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Top Customer Reviews: TOPGREENER WiFi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The works add partorisca control an use of current power (any pun feigned - can control that it runs in milliamps, power in W, and voltage, several times-scales: moment-to-moment (with the short lag intrinsic in any wifi), daily total, or monthly total (with the gain graph describing increases and falls into use of energy for day in a course of a month). All the visualisations and the tables are basic and generally could improve in that and likes to describe die. For example, a monthly graph could have an option partorisca aim the half temperature of the each day, and a table that describes the immediate use could better to differentiate among a daily total and that is spending 'right now.'

Works of integration of House of Google well, but an only functionality included is turning a outlet ON or ERA. There is not any way, that could say, to ask Google in a data of use of the energy gathered for a outlet.

Unfortunately, as another has mentioned, a outlet defaults to 'was' in a chance of the can outage. This is not to clear until raisin, and is not a behaviour wished of a outlet. BUT there is workaround partorisca east: you can automate a outlet behaviour, like this yes is turned was, will turn retreated on. I have tried this for cutting power to a pertinent room in a breaker of circuit, and can confirm this workaround act a lot of -- a outlet will turn retreated on almost immediately after the power is restored. They are in fact state impressed with that has quickly does as (interior 5 second), reasons have assumed that it could take a device until the minute to reconnect to Wifi.

HERE Is LIKE THIS to actuate a workaround for one 'incumplimiento-to-was' of question (the instructions are for the android but I can not imagine is very different partorisca iOS): in a TOPGREENER the main screen of the application, under a cast of devices/outlets, clicks mart' ->'Automation' tab (in an upper) ->More (+) symbol to add the principle of new automation ->'Add Device of condition' ->[selects a outlet wants to automate] ->Transmission ->'WAS' [bird of click'] ->[Now behind in a screen to Dip Loans for a Principle of Automation is creating] 'Add treat' ->'Witch of Device' ->'ON' [bird of click']. ->[Ignore 'Sinister time' and click 'Next' partorisca advance to a next screen] ->[Now behind again in a screen to Dip Loans for your new principle] Click 'Appoint' and give your new principle the name; it ignores some another frame ->Bird of Click' and is done!

Basically, is saying a outlet: 'If you remark you are turned was, the turn has retreated on.'

With this fact, law quite well. UL-Listing and estimated partorisca -1800W, as it assumes (read: hope) that another the one who there has been subjects with the fires neither have taken the defective unit or has had subjects of boss in his house. It would be 5 stars yes: a outlets defaulted to ON; the data of an application has been presented in the clearest way, as it has described on; integration with Assistant of the house/of the Google has left more than just changing a outlet on and era.

Comprising the few pictures thinks could be useful him him them people are by train to ask in a measure of some units, and especially the one who remain spatial under a unit for a fund outlet to be used. It is possible, but the tight squeeze.
5 / 5
Ossia the powerful WiFi there is enabled electrical outlet transmission that is drawn to control electronic that use to plot to be able to (I.et. Spatial heaters, secadors of hair, oven of toaster, etc.). It is one of a transmission an easy plus has used and has taken roughly 1 minute to setup. An application is simple and easy to use. In general highly it recommends that these products love an on/was transmission of power to control an appliance or electronic device with your telephone.
Is concerned in a mark, has purchased and installed the TopGreener in-USB partorisca wall outlet before and has been doing well for several years now, as I think that that his products are of good quality and to the point of good prize. It sees down for one in-description of depth.

- @subject with WiFi broadcasting in (this outlet no on 5GHz frequency)
- Electrical outlet with alot of spatial (these discharges is quite bulky and will take on more than 1 outlet space, perhaps intentional to draw of then is for heavy-owe calm to overburden and breaker of circuit of the travesía)
- pill or compatible telephone (Android or iOS)

- I has used this with a defender setup:
- Google WiFi (coverage of point with both and 5GHz emission)
- Pixel of Google 2 XL telephone
- Unused house to regulate dual connector outlet

A setup is simple. It covers he in the open tram outlet dondequiera use this, controls down an on/was key in a cup of a device until a wifi backlid the icon blinks (controls roughly 20 second). This dips of the discharges in earch way'. It installs a TopGreener application in mobile device, and then create/record an account. While your pill/of telephone is using one same WiFi coverage, will find an interior of device 10-15 seconds. Once found, calm always will be able to open an application to control a device.

Functionality of application:
Some applications have the little very characteristic, mainly:
- control of Timer
- planning control
- monitor of use of the Energy
- Basic on/was control of transmission

the timer that/control of Schedules:
has found that both of this work, but with the few subjects. In the first place, a control of the timer is not very attentive. It is it has gone by at least +/- little as when I have tried in 1 and 2 minutes. But this is to mention in a has has printed instructions (comprised in a box with one covers). Also, it finds that an interface of the user is not very intuitive (goes mine screenshot). Has the dial of clock with the incumplimiento diagram/of black by heart orange, but found quell'quite confusing when that tries to dip hours or of the minutes. Some by heart the black figures are a selection and no an orange colour (the looks revoked). Some two coverages of the figures also add the confusion for some hours ( has thought initially that am dipping small but in fact was to confuse). I think that that the pocolos change simple can do a UI alot better and easier that use for simply changing a diagram by heart, marks a current selection more obvious likes the point underlined like the background colour to has has selected figures, and leave are/pm selection more than two coverages of figures.
Planning works of control, but is also very attentive. When I tried It, I have found that usually it has the delay of anywhere of 20 seconds to almost 1 minute after a time planned before it has actuated one changes to on or era. A spec. It says +/- 20 second but my experience says more.
This in spite of, these are not of to question them to them enormous like to them still operates it and he is has gone by as and any minute or hours; calm so only has to that do sure the account for a timing inaccuracies when planning.

