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Top Customer Reviews: NOAA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Edra
Bought this and installed in mine HDX 8.9 has BOUGHT SO ONLY a new HD 8 KF and this application no on that? Really? BECAUSE it buys a upgraded version when I can any one has included the use on ALL Kindle Fires????? It give this ACCIDENT of tin of ZEROS .
5 / 5 Dianna
Formed a NWS forecasts in such the way that is has comprised quickly. They are the big defender partorisca look in a forecast in the graphic format.

Has used an application like this before but a developer has the difficult time that maintains up with load in a NWS formatting and pause often. I have it that has not had never this question with this application.
4 / 5 Angelo
Some first and second columns are like this far averts that a source is necessarily very small so that a data will return in a screen. Appearance see that some changes partorisca accommodate the measure of the main source.
5 / 5 Shona
Application of good time. The radar is quell'has bitten hard to discern among clouds, smog, and rain.
4 / 5 Lekisha
I like this application. Easy to use and add locations. It trusts on this to plan my work day and is attentive state.
4 / 5 Bertha
Would be the application adds but no well in mine kindle. It has it that deletes.
5 / 5 Ngoc
Very better that a canal of time. This application has the plot of good discharges to choose of - my preferred is a discharge of radar to the equal that gives a lot look when the severe storms are in a zone and of the like the direction is coming. Good application!
4 / 5 Hunter
His well but prefers a precipitation of one this is coming with my telephone. It takes the moment to upload hourly but in general enough of confidence. So only it take this of has had them a credit of application.
4 / 5 Danette
There is almost an infinity of 'applications' in a telephone-&-universe of pill, those results in almost an infinity of applications of time. Some elections fallen inevitably to three wide categories: excellent, abominable, and like this-so much. As you Organise these categories is, obviously, totally your own election, but a lot of hours to look for in the universes of application has indicated mine that the majority of us the look of humans to have reasonably alike opinions regarding his composition.

Each developer of course wishes to produce the product with some characteristic exceptional or imagine concealed distinguishes of all a competition. Ossia The formidable endeavour . NOAA The time is not the canvass of photographic time-journalism or the travelogue of some beauties of the each city, village, and hamlet in a planet. Objection of mine to these genders is that some the background photos often hide some or the majority of a text in a data of time, and although master travesía and has done the good quantity of him, concealed is not my aim or motivation when summoning the report of time. Very thick, these applications are uploaded also with fines-the shows of screen that has to be it estásecado' to read all his information; the time of Yahoo! Is an excellent example . The services of interest are well; neither I favour neither refuse them, but can be the distraction .

NOAA The time takes to any-atrocity, frills-free, information-laden approximation. Some the ready cities have chosen (if more than a) is showed in a left a-third of a screen when in way of landscape, or is burst on when a current city, showed in a cup, is touched in way of portrait. Each location also comprises his geographic has sawed-ordinates.

A rest of a screen has nine rows, containing, in a first row, some 'Current Conditions,' that comprises the small icon that represents a time, the brief description (p. p.ej.: 'Partly Cloudy,' soyostly Sunny,' etc.), A temperature, and a wind direction and speed. A next row contains an icon and the a lot brief forecast for a rest of a day and an expected down, and a rest seven rows retorted a second row for a prójimo seven days, and comprise both some expected down and big. Touching in some first explosions of row on the listed detailed of Current Conditions (Temp, Feels Likes, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Barometer, Dewpoint, Visibility, Sunrise, Decadence, and time of last update). Touching a second row has produced the brief forecast that contains the wind has expected, rain, fog, etc., Temperature besides and information of wind. Touching a lot of some remaining rows produces the brief day and night forecast for each day. All this information is showed against meso-blue, dark-blue, or deep blacks; an aim and pale-ash lettering is very visible. Touching in any row in a cast of locations amenas on a corresponding exposure for this location. If there is alert of time or look for the location, the small red triangle that contains the mark of looks of white exclamation in a low plus-right corner of an icon of time in a first row. Touching that attractive of the icon on some complete NOAA bulletin of time of alert for this location, comprising twenty, rains, storms, currents, and tides of tear. An application is an excellent window to a NOAA system that informs time.

Sincerely, this activity is certainly a lot resembled a that the strikes have mentioned on, but today and a prójimo seven days are all in simple view, resupplying the fast rundown of a time has expected, and so only some touches resupplies the brief forecast for each day. An only characteristic lack of of the this the a lot brief description of the time of the each location in a column of locations. Ossia Of entity of mine because usually it follows eight locations simultaneously, and is handy to be able to compare them quickly.

I like an application, and the consult every day.

(Note: A free version accepts no more than three locations in his cast of locations, but pops of exposures-on ads. A version has paid accepts a unlimited ready of location and ignores ads.)
4 / 5 Delma
A lot of info, finding it gain for my newspaper and future
touching. Very useful. Thank you. Robert!

Top Customer Reviews: My Fishing ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Carolynn
I add to predict a time but no so lame anything goes to know when a fish will bite. Plan on using it daily this cradle and state.
3 / 5 Rowena
Still that evaluates a precision...I do not go to fish any subject what an application said but the control was and compare that it is biting in that in fact am taking...So far quite sake. My only complaint is that it does not recognise Kindle location to Sack and does not have a capacity to store favourite locations
3 / 5 Lecia
A fishing has not been never very when it has been supposed to be but a time was usually well. The good thing any side anything
1 / 5 Susie
Any one also. I took it it was my device after I like him to use he that hangs 1 hour. It Likes me to him his the fish is necessary in mine and tlphonique of much better.
4 / 5 Monty
Easy to read. Well
3 / 5 Nola
It researches to be the good product. The connectivity is a subject so that it can not take access all a time. Some forecasts of the fishing constantly is changing. He the the small apresamiento to count on. The time will say.
5 / 5 Maynard
Application very good. Use frequently.
1 / 5 Peggy
Although a basic premise of an application is well, a "forecast" it researches to be useless (at least in my experience).
1 / 5 Hilma
Tonnes of similar applications there for free. No the value in firm in 6 bucks
4 / 5 Marla
Quite accurate

