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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Prpers Having Coming the possession of two different products partorisca car headlight recovery, has thinks that would try to direct the comparison of boss, Some two produced are one 3 M Headlight System of Recovery (PN 39008) and a Meguiar Perfect Clarity Headlight Recovery Two Box of past (from now on know like this Meguiar is).

A headlights in my car had begun partorisca aim a telltale opaqueness characteristic of harm of sun and oxidation. I have begun with a more involved system for 3M - a process is partorisca use the series of disks the first sand of an opaque discharge and then the imperfections in a surface have left of a first disk the most final scratches and more final until it takes to the freezing appearance and then polish a headlight has spent with polishing compound until it takes the clear surface . A Meguiar the product requires less any in that begin with rubbing it composed and then after achieving a spray of freezing appearance with the clear protective coating.

- a 3M produced has left the clear a-yellowed headlight coverage
- a Meguiar the product has left the clear a-yellowed headlight coverage
surprised, essentially was in my equally effective opinion restores a headlights

Ease of Endeavour / of use
- a 3M produced has taken roughly 60-90 minutes partorisca undress and buff the only headlight, remarks that this is to be do that it use the wireless hammer ( can require to to a pertinent launch likes him the annex of the boxes is smooth and round where my hammer required it hex leg) doing diverse steps and drying down partorisca value first progress to advance to a next disk [ commentaries that a precaution of instructions you partorisca mask around a headlights partorisca prevent harm to a product, would suggest multiple discharges in some zones where one paints is more probably partorisca take fraction, varying for automobile - I suggests this reason have cut entirely the alone discharge of tape in a zone and there is lined a product ]
- a Meguiar the product has taken roughly 15-20 minutes, this was by means of intense side at the side rubs it of a headlight with a tampon of applicator, adding more buffing to to the compound likes him the surface is dry result and drying down partorisca value first progress of a final of spray in any [ notes that precise here also, but now partorisca protect against overspray of a discharge partorisca protect, also, be careful in your technician of spray how is possible to finalise with drips because of too much application of spray ]

In general, as I can see of a semi-detached before and with which some both systems have done well, a difference that is mostly in a period to time required to achieve an effect. In general, I like a Maguiar the better product because of a time reduced (although a manual endeavour was more intense). P-)
4 / 5
Really loves of the pocolos resulted of this product! I took 4hrs total, but is worth it to see some results of finals. This stock of 13 years headlights has has not received never any treatment and has build of oxidation of entity up. A car is still in condition of mint and has been touched up with painting the time of pair, but this cloudy headlight was a plague of eye! Has read first descriptions to purchase and was sure can manage a work. Has has followed instructions attentively and has gone back and advances among one 800 grit and wet trizact 3000 sand before I have moved to a buffing with rubbing compound. You grieve I buffed out of a lentil, result more clearer! It was surprised like this in some results, and proud of him! I also purchased and has used a Meguire headlight clear discharge to help protect a lentil, which is supposed to last until the year. To good sure buy this again.
If patience of the and time, will take some better results of of the this. I took 2 hrs for headlight. All precise is resupplied in this box, all precise is the hand-held hammer (corded or wireless with the battery has touched fully extra bands), masking tape, bounces he of spray with water, and a lot of paper towel. Has has added photo and the video of periods of the time of my progress. I also done in a fog lights a following day, the picture is aimed.
4 / 5
Ossia The description for a 3M 39175 Has to that Weighed Headlight Box of Recovery. I have begun with entirely opaque lenses has done that way of years to be estacionados outsides in a sun. As I am come from with each sanding no, has been concerned if a lenses never clear. Finally when I have applied a clear discharge, could see a result of final had wanted. Any so only was a lenses clear, but easily could see some light bulbs inside a headlight organism. Strongly it suggests to follow some directions attentively, comes from dulcemente and deliberately, and using all a sanding disks (three of one 500 grit and two of one 800 grit in the each one headlight, previously to use one 3000 grit disk). THIS In spite of, there is the deception in some directions that has called 3M roughly and am happy has done. It says that after applying a first discharge and it leaving dry, that first to apply a second spent would owe that go back the estep 11' that involves that you have to that sand again with one 3000 grit disk. A person of support in 3M has said to be bad, concealed after a first dry discharge to so only apply a second spent on that and to the left dry at least an hour. Any sanding go in spent. It says that sanding among the discharges have USED to be part of a process, but no with a current box. At any rate, I am very happy with some results and the hope have had to that for years.
5 / 5
This box has done a lot well take my net headlight behind to be clear in place of ice cream and an only drawback has found was still although I taped around then has used the hammer with his sanding annexes when he veered of a lentil never like this slightly yard to the tape of a painter and scuff one paints that it surrounds a headlight lentil. It have used a Meguiar 2-Give a no Headlight Box of Recovery Sanding and Polishing System G3000 this has the hand sanding boss and water of uses for wet sanding and although I have had to that exert more esforzo his system was much easier to control of then has not used my hammer the sand with and his sanding cushions like used waters it has not been like this aggressive like dry sanding was with a 3M box. If utilisation a 3M box again to good sure will go with more than discharges of tape to try and protect the arrival to paint of a car. I think that that they have declared to use 2 discharges but I probably would add 3 or 4 next times. One another note is that with a 3M box is lucky to take a place of headlights cleaned with him but with a Meguiar the box was able to clean 2 headlight together and has had still enough the bit of the polish and the protective solution have left in his bounced. 3M so only resupplied the small pouch of his compound to rub (but was sufficient to do on 2 headlights) and has to that buy his protective solution wants to maintain a clarity for the moment. I have used in fact some of a Meguiar protective solution after using a 3M box.
4 / 5
Was skeptical when I have bought this box but I was pleasantly has surprised. That has discovered has not been to take discouraged to the equal that am spent peels each step of a process. A headlights looked very better after a third a lot but has not looked in some pictures I posted until I have applied a step of clear discharge. It can not believe a difference that last any fact in taking them to finalise line. Ossia The box adds and has done my daughter Mini the look is exited a showroom.
5 / 5
Are a type of buyer that does the plot to research first to pull a trigger in the compraventa and a chance to buy the headlight the box of recovery was any exception . Now that has bought and has used this box, the few useful clues:

- On Amazon, has had three 3M boxes have listed, one 39008, one 39014, and 39045 for approx $ 17, $ 18, and $ 24 respectively, everything with descriptions adds. It can any one for a life of me enciphers out of a difference int boxes, as I have been with an economic plus, a 3M 39008 Headlight System of Recovery of the Lentil. Well, now I know a difference. ALL some boxes comprise:
1 - 3M hammer that the dish has retreated
4 - P800 grit the abrasive disks tip
6 - P500 grit yellow disks
1 - P3000 Trizact disk to foam
1 - Orange foam compounding tampon
1 - 1 oz. 3M headlight shows of polish of the lentil

- A 3M 39014 Lentil the box of Renewal comprises all an on more:
1 - 3M Masking Tape PN 0000 25 ft.

- A 3M 39045 Lentil Box of Renewal with Protectant comprises everything of an on more:
1 - Container of protectant formula

has has had to that do tape, as any biggie there, and has used so only the big quality automotive wax in a lenses when I have been done, as I have not required a 3M 'Protectant formula'. Calm also resupplied the 1200-1600rpm hammer (use the corded hammer, wireless so only will not cut it , will run out of touching immediately) and beg it boat with simple water.

Perhaps my lights were particularly bad, but took the good 1.5 - 2 hours FOR lentils to take some results have done. But they are the perfectionist , and has taken my time. It say that some lights are exited in 99-100 I am not sure the one who that has written the bad negative critiques, but is some directions and take your time, some results are utmost.

Some tips:
- in a prime minister any with a P500 grit. I clean a lentil and a Thick disk. Some works of old towels well for a lentil and that the paintbrush to product has done well in a disk. To clean a thick disk, was able to do both light with just the only P500 disk. If calm haste, you clog on a disk and require the new a. Ossia One the majority of time consummates any, took roughly the hour to lentil.
- In a P800 disk, included like this on, clean a disk and a lentil often!
- With one 3000 wet disk. It maintains a tampon and a wet lentil, wipe a lentil often! (Remarking the model?)
- In a step of polish, so only the little compound goes the long way! So only say quantity in an of calm tampon so only well.
- Finalise up with to wax of good big quality in a lentil to protect your work!

Take you time and follow some directions, will be very happy with some results. For $ 20, and 4 hours of my time, was very happy. Very better that one $ 180.ºtiene For new lenses!
4 / 5
Like this the have the toyota rav4 and the lexus is300.

The Rav4 was first. And it was really bad with flaking clear discharge. So much the begun in the first place with one 500 grit paper in the hammer and sanded until a powder the take was white vs a yellow clear discharge old. With which have moved to a 800 grit which there is softened out of the scratches of one 500. With which the moved to a Trizact disk and has used the 409 boat has fill mostly with water and the small quantity of soap of dish. Ossia Where a magic spends. Once a clarity is returned. I cleaned it it was and then moved to a still tampon polish of orange foam and rubbing compound. Amazing. (Tip: apply the say me sized quantity of compound to a foam and then dab a foam in a headlight surface until it is equally has extended was, this will reduce for has it has composed launched of a surface) when you are calm fact go scratches. Behind on the steps of pair and then continue by means of some again.

