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1 first 10 Marimo Moss Balls -  Aquarium Ball Set, 1 Inch Each. Unique Decor for Aquariums and Glass Jar Terrarium Kits. Natural Habitat / for Live Fish, Pet Shrimp, Sea Monkeys, and more by Aquatic Arts 10 Marimo Moss Balls - Aquarium Ball Set, 1 Inch Each. Unique Decor for Aquariums and Glass Jar Terrarium Kits. Natural Habitat / for Live Fish, Pet Shrimp, Sea Monkeys, and more by Aquatic Arts By Aquatic Arts
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2 6 Marimo Moss Ball Variety Pack - 4 Different Sizes of Premium Quality Marimo from Giant 2.25 Inch to Small 1 Inch - World's Easiest Live Aquarium Plant - Sustainably Harvested and All-Natural 6 Marimo Moss Ball Variety Pack - 4 Different Sizes of Premium Quality Marimo from Giant 2.25 Inch to Small 1 Inch - World's Easiest Live Aquarium Plant - Sustainably Harvested and All-Natural By Aquatic Arts
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3 best Aquatic Arts 10 Giant Marimo Moss Balls (1.75" to 2.25", 8-15 Years Old) - Great for Live Fish, Shrimp, and Snails Aquatic Arts 10 Giant Marimo Moss Balls (1.75" to 2.25", 8-15 Years Old) - Great for Live Fish, Shrimp, and Snails By Aquatic Arts
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4 Aquatic Arts 3 Betta Fish Balls - Live Marimo Aquarium Plants for Fish Tanks - Natural Toy Accessories for Betta Fish, Green Aquatic Arts 3 Betta Fish Balls - Live Marimo Aquarium Plants for Fish Tanks - Natural Toy Accessories for Betta Fish, Green By Aquatic Arts
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5 Aquatic Arts - 3 Marimo Moss Balls - 1.5 Inches Aquatic Arts - 3 Marimo Moss Balls - 1.5 Inches By Aquatic Arts
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6 Aquatic Arts Sinking Pellets (.5 lb) Spirulina Food for Freshwater Invertebrates (Crayfish, Crabs, Shrimp, Snails), Fish (Cichlid, Tetra) and More Aquatic Arts Sinking Pellets (.5 lb) Spirulina Food for Freshwater Invertebrates (Crayfish, Crabs, Shrimp, Snails), Fish (Cichlid, Tetra) and More By Aquatic Arts
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7 Aquatic Arts 1 Juvenile Neon Red Crayfish | Live Freshwater Aquarium Lobster/Crawfish/Crawdad/Real Living Fish Tank Pet Aquatic Arts 1 Juvenile Neon Red Crayfish | Live Freshwater Aquarium Lobster/Crawfish/Crawdad/Real Living Fish Tank Pet By Aquatic Arts
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8 Aquatic Arts Algae Wafers - Sinking Food for Live Aquarium Shrimp, Fish (Pleco/Tetra), Snails, Bottom Feeders - High Protein Spirulina Blend - 6oz Aquatic Arts Algae Wafers - Sinking Food for Live Aquarium Shrimp, Fish (Pleco/Tetra), Snails, Bottom Feeders - High Protein Spirulina Blend - 6oz By Aquatic Arts
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9 Aquatic Arts 3 Live Gold Mystery Snails Freshwater Aquarium Algae Scraper/Real Living Nano Fish Tank Pet | Glass Cleaning Snail | Natural Decor Aquatic Arts 3 Live Gold Mystery Snails Freshwater Aquarium Algae Scraper/Real Living Nano Fish Tank Pet | Glass Cleaning Snail | Natural Decor By Aquatic Arts
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10 Aquatic Arts 10 B-Grade Giant Marimo Moss Balls XL Size - Real Marimo - 1.75 to 2.25 Inches Aquatic Arts 10 B-Grade Giant Marimo Moss Balls XL Size - Real Marimo - 1.75 to 2.25 Inches By Aquatic Arts
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Top Customer Reviews: 10 Marimo Moss ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Tessa
These are moss goes very good. A some I recieved was quite 1disturbances in diameter and very green, has ordered one 10 group but they routed 12. A packaging is very well in the plastic container so that some balloons are not broken. Has 4 separate tanks that entered and there adorable in everything of them. Some some aims of picture or that I only taken afterwards in an enormous a that ive has had arrests almost 10 years now. To well sure buy it these again.
5 / 5 By Dwana
A pair was the small brown and is each which filled with sand. My plan is to use to to the some balloons likes them-base it to them of my tank, any sand any recorded as they will have to when being cleaned but there is not founding the better value that this offer. They are arrived in the pair of the days like fiancs and had included the big surprise one in a which mix broken up for consistency. My shrimp is that it wants to it.
5 / 5 By Olene
A Marimo Balloons of Moss of the Aquatic arts do not disappoint ! It takes 12 and some of some balloons are main concealed has expected. Like The enthusiast again pastime, is enjoying my compraventa of Aquatic Arts. If you are the beginner in a pastime of the fish and the aquarium have related to maintain adoptive you to start with Marimo movement and first balloons until small invertebrates like tiny shrimp, which casually also can take of.... yup, HAS GUESSED the, Aquatic Arts. Utmost products so far, has taken some giant balloons recently and still is in increasing.

Always rinse your Marimo go when doing the change of water, squish a water and situates the backside in your aquarium, some colours are the addition adds in your aquarium, a fish and especially the crabs and the shrimp fly the. In in to to the Crabs likes them-presses them him the around, entertainment in look. It IS normal for some balloons to float a first pair of days, to the left float them.
5 / 5 By Anisha
I left me say you quite my few green marvels haha, is AWSOME!!!!, Thank you the Aquatic arts for such the wonderful product was so described. I go t the yesterday and they all where are and so green any one something brown nowhere and no faul smell. I have ordered one 10 but they routed 12 YAY!!!!. They were for mine 10g betta tank with shrimp of phantom ,two snails and neon tetras, look to want to a bit few balloons to see special a shrimp.Certainly it buy fro m Aquatic Arts again. I fulfil it it has read it sokme bad descriptions in these types but he are cual anything more ,sometimes crap raisin during sending but I they fro m cual has read that it was by behind his material as I like him his of the company these supports by behind that attaches some photos that I taken and after I have opened the rijght after I have taken the he so that it can see that well my Balloons of the moss of Marino is calls them my green blurred balloons Calm AQUATIC ARTS !! I will update my photos today to aim that look in my small betta tank but here is the photo of my tank before .
1 / 5 By Mauricio
Ordered these cual the present in the daytime of the parents for my father-in-law. Quan A container is come could not think a bad smell that comes from /comes from. The tan when opened a container and has opened then to to an honestly smelt plastic likes him to him something fatality in him. He. You are. Bad. I rinsed has been the and situate them external in 5 minutes in expecting airs them was but a next day was exactly a same. More our place stank so bad has had to to line respite of mine and opened some windows. Quan My husband is coming to house a first thing says was 'that is that smell?!' Yup. Also, they look very different that a picture - a lot is green brilliant but more than seaweed and the murky green. Needless To say it could not give these cual the presents and is returned the.
5 / 5 By Wen
It has had these Marimo Balloons of Moss during the week now and has to say that I am that it wants the and is fascinated with them. It take two extra , Thank you David and Glass. They all are arrived in excellent condition and everything of them was of good measure with the small when being the big plus bit. I am giving the majority of them was so of the favours of punctual party (thinks bounced of necessity main now even so), but swear the little of them have grown already the bit, is that possible? The service of client was awesome, can say that David and Glass very cured in of to those marks and as satisfied his clients are. For me always it buys the Aquatic arts have to require anything more, is awesome. Seriously it wants these Marimo Balloons of Moss. Thank you Many!

Edita has purchased bounced of the present the big plus for a Marimo the balloons and is all doing very good.
5 / 5 By Aldo
10 Marimo Balloons of Moss - the balloon of the aquarium has Posed, 1 Inch Each what what. The mine has entered the condition adds, in spite of that a carrier left wing his ours locker of clave in planting to take in our door, as they are spent a night in freezing time. No the green perfectly still on arrived, but that it is to be expected with alive plants; they were clearly still very sos. I rinsed his fresh water and then to the left arrives the in the tanks of small different fish, and in some last few days have colored behind up perfectly and fluffed was amiably. These are some real roads .
2 / 5 By Jonna
after 6 month, some balloons of moss are fallen the eschew and has grown patches of brown (apparently of an interior). Has clogged my filters also. They were very while they have lasted.