Top Customer Reviews: Alpha ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Zita
Sadly I Have discovered the very better time FREE application of radar after I have purchased easterly the unit Yes wants the radar of free time well the application takes soyy Radar'. It IS better And is free.
1 / 5 Zelma
Only or voice of radar
5 / 5 Elda
Easy to read exposure, until information of date
1 / 5 Candra
To look in time
1 / 5 Beaulah
Application of junk. Volume more info of my application of local time. No the value that buys.
5 / 5 Marsha
It IS kewl
5 / 5 Milo
I can not say concealed ' want the,' except merits 5 stars. At the end, it is free and, here in Ohio, gives an accurate, picture of real time of a time. It is beginning to rain he so that it is writing east. A gaze in Radar of Alpha, and knows that that is to say the spotty shower that spends punctual with timing clear to follow. That is to say all this attentive of this application, and delivery.
4 / 5 Sau
Well For a digest of precip zone. And it uses multiple radar pgms. All have his merits... It maintains this to use while precise.
4 / 5 Corinna
No the bad application but could use bit it better zoom.
5 / 5 Sid
Very well info the use often

Top Customer Reviews: AccuWeather ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
1 / 5 Clora
It has Had an earlier version of AccuWeather software during several years, and was the good product . For some reason, the parts of this software have prendido to do, and has been offered a new version , which has accepted. A lot it prefers an old version. A new version has has had subjects of action, especially a hourly tab. Generally to him it does not act. An old version has uploaded hurriedly when headed he home in a morning. A new version is lazy any time. Some the new screens are not so clear like old version, and, does not like me a format. Only sure when being, has uploaded a so the version of Platinum has nicknamed, which are no better that a free version, and costs $ 2.99. It does not look for when being any different of a free version, and has some same problems. Any one has taken the very good product and destroyed it. SAD!
1 / 5 Debbra
This was my application gone in for the times and I have wanted and depended in a widget. A widget no longer works and simply disappears of my screen of house. It is been the problem for weeks now. It looks I needs to find the application of new time, or this takes updates and of the works .

Looks this version no longer is when being update while some free versions in a tent of application of the Amazon and a tent of the game of the Google is to update frequently.
4 / 5 Fidelia
GILIPOLLAS: The loads retard compared in my another free & pay of the applications. Has 4 locations have saved and 4 radar to time the debit of exposures dulcemente - even so, selecting 1 exposure only saves time.
PROS: A place is easy in navigate - 1ubicaci or 4 (different some of my applications/have paid free). A info felt marks in me while some of mine another the applications of time are confusing where give'thave to be. Info Always looks to run and correct (like any forecast Can be).
Around-up: I am the PC Accuweather the user how am familiar with a mark - except likes him almost all the applications, this application any same looks a PC-version. Still, I am happier with this paid Accuweather the application that am with the majority of mine another free or has paid applications of time. Only it thinks he still some room for improvement.
5 / 5 Horacio
Application of better time never. Truly. His tracker of minute is soooo useful to Florida where could rain it anytime but often the no. Was rollerblading today and the wheel has burst was but that it is besides a point. Had the dark cloud in a distance and I has not been preoccupied quite the reason my tracker of minute has said any go to rain. It does not rain . But he everywhere more while I go control a radar a same application. That is to say an example of why cost the right there
4 / 5 Eddy
It has wanted the application of time with the radar and this have the map very those aims attack of thunder in a zone.
1 / 5 Michelina
This application is no different that a free one has had with my kindle fire, has thought at least would give me one until version of the date but he are identical in a card, there is at all different in this application that what apresamiento free of a factory, the only difference is can not take your money behind, does not take rasgado was, stays out of this application...AINT VALUABLE SQUAT...
4 / 5 Jacque
Like this I program of time with or nettling subject. Selecting cities/of locations that wants to beat it to you to control when being the nightmare . If you write in a zone for the investigation like VAIN Auburn could finish with Auburn Rd. Any quite the information is aimed aimed to know which are aimed for your selection. It IS in fact the big quite irritation that probably would have to attach the screen only for this function. Has partner and familiar throughout some the EUA and when when being quite cases of the times do not want to spend 15 minutes that likes him take a right City, State, road... Zone as it can control it.
5 / 5 Ross
All the world-wide necessities to learn what a time will be to like for a day or time a week. AccuWeather By far outdoes each which as another application of time. To create to date updates to time as well as video for your zone this application is full. Also it can have a race of application in a backdrop and with the mere swipes down in your kindle voice what a temperature is and there is casualidad for rain.

Was happy to be able to take a version of Platinum of easterly but included a free version is also and lives until his name.

Recommends this application in any one cual the must has.
5 / 5 Anisa
There is a free version and when goes like the free application of a day took it and is very pleased with as these looks and works in my Kindle Fire HD.

Any only law on where is but can attach could interest other places in verifying on, like a beach or mountains or that something vacacionales is looking advances in.

Can take daily, hourly and 10 forecasts in the daytime or a report of real televised time.

Finds this the very useful and handy application to have around. The control each evening before the fall has slept.
5 / 5 Ginny
A lot of people queixen that requires too many permissions, but everything to sound reasonably. They require all these things to provide information at the same time. If you want the information detailed in your zone or anywhere more, that is to say an application since you. Otherwise Movement on. Also it would like him his of the signal was that an application comprises 3 widgets for a screen of house. These are very useful especially when does not want to open an application to see information of time. An application also organises today time of right now, an hour in a future and an hour after it conceal and so on. You can see any time of any day now of a week. Also they aim of the exposure has detailed the graphs that show a rain, Sol and wind during this day, hour or week. In general I have data 5 stars for good detail and thought for consolation.
4 / 5 Alvera
It has Experienced one forces next subjects, freezing and that clashes my telephone that another has. I emailed a developer with the description detailed of some questions together with the telephone have (Samsung Stratosphere). I have received the fast response that has directed ANY of some subjects. RyanL, His rep, has said that an application is not sustained partorisca devices of Sandwich of the Ice cream. (My telephone is Gingerbread )
has not taken never such the brusque and unconcerned answered of any developer of Android. A bit those that the applications have not had never of the questions with, the developers have fixed neither a question or has offered the repayment. This developer could not concern less in his clients partorisca pay.
Is unfortunate of an application is attractive and has the a lot AM YACIDO -when it operates.
5 / 5 Tomika
Has had a free version and when it go like the free application of a day took it and am very pleased with as these looks and works in mine Kindle Fire HD.