Of the that Forgets still to seal a headlight. Have take a clear discharge uv protect. Utilisation a uv cement Rustoleum clear for plásticoes. But first of calm that. Cleaned of a headlight with to wax and cleaner of fats likes you for you can use alcohol in the grandson rag. Good regime! Take your time. It uses tape of blue painters, and take your time and maintain cleaning your sanding paper with him microfiber towel.
4 / 5
WELL, has deceived!

Has has restored now 3 cars with this a box this in spite of has more the supplies have left to do more. WELL, there is polished Plexiglas before, aircraft mostly and have the few hours of hundred under my hand of tape that polishes plexi manually have had like this the light advantage.

Here is that I use these boxes. In the first place, an aggressive disk? It surrounds mine 220 grit DMT in the to attack down all a big grit and soften. I then use him bounce he of spray with warm but no hot water with 2 drops of soap of liquid dish, Dawns does a lot well. I have dipped a disk to the cube to start with and fresh water that takes a oxidization with a coarse tampon in constantly of water of spray in a light like him a tampon around in of the circles of measure of cup of caffè. Once it has the good quantity to aim gunk slime of a light, drought a light was and dip a tampon the fresh water, then repeat a process until a whole lentil is white but has no deep scratches.

Repeats a process with a prójimo two disks, maintaining import that prints a tampon to a lentil, he gunk on and that that the tampon is has shot! Slow speeds, light pressure, lost of water, ANY gunking on a tampon.

All of some tampons with an exception of a first tampon is everything roughly take some semence a first tampon done but if no lame all a way by means of a milky aim oxidization spent with a first tampon, will not have clear lenses when you are done.

Once volume to a sponge and a polish, maintains to import that a polishes the thickness or drys was, will burn a lentil. Use like small (BB measured dab) of a polish (buffing composed) to the equal that can and maintain a sponge that movements! It does not use pressure, has left a sponge a work. Yes, you take time, be patient.

Good regime, ask to questions likes them .
4 / 5
3M 39175 box is the terrific box if your lenses is in shape bad / yellow ash. I take the few hours, but am pleased sure. A box is this in spite of thorough to comprise the together of gloves to manage his UV protectant toallitas humid of clear discharge, which is a final step after drying to give your headlights that new and shiny look. Admitted has taken so only 'with which' pictures, but to see a main haze of lentil, control out of some flanges of some lights of fog- was that bad, and a headlights has had yellow- dark yellow oxidization in of the random zones, mostly in an upper half of a lentil. A better joint can give is to take to the yours time likes , and follow of some instructions until you sand a lenses to the uniform scratchy first haze of thought even roughly paste the with one 3000 grit tampon and water. It maintains quell'water handy and maintain spraying of an aim slurry after your final 2 or 3 steps with one 3000.
4 / 5
Mina 07 Deep CRV with 150,000 miles have had strongly yellowed headlight lenses. I have tried this product and has been surprised with some final results. You owe that follow some directions attentively. I took roughly 2 1/2 hrs. To do both headlights. With a prime minister sanding looks as if your headlights ruins , but clave with him, will exit to like glass like this progressively more final grits polish a lentil.. The mine headlights in a cochera and a powder of lentil is everywhere state. Also with a final application, is required to wet the sand and an annex of the hammer of the spinning has done also a slurry of water and fly to powder roughly. Also utilisations the mask of leak of the particle to prevent that it inhales a powder. A bit the work is involved, but some results are surprising. I am gone through three transmissions of battery with mine 18 volt wireless hammer.

Top Customer Reviews: iBrightstar Newest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
These have been installed in a front headlight is the intermittent trace in the 2012 F150 Supercrew EcoBoost.

Installation: it installs it was the breeze . Open hood, takes three 9mm rays (thinks was 9mm), more a phillips ray of cape of type of plastic kerb. After it conceal, simply it pulls softly in clear while mecer side in side. The socket to twist to the tension was light bulb to contain , then light bulb of attraction directly out of socket. It installs new FOCUSED, repeats very on.

Remarce: The polarity has DIRECTED imports. If a FOCUSED does not act, apresamiento, has said he around, then reinstalled. Both of the mine have done immediately.

Action: These are significantly more than shining then a OEM the halogen is. There is not very subject with that treats to bend which are utmost. Quan Flashing, A brilliance differentiates among clear current and the flash is acceptable and comparable in a relative difference in brilliance of the halogen. -- The can not comment in longevity. Update in a future (or start ).

IN GENERAL: it recommends these to substitute OEM light bulbs.

The pictures have attached. Alas I am stupid and planned to complete this at night, even so it fail to do so. The picture at night is OEM. Day The picture is DIRECTED. (Any one very useful, knows. It uploads the picture at night of DIRECTED later)
5 / 5
I installed it has DIRECT light bulbs of a lot of different providers and until recently used JDM Astar like my vain-in mark. But these are so brilliant (perhaps included the little more than shine), has the better difference among dim and brilliant beginning, and crowd out of a better lentil - probably so that they are lower in global period that pose an on-line plus DIRECTED with where a filament of one incandescent to the light bulb would be. In fact, if you have used 3157 has DIRECTED light bulbs before, will be surprised by while smaller these ones look... Almost I routed the backside without trying them so that it look likes him could very possibly when being so that shines how the main light bulbs but they a lot is.
5 / 5
The works add. I have installed the in the 2001 F150. I have to install resistors even so, otherwise, has taken a hyper blinks without a resistor.

Here is some resistors have used:
in a video, had installed a FOCUSED blinker in a right, and an original light bulb is still in a left wing. As it can classify you to see a brilliance differentiates. It has attached also the picture whence installed a resistor.
5 / 5
I took one 3157 together to substitute all some incandescent light bulbs in a 03 Yukon Denali.

Wow, These are BRILLIANT! There is not any road any one a lot goes to remark these flash.

He still, caused hyperflashing, which are the good thing , while it mean really has the draw of low current. Some perils blinks will be highly visible And drains a less stack that normal incandescent if an engine is was.

At the beginning, has ignored a hyperflashing, that imagines that a hyperflashing is to alert an engine that the light bulb is burn has been. If a DIRECTED the light bulbs will not burn was, then a hyperflashing is simply a nuisance.

Well, Annex in that, a number of useful folks test informarprpers this has the burned light bulb was so that they have remarked a hyperflashing And trying account every time, this has exchanged some light bulbs in that DIRECTED will not burn was, but causes a hyperflashing because of the a lot of more current draw down... I have finished to buy a relay of Dynamics of Diode that deletes a FOCUSED hyperflashing.

Adds combo. Brilliant lights. It do not have to the burn was (hopefully). No more hyperflashing with a relay.
5 / 5
( It revises of husband) One of some a lot of light bulbs has required to update the light has DIRECTED. In this case, these were some versions of amber for some turn signals. One situates for a front and or for a backside. In a front, floods a whole reflective zone of his part of a headlight, changing a look of a final attacker and doing more look... Aggressive (almost the modern sports car quality). Some the back lights also flood his compartments with brilliant light.

Note- in the principle has ordered a EP27 flasher. It does not act. A CF13 flasher has been required for my cart. Installed and acting a lot of- no hyperflashing.
5 / 5
It situates these in the 08 ford gone back at the head of the verge. Already it poses the description there for a red version of these except flavour be thorough. It opens HAS all the external lights have substituted with leds. I have required very these of ive has taken directed headlights designed out of some turn signals/for estacionar like headlights is so brilliant. It opens When look in a front his plus symmetric looks, with so headlight and that estaciona/the turn is equally brilliant.
5 / 5
Light bulbs very IS of dual brilliance. Much more BRILLIANT that a OEM light bulbs of halogen. Installed in 2017 Jeep for the front these races and lights of turn signal in some originals OEM accommodations clear accommodations. ONLY CAVEAT - has to it you cape in some resistors to touch to prevents to flash fasts. One has DIRECTED the light bulbs use so few can concealed a Canbus thinks does the light bulb was and takes an indication of fast flashes. Before I have installed some resistors have substituted a flasher relay with or for the lights FOCUSED - has not done. It poses an original OEM flasher relay behind in and wire fence some resistors in and some DIRECTED the lights have done perfectly. To well sure buy it again.
5 / 5
I have ordered the set of these and or has not done in road of low light, has contacted a vendor and they issue me the substitution in 2 days. Used these for mine 02 Silverado blinker lights, sper that shine and has the colour adds in the. ( Has a same necessity of truck flasher EP29L of NAPA to eschew a fast this flashes) has used has DIRECTED cheaper in a past and these are significantly more brilliant
5 / 5
Purchase iBrightstar has DIRECTED lights before and very amours a quality in his products. The lights are brilliant and durable. I have had switchbacks before these and after months with them on still lined until my like. I have bought one 3157 has Directed each Amber for mine 08 Deep Civic IF this time and sound the direct access. Any necessity the preoccupy enough the salient like other marks. The lights are brilliant and clear. The packaging is very ensured with the bubble embroils like any necessity the preoccupy in any harm while shipping
5 / 5
Look to be very has done. They are obscenely brilliant. It want instrument of update he of my daughter the bit for security. The calm can not lose these blinkers. Literally they can the be seen of the the thousand was. These also look to appeal in the clear slow.

