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Top Customer Reviews: Baby Einstein ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Krysten
That is to say a premier one purchases our granddaughter there has been a premier and has taken in our house for his and when takes the oldest gesture the up for a prjimo a purchase the cup of tea yorkie this pillow was so main this was but enamorar with him his toy of his favourite and think me there is the plot of toys hes quite big now these touches with all a time after the year for touch fetch and attraction on he every day and nightly with my husband a rattle of the crab broken but the hard still touch and weighed with him and thought and only would buy the nine an and has known what the cost in a tent but saw it the cheapest plot in amazon and and has known with my prime would take in two days when has been rid and a box has been opened has touched with an old one presses in a side has taken a walnut one was and has been touching with him never since like any only the add tummy pillow of time for the creature but the toy adds for our creature of rind and will maintain to buy them there attaches the a lot of the creature has done strongly Einstein products.
4 / 5 Larhonda
I have expected this to help sound with tummy time, but a centre of this pillow any one in that has it enough to give in him so finished with the sper big arch in his backside that elevates his so big front of an earth that his elbows do not touch a fund. Any adapted for early age tummy time- would say better for creatures or of the heaviest creatures old... Any one down 6 month
4 / 5 Euna
My creature hated this when in the first place the buy but now wants to it. Help enough of tez in crawl and sometimes is only the comfy something for him to back and game. It does not like him that of a toy of the crab is not removable and has cut is. Otherwise I product adds. Creature of amour Einstein!
3 / 5 Arie
It IS fun and entertain my twins of 3 months for 10 min in the roads even so it takes three stars so that some sounds are motion actuated and there is very on/was change, once again tiny and a musician goes era:(
4 / 5 Monserrate
Awesome Pillow, in in to to the creature likes him. But it is the little in a big side for tummy time. It IS VERY DISAPPOINTED that a crab is not musically while he signified. It IS only he rattle. More all other toys are removable but anybody crab. Why? A rest of a pillow am to add tho, as some flaps and crinkling covers.
2 / 5 Vannesa
A picture is deceiving. A pillow took no come with an annex of mirror that is to aim. Also a crab does not touch in in in to the any musician likes him his is supposed in. It results mine 3 old month prefers a fund for tummy time anyways. The desire has not bought this.
3 / 5 Gladis
It IS quite fat regarding tummy time the hands of my creature could not touch an earth in an another side ( is 25 long inches) unless it poses subjects on he - and then has not been sure. Also, I actuate still to imagine was so to close of a musician another concealed to take of some stacks. It IS coloreado and cute and uses at stake - just any one the bolster.
2 / 5 Abe
It IS very domestic the main plot that anticipated it would be, as my creature could never very comfortably use this. It likes him take in some toys in poses he for the moment joint his even so. It classifies of him it wish it it have not bought it his.
3 / 5 Karan
I wish this noise has done. My threads does not look the preoccupy for this product. I took it to help with his tummy the times but he abhor with him easier that any one use it to us. More some the hard toys enter a road and looks nonsensical
5 / 5 Alva
Sper Cute, the elder concealed expected like my three old month can not using still. Wait do for tummy time alas he the no. Am sure will enjoy it when is able to seat up.

Top Customer Reviews: Baby Einstein Sea ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Jenee
We take this for our boy when was quite two or three month and has used the quite firmly since ( is only in seven month now). In of the general terms, he the quite good work in soothing him and, afterwards uncountable kicks of variable magnitude, researches to be that scratch up well. It IS hardly the perfect product, even so, and some things probably would have me reconsider buy the again.

Very Material:

the musician is tolerable, even so hurriedly redundant (does not take my woman or me very time to be able in hum together with a playlist of classical fragment).
A 'underwater' igniting the effect is quite fresh.
Wind-low of the light and the sounds are soft and very done.
The button of star is easy for creature in smack to turn in an entertainment.
Cradle The clear function is useful.

