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Top Customer Reviews: Drive Medical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say the new transition for my father of 91 years... Result too difficult for him to walk with the walker when enter trips and so ordered this chair. It returns in him and he has been ready to use right out of a box. Any same tale hooking in some rests of feet so much assembly. We buy a together suggested of 3 elements and a tampon of chair was the perfect and comfortable access...Thank you To do my life the small easier...
4 / 5
Clearer, more compact, and more easily maneuverable that regulates it wheelchair. It folds Well and it enters by behind SUV so easier that a version of full measure. Also, compared in a walk of full measure, some rests of the main arm that comes further, leaving better advantage when a patient tries to be up.

Can not actuate the brakes for a patient; they ARE convenient for a cure-giver to apply. Not backing in a patient to press take-in-of the crowbars of movement against some wheels.

Why 4 stars? Some footrest does not have the strap of heel to maintain the feet of some patients to paste some advance of wheels; if they slip by behind only the small, press and turning suddenly result difficult. A tape of chair would be more convenient had the road in stow he out of one when the road bent. He only failures around now. Also, you are the more add had an easy road in stow some rests of feet with one when the chair bent.
5 / 5
I have read the plot of negative critics in this product, and doubted to purchase it. But when it was in the tent of venue of medical supply in a same exact one was to bend a prize, decided to take this one of Amazon. We use it to nodes the small time to take my aunt in the beach boardwalk zone, and has done well. We are planning to use travel it to him this summer, to help his apresamiento through an airport. So far have it the has not had any problem with him at all. My only complaint with him is that I have purchased the stock exchange in hook in some capes in a backside, and or to hang of an arm. Or stock exchange very access because of an armrest and some brakes in some capes. It have to to modify some stock exchanges to take them to return.
1 / 5
The chair looked very when the take. Hand-the brakes lined has not gone properly has adjusted. One of a bearings in the advances of wheel was tight (any free spinning). One and the half months after taking it, a frame of the wheel of the front blocked under normal use (possibly facilitated for a problem to line). The police of amazon is any turn after 30 days. I can very still it finds the road of tongue with the person in a telephone.
2 / 5
It IS flimsy and only today after any one 3 month of clear use a right pole those controls a pin to attach a foot in a chair there has been a weld pause in a pin.
Seldom uses some feet like my husband prefers to use his own feet the majority of a time. That is to say very disheartening. I will have to contact a manufacturer to take the substitution.

Update: 1/4/18 I has contacted the only doctor of Walk saw his web of place and option of the lives of the cat and they have not doubted to say is the routing leaves it to me of substitution...That is to say client backwards very good. I expect it concealed has any further included problem even so I am for my earlier description that it is flimsy so need more enough would have to consider the more heavyduty unit
1 / 5
I have purchased this chair on, the August 27, 2018, and one of some capes of low fold has been broken of mid September, 2018. The May Fences in in a totality has posed. To use a wheelchair, takes an endeavour of so, a patient, to line in a part of sleeve and a person those presses a wheelchair to line and press a chair in an uncomfortable angle. It goes to return a chair today, but has lost a term (the September 26) because of medical subjects. I guess a quality is a reason for period of a low grace.
If this was a first Transport of the chair of Walk would fall; usually I want his products. Even so, that is to say a second chair has purchased that there is this problem in the low quantity of time, and unless you are has had to to spend $ 130.00 each little month, would choose the different chair.
5 / 5
I add lite Chair of transport of the weight. When being the small wobbly when any one into use but any one when my husband is in him. There is Chevy Malibu and access in a trunk with spare room. I am the small woman and does not have any problem that chooses to arrive and posing he in a trunk. Some rests of feet are very easy on and has been. Highly it recommends this chair. It folds Up so easily only take some two capes in a chair and he are bent. One retreated also folds for those with the trunks the small plus. For a prize could not ask more.
3 / 5
That is to say clear and quite robust. It Like him very better that of the traditional wheelchair. Also, really it likes him having a handbrakes. These he much more sure when that goes down hills. More, is the easiest plot to close in place. Had almost any one the assembly has required. But, there is the few rays that has been cut was and is very acute - quite acute to cut any one. These are some rays that control a chair of tissue in place. Any chairs in a chair could cut the only to brush through a underside of bar in a side of a chair. A risk a big plus is taking ahold of this bar to move a chair in/out of a cart. I scraped me and listened lucky that any quite deep piece to require points.
4 / 5
Claro and enough compact weight! I have bought this to transport my Mamma of 83 years. It walks well but of the wheels easily as not doing his to walk all a road through a plot for estacionar, of or finals of a centre of compraventa in another, etc. IS very useful. Once take where is going, curves he down the half and push he having to us. Marks for the basket of compraventa adds. I have bought the lock of bicycle and will leave in a bicycle racks also. Easy to enter and out of a trunk. Some hand-the brakes have lined is wonderful, and a big plus behind goes to do quite well in of the taxes and muck. It IS the quite small chair . No for the wide or very big person. Access of mine 5ft 4' and 120 lb Mamma only well. The prize and the good quality add!
1 / 5
This product was horrible. Experience for my father to use in the holidays and he have broken above a forward of wheel in front of our flight boarded included. Tan Very only was unusable, has had to to find the place in Puerto Rico to purchase the new wheelchair, And tote this has broken or around with decrees to be able of the return and take the repayment. MAY The purchase of this company again.

Top Customer Reviews: Medline Lightweight ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
I have bought my mother of 89 years this chair to transport so that it goes to be having surgery. I selected it based in his weight of light. After a surgery, could not take some back/capes to block any import that has done it. An also tried nurse to help without utility and a button of emission has broken entered my hand! I am returned a chair in Amazon and has asked the substitution. A substitution is come but does not go so that an arm of the brake in the each side has touched some wheels. My husband has nicknamed Medline to ask that to do and some habladuras of person with has instructed to take he in the tent of wheelchair of reparation for adjustment. We have done so instructed and a repairman, nodded when see it, that comments that soyedline is a cheap and more poor plus in quality of all the manufacturers.' They go to fix a chair and do a necessary adjustment as required but has had to to touch for his services (of course!). Quan Has called Medline asking them in reimburse me for some reparations have said has had any archived the formal complaint and first permission takes has reparations. I have been transferred in three service of client takes and when asked the why has to has to paid for HIS GUARANTEE of poor quality and workmanship the contrariedad has agreed to reimburse me, but only I a formal complaint and filled out of his documentation. For now already it go he in a telephone for in a-half hour and has listened my time was more than entity. I have said I email the photocopy of receipt of mine, but has not wanted to spend even more time in his poor product. Writing this deservedly the poor description was the better use of my time.
3 / 5
I use the normal wheelchair in a house, but has used this wheelchair to transport my woman in and of a car and to take compraventa. It IS very clear and easy to bend and movement in a trunk and has been behind. Some hand-can press the brakes have lined down in prjimos and some brakes of beat of back wheel that is posed yes desires. I gave it the 3 more than the 5 for two reasons. A material in so breaking of armrest in some sides and has had to to be bonded behind joints occasionally. A second reason was more serious. Some capes have used to to press a chair is designed to be able the rotate down for the storage the compact plus. A pushbutton that fences in each what so on top of the has not lined well quite and some sleeves tended the rotate down yes has pressed down too hard in the, for case, when aixecant- some advance of wheels to continue the curb or in a house. I have resolved this problem to use the nuts and ray in the each side to line some capes up.
1 / 5
It was alentador that this chair would conform some necessities of basic transport for my disabled boy partly mobile, this weighs less than 100 pounds. A eshutting brakes' never fact, so that it can any never close some back wheels. Still, it looks the chair of mere light this has conformed the necessity. But the critical weakness some are bending capes -- after the few months of normal use, some capes left in a juncture where folds. A metal these tubes are not quite strong. It was better if they did not bend and was the solid piece in tube. A chair has been represented well-for-swimming hurriedly. I have appealed in Medline for consideration of guarantee, photos of routing and the description of a pause of a frame is declared to be coated. After the bit of run-around, some the initial of positive attention for tlphonique and the email ensured me the substitution would be sent me. In four month on, active still to have my demand honoured or my emails or the calls of the telephone are returned. I precaution against buying this product and sceptical be of any service for one Medline undertaken.
1 / 5
Alas, a wheelchair has broken in a joint among an arm and a cape. It was lovely while hard but is not usable now.

Compraventa In the July and he have broken September 14, 2016
1 / 5
One of some capes has broken. Poor and bad creation weld. I have contacted Med Line. We said me to us to plant of a chair and the bookshop to nine unit has think that sounded in sake to be true. A new chair has not coming never and now does not answer my emails. A chair was cheaper that or bought in Walgreens but a Walgreens the chair is still robust. It IS the better creation .
2 / 5
Out of a box, has been impressed with this chair. It IS attractive, comfortable and that finals well, As described, is to ignite and folds easily. Even so, it has to when being used with precaution in some external circumstances. Some assemblies of the wheel of the front has an unexpected tendency in side of toe by the side when directing included the variac. Modesto in the footpath while it can arrive among adjoining paving slabs and with ramps of kerb. Some decrees to chair abruptly and tips, with an occupant that is launched advance, risking harm. Me assembla That these results of a location and geometry of some assemblies of wheel of the front. To do the worse subjects, a wheel advances those locate the forks are done of aluminium and curve easily, requiring the substitution after a toe of the wheel has described on arrived only two times in the footpath in the big city. An occupant has weighed 150 pounds, the averages a load estimated of this chair. Medline The representatives were courteous and professional, but a chair, has used only two times in some sixteen months has been since purchased, was now out of guarantee. Two forks of substitution were 40% of a cost of a whole chair.