Has taking 12 of 10 has ordered! Yay!! It IS wonderful when the road of the companies out of small surprises have taken. Two of some balloons untangled during an initial wash, but that it is very so that it has had still 10! It can not direct go the up again so tear some two balloons and packed the in crevices of my decorations of tank. My shrimp of phantom wants to these!
1 / 5 By Tyler
This form entered very bad. They are enormous. They were brown, soiled and weeks later after it cures very careful 6 of 10 is recovered but take ALOT of work. They are 2' each.
5 / 5 By Hildegard
My tent of local pet has wanted to $ 18 for 1 semi big balloon... As I have taken in Amazon. I have purchased these and I are very happy! They are arrived in the condition adds and bundled amiably with instructions in rinse before it poses in a tank. Has the 70 chevron axolotl tank. Orderly 10 and took 12. 11 it Was in a axolotl tank and 1 in my boys betta tank. Honestly probably it orders more still of axolotls is the animal of big waste. A plus a better. Decent measures. Only 1 it says it is escentro ad'. For comparison my axolotls pictured is just creatures, perhaps 3 long inches now same. Very happy with these and will purchase more!

Also notes, had shipped his in my place to do so that it fulfils wouldnt be baking in an only all day delived in a porch. I think and it has done a right decision in this he so that it was 90 that day. Having them the chair in an air has conditioned to the build was the very better election .

Top Customer Reviews: 6 Marimo Moss Ball ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Genny
That is to say a awesome roads for concealed it taken! The mine is arrived the sake of green is dark and has taken extra also! They were filthy soiled but for a prize any one the import that mark some cleaner up I. Like The directions say, rinse, squeeze, rinse, squeeze, on and on again down running water. These things are hard! The rinse and the squeeze until a clear short water and no more the beginnings of sand of balloon. This apresamiento awhile but is worth it to start with has entered the good place.
IS the woman of house with the daughter of 32 years and have us so much had (still has) multiple Marimos during 10+ years, has done the plot of on-line investigation. Amur These balloons bobas. Marimos Grows in lakes of fresh water, any river. They are some seaweeds , any moss. They finish in of the a lot of settlements deep balloons. Quan Happy and is, an air of the product of the balloons bubbles that it causes the to float for up enabling them to take of a fund of stack in a sun has required filtered. Up and down they go. And with a current in a lake, of course visit this stringy seaweeds in of the balloons. Yes, in a balloon forms a tiny, down, the hair like looks of synthetic strands. They are not . Each hair has a capacity to connect in structure and grows very time and stringy. I have learnt this a road takes to pull an aside to attach in forest And posing right back in aquarium. Any one this! Quan In a form of balloon or flat form and actively that grows, actuate has not had never a subject. You have to leave a beginning of seaweeds to grow in interlock tiny pieces again. You maintain your balloons have been tight, (and I bad tight) once the month will do. If it wants in the piece of forest, he! But to eschew the disorder he late plus, be ailing. After rinse throughly, run ur hand in the in dislodge these loose strands, pose some new seaweeds in rock/of forest/matting for his sake in bouncing it big separated with well of indirect light during the month or 2. Quan IS by train to change you Water and sees no more hairlike lose the strands in of waters is well to go. A plant with Marimo the seaweeds these roots of coverage, all joined in the piece of forest with fishing the line is gorgeous after 6 month!
Isolatating And to pinch of the salt can help them revive browning Marimos if they are not too far gone (something). The on-line investigation for correct quantities. Caus Of only direct browning. Empty centres with putrid, water of any that circulates in a centre is the MURDEROUS ! It thinks alive in of the settlements, a weight of the yours another balloon buddies 12' deep rolling around, is not empty. 10 years ago when bought you he M the balloon was solid. It opens to Have bombs, seriously!, to do Marimos the main look. Marimos Grows supremely dulcemente. They are the national property in Japan, maintained like pets, is spent down through familiar members. Amur Your balloons! The vain tight although they are smaller. Very putrid interior to water these rots the one of one the other way around. They will be funky bumpy for awhile but his gone once the month maintains the tight and will grow.
Snails And another unwanted critters? Any one necessity to buy spendy produced of speciality or take it casualidad in peroxide of hydrogen those burns your balloons. It takes a soap of dish has been. I use it Dawns, it is known to be soft. 1tsp Soap of dish, 3 chevrons of water, 1/2 hour drenches. It expresses A soapy mix thoroughly through your balloons and leave drench for half an hour. Rinse And squeeze until more suds. Esquerra Remain in the waters of boat during 24 hours only to do sure very in the left in the soap is diluted. Rinse And squeeze again only sure when being before presenting the new house. Although it does not line for any one trying this method, actuate has not lost never he Marimo or aquatic plant still with this method. And have any plague. Bacterial IS coated too much with some soaps of dish. The gardeners have been that uses the drop of soap of dish in bouncing he of spray to control plagues of pending garden of the decades. If treating real plants: take pots, discards old planting material, takes all decomposing greenery, any place to the goes! Use and can clean new planting material.
And does not use the paintbrush of tooth to brush rests of your balloons. Again, it pulls these strands was and averts of another promoting a longitude stringy the seaweeds grow.
The good class!
5 / 5 By Tashia
Some balloons of the moss arrived in perfect condition. My first impression was, 'these balloons are enormous!'. I am a fish of amateur keeper, with the betta the tank and my threads have the tank of monkey of the sea (yes, is conscious concealed is not to fish, saves that it is thinking for another time and takes on calm). It expect a nano goes to be tiny but was in an inch and the half in diameter in arrival. I plopped that windy in a tank of monkey of the sea without any victims, thinks. Other four balloons are giant and one measures included like ones finds in some tents of supply of pet of canal, for $ 9 the piece, and these balloons are not even in his full measure! I am fallen one in a betta tank (plus or two less chevrons, no, does not maintain in the sad small friendless and toyless cup, and in fact since are asking has chosen concretely so that it was a sad plus of sad out of a bettas in a tent, the money ailed and paid cash for the medicine and he have improved) and after my betta has affirmed his dominance in a hairy balloon green was able of the take to remain all a road in a fund under a vast pressure of the fern (lives, import, at all except a better for mine $ 7 fish and his 39 besides clean crew) the peace done with an object. A besides clean crew (shrimp of phantom... If it does not have any one, takes the pair, really do an excellent work) is weirdly designed in a hairy balloon green and is spent each evening that explores it, until at the end it has had to agree to them return to do. Other three balloons??? It looks he goes to have that does the little more aquascapes to contain them, which my husband will be thrilled absolutely enough. Until then, has feels them in the good container, big filled with watering dechlorinated and fertilizante of aquatic plant. In fact they look kinda frescos in his own. I can launch one in the mason bounce it filled with rocks and of the water, only to be odd and nettle my husband.

Down, these balloons of moss are a lot of values a money, takes four more the nano for $ 5 more than that or will cost calm in a tent. If you have achieved this part of a description, the just click the purchase now and will not be disappointed and will not have wasted your time that reads a rantings of the abhorred housewife this treats his better fish that she. I am not pathetic... Very I am not .
5 / 5 By Yun
Any sure be the plant of acute plastic in my tank or concealed has done any give a filter in my betta 3 tank of chevron was hooked above erroneously for almost the month (proprietary premier of fish of the time), but has remarked some tear of my betta fins. After a discovery and the whole plot of investigation of internet, is gone down the hole of rabbit to purchase the bouquet of products of fish so attached these in an order.
Bronzed In the first place a these are not to prepare eligible, arrived in 48 hours of compraventas. They were very very bundled without evasions in a box. They shined green and gorgeous and each one would expect of the quality marimo balloon. Still it take 2 premiums marimo which are kinda awesome also.
Ploughs My one am probably an only person that never queixar quite calm that is to say enormous. It take 8 giant marimo balloons for the 3 tank of chevron of my Cranberry of creature. I have conceived pressing around at least or little is why ordered a variety of measures. A tank looks the small ridiculous now so that some the whole funds are coated in the moss there has included or in a ceiling of a castle for lack of spatial. It looks happy so that it is all these subjects . Only it wants to inform he of the potential buyers that while to good sure was necessary to buy of this company, but has the tank the small plus can wish buy the together small plus of marimo.
5 / 5 By Prudence
Val, HAS the snails have purchased of this company several times and I have wanted a bit that lives greenery in my aquarium.

I some reading and decided to take Marimo Balloons of Moss, faiths any one the necessity that plants, is low interview, and the hungry snails can graze in the in time of low seaweeds. Some snails ingest so few of a Balloon of Moss that ail you will know been able to in the. They call balloons of moss, but is in fact the form of the seaweeds and that it is only sake with me.