VERY Material:

A far has his own agenda and very always records. Quan He , is the good thing to have . Quan He no, is thwarting. Partly due to the fact that research to be the class of tandby' road (more in this low).
Differentiates of volume among some big parameters and basses in the looks of musician more pronounced that in noise of ocean.
Habladura duquel, the musician in strong can be quite strong. Well it is trying apresamientos the attention of the creature to shout, but any one so that it adds for other applications.
Some creatures of sea' the movements have limited really, likes him look the little as' images to lumber with animal in an endless loop. I find it abhorring, but has almost had forty value of years of living experience to compare he in, so perhaps is the critic the hard plus that mine often-engrossed the boy is. Once it is seen 'A Cape' and 'the development has Prendido,' is sure this will line less interest for him.

Material odd:

If you are in any one of some lights, roads and of his of the action, paste a star takes to go things. If you are in any one of a sound-the only roads and he are declares the moment of a thing was on, there looks for to be some class of standby the road concealed and paste a star at all. If calm only is trying give yours creature some soothing sounds, has to has said behind in the light and the road of the action to cradle begins a unit, then hurriedly has said behind in just noise. It averts of a possible explosion of the light has not required, a clicking the sounds can try problem in some creatures.
Far has similar subjects: If an aquarium has not gone recently on, a far does not go it to start with behind up, the meaning has to go the paste a star in a unit. So much to be covert. The Very he only done a far useful for extensive, has repeated games.

Material bad and annoying:

That very another has mentioned, living class of the stack of mamma. It buys your Cs wholesale and knows where to plant they properly. Better still, taken at least eight rechargeables and always has the ready set, so that...
A 'down stack' the light is the joke . It IS the 'any stack' light. It imagines your cart is 'look of fed' light only coming on after you used you on each ounce of gas in your tank. That is to say this thing . Any look, only an instantly dead machine and the light of red handy that suits that is fatality. He the rest the laws have ensured, cruel of the thermodynamics further the realisation of humans will ensure that this only spends in 4 a.m., when Your boy is churned more and the sounds of only Sea of Einstein of Creature Soother will calm the.
Oh, Mentions to change some ways of stacks to the tension has been he a cradle, taken of a mountain, then using the screwdriver to undo a backside? You maintain Phillips leader and the stacks of next change. For a second or third month of having east, would have to be able to attack this thing like the NASCAR crew to face for the take behind up and that careers in down two minutes. Still, your again-has purchased the arts very excusarn the zero-the next look in some means of a night.
At the end, according to a height of a mattress in your cradle or an angle of a mountain, is totally possible to have quite DIRECTED that shines beaming well in the eyes of a boy while you are trying to take the to sleep. I am any scientist of creature , but those looks counterproductive, unless an idea is to do them squint in submission. Anything a case, look the 1/1000 of cent the plastic flange could have resolved that.

I supposition a fact has written so much in is said or to the to this likes him or to of this wants to me likes him to it more than me (or that necessity in better allocution my self-editing). A material I very please me a lot, while some complaints are not quite enough to do me roads a thing in an early retreat.

The global evaluation then looks for to be: it is better that decent, but know that it is taking in.
3 / 5 Elnora
As it Has said a lot, this addition of cradle is the MUST , my two boys has has wanted the, even so it EATS C stacks!!! I am not sure why a capacity to use the adapter of the wall has not been included in this creation.. Still although you are not , it has found the fast and easy hack to do sure decree to waste tonnes of stacks....

1. Taken all some stacks.
2. Mandate the DC Supply to Be able in. IDS AC DC 6V 3An Adapter of Supply 18W Adaptadora
3. It measures a cape a period launches wished and drop in bare cape
4. It covers he in of the supplies of faculty and where some stacks enter any far left wing and the side of far right softly touch some capes in a side and another cape in another side.
5. Quan The fact the towers/of the sound on knows has a right polarity
6. Then using the ray of engine of cape of small floor pry a back side of a connector and shove an interior of cape there. He for both sides.
7. Bandage a coverage of back of stack on to ensure that some connections of the capes have not been lost.
8. Mark takes a supply to be able is plugged in and then no longer has to preoccupy in stacks!!

