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4 / 5
Calm can not beat this heater partorisca a prize. I have received a LCD controller, which leaves the plot of control. As another has said, a control of the quality are not partorisca add - some fusions were believed enough and a intake and exhaust the ports have not gone exactly averts - but all this has been supposition to be included was, and a heater has done perfectly has been once installed. Some instructions are imprecise and hard to follow, but felizmente has the plot of information roughly installing easily available. An installation requires some special tools (saws of hole) and is s the little defiant, how is the really good idea to familiarise you with a work and have the good plan for the locate before shabby, and especially before starts to do holes. A stainless steel exhausts has not been almost long enough, but was able to buy the plus along one for the good prize. I have used a muffler this is coming with a substitution exhausts in a intake, which has done the enormous difference in a noisiness of a heater. Without the muffler, sounds like the engine of small jet. With him, it is roughly like the partidĂĄrio small.
4 / 5
Fast description: hot perfections , adds. A lot that-to on-line video to help. Manuel of the user for installation is better that the majority of some frames for these heaters. A big plus some are in fact calmer that some small some. The shot adds. It would recommend.

Tips: it installs bomb to feed on 30 terracings for him to pump properly. Purge Some lines to feed to take it that goes and take everything of an air was like this short smooth without taking an And-10 code.
To purge a line of fuel: key of settings of the Tap, then touch a down the key and the key COST simultaneously, then press an ON key to change a bomb of Out to On. When it Is fully purged can touch you a Down key for the turn behind was.
More along exhausts: I have ordered for the plus along exhausts. It is a maximum period this is to recommend. It has done well for me and he looks of good quality and is returned perfectly.

Has bought this to use in my seeds under a bed in a sleeper. I have researched Maxspeedingrods by other products and went him to try was by other products. A manual of the user to the good sure looks better that another chinese heaters of bunk of the mark of a build esatta like this one. A section to configure and using some settings still are confusing or missing information this in spite of, but a chenglish is very better with this manual in any one another that has seen. A prize is like this good or better that a lot another and the nave was free and has arrived quickly with Prime minister.

Has dipped a bomb of fuel under a bunk and opted to take the plus along exhausts to be sure an exhausts has been expelled out of low a bunk are of then locates behind him in a centre of my bunk. Be sure to locate a intake, exhausts and line to feed before you fall in by means of a hole and the ensure of then is much easier to do on trying adosarprpers in a small space around a hole cutouts while down. Also, sure mark a bomb of the fuel and filter it are in 30 corner of terracing for pertinent function of a bomb of fuel. If it is too far vertical or horizontal the will not pump properly. Another that that it is quite he directly advances. There is abundance of installation and settings tutorials to look.

According to which the law of action adds. It maintains toasty warm and can very included listen it when it takes to go and the heat is exiting. It is the add to buy and to good sure would recommend. These few heaters are utmost for so many different applications that am sure will finalise to find another reason to buy one. And with a point of prize, manual of the better user and other products have offered of this costruttore, to good sure would buy they again.
4 / 5
Now have the warm and toasty cochera when it was am rubbing in my truck
4 / 5
has seated around for the few months that debates on yes or any to buy and has done finally, am happy has done! One installs is sĂșper simple. An only thing would change is the setting for just that prepares a unit. Otherwise awesome Unit without failures! The clock out of this unit dips was hot really good!!
5 / 5
Any direction has come with him , but do not last to install.. You tube I video are better that the directions would be in all the chance.
4 / 5
Extracted well ! The works that has surprised! Under my chair of passenger in 2017 F Traffic 👍
4 / 5
Very good and effective maintains ours was house of good grille and animate
5 / 5
Funktioniert bis jetzt wunderbar!
Kurze Schwierigkeit beim ersten War partorisca begin give LĂŒfter gives are GehĂ€use schliff - hörte sich bei Vollast a wie ein startender DĂŒsenjĂ€ger.
Quotes Heizung beheizt bei mir ein 6,50m Vorzelt vorm Wohnwagen.
Habe ich erst drinnen verbaut, War mir dann aber etwas zu laut und dann kam sie nach draussen.
Was mich are meissten nervte the war gives klackern give Dieselpumpe, habe dann versucht has dipped dieser RohrdÀmmung aus alukaschierter Steinwolle und Armaflex Rohrschalen zu dÀmmen.
Gives wurde schon leiser, aber immer noch gut hörbar.
Ich hab dann Tall HandtĂŒcher A Data Pumpe gewickelt - give war dann leise.
Wenn Quotes Heizung drinnen betrieben werden soll, (GartenhĂŒtte, Werkstadt, Vorzelt usw.) empfehle ich einen Telephonies-SchalldĂ€mpfer zumindest im Ansaugbereich - Give Teil wird dramatisch leiser ;-)
Fernbedienung funktioniert auch einwandfrei, Ein + Aus, Temperatur Hoch + runter.
Wenn Is Like this weiter lÀuft kaufe ich mir noch eine.
Has sawed-Warner nicht vergessen - sicher ist sicher !

Habe Quotes of note dritte Heizung fĂŒr Ersatzteillager bestellt.
Quotes beiden anderen sind ohne Probleme im Einsatz. Cube jetzt auf Heizöl umgestiegen - ist billiger.
Bei Gives neueren Heizung dunkelt jetzt Gives Exposure nach ca. einer Small etwas ab und is arbeitet etwas prĂ€ziser wenn man auf die Knöpfe drĂŒckt.
Cube immer noch sehr zufrieden has dipped to give Heizung !
5 / 5
Installed these 3 days partorisca substitute the useless Eberspacher D3C concealed always has broken down.
A Eberspacher has had has had so only 3 use of month of the his last trafficante main service that cost in ÂŁ700!!

Like this has taken them the punt is one. It has arrived interior 2 days, faster that has expected. The installation was the breeze as it has had them already a highland dish (that returns this an exactly without any modification required), a ducting, supply of fuel and electrics in place of a leading heater.
Instructions on returning was in fact quite well, better that goes has expected for the Chinese and easy product to follow. Some instructions of control of the user this in spite of sound quite poor, and wrong in a lot of chance in of the terms of the like keys to press (but there is literally cariche of youtube video on the in all the chance like any the question).

My old Eberspacher has been estimated in , Goes to say this 5KW the unit is in a same in of the terms of start (although the have a bomb dipped to like this of could it to them augment also take more start of hot, but there is not any need to at present, the sound that maintains a boot toasty animated so it is).
So much a bomb and a unit are considerably calmer that my old heater too which is well. Hardly I can it listens.

I amour a far control imagines like this can them change a heater on in a morning without exiting of bed. Ive So only dipped the timer for morning to the equal that will see like this among a morning.
Im Quite sure these uses of new heater less fuel that my old an also (based in the on-line video regarding his cycles of bomb) and a fact can listen them my bomb is going much slower that an old one for a start of same heat has used them to take.

Only negative, was a smell after a first time that use (calm probably smoke of a casings etc likes to take really hot for a first time. I gave the real that strikes the boss hurts a first night, but his any when doing now. ( I have bought it has it monitor SAWED a same time has ordered them a heater, like this am them quite sure was so only casing smoke).
Go Suggests to run he with doors and of the windows opens some first calm time uses it.

Very pleased with this fantastic little heater! If continuous, for a prize, probably will take another to substitute a Webasto the have in another end of a boot also. In ÂŁ90 you cant go bad, although he clogs up in 12 times of month.
4 / 5
FĂŒr meine 'tonnenschwere und riesengroße' 5KW EberspĂ€cher Standheizung suchte ich einen adĂ€quaten Ersatz und wollte erst zu einer mir sehr gut bekannten Planar 2nd greifen, entschied mich dann aber dafĂŒr, is bad place like this einem 'Billigding' zu probieren... €129 sind nun nicht Die Welt.

Sehr ĂŒberrascht War ich von dem großen und sehr gut zusammengestellten Paket.
Is ist wirklich alles dabei, was benötigt wird und sogar quotes QualitÀt give Schlauchschellen hat mich verwundert.
Alles passt zusammen, nichts wirkt billig und nach ca. 1h Einbau in meinen Van, funktionierte die Standheizung ohne jedewede Probleme.

Allerdings muss ich dazu sagen, dass ich Quotes Kraftstoffpumpe und give Kraftstofffilter meiner EberspĂ€cher weiterverwendet habe, was ebenfalls sĂșper funktioniert. Somit habe ich Quotes mitgelieferte Pumpe nun als Ersatz dabei, kann aber noch nichts ĂŒber deren QualitĂ€ten sagen.

Give Sample ist ebenfalls klasse, is werden to the nötigen Informationen angezeigt, allenfalls könnte is etwas heller heart.

. Uhrzeit
. Fehlercodes
. Temperatur
. Funktion Give Pumpe wird visualisiert (finde ich SĂșper)
. Timer etc

Bisher cube ich wirklich begeistert von dem GerĂ€t, nach dem Einschalten (for Fernbedienung oder Poster) beginnt die Standheizung sofort, ihren Dienst zu tun und nach wenigen Minuten kommt merklich heiße Luft aus dem GeblĂ€se.

Give hatte ich Like this nicht erwartet, aber give Langzeittest wird zeigen, ob die Standheizung wirklich ihr Geld wert ist.

Fazit: bisher: Absolut unschlagbar!
4 / 5
Ich Prices vom Kauf ab, weil ich zwei GerÀte yesterday hatte, aus denen give Treibstoff rausgetropft ist. Zwei Bad data kompletten Komponenten ins transports verbaut, und wieder heraus.

Kommunikation Dipped dem VerkÀufer, mehr als unzufriedenstellend.
5 / 5
So only drawback has found them was to exhaust tube to short, need to be curves some measures at least, but once installed and powered on, has taken 2 mins for the prepare, then in 15 mins was until temp the heater has settled down, a lot calm how was to be my worry , after listening to some histories, the sound in the marine and looks to be calmer of some more expensive units, uses the plot less fuel that expected, am running them in kerosene, any bad smell and has SAWED zero to read of the metre after the constant 8 hrs to run, yes maintains on like this recomend the to any
5 / 5
Any to write descriptions, but has loved to try and share my experience for a profit and external security.

In the first place, the knots done and packaged. Be extra careful to the equal that issue your fuel and fresh air intake feeds, as they can take a lot near of an exhausts. It exhausts to take extremely hot and red of glows like pointed in picture. It has run really hot on exhaust first night lateralmente of use, and has then launched on And-10 codes of error and would not ignite . Finally fixed to blow by means of an anchored to air to clear the blockage, possibly any one pray packaging or soot of 1st career. It has run again constantly for 3 hours today without subjects and fresher exhausts.

