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If you are reading this, calm then knows that an exhausts system partorisca the 2008-2010 Powerstroke is dipped together with slipping apt connections and clamps. I have been excited partorisca buy this DPF. Measure roughly 1' elder in external diameter (OD) which has augmented significantly a zone of flow. And of course it looks the value adds of the mark has bought other products of in a past. THIS In spite of, he no returned. A downstream tube OD of Ford that slips to an extension among a DPF and Muffler is ' OD of a factory. This Sleep the unit measured ' the ' OD. Ossia An average of .080' Also big. To do it worse, was egged of .040' To .120' oversized. It is impossible to develop your female connection to return in a tube and although you could, a clamp does not have quite adjustment. It was IMPOSSIBLE. Also, be conscious that when it situate an order, included although it says that it is of Sleep, was fulfilled by the distributer. Before you it commanded of click rid, the sure mark is not OEMPartHaus. If it is, it knows that they will touch you 20 restocking cost and nave, for withholding your repayment. If you are quite stubborn for the month, there will be sucedido in taking a full repayment, but reason calms master dipped you by means of this madness. I reordered another more expensive with which phase DPF (BD) by means of Amazon and when you go in it measured 'OD. Exactly one same likes Ford original DPF. Unless you are prepared to cut and weld, looks for something different. And especially, no for yes of OEMPartHaus, reason returning this element when he no returned will be a lot frustrating...

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