Any Lit above Special has Required... So that they are found usually melts of lake, is well in of the drops of clear conditions. That is to say also why it do not have to when being bobbing around in a surface of the water where ignites is possibly too strong. This requisite of the low light was part of why selected these balloons of moss for my habitat.

Has looked in the snowstorm, but in inaugural a container was only well and very green. I have verified carefully the all was and found the to be the elder concealed expected And, the extra comprised! There is the business card sized Quickstart the guide has comprised, highly suggests that you are each of these instructions totally. It is not only the subject of inaugural the and launching in your aquatic habitat.

I rinsed the diverse time in any-chlorinated water and has maintained a temperature under a cautionary temperature of 78 deg. F. It guesses to any one likes him the one of the heat. I have posed the in an aquarium that is to maintain in 76 titles F, as they would have to be well.

Followed a esroble in of the fresh water during the guideline of 30 minutes and has expressed an air out of them. If you do not express some bubbles of air out of a Marimo Balloons, will float up where any belonging . You gave you once the some shaping squeezes (after one 30-the minute drenches) is well and of the rounds And will sink in a fund of your habitat.

Pressed some of them in an ornamentation of tank while they would have to adapt and grow where posed the. It has not had evidence very terrible or something brown of harm. There is one with some pale zones, but he so that has the extra has comprised, was just injustice to complain- quite that or.

IS exactly so described in a listing, only main, and could not be happier with my compraventa!

Recommends these Marimo Balloons of Moss without hesitation or reservation. It attaches vegetation in your tank, the balloons of moss are very easy to preoccupy decrees!
5 / 5 By Ima
Saint advantage these are so lovely.

Like Other descriptions have mentioned, to good sure taken MORE wheels that that has been declared. I have ordered 6 and it take 8. Hopefully For a that is to say intentional vendor and is not missing money thanks to a subject to hail of the order!

Has Had these in my tank for the small less than the week. All are still perfectly see except or yellowing something in a main balloon in a measure of the neighbourhood. It have to remark that is to say also or something still in that so much my molly and my crab is constrantly elect.

Has looked my snail these movements the around to create it the small nook. It looks the fish poke in an until the loose shake and begun to float. It looks a walk of crab on a moment in the disposal around a tank.

Everyeone In my looks of tank to want to these!
1 / 5 By Cris
Any calm warn you what these in fact is! All the world-wide radishes in these things, as it take some .

Some included recommended the web of places that opened the until doing floor cloaks to decorate your fund of aquarium, as I have done. Calm expect you can learn he of my very expensive deception. But it included some tanks in concealed it I the intact balloons only posed has been infested.

A bit those that the weeks later long leaves remarked of darkish green, fashionable hair of the seaweeds that begins to look on everything, but especially complicated among my favourite plants. It IS to take to decouple and with the force of nut of the sewing. Desprs Hours of any on some 'Identifies these Seaweeds' on-line pieces, discovered what my tanks have had was cladophora seaweeds infestation. A name looked familiar as I have verified and sure enough marimo soyoss' the balloons are in fact balloons of cladophora seaweeds.

Over time, little micro the leaves take loose of a balloon of moss in your tank and beginning to attach in everything and then grows what wildfire. That is to say probably why marimo promo the web of places has the recommendations to interview to take them was and esoftly go it' in soyaintain his form.' Has! That is to say in of the leaves of tangle backs longer in in a balloon. He no in a long race even so.

Fished The all was and binned the but too late, a harm is done.

HAS the newspaper, exhausting the battles that likes him attraction some leaves out of plants and of rocks and driftwood. It IS what Mirkwood webs of spider in my tanks and shrimp of mine of dwarf maintains to take taken in some leaves, which look to grow at night. It forgets to try fish to swim in there. Probably they will take garotted. Cladophora Also points, straightjackets, embroils and joins your together plants so that it can not grow properly.

Every day spends 2-3 hours with aquarium tweezers cleaner one clumps and excels and sadly the tension was a lot of another unsalvageable, the good plants infested and launching them was. The plants for concealed it has paid $ $ $ $ $ , especially one very textured ones or ones with delicate, easily breakable roots. For example, one java moss, crying and the the moss of llama is unsalvageable. Still It Can it has to launch one $ $ $ $ $ $ driftwood was. In fact it was faster and more amused to only pose it stack of fifty bills of the dollar in of the stock exchanges in a backyard.

A next day has grown behind again, likes him has not touched never it. This material is the forceful foreigner Audrey . ' It can me, Seymour!' Punctual he overgrow a tank and eat me and my boys, then come since you....

IS probably COSTS for the consecrated soyarimo CLADOPHORA balloon of VASE of SEAWEEDS/of tank only. But hate he with the revenge now and never posed marimo soyoss' balloons in my tanks again, never.

If any one knows likes him nuke this material without murdering each plus in a tank and could bond he here, I adoration a walk of earth on, has has.
5 / 5 By Adolfo
Purchased this four mark of month. Each what four arrived in the condition adds; brilliant green; around; any bare or something brown (this was also an end of December in Chicago for these preoccupied quite shipping these in timing colder). I have washed the well before planting in a tank and has had any problem with clouded water or any change in any one of my levels has tried.
Four months later continue to look fantastic. The only attention gives the one of the east to take them was and the squeeze/cleans the each to which likes him quota to time once for the month when clean a tank and do the change of water.

8 update of My -
Only the fast update; after eight month each what four Giant Marimo the balloons remain to form a lot is. All are green brilliant ; any bare something; and look for when being that it grows. I can any one very be concealed has grown at all; but they grow supremely dulcemente so that I am sure has not remarked never.
An only interview continues to give them is to take them was and the squeeze/cleans the each to which likes him quota to time once for the month when clean a tank and do the change of water. If they look for to be misshaped only go them around among some palms of my hand for the little bren and magically is again perfectly around.
Still would recommend the.
5 / 5 By Season
Awesome Produced! It IS sceptical when has opened in the first place a container and some balloons of moss were so droughts, but neither having very know in how would have to look , as I have launched the in my tank. They floated Around for the bit, puffed up and instantly has taken his good colour behind, and begun to sink in a subordinated one for totally well. cichlids Sings uproot My plants, and has to greenery has been craving! Petsmart Sells meso this measure for $ 11. It takes 4 giant and or big for just the dollars besides pair? Hell yes. sidenote Only had to update of the 45gal in the new substrate, filters, and decor. It go it only to arrive and that is in poster the few days, and was so clouded with micro bubbles. It have tried everything to take drawee of has done. I have launched in these very creatures of thought anything in a possibility can help them clears my tank, but only concealed! Besides or 12 hours less, my tank had cleared SO prime! It does not know why or cual, but they a trick. Totally buying more harvest! (To judge Oscar has measured of my wrist in my elbow!)
5 / 5 By Terresa
The Marimo the balloons of moss are arrived the early day packed sure delivery in some cold temperatures. Mere prep to attach in a tank. It has attached life of instant and colour in our new tank! The desire could return more in our 55 tank of chevron but one 4 + 1 prevails the balloons return perfectly. A Xl the balloons are a measure of baseballs. A next step is to order the variety of shrimp to forest a Marimo balloons of moss of Aquatic Arts. The group adds to do with. They sank in a fund after the few hours, only have move them around to complete.
5 / 5 By Apryl
Compraventa marimos Of the plot of the places and I are impressed enough with Aquatic Arts. These balloons of moss have entered the container of good plastic and fluffed right up after washing them and planting them in watering. Any one to mention -- took a XL a, three L, and or M! It take one extra marimo for free! Sper Has Pleased in of the this. Absolutely it wants the and will be to buy marimos of Aquatic Arts again in a future :)

Top Customer Reviews: Aquatic Arts 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
I have to have has purchase balloons of moss of this vendor at least 3 or 4 different times now. Always happy with a quality of some balloons of moss that has. The utmost look in everything of my betta tanks! Some fish wants to it. They do not require the plot of clear, and does not need any plant fertilizante/alimentary. Only go them around once in the moment to ensures does not take the something brown in a fund (although I will say often forget to do this, even so he not having never any problems). It gives the the small swoosh and squeeze in 'clean' has been the when change water, to maintain them looking green and fluffy. And that it is literally it! They are basically any interview another that concealed, and will last for ever if your parameters of water are well. Probably I actuate quite 40+ of these throughout everything of my betta tanks. The people always are commenting in the and complimenting that good look in some tanks, some are surprised included when says is real, so that they look also almost feign of look! But they are to good real insurances. In me there it is almost any reason ANY ONE to have the little of these in the each tank!
5 / 5 By
It was excited really to purchase this Giant Marimo Balloons of Moss of Aquatic Arts so that it has remarked this company has been estimated very highly and has not looked to have any subjects with parasites or another nasties mate some balloons of moss and is happy has taken one casualidad has based in happy anterior and indications to attach my own also.
Nemo (My pet Betta WANTS his balloons of moss of new tank) and has taken in them almost second after it has attached the in his tank, begins to explore and rubbing up against the, and now this morning remarked find the something very cosy to rest among two of some balloons of moss when sleeps, as it seats a compraventa was very value he and has contacted an anterior company in them listens drawee and answered very quickly and proportionate me with a info looked for in a case and any tank prep anterior in planting in my tank.

