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Top Customer Reviews: Capetsma ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of the tool am not sure the one who a difference is among a together I receipt and another reviewers, but my beside good sure rusted and there is not coming with test of PH. I have loved so only some tools so that it is well.

One of a reviewers has said very included has to that dry his neighbour was among uses. After each use, has dried my tools with the towel and slid his backside in a stock exchange of ash of storage. I have used a neighbour perhaps 3 times - Rusts has arrived still. The sleeve was quite economic that does not go to treat a hassle to return for the repayment. Justo tossing and moving on with finding the substitution. Calm perhaps will have the better regime but I would not annoy .
5 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of tool I near on a tank of fish again the little month done and then found some plants and well, leaves so only say my arm has taken drenched every time has tried to fix some plants or move something in a tank. This together of tool is class of interesting and useful like my arms are not while some he like this the easiest that achieve down to a fund of an aquarium and fix or regulate some rocks of plants and such.
4 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of tool the tool Adds has done to do in mine a lot the easiest tank. All the pieces are good quality . A ph the games of the test was extraordinarily resembled results of my bees box of liquid test. A stock exchange to maintain some tools in, is good to have. Especially of then I misplace things. My container has been retarded slightly because of shipping, but a vendor was a lot of proactive and has has wanted to do sure has taken my packeage and has been pleased with him. You recommend that these products are looking to do your aquascaping the easiest life!
5 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape the money of tool has taken these tools he roughly done 10 days. His kinda looked well. Some scissors have looked bit it hard to use. Now, 10 days after, already are that it sees that some scissors (which have used so only two times, btw) is taking rusty, especially a ray in a half of them like this. Some other instruments still are doing well but ossia to good sure a lot entirely stainless and is so only the economic thing.
5 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of tool To the equal that am new in this integer aquascape hobby, the boy has the enormous quantity of tools like the majority of types does. As I situate value in a some concealed my easier life when it avenges take the things done.
Finds this dips calm handy so that they will not be the using very thick, so only each one which now and him.
Maintains to import that there is other insiemi likes hanged less and is built to last. This in spite of this a does not disappoint for a paid of the prize and the one who knows it can last a lot the times take well of priest of these helps.
5 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of tool These tools would be me cost well in $ 20 in the tent of pet. They are extremely durable and feel like plant of aquarium of big final tools. You an exceptional work with planting my plants my substrate. Some scissors trim see amiably also. Honradamente, Ossia all precise . It outrage that, it comes with the little ph booklet to try with a lot of band. Although I did not require it and probably not to use it , is the good addition .
5 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of the tool Yes is in the estimativa or no, these tools are a aquascaper delight! Good quality, easy to use, and have arthritis in my hands so that it is of mine enormous importance. Amur A pouch to store them in, no more looking for 'the sure place I last plant them in' LOL. Highly it recommends both a company and a product!
4 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of tool This neighbour is like this as well as frames more expensive, in the prize a lot of abordable.
4 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape the money of tool is stainless steel . Sturdy , Good grip. Some returns of chance some elements. Not rusting of any no dry class & before I stock exchange he. It is to good sure value a prize.
4 / 5
Colour: 5 in 1 Aquascape Money of tool the'goes used the all (beginner with aquarium and alive plants) the small side of curves of scraper bit it easy this in spite of. So only maintain an eye for him. Has @@give this when the the pressure dipped the piece with big side

Top Customer Reviews: Tetra Bubbling LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
This tank is perfect partorisca my betta has fished. Also it can be used partorisca goldfish or any type of fish. You would owe that purchase the heater this in spite of. Like this the tank comes - could have you bettas or goldfish. And it comes with everything needs to begin the small tank. I think that that this would be perfect partorisca the first tank of the boy.
5 / 5
Has taken this tank partorisca the fish of the beta of my edges takes partorisca his anniversary this year, grandma like this amiably has taken partorisca he without our permission and I couldnt the leaves in a tiny tank gives our in. It is living in way now! Fish of happy Christmas! It was súper simple to dip has left on my help of 5 years. Want to a bit concentrated light and some bubbles! And he like this done our fish! There is so more room partorisca swim now. All the world is happy. Also it would like to add of the bombs is súper enough, knows some people have said his strong but there is remarked when it was touched on he has done the strong sound like this perhaps marks so only sure calm of the that touches it on. Súper Happy with this system of tank!
4 / 5
Is the decent little tank for a money. A bubbler/the light is not sufficient for in fact lighting a tank on reason is not that it shines at all. I have bought one this for a tank, no a light this in spite of and will be to do the reef of beak in him with ABI tuna blue bulb.
4 / 5
An aquarium is measured adds , near easy on and the good prize. We take has the judge of Beta of the tank exited for my ten old year. A low indication owe the lack of clarity in a need for the few additional pieces that maintains a hosing up in a corner of height/has required etc. Also, any registered or the plants have comprised.
4 / 5
This 'tank' is the smallest way that has thought. Almost you look some pocolos containers that clip of tents of the pet to a side of his tanks while they fish of stock exchange for you. Bought this reason the betta in the community tank has begun to take aggressive and required to be take. Have Of then (interior 3 hours of relocation) has dipped my betta in the new (3 chevron) tank. An only good thing in this tank was that it avenges with the filter, light and airstone that all the work, which has meant to be able the reuse in a new tank (and has finalised to save money). This tank is now the cube used for transmissions of water. Spent this the piece he for part, any to dip fish in.
4 / 5
Has bought this mini tank for my anniversary and is been three month purchased it of then and does not have any remorse. It is like this relaxing seeing some lights at night and some fish that at all on and down in some bubbles. If has any questions will update you.
4 / 5
First tank adds for my boys. His quite small to change out of a water weekly and a look of the happy fish with some bubbles etc. will owe that buy all the accessories of the separate tank (registered, plants) Perhaps one has added perk to a tank would be some class grupal, this is to be resist for a weight of a tank, this could resist a bomb and of the valves on besides big that a tank, of then recommend that you do like this.
4 / 5
My dead beta inside the days to transfer to this tank. I have bought this measure because we are travelling and thought it would be easier for our pet-sitter to clean. I have had of the February and he is state is and without subjects. Also of note: a quantity to tube is ridiculous, one that vibrates of a bomb is like this strong I has had to wrap he in the towel flatly, a filter does not do and a water has taken murky quickly. I all a lot of when dipping on a tank and that extracted a water, an only difference was a tank .
5 / 5
Does not return the device of the bubble, 1 daughter of plants and 1 fish. Any turn and neither does the bubble
5 / 5
there is the small crack near of a cup. It waters resisted still and has not filtered he so that it spends a test! Also my Silvester really looks to love a circulation of a water. As anything happy me happy. Oh And it was easy way to dip up.

Top Customer Reviews: Tetra LED Cube ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Betta The lovers please read..... This tank is perfect for your Betta. It IS roomy but very on age. A look is modern and stylish. There is the few things Betta keepers has required to do with this unit - things VERY MERE. I have attacked of the star so that a filter is comical.

1) The band was a filter that comes with this unit. It IS junk and only will cause you unnecessary subjects. Some uses of filter for all my Betta is in 5 chevron or less trace backwards is a Aqueon Model AT10 (internal filter). Mark sure rotate a knob of flow in a parameter a low and objective plus he in a corner of this tank. It IS powerful for to 3 unit of chevron but posed them to him to him up properly a water will look practically stagnant. I have purchased this one of Petco - so paid one extra $ 10 for a gratification of instant. The amazon has for very less. $

2) Purchases the Betta heater - this plastic of the tank is doing an economic Betta the interesting heater. Mark sure takes a temperature the small time on some first 72 hours to eschew Betta soup. It fulfils it maintains a water in 80 title far. $
3) Substrate - Use something concealed is very easy to clean - I emphasis of rocks to use this can find calm in Petco for $ the stock exchange - 2 stock exchanges are abundance (same although they are kinda small) $

4) Takes the few plants of Silk - you of course can do real but PLASTIC MAY. They shred in his fins. Also Petco - 3 group for $

5) Takes the small floating register - yours Betta will want to it! $
// />
6) sure cleanup a tank was - Any SOAP - in front of filling. And you OWE layer some desert and powering hole. I have used some plastic (apresamiento) of the element bundled. $ 0

7) sure conditions a water - Revoke use Osmosis Water. Misc Supplies - Omega Betta Conditioner to Water $ and Omega Betta pellets of Buffet $

8) My Betta grows with Covers of Indian Almond. 1/2 cover left in a tank has substituted each 3-4 weeks. This of course will soften a water and creates conditions very similar in a savage. $
// />
Total inversion to pose it up properly is in $ 142 more a Betta - That is to say the trace that last you of the years.
5 / 5
Tom $ 25 giftcard of work. The black sand posed and blue jewels with the piece of pagoda and some alive herb and has taken the red crescent fished of beta of the moon. It IS more it conceal happy with a quantity of spatial. That is to say some people of the tank would have to be his betas has posed in any one those tills of death. A system of the flow and the intake has not caused any subjects. His in fact ignites enough that the film is in a surface of water.
2 / 5
It opens Obviously that is to say enough the long description , but the tentativa directs the majority of some questions concealed is being asked here in a main description and tea of amours to do a decision informed of the this is taking, especially since will be more probably to continuation very lives of pet in of the this and wants to something both appeal and the place are for your pet in a long term. The tan Here goes it:

has changed my Betta, Sushi, of the tetra of chevron Tetra 29137 WaterWonders Cube of Aquarium, 1.5 Chevrons, Negre so that with a semi-detached heater in this small volume of water, the time shouted too big. You can click in my name to see description of this unit and pictures of visas of me generally setup this 3 unit of chevron.