I lives in the city with a lot of hills. As Another has remarked, a two handbrakes is very ineffective, but easily could the be has improved to augment his surface of contact in some back wheels.
5 / 5
Perfect chair. That is to say the chair of transport and no the chair of wheel. The chair of transport is a pressed by another person. Has the smallest wheels in some had to. The chair of wheel is one with the main wheels in some backwards and with the point of metal around some wheels, so that a person these chairs in some manoeuvres of can of the chair in his/own chair. That is to say the perfect chair concealed and bought for my mother and he are clear weight, easy to bend and raisin in trunk of your cart. You can bend a cape, piece of leg for easy transport. The wheels are very smooth. And HAS very queixen at all.
3 / 5
We purchase this chair for my main mother in 2013. Desprs Less than the year, a whole hand-together of the brake resulted very loose. The capes wobble and the tug of brakes or does not line properly. There was has adjusted several times, but some rays come loose afterwards or or two uses. Some holes for some look of rays in has widened some months of diverse premiers of use. Medline Has advised that we would have to substitute a whole upper section and mechanism of brake. Only we use some brakes of feet now to stabilise a chair, likes hand-the brakes are not very very use at all. We can decide in permanently attach some capes he so marks any wobble.
Pros - IS clear, otherwise robust, easy to bend up and tent, and some wheels of the grain further back is of sound. Any one asks in a height of some arms - is the few big - and no apt down some subjects to dine, etc.
5 / 5
We take this for our mother of 94 years that is gone to rack and sea with the fault of heart quite bad and dementia. It can not walk much more that 50 course - cual limits his activities. Alas also it have it an attitude in wheelchairs.

After going in the laboratory that was only too many out of the walk for his, has begun only taking a wheelchair to the long of. It IS supremely clear - easily can promote he with or weapon (and is the almost 60 year any athletic lady I), and the piece of cake in fold. It IS also very easy to attach some footrest that am to add like the footrest of any wheelchair tends to exit during uploading/download, and these are much easier that the majority.

IS easy to manoeuvre while it is relatively small - as no for big folks. But a lot it is easy to treat and would buy it again without hesitation. It IS the value adds , also!
4 / 5
I very wants to give 5 am reserving test so that only the use the small time since buys! It has not been that 'road-tried' while it would like him, as I can not say does also in of road and of the conditions of different time! For now, so far, also!!! :) Purchase like happy a chair with a backside more than big-wheels. It provides for the smoothest walk (for an User) in bumpier footpaths. A cape-the BRAKES take the small to take used to so all the world is more familiar with one goes brakes, but once has the habit of a cape-brakes, is well. It was pleasantly surprised for some capes of tissue in any side of a chair ~ provides for easier spend and aixecant- when a chair is is the small characteristic has not considered (like caregiver doing a compraventa) but now amours! It was even more surprised for a height-adjustable foot-rest like other descriptions have not mentioned this characteristic! That is to say the chair shared and an adjustable foot-the rest is given the reception to by some different Users. The nave and the delivery were while it promise! Oh, STARS!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: NOVA Lightweight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Chair a lot well with the a lot of characteristics are. Having the hand-held brakes is some characteristic better singular partorisca me. It was so much, as tired partorisca bend on partorisca achieve some brakes of crowbar in the chair of wheel. The date of the sleeve is very partorisca me, he 6'4' person. This thing is the breeze partorisca press . Any have to Him legustado a creation/of function of some few straps in some feet, as I take easily. Ossia So only the add, easy to manage and stow chair of transport, included partorisca mine small 5'3' woman. They are very impressed.
PROS: Very light, Returns well down table, Folds wheels compact , Big partorisca swipes, group of feet of Adjustable height, the Easy transmission was and take feet, Easy to swing on or totally take arms, has hand-held brakes! Has hand-held brakes!
GILIPOLLAS: Has a lot poor ergonomic creation partorisca a chair:rear corner. All the world in our familiar has adapted was so only VERY partorisca use of necessary transport, but prolonged seating would be very uncomfortable. I have had it plans to in fact use the tube bender partorisca add some backward corner to an upper back (without kinking), so only under a point of fold, but an user is resulted totally trace of bed and has gone no longer necessary. (I is experience of 20 years to draw/building ad to have that heavy and mobiles of priest of the health. This corner is so only simple wrong and like this easy to fix. The majority of the chairs of transport are resembled this. I know that it would kill a guarantee.) I have seen the few chairs of transport with ergonomics very better, but some the hand-held brakes have been missing one was essential in my election. Lost the star for an easily corrected ergonomics.
Final of notes: Reason a chair behind does not have the connection among some two rear tubes on big, a chair flex quite the bit in of the uneven surfaces. I recognise this is not meant to be the chair of use of full time, and one argues is has done usually that this 'flex' is for creation, as this has not affected an indication for me.
4 / 5
With which are weeks of intense use, comprising each mealtime in our living ease has assisted/independent and he 2,000 one thousand travesías car with hotel and of the restaurants, our NEW the chair of Light Transport has won ten stars, five of the his passenger and five of his engine. I can not improve to some a lot of descriptions of 5 stars, but subject @of volume with a a concealed compares it to the Circles Royce: our Chair more closely resembles a ultra-light and agile, big-sport of car end -- as the apple of candy red version of one of James Vincolo is tricked out of Aston Martins.

The one who the delight to find the for real excellent product like this, particularly after experiencing a clunky creation and poor construction of the Or-At all II walker prescribed by the neurologist, which cost (Medicare) roughly 2-1/2 times so many. It asks Chen, a founder (in age 23) and CEO again, takes the good pride justified in his undertaken -- be sure to read roughly his in a web of place.

Look In some dates of a bit those that critical negations in this web page. It is clear that a creation and the construction have improved on some last ten years. But it does not expect weighed-the duty that beats of brakes and armour plating in the device that is feigned to be easily portable. My woman displeased a cleverly drawn estacas vertical light and joins concealed has been trace in some rests of feet to assist patients those who have the question that controls his feet during transport. Have Here, although one fijamente is not mentioned in a manual of instruction, was easy to take and save for the time when they can result more severely impaired. And now she, also, thinks is perfect.

Has added February 23, 2019: the passenger and the engine still love it. When Some the hand-held brakes gradually results less effective has discovered that some dice of lock in his Rays of Tension were loose. They can have vibrated loose during shipment ours, or during some premiers few months that possessed it to knots, of then closes washers is not used. A manual of instruction has described an a lot of easy fijamente: “Loosen a ray of adjustment of the tension that next die and turn a ray a full turn in the sense of the needles of the sample…” A manual failure to aim or say where these rays and his dice of lock am located: right where some bosses to brake start of some houses of assembly of hand-held brake so only under each boss (sees photo). It would be the good idea for users to verify these dice to close from time to time and regulate some tensions to brake if some brakes look to be that it takes feebler. Until NEW installs lock washers under these dice to close so I am sure they .
4 / 5
Investigation roughly three frames of chairs to transport that that would be an alternative for the chair of wheel for our edges. It can walk but no for any period without struggling. We require something concealed was rugged and could manage uneven terrain. We have solved in this New chair with some main rear wheels and could not have done the better decision. We dipped it to knots in the test during the travesía to Germania and Czech Republic. They have had two classes of streets: bones of small uneven/bricks and bones of big uneven/bricks. A chair was fantastic and has had only subjects when a surface was very uneven. My only suggestion is to buy star washers to dip in some rays that control some rests of detachable foot on - some rays have the habit to behind was.
4 / 5
A chair is very built, and am happy has taken a time to read several descriptions of his competitors. An only defect I found is a depth of a chair. It appears to be roughly 1 1/2' shorter that has in our chair of regular wheel. Now my woman is thin so that a depth of the chair is not the question, but could see where a character with some weight could find this uncomfortable. It comes almost fully gathered excepts a footrest adds-ons. There is a booklet of instruction that comes with a chair. To attach any footrest, a section says does the small wrench has comprised. It was no small wrench with any footrest. After examining some annexes more closely. I have found it scrapes it-in the @@@knob had been installed to close a period of any footrest in place. Good creation and has done one installs very easy. Prize? Yes it is more expensive, but with which see a workmanship will adapt is the good compraventa . 6/2019 - we have had recently the question where one of a groumets that resists a chair in place is coming free and any king-the seat. After contacting a costruttore and sending the picture of a question, has determined that some wheels of the frame of metal has suffered. We call behind inside an hour and has declared would be to send the new chair in any one load. A new chair has arrived interior 24 hours! Bravo the NEW to be for his guarantee and having service of excellent client. It can not decide that chair to buy? Spent again!
4 / 5
Please look in some dates of descriptions. One of a soyost useful' the descriptions for this chair was posted fact six years!

Recently purchase this for my father, and am pleased to inform a chair is AWESOME!

Is looking for The light chair, this in spite of, this is not the. Hanged roughly 30 with any footrest has attached. Felizmente Is extremely easy to burst on and was, and calm probably will want to take before folding and lifting a chair to your trunk, as it expects a weight of lifting to be roughly 27. We previously 'the test has driven' he loaner of a nursing house that was spec'd in 19, and there is enjoyed really a weight of that a. This in spite of, has been missing of characteristic has loved and felt quite flimsy, like this New 352 was ours election. And never I am happy has solved in a 352!!!

