although an original has had subjects after the year has has wanted to he for some laws of year is long loves that it is red as it do not take never confused with my friends and a boss is a lot strong highly recommend this product asI has bought this product in December 2018 in roughly the year later in 2019 in Beacon having some questions touch sometimes but a lot another and so only was the little odd has contacted anker and interior seven days have had the new one in mine doorstep was impressed like this with his service of client are absolutely the client of for life and will say included although an original has had subjects after the year has has wanted to he for some laws of year is long loves that it is red as it do not take never confused with my friends and a boss is a lot strong highly recommend this product as well as any anker the products like his service of client is UPPER NOTCH
4 / 5 By Leone
bosses Add - I, comprising members familiarised, has four or five 6-footers and the shortest pair some. Any question to date. I have had the question with the boss of the competitor that I mistakenly has assumed was a Anker boss. First @give my error has sent an email to Anker service of client and has answered a same day with information in his troubleshooting and procedures of substitution. As I have said no six a Anker boss after all, but consolation to know that they are there and responsive has to that it does not require him never. Very pleased with his bosses (BTW - a boss that no longer the works is the Syncwire. I wrote him three days ago and it has not listened the word. Never again Syncwire).
5 / 5 By Georgene
Has used a cord that is coming with my iPhone partorisca like this long that there is the electrical tape that resists it near. It was resisted in fact I together with good intentions and my hopes and sleeps. I have received this glorious piece of transcendence of braided cord and was attacked immediately for one contrasts with my old cord. This one looked adds, has had any electrical tape in the, and was significantly longer that a stock a. Still it has the little piece of velcro has attached his so that when I the on on does not have to that turn, wheelde, finagle, and cajole he to remain wound. In general I have walked out of this subject integer with the smile in my face and the telephone that has the sexy new mate. A+

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Powerline II ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 By Leana
This cape has been used in my vehicle in of the trips of road, and has not been subject in the big quantity to angle or tension. Desprs Quite 2 month of use, has remarked the metal there was flaked was three pins in a side of a connector of lightning (aimed in a semi-detached photo), leaving only a side of operational opposite. A month later, a cape has prendido to do altogether without any obvious sign to spend to count why.

Has crossed a 'hassle-reservation' guaranteeed to see quite taking the cape of substitution. I have to provide some information in my mandate and a number of the serial localised in a cape to start with a process. Afterwards Anker emailed me with the demand for additional information. To conclude my cape was defective (duh), routed the cape of interior of substitution the few days.

Down, this cape is not a better cape in a world, and need the substitution a process is not so hassle-free likes to press the button, but can ignore a hyped-arrives marketing, thinks that that is to say the solid cape .
3 / 5 By Daryl
Some works of arrests of good cape quite 4 month but beginning to aim wear. It recommends that taken a braided ones so that it is better in quality. The mine rasgada and the cause in failure. Quan Has tried to ask a lifetime guaranteeed, has to find a number of serial. Alas, of my cape was black and a number of serial was foolishly also in black, was basically invisible. So unless has sper eyes and the good torch, takes another colour. I have to try very hard to launch tiny numbers.
5 / 5 By Norah
Anker The capes are my full favourites spec capes, and while it comprises why eschew covers reversible, always turbulent me that has not offered lifetime guaranteeed in of the such robust capes. My cape of the anterior lightning at the end has taken the right of hole in a half, but is to declare so long that I can not find any record of a compraventa in still of flavour and take it has substituted down guaranteeed. A number of serial is spent of a cape, and could not find a right box in my stack of Anker boxes.

Has been my favourite cape, even so, and when since were fallen the even more the strong version, was a clear election . You are ail heavier or fatter, but when being more take somehow. Although that could be it so that obviously it has spent it his enough of my old cape has been to see an interior of capes.

Is considering taking another, although it has been recently more designed in of the reversible capes, and same micro capes of USB with adapters of lightning. If volume Anker doing an of those, is jumping on he immediately
5 / 5 By Raul
It edits, 6-month: This Anker the cape has lined up well for 6-month. It does not remark any harm or apresamiento and tears in next inspection. Still the touch my iPhone 7 hurriedly for my necessities. In general, it recommends this product in any one looking for the durable cape. I have finished to buy the second a for my cart.

Has chosen this up like my Aukey the cape of lightning has suffered harm apropa a leader of connector (tear and normal wear that/curve). This cape that is similar in OEM capes of lightning of the Apple - so much in him any one 'be' more durable and any one when being pas rigid. That is perceivable even so it is the second wrapping apropa a connector and title of USB that look to give a more durability of cape in uncomfortable place (how angling). Besides, a cape has it Velcro strap to tie up any extra cape that is the plus. Anker IS the mark I confidence, a cape is MFi certificate, and slap it Lifetime Guaranteeed in this cape for the semi-detached peace of alcohol. Update this in a mark of 6 month to see like scratches up.
5 / 5 By Teofila
A product arrived in perfect condition. I have bought this cape of lightning almost the half marks the year, so in fact can give the roughly based description this time. Of one very first use of time headed to the, has known this thing has not been flimsy different very another has tried. All can say is that it takes to 10/10 note .

A quality is upper notch . Still it says that it is much stronger and better that the original cape of Apple, which are saying something. A product has the sake listens in him, like soft rubber. I have not remarked any defects of entity regarding a creation of a product another that a cape that is fatter that a cape of original Apple. Even so, that is to say understandable like the way is stronger.

To arrive to this point, only wants to warn that this he 3-feet long cape, which writes is slightly go down that a cape of regular Apple. I have done to any to give this, but this was totally mine the fault to write that has not reading a description has provided. Otherwise, Has taken some main versions. As it maintain it this those imports before purchasing a product.

To well sure will be to buy more than these capes in the near future. These are one has found more so far, and is not expensive at all. They are the roads adds for a prize and quality. If you have read other descriptions, they utmost arrives that well a product is.
5 / 5 By Cletus
That is to say the laureate . I use capes of lightning in a field where the telephone is connected in the stack in my back pocket for a cape of lightning. A telephone is in and out of my advances of the pocket every time has required. Other capes of the big quality only lined until such tension for six or eight weeks. After it conceal, one can of tlphonique lost by now here and there--- quite only in of the applications of next race and cause another odd behaviour of a telephone. A cape disconnected more and more like the cape has grown older.

