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Top Customer Reviews: FOXWELL NT630 Plus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mellisa
Desprs Taking a SRS (airbag) light of the look in mine 2005 Deep Agreement has decided to buy this in planting to take he in a trafficker. Very few tools the scanner will do SRS and ABS CODES. To do investigation, has concluded my problem was probably a change of engine of buckle of tape of chair and a Foxwell the tool confirmed it. You can pose on realtime the control and I could look a change goes of buckled in unbuckled and then lack like an open circuit. Please conscious when being that Deep SRS the codes are published in hexadecimal, as his 61-10 code will look 97-16 in a Foxwell. I took me the moment to imagine that it was. Desprs Substituting an assembly/of harness of the buckle, has used a tool to clear a code. Still although a SRS the vain light was when a problem is fixed, a code is stored permanently unless cleared with the tool to scan.

My only complaint was that a process of the on-line update has not been intrinsically obvious. A manual this comes with investigation be for an earlier version. Poking Around in his web of place for the while at the end found some instructions have update that was it very enough.
4 / 5 Victoria
The unit arrived with one key this loses to compose--the mini SDS card in adapter of USB. The software has to be first thing has update. The directions are convoluted and no very spelt has entered a pertinent sequence. It suggests the list of mere/diagram--and has attached one in a fund of a note.
Lea my codes of the fuel properly the show is running too rich--very
I a abs the brake bleed while I have changed my master cylinder and everything brake components. Work well, but directions of clues in a unit and do the full bleeds on all 4 wheels before trying a cart bleeds. I have done in fact a autobleed two times. It ensures a brake of the front left bleeder is open and there is void in a line or place of pot up. That is to say where a ABS the air of cart bleeds will go at the beginning. Calm once think that that everything is well, the cart bleeds once again with the advance of left wing bleeder has opened. It air of the plus of bit has been. Saved the trip in trafficker and $ 300. In general, I am satisfied with a unit, but could have had instructions very better with him and the web of place left the plot to be has wished. Some of him, is is sure because of my lack to learn.

1. Among web of place and finds/to download and actuate his software
2. It follows process of registration
3. Apresamiento mini SDS Of unit and upload against adapter of USB then in PC (Mac does not do and or very new Chromebook)
4. Opened a program that the calm downloaded you and finds a section of update.
5. It chooses your mark of vehicle, any model, and select Update. This software of downloads in a micro SDS card.
6. It ensures has the connection of the big speed or he will fail
7. Once complete, taking micro card and place behind in Unit.
8. The unit run in your cart and the cross that finds your captures of vehicle is WINE and another info.
4 / 5 Melita
I took me hours to research to determine if this was a model to scan that more access my necessities. Also it looks to be identical in a Ancel scanner of similar prize. A company has so many scanners and they all look to do different things with out of the clear succession of capacities has attached. For case, a final of big plus and more the expensive scanners can any one cual this scanner excepts having different capacities all desquels is not fully clear. A lot of initials and the acronyms are used without the explanation that is prendido. Although it visits a Foxwell website they the poor work counts a clear difference among his scanners. That is to say a main reason has taken of the star. Another that concealed, look to do the good work in a main task has purchased he for the this was to diagnose a airbag light. They use a term ONE THOUSAND for this that light is an example of initials that has to look until that determines that ONE THOUSAND HALF soyalfunction light of indicator'. Until has more things that goes bad with my cart will not be able in fully appreciate if this work to scan in his full potential or the no. Except Some looks of responsive undertaken in of the surgeries of email and some looks of unit to be very done and functions like this far while it has to so that it give it 4 stars.
5 / 5 Merrill
I bought it to bleed a abs module in the 96 Ford Order. There is the road to turn in a abs automotive and has opened each valve, but is not so mere while it is when I hook he until mine 08 Hyundai Tiburon. In a ABS options for a Tiburon, has the clear option for the cart bleed, the service bleeds, etc. Some options are different for vehicle. Any insurance quite compatibility until it already tries to guess.