Extracted produced with respect and install sensibly.

The china endowed with a lot of exports in 2020, this heater is one of a positive plus to paste our cost.
4 / 5
Like this, first of all a manual. Yeah Is worse that useless, has directed to install a heater a round of wrong way. Felizmente Also had directed to install some pipes a round of wrong way, so that in an end, although a hot end faced in a wrong direction, was installed correctly. They are the enthusiast DIYer, am spent 45minutes that+ read one drives of first installation to begin reason has to that it weaves of complaints roughly that. You are literally he better dipped he in a cube and imagining out of an on first installation principles.
As, a system of control is unusable according to which can say, would be likely to discover a lot of incantation is required, but a manual do not help and could does not imagine was, was like, time, time, on/was, 4 code of figure? Mystery.
Tercero, a noise! Has the ticker bomb. It likes bomb to feed done a sound of the very strong clock ticking roughly 10inches of your ear, the mark to rest when it is running. A noise of defender is also substantial, and does not add , although I can live with east.
Fourth, well know that his of defender... With which roughly 20hours to use is now the subject clearly audible with a bearings, as guessing this product has the useful life quite short? Any way a noise of defender is now substantially stronger.
Fifth, sucks the ridiculous quantity of the electrical power that I can say. I think that that it is drawing 40w more, which any one always exited with some other things I needs to be able to aswell. So much, ironically this thing sometimes means to go them an engine to recharge when previously it could me evasion without.
In spite of all this, yes is cold this thing will animate you up. It calms that can install for the half the day and is relatively economic to run in the small space. It would pay alot more for one this was calmer, programmable, and more effective with electricity this in spite of, so he is of something appropriate lol.
5 / 5
Quotes Luftheizung ist tadellos! Ich habe sie A meine Werkstatt zu WĂ€rmen .
To the Teile sind vorhanden und Quotes Dieselleitung ist auch lang genug , selbst alles Schlauchschellen quotes ich zoom Aufbau benötigte waren Kabelbaum ist fĂŒr give Fahrzeugeinbau , daher ist give Massekabel etwas kurz geraten. Angegeben sind ca 0,4 Diesel Of Litre Pro Stunde die bei Vollast verbrand werden , die Angabe kann ich bestĂ€tigen.
Von mir eine Kaufempfehlung ganz klar!!
5 / 5
Gutes Preis LeistungsverhÀltnis und Lieferumfang, elektrische Verdrahtung, Steckverbindungen erstaunlich gut.
Tank lediglich 5 ltr. Volume-Inhalt. Kraftstoffleitungen Place knapp 4 mm Durchmesser, yesterday sind Störungen vorprogrammiert, Gives zu knappe Versorgung give Brenner the diesel has dipped. It gives mitgelieferte ' Mini-SchalldĂ€mpfer Hat im inneren eine loses Feder the data gives Abgas-Strom behindern kann. It has dipped Sicherheit erhĂ€lt Give System like this wie jetzt keine EU Zusassung geschweige TÜV. Wer Gives 'Risiko' give Verwendung; bei eigener zusĂ€tzlicher elektrischer Absicherung eingeht, eine fachliche Kompetenz give stĂ€ndigen Kontrolle mitbringt, erhĂ€lt fĂŒr give Preis erstaunlich viel Technik.
4 / 5
Lieferung erfolgte innerhalb 3 Tagen. Beheizt wird eine 30Âł Werkstatt.
Give Ein bzw Zusammenbau ist Kinderleicht und daher selbst fĂŒr einen Laien schnell zu realisieren.
Ansonsten gibt auf YT viele deutsche I video give ALLES wunderbar beschrieben wird.
Quotes Heizleistung ist absolut ausreichend. Mein ungedÀmmten Schuppen Hat sie innerhalb von nicht bad 2h von 7 auf 25° hochgeheizt.
Quotes LautstĂ€rke geht fĂŒr mich.. Klar , Gives fauchen ist deutlich zu hören , ebenso give klackern give Pumpe.. Also bitte kein lautloses oder leises arbeiten erwarten. Im Zubehör gibt SchalldĂ€mpfer und Has sawed.. It gives kann Man dann , wer , einiges machen..
One gives Werkseinstellungen habe ich nichts geÀndert. Wer kann Give einiges nach seinen pers. Befinden anpassen.
Quotes Bedienung ist einfach und schnell gelernt , die Fernbedienung reicht bei mir ca 30m aus give Wohnung bis give Schuppen queen spielend.
Kleines Manko ist Quotes Tempanzeige im Exposed. ( It gives ist give FĂŒhler drin) 
 has given Anzeige ist nicht Quotes genaueste.
Fazit : Bei dem Preis , aus Was evt benötigte Ersatzteile betrifft macht man nichts falsch. Absolut zu empfehlen..
5 / 5
Excellent service. A product arrived of the provider of days of interior of United Kingdom partorisca order. Whilst Am not returned this in spite of can say concealed very so only was this one of one the majority of competitive priced 5 kw heaters of the diesel in a phase has verified some contents of packaging and a product and all could wish still east has comprised. It has like this state impressed with everything like this far am planning on buying a to returned to the mine abroad marries holidays partorisca resupply some the useful heat that extends a season partorisca comprise some months of November & of Part.
4 / 5
Am returned this unit 6 weeks ago has done well but has had the failure where a defender would begin uncommanded. As this can flatten a battery in my camp has contacted a vendor. We gave me to us 2 it has opted 1 attended partorisca part of substitution of Hong Kong or 2 cost the complete box of United Kingdom in the very reduced prize. I have bought a box. Substituted my poster of control and am a lot happy with my heater now. Also I have spare parts incase of future subjects. A heater will augment a temp for 10C in approx 40min in mine fiat ducato maxi. A bomb of the fuel is quell'has bitten noisy. A flow of the air of the unit is quite onnce has achieved plants temp and tax reduced to maintain temp. A lot very spent for a prize.
5 / 5
Fehlteile sind:
Halter fĂŒr Kraftstoffpumpe,
Bedienteil und Fernbedienung.

Quotes Haube fĂŒr gives Warmluftaustritt sitzt relativ loses im restlichem GehĂ€use.
Gives Typenaufkleber entspricht nicht dem auf dem Photo im Angebot.
5 / 5
WELL, yes is the good heater and do a lot well. To good sure value of the money. But so only the pocolos indicators. Personally I any one returned to an interior of the vehicle with the paving of forest. Ossia Reason an exhausts to take extremily hot like any only harm a poly insulation but is a risk of extreme fire. Some pipes are a lot flimsy like this more bought better some. Spear was all a jubilee clips etc like this useless. A pipe of fuel is too thin and a bomb is quite noisy to the equal that need the hule extra that cushions. The majority of of the entity is taking a airlock was is the nightmare how is returned a lower bomb that a heater and corner he like this air a lot trapped trips until a heater. And try avert ru ning out of fuel. I recommend it?? Yes like the most economic alternative. Has the 30ft marries of engine and heats it to the terracing.
5 / 5
The heating goes of marvel, heats a lot well and if you do not comprise the operation of the thermostat for internet explains it to you perfectly in Spanish, included has a function of purgado initial that the bomb begins the subccionar until it takes need of diesel sinned to have to that it calms.
Also yes have any question the vendor is a lot attentive and solves everything less than 24h. Until the moment ningĂșna complaint of his.
5 / 5
A global quality of some looks of units well, exhausts silencer is entirely like the waste of time. The line of fuel is the bit flimsy dipped well for my needs to the equal that has a heater in my workshop like the line of fuel is in full view.
5 / 5
Which is roughly 110 cubic metres. Work a lot well and am happy with him.
Does not like Me to be of too warm while doing so only takes changed on a temp down to 8 C or so much.
Has dipped a thermostat for 11 C , which maintain me comfortable.
Has been rid quickly, a lot of packaged and is easy to dip up. There is a lot of info in utube and is a lot the value that some investigation while while his to arrive.
Sincerely recommends this heater but the imports of bear is estimated in 5kw so it will not heat the massive space.
4 / 5
Alles In Allem cube ich sehr zufrieden!
Als Grundausstattung durchaus brauchbar.


Given mitgelieferte Beschreibung auf Englisch ist nur bedingt zu gebrauchen. It is ist Gut, sich fĂŒr give Aufbau entsprechende Youtube-Video anzuschauen. ..

Give Dieseltank
- Yesterday gibt Is zwei Optionen fĂŒr give Anschluss give Kraftstoffleitung. (Verbinder Leitung aus dem Tank). Zoom einem befindet In dem Tank ein kleines TĂŒtchen dip einem Verbinder give are unteren Ende give Tanks (die Bohrung give Tank muss selbst gemacht werden) angebracht werden kann. They have given habe ich verwendet.
Dann gibt Is noch give Anschluss fĂŒr Die Kraftstoffleitung die von Oben one gives Tank angebracht werden kann (auch hierfĂŒr muss the man gives Lake selbst give Tank bohren) und dann innerhalb give Tanks eine Leitung nach Extended geht. They have given Anschluss könnte Gut of man verwenden, wenn man einen anderen zB grĂ¶ĂŸeren Tank benutzen möchte. Wie gesagt Man braucht nur eine give zwei Optionen, somit bleibt ein Teil ĂŒber.

Given Kraftstoffpumpe
- macht GerĂ€usche wie give stĂ€ndige Tropfen von Wasser
 KlopfgerĂ€usche, die sich auch ĂŒber die Gummimuffe die to die Pumpe hĂ€lt, dahin ĂŒbertrĂ€gt, woran sie befestigt ist
 Is ist zu ĂŒberlegen wo given Pumpe untergebracht wird, so that it gives sie etwas abgeschirmt/ eingedĂ€mmt ist
 Given mitgelieferte Kraftstoffleitung ist lang genug...

Give Abgasrohr
- ist nicht sehr lang und muss, wenn man einen weiteren Weg fĂŒr has given Leitung braucht, selbst erweitert werden.
Idealerweise ist eine 3/4 Zoll Edelstahl-Rohrleitung place entsprechendem 90° Winkelverbinder (beide Seiten Innengewinde) dips etwas feuerfester Dichtmasse (Dichtungsmittel, hitzebestĂ€ndig bis 1300 Grad Celsius, 310 ml ) eine brauchbare Lösung fĂŒr Give Abgasrohr.
Als EndstĂŒck eine 3/4 Zoll Gewindemuffe auf give dann give SchalldĂ€mpfer angebracht werden kann.
Dann ab dem SchalldÀmpfer habe ich Given mitlieferte Abgasleitung halbiert und one 90° gewinkelt, angebracht (joins to give SchalldÀmpfer) to the equal that gives is nicht queen-regnet.
Achtung! Die Abgasleitung wird wirklich sehr heiß! Wichtig fĂŒr Quotes Stars one gives to give Rohr nach Draußen geleitet wird... (Als Option) Like heiß dass man damit sogar Warmwasser erzeugen könnte; it has dipped entsprechender Konstruktion...