No the only laws on where are but can add other places could be interested verifies on, like a beach or mountains or that something vacacionales is looking forward to.

Can take daily, hourly and 10 forecasts of day or a report of real televised time.

Finds this the very useful and handy application partorisca have around. The control each first evening of asleep tomb.
5 / 5 Son
All there is always state very useful but that cut out of a number of the clips of video have answered human that was felizmente short and sweet but has to do fault the particular purpose especially first of this first cup of caffè. Boooo! Human @subject still. 05_17_2016.
5 / 5 Johanna
Lacking partorisca update this with a version of Tent of the Game. This one is at present roughly 2 years out of dates. Total failure.
4 / 5 Latina
If you are the time buff taste will enjoy of this application. Some people can find that it contains too much information but has no such thing partorisca me. It resupplies all a info you possibly could ask in the very good format. It has given so only 4 stars because sometimes it is not terribly attentive but thinks that does more partorisca do with a time of where alive more than an application he. glielo Recommends calm can buy on sale or partorisca free.
4 / 5 Estella
Of a diverse wx applications in mine Kindle Fire and Shoot HDX unit, this has been an only question -free one and a one of compatible accuracy.. This application give timely wx info partorisca my boys, nets, and the friends are located.

Ironhair, Pinewood, CA. 2/24/2018
5 / 5 Lauryn
the mine in the first place goes it this always , which shows amiably in mine 6&34; fire. It likes-me the second source partorisca more than info and, occasionally, partorisca one,forecast or different reading. Accuweather HAS an interface of more cleaned of the user has seen (a lot are like this cluttered to give me to us the headache). A data comports with my canal of time and, usually, with . If it love the second application, with more than data, taking is one.
5 / 5 Loria
All these folks this is complaining in the permissions are not partorisca correct in this concrete application. I installed it and it does not ask any of some things that the people are unequivocally declaring. With that out of a way, thinks that ossia the very good application . It have been using weatherbug partorisca roughly two years but has not been of confidence to plan to vary longer. Also it prefers AccuWeather widget. They are so only state using he partorisca the month but looks partorisca be quite well in a timing of rain but a lot also the certainty, so only better that WB.
4 / 5 Tommy
If he so only done as well as a description of product! In a positive side, a hourly and the forecasts are well. Absolutely any quibbles there! That finds extremely annoying is a desk widget can not show a current temperature of my location with any accuracy anything. If I go to a hourly view, is a lot this in spite of. At present it is 55 and a desk widget shows 20. The location is corrected, so only any idea where attractive a temperature of.
5 / 5 Darcey
Ossia An application of the time has found better. You can still it buys 45 and 90 forecast of day or version of platinum. This in spite of is also $ to take one adds unfortunately. It is like this I attack like television when you look an informative but is like this convenient to have legislation in your PC or telephone. I love a widget in my telephone, is my preferred .
5 / 5 Verlie
Beautiful map and easy navigation. Material I need to a start, material I any (sensationalized histories of time, travesía- and sport-has related-forecasts) in an end, like this easy to ignore. Pet peeve: offered of window of commentary of daily perspective, like " it is hotter that would like you." To the equal that Know to the as it likes me? But in general it is the good application - some ads in a $ 1 version locates my nerves he so that it take one $ 3. It can 't says any difference another that pesky the ads have gone.
4 / 5 Krystina
Absolutely an application of better time that has tried. It is very better that an application of canal of the time. The Really so only has some compatible locks on mine Kindle 80 of a time when looking in a map of time. It looks partorisca spend more frequently when zooming was in way of game, or that tries to move a map around, like when you are trying to look in the street of the storm out of a local zone. When it does not try partorisca move or zoom one map, does not clash .

But some accidents are a lot annoying, often requiring me partorisca resist a key of power in still 20 seconds partorisca force the closure partorisca take a Kindle partorisca answer.

If some developers would fix this question would give this application 5 stars.
5 / 5 Sara
Taken a GPS on partorisca follow you around eats battery too quickly. It likes- one creation and of the pages of information. Some maps are a lot of lens to upload, but am quite sure ossia the subject of coverage , both 4G and Wi-Fi. Alive prójimo to a flange of a world-wide and have service quite poor in these parts. To radio Free Amsterdam, you! One ARE canal for the miles of centenar.me would like me see the tab of the history of the time has added like this the information would be handy for my record work that maintains need. Time, Coverage of cloud, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric conditions for now.
4 / 5 Willodean
Says a condition of present times more each hour of a present day, that is predicted for a next day and in following.
Tip a map of time for a local time and will do one same for four other locations. It is exactly that loves
see a time and believe me knots Kansans always is maintaining an eye a time.
5 / 5 Tomasa
Lately finds it to be more attentive of my application of leading time. My application of the leading time also tried to actuate characteristics this application has with the minimum success and has been takes of this application. After using this application sees like these characteristics have been supposed to be. Your experience can vary my venues of informative partners with this application and I am remarked that an informative time was usually more attentive that mine another application to time so it has given shoot it.
5 / 5 Era
Works like the field in mine Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3. It resupplies all an information I need for both my daily life and to plan for future activities. It comprises current time and has detailed forecasts for out to 10 days. Also, has alert for severe time, viñetas in wx by means of a country, and fantastically illustrated and easy to comprise map.

Has update, February 9th, doing well. It resupplies excellent updates in opinions of severe time or advisories has issued of a Service of National Time. Resultant more and more that an essential tool to have, day for day.
5 / 5 Marcus
After the moment of use, has changed my opinion. In fact, I have changed software. I have touched Accuweather, included although it have paid for him, and has gone with Intellicast. I have found that Intellicast has the much more intuitive creation and of the less thick accidents. It remain with a free version of accuweather (to the equal that has said first), or go with intellicast.

