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Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Carmelo
A description of the element and the lacking images the signify that this element comprises a harness of clean terminal for permanent annex in your stack. Any necessity to purchase an element has linked here: Offer of Stack 081-0069-6 Terminal Harness the net with the black has Melted Quickly of 2 Claus Desconnectar Carried
5 / 5 Sheba
The works add with carts, trace mowers, and only in any mechanism of park with the stack. An utmost characteristic is touch so much the connectors there are any casualidad of the spark. Stack Of load and the plot of indicators. The subject of only minor is roughly green and the red lights provide a state: blinking, solid, on or was and is not to clear that way. A legend is writing in a unit to wall was and is very small and take to read.

If you are trickle touching the stack to prevent he to die. For example your cart of sports in a winter these chairs in a garage or another squad then sure when being for the maintain plugged in until you use it again. It does not unplug when a stack is touched and limits the few days later. A unit knows when is touched and will not touch the full stack. As it maintain it his plugged in each winter.

If this was useful to please the low Useful click. Thank you!
5 / 5 Keshia
Bought the pair of a Tender Jr. In 2012. I am sure he paid he for them the maximiza a life of my expensive advantage-stacks of acid. There is abundance of descriptions here that tries that that is to say the product of the quality concealed has been around the long time. I wish to attach that a company that Stack of marks Tender products, Deltran, supports for his products. One of mine "Youngsters" recently prndalo to do afterwards four years of continual service. I emailed a company and took the punctual response. I am returned a unit and took the mark the coverage of new substitution under his guarantee of 5 years. The calm can any gone bad with this product or company.

Edita: For those considering this product... It is not he stack upload. It IS to maintain stacks has touched fully. There are some negative critics of folks this has done any one give that it has bought it.
5 / 5 Serita
That is to say some ubiquitous Offers of Stack Jr., fashioned By Deltran. There is enough the small float uploads produced to write there these bills they which " offer of stack" but a name of the real product of of the this is " Offer of Stack Jr." - Has another Stack Tender products, comprising a with more the big that begins of touch, and or with more than beginning for multiple touch stacks.

But the left wing is first to return in basics: that is the float uploads, and why is necessity?

Advantage-stacks of acid, of a type used in of the carts and of the motorcycles, loses the part of his load over time only seating when has connected not even in something. Quan Left in the bicycle that has the clock or the by heart radio circuit in him that constantly the draws can included when a bicycle is was, this loss of load is included faster.

Advantage-stacks of acid "it likes him" to remain in full uploads against all the time. One stack this is maintained in the full load to much more life of service that it stack that rests to seat with less than the full load.

Has used to to cross to plot of stacks - mine stacks of the motorcycle would last among or and two years before they have required substitution. With multiple motorcycles (any one to mention another stack powered things like the generator, snow blower, etc.) This takes expensive!

Has imagined would pose the trickle (float) load in my big GL1100 stack to the help maintains it has touched fully. I have bought the cheap trickle upload of Load of Port, down 0. I hooked he until one stack and left to seat the at night. A next day, in the mine pronounces surprised, one stack has been died! A cheap trickle upload, without intelligence in him and any road in tower was when a stack has been touched, overcharged one stack, he destroying! Could touch it fully, but his dishes were sulfated, and no longer produces quite common to begin a bicycle. This was an expensive lesson - and taught me enough a dud economy of float of Load of the Port chargers!

How was with the bit of trepidation this has tried an Offer of Stack Jr. - I very he very wants to launch another 00 down one drains for another new stack. A difference with one Stack the Tender products are that they are intelligent: has interior of computers that analysis a state of load of one stack in that is connected, and change his beginning to adjust: Start, Road of Volume of Load, Road of Absorption, Road of Float).

A result: still I am that it uses that stack five years later, and he still in in to to the works like them to them the to them is the new mark . It IS so impressed this has bought more: now it possesses five Offer of Stack Jr. It IS, and it is connected in everything of my bicycles and devices, 24/7. Every time estaciono my bicycle, limits in. There is has not had the only stack goes bad in some five years have begun since using Offers of Stack - and each stack in to the the still laws like them to them are new mark .