FYI - The ship embroiled in some bubble embroils in the small ziplock stock exchange. The beginning but the box would be very stops more than protecting to ship.

Has used these in the 2007 PT Cruise, backwards blinkers. For earnest be, these were a wrong socket . (I thinks required 4157) blockaded the in anyways. They utmost but would recommend to take a pertinent socket. (The wings in the verge is slightly of rell more this has centred is a difference)

will update if any subjects arrive.

Top Customer Reviews: CERAKOTE Ceramic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Impressive results partorisca less than $ 30. Has thinks that was partorisca have spend it new headlights partorisca in $ 500. My mechanic has said headlight the restorer probably no reason a factory the clear discharge was delaminating. They are extra endeavour spent in a sanding any partorisca do sure has taken all an old clear coating of a lentil but he have paid was. I have had once a lenses sanded down, a clear coating has dried on in 5 second and a transformation was unbelievable.
4 / 5
This Material are adds. It was easy to use and has not required the additional tools… have used so only some gloves avenges with. Before and after pics show that well laws. Taken this Cerakote frames because it says that that has the lifetime guaranteeed and does not wash era. Some results are quite impressive. It has not thought Never my headlights would look this good without substituting them!
5 / 5
Has done so only this last year with another product that already looks worse that he first. It is for this that have tried is a so it says that it is the ceramic coating and gives the lifetime has guaranteeed. Another only look to be the wax or something. It was easy to use, has not taken a lot the time and some results were instant . It has taken roughly 20 minutes but well hard currency a lifetime has guaranteeed the say .
5 / 5
A cleaner was incredible and was likes at all has used before and has extracted literally a yellow of a lenses. In a sanding no, a sanding the tampon is easy to resist but be sure to maintain some tampons wet like an a lot of easier process. A ceramic clear coating was easy to dry on and some results were at all courts of professionals. I am pleased really with some results. Five stars all a way.
4 / 5
My headlights literally look new again! A plus cleaned and the coating was both easy to use. Everything in him took roughly 25 minutes and a result was a lot of value he. Produced excellent!
4 / 5
The easiest way then has thought. Nizza Any to use masking the tape and does your mark of look of the new lights
4 / 5
Santo Craps!!!! Phenomenal product!!!! If calm exactly like this instructed of a video resupplied, your lights of boss will look the new mark!!!! The mine has done. If or he well, has to take or roughly 15 minutes for headlight. He well and then some and you will be surprised!!!
1st no: Thicket for 1 minute with each tampon of oxidation for the total of 4 to start with light minutes. Rinse Of headlight with clean water!!!!!
2nd no: Thicket for at least 3 minutes each with some red and ash sanding tampon, for the total of six minutes. Mark sure headlamp is constantly wet while scrubing. Boot of spray of the use with water. Rinse Of headlight with clean water!!!!!
3rd no: Use three clean towels and dry of headlight entirely, first to apply produced final.
A side the time!!!

Gives the holler if any questions.
4 / 5
Has tried a 3M box and my headlights looked better but not liking had expected. With this box some instructions are clear. It is possible has not taken enough time with a 3M box but some results with east a to good sure result very better.
5 / 5
This headlight the box of recovery is exceptional, highly recommends to purchase this to any one trying restore his headlights.

Has tried a 3M & Sylvania boxes of recovery, so much duquel has not approached to a Cerakote box. And any to mention some minimum results that has looked is lasted so only the few months.
5 / 5
Mina 11 4Corridor with 100,000 miles looked well but has had lights like this cloudy was hard to see at night. These produced is incredible. His no hard but calm so only has to that follow some directions exactly. I took roughly 30 minutes to do both headlights. With which starts sanding looks his not going never to do except trusting me. If the mine has done as yours .

Top Customer Reviews: 3M Quick Headlight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I require to clear for on some error in this product based in the descriptions have read. In the first place, you are reading it is it maintains to read it will learn you exactly cual necessity to do of a character with experience with this material.

Look In of the products like this so that your headlights is not looking so hot anymore. So that it is your options ?

Option A
If your headlights is slightly oxidised: I know oxidised is not a better word, but that I bad is that basically this box, 3M 39173 1 Group Hurriedly Headlight Cloak Clara
is a supremely clear buffing the boxes concealed is an equivalent to use the light this rubs-composed before waxing your cart. So much, if your headlights is slightly oxidised this box probably laws. Even so, I am guessing your headlights is very worse and is nervous quite posing sandpaper in the hammer and sanding your expensive headlights. I comprise, but it do not kid you , one 3M 39173 1 Group Hurriedly Headlight works of boxes of Cloak Clara, but his no the product of miracle. Of here, the calm call you to read Option Two.

Option Two
If your headlights looks my headlights in a Forward the semi-detached picture with this description dulls and faced, a necessity of the product in the purchase is 3M 39045 Headlight Box of Renewal with Protectant. That is to say the box to have that has weighed that comprises a sandpapers in resurface your headlights in three very that uses a following sandpapers and put-sanding tampon.

500-grip sandpaper (Has that weighed sanding to soften out of a surface and pits)
800-grip sandpaper (smooth is out of a lining of one 500-grit sandpaper)
3,000-the wet grip-sanding tampon (smooth is/to take of a swirls left for one 800- grit sandpaper)
Headlight Cloak Clara (final application)

A semi-detached picture is my Mini headlight that is 13 years with 165,000+ miles on of wear-and-tear in the, and like the result my headlights was massively dull and has faced. A Main picture very any one the justice to aim only what bad was.

Semi-detached pause of Low Image
A first image aims a headlight before it was restored. Very the any one shows so dull and bad an expensive is, but was very bad.

Some shows of second of image that a headlight looked sanding with 500-grit sandpaper. Had another sanding no with 800-grip sandpaper, but does not have an image of that.

A third image aims a headlight after sanding with the 3000-grit put-sanding tampon and then that seals a lentil with a protectant.

A Process of Restablecimiento IS Mere with a box 3M 39045 Headlight Box of Renewal with Protectant.
1. I clean a headlights with soap and of the water.
2. Tape around a headlight with a green tape comprised. NOTE: I have used tape of additional blue so that I do not want a sanded plastic to take in my headlight pop-arrive washers. That is to say why there is two cloaks of tape.
3. Sand a headlights with 500-grip sandpaper.
4. Sand a headlights with 800-grip sandpaper.
5. The sand has put a headlights with 3,000-grip sanding tampon.
6. I clean a headlights (the mark sure is dry), and then focus with a comprised protectant.

Has some videos of Youtube calms very concealed aim you so to use this box to have that weighed. Only it takes your time and your headlights will look adds again.

1. Separated your sandpapers in two stacks. One for each headlight.
2. As it IS sanding down a headlights, occasionally cleanup of your sandpaper buffing tampons; you can do this for patting his the towel or something. This unclogs a sandpaper, therefore leaving you to do more efficiently. Desprs Has been done, poses a sandpaper buffing the tampons was so that it can use the again for a more work.

east or trying change any one to buy something any precise , but after reading the bouquet of some revises here, and knowing my personal experience and aptitude with mechanic, is obvious that very character with the negative critics are not when being realistic quite what this box , and does not want to purchase a box to have that weighed correct that they a lot of needs.

In Claro: Inferior Line
1. If your headlights is box oxidised slightly of use 3M 39173 1 Group Hurriedly Headlight Cloak Clara, and go with Unit of Option

2. If your headlights is to dull and/or the use has faced a box to have that weighed 3M 39045 Headlight Box of Renewal with Protectant, and follows my instruction in Option Two.