A monitor of the use of the energy is useful partorisca reference so only, how is also a lot inaccurate; it concealed or I do not know which formula is using to do a calculation. Of mine screenshot, can see a current draw is 75mine in 119.9 V. This in spite of a power is so only when it would owe that be more afterwards to 9W. Although taking a rms value in calculation, still would owe that be more than 5W. I he same tale for a draw of power of a device (with swimming plugged in), and would not owe that be this low. Like this, use likes him the reference so only.

For this interested, some draws of the device when it goes him (the transmission was with swimming connected) and roughly (when the transmission is turned on with swimming plugged in). These values have been measured using the bank of precision AC source with the metre to be able to.

- Easy to setup
- HAS time and function of timer, which can be recurring in the each day the week
- works to the equal that has announced

- requires to register an account (I am not sure that the server connects to like this calms worry you roughly that, can wants to research any plus)
- planning and the controls of timer are the bit was and no like this intuitive to an user
- is too bulky and will take on upper of both space to cover electrical (the USA regulate 2 spent outlets)

Other thoughts:
- (goes screenshot) has the function of test of the coverage in an application, but always take an error that says that my connection is too slow still although he well and have 150Mbps DL & 25Mbps UL house of connection.
- This is to announce as it covers it to have to that heavy, how is estimated partorisca 15A which is a max. Current left for the USA regulate 3 prong discharges in any house. This in spite of, am not sure the one who useful would be it devices like this a lot of that has the big power has his own transmissions that it is digital, any mechanic. Meaning, will do well for devices that can remain in an ON place and plugged in the these discharges, but no for devices that has the digital transmission (like the Dyson fans for example) reason still will require to turn in a partidário once has can (resupplied by these discharges when you change ON). Calm also will want to be careful when connecting to devices of big power reason yes planned it wrongly and some turns of device besides long that has expected, can cause disasters if a device has connected is the element of heating (i.et. Hair or spatial heaters secadors).
- I has not tried he with assistant of Google that it has to that link an account that has has not wanted to do interior a moment. Perhaps I will try that later on.
- There is a bit few low indications for an application in a tent of application, as you can or can no for some devices. First control. For me, it has done seamlessly with a setup and the devices have used. In general do well for me I so that it gives it 5.
4 / 5
Literally can”say” my discharges that to do!
One of my main intentions was to use this device with Alexa. When I flipped by means of some instructions, has not seen a lot on like this to do like this, as I a bit panicked at the beginning. This in spite of, after installing an application and connecting to a WiFi, has touched around with an application roughly more and there is @@give has jumped the conclusions. At all to connect one covers to Alexa or assistant of Google is in an application, calm so only has to that know where to look. So only select a device in an application, and in an upper right corner, would have to have three points (...). Press it and would be necessary to take you to the page with more than information and of the options for one covers. It would owe that have the section has appointed “Tercero Constante-Control of party” with icons partorisca Amazon Alexa and Assistant of Google. Simply click on them, and will be redirected to the page with the steps that outline as to connect a device to this assistant of voice! I have followed some steps partorisca Alexa option and now orders of voices of the use to operate my discharges!
4 / 5
Súper Product. It has taken the minute to imagine out of a first connection. It has to that resist an on-was key for 5 seconds to reset before it will connect. Had any question that connects to mine 2.4 G wifi coverage. A second time, an application has agreed a name of coverage and signal, like this súper easy to dip on subsequent devices. I have not tried with Alexa (does not use this). Ossia awesome Value for a money. I have bought a container of 4 paralizaciones in $ 10 each one that that. Each element is the averages a prize of one kills-a-watt and any use of power of only monitor, but will close it down in the schedule. They are in the tear to reduce use to be able to. Now doing the studio of spa of mine. It will turn it it was for several hours the day and see if this helps use to be able to. It has not had it you can he outage still, as any sure will turn retreated on with which can outage. An application of android is súper. Two suggestions: 1. A page of the statistics does not have a name of a outlet device in the, as his easy to take them mixed on (I has 4 deployed). And 2. He the easiest fact to reset a KWH for the data outlet. I assume it it can be done, but still has not imagined was regarding the do. Update: I have had the question in an application and has sent an email to a vendor and there has been answered very fast--less than 24 hours--and has answered my questions. As to 5 star for support of client also!!
4 / 5
Better bang for your buck, would like me see hourly graph to use to be able to but is well. You can see use of current power as well as total of days, some days of a month, some totals of months. The values can see for now included is that it runs (mine), can (W), voltage(V), total kWh of then you plugged he in.
Can remotely actuate/deactivate as well as well on unit. I have been using these to look consumption of power of 3d printers as well as the method partorisca remotely that turns a printer was something goes bad. I wish a outlet the portion could rotate to potentially leave 2 of these in a outlet (a overhang on, a overhang down) but is well. Well wattage capacity with these, and the prizes adds in 4 paralización $ . To good sure would buy again has required .