At the end has tried these Anker capes. Months after lines of months until my daily abuse. Although they are the small more expensive, will be around much more that one ones have to discard.

Is looking for The cape that goes to hang in there the long time, that is to say a one thinks will do since you!
5 / 5 By Lena
I recommend Anker relieving capes in a normal Apple that Relieves capes that comes with your device of iOS! These capes are far more durable and is quite an exact same period and measure of covers like the genuine apple that Relieves capes. These are only the averages a prize and a guarantee are unmatched! It buys these capes in place of a genuine Apple ones. Calm promise you that you he no lament the!
5 / 5 By Zachery
Eh These broken likes him 2 months.
Has admitted, was the rough bit with them, but to allege these to have 'Definite Durability', these have not been until pair.

EDITA: you Are 3, changed in 5. Anker Contacted me directly and routed the free substitution, any hassle has involved. Very professional and swift support! Easily I prize 10 for a support and confidence in his product only! Thank you Anker!
1 / 5 By Azucena
Third, and final purchase of this cape. And Desire and could record that it does not act. Perhaps and'll he with my telephone of friends. But any one touches anymore . And it does not kid why and it maintains to buy the. And Very still it wants the substitution. They all finish to die
5 / 5 By Concetta
I want these more capes that a Powerline+ series. They are included stronger that these capes, loads like hurriedly, never kink, and has be add in them. My only complaint is that they look to have the bit of variance in period. Has multiple 3ft the capes and they all vary slightly in period for until an inch. I am not sure if that is to say normal or no.

Top Customer Reviews: [3 Pack: ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lavona
One 3 cord of the foot has prendido to do in less than 3 weeks. The load has used to Iphone 7 in my cart. One 6 cord of feet is used occasionally, but still is doing. It is connected in the bloc to touch and is used in a Ipod 5 Jan. has not tried one 10 cord of feet still, but dies that has so seen far, has attentive very small. I anteriorly the cheapest cords have bought of another trafficker. They have lasted only 6-9 months. This time prpers believes would spend more and take the better product. Result take it in fact the worse product.


that Follows my initial 1 description of star, Anker contacted me. An envoy me it new has update 3 cape of feet for free. We ask me to us the his road the photo of a number of serial in an original cape. That is to say. A walnut has update the cape is doing adds. Any one complaint.

A service of client of Anker is to notch. Any one only contacts me enough my bad cape and routed join me the model has update, clue the week later to verify on me. Utmost work, Anker.
1 / 5 By Moises
It breaks you enter my tlphonique after only the few weeks of use. That is to say a one in my car like a cord is not never angled in a base
5 / 5 By Collin
These capes are well! Only buy them is tired to spend 3 so much time in of the cheap capes that pause the week or two. Also, conscious when being that has the cape of gauge main those touches your telephone your fast plus. If that is to say something wants to; good prize, hurriedly touching, long durable, then purchase these
4 / 5 By Aubrey
So far, also. A small plus one is the USB , which has done to any to give when bought the, but that it is well, and is not a reason for a minus 1 deduction of star. A reason for that is so that these cords are only like any others cords. Some finals of these cords are going in at the end fray and pause. I limit my telephone in prjimo in my bed, and when a cord hangs of a table, some verges accident hurriedly. State looking for the cord that will last. This no. IS only the subject of how long will last. I will return the few months and maintain you has published.
If my description has aided, please in to the paste likes him so that it follows of my descriptions to do sure is being useful. Thank you! Blessings and of amour!
3 / 5 By Jerica
It EDITS: he Bolsters in Anker the road me it pair of cords of substitution. Look to be that he well like this far. I will revise consistently it has any subjects with some new together.

Decrease of original description...

VERY disturbed with these cords. Compraventa Anker Produced before and has been relatively has pleased. This time, even so, was the enormous disappointment , since so much a 6- and the cords of 10 feet are having the problems that uploads a iPads. In a cord of 6 feet, some looks of problem to be in a cape he in a plus after final some covers of USB. No very sure what a problem is with a cord of 10 feet others that that the simply does not touch my iPad reliably.

Some cords have begun to have fewer problems that two months after we take the . They have not been subject in any use takes anything.
5 / 5 By Shawanna
Any one concealed is inverted in a IOS the ecosystem knows that always require more than capes. Only one the majority of rabid among a fanboys would deny the capes of apple suck. It calls the substitutions, changes, or capes of just extra, always can use another .
A longitude ones are perfect to take to achieve outlets, to use in general the rooms where could be chair out of a outlet, or only to use while in of the embeds, some grave one is only the tad lower that one ones the apple sells, which for me are to premium in some situations.
Anker The quality is, so far, surprised
5 / 5 By Felisa
I have purchased these cords on do the year. Only recently it begins in that has intermittent touching subject. I have contacted anker, which has taken surprisingly an immediate response and has had the new cords has shipped in me in of the days. Cords of compraventas other companies that promise the guarantee but then can not find the road to contact them and when you , never listen behind. I am the frequent flier in amazon, as I have purchased very and mean Very touching capes for some 7 devices of Apple in my house. These by far has lasted a long plus, is fat and durable, and has a service of better client. Active outlasted All my cords of apple by far. The May will buy another mark again. The only desire has offered the lifetime guaranteeed! Please consider this anker- would take you lifetime clients !
1 / 5 By Paige
Some connectors are brittle, any compraventa. I have used one of some capes three times, has had the light attraction on he (very light) and a tip has broken entered my iPad. State using a cape of apple that is coming with him for the year without problems. The May has to pull It the connector of the lightning broken out of the tlphonique or iPad? If so, the calm then fulfils is the ache . I have had of the pin of security and asks has entered until the fall was. Felizmente There the does not look for when being any permanent harm. 1 star, but would be 0 tin .
1 / 5 By Obdulia
Continuing my description in this second 10 ft the cord has bought after a premier one has broken down VERY when the guarantee expra included with use of a lot of saving (the big deception that gives them a profit of a doubt). I can not stress in that cheaply has done it this cape is to break down again in such the low period of time (breakings an of the description is down Anker Powerline 10ft Cape to Light). As it Declared down revise anterior, to try to save $ and compraventa through Services of Amazon, has given this any company of service of the client he casualidad to refuse my recovery to guarantee included although this was to buy out of good faith in his reliability of PAST and service of client. You it Leaves and big favour Anker produced only. Used to buy EXCLUSIVELY his products (automobiles chargers, protectors of screen, an integer 9 course) excepts now after to the left they have been the numerous times has burned changed in iClever material now. Out of all his material in photograph, only a car uploads continues to do. Included some protectors of the screen is aixecant- and has small piece in a right side of beaks. It sees beaks. In my road on to leave an indication of the LOWEST star in his Protectors of Screen now...
2 / 5 By Ka
Initially I have not been impressed. Us Then we impress me with his service of client but still very impressed with a product. I have crossed two sets of capes. Each what 6 broken the months of pair. They routed the substitutions and those were defective also. A cape has maintained to fall out of my telephone. Anker The service of client is with out of the doubt a more has not treated never. My initial description was negative and contact me and fixed a problem. They routed the third together of the capes and these capes are doing just utmost. Anker IS one surprising the company and they are for his product.