FĂŒr Given Warmluftleitung
- braucht is auch Erweiterungen. Die Mitgelieferte flexible Leitung kann von give LÀnge he bestenfalls als Verbindung verwendet werden. Ein Regenablaufrohr Titanzink (80 mm Durchmesser) kann sehr gut als VerlÀngerung verwendet werden und macht auch Optisch etwas Him...

Frischluftzufuhr fĂŒr Given Verbrennung
- has given habe ich entsprechend dip einem Kurstoff Abwasserrohr 50mm Durchmesser verlĂ€ngert. Ein 3/4 Zoll-Kunststoff-Rohr oder Schlauch wĂŒrde aber auch reichen und sich to the gut dipped gives mitgelieferten Leitung ergĂ€nzen lassen.

Given Zufuhr (als Option) fĂŒr die zu erwĂ€rmende Raumluft kann put extra Material like this gebaut werden (place Hilfe von einer Schiebevorrichtung quotes to die Luftrichtung bestimmt) gives entweder die Luft von Draußen verwendet wird oder quotes Raumluft. Somit könnte Give GerĂ€t auch place Frischluft aufwĂ€rmen Was natĂŒrlich give Verbrauch erhöht.

Anschluss und Stromverbrauch A einer 12 V Autobatterie
- ich habe eine 1200AH Battery verwendet, welche speziell fĂŒr Solar ausgeschrieben ist. Bei Seal hĂ€lt sich give Verbrauch soweit im Gleichgewicht, gives zusammen place dem Spannungswandler ĂŒber give zB noch ein Portable betrieben werden kann ohne give give Ladestand kritisch wird. Meine Empfehlung ist Is mindestens 2 solcher Batterien zu verwenden, so that it gives man sicher heart kann give immer genĂŒgend Strom gives ist. It has dipped 3 Batterien und ungefĂ€hr 300 Watt Solarpaneele wĂ€re man in einem guten Bereich a entspannend auch auch bei Nacht andere Verbraucher laufen zu lassen. It has given grobe Rechnung bezieht sich auf zB. eine 12V KĂŒhlbox, 12V LEDs fĂŒr die Beleuchtung, gives Spannungswandler fĂŒr einen Bildschirm und Portable, 12V Wasserpumpe und was the man for noch like this brauch


Give Exposure
- fĂŒr die Steuerung ist praktisch. Man muss sich give etwas genauer place befassen a zu verstehen wie is funktioniert. Endsprechende Video dazu findet man bei Youtube/of Youtube. Like this lĂ€sst sich zB auch ein Timer einstellen. Obi Is eine Frostschutzfunktion gibt, die Verbunden ist dipped gives Temperaturanzeige give Exposures ist, muss ich noch raus finden.

Given Fernbedienung
- ist porn! Of the GerÀt lÀsst sich damit Aktivieren und Deaktivieren und Man kann die WÀrmestufe einstellen.

Give GerÀuschpegel
- Give GerĂ€t ist im Betrieb leiser als Given LĂŒftung von meinem Spannungswandler. Vergleichbar Dipped dem GerĂ€uschpegel von einem HeizlĂŒfter. Durchaus angenehm.
- Give GerĂ€uschpegel von give Abgasleitung (Draußen) ist vergleichbar Dipped dem AbgasgerĂ€usch einer normalen Ölheizung. Ein leises Rauschen mehr nicht.

- bei ca. 10 Grad Außentemperatur und entsprechender DĂ€mmung wĂŒrde ich zur Zeit Give Verbrauch auf 3 Litre pro Seal angeben. Dazu habe ich aber noch nicht genug Langzeiterfahrung.


Wenn is möglich wĂ€re, wĂŒrde ich gern give GerĂ€t place Sonnenblumenöl betrieben. Sonnenblumenöl ist nicht Like this zersetzend wie Rapsöl. Hat jemand damit Erfahrung ob give Möglich ist? Like this wĂ€re give ökologische Abdruck vielleicht versöhnlicher.

Mehr kann ich im Moment zu give Heizung nicht sagen. Ich habe sie im Moment etwa eine Woche in Betrieb und cube sehr zufrieden.
Dipped etwas handwerkliches Geschick ist Given ganze Anlage wirklich brauchbar. €130 dafĂŒr sind sagenhaft. Einen Stern Abzug gebe ich weil given Abgasleitung und WĂ€rmeleitung etwas kurz geraten sind... Aber fĂŒr Give Preis durchaus akzeptabel.
5 / 5
The element adds has done directly out of a box, has has substituted clips and some hoses to the equal that was returned to bounce it to to him likes t has not been stainless.
Has gave it so only 3 stars to return so that it has not been easy to returned to the equal that mentions, is gone in to bounce it so that at all never is easy when it comes to them..
5 / 5
Have this in the bed of interior to try a moment and am pleased really with him.
In that connected that the on and bled by means of bombs it has on shot first time.
Calms in dipping to heat lower but taking bit it noisy in max, but no attended for the require in common full cat very often.
Very impressed for a prize
4 / 5
Heaters of the thesis of Chinese diesel is brilliant. I have been using mine partorisca on 12 month now. Now failures and gives was abundance of heat. LCD Characterises of exposure with options partorisca dip two timers. Easy to dip up. Far works well. I am returned one in mine sprinter conversion of van, has bought the all in a with a outlet partorisca my cochera. Highly recommended
4 / 5
FANTASTIC HEATER!!! And that is included I better is that can turn on or has gone with a far of inside my house! Bands out of cariche partorisca heat I only precise find a level that more adapted my needs but I to good sure recommend this heater! It is the transmission of game partorisca round of year campervaning!
5 / 5
Box very comprehensible. The laws of far control partorisca treat it and a start of heat is fantastic. So only downside is a jubilee the clips have distributed a lot clamp an exhausts tube but to the equal that had seen this in other descriptions has known partorisca order some mikalor type of boss jubilee clips instead.
4 / 5
Estupefaciente Add a far control in a minimum that dips a caravan takes too warm at night the only transmission he out of a consolation of bed and behind on before I create .. Brilliant piece of boxes
5 / 5
would have been a lot if some instructions aimed you to you in fact like this partorisca install he with the step by step drive. A manual of instruction was terrible as it did not say you anything useful.
4 / 5
Rids faster of city. Really well the together box has dipped. It is returned to the mine bounce partorisca substitute a eberspacher. Some instructions where comprehensible which he easy to prepare a system. A far control has the row that the half can control a heating when in the separate cabin. The wiring was simple.
4 / 5
Was adds at the beginning but with which roughly 3 weeks has been he was with the massive bang and the cloud of black smoke, easily could have set fire đŸ”„ to mine â›”.
4 / 5
Continuazione To the cost of this chauffage, has received this défectueux. Malgrés That that here was guaranteeed down, lucido vendor of mine has continued 30 euro touch effetuer lucida substitution of the corp of heats in that say me that it did not conceal partorisca go to take swipe of beau of time. In the rodeo does not recommend c
Lucido vendor, neither produced.
5 / 5
Glorious piece of boxes. Installed in mine motorhome. Far control and the timer, is adiciĂłns/fantastic additions. He a work perfectly. Only negative is a quality of one covers in a tank of fuel, filter! Bought the better quality a partorisca ÂŁ15. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
An exhaust and air intake the pipes could do with being longer too properly separate a flow of gas,another that that has bitten partorisca add of boxes ,quite economic to substitute yes goes wrong 👍
5 / 5
We have used this partorisca heat the 6metre for 4 state of houses of metre how is insulated. It heats this really easily. As has the splitter has directed a heat to the each final of a house of state likes any something cold. Easily it would recommend one if these heaters
4 / 5
Produced sides
He product arrived anticipates comes tiled Germania the only pecca that he exposure rovinato is pescaggio arrugginito
mine he rivenditore the mine there is contacted that it will issue a new
quindo 5 stars x have received anticipates pacco and the availability to him client
Now appearance x setting afterwards has seen update
4 / 5
I new these things can be temprimental, has bought the triclicks an in the first place, is lasted 8 hours have packed in, service of the client for vendor horrified, listened of maxpeedingrods first as it has taken one submerges, work a lot the feel there the service of client would be good.
5 / 5
A product has come so only with 1 period of heater duct when it has been meant partorisca come with 2. Now I owe that go and compraventa and according to heater duct and partorisca be sincere could have done without a hassle.
4 / 5
Easy good product partorisca install and excellent delivery
4 / 5
Really excellent ra the game changes no cold in mine van more
5 / 5
is Coming punctual that expected has not installed still but good looks
5 / 5
my be T5 lwb. Works awesome and a heat are adds in winter. Included down it is still good and toasty
5 / 5
This heater is fantastic really hot taking in has been partorisca a small plus 2.5 heater .

Top Customer Reviews: 12V Car Heater, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5
A costruttore would have to be embarrassed partorisca spend this heater to a warehouse. It expels more air with simple respite. A ventilation is no main that one transports one. A start of heat is lukewarm in better. This would be ideal that looks for to animate the gecko or some another amphibian of the miniature housed in the aquarium of tiny glass. It is returning that the $ 10-15 present of Amazon the paper has been comprised in a container if the description of 5 stars are remained. It is partorisca clear a mfg has recognised a low level, down action of this product with the coercion tentativa in the positive critique. I am embarrassed for them. It does not squander your time or $ is. Good ache!
5 / 5
This element was lackluster in better. A start of the heat is not strong. It is the waste of money. I do not comprise a 4.5 indication in this element.
5 / 5
Look, this could break the electrical system of your car. Now I owe that pay the car reparation very expensive to fix a circuit to the as this is to be attach!
5 / 5
Does not create a claim that ossia he 200 w heater. It would owe that dipped out of the hottest plot that does if really it was 200 watts . The moderately cold day (around 40 F), with a heater that careers in big for 30 minutes a temperature of interior of the vehicles there is not taken on 50 F. Ossia In 2012 vehicle as it is not the sĂșper old vehicle with crappy insulation.

This heater simply any place out of sufficient heat to win cold environmental temperatures.
4 / 5
Calms the favour. It goes to buy the band of Bic lighters. Light one in the each hand. You will take hotter that calm of this 12 VDC heater
4 / 5
has taken one 200 W a reason my defroster in my car takes for ever. Calm literally could blow the current the strong and more hot plus that the air out of your mouth has had 1 lung. It concealed it is not an exaggeration. A airflow is that bad. After running 30 minutes, hardly heats up and has the boss because any starts of air of him. I need a boss to cover all the zones of a glass because of lack of airflow.