By so 3 unit of chevron while it is, out of a box, can not recommend this tank (goes GILIPOLLAS) >>EXCEPTS<< if it is it has owed to spend some more in that update that comes with this unit, can have quite the good tank and appeal those uses this tank like the point to start with. A PROS and the ready gilipollas here (as well as one 2 out of 5 stars that the value has given he) will treat only a tank while it distributes well out of a box. Left beginning with a good material.

1) Elegant Creation: I know that is to say subjective, but having any bezels of dark verge is better in my opinion. One bases created is solid when water it and recorded was attached. It IS well to be able to see 'all' of a tank with minimum breaking of a whole look in addition to angles.

2) HAS DISTRIBUTED the clip has DIRECTED ON: the mine has 9 individual LEDs that each wine to do (any one has DIRECTED dead) and amiably and equally disperses light in an apparent comfortable level concealed any troubling my Betta. In difference of a of chevron, this unit has DIRECTED is separated totally with his cord to be able to possess and has not melted in a filter. NOTE: I do not create these LEDs is adapted for the most alive plants (any road to verify so that it can not find any documentation in the on-line/boxes in Kelvin these LEDs is in). But it bases in the prize of another aquarium has trusted the lights of the plant have DIRECTED, the doubt is taking the FOCUSED/of able photosynthetic plant with this unit.

3) CUTOUTS: Has in a back right (if the tank is affronting calm)quite 3polzada wide x 2polzada deep cutout that will return it an afterwards filter of piece comfortably (which this the tank goes to require like the filter has distributed is not recommended, seen GILIPOLLAS). Having to, similar in a of chevron, has the square cutout the doing supremely easy to fish to be able to. More importantly, each which cutouts is rounded that it is the plus of entity while I have seen other acrylics to arrive to this point of the prize come with verges cut enough that can he nick you.

4) SMALL IMPRESSION: only the tad printed of the feet he big plus that is 1.5 counterpart of chevron and one of some reasons has bought this particular unit. If you are looking for the sake but aquarium of small emphasis that can be it posed on almost surface very stable that can handle at least 30lbs (waters is quite 8lb/chevron x3 + mecer + plants, etc), then this could be one aquarius since you. There are other similar acrylic aquariums has sold here in Amazon, but the majority is not situates is the rectangular / looks could take up more spatial. That is to say the compact good creation .

1) ACCESS and ARRIVAL: to Any one almost also likes him , which surprised me. A of chevron has the slightly twisted upper that apt flush with any verges. This one comes with the 'fund' hoards. I have posed that quotes so that SO THAT 3 tanks of chevron the fact gone in has had angled /wry verges in a front that in prjimo is perceivable and detracts of some elegant lines have ordered this tank is supposition to give was. So much in level of eye, can see it mere like the empty day opened in any verges advance. ( Has time, upload beaks of any verges angled) looking on-line, all the pictures were flat and flush as it thinks that that that is to say the defect of the manufacture and asks more concealed has this tank in chime in and to the left know me if it also take tanks with cups angled. Still after month, these verges stay up, has not resolved down. Like The material is acrylic does not want to he casualidad that poses in the heavy object in 'flatten' some cups was. I cringe every time clean a tank and voice these verges. A lot of problem.

2) COMPRISED the FILTER and The BOMB ARE JUNK: a lot of filter of summer of the free people and included to bomb and think that is adds. Well in SO MUCH ones the units took, some bombs were OBNOXIOUSLY STRONG and one of them vibrated like bad near of a tank visibly ails mine Betta. One bombs was in fact stronger that my fridge when one he icemaker the engine has done gel. That is to say only very acceptable. You favour and has opened once a box, only launch of this filter in some rubbishes. I am serious fatality. Also, of a bomb is separated of a filter and connected via tubing, if some beginnings to be able to, the risk that has drain of water out of a tank in a fund as you were wise to buy the valve to control yes insists on maintaining a distributed crappy bomb/of filter. I suspect an only reason this cheap filter has been launched was so that you were closed to buy his marked filter of substitution. It classifies in how when undertaken of the cover of the calm knife give you the free knife as you are closed to buy his covers. You would do very better for your fish and your sanity to buy an afterwards filter of piece, suggests and revised one Azoo Mignon 60 filter here: AZOO Mignon Filter 60 Also, one Azoo access to filter perfectly in a retreated cutout and still with an extension, easily will clear a fund of earth in this 3 tank of chevron.

3) The Acrylic material: That is to say so much the pro and the with. A pro so that the very acrylic looks. One with in a term with a longitude to write that lines it quite easily he so has to be really, very careful while cleaning this tank, although you are using a sponge has agreed acrylic.

Well, if the the this far still could be interested buy this tank. Well. An adherent is suggestions on that it can it he he pimp out of this tank and the fact very excels and resplandores and do your fish your comfortable plus and remain is.

1) ALIVE PLANTS: it opens you are going in the just bond with one has distributed CLARO FOCUSED fixture then only can recommend eset the and forget' plants that does not require (but the yes calm help ) lunch of the plant and Kelvin pertinent estimated clear fixture. A partidrio has suggested that the plants would have to do well down to ignite half and this particular tank ( is growing in mine with just a light has DIRECTED included).

A) marimo balloon of moss
B) java MOSS, see me revise here: Moss of Java - Vesicularia Dubyana - Plant of Aquarium Saw (5x5sm)
C) java FALGUERA (Microsorum Pteropus): there is the type that sells it here in Amazon, but a prize looks the big bit for the this is taking, as it suggests first control of your tent of local fish and compare prizes. I have bought mine in local tent.

REMARCE: If you insist on using the artificial plants then suggest to use plants of silk (without roots of metal) or is in a tent of pet, the mark sure spends one 'panty test of hose'. As Mentioned in of chevron: The majority of people will be tried to pose in of the decorations, plants, etc in this tank and cement in Bettas, almost everything of them rasgar Betta fins or worse. It spends Any panty hose with calm in a tent of the pet where is thinking to buy your fixtures and yes easily takes it and/or shreds a hose, is probably any one for this tank + Betta.

2) HEATER: If you are feigning this tank for the Betta, then the the heater is the must has. That is to say this or is using in this tank: 'Hydor Slender Heater for Bettas' and revised here: Hydor Slender Heater for Bettas and Bowls until 5 French

3) PERTINENT FILTER with pertinent inline products of filter:
So mentioned before, one Azoo Mignon 60 filter but that also need the small work.
Attached some products of follower:
A) Aqua Claro Biomax 20: Aquaclear 20-Chevron Biomax that provides the zone of massive surface for 'very' beneficial bacteria to till and grow on. If taken a filter has suggested , clave with Biomax 20 so that I suspect anything big any access in a camera of filter.
B) Aqua To clear the sponge inserts/inserts: Aquaclear the foams of 20 Chevrons Insert/to Insert, 3-PackThis to the sponge of the main quality provide Of decent mechanical leak. It deceives each a big crap and junk to return behind in a tank and will provide any substrate for beneficial bacteria (any one almost also which Biomax even so)

has time, will upload the most recent photos of one 3 chevron setup with the mix of alive and plants of silk. Some looks of tank quite well once 'pimped' was and a chemistry of water with the changes of usual water have been solid of stable rock. He sushi IS apparently very happy in a volume a big plus to water and is supremely brilliant and the fins he exceptional only look. He greetings of receipt very in this setup of familiar and fellow this has come on. That is to say quite small to do the very attractive emphasis piece almost anywhere (does not recommend alive sunlit zones).

Still has one 1.5 tank of chevron setup without fish in him. I use it likes him to him a tank of hospital of the emergency (the hope does not need never he for this purpose) but mostly only the place where the sushi is posed when is doing a monthly thorough tear clean bass of his elder of age 3 tank of chevron (takes this same tank with the filter will require changes of weekly water).

INFERIOR LINE: If you feign only to buy this while it is and any posed in an update, can not recommend this tank at all. Even so, if you are owe update and is looking for the aquarium of small impression and can live with one (likely) angled upper to go to take, then this results the recommendation of COMPRAVENTA STRONG .

Know this was very very time, but expect this calm help. If it is it has to it poses in some extra money, thinks that the majority will be quite happy with this tank.

If any one has any questions, listens free to shoot them in me, will try to return in remark the.
4 / 5
It IS sceptical, but Henry (my betta) wants this tank the plot! It is built a nest of the main bubble still. Apparently these ways listen quite comfortable to maintain his descendants there. There are some insurances gilipollas, but surprisingly more pros, and a main test is his behaviour . I have had in two other tanks before and is very observant of his behaviour (low details). But here it is the desglosa general :

- Abundance to swim room.
- The lustrous/the orderly creation will return in easily and stylishly.
- Comes with: filter, he precut the lid that spent of room for cords, and some FOCUSED clear on.
- Oh... And a filter creates the 'cracked' exert his when a house is calm.