Although I generally like a version of platinum, still struggle the really find which value does among east and a free version. I think that that an inferior line is, if a free version is a lot enough, is a lot enough.
4 / 5 Mellie
Initially I bated a fact that has changed an application. His entirely revised summer and a lot included resemble an old application. Learning this new one has been the little delicate cuz he no really come with any type of instruction. One has to that so only bondadoso to mill around and the imagine was. This one looks to take to plot longer that upload and more with a longitude to spend on a info am looking for.

No really sold in the and thinking roughly going back to application. It was more comfortable with that an and an application was faster that the one who this one is resulted.
5 / 5 Victorina
A free version of this application is the decent product, and some ads are not hideously intruders. But I have been once gone, this is resulted an application of time has used better.

Optionally Taking NWS alert in yours (selectable) location of house and temperature of exposures in bar of notification. Addition of accident other locations that is easily accessible by means of the simple drop down. It resupplies the good variety of current and conditions of forecast.

Esal Feels' the temperature is aimed like alternative to heat of cold/of the wind little gimmicky.
5 / 5 Kiana
Had been using an upper Delay 10 application of time for years (legated and bb10) but felt a service of use of forecast has not been like this attentive likes another for my region of Ontario, Canada. Accuweather For Blackberry 10 was more attentive but an interface of user was so only well. Initially charges a version of free Android that was attentive and resupplied the interface of better user BUT with annoying adds. The works and the application add perfectly on Delay Z10. Gladly paid for a version of Platinum to take ads and now for real joy and appreciate rain and attentive time futurecasts.
5 / 5 Woodrow
Ossia The decent application , but a GPS feels it . It has dipped my location and moves 20 + miles was ,with which have saved my locations.
5 / 5 Loren
This application was wonderful partorisca years but recently is been glitchy. A time widget disappears of my screen partorisca house every time restarts my telephone and then sometimes can do not taking to go back.
5 / 5 Donnetta
Has used partorisca do add until it has dipped a Kindle the way of aeroplane without prpers prpers give. Finally imagined out of a question, and do a lot now, likes used to. I appreciate the one who easy is partorisca move some maps around, and zoom in and era. A forecast of 120 minutes is really adds and surprisingly useful.

Be quite can have said more than erver a lot found.' Reason not offering some useful suggestions to fix that @@subject?
5 / 5 Maryalice
Like the majority of an application, but when that sees a map for future time some times are always in a past. Ossia Quite perplexing when it would like to see that it is to store later a day.
5 / 5 Jacque
Am disturbed like this to update my Accuweather application another day. Had state that use a 2012 version that has paid takes, no a free a. And I have wanted to love it that. There is remarked then there was the update to take a 2013 version and I have imagined would be necessary updates it. Well, it sucks like this bad now! The desire could go back to an old plus a. Some jumps of screen of the radar in place of gone smooth. Taken FOR EVER to upload so only to see todays time. And a creation so only is not 'entertainment' and simple, SUCKS! So only absolutely I HATE this application and will delete it and any I still concerns me roughly that loses my money!
4 / 5 Hiram
The version has purchased later like this of 2/10/18 maintains to aim " you owe that be logged to Amazon" and same when they are all can do is application of leaves. Please fix.
5 / 5 Doug
...Taken on WAY TOO SPATIAL of screen in mine Kindle Fire HD - comes around 2 1/2 " my zone of horizontal viewing. Reason? Some controls of paper so only short words like "now - daily - current" (that tries to agree). A lot enough I have 2/3 of this spatial or more poured in of the main maps, video, etc. Perhaps in a next update? If there is the way to dip a measure of this paper in of the settings, could any one pleases left to know me? - Shoot me the message on Facebook - I always see those! Thanx! Marla Brumbaugh.
4 / 5 Deetta
Unable to dip my years of location has informed a developer of the application done the month, still 0 uodates to correct a subject has created with last update. Pure junk, the he casualidad better to know when the rain is spending for looking out of your window at night.
5 / 5 Tu
To the equal that with the majority of time predictors, be his humans, car or both, there is usually the sure terracing of inaccuracy, particularly in some states of plains in some the USA where sudden thunderstorms can exit of nowhere and possibly produce the fact or two in the subject of small, sometimes second. This be has said, these looks of application, like this far, to be quite attentive, and will take quite attentive while alive in Oklahoma any day now. Now, if so only it can predict earthquakes.........
4 / 5 Gia
Version of platinum () does not comprise characteristic like MinuteCast found in a free version (). Although it is supposition to be ad-free, there there is still the ad of poster in a subordinated calm concealed takes to the place of a partner of local TV. Also, a hourly the forecast is quite useless. If you want to know when it can rain, a graph is labeled in the 4 source of point in way of portrait, any showed in landscape, and a text down does not aim precipitation. Very other applications of the times and the mobile places are easier that use.
4 / 5 Shaunte
They are the ardent time , in that wrote it on partorisca 25 years like the journalist of newspaper and editor, and one first what I each morning is load on AccuWeather and turn in a Canal partorisca Time partorisca see that it is in tent partorisca a day and the days looks partorisca be bit it more after the forecast of a Service of National Time partorisca temperatures partorisca my zone, which is one of some the majority of difficult regions of a country the forecast because some mountains and wide valley here in northwestern Virginia...
4 / 5 Mindy
Has purchased an edition of platinum of some maps have not uploaded in a free version. Still they do not plough .
5 / 5 Codi
I like this application because it is until a minute and he so that it go it far quite attentive. A reason has paid extra for a delux the version has been he has read a bit where concealed one could verify to to some forecasts to fish like in a desk. I guess that it was not that to use this application to find all that master. Really you hear to say that they are not there but,sure I can no to find them.
4 / 5 Lavonia
weatherbug Is well for alive data of some local schools and airports, but his forecasts and resorted hogging the map calms.

accuweather Is my preferred new. I love some few tendencies and presentation very better of data.

External, travesía, etc... The forecast is class to take and could do without, but can the just need to touch with him some more.

