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1 first ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” FHD Display, Intel i3-1005G1 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint, Windows 10 Home in S Mode, Slate Gray, F512JA-AS34 ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” FHD Display, Intel i3-1005G1 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint, Windows 10 Home in S Mode, Slate Gray, F512JA-AS34 ASUS
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2 ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop, 11.6” HD Display, Intel Celeron Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, USB-C, Windows 10 Home In S Mode, Up To 10 Hours Battery Life, One Year of Microsoft 365, L203MA-DS04 ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop, 11.6” HD Display, Intel Celeron Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, USB-C, Windows 10 Home In S Mode, Up To 10 Hours Battery Life, One Year of Microsoft 365, L203MA-DS04 ASUS
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3 best Asus TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 120Hz Full HD, AMD Ryzen 5 R5-3550H Processor, GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics, 8GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, FX505DT-AH51, RGB Keyboard Asus TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 120Hz Full HD, AMD Ryzen 5 R5-3550H Processor, GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics, 8GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, FX505DT-AH51, RGB Keyboard ASUS
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4 ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra Slim Laptop, 13.3” FHD WideView, 8th-Gen Intel Core i7-8565U CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Backlit KB, NumberPad, Military Grade, TPM, Windows 10 Pro, UX333FA-AB77, Royal Blue ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra Slim Laptop, 13.3” FHD WideView, 8th-Gen Intel Core i7-8565U CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Backlit KB, NumberPad, Military Grade, TPM, Windows 10 Pro, UX333FA-AB77, Royal Blue ASUS
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5 ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” Full HD, AMD Quad Core R5-3500U CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, Windows 10 Home, F512DA-EB51, Slate Gray ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” Full HD, AMD Quad Core R5-3500U CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, Windows 10 Home, F512DA-EB51, Slate Gray ASUS
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6 ASUS ZenBook 15 Laptop, 15.6” UHD 4K NanoEdge Display, Intel Core i7-10510U, GeForce GTX 1650, 16GB, 512GB PCIe SSD, ScreenPad 2.0, Amazon Alexa Compatible, Windows 10, Icicle Silver, UX534FTC-AS77 ASUS ZenBook 15 Laptop, 15.6” UHD 4K NanoEdge Display, Intel Core i7-10510U, GeForce GTX 1650, 16GB, 512GB PCIe SSD, ScreenPad 2.0, Amazon Alexa Compatible, Windows 10, Icicle Silver, UX534FTC-AS77 ASUS
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7 ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop- 13.3” Full HD Wideview, 8th Gen Intel Core I5-8265U, 8GB LPDDR3, 512GB PCIe SSD, Backlit KB, Fingerprint, Windows 10- UX331FA-AS51 Slate Grey ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop- 13.3” Full HD Wideview, 8th Gen Intel Core I5-8265U, 8GB LPDDR3, 512GB PCIe SSD, Backlit KB, Fingerprint, Windows 10- UX331FA-AS51 Slate Grey ASUS
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8 ASUS Chromebook-Laptop- 11.6" Ruggedized and Spill Resistant Design-with 180 Degree-Hinge, Intel N3060 Celeron 4GB DDR3, 32GB eMMC, Chrome OS- C202SA-YS04 Dark Blue ASUS Chromebook-Laptop- 11.6" Ruggedized and Spill Resistant Design-with 180 Degree-Hinge, Intel N3060 Celeron 4GB DDR3, 32GB eMMC, Chrome OS- C202SA-YS04 Dark Blue ASUS
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9 Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 15.6” 4K UHD NanoEdge Bezel Touch, Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, GeForce RTX 2060, Innovative Screenpad Plus, Windows 10 Pro - UX581GV-XB74T, Celestial Blue Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 15.6” 4K UHD NanoEdge Bezel Touch, Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, GeForce RTX 2060, Innovative Screenpad Plus, Windows 10 Pro - UX581GV-XB74T, Celestial Blue ASUS
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10 ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz Full HD IPS-Type, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, 90WHr Battery, RGB Backlit KB, Windows 10 Home, TUF506IU-ES74 ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz Full HD IPS-Type, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, 90WHr Battery, RGB Backlit KB, Windows 10 Home, TUF506IU-ES74 ASUS
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Breana
This laptop has one of a worse TFT the poster has not seen never, there is literally any corners of pertinent viewing. You will take the sprain that looks directly on. A monitor was aforado bad with WAY too gamma, felizmente regulating this with the windows is trivial, will go back to in this way ' later on. Calm will not be able to use this monitor partorisca look film with the plot of dark scenes. If you are looking in a dead screen in some external regions of blacks will be distorted to LIGHT ash.

A keyboard is decent, one 10-key is quell'has bitten difficult with some tones a lot when being no a right measure in a side. A hasten of the key is tactile and usable and one feels is a lot enough to write invidente, which have to you does not have to that do of a keyboard is of tower-has lit.

A tampon the touch is well, is in fact bit it too sensitive, some corners some go down can be used like the keys but I a lot would prefer to to the physical keys like in of some current Lenovo portable the of mark. A tampon the touch has the fingerprint reader in an upper very corner to the equal that interferes with an operation of a tampon to touch but at least a fingerprint the reader is quickly!

Some speakers are complete rubbishes , has no semblance to the real sounds and the sounds likes him is listening to the cellphone speaker by means of the door of forest. They are entirely unusable for anything at all, does not buy this laptop enjoys touch anything in your speakers.

A webcam is usable, but is at all to write home roughly, capping is gone in 720p/30fps will feel like the pode-presentation of the point more than the video feeds in any cat of video. A sound is in a same likes quality of telephone. If calm cats of video frequently, find another laptop.

Has retreated The windows and is Way'. Windows Is pre-installed, has had some of some later updates already he so that it was installed recently. It does not have any a lot of bloatware, but having Skype installed is too already. A 'type' of Windows that is call them installed is Way ' that is basically the closed down entirely restrictive version of Windows. You can you download very it included Chrome of a web has to that take he of a tent of Microsoft - Chrome when being one first application installs in any computer of Windows -. Have takes Way' almost immediately.

A laptop has 4Gb by heart a lot removable and 4Gb of replaceable memory that is a lot still although it is so only alone canal.

A laptop is fact of the plastic frame which in fact does not import , a reasonably light laptop, but gives it the economic experience. Ploughing a lid for example requires two hands or the technician, so much duquel is in fact a bit inconvenient.


A good: touch and tampon of Decent keyboard, quickly uploading web pages

likes of master the the PC to see Netflix/house of means comunicacionales without headphones, look to somewhere more. If it love the PC to see Wikipedia/informative then this will be decent but has portable more economic that it can do this better. If has the elegant IPS monitor, will hate this laptop. If calm included is thinking in gaming, a response is no.

Seeing like this the laptop has such has has limited uses with a horrible screen and of the speakers, can not give this laptop the better description that 3 stars. It is only purpose is to see web pages and caffè basic-work of tent.
5 / 5 Leora
Looking for the laptop abordable adds that it can be used for school and personal use? Ossia A a . It has taken it likes him to him he likes 4 days to solve in the portable to buy but I finally imagined out of this one would be it. There it has any a lot of youtube descriptions of video in this laptop but he well buy. Still if you are not going the university, ossia the laptop adds for personal use. A backlit the keyboards are the saver of life for use at night late. An only question (any one a laptop he) is windows 10, has taken the moment to install chrome reason so only left to use browser of Flange of the Microsoft but I have imagined was has taken chrome. If I need any help with east, just answered mine.
4 / 5 Danelle
A quality of screen ruins this. The washed was and ash in each corner. Absolutely terrible
5 / 5 Helene
With respecting to an appearance all is perfect for a cost, an only question is that I have loved to verify a memory and he results that it is coming with the 4GB and a description said of 8GB am disappointed is. Of then one trusts that it is selling. You owe it does not have to that verify if this was true.
4 / 5 Delfina
Has looked for the laptop to substitute mine 8I behemoth. My criteria were: light, 8gb RAM, 64gb+ SSD, 1080p, with the plenary-sized HDMI port (any mini), Windows YOU. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it mostly for the web that explores, step of word, and some quite light gaming (modded Minecraft, Java version). After the month, am like this far satisfied with this computer for everything of these tasks.

In fact, has surpassed my expectations in of the considerations the gaming. I have expected that it would be unable to run more than the pair of mods, but like this far is taken all have launched in him. Has no overclocked a processor (deliberately, in all the chance - perhaps windows he automatically now?), And like such am operating in a stock (I think).

Had concerned slightly roughly purchasing this because of some descriptions that commented in a quality of screen that/sees/corners. This in spite of, am happy to inform that I have not had any subjects with visibilities of screen or warped flanges. Perhaps they are simply plebian in my flavours, but looks a lot of mine.

Has come with Windows 10 S, which certainly have not loved, but was perfectly easy to disable.

A backlit the keyboard is honradamente the lifesaver. It had not looked for specifically out of this characteristic, but is fantastic. It comes with diverse brightnesses in place of the toggle, which frankly is unnecessary reason one dipping a low plus is brilliant abundance . This in spite of, as mentioned in other descriptions, causes the significant swipe the life of battery (or he like this look).

A life of battery is my only quibble, but certainly, thinks that ossia mostly because of my use more than a schemes. Has multiple Chrome the tabs that career at all times, as well as Code of Visual Studio, and frequently Minecraft also. In this level of use, a hard battery in meso 2-3 hours. I do not have it timed this in spite of, so that it is simply a estimativa for my part.

In general, am much happier with this $ 300 laptop that was with my old laptop, which 8 years ago was two times a prize. Calm to good sure can find better action with the estimativa the big plus, but is tight on money, highly recommends this device.
4 / 5 Jeffery
Was angry to see this class of fake likes screen. The description has said that that is 178angle of view. 178 it Is ips screen. This one has 20view of corner of terracing has seen them in 1997. Perhaps it is the laptop of the fake or the screen has substituted. This extinct screen in 21st century. Calm can not imagine out of the colour is that that is seeing in a screen. AT ALL. Screen brightness transmissions although you move slightly. Any @@subject that distance among 5” -3ft. It is that bad. ANY @subject to the equal that go, the cup and the fund of a screen has different colour and brightness.
5 / 5 Lady
The screen is not a better but still feasible and understandable in this point of prize. But this laptop takes filtered on looking for while looking for USB-C connectivity, which in my opinion is the way adds to reduce the boss clutters and to partner of inconvenience with maintaining chargers and bosses of exposure. But this laptop does not offer any of these functions by means of USB-C. While it is a point of advertising and having USB-C.
5 / 5 Marissa
This computer is excellent for basic tasks. It has fallen On enough quickly. It is a lot compact. It is in general quite light.

A fingerprint the sensor is also good to register in with.

A screen is 1080P how is sufficient for more for the basic laptop.

A 8GB of the ram is sufficient for basic computer. I3 The processor is that it suffices also. It has taken 128GB of spatial of hard walk. Always I can develop with the flash walk.

Has taken personally this out of S Way. It likes- one experience of full windows.

HAS the backlight keyboard with dark rooms. A speed to touch is quite quickly also.

HAS the multiple ports that comprises USB C. Any walks of disk how is the tendency further of computer of today.

For a prize has paid ossia the unit adds . It was in my row of prize. How it is a perfect access . But to good sure maintain an eye was for a better prize is.

Marry on the dot, am very happy with this car.
4 / 5 Clora
Has had a ASUS Vidbook with Intel core i3 (a lot this look of descriptions to have AMD chips also) for only the week now but am very impressed. To the as it likes me of first.
Pro Is:
1. It likes- one screen. I have seen it revises it concealed it says that a screen is basically rubbishes. Well a model has are to add so that I want to. I have possessed anywhere of 8 to 10 laptops the in my life of Dell the Sony and I like a screen in a ASUS. Mainly because of a fact is not brilliant too saturated. His plus of the to the soft natural sunlight almost likes read the piece of paper vs that shines blues this gives headaches and eyestrain.
2. I really like a keyboard like this far (any insurance to the equal that will resist up with time) the shots Keys are easy and one rear that the lights is in his point.
3. It is quickly so that I am doing. The load on the speed is sum, does not have any one a lot if any bloat ware to treat the one who the ees found in Dell and other computers. They are mainly surfing a coverage, streaming video, creating presentations of point of the can etc...
4. One of the some main things likes them on this computer is that it is light weight especially in a prize, yours taking the relatively light weight computer with the measure quite regulate keyboard and screen without paying prize of Apple.

1. It is hard to think of some with east but one east that a computer comes with Microsoft 10S, which is easy to the turn is gone in 10 House, using instructions to do like this.
2. A life of the battery is not a More adds them to consider are not gaming. It would say yours taking roughly 6 to 7 hours for simple computing. They are sure he is well but imagine to be very was 8 to 10 hours, but in this prize can does not have everything.

In general highly would recommend this computer for a prize, look, and feel. Has everything would require for pupil, travels more business and daily house in the good prize.
4 / 5 Williams
Of one very first day, has @to @give the plot of subjects with a device. Firdst Of everything, was really dissapointed with a way a laptop was packaged (any bubble on or something looked anything). A tent has known that would travel the averages a ball this in spite of, a packaging was poor.
Has tried to move spent this but then, there is remarked that has had something odd regarding a way a device is balancing in of the hard surfaces (table). A sticker of the protective bumper is not varied entirely like this done a movement of device and not maintaining in bylines in a table.
Then, a system of defender is overworking same when they are not that pressing and so only using applications really simple.
Lat And much less, which was a thing that concerned one the majority of era that whilst was streaming on-line, a screen has frozen (I has had to that restart he) and then with which one restarts and while it was streaming again, he lagged like this and has done the odd noise that does loses a wifi signal.
Has sent an email to a vendor to complain roughly all these subjects but he have not answered never. Terrible experience
5 / 5 Ellsworth
has known to purchase a laptop would require to do immediate upgrades. I have not required to to a better processor likes him to him all my work is done on-line, but opens email and of the multiple taps all day long. I have added 8 gb RAM and 500 gb SSD, which would have to be abundance for me, like this in general $ 80 in upgrades this adds to a cost of a laptop. Still more economic that the laptop of the strongest processor that would pay $ 100+ more paralización this in spite of arrival upgrading memory and storage. The time of boot is quickly of lightning and like this far all answer like this has to that during work. Upgrading Was súper easy. There is the space for an extra of hard walk, but any connector or caddy like this those will have to that be purchased for separate, adding in 20 to a cost. If has the hard time that finds a right connector and caddy to return, has purchased one which has finalised to return well but some rays are loose that resists a walk to a caddy and is holding of embrague only he in place in a space of empty hard walk. It is the tight access very how is well for my use, which is mostly laws in home, a lot seldom that takes my laptop out of a house the law was. In general I am spent around $ 450 for the decent processor and abundance by heart and storage.

Am not sure like a do one in the real world-wide setting. It is a lot home where can maintain it angled correctly in my office, a keyboard has the well seat his, any cramped and are paste to some right tones likes him the creation is that I earth in mine Logitech keyboard of house. The mouse cushions like this far is responsive, which can be the question in the majority of mine portable leading. It likes a fingerprint of reader, which does to start with on that much faster. Easy to change out of S Way. I have used last night of one uploads for some first time and I have forgotten to verify a time in a battery, but has not been impressive. A laptop is good and light as spending it my stock exchange of the laptop would not owe that be heavy.

In general am happy with cost of mine and would recommend this laptop with a upgrades there is remarked on. It would not recommend unless you are planning in upgrading. It has done very first of a SSD upgrade (upgraded right by heart out of a box), but once begin saving anything calms quickly run out of the room that leaves any room for provisional files in your primary walk. In one a lot of calm less will require to add the 250 GB strolls yes wants to store anything in your hard walk.
5 / 5 Hiram
Ossia The laptop adds for me also although the student. This in spite of during initial install it asked wants to use a free 5 Actions of storage with Microsoft a walk. This is not the backup stores your files in a walk of cloud so only.
5 / 5 Geoffrey
This hardware is highly compatible with Linux. I am using the arch is, and everything exits of a box --- no the special engine has been required.

Looks to be reasonably quickly, and a so only downside for me is a screen brightness. While I think that that it is quite acute, is less brilliant that stops of cure. (This in spite of, another concealed has used this screen finds it more to his flavour in of the terms of brightness, like this ossia a lot the subject of opinion more than does.)

A real pleasure here of course a prize; to 15.6 screen, 128 gigabyte SSD, a I3 processor, and 8 gigabytes of the memory is quite a lot of specs for the $ 400 car.
4 / 5 Margit
Has not done well out of a box. This is not the question with this laptop, this in spite of. It is the question with Windows 10, and affects multiple users:

has taken stuck in the blue screen during an initial of Windows 10-S configuration. To take around the this, does not establish a connection of Internet while configuring Windows 10-S. Skip That the no. selects ' does not have a connection of Internet.' It will save you the massive headache. Place on your connection of the internet after the Windows has finalised dipping up.

Is stuck in this screen, and can not go back to a step of configuration of the Internet, can down yours to issue and restart a laptop (control a key of power for 5 seconds, attended 10 seconds, power in a laptop). It will restart a Windows 10-S configuration of a start, and with one issues was, can select 'does not have a connection of Internet' in this step.

Windows 10-S is also a terrible proprietary disorder. It does not leave you download or install the programs require for some reason, rendering an integer YOU absolutely worthless. It is a obnoxious uses of Apple of enclosed ecosystem, but on hardware sorely that lacking of an engineering of Apple that mark a like this advantageous ecosystem. Felizmente A laptop left to install the pertinent version of Windows for free by means of a tent of Microsoft, only deductions of the smallest point for so only when being the hassle, and not requiring a compraventa additional.

A screen is in those attended of the most economic laptop. At all elegant. Certainly a lot something for half comunicacionales optimum or gaming experience. It chooses on a lot of glare, turn significantly when seen in closing of light corners, some usual subjects. Points of prize, this in spite of, for outputting in native 1080p resolution, that imports to sell the point for that take this laptop.

A defender in him is STRONG. While it is writing die, installing the program, or on the resource plants intense web, this defender goes to all the speed, and goes for the pocolos small after these tasks have completed.

In general, as the one who half-portable of the row goes, is decent. It takes a work done. So only it could be the headache to configure and optimise legislation out of a box. But you know that it is doing, and feign use this laptop for mostly -the web or the activity have related that explores in a gone, is perfectly well. An extra hassle very of the money has saved.
5 / 5 Julio
A computer of the worse mark of new laptop has has not purchased never. The quality of screen is like this so much. It can not run simple games without lagging was.. That The audio is not still pertinent. It can it does not listen at all on 100 volume. Audio jack there is prendido to do in 5th day. It smiles touchpad there is prendido to do after the week. Justo bad bad bad. Spend the hundred more on something currency while. Never again
4 / 5 Priscila
works of Laptop well, but a light of keyboard is turning on for mine!
5 / 5 Marget
CPU: The works add quickly
Ram: 8gb law quickly
hands of laptop of estimativa Better down....
A screen this in spite of is pure rubbishes . Seeing the corners are horrible and a poster is only ash .... idk Regarding the explain but yeah.... It sucks But for $ 400 you do not go to find to the better laptop like him 5 stars for a prize.
5 / 5 Traci
My husbands 15 yr old Lenovo finally died and has wanted to buy a Acer likes it has purchased several months, but because of a Coronavirus had a lot of pocolos portable the to choose Acers likes the mine has left! As I have bought this thing and he not even have left dipped arrives it to me. Four times have tried, while to the few hours to take it to ! I have had a lot, a lot portable and computer and has not had never anything like this, as it sent it behind next day. I expect person more taking this one has sent to them! I expect that my next election better work
5 / 5 Carolyn
has Bought this like the present for my niece. My only complaint is a keyboard . Some tones are not utmost, but all more in this laptop is dopes. It likes so that it will consider partorisca of the mine portable of next substitution.
5 / 5 Michal
Of AZ-Shooter on June 18, 2020

the Solid of State walk resupplies fast start up. Marcos of upper heavy screen partorisca unbalanced use and that annoying in lap/of knees. Life of the battery exaggerated in an on-line description. Bluetooth And WiFi is solid. The connection of internet dips up was quickly and easy.
Quite disappointing. It would expect better for a prize.
Windows 10S is the satisfy of Google restricts-centred baloney. It is well that the conversion the Windows 10 House can be has treated easily.
An incredibly feeble sound. Included the sound of my telephone of Android has better volume. Still in full volume, some speakers (located in a underside of an inferior chance) volume of lack. This tip that has included the good company can draw the dud product.
In spite of a fast turn on/initiates on and the immediate program that uploads, a lackluster the screen and a volume of his poor is sufficient for me to give the disappointing description.
4 / 5 Patty
Spends one, Windows of leaves 10 S Way.
Spends two, substitutes 4GB RAM (according to 4GB RAM is soldered in) with the 16GB form of RAM.
Spends three, substitutes 128GB SSD with the Samsung EVO 970.

So only am using this laptop for interview of cloud and RDP/SSH/VNC connectivity. Perfecto for that! My only complaint is a screen brightness does not measure until other models and contrast is not utmost. Otherwise Perfecto for light work and of the half comunicacionales portable (for a no-picky).
5 / 5 Alejandro
The construction feels solid. Light but sturdy and thin profile. No the better screen of a world-wide but manageable unless you are obsessed with HD. A tampon of number in a legislation of a keyboard is virtually useless, as it does not follow formed of traditional keypad. A rest of a keyboard are to add and the joy to write on. A lot of responsive, and taken everything of five seconds to take a pre-Microsoft installed S for the normal windows 10. All and everything, well value one $ 400. It does not go to dip any record but he will manage 90 of the needs of the population.
5 / 5 Alaine
Master! I bought it to do of the house beside some descriptions was a lot. They are not computers savvy but manages my work of home program well. They are able covers it my headset, a regular keyboard and the second his screen. I have found that I can do on he w/ the multiple programs that career of 7am-11am without one load; like the good 4 hours of life of battery... A day has left raisin for to direct 11 are and has run out of legislation of battery in a half or working. I have run and plugged he in and took it behind up and that careers; any biggie.
4 / 5 Latricia
Some speakers and the quality of screen is TERRIBLE. Some speakers are in a fund, which any ANY SENSE. Any @@subject that the surface has dipped a laptop on, an audio was down and muffled. Some corners in a screen are also terrible, likes podes so only really see a picture is looking directly on. Has-liked me a better keyboard that another, and has liked him also a backlit keyboard. But I have finalised to return this due to the fact that annoying and terrible an audio and the quality of screen is.
4 / 5 Alfonso
An element is likes in a description and the law adds!! It is like the basic computer, a screen is not a better, but thus prize thinks it so only well, has the decent action,is coming with 4 GB integrated and can add until 16 GB in alone form to have the total of 20, in my chance I transmission a 4 GB form for one 8 GB form for the total of 12, is quite quickly, is coming with M.2 SATA But sustains NVMe,
my woman is very happy with a laptop, can do his tasks of some courses in his work and classes of estaca of graduate, itworks excellent, a crew is thin, very light, for studio and of the tasks of the means highly recommends outrage that can improve you a hardware the little.
5 / 5 Brooks
Left preface this description to say are the half has aged the woman takes. This computer is perfect so that I need. I surf a web, the pocola researches and perhaps common the film or show of television occasionally. It does not touch at all. These boots of computers and investigation a lot quickly. It is also quite light and slender. Easy in my wrists when lifting. Has a quirks of S the way but I have regulated without real whining. One of entity quirk was topmast. They are one of some last 7 people on earth the one who has topmast of AOL. It could not take my topmast by means of web page of AOL but has had to link my accounts to an application of topmast of the Microsoft. No the big question. Calm easily can take touched of of S Way, but once calm , calm can not go back. For me, an idea of the fast way, sure, is more than entity that any weirdness S the way creates. All A lot here.
5 / 5 Hermine
Has been rid quickly and has been doing well. It is light and easy to use. I lose some of some characteristic of mine portable old but this does well for a prize. Any defect was observable. It is the harm has no avg the port and now will owe that buy a HDMI boss to use with multimedia projector. A life of the battery is not that long. It has to that be inner has touched 4-6 hours to be into use. A inbuilt works of mice but causes the little tension in my toe. I require to take used his. It does not come with the screen to touch. When Using a camera looks the little misty but a same video seen in telephone of mine looks more brilliant. They are not the techy, as while work, are well.
4 / 5 Wyatt
Very satisfied with this laptop. I have required the laptop of economic quality to verify emails and explore a web. Here I am lately state recruited to touch Minecraft with my girls and this laptop is more than able to manage the hour or session like this long. Sure it has portable faster, but these works for me and a prize was a lot.
4 / 5 Ellena
My edges and I am agreed to to purchase the laptop for his use in his on-line classes. With which some the significant investigation decides in this laptop. My edges loves it. It says that it is quickly, clear screen, and loves a backlit keyboard! It has begun his classes the few weeks , and enjoys to his fast speed likes them the investigation an internet for an information that requires to find. If we require another smaller laptop certainly would buy a model a new plus of this computer!
4 / 5 Humberto
I have bought this computer so only partorisca pupil, of mine another laptop has broken and this would arrive a fast plus. It is very partorisca pupil, of then I only need Office of Microsoft (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access) partorisca pupil. And partorisca to to the light things like to explore an internet. But calm grieve starts partorisca download games, a full storage on quickly (is die so only 118 usable GB). I do not consider very a lot the gamer, but touches some quite light games and so only 1 game that is perhaps bit it more eating. I can touch Strike (an on-line game) quite well, without a lot of lagg (he laggs for roughly 1 small himself are streaming while touching music in youtube, but then for lagging). A map to good sure looks the little granulated in some corners of some of some characters of game, but still looks quite good. A screen also has the class of look turns his. As one lighting is the little odd or perhaps a screen is economic. Has this 'dusty' his look, class of as these old computers have had to use in elementary school. Like this when you look in a prize, @gives that this is to reflect in a quality of screen, quality of exposure, and quantity of usable storage. But like the university student in the estimativa, this leave to take my tasks done that it is one the majority of what of entity of mine.
5 / 5 Lajuana
Very good and excellent prize with this paid Portable that occupies so only has two points against that the prime minister is the battery that my hard flavour very little although it depends enough of the use that gives the another is the little storage in the hard box like any one can install a lot of things in this chance recommend that complete with some outsides... But for the mine is a very good Laptop
4 / 5 Janet
I calm supposition of the one who spent some police of sure send you to you he faulty produced on purpose. I have not taken Never he out of my room. It used it so only to look video, researches the few web pages, and tentativa to touch a yousician application. That so only done once.

In two month to use smaller there is prendido turning on. And so only it had taken the first week of the quality of sound has diminished. Uploading there is retarded. Touching there is retarded. And now this. Besides bellowing
5 / 5 Lai
has had this for almost the year. It has not Loved to write anything tills has had he for awhile. A battery is decent. A screen could be bit it better for a prize. Gaming Is well for games of has bitten lower, to good sure any for any of apex or anything. It endows 2 and CSGO is well. Gotta Goes down a map for CSGO this in spite of. They are also state resulting the creator of content and runs a software a lot! Everywhere the sure good laptop daily use!😄
4 / 5 Ernest
Has been looking for the cost down 15.6' portable partorisca to the long of the month now. I have begun with a acer aspires 5 and although it was diagrams adds a trackpad was terrible, can go back his but has loved to try this first computer. I have read the good descriptions in this computer like reasons any one? A minute opened it , looked the computer adds, the kicked on and thats where has known a computer has not been for me. A screen is terrible! A TN the exposure is one of a worse that has seen. After the windows kicked on there are them remarked all an aim was like this fresh that they were blue. It likes I some calibration and any one import the one who calm a screen looks terrible! Ossia The breaker of extracted for me. On to a prójimo a!

Good trackpad
Good Keyboard

Bad TN corner to see of the Screen a worse out of sub $ 500 laptop
4 / 5 Trevor
All is well an only downside is his quality of screen. A corner to see is the low average and a colour is not that well. But it spent this laptop for the day to the tasks of day likes the web that explores, looking video, likes or some tasks of the office then is well. Quality of the build and the creation is awesome and stylish. The life of battery is enough for me and takes the very small quantity to time to touch. After all, I am satisfied.
5 / 5 Chanda
Likes Asus, but this down-model of the class is not a chance. It is already the year I use Asus vivobook 150 s530

Although a screen is Full HD, is not IPS, which is very bad.
A sound has it buzz on 60.
A sound to cool the defender is very strong.
Is to good sure impossible to open a laptop with a delivery.

His edge2edge the screen is very beautiful, is light. A keyboard and touchpad is quite good.
5 / 5 Joie
Has required the new laptop reason Microsoft has interrupted support for window 7. Mina Dell was the dinosaur. I took it used and there was almost 6 years. This one begins on instantly. wow. The people complain these laptops the economic is lens. Compared to an old , no! I do not have any complaint but then again, my needs are pocolas and simple. Also, I have researched and this laptop has done a cup ten for a prize. Any remorse.
4 / 5 Jessie
A screen of laptop is absolutely horrible. Some aims are this odd yellow colour . I owe that imagine my screen is messed on, but other descriptions adapt that a screen is rubbishes . Has an old Dell portable to do east has the a lot of more brilliant screen.

All concealed and has to that say that some speakers are of poor quality. If there is any bass touches like this bad. Some speakers are also under a keyboard, as you love chair with your Laptop in your LAP and listen the music, thinks again.

Could that to him return, I absolutely . Unfortunately it looks as if the police of turn of the amazon does not cover bad has done portable.
4 / 5 Valda
Does not come with a ethernet link. Hours in some telephone that looks for to imagine was yes an adapter would give me the landline, like detests them wifi. Person there with any real knowledge. Bought usb ethernet adapter, so only to find concealed has not done neither, in a asus or another computer. It is not it is returned still, this in spite of 48 hours more went it late at all but the waste to time like this far. After the few days to call and emailing, has been them advised for an on-line technology that one produces can not be used with the landline, while another emailing resupplied me to me with the link to the $ 160+ adapter that purportedly would leave landline access.
4 / 5 Felice
I have required the new laptop because Microsoft has interrupted support partorisca window 7. My Dell was the dinosaur. I took it used and there was almost 6 years. This one begins on instantly. wow. The people complain these laptops the economic is lens. Compared to an old , no! I do not have any complaint but then again, my needs are pocolas and simple. Also, I have researched and this laptop has done a cup ten for a prize. Any remorse.
4 / 5 Ricarda
Does not come with a ethernet link. Hours in some telephone that looks for to imagine was yes an adapter would give me the landline, like this the detest wifi. Person there with any real knowledge. Bought usb ethernet adapter, so only to find concealed has not done neither, in a asus or another computer. It is not it is returned still, this in spite of 48 hours more went it late at all but the waste to time like this far. After the few days to call and emailing, has been them advised for an on-line technology that one produces can not be used with the landline, while another emailing resupplied to me with the link to the $ 160+ adapter that purportedly would leave landline access.
5 / 5 Sacha
Has begun the on-line classes and I have imagined his time for a upgrade! With which a lot of deliberation has decided to go with this product. I have not used never ASUS produced first , has there has been always DELL portable (which was all add btw). Still although I have not had this laptop very long like this far his quite fricken astounding!!! 😊A quality of screen …. awesome! An efficiency of keyboard and lighting … awesome! One ! All have to that say are will do my best to take cure a lot well of this laptop so physically and the wise action and hopefully will maintain to be …awesome! HIGHLY recommend!!!🥰
4 / 5 Arline
Originally Tried to save money in the less able car and I have had the big remorses have finalised like this to purchase this VivoBook, and can say touch the much better car and value an extra hundred.

A i3
Games of Games very intense (Stardew Ages/of Valley of Empires)
Careers smoothly
has DIRECTED backlit Keyboard
screen of Decent measure for the laptop

So only one, does not know reason Asus has thinks that to melt an audio jack and the microphone jack was the good idea. They would owe that it has been it 2 separate part ! A schemes lack of an interface to designate among a two as it neither remains garbled or he so only defaults to a built in of the speakers. He this both for his HDMI port and a port of Audio. I so only found the temp solution to disable a microphone when it wants to use desk speakers (although it concealed still do not help with a HDMI subject). The majority of laptops has used in a past does not experience these questions and is the defect to draw that imports both in a hardware and department of software.
5 / 5 Alica
Am satisfied with the cost, has taken 1 week in arriving me to Cost Rico, less than the time has estimated súper fast! It is a very good option taking accounts the prize for the Hardware and the type of car that is, will give use for the classes of the university and some similar random games pleasure World of Warcraft Lich Rey, the game of my infancy... The screen is excellent and yes well in some commentaries indicate the contrary for the corners of vision, the truth is not a factor that affect of then the pc go use he forward, any see another way of the use that any sea like this is question of flavours, regarding the sound, has known whenever the laptops have a regular sound, love the better audio does as with the computer of office, buy you a bit speakers and ready! Or, masters a laptop something shabby demanding a that sea gamer and the subject has solved.. The truth has 0 complaints with the car is an excellent investment having account that Asus is one of the better frames of laptops, in my opinion recommends he for these people that any one wishes to spend a lot in a laptop but that decent sea for studio and some random games.
5 / 5 Rosetta
A laptop is really quickly because of ssd m.2 walk and 8gb ddr4 ram. I have not remarked any subjects of qualities of the screen, considering me a screen is a lot enough. Roughly 80 gb of spatial is available ( another space is occupied for windows) as doing the little upgrade likes to install additional ssd would be the good idea. A sound is not very strong, but sufficient to look film.
Utmost up:

His ( slightly)
Memory ( upgrade required)

Thin, light, quickly, prizes

spend In general well for business and personal needs (any gaming), and included the weaknesses do not look critical, considering a prize.
5 / 5 Ronni
For a money, ossia one of a better treating PCs. It can manage big Excel documents so only well, and short more than games with eases. On paper, has not beaten can be. Unfortunately . . .

Absolutely life of abysmal battery. The full load will take you 3 hours so only exploring on-line. This number diminishes with tasks more intense. Besides, a screen is not orders. It looks any @@subject a corner to see, take shadows of odd has underlined/points in a screen.

Tried to find the laptop of estimativa well. This a shot adds, but the desire had spent an extra $ 100 on something concealed was more comfortable and convenient to use.
4 / 5 Shaquita
Ossia An excellent laptop ! Quality of his east awesome and easily adjustable with a program of Wizard of stock Audio that comes with. The screen is brilliant and big. I add for gaming. I add for pupil. Fast fingerprint reader of access. Commanded of voices! A lot of good free applications available for him. I want to all in this lap tops like this far. The low prize adds! Any subject like this far.
5 / 5 Evette
Desperately has required the new laptop of the mine leading one has broken. They are the university student and could not resupply to spend several hundreds or included the dollars of thousand in the new a, but has required something concealed could maintain up with quell'I required it to do. I have required 8 GB of ram and the fast processor, and this a perfect east. It is a lot quickly when it comes to open Word, PowerPoint, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. has had several tabs have on open of a time and any difference when it is coming to accelerate. I recommend it the people those who are looking for the fast laptop and of confidence without spending an arm and the leg. A backlit the keyboard is perfect to write papers at night and is quite brilliant.
4 / 5 Arleen
Has ordered 2 of these for my parents for Christmass. These are not of the meanings for gaming (obviously) but has directed the common in Netflix and Facebook of roll and have Spotify that goes everything immediately, so that the test of the action and these things are awesome for that. Quality of his is not terrific of some speakers are in an inferior side but takes a work done. It is abordable, of confidence and ASUS is the solid mark also. It would recommend this to any the one who needs the laptop for the pupil or the material of law have related.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Jenniffer
I do and game predominately of the desktop, but has wanted to something cheap and portable that can use when need the change of scenery. It looks for three things in the laptop: 1) small impression, 2) looooong life of stack, and 3) low side. Basically, I have required the typewriter with internet, and does not want to invert too much money or time in him. These controls of machine each what three of my boxes. It IS itty bitty and very clear, and so far has not been able to drain a stack the day only of on and was use. I have purchased also this during the Roads of an ascent in the daytime for $ 179, which are the prize adds for the PC with these specs. It was not it pays full prize for the this, which are around $ 230 at the same time to publish. If I go to spend that a lot, also could augment my estimativa slightly and take something with the little more bells and whistles, like the convertible hinge or the screen to touch.

An upper coverage of a case is plastic shiny, as it is the magnet of enormous fingerprint. That is to say class of the bummer, but look at all a money is saving! A underside of a case is to kill-black plastic. A rest of palm, which looks program the ash in photograph, is in fact the very warm, classy-looking ash in person. Almost it has the purplish-yours bluish in a clear? It IS the most animate ash , in all the case. A lot it likes him his in of me. A professional of looks of whole thing, included although it listen it cheap in a hand. It IS the case that will not listen bad quite taking my scratch of premier on, the left wing is posed that road . That is to say it splits of an appeal of an economic computer. A screen is crisp and that shines, although has the big gloss and tends to take shiny. There is any noise of follower so that it does not have very follower, but one schemes hardly heats up at all. It runs fresh and calm.

A chiclet the keyboard is responsive, with just quite clickiness to accuse of comfortable word. It IS the small preoccupied in a small impression of a keyboard, while I have read the few descriptions that complains difficulties with touches to write, but has not had never a subject with him. The touch that writes is the breeze in 70-90 WPM, and does not have any a lot of tones in of the odd places, which sometimes voice in cheapies has taken. It IS pleasantly it has surprised.

An action is well. It IS that it expect of 4GB ram. You can do in the document of word, listens in musician, and opens the handful of tabs without problem. You would be likely to do the small more on that, but there is no turbulent. Some to beat of elegant websites that is the slow plus bit to upload, but has not run in any inadmissible periods to expect still. Only the subject of second here and there. Startup IS snappy, quite 8 bren to close in login. Tan Far so spatial goes, 64GB is not enough for me (and probably more people, unless it maintains everything in a cloud--in this case, buys the Chromebook). The windows Takes up in the third of this room, as it spend it a money has saved to buy the cheap computer in the micro SD card to develop your storage. It maintains in alcohol, this PC probably will come uploaded with Windows 10 S, which are the Microsoft has limited built for schools, and does not leave an use of any-applications of Microsoft and software. Update In of the Windows 10 Pro is mere, and at the same time of this description, free.

Has mentioned what economic is this laptop?? If it can take he for sale for less than $ 200, is to good sure estimativas.

In general, that is to say the PC of the estimativa adds that I last all day. The May would use likes him my main computer, but is by train of the give 5 star has based in his function like the machine of mobile scripture, and in this front, this PC nails it.
5 / 5 Haley
A mother of all the manufacturers of motherboard, Asus again squads with Intel to create even so another awesome, small but laptop of full function. In day 1 plugged in a power, then my ASUS DVD of Portable USB Strolls External, with an ISO of Peppermint 9 (64-bit) in the, plugged in the USB C in Adapter of Ethernet, powered he up and kicked in a player/of CD of the DVD, and Linux together installed the Windows, which are still lurking in there in the some place in his smaller partition own, undisturbed. A tez is sum ; it is so thin and clear; a keyboard is soft which are many is the clear fingered typist. I peck, but is doing adds. All has done a first time; a trackpad, WiFi; everything. Chrome Installed, etc., And otherwise tweaked a Calm in my flavours. There is not kicked in of the Windows still, and if this laptop continues to do also, only will delete this partition and each interior he. A N4000 the processor is quite peppy with Peppermint, or w/ Mint of Linux, Ubuntu or his a lot of final derivatives, with the clear desktop (a That xfce). In $ 179 this era/is the clothes (and a prize varies, is). A Sandisk Ultra 128GB Micro SD the card disappears in this unit, for each yours on-storage of joint. There is not any access of the walk takes; it sees beaks, and investigation of just web eMMC Storage to Flash (this unit is not expandable). Windows 10 Requires more the hardware that this unit provides; like this all some bad descriptions, when a problem is not Asus/Intel, but Win-10. If you have to use Win-10 the minimum of 8MOLT of G, 128G HD, and a Core of Intel I-3,5,7 Processor, or probably problems with any PC/of laptop. Name of profile of the click then blogs. Another similar option is a Steel aspires 1 A114-32-C1YA.
UPDATE 10/18/18: Mint of Linux Installed 19-C and has dried each plus; the action is point and averts!
UPDATE 02/19/19: Still cranking full speed with Mints 19.1 Cinnamon.
UPDATE 06/22/19: the free problem still!
1 / 5 Bertram
This notebook is not of the quality adds. A HDMI the port is died after two month. I have spoken with ASUS support of technology, emitted RMA the number and I routed a notebook in ASUS with Windows 10 Pro the operating system as has update me he of Windows S road. I am returned my notebook after two weeks. They have to substitute a motherboard. Even so, it returns with 'Windows 10 marries Only Tongue' installed in the. They downgraded my operating system. It IS supremely unhappy. I have spoken with ASUS support of technology and goes to complain, emit me another RMA the number and I have had to one notebook far behind in them for correct operating system. It opens, I am out of my notebook for almost the month now. Still I am expecting for my computer to return. I bond a progress when takes a notebook a second time.

The May will buy another ASUS notebook again. Please be cautious when considering this notebook.

12/20/2018 Update
took a time of second of the unit by behind ASUS but still has a wrong Operating system. Still they would not install an original operating system that a computer is coming with and different ASUS the agents gave me different apologies for him. Opened take It another RMA the numbers and the routing retreats a third time. It asks the unit of substitution. The left wing is to see that they this times, does not expect any a lot of because of a incompetency of ASUS support of technology. I am out of computer since 11/17/2018 and today is 12/20/18. At the same time of easterly scripture a unit is still in his road in a support of technology for a third time.

A quantity to time ASUS the support of technology spends in my computer and a cost to ship a unit behind and advances three times already had cost ASUS more than an original cost of a unit has paid. Has very been about to they, has had they the data join me unit of substitution a first time since there has been only he for less than two month.

A HDMI the port is died still again still after it takes both months in fox he earlier. I hade the road he in a 4 times for reparation.

Please very compraventa ASUS netbooks especially this model.
5 / 5 Christopher
I have purchased this laptop of PC for student. I have not wanted to spend too much, but it require it to have Windows 10 and a capacity to contain/the dispatch has run 365. It was far more interested in a technician specs, had not paid a lot of attention in some dimensions. It IS quite small (photos of visas for reference), but another that an occasional necessity to divide my view of screen among 2 programs, I in fact like a measure. It was easy to take to the long of when travelling and is supremely clear. This order achieved me in winter, as I have left a computer of sound and come until temperature before I like him for the career. Windows Cortana Objective calm through everything of a setup. It connects in my WiFi without any problems. Any one to prefer Chrome like the browser, but the verge of Microsoft is a default for Windows 10 S. It was able to update in of the Windows 10 Pro for free and Chrome to download like my default. I have not had any subject that executes this and once again Cortana aimed me during a process. It was able to install Dispatch 365 without subjects. A life of looks of utmost stack - the fully touched stack will take you quite 10 hours of use, whereas it is by train for the use. It looks to touch really hurriedly also, which are another sake perk. There is has not had any problem that complete my coursework using this laptop. It looks the very Big Bang for very little buck. Highly it recommends he for students, workers or some generals populace that predominately will use for surfing a web. Obviously the speed of internet will touch the function in action of video, but a visual quality of a screen is sum for streaming. A built-in the speakers are adapted perfectly for sounds of general notification, listens in musician or of the videos. It Likes him to of me concealed has the port of USB in any side and also offers a mini-SD reader of card, HDMI and mini-ports of USB. Has the decent quantity of capacities for such the relatively small computer and supremely economic. Donat A processor of Intel, on-storage of joint and ram, finds this to be the piece in his Chromebook what counterparts can limit your capacities when being an application -the operating system has based. I have classified a material quality slightly down among some characteristics, purely so that it is clear TAN . It was not that durable this the plastic accommodation will try to be in comparison in a lot of of some laptops with the shell of metal. I do not see it when being the problem for me, but would not recommend this for use of small boys.
5 / 5 Ervin
It does not like him to write of immediate descriptions in any one of my compraventa of Amazon so that first impressions easily can change with some experience, but there is has had now three weeks to use a ASUS E203MA, and is very satisfied with this compraventa. A life of stack has remained well, and there has little doubt concealed can take among 9-10 living hours with the normal use and a brilliance of the screen reduced of a level a big plus. Under these conditions, has used a computer for just quite 8 hours and a stack still actuate quite 22% lefts in the. A metre of stack gives some screwy readings occasionally regarding a period to time a stack will continue to run; for case, with a percentage that rests in 50%, change of the small in ten hours in less than three hours on the way of the few minutes has it life so measured of stack to control a cumulative quantity of time ran it.

Here is some weaknesses. The storage has limited, probably would prefer at least 8 gb by heart, an exposure hardly is that short verge, when being potentially fragile, and comes uploaded with the version of the windows has nicknamed 10S (announces sakes for LADY-- is designed like the student laptop and 10S downloads of application of the limits in a Tent of Microsoft only--can conform you essentially a same thing to do the father the administrator of a laptop with a boy the regular user, therefore restricting download of program and installation).

10S is easily convertible in of the Windows 10 Pro for free. You can find instructions to do the investigation of Google, but essentially go in Activation in of the Parameters and change your Tent of Microsoft to leave one updates--which have remained totally free for this machine. If your calm work require you to live in the middle of Windows so that it explodes, then at least has the decent version of some current Windows to do with.

A feeling of fragility--totally the by-product of how clear a VivoBook is. My machine of anterior trip was a ASUS Transformative T100 besides or four less or five years ago. Compared with this 10' netbook, a E203MA, with one 11.6' screen, is in the lighter of half book. And a E203MA is included the small thinner that a T100. I do not know that a E203MA is fragile; only it listen it that it issues because of his mostly plastic edifice. BTW, HAS USED that T100 strongly during four years without posing the scratch in the. It takes the decent case and does not use to a laptop likes him frisbee, and has to last.

Mediocre exposure? Yes. It IS one 11.6 ' screen in the laptop this side by side less hundreds that the laptop of thin--am satisfied.

The storage is limited, but is better that he 32 gb eMMC. Dressed some pieces some months of diverse pasts that there is signified that the CROWN no longer guarantees these machines of the storage limited with 32 gb will be able to continue taking updates in of the Windows 10 how one updates in 64 gb relieves that worry. I see that a current installation I still leave me 37 gb duquel the storage would have to be sufficient.

And if no, can insert it microSD (has the 128 gb) which would be necessary to give you abundance of room of storage. Format in NTFS, and included can run programs from here that. Another investigation of helps of Google to find directions to use it microSD to run programs, but here is a essentials: Format of Disk of the use and chooses NTFS more than FAT32, creates the dossier in your C:\ the walk tagged SD Card, goes in a Console of Management of the Disk, finds a card of walk for a microSD, and changes a card of walk and subjects so that it is trace in a C:\SD road of Card. Desprs Doing this, was able to install VLC Player of Means comunicacionales as well as a lot of other programs, all desquels has run softly from here that.

One 4 gb the memory is not so snappy like 8 has had with the brief and unsatisfactory experience with another machine, and note, but very a lot, he lag that more the memory could cure. In one another hand, has had in 20 plough of tabs in Verge of Microsoft and has downloaded then each page. That is to say very besides my use of normal Internet. A VivoBook has not frozen. The videos touch well without stuttering.

Other descriptions confirm my global impression of this laptop like the tool adds for writers. My work involves the plot to write. A keyboard is in a right measure (my hand-the measure has lined is in meso--for reference, spends the glove of half golf), one key responsiveness is well, and has has not had any problem with a screen. It reads critical quite seeing angles, but think that am that more people--use my laptop that dressed some advances of screen, in that if, will not remark never the subject of screen.

Has a niggling the complaint will do--the power in the button does not provide any feedback at all--when press be able to in a laptop, always the uncertain chair concealed pressed the a right road for the turn on--but then he always fire. A button to be able in only has the soft soft when being that literally say you at all.

Has not flown with this machine still, but his impression would have to return almost any table of the tray in of the trains. I have taken he with me in the trip of road in an end of March, and groups amiably in a stock exchange generally to uses likes him to them carryon. With a combination of his supremely small upload without mid-brick of point but to wall slightly covers it the big plus and the very thin cord (the square voice--the measures of covers are 2' x 2' x 1.25'), a ASUS satisfied my requisites for the machine of small trip.

This laptop is the good value . It IS a 2019 version of the netbook, and of ASUS was one of some pioneers in this field with his old eeePCs in of the marks the decade, that is to say any surprise .

UPDATE 7/21/19: active there was now the occasion to use a ASUS in the tray in class of economy, and while I have thought, any subject.

Checks A number of tez in a version of Windows 10 apresamiento. The apparently shipped mine with tez 1803 and in spite of using Update of Windows for some three months have possessed this computer and taking updates of definition of the virus and other updates, has not taken some updates in a number of tez. I have verified this the week or so marks and has learnt that a lot of computers of Windows 10, comprising easterly a, can very automatically updates a number of tez without an installation in your computer of an Assistant of Windows 10 of Update.

With a help of an Assistant, updated to build 1903 this week is spent. At all dramatic to inform except that it looks that it can have some improvements of efficiency of the power. A computer the race to time now is among 11 and 12 hours. Today, I have run a computer for quite a lot of 3.5 hours, even so has 70% left in my stack. These ways that is using a E203MA like the laptop of trip, owe race for almost your whole flight with pauses to dine/lunches/of the breakfast and perhaps the turnip or two.

IS still very happy with this compraventa.
1 / 5 Agripina
April 20, 2019 update: Well, you can see my earlier, glowing informs down. But now eight month later, a screen was black while using, can any one reboot. %^And.
I Linux Canela installed of Mint 19 in this machine, purposefully drying Windows of a disk in a process. It results to be an excellent combination! With this Linux particular distro, a notebook is quite peppy and everything does.

The installation has taken quite a lot of 10 minutes. Updating a software saws was wireless other 10 minutes. It orders of wireless reception. After installation, has had enough 40GB of 'disk spatial left wing for my documents. If fulfilling the spatial plus necessity, can take the 128GB card for in $ 40. But that is to say everything requires for now.

All -- Asus tones of function, the cart suspends afterwards timeout or the next lid, restarts in inaugural lid. Linux bootup The times are quite 25 bren, button of power in desktop. Libreoffice, Which have been using in my machines of desktop for in ten years, is comprised in an installs. With my documents, has does not have to never read of problem or writing LADY compatible FILES. I have not verified life of stack still, but expect he to be also so with Windows. I Like him his of an aeroplane-button of road. Fence of one bluetooth and wi-final, saves in life of stack when is not using an internet.

With Linux, for documents in processes and the web that explores, that is to say almost so hurriedly how mine newish desktop i3 machine. It was not able to do things so a lot of immediately, but that is not what want these prisoners of notebook.

An appearance is lustrous and pleasant. And I want a 11.6 measure. Petit So to the notebook is, a keyboard is well: full-sized, with good ergonomics. One touchpad is well for me, also. Exposure Of crisp of the Good. Seeing the angle done the bit of the difference, but did not cause me the problem. Some cards in an exposure was initially the small small for me. Augmenting a measure of source for or signals of a card of parameters of the system of Canela has resolved that. This notebook has all a connectivity would want: HDMI and three usb 3 connections, comprising a usb-C. I do not expect to connect he in ethernet, but I , can take one ethernet in usb adapter for low $ 15.

A bit those that details ...

On in the first place startup, I a car-registration with Asus / Microsoft. In this security-conscious age, has been surprised a program of the registration would not fall me without entering to date of birth. Taken in two hours to write some Windows soncovery' information in the usb 2 walk of inch. Then after it have installed his Linux, verified to see yes can restore Windows. It was able to kick of one usb walk in some screen of utility (any one in some CALM Windows), but could not begin the operation of recovery. Apparently recovery of pode no the windows after the windows have been totally dried of a machine. Since I do not feign in reinstall the windows and everything , is not preoccupied quite the.

After installing Cinnamon of Mint of the Linux, experimented with the small another Linux distros. He mx-17.1 has not been able to see one wireless in a notebook. [This has changed for a better with MX 18. It sees note of low update.] I have tried Mint of Linux XFCE, which looked well, but has discovered does not suspend he in timeout -- the big roads for all the life of stack. An only reason has tried these two is thought could be the small more effective that Canela. They were perhaps the tiny bit snappier, but Cinnamon of the mint of the Linux is pleasant to use, and everything does with him. Has very me expsito wishing was faster.

Another critic has remarked a difficulty with taking the manual. I have found this also. Quan Called Asus, spoken with any one in less than the minute(!) His council was to do the investigation of web in Asus E203 mine. This took me in a Asus page of product for this model. Click upport' near of a cup of a page, and then soyanual and document' in a next page. It downloads A manual. An only thing has required really he for era and to take in a card of boot. (Low control F2 while you press and falls a button to be able in.) Apparently a manual info is in a page of product, but has not taken in a big Asus page of support.

In general schemes it very excellent, so far, for the prize adds.


The update Has to 31, 2018

Some MX people of Linux are exited with version 18 of his software during a last month, as I have given tries it. It installs and updates well, the laws add with the wireless mine, and is very, very peppy in this machine. It uses one xfce that directs of window and utilities. Again ... That is to say the very good laptop to run Linux.
5 / 5 Eartha
It would like them to him the demand some people that gives this computer the bad description: that is bad with him? That is to say one of some better computers that has not possessed never. Any one so that it is the workhorse computer--so that it is not . But so that he the work perfectly for the this has been designed to do. It IS sper clear; it is small; it is very fast; it has it stack this hard all day; and never the failure to do a bit acts concealed goes it when the be has designed prendi. He the fantastic work for a prize. Of course you very they go to do very heavy gaming or the video that edits in this computer. If that is to say that wants the computer to do then has to spend big money. But you want the computer that mark some basic functions, likes him the web that explores or using dispatch of Microsoft, then this would be a computer since you. There is no such thing like the company that does not produce the lemon from time to time, and is one of some miserable people that spends to buy the lemon, seeds, of course, buys everything means, returns it. Even so, after using a substitution for awhile will find that this computer is very perfect for the this wants mark. I see so many bad descriptions that final to say ' go to return this computer.' Really! Perhaps it have to you are returned and took the substitution and has used then he for awhile before it give it yours the bad description. If, by chance, you took another lemon --which are highly unlikely--then, and only then, when being justified in the give the bad indication. All-in-all, my personal opinion is simply this: this computer far surpasses a purpose for the this has been designed. Has very had any problem with him anything. It IS faster this has thought would be it. It runs fresher concealed has thought the . A screen is more than shines that has imagined it to him would be. A sound is stronger and clearer this has expected. A tampon of records of the smoothest tone this has anticipated. And, last-but-no-less, a keypad is very responsive. I have not been disappointed in this computer, and for a prize, does not think you will be or.
5 / 5 Loris
I have bought this concretely for Mint of Linux. I have been fast boot surprised has been enabled by default. This has done to pose an order of boot or any Firmware the impossible parameters without beginning Windows. I have used it it advanced startup in of the Windows to do boot in a Bios. I deactivated bounces of fast and sure boot , then saved and has restarts. It opens A F2 the key fact to enter a Bios. Then restart it and touching a ESC the tone has provided the card of boot. A Mint 19.1 lives of installer have provided my wireless point. I the habit installs to use Btrfs without change (4GB the memory is abundance for the these uses.) All was a lot. Quan Kicked In a recently installed system, everything well looked. To arrive to this point has decided to update a firmware in a Bios. It have downloaded a file of Asus using a model E203MA version 304. A Bios the flashes has not completed. I informed me it was a wrong unit Desprs a lot of digging, comprising the call of support in Asus, has been ready to leave. In the whim, has tried a Bios flash for the E203MAS version 202 and law. A Asus the technology had ensured me this laptop was a E203MS. As I am guessing these is very E203MAS or E203MA. A laptop says model: E203M in a backside. It IS the a lot of that confuses the road has his models have identified. In all the case, Everything in this laptop is very real. A location of a button to be able in (and light of indicator) a responsiveness of a whole system, and a quality of tez. Or the mint or the windows aim a hyper the thread is active. I have tried several monitors of system with so much You and any certainty. It can be active or the no. Has read that because of security recently, hyper the thread has been deactivated on some mobos. In all the case, a machine is very responsive. It is not easy to find the laptop that Linux of careers these days. Return 2 Wally is another Mn that no, or has had subjects so of the wireless cards that could not find prisoner of engine. In this Windows 10 Pro can be clean installed. Only download the copy of a Oct version of Windows 10 and uses a Tool of Creation of the Mean comunicacionales - select USB with one 8GB - in 32GB flashes the walk has attached. Cross The FAT32 installer. It has to be FAT32 or does not look in a card of boot. (Touch ESC yours afterwards presses button to be able in) Some PC will detect the GPT the flashes of walk of table with NTFS - no these Saw. It shoes in him, it Erases a walk and installs. It does not ask the tone of the licence or the version of explosion of Windows (car-detects.) Once installed and connected in a yours active internet fresh copy of Pro. Before doing this sure calm mark have you anteriorly kicked a factory installs Windows 10 s. I this after having Linux on he only to try. I posed it behind in Linux when done.
4 / 5 Ken
That is to say, that considers to be, a Laptop of ideal Trip. It IS certainly clear weight and has all precise for on-line activities. Yes, there is only 64gb of storage, but that it is enough to handle a Windows 10 pro operating system (easily installed of your hand-held Account of Microsoft) as well as applications of dispatch. If you want to more storage, can use the micro SD card and/or the walk to flash of USB. Some ports are pertinent (HDMI, USB, MICRO-C, etc.). An exposure is quite easy to read (which are that it wants to more), and there is not founding any subject with WI-FINAL or connections of Bluetooth in any device. If you want to very built-in storage and power to do a lot of-attribute and touches intense games, then this laptop is not since you. But yes it calms only it wants to connect in of the on-line services, surf a web, applications of race of basic dispatch, and light of trip, then can not beat some characteristic for a prize!
5 / 5 Grisel
In $ 169 this was an excellent value ultra portable. intel N4100 Is not a faster processor but he will handle anything launches in him with exception in of the intensive games and perhaps some processor advanced-intensive software. It updates In of the windows 10 pro for free, and animal-installs the fresh copy of windows without a asus bloat and this thing is snappy. It expects to take quite 6 hours of use of half, and in 10 for clear use like the just web that explores, email, etc.
4 / 5 Alvera
Well, so only partorisca take all is gone in a sentence: Ossia a perfect laptop partorisca an user of RANDOM laptop! Which is the good thing !

Ossia The add little portable! Partorisca $ 200 ossia partorisca the fly. 64 gigabytes Is enough for windows 10. If taken the 128 GB mini SD paper, then this laptop will do adds for you. Now you plan on using this to store pictures, video and other files, for awhile, then will run out of spatial (with a laptop only). But with the mini SD paper or the flash walks to store your files, will be well.

If you are the user of need and heavy computer he for the heavy video that modifies, photoshop or the heavy gamer, then obviously this no for you. It uses costruttore of film of the windows. Work so only well. This can touch games or of the light games that has been released of a prompt 2000 east (touch on Steam).. The newest games that needs Gforce and that no.. Obviously no. This laptop is for a random user, but can resist his earths when using other programs.

Has has used elements of season for the video that modifies.. Law. Yes, it does! It is a better computer to use it on.. haha, The no. But work in this laptop, although this is not a computer of idea had used the program there is taken on. But you are in the estimativa tight and does not import a laptop that takes the few extra moments to accuse all, then go for him.

A keyboard and some works of the tampon of the mouse likes butter. I want to write in this thing. I have written in several 11.6' portable the and the question has had, but does not have any writing of question is.

4 / 5 Tomika
Ossia An only ultra-the reservation could find with the 64gb ssd, 4gb RAM, has weighed so only 2 pounds (in fact 2.1) and sides $ 200. If your expectations are reasonable (i.et. No attended to find the big screen, no attended to run games or intense programs) calms then think you will be happy with east.

A notebook comes with Windows 10S (any window 10) which can be upgraded free and easily. If a upgrade is not fact, calm then is limited to some applications/of programs in of the windows' store which is not very comprehensible. A subject only here is that a Windows 10 version a upgrade goes to this 64 bit (any 32) which has subject of the compatibility with some program some old plus.

Has found a eMMC walk of disk to be quickly, some boots of computers in the pocolos second. There is the Micro SD space. 256GB Micro sd the paper is so only around $ 25 and is immensely useful in available storage that grows (spent the mark to appoint so only; i.et. microcenter, sandisk, pny, Crucial, kingston, etc etc). An interior eMMC the walk or a RAM can not be upgraded.

WiFi Is strong, a screen is so only 11.5' but is very brilliant and has resolution very good and colour. Some ports of USB are V 3.X. A keyboard does not feel cramped or compromised in any way in spite of a small measure of a notebook. Too bad does not have the trackpoint which would be a lot of gain in navigating more precisely in a small screen.

Has has had so only this like this far for the week as I can not comment on durability. A space of paper looks the bit flimsy.

Has been unable to take anything approaches a 'whole day' claim in the load of battery. 6 hours is roughly the but obviously ossia still very good.