Please left to know me if this description was useful to click a Useful button under
5 / 5
Used this in both of my carts. A headlights has not gone totally fogged even so it is not done by that. There are both carts has done in 30 minutes. Any one murder you to you, only the motion circulates the light in firm will do. You can use the hammer yes prefers with the bumpers go, but his no required. Some results have surprised. My thought of the new installed woman headlights, sweats that dramatic. His cart is one 07 , mine a 06. I texted pictures at all my friends and family. Needless To say, his mandate this now also. If your headlights is streaky or very bad, will require his others boxes for that. That is to say only for slightly fogged slow. I have followed this up with his synthetic wax (Parts 3M 39030) how recommended for them. Your in reapply that each which how 3 month to maintain a coating. Applying a wax takes in the minute for lentils, as yours not spending the hours that mark this small work. Only sure when being to have very clean rags or line manually. Also it uses a compound of renewal in my motorcycle headlite as well as a plastic windshield. If your brake lite the lenses is taking to dull, work in the also. Basically anything plastic. Only it uses 3M products in my bounced, the skiing of the jet is, motorcycles and carts and has not been never disappointed or has had his sea of products anything of mine. Has the cupboard fill other marks of the same cleaners of type, any one compares.
1 / 5
They listen it likes him to him he is the tear was when opened a container for the discover only has to 3000 note sanding tampon and rubbing compound. Bought he with an impression of 3M the mark was the deception . A paper of sand and a compound to rub with so sand a headlamp coast this a lot is to era of total tears. Has more conceal 50 cloaks of 3000 grit paper of sand and a nano the compound is better that a less proportionate cost that $ 10.
Only go in any tent of cart and purchase the 3000 or 4000 paper of sand and rubbing composed to take a dullness of a coverage to save calm of hypertension.
5 / 5
I am slightly confused for some of these descriptions. I create some of them are for some boxes. I have purchased only and it has used one $ 11 boat of one 3m headlight renewal.
Ploughed In a lot of he well, necessity to go for a sanding, polishing, road to protect. I have used only easterly a thought of the product takes roughly insignificant net in my misty and slightly yellowing enormous lights in my Infiniti G35. The desire has has taken beaks but expected some results have taken. I have cleaned some lenses with the cleaner of the glass has detailed has had. Used the microfiber towel and the gob of one 3m in the motion circulates manually. The drought of left wing and leave a haze of 1 cloak. He the second cloak. Expected 5 min dried of a haze and in the surprised has had almost perfect lenses. It is been the week , some rain, the cart and the clean still wash and clear.
Ploughed, knows still necessity the uv protectant of some class but truthfully enough would do this once the month or so that it treats a time and test of a complete process what last the years of only pair in all the case. You can honestly this while it is archiving you your tank. Easy and clean fast. The more is probably to do at least 20 headlights. Even Has cleaned on some lights of row in my Mini Cooper.

Happy client. Thx
5 / 5
This material is miraculous. The A lot of works! If you use fat of elbow or a tram polisher this product will take rid of UV DISCOLORATION and of harm. The regular use will maintain your headlights looking walnut.
Commentaries that if your headlights is bad fraction for UV, 3M mark headlight box of reparation that contains multiple grits of sandpaper and polishing composed together with the buffing tool that hammer to access very electrical. I use this box ($ 18 in Walmart) to restore bad fraction headlights and once is clear then then can use this advanced headlight composed of renewal to maintain them clear.
5 / 5
That is to say an easy clear cloak to apply. I recommend to spend of the gloves of rubber even so, while it can nettle a rind. If your headlights is already misty, this very instantly clears the up. You will require to restore the with the 3M Headlight Box of Restablecimiento, or another box of restablecimiento. After it conceal, it have to apply the clear cloak so that they will not take misty again in a future.
5 / 5
My husband was very dubious quite what effective these would be in his sper foggy headlights, but while we do in the, some lights were of sper misty and dim to clear and brilliant! It IS so easy to use and has done the enormous difference. It estimates a small prize! I have shared this with neighbours and of the friends. This would do the present adds in Pot navidea your BRILLIANT Days and Be Merry for any concealed there is dogged in headlights! In a picture by on by a left part has not been done while a right side has been done. Enormous difference!
5 / 5
I have used this product After it has restored immediately my headlights in the 9 yr old VW Jetta using a 3M box of lentils of restablecimiento. A temp in the mine was the garage was quite 80 titles (IMO, that is to say that imports so that a clear cloak can dry properly). Desprs IS spent the considerable quantity of time sanding with one 500 grit disks, 800 grit disks, then my own 1500 grit, has used one 3000 grit ash of disk. I am spent a time to do each perfect so that I have wanted this project. I have washed then a headlights with soap and of the waters and dried with the cloth of cotton. Some instructions of clear cloak has said that has required to apply alcohol for the final rinse but I have forgotten. I have used a towelettes (does not deploy ) and has planted the cloak in a lentil. Place carefully. It does not press to take. Ur Only look to pose the thin film equally in a surface. Be arrests quite 20 minutes and has dried. After a premier cloak has dried, opened in a second container and has done a same thing. After 1 hour to dry, a headlamps marks of new look. My thought of woman that had substituted a headlamps.
5 / 5
I have applied a UV cloak in the new mark headlights for all the life has extended of lives in some tropics and my mustang is exposed in big UV all day. I seat in the clear haze with streaks that is to say to ail perceivable very upclose. I have applied also he in another exposure abs plastic under a windshield for example. Also it dry in the clear cloak. It expects these helps extend a life of plastic.
5 / 5
Desprs Using a 3M restores the boxes have applied this sealer. Tip: it does not apply in direct sun! In the direct sun coated a headlamp once and has continued immediately the the second time. A sealer has dried so hurriedly he smeared in second spend. I a same in a headlamp has planted in a shadow and each exited well. I have posed a premier headlamp in a shadow and the left wing cool was then has redone a sealer. Look Awesome! Highly it recommends that these restore elements.

Top Customer Reviews: Meguiar's G17804 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
There is enough the few descriptions where the buyers inform that this coating of ice cream his headlights and has to take. It was preoccupied in of the this but in application in my ten old year Kia Sorento headlights (which had been cleared using the 3M headlight box of restablecimiento) my headlight the lenses has remained the clear glass.

Suspicious that headlight material of lentils and condition of surface together with some atmospheric conditions down what this cover is applied (humidity/of temperature/etc.) Could affect some results.

Will update this description after several months to see like these controls of material until directing, rain, snow, cold, etc..
1 / 5
Left my new headlights frosty and has given the the mate / arrived of satin. One revises described an arrival as 'frosty beer mug'--that is to say the accurate description . I can not speak with the effectiveness of the same the product restored in old headlights, but if your headlights is clear and newish (likes him mine, which there was two years ), DOES not USE THIS PRODUCT.
1 / 5
It DOES not USE ON RESTORED HEADLIGHTS! Only it leave it a telephone with Meguiars...These products (Meguiar G17804 Maintains Clear Headlight Coating) is the duplicate of a final step will find besides headlight boxes of restablecimiento (where applies the end UV coating). If it applies in restored headlight, was MISTY and will have to restore a headlight again.
5 / 5
This spray absolutely is surprising, he both protect and prevent. I have restored mine 2006 f150 headlights and sprayed this on (the beak of spray is flat and goes vertically, also smells well although a respirator?) The Afterwards the full sanding. Enough 6 month the stillest look late adds without haziness or yellowing. I have used a rest in my mother 2013 crv to protect (the headlights was already well, that is to say to prevent and hurt). I have begun recently to restore the plot of headlights for friends, family and coworkers, and has used a whole can since (beats he of spray has lasted quite a lot of 7 vehicles with 3 extends the headlight) has purchased recently to again of Amazon since some tents of parts of the cart does not line the, wants this product and of the works exceptionally well.
1 / 5
It IS Meguiar is and is new mark headlights directly out of a box. Peeled Of a procreative film, has dried he down with alcohol. Still it extends, right to in the left cup, thorough, on lapping only like some instructions have said, each bass to use the cabin to paint, and now is buying another set of headlights and I never confidence Meguiar is again. It IS that spray the soft plastic and he have taken the week to dry. A pock marks and spitting was so bad an only thing could do would be the sand has been.
5 / 5
Only it use it this as well as one 3M 39008 Boxes to restore my misty 4corridor headlights. Desprs Using a 3M box, only sprayed this on so focused and the looks included clearer that before. I 2 cloaks with 5 minutes among each. I will try to update this description the year with pictures has update that well has lined it the up.
4 / 5
My only complaint is that it can take you quite four carts / eight headlights' value the cover out of him, which are not bad. More was very. I have used already the tent-bought Meguiar box to take oxidation of old headlights, a one with the buffing the wheel attaches in the hammer to be able in. Some tills sum of law and comprised to bounce it small the cover, but this material of better work for some reason. Doing an initial sanding/cleansing/buffing/coating, and then cleaning a plastic headlight covers some time later and resealing with east the in fact done material your headlights extraordinarily clear, almost new.
5 / 5
Please maintain in importing that is to say clear the cover to protect your headlamps of clouding or clouding again after it has polished yours. It is not meant to be the Pole and clear foggy or lined out of headlamp slow. If there is headlamps concealed is not to clear you in the first place will require to take the box to fix a harm and them clear again. I use the meguiar box I. Desprs HAS clears them will apply you this product. In my experience, living where an only is quite brutal, clearing headlamps with the only hard box the little month. This clear cloak is supposition to maintain some lenses clears longer. A year according to one focuses.