Highly would recommend Aquatic Arts and his products, and will be to purchase additional plants for my tank that movements of advances. I give his Giant Marimo the balloons of the moss 5 Stars in my indication, and his pre and support to bond and of the clues in some additional 5 stars! An element is arrived punctually, packed very well, and some elements took is a lot of values a prize paid and in shape upper touched! Thank you Aquatic arts!
4 / 5 By
The description is deceiving. I have expected some dimensions listed like diameters of some balloons. Any one 13 balloons have taken measures more concealed 1.5' through. One has achieved hardly .75'. All look sos and very green. The indication would be lower was any one that a vendor has attached an additional 3 balloons. While I am happy with a quality and number, would have been happier if a vendor has provided less but the main balloons.
5 / 5 By
Amur Of amour loooove!! That the compraventa adds and wonderful vendor! They are come so sos, so lush and green! I have posed a lot in mine 10 chevron, and two in mine 3 tanks of chevron. All my betta is to want the already. :)

Here is some pictures, Squeezing them more in a tank the soiled bit, but declares that is to say normal, included after leaving them drench during 30 minutes. As it is each sake ! I will update with more than pictures once a water clears up again. Lol. I have ordered another set so that I want the so many. They will be very when it updates mine 3 tanks of chevron. Thank you To do my creatures of fish very happy! (And more they are also, and it is sure! )
5 / 5 By
It was routed 12! I think that that they have listened bad that issue me the slightly brown unit has posed that Owes a tank fully cycled and begun in brown the bit but once nutrients and yummy the lunch of plant has been attached they greened well up.
If you are unsure he marimo is very since can say that these little of the type is quite 1 notch above a responsibility of the rock of pet. It does not have the green inch? You are unlikely to kill these. Has the green inch? They are still fresh.
5 / 5 By
Arrived is with clear together in of the instructions. They have comprised 12 with my mandate Of 10 because of the pair that is the small undersized, a sign of service of excellent client in my opinion. Done my look of aquarium much more classy, and my small danios and Tetras is intrigued. As These so planted an order for another 10 in 24 hours.
5 / 5 By
Has 2 goldfish in the 55 aquarium of chevron. Peix Quite big. I admit, it eats these but until they maintain levels of low ammonium and gunk does not grow in a glass. As Announced, is arrived quickly and everywhere the trader adds. Thank you! To sure order well he again.
5 / 5 By
All my Moss Mar the balloons are come ss and green! David and the glass have attached 2 more wheels of moss (of a same measure!) In case that any one of them there has been the problem in of the roads (which any one of them )!!! I can not expect until they are out of quarantine as I can attach these beauties in my tank. Thank you So many! I want to what personable this subject is and would not doubt to order Aquatic Arts for all my necessities of aquarium!
5 / 5 By
I have read the descriptions and The Youtube looked anterior to purchase and stumbled through the description that has the data out of Aquatic Arts likes provider. Plants to sound that entered it sper the look is. I can not expect for them in tank and some decorating ours arrests future shrimp.
5 / 5 By
These were utmost! Orderly 10, has taken 12, any plague, any data behind, good measure.
Using like the 'carpeting' plant in my tank of low technology for rasgar in a moss and bond among rocks and driftwood. The flight!

Top Customer Reviews: Aquatic Arts 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Kera
The May thought It would be in a piece to buy balloons of moss, but here is. Desprs Purchasing the goldfish in our fair of county behind in August, which has imagined would live each which besides or 2 days less, is almost spent $ 200 in those lives the room adapted for him. Steven (that is to say his name ) has the quite decked was the tank when goes in decor and way. We purchase a tank has directed ignited, recorded of glow, multiple artificial plants, and veiling places. At the same time, Halloween decor for the tanks of fish was quite adorable so that it is that Steven has finished with. In a principle of January, has decided was arrests to time to convert him on at most the sophisticated together arrives and has wanted to to incorporate alive plants. I my investigation that flavours to imagine out of of to those plants would line up well with him, and what would grow hurriedly. The majority of some on-line forums has expressed that goldfish and alive plants any a lot of mix, seeing so much what goldfish eat EVERYTHING. I have been determined to try even so and is gone in our tent of the local pet in scope was some sweet new plants. I left me in the first place only say that his tank looked very when has been order done everything. Included take the classy marries new to goes he in those looks the pots has broken! Before fast 4 days, arouses in 7is to do what normal, the walk has been to power a goldfish and cat, and BOOM. The half of some plant floated in a cup of a tank, and Steven, innocently is swimming around that at all is bad. Desprs The small more investigation has decided to try and plants of curve in some diverse decorations in his tank in wait of salvaging some of them. Cela Done for enough 5 more days until the give only can rasga the eschew and eat them. It was disappointed enough but did not discourage that truly it can finds the source of alive plant for Steven to enjoy, without lunch. I have read on-line that the moss is up quite well against of the fish of gold and grows relatively hurriedly. It looks for something to do to wall of moss in his tank when I stumbled in this interesting looking Balloons of Moss. I imagined it give it the shot to attach some spunk in his tank that can go around and choose in but concealed would remain in a fund of a tank. It arrives yesterday morning and it was very bundled. A container has been put but no saturated and a moss was the vibrant green sake . Still it avenges with two small moss extra balloons that was the good surprise. I have followed some directions, rinsed the with watering to touch and situate in his tank. Some two smaller balloons sank immediately and looked very fresh. A big balloon remained in a cup of a surface the majority of an evening even so final to float in a subordinated sometime at night. Some directions say that a moss does not achieve his full measure until 2 days after submerging in so many and is excited to see while more it grows. His already enormous and Steven looks to enjoy nudging he around. Probably I go to finish taking the tank the big more this cradle and buying Steven the few friends while dry apresamiento solitary, but when I , to good sure will be to buy more plants through Aquatic Arts. His service of client has been something on and is very happy with some Balloons of Moss that was the cross of Amazon of the road!!
4 / 5 By Mana
Edited 12/19/2017. Want the fast update. These balloons of moss are still very green and thriving. My fish nibble his bite when go after his pellets to sink , but same with this abuse and his main source to be clear only my ceiling furnishes trace, is everything lives and well. I am very impressed while I give them treatment very special and no fertilizante artificial, but continue grow and maintain his form.

The mine has not been so giant while I have expected. Has data to time in fluff up in my fishbowl to see yes changes my impression, but is still the bit in a side a small plus. It say that it is in a measure the balloon of golf, but does not issue behind. A Marimo is the good deep green and free of any splotches or discolored something. My fish also look in how he and spends the plot to time to the control has been the (has quite 10 of these balloons in my bowl of fish now) more, fulfilling these helps to cut down in that often some necessities to water to be changed and look for in increasing be.

Only take or stars so that some of some descriptions had me to us while for the balloon of tennis marimo, but alas, has to be all out of these so much the mine is nowhere approaches that big. Still Very even so even so it was it has to it buys of this company again.
4 / 5 By Janina
I am fallen for these balloons of the moss a moment has seen the. I have tried it find them in my tents of the local pet but was or has sold was, or too expensive, or so much. It imagines my surprise to find the vendor in Amazon this specialises in these Marimo balloons of moss.

Has ordered the 3-group and has taken surprisingly four similar balloons in measure, which was well for me so that I have wanted different measures. Below one of a half-sized ones in two small balloons, as I have finished with five total for my aquarium. They are to come packed in the plastic container only puts enough to survive transport.

That In PREP
1) Takes some balloons of moss was and softly expresses any water is in the
2) Drenches the in of the cold water during 30 minutes
3) Gives the final squeeze to take any stale waters was, and burst the in your aquarium

can divide these in the smallest balloons for softly pulling an aside (like the balloon of cotton). Cairo Above videos of Youtube for the show. They grow very dulcemente he so that it know it this before you divide the.

