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4 / 5 Tessie
This am add little device. It is priced similar in a device to compete of Steel. Other descriptions he so that it has far estimated this chrome the tablet with or stars, but has done any indication that a critic has purchased or has used a device. I am writing this description writes now using a Asus Chromebook CT100. I am happy with him. A hard stack all day. A screen is well. A law of stylus well. It IS also like any one similarly priced chromebooks (with resolution of better screen so that the majority of those is only 720p screens). An only hiccup has remarked is that it retards down when running (beta) applications of Linux, but would guess that the majority of an audience of aim for this tablet any preoccupy in that in all the case.
5 / 5 Sadye
At the end, something sudden and hurriedly enough to handle a carelessness of my threads.
What the merry device this has been, for the mango to use a stylus, my threads has been having entertainment with cartoonist in the and note of mark and learn to write.

More importantly, since does not have case very additional, has the no. Of weight has semi-detached
With a textured retreated that is to say easy to clean, is relatively easy in grip also

listens the chromeOS device, has each of a later of Google has built-in, or in a quite a lot of cloud.
Always a later version of Google docs, cloaks, presentation...Etc without him it do a lot of updates... While it can access you internet

adds for house or know colegiala

the stylus attaches another dimension in a device where the really help some boys to learn with a power of google
learn without test and in his own step is where necessities of education to be

highly recommended
4 / 5 Edythe
I have purchased a device only the weeks of pair do so here is the preliminary description. I will attach the most detailed description after the few months of regular use.

In general, thinks this little puppy has them that is characteristic for a prize.

- The life of stack is order
- the screen is shining clear and quite acute for more than tasks (comprising read of book of the comic)
- the stylus is more useful that had expected , the note that takes quite natural
- the Sudden creation is up. Active fell it already slightly the small times and he are even so it is not announced likes him waterproof, is survived some rain of light when accidentally leave the external in a pocket of the chair to camp at night.
- A grippy the plastic texture that it is comfortable to line. I any one preoccupy me for purportedly 'in the first place' in in to to the material arrivals likes them-him it to them the glass, ceramic or backwards of the metal in of the telephones or of the tablets. They could be well to look in and photograph well for purpose to announce, but attach any ergonomic value in my opinion, they only devices to mark more take to line and grip and more prone pause when is fallen.

- Chico, crane this thing there has been the reader of fingerprint. It has Had one in my telephones during 3 years or so now and the lose here.
- Stylus The cradle is in the odd place for me. It IS docked in a side by side the left corner subordinated when lining a tablet in orientation of portrait. I am right-handed and would prefer in a right side, so perhaps that is to say sper comfortable for lefties. I find me lining it road of the portrait the other way around so much can have a stylus in a hand-side streaky corner by upper right to access more natural while I am lining a device with my left hand.
- Probably very hurriedly enough for users to be able in, but VAL for use of half light. Remarked some lag here and there.

Has been looking for the device like this for the moment and for me, these attacks the balance adds to be very he-compressed of android of the purpose, computer of laptop of clear purpose, digital note-taker, web of developer of tool of the cloud (for when does not have access in my main laptop), ebook and reader of book of digital comic, device of digital drawing, etc.

Applications of races of Android well, especially that takes note and several applications to design. ]Since it is essentially he chromebook taken the experience of full desktop of user also and same access in of the applications of Linux.

For $ 330 is the quite good piece of boxes. It researches to be aimed in an educational sector for the students and I think to adapt the majority of them well. If you are looking for the device of substitution of total laptop with more beat to accuse then that is to say probably not going to cut he since you, perhaps considers to pay a prize of the premium for a Intel powered the Program of pixel or iPad. But for me the attack the balance adds of characteristic for a value and I are by train of the enjoy already.
5 / 5 Ursula
My threads is the last tablet was at the end any one in cutting the anymore and has has enjoyed having the Pixel Programs the plot so far this year so much after some investigation decides to go for this tablet. As some observations of this perspective...

A screen is sum .

A tablet is so light likes last 7' the tablet has and a direct building me to think I very will be comfortable in any one in doing him use the case.

Some laws of pen adds and wants to see my draw of boy with him.

Very everything of law of his games in the. Minecraft Was probably one the majority to disappoint while it is a so my boys would touch with together. Even so the would not mark this low while I order of vain learning to expect the few games that no in some tablets of Chrome. Some games touch the work adds.

Has commented at the beginning here regarding any Linux. This has had everything to do with a staffed accounts. Linux IS absolutely there!

Very enough is writing HTML but in that see him learn enough that to do the pages of web in Situating of Google was the plot of fun for me.

Was able to find the hub since can a compressed while still aiming something through a HDMI port with the pair of ports of USB for the mouse and the keyboard.

Donat All this, creates this easily will substitute his last tablet and included better this also will serve very that his first computer of official ( has not posing the monitor in his room still but he still carried in a mouse and keyboard and look in a 10' screen). A first computer with some incredible easy roads for boys to learn and express his creativity. These three things were my primary aims .

Can look expensive so that it is in 300 but is taking that decrees of paid. The calm will not be wasting the money on container. Probably you it do not have to buy any additional case. It comes with the pen as you will not require to buy concealed... Taken all your boy will require.

Has recommended.
4 / 5 Estela
I have required the substitution of the tablet and I are tired of a slowness of updates of Android and manufacturers orphaning his products six months after you buy it (am speaking with you, Samsung!). I have decided to try the Chromebook same tablet although a selection has been limited. I have resolved in a Asus because of his measure and a sturdiness of a creation. It Likes him that when being in my hands even so writing on he on the way of the portrait can be the bit of the roads. Life of looks of stack very well, and is quite hurriedly although it also has a troubling habit of lagging for enough 20-30 when premier according to turning the on. Also the run the hot, especially is of train of the touch. Still I am taking used to the Chrome the operating system and the applications of android can be the bit spotty in of the terms to download. I am expecting that the updates will cure of of the this. Although designed for the students returns a bill for adults also.
4 / 5 Lorrie
The common of the people do not require of the tablets, and the majority of the who simply take an iPad or Tab of Samsung of Galaxy. That is to say the product of sure niche. But, if you are already familiar with you Chroma, and wants the experience that uses in the format of true tablet without peeling has been for a Program of Pixel, then this (together with a next-identical Steel and CTL produced) could be in your alley.

The action is generally well, with stuttering of occasional minor. The applications of the android have run near perfectly. One LCD is look very good. The life of stack is the averages for to tablet.

If you are not familiar with you Chroma, even so, would not recommend buying east. He chrome IS still predominately the interface of desktop has oriented, and can find navigation more thwarting that well.
4 / 5 Virginia
In general, a hardware is well, but an is not still ready for tablets. It can take more time to substitute compressed of android. For a road, a so-DEBUGGING of the warehouse of the amazon has nicknamed is not very also as or in a video of advertising.
5 / 5 Alvera
Bought this tablet for and-read and read of email while trip. Work well for that. It was also able to attach android and applications of Linux without subjects. The applications of beat of Linux that is the small loafer debit but once the race is only sake . Also it uses a keyboard of external folding and mouse, this does very also.
5 / 5 Tomika
Google still has some work to do before YOU Chroma in the tablet is so polished so Android. Has has Done good movement in of the recent months even so. Updates guaranteed and the cycle of the support the long plus that the android takes of the business majority of hardware he interesting even so.
1 / 5 Son
I have found that an obvious support-was aimed in a when the screen turned in my again arrived Asus TC100 device..... It IS too bad while I have not seen before purchasing other groups!
5 / 5 Spring
This are add little device. It is priced resembled a device partorisca compete of Acer. Other descriptions he so that there is far has estimated this chrome the pill with one stars, but has done any indication that a reviewer has purchased or has used a device. I am writing this description writes now using a Asus Chromebook CT100. They are happy with him. A hard battery all day. A screen is well. A stylus well of law. It is like this as well as any similarly priced chromebooks (with resolution of better screen reason the majority of those is so only 720p screens). An only hiccup there is remarked is that it retards down when running (beta) applications of Linux, but would guess that the majority of an audience of aim partorisca this pill will not concern in that in all the chance.
4 / 5 Marge
Finally, something rugged and quickly enough to manage a carelessness of my edges.
The one who the merry device this has been, of the boss to use a stylus, my edges has been having entertainment with drawing in the and doing notes and learning to write.

A lot especially, of then has no additional chances, am hanged the no. has added
With a textured has retreated ossia easy to clean, is relatively easy the grip also

when being the chromeOS device, has everything of a late plus of Google has built-in, or in a cloud enough.
Always will have a later version of Google docs, discharges, without that has to that many the updates... While you can access internet

adds for house or in learning escole

the stylus adds another dimension to a device where the really help some boys to learn with a power of google
learning without test and in his own step is where need of education to be

highly recommended
4 / 5 Eladia
has purchased a device so only the weeks of pair does like this here is the preliminary description. I will add the most detailed description after the few months of regular use.

In general, thinks this little puppy has characteristic is for a prize.

- The life of battery is order
- the screen is brilliant clear and quite acute for more than tasks (comprising reading of book of the comic)
- Stylus is more useful that had expected, the note that takes feels quite natural
- the Rugged creation stands up. I have it that fall already slightly the little time and he is this in spite of is not marketed like this waterproof, is survived some light rain when I left it accidentally external in a pocket of the chair to camp at night.
- A grippy the plastic texture feels comfortable to resist. No respecto for purportedly 'prevailed to to the material arrivals like to them the glass, ceramic or behind metal in of the telephones or of the pills. They could be good to look in and photograph well for purpose of marketing, but add any ergonomic value in my opinion, they so only devices to mark harder that resist and grip and more prone the breaking when they have fallen.

- Chico, wishes this thing there has been the fingerprint reader. I have had one in my telephones for 3 years or like this now and the lose here.
- Stylus The cradle is in the odd place for me. It is docked in a corner lateralmente left subordinated when that resists a pill in orientation of portrait. They are right-handed and would prefer it on a right side, like this perhaps ossia súper comfortable for lefties. Meeting in the resistant way of portrait to the rovescio I so that it can have a stylus in a corner lateralmente hand-held of upper rectum to access more natural while I am resisting a device with my sinister hand.
- Probably a lot quickly enough for users to be able to, but GOOD for use of half light. Remarked some lag here and there.

Has been looking for the device like this for the moment and for me, this attacks the balance adds to be fine it-compressed of android of the purpose, computer of laptop of light purpose, digital note-taker, web of developer of tool of the cloud (for when I do not have access to the mine main laptop), ebook and reader of book of digital comic, device of digital drawing, etc.

Short of the applications of Android well, especially that takes note and several applications to draw. ]Of then it is essentially the chromebook take the full desk experience of user also and access even to applications of Linux.

For $ 330 is the quite good piece of boxes. Investigation be aimed in an educational sector for the students and I think adapted the majority of his well. If you are looking for the device of substitution of total laptop with more accusing can then ossia probably not going to cut he for you, perhaps considers to pay a prize of prize for a Intel powered Pixel Slate or iPad. But for me it attacks the balance adds of characteristic for a value and I am by train of the enjoy already.
5 / 5 Birdie
1. When those Careers apk application, can not touch downside half of a screen. This spends in the majority of applications of android, but a lot everything. It looks to be a subject has related to the screen that leaves.

2. Rejection to touch work when EMR the pen is near a screen, so that it does not disturb gone in of pen. This in spite of, when calm in fact dipped your skin(mostly yours palmera) on screen while using EMR pen, some points of the screen does not perceive gone in of pen. It is a lot disturbing while noting. Sometimes it manages without rejection to touch, so only a lot preceiving any entrance to touch in some zone.

3. I can not use tug or gesture of control. He randomly 'drops' he and retouch he in a half of a zone has tugged.

4. It stutters To plot. It is benchmark the action is in SD 801, but stutters more than SD 410 device. Also it has a lot of bugs like the screen that leaves.

A lot never buy this device. If I need the Chrome compressed with EMR pen, shabby acer or ctl alternative. They are really sure is better that this device in worse.
4 / 5 Anya
Has required the substitution of pill and am tired of a slowness of updates of Android and costruttrici orphaning his produced six months with which buy it (I am speaking yours, Samsung!). I have decided the Chromebook same pill although a selection has been limited. I have solved in a Asus because of his measure and a sturdiness of a creation. It likes that it feels in my hands this in spite of writing on he in the way of portrait can be the bit of the piece. The life of battery looks a lot well, and is quite quickly although it also has an annoying habit of lagging for roughly 20-30 seconds when in the first place you direct it on. He also short hot, especially is of train of the touch. Still I am taking used to Chrome the operating system and the applications of android can be bit it spotty in of the terms to download. I am expecting that the updates will cure of of the this. Although drawn for the students returns a bill for adults also.
5 / 5 Caroline
This pill has not lived until my expectations. A specs is good and theoretically would owe that be able to manage more treat, but has found a pill to stutter and lag to plot while moving among screens, touching play, and fine-tasking. It is tolerable if patience of the, but has loved this device for both entertainment and productivity like this seamless the functionality is of entity of mine. A stylus is housed in a pill, which is good and convenient, but there is to plot of latency while writing. Chrome YOU in the pill is the little uncomfortable and has multiple Chrome YOU devices, changing some settings in a device will affect some another has joined your account. Has the Pixelbook and has expected this pill could be the device of mate for when they are in an office, but there is like this inconveniences with the use so that it follows to return the today.
5 / 5 Mason
In general, a hardware is well, but an is not still ready for pills. It can take more time to substitute compressed of android. For a way, a like this-CLEANSING of the warehouse of Amazon has called is not really like this as well as one in a video of ad.
4 / 5 Rick
The common of the people do not require pills, and the majority of that simply will take an iPad or Samsung Tab of Galaxy. Ossia The product of sure niche. But, if you are already familiarised with Chrome YOU, and wants to experience using he in the format of correct pill without peeling was for a Pixel Slate, then this (together with a prójimo-identical Acer and CTL produced) could be on your alley.

The action is generally well, with occasional minor stuttering. Applications of the android run joint perfectly. A LCD is a lot a lot looking. The life of battery is half partorisca to pill.

If you are not familiarised with Chrome YOU, this in spite of, would not recommend buying east. Chrome Is still mainly he desk the interface has oriented, and can find navigation more than frustrates that well.
4 / 5 Tandy
Chrome To the pill is the idea adds and expect that it improves. An is not on the dot for form of to the pill still likes them another has mentioned. A processor in this pill or that the ram so only is not enough to manage some tasks without lag. Another that that a real device are adds. Perfect measure for couch surfing.
5 / 5 Fredricka
The sensibility to touch is so only was simple. Always it takes random clicks or slow taps. Bought the to demo applications in work , happy has bought one in place of multiple. No shabby
4 / 5 Reiko
Purchased to to this likes to leave the ' in a table of caffè', explores, read an informative, etc. Tool. I have had this device partorisca the little on three month and sadly has done the poor buying election. It does not remain connected the WiFi, although any of the ours other devices has this question. I owe entirely closing go it and turn it on again partorisca take it partorisca connect.

Takes hanged occasionally and will not finalise that it uploads an application. With occasional use (less than 2 hours the day) some needs of battery rechargng each one that two to three days.

At all a quality has expected of Asus.
4 / 5 Sonja
Has bought is knowing chrome podes the android run also applications and at least the partially functional debian linux distro, while he bite it abler that a pill of android. While it is convenient to be able to run applications of android--and more work a lot-- there is a bit that so only fail. I have had to that use SQUADS of LADY to do recently, and can not use an application in of the this for video conferencing. He simply incidents without enough by heart for maps of intense processes; it can be Microsofts question, like other applications of look of video to do well. Also, the plot of a linux the functionality is neutered (press, scanning by means of cups or sane-backends).

A big disappointment is durability . While a chance looks quite rugged, a screen has taken the bad 1' inside a first week to use he--and have mobile devices that is now 5-10 years this has any scratches of surface--has to that way that be impacted the lined like this easily. An interface of the screen of the touch is also bit it more clunky that the majority of devices of android--the thick law the dud click when you are scrolling /tugging. A built-in stylus is well, but quite small.
5 / 5 Izetta
Has purchased this Chromebook compressed like the substitution for my Kindle Fire. Although have enjoyed a Kindle Fire, there is roughly drawbacks with a screen to touch when underlining passages in of the books, fault of a capacity to customise a screen of house and the loaded applications in a device, and has found a global UI no very user-friendly. Like an alternative, has chosen on a Asus CT100. A stylus marks much easier to underline passages when reading and often uses to take hand-note written also. It is probably a lot like this responsive like stylus is for a Pixelbook, but master that do not owe it never touch and that negotiate in a device he. A quality of build is excellent also. I have not purchased the chance for a device and I frequently toss he around during my day. Some shows of screen fingerprints quite easily (another good reason to use a stylus) but is very strong and does not feel fragile in some hands. A backside of a device has the grippy texture that help a device feels stable while in the resistant. Some the inner speakers am not very strong but has the headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity like alternatives. Of of the east is the Chromebook, users have much more flexibilities in an exposure and of the applications that look in a screen of house. Having to that like the minimalist approximation with just a handful of applications in a screen that I predominantly use. This device leave that it has wished it could do with a Kindle Fire. The life of battery is quite solid and does not seat never likes is unreasonable that requires to touch a device when it begins to go down. Still although this device is distinguished more for students and for educational purposes, the law adds like the Kindle alternative and for beautiful regular uses (the web that explores, touching play mobile, reading books, looking video, etc.).
4 / 5 Doreen
Has bought this pill for and-reading and reading of email while travelling. Good works for that. It was also able to add android and applications of Linux without subjects. The applications of Linux can be the little sluggish uploading but once that the careers is so only well. Also it uses a folding keyboard outside and mouse, this does well also.
4 / 5 Artie
These claims of pill to be rugged and utmost for boys. Mina 10 yr old has fallen he of a couch not even 3 ft to carpet and he hasnt turned on of then. In some rubbishes! And there is not any video on regarding the fix. And now that am looking for regarding the fix im that law that terrible this pill really is. Of the that Waste Your money!!!
5 / 5 Tresa
An only gilipollas that has for this pill is that the desire there is the little more storage that 32gb, perhaps 64gb. Calm still can launch the micro sd paper in him to develop a storage to cure of that and the little more memory that 6 or 8gb would have been well. Still, with a 4gb by heart has it will run any application installs in the and is really fast. Otherwise This pill is SUM !
4 / 5 Crystle
Excellent Chromebook Pill. It has built- in stylus. Light. Only downside is a no-he like this-the travesía the friendly power distribute how is too big and heavy. The desire there was the smallest alternative for travesía.
4 / 5 Jeremiah
Incidents and freezings frequently. I a lot annoying when only calm a tab opens in Chrome and has to that reset.
5 / 5 Mariano
The pill adds, so only has loved the good keyboard for him. I have bought a c314 to substitute.
A CT 100 looked snappier and has has had to that well sure the better screen. A C314 has the better battery, but in a cost of screen and difference of significant weight
5 / 5 Lakeesha
Google still has some work to do first Chrome YOU in the pill is like this polished like this Android. They have done good movement in of the recent months this in spite of. Guaranteed Updates and the cycle to sustain longer that the android taken of the majority of companies of hardware he interesting this in spite of.
4 / 5 Bee
It has not been able of a work has required partorisca fulfil. Much more of the ready telephone giant that the “chrome book”.
4 / 5 Beau
I aversion that Can not maintain screen of the landscape when external Bluetooth the keyboard is on. I change it portray '''' way
5 / 5 Otha
A screen is defective. Joined partorisca spend with the refurbished has produced. Otherwise The fantastic device, but will reconsider partorisca buy another refurbished produced of Amazon.
4 / 5 Dennise
Looks partorisca be good quality. Any glitches, or freezings. The life of battery is sum!
5 / 5 Kami
I amour Chrome devices. I have been now with Google partorisca 5 years and a lot once there is has had the virus or reinstall software, which have has had to that do with Microsoft weekly. These works of pill very better that thought it .
5 / 5 Vivan
Absolutely love this device. I will be partorisca look for the version with detachable keyboard.
4 / 5 Daniell
To the equal that Can some the designers do the interface partorisca touch like this and be well with him? Shame.
5 / 5 Pearline
Likes. But there is a subject negative: a screen goes black suddenly, then I reset and movement on.??
5 / 5 Jammie
Well, was the little sceptical based in descriptions. Ossia Essentially one same like Acer and CTL compressed with some same specs, and has not been revised that well.

That it is Well:
+ life of Battery, easily all day
+ Chrome runs a lot of smoothly
+ applications of the android run very better that has expected, each one which has tried work well.
+ Hard chance, looks durable
+ Frequent updates directly of Google
+ Touch and Pen so many laws a lot of
+ Of the built in keyboard of the slide of the touch is in plot like Gboard and do a lot well.
+ HAS recognition of real paper, any only inking. You write, it writes. The accuracy is order has decent paper.
+ I really like a measure, good portability and quite big to do on. I add for film.
+ Screen of good resolution
+ has been concerned that the action would be poor, but easily manages Google Docs applications, F Gallery of Stop, Word & Excel the On-line street Refuses 365, and other applications of type of the productivity. Any bad at all.
+ Bluetooth Working adds with headphones, mouse and keyboard. If you have used Bluetooth besides old Chromebooks will know that Bluetooth there was terrible state. They are happy to say this looks for to be fixed, are not having any subjects of connection to use some devices have mentioned. Yay!!
+ WiFi The row dips my telephone the shame
+ the pen does not need the battery or to be touched. It is powered by means of proximity to a digitizer screen, like a PC of Pill of of the east of old Windows. Ossia awesome.

That is not like this good?
- The screen could be more brilliant, but generally looks a lot of
- the action is not well for gamers, this is not the gaming car. It manages applications of productivities very this in spite of.
- While Bluetooth works well, a row is less than my telephone for some reason. All mine Bluetooth the devices do well with him, but has to that remain more afterwards. It conceal it is not a subject with mine Logitech smiled or keyboard, but maintain me more after when using auricular.
- HAS the life of battery adds, and the big battery, but does not look to have any fast touching. A result is that it takes the moment to recharge. At night it is well.
- The speakers are well, is clear for podcasts or calls of video but is not utmost. Any tomb, quite tinny sound. The volume is well, any one @subjects there. The clarity is also well, but so only the sound like an old AM radio. Ossia As well as utilisation Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth auricular or an audio of what better that launches never to some speakers of House of the Google around a house.
- Pen lag. A pen generally maintains on with me, are the deliberate writer . My daughter this in spite of write faster that do and the lag can be seen. No the enormous lag, but enough that it does not like taking of notes with him. A Pixel of Google Slate maintains up with his very better. Still, some works of good pen for me, but yes write a lot quickly can lag.
- The applications of Android do a lot well, and run a lot well has launched once. Launching them can be the little slow, but once is loaded work well. A slow launch is not terrible, but has a lot of applications in current, a lot chrome the tabs plough you can see a launch time dulcemente. It is not bad, but launching the applications is not always instant. Again, once I am uploaded they runs a lot so only (applications of productivities I bad, gamers would owe that look in other cars)

That... I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY, but any one want to touches on that. As to secondary pill for when I want to something smaller, but still wants to be able to take some facts of law or topmast of control - ossia excellent. Has the Pixel of Google Slate which is resulted I adds after all some updates of Google, and he easily outperforms this. It is also like this big to the equal that to the notebook rule and I a lot always loves something the big, and is for this that has this pill this small plus. It likes to of me to plot, and an ARM while slower leaves it to have life of battery very good. It is the trade -was, but the a lot of one.
4 / 5 Jodie
Has expected for Month (without clue of a cost) for this device to be released. Now it is here with one $ 330 seal of prize. It looks quite empinado for the purportedly done product for education.
One is on state written previously to cost of mine of a Asus CT 100PA roughly done three weeks. They are to take and really it could do not resupplying and my woman not having prendido adapting me of him.
Wants to say that calm will not feel to possess this device. Life of the battery and the operative speed is exceptional. I can use my products of Office of the LADY. They are in upstate New York and has looked this morning as And/V Nautilus cruised under a Bridge of Golden Door to Bay of San Francisco, alive. The law adds for my use. If I have had some resources would purchase another for my woman.
4 / 5 Nadene
I have chosen this until substituting my pill½ of 5 years. Partorisca Use of newspaper of random pill, can does not be missing this unit. It is quickly, a screen is brilliant & clear, is light quite thin & , included with a soyilitary-remark' construction (which is perfect for a clutz this are -- I is unlikely to break he). It likes that a stylus is built-in. I have not had any subjects with him, but the little smaller GILIPOLLAS is:

1. A boss to be able to has the chunky transformative (black blockade) in him; a lot it prefer to the thin boss, to the light likes with my iPad. 
2. Calm sometimes has to that hunt for a key of power in a corner, p. p.ej., If have rotated a pill during use. 

finding some details of a guarantee have taken some investigative work. A ASUS the web of place has links it to the pdf of a guarantee, which says one 'the guarantee asks a clear-cut period in a sticker of focus in a backside of an example: 24M means 24 month.' A flange of mine CT100 is labeled '12Me (goes mine pic), as it assume has the guarantee of 12 month. A LCD guaranteeed of screen the details are: 'ASUS will resupply a service of guarantee for Your ASUS Produced TFT LCD screen so only there is at least 3 brilliant pixels or 5 dark pixels or 8 brilliants and/or dark pixels in of the totals; or 2 brilliant pixels adjacent or 2 dark pixels adjacent; or 3 that shines and/or dark pixels inside a zone 15 mm in diameter.' 

Marked soyade in Cina.'
5 / 5 Ricardo
Has been using Chromebook portable and telephones of Android and compressed for years, but until I have seen this product, has not known that Chrome the pills were the thing . This Chrome to the pill looks for to be aimed in a half of room, where a professor loves all some boys that career some same Chrome web applications a same time. Ossia Different of a half of typical Android, where has built little-in sustaining to synchronise multiple pills.

Is using These pills in the room, the utmost law. A screen is is more brilliant and more acute that some pills of Fire of the Amazon (which are certainly much more economic). A pop-out of stylus well of law and does not need the battery. Ossia The loan Wacom stylus ossia much more attack that the hule economic-poured stylus or using your toe. Different the majority of Android telephones these days, these supports of pill micro-SD papers for the expandable memory and has the headphone jack. A pill has stereo speakers, but is in some sides, as it is not like this strong or clear like this compressed with front-facing speakers. A pill is the little fatter that an iPad, but is also sturdier with the rubberized shell for easier gripping and control of drop. A pill is light for a 10 screen of the thumb measured in hardly 1 book. A camera is mediocre, but always am spending my telephone with his very better camera, as I so only use him concealed.

The speed is really well, especially startup speed, which so only takes the little as (very better that pills of Android). A Chrome the operating system takes the updates of system regulate for patches of security and new characteristics, the difference of an operating system of Android on more compressed that often it takes obsolete quickly.

Is using This stand of pill-only (any in the room), is still quite good. A Chrome the operating system cut both Chrome applications and applications of Android, how is the little more than confuses that the operating system of pure Android. Some shows of launcher of the application like this types of applications and imagining out of that is which is the hassle. Also, sharing given among Chrome the applications and the applications of Android is in plot more complicated that sharing given among 2 different Android applications. A random user would have to that think hard roughly buying a Fire of Amazon 10 pill of thumb in place of one of these, mostly reasons some offers of pill of the a lot of Amazon a same functionality of this pill for 1/3 a prize. A pill of Amazon is much slower and does not have like this well the screen and does not have a pop-out of stylus and does not have access to an Android of the game of Google has fill tent of application, like takings like stops of pay.

Has no manual in a box with this pill. I suggest that you go to a Asus put web and download a manual thus produced. A calm manual said where all some keys and the ports are and as to use a stylus.

A pill comes with the USB of bulky big power-C load, but yes calms already USB of use-C for your smartphone or portable, concealed probably laws with this pill also (while it is not too wimpy).

4 stars because one $ 330 prize looks big so that takings. If a prize was afterwards to $ 200 or still $ 250, would have given it 5 stars.
5 / 5 Roxane
This pill is excellent. It is quickly, of confidence, and has the exposure adds.
Has had is running 4K streaming video, walked it throughout a house, then has been to an end of a go, never skipped beat it.
Have the quite powerful WiFi subject, so that it splits of him, but goes to aim that a WiFi maintains up with other devices.
Bluetooth Laws well. Streaming Video like Netflix and Hulu is any question for this pill, and every day web surfing is the breeze.
Has had some pills of operating system of the android in some pasts that so only bog down if any applications were opened in a background or the video prenderían and búfer.
No this pill. Like this far it is the beast . Some girls can have one or two applications of open game and can hop on and video of current without hickups.
A sound is decent, is coming from to pill, so that Bluetooth to an external speaker will be necessary if your planning in Dj'ing for the group. Otherwise Is sufficient for personal use. Bluetooth The signal looks strong two. The distance is well, calm so only can take roughly two wall, or a wall and the door among you and your Bluetooth device, but ossia quite all Bluetooth signal.
Very brilliant and vivid exposure. Tried picture the big pair Rez shots to give an idea of that.
Would recommend to any one looking for to decent pill for a whole family.
Has been quite careful with him, likes durability of screen when the fall is ignored, but would imagine is roughly like this durable like any one other new pills in a row of same prize.
Always can take a protective adhesive screen of the amazon yes is looking for the really hard screen.
Square afterwards to an iPad mini to the equal that can take an idea of difference of measure. It is so only the little elder the one who does to fill out of forms and writing the little easier and calm also take you the little extra screen to look video.
4 / 5 Jade
Like this to the left is to take this out of a way in the first place -- this is not , as I have said, the swiss knife of army. It do not have to that the tools for everything and everything well. It is an excellent tool for some tasks, no like this utmost for another. In my chance, is used like the class of notepad, both to draw and writing manually.

Begin with a device in general, is not heavy too -- would say that it is in to a same weight likes one of the mine real 5 subject @of notebooks, perhaps the little less. It is easy to grip, which is well for something where could wants to seat behind and controls in a book while I , or prop he against my knee. A screen is crisp and clear. Some controls are quite intuitive. A life of battery is extremely well, to the as really it likes. I leave to take it it was for a day without concerning roughly that door the band of joint of enormous battery with me.

I really like a pen. When Quell'using this device has protect of palmera (ie, can rest your palmera on he without screwing all arrive). A tip has the well seat his, so only the little has bitten to give, and slides amiably in a screen. It is not to like clicking the hard thing in the hard surface like mine Jot sometimes feels likes is. I am not sure that time a tip of pen will last given a class to use that it goes to be taking with me, but right now, really likes to of me.

Has the little bit of lag, this in spite of. It was not if ossia a pill he or is some programs to draw concealed is coming with him. No the commentary so when I am writing, but the fastest shots a lot of when drawing, and has had some moments when it think that that a pill has struggled to maintain up. I am sustaining to a last, like the pair of people has informed lag subject.

This feels to to the mine likes the working, more than the gaming compressed. But ossia that wants to do with him, and some tools go to be very useful, especially once can decide programs it to design loves!
5 / 5 Consuela
In the first place has to that say that I have received this Asus Chromebook Pill CT100, 9.7' Qxga Touchscreen, OP1 Hexa-Processor of core, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Storage, Rugged Milite-Spec 810G, Darkness Grey, K-12, Chrome YOU, Comprises Stylus, CT100PA-YS02T Free likes part of Amazon Von program. A program of Vine has been drawn to generate descriptions of new products.
Ossia To pill that is based in a Chromebook Crome YOU and no an Operating system of typical android. As his a lot of drawn for those in pupil the one who use google room (K -12th Note). A CT 100 is done a lot well and is drawn to resist rough managing and some drops. Again well for young people or really any one. Still in my age I material of drop like my telephone own occasion. It is has the Qxga touchscreen exposure with very good resolutiion, has 4GB of RAM, and 32GB eMMC for storage. You can add the micro SD paper for more than storage. There is the fast processor for multitasking and Comprises the stylus ossia when calm is looking in him in a low plus (yours) has Left corner. One touching and the port of scrolling is USB C. The witch resupplies for scrollings of fast date. I upload a device for three was before first use. It is in pill a lot well has drawn especially for K by means of 12th Note Crome users of Room, but also well for really any one. Big recommendation.
5 / 5 Peggie
This pill has done all that has tried he with well. A quality of his native is decent and a screen is big and coloreada. A camera that the faces out of a screen is 5 megapixels and a camera in a side of screen is 1.5 megapixels, how is the quite decent camera [MODIFICATION: In spite of a quite big megapixels, a camera does not look to have the way to direct or zoom, like the quality of pictures is in fact quite poor for a resolution. I any precise a camera how is extracted no big for me, but is according to east for the camera will be a lot disappointed.]. A life of battery is excellent, roughly 8-12 hours according to which the applications are using, and an use of ChromeOS works seamlessly. I have found work quite well with my telephone of android, and that has not had any subject with Chromecast or bluetooth connections. A touchscreen is responsive and one in general feels of a device is quite sturdy. It touches with the usb c connector. Ossia Quite well of then is covers it quite universal . There is roughly 24GB by heart local.

Touching the video has been seamless and there is not remarked any subjects of slowness. It was satisfied enough with purchasing this for a prize listed and will update a description finds any questions.
4 / 5 Chana
Is measure (9.7 thumb 3:2 proportion of appearance), ossia a better Chrome You the pill there is in a phase right now (not counting convertible and detachables). With the good screen, scratch resistant organism, stowable stylus and Chrome YOU, these costs of pill to buy. I so only wished there is the option of the main inner storage. But you can basically so only buy the micro SD paper to augment your storage.
5 / 5 Bonnie
Well, ossia the very solid election so that of any big past bux in the new pill. It is to the pill that uses parts of a Chromebook system, for Google.

This means is , for creation, very sure without buying extra security and also very stable.

Require the sign of Google in , but another that that, is very easy to use.

For games, can take the economic byline and the game to everything likes.

This Asus Chromebook Pill CT100 is the very solid option!
4 / 5 Thea
Is the good device , no a More adds them but no a worse. I have found my self taking fallido when writing and has had to use a stylus to plot. Has the battery of life adds and utmost to write papers escoles. Has the keyboard to attach to this so that helps for papers escoles my type of daughters. It is durable my edges fell it to plot of time and also given a no in the the little time. This thing can be anything like this far. In general cost that.
5 / 5 Chanelle
Has been excited to have the chrome book but for some reason a screen goes dark. It is still on but a black of towers of the screen. Still I can see a pop of messenger ups but has to that the turn was and restart a chrome the book every time loves the use!!! So only it remains lit for the short quantity of time. This was the thumbs down for me unless I imagine out of that is bad with him and taking fijamente.
5 / 5 Dori
It is the good pill partorisca daily use. Calm easily can take notes, draw, and video of clock in the, with him doing like the mobile plus chromebook that a traditional. A lack of the keyboard is not the big concert like touchscreen is a lot of confidence. A screen is quality very big , with adding brighness.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenPad ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Hye
Creation of container very (case and locations of control). When being the small heavy, only in the pound, and is thinking that a stack is probably the majority of a weight, and the life of stack is a bit of entity in the usable tablet. Has has had Tabs of Windows that has taken among 2-6 hours in runtime (included some Fujitsu is returning in 2001). I expect that a Zenpad, when being directed by a new Mediatek the chipset would have to surpass some numbers of Tabs of better Windows, but is mostly some screens that eats in a juice. I actuate Only the used this for the few days, but used it strongly. He so that it has far had any subjects of screen, but is in manual for brilliance, and the change so necessity to ignite conditions. Also I have deactivated the majority of a normal Asus applications, and uninstalled some applications that in fact can be uninstalled. BTW, A bootloader is closed in this Marshmallow/6.0 version, so yes is thinking quite rooting, can wants to research other tablets. I can not comment in some cameras while I use my tlphonique or the real camera for photos. It do not expect a low $ 200 camera of tablet in indistinto the real or iphone/camera of Samsung of tlphonique. One 2gb of the ram is the enormous plus . I am only he returned the generic tablet that was almost the averages a prize of a Asus, this has alleged 4gb ram, 4gb internal mem 60 msgb of internal SD, but was junk with less than 1gb internal and plots if another fake specs. Having 2gb of the REAL ram is the profit , although only 1gb is hand a majority of a time. For $ 179, wait at least he 2gb/32gb combo, but 16gb will do if you are not expecting a world for low $ 200. For some reason, manufacturers of the tablet has not taken up with as the current users use his tablets and why his technology of storage and specs would owe the movement is spent 2010. Using the cost by heart like the reason in of the low users in specs has any base like blunt/ram the costs are almost insignificant today. Perhaps the android has subjects with accessing big mem numbers? In general, a creation of case is well, possibly one of some less compressed that the bloc of look has used. Two of a family has Steel Some 10 tablets, and is very basic to fix . There is experience one of those, but one limiting the factor was one 1 gb of ram. So far, those have work very well, but recently has the trace in tax (now among $ 139-$ 169). It have chosen in a pair in BB locally for $ 109 each which so that him them good roads. In general, a Asus does very a lot of-excellent at most attributes and has pulled enough 33,000 in Antutu benchmark. No, it conceal it is not exactly cranking, but is all quite a lot of life of stack. Some attraction of generic Tabs 50,000+, but will be moaning quite life of stack and the heat yes purchases one of those. An only real flu has in this Tab is that occasionally a wifi marsh (still in full obliges 6 metres of one issue). It can be some offending the application that sucks bandwidth and is prevalent mostly during my use of Game, as it suggests to use Opera Max to control your fund of applications, wifi, and radio (cell) use. Max will aim what the applications are sucking given. It Likes him an avert, would not recommend using of browsers of Operas, especially Opera-mini, which even so he " it saves data" with bloated/deflated numbers, is almost totally useless and thwart to use. In all the case, behind in a main point: Asus Zenpad Z300M - container well, the looks of sum of screen for east measures , enough response quickly, long fell up for a box of Android, but any terrible screen , well the response excepts occasionally when using Game, where a screen of application very always answered to touch. Each which more this has installed the races add. I left it on last night in 95% stack with screen in road of saver (was), and this morning was in 84%. Any bad for standby. Also, a Zenpad has the application of saver of the power. It uses it. I have mentioned earlier that a Zenpad looked the small heavy. Well, it maintains that it imports that that attaches the coverage almost will bend is to weigh in in 2 lbs.

09/26/16 update: Still doing adds. Installed some big quite a lot of applications. Productivity and big games the applications run well. The files have transferred in and of my PCs is road usb cape the small time -very subject of recognition. In comparison, one of my boys 2 old week Steel Some 10 tabs already are aiming subject of screen and a case loosened up. An old plus a, perhaps the old month, is solid still. I am expecting that a Zenpad better with durability, but probably depends more in that assembler has broken together in a line. The mine is quite solid. Council: it spends a bucks in him 128gb microsd. A lot of applications have posed automatically his big files in some external sd and maintain that the lovely internal ram is fallen up. Samsung IS the good place to start with. It has had too Sandisks muck to bite on some last 2 years. At present have in 2 diverse dozen sized EVO versions that has been sper-stable. Trying the Patriot 128 tonight only to see yes has taken more barn. Crossing my toes in expecting of not taking the fake (my last Sandisk 64gb was).

09/28/2016: Attached one 128gb card of Samsung, the laws add and leave me to maintain the free action varied in an internal memory. Created an indication in 5 stars. It sues cold boot to use a startup the tool the tower was more applications in startup. The help bit it. Asus Has built the very good tablet. Only I expect that it remains barn and any interior of lemon a 30 period in the daytime of First guarantee. For those with subjects of dark screen, has turned was car-brilliance and has done sure the blue filter is was? Otherwise, Yes, a screen could look very dark.

10-14-16: Take my boys "another mark" behind tablet (had has update this description before but has not been published - wing very left to mention another quality of marks?). His internal sd was in " it reads only" the road and he could not save anything comprising parameters. As I have ordered another Z300M and can no prender entering in what better was that his "recA" ( it read that behind) - especially after deactivating roughly very smaller bloatware. So much, this would be two 5 stars in a tablet to arrive to this point. I guess it is that some other boys is taking if his data of generic tabs...