5 / 5 Mandy
Although it does not use never this again (but I ), when being able in the the end takes rid of a VSA light this is been on in mine 05 Acura of the collision of final of the front the little the mark of month is a lot of values a cost of a scanner. It takes 10 minutes in my driveway and less still side concealed having a neutralisation done in the trafficker.
5 / 5 Jody
Any one a lot needs a OBDII the scanner of only borrows one of a tent when required, but this there has been a ABS bleeds function that was afterwards for mine 01' Glorious Cherokee. I rebuff to take my vehicles in any trafficker or any mechanic really, has been thrilled to find this fact and could not be has beaten for a prize. I my base bleeds, then this cycled some solenoids twice and when bled again, has taken air . It does not run a bomb during a bleeds to to the the function likes him has seen of some show of videos, but is supposing that it is only that a Chrysler works of program. I leave me to run a bomb or actuate each solenoid separately. It characterises happy here.

Besides, has tried this in mine 00' Order and tries a SRS well, but has not looked to do a lot for a ABS averts codes, but is the model of base with backside ABS only so that it is probably why. Also he well to verify codes and alive data in a 05' GTO.
4 / 5 Rhett
I very like this scanner. An interface of user is very only, with a little quality of any and archaic screen of button to achieve some offer of a lot of capacities. This has said, was only happy to find or that can read it and diagnose ABS SUBJECT of system. I use this very time he so that has the sensor that has done up in the wheel. This left wing of device me reset he, and after doing so time a problem is not returned. Saving only or trips in some paid of mechanic for east.
3 / 5 Gene
I have purchased this declares in of the hopes in recalibrate my steering sensor of angle in mine 2006 Acura RL. A problem run in era the subject of software with this particular test.
Quan Takes in a 'Aforar steering angle' a declare aim Any communication'. Even so this 'Communication' the subject looks for to be disabled. I say this so that has communication with a declare. Each which as another the zone was in in the communication there has been him 'likes Alive data', 'codes of control' and 'Clear codes'. This say me there is not the problem comunicacional.

Was further to update my declare and alas has not had update very available for Acura in this declare (as of 11/2018) has been updated. I have contacted a vendor and they have tried a more could. I have to say that they were very preoccupied in my problem and has wanted to to fix it. Alas the could not expect for an update for available when being I so has to issue a declare behind.
IS the Deep Technician of Platinum and TAKES IT Master technician as has the plot of experience with these testers.
C declares was 'A lot of' except any one that has required.
A thing has not been happy with era a 'process of Update'.
Uses MAC and an update has not been available for Mac users. I have owed of my computer of old Windows (That hate...The windows IS no longer the good option in my opinion).
In everything marries the inferior line is this declares has not done for my situation.
That surprised me was a disposal for a vendor to help me. This goes the long road.
5 / 5 Matthew
It was nervous ordering the scanner after reading so histories and revises in a flood of clones of abroad. I actuate There It go It only this for the day but he have paid already for him. I have required in reset a srs light in mine 08 mitsu eclipse. Has the 70 walk of one thousand in. A trafficker a next plus more some loads of tent $ 100 an hour. Taking this scanner for 130 seamed in me to be quite still after it uploads of tent, gas, and the time these units there and behind. The only fear there has been is no .
After reading several descriptions have decided to go for him included some histories of horror quite what apresamiento was to record and update.
Is not sure cual tried to the mark excepts took me quite 10 minutes to download an application in my PC, register, and updates a tool. Enough 10 more minutes later and seated in my cart that grins ear in ear so that my flipping srs the light was at the end has been. I have seated there for the touch for the moment longer with another characteristic this comprises to look in a speed of the each wheel and a lot of other facts in my car, is very deep only out of surprised and truly listen so has taken it the value adds for my money, no the feeling has often lol. If it breaks in a future will update a description
1 / 5 Kirstie
Connected this device in mine 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon TJ and freezings during OBD2 phase of connection so that the part of a unit was useless in me. That is worse is lack of support! Place in the entrance of support with Foxwell and the week and any response. Has update also in his late plus firmware but didnt do the difference. I have tried he in my Toyota FJ Cruise and alloy well and read car data well. Mina 18 dollar wifi OBD2 reader with an application of the android connected and has done well with a Jeep could attach. The lack of support is everything too typical with business of the a lot of Chinese has based. The arrival that unit of returns.