- Scratches Without endeavour
- Done of plastic (unsure is BPA the sure/hand)
- buildup of Humidity in rim because of heater (experience separately)
-the filter is too powerful and potentially dangerous for small fish. The fish mostly eschew these zones - waste of spatial.

(After Henry has been sucked in him the pair of time, has built to fence of bone around the so that it was pulled would not be sucked in. After the pair of hours has remarked periodically seabsqueda' a zone and he look tez in his muscles of fin the bit so that it no longer has been pulled so easily. He a lot of adventure in this side of an a lot of tank even so.)

Initially Henry has lived in the big glass cylindrical vase. Stain at least 1.8 chevrons ( has spatial to roam but mostly vertically). A glass suddenly cracked a day (any insurance was a heat or a sun). In all the case, has transferred in the first place behind in a 'tupperware' gives calm in a petstore, in the to which has not liked him. And when I have discovered one Tetra the cube has ordered would be retarded, has run has been in a thrift tent and has bought the 1.5 plastic of chevron 'fished of gold' bowl for $ 3. You are thought like big perhaps would not require one Tetra Cube at the end... But Henry has not listened he - AT ALL. Only at all constantly, and it has not done the only bubble.

Bronzed when A cube arrived and tried to take, was so done up that it do not leave me in exclusive him. And it is usually quite cold. I have had to to transfer his 'furnishings' first and the supposition takes an idea that tries it. Once he , swimming throughout exploring/touching (but no in a antsy subjects). Desprs Imagine out of one peril of the filter maintains in a left side, and has built his nest there. If takings near of the, the volume is aggressive. In all the case, is mostly I crowds of energy 'happy' when coming near of a tank (like you the era when bought him of a tent)... And it relaxes in bliss a rest of a time.

My only real worries are if a plastic is venom , and a big powered filter.
5 / 5
It has done I add for us! Easy to pose up and the waters remain clear, has the regular sponges used like the filters and has done more lasted/ longer some traditional filters.
5 / 5
Anteriorly Has done in the tent of pet of big final, accepts a fact that any one all comes perfect out of a box, but that is to say the beginning adds in a awesome aquatic system for the betta fished.

A cube of 3 look of chevrons adds, and that is where begins. Once taken the tank that has an aesthetic is by train to look for you can begin law to take the filter and heater that law since you.

For this tank, has to be in accordance with anterior critics that a AZOO Mignon 60 is the perfect access for this tank. You can adjust a flow and half comunicacionales of uses of better filter what that enters a box.

Matched With the Hydor heater - has the half adds for the betta to survive and grow.

Can not expect take this pose of tank up with the alive plant for my Crowntail, is happy inverted in something decent that easily can the be turned in something well.
1 / 5
Quite disappointed with east. Taken 3 1/2 weeks to ship (which has known when ordered he so that it was not surprised). But that it is thwarting is that it does not avenge with complete instructions, concretely a course on installing a filter has been missing. It owes investigation and supposition. One pumps for a filter vibrates so and does such the vibrant strong his that is not to beat taking that is situated anywhere apropa a tank of fish, which are obviously problematic of necessities to be plugged in and the interior achieves of a tank. I am nervous one vibrates problem my fish. It does not buy again.

Updates my fish has been in this tank with a filter and airpump on for 6 days and has begun aim to turn around his face and has not been very active. I some investigation and he have said is was likely because of stressing so turned of a strong, that vibrates bomb of airs and left lucido chair at night with the calm tank. This morning already it is looking better with his mostly returned colour and much more active. Any compraventa this taken want a filter/airpump. A tank is some to measure, but fact of thin, flimsy plastic this is arrived streaky. Calm save you some time and money and you poor betta the tonne of tension.
5 / 5
I am very happy with this tank and he so that it is my betta! There is the small plus 1 chevron but I have listened bad for him and updated in this tank. I want a creation of cube, and a focused clear a lot illuminates a tank amiably! I listen me better to look swim around with room to develop his fins. Highly it recommends this tank, can not beat a prize.
3 / 5
A tank is well , but all this comes with east classifies of the joke. A light is to ail enough to illuminate a tank, and an air of uses of the filter to direct a process to filter more concealed a impeller. While that is to say class of loan, some calls of filter 'the calm whisper' and is not sure that is comparing that in, so that a bomb is stronger that more the conversations have. Also, a picture to the ad does not aim a filter, which hang in a corner and one in the each aesthetics to well sure does not look so clean while it portray.

Another subject with an air the filter has directed is that it bubbles in the PLOT after an aquarium has cycled. I have had to to adjust a level of water of the aquarium under the cm or two to do sure some bubbles have not begun to spill in a side. Felizmente, some covers to draw for the this to be done besides or 30 less bren, which was well to have an option.

That the said, for ~$ 40 that is to say the decent small box of water. A clear, so that well, is in covers has separated these ways can the yours poses in the timer, which are different that many of ones other boxes of small tank have seen on-line (where both filter and the light are in one covers same). And yes it calms only it is beginning, can be the very small box for the spare room or yard. But it goes to be sleeping, or that spends to plot to time it apropa in him, sure when being to pose a bomb of the air in the sound besieges of resistant/container, and only take the nine a (and the better light) when the covers of money.
1 / 5
It has Had this tank for the small less than the month and he have begun to filter today. It has not handled The plus or less at all, any movement included a tank when I my changes of water. The good thing has taken an early leak in a morning or more for a time has taken house of work, my fish would have been probably fatalities. A tank is done of plastic as I guess would have to has expected something like this to spend. It IS to use tanks of glass from now on. It does not take this so that it is a cheaper option . Any value he.

Top Customer Reviews: EvaGO 15 inch Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
I need to resist the rat in front of the face of yours snake but of the one who love your toes have involved in a situation?... Well Ossia your product .
4 / 5
Need to feed the small dragon? A beast of moderate measure? These are partorisca you. In spite of our leopard gecko the thought is roughly 5 feet long, is more to the long of a 6 mark of thumb now.
After a unfortunate incident of loss of the row, has decided to eat was paralización rubes. But with the fat, wriggly the cricket dipped directly in front of his face, has decided that it was well to grab he - and lose - try again - has taken this buddy - very third time the charm - calm he! It is eating in his own again now, but these were súper handy to feed with while it has gone back in his row. Or uh, feet.
Now can him use to rid each one which as other drinks of by means of a room, tools of Dads of the hand in a ceiling, or take it splinter one measure of the 2x4 out of the foot of lions. Seriously they are enormous. But very good. Our gecko agrees.
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca feed Frogs of Nano African without taking my hands in a water. Blunt tip partorisca prevent harm to your aquatic creatures still sheer enough to choose on melted bloodworms easily. Some tips are not EXACTLY lined on this in spite of this does not prevent a pertinent use of a tongs.
4 / 5
Mine little noodle can a lot of chomp in mine fingies when it uses this bad boy to feed the red mouse. 10/10 fonger protective
5 / 5
has in the first place bought this element to feed our python of ball and @@give like sturdy and strong this individual tong was has finalised like this to purchase two more than them. We use these to feed our big tarantula súper worms and our axolotl together with our snakes . These tongs is sturdy when a pet attacks a apresamiento, an end of a tongs control it good grip in the row of mouse or worm and has the good cradle behind when libertas a pressure of yours grip. It likes-me a black , a fact that is the sturdy metal, is the period along good .
Honradamente Thinks these will resist up like our critters grow in measure and force to feed them.
4 / 5
Does perfectly to feed worms of blood the ours Frogs of Nano African. Easy to express. My daughter of 12 years uses these without question. Long enough to comfortably achieve a fund of the 5 aquarium of chevron without taking your hands wet.
5 / 5
The fir adds frozen has melted rats for diet of snake. It DOES not USE FOR ALIVE Or BIG RATS Half.
4 / 5
This tool has been orders to feed python of mine of ball, maintenances he on a tank and when never I grab looks it to know is taking has fed. It is it has eaten consistently for some 6 weeks have had this product. My only critique is sometimes be some mice will slip out of a grip and fall to a substrate, has to maintain the compatible constant pressure, a slightest the transmission of pressure will do a fall of mouse.
5 / 5
cant Really say yes really good or really bad. So only I have 1 another pair of tweezers.
Has bent A tip the bit has concluded like this more. He originally so only closed in an a lot of tip. A black well is looking but he the chips was a lot easily. The ones of the that thinks his value that buys a black. It is definately economic quality in this zone otherwise he a work.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Has the creature bearded dragon to to that no liked him to him a tongs has taken of of a tent of pet because it was reflective and also could see my toes. Highly suggest this for lizards because of a fact a difference by heart to feed and a tongs also, thinks that can see an alimentary to the easiest plot and my toes are not the distraction for them.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 3-the chevron Adds betta or 20 to 25 micro shrimp so only (likes cherry or rili shrimp) tank with which one changes. The utmost looks and has the quite light brilliant for decreases of plants read like anubias nana or windelov java fern. Never dipped the goldfish in anything less then 29 chevrons (and ossia so only for 1), goldfish is very fished very soiled and grow to a measure of the cat (sees picture). Situating them in such the small tank spikes of risk of ammonia, illness, deformities of growth, and drastically more courts lifespan. Goldfish Also live until 40+ years but a lot of data in the little more then 5 years because they are stuffed in of the poor living conditions. Please always researches before buying any fish a lot some fish has sold in a tent of pet grows enormous (like a common pleco) and some if no the majority of some employees do not know anything roughly properly half an aquarium, the majority so only is trying the sale. These resplandores of tank like the betta tank or micro tank of shrimp. Like the betta laws of tank wonderfully while transmissions out of a filter, buy the heater, and do at least 50 transmissions to water weekly. Like another reviewers there is remarked a filter that comes with this too big way for such the small tank although a flow is adjustable one spatial taken up is so only too much for mine in pleasant. That was swapped he with a Azoo mignon 60 personalised filter with my half comunicacionales own and has added the sponge filters like this far this dips up is doing perfectly, waters is always clear and my parameters are perfect. A tank has the small scratch but has not gone too noticeable and like another has said that the acrylic can take lined easily like this need of priest to be taken when cleaning. If you are looking for the nano tank that the good looks and does not take on too spatial ossia the add compraventa. Thank you To take a time to read my description and help of calm hope to learn like this to concern for fish.
4 / 5
Measure: 5-Chevron I the plot of investigation partorisca the 5 chevron partorisca my betta. I have loved the tank that was clear on all the sides -- I has considered a fluval those who II, but has decided against calm informs he of planned client regarding a tax of dissipation of water (any when being pas able to leave a tank for more than few days), and some subjects of upper/filter.