Also so that they concern a lot roughly use to be able to of the instant, these so only update each pocolos second and the little according to delay among ordering to turn on and was, any @@subject but the need instantly can look in the transmission of wall, that the internet takes the pocolos second.
5 / 5
Has bought these mainly to follow use of electricity for appliances, devices of entertainment, etc. A device has a lot another characteristic that has no really used, but @gives could be very useful to some. Setup Was the bit of the ache. Some devices so only use a band of your wifi. If you are not too savvy with your coverage, this could cause the question of first order. A device any hook up with mine wifi, giving me a message of error that so only one do one. Finally it was able to take to a @subject and leave a SSID signal to the and 5 ghz. This has left one covers to recognise a band and continue with setup. Once that the subject has been solved, setup was a lot quickly and easy. Some walks of calm application by means of a setup. An application is easy to use, listing each discharges for separate and with a capacity to appoint each a like desires. You are able to be able to a outlet on and has gone with the alone touch in an application, or place on the schedule (for lights and such) and timer. A estatistics' the tab is a control of energy . Calm leave you to see an use of energy of real time in mine, Watts, and voltage. It follows a total kWh used, and has it graph that shows daily and monthly use also. Has support partorisca Alexa and Google and such, but again, does not use them that way.
Has used some discharge partorisca to the long of the month now, and some so only subjects that has experienced is a measure of some discharge is like anything main that spent rule can a lot of returned in the duplex outlet with one covers installed. Another east that with which the power outage, one covers not being able to on for him, need to be manually reset. I think that that any one can have posted operates it-around partorisca east, but really has not caused any subjects for me still.
For less than $ 10/unit, these really are the product adds.
4 / 5
Does not believe some other descriptions that this can notify you when stops to be able to on device. A system of specific notification so only with which 30 mins, or 8 hours for basses powered systems. And included then still it does not operate. It does not notify never. I have called service of the client and his hips say does a lot of system of notification, as any sure where is an option in an application for this outlet. He also said there is Alexa application has called Topgreener. There is no such application when I look for in alexa, wtf? Simply there is not . It researches on and try install it on your devices and calms they was will take the message there is unavailable. Also his misleading to have an aim like this more economic then other colours. There is not any difference but a colour. Very disappointing. It does not take this only for an application of control of the energy or alexa control. You will be a lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Has bought these cover the arrival was two rooms in my house and really has known no the mark of this company at all. Well I have been surprised in the easy and compatible was with some other applications there to program each discharges has used . I have used a Yours ready application to the equal that have used already there to cover them , does not use an application of main configuration , instead use an application of alternative programming which are with which says it can not connect . Once calm that a rest is work of cake in programming some casts of discharge . Alexa Does sum , use alot of orders of voices , so only add a Yours ready application to Alexa application and your loan to go . If More the precise suggests to buy these in place of a big priced some !
4 / 5
The law like the charm has been this in spite of has annoyed that require to you to register an on-line Topgreener account of cloud to use these devices on Android/iOS devices. After analysing a data of the application and his clean traffic there is remarked that is taking the tonne of data of location, use of device, details of telephone, history of browser and data of coverage and it sending behind to several servers (comprising an in Cina). A quantity of data to daunt that it is read and the correspondent to his servers is disturbing. This explains reason does not have to that update a iOS Application to the equal that would owe that develop all these details in accordance to the instructions for use of Tent of Application later of the apple.
4 / 5
Was able to flash these OTA without any subjects that use Yours-Convert that they run in an old Raspberry Pi. To save another a question, here is a required Tasmota personal:

precise aforar a characteristic of control of the power, but can confirm is doing and some do any perfectly with Tasmota/MQTT/that has taken of House.

These am such the value adds has compared to some alternatives! Not soldering partorisca flash and his simply discharges in. And still although they are big, any entirely block another outlet, likes pictured.

Top Customer Reviews: Stinger SGP32 200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
We use these all a time partorisca car audio,
resupplies positive changing partorisca big current applications.
Stinger Is one of a bit those that confidence of names with our vehicles of clients
has any questions on like this partorisca install this product, I contacts partorisca free joint.

Better considerations,
Jimmy Wong
Staten Island NYC
5 / 5
has had the 80 amp has been said that would be enough to maintain the second battery has touched. Well Both would beat and isolator craped was, and neither never taken on 13.6 in volts partorisca second battery. I have had also the question with my amp that goes to protect always way, now my battery while it runs is in 14.6 and go the 14.4 and my amp does not go to protect never way anymore. Afterwards it is the 500 amp one for 2more battery and he 350 amp altenator for the refrigerator and microwave in mine Van.
5 / 5
Has broken in a half to install it has not gone still tight all a way Updates a lot disappointed 😔 —> has taken a substitution today and a new still new one has small two cracks in a surface
4 / 5
more Petit that looks. Way too small for 200 amps continuous. I opened it you grieve I repacked the and sent it behind. Perhaps well for something light like the stereo, but any to manage battery, especially in a rv or boat. I have bought the surepower 1315 instead. Estimated one same but big all, especially some connections of big power. It says battery separator but is really combine he - combine when touching. Any just, is - costs twice so many.

Sometimes manufacturers (and clients) does not think of a chance where this parallel change two battery when a full east and another have downloaded. In this chance the tonne of current will flow when they are connected and a device (and battery) any one has to manage it or there need be some way to limit a current flow. A second way is easier in some batteries and of the contacts of transmission, and a surepower this by means of him is air has cooled external straps. I have used he with quell'has touched fully begin the battery has connected in a fully downloaded house battery (when an engine has run) without question.
5 / 5
Installed the dual battery setup in an old Jeep. Used this to isolate some two battery with the transmission in a pinch to involve/disengage on asks. Recognition he on, both would beat has connected to touch or still jumps me begin. Tour has retreated was, the batteries isolated like this winching, lights, compressor of the air does not drain battery of main start.
5 / 5
Has used this for the relay of discharge of the glow in the 1997 F250 with the Powerstroke. It is not a lot much more money that the relay of discharges of regular glow, but estimated in 200 amps. It is returned some holes of same ray like original of small relay, and some bosses were long enough to achieve without jointing. Looked to be excellent quality.
5 / 5
The terminal of battery has broken out of surrounding plastic, be careful presionando down some dice he doesnt take a lot. The amazon sent the substitution for free. Used to isolate my main battery of the small 600w battery for my system of sound. It has been doing has installed of one 2nd a.
5 / 5
Has used like this relay of discharge of the glow in the powerstroke (e99) and to the left say. Wow, The one who the difference. It begins well until all the cost of temp (pnw takes the little chilly.) Of the that Requires the heater of blockade now.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This was my first time installing a so it goes easy on me! Bosses still Needs to be orderly'd up. Although it was the bit to confuse at the beginning was them able of the take doing properly. Amur This produced and strongly recommend it to another. Utilisation this to touch 2 battery. One for a car and one for my subwoofer.
5 / 5
Has bought one of a twenty dollar cheaps some and has had the 1 voltage of drop of volt. I have bought this to substitute and work perfectly! Now I take 13.3 in my rear battery!

