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Top Customer Reviews: Screwdriver, 4-in-1 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Clement
Handy Little screwdriver. My main flu that the a half description is that some fall of bits was road in easily. I have lost it it bit it mine 2 day that possesses it. When being very mindful of of the this. You are probably better bought the engine of the precision consecrated until they fix this defect to draw. It IS the shame so that Klein done of the tools of big quality.
1 / 5 Tania
I have posed this screwdriver in my pouch of tool. Quan The tension goes it to use it, some begins endways of an axial and stays in a pouch, now has to go 'digging' to take a tip from here that... It wastes My time and my money. Too bad so that there are big hopes for this tool especially so that it is done by 'Klein'.
3 / 5 Nia
Some bits maintain to the fall was. He no preoccupy for him mass of one of some bits is fallen has been during the use and I lost it.
1 / 5 Leon
First time was to use this a bit of the cape of small floor has broken has been. I do of controller for the robotic systems and he have broken in the terminal of small cape. I am supremely dissatisfaction with easterly.
3 / 5 Jenae
That is to say the little screwdriver of quota , any one something that has wanted only. In fact it uses this in acting every day.
My worry of the entity in a tool is that one offers any one fence in sake and could easily fallen out of a headline.
Does not look for accident or be magnetic in to plant very good. Any sure if that is to say only a road is built or has the defective tool.
Any road is quite crafty person and could take for with just quite anything. Only it buy it this so that it look it fresco.
1 / 5 Venetta
The tips were loose out of a container
has tried use the , was 10 feet in an air in the stairs the tip is fall was and could not find .
Has launched a rest of him has been , is trace down and has taken mine 15+ old year does manually out of my stock exchange and has finished my day.
Nicknamed and has taken my money refunded that was it well , but as to 25 union of the electrician of year expects better of klein only in the another tool I own is klein
3 / 5 Aracelis
Screwdriver Of electronic 4-in-1, Rotating Cup of Cover of the Transfer, the by force Industrial bits, Klein Eines 32581

In the first place. I am the ENORMOUS adherent and every day the tools of user of Klein. Law in an Industrial Automation/the Electrical field is demanding and requires the good together of tools. Finding another tool these parties or included puts to bed in a quality offered by Klein would be difficult.

Bronzed Yes I amour Klein. Even Tea is could call the follower-boy. Even so I have to give one 4-in-1 rotating carried to twist upper screwdriver the indication of three stars while it is less wow and more soyeh'. A tool is built well and some look of bits to be quite industrial while ad. Some tips even so they do not remain where is supposed in and easily the falls was. A first day to spend this tool had directed to lose a big plus of some two tips comprised and the week had lost another. I am not sure it is the problem with some dimensions of inner axis of a screwdriver that is was, or the poor creation of one breaks cradle/of balloon in a tip he, or the combination of so much. Even so I have not anticipated or consider that the tips for such the small screwdriver would be seen like that is consumable/replaceable.

Pros: 4-In-1, it relieves a load of your pouch of tool or stock exchange. Axis of the quality of the screwdriver has done, organism, cape, and cup of transfer. Comfortable and easy to line.

Gilipollas: Tips of the screwdriver does not remain in place, the fall was, and is has lost easily.

Council: the clear stay and clave in a set of basic screwdriver. It can it has to spend more, but a odds to lose them is far less.
4 / 5 Ji
Any mine all-the tool of Klein of favourite of time but there is not very a lot of to complain- quite. I will say for working in a HVAC field, is totally perfect for thermostats. I am happy when seen this 4-in-1 offered by Klein that breaking all my another Klein screwdrivers and will not take up he very soiled in my stock exchange of tool. Although I like him his of a consolation of having 4 measures in an engine, a downfall is some touches that the attraction was is not very sure in an axial but besides that considers this the tool of quality adds.
1 / 5 Dominque
Poor creation, a course these movements to conceal a tip just transfers when in normal place. The calm can not use to turn a screwdriver he, has to line your hand torward a backside of a screwdriver for the turn which are not comfortable. I guess has tiny book this can any summer a subject, but to well sure any one for normal sized hands and certainly any one for big hands (very time very thick).
Could have has easily does this more useful to notch a moveable peice to leave he in 'lock' to plant when retracted and left he to be used like the point to turn a whole screwdriver.
Certainly will not buy anynore or recommend this product in any one.
1 / 5 Toccara
Has big expectations for this product, but to try to use it, has discovered that some bits are not lined to plant very good and the beginning or the falls was easily of a headline. Besides, a when being of a tool is not that it expect of Klein produced. And for the who preoccupies , this element is done abroad.