First of all, a quality of build is awesome. It feels he likes a bit Circles Royce of chairs of transport. He quite 'walks' he. On earth of level and the smooth paving, can press he with a toe and hardly feel a pressure. It is that smooth. Inaugural and enclosed is effortless. Any footrest is extremely easy to dip on and take was, and would advise that while it has dipped he to the car trunk to the equal that has reduced a weight 2-3 pounds and he also the fact that much more compress (and less casualidad to attack he in your trunk and breaking any footrest or vice versa).

One the enormous plus for this chair is some arms. We could any never require take his or impulse the out of a way; the time will say to require that characteristic or the no. But I am happy is available ours. But that I amour on some arms is that they leave full access to the table been due to some armrests so only when being in an end of elbow of an arm. A course forward is down enough to leave a chair to returned under the table, and this has done the world of difference for my father. With a loaner chair, when it takes to the restaurant, has been forced to seat well for behind a flange of a table, and has maintained to fall lunch in his lap. (More it was the little uncomfortable for him to achieve some things in a table.) Now it can take like this near of a table like his stomach will leave. I have asked in fact it takes partorisca back him was a thumb another day because it felt was too close up! As 'the office arms' is the characteristic highly would recommend for any the one who expects to use the chair to transport to dine. If calm so only the go to use to move any for the minutes of pair, then ossia probably the characteristic calm no precise , but has loved to buy the chair to transport once, not buying the economic a then give require another characteristic or two and has to that buy another.

Another must-have the characteristic partorisca was some hand-held brakes. One New 352 has two insiemi of brakes. One is a traditional crowbar that any one a transport or a conference of person can operate. They are convenient to achieve behind is in a chair; any so much is behind pressing it, like this calm require you to go down every time. Some the hand-held brakes are the separate braking system and is extremely convenient. You pull up in some bosses to temporarily involve some brakes, and push down in some bosses to close some brakes. As you can close a wheelchair in situating any way, or both ways. Seldom we use a front, patients-accessible brakes when we are transporting my dad. A handbrakes that requires, and is like this easy to operate.

Again, a quality of build is is the joy to experience. We will see like this it resists up after the hundreds, or thousands, of transports, but if finally it spends out of that, probably loves so only buy another.

For a way, has not concerned me for a colour of blue in some photos have seen, and the red has ordered instead. We call then for a vendor the one who has said that the red was in the rear order but could ship a blue immediately. A bit reluctantly I have agreed to a blue, has loved of a chair immediately. We were a lot pleasantly it surprised it that a blue is a deep arrival , metallic appeal, no the lightest shadow involved by some of some photos have seen.

After the pair outings decide purchase it gel cushion partorisca east, of my dad sometimes chairs for an hour or more the time in him, as in church or in the restaurant. I have left my woman chooses out of a cushion, of then is the nurse the one who has been around wheelchairs for years. We finalise to buy the Medical Walk Deluxe Amparo of Skin Gel 'Is 3' Wheelchair Cushion of Seat, Dark Blue, 18' x 16' 3' . Partorisca Low $ 30, could not complain in a prize and decided if he no returned a bill, would not cry in a money and would find another cushion. Like this far I can recommend this cushion. My dad is 5'6' or like this now and roughly 145. Some impulses to cushion lucido on enough that some rests of arms are the perfect height for him, and has said that a cushions is very comfortable. A prime minister one has been to ship filtered and there was clearly moisture among a cushion and a plastic wraps. Calm really could feel a turn of weight like tilted a cushions of lateralmente near. I have done simply the few clicks of the mice and to the amazon has sent immediately the substitution, and has had UPS coming my door a very next day to choose it up. Have has had to that focuses to return already with them. It was the total no-hassle turn. Any ours is cost. And a cushions of the substitution is well. I know this part of my description belongs under this product, but has loved to share our compraventa and using experience here like a global part of a description of chair of the transport.

So much to summarize, if so only love the very light transport chair to move any to signal One to signal B for the minute or two and will not use a chair to dine or otherwise seating in the table, the most economic chair probably will suffice for you. But masters the chair to use for outings, need 'the office arms' east is returned under the table, master handbrakes for your consolation, rests of removable foot for the security and comfort it of a patient, and love the chair that is built extremely well and calm you and a person is transporting feels sure, sure, and comfortable, highly recommends one New 352. (The sure desire was in a program of Vine and has taken this release! Oh Well. Money a lot well is spent!)
4 / 5
Has loved to love this chair of transport and in a start, has done really. Manoeuvre very better that chairs of wheel been due to his light weight, and some the main rear wheels helps it to the better manoeuvre that chairs of regular transport. We have had he less than 6 month this in spite of when a frame around some wheels advance bent, mark for me to press my husband in him.
Has called to amazon and there is agreed to to do an exception to a 30 guarantee of the day like this is supposition to last to the longest plot. A woman has spoken to have said this in spite of that has had to dip this in the box and the leave on an advance of porch partorisca UPS for the choose up and then attended for a new one to arrive. Felizmente For knots, has had an old wheelchair in a cochera that was able to use while we expect for a chair of new transport to arrive. Unfortunately for another, when being without a chair of transport for some 3 days that has taken he for a new one to arrive can not be feasible. It maintains this import purchases this. I have called Amazon later and complained in of the this and has been said that one first woman has spoken to have to that it has left to maintain a chair until a new one has arrived. They are able to touch my paper crediticia for a new one and then take one load was when they receives an old a. Ossia Another thing to maintain import if this spends yours. He his demand to leave you to do that. If his no, hangs and call behind until you take any that . It has not been it times it a new chair will resist on, how is clearly very built well but am expecting that it will take he by means of until my husband is walking independently again.
Some brake no very neither. Ours go is slightly empinado and some brakes absolutely will not resist when I am transferring my husband of a car to a chair or chair to car. Felizmente Is able to dip his feet down in an earth and resist a chair in place. If a person in a chair is not able to do that, does not use this in a fold. Some brakes will not resist unless it is the curves very read , that does this chair a lot of unsafe.
Some things that like on this chair is some the main rear wheels that marks this a lot of maneuverable, a fold down for behind that help to dip this in a backside of ours van this in spite of being able to see out of a mirror of rear view without that has to that entirely bend a chair down and some hand-held brakes in both some sleeves and some wheels like this neither a person in a chair can dip him or a person that presses them. So only it does not trust some brakes in a curve. His at all control.
5 / 5
Has bought this look it in fact month like my woman and I could ours mother-in-law in of the travesías, especially saws air. It has surpassed my expectations. It is light, fold compactly, and goes a lot of smoothly. Any question at all taking mamma down jetways or to tram among terminals. Has has negotiated footpaths of Chicago and parcos of North Carolina without the question. Ossia So better that to regulate 'big wheel' wheelchair, which is for people those who self-propel. The common of the oldest people any, like this skips a measure and hanged to regulate wheelchairs. It appears durable, but the time will say.
4 / 5
Had not done the description of this chair to transport until we had taken the in the sobresalto-down cruise. We so only returned of the travesía of 12 days the Door Villarta. That finds was that some streets have been fill with cobble bones and lose-concrete matched. Some of a cobbles was enormous and have caused to turn around and pull a chair. It does not blame of a chair, so only some conditions. Some ramps of intersection, when I am existed, was the acute 45, and one has run to has had to be 60 and 30 courses long! Walking repeatedly time (14,000 more than any) to the long of a Malacon, which was a front of beach tourist zone, any question. This has comprised a big bridge with brickwork walkway that had spent down, but a mortar there has been no, giving the serious washboard effect. Inferior line, this chair has answered extraordinarily, managed a lot well and has had any harm. The wheels owe that the long of, he some ware, but acceptable. Thumbscrews In some pedals of feet require the drop of locktite, and with a alan English tone, was able of presionar and king-regulate an assembly of brake. I recommend this chair? Absolutely! The only improvement could be, if any already tried, would be to give a crowbar of brake of the hand the radio resembled a wheel to improve a manual braking.
4 / 5
Hanged of half fantastic transport wheelchair. A quality is really adds and is a lot of sturdy, does not have any fear of of the this blocking low mine 160lb grandmother. Amur A bit pocket for behind a chair also that it can it the apt medications, small documents or the stock exchange. Some wheels forward have the brake and calm can use some for also in some bosses. Some rests of feet exit easy but is quite sturdy when on. The detail has gone a lot to a chair vs to the plot of some chairs some economic plus. Besides, a blue is not like this vibrant how is in some photos, but is appreciated for that he like this look more lustrous. To good sure recommends to invest in this chair for yours has wanted to one.
4 / 5
This chair has substituted a StrongBack chair that has failed after so only 2 days of use. One of some rests of feet in this chair no longer rotated so that it could be moved out of a way. This chair flexed to plot when that takes my woman on and down a ramp has built for some stairs forward. I think that can have contributed to one the fault of a rest of the feet of then attaches to a wheel of leg of/support of same chair.