(Any Liable for any harm/of the harm has done to follow these directions ;)
5 / 5 Hubert
As I Estimate: 1 star-does not like him at all, 2 stars- is very (meh), 3 stars-impressed (like me), 4 of stars-good darn a lot of (I amour this), 5 stars-wow (indispensable in my life)

Of all some toys of creature my daughter has, that is to say which wants a plus! It IS it has had this that hangs 2 month now since has four month . That is to say an ONLY toy immediately takes in and still wants to look a wry and his friends bob and slide around a tank. This tank gives creature all some joys of an aquarium with is effects of creatures and realistic water to move sea, less an interview and risk of and.cole/ bacterial Infections.

Has attached is: the video those aims his come from sees an aquarium only afterwards unpacks and photo of his climbing on me to see an aquarium.
5 / 5 Yuko
We use this in a cart. It attaches in a rest of the leader and our creature want to it. It IS 8 month now and enjoys to turn the on and is gone with his foot! A far the fact the game among his and I. Marks errand careers and trip to see familiar the plot of better totality with his careless.
5 / 5 Gillian
Only prpers resign to accept that our second in of the needs to time to be lined and mecer behind to sleep. Alas we take to spoil for our premier that dream soundly in the daytime the unit would go in perhaps several weeks 'phases' very time when ours daughter would create 4is or 5is and cry and only cry. We live in a floor and she only begun to share the room with his older sister. As one of us afanyaria in and winery his shelf up, bouncing for eternity until the soothe again.

In the desperation has bought this afterwards goes to buy each help of his sun in Amazon. I have bought probably $ 400+ in the products have related in eselfo soothing' and esleep-aiding' since was the 3 -4mesos (I bad all of diverse different type and marks of coverages of sleep, swaddles, pacifiers, soothing toys with/without sounds, lights - the names has it everything.)

Around the year decides gives that Einstein is this sea of the Creature dreams the shot after giving return to sleep in 4:30-5:30 you are until 7-7:30 you are if it does not abhor and shouted of any one to help his backwards of the fall has slept. But around this only resulted age has augmented to see us afanyant- in and would prefer to choose for on one of his books in his cradle. Of course it takes thwarted and cries of any when being pas able to see a book in a darkness.

The unit of day Attaches this in his cradle and look his in a wi-fine monitor. It IS up and the visit on,his back and looks some creatures of afloat sea ( has pose on with musician, light and option of movement). Few minutes later pose his low leader and go to sleep. We are expecting that it marks a same thing in 4:30 you are!!!

That tomorrow create so predicted in this god the terrible hour and she were up, paste a button on, gazed in a toy and in our surprise, has turned was once volume sleepy and returned to sleep.

Has Had this for enough 3 month now and still is using he in felizmente the elf soothes'. It is entering 16 month.