This product is is the joke and I honradamente can say, has not felt never likes the money squandered in my whole life until I have purchased this product. It is surprising the one who the terrible east and the people still buy it. Hey You, yes you, reading this description. It trusts that feeling in your gut that say a lot to buy this product. You want to something economic, but takes a work done. THIS Is not The PRODUCT FOR THAT. I take it, you want to spend like this little like this possible for a better value.

Included buy this product after reading my description, so only PayPal me your money directly and have beaten flush the down a basin for you. I am not never state more disapointed or has felt rasgado is gone in the product like this before. It would take the repayment, but am sure has to that it pays the paralizaciĂłn surpasses to topmast he behind.
5 / 5
Ossia The enormous waste of the money does not blow warm or hot air so only fresh air. It is not the good product at all
5 / 5
Horrible device, extremely hot minimum for roughly 10 minutes and then has closed was and will not turn behind on. Yes a fuse is well in a unit and a fusible cigarette of lighter that the transmission has been verified also. Deeply it complains to spend the money is.
4 / 5
Is sees has written the description there was bad has not known my lighter of cigarette has is exited has believed so a product was defective I has wanted to correct that a continuous product do has dipped once he in the lighter of cigarette that has done so only agree ossia the small unit probably any meaning to heat on your whole car especially has the big but the calm car can feel a heat that begin him of him has maintained my face animates the law adds for a measure of a unit
4 / 5
Hardly it dips out of any air. Any hot taking. I have seen way of dryers of the hair the hot plus that this thing. Total waste of money that can not go back.
5 / 5
This little heater an amazing work.
Defrosts A windshield and maintain me comfortable.
Adds like an emergency has retreated up.
5 / 5
Partorisca Car camping. Like the dryer of heater and excavator anus partorisca windshield. I add partorisca dry with which swimming
5 / 5
Blower is exited my last car week and has taken this like the backup. Unfortunately these produced grieve works. Has think that a prize a big plus would dip this on produced alike but nope...
4 / 5
Has received a product, plugged he to the lighter of cigarette of my car, work partorisca roughly 5 minutes and has blown out of luke warm air in a low setting (hiela cold air in a big setting). With which some five minutes he so only suddenly working decree and has not done of then. It does not buy this product; it is cheaply fact and does not operate.
5 / 5
Hotter exits a cord that out of a heater. Waste of money and plastic and boss. No shabby!
4 / 5
A product is gone in an open container without instructions. When Taken out of a box was obvious was used previously and a function to the heat has not done.
5 / 5
Like this yes is looking for heat this well to good sure a lot that. But for as the quickly fix when you front defrosters no yea. He the work so only can take the moment to defrost.
5 / 5
I produce add def helps my Jeeps that questions of heat..
5 / 5
Has not been impressed with this Product. You can the drink feels a heat . It blows out of sĂșper slow. I will be partorisca return this Product .
5 / 5
Ossia A worse element has bought of Amazon. It does not take warm at all and a partidĂĄrio there is prendido partorisca do a first day tried it. It does not buy this product. It is the waste of $ 30.
4 / 5
Does not squander your money that buys these rubbishes of piece.
Partorisca Do after 5 minutes the use it.
Never gone back in backside.
Bad, thash,useless, ect
5 / 5
This product has done partorisca grieve his work and he have taken partorisca has has had to that always defrost a window sectionaly and there is prendido partorisca do all near with which 2 weeks
5 / 5
Some swipes of defender well, but any one some same with a heater. It has done a first day, but there is prendido partorisca do a second day.
4 / 5
Feebler blower has not seen never! No quite can to clear even the feeble fog - does not squander your money!
4 / 5
I plugged he in and was on partorisca roughly 15 mins and has closed was and would not turn behind on.
4 / 5
Has not blown very good and has continued to fall off pinch.
5 / 5
There is prendido partorisca do perhaps 5mins in. Unplugging And plugging he behind in has not done.
4 / 5
Does not have on heated and there is prendido partorisca do after 15 minutes
5 / 5
Experience of exact element elsewhere last night, fact but disappointedly. This morning when I required it really? At all... It will not turn in anymore! Had partorisca 12 hours and has died already!

Top Customer Reviews: 12V 2KW Diesel Air ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
A tank is filtering, and the still would pay him partorisca send me the different one but the vendor ignores all the messages.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have installed this heater in n my Kenworth T680 2019. It returns it adds, the works perfect
5 / 5
A quantity t partorisca heat this pocola what dips was is incredibly big I so that it suggests fire proofing a zone where will operate it. As any plastic around an air duct. I have decided to try this first element of the place in my vehicle and to the left say, a manual of English instruction is a lot hard to read. A bit those that youtube video later and wha the, the enormous plume of diesel smokes a first time began it to them on ( after preparing for 20 min) but with which concealed, incredibly cleaned, any residue partorisca smoke when his in full tilt. Yes it will have smoked when calm the first burn because of a diesel and preserving oils, but his incredibly very still like these small . It comes with all has required. Reason 4 out of 5 stars? Reason you gotta program a far to an exposure... Which is not mentioned in a book a lot well and a manual is horrible to read when your reading he in English. Outside of there that... The unit adds, everything does a lot of ( always try the system before it install calm so that it knows it all the works.) As already, quickly shipper, the product adds, bad manual instructions. But it likes me quell'has said, some manual stinks, but some rocks of product.
5 / 5
So only wants to signal this was yes a keychain far does not have to that the pair is control and signals of the simple press arrives and will enter way HFA and click your far fact.
5 / 5
Received it fully gathered, Ossia a lot delicate, I suppositions he flimsy to maintain a weight down, comprising a 4 latches, be sure is engaged before you latch the. I have done a longer controller to lengthen some bosses, As it could maintain a controller inside my tent, A controller is also a thermostat, is coming with 2 hot air along ducts , has taken 2 more than hardware of the ,economic , pumping hot air inside a tent in 4 different locations, has come also with the boss he long plus for a battery, has purchased them gator clips, for battery, boss insulation east and bosses of Tent of Load of local Port. I am using the good battery has used , has to Utmost punch, has run this Heater of the diesel all night anxiety 2 nights with this battery, was touched fully,temped he down. A manual of user is during a place, Youtube has to all an interior like him some works of control, was easy. It has given 5 stars because, this little type dips to plot of hot air , was -30 terracings out of
4 / 5
This heater are really adds. It uses the very small quantity of the fuel and is really warm. It is class of delicate to dip up but there is a lot youtube video to help. A muffler done the big difference. I dipped it/ I dipped It up for the camp of upper ceiling and perfect work.
4 / 5
Can take the defect of heater of the diesel to and expect be touched partorisca turn and taking percentage went to your lovely money ossia likes him he . This calm information does not see it or calm does not read it before shabby so that a unit is the defective and is supposition to be the responsible vendor to pay for a turn without any messing up with your money has paid today $ 69 and some of all the transmission and I send it behind obviously I hope takes it behind but a lender does not have the selection to send a receipt and that have paid to return reason his focus of the turn is not paid by him A bit the units have not had one of some clips for some fast shelves and ensure an exhausts to yearn of the leak does not resist on a band because it is done out of stainless these fasteners is bad facts is for this that an exhausts the leaks internally arrive with a heat a lower that dips air of swipes but any heat on he slightly more probably is SĂșper flight of the jet on your boss is has installed before to
4 / 5
Arrived 2 early days. Person of delivery any bell of door of the coverage but am very pleased with a product and can not expect install he in my conversation of truck of the box. A lot Happy 😊
5 / 5
This heater is doing adds in my nave, there is taken on an hour for some odora the burn was (gathers oil?) But now it is free smell . I have chosen a thermostat of @@@knob partorisca to simplicity and is simple, when a heater achieves a together temp a defender and bomb of slow fuel but does not turn was like this some heat always is exiting, and can shoot behind on when required, otherwise takes roughly 5 minutes to achieve heat of full start of the cold start.
5 / 5
Directions the few hard to comprise and was difficult to getbit that careers but has learnt once like his easy to use
4 / 5
Easy installs. Abundance of SURE heat. A lot of options on as they can be installed. Fuel of diesel of the sips and except in startup and the closure uses minimum battery. Start and cycle of heats of stop on discharges he of glow. Take your own, calm can not have mine.
4 / 5
Amazing product, to good sure the value that shabby. Be sure that you are conscious of an orientation of a bomb of fuel and a filter of the fuel and calm can not go bad, is brilliant.
4 / 5
Loves a fact that does not have to that expect on 30 minutes to be warm inside a truck
5 / 5
Like this far like this well, Installed and working adds. We will see how long. I have had to that purchase more exhaust the pipe but this was to be due to my highland location. It looks to be good quality, any question with installation, very pleased
5 / 5
are to install in mine Freightliner cascadia and doing really good.
With which 8-10 hours have used every night very downloaded my batteries.
5 / 5
The installation was quite easy. Youtube Has abundance of video to help with installing this unit. The law adds like this far
5 / 5
Does the direction adds is the little lacking but everything is in boxes
5 / 5
With which 30 days of intermittent use, this heater done the strong metal clanking noise that is unbearable.
The still bombs was hot . A noise of strong metal is that it comes from/comes from a chamber of burn, and is extremely strong. A noise is not a bomb of hot or instillation, as have take a heater and reconnected in my bank of work. Still extremely strong audible noise of the metal that comes from/comes from inside a chamber of burn.

