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Top Customer Reviews: MagnaFlow 447206 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dione
I am by train of the give The four stars only so that the does not have the something for a O2 sensor. This was to install in the Glorious Jeep Cherokee 4.0 zj and a muffler the tent has had to weld an additional tube with the something to accommodate a O2 sensor to do functions. The tent has touched one extra 20 for him as no the enormous roads.
4 / 5 Rosalina
They have done perfectly and the fraction of a cost.
5 / 5 Dorsey
I add it it has had any problem installs and raisins smog
5 / 5 Keli
Awesome Produced in the prize adds! Fashioning The quality is exactly that would expect of Magnaflow! The arrival and the access add.
5 / 5 Elsy
Awesome Has produced in the prize adds! Manufacturing the quality is exactly that would expect of Magnaflow! The arrival and the access add.
5 / 5 Mee
Took partorisca always partorisca try the figure out of a disorder has taken to when that tries to take this CC- A catalogs shows two-- the front and the backside partorisca mine 1998 Jeep Cherokee (4.0) this in spite of, neither one comes with one covers of sensor of the Oxygen-- no the CARB CC with a connector of sensor of the oxygen, the one who the enormous deception. Called MagnaFlow and ask me partorisca add it manually--take of original CC and install in piping partorisca begin after installing his. Simply in amazing! Any service of good client of MF. Original of first double control to order yours.
1 / 5 Chauncey
Separates too big, the mechanic has declined to modified. The course sent for behind
5 / 5 Joeann
Ossia a real shot , spent CA smog, has had a patterned number
4 / 5 Susann
Didnt Work. You are the disaster that cost the plot of money partorisca repair
4 / 5 Leanora
are by train of the give the four stars so only reasons does not have the something partorisca a O2 sensor. This is to be install in the Glorious Jeep Cherokee 4.0 zj and a muffler the tent has had to that weld an additional pipe with the something partorisca accommodate a O2 sensor to do does. The tent has touched an extra 20 for him so that not to treat it enormous.

Top Customer Reviews: MagnaFlow 441004 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Alfreda
ERROR in my description - A real PART I installed in mine the Saturn was 448004 ANY 441004

This CAT has helped my emissions of car RAISIN / CA Smog with flying colours!!! But that and ordeal!!

Has bought my new car mark.... 20 years ago like the order of the factory and I has not been ready partorisca separate with him still especially after substituting a boss gasket fact 2 years.

California the conversores Catalytic can do the big difference in your SMOG is resulted of test

CA has some multiple zones according to a quality of air. In of the zones 'cleaned' takings of the Basic try which is so only one goes him test (any dyno) and no very hard to spend. Soiled places like The and San Diego is Enhanced and takings a hard more ASM test and has to that fulfil the lowest test is.

Will leave links it to the database of a state in some commentaries.

In the first place, my car is very old and has been done partorisca fulfil some levels of the Federal emissions lower or 48 state (CA & NY) is a two rigid more been due to a big density of cars and like the quality resulted of low air).

After, have gone to a test with the transmission of fresh oil and bounce he of HEET to take any water in my gas tank - my car chairs to plot like this usually scooter of mine of the walk everywhere. Has has FAILED emissions for a first time never. HC 84 max has LEFT = 66 ppm.

My car: 1997 Saturn SW2 Engine Group Familiarised: and a first year of OBD II.

EO = Commanded executive. With which 2009 all aftermarket the CATS owe that have a EO patterned or etched in a fund of a cat. A smog the canal will register this number and your Engine Familiarised aka code grupal of Test of Engine in a sticker down your hood and the compare to verify that it matches your crew of emissions of the cars.

Uses the database of a state agrees that MagnaFlow undertaken of the father is listing like this investigation: 'the Car sound Exhausts Systems, Inc. (. Magnaflow)'

After, has decided to purchase the new CAT and substitute it to me using mine welder but my family of the engine has not been in a state is 'Database of Conversor Catalytic'. I have called NAPA Autoparts and two exhausts tents and any of them has known that to do. A cat of fist has ordered was bad for my car reason was a esar' cat in the two system of the cat but my car has come so only with A CAT to the equal that have required to select the cat of a cast that was the system of alone cat. I

Some lessons here is has to that select a lot attentively and the calm only order once is 100 insurance is treating a correct part. If you are not sure take help. If it exhausts the tents do not know then contact a SMOG Referee and explain a situation.

For a way. I have been of then titled to the free test reason have paid and has failed a first test has asked a smog canal to try in all the chance. A result has been he is spent easily (sees Test 2) but they the technology called and has asked his boss and he have said does not rid a test and I has been failed for 'Emissions Tamper' basically using wrong crew of emissions for my car.

I also learnt in my investigation that a lot SMOG the tents operate in the state of paranoia. Hardly they see a part of emissions have been changed or modified if they suspect still anything suspicious will refuse to try some automobiles or rid some results. I have gathered that in a spent a state looked another way when it avenges the tents this 'has guaranteeed pass or your money retreated' and other a lot questionable practices. Now purportedly it has undercover people that come from the tents of bust so many is extremely cautious and included fearful.

After, has contacted a Smog Referee and has expected 5 days for the call behind. A type has spoken with era very fresh and has answered to the plot of questions has based in some a lot of forums and postings has read on-line. I walked by means of a database and aimed exactly that it was well for my car. I have learnt that the CAT (in general) can be Universal (requiring welding), has to be for California And a EO in a fund HAS TO THAT match a Family of Engine in a database but reason my Family of the engine has not been in a database a Ref direct to the: installcatq& document (sees pictures for a section that relates my situation).