Top Customer Reviews: GOOACC - G-RE6 6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
It Likes him that it can link it some sockets of together. I have required the road to be able to change the 30 amp debits without debits to take the change to have that heavy has consecrated. I plan on building the unit of trailer of clear test and using the periodic change to change among functions and only an activation of the brake of the trailer has required to be able to handle until 30 amps. A relay will go among a periodic change and a beginning in some brakes and a periodic change directly can ones ignite.
5 / 5
This looks for to be relays of the quality in the prize adds. I have used the when wiring trams of adherents in my car threads after doing the adherent of pulley deletes. I have used the in the cape was lights of road in my truck. They perfectly for me.
5 / 5
They are a bit main that totalled of some photos, but this has not been a subject. If you are a diagram that comes with them, would have to have any subjects to wire. I have used for the mere, down-project of amperage in my cart and am adds. It can not comment in that line until it continues for the be able besides big still.
5 / 5
Well 12v SPDT relays. Been using them constantly for the year and they still are going strong. With this group has a lot of spare. The calm can not beat this prize. You would finish to pay more for the solo locally.
5 / 5
Good relays. Has both N.or. And the n.c Contacts which are which required. Working well.
5 / 5
It see it adds for mere relays. I have used one of one 5 in rewire my Polaris quads lights so all some lights stay on when the big beam is on. Fact perfectly. Included the better roads when locally the places want the little bucks for just the relay. Not comprising a socket and this give you 4 more relays to kick.
5 / 5
There is the history here. It surrounds : they [b]a lot of[/b] when used in specification.
A coil is black /of white capes and 130 mine in 12 VDC. The yellow cape is a pole .
5 / 5
It looks well prize adds. But it has not used in my project still. But I do not foresee of the problems
5 / 5
In general that it could expect it for economic.
Has expected partorisca quality for once but was dissapointed when 4 relays literally fails after 1 use of week. I used him partorisca actuate locks of electrical door in the Deep. The control in an actuator was minimum likes load or amp the draw was less these is has estimated stops.
So only very of confidence partorisca the professional use and my clients have been disturbed with some failures.
Oh A lot Behind the products of qualities more expensive.
5 / 5
Likes that some sockets can be linked neighbours. I have required the way to be able to change the 30 amp uploads without that has to that take the transmission partorisca have to that it has weighed consecrated. I plan on building the unit of trailer of light test and using the periodic transmission partorisca change among functions and so only a limit of the brake of the trailer has required to be able to manage until 30 amps. A relay will go among a periodic transmission and a start to some brakes and a periodic transmission directly can some lights.

Top Customer Reviews: ACDelco D1741C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
Mina A/C the compressor entered and has been. Desprs Verifying some sensors of pressure, pressure of system, and an electromagnet for a clutch of compressor, this left wing a relay. Sure enough, touching a relay could give a turn of compressor on or has been. I have pulled an old one was and has pressed a walnut one in a socket. All the work perfectly now.
1 / 5
I have inspected this element under the glass to augment, and in a better of my capacity could not remark any mark that so never that the signify full assembly. It say of another way,, looks that an element was bundled in front of the final assembly of some coverages of cube that protects an interior of electrical component. Also it mean it that he the past taken somehow a process of inspection. And yes, it is done in China.
2 / 5
At all bad with a quality.
Quan Purchases this element in Amazon, looked for tarter relay for Dodge Niter 2010', then the web of place of Amazon says 'These accesses of part Dodge is your Niter'. Yes, this part returns a box of Niter of the fuse but he are not the relay of judge of start. So much what this access of part? Well, it returns the majority of an enormous K-initial relays in this box of fuse. A relay of judge of start for Niter in this box of fuse is far smaller that this product. It IS quite 20% a measure of this relay.

The amazon of hope can correct this problem in a description of product.
5 / 5
He that is supposed in, but my problem was in a fine change of function. Beginning with a material of low dollar like these relays and do your road in a problem (if it does not have the declare or a half of rasgar in all eschews him me so much is)
5 / 5
Work perfectly for mine 2004 Pontiac Glorious Prize GT2. You are the relay of follower , my cart overheated when prendiendo. Only an adherent of radiator would come on. It opens Both transfers and cools down my engine hurriedly. If temp the sensor does not do and the adherents do not turn in. Visit only in a a/c or a heat, automatically engages both of some adherents to ignite.
1 / 5
That is to say the Chinese of dud change of relay. There are numbers of zeros of serial or same number of data in a change. Also they cut one 5 prong has been for the do the 4 change of relay of clave. Any COMPRAVENTA! You DESTROY YOU CAR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
1 / 5
As Another has said, but fact in the GM trafficker for years. I can say with the certainty that these are not AC Delco part. That has taken had any number of part in a real part and Delco any one concealed. Bandage very some real ones of these and everything of them there have been numbers of part in a part. Sad.
5 / 5
I so together with other relays have purchased these were the must when purchasing the vehicle has used to be in a sure side and peace of alcohol
1 / 5
This sucks looked in the relay for my the Saturn SW2 say that it was one all transmit of the purpose and he have said included returned with my model and mark of my cart and has not been to issue under any only that I have to pay $ 6.00 ship the cost and I only are taking $ 14.00
5 / 5
This relay is roughly more 35 width that one some in my box of fuse. It can no utilisations and has had to that return. Measures to control before orders.