Final thoughts (for a monent): In fact, some of a Asus the software is quite sake . It tries all some applications provide before just toast or deactivating them. You could be surprised. It Likes him a startup of application and a "impulse" for cleanup of hide, more some of some applications of productivity are decent (and any advertising). It take to restart your tab each few days to clear out of an internal 2Gb hides of ram (how opposite in 16Gb of internal sdcard memory). He the difference in day in action in the daytime.
5 / 5 Kimberlie
In the first place you are, it have not feigned to pay this a lot for the tablet, but after the bad experience with an out of the marks has decided to the bond with the mark has known and has trusted. It was to well sure a right movement. Although $ 100 more than an out of marks a quality and the reliability was a lot of value he. That is to say the big tablet , like the portability could be the problem for some. But you are looking for the screen he big plus that is more as the cup of foothills then that is to say a tablet since you. Out of a box has been impressed with a quality and tez. It IS the small hefty, but one listens of this tablet in your covers of hands knows is one ergonomic masterpiece. A screen is brilliant and crisp and a control to touch is precise any subject where touches a screen. One quad processor of core and 2 GB of mark of RAM of the system for effortless and fast navigation. Included when have tried to stress a system a response was fast and fluent. It comes with Android 6.0 which have some new and has characteristic of update in 5.1. You will require to take a time to learn a new system to be able to take advantage of is potential full . Tan Far so of the games, is not the gamer. But it would be necessary to suppose it handle it more games without the problem. The shoe up is hurriedly, but while for one ASUS splash the screens to pass can be the bit in nettle. A front and the back cameras do well, even so a quality is average only . I have expected the small more than some cameras. A sound is well with a two front is speakers of trace . The volume is adapted for daily use but for any serious listening you will require auricular. It touches Via the micro port of USB with a comprised AC adapter. You can attach the micro SD card to augment room of storage, which for the majority will be the necessity. One rear of a tablet is the textured, vinyl like material what does to line a tablet a sure plus. A case is the must , especially yes feign to take he with you when trip. Looking films and clips of files or streaming of an internet has been free problem without problems of lag or buffering. I am spent several hours only trying characteristic and the test finds problems, but this tablet has surpassed my expectations. It listens the computer of the technology of business/machine certified, looks for things that could cause potential problems. Included even so has the little of the things have mentioned earlier that it can be the small better, in any subjects affects a global quality and action of this tablet. If you are looking for the big quality, reliable tablet then this would have to satisfy all your necessities. Certainly the satisfied mine.
3 / 5 Garland
-Prize (at present for sale for $ 150!)
-On quality of half screen (colours, angles of view, contrast, behind-the light bleed)
-Above half edifice
-Above half speakers (better that more chrome-books)
-Good global action
-action of Decent heavy application (careers Hearthstone and Atlas of Human Anatomy with minimum slowdown, both duquel has given my Galaxy to age S4 problems).
-Decent cameras
-Minimum bloat, with the few adicins/the sincerely useful additions!
-Android 6.0

-Disappeared some futures of entity of Android 6.0 (why ASUS......)
1. Any flex storage, while I can attach a micro SD card (yay!) The calm can not move any applications in him (booo!)
2. Any Twelve, which capes in drain quite substantial of stack (10% the day to do at all...)
-Car brilliance the parameter is subjects in dim to be usable, as it supposes his another with...
-Any update in 6.0.1 Which comprise some a lot useful UI the changes have aimed in of the tablets....
-Density of low pixel (think pre-IPAD of retina), the small text is difficult to read.
-Order well with one 11 stack of early recovery!
3 / 5 Mervin
I hate to say this but this ASUS is the bit of the disappointment. A Zenpad is amiably thin, the appeal and a screen are good to look in. Those problems join me more even so it is that a WiFi in this thing is only a worse. There two other tampons that this ASUS substituted, was the Toshiba main Grows 10' and the Lenovo 10' Ideapad that a port to touch caducado. Both of these had any problem with a wifi in this house (the usual material each what so now and piece of arrests-and-big arrives all a time). A ASUS constantly falls a connection for 15 or 20 bren and the time has to go in of the parameters in animal-connects in my subject or reboot a tablet yes that the does not act. The majority to aggravate is that consistently the hideout a WiFi, when simply click the nexus in navigate in a place of same web. And this spends when there is the hot signal very less. Grrr. Another aggravation is a ASUS container of icon for east. They are so similar in device and colour and so flat that some different applications that comes with a ASUS no really excels enough of another. Hardware-wise A 10' ASUS is to take to beat for a money but this sea of aggravations that would have to be to 5 experience of star . If this wifi the results of thing to be something another that a ASUS ( has another in a house that problems what still) I with flavouring very scoot very behind here and the give the better indication. UPDATE: ASUS fell me the message (low voice) and can persecute concealed. But the new problem has cut up and this is falling Wifi totally (to the tablet dictates 'the fault of Permission') and has to go in of the parameters in reconnect (how opposite in him only reconnecting likes him before), sometimes to delete my point and re-scanning. I want to do sure this is not my point that mark this premier then contact ASUS. Mina tlphonique and the television has any problem with one Wifi clean even so.
5 / 5 Ria
That is to say a tablet has possessed better. I use it to record in the work and he perfectly. It IS fast and reliable. Has the odd habit in tower of Bluetooth left the only far too very time. One 2GB of ways of RAM that the majority of applications fell up very hurriedly. I use an Amazon Basics Keyboard and he JTech the mouse and both synchronise immediately. Also, I am able in the program that uses the application of Python. A sound of some speakers is clear and work with both sets of speakers wirelessly has. It does not touch the plot of games in the, but a bit those that touch to have the response and the time of colours adds in this tablet. Eye Udemy videos in the and is perfect for that also. Only it have it not founding enough a right case for him and, apparently, a docking canal ASUS has done prende is no longer available. In to the Roads likes them his is of the small laptop and the included better response that had anticipated . It takes the moment to touch, but in a side of toe, can leave he for the day and not draining a stack. The duke to do and use it to touch musician in my headphones, as well as tugs he in of the meetings, as I can Citrix in my two computers to do and does not have to spend my heavy laptop. Based in my experience with ASUS, thinks that it will be to use this tablet in fact a lot of years to come. Has the 9 old year ASUS netbook that Windows of careers XP and still laws when each which as another laptop has purchased since (except a an active now) has given in a phantom. To well sure buy it another of these tablets, there is the necessity for unit

UPDATE: I have found the better case and now no longer visits of a Bluetooth. A stack is quite incredible, also. I can look the plot of videos before I require to touch. Load against 100% research to be taking the less time of plot. Still I want this tablet and highly the recommend. In fact, so that a ASUS the mark is so very done, has purchased only a ASUS portable to do my ASUS the complete house.
5 / 5 Lavada
It has to 10.6 estimativa of tablet of inch that has lined up quite well, but and at the end has wanted to some updates. Bought a newer version of a a had and was the complete disaster . You grieve fact, almost any sound... unresponsive Screen to touch. Packed He until it returns in 30 me of inaugural the. I give and it has been to require to spend more, but some tablets of big final (samsung, etc) was out of my field of prize. My stipulations were android 7.0+, at least 2 gb ram and 10+ inches
researched and researched and is gone with a Zenpad z301mf.
IS sper snappy... A screen the touch is so responsive like my samsung s8, a sound is decent (any one adds, but takes a work done) and there is usb type c. I absolutely Iove the. The happy tan and is spent an extra $ for him.
Sounds the big plus bit priced then that and'd has called "estimativa," it bite for a point of prize - and is not sure has the better tablet. It IS the bit to problem that Zenpad has called each his tampons Zenpads. For the case there is to 199.00 version withower resolution, but averts to read specs, is identical. I use it mostly for streaming films, the web that explores and fire gaming and has surpassed my expectations like this far.
A stack is smaller that more comparing tablets, but has not crossed never still the day and drained a whole thing, so for my habits, takes a work has done. Also the more is that and necessities for the touch, my s8 the same uses upload so and already has or avaialble everywhere. Work, cart, chamber, room, etc. Very better that lugging a ac adapter to be able at all around!
1 / 5 Melody
I have wanted a product until he screwed up after 8 month. It connects in WIFI and turn he self was and restart on and on. It have to pay $ 35.00 to ship. 3 weeks later and took it behind with a same problem. Asus Has paid to ship this time. After 2 MONTH and took it behind STILL VERY FIXED. Once it is more it return agreed to to substitute with the reconditioned unit. 1 More MONTH was compraventa took the New Tablet.

The laws of product adds when work.
1 / 5 Iris
If it can take he for prender buffering streaming half comunicacionales each which how 3 minutes, will change my description. Sure, it looks well. And I give it is an economic tablet , but my telephone of 3 years the better currents that this thing. A circle to transfer wants to me launch he through the window - spends more transfer to time that in fact touch. And no, my wifi is not a problem. No other devices in my house have this subject. If I can not resolve, it is by train of the return.
Update: has update a You he so that it is in 7.0 now, and until it dates all the applications. He deactivated each application any alone version in of the resources. It opens, Netflix clashes each few minutes ( has listened that is to say common with 7.0). Games of video of the amazon, but does not take a full resolution and he bumper constantly.
1 / 5 Erlinda
A 16 tablet of action is useless, comes with so pre-installed bloatware that can the very when being any uninstalled. It has Had this that hangs 4 month and he no longer have room for updates! While it is a bit that this has expandable storage, is VERY OF ENTITY to know can no any format an expandable storage like internal. ASUS Has closed out of this characteristic of Android. As to announce this storage what expandable is uselessness in my opinion. Nicknamed a company to see could help, any help and earthy.
4 / 5 Karma
It has been using this Tampon of Zen for only 4 days but has enjoyed the after a rocky beginning. Quan Began it in the first place up, has taken symbols of only Chinese and could do at all ... Not even it close the bass. I have called Asus and surprised ( had the problem comprises the at the beginning) help me after and then restarts a tablet in the place where an English tongue was optional. From here that all was perfectly.

Very easy to pose in wifi, email and blue tooth.
Clear images
Fast response with applications, downloading and transferring files
has not contained also bloatware
Easy to transfer photos, musician and documents of PC
Runs very softly and is very responsive to touch screen
Uses usb c

life of the stack is not surprising ... To say a less. But acceptable
Any manual comes with him. I owe download of Asus. The manual would have been useful with my together initial arrive when can not take English tongue.
The quality of camera is at all in brag enough ... But then, I have not bought this to use how it camera.

So far is very happy with this Tampon of Zen 10 and would recommend it. I will attach the description after using for the few weeks.
5 / 5 Gilma
Creation of container a lot (chance and locations of control). It feels the little heavy, so only in the pound, and am thinking that a battery is probably the majority of a weight, and the life of battery is a bit of entity in the usable pill. Has has had Tabs of Windows that has taken among 2-6 hours in runtime (included some Fujitsu is going back to 2001). I expect that a Zenpad, when being driven by a new Mediatek chipset would owe that surpass some numbers of Tabs of better Windows, but is mostly some screens that eats on a juice. I have it quell'has used so only this for the few days, but used it strongly. The ones of way that there is far has had any subjects of screen, but are in manual partorisca brightness, and change it like this required the conditions read. Also I have disabled the majority of a stock Asus applications, and uninstalled some applications that in fact can be uninstalled. BTW, A bootloader is closed in this Marshmallow/6.0 version, like this yes is thinking roughly rooting, can wants to research other pills. I can not comment in some cameras like utilisation my telephone or the real camera for photo. No appearances a down $ 200 cameras of pill to the same the real or iphone/Samsung camera of telephone. A 2gb of the ram is the enormous plus . They are so only he is returned the generic pill that was almost the averages a prize of a Asus, this has alleged 4gb ram, 4gb inner mem 60 másgb of interior SD, but was junk with less than 1gb inner and plots if another fake specs. Having 2gb of the REAL ram is the profit , although so only 1gb is free a majority of a time. For $ 179, appearances at least he 2gb/32gb combo, but 16gb will do if you are not expecting a world partorisca low $ 200. For some reason, manufacturers of the pill does not have on taken with as the current users use his pills and reasons his technology of storage and specs would have to that spent of movement 2010. Using the memory cost like the reason to short user in specs has any one bases likes ram/rom the costs are almost insignificant today. Perhaps the android has subject with accessing big mem numbers? In general, a creation of chance is well, possibly one of a less compressed of the blockade of look has used. Two of a familiar there is Acer Some 10 pills, and is very basic in styling. Would have experience one of those, but a limiting factor was one 1 gb of ram. Like this far, those have work a lot well, but is trace recently in prize (now among $ 139-$ 169). It have chosen on a pair in BB locally for $ 109 each one which so doing them treats it well. In general, a Asus does very a lot of-excellent as maximum tasks and there is pulled roughly 33,000 in Antutu benchmark. No, it conceal it is not exactly cranking, but is everything roughly life of battery. Any attractive of generic Tabs 50,000+, but will be moaning roughly life of the battery and the heat yes buy one of those. An only real flu has in this Tab is that occasionally a wifi bog (still in full force 6 metres of one issue). It can be some offending the application that sucks bandwidth and is prevalent mostly during my use of Game, as it suggests to use Work Max to control your fund of applications, wifi, and radios (cell) use. Max will aim the one who the applications are sucking dates. Like an aside, would not recommend using browser of Works, especially Acts-mini, which this in spite of him " it saves die" with bloated/deflated numbers, is almost entirely useless and frustrating to use. In all the chance, behind to a main point: Asus Zenpad Z300M - container well, the sum of looks of the screen for east measures , answered enough quickly, long has fallen up for a box of Android, but no terrible screen , well the response excepts occasionally when using Game, where a screen of application a lot always answers to touch. All more than has installed runs adds. I left it on last night in 95 battery with screen in way of saver (was), and this morning was in 84. Any bad partorisca standby. Also, a Zenpad has the application of saver of the power. It uses it. I have mentioned sooner that a Zenpad looked the little heavy. Well, it maintains to import that that adds the coverage almost will bend is hanged to on 2 lbs.

09/26/16 update: Still doing adds. Installed some quite big applications. Productivity and big games the applications ran well. Transferred files to and of my PC is street usb boss the little time -a lot of subjects of recognition. In comparison, one of my boys 2 old week Acer One 10 tabs already is aiming subject of screen and a chance loosened up. An old plus a, perhaps the old month, is solid still. I am expecting that a Zenpad better with durability, but probably depends more in the assembler snapped near in a line. The mine is quite solid. Joint: spend a bucks in the 128gb microsd. A lot automatically dip applications his big files in some outsides sd and maintain that the lovely inner ram has on released. Samsung Is the good place to start with. I have had too many Sandisks muck to bite on some last 2 years. I at present have on 2 diverse dozen sized EVO versions that has been súper-stable. Trying the Patriot 128 tonight so only to see yes has taken more stable. Crossing my toes in hope of not taking the fake (my last Sandisk 64gb was).

09/28/2016: Addition a 128gb Samsung paper, the work adds and leave me to maintain the free action varied in an inner memory. Created an indication to 5 stars. The request bounces cold to use a startup the tool to turn was more applications in startup. The help bit it. Asus Has built the very good pill. So only I expect that it remains stable and any interior of lemon a 30 period of day of First guarantee. For those with subjects of dark screen, has has turned was car-brightness and has done sure the blue filter is was? Otherwise, Yes, a screen could look very dark.

10-14-16: it has taken my edges "another mark" behind pill (had has update this description before but is not posted - no accident to mention another quality of frames?). His interior sd has been the "read so only" the way and he could not save anything comprising settings. As I have ordered another Z300M and can not taking that it goes in in that better is that his "recA" (read that behind) - especially after disabling roughly much smaller bloatware. So much, this would be two 5 stars in a pill to arrive to this point. I guess it is the one who some other boys are taking if his data of generic tabs...

Final thoughts (for a monent): In fact, some of a Asus the software is quite good. It tries all some applications resupply before just toasting or disabling them. You could be surprised. It likes a startup of application and a "impulse" to hide cleanup, more some of some applications of productivity are decent (and any ad). It agrees to restart your tab each few days to clear out of an interior 2Gb hide of ram (like opposed to a 16Gb of interior sdcard memory). He the difference in day the action of day.
5 / 5 Gaynelle
In the first place was, had not feigned to pay this a lot for the pill, but after the bad experience with an out of the frame has decided to stick with the mark has known and has trusted. It was to good sure a right movement. Although $ 100 more than an out of mark a quality and the reliability was a lot of value he. Ossia The big pill , like the portability could be the question for some. But you are looking for the screen he big plus that is more as the cup partorisca lap then ossia a pill for you. Out of a box has been impressed with a quality and build. It is the little hefty, but one feels of this pill in your leaves of hands knows is an ergonomic masterpiece. A screen is brilliant and crisp and a control to touch is necessary any subject where touch a screen. A quad processor of core and 2 GB of mark of RAM of the system partorisca effortless and fast navigation. Included when I have looked for to stress a system a response was fast and fluent. It comes with Android 6.0 which has some new and has characteristic of update on 5.1. You will require to take a time to learn a new system to be able to explode is potential full . As the one who play, are not the gamer. But it would be necessary to assume it manage more games without the question. The shoe up is quickly, but while to a ASUS splash the screens to steps can be the bit to nettle. A front and the rear cameras do well, this in spite of a quality is average so only . I have expected the little more than some cameras. A sound is well with a two front is speakers of trace . The volume is appropriate for daily use but for any serious listening you will require auricular. It touches via the micro port of USB with a comprised AC adapter. You can add the micro SD paper to augment spatial of storage, which for the majority will be the necessity. A backside of a pill is the textured, vinyl like material the one who does to resist a pill a sure plus. A chance is the must , especially yes feign take he with you when you travel. Looking film and clips of files or streaming of an internet has been free question without questions of lag or buffering. I am spent several hours so only trying characteristic and that tries to find questions, but this pill has surpassed my expectations. When being the computer of technology of business/car has certified, look for things that could cause potential questions. Included this in spite of has the few things have mentioned earlier that it can be the little better, in no way affect a global quality and action of this pill. If you are looking for the big quality, pill of confidence then this would have to that satisfy all your needs. He certainly satisfied mine.
5 / 5 Marcela
-Prize (at present on sale for $ 150!)
-On quality of half screen (colours, corners of view, contrast, behind-light bleed)
-On half construction
-On half speakers (better that more chrome-books)
-Good global action
-action of Decent heavy application (careers Hearthstone and Atlas of Human Anatomy with minimum slowdown, so much duquel has given Galaxy of mine to age S4 questions).
-Decent cameras
-Minimum bloat, with the pocolos adicións/the sincerely useful additions!
-Android 6.0

-Disappeared some futures of entities of Android 6.0 (reasons ASUS......)
1. Any flex storage, while I can add a micro SD paper (yay!) It calms it can not move any one his applications (booo!)
2. Any Twelve, which heads to quite substantial to go them drain of battery (10 the day to do that at all...)
-Transport brightness dipping is way to dim to be usable, as it supposes his another with...
-Any update to the to the equal that comprises some very useful UI the transmissions have aimed in of the pills....
-Density of low pixel (think pre-IPAD of retina), the small text is difficult to read.
-Good regime with a 11 battery of claim of now!
5 / 5 Karren
I hate to say this but this ASUS is the bit of the disappointment. A Zenpad is amiably thin, the appeal and a screen is good to look in. That annoy a more this in spite of is that a WiFi in this thing is so only a worse. There two other tampons that this ASUS substituted, was the elderly Toshiba Thrive 10' and he Lenovo 10' Ideapad that a port of touch there is expired. Both of these had any question with a wifi in this house (the usual material each one which now and his for stops-and-big arrive all a time). A ASUS constantly falls a connection for 15 or 20 second and the time owe that go to settings to animal-connect to the mine @subject or reboot a pill if the concealed does not act. The majority of aggravating is that consistently it falls a WiFi, when calm simply the click links it to cruised in a place of same web. And this spends when there is the hot signal much less. Grrr. Another degradation is a ASUS container of icon partorisca east. They are like this looked in device and colour and like this flat that some different applications that come with a ASUS a lot really underline enough of an another. Hardware-wise A 10' ASUS is hard to beat for a money but this ruin of degradations that would have to be it to 5 experience of star . If this wifi the results of what to be something another that a ASUS ( has another in a house that like some same questions) I gladly scoot a lot behind here and the give the better indication. UPDATE: ASUS fell the message (sees down) and can pursue concealed. But the new question there is cropped on and this is falling Wifi entirely (to the pill said 'the fault of Permission') and has to that go to settings to reconnect (likes opposed his only reconnecting likes before), sometimes to delete my coverage and king-scanning. I want to do sure this is not my coverage that does this prime minister I then will contact ASUS. My telephone and the TV has any question with a Wifi coverage this in spite of.
4 / 5 Eileen
Ossia A pill has possessed better. The utilisation to register to the work and work perfectly. It is fast and of confidence. Has the odd habit to turn of Bluetooth leave the so only too long. A 2GB of RAM means that the majority of applications kicks on a lot quickly. Utilisation an Amazon Basics Keyboard and he JTech smiled and both sync immediately. Also, I am able to program using the application of Python. A sound of some speakers is clear and work with both insiemi of wireless speakers have. It does not touch to plot of games in the, but a bit those that touch to having answered and of the time of utmost colours in this pill. Eye Udemy video in the and is perfect for the hips. So only I have not founding enough a right chance for him and, apparently, a docking canal ASUS fact thus no longer available. To to Shot likes is of the small laptop and the better responses included that it had anticipated. It takes the moment to touch, but in a side of toe, can leave he for the day and not draining a battery. I take it to do and use it to touch music to my headphones, as well as it tugs it the meetings, as I can Citrix to mine two computers of work and does not have to that spend my heavy laptop. Based in my experience with ASUS, thinks that will be to use this pill in fact a lot of years to come. Has the 9 old year ASUS netbook that Windows of careers XP this in spite of does when each one another laptop has purchased of then (except a an I actuate now) has given on a ghost. To good sure buy another of these pills, if I have had the need for one.

UPDATE: I have found the better chance and now he no longer gone back of a Bluetooth. A battery is quite amazing, also. I can look to plot of video before I require to touch. Touching to 100 looks to be that it takes to plot less time. Still I love this pill and highly the recommend. In fact, reason a ASUS the mark is like this a lot of fact, has purchased so only a ASUS portable to do mine ASUS the complete house.
4 / 5 Lashonda
Has has had to that 10.6 estimativa of the thumb compressed that has on resisted enough well, but has loved them finally a upgrade. Bought a newer version of a an I had and is the complete disaster . You grieve fact, almost any sound... unresponsive Screen to touch. Packed He until returning inner 30 me of inaugural the. Have @@give the Era to require to spend more, but some pills of big final (samsung, etc) was out of my row of prize. Stipulations of mine were android 7.0+, at least 2 gb ram and 10+ thumbs
has researched and researched and has gone with a Zenpad z301mf.
Is súper snappy... A screen to touch is like this responsive like mine samsung s8, a sound is decent (does not add , but takes a work done) and there is usb type c. I absolutely Iove the. Like this happy is them spent an extra $ for him.
The sound bit it main priced then the one who the d called "estimativa," it bite for a point of prize the am not sure has to that better pill. It is the bit to annoy that Zenpad calls all his tampons Zenpads. For the chance there is the version withower resolution, but averts to read specs, is identical. I use it mostly partorisca streaming film, the web that explores and light gaming and has surpassed my expectations like this far.
A battery is smaller that more comparing pills, but has not spent never for closing the day and drained a whole thing, like this for my habits, takes a work done. Also the more is that the precise for the touch, mine s8 the same uses upload like this the already have a avaialble everywhere. Work, car, chamber, living room, etc. Very better that lugging a ac adapter to be able to everywhere!
5 / 5 Lavona
Has loved a product until him screwed on with which 8 month. It connects to WIFI and turn he self was and restart on and on. It has had to pay $ to ship. 3 weeks later the receipts the backsides with a same question. Asus Paid to ship this time. With which 2 MONTH the receipts the backsides STILL VERY FIXED. Once it is returned more there is agreed to to substitute with him reconditioned unit. 1 More MONTH has been spent has received to New Pill.

The law of product adds when it operates.
5 / 5 Moises
Can the take to take buffering streaming half comunicacionales each one that 3 minutes, will change my description. Sure, it looks well. And @I give it is an economic pill , but my telephone of 3 years the better currents that this thing. A circle to turn loves me launch he by means of the window - raisin more turning partorisca time that in fact touching. And no, mine wifi is not a question. No other devices in my house have this subject. If I can it do not solve, they are by train of the turn.
Update: has update a YOU he so that it is on 7.0 now, and up to date all the applications. Have disabled each application does not use to release on resources. Now, Netflix clashes each pocolos small ( has listened ossia common with 7.0). Games of video of the amazon, but does not take a full resolution and he buffers constantly.
5 / 5 Collin
A 16 pill of action is useless, comes with like this pre-installed bloatware that can not be uninstalled. We have had this for 4 month and he no longer has room for updates! While it is true that this has expandable storage, is A lot Of ENTITY to know an expandable storage can not be formatted that inner. ASUS Has closed out of this characteristic of Android. As to announce this like expandable storage is uselessness in my opinion. Called a company to see could help , any help and earthy.
4 / 5 Irene
Has been using this Tampon of Zen for only 4 days but enjoyed it with which a rocky start. When I began It in the first place on, it take so only Chinese symbols and could do at all ... Not even it close the down. I have called Asus and was amazing ( has had the question comprises him at the beginning) help to knots near and then restart a pill to the place where an English tongue was optional. Of there that all is perfectly state.

Very easy to dip on wifi, email and blue tooth.
Clear images
Fast response with applications, downloading and transferring files
has not contained too bloatware
Easy to transfer photo, music and documents of PC
Pursue a lot of smoothly and is a lot of responsive to touch screen
Uses usb c

life of the battery is not in amazing ... To say a less. But quite acceptable
Any manual comes with him. I have had to download of Asus. The manual would have been useful with my together initial on when it can not take English tongue.
The quality of camera is at all to brag roughly ... But then, I have not bought this to use like that camera.

Like this far am very happy with this Tampon of Zen 10 and would recommend it. I will add the description after using for the few weeks.
4 / 5 Ezequiel
I have expected partorisca 6 month before posting the description...

One first what will mention is that it looks that in an of some 2 updates have purchased of this pill in a start of year, looks partorisca maintain give you an option of having a screen dimmer on or having to that it shines constantly. A dimming the characteristic looked partorisca be the big negative with buyers. Like this ossia a lot informative. It was the good surprise partorisca me so that it was one of some things that me think two times after reading some descriptions here on Amazon.

A pros:

is the good pill . Has like this characteristic can not maintain up. A camera in a backside takes utmost pictures. They are all stored in some easy to find gallery. Also, a picture that takes the characteristic is quite fresh. I have used a sepia toned look the plot. But there is to plot to choose of (some really amused some!) And calm also have the timer for selfies or the group has shot loves jump to. You can also record video the one who begin very good.

Movements in the good speed among tabs and uploading pages and video. I have found also that with a wifi the questions have had in work for a past little month of mine Zenpad has had question very small the pal when the devices another no. of people has it paired with a Anker bluetooth speaker and the together of Mpow bluetooth auricular. Absolutely any pairing of question and using them. Also, a mic the characteristic work a lot well when quell'using the commentaries of estaca or 'characterise' something. A quality of video is well and the things download quickly.

A life of battery is really good. I touch it every night but after the day to listen the music, looking video and surfing an internet, still have the one who looks to be the few hours have left to be able to.

Gilipollas: It looks some updates the few odd things are spent. Now I take a file of dump of the audio in mine GooglePlay library each few days. You can be fusible' he but calm then has to that go to file management to permanently take touched of of him. After the little of this pop up takes the opinion of low storage . It is the bit to annoy to have that spends for 3 any to take touched of of these. This spends with another has has deleted things also, like some pictures. Also now I go the management to file some of my pictures do not aim . So only the box with an icon. This are really annoying! Also, a onscreen keyboard, after a second update, has begun to move really slow in points. It is a lot for the moment and then all of the sudden goes in the step of the snail.

One in betweens: Some speakers are well. Any incredibly strong but pertinent. I use house of external speakers but has used some speakers of devices sometimes a lot of. A dry precise screen to the yes calm plot uses it to plot. (I ) But does not affect an action of pills. A quality of video is so only well. No like this very so much in mine old nook HD+, but near.

Like this in general, for a prize, really can any gone bad with this pill. (As far!). Has has researched pills in this row of prize for 2 first month to buy is one and are, like this far, he safisfied client. A pros in this pill outweigh a gilipollas and the the value that shabby. Also, there is the casualidad well a next update could fix some of a gilipollas has mentioned. It suggest to take a SD the paper yes has to that it weaves of music or applications that can go in the paper. Utilisation GooglePlay unlimited. Everything of my music and the video are stored in a paper that emissions on spatial in a device. Some applications could not be able to be place in a paper. I touch A Room and A Room Three has taken on the majority of my space of the available device and I has has had to that the take out of a device. Zenpad Really need to exit with a pill abordable with more spatial.
4 / 5 Rodger
After falling my leading ASUS 10 thumb , Android 4.2 pill and breaking a glass, has decided to substitute more than reparation. After researching other options and in that find them lacking a way or another, found me looking in ASUS again. I find him to be the one of confidence and frugal option.
4 / 5 Bobbi
Has bought this pill because it was a name an economic plus -frames 10 Android of thumb to available pill on Amazon ($ 130 when I have bought he). The utilisation to store and music of the discharge read and take notes in my class of music. A class has hundreds of discharges of music, like this the pill is much more convenient that that raisin that a lot paper. You locate a pill in the paving is the few feet was so that it can touch my instrument while it sees a music and one 10' measured of the screen is sum to read in this distance. A pill is faster and more responsive that has been waiting for this prize, perhaps because of a 2GB measured of RAM (pills a lot of active cockroaches so only 1GB of RAM). Utilisation a 16GB of spatial of storage for an operating system and of the applications. All my music of discharge (several GB value) continuous in a SD paper. Screen brightness and contrast is not terrible, which can be the question in this level of prize. This setup the works add for me and slope 1/3 of a ipad, likes 5 stars of me.

After deleting the majority of a ASUS spam-ware applications, a UI for this pill is cleaned and easy to use. Much less weights that often frustrating UI in a pill of Fire of the Amazon.
5 / 5 Yasmin
Pro: Fact for 1 day

With: with which fully touching has turned has been compressed. When you begin it a day that follows ' swim', at all. Rey Have it attached to perceive boss - has aimed to be has touched fully. But still the screen of spatial. Returning for repayment or substitution.

has received instruction on regarding takes it has begun. Apparently one uploads of factory and a complete proprietary prime minister the load is not sufficient (any sure reason). As you owe that resist down a volume of increase and on/was key to turn in a pill. Bingo It begins!
4 / 5 Opal
UPDATE 10/13/17: it has possessed he for the few months he maintaining - has the question with a software/Mediatek Logging Service: a pill will give you that it warns that you are running out of spatial - is resulted a MT Logging the service is running wild and has fill 4-6GB (yes, GB!) Of your inner memory. To the pill has been updated, etc and pursue a lot of - but ossia clearly the subject of software. An only way has found (as far) to fix ossia to go to some dossiers of register and delete (manually) one 3-6GB of files of register. It has contacted Asus support of Technology but like this far any response. To arrive to this point can not recommend this pill and would not buy again.

Original description: it has possessed he for the week now and after several Asus fixes (firmware) updates a tampon is running Android 7 (Turrón) - which enables the applications of window have left!

Pro Is: that Resists to import that I have paid well in $ still my venerable (but now cut/rooted and CM-modded) Asus TF101 a lot of years and in mesos that for the exposure of this tampon is appropriate certainly (in fact is one same – 1200 x 800/149ppi); I am taking roughly 6-8 hours of heavy use out of a battery (with all the applications optimised and the power that saves settings on); he fine-treat perfectly; and I have not had a lot wi-fi subject (at least in the 2.4 Ghz @subject - will connect it to mine 5Ghz sale also - but ossia the shortest row and poured in a television). A pill is quickly, wheel smoothly, answered and short fresco with touch of mine of the accuracy. He no flex in my hands, looks solid and sturdy and is comfortable to resist. Installed the 128GB MicroSD (exFat) - any subject there is remarked anything. The form of a pill-the factor aesthetically is pleasing and does not have the question (likes a bit the writers have) with a textured plastic material in a back (although for my use Can be the little stickier/softer for better grip). It connects street Bluetooth to my telephone (for access of internet), my laptop (for scrolling of file), and my BT auricular without @@subject. Using Is the browser of Lima can connect to another PCs in my coverage of house and files of scrolling to/fro via WiFi also w/was @@subject.

An ONLY gilipollas can remark would relate to one 'ZenUI' skinning that Asus insists to - has several redundant and no-the particularly useful applications (that I uninstall or disable); it touches kinda' dulcemente; and I will be danged can find a Asus ound Mobile/of Cradle of the Cradle' (keyboard) in a web for sale anywhere - that would buy was reasonable (especially now that Microsoft there is ported in his applications of Office to Android). A camera (which seldom uses in all the chance) is half but pertinent if you do not have your handy telephone.

Funds: it was in a half of the substitution of battery for aging of mine (but still alive!) Asus TF101 When I have decided that to the new pill was in mandate. Run it KatKiss 4.4 ROM/overclocked/etc - run as well as it can but this Zenpad quadcore coverages of careers around that. It uses to pill for travesía of routine created air; takings launched in the motorcycle saddlebag occasionally, taking tugged to a cochera for and-manual and youtube 'that-to' video, etc. Taking place on the little swipe-of the Chinese pills for some girls have known has does not love one of these (to all the cost of an announced specs) and also knows has not loved pill with less than 2GB RAM in him (A venerable TF101 was the dual-core 1GHZ SOC w/1GB RAM). Mina Asus had been a test to time so much was comfortable with a name of mark, although Asus can (and has) has distributed defective firmware upgrades in a past.

Usually are an Android hacker/tinkerer and would try and root this type - but with Android 7 capacity to restrict left of Application (a bit) And breaking-exposed of the window am contained to leave it stock.

In general to the solid pill in the prize adds - and KUDOs to Asus for upgrading a firmware to Android 7.0 (and any breaking anything in a still…process). I know I will lose a capacity of dual battery of a pill of Transformer but in general ossia the good shot . Hope That it help –
5 / 5 Cristina
A port of touch has failed before 6 month of use. Asus Alleges is my failure when have has has had dozens of devices with Micros USB chargers and ossia a prime minister a to break. Could have him fix a port for a same cost like that shabby marks it new pill, but will install some same rubbishes that has broken already. That The android is the I adds but this stink of costruttrici and need to start with that does produced of qualities!
4 / 5 Virgen
Ossia A pill has wished for the long time...
Way: now well of him ascended with the white flange is squared more than rectangular oblong..
Type of gorilla hard plastic screen the winner...
The pixel Of screen is quality of the colour is natural and alive
2RAM of G is fast processor oh wow!!!
Life of battery: 10+ hours....
16 GB The memory & can add 64GB calm enormous download for games then Asus Zenpad GB the storage is an election = $ 216...
Sound: DTS (stereo is strong on 30 feet)...
Android 6.0 Street ASUS has live the dead device...
Was like this exhilared when I see an icon of Android that uploads updates during pill setup...
Adds returned my expensive Samsung Tab A to Costco the week....
Asus Zenpad Z300 Is the real state of an art has purchased 1 yr Asurion coverage of Pill for accidents...
4 / 5 Stefan
is Returned for repayment. Too much Connectivity and date-of the headaches of loss. The May has been pill of only mine . ASUS PCs Are add, but think that am done with his pills.
Original description:
Decent pill for a money. This ASUS Zenpad 10.1' Z300m has substituted an old plus ASUS Zenpad 7' Z170c. A Z300 is Very better further of respects. Android Marshmallow, QC processor And 2GB RAM is definite improvements . Video playback very clear, DTSX the audio are add, he also cut of the applications of big final with very few hiccups. This in spite of, a row of Wi-Fi is very limited, (20 ft cups, the marvel yes is so only the defect of random manufacture). It classifies of disappointed with that. Also, when transferring files among PC and Zenpad invernadero USB, the files tend to take 'lost'. Better way to avert this subject, has found, is the so only take SD paper of pill and have PC READ/writes directly to SD. ASUS ZenUI Also can be bloatware. It tends to hamper more applications that requires resorted of full system.
4 / 5 Iona
Has bought is a year done. Retarded a description to see that well it resists up over time, with daily use and a lot of travesía.

Has loved really the paralización that takes my computer of laptop in my travesías frequent. This pill with a big screen is the substitute adds for the laptop. I have required one 64 GB inner walk to resist ebooks, music, and other files. Note that roughly 11 GB is reserved for files of system, like this calm so only is taking 49 GB for your material.

Gives a life of battery 4 stars. It is prettygood, but no quite like this as well as my old LG V700 pill, which I so only required to touch once 0r two times the week. It has given so only on a V700 reason there is not quite spatial of inner storage. To to Services like Kindle will not store files of digital in outsides SD disks, as I have chosen to pill with one the majority of inner storage could resupply. Mina the next pill probably has to that have at least 128 GB, but, like this far, has not used on an integer 64 GB is one, of then can maintain another 64 GB of files in some outsides SD disk (there the space for a SD disk.)
5 / 5 Loni
My first pill and first produced of android. Never really concerned a lot for these, always be the portable & desk kinda type and has not seen never a lot of use for these, but is is to do fault the new purpose has amused on its own name. They are familiarised with pills and all one is and included this in spite of has to that a bit to things would like has to that of east compressed no, does not require them and these offers of pill is good experience.

Measured of good screen
the exposure is well, the desire was the little crisper and has had slightly better detail
is on accelerate moderated the big speed. Some applications and the career of games bit it dulcemente, but is if a hardware was so only the better drop some lag from time to time would be any existent, but a lag that the esees has experienced, which has not been to plot, has not been bothersome at all.
In general the shot adds, runs a majority of applications the esees has tried dl. (Tin a lot dl cortana for this pill), the storage is decent.
Am using he for the pocolos play, bills and management of money, and basically anything of my telephone like the transition out of mobile of windows. It does not concern for photo or of the video with to pill, but it terrible sure look.
Mina @mine @subject the big plus with a pill is an inability to save/applications of movement to a microsd paper. Going to see there is the workaround, but a space will suffice for enough some time. So only they like him organise the things my way :)

But good pill. For a prize in first day, I kinda feels 20-$30 less is appropriate more for this pill, but then again has to that spend more time with him, when being prime minister of mine and everything.
4 / 5 Jill
has received my pill of substitution today after treating Amazon messing on a nave. A pill is a lot of responsive and can run multiple applications spontaneously without @@subject. A screen is the little bland in the colour and a life of the battery is not like this as well as it has alleged. This has said that a life of battery is still quite good and some works of good screen. It is to good perfect insurance to take note which is reason I bought it.

Original description:
A construction looked good and a screen was responsive. Look to move by means of applications quite fast. So only it is giving two stars because it begins to install the update of software roughly ten minutes with which turned it in the first place on, but an update has not finalised never install. You take stuck in the loop where would say it to him up to date, uploads a bar to upload for the half way, then restart. After contacting service of result of client to be the defective unit. I have very seen other descriptions that looks for having had a same question. The amazon has accepted a turn and at present is sending me the new a. I will update this description if a new some works.
5 / 5 Kaila
Attractive element, has liked him a colour and general appearance, and law a lot at the beginning. After a first month or two, after a window of turn had closed, begins spontaneously and suddenly closing was, multiple time for session of use. The accidents were resulted like this frequent essentially unusable. I have followed troubleshooting instructions (likes another had informed alike subjects) without solving a question. Surprised! With which roughly eight month he the complete factory reboot, all my data has lost. It was unable to restore backup. A pair of the weeks later go to sleep and there is not wake never up. Now it is an expensive paperweight . Another can have of the good regime has had with this car, I no, like this personally can do not recommending.
5 / 5 Mable
A good:
has the good screen and of the utmost speakers for the pill. I do not have any question that looks streaming to to video on likes Netflix or VRV. A life of battery is good but does not add . It does not lose any a lot of can in way of sleep. USB Of uses-C as I do not owe that maintain around Micro Bosses of USB anymore.
A bad:
HAS some his weight. Touching looks to take the moment. I can not say it is freezing or a screen is not answering to touch from time to time because tentativa and open an application and at all spend then begins to touch like the lunatic trying cogerprpers to answer. The slowest careers then a pill of 4 years with the Snapdragon 801 chipset that is substituting. This cloth behind feels bit it odd and taken some taking used to. It can hang for until 20 seconds while using an internet and that uploads the page, again, does not know is a pill that freezes or so only in slow current.

In general is not the bad pill for a prize. He the majority of the like launchings in him with an occasional hitch. Having to that use my pills strongly so many can experience these hitches bit it more frequently then a typical user.
4 / 5 Maragret
With which a lot of researching, has chosen a ASUS. I think that that I have received the defective pill. My pills are used for work and need to be a lot well with wifi connections, sending of email and facilitated of use of keyboard. Well a keyboard was to add, this in spite of, at all more done properly in mine 5 day old pill. It has had three of us in ours continuazione and was an ONLY person whose pill would not find a wifi, connect his, and/or resist a connection. Tried tethering to my telephone (mobile hotspot) and concealed no neither. It has been to an advance of office and his technician rebooted his system in chance was his question . Well, quell'conceal that has not done, neither. It does not open VUDU in a plan to take to mine download and when we have moved in our ease in another city, some the same questions were there. Some other two types have not had any question with his pills, a a ipad and a a Fire of Amazon. They have had connection of instant, etc, etc. has struggled each minute of this throughout 6 days and has has had questions of first order that moves pages in consonance and emails. All the world-wide around tried to imagine quell'has been and help and at all done for any one. Needless To say, dipped that behind. That the disappointment. Spent with precaution.
5 / 5 Rebbecca
Has looked for an economic pill and really has not concerned in the plot of the things but I have loved specifically one with 2GB of RAM (a lot of entity) My last pill was a ASUS T300 this has to do fault is purpose , but the WAY was dated (Android 4.0) has possessed also an IPAD air2. But because of Apples weirdness with external storage, or installing anything concealed does not spend for ITUNES, has been of tower to a program of Android. With which I click in an order of place has thought in me ' takings which pays for' and has not expected has received it at all to say you a truth. This pill has surpassed each expectation 10 fold!

