Drew Sikora

Drew Sikora: Author

Games Industry Peon.

Drew Sikora has been active in the games industry since 2001, when he co-founded the NJ North IGDA chapter with Darrell Porcher, which has since grown to become one of the leading IGDA chapters in the world. He’s been involved with GameDev.net since 2000, becoming Executive Producer in 2006 and working hard with his team of awesome people to make GameDev.net a valuable resource for game developers of all trades.

He’s also worked with Game Institute since its conception in 2001, supporting the growing community, managing live seminars on game development topics by experienced industry members and judging the institute’s regular game programming challenges. His past writing credits include three chapters in Game Design Perspectives (published by Charles River Media), contributing to and editing the GameDev.net Collection series (Published by Cengage), and well over 100 articles and interviews published on GameDev.net covering industry events and game development topics. Since 2008 he’s been mentoring students attending the GDC as part of the IGDA’s scholarship program.

When he’s not doing anything industry-related, he can be found practicing martial arts, bouncing high on trampoline or tumbling, doing stuntwork, playing his Playstation3, driving really fast in his car or on his motorcycle, hanging with friends.

Specialties: C/C++ Programming, TorqueScript, management

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