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Top Customer Reviews: HPE ProLiant ML30 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Chantelle
This server is the workhorse. It IS the Controller of Server and ANNOUNCING adds of Lima. This will run your small enmedio sized subject without subjects.

Top Customer Reviews: Hpe ProLiant ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
This was probably a house of server of better small dispatch of dispatch that has not seen never. Fast and economic, with room for expansion and bundled with my operating system of favourite server. It IS that last piece that was a reason HP has taken only four stars; an installer bundled in the tone of USB in a frame simply has not done, failure to install an operating system, and could not recognise new and clear data the hard walks installed in some bays of walk.
An another problem has remarked, concealed has not been a subject for me in my case has used, but is the problem when the company decides the container his server with an operating system that did not retreat a onboard controller of raid. If you will join calm with him YOU vendor to provide one of one the majority of solutions of flexible/cost the estimativa that the has not dressed never lack of of the engine for devices that very probably be using the raid at most of the cases of use are only bad form.
4 / 5
It builds the laboratory of virtualization and the multiple of small knots required for my dispatch. A MicroServer Gene 10 with a X3421 provides the program of effective cost for a lot of uses. It has to maintain in importing some limitations of a program (32GB of RAM), but a flexibility is quite sake .

Has attached a HP H220 HBA with 1x 250GB SSD and 3x 2TB HDD in underpin for VM laboratory. I am able to run a full VMware Continuation in version 6.7 (ESXi, vSAN, NSX, VRA, etc.) In only 3 knots.
4 / 5
If it likes you in DIY and tinker with servers, there has almost any reason to buy the expensive more POPULAR MARKED NOSE in of the this. Proxmox The laws add in this server. One 4-bay HDDs rests very fresh. A loss of or the stars is for a lack of an easy SATA installation in place of a walk of ROM of CD. You have to look for around for the special cape of 4 tones to be able the flexible and distributes your own SATA cape. Or it purchases a esATA enablement box'. Why very only the have pre-wire fence, HP? Of course if the uses to plan FreeNAS then a connector of internal USB is available. Calm suppose you included could dry a ClearOS walk of USB that comes with.
4 / 5
An anterior state was better with a Ilo, but works well with a nvme the the adapter the boot was
5 / 5
The device arrived while it specify. Purchased this to study for him certifications.
5 / 5
Creation of amazon; Strong action; options of Good expansion; Excellent value

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