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Top Customer Reviews: XCSOURCE Vehicle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the economic device with some characteristic missing tones. You owe that know that it is doing reason the instructions are very difficult to follow. If desires connect an engine has closed down look you has to that connect a boss of relay 86 to the positive constant 12V otherwise this characteristic no .

A manual also be missing of the to to mandates keys likes them to them to them the stop and the engine partorisca begin.

Ossia The device is not partorisca all the world like this do your first investigation to buy this device this economic plus.

has ordered recently the second device, AH208 4pin and a wrong device has been shipped. They send a AH207 2pin. I will owe element partorisca return like this the device there has been any characteristic of yard of the fuel.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Easy to installs does not like a program he no quell'I the commission partorisca do the only thing took it partorisca do like this far is partorisca give me location but movement alrm the Alarms to accelerate at all. The instructions have been peel of writings 12 old year follows sure my boys can do better work in writing like this partorisca install no very detailed at all. Im Sure has the available better product.
4 / 5
4 / 5
The cost has verified no partorisca me, any subject that has tried. Has any of a company say like this partorisca do do in mid California and yes the work will create my indication.
5 / 5
The cost has checked are very satisfied thus produced. It is very easy to install and very really require the concrete byline partorisca take it working. All that need is a lot prepaid HE the paper and ossia.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Again, the wrong model has sent. This is not antitheft. 2 connector Of PIN, HAS any relay.
5 / 5
The cost has checked produced Good, poor manual information!
5 / 5
The cost verified does not turn on GPS. That can do?
5 / 5
The cost has verified taste, of easy to install, easy to use. Works with 5 m accuracy. Perfecto
4 / 5
The cost checked after paying $ 300 partorisca installation of a system of alarm and this gps tracker. A tracker of empty does not act. It has dipped in a unlocked Yes in NYC and does not act. Taking has beaten . It does not take gsm or gps.

Top Customer Reviews: TomTom Start 52 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Like the professor of behaviour, has to use this satnav like this is a a that use of examiners in a test. But wow, the desire concealed has not been a chance. The entrances are extremely slow, the device is seldom unresponsive, a UI is clunky and counter-intuitive. If precise looks for some place partorisca go, dipping in a name callejero is useless, as the majority of a time so only will answer to codes of estaca. Saying that, in of the multiple occasions have tried entering the name callejero that the could not find I so that there is then has entered a code of estaca, but then as it has taken there a name callejero that had entered, spelt exactly one same, looked in a map.

Knows other people have had issues with an initial setup, but does not take having any questions of first order. An only thing that it is in fact the more is that the has not fallen never and sticks to a windshield well.
5 / 5
My new TomTom Start 52 is now GOOD and fully operational. This in spite of a book of the instruction so only declares an obvious. If you are not familiarised with a product there is any help. A line of the help of the client looks any partorisca exist, included partorisca an email address and Tom Tom the calm web page so only take round in of the circles. A tree of simple paper in a book of instruction or on-line would save to plot of frustration. My question was solved so only for accident. Still it does not know a pertinent on/was location of transmission. Shame because a product is excellent.
4 / 5
Has seated nav take you where need to be but that annoy to be said 'go around a roundabout and take a first began any be it wiser that say 'on that approaches a roundabout takes a first began. It does not announce it issues it nomination any as a leading model (25) . So that it is reason I did not give it 5 stars. It is the little disappointing!
4 / 5
Does not find mine START52 also like my GONE 750 ALIVE which is no longer sustained for TOMTOM. I expect that a lifetime the maps of offers is like this as well as it touches but the only time will say. Have So only began it so only use a new TOMTOM (yesterday) but does not look so that the friendly user like my leading model and I does not like him a map so much. Desire TOMTOM was to like you Microsoft to the equal that could have the exposure of screen that am familiarised with.
5 / 5
Has been tired partorisca use always he google Maps of the Iphone,one that decided the buy a tomtom but or less basic but how is my surprise that goes partorisca use for the first time and any one is able to find fates,the streets of my village any one relieves neither one,and looks for streets of all espa├▒a less which wants to go,for now a lot disappointed produces inservivble,any like this contact with tone of tone of amazon give some alternative or solucion will change my opinion but any one is worth it.
5 / 5
Has bought mainly this has seated nav how is a level of the entrance has seated nav that the examiners will use in a test of real behaviour. My professor of the behaviour also has this exact has seated nav and am used already to those read when I am spending for several streets of test.

A main reason reason has taken the now included in the offer is reason has taken fascinated for a recognition of voice and registering some streets look that I have bought my typical of using when I spend my test and traves├şa to the places are not familiarised with. It was easy to use but mine sweaty the toes require to dried was every time but there is no smudges in a screen so that the good thing. My dad there has been a Start 25 five years behind but does not use likes his current car has built it has seated nav. I can not comment in the to battery likes plugged of him in mine portable grieves I logged in the MyDrive Connects. Has software of update quite quickly. A voice has been dipped to Serena like his voice is clear and a lot of dulcemente likes Jane. An only thing I need to do is to choose the street and take that it goes. A delivery has come next day when it has been supposition to arrive in 29th. Good material!