The life of stack is down.
Can be impulse for some creatures especially much younger ones. But there are parameters for variable options.
The big sister initially apresamiento jealous and she at random the intervals achieve until game with him whilst little or has slept.
5 / 5 Kym
This thing is honestly the miracle. Volume in this phase dondequiera something to look in and some lights at night has to pose the picture in a ceiling is abhorring and take to see. As it take it this , and very only have the blue light these resplandores in his cradle (a bit in too much of ceiling somehow) but some animals each movement around, has soothe the sounds of the falls of ocean have slept also, and a musician is well and soft as has that arouses up will use a musician but he are soothing enough for creature to sleep in in an option of the volume the low plus. Has the one of calm button in only tower a clear on yes want control in the and the far of the turn has been on for any reason, active has used probably that option when was the creature but the use seldom since is mobile and the visit has been on with a button of inferior star.. The plot! It IS a awesome soother and any desire has bought the different one at all. Fact of subject, the asleep fall in 5 minutes tonight only that looks his soother. It suggests any parents of the creature take unit The flight!
Edita: I see some people queixen in a life of stack and a low-batt light. I think it can be it a subject with stacks of the final of big plus (for some reason) has remarked that when uses a cheap ones, these races for in a less (a lot of nights of not sleeping boot have to immediately wean, as very on-time) and 2 weeks otherwise, when some basses-batt the light comes on, has run some down stacks until the week after this ignites wine on but likes him toe, the chair takes the plot of use because of touching around with that stacks done more. Has lights, sounds, and movement that the yours the creature is igniting and was constantly over time of career of 20 mins, as it is not too bad to pay for the group of stacks although it is only a week to use if the sounds of the better creature. It pays the day has to ! But volume 2-3 weeks out of the each set of stacks. Imagined would attach concealed.
5 / 5 Rocco
That is to say our second a, a premier a lasted during 3 years of daily use. Quan An at the end died engine, question our 3 old year like the nine an or the different toy has been bugging organism enough. It guesses that it chooses. We will be to purchase another for our more the youngsters since will not inherit easterly unit A walnut ones are slightly different of an old plus ones. A musician is better and a FOCUSED looks better. Call all some changes have seen an improvement. A thing to remark, has the small rubber or-point in an interior that connects an engine in an axis of walk for some animals that movement. If you listen an engine these races and some animals do not move , that is to say more probably a subject. I have substituted 3 or 4 of a bit or-points on some last 4 years for the fraction of a prize.
3 / 5 Krystyna
I have bought this to maintain in the cradle to give of my threads something to do. It serves his purpose, even so, there are some things that the desire was different.

- A unit is easy to install, and musician of touches, a movement of animals, and has lights
- My threads assembla really enjoys some lights, which mimic moving water, and also looks in as any moving animal
- has the far control so that it can the yours turn on and is gone without the touch

- Since some lights are DIRECTED, is to take to look in. If that is to say an only light on at night, in to the the chair likes him would be also that shines for of my threads to gaze in shape sure.
- A musician is in my opinion, the tad too strong. I want my threads to relax and the fall have slept sometimes, but this musician is too strong for that. There are other roads, even so, there is not any road that has some lights and movement without sound.

While this unit entertains my threads, in to the the chair likes him in of any moment uses it, only does the small more bouncy. This is not necessarily the bad thing, but would prefer that it relax the plus bit. I am also fearful that this toy is the tad also that shines at night, and that a musician is too strong same in a softer parameter. That is to say a good toy , but probably will be in a lookout for something more to pose in his cradle.
5 / 5 Mae
Amur This product. Some songs playlist am a lot adds. My threads the flight, habladura with him quite some animals have and some colours, tool to know sum. Only a product adds global. The threads is my amours that has this in his cradle, now knows regarding the turn on for his sake. He clips in a very good cradle and has not fallen never. The last stacks for the sake three month. We use Duracell mark.
HAS 4 parameters
1. His of some waves without the lights and some animals do very movement
2.Sound of waves with lights and movement of animals
musician 3.seulement, the animals do not move and any light
4. Musician with lights and movement of animals

also like me that after 10minuts a volume takes lower until at the end the visit has been for his sake.
1 / 5 Jacques
We buy or for our first boy in 2016, still use the to date. Of a door of stack has a mountain behind him in all the case we only very same troubling posed some rays in, marks for changes of easy stack, which spend FAR TOO Often. The flight and want the, as it only buys or for our newer creature. Something has to is spent with production in some last two years. Some songs are each different. They are strong (same in a volume a low plus) and his too hard in still when the be has considered to soothe. I am contemplating to return and finding something more than is calmer.

Top Customer Reviews: Skip Hop Explore ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Pinkie
This produces absolutely is SURPRISING ! I have launched mine 3 old month in a model of exposure like the joke to create the pressure of blood of my woman and vain nuts! And you begin to touch with all some toys what crazy, no his up still in his own likes viewing everything of this view and having the light support of a base of feet was utmost for him. It begins to turn he around and go of toy in toy like the crazy boy. All the world in a tent has had to and look him and has to buy it so that it has not seen never so active and excited in his own.

The best inversion has done, also visits in the table when takes older. It is launched of the robust material adds, So the dads want to buy the threads is your daughter / this affiliation of Gymnasium of the Gold to take the true workout, that is to say the compraventa solid !