Again, loves them some few tendencies and easy way of paging by means of a data without that has to that jump around screens and attended partorisca download.
5 / 5 Leonie
... All another. My subject Of ENTITY is an update . A hourly temp forecasts NEVER TRANSMISSION ... Included when they are bad. I constanty controls nightly. Almost Each morning control it, usually a lot prompt, and look a real (according to AW) and forecasted. Any @@subject the one who a real temp is, a forecast NEVER transmissions!? Reason? Reason he AW mark hourly temp forecasts that NEVER transmission? . . Quite p!$ $ Poor, period. And have an application has PAID. Looking for better.

The bad way!
5 / 5 Senaida
Need my time to be the widget for the fast look in temp and current conditions. This application does not come with any decent widgets that can use. It was free, as it does not take 1 star, but I gentleman;t need to click in a wait of application for him to upload and has to that roam by means of screen with which screen of information any precise only to take that for real it does need and that so only takes the gaze. A free version of this application has some widgets that use, but does not integrate with each another oddly enough.
4 / 5 Wilton
First: it loses the averages of some permissions require. Then leave me to turn of a terrible red colour in a bar of notification. It is hard to see, which the worse fact that the useless cause That is a an I would require to see a plus! And to good sure ask a startup! Taken for ever same in the wifi - take preloading so much. Load in background. Screen of the mussel of the minute has run it supersonic terrible. At least block alike elements. And I run circles is unusable all near.
5 / 5 Sherill
That is with a way of video!? All the works but concealed. Interesting histories, but can not access any of them. It maintains to say, "HEARTBEAT has FAILED Error of Permission: This provider was delated" with each alone video...
4 / 5 Mireille
There is enjoyed a past format. I have found a leading format was informed more than today version.
4 / 5 Rosina
Has paid for a upgrade. I have had at all but question of then. It thinks that that I maintain the base of another side of my state. I maintain to change the to a correct location but goes back to a wrong a. Have uninstalled And reinstalled two times have purchased of a upgrade last week. I wish that I so only stuck with a freebie reason an application is useless now.

Top Customer Reviews: NOAA Now ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Lupe
An application is basic and difficult in navigate. It IS it has been better in a NOAA website. If you are thinking to take he for a Firestick, the Totally useless no..
1 / 5 Irish
That is to say the horrible application is likes him is paying for pages out of a book, please does not waste your time. If I can take my money behind and cost my time and the test would try.
5 / 5 Marvin
The calm does not have to when being the time watcher to appreciate this APPLICATION. Load hurriedly and give you the very big view of your zone selected of interest. We are in a Westerly Coast so control out of a view of satellite of the EUA Western. A whole picture is has been there in a Pacific and through a Westerly Coast these systems of shows to time that is to say in his road, in the organism and that spent gone in some half states. It IS it issues it it adds to take the sake has seen global of whats up with a time. There is much more that some visas of the satellite with information has printed enough more any one the time marries related that or could wants to verify on. It IS all the current cases and what could be come your road or at least any one is. That is to say the keeper.
3 / 5 Nikita
Mostly it disturbs to think it the interactive map but just technical bulletin. Opened Can pay it calm for one another version and he then is better
1 / 5 Hailey
It IS terrible, a lot he. It IS that it is thinking, ' it is only 2.99, can concealed bad the be?' If the calm downloads it after you have read this, lament the, that is to say what this bad.
1 / 5 Irvin
This application any same laws, needless to say is not possible to say bad work. And A lot of hope and has not been touched for him. The interface is terrible and a lot the supposition is required to included suppose that it is supposition to aim or a type of information is supposition to provide. Tried each imaginable to take it to do, has resulted at all. Again, and just hope and has not been touched for east.
1 / 5 Bibi
Mamma to save your money.
The radar wanted of real time of my hometown. Any one can do. Only map of EUA.
2 / 5 Elenore
This is not that has thought it would be. There is not forecast very local, does not have radar very local. It IS a page to link that radar of supply and NATION of alarms of WIDTH of severe time... As well as some oceanic information. Some rests of radar up do different regions of United States at least, but would like me take information more local, which only would suppose with NOAA the semi-detached name in him.
1 / 5 Hana
Some waste of $
5 / 5 Willy
I took this for my Daughters new television. It wants to meterology and maintaining up with some external conditions.
The different screens mimics a web of place but is still very same but for real, that is to say an application versus a place of real web as it can expect you less movement and has retarded up to date.