Top Customer Reviews: FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Be it has warned this is not your reader of typical code. This a taken in a the technical material. Very it does not have any idea that looked in. I have learnt to use the little of some functions of uTube videos. I have learnt enough to discover had the plugged EGR the valve and I have to 02 sensors that is bad. Has some manuals of tent for my cart and a more studio these instruments to the More i likes him. A better characteristic thinks is a graphing. Looking an operation of some 02 sensors in a graph subjects enabled me to locate some bad sensors in the pair of minutes. If it is it has to take a time and learns so to use this scanner, will be happy bought the. I am very pleased with purchase of mine. Even so when you order this, orders the case and a bond of extention. You will want to protect this small jewel. A extention the calm of leaves of the bond in hook until your computer of automobile and be able to seat comfortably in the chair of an engine while it is by train to do you a test in planting to be hunched under a wheel. The scanner adds, the prize adds!
5 / 5
I actuate Never the possessed the reader the codify and has bought this Foxwell NT301 so that it take to ail and tired the launcher codifies and trusting the dealership or mechanic to say me that it was bad. I am quite handy and a mechanic of anterior aircraft, as I know my road around tools. This was a piece has required more. This unit that says and looks for the do quite well. That is to say a perfect unit for a mechanic of handy weekend that mark his own work how me. Me HISTORY:
possesses the 2013 Ford Fusi Titanium that has had some difficulties 2 YEARS ago with sputtering after it begins and then sometimes pause . A dealership and the supposition TAKES soyechanic' has given me he printout of some codes launched, (4 or as) and the hefty quote for throttle substitution of organism, FRP sensors and cover in a tune of $ 1300.00 !!
Well, When being the mechanic in of the aircraft and the Engineer of Quality for trade, did not have it. I berated a mechanic and cause the scene in a dealership and has taken a car house. On my own, I have substituted one the majority of first logical element and has been for some cover, for the totals or $ 45 bucks and 40 minutes of my time, SAVED me a full $ 1300... A HEAVEN was was and never illuminated again for almost 2 years (50,000 miles).
2 past of years, and begun to take the vacillation, loss or pot and poor action and logically supposed a cause of a HEAVEN has been now related in other elements I didnt substitutes 2 years ago, has substituted a FRP sensors and was sceptical of a Throttle organism. Desprs Taking nowhere even so having a HEAVEN on, decided to buy this FOXWELL NT301. I plugged he in and was has surprised immediately that any one of some anterior codes was present but a Cart has launched codes for the misfire.
This left wing of unit me to READ The CODE and has a reference of the manufacturers without that have to look above on-line.
Left me to clear some codes and then walks until a car HEAVEN illuminated again. I have used an option of record to record an interior of case a moment a code has been launched, shows an ALIVE DATA and then read all a present of codes.
Low and Behold, some carts have launched codes for the Misfire and Any throttle the organism etc. Has bought the new together of Cover and has substituted the premier and yes, a HEAVEN was was, and has has did not have problems since.
A dealership the bone has wanted in the principle me for $ 1300.00 and smelt my road around this subject, and this time was able to verify my problem with this reader the codify and ignore some erroneous data a dealership gave me in a past.
Whose Waste Another said me anywhere. It BUYS THIS, reads a manual, comprises his full potential and The USE.
SAVED ME A FORTUNE. Any negative critic here unfounded on me. THAT IS TO SAY A UNIT ADDS .