Also think these low hands enhance the development of art of the engine of your boy.

If this description aided at all, when being free to paste a low useful button. I will try to bond some picture or tin of videos .
1 / 5 Stephani
It IS so excited to purchase this and like a global product was a) easy the total and b) maintains my content of 5 month. EVEN SO, a pop of sty up toy in a playstation is supremely dangerous for creatures. My daughter has taken his toe bonded in a cup of him simply to have his hand in lucida when presses down in a bit arm of tree. His toe could have been broken but was only blockaded. It terrifies And to good sure very something wants to any one other parents to have that gives support. Highly it recommends to take this sty, is the peril of security and Skip Hop would owe careful when being with this addition.
2 / 5 Cassi
That is to say the element adds to have for your creature. The flight and amours some toys also. A defect is a toy of sty . His little fingers have taken bonded among a sty and a tree are in. I have to pry his toe was and take the bad red swipes in his toe. It scares and cries for the while. Only the does not attach he in a tray until the toes of a creature are quite grain any one to return in this empty.
4 / 5 Lannie
My creature is been born with missing and only extremities a semi usable toe. It begin it recently taking thwarted when the toys given since is unable to take things. I have bought this for his when it was 2 or 3 month for Navidad. My main worry was that the has not been able in good with tge attatchable the toys or this would require too much force to be touched with. It IS to joint it this morning and out of his in him. Each only toy that is coming he with easy era to touch with for chairs. Only it wishes a fund was stretchy so much can jump

- the quality Adds
- Easy to use toys
- the eye that takes, the neutral genus, any tacky colours
- Robust
- Grows with creature

- Crane some straps of base were stretchy so much can jump
5 / 5 Latonya
This is surprising for everything of some reasons comprised in a description of product. It wants to know that it is not it writes there? In addition to serving like the source adds of entertainment, and the left wing is for earnest be, gives mamma the very required tame-free pause, this unit is basically the MAGIC POOP PRODUCED. My boy of eight month has battled with the constipation never since begins in solids but the few minutes in this bad boy and, without failure, has the special delivery. Literally call it a poop the machine and we issues his for the walk anytime is gone the day or so without the imposicin. Characteristic better never!

Bronzed Yes, a creation is very clean and sophisticated compared besides bouncers, some toys are easy to move around for the experience of game 'different', and is awesome this grows with a boy. But it is a poop factor that marks this element one of a compraventa of better creature never. Yes, MAY! All the world would have to have one of these. In fact, in the principle buys the Fisher Deprives Jumparoo and is returned he for east unit
3 / 5 Darcel
I think that a description of product is deceivingthe creature bounces only if basically it jumps up and down, and some roads of chair of the tissue.' There is not any cradle and could not consider this the jumper. It goes like each more enough the so read a part of a description of product that says to bounce,' and convinced me that be to him well for the boy of creature that clearly wants to bounce. Otherwise Looks the very done product and is not so ugly like the majority of centres of activity. The just mark sure is that very amours so that it is so ingeniously bundled the MAY will take it behind in a box.
5 / 5 Yer
He been through 3 excersaucers and 1 jumperoo with 2 creatures. That is to say my favourite . I totalled he without tools in 5 minutes! Mina 6 old months want to it! It looks sper fresh and minimalist. I wish my house looked also like this the marks of thing.
5 / 5 Shameka
My threads absolutely wants to this... It IS only 10 old weeks and was already thwarted with not seating up. Only the does not want to when being the regular creature anymore. Like these helps to seat lucido to pose more whole (with supervision of course). It IS happy and touch with each of some toys. A bit of the keyboard is his favourite and comprises that punch to need some tones to take a musician to touch. I want that everything of some toys has cups of suction and can be removable or moveable. Eye advances in an occasion to have more elements to purchase so that I can change in his toys. I have moved also a level of the a lot of low bases so that the does not try to be too punctual. I plan to take it up main for him when his legs are stronger of the cape.

