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Top Customer Reviews: Motivx Tools Engine ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marcela
Perfect access for almost each what so GM the vehicle produced in a past 25 years. A list of GM transports any one accesses would be the lowest plot that a list of access of carts. I will maintain to edit this description to update a list of these engines. It does not filter same oil when touching very oil immediately in him. Has the removable screen in him if it does not want in there. A must has if works like the technician in the GM dealership!

Any ACCESS: 1.4l or 1.8l EcoTec engines of 2011-in current
5 / 5 Karren
And it uses this newspaper for gm vehicles and and gotta said and like him better that a snapon unit That is to say wayyyyy cheaper and and like a fact that his clear so or can see an oil these low drains. Accesses almost each gm transports ive has had in Mays and whose uses he on very gm is with coverage of cover of full valve. And you suppose and it can take the adapter of right angle to return this and a lot need the unit would recommend in any look in this funnel or any one of an another ones this offer.
5 / 5 Eileen
It leaves some nuts of covers to fill of oil of 2016 Gen2 Chevy Crossing. Has problems when using the funnel regulates to try to touch oil in also fast -- would back it up and flow under a coverage of upper engine. An access of this funnel with one or-the point maintains an oil where belonging. Also I like him his of east has a lower section clears so it can see you when have to touch more dulcemente.
5 / 5 Lashonda
I change my own oil. My car uses 4.5 neighbourhoods of oil. I buy the 5-quarter bounce it and an oil enters very hurriedly. It Likes him, of four neighbourhoods in 15-20 bren and can take halfway in a funnel.

Better that any funnel has used in a past
5 / 5 Lavona
I am the lifelong technical of cart and like the technology of flat prize this funnel and some adapters that applies posed me in a forefront!!!! He gobbles oil in the big tax!!!! Highly it recommends this tool !!!!
5 / 5 Moises
My husband has bought this for work; it begins the new work like the mechanic in the dealership. It says that I adds!
5 / 5 Collin
If you your changes of own and own oil GM transport that that is to say to do for, will be to dine happy with a compraventa. I use this in Acadia is, Impala is , and Sierra is, and he so that far it has been it to the perfect addition in my garage.
5 / 5 Aubrey
Work perfectly in my Suburban. Also the leader my F150, but a stack is in a road. That is to say the idea adds . Prevent spillage. It have to it has had it he these years.
5 / 5 Jerica
It take for my c7 dry sump cart. The excellent works! Calm maintain you to spill a lot.
5 / 5 Shawanna
I do for Chevy and that is to say very useful for those take to achieve zones that could spill. Very useful in some corvettes and crosses.

Top Customer Reviews: Motivx Tools Engine ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Adelia
These funnels do perfectly. Easily it estimates each dollar. They seal to plant only can scrape he on, and tips in a new oil. Tan hurriedly like The oil can exit of a jug, goes in an engine. A calm clear tube leave you to see what hurriedly clears a funnel. My only complaints, which are not that big of the roads, is is not tagged so that the vehicle is for, as has multiple funnels, will want to write that the carts are for with the sharpie; and a lip in an interior of a funnel where he the nuts in an engine cause it to line the few drops of oil, as you gotta dry the grandson before you have posed was. An only 2 refusals is supremely smaller, but all some positive mark this values that it buys.
5 / 5 Ronda
The works add the mine has sawed on-hard-working 07 Acura TL. He screwed in this coverage of perfect valve.
Before we take this funnel , that touches the oil in an engine was the two work of hands. A pound to line a funnel while an another rids these wineries a boat of oil and advances of curve in an uncomfortable gesture, some the same time has to you balance and a boat of oil to prevents spill. With this Motivx Funnel, is able to use to a free hand likes him the support while touching, which reduce a casualidad to spill oil in a side of a coverage of valve in 0. A piercer in a funnel was characters , in planting to use the cutter the hack opens a foil below one covers to bounce of the oil, only turn a boat of oil on and uses a piercer to break thru a foil. A filter of point in a mark of funnel for the pieces of a foil have nailed to enter your engine. Who was that it design it this paste of funnel one something. A must has for DIY-er this changes his own oil. The fair priced, and very functional.
3 / 5 Kyoko
You are not that raw that was. A ray on is to ray in a coverage of valve, has expected that it was able of collar in the hose. It looks he likes him is material sake but no for my application
1 / 5 Everette
It does not return the 2011 Deep Pilot. I bad... I guess it returned IF DUQUE The ENGINE OF THE VEHICLE. There is not any room by so contraption among a collar to fill and a radiator and the radiator shroud.