1. Clear vibrant colour
2. A lot of responsive without taking (amour that 2GB of RAM!)
3. Any uploaded with to plot of bloatware
4. Double tap!!! Ossia One of this characteristic better ! Double tap in a screen to turn on, fold the tap to turn was! &60;--- Enable this characteristic under settings of screen.
5. I know tip just Android 6.0 drop some listings. In fact it updates to 7.0 turrón like this can explode 'twelve' to save on drain of battery.
6. It looks Asus also is updating this pill religiously (hard the update was 12-19-17 'fijamente and action' to the equal that are maintaining these pertinent.
4 / 5 Eryn
Has had this device of then Feb. 2017, and did not disappoint me. I have travelled with him in place of the mine portable and has not lost never a Windows 10 experience. The life of battery is sum and a pill has update regularly, that comprises an update to Android 7. An only Turrón characteristic that am missing is esplitscreen'. Which would be good in the pill, but are WELL without him. It take the coverage of keyboard that the works add and to the chair likes could touch Of Windows and live with this device has had so only the trackpad spent of keyboard. Any available unfortunately. More ram and the storage would be utmost, but this in spite of a lot of-is ossia to the pill adds . A front facing speakers is like this as well as a Alcatel Idol 3. Ossia esaliado' Well. There is too many Asus applications pre-installed, but can be disabled and with New launch, is almost perfect. The year down a street and am still really happy has bought this pill. I know the pills of Android are ready to be interrupted, but until I see the Chrome You it the device in this prize will consider me the esMART SHOPPER'.
4 / 5 Nenita
Like this far like this well on 6 month has bought like this he in May 2017 and writing this 02/2018. Only good things to say roughly that. A screen a big plus is sum to read and comes with built in blue light filter to read at night like any worry roughly that takes an application that reads with him. Games of the diverse game on concealed is graphically intense without questions. Had the few updates like this ASUS is not bad roughly pressing fowards updates of Android. No too bloatware so that has has not annoyed included jailbreaking the like this the work adds so it is. Any I really gives 5 descriptions of star but would give this the solid 4.5 be and option. You owe that give room for the durability and this takes years.
5 / 5 Ayako
Terrible product. In the first place it was, it uses of a memory for files of system, like this calm can not upload any applications or save any photos or of the video. Constantly it is that it says that a memory is full and has erased all the applications, photos, video, and hides. There is at all has left to erase except the files of system have hid, this in spite of is that it says that a memory is full. Secondly, when He a last update, ruin of mine 32GB SD paper. Now a no read paper in any computer, all files of mine are plots , and he no same king formed, how is there is ruined totally.
4 / 5 Sharda
Like this far, like this good! I have it quell'has had so only a pill the few days now, but like this far, is expected like this and am very satisfied. If having the very big resolution is of yours entity, can be worth it for you to spend more. This in spite of, in this point of prize, a pill is solid and resupplies that I need for web, looking video, email, some material. Life of battery very solid like this far, with small drainage in of the colours of the sleep and everything look utmost, any complaint in a quality of one feels and looks very good! Also, it looks to be quite quickly, in of the terms besides so many that my last pill. It is really uploading on applications, email, web pages and video a lot quickly. Included bloatware mine of Looks quite limited, as has the habit of a system of Android later, will be satisfied here.
5 / 5 Marcella
Has had this pill for the little the year now and is in general state very happy with him. It is a lot of responsive and is not never slow or sluggish. A 1200x800 the resolution of screen is perfectly well. It is not pixelated like me some say. Has a 8 pill of thumb with the 1920x1200 resolution and can not remark any difference in clarity or quality among a two. Ossia He 10 device of thumb for sake of advantage. Any main resolution is entirely unnecessary. I am surprised in credit it an industry is to do believe require things that in realities does not require . Resolutions of the big screen for small devices is one of them that like this fallen partorisca. A quality of camera, to be sincere is not a better, as taking the photos of big quality is of yours entity this can not be that it loves. A quality of his utmost east. A volume goes quite big. Ossia To the pill adds concealed did not cause me a lot the questions for the year. A an and what only that really does not like me is of a calm fact can not encrypt a device. As the one who the security goes, so only has the screen of lock. An encrypts the option is greyed out of those bugs me of then am big the security. Has the terracing in computing so it is a difference among a two. Lock sceeen is nowhere almost like this sure like this encrypting. Life of the battery is not something can comment on like my device is usually plugged in, but has a lot of options of different power likes him turn of wifi when a screen goes to sleep that would prolong it life of the battery in the big way likes wifi is one of a big plus eaters of power of battery. This device will update to Turrón (Android 7.0) for a way. In all the chance, ossia to the pill adds while yours any one big to take big quality pics or encrypting your device. Honradamente Was fearful that Asus was the low quality product. Usually shabby Lenovo. I am surprised felizmente in a quality and action and does not complain a compraventa.
5 / 5 Ola
I took the few months partorisca explore, use and take used to this pill. My forward a there is had Windows and this a work with Android. Also, has like this characteristic new to learn. It is more as the mobile phone, although I have chosen any partorisca add a number of mobile phone and the use that way. Still, he Maps of Google (yea!), Game of Google and all these applications of Google amiably. Utilisation partorisca touch games, streaming films with Netflix and Prime of Amazon, email and Facebook. He all this program a lot of smoothly and a lot fast. Any question with sound. This pill in fact has the good speakers have built in! A map and the ease of navigation is wonderful. Also a hard battery the long time calm any video of current and film daily. The stays of mine have touched partorisca roughly 2 days if I do not look the film. It touches up in roughly two hours. I am taking spoilt with this Asus compressed.
4 / 5 Cherly
Easy to dip up. A lot the characteristic has built in. Fast processors. Amur One 'Beat and Promoted characteristic that the leaves is hide and clear RAM, etc. Use it mostly partorisca compraventa on-line, email, and half comunicacionales social - the law adds! According to Asus produced in our house and to good sure will not be a last.
5 / 5 Louie
Has purchased one 16 GB the model of this pill likes to treat the to me, something to mainly of games of game on and occasional work in a gone if I do not want to take my laptop (which is heavy more) with me. Beware That this pill does not leave of the moving applications to the microSD paper like this when it comes to applications an available storage is everything will take, and of mine looks of investigation to the root is not included state developed partorisca this pill still and more the solutions to this require partorisca root. For like this unless you are planning on using paralizaciones east a lot of light/random use or partorisca the smallest applications highly suggests partorisca go for one 64 GB model, which will be partorisca purchase once returns one 16 GB model I at present have. It averts of an inability partorisca move applications to the microSD paper partorisca release on inner storage, ossia the a lot of a lot of looking pill and looks partorisca touch good games. It likes a UI and of a creation of a laptop. Although the solution has not been able to be exited that resulted in me that goes partorisca a process of transmission partorisca one 64 GB model, a vendor (DNB Sakes) was a lot of friendly and useful to the equal that would like the compliment his stops of that.

The recap: a reason has given 4 star is been due to an inability to move applications to the microSD paper in this pill that is the characteristic has been expecting/while paralizaciones. Another that that, good pill.
5 / 5 Gisele
In general the pill adds for a prize. We purchase on the each colour for our boys in Natal he 9 and 10 year. Screen of experience of glass protectors and chance for each. The pill extracted well for a side any one annoying ad and there is google chrome browser of web. A big plus downfall is durability. Two days with which received a young plus fell it and has broken a screen while it was in a protective chance. Calm can not substitute so only a screen of the glass in this model has to that it change out of a whole LCD exposed. A cost to do east is to to a cost still likes him the pill. Has has purchased now the total of 4 of these reasons the month later an old plus fallen his also.

Buys this for the boy I highly recommends to buy the chance of hule big and take a guarantee. These can not manage the be has fallen at all.
4 / 5 Ty
Has few pills and they are not of the pills of estimativa like my Asus but is for some big names in a world of pill but I so only like my Asus much better that these pills the have more those is way more expensive of the mine Asus but so only likes to of me more for a thing a Asus there is Dts audio when some another no an audio is cleaned like this like this and crisp in a Asus more some speakers are súper strong and an audio is a lot pleasant to a same ear in the strong level my others the pills so only do not approach to this another some have good audio but at all like this love a calm screen so only can has not beaten the another thing is that this pill is súper responsive so better that mine another some this product cost each penny has paid for him and Asus has gold of paste with east an if any one is in a phase for the pill to estimate ossia a a to take has known in this pill before it have taken these other I actuate has not bought never those buy this calm pill will not go wrong
5 / 5 Nola
Update- Bluetooth has been fixed in an update. But any first Video or Netflix no . It does not take that. It is returned reason a window of repayment has closed. Too bad really. I have finalised to spend to plot more for the slightly main screen.

If no for a Bluetooth the questions have been I adds. But he a lot of pair consistently with any one my Bose headset or speakers. And when he look, when touching Amazon or Netflix video, a sound would cut era. Has several Bluetooth devices. Any of them has exhibited this question with mine Samsung
5 / 5 Maynard
Among me and a family, has used several ASUS pills (and the pocolas other frames) on some years. ASUS The pills are WELL, but a thing that always sucks is a life of battery. They begin out of GOOD but inside the few months any look of battery to lose fast of capacities. Inside the year will be lucky to take an hour of time among touching. This has been compatible on 4 ASUS the pills have possessed in some last 4 years. My supposition is has to that do with a junky ZEN UI this is eating can of past while it is on. I will not be buying another ASUS compressed again. An exposure is well, looks well, accessories, etc. But a life of the battery over time is the breaker of extracted.
5 / 5 Peggy
Has bought to substitute 5 year Samsung 10.1 pill. This pill is really good-looking: black of expensive gloss with thin chrome the band around embroiders, behind is so only the backside. The resolution is acute & clear. The expensive is glass of Gorilla & any protective screen has required. The speakers are in a narrow band almost invisible in an upper so only under a chrome band. The sound is excellent, the law adds by means of a joint with Netflix, Prime of Amazon, UTube, Music of Amazon, etc. Any one questions with sounds a lot when being any one strong quite root of a real content of a video, no this pill. Careers multiple Applications at the same time & quickly.

Recommend in 350 Samsung compressed, reason Samsung there is prendido to update one YOU & after 3 any years of career of the banking applications, Eccobee3 applications of thermostat & another. Now in 5 years run eBay!! Reason spends two times so much for less? Instead, any wast your money in some $ 100 pills neither.

This pill so only takes 4 stars because any copper to 100. The load Is 1.0 amp, but substitution chargers is until 2.1 amp; frames any difference, this in spite of. I last long enough for me, but it could be the breaker of extracted for some.

Inferior line: I maintained it & it buy again. But then again, they are so only the FOG & that was?
4 / 5 Audria
Does not buy this. Less than 4 month and stuck in the loop of boot (google and is the common question ). Support of on-line technology at all another that tries reboot in recovery (which already had tried). Number of the serial required for RMA. If I can not take to, it likes volume? (Any has not saved box for 4 bad). They declare possibly they would issue I have called but it retard process. Needless To say will not be purchasing Asus produced in Black Friday.
5 / 5 Sharie
Has received so only two of these pills, an each one regarding my woman and I. A Zenpads will be to substitute the pair of iPad broken mini pills. My first impression is 'Wow! That to pill adds.'

Has been doing in a periphery of an industry of technology for on 20 years. Had the time when you buy each artilugio this is to exit. More recently the looks of technology to be less in a artilugio and more in a content. Today I need something concealed is easy to spend, has life of good battery, line of trace, programs of Office of Microsoft of careers, and does not cost an arm and to leg (I am looking in you Apple). They are agnostic. This little Zenpad is almost perfect.

Ordering, nave, and receiving could not be easier, thank you Amazon. It take one 16 gb model that feigns to stick a SD paper in him, if necessary. It dips up it was easy. It take an hour or like this to spend for an a lot of has required updates. I have deleted it stirs it to crap of a screen of house, applications of Office of the LADY INSTALLED on its own name, Netflix and video of Amazon for my woman, and is was and that careers. How it is configured, has free space.

A screen is acute, the sound is well, life of looks of battery WELL. A pill is quickly and responsive. It feels the small 'plasticy' but are well with that. All the things have considered, for a prize, could not be happier. And I do not seat to like am giving on a lot of or losing has gone by not purchasing to pill he expensive plus. Perhaps I will complain not taking a 32GB model? But probably no. the A lot of descriptions have warned in the bad USB has drawn port. The time will say, but are by train to be careful plugging and unplugging a cord to touch.

This pill will be used daily partorisca email, the web that explores, journaling and reading books. With some applications of Office will be able to do the pocola operates yes is necessary but am expecting to avert that it is possible. Ossia The personal device .

Changes the things in a future will modify this description, but for now a Zenpad taking five stars.
5 / 5 Kallie
I think that that this compraventa was the total waste of money. This device has not treated as well as I have expected, certainly does not fulfil an action of mine Tab of Galaxy A. A pill was in the chance with the coverage, there is the coverage of protective screen, and has not been abused, this in spite of, a screen is broken and a table will not turn on. ASUS Will not cover a reparation been due to a crack of screen, and master almost a price to purchase to repair a screen. If this was the estimativa real , still could consider, but say me to us a cost could locate, will not know the box sees it, and love the non-recoverable cost or f $ 60 to look in him. To arrive to this point, does not see me never buying a HIS ANYTHING never again.
4 / 5 Emmanuel
Very happy like this far. I use windows 10 and PC of pills/of the Apple mainly. I have wanted to maintain using Android also. Impressed with Android 6 and speed and facilitated of use, included when quite new to operating systems of Android to level main. Any complains like this far. Has has surpassed expectations.
5 / 5 Laveta
Pleasantly has surprised. I have not been sure which well acts, like the cost was in a side a low plus, but was very satisfied with a product. I use it every day partorisca to the functions likes them to them the look the video, reading books, exploring an internet, composing the emails and all would have done in mine telephone - still like this better. A pill feels very built, this in spite of, has bought the magnetic chance that addition to the his bulk and hanged. In spite of, ossia an excellent election and I still am looking to take the little more to use in my place of work and house.
5 / 5 Nancee
Has two main subjects with this device. In the first place, Bluetooth the row is pathetic, can very included leave a room that spends my bluetooth the headphones or the audio will begin to stutter or stop totally. This has not spent with my leading device, the Nexus 7. As, shortly after turn of a screen, Pandora prenderá to touch and beginning buffering, but so only when have a screen was. It does not install that it kills car applications and there is uninstalled Autostart Manager. If no utilisations Bluetooth or Pandora, then this would not be the terrible device.
4 / 5 Georgetta
Well, in the first place this thing has low resolution. A screen looks blurred and some colours are muted. It thinks, ¨Blah!¨ As, a selfie that the camera is terrible. I have wanted to use this thing to video of current with students, but does not think it will do the good impression. Before shabby, continuous in-line and read professional descriptions of this model. Any just look in him stacked against 9 other pills of estimativa (taste ). A pro informs that finally I saw suggests to go for Samsung Galaxy A. The desire had read that informs more collected. Now they are in Brasile without hopes of the turn.

Hopefully, the clock of good alarm.
5 / 5 Lauretta
A life of battery this almost unusable. Stray 20 power in 30 minutes of just surfing an internet. I can not imagine like an even could look the full film is without that has to that recharge immediately.

Also, taken roughly 30 minutes to recharge 10 power.

Has transmission to a star. Ossia A worse ASUS produced in a phase.
4 / 5 Loretta
Has had two Tampons of Zen in a course of 3 days. Sent a prime minister a backside with which 6 hours of application installs and places on (slow boy). I then taken to an utility of camera and expósito that an image in a screen has been turned 90Terracings in a clockwise direction. Spent 40 min with support, and has not been able to take me up and that career. Envoy in the first place behind to Amazon, and the substitution there has been a subject same exact.
Has behind called to sustain cat, and gave to us one fijamente concealed has done:
Please to treat some following steps:
1. Power of a device and take a cord to be able to.
2. Press and resist a key of power for 2 minutes.
3. Reconnect A cord to be able to and press and release a key to be able to.

No sure because guarantee of the quality is not verifying this @@subject that considers has has affected now two pills.
4 / 5 Madelene
has bought this for my woman to the equal that can use he in a cookery with recipes. It is the relatively fast device takes the little has bitten to take place on and a Asus the interface is class of odd with papers and of the settings yes accustom stock Android or Samsung TouchWiz..

Thinks a course a harder for my woman has looked for to find the chance that would return it. We buy two different some on Amazon one of them a strap has broken that control down a corner has done really cheaply, but another was a typical chance that the tight accesses around some behind and has a magnetic front that can bend you to three pieces and prop on a pill in two different directions.
Thinks misread when I have bought has thinks that does Android turrón 7.0 but he the android has had to that fact marshmallow 6.0. No extracted he-breaker but of a three that has compared another two has had turrón installed so that it was an only real left down.
4 / 5 Rashad
Has purchased this like the present for my GF to the equal that want something the little then his elder Nexus 7 (use closings concealed whe starts) and loves it. A ZenPad is easy to dip up and an exposure is very acute and clear. How it is older and any a lot of technology savy the exposure was more than entity his so much can touch his games with eases. For me that there is more can then she really the needs was more than the entity and this covered it.
4 / 5 Bernice
Has bought this reason among the two travesía of month. He the years have bought a ASUS Netbook for a same reason and has loved that. This in spite of begins to run slow and the friends have has had pills. AS it has bought a ASUS ZenPad and one with the ten monitor of thumb. Very satisfied with him. It was easy to dip on accounts of email and has run perfectly. Any hitches or glitches and do fault well during my travesía. Hard hope while mine ASUS Netbook has done. I reco the to the partner. I have bought the model that has not connected to the cellular service (any chip for that) and has not wanted to spend of the extra money to take one this has done. It was able to use WIFI points of the accesses where was. But, it loves to spend the little extra bucks, takes one this does. my2centsworth.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Z380M-A2-GR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5 Tania
I have bought this Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) tablet concretely for Marshmallow is 'adoptable storage' characteristic. This calm characteristic leave you to take an internal memory (16GB in Z380M) and a microSD card (use the 32GB), and combines the so many or internal 48GB storage. It sounds well?..........Except ASUS (and a lot other vendors) has not enabled this characteristic for default.

Has a lot of pieces in a web on so to enable this manually for several devices (a lot of pieces for Galaxy S7). I go to list a no big level that done for me concretely in this tablet. If you are not sure on any one of these steps, can easily google for more than details or leave the commentaries and I will try to answer the but perhaps very quickly.
0. Behind in your microSD data.
1. It enables one 'Option of Developer' in your Z380M
2. It enables 'Diagnostic of USB' in an Option of Developer and alloy Z380M in the PC saw USB
3. Download And install Android ADB tool in your PC (voice 3 commentaries of a cup in this nut of sidewinder on where to take this tool)
4. To command punctual of your PC, entered a following two mandates (without a mark of quotation):
'adb shell'
5. They go in Z380M' Storage of Parameters and USB, selects a SD card. An option of card (in a by right of upper corner) now would have to give the election in torage formed what internal'
6. You could take a message of error when the format is complete. Only reboot your Z380M and ignores a message of error.
7. Desprs reboot, Returns in an option of same card in any 5. This time, selects soyigrate Data' in place of formatting.
Opens would have to have the internal storage combined of 16GB + your microSD.
8. FYI, Take the summer of applications esorry, alas this application has working prisoner' the error has opened the sake after downloading an application. It finds this error goes was totally after restarting a tablet. I AM it disturbs it smaller , but no the breaker of roads for me.
The good class.
5 / 5 Nia
Desprs Touch with an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 has discovered liked me very one 7' of factor to form and was to look for the tablet of solid Android that has had the weight of form/of/the similar but that measured has had a specs in in fact done to run applications to less painful experience. It has not had the attention grinded paid in the tablets for fashion of Android a past year or two, like the options have been limited in the bouquet of tablets very cheap of low end, the little mid-field, and then the pair of tablets of big final with the main measure or proportion of different appearance.

In an end selects this or for his specs, descriptions (both professionals and user), and my positive experience with Asus produced in a past, and so much has been far very pleased.

Will take my only complaint out of a first road:
1) I the manufacturers of desire would leave stock of Android and any cloak his interface of own personalised user in lucido. This has said, Asus done several useful things with his UI. Still, I prefer such options to be has offered any one pressed. Felizmente, is easy to download New Llanar and situate he until operative likes the android regulates want to, so that is to say in any subjects the roads-breaker.

This has said, in all other respects that is to say the sum of small tablet . I find a quite a lot of hardware until any task has launched in him, a life of stack is solid, and a screen is brilliant and clear. It IS easy to line in a delivery, or to use with two hands when want to. And while that is to say the mid-compressed of field, at least the most next looks in big-the ends that would have expected . If you are looking for the tablet that can handle newspaper esal world' use, is or marks also.

Has only the only speaker (the front these faces, at least), like the sound is so tinny while it expect. The headphones is a more fix for that (bluetooth or subjects headphone the jack is so backed). Yes, you can burst in the microSD card, but can any one when being pas used for storage of application, storage of half comunicacionales only (a Asus UI limitation, any idea why). Also I will mention a button/of volume of the location of pode: they are in a right side of a device (when lined in orientation of portrait), well in a midpoint by a part, and a volume rocker chairs above a button to be able in (the opposite besides the telephones and other tablets have seen). On the way of the portrait tends to enter a road, direct in of the clicks accidentels. Asus Would do Well to borrow a location of button of a Kindle Fire 7 (all in a cup, subjects of portrait), IMO. But some buttons are less in a road when lining a device in road of landscape.

Update: Asus only (early April 2017) has pressed out of one in an update of air in version of Android 7.0 (Turrn), which aims Asus still is backing updates in this tablet. That is to say another reason to consider this tablet.

Five stars have won to be to solid tablet with good action and the factor of form adds.
5 / 5 Leon
This tablet has conformed each expectation of action that has had for him. One 2GB of the ram am adds to consider that other tablets in the field of the similar prize often has 1-1.5 GB, and is the welcome impulse . Some laws of good tablet and has has not had any hiccup in action while using it. It comes with profiles to be able the different what bren necessity to do with him, and in a default pose to be able in and with the brilliance of moderate screen has taken near in 12 hours to explore a web, looking videos, and touching games before be of need recharged, as it surpasses expectations in his announced 8 living hours of stack, at least cool out of a box.

My complaints are very smaller and no the value these strikes of any stars for and serve in any real detriment, is only my preferences. A Micro USB those touches the port is in a cup of a tablet in place of a fund. While it can it say on and rotate a screen to resolve this problem, marks to use a volume and button of power the small uncomfortable. Besides, a Micro SD void of the card a bit is troubling to take in, requiring takes an integer backplate, although this the surest fact. There is also the small bit of bloatware and free tests, although they are easy to the turn was or uninstall.

Global I very like this compressed for a prize. If you are looking for a tablet of level of the entrance those acts well, or perhaps update of the tablet that is several old years and is now underperforming, is or has tried fantastic when being so far.
1 / 5 Jenae
It likes I splurged and took me the tablet in January and thoroughly has enjoyed he for 7 whole months before it was quite stupid to do the update of normal software. Yes, normal update and suddenly a tablet is in an endless bootloop. I the reset of factory, but any sake. Felizmente Is down guarantee so full was each a info in a ASUS place of service, box he up and subjects behind. I look some updates , attack patiently, and last week is shipped behind. Fixed, well? Nope. I pull you are, induct he up and guess that...bootloop. I have to pay to ship and ASUS has done absolutely at all, any explanation, any offer for the substitute, only at all. The tan now has the very expensive doorstop, a lot recommends to eschew this tablet and ASUS in general. If anything goes bad with a device is totally out of luck.
5 / 5 Venetta
Very happy with this compraventa. State looking for the solid, small but state tablet of the android packed by the while now. I have tried two Tablets of Samsung - Tab A 8 and Tab A lite and or measured until a ZenPad Z380M for several reasons. And a Tab A 8 was quite pricey also but Samsung is not updating he in Android 7 anytime punctual. An only road to take Android 7 in the Samsung the tablet now included is to buy the a lot of expensive, tablet of the model the new plus, and a lot are 10 in. Compressed against 8. A ZenPad 8 is very priced, has the resolution of reproduction and screen adds by heart, a SD empty of card for expansion, is hurriedly, and has abundance by heart. And to the crown was, has posed hardly the up, aimed me in a first hour or so that it is has been ready to update in Android 7 which has been done hurriedly in WiFi.
1 / 5 Aracelis
Volume 5 stars if it do not have to have mtklogger (AKA SPYWARE of COMPANY) in the. mtklogger Constantly records each only thing in your tablet, and full in your memory, basically impossible in uninstall without rooting your tablet. You have to delete a mtklogger dossier of directory each which how 1-4 days to fall in spatial. Quan Touches my on-line games, or off-line has to delete a multiple of the dossier of the directory times the day. That is to say mine 8 tablet , and an only one this there has been this problem with.
5 / 5 Ji
My husband is fallen one of our Google Nexus has wanted 2013 tablets and alas go in an electronic paradise broken adds in a heaven (rubbish).
Has decided to give a 8 inch tries it how 7 inch looked the small small. After the plot of investigations was with this Asus ZenPad.
There went it the week and place he through everything of his steps and I could any one when being any happier. It has used for on 1.2 actions of a memory (uses the PLOT of applications) but another that that any complaint. Snappy, Claro, light. It take to turn an adjustment of automatic light was or a brilliance of variable screen will direct you nuts.
Does not listen in some bad descriptions, that is to say the add to program for the prize adds. Happy has not taken a Samsung. It can buy another of these when an another Nexus of Google dies.
5 / 5 Dominque
Wine with Android 7.0 out of a box. A hardware am adds for $ 125 bucks. It IS the tablet of estimativa but the Comfortable unit very a lot of to line and a software is properly optimised and looks quite decent. Everything answers to add and snappy. Only downside is that ASUS somehow deactivated a function to move applications in a SD card. Any sure why.

Taken some updates of security and while the does not run a later Android and more adds thinks that that is to say a more can locate the tablet to estimate today unless you go iOS or FireOS which personally thinks that both suck big time.

A better thing in this tablet is that it can substitute you a stack (the only tablet found so far). Videos of Youtube of the control so that it is an only tablet found this has rays and stack bonded any one, parts. That is to say a compraventa unexpectedly of main reason immediately.

That is to say far better that a Kindle so Fire in hardware and software. To read, Netflix and consumption of means comunicacionales this 8 measure of inch is perfect. His no the gaming tablet but for my surprise the half heavy game tried (XCOM) cut only well.

The Also has the road duquel law of boy of sound.

For a prize. These small types are the good purchase .
5 / 5 Toccara
Small compressed Well to hover he of a house. I do in him and he has used A lot, SO THAT it COMPRESS that the has not lived until a hype. I have required to tablet the small plus for the very very time the international trip and a stack of the tablet has lasted a whole road. I the plot of the investigation and this was by far one the majority of bang for a buck. The picture adds and his add.
4 / 5 Tomi
That is to say my premier ASUS the product and I are impressed. These products is superfast, very responsive. One 2 GB the no hurt ram. Well out of a box once he powered up and connected in WIFI has update he in Android 7.0. A tablet has the look and when being as the robust good tablet with buttons of metal in place of the plsticoes cheap in to ones like them the most compressed in a field of same prize. Life of looks of stack well. Has a speaker in a front that is not sper strong but is better that another concealed has speakers in some backwards or in some upper or melts in some verges. The quality of picture is decent, no so well like some of some tablets of the final of big plus but well for a prize. An only another thing that can subject with east concealed has to take you a back coverage has been to attach it SD card. This tablet is the glorious tablet for a prize and I totally would recommend this product in another.
5 / 5 Lashunda
I have bought this Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) compressed specifically partorisca Marshmallow is 'adoptable storage' characteristic. This calm characteristic leave partorisca take an inner memory (16GB in Z380M) and a microSD paper (I use he 32GB), and combine them like this an interior 48GB storage. Good sounds?..........Except ASUS (and a lot of other vendors) there is not enabled this characteristic for incumplimiento.

Has a lot of pieces in a web on like this partorisca enable this manually partorisca several devices (a lot of pieces partorisca Galaxy S7). I go partorisca list some steps of big level concealed done partorisca me specifically in this pill. If you are not sure in any of these steps, can easily google partorisca more than details or leave the commentary and I will try to answer his but perhaps a lot of promptly.
0. Behind on your microSD given.
1. It enables a 'Option of Developer' in yours Z380M
2. It enables 'Diagnostic of USB' in an Option of Developer and connect Z380M to the PC saw USB
3. Download and install Android ADB tool to your PC (sees 3rd commentary of a cup in this edge of sidewinder on where partorisca take this tool)
4. Partorisca Command punctual of your PC, enter a following two commanded (without a mark of quotation):
'adb shell'
5. It goes the Z380M' Marco-Storage and USB, select a SD paper. An option of paper (in an upper right corner) now would owe that give the election to 'formed like storage confined
6. You could take a message of error when formatting is complete. So only reboot your Z380M and ignore a message of error.
7. With which reboot, goes back to an option of same paper in any 5. This time, selects soyigrate Dated in place of formatting.
Now would owe that have the inner storage combined of 16GB + your microSD.
8. FYI, Take the summer of applications esorry, unfortunately this application has working prisoner' error yes calm plough a lot afterwards download an application. I have found this error goes was entirely after restarting a pill. It is the smallest annoyance , but no the breaker of extracted partorisca me.
Good regime.
5 / 5 Scarlet
After touching with an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 I has discovered liked really one 7' of factor of form and has been partorisca look for the pill of solid Android that has had the weight of form/of/the alike measure but to the equal that has had a specs to in fact does partorisca run applications to less-painful experience. It has not had a lot of attention has paid to the pills for Android factory a past year or two, so that the options have been limited to stirs it of a lot of economic pills of low end, the little mid-row, and then the pair of pills of big final with the main measure or proportion of different appearance.

In an end selects this one for his specs, descriptions (both professionals and user), and my positive experience with Asus produced in a past, and so much is far state very pleased.

Will take my only complaint out of a first way:
1) I costruttrici of desire would leave stocks of Android and any spent his interface of own personalised user on him. This has said, Asus diverse fact useful things with his UI. Still, I prefer such options to be offered any pressed. Felizmente, is easy to download place and New Launch he until operative likes the android rule want to, like this ossia in no way treat he-breaker.

This has said, in all other respects ossia the sum of small pill . I find a hardware enough until any task there is tossed in him, a life of battery is solid, and a screen is brilliant and clear. It is easy to resist in a delivery, or to use with two hands when I want to. And while ossia the mid-compressed of row, at least looks more after the big-the end that would have expected. If you are looking for the pill that can manage daily esal mondó use, this a fact like this well.

There is so only the speaker so only (the front that expensive, at least), like the sound is like this tinny like appearances. The headphones are a more fix for that (bluetooth or street headphone jack is both die endures). Yes, you can burst in the microSD paper, but can not be used for storage of application, storage of half comunicacionales only (a Asus UI limitation, any idea because). Also I will mention a key/of volume of the can placing: they are in a right side of a device (when resisted in orientation of portrait), right in a midpoint for a part, and a volume rocker chairs on a key to be able to (the opposite further of the telephones and other pills have seen). In the way of portrait tends to go in a way, that heads to click accidentels. Asus Would do well to take loaned a placing of key of a Kindle Fire 7 (all in a cup, in way of portrait), IMO. But some keys are less in a way when that resists a device in way of landscape.

Update: Asus only (prompt April 2017) has pressed out of one in an update to air the version of Android 7.0 (Turrón), which aims Asus still is sustaining upgrades to this pill. Ossia Another reason to consider this pill.

Five stars have won to be to solid pill with good action and the factor of form adds.
4 / 5 Karyn
This pill has fulfilled each expectation of action that has had for him. A 2GB of RAM is orders that it considers that other pills in the row of the prize resembled small has 1-1.5 GB, and is the welcome impulse . A pill extracted well and has not had any hiccup in action while using it. It comes with the profiles of different power depend that precise do with him, and in a incumplimiento setting to be able to and with moderate screen brightness has taken near to 12 hours to explore a web, looking video, and touching play first of precise be recharged, as it surpasses expectations in his announced 8 hours of life of battery, at least fresco out of a box.

My complaints are much smaller and no the value that incident of strikes for and do fault to any real detriment, is so only my preferences. A Micro USB that touches the port is in a cup of a pill in place of a fund. While podes toe he on and rotate a screen to solve this question, to use a volume and key of power the little uncomfortable. Besides, a Micro SD space of the paper a bit is annoying to take to, requiring takes an integer backplate, although this the surest fact. There is also the small bit of bloatware and free tests, although they are easy to the turn was or uninstall.

Global I really like this compressed for a prize. If you are looking for a pill of level of the entrance that extracted well, or perhaps upgrading of the pill that is several old years and is now underperforming, this one has looked for to be fantastic like this far.
4 / 5 Boyd
Like me splurged and took to pill in January and thoroughly there is enjoyed he for 7 whole months before it was quite stupid to do the update of normal software. Yeah, normal Update and suddenly a pill is in an endless bootloop. The to reset of factory, but no good. Felizmente Is guaranteeed down like this full was all a info in a ASUS put of service, box he on and the send behind. I look some updates , attack patiently, and last week is shipped behind. Fijamente, well? Nope. Quell'Pull was, initiate he on and supposition . I have had to pay to ship and ASUS has done absolutely at all, any explanation, any offer for the substitute, so only at all. Like this now I have the really expensive doorstop, really recommend avert this pill and ASUS in general. If anything goes bad with a device is entirely out of regime.
5 / 5 Gilberte
Take 5 stars if it do not have to that have mtklogger (AKA COMPANY SPYWARE) on that. mtklogger Constantly registers each alone thing in your pill, and full on your memory, basically impossible to uninstall without rooting your pill. You owe that delete a mtklogger file of directory each one that 1-4 days to release on spatial. When I Touch my on-line games, or off-line has to that delete a multiple of the file of the directory times the day. Ossia Mine 8th pill , and an only one that has had this question with.
4 / 5 Yu
Very happy with this compraventa. I have been looking for the solid, small but look compressed of the android packed for the while now. I have tried two Samsung Compressed - Tab A 8 and Tab A lite and neither measured until a ZenPad Z380M for several reasons. And a Tab A 8 was quite pricey too but Samsung is not quell'updating to Android 7 anytime punctual. An only way to take Android 7 in the Samsung to the pill now included is to buy the very expensive, pill of the newest model, and a lot are 10 in. Pills vs 8. A ZenPad 8 is a lot priced, has the resolution of screen adds and reproduction by heart, a SD space of paper for expansion, is quickly, and has abundance by heart. And to top it was, has dipped grieves on, aimed inner one first now or so that it is has been ready to update to Android 7 which has been done quickly in WiFi.
5 / 5 Bebe
Has come with Android 7.0 out of a box. A hardware are adds for $ 125 bucks. It is in pill of estimativa but the very a lot one. Comfortable to resist and a software is optimised properly and looks quite decent. Everything answers to add and snappy. So only downside is that ASUS somehow disabled a function to move applications to a SD paper. Any sure reason.

Has received some updates of security and while it does not run an Android later and more add thinks that ossia a calm more can locate to pill to estimate today unless you go iOS or FireOS which personally thinks that both suck big time.

A better thing in this pill is that you can substitute a battery (to only pill I found like this far). Video of Youtube of the control because it is an only pill has found concealed has rays and any glued battery, parts. Ossia A main reason I swipe buys immediately.

Ossia Far better that a Kindle Shoot both in hardware and software. To read, Netflix and consumption of means comunicacionales this 8 measure of thumb is perfect. His any the gaming pill but for my surprise the half heavy game I tried (XCOM) short so only well.

The hips has the way of boy that reads of sound.

For a prize. This little type is the good cost .
4 / 5 Luise
My husband has fallen one of the ours Google beloved Nexus 2013 pills and alas go to one the electronic paradise broken adds in a heaven (rubbish).
Has decided to give a 8 thumb tries likes 7 of the thumb looked the little small. With which to the plot of investigation has been with this Asus ZenPad.
There was the week and place he by means of everything of his steps and I could not be happier. It has on used 1.2 actions of a memory (I use to PLOT of applications) but another that that any complaint. Snappy, Claro, light. It agrees to turn one the automatic light adjustment was or a variable screen brightness will drive you given.
Does not listen to some bad descriptions, ossia the add slate for the prize adds. Happy has not taken a Samsung. It can buy another of these when another Google Nexus dies.
5 / 5 Liane
Pill very small partorisca around a house. I do in him and he has Very used, SO THAT it COMPRESS that the has not lived until a hype. I have required to pill he small plus for the very long the travesía international and a battery of pill is lasted a whole way. The to plot of the investigation and this was for far one the majority of bang for a buck. The picture adds and his add.
4 / 5 Nakisha
Ossia Prime minister of mine ASUS the produced and am impressed. These produced is superfast, a lot of responsive. One 2 GB RAM any hurt. Right out of a box once powered on and connected to WIFI he upgraded to Android 7.0. A pill has the look and feel like the good sturdy pill with keys of metal in place of the plásticoes economic to to some like more pills in of a row of same prize. Life of looks of battery well. Has a speaker in a front that is not súper strong but is better that another concealed has speakers in some behind or in some upper or funds in some flanges. The quality of picture is decent, no like this well like some of some pills of main but good finals for a prize. A so only another thing that can subject with this that owe that take a @@@back cover was to add it SD paper. This pill is in glorious pill for a prize and I totally would recommend this product to another.
4 / 5 Jannette
UPDATE: shouted my description of two stars to three stars because ASUS Sustains really tried partorisca achieve was mine and resembled sincerely wants to try to correct a WiFi subject. But it was too late - I has had is returned already a product and experience of the competitor.
-- -- -- --
I has had the total of three Asus Zenpads - a prime minister an I has sold, and the stray so much, has bought another. A second a has been destroyed in the fire of house - have bought like this the third a.

Has not had never questions very significant with a prime minister two. A third one have almost crazy pipe before it is returned. He constantly disconnected of Wi-Fi and further of chance, he reconnect, but a lot always. I a lot annoying. Doing investigations of web, am a lot has proposed fijamente, very which has tried unsuccessfully. I have called Asus support more than a swipe, and has finalised to give on also. When they Have on data and said to send he in still reparation, is returned instead to the equal that was less bad inside a period of turn. There are a lot of reports of subjects of Wi-Fi with recent Zenpad pills.

A time, Asus was a undisputed that directs in of the pills of economic Android - now has a untapped phase partorisca to pill of Android of confidence that is not like this expensive like some offerings of Samsung and Google. Huawai Failure that tries because of an a lot of documented WiFi/Bluetooth subjects. Compressed of the fire would be to contend he - has run Android YOU in planting to Shoot you and yes has sustained Tent of Game of the Google.

Has not THOUGHT NEVER still consider a Ipad, but a phase of the pill of the Android is resulted the wasteland if I do not want to spend more than $ 250-$ 300.
5 / 5 Rhonda
Disable A capacity to locate a SD paper like inner storage that is typically available in this version of Android. It installs 1 application and use Gmail and the career was. This thing sucks. I am not sure reason Asus a lot to the left locate a SD paper like the inner storage but he simply does not act. This thing is fill like this with Asus bloatware applications that some 16 actions have gone to purchase. Total bummer.
4 / 5 Vena
Is Or.K. It does not like the one who Asus quell'spoilt. My calm mobile phone at least leave to save some applications to a SD paper to save spatial. This ZenPad a lot to the left save Any applications to a SD paper. It was very impressed for David L description of August 25, 2016 of like this to enable adoptable storage. Asus There is apparently really spoilt that access also. A lot still you leave you to entirely clear one hides. At least my telephone . Reason Asus quell'spoilt so much, does not know reason. Oh BTW, My telephone is an Android 6 also. Included that tries to print of him, STILL am trying imagines was that!
UPDATE 06/25/2017
discovered can very directly printed of him! If I have known that knows now, would not have bought it never.
5 / 5 Kathryne
Has bought like this for use around a house and office to verify email and looking things up without that has to that pause out of a laptop. The law adds partorisca east and still for simple games. He no good for games more complex, especially the intense map some. A video in these finds lagging and choppy.
Gave it four stars to the equal that fulfils my primary needs amiably. Fault of the characteristic of vibration and the CONCENTRATED for a camera, for this any 5th star. Basically ossia the decent mid-pill of level.

REMARKS This unit is not cellular and requires connection with the subject wireless for access of internet.

UPDATE Shortly after a guarantee caducada (result to so only be a year) a battery swelled on breaking like this bad a removable rear dish. While a unit still do not go the averages an hour on battery.
Considering a cost of having a no replaceable the battery substituted and my less than stellar impression of this product (sees on) before he lacking, has decided to take the Samsung Tab of Galaxy A 8' 32 GB and give up in ASUS
4 / 5 Freddie
Splendid device to read books or looking netflix.
Apply a lot of updates of software in some first hours of pair, then boss of conference amiably. It was well to see that patch on properly without real endeavour.

Are not the enormous defender of some of some things his - for example, can not imagine was like this to move applications to sd paper in this device (while it is perfectly easy in another Android 7.0 devices). An application to the tune is not also does like this Samsung is, and a flange of looks of metal to be the cheat of enormous powder.
Those are all the smallest nitpicks, this in spite of - I was able to burst in mine microSD the full paper of books and music and enjoy in the subject of minutes.
Buy again... And I can owe, like looks of mine of woman to be intent on in the steering wheel :)

An inability to find the good chances for this device annoy his utility.

/Update with which 2 me him - some devices 'quirks' has resulted 'annoyances' to a point that is literally so only the reader of basic book. I will be to go to the Samsung grieve a new tab is was. Constante wifi disconnects, a lack of application to SD, a lack of the decent chance, a cumbersomeness of transmission out of a SD paper, a difficulty with in fact of his emotional material is plugged is - quite meh.
4 / 5 Diedra
Has bought this for my edges has based in some descriptions add. Law well for the few months, but after the update of software, a pill has taken stuck in the loop of boot. It manufactures Rey-dipped did not fix it so that it was to Asus has been (the first time). A bit those that weeks later a pill has been returned, and first of my edges had finalised the taking dipped on, begins a loop to kick again. Absolutely very different! We send it to knots behind to Asus again where he still rests. My client of the calls of the husband sustains weekly or like this to verify in a state and taking absolutely no where. They have had to pill of my edges now for three months!!! Any only are I giving on on not taking never this pill behind, (left so only taking it behind fixed), but based in my experience of support of the client, that can do excepts to give on Asus!
5 / 5 Rosie
Has looked for the substitution for my beloved Nexus 7. One 7 tampon of thumb the phase has died essentially, but some 8 pills of the thumb is not any much bigger to the equal that have concentrated in these models. It sustain to take to economic muck Samsung Tab but that the model is coming with a now outdated Android 4 YOU and is not upgradeable. He then sustained to the Lenovo but has discovered that a screen has not been glass of gorilla. Bought this one and am satisfied entirely. His exceptional, the screen adds, expandable memory, and quickly like this lightning. It feels well in my hand and some complaints roughly 'bloatware' is quell'has bitten overblown. And a battery simply is in amazing.
5 / 5 Cleo
This product has been purchased on 17 Oct, 2017. The works add! This in spite of, a port of touch has been 'iffy' grieve the movement has spent a turn of 30 phase of days. Of then, have babied that CRAZY. So only it takes touched when it is lying horizontal, with a fully extended cord in the surface to avert a lot of jiggling of some inner components.

Of then yesterday, a pill has refused to touch, period. At all. At all. At all. Zip. Any one load will be goring.

Is inside a period of guarantee? Absolutely. This in spite of, now begins a hike to treat service of client, shipping pill of mine (those use for work) was to HOPEFULLY be repaired, like this on and he like this advance.

Ossia Two pills , now, ASUS, concealed failed me, and spectacularly. Will have the third.


HAS has HAD TO THAT finally send a pill behind. After the week in his department of reparation has been informed a pill has had harm of water, and that will require to pay $ 150 for has it has repaired.

Finds this extremely that it interest so that it is, for the fact, this pill has no, during my property, exposed state to water. You are maintained in the chance and babied, especially considering some questions have begun in that have punctual with a port to touch.

Asus? Never again. No very which, no any way.
5 / 5 Aura
Has been using this pill for almost the months of pair now and am contained enough with him. I have not touched any games on he still, has not bought he for that. I explore A web, control my email, IM people, and systems of far access with him. The life of battery is quite decent, can take the legislation 8 use of hours out of him. I had it on stand-for still 3 days where so only would use for an hour before I put to bed me, and have 59 on that. I am not running Facebook,which is the resource hog, as it maintains that in alcohol. A a speaker touches really well for the mobile device, has dipped in receiver loves to enjoy some music for the moment. Has not dipping a SD paper in still, but well is to know can launch another 128 gb he master. Not running Turrón still, but that doen't annoy me. It is running Android 6, and short quite smooth. It does not avenge with a lot of bloatware my surprised,and has not had to disable applications a lot a lot of neither. Also I have a ASUS desk has bought in 2014 that I upgraded, and cut fantastically also. I have done with the doubt that has has had to that done a ASUS the telephone can jump to the pill, device really fresh. When being a The PROFESSIONAL and game I, knows to do utmost motherboards and GPU is also. It has had so only a subject when I have ordered the new laptop and was defective. I have bought he of Newegg and would have substituted it , but has sold out of fast lol. Anyways, is looking for adds it wifi mobile device, this does quite amiably. It does not come with the HE option for service
5 / 5 Hue
A pill that has loved = Samsung Galaxy Pro= $ 875 row. A pill could resupply?Any one it Samsung Tab of Galaxy One this was refurbished or a Asus ZenPad this was new. I have been with Asus reason there is more storage, informs of sound, more economic, new and more ram. An only downside to this pill is can not find any SD space of paper? I have not been conscious that this pill has not offered expandable storage. It does not use never 16 actions. It comes with abundance of Asus storage of web as well as the storage of free walk likes any to concerned. His apresamiento the answered times quite fast. Any to a lot of lag. Some work to touch seamlessly. Really I have any complaint. Perfect measure, really well feel and build of quality down $ 125, can not beat concealed! :-) P.D. Read thru descriptions and jueza for calm!
5 / 5 Elodia
I have bought this partorisca my woman like a present of anniversary. It arrives today (2018-03-06). It was the little sheepish in this because it have read some descriptions of 1 stars. Many have said to be cheaply has built; a screen is bad; it is slow; uploaded with bloatware, etc. has found any of those partorisca be true. I will update this the month or like this, with which is used the enough to find any defects. Masters the like this far (with which roughly 90 minutes of use)!!! 29 years, creature!