Top Customer Reviews: Anbull 8KW Diesel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
My first description of Amazon. Seldom it buys the things have done in Cina but this little, so only are heater of thumb of looks of wide diesel partorisca be very built and the careers perfect directly out of a box. Included a far was pre-paired to a poster in a face. We buy the coverage of welding partorisca cut up and wrap an exhausts system with still extra security. Perfect fact. A heat is dipped in 68 in ours Sprinter the van and is sĂșper calm. Justo humming to the long of!
5 / 5
Heater Well and reasonable prize. He no read in fahrenheit. So only take use when reading Celsius. It runs burn cleaner Kerosene versus diesel. Well currency he.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Bombs out of the plot of heat. Used he some time roughly fresher, any low ice cream and maintained it on one dipping a low plus to heat on the tent. It has attached the 5' to 4' duct piper adapter on some 4 holes and has attached then 4' day flexible dryer duct to go to a tent. I have bought also the T adaptadora for a duct in the chance wants to run two 4' lines to two tents. A noise of the bomb has not been it noticable in a campground and still in a tent.
A fund of an additional precise unit clearance for an exhaust and the fresh air feeds for a burner. As you will require to do the base for him dipping it on an earth.
Another thing partorisca remark that it uses external is to buy on amazon or ebay additional exhausts pipe. I can not find 7/8' pipe of diameter to attach to an exhaust and he longer. 1' The copper pipe is too big to return calm so much is better of ording on-line to maintain an exhausts far out of a intake.
Some instructions have come with him, both german and English. An only thing could not take working is a far control that the pode with him. Looking video of Youtube and reading the manual has been unable to take a main poster to go in way of pairing. I have been able to take a far to go in way of pairing but no a unit of base. Supposition the paste to a key to be able to like 5 times in the row or push and resist a good key or key of arrow. Not clearing. For this reason can does not give 5 stars. Neither it comes with the filter of fuel. I need to add this.
5 / 5
Hot well, and is quite calm. Clicking The sound was so only strong when it has been begun for first time, never again. Using this in my workshop in Michigan. The subject only is that a manual of owners was in German... Any on-line option that pode for English translation. So much, I am imagining out of a controller for test and error. Works of far start well.. Like this far, like this well according to which a quality of a unit.
5 / 5
Has installed this heater in mine 7x29 insulated snowmobile trailer. I am burning kerosene in place of diesel to reduce the soiled fuel has related subjects. The works add.
4 / 5
To be a product Bronzed small is quite effective and practical that door all the necessary for his installation well produces
5 / 5
Adds little unit, instructions of needs in English but easy startup. You will require to know if yours'and that careers in hertz or Celsius. Thinking roughly buying another.
5 / 5
Far has not answered but laws to use a main controller, bosses to be able to any pertinent gauge voltage of falls but fatter caliber better work a lot biggy
5 / 5
is gone in perfect timing first right of a artic freezing. Help to maintain my RV warm when my rv furnace has gone down so only. I know it it does not have to that run but has done. It pursues 8 continuous days with out the question. Use five chevrons of diesel in 72 hours in dipping 3.0 in a heat.
4 / 5
Very small and the box of heater adds has suffered harm during shipping but has not hurt anything
4 / 5
doing perfect partorisca mine an and the cochera car half!! Effective and effective!!
4 / 5
Has the C-Train without way to heat in a winter and when I have been offered this has jumped in a casualidad. I am not wanted to to go all elegant and there is wanted to so only something easy to use and something concealed could be moved easily. This nifty little device directs to do that.

Out of a box takes instructions on like this to build on a heater. Ossia The mine has said was built already up. That have required to do was hook the to the source to be able to, fill a gas on and the begin. Enough any fuss any muss. Has an exhausts distinguished outside, a heat the pointed interior and am covered the little. This anything dipped out of the tonne of the heat but heat of products for the long time.

Ossia Really the very small heater. Could dip it it was more the heat and some instructions could be the little clearer. Another while really I have any complaint. A do one like this announced and is quite portable.
5 / 5
This generic Chinese has done everything in a 8KW Heater of the air of the Diesel dips out of the plot of heat; this in spite of, is very noisy because of vibration and a lack of pertinent vibration resistant insulating material. I have found that a turbine to air forced is out of cause to balance centrifugal vibrations that emanates outward by means of a frame. There is absolutely any isolation among some inner parts and a tank of the fuel is not ensured to anything inside a chance. A unit of the electronic control is not the time or the resistant vibration that a lot could reduce is lifespan. An another subject has is with a chance. Calm will find it difficult to locate a intake/exhausts pipe and subjects out of basses a unit. There is not he quite soiled to do like this. You will owe leg of mark extenders out of forest or something looked like the unit seats main of an earth. It does not take Me bad, is the shot adds yes calm to compare it the real Eberspacher Airtronic heaters of diesel that cost five times so much. I am not bashing the, so only signalling out of things that would have to be improved on. This in spite of, for a calm prize signals can do a bit few calm necessary modifications. Calm the favour and look for an internet partorisca drive of video of the user like manual comprised is in of the broken English and is difficult to read/comprise. In general, for some laws of money and dips out of the plot of heat.
5 / 5
Well Order a heater has received a fast of heater . We hooked he until doing sure the fact and has done . That installed in ours snowmobile the trailer there is drilled some holes are trace , holes of the yard for an exhaust and intake wired he in .
Turned it on and on and has done 1 times , now turned and everything is smoked out of an exhaust and give error
the different codes an every time , you cant read his book because it has been translated to long an English
has not felt .In all the chance does not squander your money now has the abonos snowmobile trailer with holes in a walk a
new RV battery , the power reducer of 120 volt to 12 bosses of volts this in spite of any heat .
5 / 5
Element cam all the scratch & dented has on taken on (2) two hours to fix.. Now a big question some instructions !!!! It could any the read requires to be in english and can not find the telephone to take some. It guesses it thinks that that we know like this to read anything.
5 / 5
After trying for days to take some far to the pair no a whole reason has bought a unit is to maintain my Van of work of freezing all my glues, caulks, and my compressor. A far function not doing surrendered useless place quite frankly. I have wanted to so only run he for the hours of pair during a night.
Has contacted a vendor and has asked the far substitution and yes concealed has not done for controller of substitution reason has not been that it is not doing, a vendor has said that I can buy 1 on Amazon. Really it does not feel it likes to buy another product of a same vendor reason some original products a lot the work does not feel to that it has to that it has to that be was more money out of my pocket.
Has expected for a vendor to answer my response that has to that it does not have to that paid for anything more but has washed his hands of him of then is spent a turn are OPINIONS another.
4 / 5
Does not buy this. Some sensors no properly3 months in, can does not take to close down all a way, which means it will not begin behind up.

Junk Sensors and joint of control.

Has failed totally 6 days with which period of turn.
5 / 5
Fails clamps that control a shield in an organism
Little dented in a side
4 / 5
4 / 5
Ossia The product is not a 8KW. So only he 5kw. Has has announced bad. The works very this in spite of keeps hot in the 15x30 cochera quite well for his measure. I can use in gel shack although need also. It would beat of the attractive down on initiates on that it is normal to begin up. The kicks Was on voltage of battery around . I maintain battery in uploading while it runs and would recommend to begin up. It has begun once it does not take a lot you can to maintain that it runs.
4 / 5
Would be quite useful some instructions were readable. They are sure he will imagine it to us was someday.
5 / 5
Buyer beware the total POS ! Some the Chineses mans wet sleep , dangerous and has done bad .. If it wants to take monoxide of carbon that the poisons will do a work!
4 / 5
Produces any work as it said it , and the instruction was very poor ! And now we can it does not return.... It would not recommend any one purchases this element.
5 / 5
This heater has to that it weaves of promise and the plot of complications. I will try my best to explain my like and aversions in this unit. First im further impressed in a quantity of the heat resupplied in the compact measure and form. When I took It the doing heated on my ceiling tends upper in 20 times of terracing to the pleasant 75 in 10,000 feet in elevation in some mountains of Nevada. But a fight to take to this point perhaps WAY the a lot of work for more. If your handy with tools or modifying the things then would consider this heater.

A construction of this heater is in two main components. An upper half is a tank of fuel , controller, and filters. A lower half is an exchanger of hot and blower. His very simple when you pull an easy to take the coverage was. A wiring can be extended with 16 boss of piece to locate a controller in the location done of commission in your vehicle. A tank to feed also can be moved around. But a beauty of this thing is that his one everything in a unit and all have gathered neighbours. A bit those that of my aversion is that a unit is STRONG no the little bit but to plot in full throttle his strong. After a unit takes HOT and no any time proofing for the dipped external or to shield he while his interior. It felt that I annoy to leave he in my vehicle. A fresh air intake the port and an exhausts ventilation to pipe down under a unit and calm will require additional pipe to extend he for more than installations. I have had to dip heater of mine in of the blockades for the elevate so that it could dip it on the flat surface. It has not been that you could use this indoors likes to describe in some vendors add. An exhausts to the ventilation has to that go external or odorerĂ  the diesel exhaust smoke. Has a inverter this was able to run this unit indoors, but has not been able to run some pipes to do these practices.

In general some controls are simple and a heater in the full tank of diesel was able to maintain the comfortable temperature for days. In the a lot of insulated space can run it on down constantly for the few days. This heater probably would do adds in the trailer where can drill you the holes out of some subordinated to open air. Some components look very logical and has had reasonable construction for a cost. A whole unit easily can be disassembled to the majority of the configuration done of commission.
5 / 5
Another piece of chinese junk. It does not buy this craps. It is dangerous, unstable and low quality.

Top Customer Reviews: BONDA 6KW Diesel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
When it Ploughs it a box, the mine has looked has been used, with fat powder on that. The must there has been the travesĂ­a rough of Cina. The feet have been bent, and the filter of air has separated of the half. Any that wants to give up with out the fight. I have looked for to install. Immediately, a code of error has on burst, and says faulty spent of glow. Like this calm guesses it. I have had to that order cover he of glow, and special tool to take and install with. Yes, calm will be necessary to take it appart the instal spent of glow. Once it covers of new glow in, has done well. This model does not come with the muffler, included although they announced it. But it does not look to be all this strong without one. The cost so only is mechanically bent and wants to be patient, and attentive in of the new parts to go in.
5 / 5
Need to purchase filter of fuel and exhaust muffler the calm things down. I have had the leak of fuel in the clamp. The company is located in CINA like this little to any support. I have decided that purchases had to then everything in the small container. I have had the coverage clamp has used to solve a subject. Works. Hot Well. A little noisy operation. Used to camp.
5 / 5
Does not comprise some poor descriptions. This pocola what is perfect. An exposure is horrible during a day with a light paste he, but ossia. It is sĂșper enough; there is not any need for the muffler and a start of heat has been excellent.

Has the 10x12 green house and has used the little spatial heater. In some cold nights of roughly 29 terracings so only have heated of the spatial to roughly 39 terracings. Far too cold for my harvests. It has dipped this bad boy in and has not had the question of then. One the cold plus went it of then has begun to the use is is roughly 38. It has dipped a heater to 4.5 and maintains my green house on 65. This thing is sum . Of course in some cold and main nights temp dipping uses more fuel, like this calm has to it the cup was before read or create prompt. But if an outside temp is not down roughly 50, this thing will run roughly 18 hours in a small tank. It has been really the blessing. One the spatial heater ran roughly 250-300 the month in electricity. Ossia Roughly 80 the month in fuel of diesel.

