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Top Customer Reviews: Kensun Portable Air ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Malia
Bought this in June. Fact well during 3 month that considers was used hardly during this time. Final of September a DC the component of a system has prendido working doing it very-arrest- at all to have in a cart. I take that anything the mechanic can break down but this was used hardly - perhaps 2 times in a DC road before pause to do.....That is to say BS for something concealed maintains in a car for use of emergency. It does not recommend in any one. Update; I have contacted his service of client any one while any a lot of but has been surprised. They are returned in me immediately. We said me to us that the subjects was the new unit in any one cost. Admitted the does not have to has failed that harvests but a fact that has cured of him immediately am adds...As I am still very sure in a quality of a product but I would be has to give it a profit of an only based doubt in his AWESOME service of client. They were by behind a product and has cured of a subject immediatley. It can not ask more!.... It excepts any one to break in a first place....
1 / 5 Erika
Work but of fights of mine of experience in 60psi. It takes this for our vehicles of the company and require to go in 80psi. Also the quite a lot of low fence often, the supposition is the characteristic of security for prender he to take in hot. It begins to fill in around 65psi and law for quite a lot of three minutes and then closed has been. I supposition has owed for him to cool down.
In a half of this description my compressor has begun to smoke. It smells that Some grave trams. I will be to return a product .
5 / 5 Lamonica
That is to say the terrific little compressor to air to inflate wheels/of bicycle/of car truck. The only arrived mine amiably bundled and punctually. I have used he in 2 vehicles and he a work perfectly - less that the minute the crown in the each wheel. Especially it likes me AC the characteristic since is so convenient to run of a outlet of garage. My old compressor was DC only and found he to be the hassle to use a lighter of cigarette/of automobile stack. I also like a ray in connector. That is to say new in me and already prefers in a connection to regulate/cam of type of the crowbar. Some looks of gauge of the pressure to be accurate while it matches two pound the gauges has lined has. It recommends this product for applications to owe light.
5 / 5 Terina
My zone of a country is in the cold of chasquea.me of the winter expsito to expect in of the lines LLARGUES for 'free air' this week is spent of longitude one of my wheels. I ordered it and it take in 12/30/17; it avenges hurriedly. Today (12/31/17), the wheels of my threads were down; a critically in 20 psi! One expects for 'free air' was 10 deep carts in some venues WaWa. As we exit my compressor of new air and used it on DC can with his cart. The fantastic law! It step his wheels in a same time while using a 'free air' in a tent of consolation--without a wait! I am ordering another he so that it can have he in his cart. Nice this spends case with all some adapters and works in a/C or DC current. I have posed my pressure of gauge of wheel with him-just to bend control. Some will say that it is strong, but in me the just sounds like the compressor of regular air! :-)
5 / 5 Eleonore
I have chosen this bomb purposefully so that the work by so AC and DC beat. I need for everything to fill mattress of air, beach balls, wheels of bicycle in of the wheels of enormous truck. I know the DC bombs do not fill the wheel of truck in 80psi without in of the llamas has been. I use this for wheels of the bicycle and he have done very good. Desprs Uses it on visits of bond of truck an addendum if he this does not line until a challenge. AC The cord is down so the wait uses a cord of extension. A DC the cord is pertinent. Some rays of full air to annex easily in a root of wheel while it has enough .5 In exposed root. There is the small quantity of loss to air while it takes a tube of crowd. A unit is compact, any bell and whistles. It mean a pressure of an object in that is semi-detached and research to be adequately accurate, as you look a gauge of pressure like full and afterwards went it once that achieves a pressure has wished. Has the cloth of coverages of good quality that protects of powder and humidity and has the cape to spend. Easily stored in trunk, garage, under a tank. Calm like this in last 10 into use light years. I can not speak with longevity or durability.
1 / 5 Paula
Plugged He in (120V AC outlet), the immediate smoke and he never done again. I have verified yes to do sure a DC the change has not been ignited before plugging he in in one 120V outlet... Turbulent power to take the substitution so that I have been only in a tent and has bought the different unit A walnut one has been doing adds during the weeks of pair now.
5 / 5 Tiffiny
Very compact and clear, adds to leave in a trunk with a box of spare wheel. The piece IS very accurate and barn when attaching air. The law adds for bicycles and of the carts. He very automatically closes was so necessity for the control. A airhose is quite 20' and could be bit it the long plus, but is good quality and does to focus well with a valve. Still with other cords to be able in, could be longer. A Cigarette the cape the clear plus requires calm to be inner quite 5' a-wheeled. Have outlets In a console (front) and in a zone of load (back) as it is not the problem for me. The majority of people with the vehicles the big plus and any outlet in a subject of backside with his rear wheels. He bite it the fast plus in 120AC that 12VDC. It IS relatively calm compared in my compressor of the air the big plus. Apresamiento Warm when races for the little of the minutes and I would think it would take very hot to pump of state in the flat wheel. In general the addition adds in a box of security for my truck and camper.kensun AC/DC Estrave of Swift Action of Compressor to Air Portable Inflator with Equivalent Exposure for House (110V) and Car (12V) - 18/20 Litres/Min
5 / 5 Sebastian
I attach little bomb to air to maintain in your vehicle! ( I have purchased also and recommend the cord of the besides light cigarette of extension). Among handy recently when my dad and I have uploaded forest in my trailer and some wheels have begun in soyushroom' was. I plugged in my little bomb of walnut to air and crowned was all some wheels of 20 PSI in 65 PSI. It takes the moment, but anything - that can expect it tiny small boxes? Taken 15-20mins for wheel. Wheels Of trailer of full measure. Cycle to have that has not been a subject.