In general think that ossia the very good election especially for this row of prize; this laptop is not a lot much more has weighed that to pill but is much more useful. Also, Windows 10 is far more versatile that a Chrome YOU, in my opinion in all the chance.
4 / 5 Son
Has bought this in first day to substitute a pill of android. It wins something the little abler, still portable. I have installed several Linux distros without the hitch. Solved on Mint 19. It is stable of the rock and the careers soften like this butter. I have added the 200gb micro sd for storage of data and have the 2 tb slender USB HD partorisca to the most widespread things likes them to them the video. Has not founding a lot that this a lot of smile any one . If precise are car of Linux portable economic, looks no further.

All you bondadoso folks in that has it winows questions in this laptop, save you the load of headaches of boat and jump of a Microsoft bandwagon. Test linux. To the mint is the place adds to start with . Easily it manages your web, office and email. I have it quell'has modified photo included with one (free) equivalent of Photoshop and Lightroom ... GIMP And Darktable. I comprise that there is the place for and to the of Windows in the ablest car, but for something this light and the laptop there is not founding the better way to go.
4 / 5 Johanna
Has been sent a L203MA. Of a first moment, a touchpad was odd. So only you are attentive when I have begun a curser when my toe was 1/2 thumb of base of a tampon of clue. Now that it can it to it have fixable question of software, but a cement of engine to file downloaded to this model no with him like this recommended for ASUS like the possible fixed. Now that the question was at all has compared my main complaint. One Of a description of the manufacturer in Amazon has said that this model is coming with the backlit keyboard. In a ASUS FAQ and later confirmed for a ASUS that represents of Cat, he the no. am returning this unit today. I do not have the data never stars it estimativa and am doing this to do sure that another be conscious of an inaccurate description resupplied in the description of an element.
4 / 5 Latina
I really, really like this little gizmo. Looks well, Feels like this solid likes one can expect, the good response feels in some tones, crisp exposure and brilliant, and fast of lightning... For the reason. First things in the first place, rasgó Windows out of this mini portable the shortly after powering he up. Reason? The windows Is the memory and resorted hog. Secondly, A quantity of information loves so only to run a laptop out of Windows S the way is ridiculous. Of here, the windows have had to go, as I took it to him was.

In place of Windows I installed Manjaro Linux, based of a Linux to Arch distro, using a Xcfe system of interface. Both are considered hanged light and so only equally perfect thus mini portable. One YOU slid well in without the alone question, chooses especially a hardware on bounces-on, and a time of response has better tried that has expected. Like the test of a battery, has on loaded Youtube with 15 hours of video and has left the career. With which almost exhausting some 15 hours of video, a battery of laptop has given finally up. I impressed of then swipe for 14 hours and 27 minutes a lot-stop. Besides, some speakers have touched very better that has thought they . A bit tinny, but that could it any one really attentive? A never taken laptop too warm, neither, considering is the fanless system. He so only powered by means of without the hiccup.

With which ten days of solids of looks to use regulate of rock . A shakedown the period has run without the hitch. A distro comes with automatic updates, how is maintained fresco and update. A WiFi the row is quite good. It is it is remained connected to mine WiFi for just roughly fifty feet, and a signal has required to go through half of wall. A camera is well, but to be sincere does not use it very a lot he at all. I tried it simply. In just on two pounds, travels well in rucksack of mine and I use during mine commutes to and of an office. LibreOffice Pursues like the field. GIMP Pursues like the field. Audicty Pursues like the field. KPatience Is quickly and entertainment. Firefox With the extensions is incredibly quickly... Faster That in my main desk.

Ossia The add little mini portable and, with a Manjaro transmissions, much more of price of compraventa. Highly I recommend it of then it tries like this docile the modification. To good sure buy again.

6 Month less evening... Still I love this mini-portable. I use it almost every day. Mostly I use he to write, streaming music to the Bluetooth speaker, and the little web surfing, and could not be happier with this car. I have done a right election of transmission out of one YOU. I recommended it to another, and know of at least 3 other people those who has purchased one. They have looked also pleased, but does not want to speak directly for them.
4 / 5 Fermina
Has bought a ASUS Alive book to substitute a HP Common has purchased in the local canal. Like an author, albeit no very-known, uses the laptop mainly to write. Also I create my own map and maintain my web of place. A Current has run quickly out of spatial of storage, doing it the constant (weekly) endeavour to release on spatial. Then - a death knoll. No quite spatial to update Windows 10, and Microsoft no longer service of offer or support for my version of 10.

Was unfamiliar with ASUS, in that located that an Alive on Amazon. A specs was that it suffices for my needs. A prevails of Office 365 for the year was the plus like the user of 19 years of Office. Slender And light, easy to spend. The map is well, how is his and compatibility with mine desk.

One the majority of impressive characteristic mine? Power on to the point to the use is 10 seconds . A Current has taken 30-45 and the mine that ages desk - until 2 minutes. For $ 190 dollars, am pleased as well as I am not never be with to notebook/of laptop. Still I am taking used the Windows 10, and love a storage of Cloud. You recommend to any in the estimativa or if yours looking for the fast and effective laptop/notebook, (a quite good option)>
5 / 5 Marlyn
would give this element 0 stars is possible- has required the computer of the travesía small for the travesía has taken- has thought this would be perfect in place of outdated Chromebook has had previously. Received he in second looks new condition- has used he for two days and tried for the turn in a day has left, and AT ALL- would not touch , turn on, ZERO. (Yes, I have tried all some tricks) felizmente was able to run the UPS to return for the full repayment (thank you Prime of Amazon!), And elected on the slightly main device (of the costruttore different) in Compraventa Better.
5 / 5 Janna
Has bought this laptop to leave law I so that it can registers on in World-wide of Warcraft during my pause of work and daily lunch in my character(s) professions. (I installed WOW in the MicroSD paper of a 64GB the inner walk is not quite room.)

Was skeptical WOW career inclusa, but does! Transfer all some settings of graphic all a way down, and take anywhere of 10-45 FPS in an open world, and 5-15 FPS in some cities.

This could be mine buys better never! I can not expect for WOW Classical!
4 / 5 Madalyn
ASUS Marcos of the utmost products and when it comes to electronic calm from time to time takes a concealed does not act.
This was my chance ..
A manual of instruction recommends to touch for at least 3 first hours of the career was a battery so only.
Has spent left for prójimo to four hours and he have said is 100 has touched fully.
BUT when I unpluged a cord of power a unit has closed immediately.
And does not begin up unless it covers a cord to be able to behind in.
Am guessing a battery was bad or something to the long of these lines..
While I had it plugged in and powered on looks to be really good...
Be quickly.
Setup Was easy.
HAS an excellent exposure and sound.
There is at all negative to say in this laptop another that a one has received was the lemon and not being able to arrive unless it was plugged in.

Has finalised to return the next day and has ordered the different laptop.
Later probably will order another of these, hopefully taking a this legislation and will do the description of pertinent technology on that.
4 / 5 Mitsuko
Wow wow wow. I can not find quite a lot of good things to say in these laptops it powerhouse. They are the quite hardcore gamer those who also uses to plot of maps of intense programs like Photoshop and Unreal 4. This laptop... It is not for that.

Is for this time out of your programs of big final, where need 10 chrome the ploughed of tabs in the tent of caffè while you are experimenting with creations of Word of the Microsoft. It is for when it is it is gone in a forest and loves class and organise some photos in your camera SD well immediately. It is for the travesías where love light of travesía, but still love a world in your tips of toe.

WELL, WELL, enough flowery tongue. To the left it is taking to a pros / gilipollas:

-A chair of keyboard adds, with the good balance to be chunky and 'clicky' while still when being compact. Calm once take used his measure, is quite easy to take prójimo to the your fast plus that writes speed with minimum errors.
-This thing is really light. Perhaps I am continued too much to the heaviest laptops, but seriously, this thing is effortless to spend around. Spear in the z/in the rucksack, tuck the down your shoulder, anything. This thing is quite durable that I can say, as all this lightness does not go in a side that has to that it gingerly sure he in the special compartment. Any ol' pocket of the stock exchange / of the laptop will do!
-A life of battery is sum! Perhaps I am used too much to be tethered to outlets for more beat-of the hungry cars, but was able to take hours to write and Chromeing out of this thing. A tone has found (to the equal that with more than cars) is to maintain a brightness bit it down when you are not plugged the, can do the big difference.
-ASUS Has has done always my portable the preferred and this one is any exception . If you are the defender of ASUS' work, will find all know and amour roughly and ASUS packed to the tiny container.
-Some ports, lordy, some put you! So many ports in such the tiny car.
-A screen is far more brilliant and more coloreado that has been expecting. Mina another laptop is was-of-the-art' ROG Strix II, with the by heart big accuracy, big refresh-exposure of tax... A @subject never is aforar has said the exposures and his always finalise to exit sickly yellow, requiring hours of the manuals that regulates. No this little fighting this in spite of! Brilliant and beautiful legislation out of a box! Colour pureists will remark the things can take the bit has washed was, but is certainly preferable to a yellow maintained other cars.
-A prize is one has seen more for a quality of car is taking. This thing is durable, sturdy and built for the few concrete things he excels in. It is given to good sure my productivity promote it and is a lot of value an investment.
- Has had quite minimum bloatware in a car, which was adds.
-Office 360 for the year is the ENORMOUS plus . Also be sure to upgrade a car the full Windows 10 (of S), a process is free, fast and jarringly painless.
-Still 64 GBs is not the enormous quantity of spatial. Ossia To good sure more than the document and the device of cloud has oriented. If you are expecting to dip your library of the whole music in this thing goes to require to develop a storage. If the storage is not a subject, that ossia probably a book for you!
-Similarly one 4 GBs of RAM can do this little engine chug sometimes. Not to expect it to be happy with running 20 chrome tabs immediately,n or for him to instantly pages to upload a moment clicar him. It is certainly quickly enough, but like any the one who is coming from the 16 GB diagram some few differences can be noticeable.
-A tampon to touch east ... WELL. It is not terrible, but (a lot like all touch cushions these days) loses to follow from time to time and lacking real keys for some lefts and legislations. Never I touch the a lot of tampons enjoyed to begin with like this perhaps am biased.

Thought of closes: If it likes-you that has read, read more descriptions and honradamente take one submerges. If you are looking for the durable laptop characterises, this can do the little bit of all this is your car !

More closing thoughts: A history for you, in ASUS portable...

In the winter has taken a ROG Strix II, the very powerful and a lot pricey car. It maddens that they take a thing to do properly. Taking photoshop for good touch with a dual map. Taking a screen to not looking yellow. Taking a damn speakers to any crank some bass. Many of these subjects are still unresolved and frankly although it loves a hardware are more than likely in disposal to owe start of squared one with this thing.

Was all emotionally prepared to spend for a same process with this little trail-blazer. It has been ready to troubleshoot and troubleshoot and finally take something that has done mostly that has required. My absolute delight, these looks of car to be a last bastion of PCs concealed well, all a way is supposed to, right out of a box. Have has does not have to that troubleshoot the alone thing in this beautiful laptop and honradamente could not be happier. If you are looking for something portable, something durable, something to up your productivity and the majority of all something easy to do with, ossia a laptop for you.
4 / 5 Lyndsay
I have ordered this in a start of August 2019, and when I have received my mandate, has seen a laptop and thought 'oh add, this will be useful and handy this year partorisca pupil.' It is not the big laptop or anything or very elegant, but his description adapted to like the student of low shows. I have then tried to use a laptop, so only partorisca discover that a version of Windows 10s this has been supposition partorisca be in a laptop was the bootlegged version, which has affected strongly an usability of mine portable. Has is returned now portable said, but with all a hassle this comes with east, please does not take it . To spare calm any ache.
4 / 5 Barbara
Well, as you are tired partorisca spend around one 100 besides portable book when you go in vacacional or need to do the presentation. Well, it was there too much. This 11.6 in screen ASUS Vivobook L203MA 2 + lbs the laptop are adds ! It is looked in measuring to the Chrombook but this there is Windows10 house. It is it is ' way (sure) which protects calm of external attacks. A downfall in that is that you are going partorisca want to add some of yours program which will require you partorisca take a system out of in this way. (Súper Easy).
A thing of entity.... I highly recommended that spends the little more $ partorisca take a 4GB RAM and 64GB model of storage.. It goes partorisca cost the little more but highly recommended !!
I also bought together with east the wireless mouse. I also recommended one Short 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Transmissions partorisca Be able the Character FOCUSED (HB-UM43) . They are able discharges he in mine USB CD PLAYER, key of wireless mouse, and that never another USB will use.
In short, am totally happy with my setup and love a portability partorisca travelling.
4 / 5 Adelaida
Has bought this laptop so only on done 1 month. Law like this expected partorisca a prime minister -30 days and now does not turn on. Any indication of any questions and I have used grieves. Only takes partorisca do. It was partorisca try to fix it, but am not feeling alentador. It does not recommend this.
4 / 5 Esther
Has bought this computer and interior 3 weeks go died. He the pair of tentativas partorisca rectify by means of a ASUS the web of place but his place does not recognise a number of serial and no sinister lodge the complaint without him. Ossia A second ASUS to the equal that have squandered money on. HP - Dell Is way better options and support very better. This ASUS is junk. It does not squander your money. If you could take the decent support can be different.
5 / 5 Melda
The one who the nightmare. Squandered Roughly 5 hours tonight among support of amazon and ASUS support. It does not buy a deal of warehouse of the amazon. The mine has not comprised Office 365 and when I have called ASUS has been said that the leading owner of this device already had used on an office 365 a year tries free that is to be attribute to the number of serial of my computer. On that, the windows will not actuate been due to any in that have the valid digital licence or your of product. Still after spending for the reset of full factory, is still not doing . It has been of tower and advances with sustaining all night and now ASUS the system of support is down and all can say me is to try calling for behind another time. In a moment, this computer still does not act. They are on loan to the office spaces this piece to crap and go to buy something more. I will not buy never the computer of any but a costruttore never again.
4 / 5 Kristel
This does not have on fact arrived - the a lot of anything. The amazon has said that they would call me behind a next day but no. When I messaged his, has offered the absolute less could do. Disappointed with both a product and a service.
4 / 5 Jerrold
Update: Bought this in August and is now only April, and a battery maintains partorisca blink that it prevents a computer to turn calm on has to that do the hard reset for the take to go back. It does not lose any data but is a lot confusing paralizaciones 10 years

has bought this little nap book for my edges of 10 years to the equal that can do his schoolwork, his pupil already takes some word of Microsoft for free, but comes with the byline. It touches the game that installs called an Academy of adventure that is educational. And it looks to touch Roblox so only well. We do not use it a lot without him when being plugged in in his office of computer, but is very light and portable, in fact use something a lot looked in a pupil systemA sum of portable notebook for pupil of note and girls escoles elementary. I recommend to use that to an on-line walk likes Microsoft a walk, Walk of Google to store your files and to release on spatial. Ossia Any main that the discharge of paper of printer, which the very convenient fact to return in some rucksacks, recommends that it uses the sleeve of portable when storing he in the z/in the rucksack
4 / 5 Carma
there is Tired to spend a weight of mine 14' Lenovo Ideapad portable when I travel like this purchased this partorisca take on travesías, happy to find the laptop of Windows in this measure (11 on exhibition), as I have not loved to go with the Chromebook. Like this far I am very happy with him - in fact much happier that has thinks that would be, as I found it a lot to be very committed quell'having a screen a small plus. In the first place it was, it is light, although no too small in measure. An exposure, in my opinion, is excellent; and I am also very happy with a measure and feel of a keyboard. A tampon of the mouse is not to perfect (an occasional stutter that follows my movement of toe) but act a lot 99 of a time). I have added immediately he 256mb mini-SD paper like this now has abundance of the storage and has done I also a upgrade to Win 10 House (Pro has not been an option, but also very required for my use). It is very easy the setup like this the applications downloads newer and ran of some aggregated SD (now strolls D) storage, like this after downloading my requirements of main program, comprising a browser of Fox of the Fire and Thunderbird client of topmast, and a lot another, still actuate almost 38GB of a 64GB the inner memory that remain. It is now an exact mini-version of mine portable main to the equal that to one Wins 10 look of House and operation and my requirements of program, in every aspect , has included down to my facts partorisca commission desks image that was transferred automatically to this computer that does setup. A computer has come also uploaded with to 1 byline of the year the LADY REFUSES that it is useful.
4 / 5 Marion
Has required to substitute my old Door netbook have given like this this one tries it, and like so much has bought immediately of the second for my partner. One first what has done for both was partorisca rasgar out of Windows and dip the pertinent YOU in place, in this chance Arch Linux, which installed without the alone hiccup.

Certainly this is not the powerful computer. This in spite of, for daily tasks (web, email, IM, video/of music, office, the web that modifies, coding) is quite ideal. It is very light, has life of excellent battery and the responsible keyboard, and with the light OF (i3 or xfce) does not give me question a lot still with several tabs of browsers of the plough of dozen.

In short, adds it small computer for my needs in the prize add.
5 / 5 Ranae
That the computer done two month five days with which quotes of the turn will not turn on asking the help of Amazon or vendor is spent the little in $ 200 and looking for help or guidance this computer so only is not doing will change my description has based on helping me or imagining was the one who a question is but ossia subject bad to spend money for the computer does not do to please call me in 781
5 / 5 Tasha
Enough foolishly I have given on mine very able Lenovo Thinkpad for the macizo HP Omen when I have committed to take touched of of console of mine gaming systems. And love mine 17.ºn Omen Taste , am cursed if of this thing goes to travel with me anywhere precise takes some class to do fact when in holidays. The majority of my work is cloud has based, likes I any need the whole disorder of hardware to run that . It likes Chromebooks, but has lost of an ecosystem of Microsoft when I used him, has found. These pocolos looks of what to be so only a niche has required. It has died small; I spend it around with my iPad Pro to modify photo and video, and together almost disappear in the stock exchange. A life of battery is quite spectacular for a do one in a regular. I have tried, so only for fun, dipping some Photoshop and Lightroom projects in the, so only to see like his mania; eh - better that has thought, but to good sure would not recommend . Perhaps in the pinch, but would not sustain too strongly on that. A tampon of clue being nothing special . I have admitted finally and buy the wireless mouse to use with him whilst in holidays, but ossia probably down my impatience in of the sure things. It was to good sure better that some trackpads has used, but at all like my old Lenovo...(Moment of silence for Thinky) In general, this in spite of, would recommend this to any so that the Chromebook is the feasible solution, but a lot always go where the constant connectivity is possible, word like this local the step is the must .

BTW, Can very really speak to as Vivobook careers and works in S Way, likes exited of a door. I have required some applications that a tent does not distribute , as I have changed out of him almost immediately. But I no the doubt would do so only well, if not even faster. But I have not grown never fond of Explorer of Internet, or a browser a new plus, like this S the way has had to go.

This in spite of, 5/5, highly would recommend - just know that need for, and can fulfil these requirements. With those in alcohols, this'll probably calms so only a lot 👍
4 / 5 Kristyn
A max the resolution is 1366 x 768 and no an announced 1920 x 1080 pixel.
A speed of processor is 1.1 GHz in place of an announced 2.6 GHz.
5 / 5 Marcie
In fact was slow to startup at the beginning and didnt be announces the day or two but never time after this iy has been running smpothly and easily
4 / 5 Katheleen
has required it typewriter with access of internet for pupil and has taken so only that it arrest less than $ 200. The video take the pocolos second extras to the minute to upload and all files of mine are salvos to a cloud, backed up in the 32 GB microSD. I have not possessed the computer in of the years, that can calm no in the smartphone or pill? This returns a niche for the compact device with the full keyboard and screen quite big to leave among Word and researching revised on-line. So only undermine, he wishing has had it backlit to to keyboard the taste to him the majority of my work at night and some disorders of the smallest keyboard with my memory of muscle.
5 / 5 Lora
Looks for an economic computer with all quell'offered you some few Windows of office of the laptop 10 and compact measure, any one is a netbook is a pc can install the sea
5 / 5 Elma
With which 1 month of use:
to That likes--
Very improved in of his leading generation (X205TA):
treatment of Better surface like this less messy fingerprints. Abundance of port for connections. Of confidence and big-zone touchpad. It has DIRECTED the indicators are more visible. Life of battery >8 hrs for my daily tasks. Upgrade To Win10 the house is free and easy. Kicking To Puppy LINUX is easy and fully functional w/or looking for engine of special hardware

Some disappointments:
1. An USB-C is gene 1 concealed will not sustain 'Way of Alternative Exposure'.
2. A LCD is 1366x768. But it was announced in a table of comparison likes 1920x1080 . It sees link and roll to a table of comparison. ' />3. Coating Of the upper surface is not to line control. It agrees any to dip it against something too hard.
4. HDMI Support of start 4k but is a lot slow and unusable. It is a lot this in spite of for 1920x1080 is exited.
4 / 5 Piper
A laptop was well for two month. I have lost my final paper reason he so only powered was when I unpluged he of some charges. It would be necessary to save it more frequently, but did not expect it to spend. I have read some other descriptions and has imagined that I have not been an only one having a subject. Contacted asus and was slow and painful. They have not had any idea and any solution thus subject. They have asked to send a unit to them and has said a whole process will take on the month. Really appearance that has some ready ways to do a service of client another that squandering the time of a client.
Also, a call of service of the client that takes disconnected autometically when it spends 30 minutes. I am not sure reason, but has had to call behind to them explain my situation every time takes disconnected.
Has has wanted to asus because mine n55s laptop like experiment in 2012 still careers a lot well. I have bought also he asus chromebook in 2015, which still doing except a screen broken (connected it to them to one of my TV). This in spite of, this time, was the enormous disappointment .

Leading description: the life of battery Adds. A screen is reflective and the keyboard has no light, but works and utmost prizes well. I can code anywhere and anytime now. If you know his capacity and use it well, is a calm more can take for a row of prize.
5 / 5 Mac
So only be careful calms concern like looks, some scars of coverage easily, has spent this in the nylon stock exchange of material in the z/in the rucksack. A laptop was afterwards to the mine rear and is upper, a lustrous cup, was afterwards to the camera in the stock exchange of cameras with 1/2' of foam among his interior and external nylon material. A camera is expensive as a whole the box has been treated softly but a coverage of this laptop has taken abraded for contact with a camera by means of 3 discharges of nylon and 1/2' of foam. An only pressure was a weight of a camera and a mutual weight of some elements that prints against each another in the light series-for-rucksack of type of the straps. A gloss of a coverage was abraded so that has random frames in the, disappoints it when it treat it roughly as well as practicable. The guess can leave he home in his box.
4 / 5 Tatiana
This ASUS vivobook is small, light, and effective, adds for use of computer in a movement, especially when the weight is a subject . It is not an equivalent of the desk or it big plus, portable more powerful, but can do until you can take to a. Access of the internet and the step of word is quite good. This reviewer is not the gamer, but a map looks decent. Recommended for the purpose has limited.
4 / 5 Stephen
Has ordered this element because it was a lot slender and hanged light and has had a half description. I have done the big deception. It is totally bad and useless. There is not any battery that reads inside a computer. A computer done for 10 minutes while tone. Then he wen toff and a battery will not touch and thelaptop not even beginning with Ac boss
is the total disgrace for Amazon to sell this product.
4 / 5 Shandi
Headed school and have the pair of on-line classes has bought like this this I so that it can do on reading/of duties in work during my lunch and I so that that can take on a gone leaves city. It is the very convenient measure and are really to to that likes him a keyboard. Suelo clacking is gone in a keyboard partorisca my PC, but these are much softer, but still take one ' has pressed the' feel and sound. It does not import a Windows 10 S at all of then am not interested really partorisca download stirs it of applications. Usually use google chrome, but Flange of Microsoft is not bad at all.
4 / 5 Clarence
Is perfect partorisca me partorisca go back in pupil with thank you very much.
5 / 5 Anderson
For far a better characteristic of this laptop is is portability. It is extremely light compared to another similarly-sized portable has used. A keyboard is decent and there is well the measured key that/the calm spaces so much can do normal writing without feeling like this need to compensate for a measure of a keyboard. The action is appropriate partorisca fulfilled more daily; surfing a web and reading/answering emails.

An only negatives is a screen and touchpad. A screen is so only 'good.' It does not look partorisca have contrast adds even when regulated using a Intel application of Map partorisca this hardware. An exposure is also so only very quite like this crisp like another laptop has used.

For far a negative big plus is a touchpad. It resembles randomly to follow when movement a mouse around a screen or try to the roll that use two toes. Sometimes he well, but intermittently (enough to be annoying in each use), to answer, then begins on again the latest second. I have read a lot of joints of discussion and looks ossia the subject known with ASUS touchpads. All the updates of Windows are installed automatically and says that it is to update. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling engine (comprising a ASUS application of Ready Gestures), changing some settings of Windows for a touchpad to dip to the maximum sensibility but a question persists. It is not quite bad enough to suffer a restocking cost and return it, but he really precise to be corrected for ASUS. I do not have any idea is the hardware or subject of software.

Would say in general is the decent laptop , but if he he on again, probably would look elsewhere mainly because of an annoyance of a touchpad.
5 / 5 Kristeen
Ossia A perfect súper-car of Linux portable. I can run Can of Nano and Stardew Valley without a subject (a same time, included). I have had some question with engine of Wi-Fi that installs properly using Manjaro/Arch and has given on first to spend of the shot down a hole of rabbit. Works of mint perfectly using a Xfce edition, and have i3 manager of the windows installed afterwards to this and is flawless. The look of engine to exit of a box (with a correct distro at least). The life of battery is like this good - has not taken never has spent 50 first of mine nightly load.

Like the point of pride I a lot included to the left fall the first Windows of the rasgar was and dipping Linux on, as I can not speak to this, but calm to good sure take the bang adds for your buck running dainty Linux vs resorted gobbling Windows. The hard walk is quite big that has not felt a need to take the microsd, this in spite of has the port for one. Still I have 33 GiB free with which one YOU and everything of my tools.

Any defender to do noise, any emotional part really which is a lot of pleasure of calm and cleaned. In spite of of the one of the east a fund takes so only pleasantly warm but nowhere near hot or uncomfortable with the heavy load. It is very light on two pounds, and a measure is quite big to not feeling cramped while still returning in practically any stock exchange.

Has abundance of ports in spite of a small measure, and one the inclusion of HDMI is surprising but welcome. A keyboard feels well. A touchpad is a lot of (this in spite of with i3 or manager of alike windows very precise of the a lot of use). Still it take a webcam and mic to do with out some engine of boxes.

A screen is a lot lustrous, but a row of brightness is good and like this far has not been too annoyed by reflections. Everything is plastic of the maintain light. It feels very built, any flimsy. Not to trust it to resist until rough managing, but am not concerned roughly he jostling roughly in my stock exchange of book.

In general could not be happier with a bit type. It is exactly that has looked for, and looks to do fault for years to come.
5 / 5 Bert
Take which pays stops.... This laptop really is more than the tentativa of Microsoft in Chromebook. It does not run or another Any things of Microsoft. To run TurboTax has to that extra of paid for an application of a tent of Microsoft! Software of office of Even is the service of byline in a cloud (which have known to go in). As this will be to go Chromebook is more the friendly user. I have loved the laptop for the things likes them the office and TurboTax the one who Chromebook no ... But this laptop can any one his neither.
4 / 5 Ozell
Has paid $ partorisca east, which is almost more economic that a software he. Average on is quickly, interior 5 seconds. He all require it to and everything would not require it never to. The keyboard is solid, the measure is smaller that the regulate textbook, the chance is second durable looks. To to Programs likes him to him the start of Word on quickly, the browser of flange is a lot quickly in the connection of big speed.
5 / 5 Chantel
A free upgrade the Windows 10 has been changed of Pro the version of House, but concealed can be well, looks to be. And like another has described, is the true 'little horse of work'. A lot my decision to purchase this is to be base in my leading and still use of is predecessor, a Asus 11' X205ta and apparently minus the pair of a cured X205 small annoyances (tampon of clue, two roll of toe). With double a space of a emmc HD, 64Gb, has quite extra for all some programs will require. RAM has augmented, the fastest processor and has has augmented capacity and of the lowest costs of available microSD the papers that resupplies abundance of storage, marks this very portable laptop able do one same or more work that with any PC has had in a past. Masters that like this far.
5 / 5 Gennie
Has been impressed at the beginning, required to for the portable Windows have based to run the sure program I need for my subject. Tried to turn it on today and at all, boss of adapter of the can plugged in, dead. So that to the amazon is sum and is by train to send me another asap. I expect that ossia so only one of these things that this ASUS was defective. I have built a lot of computer in some pasts using ASUS motherboards and was test of ball . This is lasted 4 days!!!
4 / 5 Blanca
Ossia The portable descent of low end. Of course it is not the powerhouse gaming or the video that modifies program. Still it returns the easy light weight to manage niche of laptop. You can think of to the this unit likes Netbook/NetTop.

This is to be buy to surf an Internet, shows any Youtube, and characterises on some documents of time-to-time. These tasks are managed well for this Asus model. No utilisations this unit like the primary program and again is not for serious gaming or production of video.

In my chance I installed Ubuntu MATE LTS and all done with zero manual configuration. A system was paired with an outside dongle for him RJ45 connection and port capacity added.
5 / 5 Jarred
Has has wanted really has taken. Has 2 another Asus produced that it is true to a Asus tagline 'Incredible'. This car is still esbúsquedas of incredible'. The keys of volume were DONA. Looks Of plastic chance very built but transfers fingerprints like this efficiently that does not think has to that wash my hands anymore partorisca avert Covid-19. Windows S would have to that called SOS or perhaps POS. The application tends very limited partorisca east YOU. It do not run 32 it bite applications that I absolutely need. Calm can substitute S with W10 and run 32 bit but some careers of system like the drunk pig and invidente under a resource hog ossia W10. The office is not to release and neither is cloud. The keyboard is not backlit. Has a Asus chance of ALUMINIUM Chromebook, backlit keyboard, FREE office, the FREE cloud and one is lighting fast and light of feather. This cost of car $ 50 more and has any of those. It is basically a overpriced Chromebook without any of some profits.
4 / 5 Inge
DOES not BUY THIS USED OF THE WAREHOUSE of AMAZON. The desire had read an earlier description in of the this. This in spite of there is not any indication in a description, a version of Warehouse of the Amazon of this product does not come precargado with Windows (that means any Window S Way or House of Windows). A computer will promote you to actuate Windows but there is any Tone of Product resupplied for Amazon. It controls another a star informs on here east details a subject. I am spent for 2 returns now, and can not take the usable laptop. The amazon there will be tongues the Microsoft, the one who will have tongues the Asus, and will give you the tone of the product but he no unless has some means comunicacionales of recovery for your laptop (any comprised in laptops of warehouse apparently). Basically, it spent a version of Warehouse of the Amazon, calm need more probably to for the copy of Windows.

4 / 5 Lakiesha
Has required the small laptop to run linux for some couch programming. It looks perfect thus purpose. I am falling a star been due to he not sustaining a 1920 x 1080 resolution of the pixels likes him declared in of a page of details.
4 / 5 Kathline
Pros: Quality of his this quite good. Light and small. The speed is WELL for work of office.
Gilipollas: The quality of screen is poor. So only the very small corner of view is decent for video or of the pictures. One contrasts and the colour has many to be wished. The desire are spent the few dollars more for the better screen, but is not bad so that I need.
5 / 5 Dorie
Am gone through 3 different end laptop lower (I so only the require to run the windows of pairs program concrete that no in MAC) and THIS one is quite a bit powerhouse! Very very built, sturdy, and FAST! The start up was almost faster that mine MAC! Touchpad Is smooth and responsive. It likes that it is the tampon of touch 'of full' also, without legislations/of sinister tones down that. Calm only press down in touchpad to 'click a mouse'. Harddrive Does not seat and run and run like another 2 I has tried was, in fact calms does not listen it running at all. Any heat buildup neither. It is also he hanged very light and compact but any feeling 'economic' at all.
Comes with Office already in the and also Windows 10-S but during a setup process it still asks you master disengage a S run, a lot, very easy to do.

Any can not run a world with east and is not meant for use of big final with map or of the big programs intense functions(gaming) but yes so only is looking for the basic, email, browser with the few applications/of loaded programs (or use flashdrive storage) ossia A a .

Has not thought never would listen me says this like the staunch mac user but this little buddy me the Windows/of follower of PC again. It conceal there included is quite the feat!
4 / 5 Maren
Has bought this he so that would have the small computer to take with me to write and surf elsewhere. I do in my office all day and does not love stay in there with which does in a desk. I have not required anything elegant. So only the laptop of confidence for step of word and occasional surfing. It is perfect for these needs.
4 / 5 Tad
Does not have screen to touch for 1. It is small like the portability is well, this in spite of the still careers in a proportion of appearance that mark visuals hard to see, but concealed is not my main complaint. I have bought this refurb the few days previously to the travesía because I have required he for my travesía. I took it late and it can not use in a travesía. As lame house and tried for the try so only to discover that it can not run anything. A CPU is like this he dulcemente short in 100 with applications of just windows that career. To the left it does not elaborate. It has dipped this computer on, all some updates\installs and runs like this slow with at all installed or running so only some processes of windows, that can very still uploads up embroiders to Install Chrome, This belonging of computer in 1995 running Windows 94 reasons is THAT slow. Unfortunately for a time my travesía was on I had lost a date of caducity of the police of the turn likes I class of has taken screwed. Moral Of a history unless it loves the drunk coaster or the paperweight (ossia that use it like this now) DOES not BUY It !!!!!!!!!
5 / 5 Nobuko
Too small. The storage has limited. Very slow. It requires walk of external disk. Very basic. You do not recommend still to note school students. Do to the screen has measured very small, the source is virtually unreadable in some applications. Raisin more or look for sales in Amazon or More buy. To good sure any for university or business user. I have bought he in the pinch. Utilisation my I-Cushion Pro 2018 with Ipados 13 like my main laptop. Utilisation a Asus when material I receives is in the cd-r. Ossia. It would be necessary has returned it but has required he for the test. Trying now for the dry entirely to give my niece, for material very basic. A pro: highly portable and light.
4 / 5 Tawanda
Has taken this like the typewriter - literally so only the simple car to write. The difference of the plot another laptop of Windows, was able to install Linux with the ease and he still goes to sleep when I close a lid (any joke ossia the enormous extracted Linux).

Is the really good-looking car ; it is compact and good-looking to kick. Really I have masters the really master but a keyboard is terrible. In the another respect is the very good car but bought it specifically to write and is one one do one very bad. A keyboard is absolute rubbishes . Calm could does not pay me to write the page of text on that.
5 / 5 Karine
To to Any one liked is a minicomputador,felt has deceived. Too small.

Top Customer Reviews: Asus TUF FX505DT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5 Stefanie
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 have been You trying this laptop was partorisca the few days now, and in general is state adds. My use partorisca east is 70 computer regulates work (subject, light Photoshop, the web that explores, etc.) And 30 gaming when I travel so that has the full measure gaming rigs house.

Has bought a FX505DU, which has a 3750H and a 1660you.

I like a factor of form and aesthetic of a device, does not have any one a lot of flex or 'creakiness' his, and the look adds partorisca seat in the office.

A RGB the keyboard is the touch adds , but would not leave me partorisca change a colour until I have downloaded an extra piece of software. He cycles by means of all some colours for incumplimientos. Another that that all has done well out of a box and an action has a lot of be good. One 1660 is the beast and has destroyed anything and all have launched in him in 1080p.

A 3750H cpu has been a lot also, this in spite of like this expected with Ryzen in some CPU the intense games that takes more than him can manage.

To the murderous odyssey Of Create is the example adds . I can touch in ultra in 1080p with the enclosed 30FPS framerate, but yes tries to take the in bylines 60fps in any settings, comprising a low plus, there there is so only too that goes in and can a lot of he, included with abundance of GPU headroom. Atene So only the fund. Prpers Having said that Atene presses my desk 9900k, as not to consider it the negative, so only something to maintain the import is loving 1080p60 on everything.

A so only other games have tried like this far is:

A Witcher 3: I Conclude 60fps in ultra (the dial has owed behind one dipping, 'foliage' the big, and any hairworks). The experience adds.

Doom 2016: All ultra has closed 60 fps using less than 50 of a GPU and CPU. This title can touch in 100fps, but taking too choppy in some something of big intensity, like the in bylines to 60 for the smoothest experience.

Thermals Are add, GPU has not surpassed never 71c in 100 use, any throttling that was them conscious of. It marks the partidrios sure is in Disturb, which can be facts with the touch of the key in a keyboard, which is awesome.

Some levels of the noise during normal use is quite calm, and appreciate that has the partidrio silent that dips that it can sew of dial behind in the chance does not want to leave all the world in a room or the office know is mecer the gaming rigs.
Levels of noise during gaming was strong, but has listened certainly very worse of another gaming portable. Also it appreciates that a short of a laptop any heat taking, has included after prolonged gaming sessions, as I can rest your hands in a keyboard without discomfort.

A screen is decent, swimming that surprised, but perfectly serviceable, especially considering a price. A 120hz refresh the tax is well for regular use, but in gaming has found that a CPU can not take a lot spent of games 80-90fps first of the paste is limit , as I have been that it remain with the enclosed 60.

Also be conscious this screen does not have any type of adaptive refresh tax (Freesync/Gysnc) likes sure mark to use Vsync and the limiter of tax of the frame yes loves the estimates of frame have closed like this a lot little of the games the new plus can paste a native 120.

This model comes with 2 walks, a SSD and the mechanics hdd. I have substituted a hdd with the Samsung Evo ssd, and take roughly 5 minutes. A whole fund exits a car afterwards takes all some inferior rays and attentively that bursts an inferior poster era. I recommend to use the plastic separator tool to avert harm, some tabs were bit it too snug to burst was with just toes. Calm also access of the to some defenders and ram in chances very precise never to service and/or clean a powder was.

Another that McAfee does not have any one a lot of bloatware and a preloaded Asus the applications do quite well.

A keyboard and the tampon of clue is both comfy and work well. A tampon of clue can turn some people was reason do not have to that the right keys/separated have left, but is big and responsive which is all that researches .

In general am very satisfied with this laptop. It looks he adds, extracted a lot well, especially considering a price, and feels very durable. Mina a critic is a lack of adaptive refresh technology of tax, but in this price signals that ossia wishful has thought.

Portable adds, to good sure recommended.
4 / 5 Nadia
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 Bought a bit especially 1660you version and ive has had he partorisca the week like this far, here is my thoughts:

Pro is:
1. Noise: it remains quite fresh and calm same in his way more has called strong disturb. Balanced is entirely silent and still decently fast.

2. Exposure: Although small an exposure is quite acute and the good 120hz. I wish it there was GSync but in general you cant take all partorisca east add of the price.

3. Speed: This thing is quite a monster, his fast with a 1660you. Im Quite impressed for him.

1. Silent way: there is the way has called silent way, in my opinion thinks that that the way is unusable. His too slow for me. I have bet it is a lot when you are trying to save life of battery.

2. Now that advantages to some prjimos with, life of battery. Look he so only last around 1 and the same half hours in way have balanced. Perhaps im injustice in that but looks very short.

3. Way of sleep: Sometimes when I close a laptop and try the open behind up an exposure doesnt begins on again. Still I can listen a sound of error when I write but there is not any exposure, looks the small bug. I owe usually hard reboot to begin it again. I have contacted I lean it and they looked a lot responsive this in spite of. Esperanza takes fixed.
5 / 5 Miriam
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 Purchased a model with a Ryzen 7 3750H CPU and GTX 1660You paper of map. A laptop in general is very fast. A NVME stroll it To you was able to transfer on 950 MB/s. Any I so that it adds like the Samsung NVME, but still better that the SATA SSD. A secondary D: the walk was 1tb, and is the action was abysmal. So only it write to a walk in 40 MB/s. Some partidrios dual werent overwhelmingly strong when gaming, this in spite of still are running on 2500 rpm inclusas when a system is idling. Farcry 5 Was able to run on 60 fps in max settings.

A reason because it has finalised partorisca return this laptop is because of a life of terrible battery. I comprise that they are gaming or that uses the moderate quantity of CPU that a life of battery would be terrible. I have turned all the settings the life of maximum battery, both in a asus software, and in the settings of power of a poster of control. I dimmed an exposure to minimum, and dip a refresh prices to 48hz. I have used manager of device and disabled a GTX1660. A keyboard LEDs has been turned was. Wifi Was on and connected by him to the cellular hotspot. A laptop was idling without the open applications and so only seating in a desk. It uses a minimum quantity to be able to that it could it to it dip he in. A battery is lasted 1 now, 15 minutes of 100 percent to 5 percent.

Using kill he-a-watt, this laptop has used 50 watts while idling. Ossia Reason a laptop the battery was unable to maintain up. While touching Farcry 5, one kills-a-the watt has aimed a laptop has used 130 watts. Ossia Basically the desktop computer with the built in UPS. It has wanted to maintain a laptop, but required to have the way to be able to down last at least 2-3 hours.
5 / 5 Ismael
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 You life of Battery: In the to to cariche read likes them-explore them the informative places on Embroiders or grabbing games on Steam, could see around two hours in the full load, and if ossia treat it -breaker partorisca you, will want king-value your criteria partorisca the laptop. A CPU and GPU in this laptop has been fantastic partorisca my chance of use (Fusion 360, ZBrush, Blender, and all some games I priest partorisca launch in him), but a 48Wh battery in this half probably so only wants this calm only plan to have this plugged in the majority of a time, reason conceal two hours have mentioned more goes to look punctual to the plot to to him more likes him an hour or less when it begin to drive a CPU/GPU hard. The value that mentions, btw, a battery is quite easy to exchange yes does not find never a need with which some careers of guarantee was. Any way to know that class of availability will see for substitutions with which ossia EoL'd, but yes is available moment that the day comes, is so only the subject to unplug a battery, that takes the pair that retains rays, and softly the lifting was. Different some devices, a battery in this laptop is not resisted down with the giant disorder of adhesive, as this has a potential to have the service very along life without being the ache to DIY reparation.

Gaming Action: you will owe sacrifices of mark further of the titles of some have spent few years to take this to resist 120FPS in 1080p, but these sacrifices are usually quite smaller (EA is not that big extracted he in this measure of screen), and can any paste 120, have still to find any game that has not taken some approximation of 60FPS with some settings maxed or some hard-to-sacrifices of opinions in qualities. I am satisfied extremely with a oomph this thing amena. Like the kinda half example, was almost always seeing 120FPS in Destiny 2 before has has had to that so only go in and things of ray up for deviating of some settings of car.

Considering quality of build, this thing is... Well, kinda hard. It can not say I have been tossing the around like the frisbee to really the try, but a screen is decently reinforced and there is so only the reasonable quantity of flex, some hinges are solid and stay exactly where calm say them to remain , and a plastic used in a house a low plus feels like any ABS or PA6. They are not roughly to dip this under a knife to verify for any reinforcement of edge, but I at least found there went it the quantity s to give his when I have opened he until it exchanges a HDD for a SSD. Probably it manages an impact roughly as well as the laptop this beats of measure.

Noise: Odds is, unless you are doing light tasks or touching the oldest games that a IGP can manage in his own, goes to have noise of defender. Some games, like this World-wide of Warcraft, is happy with the warm potato that presses pixel, as I can dip a laptop in silent way and in fact enjoy silence. In of the situations where have the big GPU cariche but at all registering a CPU, the silent way is the little less silent because of a GPU having his partidrio own, but I still found the bearable. Balanced is where calm probably will be the majority of a time, and while I can say that a schemes is running in another side of a room, is not quite the engine of jet. 'I disturb Way, at least until some results of hardware questionably pertinent, is more than the 'control my beer' way, and is perfect for this turbine of jet ambience, but the little dubious like the way of daily power. Felizmente, can change among all three of those using the tone of function. I have it that there is remarked also that a way to be able to has some influence on speed of download in of the fast connections, but downloading the few actions in the silent way still has not been the terrible experience.

RGB: Finally, if has this laptop or is for has it, will require to go to a tab of device in Armoury Crate to change lighting settings in a keyboard. So only mentioning it here reason am spent the age of the dog that looks for to imagine has gone by that a tab of the aura so only has done my keyboard flashes for the first second to go back to rainbow puke way. Btw, If rainbow puke more yours accelerate, is a incumplimiento, and is quite vibrant, as you will be happy with this legislation out of a box. He flicker the little among some transitions by heart, but is not very worse that the majority of some other devices have seen with the colour-way of cycle.
5 / 5 Johnetta
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 You I the plot partorisca research before purchasing a FX505DU. I have had the estimativa limited and has has wanted to one the majority of bang partorisca my bucks. I have prepared partorisca a transition of mine 6.5 old year Samsung and has had all backed up in the USB flashes walk. I have done a lot of notes of things partorisca do order when I received it. Calm import, are the lady of 66 years and no in some better of the health but I am always be well with dipping things up. Well, arrivals on July 8th after ordering it on July 5th. Gotta Prime Of Amazon of the amour. I had it now partorisca almost two days and everything is a lot go you smoothly. Amado the when the update of windows have come by means of and has update my bios to 305!
-A keyboard are to add and love a 1 zone RGB. It is quite easy to change some settings to light in Armoury Crate after an update of car of ROG the wine of Alive service by means of.
-This laptop is fast and a lot of responsive although it takes awhile the taking there so the mark sure spends for a Windows 10 settings with a toothed comb end.
-Levels of the noise is not noticable at all until it takes Disturb it but still in this level is not that strong. Amur That you easily can change some ways of partidrio in a keyboard to press FN + F5.
-Thermals. Well, they are not the heavy duty gamer, but occasionally touches the game of 15 years Appoints called II. Any probems anything and the time there is not taken on 58c. Still while having 10 windows of plough of browser in Firefox.
-This FX505DU is solidly has built. It is not that hanged light with going in on 5 pounds but personally like me concealed.
-NO bloatware! So only McCafee that I uninstalled.
-A 120hz FHD IPS the poster of type is awesome and the look adds. So only wish a gamma was bit it better but was able to regulate that in Management by heart in a Poster of Control and place on my own profile.
A lot that has found like this far.

In general, highly recommends a FX505DU and am very pleased and happy with cost of mine. It does not seat in a fence with east a. So only go for him! They are like this happy has done!
5 / 5 Racheal
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 Likes says, that this laptop partorisca a price, is one of a better, mostly reason in my country (Panama) this laptop would cost around like 2k dollars.

Goes partorisca compare this laptop with my old a (Acer Niter 5 2017)
Averts of better map and newer Intel, is quite light compares to a Niter 5.

A small to a downside is that it does not come with the plot of ports in a side (3 put you of USB) (1 audio jack) (1 HDMI and Wlan port). Everything in a sinister side, the right side does not have anything. A Niter 5 has the port of C USB and the SD port of Paper.

Does not heat that a lot, has touched Apex and Joins of the legends and is quite smooth. A gpu is Nvidia 1660 You. Settings of apex in everything big.

Continuing my comparison with a Niter 5, a Asus does not have the shortcut of keyboard to take, game after, first game, your of pause for a music, the little has bitten uncomfortable is touching and that listens the music and calm wants to go to a next song.

Averts of that, is the quite good laptop , has the creation adds. You recommend this laptop.
5 / 5 Rena
Way: 120Hz | 256 | GTX 1650 Ossia absolutely a better laptop there is never has bought. I have touched a lot of games in the and has done included the little benchmarks. In a benchmark, has valued 43 in gaming, 69 in desk, and 45 in workstation using UserBenchmark program in EZOC (disturb). In of the temperatures of room, remains relatively fresh. I have touched Overwatch recently, and a GPU tempurature orbitid 70C. Ossia Any one means a better and more powerful laptop, but all some games have touched was a lot on 60fps.

1. The quality of build is glorious
2. The stays cool in room tempuratures
3. The exposure is incredibly clear and fast
4. SSD The boot has taken 13 seconds
5. Fines tasking Manages really a lot

1. When He in the first place arrived, has had to that reinstall Windows because a laptop has maintained to freeze.
2. It is not the big shot, but I of legustado to have a Nvidia sticker in a laptop. So only it does not feel legislation without him.

Everywhere, portable adds! It goes with AMD all a way, can any beetroot an action for a price!
5 / 5 Titus
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 MODIFICATION: Originally I have left the stellar description partorisca this thing, this in spite of, well after having he partorisca the week begins freaking was and could not justify maintaining he partorisca his $ 1,100 seal of price, as it has filed the turn with Amazon and has shipped was yesterday. It was black exploitation randomly, the games have begun partorisca run horribly, is very odd and inconsistent. A day would touch BF5 maxed out of just well, an afterwards would struggle partorisca the touch on down. Personally it thinks that a culprit was a CPU, a mobile Ryzen the series is roughly like this powerful like him 7th or 8th mobile gene i5 which is not can he CPU at all. Considering a sews black exploitation and that crash, any idea, has not been had of the maintain to discover when I have paid that has done partorisca he. Partorisca $ 1,100, have to really not buying this thing loves the laptop that read only.
4 / 5 Coleman
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 You (8/1/19)
can not manage this laptop anymore. It is running they like him to him the rubbishes a More uses it to them. The temperatures are GOOD (any too hot, no like this fresh as they would owe that be). Everything maintains to turn black. Probably he GPU failure or the bad cpu/gpu combo (amd / nvidia is not common). I am spent my window to return like this now so only will owe that find any for the sell to. A lot disappointed in this company. A lot his same response to our descriptions.

has bought this laptop mainly to program and heavy projects that requires the plot of RAM, accusing can, and still can of past of the map. For a price and a specs, the incredible look. A day took it, has begun to find some subjects but I have imagined that I juts required to install some updates and that-no.

But now the month in of mine buys initial, still am finding roughly of some same subjects. The skip in a tiny some reasons am sure they will be fixed in a upcoming update.

One subjects one the big plus has with this laptop is that for some reason, can not manage half comunicacionales of browser well. That I bad for of the this, is is using the browser of web like Chrome and try touch the video of Youtube or the video that is otherwise embedded (if the be HTML5 or Flash), can have subjects. In my experience, a black of towers of whole screen, and sometimes fixed.. But often time, he no. A subject is like this bad sometimes, in fact, those some results of computers entirely unresponsive and has to that it can by force he down to resist a key to be able to. Another time, so only is that annoying that he renders see or black boxes during a place. Almost it looks the sign of the map to fail paper, but each test of map has done is to exit well. This absolutely the fact subjects a laptop unusable.

Another subject is that a touchpad is really odd. If your hands are not entirely 100 dry, a touchpad will not answer well at all. I have tried regulating some options of sensibilities, but his no really help. A cursor skip everywhere. It thinks that more the people that buys this laptop will be to use the mouse , but prefer the not spending an extra peripheral with me the meetings.

The smallest thing, no really a subject.. There is any way to change a colour of a backlit keyboard to the equal that of a time am writing this description. It is neither on or it go. It looks absurd mine that a keyboard is RGB but can any the place to be the alone colour. It looks ridiculous when I want to have the aim or blue backlighting but all can take is a spectre of full rainbow. I have tried it install to have but have frozen a computer each alone time in startup and has had to restore an operating system to the leading point so only for the take to do again.

Also some tones to act randomly decide when they love work. I have found that with which some starts of computers on or wake on, taken roughly 2 or 3 full minutes before some tones of function begin to do. Sometimes included more along with which way of sleep, the around 4 or 5 minutes.

Material negative averts, really love this laptop and I so only wish it would do to like is supposed to. It is light, slick, has room for expandable memory, and will resist on well with his step and power of map.. If they can result it it bit it more compatible with each another. It does not look crazy like this another 'gaming' portable where is full of accented colours and flashing lights everywhere.

If some subjects have mentioned could be fixed, easily would give this laptop 5 stars. But until then, it is really borderline 3 for me. You know that it is it likes to try and aim your boss the video and have yours freezing of laptop on or to stop that you read? It is embarassing. Mina $ 50 broken-plastic junk the laptop can manage it so only well.. Reason can a lot this $ 1k+ one?
5 / 5 Soo
Way: Especially | 120Hz | 256 + 1 | GTX 1660 You I the tonne of investigation in this laptop before buying. I have had previously a Acer Niter 5 this was the decent gaming portable, but these swipes out of a water in both build and action. Here it is my pros and gilipollas:

-120hz the screen is beautiful. He all looks adds.
-Quality of build. Upper of a laptop is metal and a rest is the sper sturdy brushed plastic.
-The global action is surprising.
-The chair of keyboard adds and an extra width in a spacebar is the good touch.
-Surround his DTS application in a Armoury Crate the software that use the headset/earbuds touches fantastic.

-The life of battery can be down. Usually I remain plugged in or on saver of power/of way to balance if no.
-Armoury Crate The software has taken the pocolos small partorisca take acclimated with partorisca regulate some effects to light and colour partorisca a RGB keyboard.
-An arrival in a plastic in some shows of interior fingerprints quite easily. No the enormous shot.

In general, an amazing laptop in the price adds. Ossia My third tries in a ASUS produced with which having the bad experience with the desk GPU and an OLD model ASUS ROG needless to say, a third tries was a charm!
4 / 5 Ruthe
That the laptop adds partorisca his quality built and action. But I need to tweak the few things to maximiza gaming action:

- Purchase another 8GB memory partorisca dual canal
- has Dipped A búfer has measured partorisca be transport in BIOS (this gives 2GB memory of video in precise chance). You can use 512M want to .
- In GeForce poster of control, use GTX for both 3D settings and PhysX.
- In of the options of faculties, dipped everything to be max action for both would beat and AC (3 options in of the totals).
- Install later AMD and GTX engine, and upgrade the Windows 1903 late update that has solved the option to be able to the bug has related that it can limit CPU action.

Enjoys a awesome portable of ASUS.
5 / 5 Kenyatta
In general the terrific value for the gaming portable. A GTX 1650 4Gb careers of paper of the video so only he tad slower of him GTX 1060. Amd Ryzen 5 processor With 4-the core is wide still gaming and HD modifying in Premiere Pro. 8Gb Of the ram has not gone enough for my applications, as I have ordered an additional 8Gb clave for an available space. It sees photo for number of model of a Samsung clave. A chance is light still rigid plastic, keyboard and trackpad is not bad. I have had portable more expensive with worse. 2nd 2.5 walk last the bay for storage has developed. A standout spec is a 120hz exposure, in general looks adds for gaming and modifying. Some could choose in his colour specs, nits, this in spite of ASUS comprises the good application to regulate to the yours in pleasant. The global desire would have found this sooner, has loved the mobile gamer and light modifying system for travesía. This returns perfectly for mine in a gone of the needs.
4 / 5 Janelle
Any value a time or money and especially any for gaming. I have in the first place tried to touch some shows of television in this laptop and he have begun out of final has then frozen up and has clashed. I have after tried Paladins of touch in this laptop and as seen in a picture was the horrible experience . Some eyes in some champions were ghostly like and a fund was blue and is not supposition to look concealed. Also it would like to add that a laptop is not the light weight is in fact bit it more weighed that has expected. A last picture is the one who a game is supposition to look . A last picture is taken of mine desk, control out of a difference in as the game is supposition to look like this in which looks in a laptop. . It buys a laptop again this time of 15.6 and am taking some same subjects have had with one 17.3 does not squander your money in this laptop.
5 / 5 Dedra
Ossia Absolutely a better laptop there is never has bought. I have touched a lot of games in the and has done included the little benchmarks. In a benchmark, has valued 43 in gaming, 69 in desk (MODIFICATION: it has taken a benchmark to paste 80 in desk!) (The NEW plus MODIFICATION: I took it to paste 82 in desk!!), And 45 in workstation using UserBenchmark program in EZOC (disturb). In of the temperatures of room, remains relatively fresh. I have touched Overwatch recently, and a GPU tempurature orbitid 70°C. Ossia Any one means a better and more powerful laptop, but all some games have touched was a lot on 60fps.

1. The quality of build is glorious
2. The stays cool in room tempuratures
3. The exposure is incredibly clear and fast
4. SSD To the boot has taken 13 seconds
5. Fines tasking Manages really a lot

1. When He in the first place arrived, has had to reinstall Windows because a laptop has maintained to freeze.
2. It is not the big shot, but I of legustado to have a Nvidia sticker in a laptop. So only it does not feel legislation without him.

Everywhere, portable adds! It goes with AMD all a way, can any beetroot an action for a prize!
4 / 5 Joni
I taken a Gtx 1650|256 SSD|Ryzen 5 3550H Version I gotta says is the very good prize to the actions that considers is the laptop concealed is not breaking a bank too much. A GTX 1650 is the paper of estimativa Good to touch all some later games in of the Half-Big settings in 1080p. I am surprised enough that has maintained a prize this down considering takings the 1080 p 120Hz Screen,Rbg keyboard,GTX1650, and he Ryzen Processor. A pair of things I aversion is a storage is so only 256gb concealed does not go to cut, calmer probably is that it goes to have that buys a HDD or another SSD and also a mousepad is not that it adds but work and also some speakers are not that amazing as it does not expect the audio adds finally a life of the battery is not that I add no attended to gaming for more than 2-3 hours.
5 / 5 Rosaria
Has fulfilled my needs for the new gaming portable the perfectly. Pros:
• Solid, sturdy build
• the action of Powerful game has surpassed my expectations, included with just 8 action of RAM
• the keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to write with
• the monitor of A laptop is big quality, and a big refresh the tax does to look alive sports or gaming the look adds

• Followers to do the work adds that it maintains a fresh system, but can be strong
• A trackpad is poor, especially for any concealed accustoms Macs. Of of the this is billed like him gaming PC ossia the minor @@subject - stick to that uses the mouse and calm will not remark never

For a prize could not be happier with this laptop. If you are looking for a abordable gaming the system can any gone bad with east.
4 / 5 Elly
GTX 1650; Ryzen 5, Vega 8; 8GB RAM

In the first place was, has expected in fact a whole laptop, that comprises an upper coverage, to be aluminium or some class of metal, but is totally plastic. It did not annoy me too much of a laptop is relatively economic, but embezzles of a quality to build the little has bitten. This in spite of, would say a keyboard extremely is that it satisfies to write on and sometimes I same uses in place of my keyboard maquinal. It touches competitive multiplayer good games (Overwatch, Legends of Apex, Fortnite, etc.), But there is still to try a new Modern Warfare which finalise to buy and another more graphically demanding games.

A thing that annoy one the majority of in this laptop is that in of the sure surfaces, he slides, but concealed so only could be my office of looks to do well in another.
5 / 5 Denice
Adds everywhere portable, well for random gaming and adds for work.

My only aversion is a FX505DT does not have the USB C port like quell'adding docking the canal results the challenge . Neither it has the Port of Exposure but has the only HDMI port that will sustain until 120hz monitor. I have bought the 144hz monitor to go with east and so only can send the 120hz his signal. It does not add you feign use this that both he desk And portable but like that the portable stand so only is exceptional, especially in a $ 700 point of prize.
4 / 5 Michelle
This laptop arrived in mine doorstep on February 9th, 2020 and has had any subject out of a box. I plugged he to the mine monitor, plugged the keyboard and smile in, and has downloaded a bad Resident 2 remake. This laptop will run a game in of the big settings, this in spite of some defenders will be a lot strong and a CPU will be to do a lot hard. So only I want to mention this like the class of rough benchmark, although we will take of more specifics in just the minute.

In the first place, the look has left in a pro is and with east of this laptop. Now, so only to take the subjective opinion out of a way, does not take my laptop out of an a lot thick house. This be has said, there is not any reason because I no. hanged roughly 5 pounds that no really mine of look too heavy, but obviously be you your own judge.

Pro Is:

has touched all have launched in him

Apparently can run Linux (I Linux of career, can run anything master)

A keyboard is to believe the chiclet keyboard, but honradamente is one of a better feeling chiclet the keyboards have used in recent memory

A screen has the solid 120 hertz refresh tax and some quite decent viewing corners for a prize. I will say that there is some something brilliant, which poden bug some people, but does not import so many.

The quality of build is something looks for in everything of mine portable, and this one was obviously any exception. An organism is all plastic, but is the plastic of solid feeling ossia class of rigid and any flex a lot of but neither feels brittle.

A hinge is in fact also a lot of sturdy. I have not thought this would be a chance , and concerned in a quantity to close that/ it ploughs it would have to that give support. After the few months, am happy to inform that it feels no different that when I bought it in the first place. Again, so only 2 month to arrive to this point, but has had pause type more portable less than time. I will call it the positive.

With East:

Look, a touchpad so only sucks. If it plan on using this touchpad for any class of serious work, so only take the mouse. It is finicky, often that decides that that has the toe of ghost that touches in an opposite place like my toe, or that some three clicks so only was well of the clicks. Frankly, it is class of the headache, but the bad smile is better in all the chance.

A life of battery is quite mediocre for the normal class, business laptop and downright abysmal when you are gaming. It thinks 2 hours of Bad Resident before you owe that think in how much progress goes to lose in a prójimo 15-20 minutes. It leaves it plugged takes intense gaming, surfing a web and that looks youtube will take you roughly 4-5 hours, according to your settings.