These are the value adds in a cost to take in some tents. It decorates your aquarium today with some Marimo balloons of moss. Recommended.

My betta is died quite a lot of three days after I have posed these balloons in. If or very these the balloons were a cause , does not know , but a time is suspicious. It take another betta and that or has been well during the month.
5 / 5 By Jacob
It IS so further excited to take my Marimo Aquarius Betta Balloons of Piscis!!! They have entered the condition adds, puts enough to survive a nave. A bit smaller concealed expected (expected 3 similar balloons measure so main or in my photo) but the vendor has comprised 1 extra balloon (Graces!). Marimo The balloons were bundled very well in the plastic container ( and shipping box of course) with all some instructions that to do before presenting them in your aquarium. These green balloons do not require any special treatment or fertilizante. Our Betta the fish wants the and sometimes finds to touch with them to press with his nose or nibble on him it small as well as resting in the also. Marimo The balloons are green arrivals and ss, different in measure (please dressed some pictures). In general I am very happy with a compraventa and to well sure will order more in the future. Any one only our Betta the fish wants the and is so easy to cure they. Also they take such the good pop by heart in our aquarium. I take The ones of our aquarium each few weeks in softly washed in the water of the aquarium treated and gives them the small squeeze and up return in an aquarium.
5 / 5 By Bruce
These are come bundled very well with a big balloon and 3 little ones. I am coming on-line to buy so that one ones in a tent of pet looked bad and was a same prize for A balloon. They puff up after attaching them in a tank and now one is almost so big like bggest a, and is only declares quite two weeks. A bEtta looks to enjoy them that is in a tank. It was curious at the beginning and bite looked in the, but now only at all around the. Nodes r happy to have the natural interview, down option in the tank of our daughter. A lot thanks to a vendor the road the product of quality for Llama to enjoy!
5 / 5 By Cherryl
It have ordered a one this has been supposed to be quite 2 - 2.5 inches. Realistically, HAS EXPECTED the to be quite 1.5 in 2 inches. As my plan was to pose he in the pot of the tea of the glass had and plant in a counter. At the end it has been to attach the fish of female beta in him the help provides nutrients in a marimo. Cairo Besides really fresh with a swimming of fish with a marimo in the pot of tea. Even so, I have discovered that it take 3 marimo in place of a unit A two smaller ones are quite 1.5 inches. An another, is now main that the softball after posing in of the waters. One notes with him says that it does not achieve his full measure for the pair of days Or_or. It IS to advance and situate he in a teapot, but now is not sure will be able of the taken has been behind to plant he in the container that is the better measure for him. I need in rethink my plan. Curiously, they have formed in of the ears of Mice of Mickey.
5 / 5 By Jennine
This thing is perfect! A lot they are and circulate, he puffed on top of included main after being in a water for the day! Exactly while it announces! I have posed he in with two another has been that grows for the few years. It IS a big plus one in a picture. It have to the he two this has entered an order, a big type and the unit of the smallest premium wants these things only are calming to have around with his colour of deep green in a water. Fast nave and the excellent packaging that maintains a balloon of moss sper the same sure of some trips some rough plus in a clave.
5 / 5 By Nohemi
A wheel of Moss (and in fact taken more concealed 1) am adds! They are dense, plush, and very attaches in my aquarium. They are not only the best looking decoration these artificial plants, but the moss eats that it lives the help of plants attaches balance in my ecosystem of aquarium! To well sure go to buy these again to create the independent terrarium out of mason bounced this cradle. The prize adds also.
5 / 5 By Annemarie
I have not been compensated, in any subjects for this description.

After reading some negative critics (i.et. Julia in Leaves 22, 2015), active sure fact that is purchasing forms AQUATIC ARTS. All the positive critics declare that the elements have purchased is good quality .
Has planted an order in the February 12, with date of the delivery scheduled for the February 14. The element has been shipped quickly, even so, my clave of dispatch of/person of local clave (?), it Decides (possibly so that the February 14 was the Sunday And Valentine's day ) any one to rid the timely subject, and in that notify me that mine 'the subject has been closed' (seriously?!). Again, I want to reassert this delay in the delivery has not been been action been due to of vendors, only because of actions of my dispatch of local clave.
My order is arrived firmly bundled in Tupperware container of type, any water in him, as mentioned in other descriptions. Because of the be of element delicate organism , lives , thinks that that the container was that you prevent excellent he to suffer harm in any subjects.
A better part: has or giant (plus or less in) Marimo balloon, and two (plus or less in, each) Marimo balloons for free. I have to say, truly appreciate he - the order clearly declares that I am purchasing only unit

Adhesive in some points of container in the web of place where can find you the guide of priest for your Marimo go -[...]

Marimo The balloons have paintings very well of deep green, any fraction in any subject - included although they have been shipped during the accident of colds IS the one of the north where lives.

In general, is supremely pleased with purchase of mine. Highly recommend it purchasing forms AQUATIC ARTS - of my experience this compraventa of them quality to guarantee
to well sure will consider Aquatic Arts for any one to be able to buy future.
5 / 5 By Milda
I have bought this does the month while preparing the new aquarium (6 French) and has been thrilled to take the balloon of moss of good measure and 2 smaller ones. The utmost look in a tank that attaches colour, texture and the different form in a landscape. The while this attentive for an arrival of my special Betta has bought another aquarium and today took another giant balloon (big that a premier!) And two smaller more ones to attach in a tank a new plus! It does not doubt to recommend them and concretely of Aquatic Arts. Amiably it produces bundled, the prizes adds , only and fast delivery - what more amours?

Top Customer Reviews: Aquatic Arts - 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Claudia
This was my first time ordering anything lives of an internet, and could any one when being any happier with these marimos. I have bought three but took 4 big ones and 1 mini unit Thank you, Aquatic Arts! They have entered the envelope deadened big in the plastic container. It has not had any water in a container, but some balloons of moss were totally green, humid, and spongy feeling. I have taken immediately it was two big ones, situate the in another container, and situates the each in some water treated with Premier so that I am not sure quite posing them in a-waters he of the tap has treated. They fluffed up and taken in the slightly more the big measure that the balloon of golf; a mini was in a measure of a half marble. Yes, it has remarked had some sand and a seams that some descriptions had mentioned, but does not think that is anything the preoccupy enough. Any critters or hitch-hikers this could see. I have posed one of a big ones and a mini in my betta 2 tank of chevron. It IS unimpressed, but is also he 3 old year grump those sounds all a time. It has been only two days, as I will update if anything disastrous raisin. A picture is of a marimos after chair in watering at night. This was a container has entered.
5 / 5 By Ramiro
I am quite happy with these Marimo Balloons of Moss and can not find anything wrong with them. They are arrived in the container of small plastic that has maintained some balloons of moss moist and around, as it has to does not have to preoccupy quite taking it squished or dry was. As Mentioned for ones other critics, is probably will take you or or more wheels of moss with your order. I have ordered three of them, but has taken or big extra or and a small extra unit

A big ones are to good sure around one and the half inches, a small plus or obviously is not to except has been launched in frank as I can any one complain me. One of them there has been the bit of discoloration that has done some endwise more the brownish looks that sees, but when planted he in a tank was to ail perceivable and some colours evened they out of later. Another that concealed, arrived in the perfect condition.

Quan Takes the, the mark sure follows some instructions have comprised, the rinse has been the while softly squeezing them and left some water of tank entered the he so that it can sink . My order there has been no hitchhikers or in in to the to anything likes him that so of calm does not have to preoccupy in the explosion of snail, but wash them only sure when being. The mine has been seating in ten chevron freshwater tank for the year now and is doing well. A green colouring is still there, has grown slightly, and in joining it to him to fish likes him. Also they look for to be supremely strong as it was very difficult to find the road to kill them is preoccupied in that.
5 / 5 By Evan
Lovely big Marimo balloons. It takes three big and or smaller a (but still big).
My bath is decorated in the subject of the beach and I have decided has wanted the fish of beta in an of my apothecary bounced. Quan Has seen these have known would be perfect for this purpose also. I see a beta that rests in the sometimes.
Some balloons were bit it matted looking when has taken the, but, only likes him toe, begun in fluff behind out of the few days later.
These are some real roads . Any one to that likes him a moss embroiled styrofoam of the foolishly purchased wheel of &60;tent of pet to appoint big&62; the little the mark of years.
These are lovely and is very happy with purchase of mine.
4 / 5 By Nona
That is to say my second order of this company and I have expected to do the description so that it was unsure of this listened in a product. Wants to give it 5 stars arrived quickly and was the good deep green . Even so, they are balloons of small moss ; a nano the balloon is in a measure of the pea of chick and a big plus ones in a measure of the egg of quail, or big grape, which are well, but any cual expected.