Require the little heater for your greenhouse, ossia. Mark so only sure to take a conversor to be able to also. Considering a muffler, does not concern roughly that. This thing is sĂșper silent. It was fearful would be it noisy, but calm can not listen he of 3 feet was. An only noise listens is an exhausts to exit. I love this heater!
4 / 5
Has bought a heater to be able to dry the train was and cover a snowmobile trailer. As you can see pictures some laws of the heater enough bit it better that has expected, especially with some four put you that it is able to duct an air to one has has wished locations. Regarding a manual is quell'has bitten wished but still was able to prepare a bomb and link a far. Had some small harm to a side of a unit where some highland rays would go thru but was able to reshape with small endeavour. It can not say a harm has been due to one the fault of companies vs shippers. Regarding any others subjects to be any, state using for the almost daily week for the few hours each day without subjects still. On all would give it 5 stars like this far.
4 / 5
Has been using he in ours Skoolie for the pair of month, in the first place the month-trip long in timing down to 6 deg F, and again recently when a power is exited. The swipes animate day and night, and a consumption of fuel is quite reasonable. Some the only subjects have had is:
1. Maintain a zone around a intake the partidĂĄrio clear and sure mark a intake the defender is pulling in the fresh air. Otherwise, will take overtemp closures.
2. Some clicks of bomb of the fuel, and trace under a bed, as I fall slept to the constant clicking noise. It does not annoy me the tonne (and have come now to associate a sound with being toasty and warm), but is something to be conscious of. It is stronger that has imagined would be.
3. I have extended a boss in a controller to locate elsewhere in a bus, which is well. But wish a controller was better, or has had more the user the interface of intuitive plus, but for a prize has compared to the Webasto, is thoroughly sufficient.

In general, I gotta says is except our bacon more than a swipe when it was bitter cold outside and toasty warm in a bus. So only be sure, and taking has SAWED it detector to be sure.
4 / 5
Having Subject with this heater, some instructions are in such horrible English that is difficult to follow. That The heater give a code of error 03 but some instructions a lot really direct me regarding the corrected another that verifying connections.
5 / 5
Poster to control a lot last to imagine was and far no
5 / 5
already possesses 3 of these and will maintain to buy his, can not believe a value. I say all my friends that do to camp remodel and also looking for alternative to heat his tents etc... I can not say quite well in these. Effective and effective
4 / 5
It has taken five hours partorisca pull old unit and install is one. What only that has been missing was two rays have used partorisca locate a controller partorisca a heater.
Looks alot calmer that my old unit.
Some connections partorisca a harness are better quality that an old unit.
A hose of fuel is prize partorisca this class of heater, meaning good quality and no economic. Iv Seen some units come with hose that is not partorisca mention partorisca to fuel or pressure like 5 stars there!

Has not HAD LONG ENOUGH to KNOW YES HARD . This in spite of in comparison with my old unit this some better quality.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A very small unit was very easy to install Little has bitten noisy when it begins up but ossia normal and was packaged a lot well has had the very fast response of a vendor will update later

Top Customer Reviews: Alliant Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
This intake of Cummins gaskets a lot of looks - very subject with that taken. Surprisingly enough, I no for the have use. My Dodge 2003 intake exited quite easy and an original gaskets is still pliable. A gasket remained bonded in a grille of the heater and another was very so I re-has used the.
2 / 5
It IS kinda has disappointed an era very another 2 of some holes have not entered one something right
5 / 5
Substituted a horn of intake + these gaskets. The system was pressurised to look for any leaks of impulse and these streaky in finals. It was in 05 5.9l 2500
5 / 5
Cradle Of serious heaven gaskets in the prize adds for my diesel of cummins. Perfect access. Fast accurate delivery. Thank you Vendor!
5 / 5
Well Horn ahorita Any one commanded me for my ram 1998 so that only it spend it or but use of only unit
4 / 5
I have deleted a egr and an old gasket the wine averts in of the pieces. So far any subject with this new gasket fitment is the well could be better. Control out of my diesel of canal syndicates for 12 cummins of material valve
5 / 5
Nice gasket conjoint. Used to substitute a paper ones
5 / 5
Good horn ahorita Any one commanded partorisca my ram 1998 because so only spends one but use of only a
5 / 5
Access perfect Quality , good material, and fast nave.
5 / 5
Turn so only like an old has done . The nave and the good prizes was punctually as they have declared . It can no partorisca find them partorisca this prize any where more .
Thank you Bob

returns so only like an old some have done . Nave of final of the good prize was punctually as they have declared .
5 / 5
I maintain these in my tent like some transmissions partorisca when never I needs partorisca pull my intake and grille of heater, go in handy to always have a together extra.
4 / 5
These Cummins intake gaskets looks a lot of - a lot of @@subject with quell'I has received. Surprisingly enough, I do not have him I have had to that use. Mina 2003 Dodge intake is exited quite easy and an original gaskets is still pliable. A gasket is is remained stuck to a grille of the heater and another was a lot like this I king-used it.
4 / 5
Was kinda there is disappointed one was very another 2 of some holes have not been in a something legislation
5 / 5
has to that of Serious heaven gaskets in the prize adds for my cummins diesel. Perfect access. Fast attentive delivery. Thank you Vendor!
5 / 5
Has substituted a intake horn + these gaskets. The system was pressurized to look for any leaks of impulse and these resisted on finals. It has been in a 05 2500
4 / 5
has deleted a egr and an old gasket the wine averts in of the pieces. Like this far any subject with this new gasket fitment is well could be better. Control out of my diesel of canal syndicate for 12 valve cummins material

Top Customer Reviews: Diesel Heater 12V ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
2nd unit. In the first place it was the '2kw' has tried them like a expirement partorisca heat the nave.
Has done enough well, like this after the year, has closed was, in the middle of winter, the aprisa has ordered this unit. Arrived quickly! (Felizmente!) And swapped out of a unit. The only rarity was a diff controller (3pin mini) that has had to them recut my bosses to return-had done them my own connector-now has to them that redo that later) the use it mainly in his place low (lower in prejudices-1.6, then around 2.3 a time of day)

A lot of value he, and quite awesome. I am running this out of the solar setup 24v, with the drop down DROK to 14.4 to the Controller of Bat-12v was (and car battery to stablize)
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. In the present of video, in general, the different components of this heating estacionaria the diesel and the installation of the components among them.

Has used to heat, a autocaravana of 7 metres, in of the seasons of skis and highland zones in winter. Before we use GASES butano but freezing... I gave the occasion To this option, of the as it has not been sure, and surprised small!
Now use this heating and is loved: all day place, all prejudices it working, consumption a lot down arriving the 1litre each one that 12 hours and of electrical consumption 1,5A, (both consumptions vary that they depend the configuration). Now this heating gives like this hot that is comfortable in short sleeve, neither the freezings of carboy at least.
Eye: to do work in height (the smallest quantity of oxigeno) the hay selects and fix some parameters (that can find with ease in internet) in the level.
The subject of the installation has been quite simple, count it sinned that information of available hay the raudales, all the components draw so that the difficult sea makes a mistake. Another thing is the correct or more appropriate placing in the vehicle, (asks help or joint if necessary).

Quality of feelings:
-All the components come very separate, packagings and testeados. ( It sees video)
-I material Edges of good quality, although it looks that I finalised them or the presentation/draws any sea well, in realities components of good edges.
-The burner has a Considerable weight, is robust and comes very protected. The fins of the aluminium have melted his function.
-The imposiciĂłn Of 10 litres is very achieved.
-The bomb of fuel feels robust, tries that until has interior of diesel.

Does/of experience:
-Gives spare heat to heat a autocaravana capuchina of 7 metres when being the -5 was, leaving any 18 interior of terracings while any one is.
-Focus and a lot of support, information in his and of the groups of help in the coverages.
-Is easily configurable the consumption, the speed of the seguace, the quantity to feed that burns, etc...
-Is silent, is true that it is listens a light 'tac, tac' in the middle of the silent nights, but so only the listen calm a bit, the seguace is very silent concealed yes.
-Is programmable, has timer and air-conditioner.

@In rodeo: it has given a bit of insecurity this type of heatings, decides for the low prize in comparison with other options and the guarantee of amazon. The first impressions to open it the container has been contradictory but is little lasted the insecurity, work perfectly hot like a volcano and is of confidence.

Has arrived until here and thinks that has to do fault you of something the text, the photos or the video, as it leaves it reflected of the another also can the do fault.
4 / 5
Ich habe Quotes Standheizung seit 4 Monate in meinem VW T4 verbaut und cube sehr zufrieden damit, ich hÀtte sie mir lauter vorgestellt, einziges Manko finde ich ist gives Bedienteil, weil sleeps of man nicht die Grad Celsius einstellt sondern Hz, aber man kann damit leben.

Wie lang sie hÀlt Cube ich selber gespannt, aber bis jetzt hab ich nichts zoom aussetzen a ihr!

Fallen ihnen meine Beschreibung geholfen hat wĂŒrde ich mich freuen wenn Sie gives vermerken, danke 😊
4 / 5
Although I can take this economic plus directed of Cina, has paid more to take peace and first hands to import that I can return it has failed . For installation in bouncing it one has distributed the materials are unsuitable likes account in that spends another ÂŁ250 or like this for the longest period of ducting, the better quality exhausts pipe, by means of hull, highland group of the heater and insulation material.

Does really well and a poster of control gives the really good indication that is spending - I has had the boss in my part of a fall of installation was and a control of failure took it something on. A bit I doubt an annex 5kw exited but still abundance enough for my installation.
@In rodeo, ossia incredible value for the money when compared to any traditional mark these is copying. Now it is installed I easily can substitute a whole heater for less than a cost of the spare parts of original frames have said.
4 / 5
Innerhalb von 5 Tagen wurde Die Standheizung geliefert. Dipping geht auch fĂŒr Gives Laien einfach von gives Hand. Die Stecker sind auf Grund gives Form nicht zu vertauschen..

Gives GerÀt macht einen wertigen Eindruck und nimmt sich nichts im Vergleich zu gives Markenprodukten. Zoom Verbrauch kann ich noch nichts sagen, ebenso zur Haltbarkeit. Ich werde Gives Bericht dahin gehend spÀter noch Àndern.

Beim ersten Probelauf ist nach 4-5 min kein Diesel im Brenner angekommen und Dies Heizung hat sich darauf hin abgeschaltet.

Einen Stern Abzug gibt dafĂŒr dass dates mitgelieferte Diesel-leitung ĂŒberhaupt nicht zu gives Pumpe / Heizung / dem Filter passt (zu klein).

Ich War erst nicht von einer Standheizung aus China ĂŒberzeugt, jedoch cube ich bisher positiv ĂŒberrascht.