This laptop so only comes with a 256gb nvme flashes memory. This are adds like the walk of boot and enough at all more. It does not come with the hard walk for traditional levels, and some spatial resupplies is not enough for any class of gaming library. Calm probably will want to take the 1tb hard walk or SSD, this would have to that resist the majority of your material. Or take the different measure, are not your mamma.

I/Or are not adds. Everything of some ports in this laptop are in a sinister hand-held side of a laptop, that means that it does not have a lot a lot the, this in spite of like this still feel class of cramped. Entirely, has three usb ports (1 duquel is USB 2.0, some other two are USB 3.0) a HDMI port, a port of Ethernet, a port to touch, and the headphone jack. There is any reader of paper, any ray, any USB-c. In another side of a laptop will find it kensington lock, for all of the yours kensington purpose. I so only bondadoso to feel likes could take place in the reader of paper and perhaps another USB or HDMI in another side, but he a lot of bug me too.

Finally, and ossia more influences it in a current state of windows like the whole, but this laptop comes with the just quantity of bloatware. Randomly It Finds things like Bejewelled or Fruit Ninja and his lookalikes has downloaded in my walk of boot. It thanks Linus for Linux, yikes.

Now something that loves allocution, this CPU (Ryzen 5 R5-3550h with Vega 8 IGPU) is not a hard plus CPU there. It is comparable to some of a low end i5 is that Intel has been dipping was, but so only has the speed of clock of the base of 2.1 GHZ and the speed of the clock augmented of 3.7 GHZ. This means that a CPU sometimes takes a lot hot so that look like some games of the lowest quality, but a reality is that these games can be more CPU intense. A good example has found was Terraria. It runs well, but any when he five other things in a fund. So only some lunch for has thought, has no really impacted my feeling in this laptop, but would have to that know that it is taking first of calm take it.

Finally, loves to mention a Armoury Crate program that is shipped with ROG and TUF portable of Asus. I personally really like an interface, and is one of the what small are will lose when change to Linux. Really of the all of an action of real time info precise, as well as leaving you to control sure effects for your keyboard or that GPU will be used. Calm also can buy devices that links to the your laptop and use one same RGB effects (For everything you REAL gamers there.)

Adds this whole thing on, was pleasantly has surprised. I have not gone really while a quality to build to be add, has not expected the really good keyboard, and has not gone really while be able to Linux launch on here. Many surprised good, any one a lot bad some. A touchpad sucks, but ossia still the laptop of estimativa. The and has recommended this laptop to friends and familiar equally, and am excited to see how long can run modern titles with this lovely car. I do not want to say 'Take east MAINTAINING!!!!' Or anything, but I to plot of compraventa and found at all better for a prize, likes to take that that master.

Give the graces to read! If it calms this remote, has the other adds of your day!
5 / 5 Lang
In general ossia a level of excellent entrance gaming portable. It has touched all some games love in Med - Big settings in 1080 P without @@subject. A screen is brilliant and a keyboard is a more not having never writes on. A Ryzen 3550H is the powerhouse and partorisci amiably with a GTX1650. Also, one 120 Hz the poster is the sleep and in fact takes used to the equal that see 120 FPS in Fallout 4 in of the settings of Max Big in 1080 P. My subject only is a tampon of clue . I am not sure it is a surface or engine, but he lags and is sometimes totally unresponsive.
5 / 5 Tinisha
First of all, a 120Hz the exposure done the world of difference. With which 5 years of 120Hz desks exposures, 60Hz look of exposures stuttery and lens. Calm once take used his, theres not going back, and calm now can take one in the estimativa gaming laptop???

Some screens add, averts of reproduction by heart of the mediocrity, but the laptop isnt so only the screen, that drives a screen is like this of entity. A gtx1650 and ryzen 5 CPU do a adequet does partorisca drive games more modern to a 90-100fps region in of the settings of means 1080p. Still although a gtx1650 isnt one the majority of powerful gpu, his enough to see a benifits of 60+ fps gaming further of games, although some settings can require be turned down. It would choose 120Hz screen and map of means on 60Hz and big map anyday; perhaps the screens of laptop are too small to really warn graphic improvements of half-big settings.

A model has purchased so only has 8GB of ram in alone canal. Highly it recommends upgrading the to dual canal for improved gaming perfromance- ryzen CPUs loves his memeory bandwidth.

Has fallen Time and snappiness is noticeably better that my old no-NVME SSD portable. It has said of another way, an included NVME SSD is quickly of abundance and really appreciated in this point of prize of the estimativa.
Has added also the extra 500GB SSD. His alot more economic that add your own extra storage that buying a upgraded all portable ($ 75 vs $ 300-400)

All more is so that it would owe that be for the estimativa gaming portable- usable keyboard, life of poor battery (3-4 hours) speakers of half laptop and the mediocre trackpad.

In general am very pleased with a laptop, he the one who his supposition to do: games of video of the game. In fact he he quite well with the 120Hz screen, and to the point of prize of the estimativa in that! A life of battery is bad, a screen does not have to that dye of explosions like him 2 dollar of thousand macbook and his no superlight, but thats no reason has bought the, has a ipad for step of word , looking video and emails. If it love the solid gaming laptop in an amazing prize can not recommend anything a- more 120hz the screen really is the rarity in this point of prize.
4 / 5 Yolando
the life of Battery is horrible. It has dipped a screen brightness in 50 and so only can take around 3 hours so only using Word... Changing description to 3 stars because the life of battery is a lot of entity of mine.

Has taken this in a treats of black Friday for $ 599. The value adds for a money!
The laptop comes ready to upgrade RAM DDR4 (AS-DIMM 2666mhz) and another 2.5' hard walk (SATA). I have bought 16GB of RAM and 480GB SSD on Amazon partorisca around $ 90 total. A upgrade the process was easy. Had the little difficulty with a connector of power of a battery to a motherboard but took it to do. Mark sure initialises a hard walk and download GeForce Experience to take your paper of video with an engine a late plus.

This laptop is very smooth to use, the time of boot is 11 seconds to login screen. An organism feels more plastic to to that likes but the ones of his does not treat it big for me. Easy to do adjustments the colours of keyboard, speed of defender and other options. A lot of descriptions there is complained in a noise of partidário that is strong when gaming, can listen him but is not that strong mine. I am coming from the 5 old year MSI gaming portable where some defenders where very strong.

Has bought this mainly for documents and light gaming. I mostly Wars of Guilds of the game 2 and also SWTOR so only when the sound out of my desk. The game of game is very smooth while touching in 120hz screen.
For which want to know roughly imposed of frame in of the Wars of Guilds:
Arch of Lions - Max marks 30-35 FPS
settings of Max World-wide has opened 50-80 FPS

At the same time of this description a prize has jumped to $ 799, can take this around $ 600, thinks sound the shot adds!
5 / 5 Irving
This laptop are adds for gaming. It is the hefty the laptop but is not of the meanings to travel so as gaming. Also it has the a bit short battery life. But it is running some powerful games. It covers so only in. It is easy to upgrade a HD and add more DDR 4 RAM. And a lot void a guarantee. The mine now has an additional 480 GB SSD and 16 GB of total of RAM. 16 actions of ram in two claves of 8 leave RAM of dual canal that help to plot. It has dipped a incumplimiento file of installation of the application in of the Windows 10 to a addl SSD paper of the walk and ossia where new installs goes. It has fallen Less than 10 seconds. It looks sturdy. And a RGB the keyboard is amused.

Comes with windows 10 house for one YOU.

In general recommends this for a gamer concealed any touch necessarily needs some games much more late in plenaries. But all the games have launched work a lot in settings quite big or was full. The accident Dawns, torchlight 1 and 2 chair of dungeon victor vran and another. And for a prize signals that this took exactly that has required. Paying until $ 400 more to move to a i7 was so only any value he.
5 / 5 Erma
Previously to this computer has had a ASUS gaming portable that was 3 times a prize of east a. It was very happy with him, has had he for 7 years and is still able to run MMOs, albeit in of the low settings. Now I have it desk for gaming and has not loved to invest so much in another big-level gaming portable, but has required the laptop for work and has has limited quantity of gaming/video/etc. Now that has been doing of house for the few weeks (graces, COVID-19), has had the occasion to spend the good quantity of time in this computer. I have not tried still gaming in the one of way that can not speak in that - will have to that go back and update later. I have been doing, this in spite of, and is state adds, especially for a prize. Having to that do quite RAM-strongly - a lot of open programs, a lot of tabs of open browser - I has not had any questions at all. Probably I will add more RAM in some point in all the chance, but a quantity comes with this perfectly well. When Looking video, a screen is good and crisp with good refresh, but again, has not touched any games. It looks to remain very fresh, which is adds like my old ASUS has run the little heat. It is practically silent, which is also well reason my old ASUS the defenders were the pocolos strong. A keyboard is responsive. A glow of keyboard is amused - my boys want to - and help me type in low light. A colour in some colours of transmissions of the keyboard and 'breathe' - is well for me, but I marvel has the way of the prójimo in a colour... If there is, has to no for the found still. Easily it can be turned was is annoying , this in spite of.

Have the few complaints - no quite big for me to embezzle the star, but would like me mention his this in spite of. 1. A trackpad rest of centre. I have read other descriptions that has mentioned this prime to buy and has not touched like the big shot, but in fact are quite annoying. The, likes more people, assumes, use a trackpad with my right hand. While I take a trackpad/smiled, is not where the expect be and finalise right-clicking when it means to sinister click. Also I touch it sometimes with my sinister hand and arrival zooming when it loves so only move a mouse. No extracted he-the breaker and one fix is obviously to use an external mouse, but taste have a trackpad option for when I am travelling with a computer. I am not sure reason has dipped the to some have left of centre, but has has had to that the place a way or another, I enough the be to a legislation of centre. Notes for next time, ASUS. 2. There is not separate house and tones of finals. A tone is house for incumplimiento and final with a FN tone. Utilisation a house and of the tones of finals frequently and that it has to paste FN to use the end is the little annoying. Volume that the laptop has limited space, but enough would have had house and finalise be primary functions on two of some tones on a numpad and others work to be FN+ functions (I hope this note). Or perhaps a sign besides afterwards to a numpad could be more small state to leave for one more key. It has had to it has had the way around that. 3. I do not know reason, but my spatial bar has the tendency to bend spatial. They are the good typist and characterises in a lot of keyboards - has has not had never this first question so it does not think is something am doing, thinks that is something to do with a spatial bar he. Again, no the enormous shot, but so only the pocola influences.

Like this @in rodeo/TL;Dr. - Portable add for a prize, the little small tweaks for ASUS would do it included better.
5 / 5 Cherrie
Has Done alot of comparisons of portable before it has ordered them a asus fx505dt and he no disapoint. A laptop is fatter and harder then there are them initially @@give that is in prize of im the bit of the cluts when it comes to manage material. A screen is incredibly clear and no the alone dead pixel. Now a map has thought them was so only he nvidia gtx 1050 but any one has come also with a apu amd vega 8 which when setup the legislation can use one for a main screen and another to surrender was to the monitor without slowdown to games. A battery has directed to last me by means of 4 film without dyeing with which has regulated them some settings. proccessor So that far it has been it setup in transports of the 4ghz based on uploads of system. It is a awsome portable and an only downfall is a ram he definitly precise more then 8gb the recomend buys one to take the 8gb chip of ram or main for him when possible.
4 / 5 Sulema
With the pair upgrades these rocks of what. If you are coming from it comforts it you will be very impressed. If has the habit of the big end desk this is not concealed.

1, has ADDED another clave of ram.

2, has ADDED it SSD for more than storage.

3, Changed to the best WiFi/Bluetooth form. Any necessary for more but use of slowly Nvidia action of game in the shield to touch in your TV, will require to be fact.

Has achieved 120+ fps on all my games in 1080 big to settings very big (joins of Rocket, fortnite, GTA V).

Has attributed to research first to buy and calm think you can not find the better value gaming portable.
4 / 5 Deidra
Has taken this to substitute the Surface Pro 3 with something concealed could do more gaming, has had the factor of conventional and apt form my estimativa and he well. One first what I , this in spite of, was upgrade a RAM to 16GB and a nVME to 1TB. It touches each game has launched in him on some place plus very big, although it does not pay some games of big final. A better way to describe is action is to say games of touch that need something better that mapea integrated and the subordinated-finalise CPU, but does not approach requiring action of upper final, then is perfect.

For example, has touched felizmente, in max settings, Conan Exiles, the On-line Big rolls and Pathfinder Kingmaker. The majority of that I game, this in spite of, is material likes A Sims 4, City Skyline, Battletech and Planet Coaster where still down-mid discreet map, the no-crap CPU and the abundance of storage is spare for closing of big settings.
4 / 5 Bruce
Was very impressed for a description of element and read the pair of descriptions and has purchased quickly a ASUS TUF (2019) Gaming Portable, 15.6” 120Hz Full HD IPS-Type, AMD Ryzen 7 3750H, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD version. While while the UPS to rid a laptop, as it has required the byline, has begun to read all some descriptions. Quickly it is result very concerned with some descriptions that detail a BSOD is and black screens. I then googled descriptions of video, and expósitos that almost all reviewers for the professional technologies recommended this laptop as it beginner gaming car.

Has has used now a laptop for roughly 12 hours and have these observations. In the first place a negative. HATE that all the spaces of USB are in a sinister side of a laptop. There is at all in a right side. Step to plot to time gaming and dipping down with a laptop in my belly and I have my sinister hand that the rests in a sinister side taste constantly uses of a Function 1-4 tones. One covers of USB in adapter is rubbing it blister in my hand so that has any way to avert it unless it does not use the mouse, which is unacceptable. Some tones of arrow are the small to far to some means, as I have had to program some tones of tampon of the number for emotional at stake. Also, a F1 the tone begins too far to a legislation, as I have had to program mine gaming tones a bit.

With this said, some careers of laptop smoothly, is very calm and does not run hot at all. Maintaining I only game Everquest which is not the demanding game for the PC, but there is not any heat or noise of some defenders. It likes-me a keyboard another that that has described on, and have any idea because some people there is complained in a keyboard and tampon to touch. A keyboard has lit colours of transmissions, but is not the distraction for me at all, as I have not tried for the transmission to remain in a colour as of closing.

Like this I like this portable. If I experience any subjects will update my description.
5 / 5 Cindi
The laptop is the enormous waste of $ 700. Oh It loves you look youtube, nah will clash. Oh You love game, Nah will clash. Oh It Loves it that Me it twists on, Nah will clash mid startup. Has the desktop computer in home built for gaming, as I have bought this cause spends to plot to time out of the house and my last laptop was 5 years and is so only like this dulcemente so only has not been value he, as I have bought this laptop to satisfy me hopefully when being in the fastest speed. An only thing ossia quickly in his is that quickly clashes. Those who knows perhaps so only has taken the lemon and am writing this bad description for any reason, any way are still crazy in me to purchase east.
5 / 5 Donte
Have mixed feelings in this computer. Sinister start with a good.

Purchased it specifically to touch City:Skylines on Steam. Fundamentally, it fulfils this aim. Some two games I mostly the game is some aforesaid Cities :Skylines, and Thunder of War, he shooter game. In both chances, a computer is beefy enough to manage a gameplay. For skylines, has to turn an impulse of power until disturb to take the no-laggy 20-ish fps experience which turns a onboard defenders until 11. They are totally well with a wushing of partidários while touching of then squeezing out of an action for my game is worth it. With Ausus' 'War Crate' can customise your settings and services for each course of application, tune a speed of defender for each application, etc. Ossia quite fresh. So much, to summarize, for a level of gaming I , ossia the quite good laptop for a prize. But they are not the hardcore gamer, as I am not sure would satisfy this class of person.

A bad:
- a keyboard rattles like him 1990 Geo Measured down the street of muck. This a lot of class of serious writing, this in spite of basic like an email with more than two sentences, the highly annoying experience.
- bluetooth Disappears randomly, usually in a half of me shooting down the hostile enemy on some heavens of Berlino (I use of mine bluetooth smiled). A turn of only way is to restart a computer. It has not been if ossia the thing of Windows (I am not very experienced with Windows) or a ASUS what of hardware. Any way, sweet Jesus this is frustrating.
- A tampon of clue is extremely laggy. To a point I so only does not use it . I choose to use the bluetooth has smiled that - oh yeah, sees point 2.

In mine dress, these subjects are for extremely characteristic of basic computer and really would not owe that be the question today. It signals to the quality of low build and continuing the windows annoy issue which drove of the way of PC behind when. This has said, can still game in this which absolutely can any one in mine Macbook, likes slope in an end.

Final word: if I need the computer like your daily engine, TAKE A MAC! It does not take this thing. If it love the second computer so only poured in RANDOM gaming, these works for a prize.
4 / 5 Debbra
I owe that be sincere. I have purchased this Laptop Of A Warehouse of Amazon partorisca $ 487. I have on signed partorisca the Paper crediticia and taken $ 125 of that; partorisca the total of $ 362. I have seen this laptop in a view partorisca around $ 799 for the moment. The mine research, and has does not have to that a lot it revises there. A bit those that have seen partorisca this model was of foreigner reviewers (Pakistaníes or has not been sure). A Ryzen 5 is has not been has represented. Now this thing there is quirks. It has declared that comes with the 256 PCIe NVMe walk. Mina No. has has had to that 256 ECONOMIC action M.2 NGFF SSD (2280) Walk. I have had felizmente the one of leftover NVMe walk (512 ACTION), to the transmission was. It comes with 8 actions of DDR4 2666 mhz RAM (that a short system the 2400 Mhz.). I have purchased another matching 8 actions partorisca the total of 16 actions. I have added also he 1 TB Crucial SSD partorisca storage of game. I consider the constructor of PC seasoned and troubleshooter. When Change out of a SSD, has not had some adapters partorisca do the clone, as I have decided to so only install of the fresh copy of Windows 10 House. I have downloaded some Engine and a BIOS'. An installation was 'delicate'. It was able to imagine it was with which roughly 90 minutes partorisca try to take a system partorisca recognise my walk of boot of the USB. Once installed, has has had to that then install some engine, which has not been in your format of typical installation (one stirs of .Files of bat, and some bum witchery partorisca take them installed). And it does not take me it has begun he in that looks for to update a BIOS. Once all has been dipped on, has been hailed with just the soyeh' quantity of action. Has the Dell E5470 with the 6th Gene i5-6440H (with just 4 straight cores, any Hyper Threading), this looks peepier that this thing. This laptop so only has a intel HD 530 maps, and tone of the games (albeit so only in 720p and the mix of low to settings of means), but that the laptop cost $ 120 in eBay. An only redeeming the factor partorisca this laptop is a nVidia GTX 1650 maps. Cela A thing has done this bearable laptop. Look Of games grat in 1080p, and look UTMOST look in 720p. Still I am touching 'the oldest games' as Fallout 4 (albeit with the TONNE OF MODS), and some looks of game and games almost as well as my Desk PC. I have begun partorisca touch Shadow Of A Tomb Raider, (in the mix of half to low) and in 1080p a game extracted adds. Like this finally: I recommend this laptop? A lot it calms already the the decent Desk Gaming Rigs, and require the portable solution in an economic - then yes, ossia the feasible addition . But if this will be your MAIN gaming rigs, would give it one hard raisin, unless you can take he partorisca a prize that has done.
5 / 5 Fidelia
The averages a time fallen this computer a mouse and the functionality of keyboard there is prendido partorisca do. I have verified in a paper of boot and all the settings partorisca @@subject has been enabled and some engine has been updated. When it has done, it has been it adds partorisca gaming. No like this as well as mine GTX 1060 6GB portable but AAA the games can be touched in ultra settings was on battery thanks to a Ryzen 5 cpu and combination of battery. It smiles and the subjects of keyboard look the common question partorisca Asus portable the. I do not have an external mouse or keyboard as I am not sure if this will solve a subject. Promptly Returning my Laptop. Any value $ 730 with tax.
4 / 5 Kandy
Purchasing this product was one of mine the majority of regretful decisions of my life. Partorisca Almost he 1k portable, is lasted takes so only partorisca 1 month. It maintains partorisca import that my total gaming the hours partorisca each day was 3 hours less. Ossia Not even a worse part... Inside the week partorisca use he partorisca less than 3 hours of gaming the day this product has continued to clash every time there is shut is gone in Overwatch,CS: it GOES, and it Joins of Legends. These games can be has run in the 6 computer of year with to 610 paper of map. I am not sure if this whole product is the defect or just mine. Any way would not risk 1k never again in Asus gaming Portable. Another that a fact that the dead mine inside the month, which am disturbed roughly reason is 1k and he no last 2 same years? A desk would have been the better election! A quality of laptop was decent,the map was decent, and a brightness was decent. An only gilipollas excluding some accidents and in scorching was inside the month, is a life of battery. Has in max 3 hours of gaming unplugged.(But it is the gaming portable like this idk reason would want to unplug he)
4 / 5 Ross
In short, the laptop Adds partorisca a time when it has been released can take this on sale laptop partorisca like 500-600 bucks The COMPRAVENTA!
Is familiarised with the laptops and the technology in general will know that the laptops loses action over time to the equal that age and with harder to run games that emission, ossia one of three PC is that I possess and I a lot quite games of game in mine mini itx or mine mid gone back pc according to which the action goes but second that mobility and partorisca my needs when they are was and roughly, ossia the laptop adds and takes a work done. The upgraded a Ram to 16GB that was the very economic upgrade thinks that was 20 bucks partorisca a clave of ram and I also dipped in the Adata 1TB SSD this was roughly 80 bucks at the same time, so much upgrades was very easy to do, maintains partorisca import decide buy this laptop and upgrade a ram and or add a ssd/harddrive, some rays that you need to take is 2 different measures , has used the bookmark of chalk partorisca some longer rays and marked in a laptop where has been so that it would not confuse him with some other rays more courts. My main complaints have partorisca a laptop is a touchpad and a comprised M.2, A touchpad is very economic and clicky, no the enormous question partorisca me when they are gaming the causes use the wireless mouse anyways but when I am doing the professional work in mine portable finds it annoying. A comprised M.2 it Is way too small partorisca the modern video games have known this prime to purchase but has had the plan partorisca relieve that, has tried upgrade a 256GB western digital m.2 To the 500GB Samsung 970 m.2 With the fresh copy of the installed windows but partorisca some reason when I have tried downloads a firmware and the programs have drawn specifically partorisca some tones of function of the laptop etc, a firmware and the programs would not download and would take one saying of error this 'ASUS Tuff the no relieved product' or something to the long of these lines, has had the bad experience with software of migration in a past and I waste partorisca use those.. But without some programs and firmware installed a CPU has run in his dipping his slow plus for incumplimiento and some defenders of system or LEDS could not be controlled, Felizmente has not dried an even m.2 And all have has had to that it was reinstall an original m.2. This Laptop is far better that the portable rule that has integrated so only graphic.
5 / 5 Anne
Love this portable reason is the mid-vary gaming portable and can touch more DX11 - DX 12 games with eases in of the moderate settings. His very finally big far but a specs is well. A laptop is calm whisper partorisca daily workloads and can resist so to the equal that to 7 battery of life of now so only the one who . AMD Ryzen Is the quota CPU this in spite of does not have to that concern roughly he with such excellent cooling built in. I want like these ships of laptop with the Sr.2, Although partorisca a prize of a Sr.2 I desire I desire Asus has been with Samsung or Seagate in place of Western Digital. But a Laptop has expansion partorisca he SSD partorisca additional space. Backlight Keyboard in RGB and can choose any colour loves. Additonally This laptop comes with dual map, there is AMD Vega 8 and Nivida Discreet so only FYI. Global excellent laptop partorisca any and I recommend it fully!
4 / 5 John
This computer is like this smooth. So only a right measure and hanged. Very powerful. Touching Destiny 2 without subjects. The mapea are adds. The power on the time is roughly 5-6 seconds. Highly it recommends this Gaming Portable.
5 / 5 Mireya
A life of battery when gaming is eh, but when any gaming, a life of battery is sum! You owe that it covers a laptop in partorisca improve gaming action, but when plugged in, is really good! On 60fps in GTA V Big Settings. On 100fps settings for the big halves on rainbow six chair. An exposure can be overclocked to 144hz and looks partorisca surprise in this refresh prices. Also, a way of sleep is really well also. It would suggest partorisca enable a way of hibernation instead, as with which left it on hibernate partorisca 3 days directly, has not lost the ALONE percentage of battery. Hibernate Does to to a same thing likes them to them the sleep, but in the state to be able to go down. In general a gaming the experience is sum , a battery could be better but is less bad, and a way of sleep (especially in hibernate) is surprising.
5 / 5 Lamar
Ossia A level of entrance that has surprised gaming portable. Extracted well with emulators. I have run Quake 4 and some taxes of frame were of sound. Dipping in a dipping a big plus has caused a game partorisca touch me was the Desk and leaving my screen in the odd state how has been solved with the reboot. It has fallen On a lot quickly and it has closed down like this quickly. Has an empty bay partorisca the 2.5' HDD or SDD, and a RAM and NVMe SSD can be changed was. Only downside was an election of ports. This laptop comes with the USB 2.0 port, and two USB 3.1 Gene 2 put you, but any USB-C put you. I find an inclusion of the USB 2.0 port odd, considering a fact that a two USB 3.1 Gene 2 put you are for behind compatible with USB 2.0. Also, a lack of USB-C put you are also odd, as the majority of laptops has him. It maintains that import when purchasing this laptop. Another that those, ossia the value adds partorisca of the money that will not break a bank.
4 / 5 Thanh
UPDATE: The better recommendation that can give him with a processor Ryzen is partorisca use RAM IN DUAL CANAL, the show has improved in almost of 50 in fps in of the games.

Has arrived before and all perfect, the speakers any edges the best but that considers that almost always uses the audiphones is not a question partorisca mine, is quickly, good and discreet prize.

4 / 5 Ruthie
Looking for the estimativa gaming laptop partorisca run all your games in big-max settings partorisca basses $ 1,000?
Looks no further reason this laptop will fulfil yours each gaming need!

Out of a box has taken roughly 10 seconds partorisca kick which have me really surprised (has not possessed never the pc with a ssd)

Some lights shine a lot well in a keyboard and a screen is absolutely flawless!

Been using a laptop now partorisca the few hours now and some careers of laptop in the a lot of very temp 46C partorisca a GPU

has not possessed the gaming portable the very long time and has loved really go back to gaming, this laptop will leave me partorisca run any what launch in him.

Does not do descriptions a lot a lot of but felt a need to say another only which well this portable east.

Asus Knows like this partorisca do it gaming car!
5 / 5 Candace
The model has purchased was a Asus TUF FX505DT (256 action, 8 actions by heart, and Ryzen R5 3550 version)

This laptop are adds partorisca a prize. It is the good half-of-the-portable of pact. If it is school, gaming, or just general use, this has has covered. I have had this laptop partorisca almost the month now, and is to declare quite solid. You can also upgrade things like a quantity of ram and storage spaces quite easily, which is the big plus .

Gaming: For gaming, I game Yakuza 0, Joins of Rocket, Overwatch, and Civilisation 5 (at all graphically intense) and usually take around 90-170 fps in meso to big settings. Minimum studderring, but a a drawback is to take one the majority of out a car, the need has it plugged in to run in his disturb frame (which also is a lot strong to the equal that would suggest to invest in some really good headphones unless it do not concern roughly noise.) It calms still it can touch he without plugging he in, but obviously to any like this stellar result as it could not take past 45 fps for Yakuza in settings of mesos when it has not been plugged in. Really the desire gave to you an option to use a disturb way without plugging in a battery so that I can take the better test to the equal that to what time a battery could last. Another subject is that of calm so only take 256 actions by heart (220 with bloatware installed) has to that choose and choose play it master downloads of spatial can fill on a lot quickly. Recommend a upgrade to that takes this and plan to do the plot of gaming. Note lateralmente, having the 120Hz the screen is the big plus , especially for multiplayer games.

School: I have it mostly for mathematicians and some smaller work in of the programs of Office of the Microsoft. It is been enough well in this consideration, but has had the odd situation he roughly done two weeks when it has looked for to do and he so only clashed for any reason. He any anything intense, but is so only be to the black screen and I has had to force the restart.

General use: He exactly that need to still just exploring a web. Although an only eight actions of ram could result the subject big is any to to which likes to have eight to ten tabs or more opened immediately, as it would recommend a upgrade to sixteen actions (which is a big plus can take you) thus portable. A rgb the settings for a keyboard are optimum and very easy to use.

In general: I am satisfied with this laptop, in spite of some smaller defects. He all require it to do and has not had to spend for the take. As I have mentioned, it would take this laptop wants to do the decent quantity of gaming and not spending upper dollar.
4 / 5 Erik
Right with which unboxing, has tried to touch Effect of Mass Andromeda in this car (officially recommended GTX 1060). I have not measured a FPS, but was 'playable' in ultra graphic. I then burst in another clave of ram and the fast plus SSD, and now pursue of Effect of the Mass perfectly.

My only complaints are
1. Partidários Noisy
2. Bluetooth Stutters Of audio
3. Wifi Unstable and randomly drop, and disabled

Modification: I substitute a lousy wifi/bluetooth form with Intel wifi 9260 form, and all my wifi/bluetooth the questions have gone. Shame in ASUS to ship with such lousy form. Now that my laptop is maxed-was, work like the sleep. It would not want to live with him in a condition accionaría, this in spite of.
4 / 5 Glenna
So only the buy, you cant has beaten an action/of quality of build/of prize.
The screen is beautiful, full HD 120hz and very brilliant.
The chair of keyboard adds to write and game on.
The battery is sum , but maintain need of import to have it plugged in the game of course.
A Ryzen CPU is quickly although it takes warm(more on like this to treat that down).
A GTX 1650 can touch anything 1080p med/big settings on 60fps any question
Easy to upgrade ram/HDD is also!

Has taken this mainly to touch legends of Apex(which he perfectly 1080p 60-90fps med settings all day a lot of @@subject!)
And to begin to use Blender for 3d @@@modeling and animation, which the excels in ANY SUBJECT!

My Recommendations:

Adds the second clave of ddr4 2666 Ram, any he 4gb or 8gb. Cela Will leave it to run in way of canal of the duel and augment a CPU is and integrated GPU action for around 20

Purchases the second 2.5 hard walk laptop, has an open bay for him. You can take the 2tb seagate HDD on amazon partorisca around $ 50

sure Mark to go to yours place and of the windows to update fully, then go the Google and investigation 'Amd the car relieves' and 'Nvidia the car Relieves'' and sure mark to update your GPU Engine( the two, an integrated and a consecrated)

Downloads the program called 'Ryzen Controller'(use google investigation). Once installed an ONLY thing would have to that do in here is dipped a 'Temp limit cpu' to 80. This will help with thermals so much! I trust.

Sees the plot of people on here giving the bad descriptions that says that they are struggling during game-game, this subject is reason a laptop sometimes will look for to use an integrated gpu in place of a consecrated gpu. Ossia An EASY fijamente. Mark takes your settings to be able to is dipped on 'Big action', and the mark sure is plugged to be able to. If this any fixed a subject. You can go to a Nividia the poster of Control>Directs 3d frame >of Program of the settings, then choose your game and select 'Use Nvidia map of Big action'
4 / 5 Chanel
I like this portable the plot to touch play, comprising in of the settings of big map. A question is that it looks to be a lot of unreliable. Has blue screened long had it of then, the month or like this, comprising a time that was quite bad that the windows have prisoner to upload and has had to use the windows 10 recovery the reinstall.

This is not error of the user to the equal that am experienced enough with Windows PCs. It is also a lot always a same thing. For example, more recently I plugged in the mouse of USB and the blue screened saying something in an engine.

If you are savvy with computer and is quite patient to cure of the laptop likes required, ossia the estimativa adds gaming option. It does not recommend this laptop for any one looking to to use likes him to him the primary device or any the one who is not experienced enough with computer to know regarding the fix when to do.
5 / 5 Lou
In the first place was does not listen to some bad descriptions, has bought this laptop with extra 8action samsung ram and he 2 tb fire cuda hard walk for fast storage in an economic around $80 . Has this hooked until the 4k the TV that uses smiled of wireless keyboard and look it xbox controllers. It surrounds in 1080p not looking to stress a laptop was but video streaming and gaming this thing beats my Xbox a x10. Better this in spite of is portable and does way more functions then the Xbox One has beaten. I know no the just comparison that in mine rig of house is seating after the the built Ryzen 5 3600 32 actions of ram and the Niter of Sapphire RX 590 paper of map 8actions vram. This little portable can fool me when that uses it that I am using them my big rig, have still to experience with 4k settings but with a quantity of laptops of vram the does not think it will do well included my desk litigate of rigs in 4k gaming.
4 / 5 Linnea
Has touched External Worlds in Ultra Qualities without the question. The hard battery easily for 4-5 hours when doing in of the papers for university. Construction very solid. I have possessed a lot of computer of Asus. Have Still to have a failure. Have mistreated the In time and has not seen never the question. My portable the of daughters are both Asus also. Older fallen his and has had a dog has excited tugs of the table for one can was a lot of he still short perfect.
4 / 5 Elza
Well, here is one drives idiot to a FX505DT:

1. Solid construction. Although a casing is plastic, looks durable and looks aesthetically pleasing.
2. The chair of keyboard adds. Travesía Pertinent and feeling in bylines when you press some keys. A backlit fine-lights of the keyboard of the colour is the good touch , although do fault no the real purpose according to which can ascertain.
3. A screen so much is far wonderful state. Has a anti-characteristic of glare that help in brilliant light. Beautiful refresh tax. I have read some villages revises those who looks a screen is subpar, but has to that categorically disagree. The colours look attentive and vibrant, and a refresh the tax is order to the equal that have declared previously.
4. A specs is more than pertinent for my needs. It is quickly and responsive, kicking up takes any time at all and the applications of inaugural/programs looks relatively effortless. With the program and the multiple tabs operate immediately, has a lot remarked little lag.
5. Also the value that remarks this, setup was súper simple. First of this laptop had been the while I have had of the computer of windows has based. They look to give you more options to daunt that memory (although one has to that ask that legitimately do to ensure your user info and not sharing marketing metrics in spite of giving you an impression can disable share your info. The time will say I supposition.


1. Although this laptop feels durable and robust, still leave you the wishing was encased in aluminium or some comparable material. In a book a plastic feels well enough, but in another hand feels the little economic. For a prize although really I can not complain in of the this.
2. A trackpad is quell'has bitten touchy. If utilisations two hands to occassionally manipulate a tampon, will remark some subjects of alignment. You think that that your toe is right where yours last toe was, but in reality is not . Perhaps this has to that do with a the tampon any when being a lot directly centred in a half. It is hard to explain.
3. Microsoft preinstalled Some shitty applications and games that has deleted expeditiously. You can it wants to do one same.


Ossia a laptop of bad ass. It is strong how is, but is also upgradeable in of the terms of RAM, space and WIFI. If you are looking for the able laptop, adds specs, the screen adds, and a capacity to game, recommends. Well commentary, has received so only this in a topmast done 4 hours. But like this far like this a lot lmfao
5 / 5 Tana
Like mine gf the laptop has begun to fail in sound. It had had his old one for roughly five years and some of some games has loved to touch simply no in intergrated intel map. When being the gamer and enthusiastic of hardware of the computer, has has wanted to do sure has taken something concealed no only last, but touch all has loved to touch and more.

While I am not a lot the defender of one 15.6' screen, looks wonderful. Very fast refresh prices certainly helps. The quality of build is said like this ; TUF. A frame feels a lot of sturdy and although it would not fall it on purpose, to the chair likes would not fall averts of of a drop accidentelle or two.

Now for some complaints. EVERYTHING of one the/or is in a sinister hand-held side. An only thing in a legislation lateralmente hand-held is kinsington lock. It would have liked him really to see at least a usb of port in another side. Mine another complaint would be a lot usb-c support. This hand-held side the empty legislation has abundance of spatial for one. For the purely cosmetic complaint, would have liked me really to see fine-the zone that lean of lights in a keyboard.

In general, is looking to purchase this laptop, would say a prize to the action so only has not beaten can be now included besides mine on complaints.
5 / 5 Althea
Petit And powerful, is managed all have launched in him quite a lot of
except Netflix or streaming windows / of transmission of the video.
Am spent of the days that do sure each engine is up to date, installing / resetting
engine this in spite of this device blue screens roughly once each one another hour.

Gaming Would be to add if you do not owe that PC of yours reset fully each hours,
this in spite of a SSD marks resetting a quite fast computer. A BSCOD error
the code is any Error of Fatal Hardware , or the threat has has stuck Errors, which have been
the constant of cost a lot @@subject some updates. Often it updates this laptop so only
to see yes has solved a subject, this in spite of any points of evidence there.

Portable adds, the just desire could use it. The new mark a hard battery roughly 3-4x small
episodes of first shows to close down. Has shiny RGB is in a keyboard also .
4 / 5 Carissa
Has had this laptop for roughly 6 month now and the life of battery sucks, also has 3 dipping silent, perfomance and disturb, on way of silence a computer saves some battery but he taken praty retard eaven to cruised in an internet, in another 2 extracted better, also for gaming or has to that be conected to a tin if no your game will go in 10 fps. A light of keyboard every time the restet or the turn in mine portable takes his desire of original setting is flashing the way and is anoying. Also a mause the tampon feels it litle free and does the odd sound, the keyboard is flexible. Also another sews the the hate is a brighnes of a screen is very poor and a speaker is a worse has seen them in the laptop is located in some sides and calm of then look in a screan of a centre of course is not quite strong.

Finally is the grat portable while it covers in the can but to run on the way of the battery sucks
4 / 5 Elfrieda
I have required another laptop in a house with my girls that requires time of computer because of COVID, as decided treat the small and take one this there has been bit it more action that my forward ASUS which am rid down. I had it of then It Leaves now and like this far like this good. Has update a ram to purchase to 16 GB and the month more has added late the second 1 GB SSD (both Samsung produced) to a system with relative ease. To good sure recommends this on spent addition together with a ram more than expecting and that it has to sew he of to movement around like him to them later . A a subject has had has been with some adapters of exposure that is ' game-ready engine' and require frequent to update which in tower has has done occasionally an unstable system. I downgraded to an engine of studied in a signal, but there is @@give that one touches it casts of engine also control some defender of varied systems-ways of the speed and a system have run bit it hotter, as I reinstalled a game-ready engine. It went it of then stable again. The any course of the heavy games - mostly Out of a Baseball of Parco and Strat-or-Matic baseball and taken one has enhanced editions of Baldur Door (late @@@1990s games), but has not had a time to press a system to his limits. Occasionally I am drawn the Roblox for some boys. Like this in general, the solid system for my purposes. For heavier gaming, especially like my boys take older, will take the desk.
5 / 5 Rosemary
When I have purchased this laptop has ordered immediately an additional 8GB clave by heart, spending a total to 16GB and also adding dual canal. I have ordered also he 1TB SSD to add like the second walk of a 256GB M.2 SSD Is too small is touching any plus of titles very new.

When it has taken a laptop has installed a memory, SSD and kicked a laptop up. All was quickly and was able to install and career of office and other good applications. I have looked for to install some games and ossia where has begun to run to a subject.

A laptop so only would run games in an integrated map. Neither it could take Doom to run with a Vulkan BEES. I am spent several hours that come from the troubleshoot this to finally discover that I have had to that go to a AMD Radeon Software and change a map that dips the Gaming of a incumplimiento Regular setting. This immediately fixed my @@subject and the games now are that they run in the tax of frame adds and a 120hz the monitor has done games to butter smooth career.

In an after several weeks, has used a laptop and all was utmost with an exception of a thing bugging me...

A wireless adapter sucks! It was lucky has taken 5mbps out of the wireless connection that typically would take 400 to 500mbps out of the gigabit connection. I have decided to purchase the WiFi 6 adapter. I have chosen a OKN WiFi 6 AX200 adapter and installed went in it once. That the difference! Now I am taking among 600 and 700mbps which is fantastic.

In general, recommends a laptop 'have some technical capacity and does not import doing the little bit of troubleshooting and possibly upgrading a WiFi adapter.
5 / 5 Quincy
Taking this on and that the careers is the total bitch . These windows is the total ache to take that it runs. He at present laws and manages 3d games with eases. From time to time it will clash when in a web. It looks odd just verifying topmast and then hang it the error arrives.

As of 5/25/2020, Fewer subjects of accident. Works very better, power of state of an update the few weeks does. They are happy as of now. This in spite of that learns to start with on one join first the time was the real ache . Of good summer if he so only uploaded up and has looked for a connection of internet and has had the windows the control for any when being any software of fake. Wine with a laptop. It has to that of him it has had an I are A-A lot immediately a bat of Asus factory. It does not import a noise of defender. While a defender does not crap was to like in mine HP does years with which 1.4 years later.
5 / 5 Margarita
A worse laptop has not had never a misfortune to share my experience of life with. It imagines, it imagines to do the laptop that does not leave you to use a Fn tones of upper row. You know, some tones that has left control a sound, brightness, and all this material? In place of easily that down and decreasing a volume while listening the music, has to manually click a volume slider. Ossia Like this tedious and I waste to do again that. I do not concern if this good laptop the million dollars and is the súper computer. That is a point if it is the tedious and obnoxious paperweight? I expect that I will find the punctual solution otherwise will return this. Coming on, ASUS... Seriously? It likes, really?
5 / 5 Phil
Portable very good. I take mine dying 12 year toshiba partorisca east. He all wonderfully except his' control of defender. I comprise and it does not love it overheating but when chrome is running there is the big pitched coverage. One classifies of ringing this suggests that some defenders are down with the big tone enough to drill your quite bad ears with which 20-30min in the calm place. Usually it has noise around like this this does not import too much but still dipping it on myASUS silent way(closes was 1650 and throttles ryzen); still it touches deafening in of the calm places.
4 / 5 Terisa
Pros: The prizes for an action take is quite good. It does not add but to good sure on half.

First and the main flu in this laptop is a monitor has. It is not really the true 120hz monitor. A time of the response of some pixels is like this calm dulcemente can see smearing and ghosting in him. Any I really adds for fps games like csgo. Changing a profile of video to fps the way helps the little bit but still no very enough to touch fps games.

Has had the election would be returned a laptop been due to of the this but has required the computer in my way of emotional to Giappone as I have not had any election but for the maintain took it of then the first day leaves.

A leading desk there has been rx280 with Intel i5 4690k and in some settings was have used has taken around 270 to 300fps in this setup while this is taking 150-170fps.

Has added another 8gb the ram and he have done all run smoother. Really it felt a difference in that.

Has contacted Asus in a monitor perhaps has the lemon but gave to us just engine that it is outdated and of course has not helped. It asks him they have taken I centre it in Giappone and did not answer me behind. Perhaps it could you take substituted thru here in Giappone or have a monitor in the substituted but any regime. In all the chance if you are main reason is to take this because of a 120hz screen. Look Another way. If calm so only loves the economic gaming portable then ossia the a lot of one but I will not recommend . Enough it would have the 75hz monitor that has no ghosting that this. I have uploaded the video of as ghosting looks in slowmo.
5 / 5 Morton
Has been excited to finally have the decent laptop with the life and the fantastic characteristics likes screen, but down some characteristics this Asus FX-505DT the laptop there is habladurías long of entity with Asus technologies, and hours in home, this portable failure to measure up. All has them has wanted to do is use the device of USB to run/install some programs and install the operating system of dual boot, in spite of hours to take a BIOS to answer, this waste of laptop to recognise Any device of USB, any device of USB, walk of thumb, outside dvd player, any device of USB. Still with the purge of a BIOS, and complete reset of Windows 10, this waste of car to recognise any device of USB... A necessary characteristic in a bios , CSM fails the paralizaciones to disable has .More, which the wont has resisted calm with. I have spoken to Asus technologies those who said me a bit the devices of USB would have to that be recognised if windows 10 was installed and active. This has done any one . To say a less, am them disappointed. Has the respect adds for Asus produced of mark for desktop computer, but thus portable, my prime minister Asus laptop, two thumbs down.
5 / 5 Yuri
Been the few weeks now and a laptop has failed to kick, has tried still voltage wall still to supply of power of the laptops the, which is well, a voltage tried of supply of power to connector of laptop, has 18v. Now it likes a lot I am looking in the on-line forums, which the people are saying to pull portable averts and take connector of battery of terminals. The calm duty really has to that this in the new laptop? You save a headache and go for another laptop, the life of battery will take you three hours tops when those careers. specs In the estimativa is like this so much. It has required so only something to write on but like all today quantity on quality. Probably I will not be touching another Asus has produced after this subject. Sadly it had used his motherboard in my canal of work. You could have resulted different but because he the risk? - It continued it. Asus Would like me to rma portable that is not the month the old month. Like this basically be out of the quite possible laptop longer possessed it then. With which 40 mins to run a lot that has known would not correct subject. Trying portable to return behind to amazon. At present on-line with amazon to try and the figure was like this to send unit for behind the east has the interior of battery. Ache of boss! But a whole process is has registered. So that the video will be posted on on Youtube once this takes solved. Perhaps saving you time and hassle.
5 / 5 Beth
Has bought this for my woman to substitute his 6-the old year Asus Zenbook portable that has begun to do odd things. I imagined it it would be to act like this a lot of to king-install Windows of scratch and his programs and she still would have an old computer. It is not the gamer, as it will not press it to the limits of him, like this the description is so that so only would use likes the laptop. This laptop is AWESOME! I have been concerned in the pocolos comment that it indicates run hot and is strong. It runs fresh to a touch and is astonishingly fast and calm. Often it uses it while resting on in his thighs and feels any heat at all. If a defender is running certainly can does not listen. A screen is wonderful she raves in a keyboard! A quality of build is exceptional and because of a solid of state walk has fallen extremely quickly. I have not timed it but it would estimate boot-time to be in 10-15 second row. After, taste there is think so a lot roughly buying his ASUS TUF 17.3' FHD Gaming Of Laptop to substitute mine Acer Predator Computer.
4 / 5 Trista
... But something say does not go to give my money behind asks the repayment, of then has not bought any plans of guarantee.

Where to start with.

Buys two of these for my brother and I, both mark spankin' new, and (while they look fantastic and lustrous and feel wonderful to write on,) neither one of them in fact does properly.

“ No properly? As Like this?” It imagines yes calm setting on your laptop—yes, begins like this collected like this here—and there is the momentary freezing. A bit odd to find that well in a taking-go, but anything, well? After setup is fact and go to begin to optimise, a laptop develops the sudden aneurysm reason can not manage a simple process of Explorer of inaugural Internet, like the explosions of black screen up. With which soothes for the bit, once @give all precise to do is to believe in him and that everything is well, then suddenly goes full tilt and decides is lying by means of his teeth, and incidents like the result.

Enter a Blue Screen of death. My old nemesis. After a prójimo five or like this retries, has turned my attention the Google for responses. Several solutions have come on, but that did not reassure was that, writes “Asus” the Google, autofill almost certainly fill an empty with “the laptop maintains to clash,” so that it is the wonderful omen. I have tried that spends for manager of device (once the bondadoso of accident me before freaking was) to see was the subject of hardware , and am gone through some options of life of the battery. I have taken even a frame was and verified to see ship soiled computers (clean plus that purified water, any less.) But to the equal that have done more research learnt it was much bigger that anything has dreamed. Interested?

AsusTek Has Had the history of attacks of hack and malware distribution with his software in of the computers. Admitted, can have received misinformation as it does not take my word for him, but concealed certainly would explain reason my laptops maintain it to clash. I have bed inclusa that current versions of Windows 10 is not even compatible with AsusTek motherboards for any legislation eason. You would think thoroughly they would try his first first products to sell them, but no. of supposition

So that it follows that it leaves this 0/1 star informs in some wait that any wont frames a deception even has done. It can do better that Asus! It does not buy this product!!!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenBook 13 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5 Kris
Surprising laptop. He thank you the god has chosen this pc in dell xps 13. I see plot of the people that complains in trackpad in 14 model of the inch but he are pefect in this model. If you are looking for portable action , quickly, and add specs. That is to say since you.
5 / 5 Elvira
It IS supremely unhappy with speed of the laptop that the experience done the year of Dell this was $ 1,000+ has asked my threads to find me the computer that was fast and could have the plot of tabs opens immediately. The investigation and order us easterly the unit WANTS L!!!! FAST weight , light and calm! His perfect for when required to be in a road or in the meeting.
5 / 5 Shawn
My second Asus. Fabulous Computer. My only aversion was a carryin marries -- acuesta very real like my premier Asus.
5 / 5 Latarsha
Shining of Good exposure and coloreada, included better then mine 15.6' gamer this weighs in and 7.3lb. That is to say included better in 2.7lb, verified in my stairs of digital cookery. Quickly, those shines, fresco, which more is there. Him me Like his a 3Of D GOES camera, very included has to records in. Looks Very very done, the desire there has been more USB, but has full measure HDMI, any mini so very ultra-the lights have. It has run already for enough 7hores in 1 load, descending, but still race.
The desire could give it 6 stars.
5 / 5 Julian
This laptop is a measure of the legal tampon! Calm hardly take it begun and connected in an internet, the record was 30-45 minutes for updates. After it conceal, you want to it!
A SSD is obligatory for me. My career require me in multitask in the plot of applications. A card of graphic sake is also obligatory.
Has bought this Prepares Day fo $ 850 and has won 6% backside in my Card of Amazon. Even so a daily prize is even more cheap then a tent of yellow box.
This computer is hurriedly. I have wanted the Mac Airegen but stray entered a sale in the daytime Prevails for him. This Laptop of PC is quite near.
5 / 5 Myrtle
Very enjoying a ASUS book of Zen 13. A facial recognition is the good touch for the fast and smooth sign in. A computer is very lustrous and all require it to do for work. It IS also incredibly robust for such the clear weight device. There it was emits with my overheating of anterior laptop as it appreciates that this computer has been designed to provide some impulse to help with airflow and to prevent he of overheating. In general it is the computer adds for the who is in a movement and necessity to be able to do of anywhere.
2 / 5 Ivan
A specs of this laptop was very and has the good stack. It IS incredibly small--in an odd rectangular form, resulted in his creation of uncomfortable keyboard so that some tones are together fractions to conform this small measure. It IS fresh that the in a the tampon is built in a tampon of your, but included only a bit those that bren to turn in an in a the tampon is quite since tea to ignore he in only takes some tones to number instead. Also a tampon of your too smooth east imo, those results in sliding through afterlife this has feigned. A resolution/of the screen looked only the small odd in me. A screen sometimes flicker on the way that the preoccupied, has been thought something was bad with him. The mine is come with the a lot of bad trackpad (the part of button of him)--each which how 1/8 presses in a right button (that represents the right click) would be recorded like the left click or at all! This was so thwarting, resulted in the inaugural applications have not feigned in. This bad trackpad is objectionable for daily use, likes him plot the does not import all more am to add if a trackpad mamma, therefore my bad description.
5 / 5 Fabiola
I have purchased this Zenbook to update of my Asus Vivobook E200HA. A Zen will be used like my computer of work in my dispatch of house. I have not begun to do to house still so that it can not comment in these tasks of sleeves of work.

So much has been far add it to him little portable while doing the typical web that explores, process of word. It has installed bluestacks to see yes can handle some light gaming of my games of favourite mobile phone and he well. Even so the life of stack is admitted seriously when doing so much and hot above hurriedly, some partidrios has remained on. In entredicho of Zens, this is not the gaming portable, and is in no way the gamer. Only it has wanted to to see it was able.

Is seeing 7-10 living hours of the stack in of the averages. At all the fence in some 14hores this is announced. A trackpad is slick and responsive. It issues more in that an Alive.

One in joining it to him to thing does not like him is one of of service key side by side the right is sper small. I finish hiting one enters your for accident. It is not the breaker of enormous roads the tick of the star, but problem.

Will update once a Zen takes some hours of work under his tape. For now I am happy with this compraventa in the daytime First.
4 / 5 Rosita
He been that it wants to update my laptop of Windows for enough the moment like the oldest volume and had retarded down in the crawl. It looks the numerous models but any a lot of taken my eye or I have thought was only too expensive for the this would be to take. This computer was for sale that hangs First Days for $ 999 how gave it the look. After the long consideration has decided to give that it come from it. WOW I am not never happy has done. This laptop is expensive of lightning and the absolutely good looks. ASUS HAS punch the race of house with this model. An only thing that does not like me enough is that one of of right service of key is the tone of normal measure in planting to be the double sized the unit Am sure will take used his in time. Included it is regular prize , this laptop would be the subject adds !
5 / 5 Rufus
Amazing laptop. It gives the thanks to the god has chosen this pc in dell xps 13. I see plot of the people that complains in trackpad on 14 model of thumb but is pefect in this model. If you are looking for portable action , quickly, and add specs. Ossia partorisca you.
5 / 5 Delila
Was extremely unhappy with speed of the laptop that has purchased the year of Dell this was $ 1,000+ I has asked my edges partorisca find me the computer that was fast and could have the plot of tabs opens immediately. It researches it and we order this one. I LOVE it!!!! FAST weight , light and calm! His perfect partorisca when I require partorisca be in a street or in the meeting.
5 / 5 Shaunna
This laptop is a measure of the legal tampon! Calm as soon as I take it begun and connected to an internet, carve was 30-45 minutes partorisca updates. With which conceal, calms that will want to!
A SSD is compulsory partorisca me. My career require to multitask in the plot of applications. A paper of a lot of chart is also compulsory.
Has bought this in first Day fo $ 850 and has won 6 backside in my Paper of Amazon. This in spite of a daily prize is even more economic then a tent of yellow box.
This computer is quickly. I have loved the Mac Air but has lost is gone in a sale of first Day for him. This Laptop of PC is quite near.
4 / 5 Rickie
Has purchased this Zenbook to upgrade of the mine Asus Vivobook E200HA. A Zen will be used like my computer of work in my office of house. I have not begun to do of home still so it can not comment on as fulfilled of bosses of work.

So that it go it far the add little portable while doing the typical web that explores, step of word. I have installed bluestacks to see yes can manage some light gaming of my games of favourite mobile phone and he well. This in spite of the life of battery is seriously compromised when doing so much and heat on quickly, some partidários is remained on. In entredicho of Zens, this is not the gaming portable, and are in no way the gamer. I have wanted to so only see was able.

Am seeing 7-10 hours of life of battery in meso. At all it closes to a 14hrs this is to announce. A trackpad is slick and responsive. Way more to that an Alive.

A to to a thing does not like is of a tone of the tower lateralmente well is súper small. I finalise hiting one enters your for accident. It is not the breaker to treat enormous to tick of the star, but annoying.

Will update once a Zen takes some hours of low work his tape. For now I am happy with this compraventa of first Day.

Update 8/17/2019

A pair or weeks to do down is the tape and a Zen extracted well. Unfortunately, a small on duty tone and global squished keyboard to feel directed me partorisca return it. Constantly the paste one enters your in the error and some tones of arrow have lost all the functionality for me when being crammed where was.

Have gone this in spite of two Zenbook 14'. A prime minister has been purchased by means of the 3rd party and was obviously an open box or refurb, in spite of not doing that clear in his ad. Fingerprints During a cup of a chance and has been missing an adapter of Ethernet. It take a black screen of death while it looks for to update windows 10. I have had he less than 8 hours and behind to a box goes and is returned. The pictures have added to this description is of a returned 14' side for side with one 13'.

Has then purchased a Zen 14' with screenpad and better map on he sure any to purchase of 3rd party. Third time is the charm ! It avenges the new mark, any fingerprints with all the accessories. So only it can be nominally main but is the world of difference of mine. The difference in cost was $ . It can not be worth it to some but was mine. They are entirely happy with my Zen 14. It does not think really I will use a screenpad the function but looks fresh.

You will not be disappointed in an action of a Zenbooks. I am maintaining my description in five stars like the laptop treated how is supposed to. I have not been able to take used to a keyboard.
5 / 5 Kenda
Brilliant and well of exposure coloreada, has included better then mine 15.6' gamer this hanged in and . Ossia Included better in , verified in my stairs of digital cookery. Fast, brilliant, fresco, which more is there. It likes-I one 3D camera IDO, any included has to that record in. The looks done A lot well, the desire there has been more USB, but has full measure HDMI, any mini like a lot of ultra-the lights have. I actuate Already be announces roughly 7hrs on 1st load, going down, but although careers.
The desire could give it 6 stars.
4 / 5 Suzanne
Mina according to Asus. Fabulous Computer. My only aversion was a carryin if -- no real skin like my prime minister Asus.
4 / 5 Kati
A specs of this laptop was a lot of and has the good battery. It is incredibly small--in a rectangular form fault, those results in his creation of uncomfortable keyboard reason some tones are broken together to fulfil this small measure. It is fresh that the in a the tampon is built to a tampon of clue, but included so only a bit those that as to turn in an in a the tampon is enough for you for the ignore the so only take some tones to number instead. Also a tampon of clue is too smooth imo, those results in sliding by means of further that has feigned. A resolution/of screen looked so only the little odd mine. A screen sometimes flicker in the way that concerned, was thought something was bad with him. The mine has come with the very bad trackpad (the part of key of him)--each one that 1/8 presses in a right key (that represents the right click) would be registered like the sinister click or at all! This was like this frustrating, those results in of the inaugural applications have not feigned to. This bad trackpad is unacceptable for daily use, as really it does not import all more are to add if a trackpad sucks, for this my bad description.
4 / 5 Kiara
Really enjoying a ASUS book of Zen 13. A facial recognition is the good touch for the fast and smooth sign in. A computer is a lot lustrous and all require it to do for work. It is also incredibly sturdy for such the light weight device. I have had it issues with my overheating of leading laptop to the equal that appreciates that this computer has been drawn to resupply some impulse to help with airflow and to prevent he of overheating. In general it is the computer adds so that they are in a movement and need to be able to do of anywhere.
4 / 5 Signe

Of my brief use, a laptop is each fast and is exactly that would expect of the laptop of main final like this one. For some odd reason, has dipped a NVIDIA sticker in a same laptop although it uses Intels integrated GPU, as any left that fool you.

Am spent around 2 month that looks for a better laptop for me and has purchased finally is one. I am learnt enough in computers and without accidents can say that ossia an excellent laptop for a prize. You the keyboard is excellent and is easy to write on, with travesía decent key and requires quite a lot of forces where is the pleasurable experience to write.

Has purchased this laptop that expects a numpad to be the gimmick, but to mine suprise work a lot well. Asus Has to that it has corrected a subject where a numpad was dulcemente which has caused the majority of people to avert that they use it all together. Also, to some descriptions that demand a trackpad is glitchy and unpredictable, is wrong or have an old touchpad the installed engine. In general, a touchpad/numpad is both very good and does not have any complaint.

An exposure is beautiful and a thin bezels an experience of excellent viewing. Acute image with good colours for the 1080p exposure, but at all crazy. The speakers are decent but you cant expect phenomenal speakers in the 13inch ultrabook.

A quality of build is excellent and feels a lot of sturdy still although weights 2.6 lbs.

Has not tried a life of the battery but that see on-line is 5-7 hours of use.

A Bad:

there is remarked of my brief time that uses it that it takes relatively animate quickly and a defender is not súper calm. The mine has to that coil very light whine but at all too extreme. Ossia Really one 'complaint' so only this has this far and really does not annoy me too much.

In general, this laptop is an excellent election and can be an I extracted better for a money. It is not to perfect, but for a prize, seriously does not think you can find something better. I will update if I remark anything more.

UPDATE: after using this computer for some time, has a lot of the few bad things to say. My estaca leading that declares that my laptop has run hot and has had some coil whine is not a chance, and so only spent when it dip on a computer. Of then, I have it quell'has listened so only a turn of partidário in the handful of time. A trackpad is quite small and sometimes closes on, but neither has to that update an engine in the moment so that it can be my failure . In general, this laptop has been I adds with awesome life of the battery and I have any remorse.
5 / 5 Jean
My first month that use this device has been stellar. It is snappy, quickly, and takes a work done in the slender formfactor with the beautiful small-bexel screen.

Unfortunately, a screen is reason am RMAing my device (the subject @of explosion with which gone back of Amazon of 30 days civilises) and am giving this description two stars. In a smaller side, has a inconsistent screen backlight bleeding that especially visible when an exposure is the black colour . This is not súper visible when an exposure is on usually, but is to good sure unusual for the screen, which shouts 'the poster has manufactured cheaply.'

A question of first order has with a screen is that with which a month of compatible use, has the visible 1cm^2 yellow blotch in a right side subordinated of my screen. This discolorzation is VERY VISIBLE and inidcates that some red and blue pixels (or magenta and cyan w/and) is not doing properly in this zone. Ossia Entirely unacceptable for any poster of screen.

Has some good things that like out of some defects have mentioned. A laptop is fast and a NVMe the pipe there is really gives it the well seat his. A scanner GONE of the type is a lot concealed in a slender upper bezel and works quickly to the equal that has expected. The life of battery is consistently decent state with roughly 8-9 hours with moderate use. The any a lot of photoediting (any mine operate) or gaming ( is the laptop ), but the action has been acceptable in general.

Are at present in a process of geting this device fixed by means of ASUS' service of guarantee. I will update my description once some reparations to my device are complete.