Top Customer Reviews: Gebildet JD1912 Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
Fact perfectly, easy to comprise diagram. Fact 1st time.
4 / 5
The preface. I have not had any one follows that I have done when I have bought this. So only an idea. They are no electrical export at all. Enough an opposite in fact. I have used this realy to have some lights of accessory in my turn of bicycle of the muck in only when a bicycle of muck is running to avert installing the transmission or in that there is always on and drain a battery.

Layman Instructions:
has 4 bosses. 2 thinner gauge and 2 fatter gauge. A thin more gauge hook of bosses until one + and - of the yours "trigger". In my chance a ignition. A fat plus gauge the bosses will be wire fences inline in your circuit. For example one of some bosses some fat plus will be wired directly your battery +, and another to one + of your accessory. A negative of your accessory can be wired directly your battery -. An accessory so only will take can when a trigger takes can . It does not concern roughly + or - of some bosses of trigger. It does not import .

Has imagined was and has has not used never the relay in my life. It can recommend that it is one .
4 / 5
Conductivity and ohms was of a Bosch frames but for better prize.
4 / 5
Some sockets and some relays are well. Some bosses are quite light, how has been remarked in other descriptions. I have installed a relay that use my bosses my heavy plus typical of then will spend until 30 AMP 12V DC load for short time.
5 / 5
Very easy to install, perfect substitution, and included has the mountain of the metal to help maintains this relay has attached to a frame of my car. Highly you recommend to look for this type of relay!
5 / 5
has bought the 40amp relay. A measure of the boss in a harness is 1.5 square mm in zone. The electrical references consult says that measured of the boss will sustain roughly 16amps max.
Has feigned to use this in mine car ossia regularly estacionado in the cochera of basement of my house. Two people live in this house together with the wonderful yellow laboratory. Consider an impact of overheating of small bosses when 40 amps goes thru a circuit. Car takes fire then the cochera takes fire then the house takes fire and two people and the burn of dog well the death. The AMAZON would OWE THAT PULL THIS PRODUCT OF THE WEBSITE.
5 / 5
They are so only a tree of the shadow has interested diy type, but has discovered during installation that this diagram is not useful and labeled wrongly. A black boss goes to a battery and a blue boss is connected to a positive trigger.
Am using this relay partorisca be able the additional back on lights and like this far his working!
Does not think You could beat this partorisca a prize and functionality. And takings 2! I go partorisca install some lights of fog now with a second relay!
4 / 5
Used it to my project of circuit, very easy to read connections. Marcos the clicking the noise when energised that it has to that be. It can not comment in a reliability, not using he in big frequency. Sound the product of quality with good action.
4 / 5
Has done adds. And it comes with the harness of boss although in my chance did not require it. The value adds and fast nave.
4 / 5
Has substituted a relay of bomb of the fuel in mine 09 rhinoceros 700 with east. The works add.

Top Customer Reviews: HELLA 007794301 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say the very fine relay , well done and big quality. I bought it to use for the car electrical project, where required the to do reliably without any worries. The majority of some automotive voices of the relays here is cheap no-relays by name without specs, and frankly, would not trust the to do reliably for a purpose of entity.

A Hella the relay has the very complete spec cloak this can find calm in an internet, if investigations Hella more a number of part. A control of coil is spec'ed in 85 ohms, has measured 86 ohms for my relay. An attraction-in the voltage is spec'ed in less concealed or the same in 8.0 volts, has measured 7.65 volts. A drop-was the voltage is spec'ed besides adds concealed or the same in 1.0 volt, has measured 2.8 volts. An another specs is impressive and believable.

A relay is slightly in a big measure, as you will require the decent quantity of room for the trace, especially use an a lot of very Hella harness to wire that also purchased and has revised (Hella number to separate H84709001). With a Hella harness, can think that a connection is 'weatherproof' as specified, but only trace to him a lot of-side up. If the other way around, it water it still it can drip in a connection somehow.

A Hella the relay is more expensive that a cheapo generic relays, but certainly take that paid for in this case. An installed transmits and the fact of only sake for my purpose, and was very satisfied.
1 / 5
That is to say a real relay taken (photo of views). It IS clearly very so expected. Buyer beware!!
5 / 5
This relay is a better a has not used never... You favour and takes a harness to wire that totally it seal a connection... Careful Be when using a harness to wire... Cairo In a measure in cape that will connect in a relay that is controlling ... A configuration of the normal wiring of a factory can require changed.. Ex: a blue wiring used for the control can require be changed in the different pin... Any big roads bursts a cape was and accident he in a correct unit.. You can require exchange the pair ones... It buys this system you wont listens it !!!!
5 / 5
This relay was perfectly priced and shipped hurriedly. I used it to substitute blowing it trims relay in the 40hp mercury outboard. I have purchased two because of a prize and a supposition that when one has failed, was very preventative maintainence to substitute a pair. It takes the minutes the change has been with a set to exist. A trims now does perfectly.
5 / 5
I have bought this to fix a power trims in my outboard engine of boat. The trace but he do not go down . I have bought 2 relays and I are happy done so that after substituting a one by a down the side still does not act. As I have substituted an another relay also and acts perfect. As it suggest it to substitute them in of the pairs for this application.
5 / 5
This has resolved my curve and trims problem in my outboard and was the cheapest plot that a OEM breakings. It purchase again and recommend in another.
5 / 5
Installed this relay matched with a H84709001 in my motorcycle and he are done wonderfully.