Was easy to apply, used some tape of daily and blue painters to mask of a headlamps. I have applied according to some directions in one can. It enters easily without slime after the little cloaks of half. I seat quite hurriedly and looks well and clear.
5 / 5
A factory clearcoat/sealer in mine 2010 Short Origins had spent was and a plastic had begun to take oxidised and misty. Cleaned has been he with Polo and has sealed then he with this material. I am in fact very surprised that clearly and equally the applied and what was easy. The fantastic looks afterwards and to good sure will use this material again! Also it smell it class of how one orange creamsicle when spray he, but that it is only a probably cancerous material like any big roads.
5 / 5
I applied it yesterday, and after 24 hours to dry, to the good sure looks has created the sake of protective cloak take in my headlights.

Applies is very easy, has opened only your hood to protect he of overspray, then mask of a rest of an adjacent has painted describes. Then simply he sprays your lights of the cape in the same sake sustains-in-master side by side, only like paintings of spray.

This spray will create enormous clouds of steams while you spray like the mark sure there is at all near of does not want to take transparent specks bonded in. I give an hour after spraying that my glasses have had some specks of even more probably this material.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M 39195 Ultra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I have it that has not tried never the thing like this before. Some instructions and the photos he very easy to follow. If I this again will know the sand the little deeper a prime minister spends. It looked scary with all a plastic this looked partorisca be exiting, but has had to that go back and and again. A prime minister grit has taken a yellowing and the holes was. A second and third sandpaper grit stock all some scratches of a prime minister sanding was. A lenses was foggy looking, but has on cleared with a clear discharge. Very pleased.
5 / 5
To same Prize likes one of some other boxes, but comes with annexes to hammer so many can sand with the hammer. A process is quell'has bitten more along then a a calm manually but still gives resulted add!
5 / 5
The work adds but used it so only yesterday so it can not comment on longevity.

Headlights Is exited to look to add!

Together: TAKE YOUR TIME SANDING And BE THOROUGH. Also, it goes weighed in a tape around a headlights to protect your product.
4 / 5
Really could not believe some results. Easy instructions and some results where exceptional! Desire could dip them the picture on here to aim you so only that a lot this headlight the box of recovery has done. It was the difference at night and day. They look 98 new mark .

Top Customer Reviews: SYLVANIA - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
I know, and it is the terrible person for not writing the descriptions when buys things, considering goes rigidly of the descriptions but this are beside a point. I have not bought this out of amazon, has chosen he up in the local tent but some results are so the surprise has to leave the description here.

HAS the 2002 glorious jeep Cherokee. A headlights was to the point where I the drunk has wanted to included at night so that has the small blob of light PERHAPS 20 feet in front of me, not even. And thats all was, my headlights was to crap. I Liked him his of this box so that he didnt requires the hammer, as one 3m headlight the marks of boxes. Im Sure one 3m probably will be less endeavour, but is gone with easterly a so that it avenge with each necessity. You have required only distribute water (to plant sanding) and some paper towels to dry some lights dry among a sanding.

A box said 35 minutes. Im Very sure that a heck can do this in 35 Mays of minutes..Any one me, 35 minutes FOR clear perhaps. A whole process took me enough an hour, hour and the half. His quite mere. Some directions are clear, all some elements in a box are same tagged "any 1" "any 2" "any 3"

Some results even so. I am to clash even more or less the. I have seen some pictures of "results" and have think that that that was all feigns. NO, they are not . His that well. I am very it pleases with this product, and yes only take the months of pair, then like the be. I will do it again. If I need your headlights cleaned to buy this box! In another side of note by side, my mamma was so surprised why bono the law done to go to buy me another box and clean his headlights also!
1 / 5
A product has done well. Some lights begun to turn after the year. The vendor contacted and rebuffed to help. If you can not honour 'living time' guarantee, why posed that in your description of main element?
5 / 5
These works of good boxes.

My experience and council. I use the chair, unless your vechine is very big. It takes two and perched one in front of the each headlight to do a more physical work easy. It measure each piece of sandpaper down the half. I have done and marked a backside of the each "400L, 400R, 1000L, 1000R etc. to maintain your duquel is used where.

Careful When being very arrive-uses an activator in any 1. Any taken very and need to use it the second time.

Considering water, has used my hose with the parameter of Mist in a beak. The calm can not use too much water when calm a sanding. Quan Doubt, applies more water and less pressure when sanding. Tape of the blue painters are not until water.

Looks a Sylvania video of Youtube in application, several times. It gives to reassure council on that it will see you to it. I transcribed Some steps in paper and has recorded the in my hood as it can follow it some few directions exactly.

A sealer is where all comes together. You take abundance and has to apply apply one, thickness, included cloak.

I my headlights in of the parallel ways: any 1 in so headlights, then spends 2 in so headlights, etc. The help maintains your of use of materials.

Last, I a work in the evening of dry summer when has not known any rain is come and would have any dew in the morning. Any behaviour until a next day, of course.
5 / 5
Wow! I have read a lot of positive commentaries in this product and process but was still a bit sceptical. An only negative is a time has required... A copy to announce dictate that takes less than 30 minutes, but my experience was that each light has taken quite a lot of 60 minutes - so 2 total of hours more concealed 30 minutes. There are several steps in a process of the restablecimiento and have found I frequently re-reading some instructions to do sure I very anything out of sequence. I am sure he will go faster a next time (although I expect that it was not necessary for the long time!)

A box contains several notes of sandpaper - begins with a coarser paper and does your low road in a paper a fine plus. During this process, a lentil those covers your headlight takes more and more scuffed up until it look it very worse this begins. To the long of a road, will be to ask "OMG, that has I fact?! Perhaps this box IS not compatible with my individual headlamp!!" Still, it does not leave - a final step is when he all come together and would owe final with 'how new' headlights. Highly it recommends this product.
4 / 5
I have bought a Sylvania Headlight Box of Restablecimiento after reading the positive critic in of the Reports of Consumer. I am surprised that clears a headlights in mine 10 old year Deep clocks to use the. One has sawed-the worker has said that that looked almost the new mark!

They better look almost the new mark at the end a fat of elbow takes to use a box! Your arms go to be plague of the each a sanding will be to do Manually.

Here is the pair of the desire of tones had taken before trying east:

1. It does not wash your cart before using a box. A sanding will create enough the disorder in your advance of bumper.
2. Active Quite 1-2 available hours to complete a process. One revises says it has taken only the 35 minutes to complete so headlights. I do not see so that is to say possible! Some instructions recommend to take your time in a first sand, then 15 more minutes of sanding and polish FOR LENTILS! Also you spend some time to dry one that dry a lentil. I took me almost 2 hours to complete, although I am sure could shave the small time of a process if I he again.
3. Mark sure has the stool/to chair to seat on. I go me deceive to do this chair for the moment in a fund of garage. Desprs Quite 10 minutes of sanding, go you to wish had the chair to seat on.
4. Has abundance to water available. A wet process sanding and the rinse will use enough the bit of water. I have used 1 spray bounces big for lentils.
5. Towels also! You will be asked to dry a lentil the small time. While the few paper towels are comprised in a box, will require more than concealed. If at all more, you will be able to dry was some of a white residue will create in a sanding process.
6. It measures a paper of sand down the half. The desire had done this. I found me taking confused in that side had used while sanding a second lentil. A paper also will tend to continue you while sanding, which begin to take the small to problem.
7. It takes your time in a premier sanding. It IS one the majority of of entity of one 3 sanding the Marks of no. sure takes all a lentil . It recommends rinse once or two times during a premier sanding to clean of a residue and helps gauge your progress.
8. It is not alarmed what misty some looks of lentils before posing in a UV Cloak Clara.
9. REALLY, REALLY IT TAKES YOUR TIME that APPLIES The UV CLOAK CLARA! That is to say especially some in the cart that can not be totally soften through a whole lentil ( has the domestic zone in my points underlined for some lights for estacionar). A clear cloak looked to collect the small unevenly around a zone created.

Will see how long my headlights the clear stay. Although an only hard product the year, some results are still quite well for a prize!
5 / 5
I possess the 2004 Nissan 350Z. Obviously I enjoy it so that it is the cart of sports , but at the same time, one of some fresher things in me were a headlights. Behind in 2004, Xenon headlights was scarce and I very liked that looked, especially with a clear headlights. Alas this day in of the ages, more headlights, if any one all are done of plsticoes. They are not to like used to be (Ford of my dad Aerostar and my mamma Crcega of Chevrolet has had glass headlights). Those a lot of people do not know is that your plastic headlights, when buys a cart was a lot, in fact has the clear cloak on those that provides UV AMPARO. Over time this clearcoat low wears because of several elements, chemicals, and abrasive (only a rain, contamination, salt of road, insects, car wash, washed of automatic cart - a bristles). Quan This clears cloak is spent down, the rays of a sun at the end will break down your headlights in this yellowish colour with or without a haze. Quan This raisin, has the election in or restore them or substitute them. Obviously restore is usually cheaper but some results vary and a yellowing of a headlights gone back in of the weeks or months.

