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Top Customer Reviews: TOZO T10 Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I am one of an a lot, very few people that can not use some pods of air of the apple. To Any subject likes him take like me, fall out of my ear in less than the minute. I thought that it that it comes from the different mark, and when posed these in my ear, is fallen is gone in bren. It was roughly he leaves, joins in a box, and subjects behind, but decided to verify of a manual of instruction in case that and has done something injustice. I am so happy has done. It results had 4 measures to cover them of the plastic ear comprised with a earbuds. In my third flavours, a smaller second ones, has listened that and imagine Cinderella listened when tries in a glass slipper. They were perfect and any one that dread has jumped up and down or has shaken my cape, remained in place!
A quality of his flawless east, very highs and lows, with the decent quantity of low. I have found once a right party, an access was supremely comfortable.
Wants these headphones, active has changed already my life for a better!
5 / 5
It IS thoroughly impressed with a Tozo T10. A packaging was incredible, a quality of tez is the upper notch , and an amazing together of characteristic for a prize although a prize was two big times . Wireless touching, IPX8 waterproofing, big quality 8mm automotive of his, and bluetooth v5.0 it IS only the little of some fine big states a T10 has to offer.

Matching them with my telephone was also easy. All owe the mark is to take of a case in the load and they are ready to match( only the mark of the fast note sure chooses TOZO-T10-R, a right earbud is a primary). A bluetooth the bad v5.0 Has the strongest connection and the longest distance. It can leave the in my rucksack and I have connected still until 30 feet have been. A clarity of a highs and a richness of some bass is of a level of quality of a final of big plus earbuds. I have taken personally these in a shower, has not entered the fact that rains at the same time, so much of a earbuds and a case is supremely control of water. It was pleasantly surprised to find that it can use my T10s for the small in four hours and a case in load is well for four full recharges of a earbuds. At the end, it has to say a Qi wireless chargeable the case is very handy. I can pose my tlphonique and earbud case in my Qi touching the tampon and I are well to go. If it do not use you never wireless to touch, necessity in. In general for a prize could not find the best earbud in a piece.
5 / 5
A earbuds has done seamlessly and well out of a box. I use the while it hikes some hills with my dogs and when law in my desktop - still can listen out of the when has required noises for security, but can listen in musician without troubling another. A earbuds is comfortable same during exercise, and access firmly.

Using a earbuds like the headset with my mobile phone is easy also. I have to it experiences with so cape an assistant of Google.

A quality of audio is at least stereo Salvation-fine, and a earbuds has matched easily with so much my tlphonique and portable.

Uploads wireless and having the source of power of the big backup for a telephone is characteristic terrific.
5 / 5
And it purchase a TOZO T10 wireless earbuds in workout in a group while they were one of a bit those that IPX8 to available pose and to well sure one the majority of reasonable. For a prize, and didnt wait that a lot, but has been blown has been for a quality of sound.... The glass clears with velvety tones of basses. The distance of reception was really well, has not had any loss in quality in a far end of a group. Well to learn that accidentally fallen or in a water or he were to fall out of my ear, can exclusive behind up and maintain go. But it is dubious that will spend it what apt is tight but comfortable. Very pleased with purchase of mine. An only negative thing in the one of the east that buys these are that my husband is impressed also, as it look will have to buy another pair for him to use while it is entered his kayak . It is not taking mine. :-)
5 / 5
A lot I like him his that comfortable this ear buds is and weighs so clear. A quality of his this very well also. And a fact that is waterproof is awesome because of a fact that initiates in a rain in time. I produce it adds.
5 / 5
These earbuds is amazing quality for an amazing prize. Has quality of his add and is very comfortable. My ears are small as it is difficult to find comfortable earbuds, but these are utmost and has 4 different measures for all the ears.
5 / 5
Each Natal usually has money quite personal to do a compraventa of impulse, usually in Electronic. This year, has wanted to it update a $ 20 pair of totally of his wireless (TWS) earbuds has had. They were well, but the sound has required to do them better perfect.

With the estimativa of in $ 100, has begun looked for something well of the manufacturer fulfilled (like Samsung, Jabra, etc.) there was only at all there in my field of prize. He me could not see that it pays that it classifies of money of the mark has not known, as I have begun to look for the model the cheap plus. To hover he of $ 50 has found 3-4 this looked well and the descriptions were very enough. It Liked him Anker is another Bluetooth earphones, likes Soundcore Of Libertad Lites has been considered. With some good descriptions and property of anterior sake of Monoprice products a Monoprice IPX4s looked well, also.

Planned diligence and the desire to be able to use or earbud the times direct me to look for the better amazon estimated under $ 50 TWS conjoint, and Tozo quite looked well. While a buds is tagged L and R, is so much a same, and can be posed in any ear. They come with 4 tips, and for a first time, is not using a big plus ones. So has canals of ear very big and find take to take tips that apt, can find the apt sake here.

A sound will not attack Bose out of a water, but for some forty dollars have paid, is well, and some exceptional updates of mine $ 20 pair. Has down well, and very clear-cut mids and highs.

The time of stack is very around 4 hours in low volume (spends the in acting likes noise of backdrop). A case of trip can touch or while another east touching, as it does not find to take to take through the day of work with them. I Like him his of a case to touch, also. It IS very built, and can use the Qi wireless load, which any preoccupy me quite really. There are 4 lights to say you this has touched is. Fence and access in the pocket. I can not say how much load will take it, so that usually the maintain plugged in.

Matching, once initially fact, is easy. Only attraction the bud of a load and fire and it beginning that it looks for your device has matched. Since I am using a the time, fulfilling need to turn a one am using was totally in the first place, then takes another unit has matched The together premier, and has separated then. That is to say a better part of these for me, almost seamless use.

In general, very happy with a compraventa. And except on some money to take something more. I have recommended already these in of the people (my brother is not engredo, has the bone that to to the auricular allocution likes him). I Like him that of many.
5 / 5
Works of good product. Easily the matched and so very convenient to use. I want a capacity to use a right earbud while leaving another in a case. I left me to have the conversation while when being able to listen in musician. It possesses so earbuds but that is to say a better to use while mine any one was in the pillow that aided recover me while he aided. Still with everything of this characteristic, a more was a support of client and clues in a company. It is been the long time has had of the company that in fact remark preoccupied in my experience. It buys a lot of products of them in a future.
5 / 5
I will be totally earnest: I have not expected anything surprises of these earbuds. In fact, it was prepared totally to take them, use the for the day, and issue the backside because of poor quality.

Had deceived felizmente.

A Pros: Well out of a box, these earbuds looked impressive. Some accommodations in the each earpiece has the mate, a bit tacky (in of the terms of texture), black arrival that listens very good. Each which earbud the be clear even so robust. There is 4 rubber comprised earpieces comprised (the measure of half is attached by default). A earbuds the pair automatically when takes of an accommodation. A sound in these is incredible! Quan Has situated properly in an ear, this bomb of things out of the decent cloak of basses and produce the clear field that surprised of mids and highs! A buds the pair automatically when apresamiento of a case, and has still to experience any static while it listens. Also they have an excellent field, and still can them maintain like takings the bath/of shower! A more than satisfies the part of this compraventa was one $ 31 focuses of prize. I am battling to comprise everything of some positive appearances of these earbuds in a revises!

Some Gilipollas: I am not sure it can think of any interior a moment! My only flu would be that a earbuds does not remain totally in an ear when begins to move around, particularly while running/dance. Quan This raisin, a quality of his east sensibly reduced (since begin to the fall was).

Pictured IS a XL, L and S earpieces (in this order) as well as all the accessories comprised. A Sr earpieces is attached in a earbuds.

Remarce: I actuate still in a lot try some limits of a life of stack in these. I will update my description in the date the late plus.
5 / 5
Some headphones have entered a clave and after taking them the full touch crossed a process of a setup. Bluetooth Has done perfectly therefore earbuds. His of entity to select a Tozo-R after your device chooses in a signal. The quality of his east absolutley perfect with the deep sound (any tinny) and is abundance quite strong to the bloc was noise around you. They return and it is sure in my ear. Very comfortable. They look it it has built well enough to be durable even so the time will say had to .

Top Customer Reviews: Apple AirPods with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
3 / 5
I have ordered it is one 1 day was available and took the today. They have connected easily but in a 1 song has touched an audio has begun to retard down less than the minute in and distorted a vocal and musician. I have thought perhaps it is only the glitch so that they are only 75% has touched he so touch the up and reconnected the and was included worse that before. I have called the lean apple and spoken with 2 women that was further slow and an opposite of geniuses. I have been said one 2 one was the senior supervisor very sure cual his qualifications were while it was so inept and unhelpful like his subordinates. After 37 minutes in a timer of call and when being in scratches in 5x hanged. I am going in a tent of Apple tomorrow. As it was in a tent of Apple and with help of some type there was able to determine a subject of the musician only spends with musician of Amazon - which are my service of election. State verifying daily for an update to fix this glitch. The apple has said that will take the backside or does not exit in a next week or so much. The hate is the victim in any one is more war....
Well Has workaround - Musician of Parameters of Amazon-of Microphone of external service. Then when you pull above the musician of Amazon denies permission for access of microphone for Alexa. Fixed a subject of distortion when touching the musician but then has to turn behind on when is using he in a cart. As I am updating my indication of 2 stars in 3 stars. If they fall an update as I can use Alexa again will create it up main.
5 / 5
I go in a gymnasium and with these was also my leader exploded in of the tiny pieces
1 / 5
He no properly with musician of amazon. It retards down and demands at random, mostly when changing applications. Mina another pair of the wireless headphones still does sake with musician of amazon. Only it has to when being a AirPods. Works very well with Musician of Apple, any glitches, but does not have a byline of Musician of the Apple... So that is to say clearly the ploy for Apple to take people into use only his application of musician. Quite turbulent for his sake since has a musician of amazon with my byline of premier of the amazon.
5 / 5
The wireless load is something that you can not return
5 / 5
While there is to us wait and voice some descriptions of term with a longitude of gen2 airpods but for now bond with gen1 so there does not look for when being the enormous improvement. It IS to buy them on the discounts now hopefully around 100 bucks.
4 / 5
They are that some same likes him first or only take an old ones to save the small excepts of money.
5 / 5
Perfecto! It avenges the new mark in a box, almost fully touched, each perfect and has sealed.
5 / 5
This was the present for my threads. It IS very happy with these and says a sound is very good. It wants that it can use Salvation Siri and said apt perfectly in his ears, those rests while the run the around with his dog. Has the zeros complain.
1 / 5
I have possessed the pair of AirPods and has lost the, as decided to substitute them with east. Well, I left me say you something in these products of Apple have sold in Amazon: they are any fake or the lowest quality.

These AirPods maintains to the hack was has posed the in my pocket, is ridiculous. These a lot of looks some fakes of cheap Chinese.