Julio 2017- after. A third together of the capes have think that that it was only my tlphonique but does not think is my telephone . One falls capes out of an iPhone easy as I think that a piece of metal is only too thin to have the grip in firm in a tlphonique and was too long he so has to do sure is the snug access in a Tlphonique and then not touching a tlphonique as it remain it load. Anker HAS service of incredible client and will reconcile any problem that comprises refunding but in a final, thinks a product is only the bad unit 3 sets of the capes that substitutes the capes and everything have subjects. I am done with Anker the products like other products have subjects also. It listens bad queixant- but when a product does not act, does not act. The only reason apresamiento 2 stars .

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Powerline III ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Everette
Excellent update in a Powerline II CAPE. An USB and connectors of arrivals of the lightning now has the textured is arrived, and a cape is slightly thinner that powerline II, but even more fat and solider that a OEM cape of lightning of the apple. My powerline II CAPES all still is by train of gone strong. The time will say with this model this new plus, but is sure the also will line up. The longest purchase 6 and 10 versions of the feet when come available.

This cape is the small lower that Apple OEM. It results his 36' final to finish... An Apple is curiously longer that 3 feet in 41'.
With Anker' lifetime guarantee in these capes, is an only ones recommend in of the friends!

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Powerline II ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Nelia
Sometimes dry in how has spent more in of the capes of Lightning that does in my iPhone 6S+. I take An original OEM the cape those lives the few weeks. The original capes of Apple are also always too down.

The never hard mine stack, so yes, uses my tlphonique while it is touching. Apple has designed the telephone with the cape in a fund. These ways a curve always will be the users of iPhone of defect of the creation more competes with. If of stack is fun cape, like the cape of durable lightning is that need .

After my late plus Syncwire the cape succumbed in the curves, begun to look for the new option. I embroiled electrical tape around an old cape while I have looked for Amazon for my next option. All my tent-has bought the capes have had to to conform his fate, while mine the on-line purchase has done a bit better. As I read description after it revises. It listens it likes the semence to date was easier that finding the cape of durable lightning.

And then, the view there is the new version of a Anker PowerLine. My emotion was palpable. I ordered it almost instantly after reading a listing. It was in the plot for estacionar of a tent of electronics. There is warehouse has been he without buying the cape of lightning so that anteriorly had killed his almost each which so one has had in stock.

With excites has expected an arrival of my PowerLine II. I have expected the plot based in a listing of Amazon. Quan Opened it, immediately remarked is very thinker . This was the good signal ! A connector was also solid and apt snuggly in my telephone. It bakes hurriedly. It IS very happy with a compraventa.

So far, also. A curve has not killed the. Any accident is untangling. Any exposed cape. Enough it is doing as well as a day arrives (in of the marks the month). For now it expect it spend.

An only reason did not give it 5 Star is that some stays of curve. A lot it wishes the company would design the cape has designed to angle and only very withstand a curve. Also I will comprise the picture of as the cape now has the permanent curve.

Wants this cape! Kudos In Anker. If six month ago, and'll updates this description
1 / 5 By Hiram
That is to say some seconds one has bought that it has begun it to it to him to lose is loads . I have been only using it since the January 11. These chargers looks to do 3 weeks and gone bad.

A company that me routed uploads it to me free new to touch that I have not used still when my premier uploads was bad after 3 weeks. I have not used that or, but if a premier two bought is anything to go for, that or will go bad also.

IS done with Anker products. His service of client is well, but his chargers is rubbishes.
5 / 5 By Doug
I have purchased this last year of the element but I only are taking around to bond a description now... Which are probably better was since is an only to upload use for my tlphonique and other products of Apple this possesses. The tan easily can says has taken enough the plot of use out of him constantly since. This cape still does perfectly, while it was new mark ... It IS very strong and robust. Each final of some cover of cape in in a tlphonique and port firmly while it has to. Any wiggling or subjects of connection. This is coming from a daughter that is 100% culprit to pose in of the beds to use his tlphonique while it is plugged in, pulling and turning each that subjects. But this long cape does not have any sign in tear, angling, extending, etc. And has to admit that interest for Anker products and has any problem that habladuras highly of his service of client also. They are utmost. Some of my micro usb the capes have been purchased of them also, excepts is a nylon the braided the capes and I want to it. I am not sure it is only me but these capes (and included some of an Amazon Basic capes) has all directed in outlast each Apple of the cape has not done never or has sold the. And with a guarantee that is to offer with these capes, very can not go injustice. The May would spend It another extra says in any cape of the informative genuine apple again. I am very happy with this product and to well sure would purchase another in a future! Yes, it is recommended!
3 / 5 By Deetta
Probably ANY iPhone more taken of a world-wide that cape of load. I have purchased this cape two month ago. I have been always the thought in the quality coupled with service of client. Quan Has discovered that a World-wide a hard more that uploads the cape has not been likes him take while it have expected for, nicknamed Anker only to be said that this has not been coated. Purchase Very Anker products and has very had of the few subjects. It IS the shame that this will be my last Anker compraventa. Clients of priest or lose repeats buyers!