The only flu is that a seated nav is coming with a outdated map of June that is map 1011 when a current map is 1020, but will be necessary cost he later as I am unable to take a same update although a seated nav said lifetime maps. Hats a lot a subject for me also although my tests next month to way that the time will say when I need purchases it.
4 / 5
To That it liked him to it - when you are driving, of him a work - mostly, sees down.
Which displeased
A escreen to touch' is not . Calm has to it attack and attack it, and finally could answer. If no, lick your toe and try again. It is like this difficult to use, has to take to change anything - included a volume of voice (which is in fact quite difficult to change)
A system of paper is slow to answer, long, and far of intuitive.
Changing a volume is almost impossible, reason a screen to touch is like this bad,
When it answers is slow to a point where could the to you thinks has on enclosed. Looking for can take 10-15 seconds!
When Looking for, often dips some prime minister of dark place, and covers all some another with an on keyboard of screen.
A memory is like this small, has had to take voice to take updates of map!
Takes age to close on to some satellites.
The place is aimed always like 10 to 20 metres behind where are quite - to send you down a wrong turning in of the complex crosses.
When it turns It on, could decide that they are in a work callejera pr├│jima on a lot of ossia marries I so that it knows is bad. If it does not spend never when it is it was, the things could take a lot sticky.
Has tried to send me down the street that is one-way another way, and down a ossia so only 5 wide feet (in the automobile).
The management was, agrees a last fate for days. An only way to annul it that I found it to drive to (past) he, or gone in another fate. If there is annul it, has to no for the found .
A basic 25 was the very very better has seated Nav. This would have 4 stars.
4 / 5
Has bought this to help my promise takes used to a device of use of navigation for a test of behaviour, and has been horrified in as this bad . I have expected far better for a prize and TomTom would have to that be embarrassed of them partorisca having this product in his lineup.
Here is to surround it brief of some questions:

1. It is incredibly slow to answer. It is it likes it is using the processor of a apollo missions of moon to do a navigation. You touch a screen to do anything and so that it wants to could be expect until the very pocolos second for the response.
2. Trying the program in the fate has been modelled in that dips a timer to register something in the 1980 VCR. A number of the taps of screen has required is insane.
3. Calm so only can update some maps that use the convoluted process of plugging he to the PC in spite of a device then that directs to synchronise your favourite fates maintain an air. It is reason his he in this way; it is so that it can maximiza his profit in a service of alive byline
4. You owe that subscribe to the service to take updates. It is almost 2020 types. It classifies era.
5. It is very slow to react the transmissions in the direction and is not utmost to know where is in built on zones.

In an age where any so only can use google the maps in his smartphone would think TomTom active upped his game with the device has consecrated, offering at least some profit on using the ready telephone, but is sincerely better of just buying the £80 telephone of android of amazon and downloading whichever the application of free off-line map can find, or that paid for Sygic navigation for £50 which then will give you unlimited by all the world mapea and updates of cameras and be transferrable to a telephone of compraventa of next android!
5 / 5
My fourth TomTom (two has been been due to built-in obsolescence, this a this predecessor has looked simply his toes a day, although it had been doing perfectly a day before), but a lot probably my last, although it prefers a map to his competitors'.

Fiddly To dip up with a computer ÔÇö has has had to that finally reinstall everything to line some second time have update some maps ÔÇö and a screen is not a lot of responsive. One touches of a screen is taken now up with the information am not interested in at all, and there looks any option to turn this was. How it is customary, some drops of units of a window twenty_ÔÇôthirty minutes to the traves├şa; it does not import the one who the grandson or a windscreen.

Problematically, Some maps are not maintaining up with transmissions of limit of the speed. For chance, has discovered recently that two dual venue carriageways this is to fall his speeds to 50mph three or like this done of the years are aimed still in a TomTom likes 70mph (that it can explain it reason so much engine accelerates there and is like this aggressive with engine the one who is obeying a limit); and in the traves├şa of recent long distance, there is remarked that in the neighbourhood of some limits of the speed in a unit has has not reflected limits of real speed in place in some streets (a estimativa that excludes limits of variable speeds in operation in a motorway and with roadworks). Ossia Especially problematic if the engine is that they have to that trust a satnav for attentive information, as it can spend where to the signage of street is hid for foliage, the no infrequent occurrence.

There resembles has been the transmission in as the information is expressed, those results in the disorder: in of the islands of traffic and round, for chances, an information is given in the way that suggests two separate instructions are resupplied: 'Gone well in a roundabout And take a third began, which was previously a logical plus: 'Gone well in a roundabout, third began. (A 'on' is the subject smaller, but still annoying: if they are in a roundabout, more than IN him, something is bad gone wrongÔÇŽ)

the Old questions persist and any endeavour looks for to be fact to direct them. For example, TomTom still can not distinguish the curve or curve of a real turn, and a lot of crossroads where an engine is expected to Take or Give Way, as marked in some signs of real street in place, is aimed in a map as if an engine has a lot of-of-the way and some other streets are subordinates.

To be sincere, in does not look like this TomTom is annoying much more, but simply trading in the reputation to erase and old mapsÔÇŽ Some units are frequently redesigned, sometimes to solve questions ( has been pleased to discover a boss in this one a lot randomly the slips was, the difference of his predecessor), but generally simply to do them thinner, which any up for some errors to continue with potentially of serious consequences.
5 / 5
Mina TomTom One east assigned, as I have bought the new a. I expected it to do like an old one but he really the no. can not touch any part of a screen to access papers, has to touch the little tiny circle. Some papers are not like this the friendly user, some maps are tiny and while driving requires to look in him, has to be so only bit it too long.