Like this far, a first day of use, an only negative has seen is when it updates the Android 7.0 (any name feeds that it is); Google has taken the email was. An account and the messages have been preserved, but an application of email is disappeared. It is an account in a Gmail application now, to the as it does not like (Of utilisation IMAP, and hate Gmail). But this has ZERO to do with this mark or model.

Now after the pair of weeks, likes even of better. My woman is has wanted to so only. It looks to have a lot of life of battery very good.

PROs (As far):
Brilliant screen , clear ( is so only 1280x800, but look add)
Snappy action
Any a lot of bloatware ( has take/disabled 5 or 6 applications)
Some fast SD paper I installed has excellent action!
Quality of good build, and a lot well if any súper-material of prize ( goes to be in the chance, as that?)
Very fast WiFi (the fast plus of any of our hand-held devices)

Gilipollas: Roughly three weeks in, knots so only lamented that one (rear) the camera has any flashes. We discover to try to scan it QR code in low light. It was so only he blurry blob until I have used to torch.

Will add this precaution: there is a lot of ZenPad 8 models, and obviously is different measures . I have ordered a wrong chance. Be sure to know your number of model and order a correct chance.

2018-05-09: My woman still loves that and, another that a lack of the camera flashes, the work so only adds!
5 / 5 Kacy
Ossia To pill really well , final of history. Any question any one. Some updates have taken the little long but am installing my applications easily & súper quickly. A lot of customization with a UI also. The good screen & feels. If you are in a fence in the 8' or 10', goes with east. Any only is the most economic way ($ 130 for me) but does not seat deceived with a measure of screen at all, more is easier that resist. The battery is lasted the few days with moderate use. Very satisfied with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Lizzette
Has done well. Done feel me like me has taken the good experience in spite of being in a more economic end of computer of pill. The stock software was a lot of and has sustained everything of some applications has used.

Has Had some subjects of hardware. In the first place a pill sometimes would refuse to turn on, this is inner spent four month to order, and then the little more time, but some trickery with touching of different power outlets and that resists a key to be able to, kicking the sure way or no, ten minutes of test and error with this class to stuff more often that any taken the on again. - I that could see when being gives it ' arrive' moment for people that does not love fiddle with him.

According to @subject was that the parts of a screen would freeze up in time, often to somewhere in a keyboard, so that it have to that be pressed much more last that usual of the take to recognise a press, or a system rebooted and begged partorisca to do usually.

Less critical frustrations: A battery is not accessed easily so the substitution of battery would be the ache yes is possible with this model. - A @@@back cover, yes decide take he for some reason, does not go to snap behind on easily; you press in him and some part will remain trace any @@subject that the coverage of pressure has. - A box of product is quell'has bitten spartan and does not leave packing in one load and pill like this easily to the equal that avenges.
5 / 5 Billie
Has purchased recently a Asus ZenPad 8.0 and wants to loves it one feels a smooth movement in an operating system, a map is vibrant and well would consider to recommend this device to any concealed is looking for a pill abordable. A downfall of a device is some cameras is crappy reason are so only 2mp front and 5mp behind. Another defect of a device is that an outside SD expansion of the paper so only leaves scrolling of files and photos, is unable to transfer applications to release on spatial in a device; it is quell'has bitten disappointed with this function because this was one of a main reason chooses a Asus ZenPad. At present it possesses the Google Nexus pill of Asus and master all his functionalities but a question has been was so only able to be used with one on board qualified of storage, which was a reason because it has chosen a ZenPad. With which hours to try to imagine was that applications of scrolling to a SD has been said by some costruttrici that a system is unable to sustain that dipping right now. I seat that an information in a device specs would have to that specify this clearly for people that is purchasing a device. In spite of some subjects that has been chair has mentioned is the device a lot well to all the cost and is to a lot very compraventa partorisca low $ 200.
4 / 5 Elena
Ossia My third pill and like this far a lot of snappy and good. The life of battery is according to look well but he tad questionable, but perhaps has not configured some settings entirely still. Lustrous creation , sturdy feel, minimum bloatware. Easy setup.

is been the few months have had of this pill and he utmost so that utilisation stops. But my subject of only entity is that it can not remain connected to the WiFi signal. Any wifi signal, does not import where is in. And ossia one of some things of entities have taken partorisca, is when my behind can not manage seating in an office in my computer can go in read this in spite of doing material. But I have to it the turn was/in a wifi each pocolos small otherwise the just stops. I have tried diverse things to fix it and at all laws. It is too a point so only would give this thing was and go with the different mark.
5 / 5 Cameron
Has impressed really with this pill. It is a perfect measure to stops the internet that explores and reading informative, fold well like one and-reader, and has quite can to touch basic games without too much of the hitch. I have added it bluetooth keyboard and has used likes the substitution of laptop for public seminars, meetings, etc. Is terrific with applications of continuazione of the g. A ASUS application of the manager of the memory is quell'has bitten on-aggressive in my experience, as have disabled he for more than applications that use frequently. Otherwise, Some could update very included when you use them. So only unsolveable @@subject that has not had never was that it can do not taking to connect in a hotel wifi; it does not launch a window of browser of the authentication for some reason.
5 / 5 Trevor
Is in good pill that takes a work done. It runs the majority of my applications so only well and has a upgrade to Android 7 which is well.

A negatives listed down is much smaller and does not take out of an use in my opinion. They are by train to list them For a sake to be informative.

Has had to spend for several first updates of the use. It comes with some unnecessary software that that can be hid or has takes. A processor is quell'has bitten dulcemente for some things but calm probably will not remark unless you are trying one the majority of demanding 3D games.
4 / 5 Lai
The value adds for a prize, one of one a lot little in this row of prize with 2GB of RAM or more and avenges with Android 6.0 out of a box. Personally It likes Me a Zen UI as also I have it Zenfone 3. My boy uses this newspaper and he any one has given @subject so only of then purchasing this December 2016. It does not think has the available better option in this point of prize.

The action is snappy and enough a lot especially compared to other options in a sub $200 row (this is to assist strongly for a 2GB of RAM)
the screen is clear crystal and has the options by heart add
Zenui is the decent skinning of Android and is not like this bloatware like this touchwiz.
Has the decent selection of chance and screen protectors on Amazon like this the has not had any subjects find accessories.
4 / 5 Lacie
I remorse that buys this pill to substitute my seated-to Nexus 7. An only improvement in a Nexus is a capacity to add the micro SD paper to a storage (that follows one short listed in some descriptions for David L, his description and hack-around is an ONLY good thing in this pill).

Some descriptions of some stars, and a dismissive, pat answered to them of ASUS would owe that be the look by all the world roughly squandering money, and especially time, and work and likely die, in this really terrible product. I have been the faithful ASUS client for years, well, is now of separate ways. So many, reasons a lot I heed those some descriptions of star? Reason consider the reasonably sophisticated user and imagined, hey, will come up with the work around. Sure, well and dandy, to have the product of quality to start with, the band was all a adware, bloatware, buggy rubbish, spend the few evenings in front of a telly, he rasgando down and it dipping on top of a way loves it. Hey, Ossia so only a way is with electronic of economic consumer, well? Wrong, no this time! It goes to take that it roots this thing, and concealed is not for a faint of heart, neither has to that a be expected to do that, so only to have that has paid takes! Well, it is economic, is tacky, is bad... I can use he for means comunicacionales, and-reading, perhaps navigation... ah hah! It thinks again... Any way. He randomly reboots. A wi-fi is buggy, constantly disconnects. Some drains of battery before mine a lot of eyes. Has has squandered hours with this junk. A system will not update , says a firmware to the file is bribed (probably a buggy wi-fi) on and on, in my cost of bandwidth. Any I still thinks well a hassle to try for the turn. It can do the quota, behind-has lit sushi flat, or coaster. The marvel yes is sure dishwasher?
4 / 5 Joel
Has bought mine of Amazon look it in fact weeks and has bought the micro-sd paper to give it 64GB by heart.
Before I have bought a memory was quite happy with the action of a pill likes one and-reader. But that installs a chip by heart was where my questions has begun.
Of then could not locate an obvious place to install a paper by heart, looked by means of a documentation. To install a paper by heart the needs take a rear poster. Calm struggle the bit but he exits quite easily. A paper by heart is like this easy like the snap to install. But a rear coverage in the mine simply will not snap behind to plant. One has tried more a worse taking. And it likes me quell'has said, have read a manual and has followed some instructions that takes note of a corner for the resist while inserting, now pill of mine depends to his pleather chance to resist a rear poster in place.
To add insult to hurt, a pill does not leave for an installation of or moving of Applications to a micro-sd paper, so there was almost any point in resupplying an additional memory. They are quite disappointed.
Has contacted ASUS for email to discover yes could obtain the coverage of the substitution and a response was basically that it would be it necessary send it a backside of whole pill for reparation.
I desire could recommend this pill, but honradamente, think you would be necessary to avert it.
4 / 5 Shane
I have had has reserve expectations when I have purchased this pill partorisca such the low prize, but then again has taken rid of my Pill of Nook. It was very surprised!!! It avenges with Android Marshmallow out of a box and 16GB of spatial (more a SD paper I installed). A 2GB of the memory runs each launch of game in him (I are not the enormous gamer but has bought Spatial Died of a tent of stops of Game .50 And it touches without lag). I use it mainly to read books with an application of Reader of the Moon, surf an internet, film of clock of Cousins and Netflix (and a SD paper) and there is still to have a subject. A life of battery is good to except when gaming and would guess concealed applies of more. My only nit-picky qualm is that sometimes I seat a screen the darkness of has bitten, but concealed could be me... .
5 / 5 Michaele
The pill is well for the mine has limited purpose. So only to spend around, spends a time with games, email of control. A big complaint has is that I use this with Pandora to touch music for my class of aerobics of the water. A wifi has the very short row, situate a pill a far plus that 25-30 feet of a wifi source in a centre of fitness he looses a signal. My old Nexus 7 could be taken 100 feet of a wifi signal this in spite of elected on the good strong signal in a same ease.
5 / 5 Kaci
Mina 12 old year has saved his money and has bought this he. It loves this pill so much. It is able to use he partorisca Khan Academy, Netflix, Hulu, Minecraft and so only in any one another application of Android that can think you of. Has the quite decent battery life and good resolution. A screen can take quite brilliant to use external in a sun.
5 / 5 Roger
Really any one a quality has learnt to expect of ASUS on some years. 2 stars because a prize is good and he quite that love it to. This in spite of, is not possible to move applications to a SD paper, and has a lot of little available space for games, which is that it has bought these stops. Will have that finds the workaround, and has to that it does not have to that . There is really any excuse for advertising expandable storage and then not leaving the use of people for applications. Ridiculous. Also, some games pursue would have to that do well on 2gb ram, this in spite of course in way of low end. I guess volume that stops of has paid.
4 / 5 Charlene
1 Star for an element (subjects of costruttore) / 5 Stars for a vendor (fast delivery & step)

has purchased this New element last week and legislation out of a box sealed there is subject. A bit those that screens to a together initial-arrive where chooses your basic settings raisin for the bootloop this is to be cause randomly in different sceens in a neighbour-arrive process. With which a lot have failed tentativas to complete a neighbour-on been due to bootloop the interruptions have decided to do the Boot of Recovery to resist down a Volume of Key + of the Can Arrive key. Once it was completed I is spent for a neighbour-on indictment again but this time I disabled all the applications and skipped all the register-ins, so only that selects my preference of tongue. Finally, near-up it was complete. For the process of elimination has discovered that enabling and connecting to Wi-Fi begins a bootloop. Disabling Wi-Fi Leaves a pill to do usually.

Thinking it can be the defect of costruttore am returned a first compraventa of pill and has ordered the substitution. Sure appearance have not taken a same pill... Reason this 2nd pill has received tonight also is that it spends for the bootloop right after enabling and connecting to the mine Wi-Fi of house (USA). Honradamente, do not want to spend for one same troubleshooting am not spent for with a first pill.

Has not been able to find answered in this subject concrete on-line and some so only subjects that involves bootloops link behind to the 2017 update that has had bad affects in the number of pills. Reason ossia a 2nd experience of pill and there is not answered a lot on-line, will be to return an element again and will not order the substitution.
5 / 5 Albina
Yes, a placing of a key to be able to is annoying ... But any the breaker of extracted. Finally I will take used his. Otherwise Is to add it involved among my others two pills, an iPad Mini and the Fire 7. The so that main likes on a Fire 7 is that it is quite tightened to be able to spend in a delivery. Although a ZenPad 8 is wider, is still a lot like this width likes iPad Mini, and therefore comfortably it can spend. And it is dramatically faster that a Fire 7, with (as far) any of a wifi subject that plague a Fire 7. A screen is much more brilliant and more acute, also. As I think that that I have found finally to pill that fulfils my needs. A so only another thing would wish partorisca east the cellular modem.
4 / 5 Jazmine
To the pill adds for a prize. Amur A look and feel of a pill. A time of the response of a pill are adds. A disadvantage is that it calms can not run applications of a SD paper. Have Roughly 12 GB of spatial when in the first place you plough a box. A SD the space of paper is essentially so only partorisca to store music, books, photos etc. If it plan in those touches to plot of the games or that use to plot of applications in this pill, maintains in importing you so only have like this spatial. Ossia That the import bummer. That is a sense of having this SD space of paper, if I can not develop your capacity of total storage. I do not seat totally sure in a adoptable characteristic of storage.
5 / 5 Oliva
This pill is sum . I have bought this zenpad 8 for my woman to substitute a overpriced commentaries of galaxy 10 concealed died after so only 2 or 3 years of use.
A ASUS Z380M-A2-GR Zenpad 8 is less than the third a prize of this old samsung and does more all better. It was impressed like this with my woman zenpad that has bought another on its own name the month later and a prize there has been has fallen included . I will recommend ASUS
compressed to all the world knows. ASUS Has been the name trusted in my house for years when buying crew of computer, as really it have to that no
surprise that do excellent pills in awesome prizes also. Way of gone ASUS!
4 / 5 Kellie
Has bought this tab reason have had a Asus the smallest screen before for mine 4 old year. Last really long more than 2 years and he have taken alot of the bands and he have fallen long. My edges is 7 maintaining and has had this one for the month now and taken long to start with up and long to touch. That I to of to the that likes is that of a way of boys is no longer an application where can be he in a screen, has to go to settings for the select everytime and this is annoying. Also in way of boys, a Netflix the application leave to choose the profile to go in to and in a last version so only leaves a boy to go in a profile that would have chosen you when you where out of way of boys. Really I disturbed this! A last Asus has purchased was better but no longer the sell .
5 / 5 Andreas
A device has done reasonably for some premiers few months, but has begun then to experience subjects of exposure. The guarantee used for reparation and to return, a device still does not act like this expected that. Envoy behind again and this time, a company has used tiny scratches in a chance and screen (tear and normal wear, and import you, in a device to initial reparation) to deny a reparation of guarantee. Calm the favour, does not buy anything of ASUS!!!
5 / 5 Cherry
A screen is sum , a pill is very partorisca my needs, which do not comprise touching any games and not looking the plot of video is listening the a lot of music. Mostly it uses a pill like the reader and occasionally partorisca explore on-line. For this reason, finds a life of poor battery the real negative. Has two other 7' pills, the Samsung and the Lenovo, and both of them there is noticeably life of better battery, especially a Samsung. All three has some same applications loaded and alike use models, how is quite easy to see a divergence among some pills. I can not say that has has had to that often touches at night reason am taken unaware that quickly some drains of battery. :(
4 / 5 Phillip
This WAS the pill adds . With which so only the year of use, has died. Any quantity to touch or anything more works. Before it die, I thought that it that it has been it adds MAY!! Has life of terrible battery. No the breaker of extracted for me, and a way used it... But it can have been partorisca more. In all the chance, a thing has died. It takes the bad description now.
4 / 5 Olympia
Ossia An excellent a half pill. For my newspapers, reading and writing emails, compraventas, exploring, touching the oldest games, work well. For more anticipated uses, movement my Tab of Galaxy Pro 8.4 (2014) or a Tab of new Galaxy A SM-P200 (intl version), so much duquel has the finest exposures.
The life of battery is average, how is a system of sound. This in spite of, a speaker that the front of types is the big advantage . The mine arrived with Marshmallow 6.0 but objective upgraded to Turrón 7.1.
Has the reason the majority of the tabs do not leave you to move applications to a SD paper: Some developers of the application does not love you to, reason all move more lens when that accesses a paper. Photo, the video & of music is A lot of REASON the majority of a transmission is one-way.
4 / 5 Myrl
Can not speak for another reviewers, but tampon of mine operates faster that mine portable that careers W10. The picture is crisp and clear. Any question with touching and a battery is long-durable compared to mine portable and other tampons have possessed. I need the little customization with settings to customise the to your preferences of use, but that wont apresamiento very long, although you are technology -has defied. No attended to touch Skyrim in this tampon, and will take to plot of bang for your buck.
4 / 5 Von
Can not think of the what alone to disturb in this pill. Any of some pills is exiting with enough of inner storage these days. A real challenge that Google has tried to fix with a capacity to attach an outside sd paper to an inner storage. Unfortunately, it conceal he no as well as it touches. SD The papers are not feigned to be devotion excluyente the inner storage is feigned to write once or two times and read thickness.
Another that requiring the storage of has bitten more inner...
The screen is awesome.
Android Of amour 6 in general.
The sound is awesome by means of earbuds and no bad by means of some speakers.
Laws of cameras... Really, you do not buy one of these to take photos of use of art some cameras for Hangouts or Skype.
Looked in literally all some 8' pills and this one was some hands of winner down. Perfecto eReader, runs all some applications would not require never ran and decent to look video in the plan etc.

UPDATE Jan 2017: With which some premiers little charge has had a subject. A ZenPad would not touch . I have tried Asus support of the technology and this was the miserable experience. They looked to think that to the reset of Factory was a response for anything. In the whim has tried to touch with an old 800my USB uploads. Law well. Now this is disappointing. Has 1.2 amp chargers during a place. I use him to touch Samsung, apple, calm appoints it the devices and his perfectly. But, a Asus looks to have the bug that prevents of working with anything on 800 mine. Almost it has launched it all an economic 800 is was the while behind. I took the moment to find one. But works and now has to that reconfigure pill of mine for any reason. Thank you Asus Support. To the reset is not a response for anything spends concealed to a device of Android.

Still that loves a pill this in spite of. It can not complain roughly Anything more.
5 / 5 Jacquelynn
After my experiences with a Zenpad 8 will not buy never another ASUS has produced. A quality is there but some characteristics and the action are another history. ASUS Redrafted An Android YOU so that it can not transfer applications to a SD paper. This means that you have to that uninstall applications to install informative applications that it is to big inconvenience. According to one of some a lot of updates glitched one YOU so that when it look video of Youtube has retreated on files of dump of the audio and then suddenly is everything out of memory. This means that you have to that go to a mtklog file and delete some files of dump of the audio in the regular base or he sucks on memory. Changing a register búfer files to 'was' no neither. As of this date has not issued any fixed to solve these subjects. Like this unless we offer me to knots discount it substantial to a compraventa of the new pill that to to the works like to of him has to that no spent never neither recommend anything for ASUS.
4 / 5 Teena
Loves this pill. I have had a ASUS 2013 pill until a port of touch there is prendido to do. This pill is perfect so that I need. Big quite a lot of measures to touch games, has read reservation and explore an internet. It enjoy to look to some other characteristic and program that has. It has been upgraded to Android 7.0
4 / 5 Graciela
Update: the indication Improved been due to Asus tip roughly management to be able to.

A prize is well.

This in spite of, a management of the battery of a device is poor. Has the habit of other devices that goes to the state of deep hibernation and like this have load on the when calm uses him infrequently. I have finalised so only taking the Kindle Fire 8 Hd, which extracted very better in management of battery. I can touch a kindle Fire and use it on a course of a month to the equal that seats in stand of mine at night. My use is 15-20mins the time once the day, books and web-has contained. A Asus compressed of the android would have died with which 3 days and some constants touching so only will spend it was faster.

Good point: taking upgraded to Turrón and looks to treat well for a point of prize, but a twelve characteristic of the android has not looked to do an action any better.
4 / 5 Klara
A big plus pro to this pill is a speed - a big plus with this that has like this bloatware has run out of spatial inside the week! A bloatware can not be take, as it was so only able to maintain 3-4 applications in a pill (any Netflix, any Facebook). At least the third of a built in spatial is taken up for files of system and bloatware.

Felizmente, another reviewers the estaca aimed like this to develop to an inner walk likes eye to be arrive and running now with 48GB of spatial. If it was not thus estaca would be returned a pill. These instructions can be found in
5 / 5 Bess
Ossia a awesome compressed. After reading some descriptions ask me would have any of some questions another has had and felizmente a lot of @@subject at all. This pill is fast and with 2gb the memory can do everything without questions. Battery last the full day with heavy use. It take one 16 gb model and with 88 applications have used 50 of a storage. If yours looking for to good pill that takes east one calms will not be disappointed.

Update: This pill is now very slow. The reset a pill but any regime is so only like this sad is unusable. Reason can any one the companies do these years like fast s telephones, he so only done any sense.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenPad Z8s ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Holley
A main screen in a pill is sum but a camera is everything there is lined on and useless. A pill will not touch spent 58 with an Amazon the load used is coming with. 'Used - Condition A lot Very' is a Understatement.

Top Customer Reviews: Nexus 7 from Google ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Kamala
I have bought Nexus 7 LTE partorisca $ in Leaves 8, 2014. It looked by means of cost of mine of old Amazon and has seen this, and has been surprised that has paid so much partorisca a pill of Android behind in 2014. I have had this partorisca on five years now, as I have wanted to look behind and see like this the pill has aged.

In general, am quite happy with this pill. The smartphones am resulted much bigger of then 2014, as it does not use this pill that a lot anymore, but is still well the grab this for when it loves something bit it main. A pill is very light, and is comfortable to resist. A big bezels also he really easy to dip in way of landscape. My only subjects with this pill are some very feeble speakers and an accelerometer.

Some speakers are like this feeble that my iPhone 7 is significantly stronger that this pill. Regarding an accelerometer, one transports rotate the function no from time to time in my pill. Perhaps ossia the subject of software , but a device is like this old that have so only found ways to do around he to launch applications that so only ran in way / of landscape of the portrait.

Like this in 2019, a processor is dulcemente, a speaker is feeble, transports rotate the function is wonky, the life of battery is quell'has bitten sad, and an operating system is stuck still in Android Marshmallow, but short all some applications require it to run.

Was adds in 2014, and still alive and kicking in 2019!
4 / 5 Lucienne
Ossia My second 2nd Generation 2013 Nexus pill. I have seated in a prime minister a!!!!! A pill was exactly like this described for a vendor, arrived in the timely way and has comprised one uploads as well as the very good coverage with an enclosed car was. I have bought this once mainly for one 32.ºmmagasinage Of G, as my original there has been so only 16G. A prize was excellent, $ 84, comprising the taxes and the nave was free. Several days after ordering it could not find a lot another anywhere approximations that reward. It is the pill of the android adds with excellent and easy resolution to do with. Although a vendor has indicated is coming mobile phone ready, street T-Mobile, has has not used never some telephone works so it can not give an opinion. To arrive to this point are very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Tonia
Has bought this Oct. 1st and has arrived the day later. It dips all arrive and was enamoured with this pill once again. I know it is 2015 and a hardware is the bit outdated but this device still runs very smooth and a lot of responsive. That am trying to try is that hardware even of two years still has to that apresamiento to remain pertinent in today of phase. I will not win any prizes today in of the terms of intense gaming but so that it can run it, can run a lot well. Besides I have the Nintendo 3DS for my mobile gaming fix. This in spite of can run games like Minecraft Edition of Pocket, Vain Glory, emulators like Drastic (Nintendo DS Emulator, the application paid but value he), etc. has bought this because hate iOS 9 in mine iPad Mini (that is 3 years old ) and there is enjoyed absolutely a Nexus 7 of 2012 and there is wanted really a new model. Google Was in the mission has retreated then to try could have the fully functional and powerful pill in a prize abordable and have sucedidos. I expect that a Google of day will go back to in this way to think reason one 2012 and 2013 model was absolute beasts in his points of prizes.
4 / 5 Renata
Has purchased: 08/14/15; $

has Required another pill, has killed my prime minister N7 while exiting of a car when on cow, fell it (hard), irreparable. Boo! Hiss! Totally MI FAILURE! [Clue: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS it has in the something/has anchored sure when moving roughly!!!] It has possessed N7 1 for 13 month, w/absolutely A lot of @@SUBJECT! (Comprising a YOU upgrades &62; ). After revising another available 7” & 8” LTE pills, at all included approaches to substitute a N7! Has more characteristic, (NFC, Qi, 323 ppi, 5MP camera, stock Android YOU, etc), and an absolute better resolution in the prize abordable more adds! A N9, (the N7 substitution of product), is too big for me, require the ‘pocketable' device, more has had already a Qi touching tampon and DeviceWear coverage, as it has had sense to stick w/the N7. Like this happy has done.

BTW, Any subject with an initial YOU upgrades neither, (&62; &62; &62; 5.1 &62; &62; general update), which BTW, has taken the pair hrs to fulfil, and has gone incredibly smoothly for me. An only glitch was when I have changed a T-Cellular HE paper, has taken the “Sign the message” of notification of the coverage, and when I clicked the, concealed taken to a page -- all a info there has been corrected. It could it does not imagine it it was, it likes I the alive cat w T-Mobile. Poof! The question has solved! With which has given my T pin (to verify security/of account) and a HE paper , has done his magic, apparently (I am assuming) she king-authenticated a HE the paper GOES). It was the field ! 5 stars!

FYI: I also DL'd diverse (essential mine) applications: Malwarebytes Anti Malware, Cloud and Silent Time Softphone, (I use Vestalink (VoIP), w/GVsip partner with my VL account ($ 2 yr agreement ($ APM) --- the works add, And-911, recognition GOES and EUA of Canada of free/calls, VL street GV in my telephone of house (street OBi100) --- extracted adds! If I want to called of video, I just use G-Hangouts. My N7 is the add phablet!

Was to take an application of Doctor of the Battery, but I do not require it (still),my action of battery has been phenomenal! I have taken a Battery Monitor Widget this in spite of --- BTW, this application would owe that be the application of native Android , is like this good to see a statistical % available battery in your screen of house.

Is quickly, effective and has the exposure of screen ADDS! Highly I recommend it!

N7 Be happy, I be HAPPY!


MY DESCRIPTION of ORIGINAL AMAZON for my prime minister N7: Note: it Classifies of longitude winded (sad) -- I has deleted the majority of some redundant parts.

Purchased: 06/01/14; $ ; Experience with: Devicewear Ridge Marie of Vegan Skin; CHOE Upgraded Qi Wireless Load.

Ossia Such the device adds , thinks that are transmission. Oops! Mark that are ALMOST TRANSMISSION! I think people those who have read some of mine leading (long-winded) revises/commentaries by other products of Amazon have fallen so only out of his chairs!!!! :-)

But in the first place was, full disclosure, I so only spent to be in the BestBuy, saw it, likes (a lot), but has wanted to order thru Amazon, but BB has said would do of the party of prize he with Amazon. One, has said that has taken the treat yes calms also would match a T-Cellular HE prize of paper with T-Cellular and has said they . BTW, A prize fallen for a N7 that tomorrow, (to $ ), which have not been conscious of until rights then. I have thought, a, sometimes these drops of prizes any last very long, I better snag the now! Of course, a prize has has fallen of another $ 5 of cost of mine, oh well... All the things have considered, a process to buy there has been in fact AOK, but was still the bit of the small hassle for me and to be sincere, still to good sure prefers compraventa in Amazon. Oh Well, BB Taken me this time... BTW, has taken a chance and Qi tampon in Amazon.

This device besides is astounding! They are in pill newbie, never has has not used never a before and I thought 'Oh, a screen will be way too small, will be like this last to read and a touchscreen will be like this last to use or will not do a lot well.' Man! They are never bad state, is like this easy to read even with these tired old eyes, (the law of zoom adds!). A touchscreen is fabulous and VERY ATTENTIVE, included with my a bit of the nerve has broken numb toes, has not been never a subject for me to use. Setup Was súper easy and that learns my way around the android was intuitive, was zipping around like the pro inside the few days, and BTW, an on-line N7 drives of User has helped a curve to learn for me to plot!

A T-Mobile setup was also very easy and use. Has the VERY FEEBLE cell signal where alive and he still fact so only well. Going in the 12 travesía of day the few days and am sure will go in handy /when any Wi-Fi is available. They are really that looks forward to to verify was all some appearances add of a N7 in that expect the travesía does not drive mine another the too crazy averages gushing roughly that! :-)

Really Likes Me a Devicewear Ridge if, (sturdy, good quality, comfortable to resist w/the N7), and a CHOE Qi tampon, (very easy to find a N7 point of access of the load - does not have any one @subjects at all with a coverage). Highly reco these produced also.

Uh-Oh! I think mine (almost) changes mantra is exited so only a window! Sad in that! It could it does not help me reason this device is an absolute joy for me to use and to good sure considers this one of the mine compraventa electronic better! It is sweet, am hooked and HIGHLY recommends it! Yes, they are to good enamoured insurance with him...

4 / 5 Newton
Same tho is a pill an old plus of 2013, is better although the majority some pills abordables in a phase, and some of a cup tier some. Specs Are adds. Included better for development/of root, and there is Ubuntu touch and kali support for rooted
5 / 5 Judie
has bought this has used on to the amazon in condition adds for an amazing prize (with the disappeared HE walks). I have bought also the used 32iPad of G Airs the pair of month later, also in some excellent savings.

Philosophically Are a man of Android , and have telephones of android and a box of android to do my ready TV. Like an ecosystem I really like a hackabillity of Android better, but, side-for-the side find taking a ipad much more often partorisca topmast, RSS feeds to read and Skype. As compressed of upper estimated Android, a Nexus 7 still feels the little heavy & fat this in spite of cramped in a screen has compared to an Air of iPad (to the equal that imagines vs. An Air of iPad 2 that would be even more as). More especially given a zone of additional screen of an iPad main.

In an end is looking a Nexus mostly do fault like this it GPS connected in van of mine and an Air of iPad wins this round of a for real personal spend-around concurrido of device.
5 / 5 Rosalia
Ossia My second Nexus 7. I have used a Nexus 7 (2012) stops to the long of the year (with which a orig. Tab Of galaxy for a forward 2 years), and this 2013 (FHD/LTE) the model is a better pill of 7 thumbs there. It is a lot of fact and to the characteristic likes them the software main keys (vs. HW), The mark that change of portrait the landscape all a convenient plus (awake arrives Samsung!).

Android 5.0 Characteristic, while doing Android more Apple-LIKE YOU-, is has thought bad was. It is too bad can not select that the iterations of applications install (something would pay for).

Importing HW shortcoming is a lack of the microSD space. Using a OTG boss and a Nexus means it comunicacionales Import the application done the decent bit quell'uncomfortable work around.

More annoying thus LTE the version is a lack of support of text of the SMS (w/built in number of telephone; he has he workarounds here also). Engineering of Google deliberately has broken SMS of Android texting sustain with which Android 4.3 for pills, any one @subjects the one who your agreement with your states of provider. :-(
5 / 5 Thomasine
2 starts to take the defective product has shipped mine. It would estimate a real product 4 stars.

First unit arrived with the 1 patch of wide cm in a poster sends it advance of camera approaches that there is remarked so only first to examine a screen to dip the guard of screen. A patches was under a glass, was bondadoso of the bubble and I triple verified to ensure that it could any was dry. A container in that this unit is has arrived had any sign to break that it means this one has been shipped defective.

Is returned immediately a unit and has taken the substitution there is rid 5 days later. A unit of substitution any one has any questions like this far. Some another pros and gilipollas down.

Ossia To the pill adds for his prize, has been touching asphalt 8 and another FPS the games and ran absolutely well without any lag. The screen is gorgeous with excellent sensibility/responsiveness. The speakers have situated in of the sinister flanges and of the legislations of a pill have excellent stereo reproduction.

Application of Youtube with those these ships of units has the known buffering the subject where hangs several times while buffering quell'HD video. This this in spite of search having fixed besides late youtube update of application of google as I do not see a question after updating youtube application.
For lovers of the urban nails of the screen, nexus 7 can look in the side he small and calm plus can love attended until nexus 8 is launched.
4 / 5 Mack
A Google Nexus 7 is to the portable pill built for Asus still Google, which offers the experience of stock Android. Some updates to this device comes directly of Google that leaves fast updates to a later version of Android. When Purchasing this device, was upgrading of the Motorola Xoom, and has been rasgado among purchasing an iPad of Apple or another pill of Android.

If the portability is that it is looking for, a Nexus 7 (2013) is the election adds, and competes directly with an iPad of Apple mini 2. I have chosen a LTE version that comes with 32GB of storage, and elected on the unit used of Amazon to the equal that could spend a prize down further. It was able of the choose up for $ 100 more economic that an iPad mini 2 with a same configuration..

In of the terms of action, some can contest that an iPad mini 2 will give the better action, but am happy in general with an experience of android. I am looking forward to a upcoming update of Lollipop and hope to be happy with a Nexus 7 (2013) LTE partorisca at least the little more years.
5 / 5 Akilah
That can say; the works add and happy has bought a LTE version after falling mine WiFi model.
The battery was a lot down(5-10) when received, as I think that that these have been seating around in a wholesaler.
No the question for lithium this in spite of, while has no bottomed-was the 0.
A micro-usb the connectors look the little economic, as it would suggest to be extra careful when touching or in OTG way.
5 / 5 Margie
That can say; the works add and happy has bought a LTE version after falling my WiFi model.
The battery was way down below(5-10) when received, as I think that that these have been seating around in a wholesaler.
No the question partorisca lithium this in spite of, while has no bottomed-was the 0.
A micro-usb the connectors look the little economic, as it would suggest partorisca be extra careful when touching or in OTG way.
4 / 5 Lenard
My telephone and the pill is Nexus. I want the reasons are easy to use. Abundance by heart. His decent. Quite big to look the video, quite small to dip in mine small purse or big pocket.
5 / 5 Blaine
Has an original Nexus and am pleased with this upgrade. This new Nexus is noticeably faster. Scrolling/of Android of the Google (or download? Or duplication?) Of the majority of my applications to a new car was automatic, easy and flawless. Has has had to that manually download Evernote for some reason. A screen to touch look more responsive. I have loved it is LTE connectivity of data for communication of internet while travelling but has did not use it still, in that received that this produced but three days ago. It could do the description the complete plus in roughly three month has asked ....

Exactly like this represented for a vendor (new box , open).
4 / 5 Teisha
LOOK! It maintains to take ” A lot He message” of Paper in startup and touchscreen has no-responsive or answered inaccurate from time to time.
5 / 5 Ja
Has taken the unit used with liking-new condition fom deals of Warehouse of the Amazon. A box has been opened, but everything is there. A physical condition is like-new in fact. I upgraded to a later version of Android . LTE Works. An only question is that a screen of touch can result the bit unresponsive a time. Dipping a device to sleep way and spending it behind usually helps. This question looks common the a lot of people.
5 / 5 Phyllis
Has bought the refurbished a no quite done 2 years (of Inc./of Deals of Warehouse of Amazon). Until on done the month, was excellent. It has begun then not recognising a HE paper. I have had a HE the paper and the title of paper has substituted, without improvement. After spending for all the recommended for Asus, comprising the reset behind the factory, still no . Asus' Estimativa A lot rough to the reparation is $ 190 and requires mailing in, but a quantity esatta would not be known until I have sent he in. As I am disappointed in this development, as I like him to him a pill a lot when it was fully functional.
5 / 5 Rozanne
Has asked if this was unlocked and has been said he of a factory without lock.
This pill is configured to only three carriers... AT&T T-Mobile and Verizon which never the ones of version.
Ossia Like this well mine like this closed reason can not use a HE the paper of a carrier am subscribed to.
So only can the uses like the pill regulate which would have to that it is cost much less.
Have taken screwed
5 / 5 Leonida
Ossia the very able little pill. I have bought the Wi-Fi only Kindle Fire HDX and was more than an annoyance that something to do life more enjoyable. A lot of my favourite applications have not been available by means of a place of phase of the Amazon. With which 2 weeks, is returned and has bought a Nexus 7. I took it immediately the AT&T and has taken has actuated. I do not have remarked a lot of glitches. It is the a lot of enjoyable experience to use daily!
5 / 5 Ralph
The product is excellent but has been sent a Wifi only version in place of a 4G. This in spite of, know and confidence Nexus 7 pills. They were once some pills some economic plus, better that iPads in this point of prize. Material iPads still fight to beat this little pill. If you are the pilot , ossia a pill of better Android for your stock exchange of flight.
5 / 5 Bong
Are happy that are to fall mine 2012 version and take a 2013 version. Lighter, better and more awesome. Take a 200date of free MB for month of for life offered of T-Mobile, and will be dipped for on-line data virtually anywhere go. Calm always can buy the week, day, or month more given yes calms the precise. All a pros and gilipollas is listed in all some other descriptions. They are really happy with mine.
5 / 5 Denyse
Physically thinner and slightly more tightened of a 2012 version.
Although Verizon any 'officially' recognise he partorisca use in his system, take you the Verizon he paper (&60;$ 10) and then dipping it up in yours that exists Verizon the account has not been all this hard partorisca included this a lot-techie after doing the little bit of Googling.
5 / 5 Philip
Has bought this refurbished and has had to that go in to repair roughly 3 times. A screen to touch simply prendería acting. ASUS Has resupplied good support by means of his centres of the reparation but he have taken month to finally take the device of confidence.
4 / 5 Bernetta
Has ordered a LTE model, has taken the 32gb wifi model. Another that that this product is scorching fast , and done my s5 looks ancient technology, smaller that a ipad mini and feels the better plot. This take all I need done in a gone, while still returning in my pocket somehow when required! Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Evelia
One of a worse, less functional, bad treating pills never cobbled together.
4 / 5 Curt
Purchases this element for my DJI INSPIRES dron but unfortunately has to that the turn because it requires micro HE paper.
4 / 5 Muriel
With which a lot of looking for reading of description and procrastination has chosen this on all another and a lot of options.
Any I I I'm sorry . A better decision was to choose a LTE version with HIM empty of Paper for data of mobilities. (But behind to this in the minute).
A description after the months of the pair of hard use is as follows:
Is IMMEDIATELY BE to Verizon tent and has added the plan of data like the separate account. Yes The paper installs for $ 35 and slowly monthly with 2 gB quote so only $ 30/month. Now I am entirely cellular free of wifi if need be.
Has left paralización Tuscany Italy and has gone to TIM tends of Italian telephone and purchased it YES paper and plan of monthly data for 17 first Euros months and extra die. ( It has done a same thing for mine HTC Droid DNA.) Using MagicJack could do free calls to all mine MJ people and a lot the costs of small/down to all the world-wide more.
While I have had TIM coverage (3G and 2G) was well to go.

Nexus 7 2nd gene
life of battery Very good and good support with Google and Applications (although I have not bought of google but Amazon). I have purchased Guaranteeed of Square and strong Trade recommends that calm also.
The screen adds, súper fast response, tonnes of applications, reasonably good speaker, fast download, well chair, Bluetooth does a lot of ( has purchased the Folio of the prize ® of Motion to Hold house with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 II 2013 Version for $ 30 and work well in Bluetooth ....Has his own rechargeable battery). It gives I protect and the good keyboard.
Installed Chrome, Perspective, and has on elected all my applications of mine desk and HTC Ready Telephone. Almost the easy.
Has done throughout Italy, and saved the little time with Maps of Google, Yelp, Travesía Advisor, the topmast taken and plotted travesías.
Is returned in EUA, swapped out of a HE and has been of tower in Verizon in ten minutes.
Has downloaded KitKat upgrade days of interior of compraventa. A day has been to Verizon finalised to agree to sustain this pill of model.
Has had question with an audio jack to a point that had died the. Called Asus and the service taken. They have been prepared to take it behind (still Knit) for reparation or substitute but left for Italy to the equal that has taken the number of chance and turn postponed. During a travesía has taken an Audio jack to do although it is touchy.
The sound could be the little stronger but no like this bad.

The inferior line is that I am recommending to all the one who ask.
5 / 5 Eldora
To the pill adds, leading a there is had one touching the port wear was after 5 years of daily use
5 / 5 Eleonora
Ossia in fact the sum of small pill. Has a lot quickly LTE, as it has described. The no really like a big bezels around a screen, but other devices have equal or main bezels, as it does not import to plot. It could go to detail in a shortcomings of Android, but I no.
4 / 5 Dolly
there is not coming with a manual of instruction bought it of then like the product has used, this in spite of is not hard to imagine like this to use the majority of some functions. Like this far they are in that loves it, a capacity of mobile data gave has beaten to surf a same grandson when they are not in WIFI territory, quickly LGE the speed has signed of then up for the plan of data with T-Cellular. A 7 measure of thumb is practical for surging a coverage, doing my trades of football of the fantasy, touching games and reading emails, still the little small to look the films but is the small sacrifice. I love a consolation and practicality of 7 pill of thumb.
5 / 5 Meta
Use a Nexus 7 east in our club for some parties has dipped on. A life of battery is good and is perfect for our needs.
4 / 5 Jutta
Any podes any SMS or use Voip applications with a version of Kitkat () is coming with. Class of the bummer. Also, has no proximity sensor. Cela Would have been well. Otherwise, A device is very good. Quality of good build. Good measure (access in same rear pocket in chance and is easy to resist with a delivery.) Beautiful screen. Good speakers. They are very pleased. Well value a reasonable prize.
5 / 5 Deanne
Had purchased this like the substitution partorisca my dead person 1st gene Nexus 7. I am blown is gone in that better is, and a service was adds. The pill has achieved my house for lunch 2 days with which ordered it. Fast service. It would recommend him again.
5 / 5 Paola
omg Some questions have had with this piece of me has bought a widespread to take go his summer the question would be necessary has returned it but when it bought it to them has moved them 2 days later and an unpacking and the stress me forget to return the battery would not resist the load would not kick on half a time 7 month in touched it to them then this odd rainbow flickering there is taken on a screen and his dead person to the equal that has bought the new to upload has done partorisca this produced wont turns on has not been able of the use like this now has to them that send he in the company to guarantee has had the chance of day an as well as the coverage in a screen has tried all the wont bounces wont the on looked turns on-line all has suggested that at all he looked video partorisca tube on he also any that was it has has suggested done his just death wont tower in wont uploads
5 / 5 Ammie
has researched the first plot to decide in this pill and am happy has not been partorisca leave down.