Waste of the money and he are not to estimate my time to return he for $ 15.
1 / 5 Johna
It does not return a 8 Generation (2006-2011) Deep Civic. A cowel ledge does not leave a root to be screwed in a coverage of valve.
5 / 5 Matilde
Ray in perfectly in a filling of oil in an engine. The fact that spends an engine with the 5 fourth container of oil sper mere. Any sure can have directed a fourth container of oil with the conventional funnel. Looking advances in using it again and again.
5 / 5 Shirlee
I Like him his of a clear inferior portion, can see an oil that enters. I am Cart is a Technology for Deep and use it daily. Calm leave you to touch a whole quantity almost instantly! Happy bought the.
5 / 5 Darwin
State changing oil in my vehicles during 40 years and only recently conscious results of this fashionable funnel. I ordered it mine for my two Deep CRVs, he 2013 and he 2014. Sale in and focus amiably with an included gasket. Awesome Tool :-)
2 / 5 Gilma
I have purchased this for mine 2009 Odyssey EXL. I have published the question ' these accesses a year and mark of an Odyssey' has been said yes! Well He no! A bay of engine in this cart will not leave or for collar a funnel in. I have used he for the use go and touch an oil in carefully.
5 / 5 Gaynelle
I add! It IS more elegant concealed expected- screen of rests, the plastic pauses' these controls a boat in a screen, and does not take very drippy when the tension was an engine . Always it lines the paper towel of the tent/bent under the to eschew drips, but because of a lip in a funnel, any drip that a lot.

Top Customer Reviews: Motivx Tools 74mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It uses this wrench partorisca filter daily like some Audios and Porsche technical. This chair of wrench is more robust that a Hazet the wrenches and some frames of profile the lowest access easier for many something regarding the 993 911. Ossia The tool adds that I stumbled on for incident, this in spite of of this description I hope another can do an election informed and not being fearful of the buy. Other technologies have commented in this wrench in work and has asked where to take one. So only I can assume that his others the wrenches of oil are like this good. It does not doubt to buy the motivx the English tone requires one.
4 / 5
Well, as any I in fact uses a tool. I have ordered a part of misinformation I found in the youtube the video and this in fact no in my car. This in spite of, can say you that it is of big quality; far better that a patterned steel separate can take for roughly 70 a cost. Has has has thought place to this creation with two ways to attach the spanner his, as well as bloodlettings around some outsides that will help to finalise a loosening manually.

After contacting a vendor that considers that it returns a part, asks that I have required and that can possibly still help me. With which some measuring, sent the new part and trusted to expect for the access to try on the one hand new first to return this wrench. A bit those that the days later receive a new part and returns perfectly and is of exactly a same quality. All I need to do is to take an original tool is returned. This has taken some communication, duquel a vendor was a lot of responsive every time. Ossia Service of real client .
4 / 5
Are wanted to has discovered this very excellent tool that the oil of frames changes the breeze for my Mazda3. For some last ten years, has used the filter of oil partorisca armour plate patterned tool that was an only tool could find for a Mazda filter of oil of the cartridge. Comprising that a Mazda discharges of the filter of the oil was 74mm is with 14 flutes, has imagined would give this tool tries it and am very happy that has done. This tool returns a Mazda discharges like the glove without a slop of a tool to armour plate stamped that resulted in a tool to armour plate cocking sufficiently to take stuck in one covers. This tool resupplies wide-contact based with some flutes that the easiest fact to take and reinstall without compulsory.