For some reason a CAT am revising has not aimed a EO in a fund in some pictures. Has one and I have taken the picture. It is critical that this ready to be visible and is trace to face down he so that it can be read. Some papers in another side HOARDS works. A cat is not directional like any final can be a start /of entrance while a EO is visible under a car.

After taking a wrong CAT I installed a correct CAT and has gone back to a test with the impression out of a installcatq& and a page of a database that list some elections of CATS & EO east. I am SPENT a test with almost of perfect results. See a photo. NOX = 0, has sawed & and HC 6 15mph & 7 25mph! A technology was impressed like this that asks can maintain mine printouts to feign his monitor where takes classes to learn smog reparation. I have said sure. I have said also that a Ref has said has to that have know my car would not be in a CA the database and he have said would not be touched for a 3rd test.

Final notes.
O2 Port of sensor' - Some CATS have the threaded hole in a cat he but to to the a lot of cars like to them the mine has in a pipe directly for behind a cat so that the course neither takes reused or has substituted.

Welding: it does not recommend the no pro weld an exhaust but agree the fixture has to that be to to fact likes in of some pictures or another method to ensure period and location esatta of parts. I welded a front of a cat and trace then and bolted a little short piece to a rest of a system then tack welded the to take the exact alignment is then fallen an assembly and the welding have finalised attentively and reinstalled an assembly with new gaskets. Any leak.

Has learnt more than me there is not wanted never roughly SMOG. There are good reasons for some principles and when I took a time to dip ready your car can take amazing results. There are TONNES of the on-line wrong information and in person still for smog tent of reparation that would owe better. Also it recommends a CA cats because of the to you a casualidad better to spend. In 20 years and 161K miles my car has taken some lower emissions never ( has saved all my tests of then enter of the CA a year 2000).

Top Customer Reviews: Magnaflow 16741 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased a MagnaFlow 16741 cat-backside exhausts fixes of on done the month and could not be happier with cost of mine! An exhausts the system has arrived very quickly; in roughly five business days. A packaging was form adds and has had all an original MagnaFlow the documents have comprised. A MagnaFlow the system is done component of big quality. I have had a system installed professionally and has not had any question with him returning mine 2007 GMT900 GMC has seen 4X4 Taxi of Crew. My installer clamped and then tack welded all of some joints partorisca prevent a dual to exhaust tips partorisca result uneven. (Highly recommended like the courses of different stainless steel develop and agreement in of the different taxes, that causes an exhaust components of system to rotate which in turning done your uneven dual tips. The uneven dual tips am a lot of unsightly!) Once installed a difference of sound has surprised! A MagnaFlow really has a awesome notes. I have taken several compliments in a truck with an exhausts system on now and there is has convinced included my friends partorisca buy MagnaFlow systems. Action and economy of look to feed to be on some same like stock. Note that with this system can leave a wheel to spare situates how is a prize added !

An end this in spite of; when you purchase this mark of element sure ships of and is sold stops . There are other vendors there in a warehouse of the amazon but my experience has been this Amazon for real stands for behind his products. There is at least one another description of this product of the buyer the one who there has been the bad experience. (Which seat partorisca listen roughly reasons a real shot are adds!) It calms the favour and buy of the source has trusted. It selects Súper nave of Saver partorisca save extra! Then have a system installed professionally, unless calm of course is the pro. (And a lot he no partorisca Amazon; they are so only the happy client!)

Shabby MagnaFlow! Calm will not be disappointed!
5 / 5
Any one returned the 2008 Chevy 1500, has had to that cut and weld more pieces to a pipe of a muffler to a start lateralmente of the engine. It touches good but he no just ray on, if it have known this I active has bought so only a muffler so only.
4 / 5
His record , adds perfect and has improved mileage and the action likes announced, recommend this product and I will buy another when it has required.
5 / 5
Better touching exhausts the has not possessed never doesnt give you that monotone dron noise while cruising in the street accelerates noticeable yours but no crazy strong correctly
4 / 5
a system sees is not that takings . He NO RETURNED the 2008 silverodo 1500 like the say and his is ANY PAPER of guarantee in an open box. The real magnaflow the product has a paper of guarantee with the number to control on that. They are selling the product that comes yours looking it has been used . Included one packing it all rasgado up. Has a lot bad welds on that. It looks the 10 old year welded the.

Top Customer Reviews: Stop Tech 950.61003 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Denise
I have required these lines of brakes for the update in fact of big brake in mine 2013 Mustang. That appealled in me more quite was the prize, is such the good value . Everything is gone in me neatly bundled, each hardware that required, and included the few bonds of zip. Installing them was easy, only like another line of brake. To Tan Far likes him the action, has the light difference in the be pedal. In general, I want this stain and would buy to again.
5 / 5 Valery
Part of substitution of better sake that some original parts
3 / 5 Krystin
I have required these brakes lines partorisca the big brake upgrade has done in 2013 Mustang. Quell'appealled Mine more roughly was a prize, is such the good value . Everything is coming mine neatly packaged, all the hardware that has required, and has included the few bonds of zip. Installing them was easy, so only like another line of brake. As the one who action, has the light difference in pedal feels. In general, I love these lines and would buy them again.
5 / 5 Truman
These lines were well, until it avenges partorisca install a banjo the ray in a boss the net snapped was partorisca likes it has been done of plastic, which left with the ray in mine caliper. As have have to that the take to take a ray takes before it can finalise a work, leaving my car death in a water partorisca days, ANY VALUE I MONEY has SAVED
4 / 5 Ivy
near Adds lines of brake partorisca the very reasonable prize.
4 / 5 Mardell
Breakings of better good substitution that some original part

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