Top Customer Reviews: Klein Tools IR5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dalila
So much, this was the tad confuses to use at the beginning but this could be so that I have been excited and only begun to press buttons. Desprs Has taken the fast gaze in a manual and imagined out of that would have to it when being mark, was very easy to use and accurate. We use these in acting to try that poster of hot LCD is taking as well as together. Has the a lot, very expensive a that a company has purchased that it was touted to be one the majority of accurate and effective one in a piece. I am not saying concretely what paid for him, but was more than two times Klein is a unit sideways And guess that??? Side by side, law a same. Klein has the reputation to produce produced of the quality and this are the product adds. It does not spend the fortune in pricier marks, clave with Klein and calm will not be disappointed.
2 / 5 Loise
Has the time takes those confidences of the this. There is any parameter 'correct' to take accurate temp. It have to look in the guide to know which to pose to use according to a type to surface his aimed in, but still tin very when being trusted all moment and is aggravating for a cost.
5 / 5 Larue
Good weight, and so accurate while it can expect. The holster IS not a thing more orders in a world, but that is not the breaker of roads for me.
5 / 5 Dionne
Experience to do sure temp in the enclosure of snake was right temperature . Games of husband with him verifying time in the each lol. Works well and has tried against the things know a temperature of and is accurate.
5 / 5 Patricia
I have bought this tool to use in some projects to house as well as brota of railcar of problem. This tool is precise and saved me a bit money; the flight
5 / 5 Jenifer
Works, period. And it can not say a lot of difference of a similar fluke these twice so costs.
5 / 5 Regenia
I use in the daily base to do HVAC technology the tool adds has to have very durable easy to use and the exposure has read
5 / 5 Russell
Be in a HVAC subject I like a precision in some readings of temperature of some ventilations of supply. Together with a temperature finds an exchanger of heat. A precision is +/- 2 titles.
5 / 5 Harold
I have bought this for my subject of inspection of the house. He a very good work.
5 / 5 Verna
It IS to add and in the reasonable prize. In the One to him to only thing does not like him is of a double laser.

Top Customer Reviews: Klein Tools D248-8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5
There is the pair of journeyman dikes before these, as when has of this pair has required the small more endeavour in of the capes has cut, the only supposition was been due to that. Been using them was and on for the month, predominately law in of the measures of the cape the big plus, but has remarked from time to time that they the capes have cut more finals. Of course, when you are occupied to the flavour takes a work has done, could think something more prendido he to cut through and only movement on. An another the day looked more closely and could see that some verges of cutting have the tiny desert since paste the something big sake apropa a fund of covers, so he cut you the cape the fine plus (14 ga or less) there, his sake, but anywhere on that, any down all a road through. Tried to return them, but a period of tower is spent. It tries to grind of this something big without marring his capacity to cut there also. Tools of Klein of the use for in 20 years. That is to say the premier . I have read another similar description. If they want to maintain when being a source of tool of the electricians of election, the control of the main quality is necessity in his part. If and it can not fix, purchase Klein again, but no through Amazon. I will buy it locally where it can see some the next covers fully before do a compraventa.
5 / 5
And HAS the few cutters of this type. Some pliers of the linesman has comprise Klien, Proto and Accident-on. These Kliens looks to have some hard plus verges of any one of these. They do not aim any signs of bloodlettings or deformation where one Breaks -on and Proto 8' the marks of linesman.

Klein Linesman is quite hefty and is my second election.
Some Accidents -in any open and afterwards easily with a delivery.
A Vintage Proto does very good and is the good measure but has developed dents in some verges of cutting some years. Although they have been used far more than an another.
Has posed these Kliens in a test in of the nails and bindings of fat cape. And they take an abuse.
One measures a smaller of some jaws leave you to take some tips in something tight where the Linesman plier any access.
A tool of quality.
5 / 5
I bad..... It IS Klein ....That more required to say.