1 / 5
These are not pods of air of the Apple. They are fake . My edges is spent his own money and took scammed.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow CH6S Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Bought these for my niece and they utmost!! Amur A characteristic to share and she radishes quite what this comfortable. It IS so it can pose you a volume also, as any worry in sounding listens in too much of strong musician. Some colours are his colours of to the favourites likes them to them one prevails has attached.
1 / 5
Beginning positive: comfortable, toggle the button is useful, and the quality of his east orders for the boy. Negative: any last 10 minutes in front of my threads have taken the era, as I have tried the on and has not had his very salient! They had done when in the first place it situates the on so that I have done sure a volume was appropriate etc, and was intently looking his fave film. A sound returned through but has continued down was. I have not recommended this compraventa for a lack of reliability, which are unfortunate for a look and listens is well.
5 / 5
The cape telephones very well for boys. Very comfortable and quality of his well. Mina 1vaig uses these except one 3&5.m Has liked him also.
5 / 5
I am so surprised in a quality and his of these headphones! I have taken the for the glorious mine-daughter so that ear buds hurt his ears and is to take to pose in of the chairs. Look to be quite has built well. And they fold up for easy portability. The calm can not beat a prize! Rid a next day with Premier of Amazon.
3 / 5
A volume a strong plus when a change of limit was on was a same as when it was was - also strong for the the ears of small unit likes him that of a cord can be take like the young plus can spend the without listening in anything - just feign - and does not have to preoccupy in a cord that enters a road.
4 / 5
My daughter of 8 uses of years them prende student and recreationally for musician or occassionally to look something in the tablet. It WANTS a blue colour of his Mpow auricular and said some headphones is incredibly comfortable to spend.
5 / 5
Bought these for mine 5 old year and wants to it. We are by train to use them For his tablet of fire of the amazon and he perfectly. They were the prize adds for a quality. Has wanted to that it bends up amiably to return well in the back group or stock exchange of storage for trips or trip. A colour is so cute without being in an upper also.
5 / 5
These are utmost. Iv Has bought auricular of multiple of different boys out of the amazon and I very as the cord is the separate piece with this set. Has the cat in this lucido likes him chew the capes from time to time and has had to to launch the few sets before it likes cape and headset was all in or. A sound am to add and a control of volume is perfect.
4 / 5
They are utmost for the this is designed by (boys). I Like him his of a change of control of the volume. It has estimated five stars if these earphones a Bluetooth the function has attached. I have known in front of cape they any one excepts has wanted the in all the case. Look very done and amiably cushioned and comfortable in a section of speakers. Purchase to again could be wireless.
4 / 5
Well global headphones for boys. A main reason has chosen these was so that it can covers another together in to share his in the brother or partner. I am unhappy that a cord is not a braided halftone although any tangle. This cord is a rubber those looks to bond in everything and can snag hair. I can it has to return one 3 bought for my boys for this reason.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple EarPods with ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
Opened a box to find the tangled pair of used earphones - complete with the verges rasgado around a headphone jack and used soiled crusty earbuds. Absolutely disgust any COMPRAVENTA Of these SWINDLERS
1 / 5
The fraction of the element entered and only an ear bud law. It IS very disappointed.
1 / 5
Headphone Has entered terrible condition, the loose capes that resulted in of the sounds to enter and has been. It does not buy!
5 / 5
Hello -- I has taken very nervous when bought this concealed would be the drop -quality knockoff of some class, has wanted only the description that confirms that some auricular has taken was auricular of genuine apple (game in a case of official apple and each what).

Suppositions that is? They do very amiably.
5 / 5
A plus to price some of some terrible descriptions read had me it small nervous in that has been it to take with this order, but like show of pictures, my pair at least, research to be some real roads. I have not tried to era still as has the working pair already, but a packaging and a earphones look only like a unit bought of a tent of Apple. I imagine that the people here are not lying and this can have some variac. In a quality of some elements took that directed in some of some negative critics. This beats very a lot of that it is a supremely a lot-feign crafted, but can not say a difference. A recovery in a be of cord slicker that an Apple stores ones are dud too many btw. Both cords are slick and thinks that that it is for the maintain more rigid and to prevents tangles. It expects these helps any one.
2 / 5
Freaking Right earbud has prendido to do... You grieve 2 month after taking them....And of course after a date of tower. That the waste.
1 / 5
Some controls of volume and button of the game no anymore after having he that hangs 3 month
1 / 5
It was clean and doing very some first days of the pair but then begun to have the clear ache in my right ear when listens in something informative, any musician.
But when uses my old a has not listened anything at all. As something regarding the frequencies are not very fonctioning in a right side.
5 / 5
There is the plot of commentaries that these are not the real apple EarPods. It IS the small preoccupied, but has decided that risks $ 15 and buy them. Take the the little the mark of days, and while I am expert cape , chair almost sure that these are a product of genuine Apple and any knockoffs. They enter a packaging of big quality that Apple provides, and doubt knockoffs would come with each an additional (and frankly unnecessary) packaging. To Look exactly like him some situates that I wing left only behind in the room of hotel, and good law. And more importantly, thinks that that Apple would take any one to ensure that any knockoff produced that clearly it is sold when being so produced of Apple is not sold in Amazon. This has said, was useful if any Apple or the amazon would weigh in, and provides an additional guarantee that these products are genuine. I am happy with these, and is not sure why has all these revise to question that they are genuine.
5 / 5
These are Apple Correct earbuds. Has 3 pairs... The small excessive he still, use a pair for work, or for school/house and one to sleep.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MDRZX110/BLK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
There is the pair of the same headphone line in a past, and has used the until it has fallen basically the eschew (a side has prendido to do, and a material to cushion for some ears peeled at the end has been.) Even so after trying myriad other marks, estimates these cual my personal plus. Desprs My first death of pair (has taken several years of daily use), has entered the investigation to try the bouquet of different headphones. Desprs Wasting Hundreds of dollars some years of the pair are spent on everything of elegant $ 200 pairs, cheap Amazon-marked pairs, and abundance of random ones of places like Walmart or Big Plots, at the end only returned in these for the meager $ 15. There have it simply not beating a combination of consolation (especially for people with glasses!), Quality of his, and prize. I do in front of the computer for hours the time, and almost always has auricular (and glasses of eye) on. Probably have the big more this forms anyway also. Each what so only another pair has tried finishing to do my ears hurt before long, except easterly unit While a quality the build is decent, expects to run through the new pair each years of pair, but to arrive to this point of prize, is very hard to complain-. It surrounds, it is so appreciated this return in my life.
5 / 5
These are auricular utmost for musician and of the films for a prize. I actuate Never the possessed the pair of big money of headphones and after buying cheap some concealed has to substitute multiple time because of breakage, decided to take these after the recommendation of the partner. Desprs Buying them alone name, has bought also the for each of my boys. They are utmost for half use... And'Voice turbulent state May by external noise, is comfortable, and a sound is of good quality. Also they are much more robust that a cheapie $ 10-$ 20 ones have taken before. (My boys has not broken the, which are the smallest miracle )

recommends to take the stock exchange or spending case for them (the use Tops it Real stock exchange:) he certainly the helps protect the and looks vulnerable in some hinges where collapse for storage.

An only thing my complaint of the boy enough is a cape is class of low. I prefer it so that a cape is well and thickness and does not take never complicated. With my anterior cheap ones, was always some capes that was delicate and or or both ears would exit. These are so more robust. (I thinks to find them only too down when wants chair in a recliner with his iPad in a table and looks his Minecraft. If you do not require your headphones to conform these cements and ridiculous necessities, a period would have to be well.)
5 / 5
These telephones sound very well, to be down $ 20. It possesses at least 30 different headphones since 1974, and to to the this sound likes him to him the sake as of any one of one $ 100 Sennheisers has had behind when Elton John is soyun of Rocket' was new musician. A requisite of power for some coils of the voice in these telephones is extraordinarily down: they sound utmost to listen in musician in the mobile phone or tablet, and very included has to crank a volume until maximum. Some of some headphones has possessed recently no well with mobile devices, requiring more tin to start with that a piece of the audio in the mobile phone can provide - that will not be the problem with these Sony ZX-110 telephones. They sound only well in my Tab of Samsung of Galaxy S in 50% of max volume. The response of frequency is very well for the economy priced telephones, with response and tender clear of low has adapted to leave you 'listen' some drums and electrical guitar of low. Soprano And contralto vocal sounds well and clear, without this soyuddy' his that the cheap telephones give concealed no in that has quite big-response of frequency. These telephones fold until the a lot of small impression, compact that it is easy to store in the half or big stock exchange, or any briefcase, rucksack, or stock exchange of computer of the laptop. A cord is 3 feet , and has the 90 covers angled. This period of cord is the sum for use with the mobile phone in the pocket of shirt, although no very very time enough for use of house with the computer of desktop. If you go to use these telephones to listen in musician in the house stereo or computer of desktop, will require a cord of extension, but these are not terribly expensive.
CONSUELO: Sony has taken this right: this grip of telephones your cape only firmly enough to remain in place, without expressing calm in death. It has Had the pair of Sony telephone that was horrible to the respect, with too much compression of road in a half sized cape; it conceal it is not the problem with these telephones. Some tampons of ear are very comfortable, and does not press enough take in your earlobes to do the need takes your earrings have been to use some telephones.

AROUND-UP: An economy of Sony Typical-priced headphone with very better the sound that could have expected arrive the to this point of prize. It folds Up very small to spend in the stock exchange or stock exchange of computer of the laptop, Very comfortable to spend for until several hours.

4 / 5
Arrived punctually and in well / of new condition. The quality of his mediocre east, but these are the heck of the better plot that treating w/ a migraine that induces rasga this comes from/comes from auricular that squeeze my ears and jaw. They are not so comfortable while they allege to be, but notably more comfortable that an Amazon Basics ones of similar appearance. If you are looking for something practises, and can handle the very low cord, likes him is in your laptop, these are since you. It does not use the for exercise or movement of any class. Probably I will buy to again, if at random down it was on me. It says that they have cost one $ 15 has paid, but if a trace of prize, will not buy to again. :) -Headline Of account progeny
1 / 5
Some coverages of piece of the ear already is beginning arrests to peel. It possesses this that hangs 2 weeks and has used this 3 times. I did not think it it fall it averts in of the days. He eschew this and researches something more.
4 / 5
Amur A look of these and a quality of his east well, particularly for a prize. Has the small-ish measured of the cape and these have boxed my so bad ears a first week is spent the. Ouch! Another critic has mentioned to extend them has been to leave them around the armrest of sofa or something so, and after doing that, has has not had any problem with my ears that hurt.
3 / 5
Only it take it these. I have taken the predominately for use in my computer, mostly only listen in of the videos but also to use with software of recognition of the voice, as it take it a one with a microphone..

Is not a audiophile, but has wanted the decent sound he in case that uses the in the player of musician. They sound only sake, while it expect of Sony, especially to arrive to this point of prize.

IS quite happy that law very well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which are using to the script this, like the microphone is adapted enough.

That it is well is that a microphone is in an of some capes and he are not more concealed three or 4 inches of your mouth. Again quite happy with a fact this does quite well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

M can not see use this for calls of tlphonique. For some reason no comfortable chair with on some headphones of ear, or earbuds for calls. I do not take the real sense of feedback to be able to modulate my voice. For the calls of tlphonique prefer the unit of only ear.

A big disappointment is that, likes him so much Sony auricular has had in a spent these things are so tight, expresses your leader like the grapefruit. That has done is to take the hairdryer in a tape to heat in a plastic, and tentativa to angle the the bit in loosen the up. It has Had some success in doing them more comfortable. At least this plastic is a bit malleable, so that I have found that some another plsticoes is almost impossible to angle without breaking.