Like this, an integer RMA process, of shipment to and of his centre of reparation, has taken roughly two and the half weeks. My poster of screen has been substituted and a new poster does not have any of some defects has seen in a prime minister a. In general, esteems a process like the solid 'a lot of' for me of then was repaired a bit quickly and effectively. Obviously, it was optimum to does not have to that go through this process in a first place, but looks my unit was a outlier. The this in spite of laptop in mine old one and my experience that does on is still pleasant.
4 / 5 Yon
Well, dang. Good laptop! My leading laptop a slow-down, flickering dance of screen his death, as I have required partorisca take something dips on before this computer has died. It uses the computer partorisca map any professional and photograph, bookkeeping partorisca our subject familiarised, genealogy, all this good material.

My last computer was quite zippy until you are not . In four years, paralización to be zippy quite quickly and recently solved to the crawl.

A Asus is REALLY zippy, and does not mean comparatively to that has used. I mean it is relieving. Photoshop, Premiere Pro opens really fast. Paired With the laptop SSD walk, the thousands of photos and video have moved of a place to another without lag. So only I love the quell'concealed.

Is the lovely looking piece. It is calm reason is a SSD walk in place of the hard walk. ( You will want to have your files in a cloud and/or in the portable walk, is my recommendation, reason probably have room for your files and software.) A sound is very a lot of ( is the laptop , as it does not expect the big room surrounds his). A screen is clear and crisp with the colour adds. A measure and the weight are perfect for my use, which is travelling the pair to time the year, otherwise the using around a house. A boss the touch has the brick, but is the very small brick . And like this far, I am impressed with a life of battery. I am taking the solid day out of him.

I so only loves that. If there it comes one the fault of unexpected hardware, will inform behind, but recommend this if you are in a phase.
4 / 5 Hermine
Utmost keyboards, factor of form, life of battery etc. A defender is calm and compared to the mine Lenovo Ideapad @@@730s this laptop does not cover any a lot of. An exposure of lustrous screen is well.

Did not like Me an on duty tone small right(presses tone of arrow for the deception foreseen the this small measured key and spoils my flow to write) or a key to be able to a lot afterwards to delete key. Both quite inconvenient. A Type of USB-C put you do not have constant exposure initially but after the pair of updates of windows, has begun working. The desire has had the blacks or colour of platinum also.
5 / 5 Brooks
In general, is an amazing laptop , but has a harrowing defect- a touchpad is almost useless.

Apparently is the subject of hardware , which means is almost impossible to fix. He skip around sometimes, result unresponsive and lag ridiculously for roughly 10 seconds. It spends the pair of time during a day.

Can live with this (which will have to that), is an amazing laptop . You are taking one same like XPS 13 for roughly 500 dls less. The action is expected like this. Life of long battery, scorching fast-acting, and the decent screen. A keyboard is a lot also.

To to A thing would like to mention is that it is the enormous fingerprint magnet. A quality of build is out of this world, but has not been that it has directed it to create the materials that shows fingerprints like this a fact.

Also, the cut bit it hot, and takes crazy hot when plugged in still some reason.
5 / 5 Brinda
Has bought this laptop after the plot of deliberation. A specs for this little car has done sound like a better option for the small laptop, light. It have planned on using this laptop for the light video that modifies and the photo that modifies and grieves can manage having the few applications and the ploughed of tabs in chrome. Here it is some pros and gilipollas.
- Colour and utmost resolution in a screen
- starts on fast
- Updates really quickly
- when operative legislations, can explore an internet with relieving
- battery
- light weight

- Touchpad/built-in the mouse is terrible. I have had to buy the wireless mouse reason using a tampon in a computer is absolutely terrible.
- Lag, This computer lag although the the ploughed of multiple tabs in chrome. He lags have two plough more than applications (p.ej. Photoshop, Spotify And Chrome).
- Strong - some needs of computers to 'think' or is hard at work to take really strong
- Too hot - This computer takes quite warm in a fund. Sometimes too warm.
- Measured of screen - I thought it would be good to have the small computer, but taste of the only looks has to that pull my with the to do in of the things.
- Flashing - Lately yes write to fast a screen of computer will flash for the second. I do not write that hard, as I am not sure reason this is spending.

Could go besides, but some the main things have been he has expected to be able to do to plot more with this computer, as has i7 Core and 16 GB of RAM.
4 / 5 Veronika
Like this, ossia the substitution for me of the mine last Asus 13' notebook.

In general, ossia the very good computer . It was surprised enough when I have opened a box in as this small . Yes, it was necessary has studied a specs in planting for assumes it would be one same likes to last one! Any worry this in spite of, I like a small measure and a measure of screen is same as before so only all a way to some flanges.

A Good:
the screen is acute, the colours are well, very happy with qualities of exposure
to the build is solid- look better that my last that suffered the broken was screen in a hinge (two times!)
Video playback are adds in of the big resolutions- any stutter
the quality of Sound was surprisingly good improvement in my leading model- his very full.
A facial GOES to the register is for real the good characteristic! You think it that it was gimmicky but do a lot well and save me writing in the signal every time opens my computer.
I ports are in his point- all some things that requires and in some right places
Powersupply is enough bit it smaller that mine leading- this are adds! It has dipped my computer in my daily stock exchange and travesía with him often so that it is useful.
Quite- well! Stays of partidário very behaved unless doing on something really intense. Any a lot of sound that does in the quite a lot of living room in an evening.

A bad (or at least a lot like this good!)
Touchpad- No like this sensitive like my forward ASUS and with all a fiddling around with settings in a world am not thrilled with him. Often it does not choose on my movement of toe, sometimes misreads movement of toe and opens the things have not feigned- or zooms when I do not want to . Selecting the things can be paste or lose. It is still usable, but now appreciates so only which well my last one was!

NumberPad- Well, I supposition yes is an accountant will appreciate this characteristic but are not . This the fact more than an annoyance because it avenges on accidentally quite often when using a trackpad and then takes the seconds of pair of attention to turn behind was. When on it begins inadvertently inserting numbers to my documents so many has to that be disabled every time. Spoken to sustain and has said ' is doing in the shutoff but no possible now'

Arrived- the beautiful looks, but anything a treatment in an organism is tends to really choose on oils of impression of the toe and always looks quite messy. It has it that gives always to dry first of inaugural that owes clients. It do not have to that this with forward Asus

In general, would recommend this computer, so only beware of the pair of some limitations that goes in. They are the quite weighed user of this thing like fold like my work and personal computer in home like this travesías to plot, takes open and has closed to plot, and is running the good 12 hours the day like this plugged in and on battery. It looks he likes goes to fill my good needs. Perhaps they will come up with an update that improves a touchpad and turns of a Numberbad- then would give it to 5 indication of star and be thrilled!
5 / 5 Karleen
Has has not bought never a ASUS produced in my life. Until now, I have loved the small thin laptop with the different type to draw like this with a blue/gold - has had all have loved with a i7, SSD, 16RAM of G, HD, etc. More real HDMI, connections of USB that some others portable the thin do not have .

So many, has received more collected today and has has had literally he for less than 8 hrs. It has tried touching it and turning on. Well, a never turned thing on. It has tried all, key to be able to light but at all spends. Sometimes one uploads red light shows when plugged in, sometimes Can of no. and the lights of battery remain in same after the be unplugged. Only way to look to take some lights was is to do to hard reset (key to be able to of the control down for 15+ second). In all the chance, any one imports that it has tried it, dang the thing will not turn on. Any only considering to to screen likes like this of another has had, at all at all turns on, any strong defender, any at all.

Never seen this question in my life with frames he new element like this, has has had tonnes of laptops and doing in him for on 20 years. The only thing can think of this taken like this hot touching, has not felt never the laptop never first takes that hot in such the short time, that has to that it has to that those the components confine have melted. I have had to try that it runs the defender in the when touching, unacceptable.

To the equal that have to him legustado his creation but concealed is everything is. It is the functional and very bad disaster engineered and has tried. Extremely, extremely in disappointing. I can not believe some people those who have there has been sucedidos with this really hard to believe now after trying to use he for the few hours and then undermining besides deep to some descriptions with all some subjects. Had a ASUS for less than the day and ossia for me. You do not touch never this marks again, NEVER.
5 / 5 Sterling
Usually would not write such the poor description for the product, but here go. I have received the defective product. There is the warped frame and a touchpad there is prendido to do the week with which arrives. When I have tried to contact Asus by means of email, has taken the week to answer. And when they have done finally, we said me to knots to so only reboot a system and open bios, which has not fixed any of some subjects has had. As I have called his service of client and said to knots to inform to Amazon. Like this now I am returning a product and it having has substituted. Asus HAS service of horrible client, gave so only more frustration. It does not buy this laptop.
5 / 5 Bernie
In general really love this laptop. In the first place ASUS has not possessed never, and was skeptical, but there is pulled finally one covers due to the fact that freaking cools these looks of laptop. Cela And a characteristic that gone back a mousepad to the 10-key is The BEST! I have taken rid of the mine new HP Spectre x360 15' reason simply does not return in a plan, and because of a quantity of times no in of the flights, so only does not act . This fixed that perfectly.

Has not had the only @@subject that uses this to power the portable USB C Monitor, any @@subject that careers any programs or half comunicacionales, and any @@subject at all really.

This says - a one question has is a Tone of Tower. It is like this small and I constantly - and mean CONSTANTLY - paste of arrival a key of arrow instead. I drive crazy! It has to that devotion excluyente desk for work with regulating it sized to keyboard likes them he quite difficult to adapt, but will do on that..
4 / 5 Syreeta
An only reason has given this laptop 4 stars in place of 5 is a turn lateralmente odd right tone. It is the averages a measure of the normal on duty tone for record an on key of arrow after his. It is the odd thing to change when the turn is used to PLOT and has been writing in of the regular keyboards for years that the memory of muscle is ingrained. A result is while I am writing quickly are constantly accidentally paste one on your of arrow in on duty place, which sends a cursor to a line on and then insert/to insert anything is in a tone has looked for to capitalise and a rest of a sentence am writing until @I give the one who past and has to that go back and modify everything. It is really stupid. Otherwise Love a keyboard. I love a laptop. It is lustrous and light and easy to spend. The life of battery adds. It have been very easy to sacrifice the different tone any like this generally used like emotional tone to do spatial in a keyboard.
5 / 5 Frederica
1 month to use this product:
portable Really well for a prize. A life of battery is is surprising and can do several hours without having this device again. It is very light, portable, and like an amazing aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the solid-state walk these boots of computers on a lot quickly, opens applications a lot quickly, and can manage mulpile applicatoins immediately. I have not pressed this to my usual chrome behaviour (having 20+ tabs immediately) but yes revises this produces again then will comprise that in a description. A software of facial recognition is really well too and the good characteristic to have in this laptop.

Does not know reason for this description of product asked roughly screen to touch. These produced has any screen to touch or qualified to scan of printer of toe. A camera in this product is the potato so it loves video of big resolution to register then is more to buy another device (webcam, uses your telephone etc). It does not have USB-C that touches to the equal that is disappointing for the product in 2019. A tampon of mouse is the little finicky in timing as be conscious of that. A tampon of number is the gimmick and no really something calms seriously use. This computer there is qualified roughly for light gaming but honradamente would not buy he for gaming. Also, he no in this computer while it is touching. This will help with growing a longevity of your device and prevent noise of partidário that knows to annoy some people.

Comparing this to a 14 or 15 thumb thinks that ossia a compraventa easy for those looking for the light laptop to do anywhere and not taking on cup of this a lot of space. Has the laptop of 17 thumbs (an I am using for description) and that goes to the 13 thumb is like this good. Speaking of the measure will warn you that some web pages (a lot very little) will have the hard time with adapting to a measure of the screen and some things will look oddly cutt was. This last commentary will effect the little quantity of users. Of my experience, sees this in Teamsupport where some of some descriptions of the entrance for subjects is cut was. Again @subject smaller.
5 / 5 Don
I have been the big defender partorisca ASUS, but this laptop has changed my alcohol. Súper Noisy (the defender is on almost all a time), heats on really quickly, resolution of quality and bad screen of sound. The battery has been supposed to last 9 hrs but with data of light use with which 3.5 hrs. I have been impressed by a weight and a súper thin creation but measure of screen and tones in a keyboard is not like this impressive. I will return for the repayment but already extracted abonos stray that is gone in Amazon first day.
5 / 5 Brook
Notebook a lot very like this far with the few subjects. Trackpad @@Subject And an occasional Wifi/Bluetooth the hiccup is some the main questions have had with him, although I am not sure if a Wifi/Bluetooth the subjects are not the windows that the cause.

With which uses extended a trackpad will result erratic and law in his own with a cursor that waste to move for the few first moments of moving randomly by means of a scene while simulating the key presses.
Has spoken to sustain of technology, was underwhelmed, but any surprised by them.
Wifi A lot always connect properly and can not connect to an internet after connecting the Wifi, others do another sake.
With Bluetooth yes tries to change among two devices of audio (auricular & of speaker in my chance). Tentativa To change audio playback of speakers to the headset, a software has a headset has selected, but an audio is touching speakers.

The windows could be some culpablees and to the equal that research will update.
5 / 5 Oscar
Has found this computer while looking to substitute my leading laptop, the predecessor of east a, a Zenbook 3 (UX390). I have had he for roughly 2 years and a subject only have had was is some noise of partidário am missing occasionally.

Liked an innovative use of a trackpad like the secondary screen, a consecrated MX250 graphic, as well as he 10th gene i7 CPU. As I have decided to pull a trigger in the mark this has done well for me in a past.

A Good
A computer is built a lot well. Screen of zero flex, coverage of rigid keyboard well, silky smooth trackpad, and a keyboard has adds seat his. A tampon of screen is orderly, but class of the novelty mostly.

The global action is snappy, and light gaming can be done without him that breaks the sweat. A factor of quality and small form of solid build he easy to want to take he to the long of wherever is going.

A Bad
With which two weeks of property, this in spite of, has decided to return this computer for screen has related subjects.

Inside the few days of the have, has begun to remark faint lines in a screen that was lighter that a rest of him. This was more apparent when it shows it the solid colour in the big portion of a screen. These lines would come and go, and has not been súper obvious unless the solid colour has been showed. I also remarked some flickering in timing also.

Then, while it looks Netflix another day, a whole screen suddenly is the result has washed was and flickery. Two restarts and the reset of full factory has confirmed that it is fault of hardware and no the engine or subject of software.

Has had big hopes thus computers, and am sure ossia an isolated defect in my particular unit, but fault of hardware of entity two weeks the property has to that it loves me go with something more instead.
5 / 5 Bradley
Has purchased this laptop in first day to the equal that have been looking for the laptop with a i7 processor and 16gb or ram partorisca sometime. With a prize can not be has beaten. It takes Fedora has installed in the and has begun to run the macOS vm any time. Fedora And macOS treat quite well in this little car as well as the developer my needs had been satisfied. In the heavy load there is remarked this in spite of that an inferior flange of an exposure takes quite hot. Using in your lap takes the little has bitten uncomfortable but has found that using the tampon of laptop the perfect fact. In general you recommend this laptop like the portable beast but I give it so only four stars been due to a heat gives era.
4 / 5 Brianna
This computer is the measure adds and if it was not for terrible touchpad functionality, would give it 4-5 stars. I have purchased this concrete computer reason have been sold in a fact a touchpad converts to the 10-keypad. This sum of laws of the functionality. A normal touchpad the function gone back and advances among being unresponsive to select the things have not feigned to select. I use it roughly an hour each day, max, and click on at least 5 unintended link for day, sometimes multiple in the row. There is any screen to touch to back on a tampon of terrible touch.

Mina 2nd subject is that a screen dimmer no dim enough. Utilisation my computer the plot at night when I any one need the brilliant screen. Included when a screen is like this dim like this possible with filter of blue shadow on, my eyes hurt afterwards. It is so only too brilliant for working in darkness or low light.

And the final frustration is that a key to be able to this where one deletes the key is in mine other computers, as I maintain to turn a computer was when I so only wants to delete.

All another work of characteristics to the equal that has expected. If I have used the mouse in place of touchpad, would not hate it so much.
4 / 5 Kassie
Portable adds for a prize. I deducted the star for a small af tone of Tower and a tampon of unpredictable clue, which sometimes does not answer when 'those tugs' a mouse. A trackpad also occasionally changes to Numpad way, which is the utmost characteristic , but really annoying when you are in a half to write an email. A surface of screen is terrific and a creation is good-looking. It is very light and a sleeve to spend is perfect for quickly dipping a laptop was and spending with me in my stock exchange. This laptop is almost perfect, saves for the little hardware issues that material could be improved to in some models of next generation.

Ossia Perfect for students or of the people those who require to be connected in some gone.
4 / 5 Gaylene
Is the very small car. To good sure all require it to do, especially with pupil and some program I need for him to run. But there are some things that does not do a lot well. A trackpad lags and claves never like this often enough, that is annoying every time the use. I seat that a battery drains a lot quickly, and I no really uses in a max level of action. It can be that ossia the powerful little car, which can give it concealed.

In general, is the quota few diagrams besides some few nuances that my car has come with. Because of that, can not say well a prize at present. Control of need of better quality.
5 / 5 Kam
Has bought this laptop because of some descriptions adds in of the multiple web pages, Youtube testers, descriptions of technology etc. A laptop is a lot well in of the terms of measure and can. BUT this laptop has the defect of costruttrici with his Touchpad. Investigation google for subjects with touchpad on all UX models. In spite of Asus alleging has solved a subject is not true. The and very other users have has engine of update and firmware and a subject persists. Touchpad behaves erratically, Movements of cursor for him and the jumps of one situate to another with each click. They will say you to take to the centre of service so only for the turn and having a subject persists. It has not TRIED MAY, OSSIA A BREAKER of EXTRACTED . Ossia Probably one of some only descriptions has written.
5 / 5 Katharyn
At the beginning looked, a laptop is surprising. Has quality of utmost build and almost any flex at all, a thin bezels add to a look of a laptop and is the really good touch, and a keyboard is real well to write on. It likes a rose-gold / of gold on a keyboard to the equal that adds the good touch to a global aesthetics, but has to that it has been the grill of speaker in place of just an aesthetic characteristic. A trackpad the tampon of number is the characteristic good and has finalised in fact uses he more than me waits so it is a lot down my toes and the law adds to enter in some fast numbers, if it is for calculator, or a excel document. Windows ciao The facial recognition the a lot of easier fact to sign in so much of apresamiento less than the second of inaugural a lid of laptop, and like this far has not had any subject with him. A laptop has come also with the sleeve for the spend around in, which has surprised reason not to say it anywhere, but am not complaining. I love a factor of small form of a laptop, reason looks the 11 -12 laptop of thumb at the beginning the gaze but a screen is still 13 thumbs been due to some thin bezels.

Now, this laptop comes with the little gilipollas.
-A screen flickers each one that 10-15 minutes but is seldom noticeable, and a flickering the tax is not like this big like this how was 2 weeks ago when in the first place it take a laptop. In general quite easy to take used to, and can live with him.
-A trackpad sometimes jumps around or so only to do from time to time, but he so only last in the second or two. I usually the uses smile it like this this am extracted no big for me, but can be for some people.
-A frame of laptop has come warped, that means for of the this is clearly can see the light curve for interior to a left of a keyboard. I have not remarked this until 2 days of the have and was quite noticeable at the beginning, but then has taken neither used his or has fixed he. I have been pissed at the beginning in this @@subject but has come then the realisation that the really does not affect any writing. I have not seen to plot of descriptions that mentions the warped frame as it thinks that that it is the scarce chance .
-A laptop has the type of USB C port, but calm can not touch by means of him and has to that use a type of barrel uploads. This affection so that has type C on everything of my devices and would have liked me have a consolation to spend a boss for everything, but really is not that big of the shot.
-Remark that it buy this of the external country of some the EUA, of the discharges of load is a type of EUA and has had to buy the conversor for mine. (Any that big of the shot, has thought would signal it was)
-Another value of what that comment in one load, is that it is not entirely silent and there is any buzzing but hardly can listen unless it has dipped a brick of power against your ear. It consider that it buys an apple macbook upload like this his silent chargers but again, touching is not possible by means of type of USB C.
-Any ray 3: they are not the person the one who explodes ray 3 as usually it does not connect a laptop the big resolution/framerate exposed or some outsides GPU, but well the commentary explodes ray 3
-Backlight bleeding: This laptop has to that import backlight bleeding in of the black screens mostly, but is grieve noticable otherwise. Any the import and I usually uses in mesos brightness anyways ( is more visible in full brightness).

Now, these defects annoy me at the beginning to the equal that am paying 1000 dollars partorisca east and comes with small subjects that takes to annoy when they add on, but these are committed can treat like this returning it really is not an option for me inner a moment to the equal that need for pupil and has sold my old laptop. In general it has expected it to not having this engaged at all when that pay that reward for the laptop but again, can treat him for a moment.
4 / 5 Freeda
Has been that loves upgrade my laptop of Windows for enough the moment to the equal that take older and had retarded down to the crawl. I have looked in of the numerous models but any really took my eye or I have thought was so only too expensive so that it would be to take. This computer has been on sale hangs it First Days for $ 999 as it gave it the look. After the long consideration has decided to give that it come from it. WOW I never am happy has done. This laptop is quickly of lightning and the absolutely good-looking looks. ASUS Has paste the house run with this model. An only thing that does not like me roughly is that of a legislation of on duty tone is the tone of normal measure in planting to be the double sized one. They are sure I will take used his in time. It has included it is regular prize , this laptop would be the subject adds !
5 / 5 Bobette
It was hesitant to buy this laptop because it is smaller that an usual 13' portable. This in spite of, a way he maximizas a screen is surprising. It is really compact without sacrificing a consolation of the plus of decent exposure.
Does not like Me screen partorisca touch or the lustrous screen and ossia perfect. I can say that this was one of the mine more in compraventa satisfactory. An interior partorisca be able to and a prize is perfect!
5 / 5 Candice
A good compraventa partorisca of the money, but some to good insurances annoying committed partorisca do me the desire had paid bit it more. Well: Quality Ultrabook factor of form with 16GB RAM and disk. Calm can not take these specs partorisca less than $ 1500 in the comparable quality Ultrabook. Bad: (1) the Legislation of on duty tone is the joke - has measured included likes to regulate key - I raisin the half my time with typos like the result. (2) Keypad in a Touchpad is the joke - entirely unusable partorisca the typist partorisca touch and frequently takes turned on accidentally when it calms does not love it . (3) Touchpad Is amiably sensitive but terrible roughly tap-clicking - a lot of inconsistent. (4) USB C port is the joke - can not being able to a car and calm tin a lot of discharges the USB C his monitor. I have bought this for use of house but have the MacBook Pro and the work Dell Latitude 5290 for comparison. A Dell USB C port in fact works for both power and monitor (so only like a MacBook). And a Dell touchpad click to touch consistently, although no quite like this sensitive in general. Also it remarks that although the amazon has said, a Zenbook 13 is Intel integrated map, any Nvidia. So only a big more Zenbooks active Nvidia.
4 / 5 Ava
Ossia Mine 6th ASUS in some last 10 years so the supposition concealed calm to say you that they are the defender .

When it Comes to form factor and configuration of hardware, thinks ASUS Zenbooks resupplies a better value for hands of money down.

This has said, this model are ALMOST adds, but the slightly short falls. These are some reason reasons:

1. Trackpad No smoothly and freezings from time to time. Any enough to affect use, but enough to be a bit annoying. 2 And 3 gestures of toe also a lot like this of confidence (works 85 of a time) like the leading models have possessed. Utilisation the BT smiled as not to affect me so personally, but still...

2. Life of the battery is not like this as well as it has announced. It say around 6-8 hours to use any heavy (browser, more than Office of the LADY 1-2 more the programs that career a same time).

3. The looks of defender to maintain that it turns on and has gone for any apparent reason, without changing/inaugural additional programs. Any audible during a day but at night when I am doing in a bed, this can be I quite annoying.

4. In of the leading models, some RIGHT/LEFTS/ON/DOWN the tones fold like this WELL/of PP/of HOUSE ON/PP DOWN tones with a FN tone. These have done utmost when using keystrokes to explore/navigation (as emotional among tabs, that goes to top of a page) and when using produced of Office (as emotional among Excel tabs, or that goes to an end of paragraphs/of sentences in Word etc.). In this model, an END of PP/of SAME/HOUSE ON/PP DOWN the tones are moved now the F9-F12. This no any sense. Now I owe that move my toes all a way to a cup of a keyboard to achieve them, which retard me down and attack a purpose to use keystrokes to augment productivity. Like the heavy user of spreadsheets and editors of text, this really irked me.

ASUS - BECAUSE TRANSMISSIONS A GOOD THING??? Especially when a SINISTER/LEGISLATION/ON/DOWN the tones plough any paired with any additional useful functions??? Ossia Besides stupid!

Creates the majority of some subjects has mentioned can be fixed with the BIOS update. Like this ASUS, is reading this, PLEASE PUBLISH An UP TO DATE BIOS And FIX THESE QUESTIONS!!!

And if a BIOS the update can spend a FN+ FINES/of PP/of HOUSE ON/PP DOWN behind down to where has used to be (SINISTER/LEGISLATIONS/ON/DOWN ), concealed would be has appreciated a lot.
4 / 5 So
Has possessed a lot of Asus portable, I like a mark in general. I think that that they can do portable of qualities. This a, this in spite of, has left the plot to be wished...

Although there is flashy characteristic technological new like a touchpad like folds like the screen, has loved the touch-screen a lot mroe that the touch-portable of screen that really is not very functional.

A specs is surprising, but reason any one an exposure goes brigher in of the terms of global nits of brightness? Neither it is the touch -screen, which almost would owe that be compulsory for the laptop in late 2019. A specs is something to write home roughly, but a life of battery is average, and was that it has to that take one uploads more the time that liked.

Another question with this laptop was some speakers. My telephone is stronger that this laptop. It can not believe the one who calm the one of fact was. Reason build the laptop and comprise speakers that does not go to do well at all? Hardly it can listen anything, and is remained taking auricular every time so only to listen video. Gone in Asus, is better that this

But a worse characteristic of this laptop has had to be a keyboard. Reason build the laptop of quality with such the tiny keyboard, with the tones there is spaced like this together together, and the global use of a keyboard was almost impossible to write the long documents of my toes have had to be cramped like this together together, doing the effective document that modifies and writing such cry it that with which several months has has had to that the turn.

Has bought now a HP Spectre 360, the laptop that extends the keyboard accross a whole inferior half of a laptop, comprise it touchscreen that toes 360, the battery that curve that a Asus , specs in pair to compete with this Asus portable, and reward it down that of this asus computer. It is all has loved this Asus portable to be, and all have to that it has been, so only very better. Strong speakers, screen to touch, brilliant exposure, comfortable keyboard, drop to start with prize, and characteristic by heart impressive likes Intel Optane. It takes lucky buying it on Cyber Monday, reason now is more than this laptop, but still value he. Has a same impression also.

Sad Asus, but precise give a no your game up wants to compete today when other companies are producing joins of cars on your capacities for prizes down yours. The laptops today deserve to have keyboards that read, speakers that is stronger that telephone, and screens that impresses, especially with specs like one some comprise in yours portable. It was well to have a real HDMI port, but will take my ray and USB-C touching in this anyday. And I will lose your quota touchpad, but mine touchscreen and that the pen has comprised the fact the memory to erase quickly
5 / 5 Ilse
A computer has the definition of screen adds and is very fast. A keyboard is comfortable to write, a so only annoy in him for me is a tone to turn minorada in a legislation. A measure is perfect for mobility and in general am very satisfied.
That would owe that improve:
- use the in the soft surface that takes very hot! I imagine it lame hot in other situations also.
- A tampon of the clue sometimes is not a lot of responsive.
-Your toe takes everywhere in a shell of computer. Need roughly different finishing.
Still although those disappoint me bit it still has not been has had to that spend 40 more in the Dell XPS. It likes profit of the side for me are adds.
5 / 5 Sasha
Ossia A second time am using a Asus, but among a prime minister one which has not been memorable and this, can any one and shouldnt begin to compare.
This this in spite of, has to be mine 20th laptop. My PC of prime minister has been gone in 2008. I have it quell'has preferred always 13 thumbs, anything concealed is slender and light.
This of all some laptops have used it is a better. It is a fast plus . Has a screen a wide plus. It is facial recognition is perfect. The connection of coverage is perfect. It has dipped this side for side with my leading laptop and HP book of Elite and same when I owe that troubleshoot constantly for widlfi the connection has does not have does like this once in mine Zenbook. A life of battery is 5 hours that is a lot enough for me. One touches of the intelligence cushions which is the first characteristic for me still leaves me all wide eyed. I want to, amour, amour my creature but is not to touch the screen and I find that very odd.
5 / 5 Merle
Has update 12/30/2019: One smiles trackpad is absolutely unworkable. Any swipe or nudge causes a cursor to jump and an absence of the screen to touch the half has to that trust a trackpad or an external mouse. So much, I travesía with an external mouse and keyboard. I have informed this this in spite of has not seen an update that fixes this subject. Raisin in this model and look for something with the screen to touch and the feasible trackpad.
Has used this car almost daily for 60 days. Although a car is fast and light and a keyboard has adds feels, probably would not recommend it . A trackpad has the calculator that can be actuated to press an upper right corner. I have loved this idea when I ordered it, but if your toe persists in a tampon, converts to the calculator. They are a lot rid and has done this repeatedly. I have tried to close this was, has contacted support and am said that a characteristic of the calculator can not be deactivated. It uses a car with the separate mouse and often with the separate keyboard to avert that it clashes a calculator or a trackpad. It was possible to close of a trackpad altogether if a car there has been the screen to touch. Knowing that now it knows, would have opted for the car with the screen to touch and any characteristic of calculator.
5 / 5 Clarine
Has had this notebook for the month now. Visually Looks well although it is fingerprint fond. The looks to accelerate well although it has not been rid to heavy use. The sound is acceptable partorisca to notebook. The life of battery is well. Works of recognition of the expensive well.
My subject main with this notebook is his trackpad. His action is lousy, often not answering . When it is not uniform, a pressure has to that ask clicking differs in of the different zones, but generally there is not any comparison to the mine old macbook air. Such one characteristic of entity not doing well is very disappointing for any notebook, has left so only so that it is supposition to be the version of prize for Asus.
Another subject has with this Zenbook is an exposure, which has the down level of pair of brightness. It is not that those imports for me personally but is something really noticeable that it has to that be remarked.
4 / 5 Chere
Unfortunately in of the Manual shows that an USB C is compatible with HDMI and suddenly, there is remarked an USB C is not Exited of Image to sustain that it is the very bad thing for our business of then have two screen for each employee but this laptop have not sustained he in the so many can so only uses a screen. I some workaround to have two screen but are the unhappy dinner that an USB C is not compatible with Start of Image. A tampon of Mouse of screen to the touch is not a lot at all. Thee The quality of screen is surprising and a life of battery is a lot enough. Stray two stars for USB C incompatibilities and screen of Toneless Touch
4 / 5 Chanel
When it was voraciously looking for the laptop to spend with me on my travesías for my subject, has has loved the small more a concealed has not weighed the tonne. My old 17' was the good car and has been with me around a ball, this in spite of, is weighed enough and sometimes was in rucksack of mine (a lot of backaches)!

This one has arrived just in time for me to dip the few things on on he first leaving for 10 days. The better law that has anticipated. It is one the portable prime minister has had concealed has not had to be tethered to covers it. One uploads of battery is one has seen more in my investigation.

Has to that mention by all the world that is in plot of bang for such the small laptop. Almost like this to pill but packing to attack!
4 / 5 Caleb
I love this laptop. It is quite small to return in my rucksack, but still fast and quite powerful to do the work adds like the computer to house when plugged to the docking canal. If your main aims are accesses of internets , step of word and some light spreadsheet work, really can any gone bad with east. So only not to expect it to run graphic-intense games or digital step.
4 / 5 Lucie
Has has had requirements very concrete looked for in a ultrabook, a point a big plus that is to be able to run a Season Continuazione Creative and be comfortable spending with me on trip of work. It is perfect. A tampon to touch of the screen is odd and I only turns was, but has had this computer for roughly two month now and a screen is brilliant, a keyboard is comfortable, and is really fast. They are really, really pleased with this compraventa.

A note in a keyboard-- is small, but for any the one who has the habit to use keyboards any level, is quite easy to regulate to. An only thing that trip me on sometimes is one Deletes the key that is afterwards to a key to Be able to. I personally a lot never use a legislation of on duty key, as his measure does not annoy me .
4 / 5 Josiah
Portable really fast. Decent map (can touch your basic games any question) but hot taking. With the freshest laptop goes the I seldom sees it on 65C in full load. If you are trying to surrender you video with east in your lap expects to feel quite h0t. Excellent specs for 2019 and captivating quality of screen. To some questions:

A tone of tower that is short is a @@subject and require me to be mindful use a right turn but ossia a paid of prize for stimulating in compressing the laptop. Any all the companies will take it well.

Freezes a lot, a lot occasionally (Asus @@subject) as yes you are using this laptop for anything the critical mission would not take this for 100 consistency. It looks to spend in heavy load. Ossia, after all, the computer, and these glitches steps (but the common Asus gremlin 4 insurance).

To the webcam sucks, does not expect anything.

These issues the clave was mine in general in some questions that control this laptop behind, but all more is a lot well, experiences of big quality. Still that GOES recognition of face (any like this well likes iPhone this in spite of). It forms factor very small!

P.S Contests your friends 'whats a measure of screen in this laptop?'
4 / 5 Roma
Has thought has taken extracted to add but am discovering more and more shortcomings with this PC.
1) Overheats And in bylines down often when dipping in the flat surface and extending a monitor. ASUS Comprises a lot of mystery spyware east retards a PC. USB-C active port alt-way, accessories like this extra are required to press 2 external monitors. If or like one 13.1” ultraBook has measured then buys a ASUS 14. A viewable has measured of the screen is embroiders on board, likes 13 is measure smaller of the traditional 13; almost TOO SMALL. It have purchased the 14, has had I known. It is the good computer but am sad has paid this a lot of to having varied of entity shortcomings.
5 / 5 Latoria
I usually use big Dell Latitudes so much in work and house. I have loved the smallest laptop for travesía, especially in of the aeroplanes where can not use the mouse. My cursor of the tampon of the touch has been erratic of a start. I have thought at the beginning I practices have required so only, but has verified an on-line forum and has discovered that a subject goes back for years. The a lot of users are returned his portable the the multiple time and his cursors of the tampon of the touch remains erratic. They owe that use the mouse.
The multiple users in a forum have taken his laptops averts it. One there is remarked that when it take some pieces of tape in a fund of a tampon to touch, a subject has been he was. Another user has not taken so only averts a Asus, taking averts two other laptops the to compare some creations of some tampons to touch. It remarks that some another has had the tampon or shield under a tampon to touch to prevent both electrical interference and scrolling of heat.
Has called Asus sustain two times. A first time a rep there was update an engine. I have called for behind the half hour later when a cursor was like this erratic like this never. A second rep said that his system has not done and to call behind morning, or more go in-line the Asus On-line RMA (returns material permission).
This was a big plus Purchasing it deception in mine 20 years in business.
5 / 5 Brandie
Bought this to substitute my laptop to do that it has had to give behind. Beefy Little car that has a awesome backlight keyboard. A lot of speedy. So only with this the fingerprints is hard to clean without endeavour. Any big shot for me this in spite of.
5 / 5 Katelynn
Be my first time that takes the computer with this small form-factor. The law adds for me, although (a university student).

Are the student of postgrado . Every day, I create, it goes to do, then gone in the class. It is very easy to take this laptop with me everywhere. When I Take home it takes plugged to the monitor and USB hub to do like the desktop computer. A hard battery 7+ hours during a day, but begins with the compatible 8 hours ( has has had so only he for 4 month). This apparent deterioration is reason so only has taken 4 stars and any 5.

Action-wise, is perfect for multitasking and the software that develops. The tone still the little joins of legends in 60-70fps in mesos ( fight to run StarCraft in even some settings some low plus, this in spite of). Another small, games very intense is also runnable with settings of low map in a Intel UHD 620.

Global satisfies
4 / 5 Lory
has had ASUS portable in some pasts and has wanted to him. When My desk has had the legislation of first critical failure of the semester of work, has had to take the substitution asap. Ordered this ZenBook reason returns some specifications for my software of work and could be rid in time. It dips up it was quite easy, the fact adds at the beginning.

There went it 8 month then an exposure is start . So only the black screen. The external monitor remains black also. One of the his fijamente is 'go to settings and regulate XYZ', but can not take to the settings when it calms does not have any exposure. Another fijamente was 'go the BIOS and change XYZ' that again, can any one when it calms does not have any exposure. It is spent of the HOURS on control with ASUS, never spoken to the human. The on-line cat has tried that just advantages the FAQ but person to converse with. It is guaranteeed down to the equal that have tried to take a RMA, has said one was issued already to my number of serial. As I can not achieve any in a telephone, can not send he in still work of guarantee, can not contact on-line. Service of the client does not exist with ASUS.
5 / 5 January
Has researched for month and found this computer. Has the life of excellent battery has dipped a computer in conserving it way of battery. Any bloat ware that things of good mark and does not have to that clean out of the plot of junk. The keyboard takes some taking use to but improving. Any complaint like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook 15 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Tabitha
For a prize has paid, this laptop has not beaten can be. I have asked a Card of Tent of the Amazon while purchasing, which gave me the $ 40 credit of instant, further combative down a prize.

This laptop is small and thin for the 15.6' screen (access in mine 14' coverage of laptop), very clear (only 3.7 lbs), and fast (8 gene i5 and 8 GB RAM). As Another has said, an only downside is a lentil 5400 RPM 1 TB the walk takes. The tan Far like this goes, has the trick to take around the is planning installs a SSD. Alternatively, also I have the council is planning to the bond with a hard walk has comprised. Here they go it.

Is planning Update in a SSD walk and already has a SSD walk manually, then this to eschew some headaches of slow hard walk:
1. It shoes in a new laptop for one 1 times.
2. The while it conceal active Windows, does not connect in your WiFi.
3. After the windows fully begin up, installs software to clone of the disk (Macrium Reflects, Acronis, etc.) Of the walk to flash of the USB. The calm can not download a software to clone of the disk so that it has not connected in WiFi.
4. Closed down a laptop, opens it up, and install your SSD walk.
5. Tour in a laptop again. I use a software to clone of the disk to clone a walk takes in your SSD walk.
6. Tour of a laptop. To arrive to this point has the election. You can or boot in a BIOS to pose your new SSD walk like default walk to kick while maintaining an old hard walk installed, or only can take an old hard walk to oblige a laptop to kick of a new SSD.
7. Tour in a laptop and admires what awesomely hurriedly begins in a lightning hurriedly SSD! :-)
8. It opens At the end it can connect calm in your WiFi point and download of leaves of Windows and install all are updates and of the patches of security .

A reason recommends to do that the this is so that it does not want to leave the windows try to download and install the hundreds of MB are updates and patches while race of a slow dog 1 TB the walk takes. This would take the very very time, long time. And one of the hard walk be slow in 100% utilisation of disk for hours or of the days while it is trying to download and install all these updates of Windows. Like Other people have said, a laptop will look to freeze and when being unresponsive slope this time. But to update in a SSD walk before leaving a download of laptop and install updates of Windows, some fast SSD will do this process goes Much FASTER.

And my tip for these people that does not plan to install one SSD walk and only maintains to use a comprised 1 TB the walk takes:
1. Desprs Bounces in a laptop for one 1 times, active Windows, and connect in your WiFi.
2. Then it leaves a laptop on for the day or two and does not try for the use. Why? So that the people have said that it can take until 2 days for a laptop to download and install all some updates of Windows. Trying use he that hangs this time, with an utilisation to walk that it takes pegged in 100%, would be the exercise in frustration.
3. Then at the end, at the end some updates of Windows have been downloaded and installed, reboot a laptop and uses it so desire. A laptop would have to swift quite be now after an initial slowness of some updates. It enjoys!
4 / 5 Wilda
For $ 499 a laptop is the subject , but only would have to buy the plan attaches a SSD in the near future.
Otherwise Power very in fact enjoys some forces of this machine.
So data a $ 499 focuses of prize
+Clear device with small impression, far more portable that an usual 15.6 laptops
+IP Very well kills FHD poster, reflections of zeros, almost the clear zero bleeds, half brilliance. The calm can not find such exposure in laptops until $ 750
+A colour is the good ash and has not lived like revised for other users
+Excellent specs with pertinent upgradeability, ( hand m2 empty , can augment the memory compared in of the models with the modules soldered)
+fingerprint the sensor is accurate

-Any computer is 2017 would have to be shipped with a HDD. This HDD done a very slow machine,
Until a first round of boots/restarts and the updates are competed will think that the calm has bought the level of entrance celeron. A disk uploads full and can not give support, ( is well for tasks very basic but has not bought one 8250or for basic tasks).
-The keyboard is not that well, and is fallen that there is uneven uniformity in a press of button and trip, and to good sure some flex,
-button to be able in afterwards to delete button ? So well the change was while writing, (agreement of same button in a lot of laptops of factor of small form.
-Lock to cover them without the notification has directed, no so ready,

Opens a ssd breakings,
has taken the Crucial mx300 m.2 ssd Comes with m2 crews and hand acronis software to clone
patience of necessities of the Installation and some pertinent tools.
The 1.Carefully take all the rays that comprises one 2x down some tampons of back rubber
2. It takes the PLASTIC prying the tool or the thin electrical guitar elect and carefully promotes a coverage that begins approximations of verge one of some corners, does not use screwdriver or cutter, will break a plastic,
3. With a help of your plastic tool unclip one east an each a platic clips,
the 4.it take covered and install a m2 ssd (atasca down for crucial) any one quite extra to break in
5. It returns a coverage and all some rays (3 different types of rays)
6 can a device those presses constantly F2 to enter bios, voices that your ssd has been identified,
7 downloads a software to clone, acronis, macrium or another. It clones Some disks (automated any one to does not accuse)
8 enter bios (F2 and can) and select m2 like first device to kick
9 any problem with permission of windows, can dry a HDD saws 'disk managmenet
10 totally deletes all some partitions of old HDD use Diskpart applications for a line of order,

now has the machine of pertinent FAST with one extra 1TB walk of storage, is 5x fast in the nominal terms but he listen 50x the time the fast plus in reality.
5 / 5 Margene
That is to say an excellent product once attaches the solid of state walk. It recommends easterly one: Crucial MX300 275GB SATA M.2 (2280) Internal of Solid State Walk - CT275MX300SSD4

Some tips:

~Quan goes to attach it, the mark sure takes each what twelve rays in a backside. There is two down some side of feet by side of the screen. There is a ray that is significantly longer that an another. There is two exceptionally small rays, take where goes.

~Uses the electrical guitar chooses or cutter of thin putty in disengage each what so of some clips that winery a together case. You want to use some quite but no too quite (where would break some clips). It does not use anything metal.

~In disengage some clips would recommend to move in the left in of the rights.

~A Crucial hard walk comes with the nexus to download the version authorised of Acronis True Image, which the covers clone a walk to turn in a SSD. Also it has to it changes your bios to kick in a SSD.

~Formats a walk to turn after your cloning is achieved.
3 / 5 Kendal
Core 8 more Tard of generation i5 CPU
Room for increase of capacity: M.2 And Empty RAM SATA SSD void
Very touchpad

Low quality of tez of the half
the keyboard has flex
Any backlight in keyboard
the tone presses is too rigid in of the press. It can not be they are for toes
the ports of USB are also take to limit and unplug
Comes with HDD and this does this laptop very dulcemente
Quite 4 hours of stack
the interview and the inaugural case are too hard

This laptop would have to be sold with SSD. HDD This laptop very dulcemente. It contrasts of that, this CPU of the laptop is very powerful. I require to attach or substitute SSD in this laptop yes wants to take real potential of this laptop.

Has required to open a case to attach RAM or SSD. But Asus the engineers have designed a case and portable any one to be opened by users. There are a lot of inner cheats and outsides of laptop. If it falls this cheat easily can break your laptop. This laptop has a lot of plants to update. You can update RAM, attaches M.2 SATA SSD Or substitute HDD with 7mm SATA SSD. That is to say well. So that there is to plot of laptops that has any room for expansion. But this laptop has occasions of expansion. In one another hand, is not an easy task to open and substitute HDD. There are a lot of rays veiled in a coverage and interior of laptop. If you do not find to press and band veiled or the tension takes, easily can break your laptop. I do not comprise this class to draw. If you do not want people to update his portable why empty annex void. If you want people to update his portable why go them some few rays and deceives of mark in of the users in easily break his laptops. I have done the video quite so to open case, the rays veiled and substitute HDD with SSD. I have uploaded he in youtube.

The keyboard is not well. There is no backlight and the tones are also rigid. I create it is not they are to use this keyboard for the long time.

I Linux installed hardly took this laptop and this was the terrible deception. I can not kick Windows 10 again after installing Ubuntu linux. You would have to do the Windows of backup or do the USB of recovery before installing linux in this laptop. I owe Windows of download 10 of web of place of Microsoft and does the net installs. I have connected in wifi and update all the engine, everything does again comprising fingerprint with Windows 10.

Installed Ubuntu Linux 17.10 and 16.04. Linux IS mostly compatible with this laptop excepts reader of fingerprint. Volume quite 4 hours of stack runtime with linux. I have not tried still with Windows. Desprs Substituting HDD with SSD, stack runtime incresed besides or 5 hours less with linux.

This laptop identifies that X510UA in place of F510UA. Quan Record my laptop with his number of serial in Asus website, Asus the web of place aims this laptop what X510UA. There is not any page for Asus Vivobook F510UA portable in Asus website but has the page for Asus Vivobook X510UA. If it would like them the apresamientos of the engine or the information of product can inform in X510UA pages.

Has done the test of action with the video that edits softare. My anterior laptop has had core i5 3317Or CPU + 8 GB RAM + 240 GB SSD. The video that converts the process has taken 50 minutes with anterior laptop. The video that converts the process with to file of the video still has taken only 25 minutes with Asus Vivobook F510UA.

Substituted HDD with 240 GB 7mm SATA SSD. I can enjoy a real potential of this laptop. I advise any one installs M.2 SSD Or substitute HDD with SSD. But if you are not familiar with case of inaugural laptop, a lot he for you. You can break your laptop.

Has done 2 videos and I have uploaded he in youtube. You can look for he in youtube to find and the look:
1) Unboxing and first impressions
2) That to install 7mm SATA SSD
4 / 5 Graig
It take this laptop one has taken me the small to imagine out of a creation and disassembly of a back coverage. Careful Be with some bumper of the rubber there is 2 rays down. An empty M.2 it IS SATA 3 (Cheap Bastard) any NVMe. Careful When being that it inserts/inserts a SSD walk. One 6 pin is in a right side of a void. Some rays in a behind is different measures he so marks his where belonging. For the net installs, inducts a laptop with an original You and left register in Microsoft. Once it is register like the digital licence dried and install some creators of new calm FALL YOU. It does not use any acute metal to beg a pause of back coverage. I use the Crucial SSD and is doing excellent. I have posed a nexus. It pleases any mine my orthography does not give the human ff. Poses some beaks for each tea to verify a location and installation of a SSD. It enjoys Crucial MX300 275GB M.2 (2280) Internal of Solid State Walk - CT275MX300SSD4
1 / 5 Mindi
Update (after 11 month)
has lived with this laptop for almost the year after Asus has substituted a last motherboard year. I am now 20 days out of a guarantee of 1 expiration of years. Spent a morning these confrontations and gaze in the black screens that thinks, gad, behind going in Asus. To good sure rests out of easterly one want any class of action. It take this model so that there is the anterior model that served me well for the long time - add little Deep of the computer. These laws of the model the new plus like an old cart ails able in chug in the typical hill and is not the worthy successor.

Last year (after 3 month)
is Died suddenly, way of attack of the heart, after 3 month and no the backwards to be able to up. Any living sign. It IS in his road in Asus - the wait can repair but dread that will be to live with the $ 500 deception for the few years.

Still his better days has perceivable quirks:
1) one deletes the button is very afterwards in a button to be able
5 / 5 Soila
The better laptop can take for a prize. Any laptops with everything east has will cost among 650-750 dollars and they very included have each which that this laptop has to offer, in the first place is one the the daily computers so taking a Asus (upper 3 laptop of marks of consumer) in this prize with these specs is all precise to know for the buy. This laptop has to 15.6 Full inch HD (1920x1080) exposure, even so access in the 14 laptop of coverage of inch, concealed is awesome. One 8 core of gene i5-8250or is the scorching fast Am. Compared in last core of years i5-7200or, one 8250or has 4 cores/8 nuts in place of 2 cores/4 nuts and his global 56 percent quickly more. I will leave the habladura of numbers for them, in Geekbench 4.2 these marks of laptop 4000 in only core, 12,200 in fine core, and in 17,000 in computational using openCL. For those of you concealed has does not know that I am speaking enough, will do it easy to comprise, is HURRIEDLY! An exposure is brilliant, has some aims some white plus and a blacker black, contrast is excellent and some colours are point and averts. This computer also will touch each which excepts some games some new plus in full HD with ultra parameters, that is to say something concealed could find opposite in that some the descriptions have said in a core-i5-8250or, but the very done the game adds. A fingerprint the scanner is something seldom finds in sub 1,000 laptops of dollar and this some laws for the turn perfectly on, kicks above supremely hurriedly in a login the screen only presses your toe in a reader that is in an upper right of a trackpad and when says calm salvation your logged in. In general of a likely east that is to say a better dang yours the laptop sees to find in this prize and still in the, mention you included can attach the second M.2 sata III ssd and he using a Intel the technology will see a HDD and a ssd likes 1 walk and movement all your more used content in a ssd for fast access and uses a HDD for basic storage. I do not see a necessity in so that the already fell dang approximations so hurriedly like the plot of laptops with ssd is but concealed would accelerate it up even more. My only only complaint in this computer any problem me a lot of but problem regular users of this laptop and this are a fact this has to take calm of a whole fund of a laptop to access a HDD, to attach a Sr.2 sata III ssd, and to attach ram, this comprises to take of two back rubber feet to access low rays the. He no left that calm take you down although his very not taking and some feet of rubber the only clave retreated on.
5 / 5 Marian
Any sure why a type has given to 1 star when has any one has purchased included one, but the mine taken today. Has an IP protect, the life of stack is going strong, and any subjects of tampon of the touch. For $ 499, be able to you the did not beat it. It IS hurriedly for the that is to say, will burst in the small SSD for a Calm in some point possibly, but in any haste while it is not given me very lag or subjects still at all. Highly it recommends, it can not beat a prize!
PS A colour in some photos is darker that is to say in reality because of crappy has lit up, so again pays any attention in Bob with his 1 description of star in the laptop does not possess . It has attached another photo with some better lighting. It IS the portable ash , any black
4 / 5 Delicia
Supremely responsive
Prime Of Looks
quality of his Very

the Horrible keyboard flexes
A max brilliance of the screen is not very that shines
HDD in place of SSD
Any backlit keyboard
the Horrible light bleeds of an upper verge of a screen
Any ventilation at the bottom of laptop

Some looks of good laptop and one 8 Intel of gene the core is the action powerhouse.
An action in this laptop is afterwards in some $ 1,000+ laptops have used. The life of stack is quite 5 hours of clear to moderate use. A quality of his better east that more portable in this field of prize. A laptop is the small main that had expected and heavier concealed expected the to listen. In me those lights behind in the keyboard is the mark or pauses so that it can return a laptop even so (bought The reason could have it has sworn reads was backlit when experience he). In general, Sound the quite very looking portable that the low falls to listen truly first (backlit keyboard, screen of cheap quality, the keyboard flex). Even so, a raw action and prize more excellent that marks up for some failures, if you preoccupy you more in these appearances.
5 / 5 Clarisa
To well sure rob he in a prize and has bought these decrees.

The initial impression is that this thing is sper clear, almost 1/2 a weight of my Asus ux501vw but with some dimensions of same screen. The walk takes is slow and to good sure required to be substituted by a SSD. I have bought a M2 gene 3 SSD, but any access, looks that that is to say NVME. Also, you burst of a back coverage and has attached the 16gb clave in an empty void. My supposition is that this can handle 32gb, which the such the clothes.

The keyboard that is in firm and any flex, the screen is well for a field of prize. Life of the stack does not look for more when being that 5 hours, but and has expected concealed enters. Stack Uploads IS sper tiny and clear, which are an additional advantage against one 1 lb brick that has lug around with a ux501vw.

Word to warn, a back coverage is WHISTLES IT to take was, almost breaks a guarantee in that difficult was to take.

Edita: to sure retreat well he 32gb ram as it is that and installed last night and is running only sake. Also a m2 the void is nvme, and has ordered only a like my m2 gen3 ssd has not done because of a connector. If and can imagine it it was how to beaks of bond, and will do that shortly. That is to say the roads adds !
5 / 5 Winnie
This laptop has one of a worse TFT the poster has not seen never, there is literally any corners of pertinent viewing. You will take the sprain that looks directly on. A monitor was aforado bad with WAY too gamma, felizmente regulating this with the windows is trivial, will go back to in this way ' later on. Calm will not be able to use this monitor partorisca look film with the plot of dark scenes. If you are looking in a dead screen in some external regions of blacks will be distorted to LIGHT ash.

A keyboard is decent, one 10-key is quell'has bitten difficult with some tones a lot when being no a right measure in a side. A hasten of the key is tactile and usable and one feels is a lot enough to write invidente, which have to you does not have to that do of a keyboard is of tower-has lit.

A tampon the touch is well, is in fact bit it too sensitive, some corners some go down can be used like the keys but I a lot would prefer to to the physical keys like in of some current Lenovo portable the of mark. A tampon the touch has the fingerprint reader in an upper very corner to the equal that interferes with an operation of a tampon to touch but at least a fingerprint the reader is quickly!

Some speakers are complete rubbishes , has no semblance to the real sounds and the sounds likes him is listening to the cellphone speaker by means of the door of forest. They are entirely unusable for anything at all, does not buy this laptop enjoys touch anything in your speakers.

A webcam is usable, but is at all to write home roughly, capping is gone in 720p/30fps chairs like the pode-presentation of the point more than the video feeds in any cat of video. A sound is in a same likes quality of telephone. If calm cats of video frequently, find another laptop.

Has retreated The windows and is Way'. Windows Is pre-installed, has some of some later updates already he so that it was installed recently. It does not have any a lot of bloatware, but having Skype installed is too already. A 'type' of Windows that is call them installed is Way ' that is basically the closed down entirely restrictive version of Windows. You can you download very it included Chrome of a web has to that take he of a tent of Microsoft - Chrome when being one first application installs in any computer of Windows -. Have takes Way' almost immediately.

A laptop has 4Gb by heart a lot removable and 4Gb of replaceable memory that is a lot still although it is so only alone canal.

A laptop is fact of the plastic frame which in fact does not import , a reasonably light laptop, but gives it the economic experience. Opening a lid for example requires two hands or the technician, so much duquel is in fact a bit inconvenient.


A good: touch and tampon of Decent keyboard, quickly uploading web pages

likes of master the the PC to see Netflix/house of means comunicacionales without headphones, look to somewhere more. If it love the PC to see Wikipedia/informative then this will be decent but has portable more economic that it can do this better. If has the elegant IPS monitor, will hate this laptop. If calm included is thinking in gaming, a response is no.

Seeing like this the laptop has such has has limited uses with a horrible screen and of the speakers, can not give this laptop the better description that 3 stars. It is only purpose is to see web pages and caffè basic-work of tent.
5 / 5 Marcia
Honradamente, A laptop are adds! I have bought the 1x8GB box of ddr4 sodimm 2400mhz cl16 ram to upgrade a memory in a laptop of an original 8GB, and has done the fast discovery that a laptop comes with 4GB of RAM soldered to a motherboard, for this so only can substitute another clave of RAM in a space of RAM has populated that has the 4GB clave in him. Like this now I have 12GB of RAM in mine f512d ryzen model. Besides, a SSD ossia come comprised with my model has used Kingston 256GB SSD, that leaves an open space partorisca to 2.5 thumb Sata SSD or HDD. A life of hard battery roughly 2-3 hours in the prójimos-uploads full, and of my university classes require atleast the 1.5 hours of cariche for class, could dim down an exposure for less than use of battery and possibly a keyboard backlights, but would say that it is for the win any way. In general, a screen is IPS and beautiful, a whole system feels snappy and responsive, and can in fact run 3D applications on he without him bugging was like my last Samsung i3 laptop of 2013. Amur AMD New product lineup and expect that this help more looking to buy this laptop.

Sadly, my unit any last long. I have begun mine of only use 3-d softwares and new code IDE is for C++ and this blue thing-screened each one that 5 minutes or so many. Sometimes it was lucky and law amiably but so only today, a walk there is retarded down to the paralización next and so that the windows have tried to repair or reset he, only data. Now it bounces to a bios everytime without storage or boot-detection of a ssd. That the brilliant time for him to die. Also of for life of battery, turning of a keyboard backlighting litterally gave 9+ hours of life of battery. Sad to see go.
5 / 5 Assunta
A SSD and RAM is upgradeable but does not have any empty spaces for anything.
When Opening a chance there is no. of rays has hid
HAS the alone clave of DDR4 RAM
uses the PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
Pictured Is a upgraded SSD and RAM
4 / 5 Nerissa
looking for the laptop abordable adds that it can be used for school and personal use? Ossia A a . It takes it likes him he likes 4 days to solve in the portable to buy but I finally imagined out of this one would be it. There it has any a lot of youtube descriptions of video in this laptop but he well buy. Still if you are not going the university, ossia the laptop adds for personal use. A backlit the keyboards are the saver of life for use at night late. An only question (any one a laptop he) is windows 10, take the moment to install chrome reason so only leave to use browser of Flange of the Microsoft but I have imagined was to take chrome. If I need any help with east, just answered mine.
4 / 5 Idell
A quality of screen ruins this. The washed was and ash in each corner. Absolutely terrible
4 / 5 Dixie
has Received this and after using he for 2 days, was overheating and has had to turn in a very strong emergency defender, the screen has maintained to blink black during uses of day 1, to to the web of places like him linkedIn sound of facts of sure which are but has has had to that return it and a lot unsatisfied with east.
5 / 5 Hilda
Has bought this laptop for my woman, to substitute his old Core I5 desk. Ossia The glorious laptop , a lot quickly with his 5-core Ryzen processor. Swapped SSD With the 500GB and the memory has clashed to 16M and this thing is considerably faster. Also, this thing is not uploaded up with bloatware, as it runs a lot very well out of a box. I reimaged he with Win10 Pro in place of Home, for more than security. Bought the USB-C canal to jump to clean on bosses, has discovered that an USB-C port does not press external video. Be conscious of this feign use a port of USB for external video.
4 / 5 Deloras
Has looked for the laptop to substitute mine 8I behemoth. My criteria were: light, 8gb RAM, 64gb+ SSD, 1080p, with the plenary-sized HDMI port (any mini), Windows YOU. I have wanted to love it mostly for the web that explores, step of word, and some quite light gaming (modded Minecraft, Java version). After the month, am like this far satisfied with this computer for everything of these tasks.

In fact, surpass my expectations in of the considerations the gaming. I have expected that it was unable to run more than the pair of mods, but like this far is taken all have launched in him. Has no overclocked a processor (deliberately, in all the chance - perhaps windows he automatically now?), And like such am operating in a stock (I think).

Had concerned slightly roughly purchasing this because of some descriptions that commented in a quality of screen that/sees/corners. This in spite of, am happy to inform that I have not had any subjects with visibilities of screen or warped flanges. Perhaps they are simply plebian in my flavours, but looks a lot of mine.

Avenges with Windows 10 S, which certainly have not loved, but was perfectly easy to disable.

A backlit the keyboard is honradamente the lifesaver. It have not looked for specifically out of this characteristic, but is fantastic. It comes with diverse brightnesses in place of the toggle, which frankly is unnecessary reason one dipping a low plus is brilliant abundance . This in spite of, as mentioned in other descriptions, causes the significant swipe the life of battery (or he like this look).

A life of battery is my only quibble, but certainly, thinks that ossia mostly because of my use more than a schemes. Has multiple Chrome the tabs that career at all times, as well as Code of Visual Studio, and frequently Minecraft also. In this level of use, a hard battery in meso 2-3 hours. I do not have it timed this in spite of, so that it is simply a estimativa for my part.