Update: 10/17/2017 - After it was substitution has denied initially when nicknamed Anker in inquire, takes my critical description in Amazon to take the road a substitution. So much, I am updating of one in three stars. If this cape is still functional after the few months, further update my indication. Honestly, His products are quite well. If his support of tlphonique was until pair, this probably would not have been necessary.
2 / 5 By Tu
The container is arrival hurriedly and in good condition. These capes have done utmost for the week and has prendido then. Each what 3 at the end prendi capes to be read by my iDevices. Im Very soft with to my capes likes them I couldnt of the harm goes. I recommend to buy some capes of original Apple.

UPDATE 2/24/18

contacted Anker and they refunded me it money of mine. At least they were by behind his product. I have augmented the in 2 stars.
1 / 5 By Gia
It edits: after contacting Anker to take the substitution, said me with flavouring very subject me or instead for to 5 description of star in Amazon. I have adapted, but expected to publish my description until it take a substitution . Sure enough, the week a cape has prendido to do again. A mark of alike small burn in a portion of metal of an end of lightning, while I cut the circuited and begun to burn (same thing that spent with a first cape) and again has contacted a company. We said me to us that has to issues behind so some capes in them for inspection and of the seeds emit me the substitution, but only after I bond of mine 5 description of star. Well now I am out of the upload for my tlphonique and can not expect some 2-3 weeks take the to inspect some elements broken and issue the substitution, as I have to go in a tent of Apple and purchase the real cord to have the telephone has touched. Nonsensical.

AROUND-UP: everything of these 5 descriptions of star are more probably also incentivized the cover in his product of poor quality with bribing he in of the hopes to take that it is paying arrest like the client. That is to say the product of poor quality and the waste of money.

Adds during the week and the half, now any tone.
3 / 5 By Mira
I have purchased this product of Amazon last August. For the month now, a cape simply any one touches any one of a four iPhones in my house. A cord has done consistently during 10 month in front of his action has begun to suffer. There is not any harm in a cord. Some connections are clean and sure. I am using a load of correct wall. I have contacted Anker with my information of compraventa of Amazon in three occasions separated a month spent because of his 18 month hassle-free guarantee. After a first email, took the saying of the response probably has not connected a cape properly. This was. I have not taken another response of the company that alleges to cure ' of the each quality-the subjects have related with the SUBSTITUTION or the FULL REPAYMENT that comprises any costs to ship.' Dry concealed has another Anker capes in my house. The recoveries of the guarantee of a company is futility.

Has UPDATE 8/18/17: A bit those that the days after this initial description has been published, Anker contacted me directly saws email and of the roads me two new relieve capes. Some the new capes look for to be doing well. I have been pleased they routed a new cape, but was has disappointed still concealed takes this description to take a company to honour a guarantee. I will change mine 1 accident these values in the 3 star so that at the end coming through.
1 / 5 By Adelia
After 3 month of soft use, an end of the connector of the lightning resulted loose and no longer uploads or connect a device when was plugged in. My cape of original lightning that is coming with an iPhone the pair of marks the years still are doing only well in difference of east unit
5 / 5 By Ronda
I have to re-modify my description after Anker the support of client has achieved has been in me offers to substitute a cape has Purchased. I have accepted immediately since purchasing so many on-line things not taking never the defective the product has discovered that a cape taken in a principle has not been sake and that seldom the bad things spend once while.
The support of client was very hurriedly and immediately response after each email to take a correct allocution of my new house and routed in the first place classifies.
This cape of substitution is sper fast of lightning and does the better plot that a cord of original Apple and already is the frequent buyer of the Anker products so that it does not have to have second-has guessed the when it was unhappy in a principle, volume that behind now.
If the service of only client was like this in our every day the time of the living things would be the better plot, thank you Anker.
5 / 5 By Kyoko
This Anker the cape is much more robust that a cape that comes with an iPhone. Since I took it only it update my description that considers durability consistently in a future. That of me now am impressed with that bono this cape returns an adapter/of wall of covers he and an iPhone he; there is no rattling or misfit in any one that arrived is the common problem with after capes of piece. Also it comes with the cape embroils to join in the direct extra which are quite useful has taken of one 6 footer. It IS much fatter that an original (iPhone) cape as I am by train of the supposes would have to last longer that some two years take for some originals to fail. I have recorded also he with Anker to take a lifetime guaranteeed and data Anker the record of your sure east that honours that guaranteeed it. Thank you Anker.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker [2 Pack] ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
This description afterwards is doing my third purchase by so two group of 6' capes of Lightning. They that have me the capes in in in the to to handy places like them to them the in a car, afterwards in a sofa, or apropar- he nightstand have so purchased more like the inferior capes have spent to do. It looks capes of Lightning everything to the final pause after the pair of month of use in my house, but a Anker the capes continue working utmost. Has three boys that flavours some limits of any cape to touch, as when it finds the sake a, pay to bond with him. State using very Anker capes for a past year and has still to have or failure or beginning down ridding after abuse and form of uses to look some boys.

A Anker PowerLine 6' the capes are built better that any Apple of the proportionate capes with a device. Has the metre of USB that aided like me that also. Only I can take quite 1.7 Amps when touching my iPad when using a OEM cape of Apple. I can take 2.4 Amps when using an of these Anker the capes and he are two times while a OEM cape that is very good. A big plus amperage the beginning through a cape will leave your device in uploading faster since more the juice is being rid through a cape. It thinks of this that the tube or hose of garden. A thin hose will fill in the cube the slow plus that the fat hose.

To to which likes him:
1. Some capes are very built and durable.
2. They can touch the devices the fast plus since is able to rid more than run that a normal cape or other inferior capes.

That it could use it improvement:
1: My only complaint regarding this box posed of the capes are Anker has not distributed a Velcro curves that sometimes comprises with other capes. I think that that that is to say only the good touch and help to maintain some the capes the long plus has ordered.