An Offer of Stack Jr. It comes with the 12 cord of feet and covers it. This covers then attaches in an of two connectors comprised: the set of clips of alligator, for provisional annex in the stack, or the set of terminals of point, for permanent annex. It uses some terminals of point, then can another finishes of a connector up through a bicycle in the some place where can be veiled. In my woman PC800, some hides of connector by behind a right passenger footpeg. In mine GL1500, hides in a left passenger cubby. Quan Estaciona A bicycle, I simply the toe opens one cubby, covers in an Offer of Stack, and knows one stack is protected and has maintained.

An Offer of Stack is designed to be quite indestructible. You can hook he up behind in a stack, and at all will spend. You can begin a bicycle with him connected, any problem, simply the turns was. It IS test of spark , and has an indicator ignites these flashes and pint of changes to say you a state of your stack, and what is doing to direct it. Has the five guarantee of year, which have not had to use.

An Offer of records of Stack is in the advantage to level flooded of wet cell-stacks of acid, as well as AGM (mat of glass of the absorption) stacks. If has the gel-stack of cell, has the different version that has program to do properly with them.

And now can take accessories that carried in a Stack Tender vehicle-side of connector by side when an Offer of the stack has not connected. These provide USB that begins of load and 12 cigarette of the clearest volt-ports to be able to of the way to leave you to limit your electronic devices in your vehicle. Voice more in these accessories here: Stack USB Extends to Upload and 12 Socket of volt

In general, that is to say one of my favourite products, law surprisingly well, maintains yours in shape upper stacks, and less side that the neighbourhood of a cost of the only new stack. I can it does not recommend the highly enough.
1 / 5 Nichol
I have ordered 2 of one 021-0123 Young Stack has Offered. They are arrived punctually, unpacked one of one 2, hooked advantages until some automobiles stack, plugged in a load and looked a clear while I have done a final connection. All was like the manual has said he . It IS waxing to a cart likes him the load has done is thing and after quite a lot of 15 minutes a load has begun "clicking" and it die. The unplugged And has expected the few minutes, plugged he behind in, and at all.
Unpacked One 2 021-0123 Young Stack has Offered, feigned for my motorcycle, plugged he in and last perhaps 15 seconds and has done a same "clicking" thing and is died. A process of substitution was smooth but has not taken a walnut ones still.
1 / 5 Carmella
I have purchased this uploads to maintain the trailer of trip of stack of deep cycle. I have tried a voltage in a stack and is 12.6 volts before attaching a load. One 24 early period the past and one uploads the light was still on so revised one that manual instruction has suggested to take any drain in a stack. I disconnected a stack of a trailer and reattached a stack uploads. Other 24 past hours and one upload the red light was still on. A voltage in a stack was then in 13. 67 volts But one upload has not entered powder trickle road of load. I have decided to return he in Amazon, which was done easily, and has bought one NOCO Character 1100 trickle upload which has recognised that one stack was touched fully and is gone in trickle road of load. It does not recommend an Offer of Stack for stacks of deep cycle.
1 / 5 Melonie
Both of a two have bought failed after the few months of use. Apparently the common problem with BT Young.
5 / 5 Toshia
Paid for him a first use. Fantastic.

Accidentally killed the mark the stack of new cart these covers the stereo hooked up in the cart that seated during two weeks.
Drained That windy bass in 4 volts. :-0

Once the automobile stack is in 9v or it learning the low plus , common is has to be substituted. But sometimes they can save the new plus stacks.

Apparently a nail to save the new stack drained is in trickle touches he backwards in life very dulcemente.

Has left a load extends he during the hours of pair, unplugged he and finishing to touch a next day.
The stack has taken the full 13 volts and lines it well!
Yay The stack has saved!
Has jumped it stack that has killed down a stack and possibly an alternator.

The thing saved me how 80 bucks already.

Has substituted then he stack in another car, and found has been no quite touched all a mark of new road.
Apparently included the new stacks would have to be trickle touched before a first use to prolongs a life.

Has taken that one of 12.4 in 13.0 volts in the hours of pair.

Has not taken included in is feigned use still, which are to maintain the stack has touched for long periods of time.