Very done and very give me confidence that is weatherproof and will last the long time.

If you do not require a weatherproof the option saves some $ and go for a cheap more Hella version, but yes waterproof require that is to say a an and left he with part H84709001 for the perfect party, while I do not want to use this or on is pertinent.
4 / 5
There is at all slender in these relays. They are quite darn big! They are, even so the quality adds. Highly recommend it some anti-taking in a gasket while separating a relay of a painful carcass to say a less.
5 / 5
Utmost relays. Amur A NC has posed to run systems of trigger/of multiple relay.
5 / 5
It has used these relays with a Hella harness for numerous projects and never a subject. Jeep

Top Customer Reviews: INTELLITEC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
A thing adds in the latching or the monostable solenoid is designs the common zero in any been is in. If your vehicle is powered on, has to direct continual 0.2 amps like the normal solenoid . A relay is basically a same like any solenoid of judge of start with the latching mechanism in a fund, as any worry in the big current draw, until and comprising a judge of start of vehicle. (Unless it is the diesel )

has done the simplified schematic for any one concealed wants cape one in his vehicle. A toggle the change is the double pole , the centre was, momentary. A designation is (on) was (on) when looking for the change. The calm does not want the no-the change of jump uploaded! A wiring of beat it to change that is very small, same cape of tlphonique as has designs very small of current to operate a solenoid.

A circuit of Bosch of the relay is an option , and that prevents accidentelle closed down of your stack while a vehicle is running. While a tone is on, or a Bosch the relay is active because of the circuit of timer (socket of the clearest cigarette, lights of dome, etc.) Can very disconnect a stack. (A bad idea while an alternator is producing beat) Once a cart is turned was, can change a solenoid in low road prjima, that causes the vehicle 'fatality'.

Adds for prevention of flight. Quan A solenoid is was, although any one has tones in a vehicle, is totally fatality. It go them a change in the some place last to see.

If your vehicle is directed seldom, a stack will seat isolated like any parasitic draw can take it down.
3 / 5
Works well so far. He no come with the instructions or he declare precise the change of reverse polarity for the operate. After the small work of house and has discovered that he opperates and then found the diagram of cape for the change of reverse polarity (6 powder with on was in functions) informs in the photo attached instead for cape. I have installed this in a 86 corvette needs the cape of low stack to connect a postive clave of a stack in a disconnect then a cape of original stack alloy in an another big pole. Some two small pulses and the positive by a part of stack 5 amp fusible as well as the vain earth in your location of change.
5 / 5
This thing is sum . I use in my old Jeep CJ this has the subject of drain of the stack if chair more than the few days without being has run. There are three things that like me enough the plus. In the first place, consolation. Once it is each wire fence up, everything presses the button in or connect or disconnect a stack (or any big current circuit, as that is connected in him. I have chosen any one to run a judge of start through him, even so, is sill connected in a relay of judge of start of the factory.) Not ploughing a hood or signals of accesses in toe the crowbar or take the terminal of stack. Segundo, is the sake anti-device of flight. Unless any one a lot knows what his mark, will not imagine never was so to take your vehicle has begun. And at the end, in the one to him to thing of third likes him in of this device is his functionality . He that is supposition to do effectively and without draining a stack he. In my case, this was the habit installs in place of the substitution, as I have to buy the change of window to be able the universal and some cape for the take to do for my application, but has be worth it and has has not had any subjects with him. If you have been looking for the stack disconnects, that is to say a a flight .
4 / 5
It installs it was to take. Untill And At the end after the tonne to dig that it fulfils to install instructions. For me. It take the old rv. I have been said has been to be bad and required has substituted. There are five capes that be required connexted snd two of the mine there was shorts in the. As and I need some good details before and could imagine was so much and has thought to go action.

First. There are on-line directions. Only it has to a lot it researches. I need a pannel. If yours is installed all ready has wites of a pannel in a selinoid as in east devises. A collors beats or can not being exact. I eat. I have had of the day to research to imagine that it was. Tan In a pannel has five capes.

So if some hooks are doing a waites of a poster is colour codified. If you look in some devices im numbering 1-6. One is a far left fuse . Two a big ray in left. Three a small ray in a left and so on in a right box a final fuse.

Like half two rays are that change of marks. A left wing is a positive and right negitive. They use. I and s. Any sure why. But a pannel revokes a tram of the do toe.

What. One fusible premier ike 1 left wing is the cape like your pannel will be able to say you what electrical you ussing. I think. And his take in hook on forming that it requires it the small bittly thing of clamp concealed is not comprised. If it was rv the tent a but the no. Of normal person A yes calm thing of who knows in to a name him like take the long time in google for the find and take the name and order the to discover extend less than the penny but your time cost to plot more. He same and wants my time behind.

Number 2 a ray in a left wing is peower has been likes him 5 is can in a batt

3 and 4 some half rays are 12v in and has been. For me the orange was in. Then again

5 was can in.

6 HAS the fuse. Subject Same like the On and has the fuse. This power goes in a pannel and gives it a power.

7 IS the earth.

How two of mine darn wites was bad. But has one of these and all calm law can exchange in in an hour. If there is a bit deallies and has spoken enough.

If your pannel is bad can exchange besides or five minutes less. My old one was gold . New one this ash. And good works.