Taking, Yours touching only will be hurriedly everything of some components that is used is components of quality, as yours feebler nexus will determine your speeds to touch. If you use the cape that is only able to rid 1 A, then he 2 Amp uploads only will rid 1 Amp and the aims treats. Any skimp in your capes. It tries a lot of capes that only will rid a Amp or less like your device will touch very dulcemente, and quickly plant these capes that the law under forms that this has time to expect for the device in load. A Anker the capes helps to take optimum uploads yes used with the quality uploads. It has had the luck adds with Anker wall, portable and car chargers also.
3 / 5 By
Quan Arrives, and has tried both capes in mine 6 port cart to be use a house and for my cart. I didnt look until a next load that both load of cape only in a side, and tried to verify in my cape of original lightning, does not touch any one which limit sideways of the subject he in. Then a one in a car, doesnt does also afterwards less than the week, limits my tlphonique concealed thinks it will touch, and of the that expects it when being ignited of my telephone is fatality, and the thought of the walk is touching, but later, when takes house and has discovered my telephone has died still, has to marries of touch and with another no anker the cape and he touch immediately. I have not had the problem
With my cape of original lightning when and plugged my iphone. As my verdict for east, really like me that his 6 feet, the robust looks and has to heavier but no well. Or perhaps and only it take the defective capes. Both have subjects of loads. The works to wish while it expect based in some 20 millions the satisfied clients by the advertising but has failed on me.

Update: 5/23/17
Very was adds for anker service of client to help with my situation, gave me the better substitution would say, was hesitant to use so that it sounds the type of nylon
And has had the bad experience with another mark and has had subjects with a cord. That is to say the different an except period although I required and better so far. Has any subject. If and it buys another set, probably would go with type of nylon and of course anker mark. Wait last it the apple of boxes changes a port to touch in iphone. Thank you anker.
1 / 5 By
Very disappointed. I am the big Anker the follower but this cape has crapped has been for any reason in of the weeks. It goes to contact a company to see in the substitution. Still it look it the new mark and was has used grieves. Very odd.

UPDATE: Anker contacted me after seeing my anterior description and quickly routed me two new cords. So far they are workng sake. I appreciate Anker service of excellent client and is alentador that some the new cords will line up like my another Anker produced.
5 / 5 By
Has has not had this this longitude but one looks to have penuria in him n no also he so that it is supposing it any last long but another just fin
AnkerDirect contacted me and maintain of the client adds has provided.. Although I have not asked repayment or anything these supports of company by behind his products.. I issue me the substitution uploads for defective or 'for free'; for this reason I have changed 3 stars in 5 stars.. A substitution uploads is not an included upload while it purchase. It was routed the twists upload in that hate so that it has not founding never a duquel will last the gone to be optimist enough the and says Thank you so much Anker. A substitution uploads has adds appreciates ur the service of client adds to do sure is happy with your product. You have obtained the for ever of client!!! It attaches the pictures of substitution upload.. I want to it.. Some seconds to upload of a together continuous to do perfectly..
2 / 5 By
Desprs Quite 6 month a cape has begun for prender load.

At the beginning a load has begun to retard down, taken longer and more with a longitude to touch our iPads with this cape.

In a point that last night, says not touching with this cape and after 10 hours go of 2% in 62%. The cooked tan, only terribly dulcemente.

Has tried the different cape and has had any problem at all, looks this cape only is going bad.

Looks In how all these capes to relieve have the very limited life achieves so of them only decree to touch after the period of time or number of load.
5 / 5 By
Anker PowerLine The capes of lightning are some better of a mark of different dozen has tried some years. They are strong, resistant and has the quality 'be' in them. Quan Was in a Tent of Apple recently some technicians said me to us that or a thing these subjects of causes with touching a the majority is people using junky third party chargers and capes. I find a Anker PowerLine capes to be of the main quality that some capes of Apple.

Coming very bundled and with him lifetime guaranteeed. The calm will not be disappointed. BTW, Possesses these capes in 1, 3, 6 and 10 measures of feet. They are all utmost. In my house and in of the business trips, has found that one 6FT the capes are one the majority of versatile so that they can be connected in outlets/chargers by behind pieces of furniture but still has quite cape for them to touch your devices while posing in the counter, shelf or another flat surface, so opposite to leave your iPhone hangs of in to the to cape likes him his has seen of some mark of people.
2 / 5 By
We buy this on Can 18 and a cape is prendido already to do he so that it maintains my Iphone to connect and disconnect frenzy. Immediately the unplugged so that the does not destroy my stack of iPhone. Besides, it declares this accessory is not backed for some reasons. We buy the plot of Anker the products and his products have used to be very but now is not that case. Absolutely disappoint it. It has to look for the new company these capes of products of better quality that any last during 3 month. Has data 2 stars like a still is doing and will see how long take before kaput!
5 / 5 By
Has edit my initial description to give five stars to reflect an excellent--on and further excellent--experience of service of the client with Anker.

Took two of these capes in January. I have used the daily touch my iPhone, my woman iphone, and my iPad, apresamiento and replugging the very time the day. I have to confess, it can be rough with touching capes. My zone of dispatch is the gaggle of capes and capes that sometimes takes complicated with a result that the cape will be accidentally jerked has entered the less-this-issue soft. In now that in of the imports, after seven months, a cape has prendido to do and has not done the connection in my devices. An another the cape has begun to come averts in a base of a connector this cover in a device, like an interior of capes was visible. To prevent he the pause averts totally, I slathered two-separate epoxy in the and this investigation be that the together line.

In my initial description, has given these capes 3 stars, any one so that they have not been utmost capes ( is a more taking has not founding never), but so that they have not lined until mine, umm, uh, 'weighed-has to' uses. Still although one of some capes has failed below mine 'has to weighed' use I still felt that it has taken it my costs of money.

Quan A Anker takes read my description, contacted me immediately to discover that it have spent and to see had anything could do to do me happy. In less than the week, marks the new capes taken in a clave. I think if I am not quite so rough with them this time, will last for ages. Thank you, Anker, for an experience of the service of better client has never has had!
4 / 5 By
UPDATE: These capes now do again, inexplicably. As it expect for a better.