This new chair for New is fantastic for comparison. Has the wheels advance main and some wheels are pneumatic which are utmost. A date-adjustable footrest easily transmission out of a way and is has takes easily. It finds that ossia the big goodness of simple movements around a house a lot always need have his feet up. Some the hand-held brakes are the must . His utmost so that some brakes to close. Everything is very smooth to operate. Some the ergonomic grips of some sleeves are wonderful and is returned my hands perfectly. Some grips are better that a StrongBack, which any handbrakes. Some race of armrest with the simple clip that depress which give me an option of any whenever it has to that esquare-arrive' my woman to situate his in a chair. Really it gives all a functionality of the chair of mobility that could you any never loves. Still it finds a pouch in a protects to be handy that resists mine sunglass chance or other elements when that leaves a house. A StrongBack has not had the pouch and some armrests have not been moveable. An earth clearance of one New is better. He easily navigates each tope in my house - spend to a coverage, porch of screen and door forward. For comparison, a StrongBack would scrape with any footrest in a retracted dipped. One New calm also gives you an option to attach a comprised for behind anti-touch mini-wheels in a backside of a chair. They are the characteristic of good security and is attached easily think necessary. This characteristic of security has been missing of a StrongBack. A global function of a chair is fantastic. It is very smooth in the each operation. He easily pívot in-put. It is extremely a lot of fact and a record-and-the arrival is excellent. I love a red. Folding is easy. Drops some bosses have seen two small clips and then grab some two bosses in any side of a chair and attractive up. Quickly it compresses near and it can arrive I then stimulate up for some sleeves and situate it a trunk. Although a StrongBack heavy has had less any one manages which think is the deception. A material for a chair and the chair behind are dried easily that quell'also can go in handy. It gives my main recommendation for this chair. If you are looking for the chairs of mobilities concealed calm to give you each one the calm function possibly could love, for the prize adds, then ossia a chair for you and yours have wanted to one. It could not be happier with a compraventa. 5-stars sure!

Top Customer Reviews: Drive Medical Fly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Hello All, has purchased only this chair. Some the true dimensions of a chair are listed down, trust me is the designer of product .
All the dimensions are to finish to finish of wheelchair.

Full height w Sleeve of Push = 35 11/16'
Date w Sleeve to Press down = 27 3/8'
Width of Sleeve of the Push (installed properly) = 22 7/8'
Width of Rest of the Arm (installed properly) = 22 13/16'
Marc' Wide of the Front (frame of only tube) = 21 1/8'
(Front) Verge of Connection of Pvot of Bed = 22 1/2'
Goes forward w/ fastener nuts = 23'
Vain Back w/ fastener nuts (installed properly) = 23 3/4'
Sleeve to Brake to Close to Go/Crowbar = 24'

A chair is strong and robust, scratches to weigh. Read other descriptions for weights of global average. A title or the manufacturer allege that it is 19' wide wheelchair but is not , sad. Still the chair adds but if yours looking for the wheelchair for clearance in 19', that is to say the any one goes.

For those still interested and ask in some measures commentary 'installed properly' maintain reading.
Modifications in wheelchair to REDUCE WIDTH.

Minor Mods:

The reverse installs a back wheel and system of sleeve of the brake. In the left is right rests and of the rights . Yes, some wheels will be in an interior of a frame.

Revokes a rest of arm, is only two rays for side, can do it.

Sleeve of reverse push, but one takes is not to ray in a the majority of back rest under the rest of back of the cloth. Some sleeves will bend in an interior of a chair.

Importing Mods: Mostly for fun

any modification very smaller from above. Only it installs each in a right to a left side and a left side in a right. You will take to reduce it wide sure!, But a apresamiento is your wheelchair of the folding floor will not be so flat.

For legal purposes, please knows that simply I am suggesting these mods, in an end is your wheelchair, please takes risk in your own discretion.

Thank you Stops to listen.
4 / 5
A sake:

- Sper portable. It folds Up very good and can pose he in the corner when is not the using.
- Very comfortable. I used it to turn my mother around Nassau, Bahamas and was well for hours. A black plaid the creation was also cute.
- IS robust. We were able to treat some few swipes and hideout in a footpath/of road in Bahamas with minimum fuss. We have had to to turn a wheelchair around to take in the big humps but I think that is quite level with wheelchairs smaller.

A bad:

- Some hand-the grips have lined is very uncomfortable. Has the ribbed texture for grip, but after the little of the minutes listen like the serrated verge in your hands. My sister and I so much there was blisters. It IS very that imports this has something the embroil around some capes yes go to use this.

In general, that is to say the add wheelchair for excursions. The calm can not beat a prize. Absolutely recommend it this in any one with one of entity caveat concealed has to find you the road to do some capes some comfortable plus while you are by train for the use.
5 / 5
Kill my backside, flavour in hoist the mother is my wheelchair in my SUV. After a lot of investigation, has chosen this or for a wheelchair that would remain in my SUV in a backside. So much easier in impulse! Ahhhhh, My backside! Some capes has the change of emission and will bend to do a small plus wheelchair to pack up. The touch adds! And yes required, some footrest is removable. A zone of whole chair can block down easily also. I attach purchase!
5 / 5
It was everywhere with mine 80+ yr old mamma. Any precise regulate it wheelchair to take around, but apresamiento winded has to walk long distances. This chair of clear transport was a perfect solution for our recent trip in the National Park. We use this chair to take Mamma at all some accessible places in a park. It IS so happy that can experiences an external adventure with his family. We direct in something of public parking, has pulled a chair of clear transport out of a trunk, and zipped Mamma in a lot of scenic has seen. Note: that is to say the chair of transport , likes him uses to to take people in/fro in an airport; it is not used by self-propel. Highly it recommends this chair for transport!
5 / 5
Transport of wheelchair of quality- substantive without weight or volume.
This device is easy for women+ of 50 years in impulse/wrangle (for our Dad+ of 90 years).
So much easier in impulse/wrangle that his rule wheelchair!

I especially like some brakes in a backwards a low plus of a chair - can be implemented or manually or toe (for one transports).
Some pockets in a backside is also the useful handy characteristic.
Negre plaid IS attractive, the marks look less like another medical device.

Has the straps in one that chair is useful to pull a chair until horizontally it compresses a chair (anterior in aixecant- he in a cart, for example).
Even so, would not use these straps in impulse a chair, while I see a potential in tear of easterly a chair/of straps.
Chooses an element up for a weapon deadened instead.
1 / 5
At the beginning this wheelchair looked for the have everything. We have wanted the and used it the small time. It IS easy to travel and easy for my mamma to choose up and stow has entered a trunk. This was until last week. A wheelchair only had been used for the total of 12 times, and my father seated in him when gives road and broken, that directs my father to fall and the hurt. For a record, my father is 6' and 185lbs (any obese).

Has called the Medical walk and has informed the ones of of the this , and said had been more concealed 3 months of the compraventa and would not be able to provide the repayment or a change ( was 4 month has purchased since he through Amazon). Needless To say, is not purchasing anything to Direct Doctor and does not recommend more marks or -- if you preoccupy calm for an a lot of when being of a person those uses the.
5 / 5
This small wheelchair is PERFECT for moving my woman to signal to signal. It IS clear, folds until apt easily in a back chair of a car, and is durable. I expect to take very service of years of him. A plaid the tissue is strong and well of looks. A pocket in a backside enters handy, also. Quan Takes in an aeroplane goes it down a jetway and rights until a door in a plan. A crew verified it and stashed he in a department of the luggage where survives amiably. Even so, I suggest that taken some rests of feet and take in our chairs, otherwise is likely would be lost in a control of luggage.
5 / 5
My Dad wants this chair. It says that it is one the majority of comfortable or has not used never. It IS robust like same when has the landing takes the still controls.
Pay attention when posing some brakes, is the delicate bit.
The May HAS KNOWN would be so excited in the chair of transport! It IS clear, easily foldable, maneuverable, and give me peace of alcohol. I no longer the worry in a Dad of distance will have to walk to take of a car in our fate, or yes fallen to the long of a road. To well sure the tension reliever. My Dad is sure in his chair and flight his 'elegant wheels'.
5 / 5
I want to what easy this chair is to bend up and impulse in a trunk. My caregivers is my threads and daughter that both active by behind the problems and I always would listen culprits enough the aixecant- my heavy wheelchair in a cart but this one is the breeze . Also it is easy to manoeuvre in of the small swipes or of the rough surfaces. I want the reason is easy in scoot around in a same house without some big wheels that some levels one has. I Like him his of a road is designed with some side of bars by side in an angle this room of plus of covers for the legs as has a leg that is permanently angled outwards and a bar in a regulate wheelchair would cause me hurt in my leg while it presses up against the so with this chair does not have this problem. Also I want a master colored of a tissue that listen me more in fashion that a level of boring black. One another thing is that some brakes are very of the tight and the interior achieves of me the need poses them. I want to all in my new wheelchair.
5 / 5
Desprs The mamma has broken his hip, has required the chair of clear weight to take him in date. I am any chicken of wet I what has to when being the chair could handle posed in and out of a trunk of my cart. These some folds down in the convenient measure. It IS comfortable in him and have any problem those presses his in him.