Will say and instaled the reader of the voltage done the month. This a bed enough .3 less-.4 That an another. Mays. An another is to plot more afterwards . Im Sure some capes anre doing a less voltage

My aide. It discovers what this thigy east. One of some descriptions mentions it. If you but a pannel And a selinoid, yours go to require this connector to connect with a pannel. I of the that thinks avenges with him.
5 / 5
Aiding The his fellow reparations 1999 Bounder cual any crank, has been surprised and appreciated to be able to find a part of the substitution required in a prize abordable, rid in my door to kick! I have installed a part, flipped a change of control of the stack up, and a squad begun well up.
5 / 5
Part of exact substitution for mine 1996 Winnebago Vectra motorhome. This has resolved a problem to connect a power of stack in my interior. Quan This was to break, I the electricity there has been only in a motorhome saw a line of earth.
1 / 5
Failed in two days.
Any highland instructions. Installed in RV that has had apparently one in him before and substituted with the cheap plus, the connection has lined electrically type. So much, you install according to RV location/to situate far while I can say.
After experimenting 3 failures of this type, any one all this model, is going in a less convenient type, mechanical change.
If an orientation of a mountain of these subjects of change, hat up or low hat, necessity to comprise this information with a change, but is not rewiring to accommodate.
5 / 5
A relay arrived in the condition adds! Has the motorhome and this mark of relay to operate one 12 system of volt for one lighting, audio, and the air these controls of conditions. Enough a whole house. Everything is doing adds now.

Attaches to do subject with them! If ten stars were available of the deserve!
5 / 5
Burned up in two days. The double verified a wiring, all was perfect, but this thing has begun to melt and closed on permanently. Stunk In a RV in the burned electrical smell, has scared a woman and I concealed went it to start with in fire.
1 / 5
A relay arrived in the condition adds! Has the motorhome and this relay the mark partorisca operate one 12 system of volt partorisca one lighting, audio, and the air that control of conditions. Enough a whole house. Everything is doing adds now.

Adds to do @subject with them! If ten stars were available to deserve it!

Top Customer Reviews: SainSmart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Val, Admit it, took me issues far too very time to imagine was likes him hook this thing up. In case that any one more is looking in of the this and that asks that it acts, here is likes to take hooked up:
1) Some pins of header in a fund of a main picture that takes wired directly in a Arduino together. It connects one of one 5v nails in the 5v header in your Arduino and connects one of a Gnd pins totally header in a Arduino. Each which how one of some relays has the corrosponding header down there, also, which takes connected in the digital beginning in your Arduino. You can run each cape individually or run over the cape of bond in the joint to project and accident he out of there. Any road, taking some pins of header hooked above leaves a logic to shoot, and marks some lights to do so at least can diagnose/debug your program.

2) Afterwards, a joint of precise relay the 12v dc the entrance wired until some blue terminals in a fund. These are wired in some relays, which some relays in fact stock exchange. A voltage magnetically pulls the piece of metal out of a pole in another. This action done the perceivable to noise of click, which are the small annoying, but also the covers know is doing.

3) Each relay has 3 terminals localised to the long of some sides. A side is opened usually, another usually this enclosed. I use this he in any mark or breaks a circuit concealed has wired up for your lights, engines, or anything more is to involve in your project this more draws that 5v or necessities to be has maintained isolated of a Arduino together.

Bronzed Yes, maintains that it imports that you require you the 12v source of power in in fact do a fire of relays. In general, it is the I very together very together posed, and would do the hub of the control adds for in the to to something likes him says... The set of train of the model or robot.
2 / 5
Bought this joint for the project to do those uses some relays to control 120VAC bombs of water and valves of solenoid with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. A joint of the no come relay with any instructions but I took it working after some googling and tinkering. Work for the while.. Then my Pi is died. I have bought the Pasador new.. Work for bit it.. While Pi is died... And repeat. This that grows Pi stack is died is is resulting arrests to anger. Tan Now behind in a google hole of rabbit on so to pose in this joint properly. It can not find the compatible response.

DOES not CONNECT Or has RUN a joint of relay 5V and GND pins in a Pasador 3.3v and GND pins WHILE The MICROUSB ALSO is POWERING The PASADOR has found that some of these Pi 'fatality'' still but only work with power of road GPIO nails, but NO of a microUSB. A combination of a power of both sources can have broken a microUSB socket of power in a Pasador.

Has found that some functions of joint of the relay properly when one 5V and GND the pins of header are connected in a Pasador 3.3v and GND pins, respectively. In this configuration some powers of joint of the relay a Pasador without a microUSB supply to be able in (tho has the ray to relieve in a by right of upper corner of a screen). Do further to try and clue up.

has Decided that this joint of the relay is not a right tool for this work. Dress too clave that the only very jive with a Pasador. I am launching in a towel in this joint and has purchased two Sainsmart relay of 8 together canals for this project.
5 / 5
Val, Like this thing done only adds, but results to be the PLOT of fun heh.
Besides or 20 less mins with the fresh sketch in my Arduino, was able to take this thing these flashes and closing/inaugural doors with intricate masters in milliseconds of another; sounded like the box of snakes of rattle.

This says, any one that never has touched with the relay there is the need of things to know is new also. A power in a unit any door can in the each canal also, is used only to open/after some doors of canal at all more. It depends calm in also take pot in the each canal (aka an empty half out of three void in the each canal) and then chooses any left wing or empty right (always on, always was) to powers of power a device in question. Tan Again, owe pot of power in the each canal through an empty half for canal, then choose any left or empty wing right to take some retreated to be able to era in the device.