Was very happy with Jane in in TomTom A, said exactly to the equal that to do in the slightly Irish 1980 class of informative reader of way. A new voice is regional and annoyingly upbeat and dips in a word And where is not required. The one who has known the voice could be he like this annoying?

The instructions are not like this clear as in TomTom A. An exposure is bland, and like this previously mentioned, some maps are enough bit it smaller. Ido is an account for behind gain of metres to a turn or is there, can does not see. A screen is the like this big averages again but can not find an information loves in the gaze.

@In rodeo, the desire had gone to the tent and the different models have tried first to buy. It is disappointing to spend in 100 and not being happy with him. One another thing: while plugged to an USB of my car, some directions plotted and places to go, so only requiring to prod an annoying WALK , To the left, Tom Tom has has changed screens to one this has said, ' is plugged to your computer,' quell'interrupted driving on.

My joint is, goes to the tent and try the little, no shabby and discover that the hate.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin DriveSmart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Ich habe bisher u.un. Of the N├╝vi 2699LMT-D von Garmin gefahren und the war dipped dem Ships bisher immer recht zufrieden. Vor allem Given ├╝berragende Sprachbedienung von the war of Garmin gives Grund ├╝berhaupt warum ich has given Ships gefahren habe. Navigation of data selbst ist ja nicht viel anders als bei anderen Navis und auch gives DAB-Verkehrsfunkempfang ist nicht schlecht. Wohl immer noch schlechter als HD-Traffic von TomTom (ich fahre auch gives GOES 6200 von TomTom in meinem Dienstwagen) aber immer noch besser als quotes meisten anderen.

Nachdem ich nun Gives Garmin DriveSmart MT-D Ue bekommen habe the war gives einrichten selbst in wenigen Minuten erledigt weil gives Men├╝ sich nur unwesentlich von dem 2699 unterscheidet. Anders ist lediglich Gives give DriveSmart nun has dipped WLAN aktualisiert werden kann und gives is nicht mehr has dipped dem SmartphoneLink, sondern dipped give GarminDrive Application gekoppelt werden kann. Aber Gives ist recht intuitiv und f├╝r jeden gives ein Handy bedienen kann gut zu schaffen.

Nach dem schnellen verbinden Has dipped dem WLAN Hat mir gives Ships drei Updates angezeigt, wovon eins ein Kartenupdate war und etwas l├Ąnger gedauert hat. L├Ąnger ist dabei aber relativ Gives Kartenupdates sehr umfangreich sind und gives Hat ├╝ber gives eingebaute WLAN gerade bad knapp eine Stunde gedauert. Of the ist ein Upper Wert.

Quotes Routenf├╝hrung ist bisher recht gut. It gives ich ├╝berwiegend Strecken gefahren Quotes of cube ich gut kannte the war gives leicht zu beurteilen-

Navigation of Data ist zuverl├Ąssig. Die Stauansagen sind ├╝berwiegend gut und werden z├╝gig aktualisiert, gives Lautsprecher ist klar und deutlich und auch bei lautem gut of Engine zu verstehen. Er ist deutlich besser als Dies Lautsprecher die bisher bei Garmin gives AutoNavis verbaut waren. It has dipped they have given Lautsprechern jetzt kann Given of man Freisprecheinrichtung auch gut verstehen.

Gives Absolute Knaller ist und bleibt dies Sprachsteuerung die einen wirklich gut versteht und man of data nahezu perfekt bedienen kann. They are besten ist is wenn man sich Favoriten abgelegt hat, welche the man dipped einem Schlagwort abgespeichert hat. Dann braucht Man nur Favoriten und anschlie├čend has given Schlagwort sagen und schon geht the.

Gives verbinden place dem Smartphone ging problemlos, allerdings muss man sich daf├╝r vorher dies GarminDrive Application herunterladen a data Freisprecheinrichtung nutzen zu k├Ânnen. Merkw├╝rdig finde ich auch (und Gives War aber auch bei dem 2699 schon as) dass die Verkehrsinformationen ├╝ber dies GarminDrive Application offensichtlich etwas anders sind als quotes ├╝ber DAB, obwohl beides gives selbe Liveservice ist und eigentlich identisch heart m├╝sste. Obwohl Quotes Aktualisierungen im Minutentakt kommen sind sie leider viel ungenauer als HD-Traffic von TomTom. Und Gives obwohl TomTom nur to the zwei Minuten aktualisiert.

Insgesamt sind Quotes Verkehrsinformation von Garmin gives letzten Monaten aber schon besser geworden. Nur In giving Stadt hakt is noch. It gives kommt Garmin nicht a TomTom heran. Gerade bei Gives Baustellen oder bei gesperrten Stra├če hakt is bei Garmin und man steht auf einmal vor einer provisorischen Einbahnstra├če oder einer gesperrten Stra├če. As etwas kommt bei TomTom nur ganz selten vor. Wenn Garmin Gives noch nachbessert cube ich mir sicher gives man TomTom gives Row ablaufen kann gives Software of data von Garmin viel stabiler l├Ąuft. Abst├╝rze oder dergleichen habe ich Has dipped dem DriveSmart auf jeden Fallen noch nicht gehabt.