For me will do a work quite well for something under $ 20.

After spending them now for just the little of the minutes take that hates enough more auricular. A vinyl earpiece the coverages always do your hot ears.
Opens IS in an investigation to foam or cover of cotton to continue these.
5 / 5
It takes these for $ 7.99 in the roads of lightning. They are excellent for a prize. I have ordered two pair: one for mine 3 old year and one that the pair of trip of headphones. A quality of his impressive east for a prize. These are in some headphones of ear, no in an ear. So much, isolation of the passive noise will not be also. Even so, they are quite comfortable. Easily it can it spends these during the hours of pair while looking the film. A physical measure of some headphones does to the good election for boys. Sure, they are not brilliantly colored, but is has owed to bet a quality of the sound and the prize are very better that would pay it he for the marked together of crappy auricular. Also, I have been surprised in a quality of a cord. It expect the thin cord, cheap. It IS in fact quite fat and the resistant tangle. The only complaint has -- wish a cord connected to the only point, more than race in the each piece of ear. But, again, for a prize is darn good quality.

Update: I actuate now the used this time of diverse headphones in a treadmill. They that me even more now. Quan Running, the occasionally run calm in the set of headphones with the seriously flimsy cord. As you Run, he flimsy the cord will bounce and result seriously problem. These no that at all. I want that a solid cord only hangs with minimum movement. Also, some tampons of ear will take the bit sweaty, but at all to the fast wipe will not rectify . I will leave to know how scratch up for use of exercise.
4 / 5
These headphones has quality of sounds very good. I am very hard to listen and my headphones of the helps of the listened is in a backside of my ear, no in my ear, like this auricular to need any ear buds. These are less clunky that my Beaten and will take the when it travels and when is in of the visits with these few boxes that transmits a sound in visiting abroad today. Of course they use earbuds and is useless in me. I think that that these will do. Only 4 cause of the desire of stars could look a volume a strong plus. I am limit sure he for ears of boys with the musician etc. Crane any one gives does the necessity for some concealed can be adjusted stronger.
4 / 5
The calm can any gone bad with this receiver.
Will be upfront. I am not a audiophile. I can not say some tiny nuances in some differences in everything of some diverse headphones.
But appreciate well, clear headphones , fiabais that well of sound. And this accesses a bill. They provide his solid , clear. I recommend the each of a time, and the people are so pleased while I am with them. Present mark sum also.
IS very comfortable. A short of the ear is in a side a small plus. But it can spend the for periods of time, and chair comfortably. They are not also tight.

A quality is well. They are until it has beaten it.
And a prize is well! You can provide to maintain the few pairs lying around.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Earbuds, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
These earbuds is FANTASTIC!! I am spent of the weeks that looks for abordables wireless earbuds ossia in fact quality, and imagine is also yes youre reading this. It looks no further, these are one some!

- Quality and grave add of his global (my iphone is relatively new, likes 2-3 years, and these all touch better that a normal speaker)
- PLEASANT WAY PARTORISCA BOTH SIDES! It can use some legislations and sinister pods individually! This was the enormous shot partorisca me, as his almost impossible to find this characteristic.
- Come fully touched, and a life of battery is fantastic! Ive Has Had these for roughly 5 days this in spite of has not required for his touch. Utilisation a earbud the time and typically uses for around 4 hours every day. A chance indicates that a battery is still mediates full, as I really wont need to touch this plus of a swipe weekly or two! A chance is a lot small and good quality also.
- I has small sensitive ears, and Im autistic like his a lot of difficult to find earbuds ossia comfortable. These come with three different sized pieces of ear and a small plus some are comfortable for me. An only complaint here is that they are hard to the transmission was, but youll probably so only change them once and they to good insurances wont fall off accidentally.
- What only I cant tongue to of the this a quality of call. I basically never called of telephone of the mark, as I do not have any idea in this characteristic.
- A functionality of them can take the minute to take used to, but a manual is simple to read and easy to agree.

Has assumed these would be half decent based in other descriptions, but has assumed finally loves upgrade to something in a 50-100 row of dollar. Thats No a chance! When These finally pause or take lost absolutely will buy him again.

5 / 5
These earbuds offers the plot for such the small pricetag! These earbuds takes ⭐🤩⭐⭐ so only for bang for a buck and a quality. While these are not airpods or pixels buds, is still excellent. Here it is to the as it likes me:

- bang for a buck
- light
-seat well and solidly in my ear (earbuds the hate that remain in my right ear, but these remain really a lot)
- the controls the touch is a lot intuitive and responsive
- utmost bass
- reduction of good noise (still can listen that it is going in around you, but is reduced more than regulating earbuds)
- stay in my ears during workouts (a lot of HIIT calisthenics)
- life of battery
- type of USB C to the equal that can use my telephone uploads to touch a chance
- can use it to cause Assistant of Google
- 2 guarantee of year

That can be improved:
- the basses is the little heavy. Midranges Can touch the little muddy
- the sensibility of touch can cause actions accidentelles is readjusting a earbuds

I already possess the pair of MPOW auricular (Llama 2) and had gone the bad with which roughly 8 month. I have contacted support. They were a lot of responsive and shipped out of the new pair of auricular mine. His service are adds!
5 / 5
A Mpow Mbits is my third Mpow earbud shabby. My uses familiarised touch a Mpow M9 & M30 almost daily, mainly for music and looking sport/Netflix on iPad. A Mbits is the upper quality like another two has. They come with the utmost touching chance, load quickly, and resist one uploads for several games/of days.

A quality of his east orders, finds a M30 to be more the noise that annuls that a Mbits because of a creation. I find a Mbits to be more versatile, a creation to root leave me to burst them in/out quickly need hang the walk. A characteristic of volume is utmost, easy to manipulate up and down with touching. I can listen the music down this in spite of being conscious of my half, or turn he until losing me in the tune. Some characteristics the touch is easy to use (each one Mpow the pair has work one same, as any confusion that goes to paint to pair). Mic The characteristic work a lot well in Mbits, answering the call of telephone in a gone and the video converged on-line work with out the glitch.

Take these everywhere and like that they always have the load and am aimed by some lights of battery when it covers he in still the fast load!

Are very pleased with a Mpow earbuds quality, life of battery and sound. A record are adds also, has the small ears and they remain dipped.
5 / 5
Really happy with these earbuds. My partner has endowed his mine has been of then looking around for the good pair for the while now. Also I have smaller sized ears and pleasure that have come with alternating sized buds to substitute a measure regulates also. You records snug and is comfortable in my ear for long periods of time, which is always be a subject for me in a past.

A sound is crisp and smooth and some characteristic of tap is really responsive. In general a lot happy with east!
5 / 5
Has received a MPOW Mbit S is and plant to a test. Has the pair of a MPOW M9 this and also Apple Airpods (original, any Pro). A Mbit S is is for far a better of one 3 and my preferred new earbuds. I have gone back always and advances in earbuds with a tip of silicon is. An old plus Mpow M9 is not never quite apt right and was bit it too big (sees photo). Ossia Which caused to change to Apple Airpods, this in spite of, has not loved a lack of focus he well with an Apple is A new Mbit S apt very much better and has to that focus perfect for annulment of noise. Mpow Has done also a chance a small plus with a S is and master that also!

Everything in a Mbit S is is better that a M9 is. I will try to break the down. In the first place, a record is excellent. They resupply several tips of silicone for types of different ear, but is a piece of whole ear that it is smaller and has balanced enough. As, a control the touch is far better that a M9 is. Touch of control in legislation for volume on, left for volume down. Right of double tap for next song, left to repeat last song. Triple tap for siri. Tercero, a measure of chance is perfect, no too big and no too small. An Apple Airpod the chance always feels like goes it to lose, but a new Mbis S is in his point. Before, a sound is excellent. Some bass is good and some the triple tones am a lot has balanced. I think that that a sound is upper to a Airpod is!! An annulment of noise is a lot does not go to be like this as well as one in an ear headphone and is probably the bit less than a Airpod pro is ( has tried the and an annulment of noise is a lot good). A life of battery in a Mbits is excellent and loves an USB C load in a chance.

An only thing that it is still to determine is longevity. But in this point of prize, could buy these 4 to 5 times before has paste an Apple that prices. Highly it recommends and there is has bought already some like this of the presents for friends.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has taken these wireless headphones to use to look films and TVs the shows with my friends have seen programs of cat of the video during a pandemic. A quality of his utmost east! Music, effects of the his, and the voices are a lot clear. They are extremely easy to use and pair to your devices. I love a life of battery! A chance still has the built in battery like this when calm stores them, touch automatically. They are comfortable to spend also.

One of the mine characteristic favourite is that that the audio comes by means of both earbuds when it use him to do the call of telephone. Another earbuds does not have this characteristic. You an excellent work of the noise that annuls also. Highly it recommends these!
4 / 5
Ossia My second set of MPOW the noise that annuls auricular, prime minister of mine is a MPOW X3. With which 3 days of use, has found a quality of his and life of battery to be each one has bitten like good. MPOW Has done the good improvement in a chance for these, is much easier to grab on to and appeal out of a chance that a X3.

Has used these MBits during a day for calls of telephone, listening to podcasts and listening the music. A quality of call is excellent how is an annulment of noise. Also it possesses the pair of Bose 700 noise of serious that annuls auricular. A bose the headphones are of excellent action on annulment of noise and a MBits S is the second prójimo with a main difference when being a capacity of a MBits to block like this background noise. These are also one in-ear versus in an ear draws which can do the difference in action also. This in spite of on 1/10th a cost, are 100 pleased with these headphones. A record in my ear is also a lot well, and resist securely while they run and when being active. If you are looking for the neighbour to add of headphones, these are excellent.
4 / 5
Really a lot of earbuds. Has the good big quality feels, and a lot easily fallen out of your ears. A chance to touch is also a lot well, and is quite compact to maintain in your pocket without dreading that it will open it up in his own. A earbuds is easy to pair, and a quality of his east roughly like this as well as you can take thus prize. A hard battery enough the moment, and when being able to touch with USB C is the enormous plus reason I any one need the different boss that that of my telephone. Ossia My second pair of Mpow earbuds, and is not never state disappointed like this far. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
These earbuds has surpassed my expectations. Here it is the fast rundown of some signals underlined for me (experience in my own cost).

-controls of Intuitive touch w volume
-proportion of the prize/of sound Adds
-punch of Decent bass
-magnetic chance Petit
-quality to Call
-has measured
-life of Battery
-video/of Audio sync
-Easy to regulate
- mentions a chance adds?
-USB C touching

-No proximity sensor, the continuous music touch when take of your ears
-the time could use bit it more volume (mowing, etc.)
-A no hard battery for ever

has tried the little another TWS (Full T1X, Mpow M30) but has had question with them falling out of my ear in 1-2 hours, to all the cost of measure of tip and measure of wing. This annoyed so much has gone back temporarily to one rear a fashion of boss of the with the. In an end, a Mbit S convinced are done with cabled earbuds. Unfortunately a Mbit S have the tendency to fall out of my ears also; die ossia the question for me with multiple ways of earbuds I goes to deduce a question is my ears . A goodness here is a way this chair in my ears and his mass to measure/smaller (but life of better battery!) I leave to regulate them before the gravity is what . I go to try foam and another eartips to see yes can solve this. With these other units, I question there was also accidentally prendiendo, changing clue, etc. when Regulating in my ears. No like this with a Mbit S; a plan sided the root is a lot easy to grip and regulate. A section of the control of the touch is front for front a tip of the ear and I am never actuated it accidentally when in ear.