Even Although the small bit, was the good green without discolored the patches and I still would consider this the product adds, but does not think will be to take more. They have not arrived with any hitchhikers and was clean when I rinsed the anterior in attaching in my bowl of fish.
5 / 5 By Jerrod
My shrimps of phantom wants to it!!
Was very scared quite ordering them (still with a quantity of descriptions adds) while there is goldfish in my tank of the fish and I have scared they munch in the (while they do with Each), even so, in my surprise adds, a moment has posed the interior a tank, some shrimps have been interested and starts of his places to the goes only to be in the! It opens, in place of exited all a time, is during a tank of fish with some balloons of moss. Read that necessity to go some balloons so that they maintain his form, even so my goldfish has cured of this - every day is in the something new!

Has bought three, but took a plus for free, a container was rigid and didnt spill (even so there it has any too many waters in the, only enough to maintain them moist but any drenched)
5 / 5 By Dora
These are sooo frescos! In the first place, it tries to choose what marimo the balloons would have to buy in the amazon and I were with these so that like other critics, arrives in the container. And they have done of course! This product has been grouped together with some other heavier products and because of a packaging, has not been run over. MAYOR!
A measure of some balloons is so described and some balloons of the moss has not been discolored and has did not aim signs of browning. Quan Poses in a water, floated by awhile but after expressing a water out of them the time of pair, sunk in a fund.
Is seating in a fund of my tank and my fish and the turtle likes them choose in the but has been lining add envelope. In in to to the My turtle likes him the one of the vain around time, is in fact very cute to look. In general, awesome produced, highly recommends.
5 / 5 By Celina
It can any one when being any happier with these few types. I have ordered the for the small greener in the new 10 chevron setup, where join other plants are still young and has not grown a lot. I think a marimo the balloons look well, and attaches the small variety. I have expected to do this description until there is have the during the week or more, and is doing adds. They have been shipped in the disposable plastic alad' container of type, and was very moist, but any one 'put'. A container had broken in traffic, but a marimos has not looked for for the be has affected any one. A balloon was an elder , two was in a same measure, and the neighbourhood was the small smaller. A bit of the type was the 'prime', supposes. One ones in my photo are a two similar-sized and a bit one, a big more an is not in a picture.

In general, good experience and good product. Thank you!!!
5 / 5 By Tiny
It IS the small nervous at the beginning quite buying this type of the on-line product, but after reading the few descriptions, decided to give them try it. I only place in the new cichlid tank to fish and has wanted to some alive plants, but does not want to anything with covers like cichlids would chew the up. These balloons of moss return a bill, and arrived intact and lives in the plsticoes Tupperware container of type, and has had to has done three giant and a half sized a! I have posed the in a tank and squeezed the the small time to take an air was, and they all sunk in a fund. My water in a tank was the small clouded in front of hand, but has cleared in better that never looks with these balloons of moss in there, and some looks of fish to be happier. Our fiddler in to the the crab a lot likes him hang was in the, and a cichlids does not look to problem with them many.
5 / 5 By Letty
These products arrived only, avenges with 4 balloons. One of them there has been the very small zone of light browning (cual a container said is normal). I have not attached the in my tank of fish still but I rinsed the very well in of the running water of tap and now has seats them in some water has treated. Look to be quality very well, I rinsed and expressed has them be for enough awhile trying cogerprpers clean and has not broken, fallen eschew or anything. That is to say a first time has purchased the so very does not have anything to compare them mass but think that is utmost. Update if anything changes. Update: these little of the balloons are soiled! After rinse in a tank the plot, has done still a water has had seating them in very soiled. I am impacientis as it was to advance and situate in my tank. It updates again if anything raisin or changes.
5 / 5 By Norma
Very happy with this compraventa! Everything of some balloons of moss are arrived in shape utmost. I fulfil the people have mentioned that it take the brown moss or a moss smelt bad. A documentation of company has comprised on contacting them if a moss arrives fraction or smells bad, look to want his happy clients. I have followed some directions and has drenched a moss in of the cold water, expressed went them until a water has run clear and has situated the in my three tanks (goldfish, Blacks clawed frog, axolotl) While I squeezed a water of a moss has used everything of my toes to form of help he in the balloon of net. Active HAS HAD only his for the little of the days but they all look for to be doing well in my tanks. To good sure I order of this company again.

Top Customer Reviews: Aquatic Arts ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Charlsie
In recently resettling my shrimp in the new tank, has had an occasion to try his alimentary preferences whilst trapping them. I baited three cheats with spinach, tablets of seaweeds + another lunch of invertebrate of the mark, and Pellets of Invertebrate of Aquatic Arts, respectively. A cheat that contains Pellets of the invertebrate of Aquatic Arts was punctual as filled with shrimp that constantly turbulent each which so another while trying taken in a lunch, bouncing around that popcorn like the result. Other two cheats have had only he scant supply of shrimpies.

These tablets take all some shrimps in a cheat, and is which, ' is better then compressed of seaweeds.' He still In fact, is better then compressed of seaweeds. Indorsement with him, says to good sure purchase. The the, the-the the, that sinks pellets. The the, the-the the, some shrimps are expecting.
5 / 5 By Brandi
Has the 10 aquarium the chevron Planted with 12 snails of mystery and or viril Betta (seriously, has not known some snails would take that big! - Perhaps it is some pellets ). My aquarium, eight month, is always clear and the free seaweeds. At the beginning they are the paste or lose how many pellets to be able to them but has learnt punctual that has seen to aim uneaten the pellets in a sand was overfeeding some snails. It opens, with lunch of fish of the leftovers (bloodworms) and some seaweeds free tank, fallen the few pellets in the other day. Any sure if the snails smell the or that but when fallen some pellets in, the snails comes from/come from everywhere to eat them.
Also has three cats and leave a coverage out of some pellets some prejudices like this here am buying another batch of Pellets of Invertebrate of Aquatic Arts. And some more bloodworms.
Knows was, Senior Tiger!
Can not beat a prize...
5 / 5 By Jayna
That is to say the good mix of lunch of fish, subject of vegetable, and other nutrients the shrimp to be able to or other invertebrates of inferior diet. It does not use copper sulfate like the preservative, which are found often in of the products for fish of inferior diet. Of the covers is toxic in shrimp and other invertebrates, is more the eschew produced to distribute those uses the. Still although the majority of lunch of the fish does not contain enough in immediately kill your shrimp or other invertebrates, a buildup of him in the water of your tank over time can them sickly included any calm no the hurriedly.

These pellets are used more when has the dish of diet for your shrimp. It sinks hurriedly and dissolves when can so that spineless small like my Shrimp of creature of Cirera Vermella can consume some small particles. Absolutely they fly it. It uses the section of tube of clear plastic to fall some pellets directly in the shell of mussel that to the uses like them be able to shrimps trough. They eat what small piglets.

IS the sake sized container to feed, so probably last me for same years with the 55 tank of full chevron of shrimps. A container is the clumsy bit to open, as I have touched he in the sealed fourth bounce and tent he in my freezer, while maintaining roughly in bouncing it small apropen my tank for daily diets.

Would say that I will buy a product again, but has taken so much, will not require to buy again for the long time.

My shrimp vastly prefers this alimentary in a Shirakura eaten of shrimp. So that these pellets dissolve quite hurriedly, included some shrimps of creature, which are to ail quite big to see, also wants this lunch. In my tanks of community fish, can these pellets together with flakes. A fish of room of the surface like Danios takes the majority of some flakes in a surface, as I can some of these pellets for omnivores that Golden and Cirera Barbs this spends more the time apropen a fund of a tank. So that some pellets dissolve hurriedly, also uses the to fish of power of creature in my tanks of the nursery where creature Endlers, Danios, Barbs, and Tetras. Has the saucer sized shell of freshwater mussel in some of my tanks to be able to some pellets so that it does not sink down in a sand or substrates of recorded, and uses the glass Petri dish in another.
5 / 5 By Francine
I produce it adds, my shrimp battles each which so another for him and my gluttonous snails fend of a shrimp for him.