UPDATE 11/28.2016

Any one has used Klein is an another day , soyun, where take these . These are utmost!'

These cutters have saved my life of dogs. My woman has the regulate poodle and has planted the collar of choke on him to coach purpose. Bad idea. It feels in a back coverage and he suddenly headed flopping violently. I have jumped down on him and it has nailed in a coverage. A net in a collar had gone to the failure the crack and has taken bonded. A totally cut canal of his air. I hollered for woman and has had his winery lucido still and the flavour takes some slack in a canal. Felizmente, am one of those 'a place for everything and everything is besieges type of people. I have run in my cupboard of the tool and Klein took east. Klein has cut through a heavy canal while it was butter . My woman has cried rasga of joy.
1. Apresamiento Klein cutters
2. You know where posed the
3 May has posed the collar of choke in an animal.... It kills.
4 / 5
It has had Kline pending tools of the decades. That is to say to substitute the pair of stray cutters. It has remarked the new opinion etched in of is that state is 'any isolated' and will not protect against electrical accident. I suppose that some fool tried to use them on he 10KV lines and has taken frito then Klein has continued familiar. It looks to have some grips of the same rubber like my pair has lost that never to the left take me the shot before.

Has not tried The still but suppose the rubber is classified still like a material insulator? Vain figure.
4 / 5
I add for cape to bake cutting, yours and rays. They the very better that my Knipex diagonal cutters. It does not waste your money in the and purchase these instead.
5 / 5
Klein 8snips of inch with any angled slightly. I add nips, apresamiento, reliable, use the for boxes of cutting edifice, hammering yours, prying material, in cutting metal of stucco. Klein is professional note , listening rumours of workplace quite life to offer of Klein-guaranteeed to time/free substitution, has not required to use this. . . I abuse these pliers on rock/of the stucco and the still piece stranded capes with them any problem. -Note- no harden the armours plate no under rays/of rays.
5 / 5
There is the set of these for the LONG time. If any calm did not say you never, hack in the lives of cape ith the set of the same AWESOME the cutters will do 2 things. 1 turn to Him his the yours can was, to trip a breaker. 2 The instantly will convert these cutters of finals in the mediocre together of cape strippers. I have bought the set of cutters of Lock of the Canal, is No where that bono likes these. The some Locks of the canal were to dull out of a container. These Klien is will cut to thread!
5 / 5
A journeyman the series is especially hardened Klein further normal tools. These can cut the cape takes while a red normal has handled ones are only to bake and aluminium. It takes these to take more life of yours cutter and to be able in cut more material. It take one has put capes so that they do not take up so room in the stock exchange of tool,
5 / 5
I have bought this out of frustration with the big rewiring the project in of the works. My master only buys some the tools the cheap plus can find. It hurts My hands and no the good work. This cutter of cape has done my work so much easier, some field of jaws and partner through a whole period of a cutting surface. When being well in my hand, and pieces easily and a joint is very smooth.
5 / 5
An I adds together sideways of cutters by side. Very acute, any desert in a cover and an offset are convenient. A prize therefore appoints very done the tool of mark was very reasonable.

Top Customer Reviews: Side Cutter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mirna
Way: HD that Cut A pliers the look adds, but a pointed image in a page of the compraventa of the product is partorisca Klein Tools J2139NECRN, which has boss and of the yellow bosses strippers. If it buy this calm element will not receive a pointed product in some images, will receive Klein Tools J2000-9NO, which has blue bosses, any boss strippers, and the different crimping system. It is why I have purchased an element two times and both times has received something another that that is to aim in some photographs. You can purchase J2139NECRN look for the one who use that description of element.
4 / 5 Pierre
Way: the level has Bought these together with comparable models of knipex and Irwin. We love me Really like these but has finalised partorisca return his reason some cutting leaves in some jaws have not closed entirely, meaning you could see daylight by means of them when they were 'closed'. A knipex and irwin both have had the loosest broken feels immediately. A knipex looked partorisca open a wide plus but did not measure it. It stirs it to them of together test, crimps with all three. It looks mine his all crimp one same and tape of fish of the appeal one same. It was honradamente I last partorisca say a difference in a cutting power with 10-14ga nm boss. A knipex looked partorisca open a wide plus and perhaps cut slightly better that a irwins. A fact that some the cutting jaws have not closed all a way in a kleins was the breaker of extracted. In an end, has sent for behind a Kleins and Irwins also and has maintained a knipex.
4 / 5 Lisette
Way: HD that Cut Wow Klein similar control of poor quality.