In general, am much happier with this $ 300 laptop that was with my old laptop, which 8 years ago was two times a prize. Calm to good sure can find better action with the estimativa the big plus, but is tight on money, highly recommends this device.
5 / 5 Linn
Ossia The lustrous and modern laptop ! You grieve to take any endeavour to write. I really like a backlit keyboard as well as a keypad of number in a legislation. There is abundance of ports, HDMI and USB. A screen looks big for the compact laptop and a resolution is surprising. I do with the plot of the photos and they look absolutely add! I appreciate one 8 GB of RAM that marks that use Photoshop and other fast and effective programs. This car is quickly to turn on and looks to last the long time in the load of battery. It is very light and will be easy to travel with. I think that that ossia an excellent value! An only thing has had to take used to this that a key to be able to is in an upper right corner where the mine deletes the tone was in my old computer, as have has has had to that relearn a placing of some of some tones. Highly it recommends this computer!
5 / 5 Micheal
These products looked the subject ...
(Ryzen 5 3500Or, 8gb model)

RODEO (2400mhz short RAM so only 800mhz of one uploads At all times) (ONLY 1 SPACE of RAM)


First first things...

has Announced in 2400mhz: with descriptions, descriptions, and the answered concealed is misleading. First what partorisca know: partorisca contact ASUS, has two possible motherboard configurations: one with 4gb of RAM soldered paired with the 4gb SODIMM, and the configuration without onboard RAM, and a 8gb SODIMM. I have bought a clave of extra RAM while it augments until 12 GB only to discover has had a configuration of MB ANY ONE has SPOKEN ROUGHLY.
To the equal that can imagine, as they are roughly partorisca add this sweet 8gb clave: there have it already so only the only 8gb clave in an empty that does a upgrade redundant.

After, has decided to install CPU-Z partorisca see the one who some controls on was. There is remarked a laptop was bit it slower that has expected partorisca a specs when it was not in one load, and to the left is partorisca be advance here an only reason any one BUYS the laptop is partorisca use in of the portable situations for this an expectation of the full action out of one covers. In all the chance, partorisca install CPU-Z I there is remarked the few things were in a RAM. In the first place it was, you run in the native 1866mhz when plugged in UNTIL CALM something concealed requires an extra push, in that time some ramps of RAM until some have announced 2400mhz. Secondly, I have verified with a cord unplugged to discover a RAM has run in an ATROCIOUS 800mhz. A ASUS the spokesman has said to be a characteristic expected and no the defect.
The one who things of worse frames: it is the one who read of forms of the RAM. An only SODIMM draws such the small quantity to be able to, that revving he down to the equivalent to accelerate to this of the mid-tier DDR2 the form is unacceptable! So only another implementation of factory of the throttling method to force people those who take his PC for the @@subject to complain that he a right decision.

To do the WORSE SAME subjects: this model instruments with the Ryzen 5 CPU. That is bad with that? That is bad with that is this: Ryzen CPU is for creation, is relatively addicted in a onboard RAM. MEANING: RAM Slower = Worse CPU action.
Like this, RAM that extracted in 1/3 of a speed has announced, (2400mhz is A lot so only for RAM in a first place) the space of alone RAM without option for dual canal, and the CPU that will treat slower like the result done this PC extracted in 150-$ 200 row when out of one load.


A a more= A good screen-the-proportion of organism.
4 / 5 Jennette
The screen is not a better but still feasible and understandable in this point of prize. But this laptop takes filtered on looking for while looking for USB-C connectivity, which in my opinion is the way adds to reduce the boss clutters and to partner of inconvenience with maintaining chargers and bosses of exposure. But this laptop does not offer any of these functions by means of USB-C. While it is a point of advertising and having USB-C.
4 / 5 Elliott
Good computer for a money. This in spite of l has sent an email to ASUS asking in maximum upgrade for ram and has had the something for an addition of hard walk. I have been said that could be upgraded to 12GB and has the empty to install an additional 4GB. If l has loved the main hard walk l would owe that substitute a an at present installed. As you can see for some photos there is any one empty to add RAM but has the space for an additional hard walk. Included looking on a specs calm on-line is quotes wrong information. It had rid that to some the Filippine and does not go to pay for the send behind. It is the good computer for a prize, my subject real was with ASUS not even when being able to resupply attentive information to upgrade. Something say probably has been able to be upgraded to 16 but has to that substitute an at present installed RAM.
5 / 5 Wanetta
The global description is that this laptop is a lot I this in spite of has some subjects with him. I will be to use this plus or less for pupil and web surfing here and there. To Any well would like has to that of the pocolos play.

When I have bought this has bought also the extra 8 gb ram. Looking in some descriptions and of the pictures, the majority says that that has an extra space for another ram. This no. of particular model If investigations in some descriptions, there are some questions concealed is answered for ASUS Support and one this says 'this unit can sustain it max of 16 GB of RAM. Has 2 space, 1 installed with 8 GB of RAM and 1 spaces to the left have opened for some additional 8 GB.' Mina no. that Looks in a ASUS put web, a specs said '4 GB DDR4 2400MHz SDRAM Onboard memory, 1 x LIKE THIS-DIMM socket for expansion, until 12 GB SDRAM'. Here it is an allocution : asus(point)with/in the/Laptop/ASUS-VivoBook-15-F512DA/the specifications/ a lot fully trust some responses of description. Taking with the grain of rooms and look in a real website for a model specs.

Screen brightness could be better. In a dipping a brilliant plus while plugged in, estimates it the 6. It has been expecting it 8 at most.

Life of battery to the equal that to write is, 8-17-2019 12:00pm, has said 7.5 hrs in 83 battery. Probably a lot attentive but looks to be that they well like this far and to the equal that says more the harvest enough will be used for pupil and web surfing.
4 / 5 Melanie
When you Look for the laptop has not been critic of descriptions because I did not think it imported but when I have seen some descriptions thus portable have taken concerned in cost of mine. I go to dip a record directly of the like this product is in fact likes: well and bad.

Ossia A sincere and critical description of a ASUS VivoBook 15 of a perspective of any the one who uses this laptop for coding and production (NOTE: I have it quell'has used so only this laptop for the week).

CPU - Well. A lot seldom it remarks drops/of action of the quality. He his does.

PAPER of GRAPHIC - Ossia where can not help calm with this concrete system. It does not use he for his capacities of maps. But you would have to that know that you are looking in this computer for gaming, does not buy it . Buy the specifically drawn system for gaming. Although it costs more.

STORAGE - For me, is perfectly well. But you would have to that take five minutes and Google a measure of gigabytes and a difference among hard walks and SSDs and all concealed to decide that requires. But if any one operates with whole database, a incumplimiento the storage will do so only well.

Has SEEN of BATTERY - Any sake. In fact, quite abysmal. If it run the in a big plus of the his four incumplimiento the ways of life of the battery are looking in.. One and the half hours perhaps? But it run the in a way of saver of the battery, easily can take five hours. NOTE: One load is a lot light and compact, as touching in a gone is not hard.

SCREEN- Depends. If calm the in the plenary brightness is beautiful. The utmost looks. But down brightness, the bondadoso of the bad looks. No the bad this in spite of, as you would owe that be well.

AESTHETIC - A++. The looks that surprised, is compact and a built-in the no taken stand was anything of the normal laptop. They are personally be he has concerned that it does not return in lap of mine, but is perfectly well. A measure is not too big, no too small.

In general, absolutely love this thing. It is perfect for students those who are in the estimativa but loves something concealed to operate and the looks adds. I have seen something roughly soyacBook vibes' and agreement. If has a thing to take out of this ATTENTIVE description, is that ossia a better calm laptop can buy for $ 500.
5 / 5 Milly
This computer is excellent for basic tasks. It whitewashes On enough quickly. It is a lot compact. It is in general quite light.

A fingerprint the sensor is also good to register in with.

A screen is 1080P how is sufficient for more for the basic laptop.

A 8GB of the ram is sufficient for basic computer. I3 The processor is that it suffices also. Lame 128GB of spatial of hard walk. Always I can develop with the flash walk.

Has taken personally this out of S Way. It likes- one experience of full windows.

HAS the backlight keyboard with dark rooms. A speed to touch is quite quickly also.

HAS the multiple ports that comprises USB C. Any one walks of disk how is the tendency further of computer of today.

For a prize has paid ossia the unit adds . It was in my row of prize. How it is a perfect access . But to good sure maintain an eye was for a better prize is.

Marie on the dot, am a lot happy with this car.
5 / 5 Hershel
Almost the week with which have purchased a ASUS VivoBook 15, I posted the negative critique. My flus: resolution of terrible screen, slow step, his poor, a sensibility of a keyboard, and other subjects. ASUS Has answered t an effect that was 'gutted' for negative critiques, and has taken my estaca down (I hardly ever do negative critiques, but the supposition has to that for a community of Amazon). I have learnt as to treat this clunky, poorlt has manufactured car. Today, on almost an anniversary of a month of cost of mine of this device, some turns of screen was automatically when any one connected to be able to, and comprise on-line investigations that ossia he recurring question with ASUS, so that ASUS apparently can not resupply assistance of clients with. Time to take negative (again). Please save you a misery (and money) to purchase this for real inferior product. I purchased it to substitute an Apple MacBook, reason have wanted to Windows. The desire has not had never. It likes me to him the turn this junk behind in to see yes can take guaranteeed in the, but could be satisfied more launching a device of the reef.
5 / 5 Isaura
There is disappointed that with which a lot of investigation and the questions have asked, a 256gb SSD the version of model comes a lot different that a 128GB 1TB HDD model. The reason so only when be having 1 dual row space for RAM in a 256GB SSD Model capping this device to only 16GB of Ram max capacity where like this another says his upgradable to 32GB with the Dual space has opened. Wished more the information has been resupplied in this product for a consumer for ASUS and vendor. Although it is alike, is not identical. A F512DA looks to be less upgradable friendly that a F510ua model. If Asus will take for behind his 8gb clave by heart and resupply me in 16GB in meso a side felizmente will give 5 stars, otherwise one loves upgrade his memory of ram, will remain with an extra clave of ram like the weight of paper.
4 / 5 Johnie
Compraventa Terrible. Any one usually this critical but am very surprised that ossia included the real product and that the costruttore included can spend this like able to sell. It has taken 3 times to so only take spent a neighbour on, has maintained to take to the reset frozen and have he. The screen was blurry and has had the odd glare. To to Appearance likes goes to break in in any one for the moment. Poor product.
5 / 5 Mackenzie
While Asus is not like this to to the friendly user likes of some other big names, there is rid always action for me. I so only upgraded of an old vivobook, roughly 3 years, and has to say it was a lot of value a wait. First for a bad. I have found some subjects of update and the few conflicts, but after the bit of investigation was able to fix everything of these without @@subject further. This process taken perhaps the hours of pair. After ,this car there is for real result the beast of estimativa. This car is more than able or some mid row gaming or the video that modifies. I will be to use this beauty to take my blog of an earth and the use likes the portable desk. I can not speak in a life of battery to the equal that feign the maintain plugged at most time. A screen for a money is brilliant, vivid and involving. The sound is clear and precise. Nothing special, but certainly any one the negative. Highly it suggest this computer on anything in his row of prize, as well as a lot on.
5 / 5 Ethyl
The screen was beautiful, but there has been flickering. Also, the updates have not been possible partorisca some reason.
4 / 5 Trisha
Originally has bought this computer with some intentions partorisca program in some gone.

Has left is partorisca take a bad out of a first way. This laptop is not drawn, neither announced partorisca gaming for any piece. You will be able to escape with some games some old plus but forget taking reasonable action in of the levels of reasonable map on anything more modern. We are speaking so only you grieve partorisca take 60fps in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy in 720p, map lower preset. But ossia impressive for any when being any he gaming portable. So only maintain your on-line expectations.

A good: This thing is blitzing fast in practically each one another consideration. Ossia Where a SSD and CPU really take phase of centre. Everything is incredibly responsive and installs is a lot painless. The global use there have been forgetting has not been in mine desk in time, as it gives this the laptop the solid One+ in this consideration. The times of boot are damn next instant and restarting to finalise to install the applications spends downwards 10 seconds.

The life of battery there is still to be tried a lot well so it can not comment too much in this just still. I will update when I take more use out of a battery but of one taking goes, looks enough regulate.

The quality of screen is again very regular. It is not that it wins any one concurrí of beauty have compared to the decent ISP poster but again, is not announcing he so that be anything spectacular in this consideration. You take that paid for and with this laptop, is paying for a SSD/CPU action that the absolutely nails.

Way: absolutely I love a way these looks of laptop. It is cleaned, lustrous, and professional. At all in an upper but does not look or feel economic. The quality of build is very solid. Obviously it is no MacBook in of the terms of qualities of build but is also less than half a prize of the MacBook like this again, take which pays stops.

Sidenotes: My first unit there has been a defect of odd manufacture in a screen; An aim blotch this was so only visible under sure conditions, specifically on to to the muddiest colours like him the shadows of aims, darknesses blues, etc. incredibly distract but has contacted Amazon the one who is remained in a line with me while we break possible solutions with ASUS and finally resulted in the amazon that send the unit of substitution less than two days. A new unit has any of these subjects and looks to be exactly that looked for in a first place. Like this well in both ASUS to do the decent laptop and Amazon for honoring a transmission.
5 / 5 Jamar
A dilemma was.... Woman in Nursing school. It gives the thanks to the god is concealed and no the class of computer. When I have said that need the laptop, has said well is so only for the light school work so only goes grab one of those. 'Economic' some. It likes me the good husband has to that. Listened. Well any one a semester in and is them spent the few days that read in laptops until my eyes bled. I have landed in this one for the good university laptop in the good prize. I shouldnt has to that say that I have been concerned to say a less. An user is the user that does not know that memory or the space of disk is. To the left so only like this to maintain a laptop that the strong careers. With east says has taken a jump. Pay was. That the laptop adds. Powerful. Fast, lustrous. The battery adds. You recommend.
4 / 5 Mayra
Works of laptop well, but a light of keyboard is turning on for mine!
4 / 5 Alphonso
Has bought the new mark, arrived and when plugged in and has turned on, the screen has had the something brilliant. He maintaining has the second something brilliant- both something is taking more brilliant and extending, and a computer is glitchy. To the amazon gave 100- was, has not been the defender to exchange... As I have bought it POS computer for 400- with which discounts of 100- and now is doing bad... Riiiiight. No a service of better client is one. I am not very happy. They are the mother of 40 years behind in university of full time. Any one has touched a screen. SO ONLY you take rid yesterday in 215pm... It has been not even 24 hours. Ossia Terrible.
5 / 5 Talia
Has known to purchase a laptop would require to do immediate upgrades. I have not required to to a better processor likes him to him all my work is done on-line, but opens email and of the multiple taps all day long. I have added 8 gb RAM and 500 gb SSD, which would have to be abundance for me, like this in general $ 80 in upgrades this adds to a cost of a laptop. Still more economic that the laptop of the strongest processor that would pay $ 100+ more paralización this in spite of arrival upgrading memory and storage. The time of boot is quickly of lightning and like this far all answer like this has to that during work. Upgrading Was súper easy. There is the space for an extra of hard walk, but any connector or caddy like this those will have to that be purchased for separate, adding in 20 to a cost. If has the hard time that finds a right connector and caddy to return, has purchased one which has finalised to return well but some rays are loose that resists a walk to a caddy and is holding of embrague only he in place in a space of empty hard walk. It is the tight access very how is well for my use, which is mostly laws in home, a lot seldom that takes my laptop out of a house the law was. In general I am spent around $ 450 for the decent processor and abundance by heart and storage.

Am not sure like a do one in the real world-wide setting. It is a lot home where can maintain it angled correctly in my office, a keyboard has the well seat his, any cramped and am paste to some right tones likes him the creation is that I earth in mine Logitech keyboard of house. The mouse cushions like this far is responsive, which can be the question in the majority of mine portable leading. It Likes him a fingerprint of reader, which does to start with on that much faster. Easy to change out of S Way. I have used last night of one uploads for some first time and I have forgotten to verify a time in a battery, but has not been impressive. A laptop is good and light as spending it my stock exchange of the laptop would not owe that be heavy.

In general am happy with cost of mine and would recommend this laptop with a upgrades there is remarked on. You do not recommend unless you are planning in upgrading. Law well before a SSD upgrade (upgraded right by heart out of a box), but once begin saving anything calms quickly run out of the room that leaves any room for provisional files in your primary walk. In one a lot of calm less will require to add the 250 GB strolls yes wants to store anything in your hard walk.
5 / 5 Nathanael
There is so only had/used this laptop for the day like this far. The the decent quantity of the video that modifies and 3D @@@modeling so he yours to that, this description is for you.

A life of the battery in this computer is decent. When you Are by train for the use Strongly, for example, the video that modifies and @@@modeling (I cinema of use 4d and premiere pro), a life of the battery is not orders. You will take roughly 2-4 hours with this computer without him when being plugged in.

Accuracy of the colour is not to order, but is not bad.

A computer is extremely quickly for his prize. A fingerprint the sensor is the very good characteristic . They are still to do the heavy video that modifies in premiere but when it opens on, is quickly.

Has used to use it Toshiba Satellite for 3D @@@modeling. Each frame would take around 1 minute with to plot of detail. Using a same scene esatta in this computer, is now down to 20 seconds the frame. ( It looks the moment but really is not )

In general am loving this laptop. As it say it that it go it so only my first day, but like this far like this good.
Will add to this the like this continuous use more this laptop.

Update: A past month has used this laptop stirs it. For the video that modifies, is quite good. Premiere Pro 2019 careers a lot easily in this laptop and can do a bit quite hefty modifying. With which effects 2020 also adds but when you love touch for behind your video, does not act. Cinema 4D continuous do adds with a lot of rendering time. If it love game, does not recommend this laptop. Another it Minecraft Edition of Windows, any a lot of game will run well.
5 / 5 Rueben
Has had a ASUS Vidbook with Intel core i3 (a lot this look of descriptions to have AMD chips also) for only the week now but am very impressed. To the as it likes me of first.
Pro Is:
1. It likes- one screen. I have seen it revises it conceal it says that a screen is basically rubbishes. Well a model has are to add so that I want to. I have possessed anywhere of 8 to 10 laptops the in my life of Dell the Sony and I like a screen in a ASUS. Mainly because of a fact is not brilliant too saturated. His plus of the to the soft natural sunlight almost likes read the piece of paper vs that shines blues this gives headaches and eyestrain.
2. I really like a keyboard like this far (any insurance to the equal that resists up with time) the shots Keys are easy and one rear that the lights is in his point.
3. It is quickly so that I am doing. The load on the speed is sum, does not have any one a lot if any bloat ware to treat the one who the ees found in Dell and other computers. They are mainly surfing a coverage, streaming video, creating presentations of point of the can etc...
4. One of the some main things likes them on this computer is that it is light weight especially in a prize, yours taking the relatively light weight computer with the measure quite regulate keyboard and screen without paying prize of Apple.

1. It is hard to think of some with east but one east that a computer comes with Microsoft 10S, which is easy to the turn is gone in 10 House, using instructions to do like this.
2. A life of the battery is not a More adds them to consider am not gaming. Say yours taking roughly 6 to 7 hours for simple computing. They are sure he is well but imagine to be a lot of be 8 to 10 hours, but in this prize can there is not everything.

In general highly would recommend this computer for a prize, look, and feel. Has everything would require for pupil, travels more business and daily house in the good prize.
4 / 5 Stanton
Has bought this like the present for my niece. My only complaint is a keyboard . Some tones are not utmost, but all more in this laptop is dopes. It likes so that it consider partorisca of the mine portable of next substitution.
4 / 5 Todd
A F512DA (specifying this, reason to the amazon tends to randomly group this product with other laptops the) is the decent laptop for $ 550. Nizza For productivity and can run games a lot demanding.
Some looks of processor to run slightly hotter that intels i5 (8250), like this usually can listen a noise of defender during workloads in it i5 the calm rests. The wise map vega 8 is quell'has bitten better that comparable intel UHD620.
Beats upgrade a RAM and a HD is one, but of then he donsn't has an extra space for any of those, would have to so only substitute one that exists one.
Also, something finds odd roughly to the amazon is that this product has been grouped with F510UA, when I bought it (one is to good sure any one the slightly different version of this laptop) and now is grouped with some another laptop that to good sure is not one same, as it pays attention to the model each description is speaking roughly.
5 / 5 Yulanda
Ossia Another of the long line of laptops of qualities that Asus the offers in the prize have reduced to satisfy your pocketbook as well as extracted like the field. Ossia The no touchscreen the model instrumented with 8GB of Ram, 256GB SSD walk and a star partorisca locate of CPU is a AMD Ryzen 5 quad core. A portable prime minister has purchased with the Ryzen Cpu has not treated well but has researched a new generation of AMD Cpu is and his all has tried favorably has compared to a new i5 8th/9th gene Intel Cpus to the equal that has wanted to give it another test. Needless To say this laptop there is not disappointed. It can manage multiple tasks, can have mulitple the open browsers, the email that careers, yours refuse continuazione, more yours anti-virus(all the resource that elements of questions) and works like the big end i7 quad core cpu. But one the majority of attractive characteristic was a prize ! It has it that gives 5 stars because for an economic model basically was can treat models of main finals.
4 / 5 Lanie
Amazing specs for prize. Ryzan 5 3500 core will manage all my needs, comprising step of document, management of file, downloads of file, productivity, random use. Any gaming for me like this any commentary in a AMD Vega 8 VGA. The only flu is an a lot of-monitor of known poor quality. I have decided to install the Linux Ubuntu called Elementary directly out of a box. It has Had it subjects with a resolution that was able to fix street GRUB config modifying. It has continued it subjects without brightness control, but knew it would not be perfect with an after-build of Linux of the phase in of the developers of phases of the beta. Another concealed it: it whitewashes rear!
5 / 5 Megan
Very good and excellent prize with this paid Portable that occupies so only has two points against that the prime minister is the battery that my hard flavour very little although it depends enough of the use that gives the another is the little storage in the hard box like any one can install the a lot of things in this chance recommend that complete with an outside... But for the mine is a very good Laptop
5 / 5 James
has any SATA space in a notebook. Any after-service of the sales of Amazon is resupplied, has been said that requires to find a costruttore directly for reparation.
5 / 5 Micheline
An absolute more buy for the laptop on Amazon a fingerprint the reader for fast access is bronze adds perfectly Asus in fact the a lot of years has done some joints for a lot of companies of computers this combination of a Asus VivoBook with a ryzen 5 processor and the paper of map is the powerful combination are a manager of project for the big company I highly recommend this calm product will not be disappointed but please be advised does not come with the type of DVD of CD ROM the reader but concealed would not owe that be any type to treat-breaker
4 / 5 Larita
Where to start with this description.. Im A desquels requires to research to to the cost likes them to them the sound a last an ailing mark never. So with which 3 month that looks for on-line, ossia a calm more can choose for a prize.

- Slender And light.
- Asus Mark recognizance
- the keyboard is backlit
- the keyboard that writes the corner is fantastic
- that Touches the brick is like this small like him cellphone load.
- Ryzen 5 increases to a challenge and short smoothly
- the laptop is lighting fast.

- Asus bloatware Installed is rubbishes. Especially McAfee software.
- The action of battery is configured for gaming action in place of life of battery.

To those reading this description. Really calm can any gone bad is looking for daily laptop.

Will update something comes up.
5 / 5 Marylin
Taken a ryzen 5 - 256 and swapped out of a removable 4GB paper of ram with the 16GB paper of ram for the total of 20GB and a computer are adds. Starts up and registers in interior 5 seconds, everything is responsive, and functions as it has announced. An only gaming is Warcraft 3 Reforged and cut perfectly with all the settings in big. A resolution is quality , this in spite of been due to a Anti-characteristic of Glare, a screen so only takes concealed' those shines, but to spare for daylight. Brightness Is not like this powerful in saying it MacBook with exposure of retina, but ossia really my only compaint. The hard battery around 10 hours with keyboard backlight has turned was and brightness mid level.

This computer has been on sale for $ 450 when I bought it, and in general, is an incredible prize so that takings. A RAM upgrade was $ 20 and has taken so only 5 minutes. I weigh it and to the ergonomics is sum also. If you are looking for the moderate preforming portable with still portability all the purpose, to good sure would suggest east a.
4 / 5 Tracey
Has not done well out of a box. This is not the question with this laptop, this in spite of. It is the question with Windows 10, and affects multiple users:

has taken stuck in the blue screen during some initial Windows 10-S configuration. To take around the this, does not establish a connection of Internet while configuring Windows 10-S. Skip That the no. selects ' does not have a connection of Internet.' You save the massive headache. Place on your connection of the internet after the Windows has finalised dipping up.

Is stuck in this screen, and can not go back to a step of configuration of the Internet, can down yours to issue and restart a laptop (control a key of power for 5 seconds, attended 10 seconds, power in a laptop). It restart a Windows 10-S configuration of a start, and with one issues was, can select 'does not have a connection of Internet' in this step.

Windows 10-S is also a terrible proprietary disorder. Not to leave you download or install the programs require for some reason, rendering an integer YOU absolutely worthless. It is a obnoxious Apple of uses of enclosed ecosystem, but on hardware sorely that lacking of an engineering of Apple that mark a like this advantageous ecosystem. Felizmente A laptop left to install the pertinent version of Windows for free by means of a tent of Microsoft, only deductions of the smallest point for so only when being the hassle, and not requiring a compraventa additional.

A screen is in those attended of the most economic laptop. At all elegant. Certainly a lot something for half comunicacionales optimum or gaming experience. It chooses on a lot of glare, turn significantly when seen in closing of light corners, some usual subjects. Points of prize, this in spite of, for outputting in native 1080p resolution, that imports to sell the point for that take this laptop.

A defender in him is STRONG. While it is writing die, installing the program, or on the resource plants intense web, this defender goes to all the speed, and goes for the pocolos small after these tasks have completed.

In general, as the one who half-portable of the row goes, is decent. It takes a work done. So only it can be the headache to configure and optimise legislation out of a box. But you know that it is doing, and feign use this laptop for mostly -the web or the activity have related that explores in a gone, is perfectly well. An extra hassle very of the money has saved.
5 / 5 Marcos
In a fall of 2019 I has researched a laptop abordable with a less bloatware (those imports for me), build of decent/packaging, reasonable hardware specs and life of battery. This laptop satisfied my requirements.

SSD For fast start-arrive/enclosed-down. 256GB Capacity of storage for the good quantity of pictures, music and applications. A chip of map that extracted well with exploring, visuals, video, etc. A battery server as well as I can explore, listens the music, career of word and excel for the good 3 hours to 6 hours (that depends as it has run) in ANY ONE THE full LOAD (70 down to 20) the meaning could take more uses a battery of 100 down to 0.

This is not the gaming portable. I touch Destiny 2 in PS4 but one of my friends touches on PC like utilisation this laptop to touch Destiny once in the moment and is playable but on 720p all the settings down. Still, this laptop has been awesome and súper the fast purchased it of then 5 month.
4 / 5 Ariana
I that Asus, but this down-model of the class is not a chance. It is already the year I use Asus vivobook 150 s530

Although a screen is Full HD, is not IPS, which is very bad.
A sound has it buzz on 60.
A sound to cool the defender is very strong.
Is to good sure impossible to open a laptop with a delivery.

His edge2edge the screen is very beautiful, is light. A keyboard and touchpad is quite good.
5 / 5 Pamula
Of one very first day, has @to @give the plot of subjects with a device. Firdst Of everything, was really dissapointed with a way a laptop was packaged (any bubble on or something looked anything). A tent has known that it travel the averages a ball this in spite of, a packaging was poor.
Has tried to move spent this but then, there is remarked that has had something odd regarding a way a device is balancing in of the hard surfaces (table). A sticker of the protective bumper is not varied entirely like this done a movement of device and not maintaining in bylines in a table.
Then, a system of defender is overworking same when they are not that pressing and so only using applications really simple.
Lat And much less, which was a thing that concerned one the majority of era that whilst was streaming on-line, a screen has frozen (I has had to that restart he) and then with which one restarts and while it was streaming again, he lagged like this and has done the odd noise that loses a wifi signal.
Has sent an email to a vendor to complain roughly all these subjects but he have not answered never. Terrible experience
4 / 5 Celena
before time that buys this mark and unfortunately a hard walk was bad! Yep, In the new portable mark! It can not download software in the and ours The TYPE of touch of the company gone in with ASUS, so only for them to say some touches of the question like a hard walk is bad. The turn has said, and was substituted: THIS In spite of live in Caribbean and a cost to turn is like this big, can also so only buy the new a! Needless To say. We will not be that they try this company of only side discover it heap of money thus portable, more a cost to ship down ours and some customs !!!
4 / 5 Maybell
Has bought this computer so only for pupil, of mine another laptop has broken and this would arrive a fast plus. It is well for pupil, of then I only need Office of Microsoft (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access) for pupil. And partorisca to to the light things like to explore an internet. But calm grieve starts to download games, a full storage on quickly (is die so only 118 usable GB). I do not consider a lot a lot the gamer, but touches some quite light games and so only 1 game that is perhaps bit it more eating. I can touch Strike (an on-line game) quite well, without a lot of lagg (he laggs partorisca roughly 1 small himself are streaming while touching music in youtube, but then partorisca lagging). A map to good sure looks the little granulated in some corners of some of some characters of game, but still looks quite good. A screen also has the class of look turns his. As one lighting is the little odd or perhaps a screen is economic. Has this 'dusty' his look, class of as these old computers have had to that use in elementary school. Like this when you look in a prize, @gives that this is to reflect in a quality of screen, quality of exposure, and quantity of usable storage. But like the university student in the estimativa, this leave to take my tasks done that it is one the majority of what of entity of mine.
5 / 5 Delphine
Produced excellent. Good works. But there is a subject. There that loses some separates to connect 2nd HDD/SSD. The help asked of the amazon and they redirect me to Asus. But Asus has not helped.
4 / 5 Tamara
Ossia Prime minister of mine ASUS laptop, and appreciates that ASUS did not stuff a hard walk with tonnes of bloatware. Had the pair of applications of utilities and McAfee, but this has been! I have had HP is, Dell is, and Lenovo bogged down with so much crap of a factory, is quite slow of one takes-go. With this said, always take a time to reinstall the grandson YOU and selectively installs so only some engine and of the applications of utilities want. Bootup The time is 10 second less and my careers of software quickly. The quality of screen looks a lot good. I have not annoyed to the colour he was still but some colours are vivid, sustaining in a fresh side, to my eye. It likes- one creation of keyboard also. Like this far, I am a lot happy with him and am sure roughly the to begin to recommend to my friends and family. If some careers of laptop smoothly for the year, to good sure will buy another ASUS portable in a future.
4 / 5 Amelia
Are not the hardcore gamer, neither program a lot a lot of precise in my computer. As the autonomous writer, has bought simply this for work of photo and complete writing of tent of my daughter. Based in my needs so only this law of computer like this far adds. Really I love a quality of a screen - there is absolutely any one the glare and calm does not have to that regulate to all the cost of one lighting in a room could be in.

Has experienced not uploading, speed, or subjects of overheating like another reviewers has experienced, although they could be look for more qualified out of a car that are.

Would say is looking for the computer that do lacking basic functionality for work and colegiala this are to add - for gaming or the programs and the software advanced - ossia probably any one a portable legislation for you.
5 / 5 June
Left preface this description to say are the half has aged the woman takes. This computer is perfect so that I need. I surf a web, the pocola researches and perhaps common the film or show of television occasionally. It does not touch at all. These boots of computers and investigation a lot quickly. It is also quite light and slender. Easy in my wrists when lifting. Has a quirks of S the way but I have regulated without real whining. One of entity quirk was topmast. They are one of some last 7 people on earth the one who has topmast of AOL. It can not take my topmast by means of web page of AOL but has had to that link my accounts to an application of topmast of the Microsoft. No the big question. Calm easily can take touched of of S Way, but once calm , calm can not go back. For me, an idea of the fast way, sure, is more than entity that any weirdness S the way creates. All A lot here.
4 / 5 Sammie
Ossia My question my big more a company this installed laptop McAfee “Trojan Virus” in my already purchased property without my Approval of my property, and please does not abuse my intelligence are not a mindless the citizen of Amsterdam could assume, like this basically that am trying to say is a company/distributer/vendor pre installed with out my permission to say like this installed the software that and is going the disorder on my property of computer and there for has raped to to my legislations likes him to him a bit American and like the Client.
5 / 5 Gayla
With respecting to an appearance all is perfect for a cost, an only question is that I have wanted to verify a memory and he results that it avenges with the 4GB and a description said of 8GB am disappointed is. Of then one trusts that it is selling. You owe it does not have to that verify if this was true.
5 / 5 Maris
Never of then I unboxed a laptop, some speakers touch blown was and is absolute craps. It was not if they are suppositions to touch better, but to the chair likes partorisca of calm of NEW PORTABLE MARK would not owe that take blown out of speakers. I am outraged.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenBook 15 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Oren
As the majority of a bonafide descriptions (any some giving some-stars partorisca any screen partorisca touch), agrees that ossia the solid laptop . I mean so that it is taking, the comparable notebooks other costruttrici are easily several dollars of hundred or more expensive.

This is not the gaming portable, as I have not purchased this Zenbook with an expectation that would run it some pocolos play some late plus in some settings some big plus. I possess the slightly older Asus ROG G750 gaming portable, which was to add his day; but they are of then gone back to console gaming, and has not been gaming in a G750 more looked.

Are the developer of software for the trade and he occasionally require partorisca spend my personal laptop with me from time to time, if the when being during travesía partorisca work, or any one another occassion; a G750 was so only too big and too weighed the disorder with spending to the long of.

To the equal that has looked for something that maintained at least on pair with an action like G750 but in the factor partorisca form smaller. This car looked partorisca return a bill, and that have read in of the descriptions here, and other on-line descriptions; it has sustained strongly to him. But I have verified out of other alike offerings of Dell, Lenovo, and HP; but it felt it likes a Asus has offered looked (or better) specs that his, and was more economic. As have pulled a trigger and has bought this bad boy.

Conjoint of initial windows-up was smooth; but he wasnt yearn things partorisca take the turn. Another reviewer has mentioned that has had subjects with 2ft of one issues. Well it has experienced something alike. Still although it is looked has been connected to WiFi, has had any connection of internet. Coverage Troubleshooter gave a dreaded 'the windows could very automatically relieve a coverage proxy settings....' Error. So after several hours of on-line looking for and trying diverse 'fixed' and tutorials partorisca order, I wasnt having any regime.

I entirely Windows of reset, installed all has update firmware and . It was near partorisca return this thing, as the one of confidence WiFi the connection is the must . This in spite of, are stubborn, and a question solver on me couldnt stand partorisca leave this beaten of the car has has had to that the imagine was. After the little more hours partorisca rack my brain and troubleshooting, I stumbled on to that has thought was a subject. That was odd is that it looked that sometimes, a WiFi has done adds, he then looked randomly he wouldnt. Well I have discovered, that has thought was random, was the little more reproducable. Has @@give, so only has experienced a WiFi the subject when on it can of battery.

This has helped partorisca narrow my internet that looks for and troubleshooting. The majority of recommendations has said partorisca change some settings of Management of the Power of an Adapter of Coverage. An option of question didnt exist for me; no of Manager of Device, neither of Poster of Management to Control to Be able to.

Now narrowing my investigation, headed to drives that recommended modifying a register partorisca enable these options. Well, after backing on my current register, has done a transmission, rebooted a laptop, and likes Can Mangement the options were there, as I have modified some settings of Adapter of the Coverage to Max Action on absolutely the ZEROS SUBJECTS of then with WiFi connection and reliability.

IMHO, Asus would owe that patch this somehow to the equal that seat more the consumers go partorisca purchase a laptop, experience these WiFi subject, and return a car that thinks his faulty when his really the no. am sure they has had the things dipped a way his , and Management partorisca Be able to disabled to eek was like this life of battery to the equal that could. But personally it thinks, a setting has partorisca Adapter of the coverage in the battery causes more questions that a slightly extra battery sound of life that gives.

Pros: The action adds and specs so that paid
Gilipollas: management of power of Bad Coverage the dipping that you cause WiFi subjects of reliabilities, and like another has mentioned, attracts to plot of impressions of toe.

In general, am happy with a compraventa and would give the solid recommendation to any one looking for the big action ultra the book partorisca the prize adds.

Will update a description afterwards has more hands/partorisca time on with anything changes.
5 / 5 Colin
Likes the majority of knots here in a section of description, knots the tonne partorisca research first to spend $ 1,500 in the laptop. It has comprised. I have looked for everything by means of an internet partorisca thin & light ultra books and has looked stirs it or reviewer video of Youtube. They are then be of more-buy, tent of Microsoft, aim, Walmart, and a tent of apple partorisca take some delivery in experiences on everything of a thin ultra books. I have found to plot of the laptop very that comprises a Macbook pro, Dell xps 15, and Matebook X Pro, and Acer swift 7 but any one has offered the bezel-less And powerful experience like a Zenbook. A model has is a UX534FT variant. Yes one touches-the tampon is something can live them without, go in handy once in the moment. Asus Really paste this an out of a park. Please the note is so only state using this laptop for roughly 2 weeks at the same time of this description.

Pros: Powerful (1650 Max Q Model), Luz, in Amazing screen (really require see it in person), the keyboard adds, life of battery
Gilipollas: selections to paint Limited, Any USB-C touching, the screen so only takes to 400 nits, fingerprint magnet, any touchscreen

recommends to look in a has mentioned in laptop and forming your own opinion, but portable Amazing global
5 / 5 Albertine
has taken this laptop while it takes the laptop of confidence because of a pricepoint, well was bad. Here it is any pros and gilipollas has listed down.
1) Beautiful and big IPS 1080p screen
2) frame of metal of the quality
3) touches quickly
4) quickly SSD

1) A worse trackpad in a phase and has terrible software for a trackpad functionality of screen
2) Extremely Hot! That Cooling is atrocious and there is scalded lap of mine/of toes
3) creation of Odd keyboard
4) life of Battery any like this announced included in way to be able to below and with a brightness has turned down are averaging 3 hours while looking Youtube/of Youtube and films
5) GOES the camera does not do a lot
6) the paper of Map is terrible and does not leave you to touch any same games when plugged in
4 / 5 Brain
Asus really he east times with this new mark ASUS ZENBOOK 15 4K the edition comes with the map has consecrated GTX 1650 Nvidia.
15.6 thumb UHD + 178 WideView Nano exposed of flange (4096X2160) Like the quality of picture is really good and the colours are vibrant. I create screen NITS brightness is 330 to 350 but honradamente the description does not say and any description was still thus model of big final of a Zenbook 15.

The action is exceptional is multitasking house to be able to honradamente. One 10th gene I7-1051Or to the tasks of sleeve likes him is in of absolute. It could be look youtube that in an attractive of same time on a excel spreadsheet to file and the power signals everything in a screen that jump partorisca season pro and surrender the photo or video. It is literally he prejudices and the day has compared to my lake of Caffè old MSI. This 10.as the people ran relatively cool like this the laptop below heavy load can take hot likes 92 HOT terracings ! This in spite of in 3.2 ghtz a CPU backs down in these lakes to Commit to the fresh plus temp around 2.6 to 2.8 ghtz. Really it is something needs to see for calm.
Hows gaming? In fact a lot a lot using a GTX 1650 Nvidia paper of the map for lighter that the titles can edasily evasion with 38 to 65 FPS in of the big settings FHD. In of the Boys of Dead person have touched full 4K 60 FPS. Tests of Mana 4K was around 38 to 42 FPS FULL UHD of course will require to be plugged to ASUS 120 power of watt the the no attended adapter to see these results on battery lol.

Now the leaves speaks tampon of screen 2.0 already know a tampon of mouse with 5.8 touch of screen of thumb?
The valley Is is the swipe or lose here neither really likes to of you or calm no. For me personally does not use to create with which some software tweaks and updates of ASUS a tampon can be more useable but considering now A lot I really of the one who see a need for him.
Has looked netflix on in the other day while doing in mine excel SS to do so that it was bondadoso of quota I supposition. But besides a calculator a lot really see the definite use for him. His basically like the show your technology of type of the friends.

The scarce 5 better PART in these new 10th Gene ASUS ZENBOOK 4K the edition has to that be a lot of
1 A 4K IPS screen.
2 A lake to Commit 10th Gene I7-1051Or 4 core 8 processor of edge
3 A Nvidia GTX 1650 discreet map paper.
4 A very easy keyboard to write in any to like and newspaper of use a tampon of number I for one am happy is there. One rear that the lights is so only well mine any one very brilliant and some tones I opinions does not light at all. Big brightness in a keyboard is so only odd mine. Material ASUS would have to that it has taken the different approximation to this keyboard that luzca totally but hey takes a work done.
5 Like Thin and light a LAPTOP is to spend around really this thing is light likes 4.2 pounds for the 15 laptop of thumb wow that is surprising.
Like this finally recommends this laptop?
He Absolutely I this in spite of would save your money and love 4K will cost you to him averts $ 200 more for a blue and edition of now a lot so only takes of the money icy to to the lake likes has done and in of place of $ 1399 has paid $ 1199 there is does your election but think a Icy money of lake IMO is a way to go and the more will save you a bit money.

Inferior line: If it love the fast treating multitasking portable with some light to half gaming in a side that ossia a laptop for you.

In the note lateralmente first to do this compraventa for a Zenbook 15 has looked and research a ASUS G14 laptop with a AMD 4900HS in him and a HEAT?? It is as helped frame my decision to buy is one . A thermals was way the big for mine comfort. Hope These helps of description in your decision of compraventa for this Ultrabook Portable of big action.
4 / 5 Odilia
I really like a Zenbook looks súper good and runs really fast. A start on some times of some times have paste a key of power to some turns to time on and calm register in with the recognition of type is really well súper quickly. It runs games súper fast and in quality really good. An only question is when calm careers to to the games like to them the rainbow Six Seige that can tend to take the little heat but as expected when that runs the low battery when touching play quite fast but to the equal that has expected. A screenpad looks enough very find me the using when I want to be productive and look in 2 things immediately. Although when it tug windows down to a screenpad some words can look very small that it has to that augment a measure of a page. An interface with a screenpad can be the little finicky sometimes when quell'using on and like the tampon to touch. It is better way uses the mouse and use a screenpad almost like the secondary exposure. When I Use a screenpad like the tampon to touch I usually so only the transmission to touch way of tampon that is really convenient with the legislation of key in a cup for him. A material of a laptop is good and very aesthetic although it takes fingerprints from time to time. In general it is an amazing treating portable with the characteristic fresco would recommend it.
4 / 5 Sharita
Had done some first serious investigation to decide to purchase this laptop that goes to grad school, and is stood up to some challenges. I can multitask and toe among a Spotify of internet, containers of Season, and software of @@@modeling with ease (and he renders in of the minutes). I have been doing with this laptop for just roughly 4 month now and honradamente can say is like this powerful like some computers in a graphic centre in my school.

An appearance is simply beautiful. It is light, quickly, and powerful. A quality of his of some speakers of audio is surprisingly rich and deep. Any I personally uses a LCD screen in a touchpad and think a functionality is according to the fashion in this consideration. An only reason reason has not given the 5 star is reason after the month, there is remarked partorisca dent in a lid (military level partorisca durability, huh?) And he smudges of fingerprints likes the person is business. Otherwise, Is an amazing car .
5 / 5 Dolores
Excepts.... It is the enormous collector of fingerprints, has had to restarts it behind to settings of factory (Screenpad 2.0 has not done like this expected other descriptions), and there is the bug in a wifi (seating 2 feet of one issue). If you can be patient and debug a schemes is worth it. The things are sympatico for now, really does not love that has to that return. Thus I reward there it is better gaming the options for an office are to add (as far). Good regime with your decision.
4 / 5 Kayleigh
Has done enough the bit to undermine first to decide is one. My options were Dell XPS 15 with the GTX1650, ThinkPad Xtreme 2 also with him GTX 1650. Finally, I have solved it is one and does not complain it . Similarly speced for some other 2 laptops the cost to somewhere in a neighbourhood of $ 1800 - $ 2200.
Loves a factor of form of a laptop, like this compact and light is for the 15' powerhouse.
100 would recommend
5 / 5 Donovan
thinks that this laptop are adds because of all his specifications and the one who abonos looks. A screenpad is addition quite ordered also. Has a i7 8th gene, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd and he 1650. A battery thus portable always is struggling compared to a Zenbook 14, more probably been due to having the screenpad and the consecrated GPU. So only recently this laptop screenpad has been taking up and taking has stuck. You wont think that annoy ossia. He súper embarrassing when using this in the class and am literally unable to use a whole laptop reason a screenpad take stuck and unusable. I am writing this description in this laptop now included in a lot of frustration and he usb the smile of then is an only way to use a laptop. For this row of prize suggests the products of another company. Unfortunately I can not return this product because I have gone on to police of turn of the amazon for the day. Ossia So only the computer cheaply fact and suggests consumers to not buying this element. Any to mention that this thing is the fingerprint magnet for some reason.
4 / 5 Ethelyn
On some years have bought a lot Asus motherboards, with excellent results, as I have trusted a mark. I have decided in a Zenbook based in 1TB SSB (to the equal that would be able to install Linux to the equal that do in all my portable the), low weights and powerful processor. And an innovative screenpad was intriguing.
Unfortunately my unit there has been the line of deaths of pixels roughly a third of a fund of a screen, so only in the the wide pixel but still quite noticeableI is returned a unit and I am stillwaiting for repayment.
With respecting to a Screenpad, an image was very clear and big resolution, but was the bit to confuse and has not seen the utility to oblige, perhaps because of the a short times have used a unit.
Had disappointed really for a failure in control of quality, tarnishing the mark has loved.
4 / 5 Shonna
I have been using ASUS notebooks partorisca the years and ossia a fast plus with one the majority of storage of any of them. A computer adds excepts two significant subjects: a Tampon partorisca Touch and some Tones of Function. I have been using Vedit (VPW) like my editor of text partorisca years. He long use of some Tones of Function. A computer has a function of some tones of function there is revoked of any leading computer has not possessed never, included very leading ASUS computer. A incumplimiento partorisca some Tones of Function is partorisca control an exposure brightness, level of the his, and another characteristic of computer. You owe that box a Tone of the tower of the Function wants to use the Tone of the function for his function ascribed programmable. This means has to that paste 2 tones for each use of the Tone of Function in place of just paste a Tone partorisca Act like this with all other computers. These looks to be the very stupid reversal of a way a work of tones of the function. I seldom the transmission needs a screen brightness or level of volume or any of some other things some Tones of Works to do to change settings of computers, but uses a Tone partorisca Act the work has assigned all a time that the a lot of problem for me. Another question is a Tampon to Touch . I took the moment to imagine was like this to change some settings to do work like the Tampon of normal Touch. It arrives in his esmart Tampon to Touch' the way so that has any use up to now and does not like the tampon to touch regulates until takings out of in this way. Still accommodate a esmart Tampon to Touch' draw, ASUS has done a Touch Cushions the main plot that the Tampon of normal Touch. This cause to accidentally of rest or paste a Tampon to Touch with a palmera of my hand. I think that that ossia that is causing a behaviour that another has described likes Tampon to Touch jamming, lagging, or that causes a cursor to randomly transmission during a screen. I took the moment to imagine out of a question was that a palmera of my hand accidentally has touched a Tampon of enormous Touch that interpreted likes the tap on Tampon to Touch. I have had to that coach me to maintain some palmeras of my domestic hands or so only maintain them extended out of a Tampon to Touch to avert accidentally paste a tampon to touch with them, and does not have to that the very big hands. I love this computer except these 2 subjects of entities. So only it is that annoying that it has had to that adapt a way that use a computer in place of a computer that adapted to a way that requires and has used always all other computers for years. UPDATE: I have discovered so only a Function qualified of Tone of Lock in a computer. If you have paste a 'fn' and a 'esc' the tones simultaneously will close some Tones to Act to do a way his usually laws, like the programmable tones for any application are using. A focused in a 'fn' the tone will remain on while in this way to leave know some Tones of Function am moved. Still it thinks ASUS has some tones of function have actuated for behind any one another computer has not used never in my life and ossia the bad implementation.
4 / 5 Ahmad
On some years have bought a lot of Asus motherboards, with excellent results, as I have trusted a mark. I have decided in a Zenbook has based in a 1TB SSB (to the equal that would be able to install Linux to the equal that do in all my portable the), low weights and powerful processor. And an innovative screenpad was intriguing.
Unfortunately my unit there has been the line of deaths of pixels roughly a third of a fund of a screen, so only in the the wide pixel but still quite noticeableI is returned a unit and I am stillwaiting for repayment.
With respecting to a Screenpad, an image was very clear and big resolution, but was the bit to confuse and has not seen the utility to oblige, perhaps because of the a short times have used a unit.
Had disappointed really for a failure in control of quality, tarnishing the mark there is wanted.
5 / 5 Hortense
I, likes all the world-wide more, the tonne to research first to invest in the new laptop. They are not usually one to write descriptions, but has thought this one has deserved one. I am blown enough has gone by an action of this laptop. Honradamente, has SURPASSED my expectations. I have bought this mainly for the work but I have has wanted to something that could touch the pocolos play on also. This goes without says it has treated the better way that had anticipated.

ScreenPad- A ScreenPad in fact perfects for on-line bylines, which is that stops of use . I have seen alot of descriptions of the any one has impressed people with him, but is the good characteristic for me.

Exposed- An exposure is súper clear and cleaned. My resolution of exposure is 3840x2160, which is considered 4k.

CPU- This cpu is insanely quickly. A 10th generation intel blow me was. A cpu be paired with 16gb of RAM and a GTX Graphic all does very good near.

Graphic for Gaming- I mostly Bows of Rocket of the game and Fortnite when gaming, which both of these games are low requirements. Roll a lot down max settings in Bows of Rocket and careers a lot around 160-170fps (I knows well, insane). As the one who fortnite when being the little more graphic happy, still runs the smooth 80-90fps consistently. So you are debating or no this thing is the beast when it comes the gaming, will not require to concern you.

Conclusion- is looking for the laptop that extracted like the beast, but also has some components of the laptop of work adds, this one is my personal recommendation . To good sure does not complain my decision. Hope This help
5 / 5 Lena
has been in a hunting for the 15” laptop for the moment and looked in Dell, Microsoft, etc... Out of the curiosity has decided test Asus Zenbook. To the left initiate me to say some things I aversion in this laptop.

1.) It is the fingerprint fond. It can it does not look but it will take your fingerprint everywhere. I mean everywhere. A main exposure has the lustrous texture and he will litter a lot quickly.
2. Any touchscreen. When in the first place it has taken a laptop, has been expecting the screen to touch with him is exposed lustrous. Perhaps it would owe that it has read it some posters more clearly but in this prize and with the majority of some other competitors having the touchscreen, would have to has come with one.

This in spite of, there is a bit pocolos aim very good that this laptop has in his competitor. A paper of map is quite powerful for the laptop and is all of its own for my daily needs. Utilisation for the video that modifies and very light gaming but another reviewers has mentioned that it is able to run current games in 1080p 30FPS. To good sure the more especially with a intel i7 interior. A powerhouse for the laptop this measure and hanged. I have been pleased by an exposure and a life of long battery. Now it depends in your use but for me, volume around 6-8 hours of battery with a touchpad in the 50/50 base. There be also expensive to go which is the quite good characteristic to have.

Now for a main ‘quirk' of a laptop. A touchpad 2.0. A leading generation of touchpad was to good sure in a right street to the innovation but operates it have required. It was laggy and was generally the ache to use. This this in spite of add more usability. The law adds with word of Microsoft and functions mostly as well as the second screen. There is still drawbacks like this when to management likes them your secondary screen, mousepad the functionality is to go. Calm can touch he with your three toes to spend out of a mousepad but finds that to be annoying like this every time try the use, calm so only you amenos behind the way of secondary exposure. If you are planning to use a touchpad 2.0 like the secondary exposure, the mouse is to good sure in your cast of compraventa.

In general ossia the very well much rounder. Abundance and utmost looks of characteristics. Ossia The laptop that you seriously would owe that consider buying.
5 / 5 Ria
Has fulfilled absolutely my expectations. The people ask me reasons a tampon of screen is necessary. It is not . But I love a new technology and some capacities has! Having the laptop of the dual monitor is not something has known there is wanted to until I have seen this laptop.

According to that the capacities go it totally fulfils a specs. Beautiful exposure, súper fast boot on, easily touches any game has tried like this far on Steam (Gary Mod, Black Ops, GTAV), more is light and has the life of battery adds for commuting.
5 / 5 Jerica
Very good mutlitasking produced. I can touch games like mw2, gta V, L4d2 etc... Ossia One 1650 gtx and his portable and light sound.. An only with can say them is his so only adictiva to use..
4 / 5 Melody
A tampon of screen in a tampon of the clue is not really useful. There is not application a lot a lot of for him and I maintain was all of a time. It was the really fresh thing and liked an idea. I will continue to see there is it anything useful. It does not buy this for a 2nd screen. His in decreases of bets and calm will not use it very thick. If you are interested in the screen to touch that it takes the screen to touch . A Windows ciao is wonderful. It does to sign to the yours portable the breeze and sweats something that would like you better then fingerprint of censorship. A Screen is lustrous but with anti glare that dye of look of utmost mark. The box of wait goes on sale. A Computer has good screen. An Organism chooses up in yours fingerprints. It is fingerprint fond. It touches games with one 1650 gtx. Really good wifi and a quite calm sound. When Seating in the table a quality of his east well. It would recommend this for any that wants to spend under $1500 which is in plot of money. You take the laptop adds with some very characteristic.
5 / 5 Lennie
I big questions are looked in 45 days. The guarantee finalised in 30. We will see like his service of client is.
5 / 5 Ka
This laptop is exactly that it expected it to be. This in spite of, likes two other descriptions have mentioned, there is a subject with connectivity of internet.

My device randomly disconnect of an internet sometime during his use roughly 4/5 times that can he on. Fight to reconnect to a coverage. Then I owe that manually reconnect the and almost always, inside an hour, he disconnect again.

My laptop is 14 old days to arrive to this point in time, with this @@subject that looks on day 2. I used it mainly partorisca gaming like this far, how has been to good sure disturb it.

I slowly on returning this, and taking a same laptop like the substitution. Hopefully Is so only an unlikely bug.
4 / 5 Garland
My edges org has bought the new HP XPS 4K but some starts of battery givin interior of error 1 week. We substitute with ASUS and does not look never behind. A screen to touch is the convenient plus, has 2nd surface to control while doing in another material in a main screen. My able edges to touch all his games without scaling down in this no-4K with Nvidia 1080i better that he 4K portable. The life of battery is sum, last all day in pupil and of the works/gaming all night. An only downside is a plastic chance, feels flimsy.
4 / 5 Lena
I have loved the portable fast, traditional with excellent processor, SSD and quality of screen, and ossia as it has taken. It dips up it was easy - Office365 was already onboard. The Creative cloud apresamiento installed, uninstalled some of a Microsoft bloat, and has been ready to go to do. A laptop feels solid, and the looks adds. I appreciate that ASUS does not upload a device with his own owner bloatware. No the defender of a TouchScreen, but is quite easy of the disable.
5 / 5 Arnoldo
Has possessed this laptop for on 6 month, my main use for him is investigation. This laptop has been a test of questions of decent calculation that has launched in him, in timing outperforming mine operates desk. Mainly it uses because of the his GTX1650 GPU which can run CUDA cores that leave to run code by means of a GPU (significantly faster that a CPU). All the joint this laptop is still bang buck, value for money. Bough The When it Was -$ 1400, there is of then is trace recently to $ 2000, in this chance would think roughly he two times perhaps looks to a Nvidia the ray that locates the laptop was to spend on 2k.
5 / 5 Ofelia
Pros: Quality of build, paper of map/of utmost processor, vibrant and clear screen, abundance of RAM for a half user

Gilipollas: GPU the questions was-of-the-cashiers (NVIDIA poster to control that it clash consistently) - has had to that reinstall NVIDIA engine, a screen is not anti-glare, short warm (the mark sure has pertinent ventilation)
5 / 5 Concetta
am spent some time looking for the good laptop for pupil ossia quite powerful to program on, but has had a life of battery to avert when being still to wall hugger. This laptop was both . A subject big is, when it has taken a laptop , a sound done for the day and there is prendido then. I have followed all some instructions of Asus, but concealed has not solved a subject. When they have suggested that it would have to that send he in still reparations, is returned so only and has bought the new laptop with better map and less life of battery. Appearance these some works. A tampon of screen is is the total gimmick.
4 / 5 Amie
Has used this product for enough some time, a subject only has faced them is with a fingerprint lid of magnet and a surface of a laptop that layers a lot easily. Each thing more is sum, you wont have any question that spent east. Also, a secondary exposure is cherry up.
5 / 5 Dwana
Has bought he for a university bur did not use it still in the middle of passage of real data as I can not say anything roughly the like this far, has been this in spite of doing some multimedia, the one of then organises the tasks and the use of internet regulates so only with liking 30 open tabs and all has been going perfect, love a characteristic of recognition of the expensive is really snappy.
5 / 5 Mauricio
Justo wow, a woman has not been never like this pleased with the laptop. Full portable master
4 / 5 Jarrett
Like this far portable a lot well, any subject with a tampon of clue,
4 / 5 Mindi
I have received this laptop today without digital clue-tampon and the last generation i5 processor in place of a i7 a description has said. Immediately filed partorisca return it.
4 / 5 Kendal
Does not connect the WiFi still with which update, reset, troubleshoot, reboot
5 / 5 Tabitha
portable Really good. Amur All some ports. Amur That quickly short . A lot lustrous and compact and light. Upper of a line.
5 / 5 Wilda
A touchpad a lot really have the function after the moment. So only meeting in the now has been partorisca save battery. An optimisation of Spotify is the lie , as well as a 'played and 'pause' control partorisca video.
5 / 5 Margene
Something expensive partorisca the provision, heats too much!
4 / 5 Graig
Loves this laptop. It is súper well for my person and use of work. So only down side. Any quite a lot of ports of USB.
After all. I love this laptop.
Only downside. A screen has been freezing. Has has had to that then force closed down
5 / 5 Soila
am enamoured absolutely with a Zenbook. Súper Fast & silent. It covers all my nerdy the engineering & has interested gaming need.
4 / 5 Marian
Further of compraventa better that , súper bacano this laptop, quickly, jonita, until the full moment all my expectations
4 / 5 Yuko
A screen partorisca touch that it takes the bit partorisca take used his but ossia an excellent laptop . I have been gaming the bit in him and work perfectly.
4 / 5 Eliza
This little computer is at all more than amazing, Asus has given a no on a game.
5 / 5 Jessi
His an amazing laptop, like this powerfull and a lot slender partorisca the laptop with the paper of discreet video.
5 / 5 Cary
Instruments very versatile, good show and excellent creation
5 / 5 Shalon
- Awesome creation, look and feel with minimum impression. Some flanges of screen are really slender, any only in of the images of product that can be fake. Material bezels is comparable to one some in Dell New XPS 15 (2020 version).
- The better action can locate the light device has taken.
- Very Good 4K screen with vibrant colours, but is not screen a lot that shines (any info of Asus put web in nits).
- Very good thermals and cooling system. There are two ventilations partorisca a flow of air. One in an accident which is very good and has no bad effects. And a second is in a backside but presses an air to a fund of a screen that some can think that that it is bad but in my use found it better that pressing air to a backside that does your legs feels hot when you have dipped he in your laps.
- A touchpad is attentive and has very good smooth surface which think that that it is done of glass. But has the bit partorisca wobble in a sinister inferior zone (perhaps defect in my only unit). Partorisca A ScreenPad did not use it.

- You can not take 4k 60hz refresh tax in external screen! It is shame that the new Zenbook model, this has GeForce® GTX 1650 discreet map, is not able of the do. I think that that ossia reason a HDMI the port is only version 1.4 any v2.0
- Lack of information of specifications in Asus put web and in manual of user. It does not say the one who HDMI version some port supports, and does not mention DisplayPort maintains on USB-c port.
- His crew of the support has not been able to resupply one on missing information with which called them.
- Some inferior speakers does not resupply his strong and there is any sound of basses at all. They are very remote of some excellent upper speakers in Zenbook 14' UM431DA which are certified for Harman Kardon.
An aim of keyboard backlights is useless reason some tones are brilliant and reflective the done any one contrasts by heart among them and some tip backlight.
4 / 5 Freeman
This Laptop is good-looking and light, but strong to be has manipulated sinned a lot of delicacy.
See better that in of the photos. Has a fashionable type macbook but The better prize.
Had liked me me that the backlight of the tones remarked more, but ossia something my personal flavour, really sees well like this.
Is fast and to the acuteness of the screen is excellent.
The truth are very pleased with this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenBook 13 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Davida
The COAST wants to it. Nine update of month. Fast of lightning. 8 gene i5 and 256 SSD. I want a keyboard . It does not comprise a complaint that one listens is too clear. Any problem with closing/restarts that some people have informed. Windows 10 to know still, in of the Windows 7 in old p.c. It would have liked him to of him the third port of USB of uses smiled it (old school). Habladura Of old school, does not have the screen bleeds problem with gaming or looking videos so that, well, I any one concealed. (Nine Update of Month, the videos to touch of Youtube add and streaming of the cousins and The Netflix is acute and clear). Any ghosting. Any button that the explosions was keyboard . Has very still turned it accidentally go because of a location of a button to be able where one deletes the button usually is. I am satisfied with a life of stack although it is not 12 hours. But I bet it it can take there I am spent some time that control what the race of applications in startup. recharges Fast. It IS calm. It is not hot. So far, has has not had any one of some problems has recorded for one folks that marked this he 1. As it take it one casualidad. It IS the very hurriedly, very clear, easy to use Zenbook simply wants the good computer.