Has very headlight produced of restablecimiento there. It uses the handful, and Meguiar PlastX Plastic Cleaner Claro and Polish -10 oz. And Stoner 95121 Invisible Glass Headlight Box grupal of Restablecimiento of 2. Although these products clear your headlights, they at all to protect them afterwards clean the. It take, a yellowing arrives of the rays of a sun.

Felizmente Mina 350Z headlights is not in a point where does not have any turn. A haze/yellowing is mostly around a headlight and no in a centre. But still, yellowing/haze headlights is embarassing. It was not until this Sylvania Headlight the box of Restablecimiento was one of some Roads of the lightning of a Day decides to pull one causes. I have compared a prize of Roads of the Lightning in my venue Autozone. With some roads, was cheaper and decided to give come from the.

In the first place, READ The DIRECTIONS IN FRONT OF The WORK. I am a type to write that it reads some directions in the aim and I a lot wishes the no. there was Here is the few tips for those of how you.
1. Honestly It Averts at least an hour and 30 minutes. A box said 30 minutes, but that it is bologna. I exactly what a box said and took me an hour and the mine date half headlight harm.
2. A glove that comes with east for a last step (applying a UV coating). Quan Has seen a glove and has not seen any one mentions of him on some first 2 pages, pose on. He no hurt for the pose on immediately, but is very for a last no.
3. A Step 1 Activator of Surface is used besides concealed 1 no! I have finished to use 2/3s of one bounces arrest graciously spraying the throughout so much mine headlights. This does for him skimpy quantity when you reapply the afterwards one sanding procedure. In actuality, there only has to use 1/4 of the bounce arrests headlight for the total of 4 times.
4. In a sanding the step where says applies pressure of half, really applies pressure of half. Some the only time applies the pressure in firm is in a last very of sanding with one 2000 grit sandpaper. Although mine headlights the look adds, the real look near, can see some stain that is still there. It IS so that I have applied pressure in firm with one 400 grit. I have thought a plus in firm a pressure, one the fast plus could take one hazing/yellowing was. Well because of that, had some stain that was deeper that it was necessary has been.
5. In a hard no where applies a UV the bloc clears cloak, douse cloth of your blue with him. You want your saturated towel. He no preoccupy quite wasting it so that you no. I doused mine and had quite 1/3 of the left wing of boat. A reason wants the heavy saturation in a blue towel is so that you want the very heavy cloak of a material in your headlights. He cloak Has weighed = the heavy clear cloak = hard longer. The thin cloak will spend was faster over time. Like the plunder, pose he CLOAK WEIGHED in the!

Some results? Freaking Amazing man. Mina headlights marks of new look. Very I do not know like this it is possible so that any concealed has polished anything can say you that after one using the compound to rub with the bumper, the things would have to look shiny after dry of a compound. That is to say an exact opposite to use this box and when finalising Claro any Compound. Included some directions say afterwards clean of some Compounds to Clear, one headlights still will be misty. Knowing had 1 more any one, was very sceptical. I have thought it it has not had any road 1 more any one of just the UV the the coating can clear in a haze of one sanding and clearing compound. But a result of final is only like my title of description said, as it is this same possible?? I can not think some results.

Give this box 5 stars. It has been only 1 day applied it since and the things are looking well. That Am curious quite is how long last so that any person that knows in yellowing headlights fulfils it will not last for ever. One clearcoat that is applied at the end will spend era. Which to my next point... A box has the lifetime guaranteeed! Why Sylvania this? Again, clearcoats not taking for ever so , if Sylvania go me the road the new boxes every time some wears of clear cloak was, then to well sure will take advantage of it.

IS so impressed by this box, has bought another for my car woman that it is experimenting a same yellowish-haze. I have aimed my cart after using a box and she have asked can do chair.

Does not forget to look in my attacker and after beaks! I will return and update the few months.
1 / 5
It neglects Lifetime Guaranteeed....Reapplication IS necessity each three month
5 / 5
My brother recommended that comes from this box to clear in a yellow-hazing in mine 2005 Deep Odyssey headlights. They had been yellowed during the years and I have maintained to mean to take them has cleared up. Desprs Completing any 1 and 2 in some directions, really listened like this has not been to do. Some lights were still very misty, only the white haze against. The yellow haze, and begun to listen how had only screwed in a headlights more. I have pressed on, even so, and it has applied a UV clear-cloak...And WOW! Only...WOW! Instantly They Have cleared until so new! Still have the little dings and scratches in the, but those are physical nicks in a plastic, which are alln of a scope of this product. But, yes...This has done! And a UV protects it will maintain the ones of yellowing for some time to come.

Some directions are quite mere to follow -- the sure just mark follows the EXACTLY! The MARK Separates 1 and 2 like the directions signify in SO headlights before moving on to step 3 -- confidences me, cost the. It takes the bit of fat of elbow (my arm hurt a day afterwards) to do that very sanding, which are cape treats big. Also, I sure when being to go advance and abundance of use of a UV Sealer and work HURRIEDLY! A thickness of plus a cloak, a better. Some directions say to drench 1/2" in a verge in a blue towel -- has drenched my towel the the plus bit as it can pose it on fatter. Mark calms Only spend quickly, slightly overlapping, and eschews to return in an already treated zone -- will pose you streak marks in a yes calm arrival (this beginning of materials to pose very hurriedly). I think those that have data this product the description of 1 stars probably have not posed enough of some clear cloak on, of the moment that it is that it gives a headlight is "nine" look.

Highly recommend this (together with a majority of critiques)! Totally it estimates one 8, and any tool has required!
1 / 5
Val. Here they go it. If right fact and takings your time, the wonderful and CLEAR looks when complete. It looks better cosmetically and can see better at night. I have used this and was very happy UNTIL..................


HAS the 2003 Deep the agreement and some lights were supremely misty. This fact but only for the low time. It opens it IS WORSE this was before. It IS now be the year. Test and tried to enter contact with them so offers the lifetime guaranteeed. I have filled out of a form and everything except each number has nicknamed goes no where he so that it can very included achieve the person of the service of the client the help resolves my problem. The unbalanced tan!
5 / 5
That is to say material add - all required in or boxes and in a right quantity.

What apresamiento:
1 - Join bounce to surface prep solution. This takes oxidation and of the oils of surface and muck. That is this ? It IS basically a same likes "Mere Green" or "This Material Lived". The idea included, resulted of same same function. That is to say the step a lot of entity but is not really the secret sauce.

2 - Three cloaks of paper/of the dry sand put - 500, 1000, 2000 grit. Only a right measure for a work, but a quality of a paper of the sand is not when being upper. He Takes it a work has done, any problem with that, but already has produced very better in my tent.

3 - Polishing Compound. Again, this not having nothing special but take the tube to compound which are quite only for a work. Already it possesses several types in the Polish compound and this are also like any one of them. It IS even so slightly more I am the grit the compound that would use in the arrival has painted.

4 - Two low lint cloths to apply some compounds and drying it afterwords.

5 - A boat of UV CLOTH and of application of the protect

6 - Roughly reels of protective tape. That is to say in fact only the electrical and calm tape taking enough the bit of him. I have used only quite 1/4 of a reel and a rest goes in my drawer of tent.

That to use:
the tape of some describes that surrounds a headlight. You go to use paper of sand and does not want to line one paints - the electrical tape is the good election here so that they go it to take drench place.

Sprays A prep solution - this takes each of a junk of road and oxidised cloaks.
Crosses all a paper of sand that goes of coarse to fine grit, is arrived has been with a compound. Re-Clean with a solution, dry, takes the tape and he then applies a UV protects. They declare "30 minutes" - I took me more like 45.

Has resulted:
Wow - that is to say material adds . In a beginning of a process your doubts immediately. These doubts augment what headlights beginning in looking chilled glass but hang in there. As you Cross a fine plus grits and composed some beginning of clarity of the lentil to return. An attaches a final step of UV AMPARO and he all return. A UV protect it almost is painting of clear cloak and he full in everything of some desert created by a polishing. Once this material is in your headlights the new looks. Very - so new.

So much, where is a premium? Well when I Have been done with a whole application, all has been spent. A paper has aimed his wear, a surface prep the solution has been gone while it was a compound . Even so, still have 1/2 boat of UV AMPARO. For earnest be, already has paper, composed, Material and the tape Lived in my garage so easily can cross all some any one in prep a headlights on my own. Only I need some of a UV protects to finish a work; that now has. As you are affronted with two phases.... 1- it Uses a box and launches some leftovers, 2 - uses a box and saves a UV and has some the basic elements can go after cart 2.


Top Customer Reviews: Mothers 07251 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I took this in Navidad and only now 6 month more has had late some interiors for the try. My headlights was worse that a 'before' headlights in a box. My lenses was totally dark yellow and could not see a clear mechanism by behind a lentil at all. They were faced strongly, also. It have to it took it to it the main picture but enough frankly, has not thought these products would do. I am publishing some 'after' pictures. It sees explanation, since is very any arrival.
Anteriorly, had tried following instructions in that use a restablecimiento'wipes', using the dremel with toothpaste, etc. Rubbing compound, blah, blah, and at all very done, therefore my procrastination with trying this product.