Finds to touch a earbud already deep in my canal of ear to regulate clue, etc. The quite unpleasant experience. I have solved this for sliding my toe of a root until an area of control of the touch. Included when sliding my toe on two times to advance follow a earbuds answered well. A flat and crazy flange the arrival a lot facilitates this process. This flange also leaves to your toes to know exactly likes them a earbuds is situated and could take these of a chance and insert in your ears blindfolded without any confusion. It finds these aesthetically pleasing, a flat flange resupplies some interest and they am simple and understated without being bulbous or a lot other rarities. There is not any mark anything in a earbuds, and an only text is one 'R' or 'The in an interior of a root.

Are not a audiophile so it takes this so that well, but really enjoyed a sound. While it would say it is not as 'the crystal clears' or 'brilliant' as Full T1X, is much clearer that another bluetooth earbuds has. A profile of the his certainly skewed east to the profile of basses and for the majority of music listens to ossia well. When Listening to orchestral or another acoustic music rule my bow of telephone to classical to balance some bass or 'heaviness' of a incumplimiento profile. Although I forget for the transmission, does not have any question. I remark a soundstage has more depth that the oldest mine earbuds also, and the instruments can be situated in his pertinent location, according to a register. I have been presented to this together of , which has the better description of a quality of sound.

Has read a lot of descriptions of another earbuds east complains of flimsy chance - is one of these things that does not do or break a product but when executed well, really elevates a total container. A Mbit S is one of these elements. A chance is roughly like this small as it can be to record a earbuds without being able to easily lose it (71cm W X 39cm D x 31cm H). It is simple crazy plastic black, but a lid has the sure magnet to circumvent inadvertent inaugural and in bylines with that satisfies magnetic joining (loves the magnets know that I bad). A hinge feels quite solid. A earbuds also ensure in a chance has seen magnets so that it will not fall was although you take violent with a chance. When Situated in a chance his disconnect, can down and begin to touch. You can see the red very small has DIRECTED light in an area of control of the touch of each earbud leaving knows is touching. Some lights in some outsides of a chance also lights when a earbuds is touching, as well as when a chance is touching. When it Takes, a FOCUSED lights blue in brief when powering/pairing. Once paired a FOCUSED does not remain lit or blink.

The desire has recognised when I have been takes of your ears and there is prendido playback, but ossia the smallest complaint . Also, a volume is impossible to regulate with any precision.

Ossia One of the these products likes him like this well wants to buy of extra so only to have backups because I dread will not be never able to find them again when a need arises. I have ordered also another pair for the present.
4 / 5
This ear buds is resulted my preferred spend all an ear to time buds. A Bluetooth the implementation is far better that my leading wireless ear buds without the questions that connects to the each one like this another, my telephone, my laptop or reconnecting after the disconnect. Each side can be used without another side for the only bud, this in spite of some functions of control (for example Volume on or down) will not be complete reason depends in the side is has touched.

Have are it game of time of now in a tone. Has the good row for connectivity, by means of two wall of house and the paving. A control is a multitouch 'key' that is in fact the sensor to touch in each bud. It remarks alone click, double click, triple click and control long. A double and triple click can be delicate, but has taken used to them. The triple click invokes Assistant of Google and do a lot of wirelessly.

Used him for calls of telephone and hours of CONFERENCES of LADY of Squads and has been said a quality of my conversation was a lot. Out of the slightly windy day has not created any noise of wind.

Are not a guru of audio. To mine untrained ears, a music is like this as well as or better that another headsets in this row of prize, if wire fence or wireless. They do not generate of the massive volumes that would blow was drums of ear.

A chance is amiably compact. I have not discovered a number of recharges a chance can do for an ear buds first of precise the recharge. A chance is the good measure and a buds apt well in his place to touch and some sides can not be changed in a chance. A negative is a chance does not have the loop to spend. A Buds is turned was to store them and on to take them, as well as for key.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Soundcore ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
A lot he so that I like him and use the plot of Anker of products, these no a yard, and sadly partorisca the plot of aesthetics and clunky the reasons of creation concealed no active a lot partorisca do with his functionality has feigned. In his core, resupplies very ANC, and pleasant - if the tad bassy - quality of sound. This has said, will outline a pros and gilipollas there is remarked in using them on a first day:

- like this remarked, quality of his well, with some reinforcement in a mid-frequencies of basses, but some bass is tight, and a mids and highs is sweet
- almost inaudible difference to touch the quality with the annulment of noise there is enabled, and no remarkable hiss with ANC in
- ANC is not soyake a world goes was' levels' , and leaves some sound of the main frequency by means of; this are add, as I am looking to annul out of midrange and sounds of basses like a conditioner of air, next dogs, and a noise to spend engines of aerial earring of the long flights
- averts of a slightly too small earcups (for my flavours), is comfortable to spend - neither too free neither too tight
- a diverse audible and the aims of voice is pleasant and in the reasonable volume

- big question: it can not touch and listen a same time
- big question: any capacity to use like the telephone headset in the way wired (these are auricular so only when used with a boss, without mic available)
- a earcup the material is too insulative, those results in unpleasant heat and sweating under circumstances quite normal (74F / 45 RRHH, so only seating in the computer that does work, as these would suck for for real warm, humid, and and/or activities that hastes)
- when changing ANC on and was, some bass enhanced to enable momentarily, which is so only sloppy creation, and quite jarring
- there is rigid creaky hinges and pívot, which is emblematic of economic plastic-construction in plastic
- have the light but unpleasant chemical smell, which suspect is of a earcup material, and is not dissipating any too quickly
- the general lack of refinement of build - is quite well, but a point where a earcup the cushions fulfil an organism was wrinkled and unevenly finalised

All this says, can very really recommend these, of then thinks the refinement and the quality of solid build would have to that be reasonable expectations in the $ 70 point of prize. If it can give him 3.5 stars, I , but of his functionality of core is utmost, will go with 4 stars in place of 3.
5 / 5
A Anker Soundcore Life Q20 bluetooth the receiver is not that it had expected of the $ 60 pair of headphones. A sound, a weight, a quality of build, and a fashion is all something to appreciate of this pair of headphones. If you are looking for an expensive that look of sounds of the headphones for the small prize look no further. I will go in everything of a specs of some headphones in detail down.

General Specs
Leaves the start with those these headphones has to that offered. A first element to remark in these headphones is that have bluetooth 5.0. This means his row is ridiculously far and is scrolling of data of energy under headphones. Ossia Like this the pair of the headphones packs to 30 battery of now the life with all some extra has turned on. Calm can create you to 60
the hours taken the characteristic of pair has turned was and does not need a very strong volume. They offer noise cancelation and the function of impulse of the bass. A cushioning around your ear is foam by heart and my favourite part is that in fact it goes around your ear and does not seat on that. They are light and have his to add. Some bass is one the majority of impressive part of this receiver. People that does not love the bass can wants to remain clear of these, but of the mine testing I really enjoyed a sound. They have come with a auxilary boss, touching boss, and spend it pouch.

Leaves habladuría on some characteristics of sound. A normal sound out of a box are adds. If you are grave weighed and master more, has the bass up look that really swipes. They offer noise annulling to flood out of background noises. With low arrive and the noise that annuls on, ossia where calm create you to 30 hours of life of battery. If no utilisations this calm look can take you until 60 hours of battery. Personally I have not required a noise that annuls characteristic still and chair like a sound in normal way are adds. I have taken easily 40 hours out of these headphones. The volumes the strong plus will affect a life of battery also. If you are a audiofile can have you different opinions that me, but think this sound also like this Beaten or another $ 100 more auricular.

Quality to build
This receiver is light and of course regulate for measures of different boss. No economic celery, to the to the equal that likes. A cushion of foam of the memory around some ears is comfortable. A thing me gustanuno the majority is a fact that is quite big to
go around my ears in planting to seat in my ears like others do another. These am very comfortable a lot has built auricular.

A Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is the pair adds of headphones. In my personal opinion resupplies a sound the option more type would resupply. They are comfortable and have the life of battery adds. It suggest this pair of headphones to any one looking for a abordable but expensive touching pair of headphones.
5 / 5
Pros: The life of battery adds, low prize
Gilipollas: the annulment of noise is decent but does not add , hot of cheat of cups of ear

flies the little time the year and commute traffic very public the majority of days. Has the good pair of IEMs that use for longitude haul flights but prefer wireless headphones for my regular commute. These headphones do the decent work that reduces train & the environmental but the calm noise still can listen an external world ( is the good quantity calmer, but to good sure still there). Another subject smaller with these - when I spend these headphones for more than 2 hours the time, my ears take the little sweaty. This is not the question in of the aeroplanes (reasons tends to be like this cold) but was and there is it remarked roughly.

In of the flights of mine in the controls of ear to do the better work that block out of a noise of engine and is very better in blocker out of voice (especially crying girls, which a soundcore Q20 are not adds in blocker). Still, a Q20 is a lot quite that goes to substitute my expensive IEMs in of the flights more courts.

The life of battery is probably one argues stronger in favour of a Q20 - has been using them for my newspaper commute + the roundtrip flight on some last 2 weeks this in spite of sound that go of one initial load. I have not possessed never wireless headphones with such life of good battery.