Six Update of Month: still it wants to it. Any one of some problems any folks has informed. My sister has the Mac new. Only we compare characteristic and profits. They were BRONZED similar , until we compare prizes. It IS surprised in some characteristic for so of small Money. That is to say the compraventa adds . They go for him.

Model: ASUS ZenBook Ultra-Slender Laptop, 13.3-the Full inch HD, 8 Intel of gene i5-8250Or Processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Backlit keyboard, Reader of Fingerprint, Anti-Glare, Windows 10, Grey, UX330UA-AH55
3 / 5 Renay
So far so good. There is the Lenovo portable of Idea during 6 years . It IS fanatastic ,never broken down ,but is running maintenant.et the lentil is so pesado.un Asus is 2.6lbs like clear versus 4.7lbs.it boots in of the seconds,is hurriedly,the picture adds in screen.if scratches in im go in a lot of which descriptions he.Some scare me .Partidrio Noisy ,can not listen a follower at all.As has any complaints ? Well yes ,any serious ones .Too small only USB 2 , has had always 3 and lose some tones of a.Some extras are well ,well only ,has not excited enough them.Also it think that it that a keyboard was backlit,very ttheyr'and no..In spite of this negative , thinks a lot will want this computer . Calm think you also. I am happy expected by a 8 generation , am adds.
1/14/2018 :after using this for the pair of weeks , has simmered down bit it.First desires a screen was the small more acute and when being the small screen taken the small to take to read one lettering.Also it remarks that a sound while slope ,is not too much adds. I am comparing this Zen in the Lenovo ideapad which are 6 or 7 years,a lot sound more acute, better ,but almost two heavy times. I remark it is (kinda) backlit ,again very also backlit and Lenovo . I will say a Lenovo cost $ 200 more concealed a Zen.ques Appreciate the majority is a 7 according to time of boot and a life of longitude stack.
An update. It take the fright the week. It take the black screen ,did not fall. I have maintained to try turn of and on for an hour.Finally begin to do again. I restore it punto.un only problem with buying the on-line computer is ,is not easy the change of precios.el is better in Amazon but different More Purchase can not direct and return it.Lunch by has thought.
An UPDATE: Desprs more concealed 6 month , wants to alert you enough these computers shortcomings. There be two big unos.un the system of his bad east ,I flange when being hardly anything a sound is so down in full the encuadres.el the support of technology goes poses in new engine that at all ,very disappointed . Aide not buying this computer in this second solo.un subject ,the keyboard is to crap and was to crap of a day has taken delivery . Has which has called sticky tones .Meant when writing you has to return to enter desaparecidas.no of GOOD cards.
5 / 5 Jacqulyn
Exceptional laptop. With this 8 Core of gene i5, is such the pleasure to use this for anything (heck, has touched the freaking 8K video and he 4K video a same time and he still would not fall frames), all while the life of stack am absolutely adds. A frame is robust still weight very clear. A lot any one a lot to complain- quite. If you want the clear action, thin , upper ultrabook, that is to say a a to take.

My only flu was that an exposure looked to have the bit of green dye, very perceivable when compared in my telephone is aforado exposure or a Samsung Chromebook Pro has tried by the moment, but that goes down one Green contrast in 46 of 50 in of the parameters of Intel of the map has resolved the. I have clashed also a saturation only +5, and some looks of screen gorgeous nowvery similar in my small Pixel 2 which are very well has aforado. The only tip is in uninstall ASUS Utility of Enhancement of Splendid Video while it does not leave Parameters of Intel of Map to remain after sleep or reboot for some reason, probably so that both have options of calibration and conflict with each another.

With a fixed exposure, this thing is 10/10. The noise of follower is in fact way down below or very that exists besides tasks. Only when I posed it down heavy load (how synchronising 12,000 files in Backup of Google & it synchronises) it listens it and still then it is not troubling. And a touchpad accidentally causes tug and double tap' when I do not want the small time, but honestly usually deactivates 'double tap to tug' so that seldom tug and when I , is more natural in click and tug in place of folds of touch.

That is to say the add to buy that hard calm for the data of long time a robust and future frame-try specs.
5 / 5 Margrett
You are in the mid to want of big final? Test find the PC that it is clear and small, without admitting pot? You preoccupy you little for 2-1 computers or of the screens to touch? Then this laptop is since you.

A specs in this small book is phenomenal. A big sell the point for this computer is his 8 Intel of Gene i5-8250Or processor. A processor is monstrous for this field of prize. His speed of base of 1.6 GHz, ways that your computer will be to the draw can so small like possible for the tasks of low demand likes them accuse them of word or it internet that explores. But his turbo stimulate until 3.4 GHz ensures that this laptop has can the arrests attribute more asks.
Oh, And mention that this processor has FOUR CORES? Yes, that is to say right FOUR CORES. That is to say unusual in this field of prize, likes him plot of laptops in a piece around $ 750 tends to have processors of dual core instead. The rivals to be able to of the step of this laptop, and some cases surpass another around one $ 1,000 mark.

A PC has suffice RAM in 8 GB. Sufficing for more than tasks an affront of half consumer, even so enough for those looking for a verge. One 256 State Walk the solid provides the reasonable quantity of storage. Quan Has remained with a processor in this PC, kicks above hurriedly.

His stack is quite very time enough for all day use. If calm find you running down in pot, a load is supremely clear, and in my experience a laptop is able to touch around 50% of his stack for apropar- full in in an hour.

Everything of this action any same taking in consideration that this laptop is the clear, entered in 2.6 pounds. Like The personal opinion, when being able to choose such envelope the clear computer that knows bands FOUR CORES of the power in this field of prize is a unparalleled big.

This laptop is absolutely stellar.
5 / 5 Eleanora
This laptop is EXACTLY that has looked for. I have required something concealed was clear, robust, portable, hurriedly, and well in life of stack.

This laptop is robust with hardly very flex to be found. An outside of a laptop is metal and looks quite sake. An interior is the plastic of entity of the premium . A laptop is supremely solid when fence and does not have any worry that launches in my rucksack. It IS supremely clear and hardly perceivable in my backside. A keyboard is surprisingly well to use (had has expected the to be bad, but the boy was I wrong).

Screen: A 13 inch ultrabook the measure of screen is perfect. I have used to him stops to have to 17 exposure of the inch but I do not lose it after having a portability of one 13. It does not have any problem that reads an exposure. An exposure takes brilliant abundance for me in almost each condition. It IS acute and only everywhere sakes of look.

Stack: This hard mass far longer that has not expected never the in. Still in some parameters of the main action, can expect he in last quite 4 hours. To turn down a brilliance of a keyboard and screen, can take easily in 9 hours of continual use of of this thing.

Speed: mark sure to take a Intel 8 piece of the jan. does not resolve for one 7 gene or anything less. One 8 is at least 40% improvement in a 7 and he aim. This thing is quickly of lightning . It lines a lot of tabs of chrome and program with ease. I actuate Absolutely any problem with a speed of this device (and is very picky).

Estimativa: Anything cheaper that this the significant drop in reliability and quality of tez. You can take another laptop for cheaper, but I no. after examining many of his competitors (Dell XPS 13, HP Envy, etc.), truly can say that that is to say a better value . Another very fulfilled ultrabooks done the fantastic work and can improve slightly in this device, but avenges in the a lot of side More i adds.

Gaming: Supremely Clear gaming is doable in this laptop but this are to well sure is not the purpose has feigned . If it expects this to be your main computer like the gamer, would have to look elsewhere. Ultrabooks Only is not done by that. Still you require you invert in something with the card of the map consecrated and a i7. I use this portable when is out of my gaming desktop.
5 / 5 Thuy
Everything would want in the laptop

-the screen ADDS in my opinion (the laptop has the problem that has good screens)
-loads of durable longitude stack
-the fast loads
-Trackpad IS only well for me, another queixen but has has not had the problem. If anything am adds.
-Angle of wide viewing FHD
-reader of impression of the Toe
-Very SSD (At all crazy but only quite very)
-can run SFV / RCT3 (Struggling callejero V, 720p/low parameters / Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, 1080p almost maxed parameters) so much in 60fps+ with some right parameters. (Gaming)
-The screen of resolution adds, sper clears has posed once everything in
-No real junkware on here, everything that ASUS Hello (gives free dropbox 12 month for 30gbs), sets in your guarantee / acc. In ASUS Splendid (screen), this Vivid option is sum .
-Sper Well for prize (Action to price proportion)
-HAS car brilliance, but has turned my option was but has the sensor for brilliance / of dark of a screen
-Dual mic for better quality

Sometimes turns included down a screen so that it is also that shines in time. At present my screen that writes this description is in 33%.

-Button to be able is afterwards backspace. It does not have any problem with him.. I am too much memory of muscle to press the random buttons but I can see that beginners / very-technology savy / or the boor can press he for accident

-Bad webcam. If I need the webcam, buys an external and still takes a laptop!! With flavouring a lot, does not use the webcam.

The paste arrive me below this nut yes wants to know something concrete.
2 / 5 Virgil
It take my asus zenbook ux330ua today and was so excited to start with doing in the. Even so, it has remarked immediately what dark a screen is and same when adjusts a brilliance of screen in a parameter a big plus, is still very dark. It IS very disappointed in of the this. It attaches the picture to aim the comparison among a brilliance of screen of the hp portable and a asus only took.
4 / 5 Noel
I actuate There It go It only this the week, but is been the week adds . It uses this laptop to write reports, email, the web that explores, the smallest photo that edits, and wordpress development. It is done perfectly for everything of these tasks, without slowdown this has remarked any time. The life of stack is excellent, with around 10 hours of real use, and very very standby life of stack.

Some only subjects have had is 1) keyboard - some tones are only bit it . . . Different. Sometimes I think that that punch the tone, but any record . This mostly spends when is writing the emails the long plus or I are not that they pay so much attention. If I direct in my scripture, is not a subject. 2) Follower - a CPU the adherent comes on included that last in the tasks of the low intensity as to the web explores. It is not very strong, but is perceivable. The desire was calmer, but is very any one the big roads. For this smooth all has run, with the flavour a lot takes a noise of follower. And 3) a port of left USB no with my wireless mouse. Some works of port of right USB, and some works of port of left USB with all has tried more, comprising the hub of USB and the walk of inch. Any sure what a subject is there, but only use a right port.

To well sure would buy it again, and think that is the device adds for a prize.
4 / 5 Ciera
Very very ultrabook.

A startup is hurriedly besides or 5 less-6 dry. A fingerprint the scanner is responsive also.
SSD Records quite well.
The screen is very acute (any one incredibly that shines). Any insurance that was to like in alone.
The tampon the touch is very accurate and responsive.

-Has not consecrated inserts/to Insert yours (could any one when being no the big roads at most of people but for any concealed uses Gone back-Ins for paste. It IS the difficult adjustment to have that paste a Turn-Fn-deletes to insert.
-A keyboard is not a better but no bad or. The tones any paste perfectly sometimes the stray cards. It IS well for the keyboard of portable even so.
-No expandable for memory and SSD
1 / 5 Ruben
Maintained closing up. Screen of perpetual blue of death. Service of client the only solution was to restore again n again and then an Automatic reparation. They have been educated but quite useless and is not returned never my calls. I have called probably the the time of dozen with my subject. Through my own investigation expsita that Refuses 2007 has not gone always compatible with Laureate 10. Has update in Dispatch 2019 and this has maintained he to close up. No thanks to Asus support of useless technology.
This Asus the junk concealed taken for ever only to open Browser of Lima only to see some contents of dossier. Calm then is seating there equally around transfers of the icon and round only to see contents. It included it Initiates slower the program. It marks the sandwich like attentive.
Connection at the same time of internet out of the each few minutes and takes the minutes of pair in manually reconnect. All my another the devices do well in WiFi except a Asus junk. That is to say why I am writing this description in my telephone. It IS easier and more reliable then using a laptop.
Voice my semi-detached beaks of the this am describing. An only reason still has this piece of junk is because of my schedule to do has had he for 30 days and he could not return Amazon. My failure there.
5 / 5 Beatris
The small laptop add partorisca portability, slightly small partorisca portable primary, but excellent like the laptop of travesía. The keyboard has lit, reader of impression of the toe, screen of good-looking big resolution, life of long battery, generous storage.

First laptop was the disappointment as I have tried to take my Bluetooth smiled partorisca do, is spent of the hours partorisca be 100 insurance is the hardware and no the subject/of software of the engine - works of laptop of the substitution like the sleep. Like this usual, stands of Amazon for behind his sales and the substitution have sent immediately has verified once is the subject of hardware .
5 / 5 Delta
This laptop has been the big disappointment and would not recommend . It has had use very light as I also have the laptop of my emprendedor in home — so that it is not partorisca like are by train partorisca the do too hard. But constantly it requires rebooting partorisca do a work of connection of the still…Internet when a connection of Internet is doing take all other devices in a when some pages that a laptop says his unresponsive opens easily in other devices in a house (meaning: it is a Asus any Wifi). As frustrating and such the waste of time. Also randomly it has the black screen when exiting of way to sleep that quell'also requires rebooting — but sometimes the special reboot involving some tones of function. For a way perhaps a lot surprisingly am leaving this description has seen my iPhone reason once again a connection of Internet is stopped and can a lot of anything in a laptop. And a photo is the view of the screen that sees regularly each day. Time to .
4 / 5 Belle
Been using he partorisca the few weeks now and I really really loves that. It is it adds partorisca moderate use partorisca university. It can use more life of battery but his the 13' portable to the equal that knows has done his best. Light but solid. Fast and responsive.

Has bought he partorisca university work and it spending around the campus and utmost. It can be able to touch the light games but I have not tried. Quite solid and feeling of the quality adds. I recommend it to mine classmates and probably will buy a same model in a future.

Has a lot of ASUS produced and has had bad experience with his service of client. The products are utmost when they do except his really difficult to take help when they fail so it maintains that in consideration. -1 star partorisca that.
5 / 5 Willena
Has has wanted to REALLY like this portable. Good screen with the crazy has arrived, excellent keyboard, light. But, inside minutes of me beginning it on, fans kicked in and was STRONG, and in a 3rd time kicked in, has @to @give has not had any way could tolerate this. Perhaps I have taken so only used to mine XPS 13 that was it always like this calm like the mouse, but a noise of defender was the murderous of extracted partorisca me. Behind it goes...
4 / 5 Simone
I really like a fashion and the one who small is, but can not write fast in this computer without going back and fixing things been due to this faulty and unresponsive spatial bar.

UPS Has aimed that there is rid already this produces behind to a vendor last week, but still has not received my repayment.
5 / 5 Celinda
So only spent $ 190 partorisca another copy of quickbooks partorisca maintain a company that careers.

Any response of asus partorisca a RMA.

The computer has died so only. Any light to be able to, swimming. Trying takes a RMA of ASUS, has fill out of a form, like this far at all. They say it that it can take it until 48 hours. It says that?

As received, a coverage of a unit was a lot dirty. Any one had spilt caffè or something on that. But when I have opened a unit, all was cleaned. As any big shot.
A laptop powered on final, any subject. But partorisca try to use it, would not recognise my printers, my headphones, or my microphones. I am spent several hours in varied web of places that come from diverse things partorisca take some printers partorisca do, after several days, has done! I can not say exactly that it was a remedy .
Fixing a headphone the subject was simple, has update some engine, all was well, 15 minutes.
Microphone still not doing , but using my telephone, as any urgent.
Accessing files of mine in dropbox, has a x indicadora in a lower left of the each icon, which does not mean any access. I have tried a lot of things, but still can not access mine dropbox files of east is can access him of a dropbox put web. Any one has thought that is going in.
Does not think that would have to that require spend a lot of hours that tries to take my computer partorisca do. A ASUS the laptop is beautiful, very better that my forward ASUS. But honradamente, no the good experience .....
5 / 5 Mara
This laptop is a lot quite but no better concealed it. A tampon of clue is súper volume and unresponsive the averages a time. It has not tried with with a mouse of the accessory but I can see that in a horizon.

This thing is junk. That The tampon of clue there is prendido partorisca do inner few weeks. No SHABBY. Ours is a lot slightly used and can very included do a small quantity asks of him. Also, it is uploaded with to plot of the calm stupid games can not delete. If ossia partorisca boys, would have to has said so many. Súper Take any way. Typical tear-was.
4 / 5 Alysia
The good product excepts two things. In the first place, bloatware, specifically, MyAsus Update which maintains bugging calm with a lot of annoying and noisy popups each one that 10 minutes or 4 hours. A popup so only gives two options: update and postpone (goes screenshot). If you postpone, only calm of the options of 10 minutes to 4 hours. And then MyAsus annoy you again after this time. There is not any option to so only closed on a pesterware and the take to take annoying you. You comprise Asus that could any me worry less in your updates? Not even I am esecurity-related' (good history partorisca have all the world-wide drinks a kool-help)?

But here comes a better: If it press 'update', a popup goes was and at all more. And it returns among 10 minutes to 4 hours later. If again it press 'update', a cycle repeats, partorisca always... In short, he no any update; so only it maintains partorisca interrupt you while works.
And of course, Asus has done sure partorisca give you any option to uninstall this bugware. So much, calm now knows it partorisca expect. It rigs partorisca nonsensically clicking in vain and without refinadas popups.

When the providers of technology likes them Asus stop his increasingly aggressive invasion of a private space of his clients? Partorisca Update or is not the user private decision. It do not have to that be forced on him/him, for not giving any option partorisca disable this software. It marks any deception, an omission is not accidentelle, but purposeful.

As, likes quota another has informed, a defender is noisy. While it calms it does not dip the heavy load in a CPU, a defender maintains calm. But when it uploads some web pages that requires on half step, a sound of a defender takes uncomfortably strong. And while the windows begins his indexing of a filesystem (usually when you do not interact with a PC partorisca some time, has said 10 minutes), some defenders takes included noisier. Meeting pressing some random tones so only partorisca take a process of indexing and slow down a defender.
5 / 5 Bradford
Has had some smaller tricks has involved: Disabling the walk that encrypts in of the Windows (easily done with him PowerShell order), takes a Synaptics touchpad engine in Linux (that done a tampon hypersensitive; works of tampon very better without him), and changing a suspends way In Linux to 'deep' (like otherwise suspends is not quite deep to save a lot of battery). Also, a BIOS update of ASUS to 303 is essential, and easily fact of the pendrive.
4 / 5 Danyelle
Mousepad There is prendido partorisca do properly with which 15 days. During these 15 days, has used so only a laptop he handful of time. When I have tried to restart a laptop, does not restart . It do not have any key of manual closure like this now is stuck in a restarts screen. 700 dollars is not economic partorisca the laptop, as I have expected at least that this would last me the pair of years of moderate use but alas, was bad. At present doing on returning and taking the repayment of of the this. I will update with a process/of turn of the repayment.
4 / 5 Raquel
They are not the specs friki but are the student the one who appreciates the fact of good device. They are not roughly partorisca spend $ 1200 partorisca the Macbook, but precise something light and portable, with decent was-of-action of boxes and the life of long battery. This returns a bill very amiably. I have had this laptop partorisca roughly 2 month now, and here is my observations.

A specs is very balanced and reasonable partorisca a measure of a laptop. Very quickly partorisca schoolwork, the photo that modifies, the web that explores or still light gaming. It is extremely looked in of the dimensions to the levels Macbook Air, so much so that the present has has confused literally my laptop partorisca the Mac without seeing a @@@back cover.

A keyboard is comfortable with travesía decent key (very better that a new more Macbook keyboards) and one all-the construction of metal is very solid. I can take the one of confidence 4-6hrs of life of battery according to the use and touches of prójimos-empty to full less than 3. A lot of options of saver of the can be also available in of the Windows 10 partorisca extend concealed.

The laptop has the thoughtful selection and planting of ports. Two USB 3.0, an USB-C (future-proofing), HDMI, Micro-SD and the mic/headphone jack. So only a essentials, and abundance of the each one. A fingerprint the reader is easy the setup partorisca Windows 10 biometric login, and do a lot well. No quite like this well it likes him iPhone TouchID but better to that the like 90 of fingerprint readers that come with laptops.

A 'harmon/kardon' the speakers are well, but is in a fund of a laptop to the equal that are always muffled and is roughly like this strong like the majority of speakers of same mobile phone this in spite of has two real speaker engine. It covers so only in headphones.

A screen is brilliant and very acute has had this in spite of some difficulty with AM YACIDO scaling in of the sure programs (Mainly a continuazione of Season) how is often a chance with big resolution in the small screen. A 500gb SSD is phenomenal and has fallen less than the minute, and wake of sleep in of the seconds. Perfecto for travesía, and the much more interest of life that the walk maquinal. One 8th Gene i5 does not go you to the swipe was but manages more fulfilled a lot well and is very effective.

This laptop is very good refined and Asus is coming the long way with his quality of build and QC. For real it feels like the mobile device very done, more than an older laptop this has been shaved down to return to the smallest impression, which is often a chance with computer in this row of prize.

An only complaint (as far) has in this laptop is that a trackpad has the tendency to result garbled of an entrance occasionally. Each one once in the moment, and for second looks any reason, he behave as if some drops of sensibilities to 10 all of the sudden and to to the stays like that partorisca of the minute or two. It is not the dealbreaker but is the odd glitch that can be frustrate when you are trying to do on something and all of the sudden a trackpad is sticking inexplicably. It looks he likes is the subject of engine , but has confirmed multiple time that my engine is updated entirely. Desire Asus would release an up to date engine that solves this subject, but will not resist respite of mine. If no partorisca east, would give a laptop five stars because it is the computer adds for a money.
5 / 5 Deeann
Uses this Asus like the desktop computer, as his plugged in when into use. For like this, I can not resupply information of life of the battery. That can speak is a speed and action of this laptop. It is really quickly for the computer in him is row of prize. It is practically instant startup and closure. Programs of Office of the Microsoft, and so only in any one another concealed I career, load almost instantly. Has the well seat his, and easily could be spent around yes has wished. A subject only is 'occasionally' disconnects of the mine Wi Fi when it has been goes him for hours. A right click in a wi fi icon, and an automatic troubleshooting the mandate has it reconnected less than 15 seconds, how is quite the no-@@subject. It has not spent never while a computer is into use. I am not sure state roughly taking the 13' model with which having the habit of the 15' a, but taking some measures a smaller has not been a subject for me. I have had he for roughly 1-1/2 month, and is on for 15 to 17 hours every day. Everything is a lot like this far and highly would recommend it.
4 / 5 Tessie
Has had this laptop almost the month now. It has not used the at length, is bought to substitute the much bigger, heavier Lenovo with the 5400 RPM. Too slooooooooooow, so that it was to a grandkid goes...

Has imagined was that to do work of database, a hard walk is really, really of entity. Invernadero This one with a 500GB SSD and has known is that it has loved. Although a upgrade to 16GB or RAM has tried, felt likes 8 would be a lot of then are not gaming and like this on. Already I have the devices of half dozen with my fingerprint smudges on the like this a screen to the touch has not been necessary and felt was the trade a lot-was the no to be due to favour by heart and SSD. Neither I have touched with a camera, usually tries and maintain all this material has turned was of then I any precise of the use.

Is quite snappy. The life of battery is phenomenal, has does not have to that really it concerns still roughly that careers out of being able to, so only touching it a lot of infrequently. An exposure is crisp and brilliant. Some complained in a keyboard, any subject for me still. One Deletes the tone for a key to be able to is also the no-@@subject for me. A Harmon Kardon system of the his this quite strong abundance and am listening impaired, as any demerits there neither.

Was bondadoso of in an upper end that has loved to spend, but am happy with cost of mine. Incredibly light, is to be much easier to travel with that that 16' Lenovo. A lot early still, especially of then it is not my main computer, but likin' he like this far. A TomToc spending the chance is the good is the accessorizing.

And the amazon was, like this usual, something on with delivery of Next Day.

UPDATE - I has forgotten to mention a fingerprint reader and a micro SD reader of Paper. Those are two characteristic that has finalised that it use the plot and appreciate having them available in this point of prize. I think that that ossia the very solid notebook/portable. A life of battery is really a lot well, hours and hours among cariche.
5 / 5 Sadye
Has purchased this portable reason was one the majority of resembled mine leading Asus which have loved. When it Arrives, a box was spent enough, and a computer is coming with only upload it and no other accessories (boss, etc.).

I near on a car to the equal that has with forward Asus is and how is recommended. It has been he at all but glitch after glitch inner so only any first few weeks. A keyboard often fails to do. A touchpad the diverse sensibility amply. Some speakers are qualities very poor . Windows 10 has tried also problematic to connect with basic applications that has not been subjects previously when I have used Windows 10 in my leading car.

Has loved my leading Zenbook and are like this disappointed with east a. I am not sure it is concrete to a model or take the lemon . Any way, a star :(
4 / 5 Joy
Mine old Asus Zenbook has developed the motherboard question, and the amazon there has been the prize adds is one. It was an easier transition has not done never of a computer to another. A data ported on easily. A measure and the weight are comparable, and all some tones of keyboard are in some right places. This one has the defender and my old a no, but does not listen it the majority of a time, and a processor is to good sure much faster. A fingerprint the sensor is an absolute pleasure . A sound is better that in mine old one but still the little in a soft side. They are having some sweet subjects in a touchpad, but concealed so only could be because has did not configure it fully still. In general, I am pleased extremely with a compraventa.
Update: Yes, it was my configuration in a touchpad -- totally happy with him maintaining.
5 / 5 Elroy
Has had this computer closes to 6 month now. Some appearances of him am really good- like screen to touch, fingerprint byline, keyboard, and life of battery. I can use a computer for a whole day (without gaming or streaming video) in one load, and touches quite quickly.
This in spite of, has a lot of things I aversion in a computer, comprising:

-the defenders are VERY STRONG and turn on often. This is not the subject enormous, is so only that a computer still takes a lot of heat to all the cost.
-A microphone and the speakers randomly prenden to do. It say that this spends at least three times the day- like this quite frequently. I have not imagined out of any solution to this besides restarting a computer.
-A touchpad is absolutely terrible. Port I smiled he with me everywhere reason a touchpad so only does not act. It freezes, it jumps around, and it is generally quite inaccurate.
-Sometimes the web pages take frozen and can any one roll. I owe near and reopen a browser to fix it. The scrolling is so only a @@subject in general reason sometimes some images in a start of screen flickering
-A camera is a lot of blurry and choppy
-I tin a lot still looks for to use the paralizaciones east light gaming. A computer takes a lot of heat and some defenders go to MAXIMA OVERDRIVE so only of inaugural Minecraft- not even touching. I have tried in the current and some images a lot consistently upload
-A computer also squeaking noises

In general, am a lot disappointed with this computer and would not recommend it to any one.
5 / 5 Katy
Has ordered this laptop, and arrives with a dead battery and unchargeable. I have tried the variety of solutions has suggested in an internet, comprising hard reboots, and any of them would take a battery to touch, doing a laptop unusuable without being plugged in. The amazon was quite bondadoso to ship the laptop of substitution, but a lot he same turns on.

My on-line troubleshooting the investigations have yielded a lot of people with alike questions with his Asus portable the, many of the as spent after a period of guarantee. This, more my personal experience me choose the different laptop. It is too bad, reason this a look well, is the weight of convenient/measure, and is priced well... So only I can not take one these works.
5 / 5 Quyen
Has Had 4 questions of first order in just 2 weeks. ( It is 10 years old HP the flag concealed has not had NEVER such questions; but with W 7 exiting next month, is resulting obsolete.) 1. So only after dipping until excluding Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows to follow all mine 100GB value of music, pictures and video, Windows 10 has downloaded the new version(1909). It has taken 2 hours to delete all this of a player and reset some exclusions. 2. What next, a Zenbook a lot reboot of closure. Any one once but two times. 3. Then, it has had a PC hooked until an external monitor. It can not exit of a way to control so only; i.et., At all in the monitor of a PC. A same window to change an election to control so only, no . Two days later 4. So only in the middle of my work of applications. Tent of LADY of Even, which as it says has an application to troubleshoot questions of application, can not be used.
5 / 5 Mohammad
Substituted it mine 12 thumb Toshiba portable which has had an older generation Intel i7 cpu which has run hot and would close on, unless it was in a cord to be able to.

This Asus is a same measure, hanged bit it less, has the alike brilliant HD screen and pursue well on battery. Has not running a Asus down to >20 but thinks it would last 7 hours more to explore in Chrome. One 8th gene i5 is at least like this quickly like this older i7 and a Windows 10 times of boot of the mine new Asus is the fast 22 seconds.

With which plough a box and begin a new Asus, expect the moment to sign in the yours accounts of LADY and take the CROWN Wins 10 updates. When all a stop of updates and an end reboot is fact, be sure to dip the restore the point has seen a poster of control.
That way a lot of tweaking or the engine that the updates can do later this freezes a laptop can be fixed in the reboot and f9 tto taking to one restores screen. It likes me the place restores signal with which any of entity Wins 10 update of characteristic that CUPS shoves in you.
5 / 5 Lisa
This laptop is perfectly well. It is functional and fast, a hard battery the decently long time, and he that needs to do. There it is fixed he for a strong defender -- you so only has to that change a CPU max use ( has several youtube video and reddit estacas in this). This in spite of, there is not founding the good to fix for a trackpad questions, included although I have installed a later patch. Paralización/skips And is sometimes too sensitive and sometimes a lot quite sensitive. A 'pinch to zoom' the function sometimes spends when they are just scrolling ; sometimes something takes tugged that I do not seat to like I clicked on at all. Ossia More than nettles that the dealbreaker, this in spite of.

An exposure is quite well, but personally has no the found to be quite well for the photo that modifies in Seasoning Continuazione Creative. Also adapted that it is the little has bitten dim (any one a lot, so only the small). A built-in the camera is not a lot well, especially at night, if this imports your, and some speakers are feeble. No the question is using auricular.

In general, would say that this laptop is the value adds for a money, but there are some possible subjects to take the consideration. Like an artist, can say that any I personally finds it to be a legislation returned for the photo that modifies and creation in Seasoning Photoshop and InDesign. But it can run these programs and will do a trick in the pinch.
5 / 5 Krysten
Light and portable. Fingerprint The access has done well of a setup. Keyboard and trackpad is comfortable to use. This was the compraventa solid . Not surprising has had of the add ASUS mobile phone before.
4 / 5 Kenyetta
The amazon sent the laptop of interior of substitution 24 hours. My initial indication of some stars was partorisca a laptop has received, broken out of a box. I have augmented a 'global indication' to three stars (of a) due to the fact that quickly the laptop of substitution has been sent (arrived a next day). This in spite of, some of some descriptions of some stars here allege a laptop has done well for the few months and then has crapped was. I have decided to take my casualidad in a substitution, because it looks to do well. Not knowing if this laptop will begin to have questions like this quickly (likes a bit the people have alleged here) coupled with receiving the laptop broken is reason this has been the lackluster experience.
5 / 5 Jeannetta
A life of the battery is not a lot very still with just normal surfing by means of a day. Some careers of battery was significantly faster was when it is sleeping. A fingerprint the reader is fast and a lot of responsive. A keyboard has the good to feel but sometimes while writing, included when it thinks that has pressed a key, sometimes any paste entirely. Light and easy weight to spend around. But better cars in the available same prize. I will spend this to my familiar once can imagine out of quell'I upgrade to.
4 / 5 Reda
Ossia The mediocre computer , but has an amazing failing has not had never in leading laptops, is the speakers is too many calm. Still in full volume these speakers are often to calm to listen the film, or call of conference. I often gone back of a heat or a/c in my paving yes has to that call any, or look something and can not spend auricular.
4 / 5 Machelle
A laptop would touch, and an exposure of keyboard would light, this in spite of one more a screen could do was partorisca show of the Windows startup for 1 as, some skittering ashes of lines for 1 as, and then black screen. It gives the graces to squander my time with (another) portable broken.
4 / 5 Fanny
This could be the good election , but unfortunately any for me. A prime minister one that I receipt did not kick, how is returned and has bought a second a. But this time, could any upgrade the Windows 10 professional version. I have not had any subject with mine another PC. I do not have any election but for the turn again.
4 / 5 Mikel
Low quality, feels economic. Basics Likes tampon of clue, hinge of book, answered of keyboard, audio jack was unresponsive or slow.
Camera, speakers, and the resolution of screen was low quality.

Global plastic feeling, a lot of better options in a phase.
4 / 5 Rossana
These looks of notebook and chair adds. Unfortunately, it is fill with to plot of junk. A lot nettling pop-ups. Also, it does not leave to upgrade Windows (something with a BIOS) - has to that returns.
5 / 5 Hsiu
Was bit it concerned in this when being too good to be true phase. Súper Calm. I am using this like this he dev car. The life of battery is well. Light comparable to 13 macbook pro perhaps lighter. It can not beat processor and ssd speed thus prize.
5 / 5 Haywood
Love this laptop. It surpasses my expectations. A life of battery is impressive. My subject only is with a touchpad has smiled. He frequently skips and a lot properly clue or roll. If I reboot this resembles temporarily solve a subject.
5 / 5 Bob
Súper Slender, quickly, a lot of engineered. ASUS Knows that it is doing.
5 / 5 Syble
Does not know any one a lot in laptops, my husband was a a the one who researched and has chosen is one. Personally it likes partorisca regulate surfing and touching sims, but of a life of battery is horrible!!! And a volume is bad also! Calm grieves can listen anything with him all a way up. To good sure any value a prize!
4 / 5 Randy
The keyboard has not done, then the amazon has not issued the full repayment in the product am returned interior 10 days partorisca receive. It recommends More Buy, or another company with policemen of better turn partorisca computer.
5 / 5 Morris
Are fond all in of the this in startup, hanged, measure.
4 / 5 Tina
Really big spec portable in the good prize. Works well and the life of battery is long, as declared in a technology specs
4 / 5 Charis
takes this computer with me when I travel and is like this light and súper durable.
5 / 5 Robin
I so only retarded the recieve the and quell'have me does partorisca lose my course but he is well a screen is very brilliant
4 / 5 Andrew
the product Adds like this always with ASUS, the mark highly of confidence.
5 / 5 Nery
Has been the big defender of Asus. My forward Asus the laptop has clashed has ordered like this the new a. Arrived in shape well, the hard walk has died with which 4 days. Expecting it was so only the lemon. It has ordered the substitution. It gives Asus one has shot more.
4 / 5 Carletta
Hoards of laws of orders of lap so only some speakers suck a lot hard to listen on-line meetings in the,
5 / 5 Mica
Read some descriptions before buying reasons are attentive! I have bought a product he around done two month and my trackpad has decided to take doing entirely. It does not know it partorisca do... Hopefully The service of client will achieve era???
4 / 5 Harley
Looked elsewhere partorisca the same product and the person could touch treat it First of the amazon partorisca this product. Exactly that looked for and in the prize adds.
4 / 5 Bunny
Shopped Partorisca Several weeks and has compared characteristic and functionality by means of a lot of laptops. This Book of Zen there is rid on all the dimensions - light but fast and perfect for my needs.
4 / 5 Tabetha
Portable has ordered! Fast and of confidence compared to the most economic options. I add partorisca study with his and decent map. A webcam js the average of has bitten but calm always can install your own (likes it has done with the Logitech C 130). Fresco and portable ultrabook!
4 / 5 Selina
This laptop is awesome! A start on the time is a lot fast. The keypad are partorisca add together with awesome life of battery. It uses this partorisca pupil and is a lot slender and hanged light. cant Goes bad with east.
5 / 5 Reynalda
There is supposition partorisca be the guaranteeed of year. When you Register a calm computer said when the
starts of guarantee - is no where near of when it was purchased.
4 / 5 Nancey
Does not have the screen partorisca touch. It is the good computer , the defender is kinda strong
4 / 5 Evia
love this little boba. Fast, a lot light, the screen adds. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Sang
A touch of toe GOES no well. Another that that it is the laptop adds .

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been the Chromebook defender of then 2015. A lot of people writing descriptions on Amazon in his frustrations with insurances Chromebooks is almost totally confused roughly-- or unfamiliar with-- a YOU, as they take is gone in a car. It concealed it is not so only or attentive.

For way of background, also precise explains that I have bought the pair of ASUS C100PA-DB02 Chromebook toes with touchscreens back in 2015. Has a lot lustrous/shiny screens that glare, but a characteristic of the screen of the touch is well. Also they appear a frame of metal of real aluminium that is very elegant and classy looking (although prone the scratches).

Has seen this 'ruggedized' version of the Chromebook on Amazon and has thought would choose an up. They are already a Asus defender, I like a Chromebook YOU, and has looked for the durable plus Chromebook to literally launcher in my rucksack or briefcase and boss out of a door-- without concerning in the sleeve, if, or possible lines any of these has been used.

Well, This 'ruggedized' the looks of version would be adds for girls. Any I so that it adds for professional adults that esees to be spoilt with a good plus Chromebooks or portable. It does not mean to be hard reason a frame is not terrible, but has more than the look of Fisher Prize or Leapfrog that Apple or PC.

A Screen: A screen in this laptop is dimmer and more grainy (of this sense of frames) that mine other two laptops the (so much mine another Chromebook and the laptop of PC). A screen is anti-glare to be sure (a good thing), but can order to see the matrix model in a screen (a bad thing). Some colours are also never-like this-slightly more washed was and dull. I have compared all a side of screens-for-side. If you are the student or the father that buys this for the boy in note-pupil, does not think calm will be disappointed. If you are I photograph it , visual artist, or any the one who with the enthusiastic eye the one who enjoys HD film, will remark that this screen is simply a lot until pair with other laptops the in a phase.

Some Tones: Some tones in this laptop are my main frustration. While a lot of keyboards today are on duty-lit, this would be the luxury in the Chromebook. Quite only. But it is too much to ask big-exploitation of silk of the contrast? Perhaps he phosphorescent or colour of white impression for some tones? Apparently so many. This keyboard there is mid-to-dark-blue lettering in of the black tones. A really, election really stupid that does a lot of scientist or practical sense another that to match a blue colour to one 'ruggedized' spent trim. These tones will be hard to see in those light down. Finally, some tones in this keyboard are noticeably main that in mine another Asus Chromebook. Probably two big times. It feels you like is writing in the manual typewriter. Election of creation very poor.

Resumid: If it was the father , would buy my boy this laptop in the heartbeat. It is compact, durable, water-resistant, has life of excellent battery, access to an Internet, if used with Walk of Google and Google Docs all the law is to save and backed-on automatically, a laptop is a bit immune to virus, and is certainly rugged. This in spite of, if it was the university student and has wanted to all an on more a capacity to really enjoy streaming film and the comfortably of characterises in papers of term for hours in finals, probably would take it Chromebook with the screen he well plus and better keyboard. Sadly, For me, this laptop was the no-go and will be to return the. Sticking with an aluminium Asus 2-in-1 with touchscreen.

Has found this description, please give me the thumbs up. It acclaims.
5 / 5
Ossia The very solid feeling unit, different very economic Chromebooks. All some descriptions are something on roughly action and life of battery. I take exception to some commentaries in this unit (or any Chromebook) be 'limited.' Google 'Install Ubuntu in Chromebook' and follow some instructions, and will have the Linux fully functional computer. It installs LibreOffice for your continuazione of waste, Gimp for the photo that modifies, Audacity for register of audio and modifying, and a lot others the applications of Linux want to. Place he 64 GB SD paper in a space for all your data. Will have the computer that is surer of any computer of Windows, costs the small fraction of any Mac computer, and can do quite anything master. A world of the software of Linux is surprising, and is everything free, WELL, as it can not direct your iPhone, but can do darn approaches anything more. Everything takes down $ 200. I do not see going back the Windows or Mac never.
5 / 5
Add little device to write. They are the writer and has required something simple without to plot of bells and whistles and whips and canals :) This little Chromebook netbook is awesome for travelling. It takes the little has bitten to take used to Chrome operating system, but once will discover some very good proprietary goodnesses.

A small—but the good thing—is not that it owes click of right more; instead, calm simply tap with two toes for corrections of word. This are to add the stops to any one like me the one who writes to plot and of the needs to have the simplified workflow.

A battery a lot the time is that hard and a keyboard is the perfect measure , included for any one big taste to the equal that are. 6'3' 300.

Reason uses google docs to write with, this looked the natural step . Chromebook seamlessly Integrate Google Docs, and the majority other applications of entities to a frame of a bit car, how is very easy to use and begin. An off-line material is very useful also as they are not always in the place where there there is wifi and can still laws in my books.

Another good characteristic is the one who light is. My woman has bought the laptop the years of the pair done and would share with me (begrudgingly) and always hated to do in the reason was big, heavy, and clunky. This little Chromebook hanged afterwards to at all and is easy to tote around.

In general, would give these 10 stars could —especially considering a prize.

Downloads of authorship - shameless self-promoting in a photo :)
5 / 5
49 year 3D designer here. It has looked for the solution of light weight to take me out of my office when I so only required to use an internet, google docs etc. Imagined for $ 200 the so only would be the very little economic toy. This thing is quite amazing. Good keyboard, decent screen, orders of webcam (to use mostly with Hangouts) good speakers and his really fast. I have looked roughly 4 hours of video in the battery and he have gone down so only to 79 plenary. Solid unit, very happy with compraventa.
4 / 5
This Chromebook hardly need another description but I arrival to be like this happy with him has thought lately that would launch my two cents in here. For him Chromebook this device is fantastic. Of course it is limited in a lot, a lot of ways, but ossia a whole point to buy the Chromebook. I have been using this device for the little for the half the semester in university for notes of class that takes, work grupal, etc. mine of Use desk for any material to have that has weighed. Well it remarks that I rollerblade the classes, as it has looked for something that light like possible and like this durable like possible.

A lot of sturdy - fell it a lot of time and a worse this is to spend is a hule edging will have to that be burst behind to plant. Simple as it concealed and feels totally in firm and solid once is behind in place. It is to add his does not have to that treat to the your laptop likes a slightest the swipe could break it.

Fantastic keyboard - A keyboard has the a lot of 'chunk' with each keystroke. Some tones have quite travesía and require quite a lot of forces to avert accidentel keystrokes and the writing feels adds, included in satisfactory.

The life of battery adds - I never spend the mine uploads with me anymore, any @@subject that the times expect to be was.

Sol a lot of readability - A screen the quite final work to reduce strong glare.

Weigh - Although it is not weighed particularly for the Chromebook, his weight is the z/the rucksack of mine of significant addition . In just on two pounds, this in spite of, is not the enormous involved the transmission for as durable this car is.

Sometime slow - So much would expect. But honradamente Chrome done the a lot of quite a lot of laws of managing resources that so only remarks severe lag when ploughing presentations with a lot of elements in them.

In general, this Chromebook has surpassed my expectations!
4 / 5
Adds Chromebook! Bought like the substitution for mine Lenovo Ideapad 310, AMD A12, 8GB Ram.

A main reason for a substitution was life of battery. So only taking 2-3 hours in a Lenovo, has required something concealed could manage my lifestyle of digital nomad.


Life of battery - You easily can take 8-9 hours with moderate use.
Action - I was the tad has bitten concerned with this factor, but with:

----- 21 tabs plough
----- Keypress Editior (application of coding of Chrome Tent)
----- Webserver for Chome (that runs the local server for web dev, of Chrome Tent)
----- Boxes SVG (creating & modifying application of map of the vector of Chrome Tent)
----- Polarr (a really good image editior of Chrome Tent)
----- Enjoy Player of Music (another Chrome application of Tent)

has not experienced any significant slow downs. Inaugural big SVG files or any one another main file, retards a system for the second or two (acceptable).

Keyboard - I amour that writes in this keyboard. Still although it is smaller that mine Lenovo, writes faster. The tones are a lot spaced and feel well to press. Also a measure of source key is the small aesthetics that will appreciate.

Quality of build - I any lie, is ugly, but feels very solid manually. They are not that moving around likes is the informative born creature , how was with mine Lenovo. Quickly I can it takes it was rucksack of mine and slap it on the office. All some ports strong celery and sturdy. The mine flashes strolls no wiggle while it has inserted.

Screen - is well for a prize, a lot crazy arrival. I have not had an impulse to go back to mine Lenovo (15.6) to look the video or film. Brilliant taking and dim my satisfaction, nuff has said.

Time of load - A fast touching the device has not been in my cast of characteristic, but this creature is touched fully of 35 less than 1 now. Better that mine 'll takes it.

Trackpad - He which expect and is situated perfectly. My only flu is the one who strong the real clicks are, all the world in Starbucks will know when you fold-click.

Chrome YOU - FYI, am coming from Ubuntu Desk. Of the view of eye of the bird Chrome can look limited, but once undermine around a Chrome Tent, will begin to find applications for all your questions and substitutions of application quite decent. Besides, there is plethora of web applications out of a Chrome Tent to compensate people more so only necessities.

Chrome + Touches of Google - in my opinion these two paired deletes one ' Limit'. If you it the android has used never, then will know does an application for everything. Personally it has it it has not required included a Tent of Game still, as I in fact disabled the.

Storage - I has thought this would be a subject , but the walk of Google is integrated a lot well. You take 120GB free for 2 years. Calm also can develop your local memory with SD paper or flash walk. I always maintenances the flash backup of walk.

Speakers - So many can say, are not súper picky. These speakers take a work done, better that mine Lenovo. No meeting plugging in my headphones to listen the better things eat to do with my telephone and portable. They take quite strong for me.

Wifi - This was another subject enormous has had with mine Lenovo, mainly reason has used linux. Asus To good sure hands, the connections are always strong and never drop. I am using this Chromebook in some same locations as I have done with a Lenovo.

Bluetooth - I could does not take to connect with my telephone. A pair instantly drop. I have not looked for the solution. I sure he bluetooth smiled or headset will do. It is a lot it has documented it to it concealed any all the pair of telephones with Chromebooks.

Portability & Of weights - is good and small, easy to spend around manually as well as light in a backside. Has games he of hule adds in inferior, concealed no only resists grip in of the tables and laps better that any another portable has possessed, but leaves he to be spent around like him spiraled notebook.

Factor of amour - That can be ugly, but I just amour that uses it. It can do more than mine telephone and suitably substitutes my laptop. Easy to spend around, any fragile, well has built. It is a perfect piece of technology to augment calm.

In general:

Life of Battery = 10
Action = 9
Keyboard = 10
Quality of Build = 10
Screen = 8
Time of Load = 10
Trackpad = 8
Chrome YOU = 9
Storage (cloud) = 10
Speakers = 8
WIFI = 10
Bluetooth = any concurrido
Portability & of weight = 10
Factor of Amur = 10

TOTAL 122/130 (excluding bluetooth)

-------------------------------- 94 Casualidad thinks calm like this Chromebook
5 / 5
This chrome the book is lasted so only three and the half months. A battery will not resist the load, apparently ossia the common question with this model.
Has bought this of warehouse of Amazon. They are always happy state with cost of mine by means of them, but this time is not exited.
4 / 5
He doesnt have the key of lock to cover them but thats very reason the probably shouldnt be yelling in of the people in an internet in all the chance
4 / 5
buy this for our daughter likes required for institute. It has had it informs utmost and has had the good prize. It has used this partorisca less than 2 month, and is maintained in the neoprene pouch among classes and when any into use. Last week, the defect has begun to look in an upper sinister portion of a screen, this has progressed now to the third of a screen has blocked was and unusable. It has not had an impact or harm to cause this. It is essentially a lot-working to arrive to this point. I have called ASUS to verify in a guarantee. I have been said that has had to pay a nave for the send behind, would have gone at least 7-10 business days, and a costruttore would consider was soyanufacturer defect or harm of user.' If it has been it has considered fraction, would be responsible for all the reparations. After a conversation of telephone, does not have any confidence that this company would hold thus produced defective . I will not pay of the money to ship so only for them then say it has suffered harm, when in fact the has not been. Please, save you $ 200 and buy another product for another costruttore. You could be lucky and take one these works, but then again, can any one and calm so only will be out of $ 200 test is.
5 / 5
Has bought this for mine 6yr old edges those who has begun so only explore a gamer world of minecraft. When Coming to discover, Chromebooks does not sustain minecraft software, for this was entirely has devastated. It looked on-line for any guidance to see like this could go around the this but all have found was an option to turn my mark new computer to the that Way of calls of the developer where would be, in theory, reprogramming His main functionality to install the second Operating system has called Lenux. Of course bear very same of
A. Has any slightest knowledge as to Code (desire I this in spite of)
B. Tampering With him voids has guaranteeed.
C. You go to be pursuing the theory because it can do for some but no for another that leaves any guarantee that tweaking he operates same.

Like this finally, distraught of an ONLY reason has purchased this good-looking and economic piece of work was for my edges to touch minecraft, has given up!!

So only to wake on a next morning relentlessly revising some options have had when suddenly.... A new chrome is update! Chrome I books can now games of Android of the use and applications by means of Game of Google. And with this wine....

MINECARFT: Pocket-sized edition

One breathes big of fresh air!!!!!

Now to a real hardware.

Is very light, a colour is true.
A keyboard is perfect! The screen could be bit it more clear-cut but he a trick.

Add little piece of work!! Highly recommend
4 / 5
This little Chromebook is a computer has better had in awhile. Setup Is súper easy and careers incredibly quickly. Very other computers take at least 2-3 minutes before I can do anything with them, but no east a! Immediately I can take on-line and documents of accesses without expecting or taking has frustrated.

Some speakers are quite well for a measure of a computer, swimming súper strong or anything, but to good sure his well and clear.

The papers of a keyboard are the light blue colour and main that the majority another is. It concealed he no the very big difference mine, but would help any just learning as to use the keyboard or whose vision is not too add.

I personally are not the enormous defender of a tampon to touch reason the majority of a time is difficult or impossible to sinister click anything, but this was easily solvable to use the small mouse, wireless laptop.

Easily maintains clue of notification of half comunicacionales social, especially Facebook, which is the good but a lot in general characteristic necessary, at least for me.

HAS the good creation and to good sure would resist until drops of short distance or the little bit of water. Often I take this to pupil and in chairs of time in my hot car, but always directs to do add when into use.

My favourite characteristic of this computer? A life of battery. Hands down, a life of battery in his own is unbeatable. Hard in a much less ten hours and I can take anywhere of 3-5 use of days in some touches. Already I any need to take my upload was with me and worry or there is not a outlet afterwards.
4 / 5
A laptop has done well for 6 month until a LCD screen 'has broken'
after looking video for 2h. Part of a no longer pointed screen
anything, he white remained so only.

Sending a laptop for guarantee (shipping need to be paid!) It has turned
was to be the big deception. ASUS Apparently has an exclusion in his
guarantee for anything 'pauses' concealed. If a technician has been 'any
advised of there that when being the defect of subject/known of this class' a claim is
has denied.

Pleasant is not the, in this way does not have to that never fulfil the claim to guarantee unless they have experienced a same question in his laboratory, or his
knows has used the material subordinated to somewhere, or?

A whole reason to go with this laptop was his slogan of the
be of portable 'rugged', for this the durable product along that resulted to
be the total fraud.

Does not take Me bad, if would have the hole in a screen or the dent
in a frame, or water in a laptop, or anything clearly that indicates
an external force, i.et. Stupid breaking me the, are everything to deny a
claim, but in this way, any acceptable.

Has bought so only another Samsung Chromebook 3 to substitute this ASUS
fiasco. An old a now is when being announces almost two years without
questions in some hands of any one a lot always taking well of priest of him,
ossia 'rugged' without falsely bragging roughly that.
4 / 5
Can not write the good description, there went it on for roughly 5 minutes and he have on enclosed. It took it finally to the turn was and when it has gone back on all lame was the black screen.
4 / 5
Buy this for my husband to substitute his current laptop. Also it is beginning to take a place of his pill also. It loves a versatility of a Chromebook. Can use it to do and some boys can look films on that. A life of battery is a lot the time and an exposure is very good. It is ruggedized to the equal that has announced that it is to good sure the characteristic sum with two girls that tear a house averts in the daily base.
4 / 5
Has ordered this in June 2017. It has done until July 2017. There is remarked some smaller questions immediately with my documents that ploughed in his own reset and have a laptop to settings of factory. I have had to reset two times. Today, I have turned in a laptop and he have aimed a startup screen (white screen with a word 'Chrome.') It is then black state and blinked a startup screen again. It maintains to go in and era. It has done for the little less than the month and the half. They are by train of the turn. It would have been I adds it the small laptop had done .
5 / 5
Has been the chromebook defender for years. Reason travel the plot has loved the plus ruggedized model. They are more than happy with this device. And a battery has been that last for the plenary 10 hours. Very impressive.
5 / 5
The speed is quickly. Film of games in HD, (ossia NETFLIX is touching in a picture). Súper Durable, my grandson fell it multiple time and still works like new. To good sure recommends ossia is looking for the Chrome Book, instead using the laptop. To my father does more than stops of use. Also it has the decent front that camera of faces that in fact has good quality. Have Skyped On he a lot of time. If you are not the gamer, editor of video or the user of power of Microsoft excel, ect. - This Chrome the book is for you.
5 / 5
For a prize and a specs sound the question adds is that a hardware is faulty. After the month cost of use, randomly has closed was a day. They are still able state of the turn on. They are by train of the thinks Could be an adapter to be able to. I go it to try later today.

To all the cost, after looking for in some commentaries for alike subjects, these looks to be persistent with this product. They would owe that take he in this product or reparations of offer of free hardware of of the this is the subject very common .
4 / 5
Has ordered two of these for my homeschooling boys. This computer was adds for a pair of month that he. All some right things. Any computer in laps or so only has turned was a day and simply would not turn behind on. He no same load. My edges there has been his substituted after so only the week of the use and his will not turn on now neither. 3/3 Laptops the bad is too much. It would avert this.
4 / 5
First of simple and right. Any bell , whistles or widgets. Perfecto any laptop of atrocity for pupil. 10hr Battery. Súper Luz but durable.
Perfecto for my on-line university classes. Mathematician, pharmaceutical and biology. The documents are súper easy to download, modification, converts , sends etc.
Automatically saves when using documents of Google. Any annual cost to do documents. The documents of word am downloaded easily and Google docs can be converted to the document of word.
Súper Fast, does not take time to upload or has closed down.
Sure mark to me fully uploads before an initial start on but with which is good to go. It does not take long to touch.
I also has taken the Logitech wireless smile for a computer and he have done perfectly.
This in spite of does not use this laptop for streaming or gaming. Has other devices for this material.
5 / 5
Well, I suppose they are not súper computer savvy but no the plot of time in the computers and I know to that likes me. My woman and I possess the Dell office upper computer that action among a two of us. I will be to go back in pupil in a cradle and thought it in us could be well to have an extra computer around a house as we could both operates in of the projects, or video of clock, or anything a same time. Unfortunately, we do not owe that it weaves of money to spend I so that really it has done my first investigation to purchase.

Am spent less than $ 200 thus little Chromebook and thinks I really taken my cost of money. With an exception of a capacity of storage (which can be easily upgraded with a SD Paper), looks to be in the pair with MacBook Air but for less than the third a cost. It is quickly, easy to use, light weight, and durable. Some last two qualities are especially of entities of mine because they are the cyclist and the hanger of strap. If travesías mainly for automobile, can very fully grok that of the entity is for any the one who travesías mainly for bicycle and/or bus to pack light and have durable, waters resistant train. It is not mentioned in a description of product, but was pleasantly has surprised that this Chromebook is coming with the 12 accident of the month has guaranteeed to protect. Mina this says to plot in Asus' confidence in a durability of his product.

Certainly, are the user of Google of big time . I have had it gmail accounts for the years and I use all some wonderful products - Walk (docs, discharges, slides, and drawings), Voices (both telephone and sms), Hangouts, Maintains, Calendar, etc - that google has. If it is taste is will be a lot of happy to see that this Chromebook is the natural extension of the yours blissful experience of Google.

A thing strongly would recommend to any the one who decides to purchase that this product is that it explore a help (?) Section shortly after the calm begin it up for a first time. Ossia The Chrome eat YOU his slightly different that the Mac or Windows YOU and will take the small taking used to. It is very intuitive and the friendly but the calm user will save you to plot of the frustration taken an hour to learn regarding the use.

In general, thinks that ossia an extraordinary product and highly would recommend it to any the one who is looking for an economic, computer very portable for pupil or work. In fact, we like him so much, spent of the according to a for my woman. :-)
5 / 5
Description like this read with which informs in this product, am horrified in a number of buyers that has purchased this car apparently clueless like this to that is! Ossia The Chromebook and pursue Chrome YOU, which is feigned mainly for the web has based to compute. Calm can not compare this to the laptop of PC/of the Windows because it is entirely different. If it educate prime minister to comprise a software, functions, and limitations of a product, can do a compraventa informed and wise. Considering me, want to it! It is the sum of compact measure , is quickly like this lightning, applications of Android of the careers (after changing a YOU The a canal of Beta) perfectly, and works well with walks of USB, papers by heart, Bluetooth devices, and more. A light impression of an operating system is the plus reason has fallen and computes faster that more portable that Windows. A creation of a device is rugged and feels a lot well has done. @In rodeo, I my duties before I have purchased like my expectations for him were realistic- and has surpassed! To good sure recommends this device to that comprises the one who the Chromebook fact and can any one .
4 / 5
Has ordered he in June. It is so only roughly 3 month and he randomly so only closes era. The screen goes black, and has to that be restart. Then he sometimes he again! I comprise it is the economic computer , but is not really value a degradation.
4 / 5
This chromebook looked adds at the beginning. We use for some last ten months the hours of pair the day in the office plugged to power of wall. When we have looked for to use he without being plugged in, the find any same boot. If you unplug you can when it is running, it dies immediately as if not being any one would beat at all.

A next question is that when you have fallen a chromebook plugged the paralizaciones to wall can, roughly 50 of a time a screen flashes brilliant and then goes all black. If you close a coverage and try kicking it again, can do a same thing or he can do this time.

In general, ossia one the majority of unreliable chromebook has tried and very disappointing for a Asus has produced.

Update: after sending a chromebook to Asus for work of guarantee and Asus the saying has completed some reparations, still has some same questions like this first. An experience of guarantee with Asus is extremely be in disappointing.
5 / 5
Has bought this chromebook strictly partorisca nursing school.
Life of battery: (My school has likes 4 outlets for a whole class, how is sadly the prime minister coming to do fault in the first place write to treat so only to touch your laptop (concealed is required to have in a program but any resupplied for you; volume) Anyways, is SURPRISING and has surpassed my expectations. A reason has loved the chromebook was for a life of battery and simple light creation. This chromebook has the very long battery life I use acts and slope scolare and usually so only the touch once or two times the week at most. I use it usually max to almost max brightness and last all day and does not have to that me worry roughly requiring covers it he in all a time.

Light and compact: it is light and compact and grieve seat when I have dipped he in my stock exchange or in my lap. I resist in my hand with ease. It does very included the need uses it on the office, so only in my lap because it is small and quite comfortable. Besides, a ruggedized the creation he really protected, this in spite of a thing is like this light, the chair a lot takes never has been for the fall mostly reason no hanged like other laptops it. A ruggedized creation, is strong I am sure, but is more like this icing in a cake.

Speed and processor: I do not have any @subject with speed and ploughing multiple windows a lot. It manages multiple open windows any question, which have been concerned roughly when I have read other descriptions. It was hardly ever lagged on except me once or two times when I have opened the big and-textbook with hundreds of pages. In fact it begins up and it opens program fcking quickly. I turn it on and it is fully on inside the seconds of pair. It does not look to require to upload never which are still are in impacting roughly. It is súper convenient.

In general, ossia probably a better damn what I never bought of Amazon. It is the God sends partorisca nursing school and that study in work. I have bought included one for my mamma.
4 / 5
Has loved mine. It has taken in December and used it so only in newspaper. Perfecto for me. This in spite of, have spilt yesterday the caffè and he am gone in a keyboard and he have prisoner immediately law. A unit would turn on, but a screen is remained black . It is totally my failure, any one lacking to a company or produced, but in that looks game that mug of the water in a keyboard me cringe. I am not sure like this 'waterproof'. They are also a lot sure it could spill to the to caffè again likes , how was the freak of accident. In all the chance, has ordered other 10 minutes with which some spill. So much, the calm supposition could say are quite happy with him.
4 / 5
Wants this Chromebook has been looking in him for the long time and read each description, am like this happy I finally decided for the order. I have had my laptop for the long times and I also owe that pill but has has wanted to something among these measures and this Chromebook is perfect. It is coming very good packaged and unpacked and has been right to do with him. A lot the friendly and easy user to dip up!
Will say to to an only thing does not like roughly is of some blue papers in the black tones he the hard fact to see in low light. Another that that I want to and is perfect for my needs. A nave was a lot quickly in the, thank you Amazon!
4 / 5
Has been using this little type for the month now and is to impress. It does not feel laggy, a resolution of screen is sufficient, and so only feels sturdy and rugged, while remaining light. Some tones have the decent feels to them and does not feel fill. Some applications ran well and synching with the services of Google likes him Calendar and Maintain is adds. Speed of the connection of the coverage is smooth. This is really be the add compraventa.
5 / 5
Has arrived seemingly in good condition. When powered HAS on FACT for roughly 2 minutes, has frozen then -- keyboard, trackpad, everything. So only that resists a key to be able to down to reboot would give any one results. The same what is spent the little more time: it would look to do little as to the minute or like this, then in some random point would close up.