This could break tomorrow, and still would listen has my cost of money and purchase another.
1 / 5 Gaston
Ordered he 05/21/2016. A product arrived in the pair of days. Connected in my stack of motorcycle immediately after the walk - when a stack was has touched fully. A clear to upload against an Offer of Stack signified that fully is touching, which was odd - expected it to recognise the fully touched stack and go in the " it issues of interview". VAL, HAS THOUGHT, perhaps my stack is not fully has touched. It leaves an offer of stack on, at night. A next morning follows announces " full to touch subjects", a stack is boiling. It measures a voltage, was 13.6v.

Has expected several days and has repeated an experience - same result.

Has routed an Email in servicebatterytender.com in 05/27/2016 informing a problem and asking his help.
Any response that of 06/06/2016.
Has begun a process of tower through Amazon today.
1 / 5 Harlan
That is to say the piece of junk. Lasted less then 2 month and the work left. Any I same uses he a lot, but plugged in a last week of day and at all. If they are no better that this, and fact in China in all the case, also could buy a cheap ones of Load of Port. These are Offer of Stack appoint only, does not waste your money.

Top Customer Reviews: Battery Tender Plus ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
Each client that reads, in a place of Amazon, that this Stack the Tender product has the guarantee of 10 years will suppose that inner these ten years can return a product for reparation (for free for a reparation) or substitution (for free for a substitution), in the discretion of a manufacturer. That Deltran touch you, during the substantial portion of this period of guarantee, is a side evaluador to determine that it is bad with a unit and as it treat it. That is to say a frankly deception. In my experience, is the end uploads, and has has not had never the problem with him. But if I not having never problem, can be cheaper to buy the new to upload through any one outlet of retailer that to pay a nave in addition to side evaluador. A period of guarantee, so clearly declared in a Of a section of Manufacturer of a page of Amazon for this product, is the lie. Like this an only star.
1 / 5
Desprs Leaving this in my cart each winter, does not maintain a stack has touched. I thought it can have been my hook up but has asked the tent to aim me that to connect and no for them or. I am expecting for the response here to try to substitute this element like the nexus in the turn is no longer active.
1 / 5
New stack the experience of tender plus like the substitution. Like An electrician, this unit is installed properly in the stack has touched fully 12.7v of new reading.
A stack the tender plus would have to when being read the green in firm in this half. Even so, constantly it reads the red to flash...Signifying That a unit any one has connected properly....Which are not a case. I suspect a wiring of internal or problem of circuit in an offer of stack he.
1 / 5
Out of the boxes no . Support of the company will not return emails. There is not occasion to try before the period of the turn has expired. Unpackaged New product for some first time and the road of unit any current of any type through advantages ( has can in one covers). Tried to contact/take response of manufacturer and Any RESPONSE AT ALL. That he POS unit and disgraceful service of client.
1 / 5
And 'Inherited' bounce it and diverse squad that comprises marks it new stack...The May used It. But when being in my garage for more than the year and I have asked that the condition was in when tried for the touch. Bought this load and shows the light of red in firm for almost 2 days thought could be it flakey. Then they go in green likes all are well!

UPDATE:12/31/2017 - A unit no longer works. Any light at all. At all. The supposition has jumped a pistol in this so that it writes the positive critic (on) in some premiers few days of the property but he are died. Wasted My money at the end.
1 / 5
The fact adds for the pair of month, then only prendido to touch. Some lights enter, but any one is house . It have been the product adds if a quality has lined up, but since he no, the calm save you a loss.
1 / 5
.........Yes Well.

Has used this uploads very little in our garage. Remarked a morning that some lights of units were was. Coverage a GFCI had tripped . The reset Gives it some tender beginning that has the smoke exited of him and at the end the breaker has tripped again. As it imagines it comes with 10 guarantee of the years has verified of his web of place to discover a following:

Some costs to transport produced in Deltran for the service of guarantee is the
responsibility of a buyer, after 90 days with test of compraventa.

Could handle that, but on has to pay $ 12.95 for the Evaluation of Guarantee, shipping and handling (WESH) Costs. As all has said will be out of another $ 15-20 for the product that cost me less than $ 50.