UPDATE: My boy is 19 weeks now and still wants this thing... It IS in him for time of game during a day. A desire of only thing is that Skip Hop would create more than the variety of toys in suction on in a cup of table. Anyways, This is surprising... So much so that I have bought another to pose in the house of the grandma also... I want that my boy can use this during some years to come, that is to say a lot a course adds enough it.
5 / 5 Natalia
The desire could give this more the stars want to it!!!
Maintains my creature entertained and learn. It is not bulky and is very easily moved of room in room.
This is not the jumper (am not sure why some people think that that it is.). It helps the creature learns to balance and amours he more than the jumper my hates of creature all some jumpers. I think that it it has overwhelmed it also.

I amour that a chair can be take to clean and I amour that can turn it to subject.
An only thing is not the big adherent of of the one of the east a hole that some covers of piano when visits in the table.
But I amour that some toys are removeable and can be changed around. Amur Some paints also.
In general one of a compraventa has done better for my creature so far.
5 / 5 Winifred
We are very happy with this compraventa! We begin our daughter in easterly a turn in the daytime 4 month and his result him (and ours) favourite artilugio for chairs. Has control of good cape in this point- necessity to be able to line his upper organism up with some assistance. I have not seen a lot of activity centres that beginning in 4 month and if they , preoccupy me only would use during the month or so much. This one evolves over time to the help justifies a cost.

Some toys are mere looking but all have only movements that challenge in of the different roads for different ages. A look of is modern, clean and please in an eye. Some centres of activity are monstrosities.

While skip hop does not sell extra accessories, has bought the sassy goes to turn of the mark with the cup of suction these suctions on in a table like other toys that comes with him. In fact I like him his that I am of able to attach toys other marks. His easy plus to incorporate toys in in to to my creature in fact likes him his that of subjects. His only another road his adaptable.

Is in accordance with another that a bowl of the bumblebee does not have the very strong suction. It IS the small nonsensical. Thats In an only negative has run in.

By everything means, a bowl is not the enormous roads. I am still very pleased with a compraventa!

Top Customer Reviews: Baby Einstein Star ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
I have wanted this toy five stars so that it touches it musician, has lights, and hangs of the cape of car chair of my creature. Alas, a painting has begun to exit when my threads has posed his mouth in the! I am impacted that spends, and is disappointed in Baby Einstein to do the toy that potentially could be dangerous. Attached is the photo
1 / 5
Update: when in the first place it take this toy in the November was to add so that touch different songs and was colored. Any one to mention my daughter has wanted to to touch with him, alas no longer seat this toy is sure. I have begun to remark that one paints in a face of a turn of toy. Quan Has rubbed my toes give me in him a painting peeled was!!! My daughter has seven month and has posed everything in his mouth so that it knows yes or that of this painting was in his mouth. Dangerous, would not recommend .
5 / 5
I have bought this for my six old week at the same time, that Kim rival Kardashian when goes in demanding attention. Generally, the toys do not look to entertain him much more that some time take me to the walk was and take right to a half to do something. In this point the time is not sure yes wants a whole state to learn that I am doing to dine or is trying satellites of attack out of a heaven with the supersonic tone, but by everything means, I never wind above that conforms any task.

Even so, this toy has been some roads of absolute God . Be for the solid 20 minutes only gazing he down (20 minutes = 2 hours for the new mamma concealed has too much to take fact) and also the helps have posed to sleep. It has remarked today that a section of a song has maintained to repeat, like a card by heart glitched and has taken bonded in a same fragment. Have take of my mobile phone in this a lot of moment to look to buy another while simultaneously beg in some gods of toy that began it to do again properly. He , but after I have spoken amiably in him and attacked it against the table the small time-- cual the plus sews fixed? (These works in of the men, also).

Does not know that it is in a toy that is so appeal in his, but want the and captivate him, therefore I have looked in Einstein is other toys of the Creature to see yes has a same art or the no. have has tried toys of the Brilliant beginning but does not look for when being so appealing still.