First revelation, full, is the daughter . Yes, you dang imports of feminists, so that even so I am the strong daughter , included a feebler beer bellied men in Youtube those aim me so to do this, has more forces by behind that has. So much, the calm go you to give French, and men that does not want to has to exert very endeavour, some indicators on that to do east the success.

1. If your lenses is remotely yellow, uses a estrongly broken' instructions. These walks calm through all some steps to use an a lot of grit papers. The majority of a YouTubers show folks using a blue buffing tampon only. If your lenses is yellow, does not waste your time. The right jump in a estrongly broken' instructions.

2. It masks your dang vehicle with the tape of the painter. Yes, it is worth it to postpone this headlight restore until afterwards driven in a tent for tape of painters. Even so, ladies, if you are the quality COO of your house then, for gosh, would have to have the good selection of tape to choose of already.

3. Mark the sure yours hammer is touched or has the wireless. You will be to do around water so uses the wireless podes.

4. It is not fearful to sea your headlight, is already marred. They go in of the this with learning that a phase of worse case is that you buy you the new lentil.
5. It relaxes, that Knows that you any sea your headlight. Once taken any past 2 of a estrongly broken' instructions, gives that everything will be well.

Took me 3 hours to take in some visas of point in my photos. That is to say so that I have not been sure what an end of the each process would have to look . So much, I ceased me aprisa calm give you my opinion has based in evidence anecdotal.

Uses one 800 tampon until ALL a yellow haze and chipping and the face is gone. Muscle of use and force. Yes, your lenses will be clouded, brought still that that is to say better concealed was. (Well of phase of worse case?) While run your toes to the long of some slow would not have to listen swipes, or some stairs or fine cracks. It opens, a worse is on.

Uses one 1500 tampon until it can see you, through cloudiness, your real lights. To arrive to this point can see a swirls left for one 1500 tampon so that you have not moved your tampon around quite a lot of hastes. That is to say well . That is to say what a 3000 tampon is prendido . It take to use one 3000 in the dry lentil. I use one 3000 tampon until calm can not see a swirls at all. Still it have haze, but has to be the fine haze . To arrive to this yes calm point still sees fat parts to hurt or facing then returns now in a 800 and correct the, that follows up with one 1500, then one 3000. You you Any favour these hastes in a tampon to polish when still has embedded haze and stairs. A tampon to polish any one, repeats, NO, takes a harm has faced. If you have followed some gives a properly then would have to have to is in photo 1.

A part the polish is simply times to consume. You will think it is not doing and is bonded with misty slow, but only clave in him. It maintains to apply a paste and laws he in. Very take it there. That wants to is photo 2. Photo 3 simply is to aim you one contrasts among a polished and unpolished. Still I am polishing does not even photo 2 but my hammer run out of stack so that I have maintained maintained and redo that it have to has done properly a first time. The more is necessary learn 'lack by force of upper organism' subject.

So much, can not expect driven in a dark now. Afterwards, it does not waste time and money in a solution 'fast' that gives the mediocre results in better. I suspect that any one with really bad headlights likes him mine, this can follow instructions and when being dared in very hard through some cloaks, would have to be able to take in through a phase to polish in less than half an hour.
5 / 5
I eat... 2 years ago it buy it this Jeep of ten years. Headlights Was the small yellowed and has had some class of coating in the, likes him perhaps only clear lacquer - but has ugly verges. Anything an anterior owner had done .

Was in a tent of parts of the cart and has asked an employee what a better headlight the box of renewal was, has taken an orange box ( any one still takes a mark anymore, does not import ) and has paid enough 22 bucks and has been house. 3 hours later, wrists and sore toes, sweaty and thwarted my headlights still quite looked craps... I one more could with this box but left.

Quite done 3 month was in another tent of parts of the cart and has seen the box of mark of the Mothers (any one this a) and has asked an employee that thinks of him, said that it is to add - well, has said enough my anterior experience and I have asked implicitly, 'will buy this, taken to contain and the use, and the be pissed entered him and in tea to lumber with with him?' - It says any work very easily and is a box to buy . I am fallen another 20 bucks in this box. I am spent another hour in that a - has not gone much more although an anterior unit Some places of sandpaper turbulent to line and movement behind and advance, one the majority of coarse a has not gone quite aggressive has cut in fact was some defects in my lentil and a fine plus ones a lot anything has cut down some scratches of a coarse more a - so again my lenses has finished to look crappy.

Was compraventa for substitution headlight the assemblies when seen this box and imagined would give test he - at least with a fully powered sanding the process would not take the sorest toes this time. I have to say, this box A lot of WORKS. A coarse tampon was coarse abundance to take my low lenses in a same surface and a speed in of what the records has done the easy to maintain an assembly put (that is to say of entity, to maintain a sandpaper to melt a plastic in planting to the cut has been he ) and a prjimo two phases (800, 1500, 3000, resplandor liquid) was appropriate to go down some ask coarse efficiently in a glass 'new' clear surface.

So that it surrounds, any one has done only this work of boxes, was also a first box that in fact effing fact and did not anger me.
4 / 5
A tone in the success is to use the hammer of variable speed so that you any one you wont be able of the control and will be sanding your hood. I need to be able to use the very low speed for a premier 2 sanding disks. The people look for to complain- that lines or gouges your lights but yes well the work adds. Taking quite 15 minutes for side to do. It was not that time last but hopefully awhile. You can take 4 headlights out of a sanding disks and reuse a 1500 grit disk and polishing wheel on and on for redos suppose.
5 / 5
Wow Has to say it that this has done if it marvels for mine 05 toyota Camry. Useful tips

Tape all has been with tape of the painters of premiers

800 grit - Wet sand with boat of spray or cube and toallitas humid down frequently
(put your headlight first before sanding then so tea the sand will see grime and brown crud is exited, has continued an integer headlight 3 times this grit will be to take to control in the full speeds take it slower require and go for a same look)

1500 grit - Wet sand with boat of spray or cube and toallitas humid down frequently
(Same as on but the flavour uses this to take something where you skipped around with one 800 grit causes skip and is to take to control but 1500 is easier)

3000 tampon of foam - the Dry sand that dry with dry cloth frequently
(This haze an integer headlight and soften low scratches of some anterior grits. Look to take clouded of of the one of the east but thats well, a clouded the sections will be clearer with Poles)
Buffing goes - Extends the bits have crossed a whole thing any one say me his to measure so says. It hastens for down quite firmly and it continues a whole thing 3 times

marks of look of the new Mine!
5 / 5
Fact well, With an annex of the hammer only takes in meso an hour for headlight, Enough directly advances, I didnt waters to use to lubricate even so, used some spray of lubricador real while sanding, class of has pressed too much take in a verge and returns it created and the burn smudge but and was able in sand that was, maintains sanding with one 800 until a residue these beginnings are white, then change in 1500, and at the end in 3000, 3000, a compound to rub and buffing the wheel will clear in a rest. I recommend to take some UV sealant spray to prevent his of yellowing again.
5 / 5
I have used a product in the 6 old year Prius. An enormous ugly headlights was yellowed and hazed of a time. Following some directions have used the wireless hammer and has planted a sponge has comprised in an end with the very little small (nickle measured) the besides clean quantity has turned then has been prende quite 1 minute. After drying clean with the microfiber lines (ANY COMPRISED) a light of boss the mark looked new again. Five minutes more has been late done with so headlights.

They only with east a no come container with the microfiber cloth. I fulfil it is cheap and a container could have has come easily with or for 10 more cents. Some directions in some outsides of a lacking box to mention soyicro cloth of the no comprised strand.'
5 / 5
Help to have the experience has put small sanding, only sure when being read everything of some instructions, those in a box and this comprised. I two carts with this box and could has done easily the pair of plus. Begun with one 800, sanded for the longitude while, included with one 1500, then in a foam 3000 (the dry sand with easterly a), then in a leader of mop of the foam. Easy peasy, looks the new mark. Any one deceives of just using a leader of mop and skipping a sanding, yes wants perfection then he well.