Cuting The jaws are not even close to parallel...

Has bought your best lineman pliers and left down.

Are the lineman Mina and the security other people is my authorship . Calm trusted and failed.

Has bought the pair of Knipex same day... Way to leave some Germans kick your ss!

Takes your joint of sad law. Fire all some supervisors those who leave this work and retrain some workers to the level the big plus.

MAGICIAN Already Slackers!

Reason any 2 stars?
The amazon rid them the day takes!
5 / 5 Arcelia
Way: With Undressing and FT pulling the concept Adds, that surprises mark but poor pliers. A stripper the spaces have done in a cup of pliers @@@CRUMBLE. It conceal it is not an arch or the fault of earth of snipping alive boss. So only @@@crumble with which uses. It is the weak point . I have it there was so only partorisca 2 months. Any partorisca mention you CAN not CUT Mc boss in a clean yard, a period of a jaw is too much short. Calm always the multiple time cut until it takes by means of reason a stripper the spaces take on some space. Any value $ 50+
4 / 5 Delila
Way: Rule So only partorisca explanation this description is partorisca Klein J2000-9NECRTP model with Journeyman grips, 2000 serious partorisca cutting hardened material, the crimper and the tape of fish puller. This pair is flawless. Perfecto machining and polishing, empty zero in some jaws of cutter of the side, crosshatched the zone in a nose in bylines up tight but does not touch (as drawn) and stagnate it but smooth riveted joints that the falls plough manually with gravities. Any pause required and at all out of place. These are one of the majority of expensive models of Klein but his he everything. Cut soft And hardened material, crimp terminals, tapes of attractive of flat fish with ease. If utilisations Linemans every day so only spend of the money in these and economic was to somewhere more.
5 / 5 Shaunna
Way: HD that Cut with FT pulling tape of Fish puller and HD cutter or gtfo! These all precise and then some of the lineman. You consider a knipex in these this in spite of, his material is very better partorisca a Fashion of same
5 / 5 Rickie
prize: With Crimping the this is mine 2nd compraventa of this element. The mine is in the first place state flown. Otherwise Does not think that has not required never partorisca buy this again. There is no better American pliers that Klein. Still Done in some the EUA! Partorisca Some professions or homeowners those who love a bit better.

This pair partorisca have that weighed of linesman pliers can do all are drawn partorisca do. A crimper is the touch adds and this the tool of duel.
A grip is ergonomic and reduces casualidad of electrocution. (Any-insulated but hule still.) This in spite of, partorisca my smaller hand, a journeyman the boss is the little too fat.
5 / 5 Kenda
Way: HD that Cut with Crimping would have to that it has bought these 30 years done. They are the typical he the proprietary calm house, and some wiring from time to time. It has used always 3 tools - boss stripper, nose of needle pliers (partorisca wrap bosses around some terminals) and diagonal cutters partorisca cutting romex to period. Some cutters lateralmente of Klein all this easily. What only that would do them better, would be the pop-arrive screwdriver. ; )
5 / 5 Suzanne
Way: Regular steps an initial sniffs test. We Kleins Smell well and this tool is any exception . Klein typical period, good and long. Good hand-held action also ;-)

has known a first what partorisca do with him because they are Klein . You owe that paintbrush of some shavings of metal of a factory. I have used the paper towel. I then snipped a paper towel learns in two while it was bunched on, reason knew it would be easy partorisca this tool. He the clip partorisca satisfy to the sound likes the cloth has way of date. Nizza Short cleaned.

Can not expect his in fact use him partorisca something have related.
4 / 5 Kati
Way: HD that Cut Like the fireman, need the heavy duty, near of confidence of cutters of boss in my pocket. I have answered recently the course of formation in ceilings of drop and a wire which suspends him of a ceiling on him. We take some of some the majority of popular tools in a phase in a boss, and almost everything of his failure in a form or another except these. Some other tools were riveted and when a tool could no any piece a boss, a kerb would develop and a tool partorisca there is ruined always. Ossia An only tool in a phase could find without the kerb and a lot never suffer this question. Another has not gone quite hard and some tools would face. This was one a tool that tried to be quite hard to trust my life or my buddy life with. Thank you Klein for the fantastic tool.