My only complaint is that has has run out of storage, but ossia my failure .
5 / 5 Delmer
With which two month a touchscreen sensibility partorisca touch lost in a sinister side. The time will not answer . And a pill can not be returned with which around 30 days
5 / 5 Lawerence
the want.
An exposure is very good and has fast processor.
There is nokia telephone and nokia wireless touching house of tampons and office.
These works of device with these charing tampons seamlessly.
4 / 5 Alida
The discharge has is exited in of the corners with tiny broken pieces. There is the scratch of minute of 1 thumb in a screen. But a sum of laws of the pill, I games of game partorisca at least 2 hrs the day and work perfectly.
5 / 5 Daphine
This thing is the bang adds partorisca a buck, especially when remain with a free 200month/of MB roasts of T-mobile.
4 / 5 Spencer
Acts perfectly! To the pill adds! It does not add partorisca hot climates, has closed down because of overheating when those remain in my car.
5 / 5 Osvaldo
Ossia An incredible pill and has fulfilled my expectations
4 / 5 Brendon
It is so only that it is better that my leading pill. Work well and prize. It can not ask the better product partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Flor
QUALITY! The value adds!
Likes to of weaves it to me but hate partorisca admit an iPad is better with some of some applications.
5 / 5 Rocio
All the work adds. Taking of a star because orientation of car any like this utmost work. Along it has to them that resist he in way of portrait partorisca the long time partorisca the take orientation of transmission.
4 / 5 Laurene
Ossia The pill adds , perfect in the each way excepts that Verizon, an only carrier in my zone, will not sustain he partorisca LTE. Another has actuated a pill an old plus and has transferred a he paper his Google Asus Nexus 7 which looks partorisca do so only well. I have paid extra partorisca this pill to the equal that could access a stock market, time etc. In of the far locations without wifi but are a victim of some class of Google competitive/Verizon turf battle. It would recommend this a lot of well, a lot sized, and the screen detailed wonderfully pill with 5 stars yes can use ATT or Tmobile those who will actuate and sustain this newer generation of Google Nexus 7.
Feb 17, Has has solved apparently any subjects has had with my Google Asus 7 Pill and I was able to actuate he in a Verizon Tent. Ossia An amazing pill , so only that has wanted and very versatile. 5 stars
5 / 5 Evonne
Still some better 7 pill of thumb in a phase. I have used a lot of different pills partorisca work and personal use, and has found this pill partorisca be a better partorisca my needs.
5 / 5 Randal
Has bought this two times, once in 2012 and once in 2014. Ossia My gone-to device partorisca devices of android.
4 / 5 Aurore
Ossia An excellent pill , and is some third time buys the Nexus 7 pill. I want that quickly it is. I can read my ebooks a lot comfortably and games of game and film without questions. Has of a pill was the LTE the version has thinks that was partorisca be able to use this pill like the mobile phone also. But oh any, was I like this wrong. To This pill does not like the mobile phone, so only does not have this characteristic. Sure you can use an application partorisca do wifi calls, but at all like the mobile phone. It was partorisca return pill of mine been due to he but better thought of him, as I will stick to this pill. It is too good to so only to the left goes reason does not have characteristic of mobile phone.
5 / 5 Cassy
Very happy with being well to have the camera flashes built in!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Google (7-Inch, 32 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This pill will not download of the newest versions or do updates of system. I have bought this pill less than fact the year and a support of update has there is expired already. To good sure does not recommend this pill. Has an older version of this pill that reads very better that this one. A plus along has it and a the Less am able to do with him a desire of plus has had did not buy it never.
5 / 5
Was the good device, has done well, but with subjects. The android has pressed update to the equal that have possessed a device, and ossia the worry . But so only three first weeks of an end of a guarantee, a device (rebooting with which one of these updates) bricked he. ASUS Fixed the, but still... Then, I look it in fact month, has had to that have a port of load has substituted, reason a creation of a pill does not resupply to protect pertinent, and a shell there was the result deformed. Taken the backside ($ 85 later!) And a system of touch was messed up. It has taken he in again, his reseated the boss, and this has solved a subject with a system to touch, but so only two days later, he bricked he, and a centre of service declares it unrepairable. It was too expensive in a first place, to be constant like this bad. I dipped it was ASUS, at least, for mobile devices, and a company of service authorises to do reparations.
5 / 5
When This pill has done correctly, was the pleasure to use . It returns a lot amiably in your hand, and has sum of visual quality. Ossia My second Nexus 7 pill, and unfortunately both have had alike questions. A subject @of prime minister has has had to that do with a pill arbitrarily closing down for any reason. Both pills have this subject, and when a pill in bylines down lose a law there is on screen. It concealed so only I am a lot annoying, but also is very slow to restart. Over time some closures have results more frequent, and a current pill now is closing down almost every time the use. Secondly, A screen of touch has been losing sensibility, and a lot always answer to touch. The third is a subject with recharging. Both pills have achieved the point where his no recharge, although a recharging the cords and the connections have done well on all mine other devices. In a prime minister compressed has has finalised to have a battery has substituted, and this looked to help that @@subject particular. It has not helped, this in spite of, with some random closures. I have had a prime minister compressed for prójimo to four years, first of these questions have won his utility. A current pill has grieves 6 month, refurbished, and has had the guaranteeed of month. Retrospectively it would have been better to not purchasing a refurbished produced of then really has not saved any money. I have contacted ASUS to direct my questions, but ASUS has not had any records of this refurbished the number of serial of the device. It has said of another way, his no warrant the third party refurbishment. Of then I have not received any information in a refurbishment with cost of mine, could not follow up with this approximation. A fourth subject with a current pill is a screen brightness. A light arbitrarily dims and returns the brilliant. A lot like this joy this pill when it operates, will have that finds the product he plus of confidence in a future. It likes-me an analog system, but there is no really seen any pills that split this device for a measure and consolation.
5 / 5
Has possessed this pill for five years now and has to say you that it is quite damn amazing! Work like this expected and same outperforms a lot of some pills that my brother has purchased concealed is newer that this one. It likes Desire that would do the new plus Nexus to the pill but I have no qualms or subjects with a a that at present have!
5 / 5
Has PURCHASED recently a nexus 9 and has been disappointed with a quality of a pill. It is returned and the amazon tries like this usual to be a leader in service of client. Like this in a hunting has been them stop to pill. It has Given my dad of mine nexus 7 2013 roughly done 6 month and has fallen enamoured with him. I have touched with him he cpl done of the days and there is @@give the one who has loved them this device. So much so that it has bought them one for me (32gb) has no another pill in this measure that can beat a quality, specs and value. It feels and it returns like this well in a delivery. It is in solid pill , at all economic or plastic-and here. Simply in that resists it will impress you. A screen is brilliant and the colours are rich and has balanced. This screen is the true 1080 HD screen. snappy Action with the quad processor that bosses fine tasking and games easily. The speakers are good and have his well. Yes, a bezels in an upper and the fund is fat but a first time resists in way of landscape, will thank google for him. Any worry in your thumbs that is in a way. It has Thought main would be better but this measure is sum for travesía. Some looks of tendencies to be main and main with these elements but imho, this measure returns my needs like this well. On to estimate: in roughly 1 week this device will take a new 5.0 google you. Like this there will be the 2015 ( is almost here) you first any one another device. On that, it will be first in lining to take any updates or it bug fixed. As you look around, look the one who the devices with the main prizes is running 2 yr versions of old android. It suggests one 32 gb reason the applications have grown in the measure and can fill on easily esp he adds music and of the films. He 90 to 120 min hd the film can take on 1 to 1.5 gb of storage. But it can live with a 16gb, will say them his quite a lot of fly he also. Android pure Grandson that can build you and trick out of your way. Calm will not find another device with a build of quality, screen, processor and software of android of cutting flange. im Taking to this gem until it gives era. ( It sees the screen has shot of usable storage after unboxing and updating to comprise the updates of the application of the dozen likes gmail, google music, maps, walk etc)
5 / 5
would like me say has purchased a Google newer Nexus 7 pill (2014 model) in Feb 16 2014 like the present of anniversary for my daughter (His anniversary is in March). A product done for roughly 3 month. My daughter spent it mine to touch reason a battery there has been has died fully. I left it to touch at night. A never turned pill behind on. All this is to spend was the blinking white light. I have looked for to use the different nexus the load has taken loaned of the mine niece the one who has had also he Nexus and swimming. They are finally on-line state and has discovered that a lot another has had also this subject. I have tried it contacts google and has declared has had to that contact to the amazon has purchased of then he of them. They were ANY HELP . The person has spoken to in a telephone has declared could return an element but there has not said the one who my repayment would be. THAT?!?!? I have informed a person that my daughter there has been has enjoyed really a product has required so only a transmission or for them for the fix, when being that have had purchased that so only the few leading months. So only it has maintained it to repeat this Amazon would return element but not saying that it would go back until his recieved the. I have tried to speak to google once again. A person has spoken with in Google has tried also blame me (or my daughter that is) to leave a battery of pill dies all a way. Calm has said do not owe that never use a pill until all a battery is to go. It has declared also that I sent it to him to his people of technology to 'fix' a question would be near of $ 200 ((WOW)) also could buy a product still again (well in fact would not purchase never he google produced again). No after this experience. Needless To say are A lot of DISSAPOINTED that Google has not been of his product and that to amazon could do not to assist me much more there. To this day a pill so only is seating there with a protective chance that I also bought of Amazon to protect a pill of any harm. Those of you thinking roughly buying these products pleases to research a subject on-line in a pill a lot of turing behind on once a battery has died entirely and an aim to blink of me that thinks that once covers it to you in one uploads the one of fact would owe that TOUCH a pill.
5 / 5
My old 7 has been broken and a digitizer no correctly has substituted like this he with this economic (1/3 other offerings). It has been there is disappointed slightly that an entrance mic wsn't working and has called a provider.
The excellent service said that could send behind for the full repayment or I could take discount it. We opt for one discount as we use it to knots to read books and surfs a web and is quite patient to write in of the investigations in planting to use google that has taken.
Recommends this vendor.
5 / 5
For a person the one who use a IOS device and loves a Pill of Android thats economic but still value of the money:
One YOU sometimes skips or the stutters die has used them so only the third of his memory.
His fast but sometimes can take the moment to open on the applications when have has begun so only a pill up.
Sometimes his just easier that use IOS applications for some tasks and another Google YOU/Android.
A battery is my only worry . I have used a lot of applications of saver of life of battery and applications that terminates applications when his sleeping and looks close to drain when any into use. It could use he in 100 in a start of a day, the leave, and the choose up in an end of a day with 92.
His does not treat it big, quell'the manly use he partorisca east to drive mine plex and to look video. A screen is the enormous PRO. His possibly a main reason loves this pill. The films on here look awesome! For a prize and for a pixel friki, require this pill.
Loves given of action by means of program, im sure is regarding the do and there are different applications that calm leave you to send program of cross of the files
A swipe by means of characteristic of the text are adds of the I sometimes wishes the there went it on mine IOS device.
The sound adds to read books - has a playbooks on there, so only can asks the bed was strong if yours too lazy to read like I
All another storage of cloud looks of applications to do smoothly although you can stutter in time.

In general a pill is orders like the secondary device that the pode compliment yours global needs. His of course secondary, as if yours has thought roughly doing a lot hardcore modifying docs, uploading on the tonne of applications, using google maps etc. This isnt for you. Ossia To pill partorisca to to the small tasks like to them the look youtube, exploring an internet, verifying email, mould to film lookups, informative, plex etc. Also, can applications of flow (ssshhh). A pill is sum for my needs and would have to that be for you although a condition on applies.
5 / 5
Has had and has used this Pill of then 2013 and still does like this well like the day took it.

That the be has said any Firmware Updates.

Is lasted 6 years+ without the subjects and a battery is still in the form adds
4 / 5
chair to have that gives this produces a stars right now. I have had he for two years, and has a lot of be happy with him. It is easy to use, and web pages of products a lot quickly.

A question is, looks that with an update of operating system later, some freezings of screen to the 'Google' logo, and can not be spent out of him. A technical term partorisca east is 'bricking'. One has done a totally useless pill, and he so that servants like this it paperweight 'brick'.

Underlines this is not so only the question that the technically bent user can win to enter way of recovery. A Nexus 7 forums are fill with technical users , expert the one who absolutely can not solve this question. An only real solution so much is far be to send a pill to Asus for reparation, which costs of $ 100 to $ 200. As of this point, neither ASUS neither Google has recognised the question, to the left has offered so only the solution.

A question is general. It affects hundreds or of the thousands of users. Until a question is solved, buying it Nexus 7 is the proposition to lose and the likely waste of money. Frankly, it would not buy it Nexus 9 neither, until shows of Google that can he and will sustain his products.

Some informs much more late in a question can be found in this website:

will update this description there is anything new to add in a question or his solution.
5 / 5
I have purchased one 2013 Google Nexus 7 pill refurbished in 2014. With which roughly 15 month of daily use, a pill has not maintained his uploads good. As I have purchased a Asus Zenpad 7c partorisca the substitute. Both pills are done for Asus, but a ZenPad the pill is not quite a quality of a Nexus 7. And with which roughly 10 month, has begun having a same drop in time of battery like Nexus 7. Just in time, I have found the local place that telephone mobile of substitutes and of the batteries of pill. For $ 48, it was able to take a battery substituted in mine Nexus 7, as I have behind moved to this pill. A Nexus 7 is faster, has the exposure the acute plus, and better cameras. Here it is the fast comparison :

Nexus 7 2013
- 32 GB Storage
- 2 GB RAM
- Quad-Core Snapdragon Processor
- Resolution of Exposure: 1200x1920
- 5.0 Mega-Pixel Rear Camera
- 1.2 Mega-Camera of Before the Pixel (Side of Screen)
- NO micro-SD space
- Stereo speakers (1 in the each final for horizontal stereo sound)
- Android (upgraded the version 6)
- has Paid: $ 190 Refurbished

ZenPad 7
- 16 GB Storage
- 1 GB RAM
- Quad-Core Intel Processor of Atom
- Resolution of Exposure: 1024 x 600
- 2.0 Mega-Pixel Rear Camera
- 0.3 Mega-Camera of Before the Pixel (Side of Screen)
- micro-SD space of paper
- Stereo speakers (2 on side)
- Android (upgraded the version 5)
- has Paid: $ 87 New

So that there is mainly 3 goodness of a ZenPad 7 in a Nexus 7:
1. Micro-SD Space of paper: it develops memory (I use he 32GB paper that cost among $ 10 and $ 20) that that can be used in other devices.
2. Interface: Asus' ZenUI interface that the careers on the android was much easier and flexible to use. This in spite of, there are several interfaces that can be downloaded and installed in Andriod pills.
3. Prizes: calm At present can take a ZenPad compressed on Amazon partorisca in $ 77 NEW. As you can buy 2-3 of these pills versus the Nexus 7 pill. Of a Nexus 7 is no longer manufactured, the new Nexus 7 2013 32GB the pill goes for enough the big prize.

In general, I like a Nexus 7 better, which is reason I has opted to have his battery substituted in place of a ZenPad. This in spite of, liked really having a 32GB of micro-SD space of paper in a ZenPad. For a money, this in spite of, this Asus Zenpad 7 pill is a lot of value he! But it can take the shot well in a Nexus 7, goes for him. There is micro the thumb of walks of USB use concealed of leaves of the micro-SD paper. Utilisation that with mine Nexus 7 pill.

Has loved also remarks that mine 1st pill was a prime minister Kindle Shoots to compress of 7 thumbs. This pill there is so only be 8GB storage (way too small), and the majority of that was earmarked for means comunicacionales of Amazon so only. This file and storage of application have limited enough bit it! Newer Kindle pills of offer to Shoot more, but comprise that they still do not leave Tent of Game of the Google. Ossia @Subjects that imports with me, so that has like this more the available applications in a Tent of Game of the Google. Those subjects to be a chance, will not purchase the Kindle compressed of the fire until these limitations is lifted. I can mine read easily Kindle books in both a Zenpad and Nexus pills, as any extracted big there.

5 / 5
Has come with a dead pixel but still done well for the moment.

After the year, touchscreen has begun to behave oddly and would experience phantom touches, any answered or pocola answered to touches, and a precise touch with my toe (when writing for example) when be registered like a lot of touches by means of a lot of zones in a screen. It was able to fix a touchscreen subject. This in spite of, to this day, still take the force closes and random reboots (still when using a pill in the no intense way). I have experienced this in stock builds and after flashing very different Roms ossia very tried and revised to be more stable of some builds accionarías that pushes of Google to a pill. It could have received one of a faulty some. Still an amazing pill in spite of all some subjects. One of a more used and produced more useful that has has not purchased never.

Was able to fix mine touchscreen for following this video:
Fixed Nexus 7 Screen of Subject @of Touch(easy hw fix)
for drHerrscher in youtube.

So that a poster of some shows of video, has to open on a pill and the tape to something likes the map or the paper have bent to some connectors so that his sandwich together with a backplate when it is closed. This prevents some connectors to move time. Apparently some connections you free cause a touchscreen subject. After applying a fixed, has not had any noticeable subject with pill of mine touchscreen.
5 / 5
Ossia My second Nexus 2013 device. I have bought the new one in Google in 2013, and was the wonderful little pill for three years. An only question has had was that a system to the touch has not done well like this rid, and was initially a lot disappointed. This in spite of, a question straightened was over time automatic street SW upgrades. Some first Leaves of device are dead 2016 shortly after a Marshmallow upgrade. Other people have had alike questions.

Has then bought he Nexus 9, which is the sweet device , and has bought another Nexus 7 of Amazon as 'used like new.' It looks clear mine that a hard had been refurbished. Had an evergreen needle wedged in some corners of one rear. It was able to take it and the arrival that chairs a coverage properly.

Initially, a unit there has been some crazy behaviour of a screen to touch. It could touch in a sinister side of a screen and actuate link he in a right side. Over time this is to be solve for updates of software, enough regarding my original new unit. A capacity to touch in my unit has used is so only well, but otherwise is the fine device . He the reader adds and the good backup for mine main pill, a Nexus 9. Nexus 7 life of battery is well; the quality of exposure is sum.

Buys one of these, has the whole series of updates of historical software to do, and probably will owe that be fact sequentially.
4 / 5
(Update 3, Apr 2016)
After the year still that loves this pill. Touching an hour or two of the games take me to knots daily this in spite of a winter of Inghilterra New. It is characteristic better meeting is an excellent sound of some speakers. They are the defender of streaming irradiates 'the Alive organ', and music of sum of sounds of the organ in this pill. Streaming The radio will touch in a fund of games (two sources of his add) without a game of a be of the game has affected. My question sooner with a screen that results unresponsive am now sure is not the question of hardware. It is due to resources of system that the result there is overburdened. A power down/on the fixed reset a question every time. A Nexus 7 chance for JETech are add, highly recommended, toe he on and Nexus 7 suspends. My only annoyance is that some keys of his blacks, which are exactly a colour still likes chance, is almost invisible and hard to find included to feel.
(Update 2, Oct 2015)
A question was having with a screen not answering reliably to the touch has quite dispelled . I think a main question is not physical, but a time of response of one YOU. When Some starts of screen to result a lot fully responsive, which spends regularly after using pill of mine for navigation, I just power down/on, and almost always fixed a question.
Question of sensibility to touch of screen (update)
has had this pill the month now and spent a lot of hours touching games with him, but has the data yesterday on disgusts reason a screen has answered like this bad to touch. Touching the candy Runs over, Career of Temple and Solitary has has had to that often touch a screen 5 or 10 times for the take to answer. Has some same games esatti in mine 7' Nook, also a car of android, and his screen is always responsive, and a game of games smoothly. They are an engineer and there is remarked that a Nexus the sensibility of diverse screen of day to the day, likes is sensitive the humidity or temperature or oils of toe or something. Sometimes it is like this sensitive likes Nook and game of games cleanly, but other days a screen ignores has repeated touches and of the swipes with some regions of a screen that is particularly bad. I have found resetting a pill do not help. Ossia The serious question . I am gone down my indication to two stars. It appears that Nexus press a screen the very big resolution there is traded was the having the touch of confidence, robust sensibility.

At the beginning can arrive screens of house in mine the new pill has not been to clean. More than half a space of a screen of the house of the centre has been occupied for the soyy Box of Library and a screen to house to a still there is had the big escommended for' box. Mina these are just annoyances . I did not imagine it it was like this to delete them, but there is the way to minimise them and move them out of a way. I do not see any discussion of of the this in the investigation of some descriptions, as has thinks that would write up regarding the do.

A long press in these boxes finally will aim a box of outline. Game around this so much is the little delicate. Some flanges of a box of outline can be tugged to do a bit boxes considerably smaller. But included better the long press in one has minimised the boxes will leave to be moved to other screens of house like any icon of application. I moved him to some screens of external house that give three centre cleaned screens of house for my icons.

Like this to hide a keyboard --- when I have looked for, all have found was recommendations to attack a keyboard, but concealed no in mine Nexus 7. Those read is paste a sinister rear arrow, which changes to signal left to signal down when a keyboard is on screen.
5 / 5
My telephone of Android has died with which 4 years of use. In planting to buy the new smartphone, has decided to separate some three main functions. My camera of old pocket takes the better pictures that the ready telephone. An economic toe-works of telephone also and sounds like good like the ready telephone. A pill has the exposure he the big plus and I give me access to my calendar and of the contacts. If there is Wi-Fi, give me access to email and a web.

Has two different Nexus 7 pills. One 2013 model has the very better writing with 1920 x 1200 resolution. Google Chrome Leave ask it desk page. An exposure that the surprised left to see all clearly. A Minisuit Bluetooth Marie of Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gene 2013 (Rubberized A lot of-Grip of Slip) keyboard-stand-the chance the easy fact to use. It is everything in an astonishingly small container, easily returning in my pocket of load. It is Google also bad there is prendido to do this pill. Be sure and buy yours before one disappears for ever.
4 / 5
NOTE: When have in the first place bought this product, a key to be able to has prendido to do with which some first two weeks. I have initiated the substitution with Amazon and has taken my new of the 2 days later. They are very pleased with fast and painless turn of the process/of amazon of substitution.

Now to a real device.
-Beautiful screen
-Pure android 4.4 (at the same time of this writing)
-Slender creation
-graphic of frames of the Fast processor and the games look utmost
-Any hiccup in or sluggishness in UI

-Hiss in an audio. The majority of noticeable in of the low volumes. (FIJAMENTE w Update of Android)
-the life of Battery can drain quickly go the. It would recommend entirely closing it down when calm know you will not use he for more than 6 hours.
-Tecla of power in mine last a has broken but a new one east doing well.

Resumid: Ossia The add little pill of the android yes can take on some smaller subjects.

MODIFY: As of one the new plus in an air updates an audio hiss has gone now! Thank you Google!
4 / 5
Has possessed this pill for roughly 4 month now, and think that have the abonos take of him. Out of a box, takings a pill , AC upload, and the micro boss of USB. AC Upload is upper to a Nexus 7 2012 load, reason is smaller, place, and does not fall off one walls to load likes them the predecessor. A micro the boss of USB is one same like Nexus 2012 load, which are light and lustrous, but my micro the connector of USB has burst out of a plastic the little time, which is an easy fijamente to snap behind in, but is tedious when raisin.

A pill is very light, which is a lot wants to resist he in a delivery, but is quite big to touch games of android comfortably. When A Pill originally is start, the people were having questions to touch with a screen, but this has been of then solved, and has not had subjects a lot of entity. This pill is 7 thumbs , which is quite big to not pulling your eyes when looking in a screen, but quite small to return snugly in my pockets. A screen of a pill is a 1900x1200 IPS exposure, which means that it can go anywhere with alone this in spite of being seen clearly, and to see a small plus of details that the majority of pills thus prize skimp. This are adds to read books or touching the external games. There are three hard keys in a right side of a pill: Power, On and down, and three soft keys: Behind, House, and Multitask. This device has 2gb of Ram and he snapdragon S4 processor that mark multitasking very easy, and the applications soften. This Nexus has the front and behind (5MP) camera that is the improvement adds in his predecessor. A stereo the speakers leave you to listen clearly when touching music or video without requiring auricular. The wise hardware, this pill is sum , light, and powerful.

Update 1/22/14:
People that has revised this product has said that a fact that any micro sd the space of paper was the one of negative entity. Although ossia corrected, can add a OTG (In Ido) boss to this pill and he will do well. Of there that, you have to decide master root your pill or no.

My recommendation so that to buy is of Meenova (any sold on amazon). They sell it soyini MicroSD Reader of Paper' that is used in mine Nexus 7. Unfortunately, they do not have the tent on Amazon still, as you will owe that Google the.

Am not affiliated any way with one on people, but to good sure will say that mine 64gb micro SDHC the sum of laws of the paper with Poweramp, and each emulator has used.

This pill is backed for Game of Google, which is the program adds for free applications, and one has paid the applications are of sound. If you can think of an application, game of Google probably has the free version with ads, utmost partorisca to to the students likes that it looks for to use to pill in of the estimativa.

In general:
uses this pill each alone day. Like the player of music, he grocery ready, to game console. I take it wherever go, and probably would be lost without him. It would recommend this pill to any the one who is interested in the pill, especially in his point of prize $ 269 when I bought it, and the deals are constantly on-line partorisca much less.

+ Reward it are adds compared to pills looked.
+ Measured of the screen is big but laptop
+ 1900x 1200 IPS the screen enables to see pill wherever is without seeing pixel
+ 2gb Ram and Snapdragon S4 processor for easy multitasking
+ Backed for the phase of Game of Google.
+ Front and Rear cameras

- Upload the connector of the cord sometimes comes free, requires plastic to be reattached.
5 / 5
Update: 7/10/2014: the desire could say that mine N7 load quickly, uses to, but a joint of inner load has been bad, likes a lot the (look he on, will see). It has taken once mine N7 roughly 2 hours to entirely of cariche, now takes roughly 8 - 10 hours to touch, and sometimes has to them that it can entirely has been for the take to begin to touch. Daydream The function does not operate, indicator of the load does not operate, or any function that requires a device to having connected to the external power no . Sent the to ASUS (down guaranteeed) Giappone, has broken a microphone, and a trim around a device, and sent it behind alleging it was a boss to touch. When I have opened on a device, could say that an original taping in an interior had been messed with. We said me to knots that to fix a trim that has broken, would have to touch me $ 100! WTF! Besides, a @@@back cover now spent on a microphone to a point that is quite useless (this has not been broken or working bad before I sent it to ASUS for a reparation of joint of the load). In all the chance, with which roughly a week of a hired fijamente, a device reverted retreated to an original question to touch. I go to leave ASUS USA try to fix it. If ASUS USA redeems and his produced, and well of mark in a 1 guarantee of year, to good sure will maintain some descriptions have update to inform a potential consumer of ASUS produced. They are by train for The ask me ASUS really has ease of reparation of the rubbishes, or is so only a Japanese ASUS the centre of reparation concealed is swindling some people or when being lazy. Living in Giappone for on 8 years, can say you that ossia atypical work ethic when being showed for a Japanese, like I me really marvels in ASUS now.

For information of additional description, read on; this in spite of, with a newer technology and of the produced there, and with respecting to some common subjects that a N7 has, and a lack of some ASUS has guaranteeed. It would recommend to steer clear of his devices or has produced this time. Perhaps they have sold he partorisca in $ 129 would be extracted adds, but no for $ 269.

After receiving a pill, has begun to treat the update of system for some aims of pills. Downloading 4.3 update of system was a lot; this in spite of, after a pill has restarts, and has begun the installation of an update has clashed a pill. It will aim 'Google' for the pocolos second, then tip a colour glowing 'X' indefinitely. I have turned a pill on and of several times in trying to fix a subject, but this has tried ineffective. Now it is returning to TigerDirect (the vendor), and will see like these starts. I go to ask the new N7 to the substitute is one . I will update consistently.

Look!!!! It does not purchase with TigerDirect(TD). They will not answer to the yours RMA questions, or a lot others the emails have sent directly to a company. Has has had to that do the call of telephone to take them to appease mine RMA question. With which 20 minutes to contest with a service of support of the client rep, finally entertained my questions for the turn. This was prime minister of mine and last time to do business with TD. Also, once his email me mine RA want to me partorisca pay for returns to ship in the quite DONA element!! Sure I will do it, but they will not take never my business again, and will do sure that the friends and the family are conscious of his practical (service of client very poor). Oh, FYI, is sending for behind the broken N7 the accesses of boxes of a pill perfectly in an of these ' returns ship' appreciate slowly USPS box ($ 5-6). Ossia If yours treating TD and any Amazon.

Update: 9/14/2013: it thanks Amazon of Nave of the god begun these to in the allocutions militas foreigners!!! It has ordered so only another of Amazon (the vendor). And it will do a whole 1,2, 3 times and yours was, first to give up. Really I love this pill to do. I will maintain it writes posted in my findings, and regulate my produced that estimativas consistently.

Update: 9/21/2013: Awesome!!! Well So there was so only something wrong with a first pill that has taken, reason a 2nd pill that has received of the amazon does not show any of some subjects has experienced with a first pill. Here it was a difference : First pill to start with has asked arrival in this order: it selects Tongue (Country)>>has Dipped on WiFi the ones of connection the Account of Google, if like this, register in (which I ). Then after all that, it has forced the compulsory 4.3 Grain of Updates of Aspic to the equal that has required for the restart, and a question mentioned on ensued. A second pill asked in this order: it selects Tongue (country)>>has Dipped on WiFi Connection>>Then an update of the compulsory system begun with one restarts (all was a lot of). After all that, a pill asked has had the account of Google. All has been dipped on, any subject, this pill is fast fast fast !!! The life of battery is exceptional, some images of screen are crisp. An only complaint has is personal, and ossia so only where an on/was the key is located. I prefer mine to be in an upper legislation (out of a volume rocker). Interesting to the note is that Viber works, the difference of a first generation N7; this in spite of, there is the workaround (expósito on Youtube). There is remarked the big difference in his with an additional speaker, a resolution of screen (with comparison to an old N7) is not that noticeable. Now one comes a wait for some 3.as applications of party to take up with this little boba!

November of update 5th 2013: there is remarked that a glass used in a Nexus 7 is not Glass of Gorilla, but is the far inferior glass that scratches very easy, highly recommends with the new N7 compraventa to take screen protectors also. Besides a magnetic in an I was transmissions a lot properly function with the coverage of magnetic chance. Because of these two defects are downgrading my description of the five star to the four star. Hopefully Android 4.4 will mitigate An on/was question.

Update: Android YOU 4.4 Kitkatt fixed an on/was @@subject with a magnetic coverage, kicking a star that estimativas to 5.
5 / 5
Has had an iPad 1 and 2, at present have an iPhone. When I have found that has used a telephone more and more and an iPad less and less, has loved to use the tampon he economic plus, lit to read and some pill-and things. As I have sold an iPad and has taken the 1st gene Nexus 7. I have hated That device. It was frequently laggy, a screen flickered and was so only he displeasure to use. I have sold that for the Kindle Fire, which I promptly is returned. Any Game of Google, and some restrictions that lock he a Universe of Apple looks liberal in comparison. Then it took it refurb Nook HD to which liked a lot. A good and-reader with skills of beautiful good pill. No it liked him to Him a nonsensical UI this in spite of, but reason has had it microSD of empty, could add (for 10 bucks) a AndroidForNook paper that leaves it to dual boot CyanogenMod. I can not say quite roughly the one who the product adds that it was.
But has maintained to listen things in a Nexus according to the gene compressed.
A build feels well. It is light and thin, almost feels likes at all in your hands. It is quickly, any lag, any screen flicker. MKV The files touch absolutely smoothly and without stutter. A screen is beautiful and feels big. Page rendering in a web is quickly. Has dual band wireless support.
Does not touch to plot in the, but runs the side loaded version of One walking the game Has died fantastically.

Some stars were for an experience to read. A screen does not darken as well as a Nook, and like a first gene of a Nexus, a screen is so only simple old too brilliant in the dark room, included in a dipping a low plus. I owe I do not owe that I Filter of Screen of the use to further darken a screen for use of time of the night.

Mine another flu is not a Nexus' for but one YOU he. Several options are scattered during some Settings, and can be hard to find. It is still I last to comprise in any program since a esar' the key of navigation will do.

Is always comfortable state with iOS devices, but included he Fanboy can have the question that justifies the device that cost twice so as a Nexus 7. This device (and one YOU, and a tent of Game) has matured enough that it is now the pleasure to use, and an excellent shot also.
4 / 5
Pill of mine headed likes 5 stars. Down to three like the days spend of longitude.

Has taken intermittent wifi drop-offs. I thought that it that it was my elderly to issue.
But raisin in my venue Starbucks and in mine undertaken of boss wifi hotspots for all the city.
(Brighthouse/Time Warner).
I also tried insecure (any signal) configurations and has restored finally a Nexus 7 manufactures it.
Still spending, any joy.

Some freezings of pill after unresponsive gestures of screen in several applications. (E.g. OfficeSuite Pro 7)
Sometimes when the applications have clashed, I wind up in a screen of house, frozen.
Another nag is the sudden pause in Chrome where would have the delay in answering
the entered url is. I call these soyini-freezings.'

Am returned a pill.
A shame, of a screen is like this good-looking and is like this darned quickly (when it is doing right).
Perhaps is the question of hardware or a KitKat OTA upgrade.
Some people think that that a RAM is to blame. The rumours are that the apple there is cornered a phase
in a RAM of big quality. Again, rumours, but very plausible.

Has has possessed already the defective 2012, and 2013 Nexus 7, and will not go down this street again.
That is a odds to take the defective Nexus 7, 1st and 2nd generation in a prime minister tries?
There more certainly looks to be the question with these pills. This is been my experience .
And according to groups of user, Asus and Google does not resupply support of good client.
An investigation of internet and verify this. In fact, it researches a heck out of this before buying!
Does not take my word for him. It sees for calm.

This compraventa has the big likelihood to be that it eats time, and regrettable experience.
Can not recommend this element to any in good conscience.

At least has treated Amazon and his cheerfully refunded my money.
Ossia To the equal that has won this element at least three stars.

Tries like this hard to avert produced of Apple. These experiences mark that the difficult idea.

Happy holidays to everything.
4 / 5
I have purchased this last year, and has broken down this year. A year of life partorisca the $ 250+ device is not acceptable. Now, I will say that when it has done, it has been he was partorisca suppose to do, and fact like the decent pill. This in spite of, finally, has begun partorisca be unable to touch, any @@subject that load has used. I have used my adapter that connects to a outlet. I have used one load that uploads via USB of a computer. Neither fact partorisca touch a device, which was both able to touch this device a past year. My chargers still work partorisca touch mine other devices of Android. So only it can not touch this thing. In an end of his life, all could do was partorisca look his drain partorisca be able the

Of then does not touch , can does not turn on. It is basically the brick. $ 250+ Down a drain.
5 / 5
Has believed at the beginning that this Google/ASUS Nexus 7 2013 pill was orders especially partorisca a prize discounted has paid he roughly done 18 month, $ 160 vs $ 300 MSRP... Question 1... Port of USB that touches, degraded, retarded, and has failed permanently... Oops, My failure because I have used often a pill while touching. Still although I have used the boss of connector of right corner, finally this stressed a connector of USB enough to fail... ASUS Loves $ 90 for a small joint to fix this... But, for $ 13 taking Anker 'hockey puck' wireless Qii upload... This has done well for several months (tip.. Use Velcro to ensure correct navigation...) After the moment, Qii touching resulted the question... I have opened a chance to find inferior creation and manufacturing technical... For example, a connector of USB is trace roughly 1/16 in of a flange of a chance, leaving for the pivoting and wiggling that will cause the line to break and fail... ( It compares this construction to a connector of USB in the upper name cellphone and will see a connector dips for behind a flange of chance that resupplies two support of point, more than signals he pívot) ... While it takes a @@@back cover wrongly a first time, has caused a corner to in fact rasgar the little... Uh oh, bad Election of plastic....! Too dimensionally unstable... Looking around inner, a will remark a Qii uploads coil in an interior of a coverage trusts springy contacts to touch and complete touching circuit the battery in a main unit.. There it has no the connection wired.. It combines that with plastic inferior material when being too soft and flexible, add the bit of corrosion perhaps, and the intermittent contact... Oh Chico... Ossia Nowhere after $ 300 quality... Attended...! That is going in with all some tapes on some connectors and spacers of hule of corresponding foam in a coverage ...? They ensure some pairs/of female connector viril tiny joining several components of level of the joint that tape to use to resist them and pressure of spacer also... Time for investigation... It has not taken long to find Youtube is and entrances of forum of the Android that directed these shortcomings... Build On some spacers with map and glue to restore the pressure has lost to the fault of compression of hule of the foam. With pill reassembled mine Qii upload works well with three 2-1/2 lb dumbell the weights that prints to a pill ( screen atasca down lines bent on, applies Qii, load with weight )... Question 2... Considering some freezings of mysterious screen, shoes on freezings, freezings of screen of the lock, Been of brick, etc... It believes it or a lot simply touching in a backside probably will take a pill has motivated... Or squeeze it hard in an end of USB, and can cure a question of ice cream for the moment... Precise maintains import that an interior of the connectors literally is falling averts at all times with which some finals of period of the guarantee... It does not call ASUS or Google in these questions, does not know , will not admit , does not concern in of the this . This in spite of, can learn to live with him... In fact, you could consider choose an up for $ 100 while you can return for repayment... Note that ASUS no longer manufactures Nexus....!
5 / 5
Sad, but are the user of Windows by means of and by means of --- Bill Gates was the visionary those who has has loved computer abordables 'in the each house and in the each office', Steve Jobs has loved rich people to join the cult of products of Apple so only. Well Google teaming Up with Android and Asus to build his pill was one of some better things to spend in an industry of pill. I use pill of mine for everything, has the camera in a front for Skyping or for Call them of conference how is fantastic. It is dipped on just likes some telephones of Android so that it is a lot familiar to the use has a telephone of Android. A HD the resolution of screen is a better in a phase - the same beats an iPad of Apple mini. Some wide flanges in some upper and the fund of a pill is adds to see video (or anything when has a horizontal of pill) reason calms can take you to some flanges without blockers any of a screen. A better part, is has it Gmail accounts - can use you your Walk of Google to always be able to access your documents without that have to that tend in a pill, like this really a quantity by heart in your pill is not the enormous factor in his capacity to fulfil the one who precise. They are the technology friki, and I work in an Industry of Technology of the Information (in UPS developing of software), and can ensure you that more and more the things will be stored in a cloud in place of physically stored in your device, is not fooled for other pills those who allege to have much more memory like calm the precise; really it does not import . A Nexus7 (2013) also the updates is software and operating system automatically like this calm will not be stuck with an old operating system and need to buy to new pill. I plan on buying an of these for my sister for colegiala been due to like gain is. I can not expect see quell'exited of Google with prójimo.
4 / 5
When This is to exit was a better pill for you could take for such small quantity of money, sure has tonnes of economic pills, but besides some models of Fire of the Amazon, is all the expensive paperweights that will hamper your experience of Android.

Takes hardware quite decent and the experience of stock android that always will take the fresh updates of an oven (at present while to Android 5.0 Lollipop), basically any applications and the games run smoothly, and a screen is gorgeous! An only with this quality of camera, but any compraventa to the pill to use likes the camera.

Has the smartphone, desktop computer and this, like this for me to pill is more as the device of leisure, light exploring, random games and looking films, which is where these resplandores of what. It Likes him the quality of the screen has said is surprising for a prize, can really teel this where Google/Asus dipped his money.

The quality of build feels solid (to the equal that with any Asus produced), but a time a plastic in a side can chip (I are the dropper the one who really mistreats his devices) but without causing any real harm. Also, apparently it is not that uncommon to take dead pixels (something black or red in a screen), which do not guarantee you the substitution of Google unless it is too big or has centred also. The mine has taken the something red , but calm so only can sees against solids of black funds.

Is looking for To economic pill ossia for you, died of the pixel and all seats is a lot of value of the money has spent calm so only love for random use or still for boys.
5 / 5
This is to announce like him 2013 Nexus 7 pill. It was misled for some available general descriptions around a web, to believe _all_ Nexus 7 second generation(2013) support of mobile devices Qi touching. As it results, so only it telephones to do! How it was, at the beginning, disappointed with a vendor and description of product. This in spite of, quell'concealed that has not been his failure -- at least any regarding an industry and of the poor descriptions rampant therein. This would have to that be the resemble everything: the pills do not sustain Qi. I took of 8I are to 1:30pm to discover this no. of particular device took the little more days to ask in of the on-line forums to discover pills that is not the telephones do not sustain Qi touching.
4 / 5
There is doubted first to order this pill been due to some bad descriptions.... Finally, a prize was really a lot of have ordered like this one of Amazon (32G for $ 229). I have been using it of then 4 days and all looks to be acting to the equal that has expected.... I have tried a screen to touch that it uses more than a test the application and I have found any subject.... Also I have not founding any subjects of screen of the touch while using a device. Has both android as well as devices of Apple so that they are not biased to any against another... And to be sincere, planned to buy a ipad mini with exposure of Retina, but I didnt like his width and I have HATED HIS PRIZE !!!! As I have bought this Nexus for less than half a prize of a ipad mini (mine 32G Nexus 7 east $ 229 any Tax and any nave while a 32G ipad mini is $ 550 comprising a Tax). I think that a ipad is more stable, more mature, looks better, and was-treat this Nexus, but honradamente for half a prize I highly recommend this Nexus 7 .... I like this device: the exposure is beautiful, the action is good ( has update to 4.4), and the life of battery is excellent.

Am giving 4 starts because I think that Asus would owe that it has done the pocola operates better to reduce an enormous upper/subordinated bezel or at least resupply capacitive keys and probably advance of speakers in this enormous bezel in the chances yes have decided to maintain his measure how is...

Will update this description in chance finds any subjects....
4 / 5
With which ten months to use mine Nexus 7 FHD screen of leaves—of working spatial—kaput. It was still down guaranteeed but Asus any honour he because it could no to give them a number of serial, which is purportedly in a longitude done discarded box as well as in an interior of a device. Ploughing a device voids a guarantee. A service of client the representative has given a ‘a lot of' to honour a guarantee has sent once receipt of mine of compraventa, which I , and has been rewarded with the ‘any coverage of guarantee' been due to any number of serial. They have said a RMA the number would be generated.

When I have called was again says would have the load. A representative of the service of the client has refused to leave speak me with his manager or more thus subject. It was chastised for not maintaining a ‘box.' It has not been if a number of serial was on or in a box, or no, but perhaps was , has to have placarded the: it does not launch it it Was Yours Empty Box For A Year! – Require To you When A Product Fails! – As if we are all supposed to save an empty packaging of the each compraventa when a receipt would owe that be sufficient.