In general date one $ 50-60 point of prize, quality of his slightly better east that has expected, the noise that annuls is decent but does not add , and the life of battery has impressed me really. If you are looking for calm in of the long flights is probably is not your better bet, but for daily use and an occasional <4 flight of now, these are utmost.
4 / 5
Full disclosure, are not exactly the plenary-soufflé audiophile. This in spite of, can not look to find anything that looks to the more audio-the quality informs direct for these on boss-fi and other places, as I have imagined would do the writing(ish) overview of sound.
Going to this has not expected very a lot, and to be sincere, does not have very taken. But I will try to convince you reason ossia well, and these are still the quite good compraventa, imo.
A following is for a 'normal' EQ way, which in reality is not all this normal anything. The tests have been done using lossless FLAC files by means of the mid-row DAC. If or calm does not believe in burn-in, left them game for the little while first to do any one trying.
Start in a low end, is the bassy disorder. Sub-I basses is in fact well, perhaps slightly overtuned. Mid-I basses results the terribly bloated, muddy monstrosity and to add insult to hurt, is augmented the atrocious quantities. Very unpleasant.
Lower mid to midrange follows similarly and the sounds have closed slightly. Moderated to subjects of severe congestion with low, and he same bleeds has bitten it the main mids and row of presence also. Like the result, vocals is less than desirable. Everything touches relatively dipped-same backside in big volume.
Also, has a TERRIBLE sibilance to somewhere around 2k-3kHz, that directs some salvation-hats to touch almost like white noise.
A highs further of this is so only decent. They can take the little glassy and brilliant but resist on amiably otherwise.
In general, these headphones have the complete to neglect for balance (which have expected) and resist the very typical V shaped byline. The clarity is to grieve passable, and soundstage is unimpressive. After the bit of EQ, the better sound, but of course, concealed is until an user.
Any type of aptX looks to maintain . The action of audio is slightly (still noticeably) better wire fence, but Bluetooth the connectivity is sum and hissing is maintained to an impressive minimum. A function of the impulse of the bass is there, but reason any one would choose to the use is further me. A ANC is well; he no a quality to touch any favours.
Like this far a description be quite negative, but maintain import a prize and the purpose have feigned. For the pair of $ 60 Bluetooth has beaten of the company ossia basically still the creature in an industry of audio, these am honradamente very bad. That lacking of the sounds do on partorisca in qualities of build, consolation, and facilitated of use. I have bought these to use in a metre, walking down a street, etc. And treat a lot well in this half half. I have not been Never meant to be monitors of studio. Some cushions of ear are very soft and offered a lot of hours to listen first to take uncomfortable/hot. It means it comunicacionales and the controls of volume are tactile and easy to use. The construction is that it creaks solid/microphonics in some hinges are not to present when moving around. If you are using this outside or approach other people, he casualidad is that a surrounding environmental noise will cover on a sub-quality of stellar audio anyways, included with a ANC on. In an end of a day, still would recommend these for any any one the comfortable and convenient pair of wireless headphones. Celery a lot well, and same class of smell of good legislation out of a box.
4 / 5
Has been excited to take these in the discount add, but that the emotion is waned quickly. They are quite sure my passive shooting earmuffs blocks more the sound that these things do with his ANC. I mean there was clearly the difference among when it was active versus no, but still could listen the whisper the few feet were. Still, it can have lived with him for a prize. Where He all has been he bad was when I dipped him on before jogging down my stairs. Each one which has not caused the strong in brilliant sound. I have thought perhaps it was a connection at the beginning, pulled out of my telephone, disconnected, and reconnected. What same. I have turned of a ANC, and no more in brilliant. Turned ANC behind on, the pairs the small jumps grieve to leave an earth, and there was again. I have then shaken my boss behind and advances and one that bursts arrived every time my direction of boss has changed. It does not look to take a lot to re-create a subject. Needless To say, will be to go back.
4 / 5
Possesses the pair of Bose QC 25 headphones that enjoyed thoroughly. They are my gone to headphones in almost each situation if that studies house or in the plan. This annulment of noise with a Bose QC 25 is well, but no like this well like QC 35. This in spite of, a quality of his of Bose is fantastic in my opinion and I have varied additional pair of Bose auricular that use in a gymnasium and like the backside on pair. I have converted included my woman to Bose quality. This be has said, has required them the pair of headphones to use law to flood out of a noise while doing in a computer and I have not loved to take a risk of mine Bose harm to suffer or that grows the legs and it walking was. Unfortunately I have the quality levels very big but the estimativa limited, as I have tried finds something concealed would fulfil my needs while not breaking a bank. It enters a Anker Soundcore Life Q20 auricular. Bought of Amazon in around one $ 50 mark, has imagined that a Anker the quality would do them durable, but has not been engreído that a quality of his and annulment of noise his same would compare to mine Bose. Wholeheartedly I can say that it was bad. A build is in fact better that mine Bose. Very solid this in spite of like this modernly styled and no bulky. While a sound is not Bose for any half, is point and averts thus point of prize. No the big defender of an impulse of basses likes done a totality of a music more subdued and a bit detracts of a global quality. Without an impulse of basses, has found that a quality of his a lot of rounded east and has quite a lot of punch so that it does not feel that lacking of in any of row. An annulment of noise is quite well, but no rival a QC 35, which the mine is a level for headphones of main finals. With just an annulment of the on done noise he noticeable difference in quieting conversations in an office around me, but conversations of still leaves too many strong to seep by means of. With annulment of the noise and the music have jointed, some noises dispel and is almost undetectable. An included spends the stock exchange is decent quality , but looks the little small for some headphones and the cords like look of auricular if slightly of clave out of a cup of a stock exchange. With a series of draw there is pulled joint, he tucks some headphones am gone in a stock exchange but has the tendency to compress some cups of ear, which create over time can limit his life has turned, those results in the need for substitution. In general, while any $ 300 headphones, is surprisingly robust in almost each facet and do the election adds for those in the estimate those who wish to enjoy some of some profits of one the big plus priced auricular while not breaking a bank.
4 / 5
Can not beat these for a prize. I have compared these to my friends Bose QC 35 noise that annuls the headphones and these better ! A quality of sounds in of the big volumes could be the little cleaner , but the law adds so that I need. These are utmost for mowing a gram and blocking a lawnmower noise of my turn of zero. Mina another neighbour of in an ear Anker auricular (Soundcore Vortex) need to be in basically of full volume to listen a music while mowing. These do not require to be thanks to an annulment of hybrid of active noise. I also really like a folding creation of these. The desire is coming with the better chance this in spite of as it plans on taking them to Europe. A hard chance would be better to spend it on walk to plan protect them . Ossia Really my only big complaint. Some bass on the characteristic is ordered and do quite well is to that. A life of battery is surprising in these hips. I had him for the week with the daily use and any one uploads still! In general I am very satisfied with a Anker Soundcore Life Q20 auricular. If you are in a phase for the good quality dipped of the noise that annuls the headphones will not be disappointed with these.
5 / 5
Loyal Anker client here. The different elements bought (chargers, powerbank, speakers, auricular..) Of this Mark. Satisfied with the majority of compraventa.

Ossia The new production with which Life 2. It looks included like life 2, but has added the Hybrid of Active noise that Annuls that it find on esoundCore Spatial NC'. I do not have any Life 2 or Spatial NC to compare an action of annulment of the noise. But I have tried Bose Q35II and Sony WH1000XM3 in a tent. Mainly it uses this headphone in an office to block some sounds of the discussion or calls of conference other people. Thus purpose, this headphone does not fulfil my expectation. Although mostly it deletes all some background noises (likes defender, conditioner of air,...) But still I can listen the voice of my mate with ANC on. Ossia My personal opinion , based in my chance of use. Another reviewers looks for the pleasure, reason want to be conscious when any tongue with them. He all depends in your situation.

Another that a ANC could be better, at all more can be complained, especially in this point of prize. So only like another Anker produced, a quality of build is sum. Has for two weeks now, never experience any subject of connection. Quality of his decent. It comes with the soft chance, which does not import .

Him him Any experience that compares his action of annulment of the noise with Anker Spatial NC or MPOW H10, please left to know me.
5 / 5
A sound are add, ANC done the good work that reduces a noise; THIS In spite of, there is the SERIOUS question. When ANC is enabled, any moderate shaking/movement of vibration (fast walking in hard paving or jogging) willl causes some headphones to emit A lot STRONG breaking/in brilliant sound. Besides, when entering the automobile and that closes a car door, a sudden transmission in the pressure also causes a strong breaking/in brilliant noise. Another way to reproduce a question is to touch in a cup of a tape (when spending he). These only looks @subject when ANC is enabled, a noise to crack is unbearable rendering a ANC unusable when I am not seating still. It can so only spent to be the subject of quality with my concrete pair, am taking the substitution and will update a description.
5 / 5
Trusting another ANKER produced, has think that these would be the compraventa strong . But it was disappointed enough. Few good qualities; it beat my life is sum and some cups of ear are soft still consolation. And then a number of poor qualities.
- Is returned quite big, no the complaint does so only, as they have seated lower in my ear.
- A quality of his this meso in better, the bass is good but all more is muddy.
- Annulment of the noise is not a More adds them.
- Worse of everything, a Bluetooth randomly disconnect. In the first place and second time used them, has not had the question, but a third time his disconnect and turn of each 15 minutes, in spite of a battery that is has touched fully. Any sure if ossia he outlier the defect but I to good sure will be to return these.

Taken $ 60 to spend for the product that loves you resupply one the majority of basic function, these are your headphones .

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Material shrek is the very pertinent film and the think that you would have to that look this film if you are in an age of consent.

Modification - a earbuds is so only roughly like this very like this shrek...

A earbuds in a 2nd photo has a hule new in an interior of a chance partorisca prevent a lining like this seen in an old earbuds chance.

Ps. This would have to that be a photo of new exposure partorisca a buds lol
4 / 5
Original buds was a lot. These are utmost! The call has improved a lot of quality. The music touches better also with an additional speaker (woofer and tweeter). All day and then some life of battery.
5 / 5
Have an original Samsung Buds and have 2 telephones ;Samsung UI Android and Apple IOS like new characteristic of multiple Bluetooth the pairings is good but clumsy. Volume to this next fund to the description but this so only means pairing ,can not use these buds on 2 devices in some same time.an the access is exactly one same like original buds and done the work adds partorisca me with passive noise is earbuds is quell'has bitten overrated reason your ear is exposed to sounds and am so only so much that an ear ANC works , has tried some buds and grieve done the difference and could give you the headache.

A global sound is the big improvement in an original buds and some accesses of low end on a sound súper grave but the definite improvement in general.uncallado The frame of the environmental microphone is the big improvement .A setting of half is spare to listen habladuría of people and of the big and laboratories of the his-the big extras is likes to listen could listen habladuría of people 20 feet was easily,kinda scary.unla The life of battery is more in some 8-9 hours are listening the music all a down to 11 hours probably zero out of a battery and calm do not want to quello.un'new application (the iOS is in my pictures) for a Buds in iOS copy any settings of Laboratory of the his arrives him dipped in a Samsung wearable but can do not to change them so only in ios.yo also remarked less difference among Dynamics,treble,bass etc in a iOS application vs. Samsung Involves disconnecting of a device and connecting to an easy east the disconnect in a Samsung but in a iOS has to that it has opened Bluetooth calm so only is using a device,the buds automatically connect and disconnect so that it is not the problema.un buds wants to connect to the Samsung device after beginning,but is changing is much easier that before.A touchpad options to touch all the work ,Spotify has to that be open or with the last clue that Spotify of touches there is not wake an application for me.unvosotros Laboratories double Tap for calm volume in the works lateralmente but calm really has to that paste a flange,too close up of a half and another do another (play next clue)the quality of Call is quite well ,if you are in the noises of place fill or near strong a person is speaking to the listen some of some sounds but no too bad.