Top Customer Reviews: Screwdriver Nut ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Kam
I like this tool in theory. Has almost everything would require for HVAC. 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, shraider Tool, 2 Phillips and 2 regular tips, or big and or smaller. Still it has tips for rays of electrical poster of square cape. Has some class that thinks can be the reamer. That is not never uses for reaming holes to plant tubes of capillary or when install the root these accesses for changes of pressure or ports of test.

My only complaint is that some sockets for an engine of i.et Of nuts. 1/4, 5/16 And also 3/8 it is not well it temper it. After daily use for interviews and maintain begin to spend was and slip in a leader of some rays. One 5/16 and 3/8 taken the small rough and the mark takes to change some bits around. One 1/4 apresamiento shabby and marks some hard bits the tension was. This wear results evident after enough 3 or 4 weeks of daily use. It does not abuse my tools. At all more money in of the tools of good mark and expect the in last. Has Klein tools and is very happy with them.

A quality of the same 11 in 1 is not that expects out of Klein. I am disappointed. Probably I will buy another since is handy to have all some options in my pocket but when being in 4 engine has bought with some same results with each is not me doing happy. Probably I will look for other options in this tool in a future.
2 / 5 Katharyn
Any value he. Order two of these. A 1/4 inch the part of him is bad built and fraies of fast. A core of the bustle of valve has broken entered a valve of service. I know has the lifetime the guarantee but he are not to estimate maintains having some same problems. Included a 5/16 part is spent. I of the that usually gives bad descriptions but this a the merit. I actuate Recently the bought the lenox 9 in 1 already can say is better. It is done of material fatter in difference of a klein that is thin. Unless they change a creation will not buy another and I are hesitant to buy anything of Klein now.
5 / 5 Bobette
I have bought this only for a Schraeder core puller bit. It want to have it attaches in my screwdriver that takes with me everywhere in work. It outrage that, that is to say Klein attaches tool , which more can be says quite Klein?

A 3 different nuts measures, more some bits of place and flathead and Phillips bit mark this perfects for a technology of service.

My only complaint, is that a Phillips/flathead the bits are exited of his headline easily. Two times have pulled this tool out of a ray that only tensed down, and that has burst only bit out of his headline. A bit it is only so small, so of course one this balloon of wineries on has to be small also, which reduce his global friction to maintain a bit in his headline.

But, concealed does not have to resulted of this tool. Always maintain this, more mine Knipex upload against my back pocket a second cradle in a place of work.
3 / 5 Marleen
In theory, this screwdriver is the must has for working in HVAC. This my second times are buying this screwdriver so that

1) the tips take lost easily so that there is not anywhere to pose them when those uses like the engine of nuts.
2) After the pair of month a beginning of the cradles of the balloon to spend was and some tips take loose and the fall was.
3) sometimes leaves a bit in that tense. Test maintains your in a coverage or crawlspace can be fun

has the little of the things would expect for Klein to pose his name in the:

1) A necessity of engine of the nuts to be magnetised.
2) A grip of too much rubber. It can be reduced. He taken to take in of the tight rooms. Also the long plus achieves would be useful.
3) Some tips rust easily.
4) any need so flatheads if an is not quite small for terminals. At all Klein 32581 precision of electronic screwdriver to compensate.
5) Joins the engine of nuts is the cheap bit. They begin to weaken quite hurriedly after constant use. If you find a overtightened ray in the engine of the nuts seasoned - attentive an engine in tower and no a ray.