5 / 5
This analyser did totally in my expectations. Very mere and intuitive with minimum necessity the reference a book of instruction (which are quite thorough).
With the precision diagnoses a cause of my Light of Engine of the Control (code of error P0013). It was in Youtube to learn how one substitutes defective VVT exhausts solenoid, and after the trip in Autozone for a new part, was able to substitute he besides or 20 minutes less. Rechecked The system and was well to go. It wants that it was able to clear code of error of automobile ECM memory after a reparation. Opened Can spend it some the annual emissions try that it is required to renew my prjimo registration here in Knitting.
Chevy The trafficker has wanted to $ 125 just to connect in a OBD2... He then the laws of annex/of parts in that.
Has paid $ 65 for a tool to scan, $ 48 for a part and is exited advances of road, the more now has the scanner to use for any future HEAVEN.
4 / 5
That is to say a premier ODB the scanner has possessed. I bought it yesterday to verify the cart of my daughter. His light of the engine of the Control was on. And a cart is very of entity for his subsistence - but is also in the estimativa tight. More than the race was in the thought of the garage would be it well to know only that is spent. (Oh - And has has wanted to one of these for years. Any one that this there has been anything to do with him ;) )
Good descriptions. Delivery of same day. ( It check Some descriptions with my new friends reviewmeta! Thank you Podcast of money of the planet).
This unit was easy to use. Coverage he misfire in cylinder 3. We pull some covers. Tensed And has cleaned a desert to age (and cover them new has ordered!). Cleared a code. Verified again. And it is well to go until we can substitute these cover this weekend. In spite of the few reverses of our own mark was to do in in an hour.
And yes, if google is to be thought, if a misfire had taken bad, his behaviour with a light of engine of the control on CAN have marred his engine. Like this compraventa small can have saved his cart.
5 / 5
Why it takes your cart in the garage for them to say you that it is bad? Then he preoccupies is by train to say you the real problem, mark in the big plus a, or doing an up period only to gross money! It opens can say You yes really need to take he in. It uses the small another code of readers has been missing of in a past. And they have done, but this a law adds. It IS very easy in navigate around some cards, and read some codes. Especially for any one which he... That is to say more useful doing reparations to house this law in the cart.

Was able to discover that it was bad with my car, and yes required to take he in. But I have not been for the disturbs has been rasgado has been. As I say in you! If you are ailing to ask , while and begs does not take taken for the walk.... Calm take you the Foxwell reader of code of the failure and knows sure your automobile necessities the small TLC. Or! You are any concealed can do on your own car? Calm take you the Foxwell, and knows that necessity to take to fix your cart.
5 / 5
For a bit those that the past years used he innova 3030 reader of code that has been purchased in Walmart to hover he of a same prize like Foxwell NT301 even so it was not never the enormous adherent in fact very hated to use a Innova 3030 but law in the pinch. Desprs Taking a Foxwell NT301 and take to use he for awhile now can say I in fact a lot enjoys to use the. While both take in the minute to synchronise with a vehicle takes the screen to upload with a Foxwell that the marks does not look to take so long. But down in a nitty gritty mine the old scanner gave you only generic codes. Even so one Foxwell give you very only generic code but once synchronised with a vehicle also can give codes to manufacture also. A better part is that it gives some codes with the description of a code. That another wise would be necessary to write it down and looks for the on-line. This characteristic is very handy and it saver of time of entity. One Foxwell also has the add easy to use the by heart full and easy exposure to follow instructions. Characteristic additional of Foxwell that very as me is a capacity to read die of impression and real time of any codes that has been detected. It uses this unit in several vehicles. It possess it at the same time and every time it is done perfectly. I used it even so in the Cadillac recently done on and some the only codes has not been able to pull where a frame and codes of suspension even so the has not expected this he so that it is usually only detectable in a system of diagnostic of the vehicle he. In general really it likes me a Foxwell NT301 and and with the flavour has recommended a lot this reader in several people.