An enormous advantage in a tool to armour plate patterned is zone of contact in some faces of some flutes. Limitations to the those calm deeply can draw the tool of limit of steel of the vertical faces to 12mm is of the height compared with on 20mm is with this Motivx tool. Access of precision of this data-the tool has launched coupled with the full commitment in some flutes of discharges he of the oil resupplies an optimum solution without committed. Solid tool and add it compraventa!
5 / 5
Fact perfectly and quickly for mine 996 filter of propiciado by oil in mine the majority of transmission of recent oil. Like another reviewers has said, looks well has built. Some wall is look quite a lot of unlikely fat this wrench of filter will bend, and a form of some corners to the looks like will leave of the good access while preventing or reducing casualidad to finalise some corners of one covers of filter of the oil. One 996 has abundance of room for a fat wall.
Has taken an email of a legislation of company after a shipment has arrived to ask like the things are going. I did not contact him, but good to see proactive service.
A prize looks competitive, relative to other wrenches to filter that looks to be of big quality. I have bought this product the proactively averts risk to drain an oil and then having a pause of wrench of the filter, or have a pause of discharges of plastic filter, or have it be the poor access and futz with him for an hour. I have had these questions in a past (other cars).
4 / 5
I have been surprised in like this difficult is to find a wrench of discharges of filter of oil for mine 2009 Mazda 6 () with a filter of cartridge. Had the severe lack of information when I have tried to discover a measure of a house of filter of the cartridge and the one who the flutes have. I have found the small quantity of information in an internet, but the plot of him clashed and has different measured data. I have called 2 separate Mazda dealerships and was able to give me the number of part for an assembly of house of filter of cartridge he, but could not resupply any information in that wrench of filter of discharges he of measure has required. Apparently it have the mid-transmission of year in a 2009 Mazda 2.5 engine of litre. They have changed of the filter of cartridge to the filter of regular oil (or vice versa). Any way adds the plot of confusion when that tries to find the wrench of discharges. I still stumped the little of my parts of local car tents also. As I have finalised to buy the few different measures of my tents of part of local car, has ordered included two has separated some was Amazon . Felizmente This one returns perfectly! As it take on the costs of week of investigation and the plot of test-and-error, but was finally able to complete my transmission of oil. Never it has thought that it finds a wrench of discharges he of right measure was like this difficult! So has the 2009 Mazda 6 with one 2.5 engine of litre and the filter of type of the cartridge, this wrench will do a trick! It was more expensive that the majority of some $ wrenches in my tent of part of local car, but this one is quality very better that these versions this economic plus. To good sure highly recommends this one same although it was more expensive.
5 / 5
There is the few things to the like resisting of entity, and in this cast is doing an own car interview. Seriously, changing the oil has died simple and any one can do it.

Mercedes tendency given to on engineer, doing a transmission of oil differs a bit of your level 1957 Chevy, and while the tool like this is not strictly quite of the a lot of-to-has to that enough say for the take. I access a W204 perfectly, and having a hex advances the to attach the ratchet does to change an oil filters very easy that says to consider this the piece required of boxes.

The material is does not have to that be antibala (so only is that I help it unscrews a house of filter of the oil, any one anything really exhausting) but is stout quite the quite last for a rest of any so only your life but a life of whomever buys your used W204. Again.

A good product. It likes to of it weaves it to me.
5 / 5
Had state that change an oil in mine Mazda 5 (2012), struggling to take a filter of the oil given an uncomfortable corner in that I required to take he without that has to that take a guard of whole vase. A last time I he on done the month, has struggled so much that I decided it has been now of finds the tool to do my work more easier. Unfortunately, the amazon has not aimed any of these wrenches to be compatible with the filter of oil of a car. Reading by means of some descriptions of this product, has found a lot some that mentions that it returns his Mazda filter of oil (any 5 model specifically). In spite of the amazon is aiming this product as when being incompatible with my Mazda 5 (2012) is filters of oil, can confirm that it is not true - ossia compatible with a filter of oil and resupplies an excellent access that use he 3/8' walk. You will require an extension wants to avert take Mazda 5 guard of vase.
5 / 5
Bought this to do a transmission of oil in mine 987. Has the a lot of his hanged and good arrival. @@Subject So only has had is the one who any one another reviewers has had also - can take it stuck in a filter of oil casing. An access is perfect, this in spite of press to a casing to where is entirely snug, will have the hard time that takes era. I have taken simply the towel, engine of ray, and the hammer for the touch was a side the time; it has taken roughly 2 minutes and a tool have come immediately. I have not had a subject same when use it for presionar a filter behind to plant. I have better known that for the snug.
To good sure would recommend this tool while you are comfortable with a possible snugness and can take was without breaking your chance of filter.
5 / 5
I remember some days when you could buy tools of qualities that has not been done of cheese and metal of pot, without that has to that spend of the hours trolling by means of the descriptions that complains of poor quality workmanship and economic materials to govern them was. Unfortunately, these days, precise do your investigation, of the tools of qualities are taking harder and harder that find. Felizmente, these looks of element to be he a lot has a lot of fact. It is light and strong and has had any question with a filter casing in mine 2012 VW golf 2.5, which was apparently previously presionado for the gorilla in the access of anger. Has has had to that softly the touch was a casing with the hammer for the take to release once was of a car, but can not blame a tool for that. It returns real snug! Sure, calm am likely to find the most economic options, but am happy with east... hopefully He outlast my car!
4 / 5
Works exceptionally well. The wrench is 'Acodado' in of the ends of flute and 'domed' in an interior (doing for emission of the easiest cartridge). Fact of launched-metal (more than patterned steel). Firmly It Takes filter/encasement ( any flex like patterned steel some). It is more durable/rugged. Noticeably easier that use. This one east the winner !
Also returns more each one that car I work on.. Audios, Mercedes, Porsche, General Engines, to a Pacific rim. It is a measure a more used in a ball.
Use once and will be engreído Motivx done the súper product. The frames want to buy an integer Motivix box. It tries it and it will adapt!

