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Top Customer Reviews: RAM MOUNTS ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leeann
It tries to imagine out of the good location in my motorcycle for my GoPro the result clears more necessity options to locate that that has been distributed by GoPro. Among those highland pieces of the already had Ram and this new ones, a camera has trace now in the something well in some handlebars with the good view of a forward of road, and a Mountain of the ram in fact looks to reduce some of some inherent vibrations that is transferred through some handlebars. Besides, I do not have to preoccupy in a camera these slips or some Mountains of Ram to come loose; always they remain places, which are why I returns in them.

Montes Of ram is the good road, easy to locate only quite anything and with a solid edifice of some parts, a prize abordable(s), and some apparently can total the infinite roads, of problems of service of Mountains of Ram in of the possibilities.
5 / 5 Beatrice
Connected with windshield mountain to take my telephone my next plus in my Ford Sper truck to Owe. Opened Can see it NAV functions very better. Very pleased.
5 / 5 Alia
Aixecat My quite big camera in my motorcycle windshield so that I can use he for my Youtube motovlog 'BlackDragonNationalPresident.' Want the, works excellently. You can see the bookmarks/marcadors of the videos have done with him in my page of Youtube.
5 / 5 Dione
My threads is deactivated and is rough in the each squad. The mountains of RAM has eaten robust and can take has beaten the. Looking advances to buy options more than mountain for his stroller/wheelchair.
5 / 5 Rosalina
The ram has the plot of parts almost too many. Yours first faiths investigation can be able to escape with less than parts while they can take expensive.
5 / 5 Dorsey
The works add any subject has had he pending month now bulit in last use the IPAD Pro 12.9 in the so yes lines the sake of heavy objects in of the terms of tablets
5 / 5 Keli
Possibilities of infinite adjustment. Finder Of fish of kayak of controls with ease
5 / 5 Elsy
I produce it adds,easy to install
5 / 5 Mee
Big quality
is, built with utmost materials.
5 / 5 Chauncey
Exactly that has looked for!

Top Customer Reviews: Ram Mount ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Produced of the mountain of the ram has been that does my easier life since has discovered in the first place his products almost marks fifteen years when required the solution in firmly locate the GPS in the clear twin-aeroplane of automotive that does not issue flying when a time has taken the small (or the plot) rough. This Socket of Double Swivel the arm is another example of final of a quality that the ram is known prisoner . I have chosen this annex to line my telephone in my vehicle, as well as to provide the angle of better view that a level 3' the arm gave me. Tight low fence and lines my heavy telephone in planting he so that it can see information of GPS in of the roads. It can not say enough quite produced highland of the Ram, except graces to do such utmost products!!

Any a lot of of the download of responsibility: I have purchased this element with my own take it the money won and has any affiliation with a highland company of the Ram. Also so that I did not imagine it it was so to take free material to revise like everything of some critics 'fresh' in Amazon. But I any preoccupy me, so that the mountains of Ram are AWESOME! It acclaims!
5 / 5
A reason has has not bought still to 4 Mountain of Ram the configuration is so that only have 3 carts. If some familiar arrivals with another cart, will be to order in another Mountain of Universal Ram X-Grip IV Tlphonique/Phablet Title together with a highland mountain of option of options and better Ram of extension for this vehicle.

Cairo, HAS TRIED a lot of different options to line my telephone in a cart. Some were cheap, and a fact that has done neither a note or is fallen averts of the haste was to be has expected. Some were pricey, but has tried to be limited in that could do it or that bono could do. Some separate coated of a ventilation of air, which has created other problems. Some veiled my vision so that they have not been suitably adjustable and has to when being centre and direct fixed.

A highland system of the Ram of mountains, the extensions and the titulars is sudden and has built well. You can configure these exactly which want to it. They the work adds, and cost each penny. So much, pause messing around with the smallest options , provisional and simply total some need of pieces and when being done with him. He these years of system of now, and continue be compatible with your newer smartphone or tablet.
5 / 5
It take this arm to substitute the low control, only arm, also of Ram.

This arm is so better. While a control only in another the arm has done the fastest adjustments, was more take to handle with all when being loose immediately.

With separate controls, tweaking everything in some something exact wants to is the breeze . It takes the small very time in loosen and tense three different controls, but a semi-detached flexibility (literally) up for him - and then some. I am now able to pose my devices exactly where need the, more than ort of' there.

My complaint of only minor is that this unit is not metal like my another arm. It IS really, owe plastic very heavy, as it has to line up, but would have preferred some uncompromising forces of metal.

Very doubts this unit will be more prone in breakage, but these are not of the economic mountains. In fact, this was so much or more than a cost of my unit of the metal is not so much that in to the the chair likes him is in fact bad while I am listen likes him is experimenting the side that down.