Are a lot happy with this aquarium! It looks he adds; amour a measure & of form. I am not using a filter that is coming with him (to conserve spatial of tank), and opted for a HOB (Azoo Mignon 150). A Azoo access in rear space, as well as a light this comes with a tank, but reason is the tight squeeze , my lid seats the little big in backside (access well that it has to that) -- no really noticeable at all.

There is at all but good things to say in this tank. It notes that has the uncovered zone of the oval diet on spent forward, but does not think this will cause my betta subject. It calms that can cover, with point, to be extra cautious)
4 / 5
Measure: 3-the chevron has been using this tank partorisca the month now and am in general very happy with him. Mina 3-gal houses a betta and two snails. I have been using he with a filter of Whisper resupplied. With a filter in a LOW setting ( has the transmission in a subordinated) my betta has any question with a flow at all, but has fill a front with some plants to feign to disperse it the little more, in chance perhaps. A filter is quell'has bitten bulky, but good and calm, and a water is clear crystal . Any transmissions of cartridge still, but has taken some substitutions in my tent of local pet for a future. I also 25 transmissions to water weekly with a Aqueon mini siphon vacuum. I have added a Marine C10 Compact Heater, 10-Watt, which maintains in the decent 75-76 terracings. It outrage a hole of filter in a rear right corner of a lid, there is also the hole the small plus in a corner behind left, probably for a cord of heater, and this does well for me.

I enough like a way some looks of tank in my office. A crescent the front is thin but leaves to see better that the tank of cube, in my opinion. Some insiemi light of some colours of my fish and some decorations fantastically. I have seen some negative critiques in the new creation with the black cup and tiny light band. Ossia To good sure Any one a tank has received!! My tank has the clear cup and the big light. It looks that Tetra is returned to a leading better creation.

Am taking was a star because a lid does not return a lot well, and an extra-hole of big diet me nervous - I discharges he with some point when they are not home so that my betta can not jump was.

Some decorations see in a picture is some following products : GloFish has registered of Aquarium, Rosa Fluorescent, Stock exchange of 5 Books, Mudder Aquarius of Plant of Artificial Aquatic Plants of the Decorations of Tank of Plastic Fish 7.5 Thumb, 2 Pieces, and 2 LUFFY Betta Ball : the Alive round-Shaped Marimo Toy of Plant for Betta has fished : Natural and the Sure aquarium. A sculpture of mecer main, 'betta net' leaf, clave-on thermometer, and the pink marble is of my tent of local pet.
4 / 5
Measure: returns of 5 Chevrons amiably to the corner in my cookery countertop. It likes-me his appearance. It has not had any subject with any one breaking or filtering. I have done some modifications that will describe down.

A tank there is not coming with the heater or the thermometer. I will mention that I have purchased the clave-on thermometer and a cup of suction molded permanently to a acryllic--so much precaution of use with cups of suction in acrylics. At present so only I have left a float of thermometer.

A light focused was insufficient to grow even down plant to read, as I have purchased an additional submersible the bulb FOCUSED that short of suction to a underside of a lid. (The lid, BTW, is the ache partorisca return on and was, but he a work.) A price partorisca add a bulb focused new is that now also have blue nighttime lights like the original light band of a tank has has not had. I run both lights and now can grow the plants read go down.

A filter distributed has had any biological capacity at all, as I have substituted he with a Tetra Whisper In Filter of Tank with Biological Scrubber. It is not ideal, reason is not a measure esatta like old filter. I owe that go down a level of water of the tank and is returned the down the filter of a lid that opens. But it improves the load of fish of a tank.

Is pleasant partorisca the table or contadora. It has dipped in the clave-in black backing in just a rear poster like the filter is not too noticeable. The visibility is well with one has has twisted sides. This in spite of, some scratches of interior easily reason is acrylic in place of glass.

I transmissions of weekly water reason has the heavy fishload. I vacume so only a side of a fund of has registered each two weeks with the chevron and the substitution of half water. I substitute a chevron of water without inferior emotion an opposite week. Has 6 neon tetras and the panda cory and has done well with this routine of a start.

There is more and minus things when comparing this tank to the mine another 5-chevron countertop tank, a Fluval Spec V. His both have his subjects, and both am A lot so only in my opinion.
5 / 5
Measure: 5-the chevron has has wanted to upgrade of the 1.5 gal partorisca my Halfmoon. Really there is not any a lot of room in a small tank. I have debated among one 3 and 5 chevron. They are like this happy has been with one 5 chevron. Has abundance of room. A filter is calm, and does not have any subjects with a flow that is too strong in a low setting. I have situated some plants in front of some current to disperse a flow the little more. My cat has not tried the disorder with a lid. I have not had any subject with condensation like my smaller 1.5 g Tetra Cube. I want to I look he adds and is easy to maintain. If you are debating among 3 and 5 chevrons, to good sure take one 5 chevron! Calm will not be disappointed!
4 / 5
Measure: 5-Chevron Such the perfect 'little' tank! It take this partorisca substitute my old one in my chamber, which have thought was 5 chevrons but was was apparently (the must esees state 2-3). Also I have the 60 chevron & he 40 chevron in a house. Ossia Perfect for fish more smaller! What only I aversion is a lid , not ensuring to a tank anything, kinda so only seats there. Another that that, amour a form, was simple to dip up and take running, and my fish looks like this happy and is amused like this partorisca look!
5 / 5
Measure: 5-Chevron A tank is the good 5 chevron acrylic tank, but has some drawbacks. My pointed tank-up with some is tar likes or 'the bull is-defects of eye of type in a very upper of a rim of tanks. No of entity, but taken out of an aesthetics slightly. While a tank is solid, a lid is really quite economic. I have had a lot of versions of everything in some boxes of aquarium by means of some years and ossia for far a lid of the lowest quality. A lid is basically the thin piece of plastic with the bar FOCUSED small that has to snap you to plant in a underside and issues a cord by means of small nodules to a backside. Another subject is that this tank does not offer any biological leak. A filter has the actuated charcoal insert concealed will resupply chemical leak and maquinal, but no biological.
Calm dulcemente build-on advantageous bacteria in a charcoal over time, but hardly substitute it every time will lose some advantageous bacteria and clash your tank. An only way to fix this, is to add some type of half comunicacionales biological in the clean stock exchange and place inside a filter with a charcoal inserts/inserts. Calm also will require the heater to maintain your fish and plant sure. For a money, calm think can do better. This system would be to add there is to biological-wheel-with a leak and the better lid that no only chair on a rim of a tank. Reason a lid only chairs in a tank, also calms always will have the stain of visible water which does not look good. The majority of aquariums has lids or the flange that has spent a first thumb of a rim likes line of the water can not be view. Marineland Has done the years in fact of utmost product, which have interrupted, that has called a eseries of Eclipse' that was an example of like this to do one everything in a legislation of tank. If you are it has had to that to spend some extra money and a travesa extra to the tent of pet of the canal, can do this feasible product to the legitimate aquarium.
4 / 5
Measure: 3-Chevron after possessing my betta has fished partorisca the months of pair, has decided t was time partorisca he the upgrade home real. This look of tank adds and resupplies much more swimming spatial that his little bowl of fish. I have bought a 3 measures of chevron and looks very contained with him! A filter is the little strong in a big setting but in a low setting, has not seen any question with him. I have bought also the snail of black mystery to help clean on any spare lunch. You recommend the small heater(the marine sells the good an on Amazon) and thermometer. In general, I am pleased extremely with cost of mine!
4 / 5
Measure: 5-Chevron My betta has lived in the bowl partorisca roughly 10 days and like this when it move to this tank, want it! In general, it is the neighbour really well on, especially of newbie to to the owners like to of them. Have So only a betta in him and will say this can really so only have roughly 3 fish before you go to have a question of overcrowding. A filter is VERY CALM; I do not listen it never, and still bettas, has to be in a dipping a low plus. It is the ache to do adjustments, likes the control of speed is in a fund of a filter and there is no upper for him. Otherwise, Any complaint.