Top Customer Reviews: Medline Red ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my husband partorisca the travesía takes in Ireland. Has difficulty with balance and walking the long distances but has wanted to have a flexibility for him to walk in his own while using like the rollator but for us to use he in the wheelchair partorisca to to the conditions like to them the walk during an airport, etc. Acts well in of the situations like an airport but when we spend for cities with the plot of uneven surfaces (cobblestones, etc) using like the wheelchair some wheels have taken sometimes took in of the empty big. This chair was also bit it wider that has anticipated
Pluses:flexibility to use like this wheelchair or rollator. A bit light. Quite durable on use. Works well in of the smooth surfaces (walk of tile, short napped carpeting).
Minuses: When Seating in chairing you can not achieve brakes to close/unlock him. The difficulty that creates /down curbs when using like this wheelchair. When Using like him wheelchair sometimes could not go in the small swipe without difficulty (ie pulling of a front or backing in these swipes have done more). When Used like the rollator the sleeves were bit it too short for mine 6' 2' husband. When Using like the wheelchair REQUIRE any to press you and can any prints you or included assist a way can with the regulate wheelchair.
4 / 5
This rollator/the transport has been the godsend. My mother of 82 years has used to regulate it rollator partorisca roughly 8 years. A last year, his mobility has declined and wants to buy the wheelchair for these times are was and is tired. You look on Amazon and found this beauty. Now when it is it was compraventa or walking and wheels , can seat and easily can press. He outings like this easier and surer for sound. No longer it dreads to go places! Everything of some people in his on 55 edifice is entirely jealous. I do in the hospital and a lot of some consultores and the nurses are surprised a hospital and nursing the houses are not using these. If has the member familiarised elderly stubborn the one who waste to admit could require the little help, ossia a precise crew . Reason the tent/transports the walker And the wheelchair when I can do it everything with this beauty?
4 / 5
This small transport very/walker has been used moderately, in the residential setting... Servant our purpose to take around in a house. With which 2-1/2 years of moderate use, a sinister hand-brake burst and is coming avert (sees semi-detached pic). Sad. Another hand-the look of free brake, and is not taking casualidad; that Goes to upgrade to the plus sturdy option, with the longest guarantee in of the parts, available by means of another vendor. With like this more-sturdy options in a phase, can not lumber with or recommend this transport/walker. So only it takes a fall, or career-has been chance to cause severe harm.
4 / 5
So much, some instructions are in a SIDE POUCH. Has no to found them until it was all gathered and in fact he aliamos to use. It is not hard to dip near, as any that locates too much; this in spite of, a hex the ray for a boss lateralmente left was smaller that a legislation and has slipped thru to a hole likes the boss was at all sure. It has had it it has left that way, can been the big question. I have used to close washer so that it does not slip thru and has used in fact to close washer in a right side also for security.

My only complaint in a unit is a lack of fijamente prendiendo capacity. Some brakes law well but when you have left to go, a unit can go when going in and out of a chair. I am doing in the solution for our purposes and can share is really useful and no risky.

Some accessories are big help - some accesses of tank of the oxygen in low pouch and according to a measure, can require the little wiggle to take to plant.
4 / 5
We use this to take mine 200 lb, father of 87 years in the travesía where requires both he walker and the chair of wheel.

Pros (In any particular order): This has bent amiably like this chair of wheel and the walker for dad - a protects to the transmission is quite superfluous the dad has used likes the walker while still in 'of way of chair of the wheel', but some brakes in some sleeves are essential for his use like the walker so that the dad could control a speed that goes downgrade. His very light and compress amiably; any footrest is takes easily but also swings near and lock to plant, which was adds for taxi/of aerial/shuttles, etc. A removable pouches is convenient. It comes almost entirely gathered and the one who the rests is easy to do.

Gilipollas: Some advance small wheels he difficult to negotiate cracks/of empty in pavement or the same light has the plastic brake manage which celery insubstantial - a has been snapped was when it arrives. A cloth of chair has begun to shred after so only two weeks uses averages.

To the amazon is to order - is able to return a same chair with which use. In planting to take another, goes to try for the chair of transport of light weight with the main wheels. While there are brakes in some bosses, the dad still will be able to to use likes the walker and has to that be more than easy to press.
4 / 5
We take the element is returned. Missing two parts. It was able to substitute one but am missing a part has required to add a headline of cup. Good works. Quite easy for me to upload in and out of a car. No like this easy to press with the rider in soft and uneven earth like the wheelchair, but has a lot of be useful. My uses of mother like the walker mostly, but is very happy with to him likes him the chair when required. It likes that a lock of pedals of of the foot to situate so that it does not have to him maintain there is tent. This was an only chair has found that has has had rests of arms. The mamma has found that some difficulties in of the small zones comes from/come from a width of a chair, some clips of some pedals of the feet sometimes cause to take hanged in of the corners.
In general, am very happy with this combination walker/chair of transport. It has left my mother to have more liberty and be able to join in of the most familiarised activities as it is not concerned roughly that the wheels and that requires to dip down.
4 / 5
The product arrived in the goleada has broken to be taped for behind near. A ray has been missing concealed resist one of some hand-held grips in place. I have called a costruttore to obtain a missing ray, but has said that they could does not help me reason have bought an element of Amazon. I hate to return he for just a missing ray, but is so only and will be a lot last to find the substitution.
Have return an element and has purchased another mark. So only it does not like that there is of any one sustains of client of Medline.
5 / 5
Wow! This combination is exactly like me envisioned for my mother. It was easy to gather, the instructions were understandable and mor importantly, ossia sure. It has purchased previously one of another place, this has touched easily while using like the transport. No a chance with east a. A vendor an exceptional work to ensure the product has been received timely; you Kill orderly/ Wed. And it has had he Thur. Thank you, thus wonderful product!
4 / 5
We buy this for my mamma for our travesía to Disney Mondo. An aggregated pouches and the title of cup is handy entrance. And ossia like this more economic that buying of the tent of medical supply. You love it and call it his Cadillac. It was easy to gather. Just click the few things to the place and is good to go! My grandmother has a same chair in blue...
5 / 5
Some laws of order of chair _ highly can recommend concealed! A vendor in another hand can not recommend. I have received a first chair with only half some parts - a box was opened obviously and taped for behind enclosed. 5 stars for a service of initial client to the equal that have shipped another chair immediately, had it a next day. It was a question begins. I have called the week later to ask when aliamos coordinate a turn. They have explained mine that an only option was the Earth to return pickup the entrance issued with FEDEX. They have declared that the only leaves among an advance of porch and a type would choose it up. Alive in a country as I have not gone also has concerned it to him would be taken but the one who knows. I have offered to take it to the FEDEX the drop was the tent and has said can a lot of that. Then they animate-it has declared that Im has concerned can remain me house until a FEDEX the type comes or take my casualidad. They have declared they would touch me for a chair was flown becasue is my authorship . As my options were: house of Stay and lose time to do that it would cost me more than has paid for a chair or dip the outside and take my casualidad. A type was extremely earthy with me on a telephone like this needless to say has taken quite hot!

Top Customer Reviews: NOVA Heavy Duty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
Value very well partorisca the prize with a lot of figure concealed is useful. A separate handbrakes in of the bosses and in the wheels are functional partorisca caregiver and user. They are the provisional wheelchair user so that walkers partorisca strengthen respite of mine and the muscles no , walking for behind this wheelchair, braking he with some hand-held brakes and seating partorisca rest fact perfectly partorisca my edifice endurance routine. If wheelchair the use is provisional or long-term, this wheelchair are add partorisca a person the one who is doing a transporting and lifting a wheelchair to a van or car trunk because of a light weight (31 lbs) and easy bending with bosses in of the correct places. A chair of wheel is comfortable in 22' paralización a lot of people of big measure but still works to spend to regulate 30' doors in of the offices. I need the separate chair cushions that 'breathe' if the user is external or seating paralización time a lot a lot of.
4 / 5
To to my woman really likes them this chair. It is comfortable, still the strong light weight, very drawn and still although some wheels are smaller that the full measure wheelchair easily manoeuvres on terrain more urban. My woman has had recently behind surgery and required it wheeled chair that can like this support and push while walking or can seat in and be transported to situate to situate. This chair satisfied both needs. An extra wide chair (22') frames for the comfortable walk and some the hand-held brakes ensure that any that presses a chair will not lose the control in curves. As we use this chair will update this description, but considering now highly recommends this chair for any one looking for some same needs.