In the pair of weeks, one has prendido to touch my iPad consistently. Sometimes law, sometimes he any one and iPad only says 'not touching .' A bit those that days later, another the cape has begun to do a same thing. I have confirmed this was some capes to try them with adapters to be able the different and using everything of my others capes (that continues to do only very).

Like me knows that when limits of the cape in, bake a device every time, any only some time -- especially when payment for the cape 'first'.
5 / 5 By
My family has been using iPhones and iPads since was in the first place is fallen. Apple marked capes -- while well -- begins to fray the year or more the harvest yes uses regularly. I swear it it has paid it for my tlphonique two times on because of a cost to substitute wornout capes of Apple. For the moment, tried third capes of party, but inevitably broken or has fallen literally averts in of the weeks. This cape of Anker is upper in the each another the cape has tried, that comprises the apple is. Has six and any one shows a slightest bit of wear. Two is the old year and they still look (and work) likes him the new mark. For all the calm users of Apple there, does not create you can go wrong with this cape.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Powerline+ II ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Nikita
I took this in a 4 and good boxes done fact two days. Pause to do in cart for apple carplay. It opens Tonight, it has prendido touching telephone. At all visually injustice with him. I fulfil by behind his products and I have not achieved has been in them since his such the waste to time to ship behind and while for substitution Bahhh.

has changed an indication for now of Anker contacted me in fact and already has routed out of the substitution for the defective unit Only asks S/N that is to say to attach in that cape will cure of. It Likes him it has said it, it has fulfilled it it backed the ones of his products and this are to try further. He thank you.
5 / 5 By Hailey
I have to change my anterior 5 star in 1 of a cape has bought 21 December only to do for my the pair of days of marks. Only it uses this in my nightstand at night, any use 'weighed' anything. For this prize would have expected in last at least the year. Disappointed.

Julio of the update 13. Changing my indication behind in 5 stars. A service of the client and one follows up provides in Anker is very good. I issue me the new cape that expects will last this time. They have asked a number of serial to verify a batch a defective the cape was in, as they can control of angle of quality of the control I supposition. Really they are for his products.

Thank you ANKER!
5 / 5 By Irvin
More load has possessed. It buys uncountable cheap and expensive chargers. Why? So that I maintain or in my cart, one in the each plants frequently visits or works in. Has update recently all my chargers in easterly the unit Can have me cost bit it more to do so. Even so it conceal the cost is supremely lovely.

IS well. They touch a fast plus out of everything of a chargers has has not had never. Has two 6 footers and one 10 footer of these. One 6, coming with the fresh case. Still although it does not use the, was a awesome touch. Also it comes with the sake Velcro strap for the join joint. MORE attaches on never!

Will buy these again and again and again. Highly it recommends the all over the world and any one!
5 / 5 By Bibi
It IS too early to say if that is to say he 10 out of 10. Has big levels. But with a fast ship in mine doorstep, one presentation and excellent packaging, a solid texture and when being of the each of some components, and operations of smooth load that am using so it writes this description, goes to give this he 5 out of 5. It takes two cords . They return perfectly in a case of trip. For a road a case is very very looking and VERY COMPACT (the photos of product are deceiving). Surprising!

Desires of only thing Anker would have done was to attach the similar to apt case of trip for his 10-ft cape. It have bought that in him heartbeat.

And please exited with similar braided cape with magnetic tip chargers!

But knows that, 6ft is soooo very better that 3ft. So far, I am impressed and has wanted by the cape in Load. And taking to plot of quality and technical art to do concealed. Good work Anker!

If anything goes awry, will update my description consistently but is not the expecting. Quan Other users have said that Apple would have to has comprised this note of quality of cape with tablets and his telephones, is 100% CORRECT! Calm go you to ask WHY was so long using low quality OEM capes of Apple.

Opens, will update EACH of the yours other useful capes in Powerline+ II ? Wants to see it everything! USB-C in USB-C, and other iterations have used generally.

Was advance and has chosen also in a Anker 6-port PowerPort 6 IQ-upload and what or would expect both does very good. At present touching an iPhone 6s+ and IPAD Pro of 2016.

Wanting to it!

December of UPDATE 2018: I have been using a 6 and 10 capes of feet of the same Powerline+ II SERIES of product rigorously home, work, and the trip and has has not had the only problem. Saved my collar in several occasions. It recommends these in of the numerous people. Has the familiar members that struggles on who apresamiento to use my capes when visit.

Word of precaution: to the amazon now is selling swipes he-of copycat the version that competes with Anker capes. It does not buy The, is not in the joins same like him to them these. You could save the dollars of pair but has read some of his descriptions will remark that any one all is surprising in these knockoffs.

Spent of update 2019: the perfect Still work. He rough state with them. Any subject. It has Had 2 lightning of apple the lacking capes since last year and this cape are resulted my failure-sure.
1 / 5 By Elenore
The cape has done adds to hover he of 3 weeks. They are tez very solid. Even so, I can not touch my tlphonique those uses a cape that of yesterday. I plugged in my tlphonique at night to touch so usual. A next day, my telephone was downloaded in fact around 6-7%, in spite of my tlphonique that bad that is touching. Estrany. I have changed a cape and he have begun to touch immediately. I have left a load of tlphonique up, then begun troubleshooting a Anker cape. Tried 3 other sources to be able in (1 18W adaptadora of power of the apple, 1 iPhone of adapter of apple, and the MacBook Pro) and my telephone will not touch with this cape. In fact, it looks to download my telephone (~1% each which how 10 minutes). It has not been included the month since has a cape as I am quite disappointed.
5 / 5 By Hana
Experience the black and the money for my fianc and I. Desprs Buying the 4 group of the cheapest cords for Christmass ( headed to comes averts afterwards only having during the weeks of pair), looked for some harder cords could find. These to good sure returned a bill, when being very robust and some cover apt firmly. More, with a lifetime guaranteeed, can not go injustice. One of this more side that one 4 group of cords out of marked, but with the flavour a lot would pay a difference for a quality and does not have to preoccupy quite substituting cords frequently. I go to take another to maintain in a chamber, to well sure the sake compraventa! It comes with the little case of sake and the small Velcro tie the embroil he with for storage (he Velcro very snag one in a cord, the clave dictates only in ). A bit of the case is perfect to store earbuds or small headphones also.
4 / 5 By Willy
Update: you can see a drop of original description for some fund, but after publishing Anker has achieved was and routed me it new cape. Desprs Quite 1 month or so of use, can say that a new cape is excellent and has not failed still. Bronzed Last a has lasted enough 5 month, will update this again besides or 4 month less to see yes deserves that 5 indication of star. Prpers Having said that, possesses very Anker products and think them when says that an original cape was likely just defective. They are by behind his product and and appreciate that like the consumer.