Has caused the a lot of of the add divides in my once peaceful tank. Some snails against a shrimp. A definite fight of the who vertebra of lack.
4 / 5 By Katherine
An only paste very has in this product is a packaging . While look he well, is the difficult bit to open and, every time is open, cut a risk to have some pellets that the fly was during a place or nave. A product would be better served in the container with the ray-was lid of type. One another difference remarked with this product (in comparison in other pellets) is that it breaks down very hurriedly. If calm typically drench your hard pellets before touching them in your aquarium, remarks that these will soften up very very hurriedly. Tan hurriedly In fact, that has begun now to simply launch them in an aquarium in his state of original.
5 / 5 By Yvette
Wow! These are gobbled up with excites utmost, for all a fish in my tank (save ours is usually snoozing in mealtime, and a goldfish is so enthusiastic in his response in these few pellets, a racket arouses does slurped above the each a goodies!). I have purchased these after a form of the wafer thoroughly has wanted a Pleco and our Corydoras catfish. The pellets are not teeny(thinks the beta sized), or whoppers (thinks pond koi measure); they would be appropriate for main angelfish and cichlids, and same for the majority of feeder-sized goldfish (the inhabitants of our 75 tank of chevron each which headed like these few types, and is grown now to be main that the open hand of an adult). I produce it adds! A packaging is well to maintain humidity out of a lunch, while it stores mine in a cupboard those hides all some works of leak.
5 / 5 By Lorilee
It have ordered several alive animals to be shipped, even so a time has turned also coldifficult. They were quite manager to verify a time my zone and corridors of stock exchange with me on an optimum date to ship. They have surpassed all my expectations of professionalism and has to attach aimed of priest for some animals. Each animal has ordered only arrived safely and happy and several days later are that they grow in my tanks.
5 / 5 By Clair
Has a amano, a shrimp of red cherry and the nerite snail in the tank that has all survived his lifespan of captivity and a untold quantity of shrimp of red cherry and the nerite in another tank that is basically only the giant java balloon of moss. In both tanks fall a lunch in the dish of diet of the glass after dark and usually is everything tomorrow gone for, if has some stays takes and can the small less next time. A shrimp of the red cherry mostly maintains a lunch in a dish, a amano pulverizes the and done the disorder in a tank. Too many While it is not given will clean it on a mark of disorder and not contaminating a water. I have used also Hikari Cookery of Shrimp but expsito that a decree of shrimp of red cherry ganadera and the significant increase in an appearance of shrimp of defunct adult so no longer the use and bonds with these Pellets of Aquatic Arts.
5 / 5 By Sigrid
I have purchased my first shrimp the little the mark of days and has attached the in my tank. I have seen this lunch there has been the good descriptions and he are the cheap plus bit that another so thought 'why any one'? A plastic container enters is very has amiably fact. It seals very closely and easily. It IS also the quite good quantity if it only is maintaining shrimp! To well sure it can see to last me the year unless my populace magically explodes.

Powered The pellet in a shrimp when was has acclimated in the first place the little the mark of days but has not taken in him well, thinks only so that they have recovered of a tension to be shipped and addition in the new tank. Today although I am fallen the pellet in, and in the minute one of a shrimp expsita the. Verified behind 15 minutes later and a pellet had gone mostly with enough 8/10 of my shrimp in a zone fell it. I am believing they which he. (: A breeder this has taken this shrimp of powers of toe the Shirakura eaten of shrimp, as it looks this eaten to well sure can compete if my shrimp gobbled he up in so much of small time!
5 / 5 By Margarito
I want to all of some snails and shrimps of dwarf this has bought Aquatic Arts. I have not been
quite ready for them, but begin so far. It uses roughly the recorded and the plant of a tank has established to create
a tank of quarantine therefore a Japanese Trapdoor Snails and some shrimps, and I the change of newspaper of partial water. Also it read it his up in the sound necessities and thinks is doing all properly. I have lost only a yellow shrimp a first day, thinks because of tension. We gave me to us a shrimp of red extra, so that type. Thank you Aquatic arts!
Like The clue the month later: I have finished to lose to plot of my shrimps, and the pair of a Japanese Trapdoor snails. :(. It was not the fault of Aquatic Arts. To the amazon had data to join me want to for a delivery and a window of real delivery was two weeks more harvest that had planned it the the /to the amazon has said. Still I am that it changes a daily water and maintaining the next eye in some parameters of water, but alas, is almost sure that no very a lot of left wing of shrimp. The majority of one 15 bought is fatality. I think that four has left now. I am speaking with Aquatic Arts again, so that when it has directed a date of delivery descrepancy initially, has said that would offer to substitute some of some snails/of shrimps. They were very well enough the. I am spent in $ 100 for 15 shrimps and five snails. Still, I will be to order they again. They are the vendor of quality .

Top Customer Reviews: Aquatic Arts 1 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Rupert
Very well although very small Any one thinks that it would save but thank you which cross in very quickly can he all the days
5 / 5 By Donette
It IS Awesome, Could not Think What Hurriedly Grows, Molted Each which how 14 Day is, 1 Inch In 5 Inches In 6 Week are. It IS Enormous. Kinda The wait is Fact that Grows Very Happy With A Product !!!
5 / 5 By Leola
Has 3 tanks have filled with all the classes of fish very fresh and creatures but few blinky is my favourite has some attitude is come really small has grown hurriedly

Top Customer Reviews: Aquatic Arts Algae ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 By Shani
Sure yours the pets will eat these, but announce them so done of only veggies and seaweeds and spiroulina and such, but a majority of him is done on germ of wheat, and other fillings and additives... The futility that announces in my opinion. It have gone with some options some cheap plus has known ingredients.
5 / 5 By Angelique
The while formulated for shrimp and other invertebrates, my Plecostomus a lot likes him these! They are fatter that the majority other wafers of seaweeds, which in my tank, ensures is a one concealed taken to eat a whole wafer. Has the 75 chevron goldfish tank, and some of my fish are more than the old decade, with BIG mouths that can slurp in the smallest wafers in front of Gentleman Something finds the. So that these wafers are fatter, a goldfish beats very quite take them to situate for his pharyngeal teeth to break a besides small wafer directs in slurp a, they the spit went it so that they can not break until drunk. Purposefully Has broken some wafers in the smallest pieces, like a goldfish in fact can eat these instead, and the happy look with those. I filled it wee the creature of glass bounces to feed with in the supply of month, and has posed a rest of a container in a cupboard of tank.

Opened Six month later, Gentleman Something is almost 1/3 elder. It has attached the big soyystery snail' in our tank, and 'Gary' a snail enjoys some wafers as much as a Plecostomus. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Garry
No longer he he some catfishes of the carnivore has a capacity to rob of a pleco. State trying finds the wafer can not inhale for years. Still it tries comma these, but since does not return all a road in his mouth and he are not quite that shines to give that, can give or and will seat there that comes from again and again while a pleco eats the second unit
Well, supposing a pleco can take spent a kuhli loaches swarming the, and that a angelfish does not choose it up and wedge he in the some place. Some things only can any one when being aided, but at least a catfish has been stymied!
While it can guess calm of a variety of the species that likes him allege these for them, is obviously acceptable. They are also main that Hikari or Omega Some wafers for enough the bit (obviously, since is pictus-test). It say that they are quite 2x fat and 1/3 wider, as it can mediate it as much as tea the lean wafer.
5 / 5 By Miesha
So far so good! My shrimp, Catfish, shark and everything in a tank goes afanyar on when is fallen one of these wafers in. Any sure that time last but would have to last some time yes powering each which as another day. Probably it gives in in these more likes him treats them in my shrimp so that it still wants the to go around a tank and clean on some seaweeds do his work. A quality is sum . It tries power my shrimp and inferior feeders other wafers of seaweeds of Petco before and has turned only his any one was. Any one these although they swarmed around. In general a shrimp and all the world-wide more go assemblar really like them. To well sure recommend it.
4 / 5 By Nick
I appreciate that a shrimp (Japanese and shrimp of cherry) want to a bit wafers. A upside: a two betta the amours of fish some wafers also. A downside: a two betta the amours of fish some wafers also. They will rob the wafers of a same shrimp after they are facts eating his own lunch. It opens it Has to control his alimentary intake.
Has had very the complaint, is that a wavers disintegrates quite messily during a tank, also, and while has the small tank, (7 shrimp, two betta). It results the grandson-in cry. Otherwise, Was the five description of star . Ps, Dyed a water slightly.
4 / 5 By Trisha
These wafers go in last the while. Has 2 tanks. 1 With 4 Dwarf CPO Crayfish and snails and the tank the big plus with only snails and freshwater shrimp. I have begun to give these like half wafers and hurriedly has learnt is A lot of lunch . It opens to Use the fund of the glass has shot to run over these in pellets and fall in a tank. BAND Of snails in these wafers and will battle in the in the more hilarious way. The snails of mystery are quite cute while it is calm then fall you this in and race of all the corners of a tank then falls slept in some leftovers. The one of freshwater the shrimp wants the, now this has 25 + in a tank thinks that that these will be utmost when remained with fine flakes of fish of the purpose that is all precise. The loss of only star comes from/comes from the ingredients of the filling likes them some signal of the critics was but does not create is that big of the roads. If it helps a stay of wafer to joint/totality in piece during 24 hours in planting for derrumbar my quality of water, then like the be.
5 / 5 By Jamar
The instructions and the packaging adds for readying some snails. All the snails - eight of them- lives of era in arrival and, immediately in introduction in a tank, has been to do! It has been only quite 12 hours, but is very pleased. Some snails are very attractive also, with different creations in some shells. Amused to look, although my beta is not very sure that thinks in some new residents!
5 / 5 By Mayra
I am fallen a wafer looked a frenzy of diet that has followed. Has thinks that that it die of exhaustion. In of the terms of a period of supply, depends in how much fish and the shrimp are in a tank. I use these occasionally while it treats so that it knows will last longer that 6 month. Like your tent of local pet can sell similar products for the few less dollars. But they are not also.
4 / 5 By Alphonso
These wafers were very taken for my pleco. They are big and dense. They come very
bundled in the robust, clears deli-fashionable box. A wafer deteriorates in the slow step, leaving time to be eaten. As you Can see in my beaks, some beginning of spill of wafer and need to be taken if any eaten; otherwise a disorder of seaweeds. Mina the other way around catfishes (upper side up in this beak) has looked his nose in these but then a pleco comes and begins to scrape the.
5 / 5 By Maisie
My Crayfish, Shrimp, Cory, Shark, Seaweeds Eater and Snails all looks for the want to. It is not that it is pictured, looks more cual Seaweeds of CELERY Eater tablets, can return in a same container. Arrived in the box of Priority has squared, ten times on age, Scarborough all deaden east to find small stock exchange. It can have been shipped in tiny envelope for the fraction of the prize has touched.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Vonda
That is to say it buys of mine 3 or 4 of InvertObsession and go so softly as all some anterior transactions. It IS, even so, a first time I texted an owner, has had of the few questions that considers some snails. It answers in an hour and has answered my questions in my satisfaction. Inches until it conceal!