So many, by everything means negative critics, felizmente will purchase the 100 of these if an anterior 99 pause only to maintain my happy boy for the few minutes.
4 / 5
BE CONSCIOUS: My threads WANT TO this small star! It IS soft and illuminates and attach he in his jumper and stroller, etc. Smiles nonstop in him. Active gave It certainly 5 stars...Until this week when my threads has begun drooling and a wetness of his mouth (or a coconut oil that was in his face) has left a black in some eyes of stars and mouth to exit and well in the hands of my threads while it touches with him ( has BEEN IMPACTED). It has touched with this so time of the toy and he have not spent never. Quan Gives what past, has to me afanyar to wash his hands in front of a black residue were in his mouth or in his face. Alas, it has to take he of him. It SEES SEMI-DETACHED PICTURE.
5 / 5
For any reason, my creature absolutely looooves the musician of Einstein of the Creature and he are an only thing that soothe when is freaking has entered a carseat. I have used to him it has a mini apresamiento-to the long of musical toy (which are utmost), but since has not imagined was so to press a button still, any one has to when being there to restart a musician each little so - the ideal leader when is only me (automotive) and creature in a cart. A star will touch the yes shaken musician he (honestly, any sure if she he on purpose to start with a musician or she only is shaking so that that is to say that marks in of the toys, but any road maintains a musician that goes and maintains his happy), or has posed he in a continual parameter (the musician goes for 10-15 min). Very active queixat quite painting to exit - has not remarked this still but will update begins to spend.
3 / 5
My creature wants this star. It maintains very entertained and careless. Has the good field of the songs and a volume are very decent. Has two roads, a where reacts in the touch of a creature, and one that continual games of road for quite a lot of 15 minutes. This would have been the very easy 5 indication of star excepts 2 problems of entity have finished to have with him. Problem 1: a turn the painting/is start. To to Any I likes him his of a crude that my creature can have ingested a painting. Also the does not like me a crude that has taken this for my creature when has only 3 month and dispel only after enough 2 month of use. Problem 2: it is not very easy to clean. They have instructed the dry down with the warm cloth and the soft soap but listen likes him that anybody very quite a lot of work. Some arms of a star absorb so drool so that a creature will chew and some arms. Debugging of something or doing any method suggests, only is not enough, and can any one only launches this toy in a washer. The desire has done some detachable arms.
Bronzed still with these two problems of entity, still would recommend this. For his prize, his a lot of estimativa so that the calm can not expect each toy in last for ever and has been a lot of entertaining for my creature.
2 / 5
I have bought this to substitute an original in the Gymnasium of Game of Einstein of the creature and I desire could have fixed an original was 100% better then this star. A musician am very annoying and is almost impossible to distinguish that the classical songs are touching and some lights to flash is subjects in fast. Also a lot I disturbed one issues that this or attaches, an original has attached so in a cup of a gymnasium as when the creature has posed down can look up in him, this or an annex is in a cup of one clashes the person retreated so that it hangs awkwardly and is to take for creature to see. It can have been well to attach in the car chair if a musician has not been so horribly annoying.
4 / 5
It IS smaller that that expected but in general has not been bad of the maintain attached in my daughter the car chair and he maintain his entertains while in a cart and like me concealed has an option of the father where only can leave on and any one the preoccupy enough the turn was or it shaking to do comes on. As it is like the hands liberate toy that will maintain my daughter entertains until it sees hammer or some careers of mass out of that does not come never first.
1 / 5
This toy of creature am adds.. Quan Work. I bought it two month ago and when it arrives one of some lights have not done. Val, Any problem. I ship it behind and buy to nine unit there has been a walnut an almost two month and now suddenly he skips. Like The CD that is lined. I have changed some stacks. At all.
My threads has never spit up in the, has not been never place and and 4 month that old as it is not to like the paste also takes. I am very turbulent quite the reason now am shipping by behind another and am without my few types favourite toy...
5 / 5
Has data this in my daughter of a year like present Christmas and was probably one of some better toys has bought. The flight! It has attached in his group and the game and she want to look the while I change his diaper. A velcro marks of loop he sper easy to attach anywhere. There is any control of volume but is not also strong or calm.
I amour that can turn it on and touch for the few minutes and afterwards was on is pertinent. A musician is well, not annoying how some other musical toys.
The value adds for a prize. To well sure recommend it.
5 / 5
I have wanted to give this toy five stars because it touches music, has lights, and hangs of the boss of car chair of my creature. Unfortunately, a product has begun to exit when my edges dipped his mouth on that! I am impacted that spends, and am disappointed in Baby Einstein to do the toy that potentially could be dangerous. Attached is the photo
4 / 5
has bought this for my six old week at the same time, the one who Kim rival Kardashian when it comes the demanding attention. Generally, the toys do not look to entertain him much more along that some time takes me to the walk was and take legislation to a half to do something. In this point the time am not sure yes loves a whole state to know that I am doing to dine or is trying satellites of attack out of a heaven with the supersonic tone, but to all the cost, I never wind on that fulfils any task.