I like a good case entered. There have it only he quite soiled in a case to store the 12' cord of the besides light cigarette of extension.

I also like AC option to be able in. Any sure when will use concealed but is better then a stack-powered the air pumps my partner takes of his trunk the months of mark of pair. His era adds excepts it only done for enough 4 mins in front of a stack is died. This was an inspiration for this compraventa.

In general, wants this product and I have Purchased 11 of them for everything of my company and personal vehicles.
5 / 5 Derick
The works add. I am surprised in that hurriedly listens my air -the products depended like biketires, balloons, cartires, etc. Researches to be very dependable. Also it use it AC or DC (cart or house), very convenient also. To well sure recommend it this compressor of air.
1 / 5 Greg
Today April 30 was my first time and last time those uses the. An end of a hose a course that the rays in a root have broken was and leave 20 p0unds to air to escape. It have to AAA club of engine to take air in my wheel. It does not recommend this in any one. By everything means the big indications take spends it.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensun 12V DC ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dannette
Surprisingly small and clear weight but powerful, this bomb of air is the sum for trip. Has quite a lot of pot to fill the wheel of measure of normal cart clearly in the pair of minutes. Out of a box takes the minute to read some instructions and calm is up and race. It has to they are characteristic like the ray on access in a root of valve of the wheel and beats calm preset to a pressure like him some turns of the bomb was automatically when a pressure has wished is achieved, as it is basically place and forgets. Also a digital readout say you a pressure like the wheel is filling has filled both wheels of the PLANS in 30psi in the pair of minutes each, while doing other things. I have bought this after reading more commentaries in Amazon and is very pleased like this far with this product.
5 / 5 Keren
Only taken through using my compressor of the new air and was utmost! Very easy to use and instructions of clue, relatively calm for a compressor of air.

-Easy to use
-the Enclosed cart-
5 / 5 Shawnna

A Year later still is doing adds only a prize is fallen of $ 60 in $ 25. It see it adds for this prize, would buy the small and give them was so of the presents. I use it to fill my bicycle, cart, van and still odds n final like the etc. Perfect tubes!


A vendor quickly routed the bombs to me new. And it is works perfectly! A torsion is much stronger in easterly an and begins to fill mine 36 PSI goes without that has to disconnect the premier that before. I guess had the bad piece. Update of 3 in 5 stars. Awesome Produced.

Will control and update a description something changes.

In front of all the descriptions of only view of folks that uses a bomb of equivalent. THAT IS TO SAY The DIGITAL BOMB is revising. I do not know why it is ridding descriptions of a bomb of type of dial of equivalent when these products have listed is for a Digital Bomb.

Very So it has decided to expect for the few weeks until vain have the occasion to use it the small time before writing this description. In place of just scripture will aim he in my video.

A first law of time adds (in my wheel of cycle upto 60 PSI). It was fatality in 60 PSI and hurriedly. Any subject.

After the little of the weeks used it mine 2 carts (SUV and Calm) and found the few subjects with him, more notably does not begin unassisted. He routed notes it a vendor, has had perhaps the defective product. I will update this description afterwards / contacts me.