Has taken my woman is gone in a chair for first time today and flawless work, the box take the Wal-Mart. Pressing that around it have likes touch the capacitor. When My woman has touched anything lights up like the light, likes I that Wal-Mart has done to his carts of compraventas. Using the pair of 1/8' fast of link and stop them short pieces of 16 jack canal and installing them in pre-has drilled holes already in the chair was able to create the pair of signals to download concealed maintains a chair (and passenger) neutrally has touched, included in Wal-Mart. If interested, has the pair of pics can send concealed will help in installation.
5 / 5
I have taken this in the 3 week the travesía European and he have managed a travesía fantastically. Directed old cobblestones and uneven streets quite well, was extremely comfortable, light to press, easy to bend up and so only was the saver of life for a travesía. Taxi, the buses and the vans have not had any question that folds it and spending he for us. I have not had a lot of questions taking by means of the data of doors that is the bariatric measured and when I , was easy to stand up , folds it and walk by means of. It is like this light that another the one who helped to take on the something rough has not had any creation of question or lifting he for me. It seats extremely sturdy, was easy to manoeuvre for me as well as caregiver and feel sure that this was a better product there.
4 / 5
Really fresh looking and light, but sadly, has had to that return reason a height of a diverse chair advance partorisca back so that has the tilt, which is not ergonomically friendly to any with any one subjects of with the or questions of muscle. A flat chair would have been AWESOME. It has gone back to Drive for an adjustable front castors that can create a flat chair.
5 / 5
Sturdy And convenient. Seat wider lateralmente near, but no too deep of the front to seat to back. The hand-held brakes go in handy that low ramps of hill, and the brakes of wheel are well to go in and out of chair. The rests of feet are so only to good in creation. There is the place 'for a chair pusher' to situate foot near of some rear wheels to assist with leverage in locating occasional shopping centre' ridges in of the footpaths or callejeras to walkways. The rests of arms owe that be in original place, as in photo, to bend entirely for the half. The delivery was felizmente the day at the head of schedule. A shot a lot in general.
4 / 5
The chair is intact arrival & has gathered entirely. Only trace some footrest & is ready to go. They are the big man , 6'6' & on 300 lbs, as I required it sturdy chair. This one to good sure returns a bill. It is comfortable & suprisingly the light for him is measured. My woman is so only 5'4', but does not have any question that spends or that uploads a chair. Still with any mine measure, has said that it is easy to press. Reason is the main chair , is the little tight returning it thru doorways & the little less manuverable in of the tight places, but ossia to be expected. In general, we are very satisfied with our compraventa.
4 / 5
This chair was that look for my mamma. A chair that has was weighed and is not returned in a ramp of cellular van. This chair is light weight and like this far is in resistant very insignificant, feels durable and according to my mamma is comfortable when be that lame is gone in a van and is in a chair for at least 4 hours. A prize here in the amazon is very reasonable compares to some retailers that sells medical products, to good sure recommend this product, any usually write the descriptions but I expect that my description helps any one.
5 / 5
They are a caregiver for two members familiarised disabled. My mother of 96 years requires the walker for each no taken. My husband has to that condition of heart and Transversal Myelitis, which combine to do his walking more than 50 impossible feet. I have decided of quite be enough, and require the chair to transport that would do for both of them (one this 350 pounds ), this in spite of being quite light that it could manage (I follows the woman of 63 years). I have found this on-line, and has found then the súper prize for him of Amazon. Utmost cost! So only exactly that requires! Fold A lot easily and some footrest goes in and has gone with real ease. He no, this in spite of, has the fold of fast emission-down behind. Ossia Another give form and for some amazon of the loans of reason likes the characteristic of this chair. It does not import our, but so only wants to you partorisca comprise that a fold-down behind is not the characteristic of this chair.
5 / 5
Perfecto for my dad that has lost the averages of his foot now can move roughly for him and be more independent
4 / 5
Very done and sturdy. Easy to bend and place to smallish trunk. Easily lifted for a person afterwards takes some tampons of feet. I have purchased also he 2' tampon to seat that marks a comfortable chair for more along seating time. Just accesses by means of doors of regular house with spare small room in any side.

Top Customer Reviews: ProBasics Aluminum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
Of the very first time have TOUCHED a lock of plastic of rear support accident (which have to that press to bend a backside), snapped to two pieces. It is done of flimsy plastic. Reason is not he he of metal???? Reason is the product cheaply fact . Obviously this company does not concern enough in his product Or HIS CLIENTS to do he sturdy. Never it has included taken to use a chair; returning it promptly.
5 / 5
Oh You the lovely chair has ascended, as it has changed our lives! It has taken this for my daughter the one who is in 20 east. It has cried when it has seen a colour, his preferred has ascended! It was no longer embarrassed to be pressed in the chair of wheel. It is quell'has bitten difficult to press in of the footpaths of rocky type, but the one who wheelchair is not ? Fold On fast! We use it to us to go to medical dates where has to that fly the specialists. It has bent Up and in and out of Uber trunks and for behind chairs easily. Also we buy the stock exchange lateralmente for his to maintain his personal things in and cushions that goes down his that finds on Amazon. Everything absolutely wonderful with this chair.
4 / 5
This has resisted on the better way that thought it . It is amazing quality for a prize. I have taken he by means of a country with me and TSA gave it really beating it. I took it then it was roading in the field of the daffodils and he have not broken and still works well. A thing is light, easy to press, and easy to manoeuvre. It is also easy of the together place and the take down to go in the vehicle. To good sure take you the cushion this in spite of.

Has modified to add:

Wow this thing has done my life he thousands million easier times. I have done the few modifications, but use it all day daily. It is not quite anymore but has on resisted a lot, a lot well. I used it constantly for roughly 6 month and he still works like a first day. I use it around my house and so only use my feet for the press around. (Obviously this is not paralysed of a waist down, but so only have bad balance as I still can use my feet).

This chair is awesome reason is the little less wide of the conventional chair and he can return by means of doorways better. I also cut some bosses of a back (with the sawzall and has put Plasti diving on the) so that it could turn around easier. I go to use this thing until it falls to avert and does not see that spending anytime punctual.
4 / 5
Ossia The strong and amiably styled chair of transport. Adapted in the each way. I am using the cushion in a chair, and in my backside for my supports of people and special consolation.

These are so only regular wheelchair cushions ossia easily available partorisca around $ 20 or so much. This would be a compraventa additional . Also, I recommend to take one of these pouches sells, for toting necessities roughly, in a backside of a chair. Also, I recommend to add to seal of luggage, in the calm chance does not take never separated of him, hopefully will be returned.

Is one the majority of lovely chair ! We love it to us, and a seatbelt among handy, oftentimes. Enough in burgundy. Good value for a money. Some sleeves are wide extras but more comfortable that press that another has used. We are happy.
4 / 5
Purchases this for our disabled edges those who there is down syndrome and autism. It can walk WELL, but sometimes it tires to the walk has to that walk far, and sometimes he (for any reason) any really loves the walk in a direction wants to go. In the So many has loved occasionally the chair to transport could dip to. We are planning in that go to Disneyland for 5 days in November with him, where we usually dipped in 10+ miles to walk/day, and so that it feels likes requires something like this for him.

When I unboxed a chair has been impressed with a quality, which felt was quite well for the $ 100 chair of transport ( has has had expectations quite low). It has done I add in a carpeted and hard surfaces in our house.

Then take to the local park to try it is gone in the variety of surfaces. Smooth footpaths had, the roughest sections with blacktop, and there was also the brick paved sections that was included rougher. It was in these sections this rough plus where some limitations of this chair of transport is exposed. In of the roughest sections feels the little flimsy. I have read the few descriptions where folks has said had bent one of some wheels forward. It felt that this would be possible, especially if that spends the heaviest person. Our edges is roughly 5' big and hanged so only 130 lbs. It would not want to spend any much bigger that that in this chair on anything but the smooth surface. It felt this same in a blacktop paved sections, which has not been that rough. You could feel a curve of chair and flex how has been in embedded rocks. Had the rough diving or transition among two paved sections where some wheels forward have taken really hanged to the equal that have tried to press by means of him. If it was not more be careful I thinks could have bent a frame around some wheels when that spends reason.

My main complaint is with a quality of some wheels in some wheels. They are really economic, hard plastic. We adapt me to us wheels in mine skateboard of the prime minister done+ 40 years before they have known as to do wheels of good skateboard. They would hang in inclusos some smaller rocks. This wheelchair that also. When Has paste the small pebble in the smooth footpath sometimes he screetch to take he more than going in. This does wheel to the roughest plot that need to in the roughest surfaces. Better wheels that could the better swipes and circulate it on stuffs better would be the enormous improvement. Probably I will look for around and it sees it can buy some aftermarket.

In general thinks that this chair costs a prize, but would not recommend he for any main that roughly 130lbs. Neither it loves something like this for any the one who is not at least a bit ambulatory - if my edges could not walk at all would concern me would break to somewhere and in the leave stranded, and would want to something the majority of plot of confidence/sturdy if this was a chance . It is add/sufficient for our edges those who can walk well, and so only really the precise when it is tired.
5 / 5
The chair is GOOD but the quality could be better. I disturbed A way a handels of a chair is offset . He the hard fact to corner in small be better with right handels. Neither it likes him a bit the wheels at the head of the way is trace in some outsides of a frame of chair. Marcos a more wide and easy chair to scrape the door would owe that it has been any interior or in front of a frame. One 17' among some armrests is small desire has had the model that was the wee has bitten main.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my mamma to relieve a long walk for his treatments of cancer. A chair is to come gathered. One first what there is remarked is that this light . Easy to bend and impulse to a car. It is like this easy to press and on duty corner, that can you practically he with a delivery. That the compraventa adds! More is the really a lot looking chair! Rosa for awareness of the cancer of the heart has said!
4 / 5
Has bought this for my mamma and I have taken a recommended cushion also. It loves a chair of transport. A fellow recommended he for me and now is recommending yours also.
5 / 5
Like this far love this chair of wheel, my daughter is too much big for the stroller but young and this does perfectly. It suffers a car inflammatory illness and attacks as well as your basses and hypermobility. These all impact his walking and his endurance in of the long distances. This chair is a perfect solution in our life. It can be free to go everywhere without that has to that give support horrific leg and ache of feet. The chair is the súper to the pleasant Magenta Likes him Rosa, a chair is quite thin and is in a process to purchase the pleasant Pink cushion for him. In general, totally value of the money!!!!!!
4 / 5
Really appreciated to find such the very done chair thus prize! Like the person the one who only need this for the longest walks, really was so only a right prize. An only thing has been disappointed roughly was that easily it touches. Has the hard time that creates with my disks in my backside when being like this painful and calm really need any that resists a backside to create or this will touch you on advances. I want to which light is this in spite of and that easily folds and access in our car. @I give a reason touches like this easily is because of a light weight but is still a @@subject that perhaps a weight could be distributed more to a backside for the balance was some . It would buy this again this in spite of and a blue colour is really lovely. I wish a backside regulated so that it has not been like this 90 terracings.

Top Customer Reviews: Medline Transport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
1 / 5
A sake: the edifice looked solid and was easy the total.

A bad: Some rests of feet were visibly angled was. I have contacted immediately a manufacturer. An operator has been educated,responsive and emitted the 'Quality .' I have been said QC would return in me. I have expected two full work days for the response before beginning a process of tower.