This was a second time has ordered this Chromebook of Amazon; A prime minister a, together with the separate unrelated shipment, has been flown, or otherwise so only never looked for some reason. Any ASUS fails of course... But then east according to one is rid and... It has not done.

This was certainly so only the alone bad unit. It could he , and probably would owe that have, has contacted ASUS to take all straightened was, but was bit it frustrated to arrive to this point, and is exited so only that prejudices and elected on the different laptop in the venue of Big Box.

Was able to send a frozen one has retreated to Amazon for the fast and courteous repayment.
5 / 5
Are the 50 yr old father to 7 boys. They are also the The professional. I have been doing with computer for more than 20 years. But it creates it or no, still take hanged in curent techology from time to time. With this be has said, think that have the good to feel so that it is worthwile in a zone of technology. I can say, ossia the very compraventa . I owe that preface he this in spite of so that it plan to do with him. If it plan in the video that modifies, ossia any good. If it love video of clock, this are adds. If it love game fortnite, this will not be a lot well. If it love game farmtown in facebook, this will do adds. His one stands out little laptop, that really is not the laptop, but behaves to the plot to him the gustanuno. One of my boys uses this for his duties, and is perfect. His books escoles this year is everything on-line. A school resupplies office 365 for some boys. He he ameno in pupil with his newspaper, and is very happy. The majority of his friends all have the chromebook, and all the world has said that as his a better. This one is a lot of sturdy and feels undertaken in your hands. A keyboard has adds seat - when you press tones, has the a lot of his click. It requires the good quantity of pressure to write, but very too much. A life of battery is sum, easily last a whole day. Any weighed at all, his easy to spend around all day. For the adolescent, his absolutely perfect. It is rugged, and water resistant, and a bit immune to virus. Certainly, we are users of Google of big time . We have had it gmail accounts for the years and use all some wonderful products - Walk (docs, discharges, slides, and drawings), Voices (both telephone and sms), Hangouts, Maintains, Calendar, etc - that google has. If it is taste is will be a lot of happy to see that this Chromebook is the natural extension of the yours blissful experience of Google. This in spite of have had to say anything negative, the mine personally almost looks the toy. More like this fisher prize or to frog of jump, more than an Apple of HP. So you are the business proffesional and would have it hangup on to the to something likes that, can wants to consider of the different fashion. But for functionality and prize, calm really can has not beaten the. Here it is of the games for you, if it calms has not used never Chrome YOU before A thing strongly would recommend is that it explore a help (?) Section shortly after the calm begin it up for a first time. Ossia He Chrome eat YOU his slightly different that the Mac or Windows YOU and will take the small taking used to. It is very intuitive and the friendly but the calm user will save you to plot of the frustration taken an hour to learn regarding the use.
Am considering buying the second a for me. Ossia Which plan on doing. They are sure calm could install Ubuntu in the, and take me the 64gb sd paper, and will have the fully working computer of Linux. The software of Linux is everything free, and much more of confidence that windows. There is free office, the free photo that modifies, software of free audio. This car has more than enough power to do all concealed !
4 / 5
Light but solid, responsive, keyboard quite well, life of impressive battery.

Loves surf a web, your email, video of internet of the clock, writes some Americans of Novel Orders, cat of video, teach you that to create web pages, And any to concern roughly destroying the $ 1,000+ piece of electronic crew with the 7-11 Big Gulp?

Think can be hard pressed to take more bang for your buck that this artilugio right here.
5 / 5
My ruggedized ASUS Chromebook has arrived a lot quickly and was very easy to take hooked to a inet. A prize was a lot down, compared to the laptops that use other operating systems, and is astonishingly be quickly, smooth, and stable. Of then it updates his programming and systems of security constantly (every time calm turn he on), is as has mark-new computer every time calm turn he one. And Google all a tiresome updating and housekeeping this does other systems like this tiresome to this Chromebook, so only feel and go to do, or it beginning that touches, any fuss, any one annoying.

And love some sounds of way by means of my Cambridge Soundworks powered speakers just clave a stereo miniplug to a ASUS' headphone jack, and the starts of good-looking music (I STRONGLY recommend three musical geniuses on Youtube: the quartet of electrical Guitar of Tatyana (Libertango); Guillermo Murrieta (Samba Pa You); Brittni Paiva (Lights). His all touch fabulous in this ASUS!

My ASUS Chromebook spoilt me for real, with his fast, smooth, any-operation of fuss.
5 / 5
For $ 200, ossia the really impressive car . A life of battery is sum, a keyboard is comfortable and easy to use, a screen is quite vivid, and for the web that explores is difficult to say a difference among this Chromebook and my primary laptop, which cost five times more. Basically, if ossia all plans to use this for--Youtube/of Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, anything can access in the browser of web-- is the five product of hands to star down.

A question is all more: calm once is out of an Internet results the $ 200 brick. If it plan on the a lot of class of document or spreadsheet, the need spends for Google Docs. Assuming work perfectly, requires attended roughly 20 seconds among clicking to open the document and in fact when being able of the modify. Sometimes he no perfectly, need to register behind your account. Sometimes you try logging in and no for some reason. Then he entirely freezings, like this precise prójimos Chrome and try again. Then it calms finally volume logged the Google Docs, begins to write your document and have the connection of bad Internet for any reason. A second an Internet has gone, your document is frozen--can not change anything, can not copy or paste anything, swimming. Sometimes he this still when a connection of the internet does not look to be suffering any questions. There have it purportedly a 'off-line way,' those stops that to spend. But so only for one of your devices the time, and after the hours of endeavour could does not take to do with this thing in any case.

In a chance, among me Google inaugural Docs has taken the plenary FIVE MINUTES of clicking and treating questions before it could take accesses to the document I required--and this was in the connection of good Internet.

Once in fact the laws are add, a question is taking to this point.
4 / 5
Perfecto. There is no better description. Has the space for mine usb Verizon connection to an internet. Has the space for a dongle (?) For my plenary-sized has smiled. It is light weight . It has touched fully it looks to resist this load for enough the moment. It could not be happier. And a prize was reasonable. If you, I like him, of any precise to plot of tuff' in the computer, ossia. But still it has the space of paper of the memory and built in camera.
4 / 5
Has bought this chromebook and after using he for the week has bought a same model for my parents.

Like this of June 1st can install you applications of Android in this character Chromebook (as of June 20th anchors it require change it to a version of Beta of a Chrome YOU). For this can run Skype, Celtx, Excel, Walk of entrance of Google or another no-applications of browsers of yours choosing.

Now, has the 17-big thumb-end ASUS Windows-portable the based, but still this a lot of Chromebook is resulted my primary car. I maintain to spend a C202 around where does not go never -- beach, office, park, bed, and like this on. Volume all some applications I needs, volume all a life of battery I need, and remain me light and mobile.

Is thinking in it Chromebook to take doubt you will go wrong with ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02.
4 / 5
Eat... Has boot he in a cost, roughly three hours of where alive. Typically I am a lot very roughly doing sure have my cup of classical Windows to lap Based with me at all times, because of my work. So only it has not gone never when I go to require to do changes it to our website or use the portal of web of place of the Manufacturer. Well.. Last weekend, has forgotten my laptop and I desperately have required one... FAST. I have been to Staples and has seen the Chromebook and was very skeptical. In a tent, was able to access a web of place that has required work of.... Unfortunately, a Person of the sales in Staples was 1) too many lazy to see if a particular model that used in a tent was available and 2) said in fact that the would not be happy with this compraventa and probably would return it and has suggested that it does not have to that shabby... I eat.. The no.

Instead, has taken loaned the Portable typical form any and has completed my work.

Was still intrigued for a chrombook contrives... So much, they are Amazon of trace and found this little type.. I have imagined that a control of the water in a keyboard could be useful a day with a car that is mainly for a boat. It liked Also of a hule rugged in an outside.. I have been concerned at the beginning in an idea that this was the Student Car ... May... In reality, that the students is probably WAY at the head of me in of the computers to arrive to this point.

Has ordered this car and in two days have arrived. I LOVE it! They are in a boot now writing and listening to Spotify in a car a same time. It runs everything of some programs and emails that requires for the work and is súper light and easy to spend around. It takes some time to take familiar with some of a Chromebook process and characteristic of use... Some are resembled PC REGULATE BUT A lot is not . It was a lot of fallido when some applications or the web of places would not move for down .. Then any one aimed to like two toes in a tampon to touch in some leaves of same time for scrolling of any page.

Has been able to access all spreadsheets ossia emailed mine and open each business email or program. I go to maintain using this like this my primary car until I find an application that can any one . Mina @mine @subject the big plus now is that this is to be draw to remain in a boot for use of emergency, but the find like this easy to use and practical that probably will be to take the house...

Also, work very fast and has had any of some subjects with a tampon to touch or with slow operation that some people have mentioned in some descriptions. When Calm ploughs it, is ready to go. Any while pas his still kick on or to the to anything likes concealed.

Highly recommend this.
5 / 5
Has bought two of these the few months , now both have been sent behind to ASUS for reparation. Both no longer will touch a battery. I have tried two different touching cords.
ASUS The reparation in Knits has fixed still any @@subject to be able to, Still while in of the parts with which 30 days So many of the mine there has been subjects roughly 9 months to a guarantee.
Thinks that is seeing many of this look with the alike question..
5 / 5
Well is looking and durable; have accidentally has fallen slightly several times of a couch to a paving, at all has been broken; this in spite of, when using chrome for the long period of time, a screen would blacken for the little while and behind the normal.
4 / 5
There is retarded to the crawl after the month

after leaving my leading work and turning in mine lightning-fast MacBook Air, has purchased it refurbished MacBook Air that was dulcemente like this molasses. I am returned that as squandered my time, and has taken this Chromebook instead. It has done well for the month and he then has begun also to upload pages maddeningly dulcemente. To give you an example: I can maps very included of use of Google because some maps will not upload . I have researched all are supposition to do to augment speed: disabling unused extensions, not maintaining too many open tabs, and disabling some spent-ins (which unfortunately Chrome no longer leave you to do). Has short prisoner of the powerwash: Reason has to that require to do that with which have had a computer the small to the long of the month? The suspect can have it taken faulty the model and the desire could return it, but the police of the turn of the amazon is so only 30 days.

An additional question is that a life of battery is quite poor--only the fraction of an announced 10 hours. And fully it uploads and download it on one initial load. Material so only has taken the defective unit.
5 / 5
Durable (chair sturdy)
the good External looks but no too flashy
Light weight
life of Decent battery
CPU looks well, does not freeze up with the pocolos tabs of browsers plough
the tones in a keyboard are big and blue, easy to read and characterises on.
Touchpad Is responsive and good works
economic, for a specs ossia one of a better bang for you buck deals in the Chromebook

(would be a lot)
would be fresh has had the version that has had the keyboard behind lit or touchscreen but does not import of then is lighter and has the life of better battery in this way.

That really wishes this Chromebook has had was the better screen, has contrasts it poor and my wheel of look of eyes in him for a long period of time. It looks really poor when seeing of any corner another that directly on.

If this Chromebook has had the 1080p the screen would be quite perfect. If they have offered one with the 1080p the screen would buy it right now.
4 / 5
I do not have any a lot of experience with chromebooks in general but this thing feels correctly. Partorisca Explore, youtube, email, google docs, compraventa, or anything could wants to do in an internet, this device is very comfortable. Sure a screen could have been bit it main but this has been probably more money. Like this far we have bough 3 of these. In $ the piece these are a subject incredible . Has the a lot of utilitarian look. I think that that they were for one 'calculator' look, which in my opinion is the concept adds for this device. Some load last the hours and some tones are big and have the good feels. Some grips of the hule in a fund is the characteristic really orders. It has attached the wireless mouse that done immediately without that has to that do a lot that 'relieving your hardware... Installing engine...' Etc that need to do with Windows. Like this far my girls have used his still roughly 5 month without subjects and I mine taken so only the few days does and like this far like this good. Material ASUS has done the work adds and expect continuous to build these rugged devices abordables that is well for boys and of the adults equally.
5 / 5
The technology and his prizes are moving fast and has to that say that this unit me the ChromeBook believer.

There is enjoyed my time that explores/surfing an internet and I has been SURPRISED included partorisca working remotely... I have tried he for my work day that included webinar coaching and using my tools of far work like Citrix Auricular (common business tool). His, picture, streaming the quality was on expectations.

Dipping on my printer of house was the curve to learn but there is the plot of the fast instructions are there but concealed is not the thing of unit this is taking to know a ChromeBook operating system. Outside of that his right attacker. Type of clue chrome://devices in your browser (-;

For a prize can not believe a build and qualified of a unit. I know his marketed for an use/of boy of the education but is utmost still travelling because of his characteristic of rugged drawing.

Plans to use has seen your account of Google and work by means of internet (applications of cloud and far tools) this unit is seriously the no brainer decision. Mina 2 cents...
5 / 5
Ossia The very little Chromebook - do well when doing on-line, is superfast and the looks well does included the is not a beautiful plus Chromebook there.

A reason gave it so only three stars, is becaase is impossible to do a lot of work in the unless you are connected to an internet. @I give that Chromebooks is drawn to be used on-line; this in spite of, some reviewers has indicated that they were able to do in the documents have saved locally to a computer when WiFi has not been available and then sync to a cloud later. Has no the found concealed to be a chance, included for relatively of short documents (until 5000 words) because of an extremely long lag time while a document has saved locally in a computer. I have found that so only it could write the few first sentences of a Chromebook would freeze for until four minutes while a work saved - and this is to spend frequently, probably each one another paragraph.

There is disappointed enough I of precise to do off-line the plot and, clearly, can not do like this with this Chromebook - I does not know all Chromebooks is in this way or is so only this mark but would have the experience has had has said, thinks that is the very little Chromebook while any precise to do off-line. If calm , I steer clear....
5 / 5
This computer are adds for my boys! Like the plot of schools, my girls' use him escoles a program of Google, like the Chromebook is that requires. These laptops are it hard and durable. My boys have both have said that this model extracted the better way that his last Chromebooks, which has taken of course broken. I bought him for a toughness and a speedy the action is the prize ! A prize is reasonable when compared to another Chromebooks with comparable specs. All the world is happy! The dad is happy. Institute of 15 years sophomore is happy. 11 year 7th grader is happy. That often can say concealed?

08-30-17 EDITS Well, as I am enamoured with this Chromebook for my boys! Included a ruggedized, hard character of this unit finally succumbed to my edges and a LCD exposed has taken broken and ruined (probably to be stuffed in his rucksack among big fat textbooks). A beauty of this Chromebook is that it is drawn to easily substitute an exposure. I have ordered the new exposure to like $ 40 of Amazon, and took 7 minutes to substitute! So many, Azus the fact does to him also easy to repair, although it has taken broken.
4 / 5
This Chromebook does well but does not spend of longitude a pointed video. Tip the person that waters of games to keyboard without harm; falling he of the cup to subject to a paving without harm. It says that it is a 'easy fixed something goes bad, so only burst a part has broken was and burst the new one in. Ossia The lie ! If tip any sign of 'physical harm' yours guarantees is void. I so only paid for this notebook to have a motherboard substituted when all sent it behind partorisca was the piece of telephone of the boss broken. I have purchased a long guarantee in timing to purchase also, guessing this is worthless also.
5 / 5
Has bought this Chromebook for my daughter of 10 years. It enjoyed it a lot and uses he to have to that escoles. Also it uses it to explore canals of Youtube pertinent and is resulting a lot well programs of use of computer. A downside is that there is the tone in a keyboard that is not doing properly. It was fearful would return a Chromebook so that it does not have me says roughly the until it has asked roughly on dines. Basically, one of some tones of the punctuation does not do and need to be paste three or four first times of working. It has imagined out of the workaround to avert using this tone. I wish a keyboard has done usually so that it does not have to that that. It is still down guaranteeed to the equal that can return he for the working keyboard but no sure still reason my daughter would be disturbed with me takes era. Besides this subject, is really enjoying a Chromebook.
5 / 5
I like a Chromebook, but am not happy that has had he less than the week and a prize have fallen $ 20!
My woman saw it and has taken he with his in the travesía, how is to me so only has had a day. I said that I have required to buy another! (At least a prize has fallen!) Ossia The miracle to the equal that has two laptops the of the windows will not touch and four Kindles waste to use. It looks a Chromebook was a response all to the long of.
With which 1 1/2 years a continuous computer do add and my woman there is wanted still he for his travesías. This in spite of, a cord to be able to is exited and could not touch a battery. Be prepared to spend another $ 18-19 in the cord of power of the substitution. Felizmente, was able to order one of Amazon and has taken in two days. Now a computer is of tower into use.
4 / 5
My daughter uses this for his courses escoles on-line publics as well as his on-line university courses and she loves it. So only be conscious that has any lock of discharge, can click very right and there is any dvd/player of CD. You can download office of Microsoft but calm owe on-line. My uses of daughter google docs this in spite of and is to be well.
5 / 5
Oh Man, this thing is sum !!

Has been looking for the moment for the small laptop that it is FAST and has connectivity of good internet, and this creature rid. Taken roughly three seconds to kick and a speed of internet is SCORCHING. I add to explore a web and looking video, and in fact is turning to the device to do a lot also. So only it connects to an office via Citrix and this car operates like this quickly that almost I forget am doing remotely. Any need for Windows in my device to house when I can connect to a half of Windows in an office like this seamlessly.

Also this laptop is a lot rugged and there is a lot of 'feel.' Almost memory of a fisher-the toys of prizes have used to use like the boy, and bad that in a totally complimentary way. The good solid keys and the chair like me could survive of some abuse.

Also wants to give some props the Amazon. It had ordered the Lenovo windows of diagrams and was unhappy reason was like this slow and laggy and failed to take a lot of WiFi (which has done well for mine other devices). I am returned a Lenovo the car and The Amazon gave me the repayment immediately (and mean immediately, likes instant). As I have chosen on this car a next day and is exactly that has looked for. Thank you Amazon!
4 / 5
Am spent of the days that the portable investigation and Chromebooks that looks for to imagine was the one who a better option would be for homeschooling my three elementary has has aged boys. I finally solved in this Chromebook, and the man are happy has done. It was skeptical with which reading all some descriptions but am sceptic roughly all these days.

Like this in some of some descriptions have seen complaints roughly qualities of screen, the key of lock of discharges he not doing etc. Well, is the Chromebook so that it does not have the key of lock of discharges he, so that it is the no @@subject. A quality of the screen does not compare to the mine iMac, but did not expect it to, my iMac cost me $ 1,300 and this Chromebook side me $ 216. A quality of screen thinks is surprising for a prize. It is not bad at all. It is not to like touching a Atari or an old Sega the origin has had like this of the boys lol.

In general has bought 3 of these Chromebooks and thinks that is the add compraventas! They are a lot of speedy for my connection of the slow internet and all the work perfectly and mentions is really easy to dip up and operate!? Ossia So only that has required for some boys. The maintaining can me remain organised with everything of my school boys, not struggling in mine expensive desks and some boys have everything requires in the compact Chromebook. It could not be happier with cost of mine! They are rugged abundance (the calm import is still the delicate electronic device, does not concern me the one who rugged any one alleges an electronic device to be, my boys go to be taught to treat then a lot of delicately!). But they are quite rugged where the chair has had the drop accidentelle minor etc, would be well. I say to go for him! We love ours!!

Will be of tower to update in a chance one of them dies or the dysfunctions and the guarantee is not honored or to the to something likes concealed. I am expecting that these will last the long time, in an end, if they have had to 2+ years have paid for them in my eyes.

Top Customer Reviews: Asus ZenBook Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Lieselotte
Be conscious his like this called flagship Asus ZenBook Pro Duet UX581…some of some units have fatal defect in that a mark the new laptop will take 9 minutes more partorisca kick (shows a clip) a key partorisca be able to and a tampon will blink partorisca the second and that goes constantly that the paralizaciones full 9 minutes everything of patches of security to the latest build further of windows touches some batteries in plenaries ..Any wheel has done each trick in a textbook but some results were a same … work likes that calm once the turn was and that the turn has retreated on .otherwise Once fully kicked (with which 8 minutes that is) restarts quickly so only like normal a support of technology of ASUS was súper horrible a man has spoken to of his support of the technology has not been useful at all and has admitted a unit is faulty that suggest partorisca send a new mark 3 portable days old partorisca reparation and gave a number of chance... It says that …. Any thank you… the amazon was there partorisca succour no the only amazon is choosing on a unit but sent also a substitution ..5 stars the Amazon and incident of zeros the ASUS …like this he find an error still …explains the Amazon and take your substitution of the amazon A lot INCLUDED ANNOYING partorisca contact ASUS the support of technology is answering all the questions here in the amazon but have the different face when calm contacts them and say them your laptop is faulty the one who the shame .. I am giving 5 STARS the Amazon partorisca his help and sustain concealed is reason the amazon is resultant king in a phase ASUS would have to that learn some meanings of service /of support of technology of client of Amazon ....
4 / 5 Christoper
Ossia The phenomenally portable drawn with the very limited number of defects like this far in 3 days of professional use. In the first place, a life of use of low battery partorisca regular (video streaming + files + of office of the web) has been in a 4-5 row of now with intermediary to big screen brightness. A laptop is constantly silent. Some works of dual screen perfectly at the beginning initiation of the windows without the installation of additional/entrance has required. Setting on the hotkey to car-upload preset the applications was simple and self-explanatory, and this work partorisca act perfectly (ossia that I people partorisca show when bragging in a laptop). A secondary screen, like a primary screen, is touch responsive and act a lot one he bundled Asus pen or partorisca touch of toe. A keyboard is fantastically responsive and pleasant to use (much more so much that my leading 3 macbooks), and has found any need to use a rest of wrist. An offset touchpad the work well is right-handed, but a responsiveness to a touchpad is slightly worse that the macbook like this far (I meeting that has to that repeat movements partorisca spend for web pages- a lot often- but noticeably more than with the macbook), although some settings partorisca this could be Windows of the better interior optimised (sensibility). A resolution of screen is phenomenal and to my eye is at least like this as well as the exposure of retina. A secondary screen is crazy but is quite functional- I am using 1/2 of a secondary screen for email (which receive constantly) and another half for web pages vs. Documents of word, with a primary screen for my primary labour occupation that comprises analysis of image. A computer there is benchmarked expectation of interior, and to improve life of battery, uses an integrated processor GPU in place of one 2060 for routine applications (I are unsure a 2060 is so only active when a battery is plugged in, or yes has fallen in sure applications- perhaps more could specify). A Sr.2 SSD Is the 1TB Samsung MZVLB1T0HALR which there is benchmarked to the equal that has expected. 16Gb The ram is clocked in 2667 MHz. A car is the laptop workhorse, comfortable but in a weight of big final that would want it paths around with still the period along, and can manage anything would launch in him.

Having Of the urban nails of the extra screen has has done already the difference in my cement workflow, and a dual screen setup has been actuated perfectly. I will say that it program old (old versions of Citrix) concealed not having DPI correction for dual monitors (scarce today) can have a subject with a dual screen setup, but this would be true for the desk also and unlikely to affect your use. You take it that chairs recumbent with the 20-30 corner of terracing in a secondary screen, a source is quite visible.

Highly recommend this laptop and expect it will be a lot populate for busy professionals that do the plot of multitasking and is required to answer to very inner of things a moment- or to the to the one who likes him the use the fast gaze in place of flipping back and advance among screens- or very other possible uses!
5 / 5 Cora
Has expected for months thus computers to be released. It is cost a wait. They are happy has purchased a i7. Some characteristic of a i9 the computer is limited and any value an extra $ 500 especially of the 16gb RAM for this one is more than final for me. It is the computer adds . A screen is awesome!!! Some fact of dual screens multitasking easy. A keyboard my chair of surprise adds. I have not attached a rest of palmera. A tutorial system automatically village for tips on like this to use a screenpad. A computer feels sturdy and would have to that last the long time.
5 / 5 Ressie
MODIFICATION 3/13/20: falling description to 2 stars. This laptop is not compatible with a Windows 1909 update (the always blue installation-screens and failure). Neither it is compatible with a HTC Bolt VR headset (says GPU can not connect to a HMD).

MODIFY 10/28/19: after installing some updates of Windows, a screen brightness the setting there is prendido to do for a ScreenPad + (inferior screen). I have installed a late plus BIOS of a ASUS the web of place and this have solved a subject.

Portable very fresh. A hardware specs is comparable the gaming portable, but for the alike prize takes the second screen and the frame that is not the hideous monstrosity.

A second screen is very useful, especially when exploring a web, where can see you much more of a page that in the only 16:9 exposure. A second exposure does not look like this as well as main exposure unless it turns until filler brightness, but in full brightness a colour is quite good. No like this as well as ODORO main exposure, of course, but ossia to be expected.

A frame looks a lot of fact and very durable. There is no flex anywhere. Also it looks extremely modern and sexy.

ASUS announce to this laptop likes come with support of Alexa of the Amazon, that comprises the light bar that will light when Alexa recognises your voice. Ossia Totally dud. Alexa is not built in. If application of Alexa of download them of a Tent of Microsoft, a light bar does not change colour when tongues.

A comprised and-pen to draw in some works of screen reasonably well. A sensibility of the pressure is not a better, but ossia any surprised big of an accessory has comprised.

Has been expecting a rest of palmera the magnetically snap to a fund of a laptop. It results that it does not snap or attach in any way, and is easy to accidentally the movement.


Minecraft Java Edition: Minecraft is the good test reason a Java the edition is famously a lot of the very has optimised compared to the majority of games, because of limitations of intrinsic action of Java. When I have opened a world-wide to exist (copied on another computer), he so only opened instantly. Any one load times anything. Have in the first place tried run a game in 4k with an inferior screen era. The action was a lot of (closes 60fps), but a laptop has run quite (this in spite of any alarmingly) hot. Turning a second screen has caused in a framerate to noticeably of diving, and a laptop looked to run even hotter. This in spite of, was súper convenient when being able to access a Minecraft wiki in an inferior screen without alt-tabbing out of a game. It would recommend to run a game less than 4k resolution to reduce heat.

Metre 2033: A first Metre the game is a lot demanding because of the his sophisticated lighting engine. A game has run in the compatible 60fps in DX11 way with tessellation skill and everything of some settings of qualities maxed. A ZenBook has run quite (but no alarmingly) hot. Measure the half dark means the fantastic look in a screen of SMELL. After the moment, has arrived mine that has had has not verified in fact a resolution when choosing some settings of qualities. I verified it and it has discovered that a game has run in 1920x1080. I had it there is not remarked included the has not been in full resolution; 4k is so only an unnecessarily big pixel density for the screen of 15 thumbs, and can probably run the majority of games in 1080p without remarking a difference.


This ZenBook has a dispersion of better heat there is not founding never in the laptop or ultrabook with the gaming GPU. There are defenders in both sides of a frame that hot to attack outward to an accident and right. When A laptop is below heavy load (p. p.ej. While touching the action-intense game), some defenders will be to fly out of hot air like the spatial heater, and an air in a general vicinity of a laptop takes noticeably (but no uncomfortably) warmer. This in spite of, a frame of laptop grieves warm taking_. This means almost 100 of a heat generated for a CPU and GPU is has downloaded felizmente out of a frame, which calm bad does not have to that it never concerns roughly overheating some components.


These are so only initial impressions; I will update this description after spending more time with a laptop.
5 / 5 Edwin
FOR FAR a better laptop there is never has possessed. Faster That my habit has built desk, according to the screen deletes need for monitor in an office, and the hard battery roughly 5hrs with as screen was. I have had -20 chrome tabs, 5 word docs, and 5 tabs of Season of plough of PDF with ZERO LAG, any included listen a defender. It is simply in join he of the his own.

An only with this that a main screen is a lot of prone to glare, but has bought so only the crazy protective screen to compensate, easy fijamente.
5 / 5 Izola
Usually does not give disrespectful descriptions of elements I compraventa but am doing an expectation thus produced! A computer is gone in the good chance and has been packed well. This box has been dipped to another box with 2 to 3 thumbs of spatial of empty box everywhere a chance of computer without cushioning. So only it bounced around inner. A system kicked on final. This was an end of an entertainment..! A manual calms that can call concealed was 4 or 5 pages roughly 4 x 5 thumbs. Totally worthless. A pen of the indicator has not done, A tampon to the touch has not done, has had to resist down in the and the averages a time neither has not done or has loved to take everything in a screen. A software bundled with a system has not uploaded never imagined regarding the load could does not select to upload. It was excited like this to take this computer, am spent 30 minutes with him trying hacerprpers work, and the figure was like this to do work that all have has wanted to was by means of him was a window and walk on he with my car. That the disappointment..! I have looked so many descriptions in this laptop and so only found the bad pair an east. Chico where his well and all some abonos some were in bloviated there was mentido..! I suppose that it is possible has taken the Lemon , but was such the sower the lemon will not try never another Asus produced!. If it was Amazon would take this piece of rubbish and no for the sell never.
Agree on revise concealed has said that has purchased there unit of Amazon reason Asus was like this difficult to do with. I have followed his goodness and am like this happy has done them.

Thank you, but any one thanks of an a lot unbalanced client.
4 / 5 Domonique
Dido For all a praise. They are the professor of music and use he for class, composition, and gaming during prep.

One of another reviewer is bad to GO HAS ALEXA SUSTAINS And LIGHT BAR. Also I thought it initially it has been missing that. You owe that download the engine of Asus. Material is not comprised reason Alexa is not available in all the country is. Calm once install some laws of engine adds.
5 / 5 Meggan
Has has has possessed dozens of computers on some years and has had so only 2 that has been has impressed sincerely with. An original Acer R7 has had the brilliant exposure and was quickly and of confidence. This in spite of, have anticipated this Asus UX581 of a day has been announced. It is my new the majority of favourite computer never and is all that had expected that would be.

Some the dual exposures is a better application of use of dual screen never. Another has done valiant the endeavours that comprises Lenovo, Toshiba, and Acer, but Asus there is not dipping so only a level, but the very big bar.

Has bought a I7 model, no a I9, but a I7 is incredibly quickly with everything does. I can not imagine that quickly a I9 has to that be, but one 6 core I7 does not maintain me never while.

Pulling a trigger for the $ 2500 laptop has caused the little hesitation, but sincerely think that never has received lovely dollar in this laptop.

Asus, IMHO, has BEGUN marks it new generation of personal computing, and there is nailed he of a start.
5 / 5 Darline
Like the university student has imagined the capacity of this computer to multitask would be extremely useful in my studios. After the week to use is there is disappointed at all. A do one like this announced and of the 9.os bosses of gene of processor multitasking seamlessly. They are very satisfied with a compraventa of this laptop. A prize is very big, but this is to expect with such action adds and technology of cutting flange. If this laptop is in your row of prize is the must compraventa, to good sure abler that ay MacBook has not seen never.
5 / 5 Laurette
Are the enormous defender of a 2nd Screen. A Specs is fantastic, and a software for the screen that snaps is surprisingly well.

Is not never be like this excited in the new computer... But a placing of keyboard is by train to do me consider the turn... It is really retarding down my speed to write and consolation when quell'using in my lap (which is where the use my laptop more)

This in spite of, is a lot wierd writing in this device while it is seating in my lap. A wrist-accesoria of the rest would have been I adds, but he doesnt snap to a laptop in in all the chance. As he doesnt stay in the office, and cant be used while in your lap.

A ASUS the software for a 2nd screen is well... A characteristic of the group of the Task is list, but calm so only can have 4 groups. And he doesnt agree the website has dipped to google chrome windows. So many, when you want to have 3 different web applications in an inferior screen, calm so only gives you 3 fresh browsers instead.
4 / 5 Gaylord
This thing is that it has been looking for partorisca years. Any sure the one who another reviewer has spoken roughly. Partorisca A specs that yours taking is the really decent prize . I have bought by means of Excaliberpc and has not been sure buying by means of the 3red party the vendor but they were utmost a whole way by means of. The promised there would be it before any one another vendor in some the EUA and lived until his promise.
4 / 5 Trudi
pros And the questions in some subordinated
has had this for 2 days and ask me to us to rid the description, likes I . I have not been able to try a life of battery still, some screens are vivid and vibrant AF, a lot good-looking. A technology among a touchscreens is good but not perfecting. Work well and feels very natural comfortable to use with a wristwrest, without would recommend the keyboard. An inferior screen can be bit it hard to read the smallest text unless it lean in or whip on, but his a lot of gain for clients of email, clients of cat, toolbars, basically anything productivitywise. The frames that the program in the laptop feels so better! I have not been able to try a functionality to touch, a pen that is coming with has questions. I am expecting of technical support on that, and a vendor has chosen to send the question for description in responce instead. Some speakers are quell'has bitten toneless, his planting them harder that listen and so only slightly muffled. They are situated in a nook of hinge, and yes see like this opens to do like the stand, well, yeah, inside this little zone of hole. A camera is installed improperly, but in the harmless way. Some engine whose work with discord correctly.

- Good-looking screens
- productivities of orders of inferior screen
- the chair adds to use, keyboard very comfortable and the use adds of spatial

- the speakers are feeble and slightly muffled because of planting
- the camera installed slightly bad, although it does a lot of
- key to be able to also slightly tiled, I cant says is harm or improper installation , although it does a lot of
- stylus has the defect of manufacture, he doing unusable. While on vendor to help.

For a prize has paid, a noticeable the defects of manufacture are the question , especially reason I me worry that more could be wrong under a hood. It thanks god for guarantees.

UPDATE: asus support of client lied some first time have spoken to them, an only way to fix one $50 stylus is to return a laptop also. They take for ever to answer, and of the one who give answered straight or recognise deceptions, that does a conversation feels to circulate when that looks for to imagine was the one who a truth is.
4 / 5 Len
Has had mine Asus Zenbook Pro Duet for the small to the long of the week. Prpers Having read some descriptions here on Amazon, would like me signal out of the few things:

Screenpad + is the crazy has arrived. This is to be draw to cut down in glares of some tall lights found besides public and workplaces. So many, yes, will look dim compared to a 4K SMELL main screen. Enough frankly, it is not that it distracts it, especially when compared a purpose of those. Having to that use a main screen (which is main) for video, etc. Use a ScreenPad + for my tools to modify, which thinks was a purpose thus portable.

Can say this: A processor is quite powerful to run software of entity that tends to use on the majority of the yours can of past, this in spite of leaves enough to look video or alive shows and verify your email a same time. A computer is built solidly. A weight and feel tones and tampon to touch (which also curve like the keypad with a touch of the key) is solid and feels it will last a life of a car.

Could go in to say you more on some technical appearances, which, undoubtedly, has done your duties for now. But for some aesthetic users, a colour is gorgeous, especially yes is tired in light ash, dark ash, and black. It is also really fresh that you can have different, but relating, background images in the each screen. MORE, takings the quite decent Nvidia paper of map, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB , are the defender ! Calm will not be disappointed if you are a lot of- has informed!
5 / 5 August
Uses this car partorisca AutoCAD. With early phases of metacarpal a secondary screen partorisca macro the keys deletes a need for almost all the clicks of mice. Although the majority of descriptions questions a placing of keyboard finds it more comfortable that having an in resting to plan immediately under a keyboard. It exits palmeras of mine of course remain down some tones. A tampon of clue lateralmente well for right handers is perfect partorisca AutoCAD with a macro that the tampon has located immediately on in a right half of a secondary screen. Ossia He soyiracle' configuration of laptop for me. Highly recommended for has advanced applications. If any comprise a need for him is figure some diagrams is not for you. If it calms it is priceless for this efficiency and profits of health . Users to be able to wins it taking a time to comprise and work with some characteristics of configuration although not perfecting is upper to a like this same absence. A stranger is durability and longevity .
5 / 5 Caitlin
In general am satisfied really with this car like this far. It would give it 4.5 stars. First to buy this model looked in the another mark and the configuration of laptop could think of - Apple, Dell and Alienware, HP and Omen, Razer, Lenovo, Acer, MSI, Gigabyte, Noreste of Falcon, and probably one or two another am forgetting. Has has wanted to something quite powerful to run Blender, Sketchup and V-Ray, and Season Creative Cloud. Any of some other costruttrici of the laptop there has been a combination of characteristics this one has had in this point of prize. I have maintained to go back to this model eats when being the really good value, not even counting an extra screen. Has an on-to-the-according to processor, abundance of RAM, the reasonable quantity of spatial of storage, and the very fast video paper. Quality of solid of look of the construction like this far. The time will say in that.

Has no really extended his action of legs-wise still. I have touched some with Sketchup and V-Ray, Blender, Photoshop, and Illustrative, but mostly so only tinkering like this far. I have it that has not pressed really he in the middle of production. Of the which have seen, an action will be there when a time comes.

Some more common complaints have read roughly first to buy – measure, hanged, life of battery, and creation of keyboard – is unlikely to be questions for me. I will not be frequently requiring to tote this thing to fulfil the meeting or by means of terminals of airport. Seldom I am doing in the place where can a lot of discharges in. And I will adapt to the this configuration of to the keyboard so only likes with each of another keyboard in the each chair of random computer in by means of a course of my life. Mostly it uses an external mouse but when you think roughly the, if you are right-handed, having a tampon of clue in a right corner of a coverage of keyboard is in fact bondadoso of intuitive. They are sure all these things could be extracted-users of sure breakers. Calm so only will owe that think realistically roughly like use the laptop.

Still doing a second screen to the mine normal workflow – imagining was like this of more use that the urban nails of extra screen the day-to-basic of day. A capacity to have windows like this different viewable, albeit a bit small according to a configuration, certainly will be a lot handy.

He, a second screen is crazy while a main screen is gloss and is has bitten he dimmer that a main screen. But in general my main complaint with a second screen is a corner to see. For easy to see to the functions of screen like controls of the half comunicacionales or the big icons is not the question. And certainly you are looking the video of Youtube is so only slightly prendiendo attention to, are adds. But that law any class of fine text is defying without sustaining in a screen to look down on he of view of eye of the bird. Those with bad eyesight has beaten really litigates. I prefer some crazy arrived in an arrival of the gloss for screen to touch work like this of the impressions of the toe is not like this big the question in some crazy.

This laptop is not economic but has a better container of specs in this point of prize. I create, it looked at all some another. If it is anywhere approach your row of prize and his shortcomings is not to treat-breakers, would promote you for the give serious consideration.
5 / 5 Latesha
Has been moment to this laptop for the long time and has been excited to finally take it.

Core i9 with a octa processor of core in disturb the way in this car is quite impressive. It was able to install a Continuazione of Season of the integer (a software of dozen of the pair) and Office of Microsoft (in the software of dozen) and scrolling roughly 150 GB of files on everything in parallel down half an hour with prójimo to zero lag.

A tampon of the number and one beat of tampon of the mouse so that be turned on and work simultaneously! Alcohol. Soufflé.

A second screen is the good addition and at all gimmicky. I love a fact that when I webinars (I on-line byline), can share my main screen and use a second screen for notes and to control a cat and Q&Some windows.

A pen feels different in some two screens. It looks smoother in a second screen, which is probably that is has drawn stops. It is not too bad in a first screen this in spite of and sensibility of record of pressure quite well.

A WiFi is insane!

Am impressed by a fact that a CPU and a GPU so that has his partidários own (one in the each side). It maintains your good friends and animate in both sides during a winter.

I really like a bar to paint lit in a fund of a laptop. The desire could sync the to a music am touching.

This thing is weighed. I have read by means of the plot of descriptions before I have done my compraventa, as I have known was to be heavy, but any one has mentioned that an adapter to be able to is literally a measure of the brick. It is weighed more than prime minister of mine never portable in fact 15 years.

A life of battery is less than impressive. This thing is essentially he desk. But I have known that when I have done a compraventa.

A seal of prize is the little in a heavy side. I have it that has not possessed never the laptop this expensive.

A keyboard is in an odd form such concealed that buys the coverage of keyboard that has spent all some tones is after the impossible. Ossia That the import downer to the equal that would want to maintain my laptop cleaned.

A second screen is quell'has bitten difficult to read text of long pages on how is in the prójimo-to-flat corner. Also, when I close my lid of laptop and king-has opened the latest on, everything in a second the screen takes moved behind to a main and calm screen will have to that reconfigure a placing of everything throughout again. Ossia More than the subject of software that hopefully punctual fijamente taking. Docking Windows for the half or the thirds are also bit it delicate and takes the pocola test.

Has not tried using this in lap of mine still, but can imagine the one who inconvenient this will be likes to situate of a do one to write after the impossible in lap of mine.

An audio is like this-so much. Although it has not been the factor of entity in mine compraventa.

In general, thinks that is the laptop adds and want to it. The desire there was more accessories for him and more descriptions. But it looks he concealed no the a lot of people have listened of him or know roughly he like this far.
4 / 5 Merideth
Well, OSSIA An AMAZING DEVICE . All the work perfectly, an exposure is that I breathe it taken and a screen to touch (in both screens) is perfectly responsive. For real an impressive car. Like the designer, was quite powerful to run everything of mine 3D rendering software with roughly 30dry uploading time while streaming Netflix and running the Illustrative season.

Am returned my portable reason could not take on a keyboard and trackpad. It could not take comfortable with him, any enough to justify a prize. It was to have to that too many sacrifices to do work. I do to plot in lap of mine and in a bus and the train and has not been to do. And I am LIKE THIS SAD IN THAT.
5 / 5 Karly
Has finalised to return the to Amazon. My punctual initial emotion disappeared after has taken them my hands in a unit.
Is the concept adds that unfortunately it falls short the expectations.
In the first place a screen constantly flickering changing a brightness. WiFi Tomb consistently , forcing to change ON and WAS way of aeroplane to refresh and work. When An awake screen up there is odd graphic machinery that looks and disappear on right corner. Ossia The $ 2500 Asus..
4 / 5 Phylicia
1 star is for fresh packaging
has taken this for my anniversary is spent $ 3600 is with Accessories
has Touched a unit, imminently remarks one uploads light indicator
Also the right side subordinated of Screen of the keyboard there has been the light ash brightness
has Tried to turn the on at all past
could listen a defender to the equal that feels a heat of a defender to cool lateralmente a lot of
has tried several times for the turn on to the equal that follows some of some instructions other users there is advised to any result
I client has contracted also sustains as there is not had any idea that to do
Asus would have to that be ashamed dlsaling faulty portable especially in these points of prizes
was really that looks forward to that it uses this unit
4 / 5 Daisey
An exposure of SMELL, Core i9 CPU, RTX 2060 maps this the mobile of strong big final powerhouse. A second exposure and support of pen for both creative exposures done more enjoyable and easy- particularly love an exposure a low plus partorisca Premiere Pro timelines.
4 / 5 Felipe
Ossia An incredibly solid, a lot-built and the very drawn diagram. A record and the arrival is like this good or better that Apple. A keyboard is one the majority of solid has has not used never comprise keyboards of full measure that chairs in the desk. So only it seats partorisca add and solid.

Still am taking used to some profits and exigencies of a second screen. I bought it so that I can do Photoshop in a main screen and have some papers in a secondary screen. This does quite well but takes the bit to take used to. A laptop is calm, a defender seldom pursues into use normal. I have not tried gaming with him still but the suspect will be terrific.

An only drawback of this car is his life of battery and his weight. A life of battery is probably close to two and of the hours of three neighbourhoods are doing to to the simple things likes them-him the look the video. It concealed it is not compared any a lot of to the mine iPad and an announced endurance of the Mac air of book. But then again, ossia he honking diagrams for comparison. A second disadvantage is his weight . A schemes hanged on 5 pounds. But – surprised of surprise – a brick to be able to hanged an additional 2 pounds. Like six schlepping 7 books of the yes calm computer does not move it never around. Felizmente, I only movement among some locations where am doing, and ossia so only three times the year. If I need to spend it every day, are likely too heavy.
5 / 5 Dionne
First roughly background - I take the new laptop in the each one 2-3 years. Last year has purchased a ASUS Zenbook Toe 370 and loved it absolutely. Unfortunately, I fell it, and of then it is so only enmedio-the fat thumb ( has weighed 2.5 pounds), has bent a whole frame. I have had sure on he felizmente, as when it has taken the control in a topmast ( has thought so only would take the laptop of substitution) has decided to upgrade!

With which a lot of looking for has decided to take this creature, ASUS ZenBook Pro Duet. I chose it specifically for a dual screen - so that it follows the genealogist and do to PLOT of transcription of old docs and has thought this was perfect. I uploaded it up with a better of all (at least a better that could resupply) - 32 gb RAM, i9 processor, gigantic storage and SS strolls. Also it has taken a better map and paper of audio (like my edges has chosen was - no my zone of speciality) - well, has had this laptop for roughly two month and I am extremely state underwhelmed. It is big and heavy (and need to be, because of a second screen) as it is not one the majority of laptop, and hot on quickly (again, according to screen as well as I disturb all). Life of battery, meh, any so that it adds (again, has known that have taken - quality on quantity) - but where has to that the beef is a general functionality . A pair of weeks with which took it, a dual screen there is prendido only law. I am spent several days reinstalling material before it was finally able of the take that he again. And browser of the file of the Windows maintains to clash for any apparent reason. The just daily use freezes a system on (two or three open dossiers, and the little web of places). And to do the investigation takes 5 year-old Macbook Air the better work that this does and take that a fact two years!

Resisting import that this laptop is marketed to 'of the creators' i.et., Map and material of audio - I so only am using likes the 'of any' creative type , like this in no way am registering the capacity to try of this crew. Have Dropbox And Webroot installed - but is installed on all mine other devices also, without subjects. Another that that has an usual career of some applications of mill and the pair of application of speciality (material of genealogy). I have exploded also ASUSWebstorage, which gave discount it for a year of 1T space partorisca $ . Having has not used never this prime, is quite possible that ossia breakings of a question like this this will be to try with which (with which move everything out of him, which will take for ever reason a laptop is S Or S L Or W ...) To the equal that am stuck with this one for a prójimo three or four years because only calm does not substitute the $ 3000 laptop until the plan no anymore. I lose mine Zenbook Toe!
5 / 5 Maragaret
Had disappointed really like this was mine portable prime minister in 10 years. When it has taken a house of laptop , I plugged he in and has pressed a key to be able to like this manual to swim of instruction. A little light, and at all more. A computer has died. The screen was black. I have tried to restart, the force has closed down, turning on screen brightness, and a short yard for on/has been for just a monitor, and at all. The computer is unresponsive averts of light of tiny power. Really disappointed with my first compraventa with Asus.
4 / 5 Vance
Well, Where would have to that begin? Well, it has programmed yesterday and suddenly mine asus zenbook pro the duet has turned was and has tried to turn on again, and again, and again for roughly 40 minutes. Happy informative: He finally this, all was worse, a numberpad in trackpad no longer fact and some lights of keyboard gotta was the ache in my ass. Unfortunately it is not that it has expected. It is it is returned yesterday and the calm wait writes the one who has read my description thinks two times before shabby is one.
4 / 5 Abram
A Asus Screen of Duet Pro is one of some portable the of better Windows have used. His characteristic packed and powerful (this in spite of the life of battery is low pair (I taking roughly three hours of constant use), but a octa-core i9 with 32GB RAM and he mid cured of the map of the power will do this).

A second screen has surprised. I have thought iust so only would be the gimick, but to the equal that results, is in fact useful, especially like him esference' the screen of looks in something for reference in a second screen while doing something more in a main screen. But his no for all the world. If you maintain your laptop plugged in the majority of a time to the full monitor, then having this seconnd the screen was to a side is not like this useful as when you are by train to to use likes him to him the laptop and looking strait down in him.

I also a lot expereince any of some questions roughly has informed, likes time of long boot. His stable summer, without subjects of engine (although has an annoying habit of, when a screen is was and calm the awake, emotional all some applications in second your screen behind to a primary screen - does not agree your arrangement of screen).

But in general, the laptop very of confidence and only.
5 / 5 Frank
Like the developer and sometime gamer taste the hardware refresh with a later technology and memory upgrade. A second builtin the screen in this system is that taken my eye. Typically it spends to as USB powered the exposure and this system done that no longer necessary. Here it is my thoughts after using for some months.

- Fast!
- I of the that often the careers was battery a lot often but a life of battery is that it would expect. That The saver Of battery and turning was second helps of screen.
- Both screen is really good. A second smaller screen is where have dip to applications likes them Slack, Pandora, and Youtube when Im acting.
- A second screen is not like this brilliant like primary but still very acute.
- The tampon to touch is pertinent but swimming of individual.
- I like a keyboard but the little delicate to use without a rest of wrist has comprised. Has the good keypress and spacing is well.
5 / 5 Shantay
A system is excellent build and very powerful. At all I add to the solution. Any quite a solution has expected.

With this power, comes his wins. The battery is lasted roughly 2hrs (concealed really said TWO) of my normal use.

Loves the trackball/mouse and is a lot rid, attentive transmission your arm out of the distance more order when the boss of ray is plugged in. Ossia Roughly 6' of my natural placing been due to an election to ... Put a jack where a trackball/the mouse would reside for the person rid well.

Update: ASUS obviously has abundance to touch so that it does not have an avenue to purchase accesorias partorisca east in his place. I have loved to have the 2nd PSU and pen. With which 56 minutes (comprising looking for his place, 'cat' with any the one who was useless (has die link he behind to one still URL the used to converse with them), then the number of telephone)...

The accessories can be teeth of hens like this ASUS looks any to concern roughly sustaining.

Update 2:
FYI: - I there is not using disturb - I has this in the stand of domestic laptop - is unaltered another that adding software and take a bloatware of costruttore and MSoft. This is to be use in 54f zone when the questions have arrived.

Will be to do to the long of when it freezes /locks/unresponsive to everything but the -15 second press of a key to be able to.
I speculate thermal prison (reason has given one 'FYI'). I do not see evidence of thermal throttling. Just lock up.

The only compatible recovery has found is:
1 Press and your to be able to of the control for the moment (I thinks likes 15 second)
2 Unplug ALL the peripherals (yep monitor, smiled, keyboard, Ray 3, ...)
3 Can on.
4 If he no the power on correctly returns to step 1 on... It has taken so only max 3 iterations for me ('only' - lol).
5 / 5 Laurine
Had been using this laptop for almost 2 weeks now and has to them that share my experience.
Im Using this laptop mainly to do the video that modifies. Had installed 2 video that modifies software. One 1st is PowerDirector 365 and one 2nd is Season Premiere Pro. The Autodesk installed also AEC, AutoCAD 2020, Revives 2020, Navisworks Direct 2020, 3D Studio Max. I seat that it has required them the screen he big plus so much has purchased them to 27 thumb 4K/60hz monitor to the equal that stops has attached pic and has connected has seen HDMI. I have purchased also quell'USB 3.1 cradle so that it can have them the reader of Paper of/additional USB combo to connect other accessories. I have purchased also he Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD, 1TB and has connected has seen USB 3.1 to try a SSD, the able era to take the fast bed and write. Now my USB-C/Ray is not into use inner a moment and saving this port for another 4K connection to control later on.
A video that modifies looks a lot of mine and thinks them Premiere Pro is doing well. To try a AEC (Architecture, Engineeeing and Construction) software, particularly 2nd-CAD and Revives 3looks of D renderizaciones okey mine without any question like this far. Doing all this in 4K is the more add mine this in spite of.
In general im having the good experience that use this laptop.
5 / 5 Kori
Is hard to price value this in the relative base. Further, there is not really any 9th gene/i9 portable the there like this paid the enormous prize for that stops . But a same time, would say for a quantity of spec and revolutionary festurs, this laptop is in fact an amazing value included in 3k for one 9/9. Laptop I better there is never has possessed. A tampon of screen is a sure advance. It uses it all a time. If you have involved in a financial industry and need to see date of phase , is the enormous value adds when mobile. It wishes a tampon of screen brightness was the little more brilliant max setting. The battery is roughly 4 to 5 hrs on saver of battery . It is tad heavy but bands to plot of material. One a cast of desire is somehow be able to 'tilt' a corner of tampon of the screen on the little more. The execution adds for ASUS for version 1.0 of such one innovative creation. A a that imports drawback is has to that reinstall YOU, ASUS for any reason, probably has not loved to spend of the money, has not integrated all a screenpad the software has related to update of windows - like this precise take the car to time behind to 2010 when you have required to take software of hardware and concrete engine - which would be a lot was a file and paste - but is roughly like this far of that - his not even 2010, his like me 1995. Have to that download the series of engine and applications of software - in the concrete order - and taken one of this wrong and no - say that it is a bob! - You have to that reinstall an integer YOU -again - at least ossia my experience after the HOURS to try 'fix' he - and then beg work. It concealed really almost done a compraventa whole any value the to be hones. And ASUS the cat is as to plot other cats - a person in another end there is at all to do with support of technology - all are is moat among a client and management.
4 / 5 Jackqueline
At the head of his time. This laptop is the concept adds with some significant drawbacks for his execution.

A specs of a car is utmost and the action is big.

A second screen is not terribly brilliant and a corner to see are not to add unless it is for real in your lap. And still then, it is the heavy laptop for more than comparisons.

A big worry for me was a life of battery, which has not been averaging on 3 hours under my real life normal use.

Is the shame that the no for my day the productivity of day. In some signal a concept goes to be to good sure the winner but I could not win a drawbacks this time. Hardly they are improved, to good sure will be of tower!
4 / 5 Harriet
I have bought a i9 the roughly done version 6 month- portable adds w/ súper quality of solid build partorisca graphic drawing, work of video, and 3d animation. Utilisation all a Season CC APPLICATIONS, zBrush, Maya, 3dsMax, etc in the daily base and has a lot of be happy with him. It would be even more be awesome was lighter and has had the main note rtx2070 or rtx2080 but so only can return so much to the laptop without questions/of battery of the heat. A life of battery sucks (like any another portable with comparable specs) but Some works of distribution of the hot surprisingly well. A sinister ventilation (any one a laptop he) can take the bit animates during renders / gaming like this this could be and subject partorisca lefties but could be solved easily with the stand of laptop. I seldom game anymore but has has run the pair of games in the and looks partorisca treat amiably like any complaint- frames so only sure you crank a resolution down the QHD or 1080 of then 4K dips way too much tension in a paper of map. A pen is coming with this mediocre and would not recommend while a lot he if you are an illustrative or designer (better to take the Wacom or another external pill) but is awesome having some capacities to touch joint with an extra screen.
4 / 5 Justine
Im Writing this the few days after purchasing. I have bought this laptop in a hope to use a second screen partorisca use of multiple application. There is remarked enough quickly that quickly a RAM has been used when using both screens simultaneously. After 70 use so only partorisca having the word opens on upper, youtube and 2 browser to file down inferior. A slightest the touch moves a mouse or minimises the window was in. While a device he self looks lustrous and is slick, a characteristic still need hashingout and better action.

A RAM rule for this device could be more and would help the plot. Im Going to give this come from bit it to it more along and hopefully can stick with him, but remains the question, ailing has to that return this and take the different Asus produced. As of this moment my subjects my big plus is a keyboard and second placing of screen. It would be a lot if a slide of rest of the hand out of a computer or wastn unattached.
4 / 5 Danica
Has received like the present but would not kick up. That the disappointment! CPU Has generated abundance of hot but any exposure or other signs of life. Usually the chalk this until mortality of occasional girl, but read some other descriptions. A lot of other buyers have experienced an exact same question, indicating the question of serious manufacture. I am returning this the Amazon and deciding if the never purchase another ASUS produced again.
4 / 5 Teodora
Well, A notebook is announced like this but am going his possibly has to that return this unit he so that has the persistent flicker in a screen of primary smell. It is not constant, his random but only looks to be 'around' and independent of anything am doing. It is looking while I write this. It appears in Excel. It appears more pronounced when has the plot of the be white pointed (salvation, exploring web pages). It looks to arrive more probably when calm something (roll/of type) more than when a unit is so only go/ the in the page.

Modify - I updated to one a lot much more late Intel and Nvidia the engine and looks a subject can be gone was - mine to look that has some pwm that goes in still in full brightness but for a moment looks has solved perhaps.

There is still quibles with an inferior poster that fallen to 50 brightness after closing a unit, has had one smiles to take essentially closed in a poster or another unable to take go among them and has had Chrome the browsers decide to develop/open unaccessibly.

I revisit this again to the equal that could take to the 4 if some stays of good poster and he 5 if some other bugs take exited. It looks included although a 2nd screen is dressed purportedly likes one for Windows, is not integrated perfectly because of something (my desk pursue 2 poster with any of this work never). For 3k, has had main expecatations out of a box.
5 / 5 Darrell
Wow. I am impressed like this. I so only moved of the mine estimativa of 8 portable years to this sucker.

Some screens are good-looking. I have not had any subject with some exposures and the windows looks to be very integrated, like the secondary screen is configured like the second peripheral device. There have it included the hot tone little consecrated to disable it, which finalise to use for almost all the chances of external use to program. Some screens flutter on disabling, but ossia the subject native with windows that initialises animal an adapter of map and is so only momentary. Ossia My prime minister 4k device, and wow is overkill. Text and UI the elements are puny, and there is almost all dips the stairs.

An audio is in fact exceptional - much more that has expected of the laptop in of the terms of his rich. Certainly any one the studio of speaker of big/final headset, but yes use those would have to that know better in all the chance.

A unit has integrated Intel graphic and a consecrated RTX 2060 paper. Some settings of factory have a Intel to to adapter likes them the adapter of primary map, as it would recommend so only dipping a incumplimiento to a paper has consecrated immediately. It tends to remain quite calm and there is not remarked a lot of subjects, the wise action. I think a paper is not quite powerful for 4k 60 fps gaming, but looks to resist is adapted in 4k 30 fps with Fallout 4/76.

Asus HAS the control of action of the battery that dips to maintain a battery trickle-has against loaded 68 load - I follows a bit has surprised that has offered this, but am happy. It would say that this will remain plugged in still 95 of his life for me, but at least a battery will maintain the better maximum load been due to of the this.

A numpad/mousepad. It was conclusive with taking the full keyboard + numpad in the laptop, as this was something would be to choose on with more laptops it. A touchpanel numkeys is quell'has bitten useless I are fearful. I guess spreadsheet 30 less goodly.

Some tones/of finals of the house. They are mapped like FN+arrow combination key. Ossia The bit of an annoyance for me to program. I can see reason his this to achieve this factor of small form.

Which light my stock exchange is now... But I last 5+ years gladly will buy the new plus Asus unit then.
4 / 5 Orlando
Has loved to love this laptop after seeing like this influencers giving stellar descriptions, unfortunately after purchasing am coming to a startling realisation that an air intakes is the acute knife and cut a tip of mine was of clean thumb. It wounds on returning it. Quell'Unworthy concealed, a unit was quickly, some good-looking dual screens and a quality of the value of global build looked an investment. Premiere Pro Has Run adds for the video that modifies as well as Photoshop. It has done the pocola common test of alive video with vMix and really liked a neighbour-up with paper of fast video and more than pertinent RAM/CPU. I have had a unit with a i9 and 32GB RAM. A supply to be able to era much bigger that anticipated and he hard to travel with as the daily spend in mine Thule 15” stock exchange of laptop. In general, it would have maintained this unit if I have not been fearful to take another toe.
4 / 5 Jettie
I to plot of multimedia production and really like an idea of this laptop. I have had he for roughly two weeks and doing with era really good and a second screen in a fund has done really well with my video and authoring applications. This in spite of sound when sending behind.

When in the first place it has taken out of a box, he not being able to up. Any sure reason, but has taken the little test of plugging in and was and pressing a key to be able to. After the pocolos small kicked on and all fact to the equal that has to that.

With which two weeks, a wifi and bluetooth is disappeared. A keyboard there has been also subject turn signals where some of some tones to act fact and some no. Mostly a some inside. I have tried everything of some new engine and any to take a wifi to do. At all it helped it. It likes I to reset of factory and when kicked the Windows 10 a wifi the paper is not existed. And when I have decided to send the behind, could does not take to be able to era. I have had to leave a drains of battery.

A laptop that takes really warm. Has a lot of airflow with a hinge and big ventilations and has it disturb option of impulse for a defender (that it was it one of some tones to act that has not done). Still if I have not used a laptop and a screen was was, he still remained warm. I have researched a subject was having in a Asus the community and the looks there is the little another with the alike subjects and a laptop have had to be envoys behind for reparations.

In my chance, suspect the heat of a laptop has caused a wifi hardware partorisca act bad and has had also an impact in a keyboard of some tones in some means where was warmer was a some concealed has not done. But I will not know reason are by train for the send behind.