While here like the work and a here is regarding the take to start with if a bomb dies while trying begins. (It does not look to have quite beginning torsion connect in the wheel with &62;25PSI pressure in him).

In general is the orderly little product, for one 60 bucks has paid was decent value for money
1. Tez Of good quality
2. It measures of accurate pressure (PSI)
3. Has the FOCUSED clear
4. Work in the 12v adapter ( can use the stack to start with of the jump, your cart or AC in DC 12v adaptadora car) - has tried each 3 and work brilliantly

1. No quite beginning the torsion that cause an engine to take and need the beginning to run (voice my video)
2. A connector of wheel is plastic, would have preferred the connector of metal
3. A set of the pressure is has been arrests quite 1 PSI for big wheels, but is died on for small wheels (voices my video to comprise why and as to fix he) (am plot to choose in east a, by far is quite accurate)

A real reason for some 3 stars are a lack to start with torsion.
3 / 5 Liberty
Used this product for a first time. Bronzed Some another has mentioned, a pressure of gauge of the air is was quite significantly. I have to pose a unit in 44 PSI to take 39 PSI in my wheel according to my unsuspecting wheel gauge this knows is correct.. Also it has to you gone back one in anterior bomb in screwing a hose of air in or to to the wheel likes him to him the bomb of the just decrees immediately gone back he on after a hose of air is attached in a wheel. It IS VAL just but very also while it expect prendido.

Update 12/29/2015: Kensun the service of client was very useful and routed the bombs to me of air of the substitution in any load since has not been satisfied with a 1 unit Even so, a walnut one this was the road in me no at all. It shows a pressure of wheel in a gauge but one the bomb of the air does not begin when a change is ignited. You can listen the click of an engine and then at all. I have tried so much with a hose of the air connected in a wheel and any connected in a wheel and some exact same results in both situations. I have changed in a spare fuse in case perhaps that somehow it has affected it an engine not beginning but that no any difference or. Go down my indication in 1 star if it was not for a service of good client.

Update 4/28/16: Kensun the service of client continues to be useful and there is routed me the 2 unit of substitution and also an adapter of AC/DC so that I can limit a compressor in the 120 house of outlet of volt. A 2 unit of gauge of the pressure of the substitution is only was 2 PSI in place of 5 PSI like an original one took. I can live with one 2 PSI difference. A main problem still is having is that still with this 2 unit of substitution, a compressor will not begin when a hose to fill is attached in a wheel as of the state directions to do. If I begin an engine of compressor and seeds attaches in a wheel, law. Even so, if then prende a compressor and test to begin it again, does not begin again while still attached in a wheel, has to unscrew a hose of a-wheeled filling, inducts an engine of compressor and then rays a hose behind in a wheel again. In general, has domesticates my description of 2 stars in 3 star have based in an utmost Kensun service of client and a fact that a 2 unit of gauge of the substitution is has been only for 2 PSI. If an engine of compressor would begin while semi-detached in in in joining it to him to wheel likes him his is supposed in, would be satisfied fully .
4 / 5 Gaye
I am giving these 4 stars since do better that a small plus mini-the bombs have had in a past, even so he no initially when takes he of a box.

More effective since give the fastest support and no so hot after it uses like the smallest units have had. I have inflated the wheelbarrow goes clearly in less than 2 minutes and has calm attached the books of pair of pressure of 31 in 34 lbs in my car wheel in less than 3 minutes. Has feet of rubber to maintain he in place and the ray in connection to air cual although it take it more with a longitude of the connect, is the road more taking to attach an air. A small that spends the stock exchange is useful also. It has to remark that he no right out of a box a first time. I have substituted a fuse and he look VAL. I have contacted a vendor that was punctual in answering in my email and provided an apology and 2 spare fuses. In general I am satisfied with some initial uses.
4 / 5 Christa
My cart does not have the spare wheel as I need the bomb in case takes the fund . Used the time that in 2017 similarity to do well. Used the today and at all. It IS out of guarantee, is money under a drain. A consolation some works of light of the flash. Any one usually writes bad descriptions, but $ 40 for a time the use is expensive. I am happy does not go for the be has entered a road in the some place. Discovered that necessity an adapter for your stack. One to the cigarette the iPod of power/of iPad does not distribute quite a lot of pot to run bomb. The majority of the new carts do not come with a lighter of real cigarette.
1 / 5 Kirby
The compressor has done well but not having prendido automatically. Once a pressure has been posed (44psi) could look a gauge trace but once achieves a pressure has determined a climbing of gauge has prendido simply but a bomb has maintained to pump without signs to retard.
IS returned in fact while it purchases another but they have been of excursion a prize up twenty anxiety decided to spend.

