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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This produces in fact done to clean an interior of a front windshield the easiest plot.
Usually would use the cloth with my hand and he are uncomfortable to achieve in those poses in a wheel and with a rearview mirror.
2 / 5
A tissue in of the this is cheap, a whole thing is the quite cheap product sold in the big markup. This would not have to be more concealed $ 5-$ 8. Look in diverse of these, and has decided that have bought one this has been listed in the prize the small big plus, with good indications, would take the better product. Any so much. A soyicrofiber' is the cheap thin almost terry wove of type of the cloth that does not drench in liquid sake. I sprayed some cleaner in my windshield and all has been extended the around. These products will not clean well at all. As Remarked for other critics, has to clean a first window with the good cleaner and some paper towels. Tan after trying use this to clean a window, has had to and take paper towel and give a windshield the first debugging of sake. Once a window is clean, he a work of well be able to do touch ups.

In general, to well sure any value a prize. It saves money and takes the changes of version, this is not very very better that any one cheaper ones.
4 / 5
A lot of helps to achieve a centre of outside windshields and down in some corners in an interior where the the yours the wrist the difficult fact to achieve. A two premium microfiber embroils is the good touch. The cape the quite a lot of robust looks and for a prize is the good value .
2 / 5
Calm perhaps can me call OCD when comes to clean my vehicle but I does not like them to spend the few hours that clean and waxing and having some soiled windows in some corners concealed is to take to achieve. I have to say that taken that decrees of paid. It do not expect the plot of him when ordered the. Only it expect it take the tool that would enter a taken to achieve places of mine (BMW 5 Series). The majority of a time a tampon to debug will exit is of train of the movement behind and attacker against a glass. A subject a big plus has is that any pressure applied in a device and an accident of integer in the falls of cape were. It goes to look for the better tool.
4 / 5
It does not recommend washing some toallita humid in the washing machine. There is a similar is and wash in my washing machine, hanged to dry, an elastic around extend where marks any access around a headline of square plastic.
5 / 5
The law adds likes mine another wiper (any smear unless you any one the cleanup properly; easy to line; taken in a taking-achieve- places; washable), but my only beef is that some dimensions of a cloth is smaller that to to my another unit likes him a terry of towel of cloth with him so that it can use that like the third towel. I can not comment in a quality of some cloths so far so that how long it takes since has bought only the, as I am expecting that to the line up likes him another. It IS very they has sold only some cloths while they spend, as I do not have to maintain buying a cape.
2 / 5
It does not like him a pivoting sends of this cane of window. I can do the better work those uses my microfiber towel and hand with the cleaner of window of the quality.
2 / 5
You are excited to try this for my automobile windshields. Even so, that aims the emotion turned in mostly of disappointment like the no apt hats very and goes assemblar eshed' parts of a cloth when using. In general, a tool has looked for to be done very cheaply and has not been the enormous help, although it helps to achieve me more than parts of my windshield the small easier. I have found that law more with the Cleaner of Glass and no with Water or dry while it directs.. I gave it two stars while it was the good concept , but has done bad.
4 / 5
I produce it adds to use with a Cleaner of Invisible Glass. But very it has to you careful be with how much liquid use in your glass so that this tampon saturates hurriedly and calm of leaves with streaky windows.
4 / 5
The laws of product add. The cape was the small lower concealed has expected, but help me cleanup a windshield without contorting I awkwardly.

Top Customer Reviews: AutoEC Windshield ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Deandre
More all the world-wide this tries to clean an interior of the calm has problem with cleaning a windshield and the window has read. Obviously a rake of a glass is meant to improve aerodynamic and like this the help with economy of fuel. Verifying the descriptions of Amazon find windshield the cleaners have meant to help in this task to hover he of ten dollars but second a lot of revise some capes of these fewer expensive cleaners have had the tendency to break or crack. With these chosen to learn the invert in the slightly glass more cleansing expensive.

A cape has not broken and extend quite only to take in some corners of a back window. Well and dandy. An only problem was a micro-lines of strand. It IS course and leaves streaks. Grrr! Money under a hole of rat. Like The side remarks a tool is done in China and some instructions with him have been prepared by any one with the learning limited of English. In fact amiable of monkey.