According to which some lights go, does not have some same complaints like another. No the too brilliant meeting and my fish does not look to the import bit it. I think that that it depends on where yours chairs of tank; the mine is quite far of any windows or other lights, how is well. It is the new cost for me, as I have not had any subjects with the lights that the burn was still.

A main reason has given this the four more than five is a lid. It is flimsy and first of any water is in a tank, he no returned. Calm once have a water in and a tank develops a bit, returns in finals. A cup has to that meso-moon shaped feeding the hole and a backside has space for your filter, light and cord of heater. It have preferred it sturdier lid, but another that that, is not to treat he-breaker, especially for a price.

Likes another has said, this will not resist five chevrons of water. It resists more afterwards to four, but ossia quite true for the plot of tanks, of one has registered, decor, etc., the cup Taken on of spatial that a water . Highly it recommends this tank, especially for beginners and does not think calm will be disappointed!
4 / 5
Measure: tank of 5 Chevrons of fish Adds. I love a creation and a measure of him. Absolutely I want like a filter is adjustable. A lid can be I a lot annoying has added the heater in your tank. Some falls of light cord have directed the small. In spite of these negatives, still gives 5 stars. My betta loves a quantity of spatial has and now can have two tank of mates of snail and alive plants.

Update: a lid is terrible. My fish hopped was and dead while it was in work. A bit those that weeks later my snail is start and has taken stray, has found and felizmente bolt. This tank requires the better lid.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
I am the first-father of fish of the time, and that is to say my aquarius premier has filtered . So that far I like him his, and my betta looks to like it also.
In the first place Would like Me provide some real measures, of these listings in a product info is in fact of a container, no an aquarium he: in. L x in. W X 17.2 in. H (With base). It maintains in importing a compartment of back filter is comprised in these measures, and take was quite 2 inches of a real room for your fish, plants, etc.
Has been since disappointed has not had more descriptions with pictures when was compraventas , has semi-detached that very so thought would be useful.
And now, a pros and gilipollas in my opinion.

In the first place, a Pros:
- A contoured corners of glass and coverage of look of solid glass very well, as done a black support. Also, a tank is easy to clean (excepts in a spatial filter--more in this late plus).
- Although a base is plastic, is robust. It does not attach in an aquarium, but a mere weight of an aquarius full these chairs in bad is not going anywhere ( tried in budge the before has attached my fish-- is solid).
- A 'portrait' the orientation of some ways of aquarium can pose plants or of the big decorations in him, and still has abundance of room for my floating betta register in a surface. An aquarium also takes up less room where his since is not posing horizontally.
- An engine of filter is virtually silent, and some cartridges to filter required is easy to find in virtually any tent of pet with supplies of fish. An engine has four few feet of cup of the suction for stability.
- Has a notch of cord in a back wall near of a filter spout, which are useful since some any coated to access properly with the cords that clave out of a tank. I use for a cord in my heater (which have moved in a side of the filter has taken of a picture of full tank). It does not have any bones of air, as I am not sure he/which this will affect that it uses 'bubblers.'
- Some marks of clear edifice have said up for access of easy tank, without folding all one issues behind or falling advance again. One covers of the change is very sure and leave me with small worry of waters to take in a connection; still I do not want a change that hangs even so, as I tacked the in my wall above a level of water.

Opens Some Gilipollas:
- A separate zone in a backside for a filter is very narrow, and some the horizontal supports have acute verges; it is impossible to clean manually behind there. The masters Of the aquarium has advanced could find this spatial problem.
- A has DIRECTED the lights are very brilliant (how announced), which some the owners could find to be the pro. I have modified my clear setup the small to take some bass of clear intensity the little notch so that my betta was the nuts when there has been it the on before. Also, a clear edifice is obviously plastic, although it does not look horrible in general.
- Some laws to filter very good: Although I maintain an engine has turned down so down so possible and uses a proportionate follower-shaped baffles, a filter still creates the strong current, which are the downside for me since has the betta; at present I am devising my own solutions in this problem.
- A coverage of covers of the tiny empty glass in some corners advance and a period of a back wall, which can leave small, crafty critters to escape, be so conscious. Also, a black of plastic coverage for a zone of filter is flimsy and does not leave he very soiled for cords. It IS quite I disturbs it, but helps to maintain stray rests in an air to drift in a water and back an evaporation of water.

In general, is pleased with this tank so far, and would recommend in any one looking for the mere still classy-looking tank of 5 chevrons. I plan to maintain he for some time.
5 / 5
That is to say the add rimless aquarius of the glass priced in the middle of the this has seen the similar tanks go prendidos. Not comprising a pedestal, a tank is 14" big and enough 9-10/16" width and very time. A pedestal attaches another 1-1/4" of height without increasing an impression. There is plastic divider siliconed through a backside of a tank that creates separated the behind 2 compartment. A cloak of pose of glass in a compartment in front of a tank with the small desert in a that flow at the head of air of the permissions with an external room. A back compartment has the mica flimsy the plastic piece those covers the (more in this late plus). In general, an aquarium is very protected of an outside and there is not any risk of the fish that the jump was or the cats that jump in.

A filter caddy and the bomb is amiably veiled in a back compartment and has only he quite soiled to express the small submersible heater also (any comprised). A back compartment is the characteristic very well in those hides everything of some capes and accessories of a zone to see of a tank the very clean look and minimalist. A current of a filter is strong like other critics have remarked, but can be dialed down or redirected out of a surface while precise. I personally like a strong current so that equally it distribute it a bit of the nutrients attach for my plants during a big aquarium without creating something fatality.

A filter is in fact the quite good creation. Has an entrance in a right a low plus of a divider as well as the skimmer of surface in an upper right. One 3" wide filter caddy chairs in a back compartment and reroutes flow of an entrance in a bomb in a left side. A bomb recirculates a water in a compartment of main tank through the spout in an upper left wing of a divider. As I Have mentioned on, there is room in a back compartment among a bomb and filter caddy that can accommodate the smallest heater, only does sure for the pose down so that a back compartment tends to have the level of the lowest water that an advance of compartment.

An aquarium is coming with a clear source has DIRECTED that comprises the day and night toggle change. A light is quite brilliant but insufficient to grow any decent alive plants. I have substituted he with the Finnex has Planted+ Cliplight and has very be happy with an illumination and of the taxes of the development of the same tallish tank.

Has only two complaints in a tez of this tank, but or is breakers of roads.

1) A back compartment provides abundance of room for the a lot of-system of leak of the phase but is restricto instead in cartridges of regular carbon. It would have liked him to of him the view the system of basket where sponges, lint, half comunicacionales biological, Purigen, etc. could the be has used. I have finished renewal a filter caddy with the 1/8 acrylic cloak and some cimenta acrylic and now can use whichever the half elect.

2) A plastic coverage for a back compartment is flimsy and these accesses ail. It IS domestic in some verges and the bad only looks. There is roughly the extra acrylic of my modification to filter has so finished to substitute this mass. Considering a quality of a rest of a tank, is not sure why would cut corners here.

In spite of these two smaller complaints, an aquarium is quality very big in general and to good sure estimates a prize. With my modification of filter and some heavy plant, has able state to maintain the male Betta, three Otos, diverse shrimp of phantom, and the pair Nerite snails without subject. I think that that it is it adds it looking the tank and I to well sure would recommend in another.
4 / 5
There arent very a lot other aquariums to arrive to this point of prize with these measures.
Here is in the to the east likes me in of this tank
1) access of orientation of the Portrait perfectly in a corner of my desktop to do
2) Seamlessly the verges look well.
3) Can pose my co2 diffusing and heater in a back camera.

Here is that I to of to the that likes him in of this tank
1) Some entrances for a filter are too big and will cause fatalities of shrimp. If you are in shrimp of dwarf that is.
Coating These entrances with any class of point will retard down a inflow of main tank in a filteration unit.
This will cause water in the overflow in a cup likes him water of dumps of back unit in a main unit. Peix Of upper room what chilli Rasbora will find his road in a filteration unit and will die if any one immediately rescued.
2) Some included ignites is well, like the light at night. It do not grow anything averts of Anubias and balloons of moss.
3) An irradiates of the curve in some sides is enormous, a tank would have looked better with the radio of the lowest curve, while it is, looking in him by a part some verges have the distorted 'freshnel the effect of the lentil . A radio of the curve also the hard fact to clean a glass in some verges.

HAS this unit deployed for the pair of month now. I of the that uses a filter, coated on some ventilations of filter with some netting. I use a filter those houses to contain the heater and co2 diffusing.

Has launched was some included fire and has used the 10W FOCUSED worklight experience here in Amazon. A shrimp of cherry has had fries two times and now Perla Celeste Danios is posing eggs. As it say it that my tank is now quite established.

My current stock in this tank...