Update: I have purchased and it is returned 3 of these maintaining. Each what so with a problem has described on. This in fact could be the quite dangerous and expensive subject for any one concealed left a bomb unattended.
5 / 5 Tayna
It has Had this for prjimo in two years, and has very be reliable, very better that an a lot of 'disposable' inflators has had in a past. Easily inflate it my wheels of van in 36 psi (and a change in 60 psi), and is able to inflate 4 wheels of plans without this heat on, while you have left to cool the bit after several minutes of use. The service of client was very responsive in a smaller problem has had with one covers, responses in my email in of the minutes and immediately take care of a problem. That is to say the product adds and the company adds! 5 stars.
4 / 5 Lakisha
I have used he in 2 occasions. Quan Law, can pose a pressure of air of the aim and he prendern in him. A second occasion has not been that lucky. There is the mark to plan instead for temperature. I have not been preoccupied so that has thinks that that it was taken by this small thing. I limit but at all. One has Directed ignited with a pressure to aim posed before but has not ignited. Has of the canal of gas and uses a bomb to air from here that. That the disappointment!

Update: A day after I have published this description took an email and the call of tlphonique of Bradley in Kensun. It was preoccupies in my experience with a product and offered me the unit of free substitution of change. Cela To the long of aimed me what lovely a costumers is in Kensun company.
3 / 5 Altha
As Announced, a product Kensun Portable Trip Very-Compressor of Bomb of Air of Use/Inflator with Digital Gauge and Worklight full wheels very hurriedly but has the bad characteristic. To do after it steps enough a wheel and average of the second. Probably A full fast the characteristic causes an engine the overheat. I have to expect quite 10 minutes before begin again. It remarks that my wheels require of 36 in 39 PSI.

In a positive side, entered the portable stock exchange very good. Besides, Kensun the service of client was very responsive. In spite of a fact concealed ' never had in in to complain likes him his of the mine', has shipped immediately another unit. Alas, doors exactly like a premier. Quan Has informed this backwards in a company, has said that it can maintain both so that it decide units to live with an inconvenience and has given an another in my threads. :)

Top Customer Reviews: Kensun D1001 AC/DC ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
I have bought of it is a so that it was estimated so highly for other users. Perhaps it is not a species, but a specimen.

Some contacts in AC cord to be able in the vain fall out of a third time used it. Alas it is out of an on duty period, as I am bonded with that has to purchase the cord of power of the afterwards just substitution the month of property.

IS very strong. In the 225/R16 wheel, races in 1 psi for minute. His production is unsuitable to fill the wheel of cart has repaired. It does not produce quite a lot of pressure for east. Owe the a canal of gas and purchase something to take change for a coin-the bomb has operated. This has not been that expected.

Total that for wheels of bicycle, and the balloons of sport will find it useful. For our automobiles, goes to take the compressor of tank.
1 / 5
This left wing of compressor me down when required the plus. I bought it he almost the fact the year to maintain in my car in case that of emergencies. It lives the half mile of the canal of gas this has free air, like a compressor is not something would require for normal day-in-use in the daytime. It IS only easier to fill after gas taking.

Well, today was a perfect storm of case. It has remarked that one of my wheels was supremely down - is had the slow leak for the moment, but apparently is very worse now, or has the leak of new partner. It was in a canal of gas and is exited my gauge of digital wheel, which read 5.5 PSI (ails enough to maintain me out of some rims). Have take of a hose of air, has pressed a button, and... At all. The compressor of air of a canal of gas would not ignite .

Any problem, only will direct a house of hook and one thousand half in my compressor. I have done so, and a shot of compressor up with the very strong vibration, like a sound of the piston those shoots the small time for second. It vibrates enough take to jump around the small in my fund of concrete garage. 'Well, I add!', I Have thought. With this a lot of energy, surely fill a wheel in any one melts of time (any pun feigned). As I have expected. And it expect. And it expect some plus. After 10 minutes, one orients had not moved included out of a peg of rest. Have hooked Up saw some DC covers, which looks for to be a more powerful option, according to other descriptions.