Vielen Dank Gives Sie sich Die Zeit genommen haben a meine Rezension zu lesen. Ich hoffe Gives ich Ihnen damit ein wenig behilflich heart konnte.
5 / 5
Like the user the one who has possessed a Tomtom Goes 520 satnav, here is some comparison pros and gilipollas among them:
1. Both of his suggestion of the street neither perfects . While using zone of interior of Londra, thinks Tomtom has taken the slightly issues more precise and instruction to turn of the intersection. Taken several Garmin of time suggests to turn while in crossing advance so only (p. p.ej. Some subjects approaches Oval turing right to Brixton street, which is not left).
2. Tomtom The interface is slightly more cleaned and easy to give support, well for people those who love directly-the advance or the minors that customises experience; Garmin instead has more customizable function and interface, concealed useful for people those who require extra info and interface of the purpose done of commission.
3. Garmin Has to that to the extra function likes them the prognosis of time, motorway/of street CCTV live update, AFTERWARDS suggestions and recommendation for TripAdvisor/Foursquare, is sometime useful (or just useless elegant prefers access these by means of your smartphone)
4. Alive traffic, Tomtom the looks of the slightly better forecast and current. Garmin still done the no bad work. With your smartphone gone back of mobile data on, Tomtom works of accesses of alive traffic for turn in extra functions 'bluetooth with access of internet' in yours smartphone (based in android of mine 8.1 smartphone), traffic of Garmin instead will do for just tower in a basic bluetooth.
5. Satnav windshield Mountain, TomTom magnetic that touches the mountain is better that Garmin, easier that locate/unmount a unit. Mechanism of the suction also feels quality of better build.
6. Control of voice, TomTom is better. It is very personal, for me precise diverse test to cause control of voice of the Garmin, but TomTom just easy and always laws without @@subject.
7. AFTERWARDS Gone in, Garmin better. TomTom Has to that trust a web-based AFTERWARDS import to sync an AFTERWARDS to a car, but that the function sometime fracasado ( has been broken for 2 month before and TomTom taken a lot complain look in his forum). Garmin So only simply copies-and-paste an afterwards file to a device by means of boss of work and normal USB.
8. Map refresh speed during driving, TomTom better. Map of Garmin refreshing accelerates no like this quickly like this tomtom, but still very acceptable.
9. Warm And that function of worries, TomTom rasise and asks wants to go home when a device has gone back on at night out of your location of house. Garmin will aim next view that sees restaurants/of suggestion of interest of supermarket/of the gas canal once drives pr├│jimo to the new city.

Both of them have his special function, choose a a to that likes ;)
4 / 5
Entirely useless. Rebooted He 8 times during one 80 traves├şa of one thousand. It has had to maintain prendiendo to leave restarts to continue traves├şa. Returned for repayment. It averts!!
4 / 5
Took less than an hour to come to a conclusion that I a lot like this device. Accoring To the video of Garmin, is supposition to create the streets that use main streets where possible, but that has created the street of test, that clearly is not a chance (Route of Lake of the Snakes in Bromsgrove is hardly the main street is calm so much can see for a photograph has uploaded). Also, a clip that attaches a device to a mountain of suction is the poor creation and is almost impossible to attach without taking a mountain of suction every time. Some the magnetic mountains are very better; easier that use and can leave a goodness to be able to permanently attached master . I am assuming that this also probably has a question although other devices of Garmin have and ossia, not giving numbers of street (names of just street) in a lot of crosses; potentially a lot confusing in some roundabouts of complex traffic. An only good thing in of the this is a hardware is much more responsive that the line of product of competitors of entities. Any enough for me to love the maintain.
5 / 5
Ich habe Give Garmin Ships gekauft, gives mein altes Navigon Easy gestohlen wurde und Navigon von Garmin ├╝bernommen wurde. Au├čerdem wollte ich gerne ein Ships Dipped Sprachsteuerung haben.

Zuerst zu Damage Dingen Die mir gefallen:
+Given Sprachsteuerung funktioniert f├╝r ein Ger├Ąt, gives nicht die ganze Zeit place dem Internet verbunden ist recht gut. Zwar nicht vergleichbar Dip Amazons Alexa oder Googles Assistenten aber, wenn man sich a data Befehle h├Ąlt, die eingeblendet werden, funktioniert is. Ohne vorher einen Konopf zu dr├╝cken, sagt zoom of Man Beispiel: 'A lot of Garmin, nach Hause!' Man muss nur manchmal etwas lauter sprechen.
+Given Touchoberfl├Ąche arbeitet sehr pr├Ązise und sehr z├╝gig, viel besser als given high resistive Oberfl├Ąche in meinem fr├╝heren Navigon.
+Die Routenplanung erscheint mir gut.