In general, is the tool adds yes calm use he slightly or is prepared to buy the nine an each month of pair. I will continue to buy the until I find the better alternative
2 / 5 Renna
At the end it has it have to the extractor breakings,man and was material hot,so that and has taking only this.eslibrado My new tool, well does very the law. It was axial enganchado.el after extractor the nuts are not the quite very time.This was the every day run of a cube of condenser of mill of cargador.la of big Parthian produced of a hex swipes he having to the conic the part can achieve in and bite. Cairo In a cheap more tee type(slime20088) and can see an axis is very time and slender left among profundo.qu msizs and can grind it backwards.gey And the marvels tried the included, the only average mark a work,initiates he unbroken valve,now sweats the nolvilty more than the tool ghhvac
2 / 5 Rose
Thought a slotted the part of the engine of bit of the ray has been covers it apt of void to access ray of orifice in Dunham Busch valve of radiator. The supposition is by train of gone invidente taken older. Hahaha Will maintain an engine of ray perhaps among handy, the doubt.
5 / 5 Maia
im The plumber, and need the engine of fines of the sake. And Use Klein so that they are well and one of a bit those that manufacturers of finals automotive this sells only some bits of substitution, which will lose you. We are recently go in the situation where needs the shrader tool of scrolling for the gauge of test of the gas. Any one there has been anything concealed would do. Felizmente The prjimo for HVAC the technology there has been a tool. Desprs And has discovered that Klein has offered well the engine with the shrader tool and has had to one, in case that for next time.
5 / 5 Bart
That is to say the very useful ray engine. It buys four of them. In the each four has cut of a rubber. Has the strong grip and he can do without him.
Then will be handier and easy to pull in a side of pocket by side of my proceedings of cauldron.
Wishes that Klein would do one 11 in 1 engine of his glorious Vaco big quality 6 in 1 engine of ray for people that does not like him the capes of grip of the rubber .
5 / 5 Kiyoko
This screwdriver comes with Schrader tool that enters handy. The tool has done well.
5 / 5 Charlott
It take for a core extractor and the law adds, when being big quality. The core bonded has laughed in the cheap extractor tool of a local tent (headed to deform a cheap metal), this tool has taken well has been.

Top Customer Reviews: Klein Tools D201-8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Gustavo
Way: New EnglandSize: 7-the thumb has possessed the main pair of Klein lineman pliers partorisca some time but is too big to spend in my tool pouch. It likes 7' the version is perfect. Has the solid feels and his no fling open reasons am too loose, which is like me prefers it.
5 / 5 Chrystal
Way: New EnglandSize: 8-the thumb adds partorisca stick stuffer
5 / 5 Aundrea
Way: New EnglandSize: 7-Thumb Any one the big pliers user. This 7.ºn Is easier that manage in 9.ºn
4 / 5 Dian
Way: New EnglandSize: 7-the thumb loves it. These have substituted the pair of 25 years of small linemans pliers. didnt Knows like this dulls was until courts some 12 ga. romex With a new kleins. Very happy with them and a provider.
4 / 5 Georgiana
Way: New EnglandSize: 8-Thumb I like one 8” any one the big but any to small that it is hard to cut 9 boss. I add compraventa
5 / 5 Rosia
Way: New EnglandSize: 7-Thumb My first pair has been purchased in 1983. It would be lasted for ever but have cut the alive boss (has not used a declare, stupid) and burned some leaves. It was happy to see that this classical American is still utmost and available quality.
5 / 5 Asha
Way: New EnglandSize: 8-Thumb This was the Fashion
5 / 5 Tanna
of substitution : SquareSize: 8-the thumb has received marks it new element.
4 / 5 Bryce
Way: New EnglandSize: 7-Thumb 'New' pliers has come already rusted.
4 / 5 Reba
Way: New EnglandSize: 8-Thumb Be advised a picture is in fact one 7' Side of Big Leverage that Cut Pliers. One 8' pliers does not have the cradle or a wry boss. I have bought the pair that thinks that that they were like a picture but his are not . They are this in spite of new mark and in a klein container.

Top Customer Reviews: Klein Tools 85614 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Edwardo
Way: 4 it Ask it it has Dipped Partorisca acts I poster of build of electrical control (as pointed in a picture). A screwdriver together with boss strippers is my more used tool. With this said, a screwdriver partorisca instrument main; a 4 thumb a; has so only survive 3 weeks. A tip chipped and now does not remain in some spaces. We use 6mm terminal blockades, and when in the first place it take these screwdrivers there is remarked some bosses were small. As they have been drawn partorisca 2-3mm terminal blockades, well after the few weeks partorisca use this tool has broken, and everything of some other screwdrivers are included smaller that this one. As so only I can imagine also they will break start partorisca use them.