5 Perla Celeste Danios
4 Chili Rasbora
2 Scarlet Badis
Diverse shrimp in several measures (Unable to count, maintains having creatures)
5 / 5
That is to say a better 5 tank of the calm chevron does not buy never for a prize. I want a vertical creation, wry verges, lid of glass that the open slide, and one that lights that has two parameters (natural and blue daylight). Moving my betta of the tiny tank in this 5 tank of chevron has has really goes in life. It wants to explore his half new with all a fresh vegetation. I give quite hurriedly that still in a parameter of half for a bomb of water was also strong of the current for my betta. It was suctioned in a filter. Of a bomb is adjustable was able to go down a parameter and he can swim with ease. I have bought also the heater with the built in thermostat. It IS very good to have for betta fish that necessity to be in of the warm water. It maintains that it imports that a tank, the light and the heater will require the total of three outlets.
3 / 5
I Liked him initially His of a characteristic of a back poster, which veiled a system of leak. Even so, like another critic has remarked, an incredible quantity of rests (material to plant death, etc.) Has collected behind there. This he very difficult to maintain quality of water and also clogged a bomb to water comprised frequently, as I have broken down a tank and takes a poster of plastic behind to use the cover of knife to cut he out of some sides of glass and a fund. I have substituted then it update/ a leak to substitute the modded Marina S10 HOB filter. This has resolved a problem, has improved a dynamics of a circulation of water, and has augmented also a global usable volume of a tank. Of Marino has soft, easily flow of adjustable water, am adds for Bettas.

Again, like other critiques have declared, a black of plastic lid that it is to suppose the cover a back compartment is junk. A light comprised is adapted probably if it does not have the tank planted but since I , has update also one lighting in 12' Finnex Planted+, and everything is looking adds.
5 / 5
I WANT AMOUR of the amour of AMUR WANTS TO this Well little so the tank has bought another. I use it likes him to him the saltwater tank. It has attached also the and the laws ADD and looks very also. If you are 'thought quite' buying Now and BUY the COMPRAVENTA the calm BUY You will want to it!
4 / 5
4/5 Global

1.) A tank in general is wonderful. Shipped hurriedly, all was there in perfect condition. The instructions were easy to use and a system of filter is relatively calm.

2.) It IS the small underwhelming when in the first place take of a box, some pictures look main that is. Some lists of description dimmensions but still when being small.

3.) A coverage/of filter of the lid does not leave room for any additional tubing/capes. So that it calm wants to attach it bubbler or the heater that you more probably wont be able to use a lid. I have found you it has posed a lid of glass in back (rounded verges in a back) then can express a tube among a verge and lid, but is to ail enough in squeak the small tube in so at all more would be able to access without modification
5 / 5
I WANT this tank! I bought it when it was for sale for $ 40, and was Very value he. It has Had he for the few days now and has had problems of zeros hooking all up.

- Dimensions of draws and good tank
- glass
- the filter is SILENT
- beak of moveable beginning to filter
- all the stain and the cords are veiled
- white and blue moonlight has DIRECTED parameters
- small impression in desktop/to subject

- the base is plastic cheap and is not attached in tank
- the flow of the filter has required to be modified by the betta: it poses it go down it was also big for my row of the goes female. I have cut simply the triangular piece of sponge and shoved he in a beak to start with and fixed to my plant likes him the waterfall would fall in the cover (photos of visas - sad is rotated), and now is perfect!

- necessities of heater to be planted in a corner of upper left wing to leave a cord to be posed in his piece was notch . Some pictures in a booklet of instruction says to pose your heater horizontally, but is easier and eats less period of the cord like pointed in my photos.
- The Very only wineries 4 chevrons after the annexes recorded and decorations. I am sure he was filled in a brim with at all in him, was 5 French, but realistically is 4.
4 / 5
First of all, BE IT has WARNED: In spite of so they are announced generally, few tanks like this are not well for novice aquarists so that they are so sensitive in the each marks of small thing in them and owe excellent takes care when being taken of to maintain them to clash and/or turn for estacionar seaweeds. If you are looking for something for your boys or for any concealed wants to take his feet have put in a pastime, this is not the and will be sure to turn them immediately. Mayor is always better for new people. Really, you favour and spends a money in the system that is at least 20 chevrons, preferably 30. They are not almost so sensitive like these small bowls of the chevron of the water glorified. He of more room of plot to touch around decorations and material, also. These few tanks, quite required to be resolved in to that calm like him and what to plan do with him.

In all the case, really very looking tank. The glass is ~1/4' thick, twisted to be a solid piece through a front three sides, and a clarity is sum . The mine is come the free scratch . Any crazy in a filter but Marineland is in a subject of the filter and this tank are to well sure only the program, albeit the sake a, to sell you substitutions of filter. A filter of the component well would have been better, more effective, and easier to maintain without risking accidents of tank with everything or at all substitutions of cartridge. Few tanks like this are notoriously unstable and cartridge of filter of the hate and changes of big water. It IS well, only careful when being that it treats a filter. In a side besides, one issues a transport that control a cartridge is designed, goes to be quite easy to modify for sponges and stock exchanges and biological points of carbon. There have it also quite back of room there to the goes the heater.

A light is not very brilliant. Enough that shines for plants of low light but any so for axes of big light and one that. Also it has the option of blue light. Felizmente, one issues an arm is designed can you the zip joins something what one 7.5' Mingdak has DIRECTED touches of tube in him for the impulse. A Mingdak the band is also waterproof and submersible so that it has concealed. If you are quite creative can probably also locate some the additional rights FOCUSED in an accommodation with one that exists ones. There are tonnes of room in there.

No crazy in a lid or a support. A lid is lined in place for two plastic spear in a side these chairs in some upper verge of a tank. The problem is, some chairs of glass flush with this upper verge. In open has of the slide by behind that presses in a coverage of small black in a compartment to filter that any one and will not remain to plant a first calm time this. This piece is very bad has designed. It IS also very flimsy. To good sure, only will be to launch that it was.

A support... Not even go to try to use it. Only his under a tank without road to line a tank in situating in lucido. Also his in an inferior glass pane, any roughly verges of some breads to see. It IS probably well, but it does not like him in of absolute. It IS empty, also. It IS only the flimsy plastic place-shaped 'clean' as you use it to him and the need pulls a tank has been for any reason, probably flex and lose is posed under a tank. In a worse case, can break .

In general, is satisfied with him. A prize is to well sure the big plus. I have paid like $ 35 for the cheap plastic Tetra 3 chevron with the crappy filter, supremely feeble light, and a bomb to air these sounds like my washing machine so that it is to say the enormous (ENORMOUS!) It gives a very up for the mere $ 10. I say that it is the very compraventa and the very good tank. Some accessories have his few problems but at all that it can it the the very when being pas treaty, especially in such the fantastic prize.
5 / 5
This unit was some updates for my tank of Beta of the daughters. It IS absolutely fantastic. It has Had he for the month now. It can turn some bass of adjustable bomb way down below so that a no troubling flow the Beta. It see the people queixen that a flow is mass hurriedly for the Beta but I are by train for the ask me only does not promote some bombs was and reduces a flow. It IS very only the trickle in a parameter a low plus. A bomb is also so near in silent while you can take. A tank is in the daughters is my room and does not remark a same bomb at night when a house is silent. Some works of blue light sum like the light by prejudices he also.
So that it is 5 chevron has been able to attach the Beta the snail, and the shrimp together with the alive plant. These helps to build the system of small echo that reduces interview of tank. This tank will be much easier to live with that a small plus 1-3 options of chevron.
Is looking for The good 5 tank of chevron that has the sake built in filter and looks of utmost lighting any far plus that this beauty.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
It controls the plot of alcohol. It buys long straws
5 / 5
It can not come up with the unit IS big, sper clear, adds like the bowl of candy of the jumbo. It IS the element of speciality and no easy to find, so yes, has paid fifteen bucks for the small value of pence of plsticoes. As my only complaint is that less than 10% of a price of compraventa is what some costs of element. He absolutely of more the slope concealed has to him... I go to repeat concealed... He absolutely of more the slope concealed has to him... But it is exactly that has wanted, then , whatev.
5 / 5
I know the betas are supposed to have at least he 2.5 tank of chevron, but truthfully, my looks of beta to want this tank (his trips/of hospital an usually) so much more than his regulate one! The betas are not adherents of moving water like his tank of level with a filter is not his favourite in a first place. Pair he with how deep is, looks to problem what has to swim sometimes. For this reason, flavours to give him the grace to leave him stays in this tank for while possible each what so once while. Still dry to like is more his global to have in the tank filtered with very spatial, but this tank is not the bad option for any one concealed needs the tank for one goes.
5 / 5
So much for a money, that is to say the good roads . But I can not see our interior of fish of the beta he! It augments an odd fish and of the marks take to see our fish. It likes I no very like this bowl. All the world-wide radishes quite he in his descriptions. And it is a lot of (I water of bad wineries and each what) is looking for something sper cheap. But I need to find the tank of better fish. Perhaps something stable??? It IS also very hard to take a fish with our point of fish in this bowl when is time to grandson . Again, I think that that something stable or rectangular would be better for me. And perhaps the glass in place of plastic help with an odd augmenting raisin.
3 / 5
Omg That is to say wonderful! Value he!!! The plastic is perfect for your small fishy !!! It IS surprisingly together place and everywhere well!!
5 / 5
In the principle has bought a Betta Fallen 3 tank of fish that the plot of the people has fallen also arrests, and was sad like enclosed was and a fact that maintained to take pulled by a current of filter was horrible! I have bought mine 3 fish these bowls and can now he freely at all with abundance of room! The more augments the bit through a plastic as it can see you your fish that much clearer!! Compraventa Fantastic!! One+++++++
5 / 5
It IS quite which expected but has had to ding the the pair of stars so that it is falsely announced that when being Seamless. This is not true. There is the visible seam in both sides where some two halves of a plastic mould have been joined. It IS the enormous roads ? No, but it does not appreciate of the dud recoveries. You are very therefore it give it his 4 stars. It IS the $ 10 plastic bowl.
2 / 5
Roseau With two dents, does not think is a lacking manufacturer. I have burst the era but some mark very fully go was. I have purchased this for the shoot of photo , the eschew it aiming only will turn it around to eschew some dent.
3 / 5
I have bought in fact this to line/aim my Nespresso Virtuo pods! I rebuffed to pay so for his marked acrylic bowl thingie and this does perfectly. It accesses the tonne of the pods and a wide beginning leave to dig around way that necessity. Any same I note when ordered that it is plastic, but glass of looks so for $ 4 and some change is very pleased.
5 / 5
It is quite that expected but has had to ding the the pair of stars because it is announced falsely like this when being “Seamless”. This is not true. There is the visible seam in both sides where some two halves of a plastic mould has been joined. It is the enormous shot ? No, but it does not appreciate of the dud claims. It is no be for this I there would be it given 4 stars. It is the $ 10 plastic bowl.