Original description: Experience a red cape in February (together with or extra in black). A black or still is touching well, but a red ones hardly marks in in anymore. May very pulled or has twisted a cape or; only prende to do (while some blacks some a lot of still works). I have alternated among a two, as I am not sure why a red an east dead person faster.

Bronzed Basically, 1 out of 2 capes (each what so almost $ 20) has lasted down 5 month. I am not sure if that is to say the good inversion or no, but would have liked me in of last at least the year for a inversion. Probably the would not purchase another Anker cape unless a quality of a trace of cape.
1 / 5 By Zita
Only it take it a cape today the June 21 am using an Apple 12w adaptadora to BE ABLE In of the USB. And once I plugged the. Only it does during 2 bren then stoped load. Returning an element tomorrow. You are data only A day to return an element. Any COMPRAVENTA. Felizmente The have not been really turbulent the week later if pause
5 / 5 By Zelma
It has Had each road of Lightning compatible capes some years of diverse pasts. OEM, Swipes-offs, cheapies, and Anker-marked. Of them all, would not estimate a OEM capes of APPLE very better that a the-cheapo is appoint ' yours mark'. They all give era. A thin casing pauses and fraies, some contacts tarnish or pause, or only decree to do.

Anker. The active did not have it never a lot of the subjects with Anker capes. Has his plastic of the earliest generation coated capes and some of some anterior braided Powerlines. HE INCLUDED - tend to be more expensive. These particular elements a Powerline 2+, is more expensive also. Any question in my alcohol even so, in a case of these capes, taken that decrees of paid.

A Powerline 2+ braided is beasts. We buy a gold-colored. Any utmost only look but more importantly a braided the coverage is fat, an USB and the expirations of lightning are robust and some apt and the arrival in general is upper-notch. Of course they go it to say this there has been SUBJECTS of ZEROS with my devices of Apple (comprising iPhones and iPads running later iOS 12) touch or transferring data when using Powerline 2+ capes.

Has to very sure that these capes will last while I require the in. It does not doubt to purchase again.
5 / 5 By Elda
If you are I how me, has been burned by a lot of different touching capes. I have learnt that the cheap capes are cheap for the good reason: one typically lacks to be recognised by quite a lot of devices hurriedly (groans inwardly on all a time is past jiggling capes in some spent as they would connect and/or the stay has recognised so some capes certified). Since I have in the first place experience Anker capes, has very been impressed for mine the and has been thrilled that it is a test of time.

HAS the fabulous collection of Anker capesvery so that they have failed, but so that I want to having different capes for different purposes (the plus a merry plus in our device-the house filled and when travel). I favour some braided capes, which winery until a yanking abuse of my two boys. I appreciate when Anker done of the improvementsthat with a Powerline+ IIand take an even more the robust cape and the fastest load. It finds these capes of 6 feet are one the majority of versatile so that they give only enough the period is uploading against the car, with the bank to be able in, or in a outlet or hub so much can use your device without listening likes him is the fish that is reeled in or the dog in the low leash (likes chair with the cape of 3 feet unless I am touching and the walk was or trail in the nightstand while it sleeps). This period is also very easy in loop up and tentespecially with a proportionate velcro strap and case. Some cases are lustrous! I want that they are zippered, also, and very fully soft-sustained (this cape has surpassed now my amour for another Anker cape that is coming with the most felt-so embroil enclosure with the velcro inner of annex . . . Although still I like him his of that or, also).

Has bought four of these capes (two in of the red, two in gold) as well as two capes of 10 feet (only like these, but longer and without the case to spend). Through a joint, wants that these capes are robust and hearty. Has each streaky until month of abuse of boy already as well as trip and mark/of work of new look ( has experimented other marks during on me when travelled and especially rough with them. No so with these.). They touch well and hurriedly. And they look well! Included a packaging of some capes looks well! (I knows these are not necessarily key criteriabut, salvation, can have capes that no the work of only marks adds but the fantastic look and enter bundling verywhy any one?). More than everything, knows that when has posed the mine takes it the money has won down in Anker products, will do his work. I am very happy with this compraventa!

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Powerline+ II ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 By Johna
Capes of junk, load very slow and device looses load while using an iPhone or iPad. I have bought 2 of one 3ft, 2 of one 6ft and 2 of one 10ft. Any records anywhere near of has announced. I possess very anker produced the state because of a past quality of his products have not had the problem those pays the prize the big plus for capes of the main quality. These lacking miserably, any COMPRAVENTA. They have to it has had it the bad career of capes so that cual took is junk. I will not be buying anker capes again. I expect it is not having these same problems with other products.
5 / 5 By Matilde
It has Had this red 3-ft cape of lightning for small the year. Used he for all my trips and in my cart. A durability of this cape is solid of rock. It is built like the tank, especially compare in an original cape that is coming with my iPhone. State using Anker capes for a past 3 years so of the only substitutions for a fraction and shabby OEM capes. A PowerLine+ II is something in the first place purchased done the year. I have not been excited in a prize a big plus of this line against. A Anker PowerLine capes, but has think that a guarantee has appealed. It opens, in of the marks the week, a cape has prendido to touch my telephone. Any one that brick of subject used or has tried the different cart - very data. Any one had any visible sign of harm. I have achieved among Anker. They have answered very hurriedly and had substituted my cape without any hassle. Mark sure maintains note of a number of serial in a cape. It IS and it has purchased the new PowerLine+ II for the cart of my woman. Happy client. Thank you, Anker!
5 / 5 By Shirlee
UPDATES: 01/25/2018
Anker contacted me through Amazon and demand in my problem. I have said those that have not been sure was defective or only me, but was very cosy and generously has offered the substitution for re evaluation for free of load.
Only took a cape of substitution today, and has to say that I am happy contact me. The connector of this cape is ensured more than a one has bought, sure. Still it thinks it is not so tight likes cape of Apple, but is not the problem, as I am changing a description in 5 stars.