The left wing continues to run so I unhooked he a-wheeled so it can see it if any air is exited. I have posed my inch in an adapter these hooks in a valve of wheel, and look for when being spitting the air was, but no in the continual common. Each shoot of a 'piston' spit the small bit to the air was, but the looks concealed is not enough to press spent a force of airs to try to leave a wheel.

Like The end troubleshooting measure, I hooked in the bomb of manual bicycle to do sure very only have the massive hole in a wheel these covers any evasion of air. Desprs The few minutes to pump, has had a bloated wheel in 20 PSI, and is lining company.

Is not sure has taken only the defective unit, or if that is to say to expect for this device. I precaution you to think two times feigns to use he for car wheels, and yes calms still purchase a product, flavours he immediately to do sure do so need he in. I no, as I am bonded with the product that has not been never able to use.
1 / 5
24 June, 2018. A third and the final time have used this work of small bomb to fill in the float grupal small. I finish one filling quite 5 minutes and has posed a low bomb. A minute or so the pop listened later like the small firecracker. Quan Looked it down in him, smokes. It IS now in some rubbishes where belonging.

has been contacted quickly for a company and has offered a substitution of my election. I have chosen a same YS-205 has had to to fail. You are shipped quickly. An another the day has pulled a driveway of my new house (under construction), closed of a car, exited, and has listened my front-left wheel hissing because of the ray in him. I relegated I vanamente relegate in a change, and has continued my business to verify up in a constructor. Quan IS returned in a cart the few minutes later, a wheel was almost totally flat. Have take then have a bomb in my trunk. I hooked the up and filled in a wheel without subject. A bomb is the small lentil of entrance (any big roads), so with the leak was the small more dulcemente. In general, taken quite a lot of 12 minutes to take a pressure in some measure where could direct it down a street to take a wheel has repaired.

Produces well, good company.

has purchased this based in some quite good descriptions. I have filled in the low wheel a first day possessed it. The fact adds, albeit the small strong and dulcemente to fill car wheels.

Then, the week or so later, used it to fill the pair of low wheels in the cart of my fiance. Desprs Only quite three minutes a thing has begun to smoke and smelling like an electrical fire. I have turned you are, the unplugged, and never done again. Taking but the little the use of the minutes out of this product before it dies.
5 / 5
This is not a finishing of real compressor with. You will remark that has data this product 5 stars. It gives it more he and can, but predominately for Kensun support and a company he. This produces the cement failed me in fact when and tried to inflate some wheels in my truck. I have purchased the compressor to inflate some wheels of my out-vehicle of emergency of the road. Having a necessity to air down and re-inflate some wheels often, also can imagine that some wheels are quite big. I have required something durable and reliable, at the end the people depend in my capacity to achieve them. Quan Has tried some bombs has said, failure to inflate a first wheel in a pertinent pressure, changed in a next wheel where on heated and prendido to do.

Has finished to contact Kensun support in a subject. That has been said surprised me very and has changed one issues thinks in a company. We said me to us that a bomb has bought can not be sufficient for my application and concealed and has required something slightly beefier. They no only offered to substitute a bomb broken, but updated me in fact in the different model (the with digital gauge). Has no only tried it a new bomb, but has been the using has entered a field. A fact concealed and can air up four 33' wheels besides or 30 minutes less are more concealed impressive. I can very emphasise what awesome is that the supports of company by behind his products in such the title.

So although a description of product is technically for the different compressor, even so it recommend each of his products. Probably the repurchase this pumps cement to hover he of some things to house that is to say go down PSI so of the bicycles or kiddie groups. It can be included the thing adds to maintain in the vehicle of passenger incase of air of emergency up. It does not think his sufficient for constant race, but some wheels would be good . But any some less produced add everywhere.
5 / 5
Necessity To pose air in my wheels. Quan Has Had the bit of the cold accidents a light of the pressure of Estrave Low illuminated in the pinch of my cart. Tried using a compressor of coin of the air operated in a canal of gas to inflate some wheels, but that does not act . I decide to verify it that it was to tire inflator compressors to air here in Amazon. Desprs The control was a lot of available models has decided to purchase easterly to to the unit likes him that it can be it he of him used with the outlet of regular house and with one 12v car of covers. It Liked him also that the look is solidly built, based in of some photos and other descriptions on here. It Liked him also that it can it the to him is use for of wheels of bicycle. Among the stock exchange of black storage, and included one 110 v cape of house and one 12 V carried car. Has the separated on/was change for each source to be able in. Also it avenges with other annexes to fill in of the balloons and another inflatables. The directions are minimum, printed in the small piece of paper. It does not know any a lot of in of the carts or specs in of the wheels or compressors to air so many and has wanted only something concealed would be easy to use and decent value.