So much, waiting for the load to repair mine very required Nexus partorisca, that is in my opinion, an expensive device that it would be necessary is it lasted more than ten month as well as honored for a guarantee for my test of compraventa, has been trading the sweat that retards-emails of tactics that the wait to generate a RMA number to send a device. It has been the month of of the this has begun and I still have neither a RMA number neither to allocution of canal of the reparation for the send to. I take a feeling deliberately is tugging his feet until a year to guarantee expíra reason once plough it a number of serial be his in a face.
To arrive to this point so only loves a thing fixed. I owe it does not have to that run quell'was and buy another that he disposable butane lighter.

When A device am coming to depend on he for my business as well as partorisca to my work likes an airman. Have enjoyed some recreational profits also, and has expected fully Asus to maintain his agreement of the word written, which is resulted to be worthless. I owe it does not have to that buy two devices to have the backup when a failure. It suspects that a Nexus is usually the quality the electronic device and that have taken the ‘lemon ,' but does not know . If a Asus Nexus is built with low quality part, then a prize would owe that be to plot less, of his service of client is poor, his guarantee is feeble, and his reliability of product is inferior.

My recommendation is the not buying Asus produced without purchasing the program of good insurance of an external source.
5 / 5
Has bought he of the vendor has deprived on Amazon the one who has said that all was well, and when it has arrived has felt to like all was well, but after installing the shield in a unit, the things have begun to go you bad, in that a multiple screen has required early presses to take any response. This was the new experience to the equal that have had has has used screens with my forwards two units, without questions. Have take a screen, but a question has continued has taken like this he in still reparation. It results a sensor in this third unit has been tried faulty, and has affected also a car rotate function of screen, and further, so only underlining the paralizaciones cut and that the paste is resulted the real annoying. Please the note does not blame a vendor, also can have spent so only in his own, like the unit is now several old years. I seat sure a vendor was factual, and of these things spend the electronics, has expected the first long time of the revise. (This description is in a unit, no a vendor.)
5 / 5
Has had this pill of then January 8, 2014 and has been that loves it of then day a! It dips up it was the breeze . I have signed once my account of Google pre-existing, my email, the contacts and the calendar were synced almost instantly and without the hitch or he glitch. For like this, taking has organised was the snap! Included an update of the operating system later has been pressed to my device almost like this fast. So much, I will assume that leading glitches, as it has informed elsewhere here, has been solved with a later update that has been mine has pressed . Reason, felizmente, has no such glitches or questions to inform. NOTE: My personnel Nexus 7 2013 is WIFI so only. This in spite of, there is, or will be, the units that is exited early ossia both WIFI and 4G LTE compatible. Perhaps still for some times have read this.

Has to that two things like the signal was here. This pill is fragile. So much, you save some concern and buy the good chance (with or without the stand) and the band of screen protectors to go with east. Also, they are a miser eBook reader that, previously to take is, has used it Kindle Paperwhite to read with. Emotional eBooks of Kindle to Nexus 7 2013, to read, can be bit it delicate. This in spite of, is really very difficult. Simply sync walk of Google (or Dropbox) to a Nexus 7. Then, Reader of Moon of download eBook reader of a Tent of Game ( has two versions, free and paid, available. A free version would owe that do amiably for more than people) has Dipped any books would like you read to of a Walk of Google (or Dropbox) file in your PC. Then, in a Nexus 7, selects Reader of Moon, then Files of Mina, then GDrive (Walk of Google) or Dropbox. Calm then will see the cast of some books has dipped in a file in your PC. Simply touch a name of a book loves, of a cast in a Nexus 7, and automatically will upload to a Nexus and be ready to read. As I have said, delicate, yes. But, a process takes calm easier the the once done the time or two. Highly it recommends this pill to any one. Spent with confidence and enjoy!
5 / 5
This pill absolutely is in amazing. It has taken this like the present navideño and has been the using every day of then. I have not had the subject with only that he like this far, and has possessed this for eight month. Here it is some commentaries in a basics:

An operating system: version of Android of the Google KitKat
These works of system quickly, efficiently, and smoothly. I am notified while a version of the android later is was and am able to update my system for free.

Memory: Yes, ossia he 32 GB, this in spite of some program that goes in a pill takes on some space, as have GB to do with. It is to good sure quite spatial for me, of then does not download any video or film. It does not use pill of mine to maintain everything of my music, neither. Really so only it uses this for applications, surfing a web, some gaming. If you are using your pill for these things, ossia to spare spatial. If it plan on maintaining music and film in the, this in spite of, would look for one with more spatial.

Measured of screen: 7-thumb. A screen is the rectangle , doing it really adds for surfing a web in place of portrait and seeing images, video, and games in way of landscape. At the beginning, a screen of extreme rectangle was the little hard to take used to reason had been using to pill of my mother, which was more than the square-form. Now that has the habit of pill of mine, really taste. I do not have any complaint.

Resolution of screen: A screen has the 1920×1200 pixel exposure (323 pixel for thumb; 127 ppcm). It can touch video in HD, although it finds that when in an application of Youtube/of Youtube has the difficult time that touches HD. Applications like Netflix game so only well with the picture adds. Everything looks to add and the clear crystal.

WiFi Connectivity: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz This has one the majority of complete WiFi connectivity, which big downloads the snap.

Cameras: that faces front 720p register of video, behind-facing f2.4 AF, 1080p Register of video. A big reason has taken this pill in a 2012 pill is been due to some dual cameras. Some do any so only well. They are not that utmost, but a point of the pill is not to take video and professional photos. When A pill is resisted entirely still, some pictures in fact result a lot amiably. I have been surprised. Some video that can be taken is down-quality, but a mic chooses on the plot of sound. I have not bought this pill for pictures of video and good quality, as I am happy with them.

Speakers: Stereo Speakers, 5.1 surrounds sound. Eye Netflix, video of Youtube/of Youtube, listens the music, etc. In this pill, and a sound is surprisingly well! Calm does not take any a lot of action of basses in a music, but ossia the one who the receiver is stops . Calm can not expect that of such small speakers. They are very happy with a quality of a sound that exited of these few things.

Gone in and Starts: SlimPort and headphone jack. A micro the connector of the law of USB adds. I have connected pill of mine to mine portable, and there is has transported felizmente files. A headphone jack works well, also. I have listened the music in headphones and in mine stereo has seen one to the in cord.

Life of battery: I do not know a quantity esatta of life of battery that takes, but know that spare volume! I use pill of mine to plot during a day. I mainly surf a web, games of game in of the applications, and occasionally look Youtube/of Youtube and Netflix video. It finds that I can a lot I want to and that of him it loves the day and a battery will be on 50, lower when video of eye . Pill of collection of the mine every night to preserve life of battery. A battery will drain much faster with bluetooth and location on. I maintain both was unless they are by train to use them. They are very happy with a life of battery. Taking well of priest of some helps of battery, as some investigation on like this to concern for battery of ion of the lithium and that often would owe that be touch them.

Inferior line: I am enamoured with this pill and would recommend it to any one looking for an out.
5 / 5
I have purchased this pill the few weeks does and is a better pill that has possessed. It is all that has required in the pill. Has the colour adds and contrast vivid. Has quite storage for me for the pill and runs fast and quickly to open pages. Has several applications downloaded and did not give me a hiccup perhaps has decided them drive mad in those that applications that installs in the but reasonably does well. A thing that would advise any concealed has had a telephone of Android or compressed of Android and has purchased or has downloaded the applications of the free android sure is that to some applications of android Likes them Tent of Application of the Amazon or Amazon the First video and another will not download to this Nexus compressed. There is a lot of some same applications of Amazon that can take you by means of Game of Google but does not order this wants to use your Prime of Amazon in the reason Google and Amazon are in odds after the amazon has decided to so only offer his first video in his mark of Shoot having a capacity the instal memory to the SD the paper can be another thing to maintain in alcohol but one 32 GB the inner memory is quite the bit and works for me. It can have the way to backdoor some applications of Amazon somehow but for a normal user can wants to remain clear is all gung have in these applications that has mentioned or has is spent of the tonnes of coin in your applications of Amazon.
4 / 5
Initially, the toe presses in a screen a lot always laws, but while the question is disappeared. I maintain to add capacity to the equal that discover roughly him. Utilisation takes Evernote, touching Pandora music while reading Kindle or the physical book. I also the word of files of scrolling so the backup for meetings goes to, and has to that read the in Kindle or like the file of pdf. I have had to find the utility of manager of the file to the equal that could find some files on that. Also I have several clocks of alarm, informative places, applications of time, Pomodora timers, a recorder audio (for meetings),

A main ache is this GOOGLE produces a N7, like forces to use the gmail accounts for the record, but then also force your account to register like the account+ of G. So that the things take screwed on reasons DO not LOVE USE Or WORK WITH More than GOOGLE, and annoy me be forced to. For chance, the applications ask you to estimate them, but requires logging in the More than Google to enter an indication, as it declines. Then a damn the things maintain to ask estimating it each few days. GOOGLE Is screwing a usefullness of Android to force people to use Google +. But, once I learn to avert such obnoxious questions, a N7 is still a lot of usefull. A limitation is a lack to add in SD memory of paper. As it does not use yes for anything concealed is intense memory.
4 / 5
According to Nexus 7 (gene 2) that possesses. Experience to substitute the gen1 Nexus 7 used by another member familiarised. In spite of his 'old age' in of the digital years, is still an excellent pill and smoothly upgraded to a version of Android later in an air ( was several versions behind like this rid, like this precise to do a upgrades to take to some later versions, which takes some time with all some updates of the also required application). Perfect measure to read and especially travesía been due to life of weight and long battery and modest measure. It runs all the applications have tried, comprising mapping (OpenStreetMap and Here) with sufficient memory to download maps of multiple country (some with maps of outline of full terrain) for travesía. GPS can be the little slow to begin up after moving long distances, but is quite precise and easily used for both rural and in-navigation of city. A solid product.
5 / 5
Had been using an iPad for the pair of years but has been for loses a company-the device distributed when lame. There are a lot of things has hated in an iPad and The Apple of aversion for his totalitarian policemen, as I have decided tries a Nexus 7 reason the friends had recommended the.

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of things I hate in a Nexus 7. Like an iPad, any half of my time to compose that it modifies some million deceptions I mark been due to a screen to touch miserable. Something can fix in the Real Computer (T) with the small endeavour that use the keyboard and the smile is the ache in a Nexus 7 (and iPad also). It is also too small to use in lap of mine and almost too big to resist comfortably in a delivery. It would owe that be any big or more small plus . It likes that I can stick of him in my rear pocket, but almost I any need never that.

Like the result of this disappointment, in planting to buy it Samsung Galaxy 5 to substitute an iPhone I has been for to lose, has resisted my nose and has bought another iPhone. I have imagined I have known an iPhone and is quirks a lot enough, as I have decided to stick with a devil has known.

Another that a subject of measure, my complaint is really more than an indictment of pills in general. I have been using PCs for the decades and I hate like plummets of mine of productivity when using to pill. It would not try never write this description in a Nexus 7. So only I do not have a spare hour to correct typos. They are useful to touch simple games, and is also useful when that requires to access email, Facebook, and the simple web that explores in of the situations where the PC is not practical.
4 / 5
Has taken the pause of a Nexus 7 (2013) for the moment, after returning four bad units. Has has wanted to all in this pill, but continued to have to that dread them in mine first four units. They are happy to say that they no longer are having a subject, as the one who can say, in mine 5th device (which is manufactured with which September 2013). Everything of some subjects resembles has been fixed, and suspect the bad factory or component in of the early units.

To good sure recommend this pill for a season vacacional. It is for far a better pill in a phase at present. It would like to see a 8 thumb and to 12 pill of thumb this in spite of.

Update (November 25th): A pill still looks to be doing perfectly. They are happy that purchased it again. For those of has concerned roughly some of some subjects, see my notes down. The majority of some subjects are related to some premiers few months to manufacture. MI table has been manufactured in the September and are having questions of zeros with him.

Leading description (maintained to show some questions that has had with early units):
are in mine FOURTH DEVICE. All three of my leading devices were plagued with subjects. Specifically, some freezings of device on very thick for roughly 30 seconds to the minute. All the leading devices look to have the multitouch question, specifically in a fund of a screen where a spacebar is. As there is enough the bit of the question when it comes to write is.

With all this be has said, a device is excellent and the better way that a prime minister Nexus 7 (that it was it a better pill last year, in my opinion). It would suggest to buy he of the reputable undertaken, and so only return a device for another until you take one that the no longer has to him dread. Now that are in 4th device, am taking the little tired that it has to spend for a process this in spite of.

Are an user has experienced , as this is not error of user. I have had several copies of some originals Nexus 7, a Asus Transformative, and a Nexus 10. As I am a lot familiar with using pills, etc. Asus so only has some questions in his factories, in my opinion, this need to be directed.

Has based in a lot of some descriptions that has seen on-line, any all the world is experiencing these subjects; which is the one who directed me partorisca believe has something to do with a factory that some of them are coming from.
5 / 5
Consider a iWorld person, and has possessed and has used each iPhone of then iPhone 2. I have possessed also an original of iPad, an iPad 3 and 4. In a side of Android of things, has possessed the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung S3 (rooted), the the Taiwan economic knockoff. My experience with the android has not been a lot well, and my main flus is:

- ecosystem of the android is not like this very like this iOS, especially applications
- Android of which flexibilities to do with your device anything has loved, but change it, is easier for malware to tug , and the questions of software can be very painful. Everything of my devices of Android have suffered the frequent device reboots that so only can be solved for reset of factory

has bought recently Nexus reason has looked for the 7' pill but has not felt like an iPad mini. Compared this against Samsung and finally solved on this because of some stellar descriptions and economic prize.


- The device is light and like this portable
- the life of battery is a better among all the devices have used like this far. A fact that is WiFi so only means that it does not use battery so as LTE devices, but the inferior line is that be any complains in a section of battery
- smooth likes butter. Like this as well as any iDevice, if any better, and for far a better in device of Android that has used and tried in of the tents (this comprises more Samsung devices, Sony and Asus)
- stable: although I upload a lot a software although has has has caused questions with mine other Androids, has not experienced any accident. It was more careful this time, quotes my bad experience with Android, but is still to plot of the loaded software. Like this far like this a lot
- better integrated: the one of the actions among the applications is so only so better that iDevices
- screen: very good and crisp. One of a better if no a better
- sound: a lot very partorisca to pill, and surprisingly strong too
- camera: any really try - never believed take the photos that use it compressed
- touching: fast. More than it apresamiento to touch iPhones but nowhere near iPads
- economic for his specs: compared to Samsung and iPad

- almost all the devices of Android sustain SD paper of expansion, and is also the point besides has compared strong to iDevice, as it considers Nexus omission of a the big negative point
- I still think a iOS ecosystem of upper application

In spite of, a Nexus has substituted an iPad as my primary device
4 / 5
has used this Nexus 7 for on 3 month now, and am still very happy with this device any one @subjects the one who other pills maintain to go in a phase.

Has dipped to kill it (anti-glare) the screen can read PDFs further of the external+interior that lights conditions.

Accesses in my rear pocket, handy while it was in a golf are.

A hard battery long quite (at least 20 hrs) still while connected in WiFi.

Use a Nexus 7 almost like the computer (excepts that I am still very comfortable with keyboards of screen of the touch).

Has taken one 32 GB version.
Too bad can you any one plant in a SD Paper by heart, but USB on-the-gone of the works quite well for accesses of external storage.
Are still very able to use this with the pieces of furniture-data-paper to use on 3G (but here is the possible work around I still need to try [...] )
This in spite of, any precise 24 hr internet in this pill ( has taken a LG G2 smartphone for calls and 3G that that can be shared with a Nexus 7).
Like battery in both devices (Nexus 7 and LG G2) last a whole day.

Has required to root a device to customise it further. Rooting it, when connected to the car of Linux, was very easy.

My only flu is that a key to be able to of the hardware is too close up of some keys of control of the volume.
4 / 5
Has had an original Nexus 7 and has died. Has-liked me has bought so much a newer version. Still I love it. It is faster that an original, a hard battery longer (still when using to the Google Now likes the launcher), and feels more than thin and lighter.

An only two complaints has is related his arrival.

In the first place, a packaging.
Is that any one says 'To the equal that can do a packaging So that it disappoints that a buyer will question reason has bought included this?' They are quite sure ossia in fact the amazon is doing, but reason does not have any idea. The mine is gone in the plain (as in any markings at all save for the barcode focus) box of brown map. Would have thinks that has been shipped it refurbished the unit there has been I any visa 'new' in a barcode focus. Ploughing a box has been treated to one the majority of underwhelming unboxing experience never. Inside a pill has been ensured to another piece of map for true of the plastic discharge has extended on that. One load has been wound and ensured with the bond of transfer in the separate compartment. Ossia. Any documentation, any manual, any stock exchange, any buzz, any emotion, any mystery.

As, is has arrived died.
Does not know roughly you, but every time has purchased the device, has arrived with at least the pocola load like calm can turn it on and has to that little felt of wonderment and joy. Any joy here. In fact, trying be able to him on resulted in 5 blinks of a light of notification. After a simple box, was sure this was the sign there was state screwed and has shipped DONA refirb. Googling A blinks has not helped, in a Nexus the community there has to that done an acronym partorisca east: FBoD or Five Blinks of death. In each chance has found in forum with which forum this means a pill had died, until I finally found the estaca so only that has said that ossia like a Nexus react when tests to be able to him on but a battery is too down. I EAT... If you take one , and takings a FBOD out of a box, that has done and discharges so only he in still 30 minutes.

After an initial arrival, has does not have the alone question. It loves it.
5 / 5
This thing is incredibly light weight, insanely the acute exposure and a life of battery is glorious.

I shopped around the longitude while first to buy this pill. An only another with characteristic comparable strong was in $ 100 more when I have done a compraventa.

Is remained with one it Bluetooth chance & of File of Skin of Keyboard (available under $ 30 on Amazon ) turns this handy pill basically to the laptop of characteristic full.

Jointly with a chance/of keyboard has mentioned, use this pill almost daily in some following ways:
- Do to take notes in of the meetings, email, calendar, etc. [Perspective, OneNote, and work of mark of walk of Google easy]
- House or in a gone:
looking the films have downloaded or streaming alive by means of NetFlix or HBOGO.
Reading Kindle Reservations to use a Kindle Application.
Touching games (the by heart Fantastic depth)
listening the Music (iHeart Irradiate, TuneIN irradiate, Pandora, etc.)

Very happy has done a compraventa.
5 / 5
Has purchased this in an end of July 2014 together with:

Google Nexus 7 2013 Chance - Google Poetic Nexus 7 2013 Chance [Slimline Serious] - [Light] [Ultra-slender] GRAZED the Slender skin-Apt Trifold Chance of Folio of Stand of Coverage for Google Nexus 7 2nd Gene 2013 Black (3 Costruttore of the year Guaranteeed Of Poetic)

Stylus, amPen® Hybrid Stylus (Black) for Air of iPad of the iPad/of Apple 2/iPad Mini, Apple iPhone 6 (4.7)/6 Plus (5.5)/5/5s/5c/4s, Nexus 5/7, Tab of Galaxy 4/3/2, Galaxy S5/S4, HTC A M8/M7 (Characteristic of Interchangeable Hybrid Tip) .

Has ordered also a Google Nexus 7 (Android 4.4 KitKat Edition) pound like him compliment to this compraventa.

Has expected almost six month to write this description because have has loved 'the quota was' of my experience of installation that would have caused me to estimate these 3 stars. They are also now able to enough value this pill after the few months' use.

Has loved the highly-has estimated unrestricted (open) compressed that the map adds resupplied and space of sufficient screen. I have purchased this to use in the coverage of Wi-Fi so only for when I do not love boot on my laptop to verify topmast or see the film, etc. Neither has loved a pill of Apple because my fiancé has an iPad 3 and some products of Apple have restrictions. Neither I have been impressed with a map in his iPad. It considered it Kindle Shoot HD 7' except this pill was too much restrictive also and was geared to Amazon junkies. They are an Amazon junkie but neither like me the restrictions in of the products I compraventa. During my July 2014 investigation, has discovered that a Nexus 7 pill was an Android has estimated big afterwards to this plus restrictive pills.

With which have received a Nexus, asked had done a right decision. In the first place, I have been surprised that this is coming without documentation (another that a business paper sized diagram of where all some ports were and the guarantee and agreement of security in both English and French). A documentation a lot included has said that the times have required to touch a unit. I touched it at night and it has then had the immense question that takes this has connected.

One issues connected to has MAC filtering enabled has required like this a MAC allocution. This in spite of, could not take a MAC allocution without dipping on a device. Also, it could it has not dipped on reason could not take a MAC allocution. It could have fussed with one issues and turned of MAC filtering/security temporarily but has had to take to do in a legislation of the morning after a unit has completed to touch. I have then tried to connect street three other coverages (my library for one, my work another, and another connection of Wi-Fi). Still it would not connect . Reason have not loved to expect until it has taken house 12 hours later to fuss with my subject I wound on that asks the person of support of the technology where operates. I connected it has seen his personnel MiFi mobile hotspot.

Apparently, Google Nexus so only connects the sure coverages if a first time setup has not been done. I have tried several open coverages. The mine has sawed-hard-working MiFi connection of mobile coverage, although it suspects the mine would have connected has had has takes temporarily a security in my subject, was an only a concealed would leave me to run an automatic setup so that it could connect. With which setup has been treated, was able to take a MAC allocution of some settings 'roughly' tab. It was also able to connect to a three other coverages have tried previously and with which inputting a MAC allocution, also could connect to my subject. It was apparently an initial setup process that has prevented a connection.

This Google Nexus would have taken five stars there is enhanced an experience of user stops:
1 - resupplying the MAC allocution neither in a unit or in the piece of paper so that there is MAC filtering there is enabled.
2 - Resupplying the booklet of documentation with a unit that:
Says an user that the times require to touch a unit a first time.
Explains to an user that setup can not be run on all the coverages and sometimes will take a message of error. For like this, they could say that to something likes 'using of your own coverage is advisable' or resupply an explanation of because sure coverages (comprising totally open some this leave all the connections) no . Perhaps it has some class of technical protocol that is not available on all the coverages; I do not have any idea.

Another that an on, absolutely love my Google Nexus. I have been using paralizaciones east almost 6 month and he has fulfilled mine each expectation. It touches less than four hours; I last roughly 3 hours if constantly they are when using; I last roughly 3-4 days when I am using he for roughly 10 minutes daily. I have used this for email, film, web surfing, pictures, etc. the availability of Application is unending (Kindle, Linkedin, Doctor of Battery, etc., Etc.) has tried an image of screen afterwards to the mine has sawed-workers Kindle Fire HD 7' and has any discernible difference in quality or resolution. The images and the films in this device are glorious. If I attach mine APLWL USB 2.0 A to Micro B Boss 6FT-TPE jacket-Blue to mine portable, can both touch a unit and also files of accesses on he of the mine portable likes a bit the photos has located under Nexus 7\Inner storage\DCIM\directory of Camera (ossia Computer \Nexus 7\Inner storage\DCIM\Camera in Explorer).

In general ossia to pill of quality that did not disappoint me once has taken spent an initial installation and lack of headache of documentation. In a section of commentaries of my description, has dipped link the documentation of Google I expósito useful as well as to a 2014 description has used for my investigation.

UPDATE Jan 6, 2015 - Right with which have written this description has had the question where mine Nexus closed down automatically and every time has been to the use has has had to that to beat retreated up. After doing an investigation of Internet was able to fix this to go to an application of Tent of the Game in a Nexus, then selecting soyy Applications' and accepting all install updates. Had the few updates that has not installed and this has touched havoc with my system. With which I this, a Nexus is remained powered on and has been doing a lot of some last diverse days.
5 / 5
I have bought one on its own name and two more partorisca my daughters that alive in home,

Originally had planned in that goes with a kindle fire hdx 7' been due to a faster processor and paper of map but has against decided he for the pocolas reason.

Kindle Fire hdx 7' would be the add to choose for any deeply integrated in an ecosystem of Amazon. Please does not take me bad, I Amazon of amour with all my heart, ossia reason I compraventa almost all here. Also it would be the compraventa adds for a prime minister compressed of user of time or for any the one who is not a lot of technology savvy still has the fresh characteristic has called soyayday' key that calm takes to the character of support of bolt of Amazon in your screen of pill. Has good speakers if it do not plan on using auricular or ear-buds. It is also one of some only pills that calm leave you the current yours First free Amazon video.

-I has bought the Nexus 7 2013 version because I always can have a newer version of android when the first available results.

-I games of Google has more than the amazon done for applications. You can take a kindle application of game of Google wants to use your kindle library.

-I does not have to that unlock or try manipulate a Nexus to try to do a work of application, so only do.

-Chromecast Is fresh, how is Miracast ossia in a Kindle. So only I do not love start and buy the new TV to be able to do Miracast work. We are PC gamers in to this house like them not having of the Playstations to run this by means of any one.

-I likes having the front and rear camera in a Nexus. He Calms Skype to the plot perhaps will want a 720p advances of cameras in a kindle but does not take the rear camera in a kindle.

-A Nexus capture 1080P video, ossia the characteristic of fresh pill .

-A kindle can be dipped on way that the friendly boy. A Nexus can have multiple users. When it Creates the profile of user can can restrict a mature content and dip the one who applications that the user will have access to. Any to mention some available numerous applications to help a monitor of father and restrict consider this necessary is everything available in googleplay.

-I likes having an election of the like the browser loves use (firefox when being my preferred) and know that firefox works in just in the each place. Also I have an option of Google Chrome. I have not limited to so only a kindle browser ilk' that is not the horrible browser but I prefer to know that when I use firefox down some right settings that has the little daunt.


That boils down to this both of some pills are utmost. The majority of a time is a same prize . A kindle will be necessary pay an additional cost does not want to see the sound adds every time calm wake it arrive or unlock the. The majority of kindle the users do not import an add and to the to some like. I finalise to find that so that I a Nexus is the best to buy for me. Ossia With a sacrifice of the little slower processor and processor of video, there is not remarked any difference. If you are not in the enormous haste then perhaps expects the little more with a longitude to see the one who a Nexus 8 goes to have besides the little main screen. I think that that to the pill is exiting sometime in 2014 (probably one 2nd or 3rd 1/4). It likes me quell'has declared more have bought punctual three of these and is easy to dip up and has not had any questions a last month to use them. With a lot it likes me I will update this description/to estaca has any one subjects.

I hope this description did not confuse you or he harder for you to do the election, a pill is built for ASUS also like this in is in prize in my opinion.

Gives the graces to read my description

the UPDATE/MODIFIES: 4/29/2014 Still running strong, all three of them. The amour that play of touches on the and I amour streaming Netflix in Big Definition. A lot of rumours flying around there in a Nexus 8. Still I love my Nexus 7 2013 but can not expect see the one who a prójimo Nexus to the pill has to that offered.

The UPDATE/MODIFIES: 5/4/2015 Some pills still are operating so only well. Two of a three has begun having questions with a port to touch. A port to the touch begins to take free and sloppy. It will not touch with which awhile. It is not that hard to fix if not to impose you ploughing on a backside of a pill and doing with small tools. Calm finally can so only things of curve for behind punctual so that time before it has failed. I have not annoyed that buys the joint to touch substitution reasons are expensive and there are two versions and precise some legislations a. I have opted for the Qi wireless touching tampon that I the description on and the work adds. Besides one touching port in bad disposal some pills have done perfect.

Give the graces to read my description and this update.
5 / 5
Although long in a tooth for levels to draw that quickly of transmission by means of a field of electronic devices, a Nexus 7 (2013 or FHD or ii version) is the real gem. A Google-ASUS the society means that the updates to an operating system am available shortly after that is liberto. When Received, a pill is likely to be that it runs some version of Android 4, but easily can be update in any well to Android 5 which is the most sophisticated operating system and sure that a sooner some. Highly it recommends to go to Settings and Update of System in a prompt plus and taking Lollipop (Android 5) although I owe that spend for incremental updates before I take it. It is worth it for a security and peace to import that results. As another has commented, a speed of operation and big quality of a screen to paint as well as an easy-to-control 7' the formed this the device that feels like this contemporary, this-small, and current and any pill at present in a phase that pursues on Android. A Ultra if Slender like a one for FYY is the addition adds to a pill--svelte but protective and leaving the access adds to all the controls.
4 / 5
Would give these five stars if any takes:

- Random Reboots: These spend 2 - 3 times the day, although some days go without them. I have not imagined out of the model. It can spend while into use or while so only seating there. Ossia The amply informed question .
- Speakers very calm: My telephone has the tiny alone speaker that I can crank on and clearly listen... While volume to RAIN. Some speakers in this look of unit to be a lot down 1/3 that forces, and can does not look quite strong in a lot of circumstances. Enough the shame in such otherwise solid product.
- Questions of GPS: GPS JUST WASTE to do a lot a time. I have touched all some games with State of GPS, resetting an inner state, downloading data asistencial and like this on and like this on and like this on. A GPS in this unit is not never be of confidence for me. I have read roughly hacks of May of hardware... Seriously? I owe it does not have to that included think of that. Big disappointment.

Perhaps some current builds of these is well. The mine is not . I owe that a lot included it has to that consider the substitution, these would not owe that be questions... Otherwise, loves that.
4 / 5
Are very happy with a pill for a purpose has feigned. Utilisation to to read Kindle, listens to Audible and a lot of podcasts among other things. A life of battery is well, a measure is perfect and is light weight . Utilisation a lot of produced of Google and he integrates really well with all these products especially with voices of Google for messages.

Have two on in active questions that does not think is common for a Nexus 7. In the first place a car rotate the figure from time to time will take stuck in a way of portrait. Usually turning it was and on (sometimes repeatedly) unstick the. It looks to be the software more than the question of hardware. But anything is annoying. It has not begun spending until there was roughly 6 month. The mine is the old year now.

A second question is occasionally a screen to the touch will take the little slow to answer. I find this question to be smaller and in a same like other devices have like my iPad and my telephone. A question of screen of the cures of touch of him self after the pocolos small but one transports rotate the question are more annoying.

Still would buy a Nexus 7 again. When you Consider some characteristics for a prize think that is the very good election .
5 / 5
Also have one of a Nexus 7 original version compressed. To good sure the value that pay extra to take one of this new some with a screen of the main resolution. No more side of together scrolling to see a web page discovers. This one has been purchased for our 2yr old the one who mainly uses to look Netflix cartoons. So only we can rid a pill and he can unlock the and open/cruised Netflix he. Also it uses for some kids applications. My woman and I also will use from time to time.

My woman originally has been to purchase one of these $ 100 pills of girls in a tent that has to pay you an additional $ 20 for each cartridge. It dipped it behind when I said that it would have to it to it buy Nexus 7 and take free applications. This is to use also for his sometimes and loves it. My uses of edges in this way-way more than having never has used that $ 100 pill.

Has bought also this chance to complete one 'pill of girls' the look and I to good sure recommend this returns your application.....(I-Blason ArmorBox Kido Serious for Google New Nexus 7 2 II)

Update 7/24/2014: Like an a lot of pill. Mina 2yr old fell it once to the equal that has looked for to dip the up in a counter and he have on enclosed. Resisted down key of power for 30 second and he rebooted without questions. It is rough with him and ossia an only time there has been the subject light to the equal that am happy with quality. I have bought another because mine 2yr old does not love action (Netflix addiction of cartoon). My woman now has his own. Maintaining have 3 and all continue to do like this his on day 1. If you are in a phase partorisca to small pill, the recommend consider east a.
5 / 5
Has bought one 2013 Nexus 7 and has maintained he in a box until a protective screen and the chance has arrived. Yesterday I finally powered he on, installed applications, and while they look 'The Moon', an animate short film that is coming free with a device, there is remarked the defect in a screen. There is the red cloudy zone, roughly 1 cm in diameter, the little left of centre in orientation of portrait. In an a lot of start of a film, when a screen is all black (so only before some looks of castle of Disney), is a lot of noticeable and brilliant. I have tried to look a video on all of the mine other devices, and some red blotch has not gone there, as I have imagined has not been to separate of a video. I have then tried another entirely shots of black screen in some new Nexus 7 and some red splotch was still there. I have asked so only the substitution of Amazon, but is esviejo temporarily was' and one estimated shipment to the date is to the long of the month was. I will update this description while I can take my hands in the substitution. Otherwise, A pill is sum . It is quickly, some the dual speakers touch utmost (partorisca to pill), and a screen is very acute.
Update 9/13/13: I have received the substitution the few weeks does and this a does not have a question that an original one has had. He , this in spite of, has the pixel has died so only approaches a cup of a screen. A dead pixel is so only noticeable when a screen is entirely black and a brightness is looked all a way. Included then, you owe really look for he for the moment before you it, reason a density of the pixel in this screen is like this big (ossia a good thing in the plenary HD screen). I have decided to maintain that it is one , reason have read other descriptions where the people have had to that spend for numerous substitution before finally they have taken one this was perfect, a lot has had more than a dead pixel.
5 / 5
Loves this tab. It has Had it subjects with a screen to touch before kitkat the update but have diminish of an update. I can it does not take to 5 indication to star reason the still have subjects of screen of the touch in timing where has to them that pode of a tab and restart. Also it looks to take 4hr + to recharge a battery. But it loves a tab

modify 2016/6/10 and 2018/01/14
the esees been having subject with entrances of ghost and general responsiveness of a screen to touch(for the while now). He a difficult tab to operate. Of here, because of frustration, the does not use it like this often like this has done them before. It has Thought that that a tab would have been better. 2 star deducted. My grandson the one who has bought them a model a late plus for prime minister complained roughly he with sound. It has Thought it it was so only his model but has not been.
ARE SCARRED And will not BUY ANOTHER NEXUS TAB ANOTHER TIME( has expected very better that was to be more first that very low).
4 / 5
Has possessed my copy of a Nexus 7 2013 paralizaciones to the long of the year and there is at all in a phase that would take on this pill. It is extremely portable, returning in a pocket of continuazione inner of jacket, or still in the pocket of trousers of the front (this in spite of seating with him there would not be recommended). You can resist he partorisca in an hour in a delivery without @@tiredness. A screen is extremely big resolution, with the plenary HD the screen has packed to 7 thumbs. Calm can not distinguish pixel at all. It is so only beautiful. An action is very fast. There is really any lag at all with this pill, included with the processor ossia now 3 old generations. A sound is excellent, with stereo speakers that has had a lot of loudness. A connectivity of coverage is sum. Easily I take 50Mbs on and down in a Wi-Fi - Spare to the common full HD video or upload joined the majority of intricate web pages. When being the Nexus, takes some updates of Android later directly of Google. 5.0 Lollipop will be was for him inner one next week or two and Google probably will sustain with Android upgrades partorisca at least another year or more. It uses mine for web surfing, Youtube, streaming video of my church when I am travelling, Netflix, taking notes, reading, books of audio, music, looking film in a plan, games, stock trades, that directs my account of bank, buying material on Amazon, email, cat of video, and more. Anything is looking to do, calms that can do on this device. If you are looking for to compact pill, portable, this one is recommended highly.
4 / 5
Is lighter that Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Very fast (a lot of CPU, RAM and Android YOU)
tonnes of applications. (Highly customizable)
A life of battery is very decent. (recharge He once the day)

32gbs goes very fast. And any option of external storage! (I use Nexus Import of Means comunicacionales. But he SD the space of paper would have been quite)
A control of volume/to change to be able to is not intuitive. (The Kindle has the better creation)
is quite slender. Ossia Generally well. But a measure of a screen takes limited while touching rear clips. Kindle Is better in this point

(Are I happy?)
Oh He. Well a prize. After buying Nexus 7, uses my laptop much less frequently. (Sometimes, any I same turns he on) Also smartphone of mine is resulted really the telephone. Utilisation Nexus 7 more often that a laptop & a smartphone has combined.

One to the macula of entity is a lack of options of external storage. If they want to it has beaten it Kindle, ossia a there same response .

Has compared to Kindle ( has Kindle Fire HD 16gbs).... If you are the first member , is the hard call . A Kindle probably has bit it better hardware. And you could take the selection adds free contents (Sherlock, Dres. That, Skyfall .) For FREE. If you are not the member, the believe a Nexus would be the better election. Like the computer, is much easier to use. (A Kindle is really a box of entertainment of the Amazon in a form of the pill) uses both. For film/TVs and activity of light web, a Kindle. For another, a Nexus.

In general, is to the pill adds .
4 / 5
Ossia A pill has better tried among a lot of this alleges to be better. The materials are sturdy and very done, feels resistant but súper light and in that resists it like this this (without any coverage) feels really natural, although a screen is really big and some sides to resist is small, calm does not seat tired for the resist like this quickly mainly because of a light... A quality of his this really good but perhaps is not that powerful to the equal that would recommend to buy some bluetooth external speakers to augment the volume he big plus, in spite of using built-in of the speakers to look youtube video and like this forward will be good and has dipped also the really clear sound...

Regarding a software and YOU experience really seat ossia a calm more can take like you to them the systems of android, this would be without exaggerating a better pill to run android in a phase, a whole experience is free frustration and like this easy that any included remark it... So much, if it has had any product there that it can compete it he with a new apple ipads is definitively a google nexus pill, specs are really adds and a quality of a whole product is exceptional.

Totally would recommend this pill in any user the one who needs to pill to explore an internet, topmast of control, video of clock (excepts to flash video), hears the music and of the games of game to buy with sure a google nexus pills, is like this utmost!

Top Customer Reviews: Asus Zenpad Z8 16gb ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Lakia
Well packaged. So only resulted partorisca be any as my husband there is wanted.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoTab RT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5 Lauri
I have been using paralizaciones east the week and am writing on he right now. It has looked for savings of energy partorisca out of the grille that bolt and use in ours sailboat, but has loved the keyboard and the reasonable cost. I love this car! Windows RT there is a bit quirks am not happy with, but is probably so only the curve to learn with the new operating system. All the precise world comprises that ossia the mobile of operative program , any full Window. You will require to download an application for that (for more than elements) but give you the full desk also.

I amour that can Microsoft OneDrive and can use he of the mine portable, the laptop of my husband and my ASUS pill, any to mention any computer that has a connection of internet. Apresamiento awhile To take used to save things to a cloud, but relieves súper easy to use.

One of my pet peeves with east is a lack of Google Chrome, but has an application for Google+ these leaves are use hangouts to converse or call my daughter in his IPAD, can then called on my husband in work. Eye Netflix and Prime of Amazon, use Pandora for music and only need for the touch once, perhaps two times the day. With my laptop would owe that recharge each one that 4 hours.

Inferior line, for my precise this was perfect.
4 / 5 Karon
Has to that say that I am very surprised with this pill. Has the full measure ultrabook running Windows 8.1. As taking this Win RT was easy for me. I have bought this specifically for my daughter the one who need for his school work in the web of places that the career flashes. It would not take never iPad for this reason. Has an iPad in the house and my girls hate he because of his limitations.
Turning this on and it dipping or has taken the moment. A next thing afterwards has run all some updates. One downloads of one wins 8.1 files have taken the whole night and then installing some updates have taken for ever. Once all is to update, a pill looks the little faster. One downloads of the application also improves dramatically.
While has has has limited applications in Winners 8.1 and learning of the new has required some time to take use to, in fact prefers this in IOS. A look of navigation seamless and do really well. This Asus is able to operate with any acceptable lag. No too shabby $ 200 pill compares the iPad $ 500 seal of prize. A bud the quality is orders also. A metal that solid retreated of the looks and a screen forward is very expensive. An only negative thing is a width bezel in a screen - spatial really has squandered. A sound is spends it , no a More adds them. A camera is also very bad but to good sure will not win any prizes.
A keyboard that is coming with a container is also solid has built. In a keyboard is some extra battery that the helps augment an use of a pill. When it has closed it looks the normal laptop , which are adds. Be careful when take a pill because my edges was able to freeze a pill when you take carelessly.
A thing that annoyed with a pill at the beginning was with which has been to sleep a pill can not be waken up without closing down and reboot a pill. Ossia An intrinsic question of settings of Windows. To fix it, so only go the manager of device, and boss in the USB hub. Under a management to be able to, uncheck a box that leaves a computer to turn of an USB.
My family has used a pill for the week and in that loves it. For a prize this Asus VivoTab is recommended highly.
4 / 5 Gladys
Has looked for the substitution of laptop/of light pill for travesías of weekend. A VivoTab looked perfect. It liked Especially of a combination of Office of small/impression of the life of long/battery has comprised.
A laptop feels good and sturdy - all plastic, but solid. To purchase Perspective, need the upgrade of 8 to 8.1. I have tried several times to update a laptop and has included contacted ASUS support. They have confirmed it has had to that install all the updates and street this street would take the Windows RT 8.1 and Perspective. This in spite of, with which one 3rd tentativa a car not even fully bounces anymore. Any way the revert behind.
Like this in spite of the very promising hardware, sent it behind for repayment. It researches a coverage, does not look to be uncommon that a upgrade failure.
5 / 5 Delois
Has has not used never Windows 8 until I have bought this computer, not liking to of the principle, has taken some time to take used his, now taste. The laptop/of pill does almost all require it to do, there are several applications use concealed is not compatible with Windows 8. The works add to travel need the small laptop for basic tasks. It comes with applications of the office of the Microsoft has uploaded. @@Subject Had with the laptop that exited of way of sleep, was able to fix a question that does the pocolos adjustments in some links of web of place down:

5 / 5 Indira
screen to Touch neither a lot responsive neither really sensitive. Selection of the software that sustains a system of the operation of the device is very limited.
5 / 5 Tawana
This pill has been he at all but the disappointment. Turned of while it sees the way of sleep, which requires for the restart every time. Neither Microsoft or Asus has had information very useful roughly solving this troublesome subject. Quell'irked Are that I have bought an older version of this container of pill last Thanksgiving and work perfectly. But this current model - and am spent for three of his first to decide to give has - been on the total ache in this Turn/of Sleep Was @@subject. It will go for version of Android - TF103 - and hope that that one does well.....
5 / 5 Suk
Ossia To five pill of star and keyboard combo, the majority of some people that is by train of the give the bad descriptions have not known that bought, sound to pill of windows any android. If it love each application/of game in a world-wide that your telephone of android has to that it does not take this. There are some applications of the decent/games can take, so only very a lot everything of them. They are also a lot of technology savvy like this touching around with the windows is easy for me.
5 / 5 Lena
Is the little too prompt to say, but create it to be the cost adds, especially for a prize has taken stops. It had been researching for the few months all has joined several pills there have known like this some prizes of all some pills. This particular pill has taken paralizaciones almost $ 400 less than had been finding he in in several places of web. Has all has looked for, the detachable keyboard, light weight, the office of Microsoft has comprised.
Perhaps mine a light complaint is that it is the slow touch when in an internet. Any the breaker of extracted for me because it does not spend the tonne to time surfing.
4 / 5 Keith
In the first place will say that easily I am writing this a lot of description of this device while multitasking among others programs/of applications. I have done this compraventa after returning a Dell Local 8 Pro reason a Dell 8' the screen has no the cut more has had subjects of numerous action one more Aus has been on sale for only $ 219. I have had mine Asus Vivotab now for 4 days and absolutely loves that!