A worse part is, has the economic, any screwdriver of instrument of the name that one of our vendors has given to all of the mine personal partorisca free and still is going strong. Because it marks partorisca appoint fools pause when economic china a last partorisca years? It is there any way can take the repayment or the new screwdriver? Screwdrivers Of instrument of mark of Klein that apt 6-8mm terminal blockades without breaking?

So only could be change partorisca snap on. If I go partorisca spend $ 15 in the screwdriver he better last at least the legislation of month?
5 / 5 Pansy
Way: 5 it Ask it it has Dipped Well 1 engine of the ray out of a together integer is doing like the field, a long more a work effin adds, but a rest of them im quite sure never took hardened because of a fact that has broken neither or twisted like this bad that it was rubbishes ... And im a lot that breaks roughly after several rays, a flat boss smaller has broken on a lot first ray of control. You DO not BUY NEVER there engine of ray of the control again... Patient be shabby more where.... The good regime spent these.
5 / 5 Jina
Way: 4 Piece Dips quality Very big with personnel along that it did not fail me still. Strong teeth, easy to control and handy to spend around.
4 / 5 Xochitl
Way: 5 it Ask it has Dipped 5 Very built Stars , durable . EUA Has done . Klein quality . The value adds for a prize . Period of variable iron .
5 / 5 Forest
Way: 5 it Ask it it has Dipped it it has used several “upper” frames and these am a lot comfortable to use and is Klein last once again. If yours the technology or in an electrical field, would have to possess these or find the new career.
5 / 5 Stepanie
Way: 4 it Ask it it has Dipped This fashion to terminate the screwdriver is a better. They do not resist on any one better that felo, but feel better. For a 1/8th thumb would go with felo. An improved feels is not to value 66 increase in prize in the screwdriver that pauses quite often.
5 / 5 Buford
Way: 5 it Ask it it has Dipped These are my preferred 'Tweaker'(read: technology, precision) screwdrivers. They are rough on everything of my screwdrivers, using in some spaces of wrong measure, using for a wrong application and these touches to good sure last longer that an economic some , although there is chipped some before.

Is entirely and totally value an extra touch which is reason I maintains to buy more like this required!
5 / 5 Tanika
Way: 5 it Ask has the Bad place fact - the tips are not smoothly has attached. An engine has been missing a coverage of indicator of the colour.
Buys an Ideal 7-Ask the Electronic screwdrivers have Dipped instead.
Ideal 36-248 Electronic Screwdrivers have Put, Way
5 / 5 Bulah
of 7 Pieces: 4 Piece Dips the law adds in my Fashion of place
4 / 5 Ngan
of the Construction: 5 Piece Dips Note a chance is ENORMOUS and is basically any one portable. His roughly 11' for 5' for 1.5' Also a chance is done in Cina.
Would owe that have a 4 piece dipped without a chance as no material require an extra súper long screwdriver of small boss.

Top Customer Reviews: Klein Tools BLK12 L ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lane
Measure: 12-Piece SAE FINAL of Measure and Good ball of regular
5 / 5 Jann
final: KLEIN of 9 Metric Pieces !
5 / 5 Keitha
Measure: 12- it Ask SAE These wrenches, likes Klein tools has purchased, is of quality very big. A capacity to drive in a corner is essential in something tight. A headline is also very good. They are done in EUA.
4 / 5 Kelly
Measure: 9-the Metric piece These wrenches, likes Klein tools has purchased, is of quality very big. A capacity to drive in a corner is essential in something tight. A headline is also very good. They are done in EUA.
5 / 5 Parthenia
Measure: 12-Piece SAE Klein the tool of the quality and ossia any Measure
5 / 5 Hildegarde
of exception: 12-Piece SAE MEASURE to notch
5 / 5 Lavera
Upper: 9-the piece Measured of tool of Metric Quality: 12-Piece SAE WRONG ELEMENT, a final description said of ball... Where it is an end of ball ?

Buys it again, and a same question.
5 / 5 Charlesetta
Measure: 12-Piece SAE MEASURE of tool
5 / 5 Lelia
of the Quality: 12-Piece SAE GOOD SPOUSE of Allen wrenches.