Top Customer Reviews: Weather ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Magali
I Like him his of an appearance and functionality of an application. You pursue amiably in my Fire HD.
Does not like Me that, although it was announced so of race in Amazon and devices of Android, in fact can not install in my Chromebook cual applications of races of Android.
IS bonded in an Android/of Amazon divides.
1 / 5 Shirly
It see In Utah and he could not take to give any information in any city of Utah this comprises the City of Salt of Lake. Highly it recommends any one for the purchase.
1 / 5 Amalia
I can not attach the locations or he recognise a GPS. It does not do and it was to look for the repayment . The amazon would not have to sell material concealed does not act. It is not there the vetting process?
5 / 5 Amberly
Application of better time there ....The only desire would do in 10 Fire of inch .
The laws add on all another program but for some reason the any one enters one 10 HD
1 / 5 Jere
It was only Some waste of money
1 / 5 Kisha
He no in kindle fire
3 / 5 Alejandrina
I have taken two star was to cause this was to do for tablets but the portions of an exposure is the courses was so he doesnt look that announces. Some parameters really are confusing and unless you have posed each which up properly some looks of screen of the exposure incredibly sloppy.
1 / 5 Laurette
This WAS my application of clock/of favourite time . The new version requires tent of Game of the Google, which any race in Kindle Fire. Ithas All want to in the format that like me. It prefers to do a time and the main temperature. I direct me nuts that does not round a temperature in the whole number and uses one nails urban to do the time and the main temperatures..
1 / 5 Cordie
It can not attach location. The services of location are all the capacity. Fire HD 8. All until date and marks new device.
Any able to use while it designs. The money wasted.
5 / 5 Keesha
Using in Kindle Fire HD 8 Gene 7, the laws add, a lot of canal to time to choose of.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Denisha
Purchase in Amazon thru his application of the tent of the Application leaves this application to do while has his application of Tent of the installed Application and logged in. It opens This has done well in a telephone has been installed on in the principle, but the months of the pair more has bought late the new telephone and an application of Tent of can not sign the Application in left only left me access to install Radarscope in my new telephone still although already paid for him. Read on-line as has tonnes other people with an exact same subject. I have purchased then Radarscope direct thru the game of Tents of Google as it can have he in my new telephone. The lesson has learnt, the MAY again buys another application thru an application of Tent of Application of Amazon.
1 / 5 Jacinda
The application adds, well until a moment my Samsung Commentaries 9 updated in Lolipop. The note sues Amazon login and will not accept it . Totally useless now. I see I am not an only or having a subject. Please fixed or repayment of mine $ 10!
3 / 5 Jayne
This was the good application while law. Particularly enjoy it a level II DATA. But since updating in Lollipop, constantly said that I am not logged in Amazon (still although an application of amazon says that I am logged on) and any race.
1 / 5 Katherin
Too many Errors when the debit has any one took it included to upload still. No the very good application.
1 / 5 Tanner
I have paid $ 9.99 prende east and does not act. I want my money behind!
5 / 5 Phuong
A lot of people of application adds has aimed this has wanted also it
5 / 5 Christinia
He been the RadarScope user for quite a lot of 4 years. I have purchased in the first place he for my Touch of iPod and then my iPad. It IS so happy to learn that RadarScope was available for my smartphone of Android (a Motorola Droid 4). This calm application give you NEXRAD Level 3 images of RADAR. If you are not the time groupie, has useful information on so to interpret some images in the place of web of an Application: [...] The purchase and will see what sad some images of RADAR are in all some applications of time.
5 / 5 Dierdre
I give RadarScope to 5 star because of some 2 things find more than entity in me. Has the radar and he give you to you all the zones under clocks and opinions. That is to say some 2 main things look in. A technical material does not comprise he so that it can be more than necessity..But I inform in him more than others the applications of time have.
5 / 5 Gigi
Some some better applications by far has found. This has almost all the appearances of the radar have comprised. If there is AllisonHouse byline, can use that also. It maintains in alcohol, is not necessary to obtain a full profit of this application but he are an option. If has the the yours the canal of own time can use a info and action he with another. And only I can not say enough in a data of radar has comprised. Your low in a minute in your neighbourhood. If you are the pro, interested, or as me only geek in a info. That is to say an application since you.
4 / 5 Heath
Posing very diverse this the gone to program for time. 5 stars has a capacity to select 3 or 4 radars of the times but I can see how combining some plots circulate could be problematic in of the by heart constrained systems.

Top Customer Reviews: eWeather HD with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
The external law in some Northerner of EUA for 40 more than years.
Has used the plot of applications of Muslims in Iphone and now Android.

That is to say a better, can have multiple locations, your hourly, 10 forecast in the daytime, included compair today in of the marks the year.

Can customise any screen, of colours in equivalent or digital format.
Personally wants a barometer of pose of bar up.

That is to say an application has been looking for to cure worries of time. It listens casual required for your profession.

That is to say your application of time ! Pound under awesome!
5 / 5
eWeather HD With NOAA Radar,...For Elecont is an application of better time there. I Like him his of him for his customizable widget that takes your screen to house until radar of date and another information to time related constantly. A widget when recorded ploughs a main application where can find you more information to time related and customise further.
Maintains in importing that the prognosis of time is only that, the forecast, the prediction, and although a green of shows of the radar, (rain) on you, can not be raining. A rain in a heaven can evaporate before paste an earth. One can of storm fizzle has been before achieving you. It was it adds a day when the radar can aim you precipitation that in fact is the paste your earth.
My opinion, this application is better that the canal is an application of the Time, AccuWeather application, and included my applications of canal of local time. His widget is far better.
Please Elecont, maintains tweaking this application to take us a prognosis of better time, the majority of reliable radar, and widgets that tickles an elegant. You maintain some a lot of options of map that have you now. Open street, Cycle, Investigation of Map, Google, Terrain, View of Satellite, and some a lot of levels of zoom way down below in my cup of ceiling. Thank you Again for service of excellent client.
5 / 5
My hat is has been in some developers of this application that is tame-under a VERY BETTER time application of information in any tent of application. I have tried the all, and has purchased included some to evaluate, but this application blows a competition a water. I left me pose the one of in this way, there is not any competition for this application: it is in the class averts of a rest. Some characteristic is also numerous to list and is inner attached with each frequent update. A customizability is incredible. That is to say one the majority of customizable of any application has aeen. State using eWeather-HD during 3 years now and has no experimented the problem ran it only three different devices. If we say me to us that requires to pay $ 20 to maintain the using, with the flavour very would pay it. Thank you For this glorious application.
5 / 5
That is to say by far my application of favourite time. It uses this application for so long in of the so many devices have decided to buy the again through a tent of Amazon.

To to which likes him is so can customise to modify of an exposure and also give you an information wants to (albeit more information that amour also), and what easily can take the graphic representation of temperature and casualidad of rain for any a prjimo 24 hours or some prjimos 10 days. A function of radar is also well, while it is one which graph compare this year fields of temperature in last year. Also, the calm easily can pose he until aiming other cities as well as some times where are localised. Has another use of application for earthquake info, as I can not comment in this functionality.
2 / 5
For a last diverse month every time opened an application takes an error and an application have closed! Very thwarting for the application of paid!
2 / 5
Wait very big, flashy and characteristic only of the application of the time paid (especially in $ 3. 00) But Elecont failure to provide anything only. Any only lack to distinguish characteristics, but some the characteristic basic provides is presented bad and acts bad. The systems of card are inconsistent (some use You fashionable dialogues, other buttons of use of application of concrete radio, even so like this another is in an own programmer messy and unintuitive way). The function has fallen clearly victim in a tentativa fashionable that takes eye.