Was mir nicht gef├Ąllt und give ist like this einiges:
-Give Ships l├Ąsst manchmal Sprachkomandos auf give Autobahn weg. Zoom Beispiel kam Is auf dem Weg nach Spanien mehrere Viril auch in Deutschland vor, dass give Ships vor einem Autobahnkreuz nicht darauf hingewiesen hat, sich rechts oder link zu halten, sondern stumm geblieben ist. Of the tall Navigon Hat mich yesterday denies h├Ąngen lassen. Fairerweise muss Man aber sagen: so that lange the man has given Situationen die Fahrspur gehalten hat, ist man auf dem richtigen Weg geblieben, dennoch f├╝hrt give erstmal zu Stress.
-Given Routenberechnung dauert genauso lange wie bei meinem 10 Jahre ├Ąlteren Navigon Ships.
-Man kann give Ger├Ąt place dem Smartphone koppeln und place einer Application im Hintergrund Verkehrsdaten herunterladen. Of the funktioniert soweit ganz Gut, nur ist is danach unglaublicht mitteilsam und nervt bei jedem kleinen Verkehrsproblemchen, gives gemeldet wird. It gives hilft nur Die komplette Benachrichtigungsfunktion abzuschalten.
-├ťber Bluetooth funktioniert Give Ships auch als Freisprecheinrichtung. Ich kann ├╝ber Give Ships In mein Adressbuch im Smartphones gehen, und Anrufe t├Ątigen, gives ist nat├╝rlich gut. Ich kann aber nicht zu Give im Telefon gespeicherten Adressen navigieren. Statt dessen erwartet Navigon allen Ernstes von mir, dass ich im Given of Direction of Smartphone heraussuche und sie dann von the hand gives Ships eingebe. Of the War vielleichgt vor zehn Jahren well, heute nicht mehr.
-Give Ships spricht schlechtes Deutsch: Nach give Auffahrt auf Die Autobahn sagt is: 'Given A3 folgen.' It is hei├čt: it GIVES A3 folgen! Wie kann Like this etwas in giving Produktkontrolle durchrutschen? Und au├čerdem f├Ąnde ich Is Gut, zu wissen f├╝r wie lange ich give Stra├če folgen soll, etwa 3, 30 oder 300 km. Of the konnte ebenfalls give tall Navigon besser.
-Give Exposure ist recht gro├č, is wird aber nicht gescheit ausgenutzt. Mein altes Navigon hatte einen halb Like this gro├čen Bildschirm, zeigte mir aber noch zu fahrenden Kilometre, Ankunftszeit, Himmelsrichtung und Uhrzeit auf dem Hauptbildschirm one. Bei Navigon geht immer nur eins von Harm has seen.
-Man kann nicht einstellen, ab wieviel km h Geschwindigkeits├╝berschreitung man eine Warnung haben m├Âchte.

Mein Fazit: F├╝r einen hohen Preis wird einem Yesterday ein nicht durchdachtes Ger├Ąt angeboten, Gives auf mich unfertig wirkt. Vor allem nerven mich Given fehlenden Komandos vor frames Autobahnkreuzen und die Kommandos in fehlerhaftem Deutsch sowie given fehlenden M├Âglichkeit direkt zu give Kontakten im meinem Smartphone zu navigieren. Ich w├╝rde Give Ger├Ąt sicher nicht nochmal kaufen. Wenn Man schon like this viel Geld ausgibt, sollte man doch auch etwas mehr verlangen k├Ânnen. Of the wird vor allem deutlich, wenn the man gives Ger├Ąt bad place dem kostenlosen Maps of Google vergleicht. Vorausgesetzt Hat of man ein Samrtphone und einen ausreichend gro├čes Datenvolumen/Netzabdeckung funktioniert damit eigentlich fast alles genauso gut oder noch besser. Ich werde Give Ships wahrscheinlich wieder verkaufen, statt dessen benutzte ich dann lieber Maps of Google und kaufe mir als Backup wieder ein billiges uraltes gebrauchtes Navigon.

├ťbrigens auch Give Service bei hat of Garmin mich nicht ├╝berzeugt. Auf eine Anfrage bez├╝glich Navigation direkt zu give Kontakten im Smartphone bekam ich zwei Wochen lang keine Antwort und dann eine Regular Email, ob ich place dem Service of Email zufrieden war.
5 / 5
Anfangs War ich von dem Ships begeistert. Ger├Ąt sieht S├║per Gut aus, die Aufl├Âsung give Sample gleicht give modernen Smartphone und die Sprachf├╝hrung w├Ąhrend give Routenf├╝hrung sucht seinesgleichen.
Nach einigen Routenf├╝hrungen mehr legte sich The euphoria dates.
1. Ich War auf dem Weg auf give Autobahn und give Ships meinte, ich solle abfahren, denn is folgt eine Stra├čensperrung, wenn ich nicht auf is h├Âre. Also cube ich abgefahren... It is leitete mich auf einem Parkplatz, damit ich wenden kann und is f├╝hrte mich wieder auf given gleiche Strecke. Seltsam!
2. Die Bluetoothverbindung verbindet sich bad, bad nicht, bad wieder und aktuell geht bad wieder nix. Of the ist nervig.
3. Die Spracherkennung wird von vielen gelobt. Ich kann Give nichts Gutes berichten. It is funktionierte Like this selten bei mir (egal ob w├Ąhrend give Fahrt oder bei Stillstand), gives ich is nicht mehr verwende.
4. Die Smartnotifications sind gar nicht like this ready, denn die Anzeige funktioniert sporadisch bad.... Aber eigentlich funktioniert sie gar nicht.