I like a chance feels included by means of this shiny ,the lid now has the smooth to feel and better snap in highly recommends these to any with the Samsung device,these are excellent for a point of prize. I recommend upgrading is the defender of the music or use it more than a telephone regularly.Really it recommends a Cloud Blue colour, good and blends with people of the justest skin better that white in my opinion.
5 / 5
are by train of the MASTER!!!! ANY REMORSE!!! For judges of start, 2 speakers of way.... They are by train of the master!! More 'tugs!' Calm really can say a difference. Well, it has taken more responsive touchwise and any delay at all. Games, music, or film.. Any question. Some magnets and the hinge in a chance has taken tighter. Calm now will have any question loosing your buds to fall off of a chance when open. This is not the complete description. Like this far I do not have anything bad to say. I have not verified a mics, but has looked the description in yt and was the glass clears included external. So much, I will give these buds 5 stars!! I recommend!!! They are by train of the master So much! It is not to like soyeh' feeling when you dipped them in.. It is like 'wooooah'. Another feauture has added is a control of volume. Double tap a flange of a legislation bud and some looks of volume. Accident bud, turns of volume down. Mark suke to go to settings of laboratories and turn it on.
4 / 5
Touched him up and used him all day until an evening and I gotta say am impressed like this with a life of battery of these earbuds. Of 9I are to 6pm in the full load that settings of uses of Volume of MAX, has had still 10 accident which is really very compared to all another Bluetooth earbuds there, some 11 hours that Samsung announces is with a volume in 50. These Earbuds does not have the noise that annuls but with this $ 150 seal of prize has compared to all another big $ $ $ earbuds that , is the trade a lot was on the dot in favour of prize a consumer concealed is not looking to spend in $ 200 for some wireless quality earbuds. A characteristic of the his Environmental is utmost when I need to be alert of your half when using both earbuds. I am using these with my iPhone XR and has downloaded a Galaxy earbuds application besides to customise some settings and characteristic and settings of his interior a buds quite easily. A Sound are adds!! When they Are by train to fly them On full volume with some turns of characteristic of his environmental was does not listen anything more around me another that that it is streaming of my telephone. Has a AirPod Pros and touch the little better and a noise that annuls are to add but is $ 100 More adds them??? IMO Any, and where see a value of this Galaxy buds + in a AirPod Pros is to good sure in this life of Battery. So that the really all touches to lose to that esteem more out of use daily of your earbuds, a AirPod pros can any me never take by means of my work day constantly without that has to that recharge his each one that 3-4 but a galaxy buds took by means of 9 HOURS constantly and I juice had has left still in an end of my work day that is unheard of Bluetooth headset. If you want to maximice even more life of battery, so only use a earbud for 8-11 hours directly and when it runs was transmission earbuds and take another 8-11 hours while another bud is touching. Mina a life of Battery is the transmission of game and Samsung arrivals to dip a level that is possible out of tiny earbud battery. We change me like the newspapers airpod user to the galaxy bud defender besides but the android still has the long way to go compared the iOS in a side of iPhone of things.
5 / 5
The user of iPhone agrees these headphones and in my opinion wayyyy better that a regulate AirPods . 👌🏽 More beautiful, more discreet, more comfortable less expensive technology, newer. It has not tried a AirPods pro but does not want to annoy with this expensive some when has these. AMUR That Samsung has given users of Apple more support. You are able to change around some profiles of the his and customise a headset. One of some characteristic fresco is an environmental to touch that calm leave you to listen more than calm and a half around you. A lot of gain when you are was and roughly the compraventa precise still taking the call or wants to listen the music but still be able to listen people around you. Amur This characteristic. You can toggle the on and was as you require

has had some older versions and can confirm that these are stronger and have qualities of better call. All the world can listen me clearly and perfectly pending of the long calls. I will update this description if anything goes wrong but does not foresee it .

Is seriously like this quite amour a bit glimmery tampon to touch, agree me of an opal.
5 / 5
These are the together decent of some wireless earbuds. I have it there was so only for a day, as I can require regulate this description later, but tried them in several ways and has tried the majority of some options.

Is comfortable and coming with three insiemi of tips and wings. One helps wings to maintain a buds in your ear for hooking to an inner fold in your once twisted ear to plant -- you pode no to feel them, but try take out of a earbuds, has to be twisted to exit -- for this sure celery in your ear.

Also like that they can be used in of any ear the only earbud -- can have you one touching in a chance and use another and then transmission. It is also well that when apresamientos both were, automatically for audio (or video). He a lot automatically resume video/of audio, but can do that with the alone tap.

A way of looks of environmental noise to do quite well but there is remarked the noise partorisca whistle when moving quickly likes fast of walk or that careers. To good sure can remark the difference with environmental noise with him on and with decreasing/that grows a sensibility has seen an application of Wear.

A chance is good and small, but think that is reason so only stores one full load in him, but has not tried a life of battery still.

A sound is well with these earbuds. A bow could use more options. The quality of call is decent, perhaps the little tinny. Also, a person in another side of mine called of the telephone sprain informed in wind, are the little disappointed to the equal that has thinks that that some the extra microphones would be better in filtering was noise that has not been my voice of a call.

Some controls to the touch is quite sensitive and some so only one can customise is a tap along and there is has has limited options of volume (volume and sinister drop of right increases), commanded of voice, or his environmental (which turns was or on, does not change a sensibility).
4 / 5
Wow, has tried the majority of a name-branded wireless buds, like a new Jabra the Active elite 75t, Echo Buds, PowerBeats Pro, AirPods Pro, and all these painfully hurt my ears, then finally solved in a Sony WF-1000xm3. A Sony is has the quality of audio adds and awesome characteristic of application, delivery down, but his didnt looks to seat in my perfect ear, but was has had to that to live with him, of then his didnt hurt taste another buds. I have then taken he casualidad and has ordered these Samsung Galaxy Buds+ yesterday. Dipped his on done 30 minutes, and WOW, an access and the arrival is NIZZA, a quality of audio was utmost, not liking a Sony is, but still adds, and return my ear perfectly. An Environmental characteristic in these buds is crazy estupefaciente, and an extra-big environmental volume, is the secret service estupefaciente, WOW. Yes, a Sony is to have a quality of better audio out of all a earbuds has tried, but this Galaxy Buds+ is a lot of neighbour behind, and a fact that returns my ears like the glove, and all some characteristics, will not look much more there, Simply ecstatic and surprised in these buds. Very HAPPY , all has to that say is WOW, everywhere WOW.
5 / 5
This better access (the meaning is way more comfortable, and will not slip was like my airpod pros ). A music, podcasts and video of Youtube all his rich and that shines (use a Dynamic setting in an application). Passthrough The sound the million times better, which is extremely useful of earbuds dampens his around calm of course... Which is reason the does not lose an active noise that annuls at all. Here it is a thing of entity, can go a whole work day was some touches ! I have grown tired of 4 limit of now before it has to that touch my pros... Like this now they can seat a hell down to somewhere.
5 / 5
This better record (the meaning is way more comfortable, and will not slip was like my airpod pros ). A music, podcasts and video of Youtube all his rich and that shines (use a Dynamic setting in an application). Passthrough The sound the million times better, which is extremely useful of earbuds dampen his around calm of course... Which is reason the does not lose an active noise that annuls at all. Here it is a thing of entity, can go a whole work day was some touches ! I have grown tired of 4 limit of now before it has to that touch my pros... Like this now they can seat a hell down to somewhere.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I produce it adds, it is coming quickly the sounds is to good sure quite strong for me! earbuds Any key the quota sensitive key that marry of touches.
5 / 5
Has been buying roughly some wireless earbuds around one $ 30-$ 60 row lately. ( I possesses auricular more expensive and earbuds but sometimes is good to have the few available economic options in chances something takes fraction or has lost etc.)

For a prize, these are the good election . It is there better touching more durable earbuds there? Yes, of course it has! This be has said, can have three or four insiemi of these, or, a pair that is more expensive...

You paired with my iPhone XR without the question. A chance to touch works well, sound well for music and Netflix like this far, and an access is acceptable. Again, please agree a pricepoint here...

Are not the defender to do/recieving call them telephone to use earbuds reasons looks another person has question listening weaves it to me of a time. Like this according to which that the characteristic is concerned, can not comment on he still so only does not use it .

That the time has had to? I do not have any idea. If the things go downhill, will update my description.
5 / 5
Has bought recently another pair of wireless AirPod auricular fashionable, and has thought those were utmost for a prize. Then it has taken these Aukey some, and BLOW another pair out of a water!

These connect to the mine iPhone quite seamlessly. I took him out of a chance, plants him in my ears, and found the in Bluetooth marks immediately. A quality of his east orders, included in full volume, does not listen any sprain. A a subject with connection is that when I take a earpod, or add a earpod so only am spending a, partorisca for the second and create reconnects. The desire there has been the way to do he seamlessly.

A noise that annuls the look adds when you are in the strong volume. This in spite of, if you are down half volume, attended listen some out of noises. I spent him so only for an hour-travel car longitude when another listened to a radio, and had them on 75 volume. I have not listened anything excepts like listened to.

I looks of material quality well, a earpods snaps to a chance magnetically and feel very sure. All feels good to resist. One a thing I desire felt the little better is a hinge. When Ploughing a chance to touch, is the little release and does feels flimsy. It has not been that it could do for the transmission, ossia the question with the majority of a earpod touching chance.

Has bought real AirPods when they are in the first place exited, but did not like me that return in my ear. It has not been if my ears are too small, or tried to press his in too much far, but was so only never comfortable for me. This record snugly and securely, does not feel to like go to the fall was, and love a black colour in an aim. I have sold my AirPods to the member familiarised, but go to be to good sure maintaining these some.
5 / 5
Had bought the together of wireless earbuds the few months done, with era quite happy, lost him then and after doing enough the bit of comparison and reading a description for these I has been he advances and bought him thinking so only could him return if they did not like him.

Has received these the few days does and all can say is “WOW.”. Here it is reason:

-comfortable access with different measures for an ear gel.
-Comes with enough to upload to begin to use immediately (mark of the insurances apresamientos of a protect first plastic to touch or he no reason one wraps is feigned to protect a buds in traffic)
-pairing on a device with my telephone has taken everything of 4 seconds.
-I stays have connected included when it calms no your next telephone (until at least 30-40 ft)
- The SOUND: absolutely he épico data a prize, an action of basses is quite unreal, and listening the music with these versus with my forward some is the entirely different experience . I create, a sound in these is unbelievable.

Can not expect go in my weekly long careers , and cranking on a music.

I absolutely, without the doubt can recommend these earbuds!
4 / 5
Has been in need of the new pair of bluetooth earbuds for the moment. It was pleasantly surprised to find this pair abordable for Aukey.

I also active Aukey touching bosses and Aukey bluetooth transmitter for my car that has bought month. It finds his products to be extremely big quality for such prize abordable. I am resulted the defender of this mark on some last few months!

Has had feeling it these bluetooth earbuds would be excellent for my needs, but am impressed really for a quality. They return a lot well, the sound is excellent, touching/spending the chance is perfectly compact, and the life of battery is better that has expected.

Was able to use a bath in acting today and there is has not had to take my podcast... It was able to maintain listening with these earbuds roughly 20 feet out of my device. Bobo, but quite fresh.

HIGHLY recommend these earbuds! They Like him like this thinking roughly taking the 2nd pair. One for home & one to maintain work.
4 / 5
Ossia The add wireless headset for a prize! To the as it likes me in of this product is that among the pleasant small black touching chance. It covers so only he in and touches a headset. A rubberized earbuds he comfortable and easy to dip in your ears and feel sure that they will not fall era. I want that a product comes with an additional pair of rubberized earbuds in the chance loses one or require the different measure. A quality of his wonderful east and synchronises with your seconds of telephone interior. I have purchased this for my edges for Natal and now my daughter loves an after the try was! Ossia The add compraventa!!!!!
5 / 5
For a prize can has not beaten the and is aukey so much is the good mark . They are very easy to pair with the telephone, so only take them was and his quite a lot of pair they every time. Never it had it really the question of his products until this Bluetooth auricular. You trace the hill randomly begins to take staticy. After the pocolos according to a sound goes back on. Any sure if an altitude there has been anything to do with him; but they are the good pair of headphones.