A problem of footrest is more this cosmetic. It creates the big desert among some rests that he the difficult fact for my woman to maintain his feet in some rests, which are the subject of security . Also he he more difficult to manoeuvre in the passage of tent and apresamiento exposures. We try to use a chair in a outing but immediately returned to use a chair is substituting.

Has also the subject to draw. Some capes is designed with the curve in clave was quite more three inches to go directly behind. I am not sure if that is to say for the easiest to press but he the most taken fact to manoeuvre in of the passages of tent that among the storm of clothes.
1 / 5
I have bought this chair for my woman that is the victim to stroke and has uses very limited of his side by right. I have bought he for a smaller impression and radio of better turning. Some capes in some claves of back out of negating some global with advantage. Some hand-the pauses have lined is way down below and difficult to achieve. I have not posed to remain any stars by so so that I have exchanged the capes left and of the rights and has done twists them inward and the capes of extension have done he so that it can achieve some pauses. A reason for low stars is the subject of security of entity. A front the left wing of wheel was also down creating the teater a-wheeled effect by back right in a left wing of advance of unit Quan that transfers my woman ails to take a left armrest one by the right back wheel goes aixecar slightly and a chair would swing. You can see what dangerous this can be when transferring. It was able to do the spacer with the washer (highly modified) and drill new holes to fix a problem but the calm have to does not have to this of mark. This chair has to have no he never quality of bast. As you Can see that is to say the worry of entity and has almost caused a harm. A lot of people would not know so or has some necessary tools to fix this concealed has had.
4 / 5
A weight without some footrest is 28 pounds. I have ordered he for some big rear wheels, some slanted armrests, and a weight declared of 23 books. I fulfil it is only 5 pounds, but in me a weight has attached is the plot .
1 / 5
Desprs The intense longitude search the Wheelchair of Transport, decided in easterly unit The states of description weigh 23 lbs. It take a container the external box was very big, as I have expected to be able to exit of a wheelchair with assembly of minor . Opened a big box to find the small 22' for 17' inner of boxes that weighed in 34 lbs. A wheelchair was in of the pieces and has had to totally when the be has built. He very Ploughed for $ 136 has to build a thing. It IS it returned. Perhaps it was the deception --- but would suggest to verify with a provider before mandate.
5 / 5
That is to say the very practical wheelchair for any only east necessities to take around in a date or down outings. A these folds so easily in the compact and the measure of clear weight sold me. It returns easily in a trunk or by behind a cart. My husband is almost 6 big feet and when being that the his knees are lined up too big (the titulars of the feet are in a level a low plus), but for short periods of time (less than an hour), is well. Down, this wheelchair is perfect for our necessities, and, in 25 books, is sper easy to move.
5 / 5
That is to say the chair adds . Very very done and very robust. It IS easy to bend up and use. Some the only problems are a weight and one spacing if some rests of feet. ( They are spaced too many subjects far eschew.) I scrolling' has weighed in fact the but has to weigh near in my wheelchair of husbands. I think that that I have read in some other descriptions that so much these were isuues another has had.
5 / 5
It IS only that says that it is, the wheelchair of transport. The chair is access very wide me with spare room in 250 books.
2 / 5
The assembly would have to has been mere, even so some cover of tiny black that purportedly ensures some wheels (both front and behind) once a through the rays is in the place is so fragile that they fracture, and in addition to the stray fact of a two back wheel zones of connection. Some necessities of manufacturer the substitutions of nodes of the road for them! Also, some nuts in a through holes where some wheels attach is also unsuitable, and can be it has expected to fail. It conceal it do not give me confidence that this product will last very very time, or that wins does not result in the wheel that comes loose while a chair is into use, or in transport. Had any stock exchange of the storage has comprised in a box, this creates has been mentioned, and no an extra. Disappointing everywhere.
4 / 5
I want to what compresses this chair is! He same accesses in a backseat of my Deep. It IS so more convenient those chairs of traditional big wheel. Calm only toe some rests of leg behind to take of a road he so that has any process of scrolling. It recommends this chair for any one that concealed me has the father that needs a transport of plus that for self press.
3 / 5
Some rays are imperfect. I am trying the total but is difficult. On that the the will line some few wheels of Back semi-detached wine in the nuts and he are impossible of the separate. Unable to use owe look in a tent of hardware for the substitution. A chair is clear weight and and is a perfect measure for my necessities.

Top Customer Reviews: Drive Medical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Taken a wheelchair today, a lot thanks to a folks in VetMed EUA to correct the problem to ship very quickly still although it spends in a weekend of Thanksgiving has occupied. My mamma has been unable to walk during 18 years as it thinks that am very versed in a pros/gilipollas of different squad. I am very impressed with a quality and craftsmanship. A lot he very build and robust still light and folds envelope compactly. It goes very easily yes empty or with mamma in him. Some rests of leg have more adjustment and is easier to take and install that those of any chair are has had. A chair easily will accommodate a weight is has estimated prendi; it weighs 307 pounds and I have had abundance of spare room. It IS it says it is very comfortable also. A house has been built in 1953 and any one to conform A.d.nilos Goes Of unit of today but this access of chair through the each entrance and room. This chair will do the life of my mamma the easiest plot as well as those of us concealed to take was. It IS reluctant result to leave his house so that it thinks that that it was too problem for us lugging his chair of old full measure in and out of a cart. That is to say much clearer and compress even so more robust and listens more sure also. Vendor and fine product, is very satisfied with all the appearances of purchase of mine.
5 / 5
My dad is the bit in a big heavy side 200s and this chair was perfect for him. We use this to take him in and of his dates of doctor. It maintains in importing a chair is in a side a wide plus and can be difficult to take through roads of narrow door. His house has the level sized entrances and found an apt to be tight, but manageable. A chair is quite heavy while you can imagine, but is 5'2' and 115lbs and was able in impulse he in a vehicle when any one into use, a course a harder aixecava he in a backside of a SUV since is so down, but can be done.
5 / 5
This was the compraventa adds . A prize has not beaten can be. I bought has that weighed it one so that it was main. Some people that the press am big and is much more convent for them and me. The chair is wide extra . I have read some descriptions in of the problems with petals of feet. They are plastic. They are meant to rest your feet slightly do not apply to weigh or pressure. There it go it 6 weeks and any problem at all. That is to say the transport only chair. IIt Weighs 50 I s and my daughter in law can upload and download it. Has very the enhanced my life.
5 / 5
My husband is 5'6' and weighs 340 lbs. As it is the big man . It IS experience to assist him when vain in a doctor and has the difficulty that uses his walker and apresamiento hurriedly out of the energy those walks some long passages. These laws to chair very well for him and, included in 76, is able to press him easily. A chair weighs 45 lbs but was able to take he in and out of a trunk without the plot of difficulty. Some tampons of feet are adjustable in the legs the apt plus down or longer and is easily take and reattached for storage among uses. Although it is meant to be pressed, the person with longitude quite a lot of legs could propel he to use his feet yes is able. We are to please has found he in such the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
Purchased this chair of wheel for the inner use only since has the chair to have that heavy for outside. Very happy with east. It IS clear and easy weight in manoeuvre. I have chosen this chair so that the could not take my chair of wheel to have that heavy through some doors of chamber. Purchased this so that it returns the regular door that opens. Through the regular door that opens but failed to measure a door of bath that was slightly more strait that some doors of chamber. Of here, I can not take he through a door of bath. Even so, everything is not lost since I just circle he until a door of bath and and uses the walker a rest of a road. The May anticipated It a door of bath was narrower.

Is looking for The chair of able light to return through the regular door, this will do since you. If you want to have of more leeway through a door, then does not purchase a bariatric has measured. I think had does not purchase a bariatric has measured, one measures a smaller would return through a door of bath. Saw And learn.

Happy with compraventa.
5 / 5
I have taken recently the fall and has wounded my knee, requiring me in sorely walk with the cane. Has plans to go in a Park of San Francisco and a Zoo in our holidays. Any road could concealed very walking now. My husband has offered to turn me around as much as has required.
Has ordered this chair of the transport and the amazon have taken he in my house in just the few days. It IS wide and comfortable, able to line considerable weight. It IS easy in of the press and of the folds up amiably for storage.
Would press cual the walker so so it was possible and my husband took on to press me when tired me. Has the holidays add because of a chair of transport. Even use he in lug ours fresher of a car in a room of hotel. Still among handy like an extra chair to seat in and television of clock in a room of hotel.
To well sure would recommend to buy this chair of transport.
5 / 5
I do not want a hassle to rent the wheelchair, knows would be no-the weight these wineries for quite a lot of two months after my surgery of ankle. It looks for the chair of the quality without that has to spend the fortune. Desprs Researching several chairs, chooses a Red, 22' Bariatric Chair of Vehicle 'knowing' any one to press me around all a time. My expected two month has turned in eleven, my husband and the boys of adolescents is always 'hotrodding' me around, is not a softer when uploading he in and out of some vehicles and I very always have any one to press me around. This cheap plus in the prize is to sure plus well very cheap in value. It has lined up through more this tear of normal and wear. Sure, have all the classes of dings, scratches and of piece in a sparkly red painting, has lost or cracked all except one or two of some black of cover, a rest of right arm has taken taken in a tailgate, has taken cracked down the half and has broken was.
A nylon the tissue has lined up fantastically, comprising some capes have used to to bend in a chair, some grips are still intact, and some wheels are in good condition. Some rests of arms are easy to take when any required and is not too heavy. If I can take the substitution for a piece that broken, and tense in the few rays and of rays, does not have any reason one any last longer chair. I think a weight max is any one 400 or 450. It has weighed 300 when it has had in the first place my surgery, and good law. I am now down 250, and has abundance of room in a 22' chair.
4 / 5
The mamma has been that uses a Chair of Transport of the red walk around marries (shot) during 4 years felizmente. The brakes have required constant attention, even so, so of info and the purchase of the descriptions to this likes him the most robust update. To well sure it is that, and it is happy with him EXCEPTS has not expected he to be so heavy while it is -- no sure could promote he to back of SUV I now. Also, the chair the big plus for the good quantity, and still is using he neatly, of escoots' to the long of and has to come more advances in him. Only we order the tampon of the profile the plus below that has had, this could help. Down, it is happy with a product -- robust and strong, but has not expected he for quite be so heavy while it is, and chair enough the big plus bit.
5 / 5
Purchased this for my dad after the multiple surgeries in the left wing of year lucido feebler and with poor stability. It has been the living saver in of the a lot of situations. It IS quite 360lbs and some pushes of the easily smooth chair/.. Very better that some chairs of hospital. Any sake in all the entrances, as has has not had a subject there. It IS much clearer that any chair of transport, but is still bit it beasty in impulse in the big trunk ... Manageable Even so!