HAS the sun 12v adaptadora to be able has connected in the breadboard, then of a breadboard can routed in general faculty of a relay as well as 10 canals.
4 / 5
Law VAL, but only in 15 canals, a canal there has been to solder it down through a beginning of a ULN2003. I have chosen it go with the pair of tweezers and now each what 16 work of canals. Here it is the explanation in some operative currents. Total 12V current and(f all the relays are on) is 508mine. Here it is a desglosa in some operative currents: Q common of a joint: 5mine. Coils Of relay: 27.6my each what so, opt-walk: 3.8my each what what. One 3.8east of mine the current of tank, (these yours the ways above the joint has to TANK 3.8mine in the each pin to control when is low).

Gives this joint 5 stars for value, but only 3 stars for the quality since there was the subject to line, and a joint was obviously any one tried.
4 / 5
The works add! Disappeared a star for lack of documentation. To have work of control with Raspberry Pi. You can attach the resistor 1.4k inline with gpio is exited to joint of relay. This will leave a joint of relay to remark decrease and big beginning. Your controls will be inverted but that is fixed easily in a side of software. Side of note by side: Webiopi will be your better partner for YACHT setup with this joint of relay!!
5 / 5
Other joints that has been attached to power of mine that grows 'dependency' in a Raspberry Pi and Arduino 'habit'.
SainSmart HAS quite a lot of quality well, PCB the material is very (quite fat any one to angle likes some another cheapy material of China),
and a solder is very done.
This particular relay of 16 canals the joint is being 'game' used to with uploading to light heavier.
No, is not ;t aerospace quality, but SainSmart is the pieces of pair on more other manufactures of China.
5 / 5
Quality very good and has opt them isolated entrances in TTL entered of level. As Expected for the product of quality has designed. Other joints of relay very that has opt them isolated entrances so that it is to say the piece on. Good quality PCB. It have to direct small load against 120V safely of CPU of basses and entrances of level of the engine.
5 / 5
Wow This is only the product adds. I have considered to create my joint of own relay and only could very he for this prize. It IS very built, has the isolation adds among my lovely Arduino together and one 110v AC is directing. I want that it also gives a way down below he 12v distributes of power in 5V as I can can and my Arduino of a source to be able in. I am using this to control the Christmas is my lights and whilst any solid state (like this not leaving PWM dimming) was cheap and all this requires. I actuate Also the ordered a 5V 4 SSR together for my inner lights he so that it can dim and twinkle the :-)
2 / 5
As it Was remarked by trace, a same Vcc walks to distribute so sides of an optocoupler. It can fix this to do 5 pieces to locate and soldering 3 jumpers in a joint. With this mod, one 5v the pins in a connector have to when being connected in some external 5v distributes. Desprs mod, Work of control of yours folds that 5v is no longer distributed in 5v pins. In my application, a controller is powered by the separate supply and this mod fixed unwanted behaviour (p. p.ej. All the relays ignite if the controller is powered low). It IS well him it the better creation was available out of a box.
5 / 5
It does not doubt - this info is only has problem, and for a manufacturer:
fixed one 1 bad canal! You are not a optoisolator piece (substituted), was the only bad resistor in a SMT piece grupal, as I only ask a trace and soldered one in +5 and opt entered in a fund of a joint. Any problem. SMT Beat it that it is so fickle. Has!
Thank you For the product adds! That is to say mine 2 joint , FYI.

Top Customer Reviews: MICTUNING LED Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
In fact after taking a relay exited in my truck and plugged he in only to find the halves of boxes lights to direct DIRECTED' has not done. As it take it the mine declares was and has had the hard time that imagines was why. Desprs Trying all this eshould' has fixed discovered the the instructions for a change were wrong and has to change the location of a white cape in a change and I at the end have taken them. This was of the harness to wire of Mictunning with the change of clear bar. In general still I will buy they so that they sell good products and fast nave.
5 / 5
Mina 2004 Volkswagen jettas fog the clear relay is exited, that is to say an economic substitution , still works, and is been 9 months .
1 / 5
Purchased a box of the installation and the together lights. Has the in my truck quite 1 year when some lights would not come on, has diagnosed a subject was this relay . As I have bought the relay of substitution (any one can take the futility once in the moment). It opens 6 month later this one is prendido to do. These relays are J-Or-N-K. I am researching the substitution, this a defective.
1 / 5
It leaves to do afterwards 1 month.
Please see my another revises for an element that has ordered that it has done it to it to him perfectly.
5 / 5
Used the in cape in my lights of fog of the bumper in the rocker the change and he like the charm. He doesnt comes with any instructions but a diagram given in some photos of product are very easy to read and clue.
5 / 5
Fixed my problem with my clear bar. Tried my change and my clear bar and both have done. It IS or a wiring or relay. The relay has not sounded strong, as I have ordered this and the sweep of full brilliant boom again!
5 / 5
This has done my lights do again. Cela Takes it 5 stars in my book, especially since is cheaper in Amazon that my tent of local parts.
5 / 5
Direct substitution, my old one has taken the inner humidity and shorted was. I have posed the dab of silicone in easterly an and installed. The works add!
5 / 5
The fact adds. It covers and game with my covers of relay. headlights Has done what new. The juice HAS SUBSTITUTED in of the pairs for drops/of big beams
4 / 5
The work only as it is supposed in but is estimating these 4 stars so that it is my second an of these so that somehow it thinks that that it waters is come up under a hood in my cart and corroded he/ screwed the up. Any sure that this raisin and can any one confirmed was arrests to water, but is trace he on the way different in that the does not spend again, so sure when being to use a highland hole avenges with the eschew it taking broke.

Top Customer Reviews: Standard Motor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
State using SMP for while I have been doing in of the vehicles. Service and utmost products.
4 / 5
In it Act it to to him it likes him it is supposed in
5 / 5
State using SMP partorisca while I have been doing in of the vehicles. Service and utmost products.
5 / 5
Does well and is work , especially partorisca a prize.

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