A keyboard that comes with seating very solid and hard (any cheaply fact), a life of battery is surprising (I goes almost 3 full days in the load with a keyboard has attached roughly 70 of a time), a screen to touch is a lot of responsive, and in general feels like the a lot of produced well. I estimated it the 4 out of 5 for two reasons: 1) an initial setup to run updates and it course to a subject of ice cream of the screen (sees down) was A lot of frustrating but has spent that any 2 less) some returns of pill to a cradle of keyboard easily but wiggles so only it tad when quell'emotional ( will be to achieve was to Asus to see has fix it or to take the substitution).

Will spend to the long of some joint this in spite of... When calm in the first place take a device will require to install 60+ updates that comprises to move the Windows RT 8.1 (quell'IMO is very better) and enough possibly more than a time ( has has had to that two times). It covers he in and slowly on taking it 1 or more hours to complete. After a calm update goes by can find (taste ) of a screen that freezings while in way of sleep. It has said of another way, when you try to press a key of power to restore / wake it on at all spends. A lot informative is does to fix it and the mine has done perfectly has to that update of a setting. You will require to change a embedded option the one who leaves a device to be turned was after being in way of sleep for a minute or longer. p.S. I have driven to this on-line resolution in the forum as I can not take the credit but I have has had to that still undermine for the find.

Here is some steps:
Goes to a desk, opens on poster of control (swipe of legislation then press settings), when the poster of calm control plough you will require to look for 'usb' in a box of investigation in an upper legislation, then selects 'that Directs of Device', then roll to a subordinated and develop/click 'controllers of Bus of Universal Serial', then will see one or two (the mine there has been two) links titled 'Root of USB Hub', beginning by clicking/double clicking a then goes to a soyanagement to Be able the' tab, will require to uncheck a box labeled 'Leave a computer to turn of this device to save can', if only calm some calm links then is all the place, if has two you simply click in a second one and uncheck that same box.

Expects that this was useful. It enjoys!
5 / 5 Caleb
A keyboard comes detached quite easily. I am not sure if ossia normal or a latch am so only free, but is a lot annoying! Also, when a keyboard is attached and afterwards likes the laptop, a whole device closes down. To go back on has to that the to him turn all a way has retreated on is touched fully so much is so only I a lot annoy also. Another that that, has not had any questions with him.
4 / 5 Una
I have read the plot of complaints but has discovered that they were of a bit those who really knows like this partorisca use the pill or computer of laptop. Have At all but good things to say in mine Asus Vivotab RT TF600T. I am satisfied entirely with him, and for a critic. It takes time to learn like this to use your product before you complain.
5 / 5 Louie
Like this what, is 2 things in a, the mini portable the, and the pill. Windows besides has based also!
A thing this in spite of, yes movements for grabbing of a corner for a together tone and screen, a unit can close was. kinda Like the 'tilt' function in the car of ball of the pin.
Also sometimes a unit will kick on and a function/of cursor of the smiles is not visible and needs the reboot to do visible again.
For one the majority of part like a car, and generally always acts in plenary attaches way, (keyboard and tab) simply reason do not owe that it never controls on on the one hand of tab in my hand. To Use more likes the laptop.
4 / 5 Josefa
Has maintained this pill for only 2 days -- has not done well, had limited support for the new user, could not find drives of on-line user, etc. Was in general any one the good election. Substituted he with the 8' Galaxy 3 Pill for Samsung -- loves that.
4 / 5 Lona
Does very still web surfing and comes with word, point to be able the ect... This in spite of run like this his in the PC/of pill/of the laptop.

Agrees the windows eats the big quantity of spatial in a hard walk interior. Also, there is the conversor small to turn one of some ports of pill (the keyboard has port of real USB) to the USB.
4 / 5 Calista
A hardware so only can cost 3 stars, but an operating system RT is terrible. It is tolerable result when I upgraded the Windows RT 8.1, but is still bad. I have bought this to substitute my XT-based netbook (that continues working), but does not use it unless I owe that (I also possess an iPad Mini 2).
One of some reasons has chosen this car is been due to a description reads as it has said that has had the SD space of paper of the memory built in. WRONG! It is the micro-SD space of paper.
An on-was the transmission is class of sensitive in like this press to actuate. If calm press he slightly offset, does not operate. That has done this car is spent the inspection of quality, if it has had any one?
A monitor is brilliant and contrasty, but is any party for the Exposure of Retina.
So only uses this car to access places of web that is not 100 compatible with iOS/Safari - surprisingly, still has compatible places so only with Explorer of Internets. Hopefully, In next future, all the places of web will result iOS/the compatible safari, then any need this car anymore.
5 / 5 Shizue
Does not go to the sleep in bylines was and requires full startup every time. Once logged in, looks to be just. It would like me an option to run Chrome. An attaches of a screen to a keyboard is difficult and requires more pressure that has expected. Any comparison to other frames but something have to that be better...
5 / 5 Marnie
A Asus tab RT is thin and feel solid. Has house of office of the LADY and student application pre-installed . An attempt of container comes with docking keypad and also resupply band of power of long battery .
5 / 5 Angelic
Not being able to on in a prime minister has to that press a key to be able to at least five times quite before it can on !!!...Still that tries to decide go it to him to return or no .
5 / 5 Stormy
This was the present navideño adds for my promise. Very practical and enjoys it tremendously! Works and tightens utmost well!
5 / 5 Alina
This is to be purchase partorisca my daughter partorisca university and is more than thrilled with a product. It fulfils and it surpasses his expectations partorisca the pill and has a lot of be the useful tool partorisca take notes in class and writing papers together with a measure and hanged partorisca spend around. Any partorisca mention that a life of battery is súper. It would recommend this to another in a phase partorisca the pill.
4 / 5 Carrol
Has arrived quickly but has had at all but the question took it of then behind .. Sent the backside partorisca reparation . Taken the backside without cord partorisca be able to. Any a lot of use with a the cord partorisca be able the
4 / 5 Orval
careers of costs in program of windows in place of android, like other pills, will not run or downloads some programs or projects any a lot of memory, the external need micro paper by heart
4 / 5 Devorah
Rubbish! Had potential to be the pill adds but so only too many never done partorisca one has retreated three times inside the year partorisca fix the subjects with the ghost took it behind and the ghost is of tower like the hammer the paste and has bought is a
4 / 5 Guy
Awesome produced, uses more than mine portable now, with ms the office comprised can do almost anything like this compared to the computer. And a better part is that you can change to laptop/of pill in of the seconds.
5 / 5 Michiko
Laws a lot well. A functionality is sum . Some the only limits are an a bit has limited the available applications and a fact that common to to like him to them iTunes of Apple does not exist . A press is limited the printers of Microsoft.
5 / 5 Nora
So that it has taken familiar with a device, has begun to do unusual things--the windows have begun the jiggle, some Charms would not remain dipped in order to use them, the information would change without warning the others windows. It is there the guarantee in this device?. It is still valid and where send a pill for reparations in any 11932 or 33480 codes of zone? Barbara Phillips
5 / 5 Ardella
Honradamente can a lot personally say a pill is good or bad reason my daughter there is co-opted and seldom dips it down. It loves it and it has been he likes therapy for his.
4 / 5 Harland
Ive Has used this two times! And to to the his works like craps.
Everytime Loves the use has to that cover he in or will not turn on although his has touched fully.
4 / 5 Zada
A product is a lot slow or unresponsive when situated in a cradle. Sometimes I owe that press a key to be able to multiple time to take a device to turn on. I will be to return this element as it does not fulfil my expectations.
5 / 5 Aurelio
Like a pill to be more compatible with my iPhone. They are having the difficult time that finds an application I need to connect the iTunes. Otherwise I really like a pill. It takes the photos add and the like that has the flash is a different a lot another.
5 / 5 Waylon
Use daily. Very happy with like this easy is to use and update. A lot of applications to choose of. Thank you.
5 / 5 Maryann
Has had a pill of android before. Some windows 8.1 in mine Asus is like this easy to direct. I take it everywhere I go, verifying email, reading ebooks and touching games.
5 / 5 Deirdre
Am returned a product and has bought the Dell portable convertible instead. It was a lot.
4 / 5 Kirstin
A unit gave some few questions to start with,but has contacted ASUS lean it and has taken a time to take well. I use it every day and have any question. It would recommend this the people without the plot of skills with the computer,taste.
4 / 5 Marica
Excellent build for a money , adds for pupil and of the films and music in a gone , that would not prefer never and operating system of android , thinks it more continuazione a hardware and action of impulse v.S Some windows rt system.
4 / 5 Clinton
Spent on done the month. The subject only is failed to wake up in way of sleep, has to restart unit, but starts on quickly, down 30 seconds. The utilisation to touch games, has read reservation, listens the music and surf a web. I have used Word of Microsoft and Excel with him, but so only in the base has limited. After all this is the 10 ' screen, these applications requires the very main screen. Besides, my daughter of five years loves it and is able to touch his games easily.

Another subject small is sometimes a sound is garble. Restarting a device clears this, any sure if ossia a ASUS subject or the subject of windows. Has the ASUS Windows 8.1 touchscreen laws in him a same thing.
5 / 5 Desire
Dread by heart big in tab of Windows some updates kill it. He really the elder of precise quantity of memo
4 / 5 Cedric
Like this far so that it adds some orders of the laws of the Pill has the small scratch smaller in a subordinated behind. Calm not even would see connects a keyboard has based.
4 / 5 Len
A key of volume has broken interior 2 weeks. A pill in bylines down when calm the in bylines. But, it was economic, like this partorisca a prize is well, but would not recommend this pill.
5 / 5 Leroy
An a lot working pill wonderful combo! A keyboard docking the laws of orders of canal also! That the treat too
4 / 5 Cecilia
cord partorisca Be able to has crapped was after 5 month so only. Otherwise Ossia The good compraventa .
5 / 5 Jordon
Awesome Compressed- especially has the port of USB partorisca me covers he in my work.
5 / 5 Jenine
Produced excellent, to the works like to pill and of laptop the the time.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenPad S8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Maryln
I have opted partorisca a 32GB /2GB the version based in the pair of factors.

HAS a STD micro B USB, in that invested that the plot in micro B bosses of house of USB and in some cars, and that have roughly 10 devices (among all the members familiarised)using this type of connection in home, has not loved to spend covers it new-in the incompatible adapter with a rest that has; the lame gentleman creates it bad a new micro USB-C to be add, but will expect the pair of years until it results a true level in an industry and I have any election but for the adopt.

32/2GB Is enough for me for a next pair to years, I the plot to read, and touch pocolos play light with him, and has considered a pill to be fast and responsive so that do with him. I do not have the tendency partorisca overburden my devices with useless applications, which I hardly use.
For any telephone of device or pill that buys today, seriously consider your minimum specs to be 16GB/2GB for the light user and the minimum of 16GB micro SD, or for the user of half 32GB/2GB with the micro SD 32GBif requires more storage. It averts 8GB /1GB the ram is already too small, and is squandering your money.

A proportion of appearance of the screen of pill is excellent to read, and is light weight , some reviewers has signalled was that a screen can be dim under sure conditions or an appearance of the yellowish colour when a brightness is dipped too much down. I took the pair of days to take accustom his, but there is @@give that a soft tone are adds to read white pages at night with some lights was.

Prize, after buying diverse expensive ($ 400 +) pills and telephones during some past years, am coming to a conclusion that was better to buy devices in a $ 200-$ 250 row, can be $ 300 max in some chances; technology, firmware and the applications constantly are changing, and after the pair of years has finalised with an old expensive device that lagged in every aspect . It is better to maintain a difference of prize in your pocket, and change more often some devices. (But to good sure remain out of economic low specs devices of frames ignored; so only it is launching was money, averts $ 100-$ 150 Telephones or tables)

ASUS applications, yes has to that it weaves of them in him, but easily can him the turn was, as some of some applications of Google that does not use . Of then I have devices of name of different mark, has decided to use applications of Google so to the equal that was possible, so that has the better synchrony and standardisation by means of all the devices that possesses house.

Considering a launcher am using a New Launch in all the devices, some the main goodnesses of this launch is that I can back on a screen/desk place , resize some icons, measure of paper of the icons, and am able to close a desk like this any one can move or delete some icons to the equal that are dipped in a screen. Highly you recommend a New Launch.

Asus Launch UI, has something well so that they are not bent technically, and that the android rule UI perhaps in overwhelming. Asus Resupplies with an election Asus Easy Way that is the simplified UI / Launch, is built-in in new Asus telephones and pills, but is is also available like him standalone application [...]
One links for a manual is down, in the chance loves read roughly that.

Quality of his of the speaker and the microphone is well for the Skype or Viber conversation, clears any noise, well to look the video of Youtube, regarding the music takes the decent pair of headphones.

Two cameras, front and behind, any flashes. It does not speak a lot a lot in the cameras in any one compressed, for me is so only a camera of emergency, prefers to use a one in my telephone, is a lot uncomfortable to take the picture with to pill, which can finalise in a paving. As it mega pixel and like this on, can verify a specs, a pertinent only thing for me in this department, is that has the decent front and rear camera for call of web Skype or Viber. In the chance asks a rear camera is well for calls of web, for example during the call of web wants to aim any one an element that bought so only. Ossia A reason for one 2 MP advance of Camera and one 5 MP Rear Camera, does not have any need for the millions MP cameras in the pill.

Recommended accessories
64 GB Samsung Evo micros SD, a prize was a lot of a lot of $ 24. Amazon ASIN: B00IVPU7AO
TPU If, has required to protect a pill, but also has loved to add the little thickness to a pill, the majority of comfortable fact of the resist while reading Amazon ASIN: B0159GPWDE
Film of Protective Screen - JOTO Anti Glare. A anti the film of glare is sum to read Amazon ASIN: B0131JDSC8

Asus in a web
Asus web: [...]
Asus Manuel: [...]
Asus specs: [...]

Reason any one the Samsung?, I have bought on 7 Samsung devices, is the devices of qualities adds , but tired me of a key of physical house, a touchwiz, and a lack of updates, the control in the amazon will see that the majority of one 8 Samsung compressed still running android 4.4, and in my personal experience, doubt that will not take never to android 5, while android 6 is already in a phase. Also of these Samsung 8 pills that compares in pricing to a Assus, a Samsung has the lowest memory specs (ram and storage).
Then Samsung has the different millions SKU / models for a same device, to such an extent that toil of results to find which is one the majority of the newest / product recent , and to compare specs, and prize. I think that if the costruttore loves me confuse with his offering of product, I better skip him. ( I can finalise with an element has interrupted older, with small or any support of technology)
Like this for these reasons, some the present times have decided to spend in Samsung devices.

I hope finds my useful description, has the questions? To the left know me.

October of update 16, 2015
connecting to toneless WiFi signals
is trying pal to the toneless WiFi ( is far from a @subject) here is 3 things that you need to do
A pill has better reception in portrait and landscape with a power and of the keys of volume that face down
the tower was the power that saves
Settings>WiFi>3card of points>there is anticipated>to maintain WiFi on during sleeping>always

A battery will last less, but have good occasions to take that feeble signal. It agrees to change behind some settings, if it already calms do not require it .

September of update, 2016
Marshmallow Android 6 is available like the manual update, which require you to download a firmware, and install to a directory of root, any OTA available.
Link Asus [...]
The updates are available partorisca Z580C for one (Z580CA looks for a appropiate link of support)

October of Update 29, 2015
A pill has received the smallest OTA update, still 5.0 android (total of 2 OTA updates, has bought of then he)
attention to Arrest to this, a right way to resist a pill in the way of Landscape is with a power and of the keys of volume that face down. ( You will take full wifi bars)
Also, an exposure of the volume in a screen will move/to adapt according to pressing + or - keys of volume.
5 / 5 Claudio
Has bought a Zenpad S because of a prize and characteristic. Still it has used he Nexus 7 until a Zenpad S is coming together with all his value that forces a upgrade.

has opted for a estimativa friendly 2gb/32gb model because I have not thought an additional RAM would benefit me and so only I any one precise 64gb storage. Any volume of the pictures with to pill like 5mp/8mp cameras of a Z580CA has not been appeal neither. I have not been conscious until with which have purchased a Z580C that a Z580CA model CPU is compared a 2gb/32gb the model is . This power of additional processor can'goes been enough to press to this model there has been I a lot already received, setup, and there is enjoyed a Z580C like this far.

A Z580C is quite peppy. The open applications and close quickly, roll of web pages smoothly and zippily, and after touching asphalt he for ten minutes are satisfied enough. I also touched some Words with Friends and Solitary and this has been súper a lot too much. I am pleased also with wifi like this far (in comparison mine Nexus 7).

An obvious pros is a prize adds, 64bit quad core CPU, 32gb the expandable storage to 128gb, 2gb memory, 2k screen, has left & right front facing speakers, and hanged light. It is 1.5 lighter of ounces that mine Nexus 7, the little main and wider while significantly thinner. You can feel a 1.5 difference of ounce. One 4:3 proportion of appearance is awesome. I know it is at all new in of the pills, but does the world of the difference that explores web pages in portrait. I love it.

A main negatives listens in a Zenpad S is a screen dimming in his own and a quality of his poor. He dim automatically on some applications but that go to a section of management of the power and it turning was the power except functions and then manually dipping a screen brightness has done around this for me. Perhaps Asus will fix this in the update of punctual software.
Regarding a quality of speaker. Ossia That ., fat Pill- as the people expect booming tomb and brilliants highs puzzle me. Some speakers are well and signal in your face. They are well.
Has has listened also the people complain in a key to be able to that is rigid. Yah, Is the relatively rigid press but is still effortless. And with a tactile soft click is when it calms the to him well. It is the no-@@subject. More, really taste and prefer tap of of fold in a screen to wake on a pill instead. Another fresh characteristic.

That Comes from/Comes from the device of Google with a unmolested the android ASKED To you like one 'Zen UI' version of Lollipop Asus installed would be and a truth is, is well. It has taken the minutes of pair to take used to. Inside the minutes have had the new launchers and all setup that master.

A thing has thought that it that the bug was one Chooses-Arrive-Stix fashion of aluminium to counter brushed' backing but, manually, so only looks black. In of the concrete corners can see a model of hatch of the cross but feels good and is fingerprint test. This does not import at all really but a backside of this pill looks really good. A flange polished slender of an aluminium that has retreated that separates one Chooses-Arrive-Stix fashion of aluminium to counter brushed of a skin-plastic of the look is beautiful. A mark in a skin-plastic of the look is a lot of subdued to which likes. This pill really utmost of looks.

In general has to that say, as all the world will say, a Z580C is the very good value. It is a Z580CA the better value? I do not know I do not have one. If this one is coming with the cord to be able of more along would give it 4.5 incident like this wants to give star but can no. As have rounded.

9/3/15 - With which the weeks of pair with this pill an emotion has solved to good sure plot. There' go state varied ASUS updates, one to a ASUS the side of one thinks (still L5.0), And many to everything of a ASUS installed applications. A pill is noticeably less zippy. It is not the sloth or anything, but the fact ask if really it would owe that it has expected the weeks of pair for a Z580CA version instead with this processor has augmented , memory, and gpu has beaten.

A screen dimming the looks of what to have subsided by means of one thinks. Have @@give Today there is not it remarked that spends for the days of pair another that that goes of the brilliant zone to the dark zone that it is normal. An only thing ossia the little odd still is a ASUS costruttore of vivid picture brighterer doodad. The remark a lot seldom, but sometimes when I open an application ossia coloreada, like some Words with Friends, some colours are súper hot and has washed has looked for the little like this then corrects it.

The life of battery is half state. I touch it every day-day and the half. Utilisation partorisca for the few hours the day to video of current, touches mediocre games, email of control, and surf an information súper street.

I still think is is subject fantastic and have any complaint of real entity roughly that.

Has bought the chance- returns perfectly. It likes.

With which almost two months enjoyed this pill. Some things partorisca remark with which more use: really it likes me any one the coating is in a screen. Mina Nexus7 would be covered in fingerprints and frames unexpectedly after several days but these stays of the relatively clean screen except solos fingerprint frames on frequently poked zones of a screen. This does a screen a lot easily cleaned with the pocolos toallitas humid of the cloth.

There was powered up for two weeks the time without @@subject. Touching is not dulcemente. My experience has been 2-3 hours to take to 95 of 15. I have bought it cheapie 6' touching the boss and taking -50 more with a longitude to touch. But I bought it mainly to use a pill while touching so that any one really annoy me. But he 6' the boss is awesome! He!

Happy closing. 'Any Ragrets' here.
5 / 5 Stefan
With which 7 month with a pill (new experience), a touch of a touchscreen has ceased working. After trying all that comprises to reset of factory, will require to send the backside to Asus of then has the guarantee of 1 years. I will update this to leave know like this the process goes. Incidentally, we were happy with a ASUS ZenPad S 8 Z580 pill up until this point.

Update 1: Like this ASUS has had pill of mine for on 2 weeks now and has not had any progress with him anything. Although they have recognised that has received a pill and sent has included an email that confirms that, his esEstado of pair' the still said page that has the no. has 'escalated' and espent' a chance on 3 times and counting now, every time with a statement ' would have to that listen something inside 24 - 48 hours'. Of course, at all it does not spend never. Now they are while in the call of a soyanager' quell'I would owe that go in, calm guessed it, 24-48 hours of his centre of call in Giamaica.

Spent this pill, wait that does reason owe that send he in the ASUS, also could forgets. I think that that it goes it to take to until some careers of guarantee am gone in the few months and then send me the bill.

This will be my last ASUS compraventa.

Update 2: A RMA has been missing a number of serial. Three weeks later and has found a number of serial of a device. Perhaps something in fact will spend now.

Update 3: it has received finally a pill behind with which almost 8 weeks. To the pill done for 6 weeks. Exact same question again! Touchscreen No longer works. Felizmente Is still down guaranteeed although no for longitude. Hopefully In fact will fix it or send me the new one but I concern that it will take it fixed until some careers of guarantee was and then breaks again. This has been a worse experience has not had never with any piece of technology.

Update 4 (11-28-16): it took it so only for behind ASUS reparation for a second time. They did not substitute it, so only fix you to again (his type of the service of the client has said usually the substitute looks with a same question for second time - suppositions a lot!). Any explanation or anything, only looks in the box. Like an account behind begins once again. This time this in spite of, a guarantee will run era. I will be sure to contact them this in spite of yes dies again.

Update 5: Surprised! One touches of the pill has died again and is out of guarantee. Of then they did not fix it never a first time, go them to contact and give them the casualidad of the substitute. Ossia Besides a ridiculous phase. I can comprise the breaking of pill and taking it fixed. A second time, in my opinion, would have to have it has substituted. This third time, seats so only would have to me send to new pill and leave me to stomp is an until it is has destroyed entirely.

Update 6: Received the backside of new pill after the few weeks. You finally substituted in place of the repaired. As of 4/2/2017, a new one continuous act. I ask how much money have been spent for them thus whole process.
4 / 5 Dinah
+ Beautiful screen
+ the action Adds
+ Solid Creation
+ 4:3 Proportion of Appearance
+ 32GB Storage
- ZenUI Subjects
- Toneless Speakers
- the Questionable updates
- Bloatware

Has to that compraventas: Yes
Real Value $ 219

wants Android, then the the probably has wanted a Nexus 7 2nd Generation and, taste, has been disappointed probably when Google has not released a upgraded of version of a Nexus 7 and up to now still has has not released officially the substitution. But that still not having prendido ASUS to try to do his own version of a pill of estimativa better. But has has there has been sucedidos? Well they maintain to update this thing for the moment, then owe that well sure has created the worthy rival for a Nexus line.


wants to initiates to say that I love a creation of this pill. Have Still to see another pill that is two toned in creation. This pill has the upper metal-like frame and the smooth dud fund of skin. According to some informs there, a whole construction is plastic, but feels to like metal so much for me is a lot enough to be metal. There is little to any flex in a plastic and a chair of glass adds. There is any cutouts for some speakers in a front and look to be a lot of where is. They are not particularly strong, but a quality of a speaker is quite good. It is the only, still perfectly acceptable creation.


A specs in this device is quite generous so that it is. This pill comes to pack a Intel® Atom Z3530 with the PowerVR G6430 and 2GB of RAM. There is also the space for him microSD paper until 128 GB. The half concealed in English is that it is really powerful. These zips of pill together with anything that launch in him. If it is the demanding games has weighed like this Riptide GP or something for work like the document of long word in Word® of Microsoft this pill will manage it. ASUS Also sells the 4GB version of a same pill with the slightly chip more powerful for $ 100 more. But honradamente, unless you are running some highly intense applications simultaneously, calm think will be well with this version of a pill. It is quite powerful to fulfil more the needs of the people. The life of battery is sum, with standby the time that lasts roughly 5 to 6 days and the screen punctually is roughly 5 to 7 hours, according to an use. A half user will be satisfied with an action.


A Zenpad S 8.0 has the beautiful 8 thumb (technically 7.9) IPS exposure of 1536 x 2048; an equivalent of the density of pixel of 326 ppi. Ossia Exactly some same specifications of an iPad Mini 4. The quality of some exposures is quite was. Calm does not take an accuracy of big quality esatta of an iPad Mini, but this in spite of still take the screen of big quality. The colours are vibrant and one contrasts is well. It is also adjustable, that means that a screen can be regulated to any one is personal preference . Personally, I think a perfect setting (at least for my particular model) is in a incumplimiento has balanced to dip with a temperature to paint the little has bitten to a warm side. This tends to take touched of of some bluish aims that it is in this exposure without messing with other colours. In general, I am happy with this exposure without noticeable complaints.


Of then has the camera is in this thing, are obligated to revise a camera also. Ossia One of these zones that ASUS has had to cut some corners and I am class of happy thus sacrifice. It prefers a estimativa of a pill to go to a rest of a pill in the place of something concealed so only will be used from time to time. Ossia Still a lot acceptable for things like Hangouts and some occasional photos. One the rear camera takes decent pictures in utmost lighting, but dim some lights the bit and a quality takes the giant fall in quality. Included in excellent lighting, some photos exit a lot of grainy and a nighttime way a lot included approached to fix these subjects. There is also lag in a viewfinder and lag take some photos. If that the camera is your number a priority, this is not a device for you. Well for webcam, and ossia roughly that.


ASUS always wants to add his customization on Android and a Zenpad is any exception. A good thing is that a software extracted smoothly with all a power under a hood. Flow of paper smoothly and more the applications are useful. Android 5.0 works of Lollipop well to maintain all smoothly and more partorisca act of to things likes them in of stock lollipop. An aesthetic is something these people neither amour or hate. I fall to a category last. Some applications have his own fashion, but is not to to something likes. I personally changed to New Launch reason does not like . But work well. That he no well is all a bloatware this is to add to a pill. Some applications, like TripAdvisor, could be useful to some people but still is annoying. Another, like an application of Mirror, is so only simple useless. That was bad with just that use an application of normal camera? Another, like an application of Calendar, is well, but does not add of then some of some applications of Google the law accionaría better. In general, a software extracted well in the level of hardware, but a creation requires some work and some of a bloatware need to go.


I amour this pill. Sure, has defects inside a software and a camera, but some rests of hardware unmatched for a prize. An exposure is beautiful, a hardware is powerful, and a creation is so only and appealing. There is also a state of a phase right now. Around $ 199, there is not any a lot of pills and some pills that is available around this prize is not that I add. Partorisca Android, has a Samsung Tab of Galaxy A (8 thumb) with the screen of storage of resolution lower , the lowest entrance (16GB vs 32GB), the feeblest speakers, and the slowest action. Honradamente Would not recommend this pill in east a. On in a side of Apple, has an iPad Mini 2 which goes for $ 269. Honradamente, If your preference is iOS, an iPad Mini 2 east for far the better election. But masters a flexibility of Android, has no better election that ASUS. With one NEW or Google Now launch, ossia a more next thing to the Nexus 7 successor.
5 / 5 Luciana
Has to that say that it was excited really for this pill when I have revised a specs and out of a box was very pleased; this in spite of afterwards 2 days an upper neighbourhood of a touchscreen no longer answered with accuracy. It was an uncomfortable situation to trust in transports rotate to take to a notification bread. This in and of did not annoy me I so that it has comprised that ossia the new emission , and of course will have bugs in any production of new hardware and am also so only lucky that way. It is returned and the substitution has been shipped quickly. I have been disappointed again to find that a substitution has suffered an exact same defect. It was the little shaken for of the this and was hesitant to try again. I owe that say that I am a lot happy that has done. With receipt of a third pill, was satisfied finally. I have been the loyal defender of ASUS of mine portable prime minister and am impressed constantly for a quantity of band of estimate to his products.

Pros: Ossia To fast pill that it is able to manage anything that you need or so only loves dipped he by means of. One of some faster processors in a phase and a main quantity of RAM that can you to it buy this time in the pill this measure is a lot agile. A screen was surprisingly crisp, to good sure surprising of a IPS exposed especially when tweaked with a ASUS controls by heart Splendid. I love a Zen UI. It is big, this in spite of, leaves an unprecedented quantity of customization of the ROM accionaría. If calm want the transmission the way of background to effects of roll. Ossia, in my opinion, a pinicle of interior of pills a moment.

Gilipollas: A lot it calms previously read, of course receiving defective pills before finally taking to the fully functional pill constitutes the serious with, I this in spite of seats is an inconvenience and does not follow my history with ASUS produced so that it will not resist it against his too much. Mina of entity with with a pill is the big quantity of applications quite useless. Asus Tries to do some applications add, and many of them are useful, another does not look to do well or there is already the available better application in a warehouse. I appreciate an endeavour but I would appreciate an option to uninstall his of a pill unrooted. There is the little preinstalled applications that can you uninstall, but does not comprise reason is there to start with with.

All this be has said, ossia to the pill adds , quickly, enormous on-storage of joint, customization options, thin, and the quite a lot of screen. I am anticipating taking a z-stylus to be able to fully use the options of a pill. To good sure would recommend this to any the one who loves is upper-tier hardware for the prize of @@subject, but is there was also to manage the little frustration yes comes his. I am expecting that this continuous pill do well, but will update consistently.
4 / 5 Jacqualine
Has has had so only this device for the months of pair, but mine Zenpad exposure freaked out of the time of pair and more has left recently bars read and he flickering screen. A work arounds has found on-line does not do and has done neither to reset of factory. I am concerned ASUS very guaranteeed a device, but go to try in all the chance. Besides a sound does not remain never level when looking video - dip and increases randomly. It has not been it has taken to uselessness , but ossia my second ASUS pill (in the first place one was TF300T) and am not pleased with him. I have had good regime with my telephones of another mark, as it could has to that go this street requires the substitution. Seeds-Related, has had a ASUS motherboard for my main desk for the long time, but no without this quirks.
5 / 5 Kena
ASUS: It will not buy this product to mark again. With which two month, pill of mine there has been a subject with a screen. Average of him flickered and has gone space. Any harm had been done to a ASUS. I have contacted Square Trade. You mine 'fixed' ASUS and is the mine is returned. So only the pair of month after an end of a guarantee, a question still has looked. When I have contacted ASUS, said two things: 1) that the Square trade had informed the 'new' ASUS had been the mine is returned. This was informative mine , reason although it had assumed the new ASUS would be given instead, the Square trade informed there has been given me he eshabed' ASUS. 2) ASUS Informed that a cost to fix his bad product essentially cost me more than the new pill. I have bought to new pill of the name of different mark. That the waste. I have learnt ASUS done an inferior product and concealed is reason is not for behind his product. I have learnt nev er to buy the guarantee because they do not substitute , his rehab. It has had I am returned a product to Amazon after possessing it so only 2 month, would have substituted a product. It had done at all to break a product, has had has prendido only law. When Ours another ASUS the working stops -- and given my experience that is likely to be any day now -- will not repurchase a ASUS. We are partorisca disgust. Lady B.R. Geddes
5 / 5 Tomoko
Was the special present my woman but this pill is the disaster. There is prendido acting two times. I have sent to a factory because a guarantee and they have behind envoy purportedly doing but with which 5 months have prendido to do again. They are really disappointment with this product
5 / 5 Cristina
So only the little fund in my use of pill. I have used iPad 3 like my daughter has, Nexus 7 (2013), Samsung Tab of Galaxy 4 (late plus & in fact two years) and looked for to new pill after my last Nexus 7 has broken. A Tab of Galaxy later 4 is not to value one $ 175 is touching on Amazon at present and would have to that be the sub $ 100 pill. This ZenPad swipe a Tab of Galaxy 4 in so many ways is not even currency to compare.

With east says a reason because it has been with this pill based in a spec and global descriptions:
- HAS GPS (likes the majority of pill of Android)
- 2K resolution (the majority sub $ 200 pills do not have this)
- No too small, no too big
- No weighed at all for 8' pill (iPad 3 is hefty!)
- Excellent prize
- Can be rooted (with limitation)

- Toneless Wifi reception to signal
- the battery does not touch with 2A+ fast+ + chargers
- Any accessory a lot a lot especially chances for a pill
- the life of Battery is good but for heavy gaming & video streaming will take the swipe
- No the tonne of resources and forums of support in a pill

General Impression & The one who is Partorisca //
Mina Z580C came with Marshmallow installed. If you are not familiarised with Android, is a later operating system concealed is not so only a lot smooth but has improved life of battery on Lollipop. I have tried with Antutu benchmark and can confirm ossia an excellent pill partorisca multitasking and half/light gaming. A bookmark was around 55,000. A screen is beautiful. This is not your to regulate 1280x cockroach of pill of the pixel marketed as 'HD' can see some pixels in a screen. ZenPad HAS the screen ossia Vibrant, brilliant and does to look film the pleasure. It is also so only a right measure for hands of half adult to write of two hands in way of portrait. Of this 8' to the pill is tad wider, found me that uses a way of thick portrait while with a Nexus 7 I felt the way of landscape was much better.

Excellent pill for Girls //
Pictured down, ASUS has the 'boys' the way has built to this pill where designates the pin of 4 figures and some turns of screen of the house to the girl the friendly paper can customise. The only parents with a nail can unlock a screen to exit a way of boys. Considering a prize would choose this in any one another pill in a phase now although the action and the force is the worry . Has Glass of Gorilla 2 which has been tried to be stronger that a current Glass 3. This in spite of would recommend to take the protective screen (the glass based) and the chance of course. The bought 'kwmobile the crystal Marries' here on Amazon for $ 10 this is been doing well. Sure, has a lot the boy compressed in a phase but would like of share your pill but a lot that has to that buy two or more compressed then this pill is a lot ideal.

Life of battery //
would say that a life of battery is 'very' so to the equal that has mentioned Marshmallow when being the best Or/S of for life of battery. There is the trade was when it comes to weight of measure & of the battery. It would owe that last the majority of a day with light web and of the applications to have to read. There is the balance with a measure of battery and hanged of course. Considering as it has weighed an iPad 3 east, this 8' to the pill is in the side the light more than is better for travesía in my opinion. When My daughter has touched Minecraft and gaming for few hours in a ZenPad during the travesía of street, a battery has diminished to down 20 in full brightness. Has rule micro USB uploads port same with the majority of telephones of Android there today. It comes with uploading it. I have tried Qualcomm 2.0 & 3.0 load comprises another 2amp+ upload but for any reason will not touch unless it use one uploads blockade that is coming with a pill. Ossia To the big disappointment likes to take awhile for an original blockade to touch.

Video & Gaming //
the films yes is looking Netflix or Youtube/of Youtube is perfect! So only a right measure, any one weighed to resist and the screen is quite brilliant to see during a day and can be dimmed down at night. As the one who gaming has tried to popular game likes Minecraft that cut a lot of fluid. I thought it that it would struggle it with Needing Accelerate More Beloved but has not had any hiccup that surprised. I have not tried other games this is the by heart intense processor/ but looks to have any subject. Touching the need to Accelerate drained a faster battery but also a pill so only taken tomb in touch of grace. Any one hot like smartphone of mine when touching a same game.

Bluetooth, Wifi & GPS //
has had one @subjects ossia known with Nexus 7 that a Bluetooth randomly disconnect as well as a Wifi. Utilisation partorisca compress in my car partorisca Waze and for navigation where a BT has maintained disconnecting with a Nexus 7. Has subject of zeros with a ZenPad. Running music in a background and connecting house Wifi and hotspots have still to have any one subject. Included an iPad 3 has had Wifi subject of connectivity. At all it is more worsening that in losing yours internet! A GPS looks a lot attack also. Of any iPad Wifi the version has come with GPS that has gone the breaker of extracted for me.

Unfortunately a Wifi can be feeble is for behind small wall versus mine LG G5 easily can choose on strong Wifi signal, has had the hard time that takes Netflix to run in HD unless I have had so only partorisca wall or like this to receive a Wifi. I am not sure that a lot this will do with 5GHz Wifi protocol but was the bit there is disappointed here also.

Surround //
In general cost it effective pill with the good-looking resolution especially yes is all shipping was with Marshmallow. Reason a deduction of a star? A life of battery can be tad has bitten better comprising a fast touching the option is not available of my experience. If you are travelling and it does not want to take the external battery with you calms then can finds to annoy. Intel The processor Of atom is interrupted for development further for Intel likes support for this pill can not be all there according to which upgrades in a firmware goes. Wifi Can be spotty for behind the different wall some of some smartphones have so it is not surprised if it is not choosing on the strong signal. Different some pills plus a lot populate there is not of the tonnes of info there in this pill especially is the user to be able to . But for a prize, is one of a pill has better used to date. ASUS Is underrated in a lot of considerations. They are OEM costruttore for a lot of components of PC and is a lot populate in this zone. I can not say for his support of client (out of Taiwan) but this is not some a lot of-mark-of name.

Will reserve a rest of a description so that love root and customise his Android.

am not responsible for your bricked pill! Do this know that basic is and has done this before.

- CAN root this Z580C is Lollipop (downgrade to Marshmallow to Lollipop otherwise)
- Bootloader is concluded like this calm CAN not run the recovery done partorisca commission partorisca flash ROM done partorisca commission
- No info on rooting Marshmallow at present
- I can not confirm on running Xposed as it looks to clash some applications of the game of the Google grieves is flashed saws method

loves to root this and calm arrival with him Marshmallow so only know you can not be able to go back to Marshmallow. I took few hours to really comprise to retorted a process by means of XDA but here goes:

- To downgrade to Lollipop, Google of investigation for 'Hard Brick in Asus ZenPad S8 (Z580CA) or Z580C' in XDA-Developers
- Do sure read the attentively and your PC recognise yours pill (or install ASUS engine)
- A hard brick / unbrick the method is to downgrade to Lollipop with a link of RAW file resupplied ( has had to zip this file to use a Flashes tool)
- Then Google of investigation partorisca ' ZenPad S the successful root' also in XDA
- Do sure there is enabled the option of the developer and has turned on USB that debugs
- If any one the any one creates like me posted like this far read further roughly rooting before trying!
- Install a Súper yours LIMA pill or SD Paper
- Do sure once run a file selects T2 after entering ACCEPT
- will go to a provisional CWM screen and install one Súper HIS
- Reboot and would have to that be rooted!

Ossia A simple but once calm explanation this little time will comprise that need to do. Again it calms it can not go back so it decides dry that uses a mark of the RAW file sure is well the be has stuck in the lollipop that use a unbrick method.
4 / 5 Georgeann
When it has DONE, was adds. When He no, had died. When I took It in the first place, all was adds a picture was to add, a pill was fast and with an extra RAM, was a lot of smooth. Then, a morning after the full load, has said that a battery was 100 death . Odd. Touched he for the day, and all was a lot. It has spent then again. A third time has refused to never to be able to arrive or load again. It was to ASUS quell'has been. With which to the long of the wait of MONTH, ship to knots that looked to be the new different a (number of different serial). Supposition that - with which the few months of speedy goodnesses, is spent AGAIN. It is touching right now, but I can not trust it is and as no more ASUS for me - win me on with a Nexus 7, and lost with this Zenpad. A second star is reason when it has done was like this good.
5 / 5 Jeanice
Measure: I add
Screen: I add
Grip: I add
Hanged: I add

as because 4 stars in place of 5?

Here is reason:

When I have received a pill, is coming with Android Marshmallow ( Android I think).
Dipped it on like this usually do with the device of new android, and while all looked adds, has begun partorisca remark that a pill would freeze from time to time. Touching in an application or touching in some keys of navigation, would cause a pill partorisca freeze for 4 to 5 seconds.

Is spent once, has said WELL is random, but has begun then spend again.

Has the little asus applications that marks a pill partorisca be uploaded on ram hungry services. While individually some services have not taken any very by heart, if you have dipped everything of his neighbours, has begun partorisca cause a subject.

Has a 2GB version of RAM of a pill. (z580c).

To the equal that has decided to root and take touched of of some extra services and applications of ASUS.

Has had to that flash android 5 (lollipop) in the first place, reason in this moment there is any possible root with android 6. After flashing android 5, and that follows the good XDA drives for root, all has been done successfully, and with the backup of titanium was able to take all a Asus services and applications, and some google some also that I never use (p. p.ej. google More). I in the first place backed on some applications in the chance has required there in a future.

After taking some applications and installing Greenify (concealed leave you to hibernate background applications) all has gone back the normal.

No more freezing, almost the averages a RAM has been used by a pill, and everything runs smoothly.

Is the shame that the companies decide to bloat his devices with his own software and of the services that pursues in a fund, that results the delayed down and worse treating pill, in planting to leave pure android on that. They are doing the harm to them.

Like my recommendation is: if it plan to root and some actions have mentioned, this pill is surprising. If no, this pill is... Well, but not softening enough for my needs...

A process of root was quite directly advances this in spite of and has taken around half an hour. It involves to download some crudes firmware and some tools, and flashing a device with the theoretical risk of harm. But you have done this prime, would not owe that be anything another quell'usual.

I hope ossia useful for any one.
4 / 5 Darren
Are a technology has admitted friki (developer of software and often a prompt adopt). I have had experience with enough the few pills and ossia for far some better one has possessed. It is relieving quickly, and it sustains a SD paper of until 128GB (to the equal that has taken). I have bought also a Z Pen also and is a value of the accessory that takes. An only downside (with) is that of Intel has left officially a phase of past mobile, Asus will not be upgrading a software of Android much more there in this device. With all honesty ossia the a lot of miniscule with as the half user will not know any difference of Asus has added his own characteristics and an only reason I opinion is simply reason has the Nexus 6 with Android 7.0 (Turrón).