In that said what, has had other devices (any mountain of Ram) that the metal used of poor quality that the shearing has finished has been been due to to be too brittle. So much, sometimes plastic laws also or better that cheap metal. The use of long term will determine which are some for Ram. The Sure looks very done, in spite of this plastic form .

One inserts/inserts for some knob of control is metal , even so, as some more breakings probably in the pause is more durable. Supposing very totally abuses an arm, some clamps this continues some connections of balloon would have to line up well quite be been due to his robust thickness - the low rough use same.

A result is, unless a thing in fact pauses, is not prepared to remain any stars. I am more disappointed that preoccupied enough the.
5 / 5
I have required to locate the camera of 360 titles asembly in the scooter of mobility. A camera is trace in an own manufacturer selfie-clave.

With an enormous variety of Ram-highland components, was able to build that required of this Mountain of Pair of Socket of the Ram Swivel Arm and two bases, or for some handlebars of a scooter of mobility and another to line a camera selfie-clave.

A resulst is the system those locate firmly and firmly in a bar of sleeve of scooter of mobility in an end and in a selfie clave in another. Using a swivel locks, can plant a whole clave or in an angle, makiing perfect for photograph of any class.

He still, is the quite pricey solution, but works and does not know of another road to do. I am only happy Ram-the mountain and his enormous selection exist.

3 / 5
Everything of some highland devices of the Ram anteriorly has purchased was aluminium, but this a PLASTIC east. A balloon clamping arms in the each final does not have a normal cradle that to debits like them all other arms has purchased.

A clamping the arms in both end are indexed in a half connector, with the man eight configuration given in a half connector those matches the woman eight date of configuration, four in the each side, of the each arm. Slightly loosening a knob to tense of an arm does not leave turning the semi-detached device in an arm. A knob to tense has to when being dramatically loosened to turn an arm, with a possibility to lose a semi-detached device with the mountain of balloon in this arm, as it camera of video.

My intention was to use this swivel arm to line the camera of video in the handlebar of motorcycle with a capacity of loosening a knob upper only enough to turn a camera in any side, until 90 titles, but a octagonal the indexing of a connector of weapon prevents that turning, without a possible loss of a camera in a balloon that connects cup of an arm.

Turning a man, eight connector sustained in the turn to take some corners of some eight sides in the left of perfect circle an upper arm to be turned with only the light loosening of a knob, without any possibility to lose a semi-detached device.
5 / 5
Produced highland of the RAM like this one am adds! Very easy to customise, robust like the day is very time, and there are so many options to choose of!
Will not buy another system to locate again now that it has begun it to it to him using these. They are the expensive bit , sure when being, but dress he cual the inversion of long term. Right now, my tablet is trace in my current setup, but easily can pose my tlphonique up, or convert for the small laptop, or GPS, or anything wants to!
Will be the invert in addition to parts so that my tlphonique and GPS has trace also by train highland of the RAM.
3 / 5
One issues this arm swivels is quite innovator, but has the pair of shortcomings in him.

First of all, an adjustment of centre has detents for very posed around an arch. While it can win this limitation with a liberty of movement in any final of balloon, if any calm take it planted in a detent amours immediately, has to unscrew a cape the pair of towers to readjust it.

Segundo, although an adjustment of beat to centre that is cranked quite tight, has the sure quantity of wiggle stay. If calm only necessity the long arm, would have to buy or without this adjustment of central - will find to be much more stable, and some more he very the time arms mere without a point of the adjustment of the centre will reduce a vibration these highland covers.

In general, he exactly that says that it does. The mark of only desire like the little more firmly.
5 / 5
He the work adds to clear all some controls and changes while planting my gps front and centre in my motorcycle (2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000). Quan Has remained with a clamp of clutch substitutes a mountain to root to centre recommended that it only was not never quite stable...loosened And vibrated all a time. A clamp of clutch the mountain was stable but has posed a gps has entered a windstream.
4 / 5
This Mountain of Ram very enough achieves a perfect indication of all my others products of Ram. This mountain remains the bit 'flexible' same when tensed further 'also tight' As the mine Goes Pro the camera shakes the small when directing down a road.

No bad, but not perfecting !
2 / 5
I want my Mountain of RAM with one all-the metal, normal arm, which are highly stable and the laws add. This swivel the arm is nowhere apropa a quality and action of a normal arm. I have wanted the arm the long plus with more than options of sprain, as it buys this product. It is not stable, any one prende to stabilise, shakes the plot, and in spite of looking for the be highly adjustable, in fact offers the number limited of periodic place to choose of. That is to say to do of plastic, any one each-to metal like him some normal arms, and among a plastic edifice and ones the five together/points of connection in this creation (yes, five of balloon in balloon), only can not line the telephone of regular measure stably in the 6' distance of a cup of suction, particularly any one for register of video while directing (as with the application of Timer of the foothills of Harry.)