Top Customer Reviews: Koller Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this aquarium through the quite done amazon 6 weeks and so far, also! If anything goes downhill will update this description. A first thing has remarked was a lid in the mine is the sake bit different of a photo and that also comprises a FOCUSED in him. As it looks in me so it take the newest lid that these here concealed the people has had one has DIRECTED begins in the. The mine on/was the button is in an opposite side of one in photo. A FOCUSED is very concluded by behind the shield of the clear plastic and I have still to experience any condensation in a side FOCUSED of this coverage of clear plastic. Also, an on said to announce a FOCUSED in this tank is objective objective/blue /brilliant-blue. My LEDs is objective blue/brilliant/of the red/green and the variants left for these colours. Quan Has poses in dim among changes by heart, also yellow voice, raped, etc. Has purchased also the heater of 25 watts for a tank. This lid of tank has the perfectly sized cut-has been to take for the heater. Also it has the piece- go to enable use of the filter the big plus. A filter that comes with an access of tank amiably under a hood, Yes use a tank without the semi-detached heater (or perhaps the subordinated-the fixed heater where has required only to run his cord under a verge of a lid) any one any problem with escaping resident!!! Has there has not been fished in of the a lot of years (used to to have tanks of 50 chevrons) and this tank is more than an endeavour to give my big cat some pets of his own to be interested in!! LOL!!! In this moment in time, is very happy with this small 5-calm poses them of chevron up and to well sure would buy it again provided a lid is built like this one east in a FOCUSED!! Quite happy!
4 / 5
There is the plot of mixed descriptions for this tank. Like this the description will be basic in my one experience has with this tank of fish. I am the beginner , my favourite fish is Bettafish.

This tank will do to contain the Bettafish. Has betta fish in a tank of chevron, and with responsibility and well of priest, included the tank of chevron will do for small fish. It maintains the import that the only would have to maintain a small fish for chevron, at least that it is that it has been it recommended. For the small fish is informing in guppies and another small fish, of experience, any one main fishing a the guppy any one a lot in the tank of chevron.

For the Bettafish this work well. It recommends to blend some natural plants and attaching places of goes he for a betta to goes it. In in to This fish likes them to him goes them to them and a more the places have to look some surer will listen it, and he stray fear of saw you.

Is containing The betta the fish in this tank recommends that you find the road the cover a filter, or the road to prevents your betta to take to close. A current cause for this filter when sucks water in, can be in strong for a betta and is the fins can take bonded. Another then those acts well. Has mine for the year and so far some lights are doing. I do not maintain some lights in 24/7. A light is not for 24/7 use.
2 / 5
A unit to filter begun to do odd noises after the few weeks. We have tried cleaning it and that substitutes a filter, running he without the filter (like an experience), but at all helps. Any sure as to take satisfaction like the amazon is not interested in aiding.

The amazon continues the be useless and any one looks for to be able to find a vendor/of vendor. The filter is worse now.
4 / 5
I add for the only betta, ours wants this tank. With two plants of means and the ceramic register in our, this aquarium still has abundance of room for a betta to swim and goes he in.

Does not use a filter has comprised that some commentaries have said that a flow was bit it a lot for his betta. Instead, has the sponge filters which are cheap and maintains a clean and clear water. Matching a filter of sponge with the tetra the bomb to whisper the very calm fact.

Some works of covers and light add for multiple colours. Usually we go with aims, and then blue at night for the light at night for our daughter.

Posed up is easy and a tank there has been the scratches really smaller (ails visible) which are to be expected with acrylics.

In general the prize adds and very pleased.
1 / 5
I have bought this for my sea-the creature this wants small daughter for Navidad. It maintains Or TINY GLOFISH in him, but a filter has crapped has been afterwards only 4 1/2 month. The service of the client ignored me totally. Felizmente, ails squeaked under the term of tower of the amazon. The amazon saves a dayAGAIN. A morality of a history is: it spends your money elsewhere, and does not treat undertaken that lack of respect his clients. It cross it it has said it that a sudden change of the no calm habitat any one the dear pet of my small daughter. It is disturbed patient !
5 / 5
That is to say such the trace of sake by the very good prize. It was easy to pose up. A bomb is very calm, can very still to listen it. If it shout in some levels to water some sounds of water can be strong but maintain it down.. One has DIRECTED the lights in exploding is in the few colours like the multiple concealed changes, blue, red, yellow, green and clear. I prefer clear, even so. Has abundance of room to attach the things plant what artificial and the characteristic like a Betta Castell. The mine has been posed up for the week. Has used conditioners of the water and the conditions of the fin and the left wing resolve by prejudices he before attaching a Betta. It IS very comfortable. I have presented only three few Snails of Mystery, or purple, a yellow and a jade, to maintain him company and gives something to look. In general, it is it adds it small tank. I have ordered a recorded of Amazon for the prize adds, also.
Update: it has had mine for quite a lot of 7 weeks, now. It IS still very calm, everything of a work of lights, my Betta is still very contained. This was the compraventa well .
2 / 5
An aquarium am adds! It looks very good. A form of looks of wonderful bond, although it cause some distortion when look in your fish of a bond.
Even so, a hood is quite the piece to crap. It IS flimsy plastic and does not remain up on is pertinent. Some lights look fresh but does not serve any real function. Because of a form of an aquarium, can not change a hood, as oh well. It have to it thought it he of that before, I supposition.
A filter is... Laughable. It does not remain attached. It IS also very feeble. I have changed among another, far filters better a second night.

I amour an aquarium he, but to well sure thinks will opt for something the small more expensive in a future.
5 / 5
I took this for my premier betta. In five chevrons, is quite big for this fish only to enjoy. I have posed alive and smooth plants colored rocks for decoration. Some lights good law. Very attractive and any negative subject.
3 / 5
The tank adds - Ignite is Very - the filter is Estrany...A tank looked delicate but is in fact more robust concealed expected - carried in for the light has taken the few minutes to find but a filter is a subject a big plus and any come with Directions, only the cute hook with 2 circles in an another final - can not imagine was that it is attached included after looking for a Koller place. Using a cup of suction is the FAILURE likes him any bond or remain semi-detached - really enjoy and like a quality of a tank another that a Filter of Update of covers of odd filter to do and no properly
1 / 5
It does not buy this product. The bomb is start after the little the month. Only it begin it a fish in there the little the mark of mass of weeks. I probably loose the before I am able to take the substitution.

Top Customer Reviews: COLIBROX Aqua ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
It avenges 6-9 early days! That is to say to glass likes him to him the toe and of the wine without cracks and he two boxes with embroiling to protect extra! Perfecto for my crabs of hermit. Has the small hesitant to buy it, so that salvation where any one another the description and was a first unit But am happy to see other people have taken a tank also and is happy with him
1 / 5
One Gives the thanks to has not Been Protected By Anything..
5 / 5
It buys these in my local Pet Ready tent, but prendido to spend them. Any quite I profit I supposition. I use these to aim my models of stairs, to maintain the powder was the . That is to say less expensive and stronger these cases of the acrylic exposure smaller. I any one preoccupy me if it is test to water so that I water posed never in him. The solution adds in a problem to try in of the models of stairs of the powder with small, has detailed separates.
5 / 5
This measure is perfect has taken the small room . It IS easy to clean. My boys want to this.
5 / 5
Taken my tank yesterday and has transferred my fish in him immediately. It IS leery to order when seen so descriptions that declares taken there the aquarium broken but the mine is come very bundled and forms perfect. Any pause!! It was clean with glass clear glass. That more can say? I am very happy with purchase of mine and would order again. And a date of original delivery was 7-10 days and I have had my aquarium in 3 days. Good surprise!!
5 / 5
A tank am to add and has not filtered at all. Desprs Almost 6 use of month, even so, is seeing little hairline cracks in a cup of a tank. It was not that it can have caused this, as each month or so, the thorough control around your tank to do sure does not have this in your tank. It Likes him it has said it even so, there is not of any leak, only aesthetic hairline the lines/of cracks that am maintaining an eye on.
3 / 5
It arrives the early week, but only has 3 of some sides have protected by containers of air. A side without one was has shattered totally. Disappointed, but comprised and has done the repayment almost immediately.
5 / 5
A tank am adds! It was in the condition adds when opened a pkg and my fish is happy swimming around in him! Thank you Type!
5 / 5
I want this tank!! That is to say an only tank that has not filtered on me!! I have purchased the box of tank of Walmart and More than Supplies of the Pet, both have filtered!!! It IS so sceptical but give the thanks to the god has finished to the flavour went it. I am very happy . More arouse until leaky tanks.
5 / 5
One Thanks has not Been Protected by Anything..