This description is not very thorough like this really there is not anything bad to say, but feel free to ask any concrete questions can have and can try answered.
4 / 5 Cedrick
Has bought this to substitute the 2012 Nexus 7 that was to build also for Asus. Frankly, it was reluctant to buy another Asus compressed of the mine Nexus 7 has died 3 times in some last 5 years. In another hand, mine another Asus produced (joint of mother and GPU) is entirely be the free question. As it prevails it a prize has fallen $ 20 while it has looked for to do on my alcohol.

Has purchased one 2/32 GB version. It would be entirely happy with him has run so only an application of compraventa of Pill of Amazon. ( It runs a kindle application so only well.)

I immediately installed a free update to Android 6 Marshmallow and has been pleased to see it uninstalled to plot of a bloatware like Zinio. A rest Asus ZenUI the shell is minimum and no among a way at all.

A big king the exposure is sum to look film or reading ebooks and a processor is a lot quickly. I have not seen any lag in any of my applications.
Has had of mine Nexus backed until Google was 2 hours less to install Marshmallow and all my applications and settings.
4 / 5 Lavenia
Has compared to a competition ASUS has done the work adds to spend in a 'NEXUS' line without a name. I have bought this only to read PDFs and other books and can say that it takes all the reading has substituted my Kindle Paperwhite. Leo And studio to the plot of technology has related the papers/reserves/the magazine and this device does like this a lot well. Standby Time with WiFi/BT is the DAYS and the screen punctually is spare to take me by means of a day. It is light and more than quite powerful for everything but some the majority of intense games.

For a prize can has not beaten the. Yea A Samsung the devices could has beaten is gone in AMOLED saturation of the screen but ossia only side for side. Sure it could have the better camera but I have the mobile phone with the better camera that a Samsung device. Also I have better standalone camera for when it requires him. If it love the pill for pill stuffs ossia a a to take.
4 / 5 Vivian
Has received my ZenPad S 8.0, a Z580C version, look it in fact days. It likes-me a hardware, an exposure is wonderful, and a sound are really adds speakers forward. I can not say a lot for a UI this in spite of. Of course I have the habit of a pure Android UI of the mine Nexus 7, which is the big barrier to take on . Now it has included I am trying New Launcher to see yes is like this well like all the world has said.
A caveat. If you go to purchase this pill, the mark sure knows is taking a Z580C version, or a Z580CA. When it has researched this pill, have of then had it purportedly quell'USB C interface, as I am exited and bought $ 30 value of bosses, etc, of then all have is Micro USB. Have Here, a Z580C version (which is a an I has) is Micro USB, and a Z580CA is USB C. I guess I will take to a material has taken of then USB C looks to be a future interconnects.
Has bought also the Samsung EVO 64gb micro SDXC paper for an additional storage for books and of the video. After the little fumbling around has taken has lined on properly, and he slid well in. A screen has registered immediately a presence of a paper and a space of extra storage.
In general, am happy has done this compraventa. Once it imagines it was like this to move all my data of a Nexus 7, goes to see can upgrade a Nexus 7 to 7.0
PS: it was surprised really in that it differentiates the alone thumb of frames of measure of the exposure in resisting pill of mine. Felizmente, has bought the Procase Asus ZenPad Z580C manacles to agree mine new pill. Ossia The really good chance , and the help extracted adds to resist a ZenPad.
4 / 5 Georgette
Are very happy with this pill. After revising several pills of Android on Amazon and Youtube, has chosen a ASUS ZenPad S 8.0. I have possessed several pills (Nexus 7, Dell Local, iPad) and this pill is a better value for a cost. A specs are add, feels like the device of quality, is fast and an exposure is beautiful. Sure, has better pills but in the a lot of main prize. There is some bloatware but is takes easily or disabled. I will update this description if my transmissions of opinion but for now, are in the pleasant. Oh, A life of battery is sum and a sound is stronger that mine others the pills and he has the speaker forward. Also purchased Fintie ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C / Z580CA) SmartShell Marie partorisca $ . The chance adds for this pill. Read some descriptions. Five stars for this pill.
4 / 5 Marya
First initial impressions of this pill were a lot... His add by means of headphones, the picture adds. This in spite of, this pill, paired with Android 6 Marshmallow (still although the lollipop of description has said, pill of mine has come with Marshmallow eats incumplimiento), and with inability to disable an Application of Google, has the defect of entity that is affecting some pills. There is a subject with a hardware (comprising bluetooth, any pair of headphones, and an Application of Google) that Voice of Google of the causes to autolaunch and interrupt anything is doing. He this useless pill with headphones.

There is workarounds to try to fix/bypass this subject by means of disabling an Application of Google or to root one YOU in other pills and of the telephones... This in spite of, with which hours of the investigation and the forum that looks for answered, with this character ASUS Zenpad S8 with Marshmallow, has NO workaround. I have tried each possible fixed, but a subject resides inside a hardware and some settings of system. It was a lot of disappointed with my final-is resulted...

Has has wanted to really like this compressed. It is light, good vivid screen, quality of his well by means of auricular (when not taking interrupted by Limit of Voice of the Google)... But a current headphone/google the subject of voice is comparable to have malware concealed can not be rid of.
5 / 5 Lemuel
Can not recommend this pill, included although has diverse things that goes for him. Has the beautiful screen, is fast and feels well in a hand - the good measure.
Two things that really hurt is a life of odd battery and the propensity for a screen to go black all of the sudden for any apparent reason. A sometimes hard battery for days, sometimes drains quickly, closing a pill down and taken 4-6 hours to touch enough when you can retreated on. Any rhyme or reason thus behaviour.
A screen for him goes black partorisca in the minute to the minute and the half each one another time that use a pill. Not pressing keys or touching in a screen or of the flanges or me when being on some feet and blowing my nose (when being teaser here) will spend it behind the life. It goes back in his own when it is good and ready.
My leading pill is the Google Nexus - done for Asus , which is reason I has bought is one. One of the some things liked them on a Nexus is of a capacity to take 'to' a system (a bit in all the chance) and have some control in a workings of him, as be able to maintain a screen on when to the pill is connected to one load. No like this with a ZenPad. Asus, Likes all other costruttrici has added his discharge of crappola that mark that it classifies to control difficult, unless you root.
5 / 5 Robyn
Are a bit rasgado in this bookmark of description. In a hand, a prize is not terrible, and a screen is fantastic on that. I seat like these pros a lot outweigh a gilipollas this in spite of.

Is there is disappointed incredibly that Asus effectively has resupplied only updates to this pill for the year. Of a Marshmallow update (which has taken for ever to be liberto), has had not even the clue in the Turrón, has left so only Oreo updates. That he the worse fact is that there is not any one a lot in a way of third support of party, so that not having included very a lot of Roms can upload on that. For all an informative in a death of a phase of pill, I look in this like this to the evidence likes reason. If I can not take at least the years of pair of updates out of the device, that are I spending money on in a first place?

The action of this device is also severely hamstrung for a sheer quantity to crap Asus dips on that. You will love dump ZenUI ASAP for some another launcher, as I found it both buggy in touching responsiveness and sluggish. Desire all these companies prenderían to think can reimagine an experience of launcher. Unfortunately, also it uploads in the number of useless applications that you can not take touched of of (for chance, a espeed booster' to clean on RAM that would be it totally unnecessary if it has not had so much junk that careers to start with with).

Ossia My prime minister and perhaps last Asus pill. I bought it to substitute the recently has died 2013 Nexus. An irony is, concealed still compress of four years, that run a same version of Marshmallow, has treated almost exactly also. This pill is the example to shine of potential squandered incredibly. If it was mostly stock, without all some extra rubbishes, this thing would be amazing. If they sustained it properly with updates in 2017, is the five compraventa still star all day. How it is, in better, is to the pill will use until a first better option in a point of prize comes to the long of.
5 / 5 Audra
After the year of use, this pill still does perfectly and looks awesome. The applications of still career smoothly, touchscreen has any subject, the battery is well. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 Cyril
I have bought this pill partorisca substitute my ASUS Nexus 7, which basically failed after an Android YOU upgrade, thanks to Google. Well, they know like this partorisca win money. I will not leave never a upgrade until it listens on some effects of consumers in a future. Really they would owe that be liable to having destroyed the perfectly good pill. Google/Asus, Shame on you! I have had this pill partorisca roughly 4 month like this far. This pill all I need. I use it mostly partorisca read Kindle Books, but also the audio that listens while exiting, email, quell'internet that explores and the simple work has related projects. I have taken he in place of the mine Portable in the travesía business recent, partorisca avert lugging he around a ball. A unit has done well. It likes- one screen a big plus. Well 1' the elder is not the enormous transmission but with ageing eyes and the little more room partorisca write in an on keyboard of screen, is easier. Also I have a Asus 10' pill in the program of Windows, but the find the too big hair partorisca me. The quality of screen adds and surprisingly exited of good audio by means of some inner speakers. You will require something external partorisca his add this in spite of. The processor of a unit is the fastest way that a Nexus, which was having questions fine-tasking, especially glielo internet that explores. A camera is also surprisingly good quality, no quell'use partorisca this purpose. My two main complaints are life of the battery and one transports brightness characteristic in this unit. The touch of need of battery virtually every day and the only use he partorisca the pair of hours the day. An old Nexus has been paralizaciones almost the week, as I think that that it has taken the battery used or the bad a. I have better expected, no the down commentaries of a Nexus. But I can live with him. One Transports-Brightness the characteristic has the I a lot annoying flickering on and down especially like this approximations of dusk. I finalise manually dipping a brightness to avert this question. Again this has not been the question in a Nexus, like reason some down commentaries in the newest unit? Gone in Asus does not try these first things? It is not there it patches he partorisca east and reason has not been has comprised with the new unit? For almost $ 200 it has to that I be taking these defects? A bit the service of client goes the long way and I would not owe that mention these defects in a world. In general it is the good practical unit . Easily it would give 4 perhaps 5 stars if these subjects have not been present.
4 / 5 Thersa
Has bought one of this month of December last. At the same time I am writing this, have roughly a month has left in mine a guarantee of year. Last night it has used a pill to look Netflix, and the average of a screen has begun randomly strobing objective solid. It has continued included with which to reset, by means of the each application, and still in a screen of house. I have called his technical support this morning for help, and after confirming is been of guarantee , and that it is software was updated, his joint was to maintain the controlling to see takes. Then explicitly they have said that it was although I am calling roughly he now, if they do not consider it worthy of the first turn of a guarantee expíra, will be responsible for a cost of reparations decides that it would have to that send he in with which concealed. An impression has left a conversation with, is that they do not want to be annoyed with him, and that they want to expect a sample was so that it can touch me in a future so that it looks the subject of hardware now. To arrive to this point, can not recommend any compraventa this or any of his products concealed is as it has chosen to treat his clients.
4 / 5 Travis
Has purchased a Asus Zenpad S8 Z580C of Amazon on August 9th 2016. It is now May 2017 and this pill is toast . I have contacted Asus office to sustain to advise which initially helped but an inferior line is has received the bad a. Some questions have experienced is: 1) extremely slow to answer, 2) Flickering screen then the turn of screen in and was before spatial of gong, 3) screen to Touch leaves to do and 4) constantly closes up. I reboot this pill daily, has reset the to settings of factory several times but am frustrated like this with this little type that am giving up and purchasing another Kindle. A pill is still down guaranteeed but after revising roughly of a feedback of clients those who treat Asus, which touches likes takes month to solve, so only will purchase the different a. It has treated electronic quite bit he on some years and for real believe calm neither take the a lot of one, which last for years and is test of ball or calm take the harm has built one which so only last the little month in better. That never spends to control of quality? Our integer mindset is living to launch it was society. And, some costruttrici do not concern . Reason has to that they? His crank these things am gone in of the numbers of record production grieve to maintain up with a later version with an only aim of profits. One a thing has learnt is the always purchase a plan of Amazon of long guarantee. In this way it is treating Amazon, no a costruttore.
5 / 5 Huong
A pill of good action in a point of attractive prize. A 4Gb RAM resupply smooth managing of applications and has a lot pocolos lag. The scrolling of web page has some stutter it occasional but is much smaller. An exposure is considered well for a IPS poster. The images are acute and the reproduction by heart is well. When Seeing pictures of big resolution (measures of big file), there is the 1 to 2 delay of seconds in a rendering time. A same situation arrives during zooming. You can see a picture gradually results acute and clear. This pill has a capacity to treat an outside microSD paper as if it is part of an inner storage. This leaves applications to be installed directly to some outsides microSD paper. Any need to use soyove to SD function of paper'. A camera is a feebler characteristic in this pill. A quality of photo is low average but this is not the breaker of extracted by the person in fact uses the table to take photo. A dual front-facing the tongue is the good implementation and offered of the decent sounds for games and of the films. This in spite of, no attended 'DTS' quality of his of these tiny speakers. Another toneless point of this pill is a brightness of a poster. A poster is not brilliant and has to that crank a brightness dipping to at least 70 to be usable indoors. Like the comparison, with him Samsung Galaxy S5, he brightness dipping of 35 gives one same 'brightness expected like Asus ZenPad exposed in 70.
5 / 5 Jeni
Has a lot of produced of asus and looked to substitute my Google nexus7. Google nexus Done for asus was so only a awesome compressed to the equal that have thought a zenpad would be adds also.
This pill the just plain sucked! The gaze of utmost exposure but the screen of touch was slow to answer. Applications that would upload in 4 old year nexus lagged in this zenpad. Bluetooth The connection was horrific in cutting was constantly in any bluetooth headset has used. The battery has begun to drain during a same day when any into use. Uploading the web of places has taken longer that it has to. All was so only slow!
With which 6 month of frustration sent it to asus for reparation. They have said that it was the free chip . When I took It behind afterwards the week has begun to have some same subjects. When I have looked for to send the behind again asus has said was out of guaranteeing so it would owe that paid for a reparation. Tried to contact service of the client and his have not looked to concern . A lot disappointed with asus. I have thought asus was the good company with utmost products. I have been loyal mark in fact a lot of years but no anymore! It looks he likes is like any one another big company that so only does not concern and is selling junk. Bought it Samsung that it was more economic that a asus and way of better works.
4 / 5 Ella
Has possessed 5 pills of android (and several Kindles & apple), and this was for far a worse a has not possessed never and used, which is surprising reason when I bought it, has trusted of the heavy descriptions touting likes to pill of global better. To start with, a life of battery is horrendous. He consistently drains in the tax of the 10-20 of the life of the interior of battery has turned he of an hour and the half, and ossia with screen brightness place in meso and with all the background actions and the applications have closed. A screen constantly locks in a wrong place. It is stuck at present on-side down, included this in spite of escreen lock' is disabled. A volume and key to be able to take stuck easily, and is supposition to answer to the 'double tap' in a screen to wake he of way of sleep, but takes several tentativas for him to answer. A resolution of the screen and the mapea are average in better, and a quality of his mediocre east. Ossia For far a pill of worse Android has has not bought never.

Has bought this pill because it has boasted the powerful processor and a lot RAM, but extracted a lot of averagely has compared to alike devices.
5 / 5 Dinorah
I in fact really liked this pill...... While it has done. With which roughly 7 month a pill there is prendido simply touch, when being a pill has the guaranteeed of the year has imagined would send and the take fixed. Well, with which 4 test and 2 on-line cats later was finally able to take a RMA number. (This process in general took 12 days of correspondence with Asus). With which mailing a pill he and while on 2 weeks finally take the message of Asus that has received a pill. 6 days later take a bill for $ 100 dollars with the message that says a subboard suffers the harm and any one have covered down has guaranteeed. Now, can promise you that this pill is not never state mistreated in any way, form or form. I have contested a claim and after the day has received another saying of bills has had so only 2 days have left to pay my bill or a pill would be mailed behind mine. It has given in and it has paid of the money because clearly one contests to swim. The the investigation of Google fast and found a lot of other clients that has had a same thing esatta is spent to them, subboard history and everything. Never no spent never another Asus produced again and highly would recommend that it averts this terrible company.
4 / 5 Samual
When I have opened a container, has LOVED this pill. I have it that has liked him always an iPad mini is factor of form. When I turned It on, this in spite of, there is remarked that small blue esparkles' light randomly in the drop of sinister corner of a screen, and when this raisin, some results of REMOTE screen less responsive. Sometimes any @@looks of @sparkle, sometimes his no. The suspect there is some class of eshort' is arriving. Updating a pill has not fixed a question. Sooo, am returning he for the substitution with a same element. Hopefully, A second a will be a charm ! I will update this description with which take a second a.

Addendum: after receiving it faulty first pill, a second a has arrived yesterday. I have been touching with him and configuring he for hours, and for one the majority to separate ossia to the pill adds . An only complaint that has is the complaint that is shared for a lot of the one who purchases these modern pills: too bloatware. Asus Simply dips too much carp the his pills, and is simply unnecessary. I have possessed previously the versions of both year of a Nexus 7, and an experience of pure Android is clearly a way to go. I have possessed also 2 Motorcycle X smartphone, and was so only a lot slightly skinned for Motorola. These pills and the telephones were fantastic. Asus Please, please model your current pills after some old Nexus 7 and give the experience of pure Android. Ossia Reason a pill loses some stars.
My second complaint is with Amazon, and his “tent” of Subterranean Application. When I have uploaded this on to a new pill, would not leave me download any of some applications has purchased of Amazon previously, essentially that declares that I have not had any application neither in a device or in a cloud. To take Video of Instant of the Amazon in a device, has had to go to my computer, delete an application of “My applications” in a web of place of Amazon, then go back to Amazon of mine Subterranean application and reinstall of there that. Still it has not been that to do roughly everything of some other applications that is still in a cloud in “My Applications” because I delete a lot the, will not be never retrievable. To FIXED amazon THIS. A quickly perusal other commentaries shows that they are not an only one having this difficulty.
In general this in spite of, ossia the add little pill. There is absolutely a lot of lag, a screen is beautiful, and thinks a 8 form of thumb the factor is a perfect measure . It would owe that be remarked that has taken one 64 GB version, and can not comment in a plus the low model priced. In general then, kudos to Asus partorisca to the pill adds, with a stars was for a bloatware, and BOOOO to Amazon for his stupid subterranean application that will not leave me take to some applications that I already own.

ADDENDUM: My excuses to Amazon! Thanks to GUSTRON3000 down, Subterranean of Amazon now works. It was a Asus Car Manager to start with that it was a question . See his estaca down, and my answered, for like this to take an Amazon Subterranean application to sync and to achieve your applications of Amazon! Once again, this in spite of, was one of Asus is addition cruft program this was a question . That The pure android is a way of gone Asus!! You have done a Nexus 7, to the pill adds, without any cruft!
4 / 5 Qiana
A pill is well. Basically it has not had any instruction another info the booklet that objective where an on/of keys, etc was. If an Android has experienced never before that they would be lost. Has another pill of Android and a telephone of the android and I has been confused. For example, a key that would be necessary to take you to some Applications/Widget (and Settings) the screen take to something more totally unfamiliar. To take to Settings, has to attack UP in a screen of House.

Has a ASUS application in a pill that has some FAQs that help, like this ASUS the launch is totally different that which would expect of the launcher of Android of the base. It would have been well in this info booklet, has mentioned to open this application and read a FAQs and some basic instructions.

A pill there is hanged several times to a point where has had to press an on/was key to take that it goes again. He any anything out of a normal, in fact so only has taken used to a pill. The reset a thing behind the Factory and has begun on. Uploaded the few applications, ie, Firefox, but any game, and a thing has maintained randomly in during again. Apparently another has had this question. All a s/w had been updated before I have begun to touch with him. It has been ready to ship it behind to Amazon and take mine restock pity, but of then was a weekend , decided to give it a 3rd test.

Reset Behind the Factory, has updated s/w, and uninstalled or disabled so only roughly all this could be disabled, the majority (everything?) Of him Bloatware, and now looks to do so only well. I do not have any idea that of a Bloatware(s) has caused a hangs questions, and have any desire to discover.

There is disappointed really this ASUS dip all this Bloatware on that. But at least the majority of him can be uninstalled or Disabled. Otherwise To good pill.
Of then I uninstalled and/or disabled so only roughly all possible, are by train to ask me the one who an Update of next System will do or will do , or dip a System behind with all a Bloatware, etc. will take it Nand backup in chance that or use neither a Google or ASUS backups of Cloud.

Now that I configured it and working, like to like to pill.
5 / 5 Viola
If not to impose you no in that has access to 5 gHz wifi, this could be to good pill for you. Reason has the 2K the exposure has the substantial flange in other pills in his prize tier. I have been disappointed for a description in a copy of product. It has not been to clear in a wifi adapter. Wireless appearance N capacity to comprise dual band. The majority of pills that is gone in a phase when this one is exited has wireless AC capacity. My lesson was to research a specs more attentively. Has has had to that in fact go to forums of product to discover a true wifi capacity. Any detail in a place of web of the manufacturer. An official spec the discharge was imprecise in a point. I have thought a wifi the the adapter was defective reason could not see one 5 gHz sources in my coverage. Nope. It has done according to spec.

BTW, Imposed of the scrolling of effective file was better that forces of @subject of wireless G of signal in a mid -50 dBm row. Streaming The video looked to do except nervous faeces.
4 / 5 Melani
It felt kinda bummed because I couldnt update my longitude in a first gene of iPad of tooth. I have purchased a Asus ZenPad 8' 32gb the pill and my sadness have turned the joy :)

My Sister has a later generation mini iPad and afterwards to a Asus ZenPad feels like overweight brick. A ZenPad is light but no economic feeling. A screen is gorgeous, good-looking resolution. His add. And a characteristic of murderous? You take all this down $ 200 row of prize. Asus Also there is kicked in 100GB of walk of Google partorisca 2 bookmark of years FTW.

Adds in Android and a tent of application of the android and download your games and of the applications to your desire of hearts.

Can not say quite a lot of good things in a ZenPad
5 / 5 Katrice
has bought the $ 100 pill. Any that. It was terrible, and has has had to that the turn. This was that I have taken instead (2GB version), and is fantastic. More, the mine shipped with Android Marshmallow, any Lollipop.

A screen on is incredible. I want to one 4:3 proportion of appearance. 16:9 it Is it adds for video, but ossia better for quite all more. A front-facing the speakers are one of the mine characteristic favourite, and touch quite well for speakers of pill. Today, it has taken to manage an iPad Mini, and would say that a quality of build is comparable.

Does not have anything his although it marks dulcemente down has included the small (although I have not done any serious gaming on he). It comes with enough the bit of bloatware, but some of him is in fact quite good. I am using the little of a preloaded applications. They are the big defender of a ZenUI interface, also. Improvement in an experience of Android without going in a way of him.

I the tonne of investigation, and think that ossia a value of the most economic pill that possesses.
4 / 5 Tomeka
Has run adds some premiers few months but after a screen occasionally flicker in brightness (transmissions subtiles but noticeable in mesos brightness) sometimes a screen would go black arisen like static and black mixed in when changing applications or orientation of screen.
Was to add while it is lasted and am happy my dog has broken mine because quickly it has taken to frustrate that it looks that static screen for the second and not knowing if your pill is in decline or is well.
5 / 5 Murray
The pill is quite good. It feels he is a lot of fact in your hand.(giggity) Originally had read that the has not had a SD space of paper and has been surprised to find that he he. I have had clearly my lines have crossed after researching a lot of pills. This one is has been purchased for the 7 yr old and is quite powerful for a prize. It likes a lot his age, uploads it up with games. A processor is able to manage everything of a workload like this far. A 32gb of the memory is sufficient same without a SD paper, for now at least. An exposure is beautiful and a stereo the speakers are quite strong and the sound adds. It is well that expensive an user. A camera is quite well for the pill. I have looked for enough the first moment to purchase, that comprises a difference among the good and bad product a. ( It has left recently the career with the one of carrier wireless entity which have been employed for 10 years and this technology was my life.) For a money, this pill was a better bang -for-buck I could find. Note lateralmente, would not buy never a overpriced rubbish of @@subject that one offers carriers. WiFi The only pills are a way to go . If need of mobile web on-the-gone, search to use your smartphones hotspot connection. A lot of the carrier plans offered for free or for the little extra bucks the month without the term along ageement. It is not never the value that signs the agreement in the pill has taken. You will finalise to pay for him in a plan long on.
5 / 5 Danyell
This pill was fantastic for roughly of year, has loved that! It was quickly, his and quality of utmost picture with the plot of ram and storage. After the year has had hampers to touch a pill that has thought was the question with a cord to touch and has bought another. I have had still a @@subject but with the pocola operates that movements an agreement around, has touched still. Now, one touching there is prendido entirely, the results is the common question with this pill. Like this unless calm so only is planning on using this pill for the year and situating of him, buyer beware.
5 / 5 Joselyn
I crunched mine 7 thumb Kindle Fire HDX and has bought this he so that it is substitution . Of this A lot of the computer whizz but has little had question dipping arrive and with which 5 use of days found it to be an excellent substitution. Utilisation likes him the reader, electronic calculator, and-mailing of something local hot, spectator of picture, and light gaming and the mine resembles the same if not beating a HDX. I think that that a quality of picture is a lot well, the same to or better that a HDX. The wise measure is so only the smidgeon main that a HDX and access in some same pockets & pouches that had been using, although my preference would have been that it was bit it smaller. The only time will say that very hard , but like this far am pleased extremely with cost of mine. Has the pocola characteristic on that of a HDX likes camera, GPS, space of paper that has not tried still, but is in good prize and finally will go in gain. My Kindle the books and the music have transferred seamlessly to this Asus, but apparently some applications that has had no.
4 / 5 Lettie
Very cost effective pill, but he OVERHEATS easily! Calm can not beat a prize is, but is taking this so only can wants to use he for email, general internet that explores, etc. Is to good sure any one the gaming compressed! It does not touch any a lot of games but has the little in my pills/of telephone, and this thing overheated the plot while touching some games. A screen would turn dark, and an only way to fix would be the hard reset . These questions are very documented (taste later learnt) for this pill. I have finalised to sell the. I have had question that that still, reason in an alcohol of full disclosure has loved a buyer to know on some questions so that it has not felt to like his rasgó was.
4 / 5 Vincenza
B-And-A-Utiful. It feels well in a hand. Quite light to not causing @@tiredness. Súper crisp Screen. Súper Fast.
ASUS Do well. Better pill the esees has had. The speakers forward are to win it! Good touch with a classy peel
trimmed embroiders that it gives the bit of the grip to another wise súper slick surface.
ASUS Has installed useful software like startup and impulse to be able to. I always run to questions with the
software of costruttore and software of android that clash, but no like this far with east.
I like a connection to be able of newer (reversible) this saves a frustration to look to see am inserting them
the cord correctly, although this means that all mine another USB to spare the cords will not go in handy the tin a lot
find a cord has comprised.
Life of the battery is not like this stamina-and, but the expósita that the turned down a screen brightness to zero, was although shines
quite indoors and a battery gave much more the first time of the load has required. A startup the application also gives
controls you of the power that sucks applications.
4 / 5 Abel
Has purchased a 64GB/4GB RAM (Z580CA) like the present navideño for my better half. This pill competes against an iPad mini in my opinion and has been impressive like this far. The life of battery is lasted the whole day but in the is not of the heavy users. This has the habit of emails of control, Facebook, Youtube, some light gaming, Kindle the books and some time Netflix. There is no really required for the box to touch later in an evening but ossia in 30 left of life of battery.
For a prize is taking the plot of bang for your buck with some trade offs like a battery any when being no the big. There is the good quantity of bloat ware but can take or disable them. Neither you are taking a cup of a line Snapdragon processor but a Intel Quad-the core is looks to be quite fast.
An exposure is 2k and the video look acute. It has not had any subjects with sensibilities to touch neither. The sound is quite strong with two front facing speakers. A 8mp the main camera is as well as it is an advance of camera . No a More adds them but that expects of the $ 300 pill, has had to cut corners to somewhere. Current is the lollipop and looks to be so only well. It will update this description when Asus updates one YOU.
In general, ossia the pill adds for $ 300 and would suggest in the heartbeat to any the one who is in the estimativa tight. It has forgotten to mention you can develop a memory with the microsd cars until 128gb.
4 / 5 Carmelia
That could be wrong in the pill with specs likes these? Well, apparently I underestimated to the equal that of entity finesse is in a creation of the pill. This has not been prime minister of mine ASUS pill; still it possesses the Google Nexus 7 (in the first place edition) and he better in some ways that these new ASUS pill (more in this late plus). I have read some negatives regarding this pill here in the section of description of a pill but has attributed at the same time these the inexperience of possible user or other factors -- in the courts was anxious to take my hands in this pill been due to his add specs and my past experience with a ASUS-has built Nexus 7. Still although I am coming to this pill biased in the positive way, has finalised to return he because of his failures that was too glaring to spend for big.

Out of a box, a Z580CA looks well, lustrous, thin, and has some abonos sturdiness and his substance. It feels solid. A screen has the resolution adds and is sufficiently brilliant, although I have thought a incumplimiento the profile by heart was the bit has washed was the have changed like this to 'Vivid' that was better for me. Some looks of processor to upload applications quickly and a 64gb the looks of inner storage to treat well also (for example when transferring files to a pill of PC, which has gone quite fast). Having 4gb of RAM in the pill like this is the thing adds on paper.

Now for a gilipollas. Of a start, there is remarked that in time (a lot of time) has had to press a screen two times or three times for him to answer when trying click the key or take to a paper of application. I have thought at the beginning so only I have had to take used to my new pill, but this question has left never up. I am coming to a conclusion that the touch of this pill is finicky and a bit unresponsive. There is remarked light lags or stutters or missfires in other pills where comes of the capacities to touch, but with this ASUS compressed some questions are pronounced so I annoyed in fact the plot.

One of some main reasons has purchased this pill is so that it could use it to read PDF is and (another) ebooks. A lot this PDF is is scanner of real books and can be anywhere of 3mb to 50mb in measure. My favourite applications for PDF is is Reader+ of Moon Pro and Acrobat of Season. It had been using these applications in mine old Nexus 7 and other pills without any questions (although a Nexus is the tad slow, of course). It has been expecting this new pill to so only cut by means of PDF SCANNED is likes butter with his fast processor and 4gb of RAM. Instead, spending the pages has been accompanied for lag and stutters and freezings. I have tried to change all the classes of settings (especially in Reader+ of Moon as it can be personalised abundance ) but my experience to read is not never fluent or satisfactory state. It has begun to think that perhaps some books have does not show a lot well in these screens of the main resolution or something, or that some applications of the reader has not been optimised for pills of big final. It has known no that to think. It has begun to feel disappointed more than excited in my new pill.

I then dipped stirs it of files of music (.flac And .Mp3) in a device. I have thought a front stereo the speakers were a lot well, better that more compressed has done with (excepts perhaps a Kindle Fire HD with his speakers add). Of course, it does not listen the music a lot by means of some speakers of pill, but discharges in my headphones instead. Listening the audio in headphones, besides and-reading, is another main purpose of pills for me. Utilisation Sennheiser HD239 auricular in of the pills the majority of a time because they are driven easily for mobile devices, has the row adds, and is compact and light. My disappointment adds, an audio feeds by means of a headphone outlet was plagued for static and buzzing noises. Exactly a same thing has had some years when I have bought the economic Win8 pill for $ 99, which am returned for this reason. Basically, once you cover your headphone to this ASUS pill, relieves it and dips the headphone way (any looks of icon on accident). You can listen come the on and out of a sound (like the buzz or his airy, which then short was). Calm once begin on a player of audio (my favs is JetAudio or AIMP) and touch the song, will listen an audio feeds in general 'actuate' in the first place, like the light pop or buzz. This buzz or static continuous, but once the calm song starts can not be conscious of him because some sounds of a riada of music was. But touch the calm song or especially the clue with real ilence' in him, and can/ will listen this static noise. Having at least 3 quality headsets tried them all and all have had a question still impose you, a Nexus 7 of 2012 is excellent with all these headsets. As I asked if a question has because of the faulty inner of connection a headphone outlet, likes not doing Of contacts well. As I have dipped the little pressure in a jack in of the different directions, and sure enough was able in a place to minimise and almost delete a static noise. The question was, there is at all can do roughly that to fix this. An old Nexus 7 for ASUS has one all-the metal casing for a headphone jack, which thinks is very better. Calmer would not owe that be able to listen an audio comes 'on' or go 'was' once the active audio. In my opinion ossia the very economic implementation of audio in this device and although a real outlet the question would be fixed thinks that an audio feeds by means of a headphone jack still could be inferior. I comprise the compressed-the costruttrici try to take his pills that thin like possible, etc., But has to that never committed quality. Headphone outlets These days are pocolos more than holes with the interior of connector of tiny metal. The quality is primary, forms it the factor is secondary. Hopefully Can go hand manually. Adding 1 millimetro for an hour more life of the battery would not be creased to in front of for consumers so many like pill-to to the costruttrici like to think. Etc.

All these negatives gone back this pill, included although has such add specs on paper. My conclusion was that it is a thing to launch the highly specced to the pill has jointed, but that takes some finesse and testing and implementation of good software to in fact create to the pill adds. Any sure the one who ASUS is doing but require to give a no on his game and really try his material and not cutting corners. There is remarked is down-speccing his new/coming pills and look to be that they leave a big end the Apple and Samsung. Probably a right decision to arrive to this point.

Has required still to pill with resemblance specs have begun like this to look around on Amazon but has not gone really considering Samsung reason some last times have verified the one of alike way specced Samsung to the pill was around $ 399 (vs one $ 270 ASUS). But there is remarked then that a prize of a Samsung S2 Tab 8.0 (32gb storage, 3gb RAM) had fallen to $ 299... I have looked some descriptions of video in this pill and decided to buy it locally last night in BlestBye which had it also on sale for $ 299. So that it compares and it suffers some same questions? It is very better. Not touching odder unresponsiveness; any questions of audio by means of receiver any (any odd audio that active/of-actuating explosion or static noise); mine and-applications of law of reader much more fluently. Life of battery in a Samsung looks to be a bit better that a ASUS compressed. Some screens in both pills are utmost but think a Samsung some drains a battery less. It Liked him a ASUS of screen crispness and clarity, but a Samsung the screen is also very good (both have same resolution this in spite of different technology). It liked 64gb of of storage and 4gb of RAM in a Samsung compressed? Sure it would have, but given a fact that has less storage and less memory a Samsung still outshines a ASUS compressed in some tasks have treated in pills of mine. In general a S2 Tab 8.0 is clearly a better pill. Also it appreciates a key of physical house in a Samsung reason is so only such one easy way to exit of applications and behind to a screen of house. A S2 the organism of pill is drawn also with more finesse that a ASUS; a ASUS has had light swipes in a chrome-looking flange around a pill, although I have done really like a brushed behind and different textures in a ASUS. The things are always the mixed stock exchange, but really for $ 299 a Samsung is a better pill, this in spite of to a lot has loved to like me a ASUS.
5 / 5 Marvella
I have had this pill partorisca the month and any subject with him. A screen is brilliant and clear, a sound are add partorisca the pill, is wonderfully responsive. A factor of form is wonderful, is thin and light, and a screen does not look partorisca accrue fingerprints like crazy. The video is good and smooth. It touches quickly - of 0 to 100 less than 2 hours that was far better that my nexus 7 which has begun partorisca take 8 hours after all some updates. I want to having a stylus sustain - leaves me he doodle. Some applications of the manipulation of photo has comprised is well. The life of battery is to somewhere among 8 and 10 hours according to quell'I am doing. I love a fact that has the by heart external support. If you are looking in the Samsung Galaxy S2 8 pill of thumb and does not want to spend that a lot, ossia a better alternative there. I have touched with both, and an only difference in characteristics is a type of screen and CPU. The mine there was the insignificant difference among a Zenpad 2K TruVivid IPS vs Samsung AMOLED screen. They are quite ecstatic with this beautiful and zippy compressed!
4 / 5 Malisa
Was quite lucky to snag the used one of these in conditioning a lot well for only $ 98, that flies it! Still in a current $ 169 for the new mark one directs of Amazon ossia the really good shot . For comparison, has used to have an Air of iPad 2 by means of my leading work, and required to substitute that with something was-of-pocket and does not love shell out of that would cost it to it to take an iPad. I have found that this is not quite like this quickly like Air 2, but is still quite snappy considering is like this more economic. A screen is beautiful, perhaps included better that an Air 2. It finds that it prefers one 8' screen to a 9.7'. I think that that it is one something sweet to be so only quite big that is the most useful plot that the smartphone, but is still so only quite small that it is comfortable to resist a-rid for has has extended periods partorisca time while reading/exploring. One a worry has had previously to the cost was that this Android of only careers 5 Lollipop and no a newer version 6 Marshmallow and can any never take an update to 6 data Asus records of clue with pills, but after researching this far plus, thinks that would not owe that be a lot a subject for a prójimo 2 years, and can take 2 years out of the pill this economic, are to good sure satisfied with that! Even 1 year would be well.
5 / 5 Patty
Is always be a defender of Apple and has used iPads for the long time. It has loved to give the android shot it. I have purchased this individual an after revising the plot. There are better pills in this row of prize, but has chosen this particular model. So that far it has really there is it enjoyed uses the. The speed is the subject small , but is a model an old plus . For my prime minister compressed of Android, was the wonderful to buy in a right prize. An inner memory was so only well, and an option to add more the memory is orders also. I will say that it does not use this a newspaper, but when I use it, enjoys to use the. I did not use it external, as I can not say the one who easy is to use in of the sunny conditions. Of course a vast quantity of options to modify your pill is always the plus, and has there is enjoyed really touch around with him. There is bloatware, but more compressed , can take around that. Spent of pill of active next Android LTE access, in place of just wifi. In general I am happy with a compraventa. A dual front facing speakers is well, but any Telephone or the pill built in the speakers not having never qualities of his upper, like the good pair of headphones or bluetooth the speakers are required.
5 / 5 Michal
Really liked this device. A screen is awesome, thinks that is QHD if I am not deceived. It is also really light. You can it touches on also it loves and it will run smoothly. Everything is quite quickly considering has 4gb of ram. Never I have thought included roughly taking a plus under spec a.

To That that does not like me roughly is a life of poor battery . Sometimes when the people say it on-line, is true. With only 4000 mAh, is really not going to take the plot of punctually without uploading in this device. In reality, you would have to be a lot it using 5 hours daily without uploading and recharge to again. But you are class of the heavy user, like uses more than calm yours PC or laptop for consumption of means comunicacionales and material, constantly has to that recharge this device. Suelo be able to touch pills of mine each another day. This pill so only will give you 5 hours without plugging in. Sometimes, 6 hours. It depends the one who calms frequent uses it. Of course it eats to plot of power because of his characteristics and measure of screen. Another flagship compressed with this screen of the measure and the quality can last bend a life of battery of this pill.

Also, the update is not really that fast. Well, this is not nexus, and is intel so that acceptable.

If not to impose you a battery, goes in, tries this. If calm , recommends that you choose the different a.
4 / 5 Iva
- Incredible screen (2k HD)
- Intel the tax of the clock of the atom blows another midrange compressed out of a water
- the speakers are animate, but no too strong
- UI is light and has been upgraded to android 7.0 (Like this has been written).

- Life of the battery is not he so that it adds
- is the 2015 tab in 2017

A subject BIG

In short, wether the be a capacitors or the fatal defect in creation of battery, using with which phase chargers raisin the ENORMOUS risk. Wrong Or iterrmitent the external power of the together rigid of bounds will trip a battery that he the cause to not touching. Draining A battery to 0 also will cause this.

A lot of ossia in fact really easy, so only take the plastic spoon and pry of a @@@back cover. Stimulus a connector that connects a battery to a motherboard with this same spoon. Attended the pocolos second then can he on. It covers he behind in fast to avert a relapsing. It is the ache and can run a risk of a overcharge if a sensor read is was.

In general
is to the pill adds , so only can not justify this serious @subject
5 / 5 Odette
volume that stops of has paid. With which 10 month a usb the port there is prendido to take the load. Envoy behind to ASUS down guaranteeed to repair and said it has suffered harm and touched to fix. A no emotional tear and the wear have expected has separated concealed is shaped to so only go in a way and the chairs recessed in a unit has suffered harm? Economic materials and the company that is not for behind his product or guarantee. As it buys you electronic east seasons vacacional and for seasons to come, would look elsewhere for your compraventa.
5 / 5 Krystina
Like this far or adds, ossia so only my second day to possess this pill. They are very pleased with a proportion of quality of the prize. It is to good sure my compraventa of better pill never. A colour of screen and brightness is awesome. For my flavour a 2 GB that the ram is in a low side but I have known that when I bought it (restrictions of estimativa). They are the a lot of inpatient user when it comes to electronic devices. Like @@subject of the ram is more personal. If I have had a bucks would go for a model of big final but a prize and also a lack of micro-usb (but instead USB-C) in a model of big final me choose is one.
A lot Enough in a no like this of entity. They are the Asus defender, possesses 2 Asus Zenfone models. Like the software is more than mine familiarised. Everything does likes in a Asus telephones. A placing of a power and key of the volume in a side takes the bit to take used to for my part, that comes from/comes from a Asus telephones. But to the pill is not the telephone like any really the comparison.
5 / 5 Veronique
Pill really well, snappy action (tin a lot the heavy game this in spite of but ossia A lot), fantastic screen, that surprises build, meh speakers, and the decent battery takes an average of 4hrs of screen punctually (heavy use). Asus HAS the decent software once rid of load of bloatware (worse that ole Samsung) but for down 200 bones this is in pill very good.

Update: state having he for the moment and with which a marshmallow update this thing sucks. The life of battery sucks and an action is hard to tolerate now. So only it seats to collect powder now. Asus So only loaded too bloat that can not be take and uses too much RAM. 2gb Was so only quite first of an update and now is there has a lot enough.
5 / 5 Marietta
Read that it was one of some pills of estimativa better in cities, for this bought it. It has complained really. It maintains partorisca hang and freezing suddenly. Rebooting Is a name of a game purchases this. In timing a sound when listening to podcasts or looking the shows results screechy and whiny with a lot of white noise. I need to reboot and beginning throughout again. I thought that it that it was a those registers that has been screech, but when I have tried with my mobile was a lot. Last time will not buy never Asus.
5 / 5 Lue
Likes the quota has declared, a resolution of screen is excellent, this in spite of, has purchased this mainly for travesía business, as it could avert tug the computer all a time. In a start, has had enormous subjects with entrance of text to do emails, and a car-complete no properly. It was really scaly, and often would not leave me to enter words like this of the writings, and also refused to leave spaces among some words. It was the nightmare , and has finalised that it has to that the turn was all the functions of the entrance of text has automated, which he painful to do emails. After struggling with him for some months, and after the few updates of software, have gone back finally to a (complicated) papers of entrance of the text, and attentively tried selectively gone back on some have automated work. Now it does quite well in car-complete, but still questions of the spatial after a lot of word, refusing to automatically leave the legislation of coma after the word. I owe behind-spatial every time use eat it. In all the chance, better that has begun was with.

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