Von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung sollte sich etwas Will give Àndern werde ich berichten.
5 / 5
The heater has arrived promptly with everything amiably has packed. It has wanted to heat the 27ft yacht. It ran it in the first place in a cochera and pleasantly surprised by a net exhausts. Probably Ossia reason uses like this little fuel.
Heating a cochera to 18/20 degs has used 1 diesel of litre in eight hours.
Powered Peel 12v battery, has used around 15 amps in an eight period of now, comprising a start up asks.
Much more s s exhaust required for installation on yacht but easily and cheaply abordable.
A LCD exposed and the side of far tone in that has except the instructions are exasperated. Felizmente Youtube has all some responses.
Very pleased with compraventa.
5 / 5
Apt to the mine van of work . It was quite easy to return after looking a lot of video but has to that admit some instructions that come with east bit it poor. This in spite of now that is to return work well and am very happy with him . You owe that prepare of the pipes of fuel how is a bit that the worries are first like the maintenances take messages of the error until an air clears throught a line of fuel . Once this is to be do he faultlessly every time and certainly maintains my warm van . Always it would recommend you use with the monitor of Monoxide of the Carbon for security this in spite of. In fact I have two returned in mine van.
5 / 5
A lot never leave the descriptions but I have bought this heater for the van of desglosa that pursues 24/7 in a north of Scozia. It is been running no partorisca of navideño and has not gone never bad once, the better thing has not bought never for the van of work. The delivery was really quickly and that Returns the box is perfect. I have it quell'has bought so only another unit for another van of desglosa.
4 / 5
The heater that Shines , has had a subject with the tank that filter . It has been inner has substituted 48 hrs. The excellent service at all was the question
5 / 5
Die Heizung ist sĂșper, sehr gute Temperatur Abstimmung, sie ist leise, gives Einbau ist fĂŒr Leute dipped etwas Geschick einfach, fĂŒr die Einlaufphase empfehle ich, die Heizung fĂŒr eine halbe Stunde bei niedriger Temperatur laufen zu lassen, eine halbe Stunde bei mittlerer Temperatur und zoom Schluß eine Stunde bei wanted to Temperatur, in giving Einlaufphase riecht die Heizung etwas aber danach ist give Geruch vollkommen weg, gives KunstoffgehĂ€use ist geruchsneutral, gives Verbrauch ist gering auch bei hoher Heizleistung, die Heizung kann the place gives Heizungen von
Webasto und EbersbĂ€cher mithalten. Ich wĂŒrde sie jederzeit wieder kaufen, bei mir ist sie im Wohnmobil eingebaut.
5 / 5
Heater Very well, very easy to operate.
Use like the heater of cochera and do a lot well , an only thing that would like me to them more would be more aluminium flexible pipe partorisca one download, but a one this comes with a heater is long enough for him to be installed in the caravan without questions.

Big recomended
5 / 5
Macht einen sehr guten Eindruck, gives mehrfach beanstandete Geruch ist nach einer halben Stunde verschwunden, gives GerĂ€t ist nicht zu laut. Of the Beste: Die vorher verbaute Webasto hatte gives gleiche Lochmuster, die Heizung paßte einfach in data vorhandenen Bohrungen. Setting einfach.

Zwei Anmerkungen: FĂŒr Gives Anzapfen give Kraftstoffleitung im Fahrzeug fehlt ein T-StĂŒck. Vorher besorgen, sonst ist gives Frust beim Einbau vorprogrammiert, Ich habe mir ein T-StĂŒck the place gives Abmessungen 8mm x 8mm x 5,irgendwas besorgt.

Zweitens: In giving Anleitung habe ich is nicht gefunden: Vor gives Inbetriebnahme muß die Anlage entlĂŒftet werden. Dazu einfach Quotes beiden unteren Knöpfe gives Bedienteils gleichzeitig drĂŒcken und ein paar Minuten warten bis quotes Pumpe nicht mehr fördert. Ossia Everything .
4 / 5
Highly recommend this something of works of the heater in 😊 some cariche of video of Youtube the help was in those returns he
5 / 5
A heater adds the wine with all need the install. Work well in my canal bounces narrow. They are very happy with him like this far and a vendor was very useful and quickly to answer .
5 / 5
A heater is quite regulate for the heater of economic diesel. A one has taken manufactured for Xinmai Zhong is robust place and very together. A manual of instruction is slightly strangely worded in time but is more than pertinent with abundance of technical details roughly orientation, operational requirements and like this on.

For the marine use will require to achieve the pertinent sailor spec exhausts: any included think roughly using a level a, is a lot of stops in the truck but in the boat requires one of a pertinent welded some with a cylindrical silencer. Together with a condensate elbow and drain. A regulate some filter. A monoxide of carbon among your boat.

Like this probably will discover, some the extra bits have required for the probably cost installation calm more than a heater he: Pertinent exhaust in .
5 / 5
Quality a lot well separates very impressed with a whole box. We have done 4 conversions of several vehicles now luton vans and LWB vans. Heatings Always a @@subject and the burners of register are messy! These quite fresh boxes has the good sized 10ltr the tank and all some accessories have required. Especially a lot of ossia comes with an exhaust how is very calm different another. The heats space a lot a lot quickly and is astonishingly economic without any disorder or smell. These are very simple to return so it does not scare if any calm the the before it does reason some instructions are very clear and easy to follow and takings stuck shows the on-line video. Fantatsic Prices the fraction of a branded heaters to air blown. Brill
4 / 5
Heater At night excellent. I have used to have the webasto airtop 2000, and this was the add little car, but very expensive. This car is very good. An only difference I expĂłsita is, when calm dipped quell'included in his dipping his low plus, is still fuel in of the llamas but in the low tax. He so that there is still heats to exit. As with a webasto, when it has taken to a temperature wished has turned of one those burns of fuel and has blown so only an air of room around until a temperature fallen down that has dipped he in. Then it would shoot on again. There is a thing this in spite of. One covers of the glow has used to be constantly kicking in and is gone in a webasto, but in this chinese the heater does not have to that , coz his of careers in his plus under temp where the doesnt need of the discharges of glow. Like this basically he doesnt need so much electricity of some batteries in general. Transmissions and roundabouts. They are happy. I wouldnt pays @@@100s of books more to buy the webasto or eberspacer again. The only time will say on reliability, as I have had a webasto for 8 years without failure and has been used 3 days the week, and still is that it goes strong. All although a defender bearings looks the little has bitten noisier.
4 / 5
Has bought this like this me and my mate is converting the VW van in the mobile house and has loved the heater for him. After reading a lot of descriptions and looking cariche of video we plumped for east a.

A piece consulting is video of clock before installing like this distributed those the instructions are not brilliant. This in spite of calm once take your round of the boss then is really quite simple.

Has had to purchase extra cabling like this simply has not had enough but suppose that this depends in a measure of a vehicle is installing he in.

Once installed has had to prepare a bomb to the equal that have maintained to take a message of error, this in spite of this so only spent once. Once running was has surprised really that the heat has generated and that little feed it has used ... Perfecto for my needs!
5 / 5
There was A bit dread seen that this model is sold 6 expensive times that his models to mark very known, but with which 2 month of utilisation ds van of mine are amadoa. I maintain it the week Joined with a plenary.
This heats strong, In the without pbm 20 terracings ds lucido van in the minimum place with giving the slightly negative temperatures.
Possibility to do 2 programmings.

Put to simple summer, everything is resupplied, lucido harder is to do his two holes touches his tubes of Ă©chappement and of admission.

Expect that the reliability will be to the rdv.
4 / 5
My heater of old boat was besides economic reparation. I have purchased my heater of diesel of new air, and installed the. An old exhausts the pipe was compatible with a new heater that the easy and fast fact partorisca install.
4 / 5
After my eberspucher has begun partorisca touch up and has required a unit partorisca control that it change partorisca 80 crux then the week later a bomb has been and gona is cost another 80 crux 100 more crux every time partorisca diagnostic reason partorisca 1000crux eber will not say or . I have thought partorisca stuff this German crap built in Germania but really done in china. I have thought courts some German rubbishes was and take Chinese directed. As it has purchased this partorisca substitute the eberspucher. And I have to that say that it is the vast vast improvement . Although I owe that substitute a unit each one that 2 years im quids in. And some parts partorisca these is economic eats.. LCD Unit of control with far 8 crux . It pumps of fuel 10 crux.. cpu With controller and far 20 crux. It covers of glow 4 crux, is the no brainer. And produced alot hotter. Although the main unit how is 5 kw access where a eber has used eber all like this done really well . But agree. 5kw That the heater is also a 8kw heater and also can be regulated to 2kw. The product adds the hard hope has left partorisca 2 years then is the winner ... Also I know I spelt eberspucher injustice ,, but or know the one who mean.
4 / 5
Has bought partorisca mine motorhome, has LPG tanks of the transmission but that finds LPG in United Kingdom is likes to look for now very like this partorisca help cut down some subjects have bought this heater.

Installed down some rear chairs and returning system of diet everything in an outside. Works very better that has thought, in fact, his too hot, in his dipping his low plus of 8 terracings his too which is the good thing .

Some controls are delicate to take used to with slightly of odd instruction. Some pocolos far does a lot and works in the row.

When Returning an exhaust, the mark sure maintains a pipping always signalling slightly partorisca down, these helps take unburnt fuel.

Subject of entity, all some clips of pipe are too many feeble, like this highly recommends to substitute those. Also, some bonds of boss are of poor quality.

Would not give it the indication the lowest so only because of a quality of some clips, these parts are easy to upgrade.
4 / 5
Box very small. It is DIY box to the equal that can gather that it loves.

Comes with some basic parts to connect it together, like the tank of fuel and exhaust hose etc.

bought It to heat on my workshop/of cochera to the equal that have had to that buy some the additional parts for one exhaust and air intake, and some pipe of extra fuel. But I adds of a far start also.

A start of heat is fantastic. It covers my cochera in roughly 10 minutes. I have been using he for roughly 5 hours now and has not used included ÂŁ5 value of diesel. Very effective.
4 / 5
Has bought this to bounce it the action with the neighbour after both deciding require one. After dipping it was for the first week to return has decided them take one submerges and has begun to look video of on-line installation (because of me when being the complete novice is. It was in fact relatively easy to return although the enough would follow some video that some instructions have comprised. This in spite of now that is to return are really happy with him, agrees for the prepare before use to avert any errors and ensure calm is not that breaking. Also agree that calm that has to that turn was street a controller any one a power directly like this can also errors of cause.

A unit runs really efficiently to the equal that uses to grieve any fuel, for this a small capacity 10L tank comprised and a net exhaust when into use.