Essentially takes to 90 guarantee in the daytime , anything after that paid to ship and evaluation of guarantee.
5 / 5
So far so good. I am by train of the give 5 stars so that he the work precisely while it expect. Both sample stacks in mine 3 old month 2017 Yamaha Raptor 700R and 2 old week 2017 Deep CRF125F that when being in 80%, but any one has touched fully. Taken quite a lot of 6 hours each to take both stacks in 100%, which are why I is happy bought this 1.25amp in place of a youngster .75amp Model. More this the model besides will touch the stack also and no only soyaintain' has to require that characteristic. Although I imagine to touch the stack is died would take the long time in this unit, even so, has bought he only to maintain very stacks in all the case. It looks to do perfect for my necessities so far. Any one when being pas cheap or. I recommend to take a Deltran 25' extension also while I have ordered so much together. Calm is not really supposed to use a cord of extension another concealed a Deltran 25' extension that tried very useful while I have to use an extension immediately to achieve both vehicles... It expects this help to revise you...
Some notes in of what the people is saying in the Chinese has done products. Yes, these units are done in China now, but while it has witnessed when lived in China: Control of the quality and the personnel to draw is the separate group of people that is has paid more the big people in of the Chinese factories for business of big American to do sure a product conforms American levels, and this Deltran the be in addition to excellent quality. A unit is contained in metal, some connections of the adapter of the cord is a lot tight, some capes are durable, and some clips of alligator have a lot of tension to jump and is to bake.
1 / 5
Bought my premier one of these in 1993, and last until 2016-- quite 23 years

how has bought the second a, which has lasted only quite 2 years of clear use, and then-- so that fault very when it has been required, the third a, which has lasted the pair of days

uses to be 'builds the best mousetrap'

now is ' builds the cheap and more cheap plus and cheaper mousetrap' .

And then trades in a good name. Until in some point, any included take smiled anymore

which in a guarantee? Well A pertinent guarantee assembla last only 90 days. That is to say very that a lot Deltran think these products is. 90 days....

The 'ten guarantee of year' looks to cost a client in a 'the costs of unit' in Deltran

shame on you Deltran
1 / 5
Used to be the good company, now only does junk, and absolutely any support of the client when required. It tries to take through Deltran support for the month, remained in a line saw messages tlphonique , to the left, the email routed. After six weeks I at the end taken through. Yes, the service of client has recognised that there is routed email in a past two month but entered the account that has it only two people that cape a whole planet and doing a more can. Perhaps that is to say what a world is gone in.

Has expected a product in last at least the year of anterior Yuasa chargers has lasted in ten years. But now volume to pay ship to take the substitution that will last how long?

Will take subject of mine elsewhere in a future.