Was ich mich noch frage:
1. Warum kann ich Give Ships nicht place meiner Bluetoothverbindung von meinem Transports verbinden, damit ich given Ansagen ├╝ber die Autolautsprecher bekomme?
2. Oft funktionieren Given Staumeldungen ├╝ber Smartphone to die Verbindung nicht. Allerdings habe ich im Transport einen Hotspot. Warum holt sich Give Ships nicht dar├╝ber Die Stauinfos?
3. Warum f├╝hrt mich Give Ships eigentlich manchmal In Staus?
4 / 5
I like a look and answered of a screen. It dipped it up with my application of smartphone of the android easily. First time have had the seated nav with recognition of voice and answers quite well. Like the engine of delivery has the favourite locations saved and when I have dipped this up in mine portable had backed on a last garmin has had and has then restored these to of the this and this was in prize , using voice I he simply said 'a lot of garmin' 'preferred' then any one a name has or like the explosions to list up in the screen can say 'arrive' or 'down' and like each one so it is numbered 1-5 in the each screen I so only say the number etc. His simple to use and looks really good. Traffic in a a the taken is to update via boss to be able to but calm can take more attentive has seen the smartphone that is connected his and that has given on. They are happy has chosen is one. Perfecto for my work of delivery of the van.
4 / 5
Took in and out of Londra centrical wihtout the subjects but a life of battery is poor and an interface of user is bad informative the majority of a time. My forward seated nav was the Garmin economic and was for real terrible- did to solve never to buy Garmin again. But after seeing some descriptions for some current TomTom in this row of prize, was obvious that this Garmin was my only option unless I have loved to spend in £200 that I no.

Is basically the chance of the minor of two harms, likes vote in of the elections.
5 / 5
I upgraded to this reason have loved a function of recognition of the voice. Sometimes volume king-routed whilst the behaviour and this would help so that there is has not had to take to press keys etc. Sadly, Ossia useless, 70-80 of a time does not recognise that I am saying. A recognition of voice would owe that be upgraded so that it is like this very like this of the Maps of Google.
5 / 5
Ich habe Give Ger├Ąt gerade einmal 3 Hack, nachdem mein altes Becker leider give Geist aufgegeben hat, aber like this schnell habe ich selten etwas gone back geschickt.
1) Sustains ist eine Katastrophe, ca. 8 they give anrufen, a dann irgendjemanden zu erreichen, gives nur bedingt eine Ahnung hat.
2) Weil wir yesterday ein leider sehr langsames Internet haben, Hat mich give Laden give Karten ├╝ber 5 Stunden gekostet und ohne has given geht gar nichts.
3) Mir wurde vor dem Kauf vom Sustain DAB+ und alive traffic bei dem Ger├Ąt versprochen. Like this wie is aussieht, funktioniert DAB+ zur Zeit give meisten Regionen ├ľsterreichs nicht. Eine Koppelung Place dem handy Hat auch zu keinem Aha-Erlebnis gef├╝hrt, is werden weiteres keine Baustellen dipped entsprechenden Geschwindigkeitsbeschr├Ąnkungen und auch nur einige give fixen Radaranlagen angezeigt. Auf jeden Fallen 2 gives Nachbarorten hat er mir nicht gemeldet. Nicht zu vergessen, im Ausland muss bei give Handy-Koppelung Gives that it Roams Date offen heart, von give anfallenden Geb├╝hren in giving Schweiz oder nicht EU L├Ąndern spricht yesterday keiner!
4.) GPS reagiert extrem langsam, meist erst nach 100 m im Ort zeigt give die of Exposure vorgeschriebenen 50 km a. (Bei einem neuen Volvo, Gives ich vor 2 Wochen als Leihwagen zur Verf├╝gung gehabt habe, the hat gives alles, aber wirklich alles perfektest funktioniert.
5) und zur Kr├Ânung: Of the Ger├Ąt soll lt. Beschreibung nur zw. -20 und + 55 Grad betrieben werden. Heute The war gives erste sch├Âne partorisca seal dipped 25 Grad und are Ger├Ąt habe ich eine Oberfl├Ąchentemperatur auf dem the exposure dipped ├╝ber 70 Grad bereits nach nur 10 Min Fahrt gemessen. Wie schaut Is dann im August in Spanien aus? Die Temperatur wird dann sicher weit ├╝ber 80 Grad steigen. Welche Akkus verbaut Garmin, Given like this etwas aushalten? Oder The hat gives Konzern vor, some einzeln umzubringen, wenn a data Dinge dann bei 130 km/h auf give Autobahn im Car explodieren?
6) auf give Halterung place dem Saugnapf steht: Fact in Cina - ich dachte, is hei├čt Amerika first! - auch keine Linie vorhanden!
Conclusio: Toe weg von give Dingen