Top Customer Reviews: Koller Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Update 1: A filter has developed some strong noise in 2 month, only take and semi-detached tetra gone in 3i the filter and is declares to run add since. Also it takes a heater while always maintain my temperature to walk of 76-78 C and attaching these heaters of fixed temperature have augmented a temperature in almost 85 C and my fish has directed madmen and the shrimps are died. It IS state in 10 month and my betta is doing adds. Also, a no next lid properly so much is to take the star.

Original description: in my anniversary done 4 days, has taken this aquarium and my betta, Margaery together with 4 shrimps of phantom ( help to maintain a clean tank of alimentary rests while serving so playmates for my cosy Betta). Margaery (Knows is the male but is too enough for the name viril), only wants to one 2 tank of chevron. It touches with some toys and some shrimps of friends phantom and begun to do nests of bubble of a second day he. A filter is quite calm and has what common toneless is enough to swing some plants of silk around prettily but any troubling Margaery. One has DIRECTED the lights have so many parameters and can be it has posed on for 1,2,4 or 8 hours. Retrospectively, I Think that that that has spatial for one 3 tank of chevron but well, has not had my fish now.
Has taken recorded of petco; a betta and shrimps of phantom of petsmart; creature marimo balloons of moss of petco; artficial plants, anemone and shells of petsmart; and betta register, seavhem alarms of ammonia, Tetra games of test, Aqueon Betta eaten and treats, Seachem Prime, Tetra Begins Sure, heater and thermometer of Amazon.
Will update in the case there is any subjects.
4 / 5
First of all I like him his GIVE The THANKS TO all the world-wide to publish his descriptions in this system. A lot it is the system adds , healthy a problem to ignite. Has another tank with down-the tank these lights and is so ineffective, is the joke . This a fact up for that and he so want to it.

One VERY EASY fixed in everything of easterly that lights/splashing the subject is in simply take the clear ziploc stock exchange and firmly tape he around a piece of light bulb. These covers any water to enter and rust a unit. It has Had he during several weeks now and has has not had the problem only with him.

While it is the poor creation , with or mere and economic adjustment is the glorious tank . I take the tonne of greetings on in of the works.

If my suggestion/of description was useful, please vote that is gone. Your votes maintain critical as me in this website. :-)
5 / 5
I want the amour wants these tanks. Has three bettas, and these tanks were only that it had been it looking for. It does not use some a lot of lights, but to protect them and has used one very council another the critics had data and situate the in of the plsticoes Ziploc stock exchanges before installing in some lids of tank. Some filters to do an excellent work. They are VERY CALM and easy to install compared in a Tetra the filter of whisper has taken before taking these tanks. They maintain a water these fluxes during some tanks, as well as in his now clean. A flow of the no annoying water my bettas. Some filters, which some the people have quotes bad descriptions so that they have alleged could not find ones this access, was to deceive. A tetra XS the filters are exactly like some originals a bit this is coming with a tank. I substitute the weekly, as well as the change was 1/3 in 1/2 a water in some tanks the help maintains some clean tanks and my happy fish. Also I have the snail of mystery in the each tank to help further with maintaining some seaweeds of the free tanks. These tanks are surprising! It has installed 4 in 5 plants, so much artificial and real, to give my bettas and an abundance of snails of places to goes it, as well as some decor. Highly it recommends these tanks!
5 / 5
The tank adds! I use this for the betta fished. A filter sucks in a filter as it rests by behind his plot so at the beginning was bummer. I have bought a decoration for his tank, which are the means sized to water thing of type of the jug. I think that that this help breaks a force of a current and is not sucked until maintaining him and the raisin more at all of time in and around a decoration of jug of the watering. I maintain a tank in my fourth and a noise of a filter is very relax. It takes this for such the prize adds also! That is to say the popular mark and can find some supplies to interview to maintain a clean tank in venue Petco.
1 / 5
Taken that decrees of paid. The bomb is out of uploading afterwards less than two month and a company that marks a bomb, Tetra, does not sell a XS bombs individually. They only gone in of the manufacturers of boxes of aquarium like this or. All other bombs have not founding any access in a coverage. Cheap rubbishes like this the product is in fact MORE expensive that only that pays further up advantage for quality.....So that only not taking . It have to it knew it to it better.

August of update 24, 2018: A product is that it is, but this company has service of EXCELLENT client. I have asked the to SELL ME the new bomb, for an on, and the subject join me immediately. For free. That is to say the company that value his clients.
5 / 5
I want the amour wants this tank. They take for my Stairs of Dragon Betta Achelous 2 weeks ago. It wants to it. Then yesterday it was in Petco and has seen the very big King Betta in the tiny cup and listened bad for him. As I have chosen in a 3.5 tank of chevron of Zeus and Lluna Mitja is now in heaven of fish. A filter is sper the calm and some lights are awesome. It IS very easy to pose up. It was not I will buy another so that I do not want to when being a lady of crazy fish. But totally recommend it his in any one.
5 / 5
Amazing prize! The better road that has expected! My anterior tank has begun to filter and has to take another hurriedly. This tank is so much better that my last unit A tank is a perfect measure for my betta to flower. My betta now has more room to explore and swim and still is doing happier. I want a colour these lights of changes and 360 view. A filter that comes with this quality adds and is work , a water is always clear. It IS the whole box for the judge of aquarius start. My betta the flight! Highly it recommends!
4 / 5
Little Good acrylic tank. Some pros and gilipollas:

-Compact like the leader in the desktop, but more human that these few betta bowls
-Trickle the filter maintains a water these movements
-360 swimming of fish and viewing
-Totally coated, a lot of court the access maintains some cats was, while the small hole in some covers of cup easy diet
-has DIRECTED illuminates a tank decently

-Included the betta a lot would have to have the minimum of 5 French.
-A filters no in that has it included a mine tiny room 3.5 marks of French to attach material of biofilter (but then, betta very technically precise).
-A curve of a glass in fact the amiable fact to take to see a fish unless it is well in a half or a front.
- Has to take a whole cup was to take in a tank. It IS small, as no the enormous roads, but something to be conscious of.
-A light FOCUSED has the pair of subjects:
A cord to limit is sold separately; otherwise short in 3 AAA stacks.
HAS the recurrent 24 hour. Timer, but only for 2 or 4 hours of on-of time. 8 Or 10 to him more felt in me for the deaktop aquarius. So much, only the twist on and was manually.
Pulsing Or the colour those changes the light looks the good road to stress out of the fish. It uses an option of white light. Note that is the white light very fresh , as some rocks of pale rose have attached the almost white look.
A light is not very enough the cover a diameter of a tank; it is dim around a verge.

In spite of my a lot of complaints in some clear, is not the bad little tank needs something small, especially for the very ignited room. I think to be to buy another tank, would go for another 3.5 French, without any vain round verges and with the slightly more the big filter.
4 / 5
I am so happy has found the quite big tank for my fish that has not gone too expensive, and comes with which filter is cual looked for. I have read some descriptions in a hole of diet that was true, an only subject has had with era that the mould has grown inner of him because of some levels of water, has to the cut went it to do a hole a big plus like the does not touch a water. But another that this wants this tank, is so easy to clean and has abundance of room for my fish to swim around in without taking too close up in a filter, which also done the little of the humming the noise but to me any me import . And a fact can change marks by heart for the fascinating tank! It IS how have the light by prejudices he on in your room and of the marks some looks of tank quite surprised.

Update, has launched only on the one hand of filter of a tank after it break was and begun to do odd sounds of some usual, had taken used his any one suking sometimes so watering somehow takes lower that one soyaximum' line, that is a point of having the filter fosh tank that does not filter ? Next time I judt pays one $ 60 for one in Petsmart.
1 / 5
... Or in a much less, buys the system of different leak. Taking eschew and has cleaned a system of leak two times and is still very adapted therefore little 2 tank of chevron (of course, changes a filter with each debugging of tank). Also, a very light of the colour takes 3 aaa stacks and will chew through them besides or 2 days less. One covers in or is very better. And you have to buy the heater. So much, given all concealed, the desire has done more investigation and has purchased the system that was adapted very better for lives of fish. I am quite sure this system would be perfect for plastic fish. HABLADURA OF PLASTIC, has learnt only that you have to never the plastic plants have posed in aquariums. They can shred the betta delicate fins. Attaching this all up, and comprising a new tank only purchased today, is spent $ 300 in the $ 3 fish. Tanks the plot.