Purchases this again? Any road. Cairo Elsewhere.
5 / 5 Lissa
My cart has an incredible rake in a windscreen. There are not subjects very possible for any humans to go down in a zone among a pinch and a fund of a glass. This device resolves this subject amiably,
4 / 5 Karima
Val, Like these laws of product so very good! An edifice is solid and a metal telescoping the arm is perfect, even so; I think a microfiber the tampon is too thin. Quan Using a product (so that this to good sure tin very when being used with just water) has streaking. Perhaps I am using too cleansing, but necessity to cut through a gassing of a pinch and other plastic components in a cart.
SAID of DECREE of MUST of VENDOR THAT PODE CALM ONLY WATERS of USE, TOTALLY VERY TRUE. It is not the point to sell in all the case, only take! All-in-all, the product adds, will be to buy another.
5 / 5 Charley
A global quality is on way in excellent, but, has the defect... A coverage of substitution was also small, an elastic hem improperly sewed and that loses an elastic besides or 1 less/3 of a hem. UPDATE: it was routed a substitution and access perfectly.

An original one is quite sake . A coverage has the terrycloth texture that takes a muck but is not cushioned, although so announced, can be it revoked by the clean surface.

A dish of the plastic cape is not very flexible and can no properly in supremely wry windshields. In the Glorious Jeep Cherokee records well. A pressure of small extra would owe mark according to a smaller radio besides small windshields Even so it looks that it can be the bit of an endeavour to do outlines in the arch of small plus.

The global edifice is very well with the very weighed hinge in a leader. A cape and all the parts except an axis of sleeve is plastic strong. A cape of the aluminium is the plus and a lock to extend work very good and locks properly. A foam the offers of cape cushioned the good grip with gloves or of the hands has put one is the plus

has augmented an indication so that a second defective coverage has been substituted in my complete satisfaction.

Some supports of the company behind is produced . Recommended
1 / 5 Geri
It says it that the clean windshields with only water. This is not some at all. All has been extended a water around. I only misted the small bit on and has been surprised for the finds could not dry was. Any cleanup a windshield at all when has been in dry.

Has found that he dusted my picture of order, but bought it since to clean my windshield is not the finding very useful.
2 / 5 Manuel
I like this produced (Extendable Window of Sleeve the tool the Clean plus), but a vendor done of the dud recoveries enough the. Why I had mentido? States of description of the product: Any GRANDSON and CHEMIST WITH WATER --- Comprises 2 Removable Washable Microfiber Coated. . . . Some coverages take more muck, powder and tar; water of clean use of mere tap. There is not any road in hell that can clean you an interior of the van windshield with this tool, a two microfiber has taken (which are cheaply facts), and WATER of TAP. In the first place, I thicket a windshield with Magic of Gentleman Eraser w/ Dawns to degrease a windshield (to cut an oil and residue to grease this collects in a windshield). Segundo, drought a windshield with big quality microfiber towel. I this the embroil big-quality microfiber towel around a Cleaner of Tool of the Window and drying a windshield dry. Third, cleanup a windshield with Invisible Glass, the window, windshield and cleaner of mirror. Neighbourhood, cleanup a Invisible Glass of a windshield to use a Cleaner of Tool of the Window with good quality microfiber the towels embroiled around the. I am GIVING THIS PRODUCT A LOW INDICATION SO THAT The VENDOR DONE of the DUD RECOVERIES QUITE L. You are DECEIVING YOUR CLIENTS!!! If some dud recoveries (lies) has not gone there, would give this product he 5.
1 / 5 Janett
The tool is well is expandable and covers to enter at most of corners. But a tampon comes with this useless his so thin can he t clean anything will owe tampons to cut to return of some material roughly fatter would not have bought this has known in a tampon or lack to clean tampon
2 / 5 Maile
It IS handy so that a cape is very time and can achieve some lower parts in a SUV windshield. Even so, any net with just water, extends a water around but no the dry , covers streaks which are a lot of has take - still am trying imagines was so to take them.
3 / 5 Candida
The cloth has not gone sufficiently absorbent to do more than a window and insignificant in that. An improvement would be more plush pada with the velcro back and annexes. Also open the piece for sales of extra tampon. And purchase meso the tampons of the substitution of the dozen was more absorbent and easier to change.
5 / 5 Evon
My shoulders are has shot. With this small device can clean a splatter of my wet dogs of an interior of mine chose-ups shield of wind. It would like him extend bit it the small plus, but is happy.