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Nuvi 58LMT 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
My edges have loved that when used but then @@give when it could not accustom walk HGV classifies 1 truck ....... You decide lol
5 / 5
Denies mehr Garmin!
Ich habe Has given Ger├Ąt als Ersatz f├╝r meinen Fast 10 Jahre altes 'noname'-Ships gekauft, place dem ich voll zufrieden war, nur ist mir denies gelungen, are Karten zu aktualisieren (give Hersteller gibt is offensichtlich gar nicht mehr), was partorisca take bei einem Car-Ships ziemlich ein Mangel ist. Weil ich Gives Ger├Ąt nicht sehr oft n├╝tze, wollte ich nicht viel Geld ausgeben, weswegen mir quotes Wahl zwischen diesem Ger├Ąt has dipped mittelm├Ą├čigen Bewertungen und TomTom has dipped ziemlich schlechten geblieben ist.
Tja, Is macht grunds├Ątzlich was is soll, aber Ready given von Einw├Ąnden ist viel zu lange!
- Given Richtungsansagen sind schrecklich, typischerweise 'Fahren Sie auf given (Stra├čennummer / -Name)', was au├čer bei Bundesstra├čen kaum n├╝tzlich ist, denn auf Autobahn wird auf quotes (z.B.) E65 navigiert statt auf Quotes A1, auf Landstra├čen auf Stra├čennummern, man of data nirgendwo erfahren kann ('L4156'), in St├Ądten werden Stra├čennamen genannt, jedoch wenn ich is sleep nicht kenne und einen Ships brauche, wei├č ich doch nicht, wie welche Stra├če hei├čt!
- A mark Stra├čengabelungen, wo is gar nicht like klar ist, welche die gerade Richtung w├Ąre, wird gar nichts angesagt, daf├╝r wird ein Richtungswechsel gemeldet, wenn von einer Hauptstra├če in einer Kehre ein kaum befahrbarer Weg abzweigt.
- In Summe muss man ├Âfter auf gives Exposure schauen, a richtig zu fahren, statt einfach nach gives Ansagen fahren zu k├Ânnen - give finde ich sehr schlecht!
- Auch Die Aussprache von einem auf Deutsch eingestellten Ger├Ąt ist au├čerhalb vom deutschsprachigen Raum oft schrecklich - given Ortschaft- und Stra├čennamen werden auf Deutsch gelesen und 'unbekannte' Buchstaben einfach ausgelassen, like this erkennt man oft gar nicht, was give Ger├Ąt sagen wollte.
- Wenn Man sich auf Koordinaten in giving N├Ąhe von einer Schnellstra├če / Autobahn navigieren l├Ąsst (z.B. ein Parkplatz ├╝ber einem Autobahntunnel oder ein nicht auf Stra├čen erreichbarer Punkt In giving N├Ąhe von einer Schnellstra├če), wird er einfach auf einen Punkt mitten auf gives Autobahn navigiert!
- Give Kartenmaterial ist recht mangelhaft: Trotz Aktualisierung sind Quotes angegebenen Geschwindigkeitseinschr├Ąnkungen oft falsch (auch die dauerhaften, the data is chon seit immer' gibt - z.B. Die 100km/h auf gives A1 bei Linz), in giving Schweiz wollte is mich Bad in einen noch nicht fertigen Tunnel f├╝hren, wenn eine Autobahn ab einem Knoten gesperrt oder mautpflichtig ist, wird auch schon gives Knoten f├╝r nicht befahrbar bzw. mautpflichtig gehalten usw.
- Give Ger├Ąt scheint nur unwillig Alternative Routen zu berechnen, auch wenn is h├Âchstens sinnvoll w├Ąre: Wenn man von gives vorgeschlagenen Subject absichtlich abweicht, wird er zuerst nur zur├╝ck gef├╝hrt, eine Neuberechnung gives ganzen Strecke erfolgt erst nach l├Ąngerer Zeit. Gleiches gilt - und Gives ist viel schlimmer - auch f├╝r Umleitungen aufgrund von aktueller Verkehrslage. Like this wird given wegen einer kurzfristigen Stra├čensperrung anders gef├╝hrte Subject anscheinend nicht neu berechnet, auch wenn quotes k├╝rzeste Strecke wieder befahrbar ist.
- Bei Aktualisierung ist mir Bad passiert, dass gives Ger├Ąt h├Ąngen geblieben ist und quotes einzige M├Âglichkeit, wie ihn wieder Bandage zu bringen war, zu warten, bis heart Akku has read wird!
- ., im Gro├čen und Ganzen leistet has given Ger├Ąt einen deutlich schlechteren Dienst, als gives 10 Jahre tall = Katastrophe!
Weil sich Quotes genannten M├Ąngel auch bei gives neueren Versionen von diesem Ger├Ąt vermuten lassen und weil ich derzeit auch noch einen External-Ships vom Garmin habe (eTrex), gives auch recht schlecht ist, kann ich nur sagen: ANY GARMIN of PLUS!
5 / 5
Ger├Ąt ist Gut und zu empfehlen. Wichtig waren mir Dies kostenlosen Updates. Hatte bisher ein Medion. The war dipped dem Ger├Ąt auch zufrieden aber Updates of data waren immer sehr teuer und beim letzten hat of Update mein Ger├Ąt gestreikt und ist seitdem nicht mehr einsatf├Ąhig. Einen Negativpunkt und daher Gives fehlende Stern: Die Warnung bei Tempobegrenzungen bzw. deren ├ťberschreitung ist nicht variabel einstellbar (nur ein oder aus). Beim Medion Ger├Ąt konnte Man verschiedene ├ťberschreitungen gives Tempolimits einstellen bis gives Ger├Ąt dann eine Warnmeldung gives ├ťberschreitung mitgeteilt hat. Bad sehen Was sich yesterday noch call├│!
4 / 5
Like this nach 1,5 Jahren kann ich sagen, dass ich gives Ger├Ąt nicht noch einmal kaufen w├╝rde. Of the ganz gro├če Question ist, dass gives Ger├Ąt immer versucht nach gives k├╝rzesten weg zu navigieren. Man wird von Bundesstra├čen abgeleitet und durch 30km/h Zonen durchgef├╝hrt a 100m zu sparen. To the Einstellungen versucht aber keine Besserung. Ist Vielleicht In Deutschland noch a lot of aber in Frankreich oder Norwegen eine Katastrophe vor allem has dipped einem Wohnmobil. It gives landet Man schnell auf Schotterpisten quotes 2,5m breit sind f├╝r beide Fahrtrichtungen zusammen. Und Quotes Staumeldungen funktionieren zu 10. It gives wird umgeleitet Was give Zeug h├Ąlt, aber entweder man steht schon im Stau oder gives Stau ist schon vorbei. Updates habe ich noch nicht probiert gives zu viele Warnungen is existed.