Basically, after verifying a pressure of wheel has required, I lugged a unit in and has connected he in a wheel. Turned the on and has remarked the few things. It IS quite strong. It vibrates the plot so that when you are looking in a gauge a needle vibrates also. . Crowned Of some wheels in the few minutes and has used the pressure of gauge of wheel to verify a pressure of wheel.

Was the good roads for a prize. Handy to have in a car when required.
1 / 5
1. 110v and 12v carried
2. Stock exchange of nylon of storage.

2. It can not take past 30PSI.
3. In in to to the Smells likes them-him he in them has been transported in a tank of the truck of essence.

Plugged A unit in my garage 110v outlet, then I clamped an end in my root of valve of car wheel and powered a unit on using a side is trace 110v change. A gauge has read 30psi, which has matched my carts that sensor of control, as even so there it can when being some hope for this thing. After 2 minutes, a gauge is fallen in 25psi. I have turned a unit was but could not listen or listen any leaks as and has run my hand to the long of a hose and connector. I have turned it retreats on and it leave that careers during 5 minutes, but has not had any change.

Is not sure wants the to him maintains around for balloons and of the bicycles or the launch was.
2 / 5
VAL.... First use was a lot of (VERY NOISY, but well). I am spent quite a lot of 4 minutes that gives support two wheels of bicycle... I add. It opens On to try 2, that inflates the swimming pool of the boy... ANY sake. After 15 minutes of use (and ail any sign that had air in a group), an enclosed compressor was and now does not begin again. I take a fuse and has visited two tents of hardware, only to find they any one stock this has measured. The next decree will be Imposicin of House , but this will have to expect until tomorrow. I only and-mailed Kensun for information, so that it still does not know has blown simply a fuse of glass Or has blown out of a whole engine. Updates to follow.

UPDATE: 9/7/16: Received 2 emails and the call of tlphonique of Kensun offering the free substitution in the compressor of air of better model. So That is to say similar in some messages another on here have, I pondered he for the moment, but opted in only return a unit instead. I do not want to cross a hassle to ship behind and advance.
5 / 5
Filling the bombs of the canal are harder that never to find, often the money broken and always side. It enters Kensun - this product has the tonne of of characteristics:

1) Comprises some adapters to be able in him of your CART or your HOUSE.

2) HAS COMPRISED the gauge is easy to use and read and quite accurate to be sure.

3) A person concealed has never the powered inflator will comprise it 1 test.

4) Some have comprised the adapters helps calm with your sports or squad grupal.

5) IS small and comprises the case of good quality of soft storage what the easy fact in stow was (i.et. Trunk) and costs his weight in the gold when the precise!

6) HAS had the problem in a first unit that was to ship - but this vendor contacted me behind and fixed my problem immediately and aided me FURTHER that has expected. Points of card of the credit, when being busy and when being the person concealed wants figure of purchase concealed of to find some side by the gravest side of products neatly stacked in my advance of door me Amazon of tent strongly. The element and support of client of this product/of note of vendor A+ so compared in some hundreds of products take via Hailing of Amazon annually.

2 / 5
This support of people by behind his product. Well done of durable compressor. Any sper fast but can inflate the big wheels has a patience. 12v or 110v is the very good option. Any decree of cart. But, there is the hose is exited. In planting to ask me the road he in or the flavour the fixed roads, only me it new a free, any surpass, any question has asked!!!!
Ploughed, has to revise my indication. A past same thing with a compressor of substitution that with a first unit A inflator the hose exited sustains a unit. I have tried it take eschew the to fix it but any fact to be has repaired. Also he overheated and prendido to do more and more often. But without a hose of inflation, is useless.
Good creation..Poor quality
3 / 5
I have bought this so that it was recommended in the bomb of pressure of list of upper wheel. Even so, and it was disappointed enough that it was strong, lentil and a gauge of pressure wasnt very accurate. I took me quite 5 mins to pump of 28 in 32 psi alloy in the lighter of cigarette of a cart. A gauge of pressure in a bomb doesnt looks to move a lot of. Of a bomb is shaky and a main only show 30, 35 then 40, is to take to judge when a wheel achieves 32.
A guage also doesnt read yes only presses in a wheel. So my wheel is inflated on, will have to press a bomb in, left some air was, then gone back in a bomb to pump he in a right pressure.
Some good things even so: it is cheap, work, and comes with a outlet and adapters to pump other objects