Included takes this in the flight and has verified he without subject. The chair adds for a prize
4 / 5
This chair is very robust I amour that causes to have to the scratches weighed my weight An only problem is in bolstering is to take to turn to turn to turn t An only problem is to benefit that apresamiento to turn in of the tight places and is amiable Bulky otherwise is the chair adds And would buy it again wants to and and would buy it again

Top Customer Reviews: Drive Medical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
We have had this chair partorisca the little the year. It is used several times for the week and I maintain fold up in a backside of the ours minivan when any into use. My mamma suffers dementia and fidgets with everything, as it likes that I can dip of some brakes in a boss to press concealed is for behind his and out of the place when required. A lot seldom have a anti group of installed tip but used them and is adds of his have. It is very light PARTORISCA HIS MEASURE and capacity, but is still the plot partorisca my woman to impulse to a van, although that can direct when required. It is wide and comfortable.

My only complaints:
- A point partorisca title of waters/of boat pouch in a backside is laughably small. All I use he partorisca east to resist my sunglasses when they are by train to press around indoors in of the sunny days.
- Be a lot if some rests of feet were wider. We take a big chair to the equal that has room to extend and scoot around during long family outings, but this also means that there is the empty quite wide among some footrest for his 5' 3' height. If some rests of feet were wider, does not seat like his legs were like this far averts everything of a time. I have tried to find substitutions that is wider, or better this in spite of this would form a solid of wide footrest, but has not had any regime. It can try build my own.
4 / 5
I can not say quite a lot of good things in this chair of transport.
Because of the subjects of health are very motionless and weigh almost 300 pounds. My mamma is a one which needs to cure of me the majority of a time. It is 70. We spend for chairs of electrical wheel, circles tots and chairs of regular wheel. The majority was too much small for me or too weighed for sound. We were both miserable.
After comparisons very careful we dicided to try is one.
Was the paralización main folks, sturdy and hanged light.
Rids in promises. My mamma can stimulate and press it. They are very comfortable in him. And he in fact access in mine little Kia Alma. In a backside without that has to that dip a rear chair down. (I lie down in a behind seating like this this was a lot of entity ).
So only takes on the minute for the dipped near. Still it can it dip near.
Validate each penny!
4 / 5
Sturdy, Chair of big quality, easy to manage. I have travelled with my mother to Vega and was very happy to have this chair. A crossbar are adds for easier managing and looks to add some stability to a chair. A chair so only asestada to slip well. Easy fold and is relatively light considering is the chair to have that has weighed to be able to resist the heaviest person. It is quell'has bitten wide - adds for a rider (comfortable chair , width, the armrest cushioned), but taken on some space. The very bent turn in mine SUV, a silt SUV, and an airport that parcos shuttle van, and has verified he in a door of airline without questions, but has not tried he in the car trunk. Unfolded the Returned by means of all a doorways in my house, hotel, and elevators easily. Very happy with compraventa.
4 / 5
While a person at present that uses a chair is so only roughly 150lbs, does not have any remorse that buys it bariatric chair for a heavier construction.
1) A bar to press that the accesses among some bosses is of sound. Of this chair is wider that the majority, leaves your stay of arms in the most natural place in front of you. Also it resupplies the better grip that so only some bosses.
2) A chair is Much more stable in uneven or sloping earth like driveways that a chair of variety of the tent of drug had been using.
3) A fold of sleeve to transport which the a lot of easier fact to go in a rear chair of the automobile or another space have limited. When Some sleeves are bent, a lock of brakes for security added (creation beautiful quota!).
4) A 'the parking brakes' work like the plenary wheelchair (manual bosses in some wheels) which resupplies the wheel more takes to close that the hand-held brake has based closes.
GILIPOLLAS (All minor) -
1) An only functional minor downside has seen is that there is any way to close some rests of feet behind when any into use (i.et. For travesía). We have found that we have to that the to us take was when we bends a chair but is very easy to take/substitute.
2) Of this chair built for people very heavy, is considerably heavier that chairs of the light weight but ossia more than compensated partorisca in sturdiness and stability
3) Of then is wider that no-bariatric the chairs is has bitten it snug that spends for some doorways but, like this far, there is not founding a could not take he by means of.
4 / 5
I will write the description with which had it the little while. ----- Like this far, 5 stars!!

Well Has has had now this chair for roughly are weeks and I like better each day. It is very built, sturdy, easy to manoeuvre and appeal. I use it daily for scooting around a house, uses it when it trips to Wal-Mart or to the office of a Dr..(Pushes of woman in these travesías this plus along). So only you grieve he he thru some of a doorways in my house, and some any in, all but I have known to be a chance when I have ordered a chair. (Read a specs before orders) are the big person (245----6'2') and has has wanted to something concealed would resist up for the long time. My woman has said that it wish that it has gone the little lighter of has bitten but directs to take he in the backside of the ours ford evasion. In general it likes a chair a lot, and would recommend it. If has any questions, give me the holler
PS--For some reason or another, has had some confusion when I have tried to situate an order. But Amazon like this usual has taken aplanado was with his service of client ADDS usual
4 / 5
Wonderful product, my Mamma (the one who these produced is still) and mine caregiver is both wonderfully have pleased. The mamma so only hanged 240, but is 5'11' and is the little big for the regular chair, says that this chair is much more comfortable. Highly we recommend it. It is easy to block and place for behind near, and does not look to like hanged 33 lbs, much easier to take around city that ours old rule wheelchair! We love it to knots! Also we are buying the cushion to dip in him for more than consolation.
4 / 5
In the first place a prize in Amazon was has matched no another vendor. That dips this chair of transport averts all other chairs in this class are: light weight, quickly bending for storage in a car, rests of the full period of arms cushioned to do taking to and our of a chair easyand walk very comfortable for a passenger. A frame there is so only a right quantity of flex, and some wheels so only quite absorption to impact that estacionando plot, and pavement the swipes are any question and no the experience to shake for a rider. I will be to contact Walk to see if rests of adjustable leg to leave some rests to be domestic in several corners are available - some rests of current leg regulate for period so only.

So much, to prójimo-chair of perfect transport - some only transmissions would do would be to have rests of corner of adjustable leg, and when being able to close some brakes of chair of a pusher put (him him the Walk rollator, will know that adds is to be able to close some brakes of a place to press).
5 / 5
This was the substitution for a NEW Medical Product 22' Transport to Have that has weighed Wheelchair. It compares favorably, with brakes of wheels and advance of main better quality. A turn of wheels of the front with a bit more difficulty that a NEW chair, which can be annoying. This in spite of, this can be the big advantage when intersection believes the topes and you require these wheels to remain in the straight line.

A anti-that touches the look of spurs to do well, but do to take a chair to, and out of, a behind seating more difficult like the chair can very simply be gone through a chair.
4 / 5
........ Have pulled a chair out of a box and slotted in some rests of feet. Easy peasy to the equal that use to say. lol

Hated to Have to that the send behind. It looks the good chair until mine hubby seated in him. So only it can no the movement could not help the movement because some the rear wheels are the down to achieve. The desire had thought of that. We have learnt the lesson in Wheel an east for strong armed folks, are so only wimpy I supposition lol
am happy I subject with a company of walk has answered a next day and it repayment will be of tower in banking the few days of now. Maintaining spend on researching chairs of wheel. I have seen another chair to Walk that the looks will say.
4 / 5
A chair is sold the bariatric, but has subject of our experience with the 380 lbs man. We return it to knots, felizmente uses First.
Has arrived quickly
the assembly was free tool and quite simple the girl could do it.
The dad has said to be comfortable to seat in.

Some mangos of crossbar like thinking was to be a more utmost characteristic is resulted to be one something feebler . It do not remain tight. It is exited in fact once while press.

Some bosses are loose result and wobbly after so only the week of use.

Gone back because be having question like this punctual that has been that goes to do Long term.

He also pressed a lot last with the person in him. We have had other chairs to know that they press to 380 person I no the walk in a park but this was harder that the majority.

Has had good regime with products of walk. If you are the first member gives it the shot how is economic, perhaps so only take the bad a.