Top Customer Reviews: Battery Tender 8V, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ashley
Measure: 8 volt Amp knows is not done exactly partorisca he, but with a help of the small touching around, this has taken my golf the cart has retreated partorisca run. It has 8v battery, and had died. I have used the 12v manual load partorisca roughly 20 minutes each then this little beauty partorisca the few hours each and then sucedido. It was able to use a level uploads partorisca my golf cart. They are not even sure the one who east has saved me that it has to that take a cart in the tent, but know is absolutely currency he.
5 / 5 Dyan
Measure: 8 volt Amp has bought two of this 8 volt trickle chargers partorisca maintain one pertinent load in of the battery has take of my cart during an out of parks. Reason these chargers has the relatively down amperage start ( amp), has touched each battery with the ad uploads first and use a trickle chargers so only partorisca maintain one load. They are very pleased with these chargers like this far. Has 12 Battery of frames of volt of Offers chargers also and has not been disappointed with any of his products partorisca date.
4 / 5 Lanora
Measure: 8 volt Amp have the mid 50 Ford tractive with an eight battery of volt that substitutes an original 6 volt. A profit is faster cranking and better startups with some 2 extra volts. An offer is drawn to fully touch a 8 battery of volt when it is not when the be has used. One uploads that well and maintains one uploads during a period of storage. It fulfils and it has surpassed my expectations. Very pleased.
4 / 5 Deirdre
Measure: 6 volt Amp has Bought this reason has 6 advantage of battery of volt of acid I need has touched. He no his tone . Left the on partorisca 3 days and I still take some same lights. Red solid partorisca 3 then green of second solids partorisca 1 second. Ossia awesome Reason a manual has said absolutely at all in this light combo! You can see for calm in some pictures have encluded. It says in manual the will not change the defective battery or the battery down 3 volts. Material partorisca prevent the bad battery partorisca blow up. Like this calm so much can see in my pictures have 3.6 volts in a battery. Hmmm. I know a battery is well there is pulled of then he out of crew when it die. A bit those that the leading days grieve work. Like the battery has taken so only drained. Any bulging or anything. Like this im totally dissapointed with frames of battery partorisca extend. Has another 12 volt uploads they. And I have bought the soft chance of them partorisca store them both. Like this it wants to maintain the fully touched battery fully touched spends one $ 50-80 in an of these and will be dipped perhaps. But so only maintaining the batteries is the very limited functionality . Also I desire would have bought one 6-12 volt fine the voltage uploads in place of two separate chargers. But already it has bought it one 12 volt. Line like this inferior this thing is worthless mine. Any concealed can say me the one who red solid for 3 then green of second solids for 1 according to meso to repeat that it was he adds! But I need to the load drained the battery recommends to look the another marks load with less than the securities have built in. Thank you.
4 / 5 Harland
Measure: 6 volt Amp at present have 3 of these chargers for use in boat of mine, gram mower, and trailer of camp. The no his maintenances plugged in all a time but run his the week or like this before I know will be to require some batteries have freshened up. These will spend the battery for behind beautiful low but will not touch of the deep depletion. One do one well to say you has mixed your bosses and I likes him some have comprised eyelet connection with a quickly disconnect concealed the easy fact to change battery. I have been that uses a first unit for 3 years without subjects.
5 / 5 Waylon
Measure: 8 volt Amp has killed 2 battery is one could have been several old years but a last a has been bought last new cradle[2018]
hooked a new battery up for 5 days during the clod snap,hooked the on again yesterday, a dead battery .
Am not sure although it can be recharged with another upload
im was 2 battery is and a cost of a tender roughly 200 value of dollars
the sound in the shows fix and 200 dollars is roughly all of the free money has to that touch around with hanging a year!
But hey, while a CEO of an offer of battery has sawed. It can take these entrances of aeroplane to Europe for his holidays of state of the boys the supposition alls well with him, after all, one east of American of business slogan. The ray Takes of the money !
5 / 5 Clinton
Measure: 6 volt Amp Ossia the add to upload and well fully touch all my batteries. It gives it the 5 but all some terminals are steel plated with the copper colour. These all quickly eroded to leave any one very left to clamp to coffins estaca of battery. Any provision to directly of vendor of the contact for the good copper substitution has bought three twelve volt and two are volt chargers. Five more has separated insiemi of connectors. All junk. A vendor have to ten insiemi copper well.
5 / 5 Marica
Measure: 8 volt Amp has has had so only this Offer of Battery Jr. For the short time. This in spite of, I really like a new creation!! One covers is a lot of lighter , which help rests in a outlet the better socket, especially a outlet is oriented in a horizontal place. It likes-me a better light indicator that leading versions also. Has one of these for each of motorcycles of mine and maintain them plugged in all a time when they are not in his quantity. They maintain one uploads in some battery so that it do not have to that me never ask if one will begin when rig to locate.
These am very economic and well value of the money!
5 / 5 Versie
Measure: 6 volt Amp the offer of Battery is an only mark to buy . I have had a lot of frames and his so only shorten a life of the battery. Has two Harley Davidson is. One east in his original battery for just on 10 years with soyarcas of Battery to Extend'. Battery Tender stands for behind his mark and him him the question of any class, will substitute a unit.
5 / 5 Darnell
Measure: 6 volt Amp Taken took it quickly he out of a container and connected to mine 6 battery of volt of deep cycle of the acid of advantage sealed then plugged he in and law perfectly. A lot the friendly user and love a small compact measure and simplicity of him. A light system FOCUSED simple are adds. Very happy with him!