Some snails are arrived alive and well, shipped saw 2 day USPS. They were in the knotty plastic stock exchange with some water, which was inner of the situate Styrofoam short that was to pack with isolation, and a cup was further packed besides isolation that has filled a postal box. In fact take it four total snails -- 3 was some golden mysteries that had ordered , and had a snail of extra of black mystery in very also. They were all quite 1' in measure. It is been the few days now, and each what four snails are still and active lives in my tanks.

Two of some snails of golden mystery are quite so pictured in a page -- with the good, pure golden shell. A third one is coated in some growth of greenish/seaweeds as well as having a urca' odd to the long of his shell, almost like an old harm/scrapes of some class. Some looks of snail to be that he well, even so, and a shell does not look for when being functionally admitted, as I am not very preoccupied for this health . It IS more the subject of aesthetics.

Among the fast responses of an owner in my questions and a snail of extra premium, would say that I am quite pleased with a global experience. I seat that these snails are probably in better health that one ones would find in a LFS.
5 / 5 By Lorenza
Some snails are arrived hurriedly after I have ordered the. They were bundled snugly in this 'fluff' with the group to heat, and nestled in the humid paper towel. I have read in some revises that a lot of people took an extra snail , and has expected that spends in me also marks. They routed 4 snails. They were around a measure of the neighbourhood, perhaps bit it my third picture, is lining a big plus an and a small plus one in comparison in the coin. Cela Would be necessary to give you an idea of his measure. I have not been sure cual to learn was alive, since was all tucked in his shells. I have imagined I have posed once the in a tank, would know in case perhaps or has not begun to move, etc.

Has posed three snails in my elder of age 60gal cichlid tank, and one extra one in my small guppy tank of ganadera. My main worry was that Jack of monster Dempsey would eat and/or kill them, since has the history to turn partners of small tank in bites.

Quan Has attached in the first place the in a tank, has not moved or exited of his shells during an hour or so much. Jack goes the apropar and nipped in a backside of his shell for now, but the supposition decides no the good bite and he have left the with an another big fish in there. Desprs Perhaps an hour and the half, came to verify in the and was all crawling around, hangs entered a glass and everything. They are supremely active and has been surprised in that hurriedly listened comfortable!

A semi-detached snail in my tank of ganadera is probably a less active, but is supposing is so that it is the small tank , has filled . It was also a 'runt' of a scope. His name is Gary . It can move in a cichlid the tank and the voice yes is happier there with his friends of snail.

In general, is supremely happy with this compraventa. Some snails are well, happy and sos, and surprisingly compatible with my chomp-Dempsey happy. That is to say possibly it buys of mine of the favourite amazon has has not done never. Also, when some snails were routed a clave , took the cosy email of a cure of client to offer of company for any questions, worries or problems with some snails. I think that that something had gone bad, or if the snail did not survive a process to ship, a company has done good things. assemblen Generally cured in his clients and aquatic life. Of course they are the subject , but think that enjoy that it marks and is living out of his passion and pastime.

If never take in of the alive plants, or wants to do more purchase 'lives '' for my tank, to well sure will cross this company.
5 / 5 By Mariko
These types are fresh. They are quite grain and I in that had it very subjects with additional snail infestations occuring has purchased of these. Some shells are the by heart yellow sake that attaches in some brilliant colours in my aquarium. I have bought these to help clean in a alge this grows in a glass and of the decorations in my tank. In to My woman likes him so that they are cute. It IS it wins you win! I have ordered 3 and it take 4. A company that has sold is the small familiar thing , and like me that also.
5 / 5 By Zana
Conches!!! As Announced, takes the snail of premiums with a three mandate. At the beginning, has think that our snail of premiums was fatality. It results, it is only the sper-dooper slow, derpy snail. We want to him in all the case. LOOK: A packaging is very, very messy, as it ploughs the external or in beat he of rubbish and has the clean more void handy. If you are sensitive to powder, opens to spend the mask of powder! This has said, appreciates some owners using biodegradable the container to protect our new familiar members.
5 / 5 By Marco
They are sper adorable! Only like some pictures recommended highly, also took an extra snail for premiums lol thank you so many
3 / 5 By Clementina
I took very small, a half, or big. A small died in 2-3 days, some means is died recently. The big snail a lot is and another concealed grew. Plan on buying blue and black ones after some holidays. They are in 50 tank of chevron with guppies and 3 corys plants more alive. Also very crevices for snails to hang entered, is no destructive in my aquatic plants a bit.
5 / 5 By Hyacinth
I have purchased 3 snails, arrived very bundled. I have followed some directions of a vendor very closely, that attaches an ounce or 2 to water in his container each which how 10 minutes until it was full, and then attached some snails in my garden of external water. A garden contains rocks, goldfish, hyacinth of water, and ears of black elephant. Some snails are each happy and sos, and is maintaining a spatial clean! The more is enough :)
5 / 5 By Lanelle
These little of the type is so cute and amused to look! They cruise around my tank with speed and personality adds while they clean in my tank. Has has Posed on measured and is the addition adds in my tank. Crosby, Stills, Nash And Youngster are arrived safely and is easy and hearty little fellas, so happy has taken the! A folks in the Aquatic arts are very accessible, useful and wise.
5 / 5 By Ebony
The snails issues arrival UPS - the boxes has been marked 'Alive Fish'. I took four snails in a container. They have entered the container of plastic leftovers sealed of alimentary type with the wet paper towel and the group of gel of the quota. They were all tucked up in his shells but after the brief acclimation period- has burst well was and is gone in action. I left me say you, these windy is big. It do not expect the quite so big but is the seaweeds that eats machines and sper quotas to look. :-)
5 / 5 By Lynelle
Taking any only a, but TWO snails of golden mystery. Has thinks that that one was fatality, but the only end that takes awhile to cover in his new house. Both of them were bopping around a bowl that mark his thing. It IS very happy and attentive that is, also.
UPDATE: BOTH less died that the month later.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 By Leigh
I want this thing to help with quality of water and carcass goodies for my shrimp in nibble on. They all are arrived, with an extra, and has very little something brown. It attaches to look few balloons of moss.
5 / 5 By Luvenia
Nice squishy balloons :)
5 / 5 By Sol
Good measure, entered with some something brown, but clear up while your water is in good condition
5 / 5 By Georgina
Very pleased with these Balloons of big Moss. Quickly arrived and packed well with instructions.
5 / 5 By Abbey
According to timing to buy these balloons!

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