All in, is the simple to apt heater , effective that the novice can install, how was exactly the one who the looked for
4 / 5
Die Heizung wurde schnell geliefert, place etwas wissen relativ schnell eingebaut und calló was sie soll. Sie ist vom LaufgerÀusch He leiser wie Like this manch namhafter deutscher Hersteller ...
5 / 5
- Be me

- Buy heater of diesel

- to smells of the heater of the Diesel likes him the diesel while a bomb is active, of the smell persists and doesnt sees era.

- The vendor send so only the heater of new diesel and ask me to take a rest of a separate transmission ( I place exhausts putty that hardens in a dish like this has to them that take the new dish and exhaust pipe etc.)

- Look everywhere and after several hours finally finds any concealed sells, has to be shipped of to china like them take 30 days to recieve.

- Recieve All after 30 days and an exhaust the no returned pipe , 1 mm too small :), there is also @@give that a lid of tanks of the fuel doesnt near on this a lot of anymore for some reason, diesel of smells.

- @Give That it has to them that buy new parts again for 1/4 of a prize of the entirely new diesel heater with other 30 days that expects time.

- Literally lose my alcohol when also prpers give empty duty a tank of diesel to take a metal separates concealed transmits diesel of a tank to feed to a pipe of fuel. Thought of emptying a fuel to a car or another tank of fuel :)

- Lose my same alcohol further when @I give will take me to him several hours to look for all some separates again.

- Has ordered the entirely new diesel heater of another vendor.

- 10/10 would not buy never again :)
4 / 5
has been rid punctually. This in spite of the instructions are hard to comprise. It likes very there is shredded of him by means of google translator the little time of dozen.
An inner diameter of a line of fuel is astronomically undersized. If tests and use the gross force breaks a line of fuel.
Now am buying line of separate fuel after researching and finding very other people with this question.
Messaged A vendor and has taken at all useful in reply so only “try again” and “force of use”.
Neither takes a sleeve that isolates that takings with other products for an exhaust.
Compraventa Economic and arrival messing around buying extra parts with service of terrible client.
4 / 5
Very good but so only dipped 4 car stars warn is a bit flou. And His Vibrations of the transport there was déporté to ventilation of tree to the behind, blocking splits it ventilation but at all of dramatic

This heats a lot and lĂșcete tubes of Ă©chappement pocola traces until 180 terracings ( the data has announced to the sud lucido interventor rid with him produced)

- buy equally of the durite hydrocarbon of diam 4mm


Games his camping-caristes that wish to drill his planchers in forests or matériaux composed to think well the hammer a hole of diam 80mm in that you insererez your tube échappement of diam 25mm pair resupplied lucido client. The isolation of the among the tube will be pair done of the wool of rock.

Err00 Means That your system is a lot

A lot bricolage The all
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this heating to install he in a camp of van, and spend for in front!!! It heats at all he habitĂĄculo!

At the beginning touches enough, but is so only in the start! Any one scared, after drop the rhythm and sounds sĂșper pocolos!

HAS regulatory of temperature, can configure for the harm of heights to go to the mountain, can program the lit and turn, light he with a control the distance,...! It averts transmissions of Hay quite economic looking for for amazon or another program. The truth that surprised! He a test that traces the just of the dipped and has not eaten he almost at all in of the hour of means comunicacionales! And it has heated a past!

Is sĂșper easy to configure, the only that in the first hay to use it purgar the circuit. And although it has dipped that Hay that clicar regulate and the the legislation the the time, is to REGULATE And FOR DOWN!!! And early at all this purgado! The Another is to the casserole eaten! Quality-estimate excellent!
5 / 5
Some instructions are terrible. Calm basically is doing with the diagram of the alike model. And a controller that is coming was neither of one some have aimed here or in a manual. It has taken the moment partorisca imagine was. This in spite of, there is Youtube tutorials partorisca everything.
To everything is emphasis was returned that and doing inside the few hours and I have to that say. It is the gamechanger.

Here is some the main things thought it would be useful to know:

A tank of diesel comes undrilled. Ossia One 8 mm the hammer has bitten.

Some needs of bomb of the fuel partorisca be tilted around 35 terracings (the side that goes to engine on) with a connector in an upper side.

The first mine was some SETTINGS + ON keys. Unheard Of anywhere more and took the moment partorisca imagine was.
Is looking for ‘H-Of' in a screen.
Then ‘on' partorisca change to ‘H-On' partorisca prepare.

Smell/of the diesel of the smoke is normal in a first career.
4 / 5
The heater Is returned so only produced adds any scrapping of more a gel of some windows in a morning
4 / 5
the controller has distributed is different to that is in a manual and not even Youtube/of Youtube can help me first that. The wrist to some keys likes him instructed and in of absolute raisin.
A lot is exited finally. You press different keys. Hours of annoyance!
Shot it once on finally he apsolulty stinks of fuel.
5 / 5
Has is returned so only this in mine conservatory. A box has limited quantity of elements that will require to install in the house, but a controller and the heater of diesel does a lot well. You will require partorisca purchase the heat wraps, joints of hot and better jubilee clips. Some instructions are rubbishes , but there is a lot useful youtube video.
5 / 5
Mounted under Him read Of the mine caddy camperizzato, a lot powerful for a minivan can hold to the minimum reducing also he noise of the aspired and of the plea.
He engine In is a lot silent, the same noise of the normal heating has given a'car, have forato he pianale and fact exit plea and aspiration, download it a po has given noise does, come aspired he of the diesel that I have inserted in a vain side to have all the spent has hand of date of the interior.
He tank resupplied is a lot Big, for him my utilisation have substituted it with a tanica that insert in the goes together was aspired also reason mounting it externamente under him pianale would have been difficult to fill.( You can connected directly To the tank of the vehicle and have a question Less)
personal Joint: posizionate of the the wool has given rock/glass attorno was iron has given fissaggio and to the tube has given plea for security, any if his May, is however a bruciatore that generates heat.
Partorisca Remaining fully satisfied has simple data installation, fascette the quickly substituted with other piu resistant.
5 / 5
I a lot highly recommend a vendor , has bought a backside in the planned July covid 19 I has not had the occasion partorisca install until this week . A unit has not done well at the beginning ! I have contacted a provider with answering promptly answered my worry and with which troubleshooting is decided to change he for me with hassle free! Has a new one has sent was to express delivery and arrived and to fact likes more ! It could not recommend more a product and the vendor highly recommend to good sure will buy again 5 stars all a way ...

Big thank you
5 / 5
used to heat the little tent of work has to that think on one installs and use better stainless hose clamps in an exhausts used exhausts paste in a side of the heater of an exhausts like his really sealed, soul an air in roughly 15 to 20 minutes the abonos little heater
5 / 5
works of Product well, separates improvement to need distributed, like a jubilee the clips for an exhaust, has cut the empty an exhaust he for the leave for presionar up. The fuel pipes to come with the pipe of hule main to create joints, would be better to so only distribute more than this like this his better quality.
4 / 5
Has dipped has on taken around 4-5 hrs in my cochera. Now it is running am surprised a hot fact. I have been concerned in a reliability of him But like this far is been running 30hrs has not lost beat it. To good sure would recommend to the partner. I will be to take my dad one for Navidad
4 / 5
Like this far like this well, has had he in van of mine for the pair of the weeks and is brilliant. It could not resupply some more expensive heaters to the equal that has given this come from he in the recommendation, absolutely first class are has wanted.
5 / 5
States of own vendor partorisca bounce it but the instructions of costruttore declare no own partorisca alive on board bounce as not taking the casualidad and the heater is returned. Turn of amazon and police of excellent repayment like this absolutely any complaint there. Thank you Amazon ... 5 Stars.
4 / 5
For real Beautiful and comfortable, heats a lot so much is that the he regulated to the minimum.. Optimum also He coefficient has given noise.. A half power comunicacionales a lot yes seats not even has turned.. Only negative Note is that the iron has given aluminium has submerged goes fixed goes back for real incandescente and risks has given appiccare a fire, I have solved separating the iron of the funds with 1 signpost has given material refrattario and isolante
5 / 5
has had this partorisca almost 3-the weeks have bought two of them second one to substitute the prime minister like this look to last roughly 3-the weeks have tried to return a prime minister a a-key by means of all some boxes etc and returning the box was to have to that way that has had to that so only buy the new some these heaters are terrible his no last long entirely unreliable would suggest any concealed is buying a will not have you swimming but ache and hassle headache ek1 so only all was ache produces terrible
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have used different returning for tank of the fuel and the clips of hose have improved etc
5 / 5
has had a code of error 09 which has indicated the question of sensor of the temperature. A heater has failed to start with. I have contacted a vendor the one who has answered a lot quickly, a vendor has asked the photo of a sensor to the equal that could substitute he for me. To start with to the arrival has had the substitution sent of a uk to Ireland is returned and acting interior 1 week. Fantastic with which service and highly would recommend.
4 / 5
Has bought this 3 times for 3 bounced different that substitutes a big end ÂŁ800 some this was previously in place. I this reason in fact finds these to be better that some names of big mark.
5 / 5
An economic way to take fire to your pride and joy, control out of the pair of facebook pages in a tax of failure and a quality of impressive build of tbh the majority of Chinese of things, Slowly the heaters am not a lot much more and certificates, averts!
4 / 5
The heater was expected like this for a prize. The fact adds for 9 Days. With which 9 days are difficult result to begin, and in a 11th day would not begin . One covers of the heater there is allready has failed. Wont Takes my repayment neither to the equal that has had to be installed to try for like this doing it a lot of dificult to return. My caravan now is freezing fry so only first of christmas. That the joke.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I am impressed Pair the power of this chauffage, has loved to declare in my cochera first to drill lucido sun of the mine caravane, all the work perfectly and his can is amply sufficient games my utilisation.

In spite of give some joint to the future user, fails dipped The bomb the diesel lucido more after possible of the réservoir to feed, this will avert to this last to turn long in him empty.

Are very satisfied Of the together Transports is very complete, he and the silent game avert lucido noise, joins télécommande touches the activer and control the distance ... In brief all this that fails Touches the installer and use it directly in joined caravane.

Lucido The level of noise is reduced strongly with the Utilisation of the silent so only can that the consultor of then is present in the together.

Attention to the heat that dégage lucido the tube of the silent transports heats enormously is impressive and east shows to the which signal him chauffage is powerful.

The installation is simple, a lot tuto is Youtube of the sud available is that one help.

So only Can That recommends, considers of in commander other games joins another utilisation.
5 / 5
A defender in this unit was jammed solid against a legislation of joint of the controller out of a box - the no never and can any never has been tried - dangerous and low quality

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4 / 5
The works add and in the prize adds. Easy the setup and install

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