Has bought this cape to touch my tlphonique while using in of the embeds. It looks to do well and a cape is more malleable this has expected. Only it has for less than the week as I can not say a lot in his longevity, but there is the problem that maintains bugging me: a cape takes loose up spend to turn in some sides.
In a hand, does not take to pull take or a lot at all to disconnect a cape of my telephone, in or another hand, is quite inconvenient to use in embedding, and spends the plot to time to read in my tlphonique at night. It was not if this was intentional or no.
5 / 5 By Darwin
The cape adds! I want a bit of the case entered. I have bought this to use in my Kia soul so that I can use Apple CarPlay. It is used the small spends case to line an excess cape, as it is not flopping during a place while I am directing. Some connectors of finals is snug, and a gold plated the ends is still each gold plated. So often so capes to start with of lightning, is not while east or a last for ever. Even so, so far, also. This looks the very robust, cape very built..
1 / 5 By Gilma
This my second times are buying the cape of Anker. A material is good quality even so a durability is terrible. Literally the day or two, a cape begins the disconnect and reconnect while it is touching when is connected in my telephone. It maintains to say unplugged he and plugged he behind in even so it is not touching a cord. I have changed the capes and he have done only sake. I only cough of a money for a cape of true Apple.
5 / 5 By Gaynelle
Some llama these capes overbuilt. I see where it is coming from but there is such the dearth of well built and reliable capes there that calling these overbuilt in twice a prize is also take.

So that other capes in a piece does not follow levels of tez pertinent. He bad the the capes will do worse that these in some better of cases and break your device in some worse cases. Those are not of the worries with a Anker line of capes and especially a PowerLine + the capes yes are buying a lot of some diverse capes of USB or capes of Lightning.

Pay the small more for an extra heap of peace of alcohol.
5 / 5 By Marcela
A Cape has done perfectly with my iPhone 6. It IS very very done and access without subject through one touching port door of my LifeProof Case. It IS very better that any one another cape of the lightning has not used never. I am supremely happy with purchase of mine and I highly recommend it.
4 / 5 By Karren
While a braided the cape has done a cape takes 'longer' I 'nt said for a lot, he still any one very if anything at all, only lasted likes him 4 month max.

UPDATE: I have taken my indication of star until the 4 that Anker has there does more to fix a problem, has the envoy has been the free new cord of load, and does not have to issues another backside, while this cord in particular did not last me that very the times can be it different since you. I can say that it is it is the good cord only does not live until some things and has posed he through. Also it say it that you are looking to buy the cape goes with Anker so there capes and products very well, and has the service of client adds!
1 / 5 By Eileen
Wine with the good case and, Velcro strap. Alas still although it was used only in a same location and never moved, After only three month chooses in my tlphonique to look in him, some pieces of cord was and the only loads are not moved at all. An agreement bought Included a same time, but takes the plot in the use that covers them that it unplugs angling etc. Acts only sake.
All the world said this, but in fact is very soft with my cords, and has had cheap crappy the last cord two times so long
Alas is spent a time of the turn and I are bonded with him
3 / 5 By Lashonda
I purchase these for clients a has 3 I. One of my capes has done monkeys in the daytime unit While in Japan in the small work of task of month, give a subject. A side of one covers of lightning, is s slightly was pint prong that also looks to have small dimples. Needles to say, faiths felizmente touching my difficult telephone. I have thought quite buying the little more, but does not like him that I have paid for the cape of premium and has not taken the unit knows that is to say only or out of a lot, I the just hope has not blurred my self to give these in my clients. A bad experiance can have me looking elseware, a lot is the shame. This has been my gone in for some time.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB C to ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 By Ross
The May HAS PURCHASED of my premier Anker Cape of Amazon, actuate has not bought never anything more. Still it recommends Anker in my friends and familiar any casualidad volume.

This cape is any surprise when goes in action. It IS only like each an another Powerline+ II CAPES in that is very done, robust and is until abundance of abuse. I have purchased this cape to substitute a normal USB-An in cape of Lightning that is coming with my iPad Pro and iPhone X, which has begun to look soiled and when being the small toneless in some connectors. Opened has Deleted it deleted my iPad uploads while I will be to use this cape with a MacBook Pro upload to touch, so much my iPhone X and iPad Pro. Having only a load and two capes to spend around saves to weigh and the space in your newspapers spends stock exchange.

Can not recommend this cape or Anker enough in any one concealed reads this description or is hesitant on doing this compraventa. Calm any one lament the or bit.

Happy Cabling!

5 / 5 By Anisa
Have Only experience Anker capes for a past 3 years and I will not return never. These last capes for ever and is of a main quality. We take this concrete cape to touch our daughter ipad in of the walks of long cart. My woman wants a red colour and a cape are the durable TAN. It has had the little powerline+ II CAPES for years and has has not had any problems with them.
5 / 5 By Ginny
Powder 16 Amps through this cord to touch my telephone. The stays cooled like the cucumber. Like The result uses another fact for a same company, only with the different tip, to go of my USB-C solar poster in the USB-C bank of stack. All the work adds!
5 / 5 By Lupe
AMUR This cape! Works exactly some same like Apple overpriced USB C in lightning 6 ft cape. My iPhone XS Max was of 0% - 50% in 30 minutes that use this cape to touch while using a Anker 30W carried of wall.
5 / 5 By Irish
Excellent touching Cape
5 / 5 By Marvin
That is to say the option adds for any one looking for the USB-C cape. It IS very done and quite durable.

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