5 / 5
It IS sceptical like this was really cheap in prize. It has priced in the tent of the local cart and some units have sold averaged $ 100 and on. I have taken the shot with easterly one that had the light of engine of the control on and had researched has been more probably a sensor of oxygen because of a light of engine of the control as well as a VSC the light has remarked. Sure enough, I hooked this up and gave me the code that a sensor in stacks two sensor two was bad. I have taken he in the place of reparation for his have diagnostic also and was a same diagnostic . I have finished to do a reparation I after looking some videos of Youtube and saved me almost $ 400.
5 / 5
I have maintained bogging down in mine 1998 CR-V. I have verified and rechecked time, pressure of fuel, cover, revendedor, everything. Any light of engine of the control on, has directed madman me. At the end decided to peel out of a money for the 'pro' scanner, better that mine $ 20 walmart unit plugged this one in, has taken he for the walk of test with a record of characteristic data, and guesses that found- the bad O2 upstream sensor. It maintains to say my computer was rich (the voltage was .6 In 1.2 all through a walk), and a downstream the sensor put for apropar- 0 like the fuel of back of low computer. My fuel of term under trims is gone down in -30%. Everything of of the one of the east and the MAY has launched the darn code for me for the imagine was. I am spent of the hours in the hours that the flavour finds a mechanical subject, when this electronic tool has cured of him besides or 15 minutes less. A very brainer, your road of costs of the time of plus that these costs, the buy. And I am your mechanic of shadow of half tree that laws in his own carts, no the critic to feign while you can see in my history. These products was that well for me to leave the glowing descriptions
5 / 5
This thing is easy in hook up and provides the tonne of data, an only problem is that it was not that the majority of him half! A screen by heart is brilliant and easy to read, but is not the screen to touch, and since is each amiable of the use goes to screens to touch now that takes the small to take used to. The navigation is done by some buttons of arrow, with up and down planted afterwards in the each another in some upper and left buttons and the rights have planted on in some sides. Some arrows are printed clearly in some buttons, but so that they are not forms how maximum of regular cross like a D-the tampons have the habit of use in videogame controllers and such, using them in navigate has not been very intuitive for me. For some long time takes me that it tries to touch in a screen, and then when taking has had to to use some buttons have had to in fact take the second and thinks in that button has required to press. As I think that a creation of button could be it has improved to do a bit four directional buttons more so he D-tampon and then posing other buttons in a zone around a D-tampon.

Has also three lights only under a screen what bad all are well, there is the opinion, or there is the serious subject. Some two carts plugged he in both green aim, which are that it has been it expected. It has not had any code has listed, which was has expected also. I navigated through some cards and looked in the bouquet of data that has not comprised at all, and found a zone where can do test of diagnostic. There have it included an option to do tests of diagnostic in a device he, which has thought was fresh.

Physically, I how one when being of a device with a thing of grip of black rubber everywhere an external verge. He he durable chair. And a cord is abundance quite yearn both use in an engine and chair of passenger. Any external stack is required, uses a power of a cart. I asked me that plus or less a cart has not had any power, but then give if this is spent then although a reader of code has had can probably still would not be able in a surgery a cart for information because of a cart that has any power. I do not know any a lot of in of the carts, even so, so perhaps is bad. In all the case, I like this thing so far but can any one really do the fully accurate test until something goes bad with my car again. Desire I to go to have these years of mark of thing.
5 / 5
It takes this when it was for sale for $ 60. At the beginning, has thinks that that this tool was junk. But then I give, it was error of operator . It uses to plot of tools but never in the vehicle to start with of the push. That necessity to know is concealed has to press you a button to start with but not beginning a cart. Then it lines a button to start with for 3 - 5 bren without beginning a cart. Desprs, A car can in the road but any one when the be has not begun. Calm then pode hook in a tool to scan and has access in codifies and obtains a capacity to clear them. If you any one this, will not be able to clear them. I think that that that is to say probably a same like other devices to scan also.