Top Customer Reviews: Klein Tools 213-9ST ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Annabel
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle Want to which new pliers grip a boss of wheel. These treat like Klein is is supposed to and have for decades. My father has used Klein is and will use these pliers until his door was.

An only drawback to use a main measure is not when being able to use them in of the tight spaces, or no like this easily like this smaller pliers.
5 / 5 Therese
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle are the union ironworker and these are some so only some I confidence, a cutter last the months the plus along and some teeth do not spend was nowhere approaches like this quickly like blue boss some do
4 / 5 Clifford
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle done A lot well, and to last. Klein is always the product of quality. I wish some bosses have has had grips. A vendor was quite quickly. In general 4 stars.
5 / 5 Sal
Way: the Simple Big/leverage Hadle Does like this announced that.
4 / 5 Davina
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle pair A lot well of ironworker pliers.
5 / 5 Elaina
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle Rebar
5 / 5 Delorse
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle does not take some blue bosses.
But if yours ordering these, probably does not concern you .
Has very better that stock bosses there partorisca 'in, or so only wrap them with to the tape of embrague likes has done.
5 / 5 Laraine
Way: Plain of Big/Leverage Hadle His HOGS!

Top Customer Reviews: Multibit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jody
Klein fine-the engine is among some better in an industry. They will take the plot of abuse and I personally bosses of screwdriver of Klein of amour. In a point of prize of the his fines-the engine is a gone-partorisca take A lot of professionals. You will see more Klein 11-in-1 screwdrivers in the place of construction that almost another tool.

A long achieves the engine is utmost , has a longer leg to achieve to places like this of the plastic moulds or crew of trace of wall. It can achieve more rays that your conventional 11 or 10 in an engine that has a headline of fat has bitten.

A downside is so only has 4 tips in him, and an engine is enough bit it main that one 10 or 11 in a. A worthy sacrifice. It can any gone bad with Klein screwdriver. I have added the picture of this long achieves engine afterwards to the 10-in-1 Klein engine for the comparison of measure.
5 / 5 Rhett
I have had possession of one of these for work. A day when I have been gone, has sawed it the worker has decided to 'the take loaned'. A next day gave this piece to crap that it says of the substitution loses it with which the take loaned. Well I scrolled by means of his box and there is. And swapped lucido behind for him. Any so only the few days later, has gone again and how has been.
This time has had to take a substitution my self, as I have bought 4 of amazon.
These fine engine of the ray of the tip has an extra achieves that some another does not have . When Undermining in of the tight spaces, is neither these or your traditional 1 engine of tip.
5 / 5 Gene
So only that is to require. A long period of some bits is exactly that is to require on some overburden and old blockades zinsco breakers. More all I really the need is 2 measures of slowly and philips and 1/4 and 5/16.. Seldom I need some other bits or 3/8, so only add to weights.
5 / 5 Matthew
I have used Klein 10-in-1 for years but now that his he one 11-in-1 with the 3/8' nutdriver, a barrel is too big. A long achieves in this one takes any disadvantage fine it-has bitten the screwdriver has in the regular screwdriver. Now it can return anywhere the precise to. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Kirstie
Excellent. Converging Multiple screwdrivers to a. It was not it times it this is around state but saved a lot of money to substitute more than a screwdriver that had been lost or misplaced.
5 / 5 Archie
I have been using this product for several months now. As the one who am concerned ossia an engine of perfect ray. Excellent creation! A boss of leaves of hule for a perfect grip any time or temperature. A steel used in a construction of a product is upper notch. Klein knows like this to do the tool of quality.

Possessing this tool enabled me to take touched of of a lot of mine other screwdrivers.
5 / 5 Candi
Utilisation this all of a time. It is the saver of real time . A subject real only has had with one of these is a boss of big space has broken. It was able to order the substitution, relatively cheaply, of Imposición of House.
5 / 5 Adrianna
I add when calm whose need of the beats utmost for pc marries of work, but not having to that weighed.
5 / 5 Gearldine
They are an electrician and screwdrivers to use constantly. Klein is a hand-held tool of election for us. I like this a reason does not have all some tiny tips that some other screwdrivers have. These tend to fall out of easier and take the amour
3 / 5 Raelene
has lost a period of mine favourite screwdriver. It does not like of of the tips. Too soft. The easy curve.