A sorely the tentativa obvious has been done to look graphically extravagant. One unfortunate the result is the garish and messy fashionable lack with map to time this takes up too spatial without being beneficial. One old adage of " it maintains it Mere, Stupid" it is applicable here. The calm does not oblige way, the left wing grows around a function. This application fails like both form and the function sorely is being missing of.

Donat A wide field of applications of the free time and the services there look for little be necessity for an unnecessarily inflated application those promises a world-wide and failure to rid. Any value your time for free, and certainly any one for $ 3.00 until the significant changes are implemented to direct subjects of location, inconsistent UI and posed it pair with a host of applications of time of free professional.
5 / 5
It listens in NOAA in a radio for years before taking an application. It go it always the solid form to time info any form entered. It have won some coins of Amazon, as I have decided a better use of them would be to update my application of time. WOW. ENORMOUS difference. This application EVERYTHING! Any only time, but look and alarms of the each class! Hurricane, flood, black gel, earthquake, look. And for this prjimo some coast, tsunami, tide, typhoons, and each which more this owes the mark with a sea is on there. And, there have it included the (takes this) look of VOLCANO!? If a cauldron of Yellowstone does not go never was, will know quite he in advance. And a map is unbelievable...And you can customise your own graphic colours, chooses your sounds of alarm, and still although some parameters are bit it complicated, a result is awesome. You can choose car-alarm that chirp up for any didifferent condition of time, of a sure type, at all some alarms. And automatically give it some alarm of WHEREVER is, or elect investigation. Taken the flight? Your to Chicago? It wants to verify what a time is likes him in your fate? Easy...And still it can it sees of external room, or zoom in just yours describe. Application of the better times have not seen never.
5 / 5
It take in a point that does not expect any a lot of a faotd, but wants this application of time! Has the plot of customization characteristic, can choose among classical, symbol, and icons of photo; when I modify a primary location (clicks a ... Button) can choose static place, location of cell only, or using gps and location of cell; also I can choose measures that prefers to use.

This same application give me measure and information that would not expect never, has not seen never the application of time with information of earthquake before, list where an earthquake was, a force, and said me what the miles of me are (can adjust which in of the earthquakes of only show in the field limited). I am quite surprised that the smallest earthquakes are so common.

Different the majority of the applications of time have so tried far, this give me more than an information that is looking for; it likes radar, casualidad of rain, and the forecast without that has to navigate in a web of place. A lot of amour that shows also, has not seen never in in to the to anything likes him that before.

Everything of this be said, crane an application was better, the give some the similar good animations in that avenges normal in my HTC feeling, and this will result my main time widget.
4 / 5
This application of time is one of a better for Kindle Fire HD. I use it daily to verify a time (obviously), but an only characteristic assembla the lack is the sake to GO image of satellite. A radar is there and the law adds, but verifying taken of the cloud at night is that it wants to/ require a more since is an astronomer of amateur and as it knows a type of coverage of cloud at night. Has an option of the satellite checked but can be overcast even so it sees any cloud in a map unless it is images of radar

Takes the sake day and night imagery of the satellite and I will clash this on four stars in five.

Wants to all some characteristic and a creation for this application, and while I have said that it is one of a better minus this one looks looks to be missing of. I do not want to have another application to time only therefore a thing.
4 / 5
It attaches to look application with 17 widgets tonnes of varieties and customization options. At the beginning it can it has to click a red in button of screen in an upper right of screen instead for default provider intellicast in Forcea. Or atleast thats when at the end I gave me information. Also take any errors of data and such. Cela Changed in a fraction default location, is gone in card and the direct locations or anything are and deleted it to do sure does not try to take some data constantly and bam. To change the only imprecise locations up. Everything and everything substitute, Insect of Time and Elegant Widget (the crappy amazon pro version some waste of developer to update. Me) I of the that has the radar wallpaper or widget but clocks of the time to well sure does up for him.
5 / 5
This application is incredible. He almost everything says that it goes to do. An only question is that it is the complex setup and no for impacienten folks. Intellicast Does not look to be connecting, but is able of 2 sources and Foreca the work adds!
Some people that is writing bad descriptions roughly this would return the television because tip his preferred could give him the free aeroplane and they would say it was too complex to fly.
Has on dipped properly are adds for me. I am not using a location of GPS; any insurance in that. An available tutorial can help. In the world of applications of free time, is value $ 3? Perhaps. It is a better time AP has used? Yep.
5 / 5
Has had 4 applications of time in mine kindle. Two I was free, two I has paid stops. Ossia An only one has maintained. Fantastic. It takes some time to use and comprise it. Has the video if you are in a way. Exposed of big quality. A lot of info. You can yours down seats calm is looking in too much of data. Amur A clock in a first screen, fill with now for now info. Brilliants of labour types!
4 / 5
wow, A program of better time never for mobile of the windows have come the android ! The candy of eye is the little more elegant that agrees, and the little more elegant that has required, but everything of an information is still right there where calm the precise and easy to access. Click on location in upper to add new location. Fully customizable alert of bar of the state he has wished. I do not know reason these no active types elecont showed proudly in a title of this application. It have purchased it the fact of long time! How it is, I am so only happy has found this. (The one who has known to find an application could be like this fun)