Top Customer Reviews: Motivx Tools Engine ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sylvester
I know had the cheapest options for the casserole of drain, but has not wanted to treat evasions of disorder or poor quality that this look to have. I have bought this because of some positive critics and he have not disappointed.

This has the good casserole that does not have to preoccupy in overflowing or that loses a mark.

I like a spout the easy fact to drain an oil has used to an empty boat.

When being very durable and no cheap. An ache of good drain is the must for the change of smooth oil.
5 / 5 Amee
Good quality, value an extra money. I have decided to begin that it changes an oil in my car, truck and a woman SUV after I am trace under my truck and found in meso some rays that loses in my dish of skid and the Toyota key English of still filter wedged in my filter of oil. No more Jiffy Lube for me. If this dish of skid would have exited it his would have broken my truck or worse, hurts any one in a road. Any subject with oil takes casserole, any leak and a perfect measure for 7 in 8 fourth changes of oil and profile down enough to return under the Camaro without apresamiento fully Jack a car up so in a driveway a cart is perfectly levels that layers everything of an oil the drain was.
5 / 5 Inga
Man that is to say a casserole of the drain of better oil can take ,takes oil in a fund ,then is doing something injustice of road. It has had a lot of casseroles of the oil and this are by far a much more ,well and studio and he very soiled to take an oil ,the spout is a better .So sayith the ray and that it is everything is saying ,for now any road.
5 / 5 Pamula
Necessity Something concealed would line at least 3 chevrons of the oil when changes oil in my truck of diesel. That is to say the casserole of well of low profile that it is only perfect for prjimo clearances under the vehicle. Exactly that has required. Purchase of amour in Amazon. Any line to be in and take everything in my door.
5 / 5 Celena
I used it several times. I use it attaches in valve in the place of one covers of oil. I unscrew Some covers, ray in the tube and my drains of oil have been. This deep tub has the hole runs a tube in to line plant while the drain. Some tubs spout does the good work to reduce a disorder of emptying a casserole. It has to it weighed it to it.
5 / 5 Maybell
This substitutes the similar casserole has had for years and of the years. A lot of law-- am not sure that roughly of some complaints are enough. No, it is not done of steel or aluminium, so probably spend was at the end. But taking while a a there was before, pay for him 100 times on in the money has saved to do my changes of own oil.
5 / 5 Delphine
That is to say the thickness and robust casserole to drain concealed will not fail or disappoint. Desprs Draining An oil was very easy in then touches behind in an original container to recycle.
5 / 5 Tobias
This am adds to take flowed when changing outboard oil of the engine and the lowest unit lube. It transfers easily to recycle container with the a lot of-built spout and has the lip that the helps prevents spillage. He that is designed to do and he well.
5 / 5 Jeniffer
Very well for one ' calm ' people that use a garage here. They would have to when being very pleased to have that use. Very Big apresamiento casserole, very spout to touch of and the cape to help lines a casserole of drain stabilises when is time in desert
5 / 5 Ethel
That is to say a better (and big) the oil takes the casserole has has not had never. Quan Is time to to pour his happy in general container, everything is maintained in a casserole he. Not even the leaks of drop, and is world-wide messiest change of oil.