Top Customer Reviews: Kensun Programable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Phylicia
Only it take this device . I used it only once, but the clave has wanted the reviiew because of a paucity of contributions for this listing.
Has required to attach quite 12 pounds to air in the each of my wheels. A device is very done and very easy to use. Also a cord to be able is longer that other units that mark hooking until an a lot of easier wheel.
An easily attached unit to be able to tire... Although any one had Any FAST attaching clip in an end of a cord of delivery of the air.... You have to I scrape a connection in a valve of air of the wheel.
A unit is easy to program and hurriedly fill a wheel.. In this bomb of case quite 12 pounds to air besides or 1 less- 2 minutes. That is to say faster that other units have seen... Be conscious, that is to say the COMPRESSOR and is very noisy although probably very so noisy like the commercial bombs in the neighbourhood that canal of crowds.
5 / 5 Delana
There is so of these Compressors to Air Portable in a piece, has not had any one that contrives to buy. I have taken it casualidad in east a, and so far wants to it. A unfortunate the part bought it afterwards, has taken the leaky go as has several occasions to use this the week of compraventa. It IS easy in hook up, intuitive to use, and does the work adds. If has any complaint at all, and is smaller, is a real electrical cord is very packed closely is the compartment when takes an element. Desprs Uses this thing, is almost impossible of the take wounded above this tight again for the take to return behind is compartment so amiably. It can do functions, but takes some endeavour. In general even so, I want a product, and would recommend it!
3 / 5 Stephanie
It expect a course these clips a hose of air in a wheel in that air is attached so that that is to say what my old one has had. You are aimed to have or in some instructions that comes with a compressor, but after it look it throughout for him, coverage to reread a box, does not avenge with this piece. So that my old one had it, and because of my learning limited of compressors of air, and tools in general, has done a supposition that they all has had unit So that this piece is not in an element, is more difficult for me for the use. A compressor done a work, even so, as I do not go it to return.
4 / 5 Louann
Very easy to use dial, quite easy to use . The action is decent, works for more than carts.
The digital dial am add, and wants to that it softens some results to walk when each 4 wheels is exactly a same pressure.
Has attached prevails the stack and poses of test of the alternator; the majority other units do not have this.

Gilipollas -
HAS WEIGHED much more that other similar units in amazon, any sure exactly why Mays and supposes a cylinder of bomb will handle more pressure that other units. His much heavier.

- Adhesive calm controls of door of the engine for required PSI/KPA since you cart.
5 / 5 Kenya
This product has done adds for enough a year, using it quite or time for week.
Has not abused in any subjects.
Then, develops the bass in one covers that they go in a source to be able in.
If I jiggle the around the bit in one covers, can take it to do for the bit,, but does not have to mark to need that.
Probably would not buy this again.

Has contacted a company in this problem and was at all less than enormous in working with me to resolve this problem.
More certainly buy they again!
Because of his service of client has update my indication of his product.
Was for his product 100%!
5 / 5 Tami
These laws add. Filled my wheels of bicycle also!! This bomb is fast and very strong. I want that it can pose you a pressure of wheel wants to and a bomb in firm was when done. I, of course, has verified wheels with my gauge of own wheel and was perfect. To well sure it beat it to try to find the canal with the bomb of working air.
4 / 5 Ethelene
Excellent product and very easy to use. It gives it 5 stars but he are the small noisy when into use. It averts of that... I am satisfied with a compraventa.
1 / 5 Albertha
After little month of the same airpump is not aiming pressure of air of correct wheel anymore. It goes for 5 PSI...
5 / 5 Lyndia
This was so easy to use! I am so happy bought this product! Everything is digital. Only press to pose your psi and then the paste inflates. Has wanted to something small to maintain in a car in case of emergency. That is to say so much better that a last a has possessed that the has not been digital and sper noisy. A cord is very the time and a light is the good characteristic .
5 / 5 Lester
It looks solid product , sells $ 30, has done well, very compact