require, elecont has had always the support of client adds in his forums. Appearance all the world sustains developer of east instrument.
4 / 5
Be in accordance with another type, already'll need the new name, but another while I have taken touched of of all mine other applications of time and now so only has is one. I love a customizable widgets, radar, earthquake info, now for now and all another info resupplies. My only complaint is that any @@subject find my location for gps, code of zip or a lot another means it still so only takes some surrounding cities any mine. More, his is the difference of entity in a big east and lows vs intellicasts and forenco which do not comprise . But I love an application this in spite of. Especially I love a characteristic of radar and an hour for now. It maintains on a type of work adds is.
5 / 5
Laws on EVO but kill other services of processes of the time widgets, ie bug to time & twc. A gps would be necessary to locate you then. Once gps is found, another characteristic look to do without question. A radar of time resembles DL big chunks of data, perhaps the setting. Application of missing movement to SD paper, can flush die of radar but still enough would have it on SD paper. The a lot of options are there just need to find them, better documentation. It resupplies a lot of data which can be toggled to touch. Die more detailed like wunderground , could be too much for any the one who is happy with incumplimiento application of time. To the fence of alert can be configed but easily too much with bat of clock sig bar etc. More AM YACIDO has details a lot well, widget defaults in sight to transparent decrease likes less detail. No like this bad likes some active has revised quickly. Settings to control find to to something does not like roughly that.
5 / 5
Read with interesting some descriptions, especially some of some indications plus very low. Installed an application for a period of test. Interior 10 minutes have said my woman that this application has some bad descriptions reasons is quell'has bitten complicated and some do not want to spend a time to learn his ins and outs.
A lot Ossia my take. If you want to something simple take the different application. But like -you to plot of data and is has had to that to leave some time to learn a thing, ossia. With which 30 days to use ossia my application of primary time . Not perfecting, but the very useful application for me.
5 / 5
Still no like this very like this taking time of (NOAA) but is in plot more convenient . Sometimes a forecast deviates of NOAA forecasts, but the majority of a time is not far was. A widgets is good and a lot of configurable. An interface is easy to use and to customise. An application of time has better used like this far.
5 / 5
After fiddling with him for abt 10 min, took it finally to do. Beautiful to look in, load of info in your yolks, will not require never another application to time again! $ 3 reg The prize is entirely warranted, but am like this happy to having taken he for free. Substituted my current widgets for time and time and has added any plus to a collection. I have had at the beginning some to to same subjects like him some of another reviewers abt any when being pas able to find my location, but has changed a source of intellicast to the as immediately found my location, enabling me to access all this fantastic application has to that offered. HTC EVO 3g
5 / 5
used this application felizmente for several months and like. This in spite of, now is worthless.

An application will not open . An application will not update . An application can not be deleted.

Have the Kindle Fire HD
5 / 5
My woman is the die of time . Has the canal of time of Davis, and diverse rain gauges in a yard forward. A TV is likely to be in a Canal of Time, and she always tunes in some informative venues so only for a segment of time. There is Intellicast Radar & Accuweather in a PC, and WeatherUnderground in his telephone. The interest buys a van simply reason there is the thermometer has built to an exposure! ( It was necessary signals it was that it is retreat and there is absolutely no where to go, but concealed no for his to concern an external time.)

Has taken this application for our Kindle Fire. Love it. It is packed with tonnes of information. An exposure is very good and interactive. It has been using he for the weeks of pair and still is discovering characteristic. Load quickly, and is very easy to use. A 'Woman of Time' highly recommends this application.

Of a place:
Characteristic Tones:
• iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
• Filler-application to time equally
• Long-time of term of 10 prognosis of days (15 meteorological parameters)
• Precise 24-hourly forecasts (7 parameters)
• the temperature/Feels like legislation in your screen of house (using technology of PUSH)
• Support of Centre of the Notification: temperature of clue and transmissions of time (using technology of PUSH)
• big-definition NOAA Snow/to Rain animate Radar in zoomable maps
• NWS alerts of severe time for some the whole USA (using technology of PUSH)
• providers of Multiple time
• 130,000 locations by all the world
• clock of World-wide time
• USGS and EMSC by all the world earthquakes in interactive zoomable maps
• Ad-free. Any costs of byline. Any cost has hid. Frequent updates.

The characteristic comprises:
• Only shows-like interface
• the conditions of Current time to comprise humidity, wind and pressure
• Sunrise and the time of decadence
• day of Moon, phase of Moon, near of Moon and time of increase of the Moon
• Feels likes temperature
• Hourly forecasts of precipitation
• Rainfall quantity ( only)
• the Barometric pressure and a diagram of tendency of the show of temperature some last 24 hours
• forecast of Geomagnetic activity
• Alternative way to show negative temperatures on screen to house
• the locations can be added by GPS, Code of Zip, or to explore a cast of location

• 130,000+ locations
• Localized in 33 tongues
• Drawn for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G, iPad new, iPad 2 and iPad, Touch of iPod 5th Gene
• Fully compatible with any iOS 3.2 or later (comprising iOS 6)
• A low question in your resources/of iPod/of iPad of iPhone
• support of Exposure of the Retina (HD graphic)
• Tongues: English, Arab, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Byelorussian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finn, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
specifications of Radars:
• big-definition, animate, radar/of snow of the rain of a NWS for some the whole USA (except Alaska) and Flange of Canadian cities of Canada/of the next USA)
• NEXRAD, N0R, base reflectivity, the data has filtered
• there is Retarded 4-12 minutes been due to character of transmission of data
• Optimised for WiFi, 3G or same connections of FLANGE
• Game, animations of pause in any level of zoom
• Zoom in and was, tugs and turn
• ways of Multiple map - terrain, satellite or regulate

Top Customer Reviews: YoWindow ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sheila
I like this application. It has been quite attentive and love a fact that there is scenery aiming sunny or rainy time, that chooses the one who scenery master is amused also. Also I can touch on some of some things in a picture and have the sounds am exited of them.
5 / 5 Ardis
Amur He everything!
5 / 5 Julienne
Ossia One the majority of wonderful and inventive time the application has not drawn never! It is not or ly attentive and informative, is relaxing, also! I seat it likes it to me I am in a peaceful field. I want to look a fly of birds for, and some cows and the horses that roams in and era. Justo wonderful! Value much more that that have paid for him!
5 / 5 Kareen
This application is like this entertainment !! I want to wake until him!!
5 / 5 Dane
Has a subject of the city and I love it! It is amused to look all an activity and to listen a chime of clock. Entertaining As well as informative.
5 / 5 Star
The application adds
5 / 5 Leonia
A lot so only and easy to use program of time. It likes of a lot.
5 / 5 Donetta
Very good!
5 / 5 Pamella
Amur This application. Shows the one who a time is in of the pictures.😀The map adds. soooo darn Pleasant.
5 / 5 Avelina
Joy Be able to see my forecast as well as other cities!