Also, after each course of sanding has taken a sanding disk of a leader of hammer and plant sanded with a disk in my hand to take all some places and to attach the master the random plus of sanding. A tip of plus, careful when being very to press take with one 3000 grit tampon of foam, since is dry sanding can take it quite hot in in fact melt a plastic lentil, then has to resand those have melted something throughout again with all some course. Push slightly and the attraction has been to leave it to cool included second of pair (cradle sanding does not have this subject). A lot of terrific product marks the new look, the material has faced included, and totally takes yellowed plastic... A lot of impulses the appearance of a car (my mother in law was very surprised! Taken the free lasagna!).
1 / 5
Update: I actuate now the tried a compound to polish two times in this box and he do not do so announced, does not take haze or scrapes of sanding process. It tries to use mothers nulens a so far time unsuccessfully. A sanding the tampons do not look to do very good and a compound to polish and balloon/of the tampon has not been very effective in polishing out of a sanding marks. Some instructions were folllowed in the T. It uses other marks of headlight the restablecimiento felizmente adds so it is that I am doing. I go to try or more time before returning or asking the repayment.
5 / 5
I am trying to sell my cart and of the marks less shabby look. A headlights has taken well to dull and clouded. It have seen a before and after pictures and videos other people and has imagined costs one $ 15. Each light took me quite 20 minutes and while you begin in sand a dulcemente down with one 800 grit paper, really is expecting laws so announced, so that you are literally sanding down your headlights. But it begins to look better after one 1500 grit sanding wheel, well quite after one 3000 grit and he all come together after a sponge to polish. I have been impressed and for $ 15 and some fat of elbow (with the wireless hammer), was very value he.
As To plot other descriptions has mentioned, takes your time. My lights have not gone also bad and likes him toe, is spent quite a lot of 20 minutes the side. Mark absolutely sure that the to you to mask to have that has weighed around some lights, or your painting will take destroyed. It IS quite easy to control one sanding go, but guarantee you disorder in your painting if any calm protect it. If you have remarked some headphones and beer, has the reason. It IS the boring work . Left The cold an and listen in some musician. Help.
5 / 5
I a first application 11 month is marks and required for his touch above the bit in the cart those seats outsides 24/365. I have not touched a headlights during 11 month. (Sad any picture, has not thought enough the until one very yellowed one has been done) joins engine headlight affronts a south more directly and clearly was yellowing again but very almost so bad while it was before. A side of engine has recorded was and, place and has used one 1500 the bit until an objective water turned after drying intermittently while sanding. Then a tampon of foam/3000 boxes equally foggy, then balloon of power with Polo. Fact of the small zones and leaves a hammer a work.

Then after seeing that it clears a side of engine has been looked in another the side and was yellower that look. As I recorded it it go it then it has used only a tampon of foam/3000 and a balloon to be able in. I then poses in the hand-cloak lined of a Pole/UV protective and leave dry.

Will try and use a balloon to be able in from time to time and re-extends a protectant to maintain them very maintained and can does not have to do a sanding routine. That is to say it maintains this cart that very time.

Would be curious if balloons of power with pursuing grit could be used? Some the flat disks are hard to maintain plans and maintain to take and jerking with a mostly wry headlamps.

Top Customer Reviews: Off-Road ATV UTV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
The works add like the mountain partorisca my monitor of pressure of the Chinese wheel also bought on Amazon. An old mountain had broken and has bought this. A hole to trace is a wide and too big centimetre partorisca some rays has had to that use. I have found the thumb scrapes self-centering for a hole and has used the T given in another side to centre it and close a ray to plant. You trace a tpms. Easy! Attaching this mountain the bars is simple. So only find a hule of right measure has comprised tampons for your bar, his place in a mountain, besiege a mountain in a bar, and attach some rays. Presionado Down, this thing will not move . Happy with my election. An only mark could find offer the alone mountain. It can it did not beat it.
4 / 5
Has has had to that the turn. He any quite tight grip to a bar. It calms that could turn with which has installed. I have decided to dip a piece of hule to help invernadero of the things up. It could any one, also big. Then, when I have been the reinstall the, a ray undressed out of a group. Any value he.
4 / 5
Has bought some of these the while behind and a hule inserts/inserts dry was a lot quickly Florida. They fall to avert and a clamp will turn freely. I have bought this an only to take more inserts/to insert until I can come up with the better solution.
5 / 5
Is the trace has DIRECTED to light the HD engine grad bars. The group is very strong, easy to install. Exited adds. What only, does not like me one saws lines of leaf in some finals, the little arrival sanding/grinding would go the arrival of long way on an already good product. Also, be mindful, so only 1 group spends for container (this was my deception ). They are quite happy with a product and recommend he for motorcycles. The delivery was punctually, so that announced (2days) there is rid the Sunday my surprise. Pleased with product and global experience.
Thanks, Pete
4 / 5
the beginning that presiona some rays down (alternating a then another to do sure some halves remain inclusas), and one of them there is pulled some edges well out of a group before it was still tight. Any way this thing will remain on with only an installed ray.
4 / 5
Has had to that modify them in the mill to take them to do and is returned my light bar in mine Subaru the storm of ceiling. It goes with another mark. They have finalised also fall avert while it has driven.
5 / 5
Has bought the light that fidnt is returned my var. Bought this box and he have done well. Thank you And I produced adds
5 / 5
While this product is technically to applications read, used it on a tubular boss of an old snowblower to locate a fall adjuster cane. Fact so that it had expected.
4 / 5
Has purchased this to locate my device to follow to the Givi pannier rack in my motorcycle. Fact like the charm. Has the number of measures of difference to returned your a lot of need. The good prize and a quality is sum.
4 / 5
Arrived sooner that has expected. Perfecto apt! Surpassed my expectations. Nizza, clean product , durable. Very satisfied!

Top Customer Reviews: Antline 1156 1141 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought these have has DIRECTED bulbs partorisca my interior of trailer of the travesía light substitution, some the old bulbs were a bulb of the car row rule of light type, an old some have taken the plot partorisca be able to, has had the yellowish maintained and was very hot. These are objective brilliant , fresco to a touch after being in the moment and take far less energy partorisca use. I have seen bulbs looked in a tent of parts of the car, has taken two bulbs partorisca $ , has paid $ partorisca 20 bulbs and am very pleased with a compraventa and has has has said friends that has trailers of travesía alike partorisca convert to these have has DIRECTED bulbs, BUY THEM
5 / 5
Of a picture can see a sinister side with a bulb concentrated and a right side with the stock rv bulb. One has directed the bulbs are like this more brilliant and give the daylight brightness to some rooms in mine trailer of travesía. Highly it would recommend.
4 / 5
The one who the difference among these and a incondescent the bulbs have used! Almost too brilliant! In a double light fixtures has left a incandescent bulbs in a first transmission and then one of these in a second. In this way have the softest light in a click and light very brilliant in as click.
5 / 5
These lights are substituting everything of a incandescents in mine RV of the uses less can and is white more brilliant that some old lights, and can say you that a prize is surprising and a product is extremely well! They are the brilliant aim , no the aim 'warm', as they will be white very brilliant in your application, which in my chance is that it has loved, as if you are after the warmest aim, can wants to see these companies other options, but is súper and some prizes are a more has not seen never anywhere.
5 / 5
Had substituted all some lights of interior in our RV with resemblance has has DIRECTED lights, which was to add to the use can a lot of small, but he to any one liked him a fresh aim 'fluorescent'-looking colour of a light. I have bought the pair of bands of these warm-white, and is a look of warm and comfortable interior in place of brilliants and hard.

Has not had any question with any of these not doing , and while I can not inform in a life of term along, is quite economic that does not import , and is lasted well like this far, after the pair of month.

Is a lot that there is so much one 'daylight' regulate and warm-white versions of these; I have left some versions of daylight in a zone of cookery and an external light, and has used a warm some everywhere more.
5 / 5
Has taken these bulbs like the alternative energy more effective to some stock bulbs in mine trailer. Wr Is was-devotion excluyente of grille so the moderation of energy is vital.
Inside minutes of illuminating some new bulbs, some plásticoes housing aka light fixture around some the new bulbs have begun to melt. This entirely changes a clarity of a light and is the enormous disappointment.
Has described in an accident is one of four melty fixtures. In a legislation is one that any does not dip the new bulb in, twenty years and pristine. A final photo is of a good-looking brilliant light that scorches.
Buyer beware and consider another (perhaps better quality) has has DIRECTED bulbs for yours rigs.
4 / 5
Has substituted each bulb in mine RV with these bulbs! Súper Brilliant and never take hot likes some to other bulbs likes him RV the stays the fresh plus. A lot easy and quickly to install. Prize?? I have bought yours 20 band for a prize of 3 bulbs in a RV centre.
5 / 5
When being an electrician and interview and have installed hundreds of lights of ballast and other lights for several lights that comprises these. I have received these in Dec 5, 2019 and installed in my camp. One first night 1 there is prendido to do. With which 5 days much more. As of today Jan 4, 2020, has 5 has left. Some other lights have gone back to a incandescent bulbs that has been doing for years, for mine 1 light continue all a time. I have received the repayment. I have ordered other bulbs of amazon. And hope to having resulted better, a light of a FOCUSED is is much more brilliant. It will maintain to try.
4 / 5
These were utmost initially. And they have begun then given inside days. We are now until seven and is not still be two month. We are full times RV'ers that having the lights that begin it randomly can be especially annoying!
Are a lot disappointed in a quality and wish my experience there is echoed that roughly of another reviewers has said. I remember a saying, ' takings which pays stops.'
5 / 5
Undated Informs, has substituted 18 bulbs in my camp. Now, in the middle of some bulbs have burned was. It could accept that some bulbs were dimmer that OEM bulbs, can any one this in spite of accepts to launch my money is gone in 4 month. It would ask the repayment was an option .

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