For $ 3000 one has to that it does not have to that treat a hassles of support of client and subjects of interior of reparation 2 weeks. Sincerely to Asus, can finalises to take to uselessness (that raisin), but travesía to plot as I can not resupply to have the laptop broken. In all the chance, a laptop was to add when it has done and a concept are really adds. I give that the thumbs up.
5 / 5 Twila
After the longitude stint on Apple macbooks was the refreshing transmission to have an amazing touchscreens of this laptop. Unfortunately it has had some glitches around that has written multiple outside. After wake on having some exposures have changed was all of some windows would move of a control to another monitor. MacOS HAS any question with east. Then a glitches has begun to spend around some engine of exposure. The windows would update and some the external monitors prenderían acting. It would owe that spend for installing engine a lot manual before an external exposure prendería working. Then a monitor connected by means of a HDMI the port has begun to have row or noise of green pixel. Has has had to that RMA a car to have a HDMI the port has repaired. After going back of reparation, all my programs and the files have been dried was. Some monitors have done until an update of the windows in the point there is prendido to do and has has had to that do a manual VGA+I2C+chipset installs for the fix. I have then had this question where sometimes after wake of sleep, a defender would be stuck in full speed. An only thing could do to fix it was reboot. As I have contacted I lean it and I said to knots to reset a bios retreated to defaults. With which rebooting, any of some external exposures has done. I have contacted support again and said to knots to do the system restores. I have tried this and then a laptop took it BSOD in shoes, and rebooted and took BSOD. A technician said for me to do another turn of guarantee. To arrive to this point has had enough and was so only too frustratration. Perhaps these will be stable some day, perhaps has taken the lemon . This could be an amazing computer if a software has done properly and a hardware was free of glitches, but unfortnately has had to walk out of this groundbreaking car and look for something more than confidence and dependable.
4 / 5 Elroy
A Asus Zenbook Pro has to that it weaves to offer for right users, creation of map, quell'audio and the video that modifies and much more. A screen is vibrant, which spends out of an on more details of 4k. The screen of touch was convenient in both levels. It has dipped 4 stars been due to battery is returned and has not discovered never.
That has received was the bad apple, can have spent during shipping or perhaps before, I any Mobile fault Advanced for him because raisin.
But is the good thing that knows the tonne roughly like computer of laws to do sure does not have any discrepancy.
Thank you Mobile Advanced for a repayment.
4 / 5 Grisel
Portable very bad, this in spite of, no extracted like this expected that. A secondary screen is not quite necessary and feel bit it odd. Calm will not find it too useful.
A prize for him is too big in my opinion, is looking for a decent and lovely action portable, this is not your election.
Does not take Me bad, a creation of global laptop is upper-notch big-the arrival adds. To good sure looks to ail when calm feign it people
5 / 5 Tanner
A Asus Zenbook Pro has the plot partorisca offer for right users, creation of map, the audio and the video that modifies and much more. A screen is vibrant, which spends out of an on more details of 4k. The screen of touch was convenient in both levels. It has dipped 4 stars been due to battery is returned and has not discovered never.
That has received was the bad apple, can have spent during shipping or perhaps before, I any Mobile fault Advanced for him because raisin.
But is the good thing that knows the tonne roughly like computer of laws to do sure does not have any discrepancy.
Thank you Mobile Advanced for a repayment.
5 / 5 Kari
Any bad laptop, this in spite of, no extracted like this expected that. A secondary screen is not quite necessary and feel bit it odd. Calm will not find it too useful.
A prize for him is too big in my opinion, is looking for a decent and lovely action portable, this is not your election.
Does not take Me bad, a creation of global laptop is upper-notch big-the arrival adds. To good sure looks to ail when calm feign it people
5 / 5 Lesli
To good sure no alive until a hype. To start with, a life of battery is terrible, 2 cups of hours. A placing of keyboard is uncomfortable, a tampon of number / of tampon to touch the sensibility is unpredictable, and a second smaller screen randomly disables . I owe that use a disable/enable key to reset he. A wireless adapter has difficulty with coverages of dual band. I have had to that disable 5GHZ in a/b/way of g to force bands. The axe is paste or lose.

Some diagrams still feels sluggish was although has a i7 CPU. An inability to upgrade past 16GB RAM is also the question. Also so only it has the only SSD space, as any option for additional walks, would have to install the new primary walk.

Finally, a resolution of screen is well, but a screen to touch smaller no correctly. When Touching a screen a small plus, the entrances are recorded in a screen a big plus as if a screen a small plus is so only it tampon to touch. Undo a purpose of having 2 creens to touch'.

The service of client was unable or little list to resupply any solutions another that to reset of factory. Any value a time, I quite so only the turn. So only there is not anything for real revolutionary roughly that.
5 / 5 Yolande
Can run and see several programs of accountings, spreadsheets, notes, casts of task, and web pages with almost a lot of lag.
Because of a next placing of a second screen is in fact better that the secondary monitor two times his measure.
Very pleased with a compraventa. The only subjects is with a Bluetooth ( has engine of update) and Alexa - neither breakers of extracted.
5 / 5 Julianne
This Asus Duet Pro is the computer adds. Although it is weighed for the laptop and has the battery uses very limited. With a tampon of screen has turned was 95 of a time, am taking perhaps 5 hours of time of use in the load. I love a be of keyboard in a flange, and a tampon of mouse in a right side of a keyboard versus under a keyboard in traditional laptops. A location of a tampon of mouse perhaps a subject for lefthanded users. The utilisation Bluetooth smile a majority of a time, for me his extracted no big. Hopefully Is exited with the coverage of keyboard when being some tones seat the little of a chance. A tampon of screen is different and has taken the little time to take use to. His add for multitasking.
5 / 5 Christinia
One first unit there has been a same question how has been described for Sumit Pabbi, but has decided to give this computer a second casualidad and thanks to the support of amazing Amazon has received the new portable mark like the substitution. After the week of communications with Asus the support has accepted that this second unit is also defective and again was the question with the main screen and supposition that has proposed it? Yes, it sends for reparation for 90 (!) Days.
Thank you Amazon for 30 turn of police of days!
4 / 5 Gigi
The creation adds, ergonomic, fresco, according to functional screen. A chance requires cured to the equal that can take streaky and dinged relatively easily.

This car is quickly. A day has had subjects to authenticate I to register in, and an engine of coverage is disappeared. A mate of technology has solved a last and this car now is doing well again.
4 / 5 Jasmine
Directly out of a box after using for 30 minutes take a blue screen . Probably it will be to return. $3000 Computer and already faulty. (A star)

Update -UPDATE first to USE-
after updating a laptop and that runs the pocolos programs and trying he for long periods of time, looks a question has been he was. It would recommend to update all first of the use. Note lateralmente, when a portable heat that takes, will remark the decrease of action. A side of that, is quite beasty. It follows up with an update the week. (Four star)
5 / 5 Raisa
Some second increases of productivities of screen while the coding and that does another work. A keyboard that the plants taken the small taking used to, but after the few days take used his. The screens to touch are responsive and looks adds. The life of battery is well. It is the add everywhere workhorse.
4 / 5 Treena
Has loved that. I have wished a second screen could look like this brilliant and like this perfect like main screen this in spite of. I have finalised to return the reason to the inspection has come with two scratches, included while tiny, wants to be a one in hablador such.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS TUF Gaming A15 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Tameka
Hey Types! I seat thank you partorisca offer you the description of this product because of what praise creates it at present merit. It is seriously, without the doubt, one of some portable the best has has not had never a privilege to possess. They are also the technician of computer for trade, as it would not launch around such sure statements unless I meant them for real!

Has left things to stop down to some signals some plus end now...


- speed of Global processor. A Ryzen 7 4800H the chip is some knees of bee ! It manages, with absolute ease, literally all launch in him. Also crown is gone in , any 4.2. Then, down half-has sustained the load resists anywhere among and impulse ON ALL I EDGES. Of course, after thermal throttling together in (an utmost while later and with the big GPU load to really boggle he down, likes two action heatpipes) the levels were the anywhere among and (again, on all the edges). But ossia so only under súper-weighed-benchmark load. Basically overkill to a half user the one who probably no quell'stresses never down that a lot for this longitude. In spite of, in 8C/16T these speeds are hard to beat in today and age (for a mid-portable to vary CPU class that is). Translation: if you are the gamer, the student, or the working professional, will not be disappointed in a less!

- GeForce RTX 2060. In the laptop? With a 8C/16T processor? Sold! I can not it find AAA game that any quickly devours in 60-100 FPS on 'ultra' settings. I create a stock AMD variant of this GPU comes overclocked for incumplimiento, as I am seeing 1005MHz bases / 1350MHz impulse in GPU-Z more than a level 960MHz bases / 1200MHz impulse. (Then, on that, it was able to without same accidents further overclock he with MSI Afterburner for an additional +125MHz core / +500MHz mem, which is just dandy !). Of course, in general cooling among a GPU and CPU pertinent and compatible rest, as I have not experienced any overheating that / closes down / erratic drop to frame / etc. Issues anything to date (still although some defenders take a bit strong in time).

- Two NVMe M.2 spaces. It has stuck the 500GB 970 EVO More in as the mine strolls, while repurposing a 1TB Intel 660p like my walk of data. Easy peasy upgrade using software of regular cloning ( has used Macrium Reflect). Also, it was able to leave a Intel walk in a 'primary' M.2 space (the next legislation to a GPU heatpipe) which left to dip a walk further of EVO in a esecondary' M.2 space (still although it is now an I stroll) -- all so as to leave me to maintain his down low time (likes for an additional 10-20C ossia) when compared to have hangs was on for a heatpipe! Basically, a BIOS does not concern the one who SSD is located physically in the Sr.2 space, which is just awesome IMHO. In fact, to those of you the one who will not be adding the secondary SSD still awhile -- go movement that Intel 660p in anyways so that I can save you some pocolas terracings to all the cost! Doing so it will not hurt bit it / so only will help to extend a life of your walk.

- DisplayPort On USB 3.2 Gene 2. The reason I upgraded to this laptop of the leading gene a. Paired With the decent 240Hz ASUS VG279QM monitor, have still to experience the alone exposure issues Anything. All the work so only perfectly. The law of engine perfectly. G-Sync works perfectly. Literally it could not be pleased more with mine setup. Also, if any one master (a lot) controls more finalised in his NVIDIA settings of Poster of the Control, goes to find and download NVIDIA Inspector of Profile. You will be pleasantly surprised in that that can you tweak with him! Also checkout still tutorials on like this to setup yours G-Sync, V-Sync, and FPS settings of discharges. (To the equal that know, has G-Sync on at all times, V-Sync on at all times, and the FPS covers it dipped in 3 less than the mine monitor refresh tax).

- 144Hz Screen. In this subject, see all the world-wide and his mother that is too-picky, bashing a screen in this laptop as if it is complete rubbishes . Honradamente, For 90 of some regular users there / the good quantity of gamers, some technological advances of 144Hz screens in yester-generation 60Hz the screens simply is that they surprise, and absolutely at all partorisca complain roughly. They are personally quite impressed with a screen. Anything better and is (appropriately) looking in a next prize-signal on, like a G15 or something. As it gives this screen the pause! It is quite brilliant, quite acute, and quite fast to satisfy a typical soyid-vary' gaming class of laptops that was manufactured specifically to be used in. Yes, it does not have a better ash-to-time of ash of response in a phase, but unless you are an absolute professional gamer the one who has the long history to touch in time of the lowest response, would be hard pressed to say a difference (if at all, seriously). It has included it goes for colour gamut. It is not to like a screen is as 'the washed was' that is looking in the freaking monochrome exposure! For a majority of regular users / gamers there, a vibrancy is more than sufficient (and can be looked in some settings of exposure, to help the little there, partorisca east is the one who does to compensate and am quite happy with some results). More importantly, in my opinion, is that an exposure presses 144Hz. Compared to 60Hz, a difference is LITERALLY PREJUDICES And DAY. Calm pranks no. And so that imports (if no more than) is a fact that use FreeSync, the identical technology to G-Sync that entirely deletes screen rasgando (something can not be far more than anything more when gaming). Interest, calm once goes 'variable refresh imposed' has not going back! Absolutely at all it beats a buttery-the smooth experience resupply when skill. (It likes seriously, if has no gamed with of him before, is in still the real extracted!) NOW FOR SOME NOTE lateralmente: Regarding brightness, has the characteristic sotterrato in a AMD Radeon application of Settings -- called 'Varied-Brilliant' -- that obviously ships enabled for incumplimiento, and to the disabling a bit would owe that improve a brightness of your screen (and especially like this when seeing alfresco). ALSO: Regarding ghosting, sure mark this soyotion blurs' is disabled in your games (if a setting exists) as doing as it bit it would have to that improve an acuteness of your help / of screen mitigates some negative effects of his time of the main response (again, if it has included note in a first place).

- 90Wh Battery. Simply place, ossia unheard of in the gaming portable with these specs. It thanks goodness for M.2 space (as finally we can take rid of these pesky 2.5' bays of walk!). Also, if any one is interested, goes download HWInfo64 so much can see precisely that quickly your laptop is downloading, for a watt. You can find that it treat the sure / applications / etc. Artificially drain your battery your fast plus that another.

- Third port of USB (in a legislation). I have not thought Never it would require this port so much, but there is here, is resulted enough a mine of invaluable addition setup. Now I can have an USB 3 hub connected to a port, an USB 2 hub connected to another, and an USB 3 port has left free for support of the external walk consecrated (as often his best /faster when connected directly and no by means of any hubs). In last, mine desk the substitution is complete!

- Lid of aluminium. Very robust. It does not collect fingerprints easily. No like this silverish in a dark as I thought it would be (which is the good thing , as have has wanted to something more afterwards to black anyways).

- Has consecrated L/R keys of mice. Prpers Having has consecrated touchpad the keys is the improvement of entity in a configuration of leading gene, IMO. It could not be a leading gene is 'all-in-a trackpad.

- Keyboard. A bit more tactile / more responsive that his keyboard of leading gene. Of course, they are not the defender of such tiny UDLR keys this time around, but the costruttrici of laptop are probably not going never to solve on where to dip these types!

- Inner speakers. I am surprised in that band of punch! When Compared to his speakers of leading gene, is in fact the little has bitten stronger, while also offering the little has bitten the audible row wider (record especially).

- Compatibility of software/of flawless hardware. I have not had An ONLY freezing on, BSOD, subject of engine, etc. to date. Ossia To good sure one of some the majority of requirements of entities for me like this technician of computer. Honradamente, good Work ASUS to build such the rock solid car! NOTE lateralmente: I have experienced a subject, where after manually updating a AMD chipset engine directly of his web of place, has begun to experience the terrible external mouse that stutters the subjects when connected to an external exposure. I am not surprised, this in spite of, that this is to spend, been due to likes more engine (with an exception of NVIDIA GeForce engine to the equal that have experienced historically) is better left until a OEM to have update, so as to ensure that they are properly vetted for them. As in, more the engine would owe that remain so only for an user of typical end, unless they spend to see an update is available result directly in the place of support of the his costruttore of laptop for his particular model of device. Like this finally, there is at all bad here, so chipset the engine has looked for to install is not gone in fact ASUS has agreed some. I mean, if all does like this has to that 'out of a box' (which undoubtedly done with this particular model) that there there is really any need to look for was updates of engine anyways, has left so only external some any one found in the place of support of a laptop. They are so only he hobbyist of classes, I supposition? But like that the famous saying still goes: 'if it is not quell'has broken, he do not fix it !' Needless To say, after going by behind a chipset engine (to stock) all has been of tower the normal again.

- Minimum bloatware. Has has had to that so only uninstall McAfee and the little tent of applications of windows, and this was quite the.


- Highish CPU temp down uploads. Strictly that pause, is not technically 'big' so so much is 'big that am personally comfortable with seeing.' I bad, based in my tests, is clear that ASUS/AMD explicitly dipped a max temp thus CPU to the cup is gone in exactly first of thermal throttling consistently kicks in (and the defenders locate / the clocks go down). So many, so only to be clear, FOR CREATION, a CPU in this laptop is meant obviously to resist 95C perpetually. In fact, during thorough benchmarking, never has SEEN ONCE CONTINUOUS in , or my computer has closed down, or to the to anything likes concealed. As it has bitten it is reassuring that my system purportedly is doing he like this has to that. I guess so only nervous volume, in general, anytime see anything on 90C in the laptop. Felizmente (And for more fall interested there his CPU time down significantly) has found the on-line orderly trick concealed involves to dip a soyaximum Been of Processor' to 99 in Slowly of Power >of Poster of Frame of Control, and to that doing so it has it perpetually is gone down my summit CPU temp down for 10-20C down sustained load! Of course, this law to trick so only to go down time because effectively it disables disturb stimulates, as well as it closes all the clocks to base to the measly on all the edges. But after widespread testing, doing so only falls a half FPS in mine peel of games 10-30 or like this, which partorisca me is an acceptable trade-was so that I among turn! (BTW, Creates ASUS something looked with ilent' way in his Armoury Crate application, this in spite of of testing of mine looks that 99 trick is not like this spoiling to system responsiveness like his Silent profile is). Also, it would have to I comment, when treating 99 trick, the noise of the defender of the mine global laptop is much calmer, albeit any absentee of a system totally.

- Wireless adapter. It would have been well to see a level of NEW AXE here. But then again, he so only dipped me behind him whopping $ 25 to upgrade an adapter to the a lot of Intel AX200 a (and to the as it has not experienced any subjects of compatibilities with, neither).

Chico, another that that, honradamente can not think of any one another gilipollas the value that mentions. This series is in his fourth generation to cry out of strong (of some 503 days). Almost each one kink possible has been exited. These am seriously A lot OILED CARS to arrive to this point.

MY FINAL WORD: If/when you take a casualidad , does not spend on an occasion to possess one these creatures!

MODIFICATION: For a time a plus along, was quite bummed that cellular Ryzen the chips have not been tweakable using AMD famous Ryzen Master utilities. But felizmente, have recently finds 'Ryzen Controller' -- the third utility of party that is almost like this good! After touching around with him, directed covers it mine CPU TDP in enough any value loves, and to the to the equal that in turn (coupled with an easy undervolt of mine GPU using MSI Afterburner) left to maintain my time in quite anywhere want to -- all that it FPS to the chairs like to see! With detailing to be a constant, thinks 75C in both a CPU and GPU w/ of the means FPS of 110, for example, or say, 85C in a CPU and 80C in a GPU w/ a half FPS of 120, or perhaps 90C in a CPU and 85C in a GPU w/ a half FPS of 130. (All this compared to be stock in 95C in a CPU and 86C in a GPU w/ a half FPS of 125, btw.) Basically, 99 ' trick' explained on is the place adds to start with for beginner tweakers, but to the as some speeds of clock take artificially capped in the lowly , while finely dipping ready a system with Ryzen the leaves of controllers for much more advanced tweaking, but to the like leaves stop to regulate disturb to stimulate to continue on all the edges (in the frequency capped so only in report to what TDP decides to throttle he with). The FINAL RESULT: I have been able to augment mine FPS further (the stock has spent still!) And maintain mine CPU time and noise of partidário down down (much lower!) With Ryzen Controller, that with 99 trick. Hope These helps, and happy computing!

ACCORDING TO MODIFICATION: One comments of my description has suggested the better way to disable disturb stimulates in a CPU while not falling his clock to base so much / he at all. In fact, a new trick resupplies the clock to base main! Unfortunately, this in spite of, have found that he any a lot of to go down my summit CPU temp in of the sure games, which still closed in around 95C during gameplay. Material still could have the few uses for a new trick, this in spite of, as I am sure I will find some games that benefit of him. But finally, until then, at all it has been able to beat some results have obtained of way of manually capping mine CPU TDP using Ryzen Controller. Thank you This in spite of for a sweet tip, my doubt! Excellent finds in fact, and the formidable substitution the 99 trick where the clocks of base are of primary worry.

UPDATE: So only mentioned, a RC the application yielded better control in CPU time, in of the sure games, that that one disturb-trick disables it the impulse was able to fulfil. This in spite of, in other games looks to be the washed. Left me action the divísalas benchmarking analysis with you, as I can see precisely that I bad! Ossia A Rally of MUCK benchmark, with the majority to detail place to ultra, 4X anti-aliasing, and 'Action' the way dipped in Armoury Crate (to the equal that prefers a noise of partidário down in that 'Disturbed the way resupplies):

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 19.1 W / 67.2 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 95.0 / 86.0
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 20.9 W / 64.7 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

99 TRICK =

AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 83.2 / 86.0
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 10.6 W / 74.4 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 75.9 / 74.2
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 10.0 W / 50.1 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 88.7 / 84.6
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 15.1 W / 69.7 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 84.4 / 80.5
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 14.9 W / 64.8 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 87.8 / 84.7
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 14.3 W / 70.7 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 84.5 / 80.5
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 14.6 W / 65.9 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 91.2 / 85.8
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 15.6 W / 60.1 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 85.7 / 80.9
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 15.8 W / 66.0 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 90.0 / 81.7
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 18.6 W / 65.8 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 78.2 / 76.3
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 12.0 W / 65.3 W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AVG CPU / GPU TEMP: 75.7 / 74.2
AVG / MIN / MAX FPS: / /
AVG CPU / GPU PWR: 10.9 W / 62.6 W

CONCLUSION: If you are looking for the fast and dirty, conjoint-he-and-forget it mod, looks that disabling disturb to stimulate while simultaneously undervolting/overclocking a GPU in fact can yield some quite utmost time -- in some games -- while leaving your FPS in pair w stock much less! THEN, it love complete control (to all the cost of a game) can always squeeze out of the little more FPS (or the little less in time) to use Ryzen Controller, albeit like this requiring the pocola test and error to the long of a way to find an ideal TDP value. Basically, a method (disturb it-method that disables impulse) maintains CPU time down for capping clocks of impulse, while another method (the RC method) maintains CPU time down for capping chip TDP. A two work in of the alike ways -- but differently -- and like such, looks that each one which so it can have his own respective profits as I play it touch / the one who your aim is granulates / it is has had to that to go with your tweaking. As in, a RC the better method for me when touching NFS, reason he the better work in preventing me to spend for main 90C, while one disturb-method that disables the better impulse for me when touching MUCK, like this play it does not look to press me has spent 85C anyways, and a RC the method has not yielded result very better in an alternative. NOW OF COURSE, if you are to express like this a lot of FPS out of your car to be able to noise like this small / of the defender spent like possible (like gaming on battery for chance) at all beats a RC method, delivery down. Any 99 trick, any disturb-trick disables it impulse, and certainly any one a profile of Silent Way in Armoury Crate thus subject, any (like this dipping is easily a more spoiling of three). I mean, to see 78C/76C in a CPU/GPU, w/ 110 FPS in meso, all while using so only 12W/65W of CPU/GPU has beaten? OSSIA PRICELESS! Finally this in spite of, would have to be remarked here that a real mod doing these CPU mods the value that (any of them) is a GPU undervolting/overclocking mod using MSI Afterburner. Partorisca Without him, CPU the time so only is not like this able to having fallen like this easily (been due to like a two action heatpipes, agree). It likes three acclaims to do a GPU tweakable!
5 / 5 Cyndy
This laptop is seriously a better gaming experience, with the monitor comprised (obviously, is the laptop ) that goes to find for $ 999 right now. This be has said that will take to a pros and gilipollas.

Obviously a CPU. This thing is packing serious power, this be has said that ossia the very hot CPU. I am seeing half time of roughly 86-95 terracings and he quite a lot never go down that during gaming. Ossia To be expected with the gaming portable but does not expect it to run fresher that a intel solve in this class.

Gtx 1660 concealed is on pair with some 2019 Heliums 300. I have it quell'has run 3d spy of time of the mark benchmarks in both and is inside a margin of error of the each one another, like this ossia the very a lot treating GPU. It will be the add gamer in 1080p for a next future.

More gaming setup for $ 999 will find new mark to date.


One one and so only with really can come up with east an exposure. It is absolutely atrocious. It is work , but enough another exposure would have looked better. The colours are obviously dull and has washed was, is not expecting to do a lot the photo that modifies or to the to anything likes that with of east a.

Besides some profiles of defender am enclosed and there is do not control manual on some curves. It seats it is slowly the ramp up with one uploads in a CPU in the hablador to the main spike that he if some partidários is remained in the fixed speed for the moment after one uploads to do has reduced, these causes to plot of fluctuation during gaming, and the in general the noise levels very unpleasant. Take the headset if any one the.

Benchmark Resulted, benched with disturb way on. Any manual overclocking fact.

CPU-Z Alone edge: 510
Fine edge: 5250
Ossia basically in pair with the desk Ryzen 7 3700x

3d spy of time of the mark
bookmark of Map: 5,650
bookmark of Physics: 8775

Unigine Solapamiento has run in 1080p ultra settings: 3015 points.
4 / 5 Chieko
In $ 999 a Asus TUF A15 is better that anything more in a phase. After adding the Adata SX8200 Pro 2TB Nvme SSD and using he for the few days, here is my opinion in a laptop:

A quality of build is very better that leading generation TUF models.
The keyboard has good depth and feel.
The cooling are to add although a noise of partidário could be better.
The screen is perfectly well in this prize.
Kingston Nvme SSD Is well, around 2000 MB/S read writes.
A Asus the software is good and Windows 10 wine with the little prize of DTS his unbound, very good strong speakers with decent bass.
Are not has surprised sold quell'was everywhere.

Modify: 3 weeks in a colour in a screen is resulted much more vibrant. I think that that they are in accordance with some of a screen of better laptop in a phase.
5 / 5 Noah
Has done tonnes of investigation and has taken one $ 999 version with the 512ssd, 4800h, 1660you. Had the few descriptions in Amzon and other places that spends on a screen like the weak point. A screen is not a better for accuracy by heart, but is still 144hz. Unless it seats this thing afterwards to the poster of big quality, any real human will be able to say the difference.

This laptop is literally perfect for my needs when they are around a house. It would not travel with this thing, although it could, but already has to that lug the laptop to do around.

I a lot of encoding of audiofiles, any video that modifies, and some gaming... They are big in RPGs, of the that like this FPS at all.

The life of battery is insane.... It likes 8-9 of hours. Very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Erlene
Probably a better lovely laptop in a phase right now. It was the little hesitant at the beginning to purchase he because of all some descriptions have seen that says that an exposure is terrible. While it is certainly I does not add , is not almost like this bad like the people are by train of the was to be. Some colours look the pocolos washes was, but unless you are using this laptop for the photo that modifies/creation of content, is really does not treat it big. Utilisation for work, gaming, and schoolwork, so only changing a digital vibrance fixed a @subject by heart for me.

The quality of build is sum, very better that another gaming portable has managed in a past. It feels a lot of sturdy.

The life of battery is like this as well as it has announced. Volume roughly 8-10 hours of normal use while doing of the house and he easily last by means of my whole work day.

Pursue enough each launches of game in him without subjects. I mostly the games of game likes him CS: it GOES and VALORANT in some possible settings go down so it takes that with the grain of rooms. Volume around 250 fps in CS and 200-250 in VALORANT. A 'time of poor response' of an exposure that has seen mentioned in the descriptions is the no-@@subject for me, really doubts more the people would remark it and does not affect my action in FPS games.

Update: 100+ FPS in World-wide of Hunter of the Monster in of the big settings, 100+ FPS in GTA 5 in mesos

5/5 cost this laptop
5 / 5 Angelia
have still to see the description for a 120hz, 17.3' screen, like this the imagined would resupply them one. It comes like this announced with the few extras. I have it quell'has had so only this laptop for roughly 24 hours now, as it takes this description like calm . Out of a box, the decided to add another Sr.2 Walk has had them. A pop announced-the open ray has helped, but was still the ache to take the tool in a spatial to burst open a rest. After verifying a box, founds them came it also with the SSD adapter with a motherboard flat boss (any sure the one who his called). Has come also with 4 in rays of quantities. While calm look can attach the 2.5' to a motherboard, the could not find spatial for him to locate and have a fund there is sealed again (perhaps bit it more investigation). A Ryzen 7 4800H the processor is scorching fast comparative to the mine leading i7. AC wifi Has been compatible and pulling/pressing incredible speeds. It was able to dowload and install in 1/2 TB value of software, simultaneously, interior roughly 90 to 120 min. This model comes with a ROG Amoury Crate the software where can direct you profiles for your games. I have found a noise of defender is slightly better that that of my leading generation A17 TUF Gaming portable. I find a adaptive sync the screen is in fact a lot like this bad pleasure all the world is saying. Amoury Crate Helps of profiles to regulate your balance by heart and screen brightness quite a lot of (the have still to try games, but inner some prójimos 24 hours). I have it quell'has ordered also he DP the USB-C adapater, like this will leave them is of VR compatability also (Oculus Rift S). A sound is quell'has bitten better that leading generations also, this in spite of still very utmost. As with some 15.6' models, has come also with DTS His Unbound that spectacular works with mine Bose QC35 auricular. Hope This was useful to those considering this laptop. Like this far, I am them impressed extremely and happy the expected for him. Better bang partorisca buck also!

MODIFY: Well, like this after the few days with a laptop, as well as gaming with him, the find this laptop to be quite excellent for a prize. A DP the USB-C adaptadora laws seamlessly with a Oculus Rift S headset. (Oculus The computer of software has said doesnt fulfil specs, but the expósita that his because of the no-intel the processor and all the games do well.) I have touched A Forest (VR), Rusts, has Beaten Sabre (VR) and Half Life: Alyx (VR) as far perfectly. It rusts, Like six, takes the bit of tweaking to take correctly, but has experienced them any drops of frame and seamless execution of scenes throughout everything of some games. A defender has not turned until max and stay there some the whole times like other people have said before. He the spike when it needs to but the noise is manageable. In general, I produced adds and extremely satisfied.
5 / 5 Bree
Is running add, excepts has the firmware subject of some class that cause all the devices of USB to disconnect while one any class of call of video by means of any class of browser. Like this far, I have tried Zoom, Hangouts, and Hangout Fulfil. Occasionally something spends while they are in the game that cause a subject same.

Am trying to take results of Asus support but am not taking anywhere.
4 / 5 Mose
There is wanted really this laptop, has expected patiently for almost 2 weeks for him. Right out of a box has not turned on, well the only has any juice. Plugged He in and has turned on then was then on then was. W/And The Finally begin him and I take it all kicked on and ready and then @give an enormous question. In the first place it was, a touchpad/trackpad any record . You would be to move a cursor and a cursor lags on you, moving for up/down with one 2 gesture of toe takes taken and has to that go the bit until being able to move for down again. Then it has a subject with some defenders, for any reason some defenders so only begin to turn heavy and during this time a cursor does not move at all. Has update all some engine, the cleaned reinstall of him and has then done a plenary reinstall this takes hours and deletes all your personal files. At all fixed a subject. Material so only has taken the defective product, I quell'userbenchmark the bookmark and has run phenomenally but was literally unusable with a constant defender that shoots and cursor/touchpad questions. Squandered The averages the day that tries fijarprpers DIRECTLY out of a box. Very disappointing.
4 / 5 Ligia
Has bought this laptop to update my old Lenovo yoga that has had so only 4gb ram.
Has chosen this in thin and light creation reason this leaves more powerful CPU.
For 999 ossia awesome, CPU 4200 in cinebench, and it cooling is like this beefy, when on battery, defender any same transfer and CPU would remain in 45C.

The keyboard is full RGB, adds feels, to good sure feel more to the mechanic of low profile ( without a noise), any soft, has a lot clicky feel.
Touchpad Is not very sensitive this in spite of.
The colour of screen is worse that one $ 750 Lenovo has has had to that done 3 years. But 144Hz is smooth. It would take a smooth on accuracy by heart. On all very Happy. The laptop of better calm action can buy and better value.
5 / 5 Amparo
Of the perspective of hardware ossia an excellent laptop for gaming, and the work with him is only deficit of entity when being an exposure, otherwise this laptop is creator to content this or sleep of designer, in another hand a work of need of the software esp. In AMD part.

Very to start with left habladuría roughly the one who this portable legislation. It is core contains a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 4800h as so only destroys all but Intel the majority of processors of extreme laptops and those of Intel the majority of expensive processors are found generally schemes twice this one east reward and in better so only can give a 4800h the state in poster is money in everything excepts some games.
This 4800h also contains AMD Vega 8 maps for him is integrated GPU, which are in pairs with Nvidia MX250 which are graphic discreet and can be used further of games in of the settings of the fastest means that any one competing CPUs contain, having it GPU this fast like the leaves of the integrated map for all the classes of multitasking potential, as in of to to the programs like to blender, can be rendering with your 2060 and creating with Vega 8.
A RTX 2060 in a model has while selected no a better value for gaming how is so only -more 5 fast that a 1660you available in of the models of the lowest finals, is the value adds in productivity workloads that sustains RTX to the acceleration likes to blender and of of the Solid works, and with these plenaries 90 attacks of watts in prójimos 2070 territory.
Now to a battery, calms a lot of misread, this laptop contains the 90 Whr battery that improves your capacity to use this car for both work and game as it can survive the day to explore a web and looking video while you are not me with 10 billions of open tabs, this laptop contains life of impressive battery.

Now to a bad material:
In the first place left to start with with those creators probably consider one the majority of of entity an exposure, which is estimated to 48 NTSC that means that your colours are washes was and this laptop is near unusable for creation of content in has been current.
Now while I can install the new exposure for -$ 100 a lot of all the world loves rasgar down his new and beautiful laptop and the risk that the destroyed, would be a lot if some etailers would sell laptops with upgraded exposures.
The engine is disorder , very first DOES not DOWNLOAD ADRENALINE for 4800h so the interior a moment will require to have the separate exposure to recover a laptop, unless it feels likes use sure way to recover your laptop. 2nd Vega to to 8 map really does not like ridding of games on to a RTX 2060 esp. If the game says run in DX11 or Vulcan and to to a lot of games like Warthunder will clash to try force them to run in a RTX 2060.
A last what annoying, is the ache in a with which ASUS does not comprise a capacity to create profiles of the defender done of commission in Armoury Crate, and a incumplimiento the profile is slowly the ramp some defenders.
4 / 5 Shonna
I have purchased this laptop mainly partorisca gaming my spare time and partorisca when I travel. It is used 2 less -3 hours the day usually. This laptop can manage any launch of game in him and does not take too hot or strong still in disturb way. A screen is very partorisca gaming but, am sure his no a better partorisca graphic drawing or something of this character. Some the negative critiques in a screen are the pocolos overboard. This plot of bands of the laptop partorisca be able to and has the quality of good build. A unit feels sturdy and well has built. It aims impressions of toe in a lid and tampon of clue this in spite of. A tampon of clue is mediocre and clue dulcemente sometimes still with which some engine has been updated. I have bought a model of the main battery and his add. I have it it did not try it fully but, easily it can go 6-7 first hours to require the load. I have decided to upgrade a NVME SSD and add an additional 512gb. The installation was simple.

An only real question has had with this unit is that randomly it will freeze on on me. It has done so a first day took it while so only exploring an internet. I am gone in a ASUS put web and has done sure everything is partorisca update. It is really odd when it freezes because it looks partorisca spend when a laptop is doing to the very minimum tasks likes him to him the web that explores or material smaller like youtube. It touches games without a @@subject and have has not had never freezes up during gaming sessions. I am not sure that it is by train of the cause but, is the little annoying. Of launch day when I received it, a laptop has has on frozen roughly 10 times. Felizmente Has fallen on really quickly like this restarting is not terrible but, perhaps any in ASUS will read this and answered with the fix. If it has not been partorisca this subject, this laptop would be the homerun partorisca me and my needs. Of then continuous spend, can does not give in 3 star.

Remarce: All the freezing subjects have spent previously the NVME SSD addition. An additional SSD has been done the secondary walk and some original rests some primary.

- A lot of can, especially partorisca a point of prize
- A lot of sturdy and well looking portable
- Good screen 144hz
- A lot of subjects partorisca heat
- Disturb the way is not very strong and is a lot tolerable
- the time of Boot are add
- Easy the upgrade SSD and RAM
- Minimum bloatware
- Decent customization opted (lights of keyboard, etc)

- Numerous subjects with a laptop that freezings on (in my unit at least)
- Fingerprint that amours, especially a tampon of clue and lid
- Trackpad is mediocre and sometimes follows dulcemente (still after updating engine, which has helped some). Utilisation a
wireless smile so that this solves this subject partorisca me.
4 / 5 Margie
Has downloaded a manual of a ASUS put web. It is not quite detailed for me and a screenshots on some of some pages are very difficult to read. Neither I can find any technical documentation advanced.

I the image of system of the Windows and the disk of reparation of the DVD as well as the recovery of USB flashes walk. Unfortunately a system likes rid does not have any options to kick of any and am unable to find any documentation in ASUS. Also I want to be able to kick of the image of Linux in the USB flashes the walk but ossia also on control.

Has had already a ASUS count how was easy to rid the entrance done several days - like this far - at all behind.
5 / 5 Milton
In general, these laptops there is it preformed fantastically. When in heavy gaming, cut the little heat this in spite of thats to be expected when running ultra settings in the laptops.
Know this can touch pointless, but has to them that say a key of the power in this laptop is a key of better power in any diagram has them has not felt never.
RGB Are add, does not come level with a software to modify some colours this in spite of all have to that do is downloads it. Im Also very impressed with a incumplimiento program this car comes with, doesnt actuate a lot of bloatware at all.
Here is a reason im giving it 4 stars in place of 5. Gaming The laptop is used typically in wifi for mobility. This laptop comes with the wifi 5 paper in place of the wifi 6 paper. It is literally the $25 separate concealed would have been WELL does to pay the small quantity more for a upgrade.

In general, highly recommended and for an action to price point, this could be the 1500 $ portable.
5 / 5 Nicola
Was like this near to solve with a MSI GF63 when I have discovered in east a. Simply place, thinks that this has one the majority of bang for a buck for the gaming portable under $ 1000.

So only the bosses up: a GPU is a mobile, any desk version.

- Powerful Ryzen 4800H CPU: benchmarks stronger that i7-9750H and in pair with his successor, a i7-10750H. Like the first time AMD the user am impressed. His can also means less throttling of a GTX 1660 You (mobile) GPU.
- GTX 1660 You (mobile) can manage almost all AAA titles in max settings.
- The action adds of a rest of a car: Kingston SSD and Micron RAM. My bookmarks/marcadors in Userbenchmark: gaming 70, desk 110, workstation around 100.
- System to cool a lot of - my GPU (slightly OC) does not go never further 80 terracings C heavy load drop

- Kingston OEM SSD can be inconsistent in time. When The new mark absolute delivery that action of strikes but mellows down quickly with the installed new software
- 512GB is quite tight for modern titles (can locate to 100GB)
- the defender can be quite strong, esp in Disturb Way
- the screen is not that it impresses

In general, thinks that ossia for the still given fly his action. I am using my outside HDD to store games, as no the plot to complain. Asus Has done the good work with east a!
4 / 5 Sherley
Will find the plot of descriptions in the screen of this computer any when being any big quality. I beg to differ while gaming in the and looking film. I guess yes calm the big end that modifies is to be able to you, but honradamente, a specs in this thing is insane for $ 1000. It was hesitant to buy this laptop after reading some descriptions for a screen but am happy ignored him and has gone with my gut.
5 / 5 Rosann
This laptop are so that it adds. I have been resisted behind for the plot of negative critiques in a screen. But I left clear an air, a screen is sum . It is not to perfect but of the person that comes from/comes from the 60hz poster, to good sure will love it. My only flu is with a noise of defender, is usually very strong, sometimes uncomfortably strong but can ignore him. My business laptop has not taken strong like such but this is to mean for gaming like the fact felt. I love it and totally it would buy anyday.

Update in my description, maintain your graphic settings as a whole in a Nvidia more your cpu will run hot and throttle your laptop that does feels sluggish.
5 / 5 Blaine
Has had mine TUF506IU, a 512Gb SSD 1660 YOU version, for the few days and so only ran to the pair of subjects. One when being speed of ram . A listing in each place can find is 3200Mhz. When Looking that it directs of task or Asus Armory Crate is informed likes 3200Mhz but in HWInfo and CPUID is informed in 1600Mhz. I can not it imagine was the whey there is such discrepancies with one informing of speeds of ram. If any one has a response partorisca east, would be appreciated.

A car adds at most each title of game, short of the oldest games maxed is gone in 75+ fps. But one of some subjects has run to era Battlefield V. Armory Crate Has loved to run all cranked in Ultra that the look adds but has caused to clash without an error. I some hunting and of the stupid overlays that Origin, Steam, and the discord tries to dip in each looks of game to cause the odd tension in a system that causes a game to clash. Disabling This helped but has finalised although it has to that go down more settings the Big of the take to run entirely stable. A bit odd for the year of pair old title.

A SSD is quickly quite for now but the bit in a small side that sees like Destiny 2 was 90Gb only (these looks of game to ail in this laptop, me sad could does not touch up to now). It would recommend to buy the second walk with this compraventa and not paying a $ 200 prize for a 1Tb version, for this money could take almost 2Tb NVMe like a Adata Swordfish (sure is not scorching fast but his the big quantity of SSD storage).

A quantity of ram is abundance for gaming and so only roughly anything the random person could launch in him. My only subjects is with a speed to the equal that have declared on.

A screen is appropriate perfectly for my needs. I mostly FPS so that any precise (likes the quota revises the on-line point was) the screen that takes 100 of any spectre by heart. While the frame of the cane was the one who is in front of me, are well. I will say this in spite of Destiny 2 is quite darn awesome looking in this car.

To wise build, is quite light to do a bit travelling but probably would take my woman Dell XPS 13 paralización when the weight and the measure is the factor . A screen can wiggle the bit if any one the he sturdy subjects that any wiggle when writing likes the mine does. A RGB lighting is well. No really I comprise an integer 'pimp my walk' sew concealed is going in an industry of computer of the enthusiastic.

In general, am happy with cost of mine and would recommend to any the one who lights the random gaming this in spite of master the bit of potability.

Modify: Pro Tip, this was 999 (for a 512GB SSD and 1660YOU version) as it does not pay more than that, goes to somewhere more has to that .
5 / 5 Veronique
Ossia For real the add gaming portable, especially for a prize, but a touchpad and the sensibility of cursor is terrible. Still with some settings of sensibilities have turned all a way up in some options, some tugs of cursor and sometimes some keys take stuck, which is downright unacceptable. I will owe that take the mouse for him.

In another hand, a lot of descriptions have mentioned an exposure is the bit has washed was. This can be true accustom the big-finalise desk monitor, but yes is upgrading of another laptop, can not say a difference. And a defender can be strong, but a lot annoyingly so much.

Has to that buy this? Yup, But does not expect perfection, and take the mouse.
4 / 5 Elenore
Partorisca Like this light and small like this the laptop is, is monster scary fast. Armed with AMD is liberto recently AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, a NVidia GeForce RTX 2060, and 16 GB of 3200Mhz RAM, this thing will press some serious accusing it — absolutely rasgó on GIMPS/Prime95 testing (that his paste to regulate GHz summit CPU start); Unigine Heaven 3d benchmark; and Unigine Valley 3d benchmark. He included treaty quite respectably in Unigine Solapamiento 3d benchmark, which requires to PLOT of firepower. A 144Hz the screen is mesmerizing; it had not possessed the screen with this big of the refresh prices before. The windows informs that this refresh the tax is corrected (hard the model has informed 120Hz). A lack of screen of the bit of a liveliness by heart of mine desk IPS poster, but hey – is the screen of laptop , any he 2-the fat thumb, 120v desk monitor, and is still gorgeous. The life of battery is respectable, of course diminishes to the fastest plot if you are gaming. It is lasted admirably long touching an of a less-intense game I own, and will go for hours I on 'negotiate' use (of the full load). It would have been well to have the 4th port of USB, but have known is going in, so that it is on me.

The things to look was paralizaciones:

1. Some defenders can be strong. Sometimes included in of the settings of low use, likes to explore and business use. There is power of entity under a hood, and in such the small/light form factor, some defenders really needs to slave to maintain it all has cooled sufficiently. You CAN change a way of partidário that use he Fn+yours to Order combo to dip he in an of three ways: Silent Action ,/Balanced, or Disturb. On battery, Disturb (the big plus) is not available. If it use Silent Action or/way Balanced of defender, expects that a laptop throttle heavy calculations (CPU and GPU) to save on exited of hot, of then will try a lot, a lot last to respect your election of speed of the defender. And it does not want to melt .

1A. ANY uninstall a soyyASUS' application that comes preinstalled in a computer. I NEED THIS. Without him, calm will not have ANY ONE the way thought that of defender is in, and has dipped he in silent accidentally and try game, your coming game screeching for the take mid-touch once a heat begins to the bomb was and your framerate will clash by means of a paving. If you uninstalled soyyASUS' already like this of this reading, all expect is not lost. It goes to an application of Tent of the Microsoft and look for MyASUS – that it would be necessary to take you fixed up.

2. Occasionally, a car will take estuck' on restarting (specifically using esinicio' of you, not being able to the was then can on). I have spoken with any the one who has a model of leading emission of this same laptop, and have one same @@subject – the looks has not caused never questions very big. Calm only forces-beat-was and expect the pocolos second, then turn it behind on again. My own ASUS ROG G751J has has had to that done this raisin of what same occasionally also. Easily averted for simply not using esinicio' also.

3. Punctual that follows to take he out of a box, will love grab NVidia engine of game later ready. The mine there has been some odd map quirks in 3d games until I this, which has been fixed once has taken an installed engine.

4. That The tampon to touch is occasionally the little fidgety roughly scrolling of two toes, can wants to touch the bit with your touchpad config in an application of Settings.

To the Chairs Likes them to them I needs to give this he 4.5, so only in light of some of some subjects no of entity on, but concealed is not and the option and 4.0 seat likes too punishment, likes 5.0 is. 👍👍👍👍👍
4 / 5 Penni
A a15 with a 1660you, 90whr battery, 4800h and 16gb of the ram is a field has presupposed . It does not leave the descriptions turn you was, a 144hz the screen is in fact very better that reviewers was to be. A subject main with this laptop is a heat because Asus has blocked on purpose a ventilation for some stupid reason. There are ways to circumvent this by means of software (action of limiting/impulse slightly) or hardware modding ( void a guarantee). So that I am not fearful of tweaking and modding, will not find better value. If it plan on taking a 2060 model this in spite of, strongly would suggest to look a eluktronics rp-15 for a same prize.

Stop nerfing your AMD portable. You were like this near to have a perfect car for students. To the blocking ventilation like this is absurd.
4 / 5 Tammy
Ossia An impartial description with pros and gilipollas after a week of practical use, and that has researched a whole phase before taking a decision partorisca buy this little gem.

- Unbeatable hardware Partorisca this row of prize
- Flawless communication go in BIOS, software of costruttore, and Windows YOU
- Insanely fast in both tasks of productivities and gaming, 16 GB RAM in 3200Mhz and well/beefy SSD does this thing run faster then Usain Ray
- Sturdy ONE THOUSAND-STD-810H build
- No flex anything in zone of same keyboard although a frame is brushed plastic and he the work adds to hide smudges/printed of toe
- A screen is perfectly well, if you are not the creator to content that reproduction of the by heart attentive needs for the video that modifies etc.
- The frame does not heat never on although CPU/GPU can take to 92/86 terracings celsius respectively

- Light indicators to Use/by heart of the Power/the Hard disk is situated in a cup of a frame on a keyboard, which unfortunately resulted in the bit of light polution while you are trying to look the film on he in the entirely dark room (key to Be able to also has the fixed red light). I am declaring this reason affects a immersive experience while looking film with a laptop in your lap. You take used his after the moment although

- the draws of Keyboard is quell'has bitten odd but his volume used with which some time to use a laptop

- He, a screen in fact has the time of response of 22ms, which means does the TINY bit of ghosting... STILL, I trust, calm will not remark the thing, unless you are the pro esports player that need to touch Legends of Apex or CS: it Goes in 144 fps. They are the 'random' gamer, and like this far has not had any subject. Everything of COD Warzone, BF1, Joins of Rocket, and LoL, short silky smooth with big fps while in of the main graphic settings

- the defenders take bit it strong below cariche weighed, but ossia entirely normal partorisca gaming spend. When A computer is on battery or wants to use he for tasks of productivities, so only agree to go to a Armoury Crate and select some Windows or of the Silent profiles, now will remain good and enough while taken your things done.

can not recommend this laptop enough, seriously. The stop that listens to all some idiots there saying a screen is craps. Any another portable with these specs would cost you an additional 400 USD, if no more. Taking that the consideration, calm so only can buy an external monitor with G Sync, 1440p, 32'', hook he until an USB C port to the equal that has connected directly to a NVidia paper of Map, add the keyboard of wireless/mouse, and BAM for a prize to take the laptop with the better screen, has created him to him now the bawler docking canal that leave to have the together desk on while in home, quickly unplug and WOOSH take your tuf portable anywhere precise be.

First to take this unit has purchased the Dell G7 17 7790, is returned he because of wobbly tampon of clue, coil whine and CPU incidents of overheating. It looks Dell the controls of qualities is slipping big time, but thanks to that... Now I have a better laptop in a phase for 1,200 USD.
5 / 5 Taunya
the life of Battery is good (does not add ). And ossia probably reason is to 17screen of thumb . Volume roughly 6-7 hours punctually of screen, running RuneScape and exploring. Ossia Quite good. If he so only explored, easily would be 8+ hours . Very impressive.

This laptop is quite insane. Setup Has taken the little bit and there is enough the few precise updates install before takings to go. But, like this far, these things so only multitask like this easily without hiccups. A processor, for me in all the chance, any career is speed of base , but in fact around half. I have not launched in fact fulfilled very intense in him but 16 edges in with amazing IPC is still very impressive. I will continue to update I so that it is more.
4 / 5 Bridgette
Good value. The exposure cut some corners but totally very partorisca gaming. I usually game in the 144hz 3ms exposure and prefer that in this exposure But are not fearful to touch the competitive ways that use a A17 exposed. It does not sleep in this laptop - his too well of the value.
5 / 5 Camille
For a prize and an action, can not ask more than that. Thank you Asus.
5 / 5 Jasmin
A Ryzen 7 4800 CPU is the beast, blowing Intel out of water with the glorious value. Bundled With one 1660 you GPU, can manage games (p. p.ej., Witcher 3 ultra Marco) in 4K exposure with hdmi connection. But a defender is so only too strong when gaming. The speed of defender is in 2000 rpm low to normal condition that jump to 4800 rpm when gaming. I owe that look a volume of television to subdue a noise of partidário strong. A right side of a laptop that takes quite hot. CPU Could go to low 90s C GPU down 80s C. I have bought so only the freshest laptop and will see like these things of transmissions. I guess this is to expect of then he packs to plot to compute and graphic power in such the small container. Ossia Prime minister of mine gaming the laptop and think is the quite good value same with a noise of partidário drawback. BTW, A screen is mediocre. But I usually hook he up with 4k television to touch games.
5 / 5 Sparkle
Skeptical roughly that mine of substitutes 8 old year desk rigs with this system, but has been flawless and and incredible on commentaries
5 / 5 Kimiko
An indicator of mouse often lags mark to do anything while he
Bluetooth the connection has confused and touches horrible
short súper hot
Some do any the TONNE of noise
looks ugly and bad drawn (would be better been had gone with him minimalist creation)
Screen: orange of look of the Red any red (the by heart poor accuracy)
A keyboard is mediocre, would have been better if his so only left out of a numpad

Adds CPU thus point of prize
Decent GPU
Can touch play modern
Screen: Black is good and dark
5 / 5 Teisha
the people maintain partorisca complain in a screen is not bad, in fact better that a lot, comprising HP and Dells, although any Apple, he 1660 is well, the desire was the 2070 paralizaciones gaming, but are not gaming! It has installed 64GB and he 2TB NVMe and careers VMware better that very big-finalise Intel all for roughly 1300 all in, that does the house is not never better state!
5 / 5 Jaye
Wants to all in this laptop and does not have anything partorisca disturb comprising a screen, the think a screen will be well for me considering mostly am using this indoors in all the chance.
4 / 5 Flossie
Are by train of the want to Like this far. You shoe on fast and applications of careers without any subjects or lag.
4 / 5 Ramona
They are by train of the want to Like this far. You shoe on fast and applications of careers without any subjects or lag.
5 / 5 Akiko
To good sure, a better mid portable of row in a phase today
4 / 5 Vasiliki
This laptop is still build gamers or that at least familiar with computer. No for these grab and class of use of people. I require dipped the to your own to to that likes, takes bloatwares, of engine of update, etc. Calm the the once dipped properly, fijamente and dip nvidia experience optimally, could touch aaa the games perfectly was in silent way. If it do not use afterburner, while touching the games can take once the moment and key of Windows of the press to verify temp in armory crate. Like this far I do not see never cpu temp on 80deg C. Never see GPU on 75deg C. In silent way, both defenders are very calm. Example for Tomb Raider, am GOOD to touch in FPS 40 to 50. I controlled it using HUD of nvidia experience. It is very calm.
5 / 5 Zulma
There is wanted almost everything in this laptop almost immediately with which turned it on. Of some smooth transitions to a click in a trackpad. This in spite of, there is remarked that a tone for a number 2 is quell'has bitten more sensitive that some another, could be error of user but has registered 2 click when I am quite sure has done so only . In general, I love this beast of the laptop and like smoothly can run it Minecraft java in max settings and that very short gta 5 in of the normal settings.
5 / 5 Glady
Goes him the time Is well, but when the rainbow of game six a cpu can create to 96c. Less than intense games like LOL around 87c is max sees them. For the dollars of thousand ossia such the laptop adds but the system to cool there would be it better done a better.
4 / 5 Mariel
Present for my edges. It has touched a lot of games. A map is very good. It looks the overheat too easily.
4 / 5 Verda
Portable really fresh for game, special a keyboard, like this shiny.
4 / 5 Bev
Any complaint to far another that is quite strong when those careers in full capacity, but ossia to be expected.
5 / 5 Freddy
The action of laptop adds wise, but faulty or bad trackpad, a lot that annoying the mouse is the must there is
5 / 5 Flor
It seats it likes him the Christmas when the container has been received. Rid 2 days before so many has been far resupplying me one can need. They are the producer of the music and this surpasses my expectations.
4 / 5 Napoleon
Are having tonnes of subjects also. Some defenders look randomly when has no cpu cariche. Still in a calm profile. Starts like silent, then partorisca any very strong reason. Touchpad Also lags. Now partorisca the any one has mentioned subjects. Random screen glitches and flickers. Roughly once each one that 30 second neither a whole screen blinks partorisca the breaking according to or of the random lines flicker. I have tried things a lot a lot of. BIOS Was my start. The engine and the update of windows has been of course done. Formatted Windows and has done the net installs. Still some same subjects. Changed among 60/144hz without transmission. After, has some subjects of action. While it dominates benchmarks, is unusable in to the the simple tasks likes them-the Youtube. Going in and out of full screen in the buffered the video takes roughly 5 seconds of pause and lag. Connecting the external monitors do not help with YT action. It has loved to have an amazing powerhouse of the laptop for the prize adds and instead takes Junk. This is sent behind. Too much time has squandered.
4 / 5 Sterling
Can not believe the one who insanely a lot this extracted for such the low prize. Intel So only can not compete.
5 / 5 Miquel
My partner possesses one of these and boy any takes never listen roughly that. As I will say you some of some things know is corrected and factual.

1. Eslimpieza Of elf' the defenders are bulls of marketing ---. It does not fall it it concealed it is.... There it has no small windshield wipers this spends for some defenders every time complete the revolution. They are not self cleaners. They COULD be drawn some snowflake to to the way where likes 1 fallen less than of powder in some leaves but is not eslimpieza of elf'. Shame in ASUS for marketing that literal craps.

2. Cooling. The god has wanted. It has dipped far also it has beaten to the laptop ossia far too thin with the bad thermal system has drawn. One 8 core 16 edge -60W AMD 4800H in the 'thin and will read portable. Really... Sure they take the showboat around ' have one the majority of powerful processor around in the laptop thats likes $1200 ' but into use world-wide real in this way of careers of the what too hot to be more powerful of some courses of a mill quad core or hexa core.
2A. This nettle faith further. But some models of finals go down without one 2060 and 4800H, no active almost like this well of the solution to cool like this run included hotter. ASUS Quite piled in heatsinks with an upper tier model and because of poor airflow creation, is still a lot enough. But one down more tier models? It forgets it... Has A HEATPIPE for a processor, and one SAME heatpipe ( is connected, reason would cost too many pence to have them separate), more the small more leaner heatpipe for a 1660YOU. A Alienware R4 15 all the world-wide shouted in thermals on? It runs good and cool compared to this laptop...
2b. Again in some other models of base of a laptop. It does not take one 'any 90W' version of a laptop. Everything obtains is $100 and he SATA bay of the walk and you lose an aforesaid beefed on cooling (ossia still a lot quite)

3. Life of battery. Yeah Is not 9 hours. Another lie of marketing. Also, this jesusly powerful 8 core 16 processor of edge throttles to 3GHZ and disable promote it hardly unplugs he of one load. Any way to change that any one. Emotional on.

4. Linux. It likes or no, utilisations more than of calm knows, and to to the some people like to install the in his computers. A Linux Kernel a lot like this portable still like this of Kernel 5.8. To to I still Subjects like a lot when being pas of able to change brightness or control undervolting the CPU, to to the material likes concealed. Perhaps 6 month down a support of line will be better but for now is not a better.

5. A marketing. Santo craps. So only I have had roughly the reading of hernia by means of this description. It would struggle to appoint the times have seen more bull of marketing that in this page.

5A. A word 'rugged' and ONE THOUSAND-STD is both bull of marketing. ONE THOUSAND-STD is in fact the row of tests, varying of diving in of waters he, and literally sound. ASUS A lot he here, but often times OEMs the AMOUR partorisca slap soyIL-STD' during his product' page without in fact lists it the alone test has tried specifically, he like this take all know, could have has stuck so only he having to that the speaker and cranked a volume that AC/DC of touches and called it the 'rugged device'. Any way here with a whole rugged thing ASUS has goes in, is still BS. They can fall he of 3 feet to some forest all want to, but to the left say, dares push that LCD past that would have to go, plastic grommets goes to break immediately and will be compraventa for the assembly of new exposure. Any well! This is not a ToughBook is slapping focus during the so many.

5b. Again with a eslimpieza of the elf fans'. That a heck was ASUS has thought?? Well, moving on.

5c. Life of battery. Of the to you the generous battery (if it has paid an extra $250 for any one the model of base) sure but like a lot another OEM so it maintains that in alcohol. This another OEMs probably there is not dipping the octa-core AMD 4800H in the 'thin and will read gaming portable. Calm will not take some 9-13 hours are lying roughly unless you direct to take a gaming portable to draw 10-7 watts a whole time. And considering more the TELEPHONE of the people uploads will dip was more than that, 5-15W, and more Chromebooks tin a lot really take down 6W without turning basically all was, takings a point . Also a CPU is estimated to draw roughly 60W, and a GPU is estimated to draw 115W, yeah. Not spending . Good marketing ASUS. Calm perhaps can take 13 hours if literally it has turned a laptop when grieving running entirely unusable car without screen/backlight and like this on, sure can take 10 hours more. It forgets games.

5d. Looked more by means of a description and whew was lucky of the was sanity intact. You know that this laptop can 'pursue' in of the temperatures on 120 terracings Fahrenheit? Or like this down like this -25F? No? Calm concern? No? It imports to literally any one? Probably the no. is more than entity that ASUS doing in of the things that to @@subject likes fresh? Well I say as it imports more for any not doing visit in Iraq while vacationing to of the one of the north of a circle Artico. Again I supposition has to that adapt ASUS again, this is not the rugged laptop. Ossia The value /to estimate gaming the laptop done out of the entirely plastic frame. If you want to something rugged, mark it plastic no for you, unless you are speaking in the pill. More hanged that concealed and is too much for plastic to manage, and calm then that the precise look in something does out of magnesium or another metal.

5.ºt. Indication of control of the humidity! Thank you ASUS. I have loved always take mine gaming laptop to a shower with me.

TL;Dr. ASUS the crew of marketing has been HAM in this poor thing, and there is ruined he in my opinion. Be careful, and question all are said, especially for OEMs and cooperations.

Taken of the worries/of commentaries, or so only loves me say suck and are the turd sandwich, goes advance and leave the commentary and I could verify on here again sometime.

Him the the remote East, good work, goes to find something more productive that do.
5 / 5 Elois
Will be to try to return this computer. Some screens max brightness is not that it shines at all. They are usually the Mac the user but I has loved to take the PC partorisca gaming. Ossia Much darker that any device of Apple has has not possessed never.

A mousepad no well. Material any quantity of wetness of slightly sweaty the hands surrender the dysfunctional. I have it that has not had never this question with my Apple mousepads before. A cursor always is taking stuck and unresponsive and jerky. Also, it folds click all a time when it does not mean to. It is so only very bad drawn, to a point that a computer is grieves useable with a mousepad.
5 / 5 Ezra
One of a money of better laptops can resupply. Has adds specs for his row of prize and functions fenomenally. It buys it you are looking for portable abonos in this row of prize
4 / 5 Laurene
One of some portable the best has ,the speed adds .That more can he gamer question.

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