UPDATE: it says 25 hours of playback but ossia A lot inaccurate. I have taken roughly 4 hours of playback for cariche; and ossia WITH WHICH touched him up in a chance. With a chance can perhaps squeeze 3 load for roughly 12 total of hours. I listen the podcasts during a day and is roughly 2.5 hours long. With which 2 podcasts are almost has died. I dipped him in a chance, his key on and am ready to go again. In a 3rd any load touched fully but has taken almost 2 now uploads before a chance has died.

IN GENERAL: For a prize is quite decent to the equal that have said before. It can calm it uses him the workout in? The no. chairs Enough so only in your ear. If it calms the master use while horse riding of bicycle ossia well. They are well for boys? Yes. If your boy so only loves a bit 'airpods' can take these and will do perfectly.
5 / 5
Is looking for A lot of earphones for both listening the music as well as doing calls these are the option adds ! I have tried a lot Bluetooth headsets, but, ossia my joint of prime minister entirely wireless.

Sound: I have been listening paralización mecer and some hip roughly heavier-hop the music and a clarity is well. A mid and highs is re-created well. Some bass is not very big, then , this loses the star in a description. In general, I love a start and there is not a lot of lag among a earphones. It is fresh that in the pinch so only a headphone can be used the time in place of both!

Microphone: calls of Telephone is a lot if no the little faint. The people say that I touch clear, this in spite of, admits that I touch likes are further out of a telephone. In general, I create this work well in the pinch. If you are in of the sales or needs to use a telephone for the long-time, would stick with the Bluetooth headset like the traditional Jabra.

Access and Arrival: a chance and a quality of the build of some headphones is utmost! I do not see any empty in a chance. It likes-I one four light touching indicators. Like other descriptions have mentioned, an USB-C is the characteristic reception if ossia the one who your uses of telephone (likes devices of Android newer). The desire there was the keyhole for the keychain of to the chairs like that could lose, but, no of the transmission of game. Some magnets resist some headphones to a chance securely.

The Waterproof/sport: I have not tried this (at length) still, this in spite of, a buds looks to remain in well while it runs. Based on reading other descriptions, some auricular look to be durable.

Can/of load: eye to be that it takes an announced 5-6 hours of runtime and one load is quickly. A chance touches this like this first time to go dead, calm would not owe that have the question.
4 / 5
A volume in max is a lot down, a record isnt a lot very neither. Interest to read some descriptions would think that that they were decent but a quality of audio is horrible. A earbuds no strong taking, an access is like this bad that calms can not take to focus pertinent and some bass is no existent.

Can find economic earbuds in the amazon concealed active tws and quality of his well, has to does not have to that solve still to to rubbishes like them to them these .

Aukey, would not buy never to this mark again. Beware!

Aukey has been spamming me of several gmail accounts to have me take my description instead for the repayment. I have refused and it has informed this vendor the Amazon . I will not take a sincere description instead for money or the repayment. A lot of sleazy practical business to harass the client instead for the good description.
5 / 5
While it possesses a lot on some headphones of ear, and is gone through the few different versions of wireless earbuds this connects via cord, these are my premiers corrected wireless earbuds. I shopped around for the year (I follows class of rediculous like this), reading descriptions of both experts and consumers. Truthfully, Is resulted bit it frustrated by an incongruence that has been it reading remained with a wide variety of points of prizes. While it was it has had to that to pay more than a cost of this particular model, certainly has does not love he like this lame lackluster action. I have found finally these while in fact looking for Aukey wireless totals. If you have not listened of a mark, suggests that calm try them is gone in some way, form, or form. I have discovered his products the few years does and really found the underlying gem in the pair of wireless earbuds (any 'true' to the equal that has mentioned before). I have it quell'has possessed of the small variety other products and generally feel like his quality to estimate the proportion is for real upper tier.

So that that loves in some wireless earbud? 1. Reasonably quality of the his solid for music. 2. Clarity and consistency for calls of telephone. 3. It did not love him to look rediculous in my ear- no too big or flashy. I have tried these for the week and am pleased enough on all three criteria.

Some things of pair:

1. I want that they connect immediately with my telephone when I take him out of a chance to touch (once is paired of course). I want that when it was then behind in, his disconnect and the turn was. Things of frames quite simple.

2. Earbud The access is all when it comes to touch quality and that remain in place. They come with three tips. I have tried all three. It has taken a focus better and his of a big plus for far. A focuses is that it resupplies depth to a sound, and with a right access, am pleased really with a sound. They like him listen the bass but any to stun for him and these do a work.

3. I have used these for the pair of calls of the conference and I have asked in fact another could me listen and has said that they could listen me really well. Ossia Where the plot of some wireless earbuds look to struggle based in the descriptions have like this the works are pleased these will do a work.

I subjects so only has had is a subject with each earbud has has not used never. While exiting and taking sweaty, a earbud will slip the little in a canal of ear. It is the smallest annoyance for me and no the breaker of extracted. Have Little 'wing' connectors other insiemi that control to help earbuds can try with these results more than a subject.

Inferior line, for a prize has paid, am really happy with these and will continue to be the happy Aukey client.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Begin was, are any the one who spends for workout to the receiver likes them to them the candy. I have had the pair of Powerbeats that would die on me once the month (the quality of product adds...), And like the result, are constantly cycling by means of auricular as it likes to listen the habladuría/of music radio/podcasts as I am exiting and/or pounding a pavement. Another pair of wireless headphones that has is a Anker Soundcore Life P2 (link: and it will be partorisca compare against these.

The unboxing, a pairing was incredibly easy as literally it calms so only burst an out of a chance and pair in a telephone (user of Android here)

Some Tests:
With respecting the music, some bass comes by means of deep, but some pocolos empty (can not expect too given a point of prize here). Besides, with one in-character of ear of this receiver, can block out of the decent quantity of background noise. As expected, irradiates of habladuría and the podcasts have come by means of perfectly of well.

Has called of telephone:
These come with ENC (any ANC), but well. That is of the entity of mine is that I can listen another habladuría of person, and that can listen me. I can confirm that partorisca called of telephone, can listen another person a lot clearly by means of both ask of ear, and that has not had any subject with another person that listen.

Life of battery:
almost has taken 7+ hours in the alone load, which is phenomenal. One full load so only in some looks of chance to attack out of half of one uploads of battery, like this calm probably is looking around 24H of time of first total game to require to touch both a earbuds and chance..

A true separator. A lot the headphone has been destroyed by a prodigious quantity to sweat that I create while running (thinks concurrido of wet mesh when that runs the 5K). This has said, has dipped these by means of a gauntlet both by means of lifting of weights, when being in an elliptical, and in external current in a pavement. If you are concerned roughly not listening environmental noise while running (i.et. The automobile that uploads against calm), does not concern , calm still will listen noise quite environmental to dodge the transports said (unless absolutely you are flying music). Earloops Has ensured also that these do not fall off easily.

Both earbuds characteristic some keys of same control: volume and fines-function. A fast has duplicated the active tap Siri/that has taken of Google.

A pros:
- Earloops ensures that a earbuds does not fall was as you are exerting, raisin comfortably also
- quality and Deep bass of his decent for a prize
- In-ear buds offered some isolation of the his ( will require to touch around with a measure)
- Waterproof / Sweatproof (at least to sweat caused to run)
- ANC for calls so only
- qualities of Good call in both ends (any @@subject that is to listen)
- process of easy pairing (user of Android)
- USB-C touching
- life of Solid battery
- controls of Volume in a earbuds
- Double tap to access the Siri / that has taken of Google

A gilipollas:
- No ANC (data expected a point of prize)
- Bulky chance (informs to pictures)
- No quite like this snug of the access has compared to the mine Anker
- leaves Fermi in the reasonable quantity of environmental noise (probably to be solved to return a earbuds better)

Recommendation: Absolutely recommend given a point of prize.
4 / 5
Simply place, these are the fantastic value . It had been looking for some of confidence, fines-purpose earbuds for the moment when I have found these and decided to give them shot it. Given a point of prize, was pleasantly surprised in the very these touched – at all elegant, but more than pertinent for both music and of the calls. A microphone touches clean, with far less white noise that another has struggled with. A construction of a earbuds is a lot of sturdy, solving comfortably to an ear without any danger of falling era. The pairing is the breeze by means of devices ( has paired to both mine telephone and computers without question), and a key lateralmente the easy fact to connect/disconnect quickly. Both earphones is able of pairing in his own, which is a lot wants to leave a free ear to listen a room around you. A chance that/touches the port is very drawn, sturdy, and abundance of controls of cariche. In general, the quality dipped of earbuds in the prize can has not beaten. To good sure recommended.
5 / 5
Ossia My second pair of MPOW earbuds. Also I have a M30s, which uses (and recommend!) For around city and tucking under my helmet of motorcycle. MPOW Offered these Suns of Llama likes them part of the promotional shot.

Has been spending these for the few hours like this far and a better thing roughly is which sure feels. A small plus M30s can slip while I am running, but these are not going anywhere! A selection of a volume and keys/of the pause of the game is also a lot well for workouts reason is easy to find some keys while moving. To good sure will be to change to these for my careers.

Quality of his decent east but no quite like this well likes M30s. Certainly a lot enough to exert, and has left in enough of background noise that am not concerned roughly taking paste for the car. As mine another MPOWs, a process of pairing is súper of confidence and taste that can use of the only bud the time. The quality of call is also well, bit it better that a M30s.

A chance is very big, but then again has to that be to return a big ear-hooks. It would recommend that MPOW adds the loop for the strap in a next version of a chance. As with mine another MPOW produced, an inclusion of USB-C touching are adds!
5 / 5
Had excited really to try these earbuds of then offer full operational control with one or both in, is untethered so that it does not have one hangs it was while utilisations another (how is a chance with my MPOW D7s), and have the clip of sure ear that his perfect fact for biking, exiting, actively moving around a house, etc. Especially for those of us the one who has question in now traditional earbuds in our ears. They come amiably packaged, although a container to touch is fact of the softest plastic and is main that that of Apple AirPods Pro. Also it takes the little while to take used to like this to situate them properly in one load, a placing feels bit it odd at the beginning. But of course, a real question is like them has touched. I compared him both to mine AirPods Pro and to mine MPOW D7s, both duquel really taste. At the beginning, it was a lot of disappointed. They looked to return a lot of loosely in an ear and touched quite tinny, far worse that any of some another. But I have then taken a earbud the tips has in a D7s (can not take was aftermarket or any) and dip his in an Alone of the llama and all have changed. These tips were the little main has bitten that one the big plus of some tips has distributed with a Llama. All of the sudden, everything returns well, some basses have had very deep, some the big notes have come by means of well and listened with the clarity more adds that I have had with a D7 and almost in the pair with a AirPods Pro (and for the tiny fraction of a cost). Also it could change a volume of a earbuds his more than that have to that use Siri or go to the to to my telephone likes has to that with a AirPods. This was the big plus for me. A connection of telephone and the sound was like this clear in this he so that it was in both a AirPods Pro and a D7s.