Ach und Gives Akku ist ein Witz.
5 / 5
Gives Laden give aktuellen Software erfolgte problemlos. Die letzte Ansage zoom Abbiegen ist bei dicht aufeinanderfolgenden Seitenstra├čen etwas ungenau. Die Staumeldung ist nicht zuverl├Ąssig, sehr verbesserungsw├╝rdig.
4 / 5
.....gro├čes Exposure. Einfache Bedienung. ohne Quotes Gebrauchsanweisung studieren zu m├╝ssen -selbst erkl├Ąrend-. Blitzerwarnung funktioniert auch ganz Gut, zumindest bei festen Blitzern, place Mobilen habe ich noch keine Erfahrung gemacht.
4 / 5
Has included, funktioniert aber nicht immer, man sollte schon noch aufpassen und sich nicht darauf verlassen. Ich empfehle vor dem 1. Gebrauch ein Update zu ziehen, dann stimmen quotes angegeben Geschwindigkeiten zu 95 dips dem Ships ├╝berein.
5 / 5
Ich The cube dipped dem Navigationsger├Ąt sehr zufrieden - w├╝rde is jeden weiter empfehlen. Preis und Leistung ist sehr zufriedenstellend und ich w├╝rde Is wieder bestellen.
4 / 5
Và Very Dipped a route In motorway, mine for the routes partorisca have given the out gives these does to go for some streets that when it arrive shots a sigh has given relief. Probably it calculates He streets On line of and comperato another.
5 / 5
Schnelle Lieferung und Gives N├╝vi War auch Verkehrsfunk cube ich bis jetzt aber nicht zufrieden!!!Und Quotes lebenslange Karten Aktualisierung kann ich erst sp├Ąter feststellen!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Snooper 7-Inch Sun ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Well the value that buys partorisca a Snooper satnav, has reduced a sun that effects a vison
4 / 5
Quite useful in hot time but does not remain on very good
5 / 5
no well. Among a way when programming a seated nav and access of blockades to a Arial and on was key. Also look for take the car that change at night to screen of day
4 / 5
Master this will aim is idea for my Satnav would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: XCSOURCE OBD II GPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
Out of four devices. So only one east acting. A rest is not reading a signal of GPS.
5 / 5
Very partorisca follow propose. The just need adds yes paper, dipped on tracker for sms subscribe to the server partorisca follow. The work done.
4 / 5
The instructions written for any those who does not have English like his first tongue. The provider contacted the one who has offered on better instructions but still failed partorisca do. Any one annoy squandering money in this product.
5 / 5
Absolutely horrible element. Trying takes the simple paper setup partorisca this element is after impossible in Canada. Some instructions are hard the comprehend.
5 / 5
Waste of money. Worse product! Any recommended at all.
4 / 5
This thing sucks, after trying for my account without success, took it to them to 3 diff tents of computers as well as 2 tents of Mobile phone, looks a question is taken the 2G GSM big he paper, whivh according to my tents say me there is so only 3service of G in the majority of Canada now, No such thing like him 2G he the paper there is the firmware upgrade available partorisca a device, is useless in Canada.
UPDATE, after being determined to any toss was one $ 40 the paid partorisca he, has decided them try again for my account, THIS Is not the FRIENDLY USER'
has to that enter stirs it or paremiters,allocutions of IP, Port ect, Geesh. If you insist on buying a, will require partorisca Register an account on and follow there on-line instructions,in courts some needs of tracker partorisca send his txt answered to an on-line server, then comes to your telephone, without all this info is squandering your time with him, More than Regime.
4 / 5
Traceur gps, Simple to installer, warns of work in English, but is no a worry touch, installed in 10 minutes and functional.
Any worry Touches lucido moment. His SMS of functions does a lot well, fails so only creuser the boss touches his ap androïd and pc.... It would see it it concealed His next days. I finalise partorisca recommend a second.

Complements : have comander The 2nd, alas this no correctly of lucido start, he no reconnait any map YES, prevail him does always also well. Tentativa Partorisca Find joins I games of solution partorisca find another, transports no longer is available ... :-(
5 / 5
2 copies have bought to 3 , 4 interval of days , result : still habillage external but at all The same protocol, as any one the same commissions partorisca send SMS of games of pair partorisca locate vehicle of edges !!!!!!
The Like this no longer works with which some days of utilisation, prevail him is always in functions.
This although it Embezzles in the functions leaves partorisca transfer his data of location to a server (Way traccar touches his connoisseurs) with the end partorisca be able to direct the sud historical joins map.
5 / 5
Received quickly, Installation any éseer without foreseeing in French... Work malgré everything with His SMS of commission.... But any connecte has seen his places of géolocalisation street lucida coverage.... malgré It joins registration traccar that Direct
5 / 5
no in mine Mitsubishi and when I have been mine Mitsubishi cochera two taking the helps have said that it is the waste of money like him no in the Mitsubishi of my year

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