Tried him read and found his moderately comfortable. His bulkier form the factor me feel them when I have dipped in my side in the way that has not felt a AirPods. Prpers Having said that, is not big, so only the little too big for this application. But, in any one another application dondequiera his well, easy control of any ear, and the access sure a lot @@subject that am doing, these will be my gone to earbuds. As to prize, if I lose him, is the less expensive plot to substitute that AirPods Pro. While a AirPods Pro Can embroider these was slightly in his, not having enough differentiates for me to concern further of applications. And in these situations where am looking for a better loyalty, will go with any outside headphone, any earbud. Final verdict, if your ear is the measure where an access of enclosed tips, then these are the no-brainer and highly would recommend him. One same applies is has had to that do the little work to take the main tip calm require it. If, this in spite of, has the main ear and loves something perfect legislation out of a box, can wants to look elsewhere. Plea of authorship, this description, while it represents the sincere mine unvarnished opinion, will result in my be reimbursed a price of compraventa of these earbuds. I can say wholeheartedly, this in spite of, that these am resulted for real my new goes you-daily buds and that a AirPods Pro now is taking the rear chair and is spent so only was paralizaciones to the situations of special use likes him listen the first music of falling slept at night.
5 / 5
These MPOW auricular of Only of the Llama some better that has the place was to do, ossia to be a better value workout auricular around. In this point of prize, is unmatched.

These headphones a lot of good things and some things any so many. Some bass has very deep and punchy, a perfect mate for workout and formation. A earpieces is comfortable out of a box and coming with 3 extra closings of tips of hule of different measures. A thing that underlined for me was an isolation of noise . I tried him seating afterwards to the songs have touched in the Macbook Pro the speakers have turned to full volume ( all know the one who strong can take), and an isolation of the his in this Alone of Llama earbuds was astonishingly well. Some also connected auricular to both my telephone of Android and Macbook seamlessly without question at all. A mic adds like my voice in the call was clear in another side, thanks to ENC annulment of noise. Some keys of control are easy to use and responsive. These come with the USB-C touching boss, as any USB-C touching the blockade would do, mine Macbook the load touched them on any time. A chance to touch is also light and easy to spend around, with magnets to without accidents resist a earbuds inner.

These when be said, a quality of his, especially in a mids and highs leave room for improvement. A mids his muffled and highs is uninspiring. A lid in a chance to the touch does not go like this far behind as it would have loved and are fearful could break a hinge mistakenly.

In general, these are excellent for a prize and adds in value. Obviously it is naive to expect his of quality of the prize in this point of prize, for this am very pleased with these and his that is to draw to do without in of the llamas the hole in your pocket. Workout bluetooth earbuds Does not take any better in this prize.
5 / 5
Have a MPOW m30 earbuds to which likes to except the few annoyances. These suns of Llama (with chance) is Much bigger that a m30s, which can see you in mine has has attached photo. No quite like this lustrous and portable, but much easier to open and better for me in general.

Has exchanged a too much-big tip for one of a small plus some resupplied and has been surprised in as comfortable and ensure these are.

Has looked for something to spend when listening to a audiobook and lying law with to migraine, in that time I wear a gel beanie. Unfortunately a gel beanie constantly is actuating a control to touch of a m30s and sending a volume on or down or so only prendiendo playback.

Of these suns of Llama have physical keys, a gel beanie no longer interferes . Also a lot it prefers physical keys podes clicks in place of the control to touch, as it concealed can be temperamental (possibly so only my dry skin).

Some bass is to good strong insurances (almost too strong for my flavour), but music and audiobooks is quite clear and understandable. Neither they block his as well as a m30s (does not return like this tight) but concealed them more comfortable as I will take it.

Also really taste that there is of four indicator of lights of battery - is much clearer that would beat some chances has left that a m30s, which have of the light that colour of transmissions.

In general prefers these to a m30s, and am very pleased that I can listen while falling slept without any) strangling I with the cord or b) that loses a earbud to somewhere in a bed. I did not use him to run or exiting, as I can not speak to this, but to good sure would recommend him for random music and audiobook listening - especially law.
4 / 5
A big selling the points of these headphones are, as I see it, (1) is almost certainly not going never to fall off your ears, has spent properly; (2) there is really punchy bass; (3) some cariche of chances with USB-C; and (4) has life of long battery. I will say more roughly each one that like this in some sections down.

(1) Spending some headphones

Plant some few headphones on to dip a earpiece in your ear and then rotating a hook around an ear, until I am sure. If calm any rotate some headphones, will not be sure. Some headphones are a lot read, as they do not bounce any one a lot when you ran or movement around. Reason are like this light and a hook maintains him sure, is hard to imagine them a lot that drop never of point. This the quite ideal to exert.

(2) Quality of his and record

One the majority of noticeable the appearance of a profile of the his east a punchiness of some bass. They are not the person of big bass, as I have found that some bass was also when listening to hip hop. It felt he likes has taken to a point where an only thing remarked in a music was some bass . But when listening the music another quell'hip hop, has appreciated some bass to plot more. So you are really to down, then these are going to utmost for you. If you are not the defender of the basses and calm listens the music, likes hip-hop, where adding a has fallen extra to some bass could ruin an experience for you, then these could not be your ideal headphones.

Further some bass, some auricular offer the solid sound for a point of prize. If you are a audiophile, these could no to please you, but suspicion at all in this point of prize goes to please a audiophile. These headphones treat in a level would expect for headphones in a 30-40 prize of row of dollar.

(3) Touching if

A headphone the chance is big. Ossia To a large extent because of requiring to house a big earhooks in some headphones. A chance is quite big that calms does not go to want to he in your pocket. If you have directed to take he in there, would look ridiculous and feel uncomfortable. Ossia The chance that leaves in your stock exchange or in home, while taken your headphones am gone in the career.

A chance has 4 lights in the to indicate level of load. When All four is lit, a chance is in full load.

Some cariche of chances have seen USB-C. A boss is comprised. It is USB -C in an end and USB regulate in another. Any discharges of wall is comprised. So much, calm neither will require covers it the to the device of USB, like the laptop, or will require the USB uploads.

(4) Life of Battery

A battery is estimated for 28 hours. I have not tried to run some headphones for the plenaries 28 hours to see if ossia attentive. But the courses for several hours of use, without touching, and was strong. As I am feeling sure that they do not go to run never was before I am done using them.

(5) Verdict

These are auricular solids . It would not doubt to buy them again. They are absolutely utmost to exert. I think that it that it would prefer the model without a characteristic+ of basses, of some bass is too punchy for me with some music. But any the one who is the down, or at least never annoyed for extra bass, would have to feel a lot of hesitation in choosing these up.
5 / 5
Has had already four different Mpow produced, as they are already the defender, but when Mpow on request would like to revise these Mpow Only of Llama Bluetooth Earbuds instead for treats it special has jumped in a casualidad.

- These am returned more securely that any earbuds has had previously, of any mark.
- Have real keys to press in place of just touching a earbuds
- has the key in both an accident and right earbud, neither one will do
- There there is also the control of volume/after/forward in the each one earbud
- can use You so only a earbud he loves
- touch utmost, and loves some Register+
- have the chance to touch

really has not had a lot of gilipollas for me but I will direct some gilipollas has read in other descriptions.
- Roughly say wish a chance to touch was smaller, but is well for me in approx. 2-7/8 x 2-1/2 x 1-1/2
- Roughly says has received so only a measure of earpads, but has received four and think that is that has spent. In a packaging, a cord to touch and extra earpads is down a molded plastic cradling a earpod chance. A bit baggie with some tampons of ear take stuck in this plastic cradle, as gone back he on and look down and has your extra earpads. They would be easy to lose, and calm once the spears was a packaging has gone.
- Can be been well to have the hook for fastening the loop or keyring, but does not treat it big.

Finally, these are now my preferred new earbuds, as they are by train to give them 5 stars. And yes, I have received the special shot, but this description expresses that honradamente chairs in this product.
4 / 5
A Mpow So only of Llama Bluetooth Earbuds is so only that looked for in my next pair to workout auricular. They combine consolation of cord free, light consolation, IPX7 waterproofing, his well, and the low prize adds! While mainly I will use him with an iPad and my bicycle of exercise for workouts, I also paired his felizmente to the Windows 10 PC, the MacBook, and an iPhone 8. All has done adds, although I have had question with a level of volume in a MacBook.

This true wireless earbuds is very light and comfortable to spend for long periods of time. Has one in a loop of ear and four insiemi of different sized tips (sees photo). This servants to maintain them very stable in your ears, included during one the majority of forceful workouts. Like the result, is a bit main that more wireless earbuds there, which also means a chance is main that a lot another earbuds. It has attached the photo of a chance to touch and one of a earbuds with the neighbourhood for reference. A chance will take on upper of considerable space in the pocket like the result. This in spite of, ossia the worthy tradeoff that considers an exceptional stability in your ears, especially during very active workouts.

A quality of audio is a lot well for the together of headphones in this row of prize. When Listening the music, has found a quality of audio to be slightly tinny when mine compared MPow X3 earbuds or mine Airpods Pro, but in general a quality of audio is excellent. When Looking contained in mine iPad a quality of audio was utmost. A earbuds also done well for calls téléphonique and of the on-line meetings in of the multiple devices. I have not had Never the question clearly that comprises a conversation or the be has listened. Answering and in during call them was very easy that use a creation of simple key. In general, it was very impressed for a functionality of audio of a device.

Perhaps a big plus that sells the point of an Alone of the llama is some keys maquinales in each earbud. Smaller earbuds trade of must of keys for any some classifies of function of tap or he fines-function but a lot terribly tactile key. There is not any trade-offs here, neither is there any complex 1,2, or 3 press/of sequences to touch to use common functions. There is the together of rocker keys that volume of boss on and down with the alone press and skip/repeat functions with the long press. There is averts main key in a side that do fault to touch/half comunicacionales of pause or calls/of finals of the response with the alone press. A main key also summons the assistant of your device with the long press. When Using earbuds with the function of tap during workouts, constantly has had taps accidentels when it would dry a sweat of my boss. I sweat to plot, like this mechnical the keys ensure has no such question with an Alone of Llama. A device IPX7 waterproofing also is the must where the sweat is concerned.

Is looking for pocketability And upper audio quiality, suggests a MPow X3 the active noise that annuls auricular, which also has. This in spite of, masters his well, rock solid stability in your ears, and some global utmost workout partners, does not have better seen that a Mpow So only of Llama Bluetooth Earbuds.
4 / 5
Has begun to run the longest distances that my leading 3 careers of thousands. This has continued to beautiful darn time of the cold winter where is looking for around ice creams, if any down with windchill. I prefer an old hard pupil gummy earbuds this was quite regulate for a time an along and even more available corded. Of course resulted like this wireless more common, as to has done this soft gummy fashion. Any like him To Him his feeling at all. In my experiences with included walking around a house with them on, there looked to be as the 'thud' in each step and the just odd things have not been used to listened or feeling. After the few careers with the boss according to looks frozen that has taken taken in an outside of an arm and almost yanked an ear buds was, smacked in a face, etc., has decided to give bluetooth try it.

Has been with mpow reason have had good regime with other products of the his. It has directed in an individual earbuds concealed wrapped around an ear for security added. I have had one 11 one thousand course this weekend and has spent these. I have taken used to all some odd small things of this fashion in that then and found his quite comfortable, the sound was adds. I have tried to take the call in the house and touch utmost. This will be the enormous profit of bluetooth while it was in the career - I easily can take the call! They are happy has not taken a bondadoso that classifies of float in my ear with regulating it sweaty hat while in the career. Totally I can see that it attacks out of another fashion while it runs and fixing the tight, in a hat of ear.

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