This in spite of, this toy has been an absolute God sends. It feels for the solid 20 minutes so only staring he down (20 minutes = 2 hours for the new mamma the one who there is too much to take fact) and also helps dipped partorisca sleep. There is remarked today that a section of a song has maintained to repeat, like a paper by heart glitched and has taken stuck in a same fragment. Have pulled out of my mobile phone in this a lot of moment to look to buy another while simultaneously begging to some of the ones of toy that began it to do again properly. He , but with which have spoken amiably his and attacked it against the table the little time-- the one who more fixed things? (These works in of the men, also).

Has not been that it is in a toy ossia like this attractive his, but loves it and captivate, for this have looked to other toys of Einstein of the Creature to see yes has a same skill or the no. have has tried toys of Brilliant Starts but does not look to be like this appealing still.

So many, to all the cost of some negative critiques, felizmente will purchase the 100 of these if a forward 99 pause so only to maintain my happy girl for the pocolos small.
5 / 5
Update: when have in the first place received this toy in November was to add reason touches different songs and was coloreado. Any to mention my daughter has wanted to touch with him, unfortunately no longer seat this toy is sure. I have begun to remark that one paints in a face of a turn of toy. When Have rubbed my toes have @@give me it he in a product pelos was!!! My daughter has seven month and dip everything in his mouth like this the one who knows yes or that of this product has been his mouth . Dangerous, would not recommend .
5 / 5
BE CONSCIOUS: My edges LOVES this little star! It is soft and lights and attach it to us his jumper and stroller, etc. Smiles nonstop in him. The active gave it certainly 5 this week when my edges has begun drooling and a wetness of his mouth (or a coconut oil that was in his type) has left a black in some eyes of stars and mouth to exit and right to the hands of my edges to the equal that touches with him ( has BEEN IMPACTED). It has touched with this toy so the times and he have not spent never. When have @to @give that has spent, has had to that rush to wash his first hands of a black residue have been his mouth or in his type. Unfortunately, has have to that the take out of him. It SEES SEMI-DETACHED PICTURE.
5 / 5
My creature loves this star. It maintains a lot entertained and there is distracted. Has the good row of the songs and a volume is very decent. Has two ways, a where reacts to the touch of a creature, and a continuous way that play for roughly 15 minutes. This would have been the very easy 5 indication of star excepts 2 questions of first order have has finalised to have with him. Question 1: one paints has the turn/is exited. It does not like a crude that my creature can have ingested a product. Neither it likes a crude that has taken this for my creature when has so only 3 month and dispel so only with which roughly 2 month of use. Question 2: it is not very easy to clean. They have instructed the dry down with the warm cloth and the sweet soap but feel likes concealed no a work a lot enough. Some arms of a star absorb like this drool reasons a creature will chew and some arms. Cleaner of something or doing any method suggests, so only is not enough, and pode a lot so only toss this toy to a washer. The desire has done some detachable arms.
Like this still with these two questions of first order, still would recommend this. For his prize, his a lot of value because it calms can not expect each toy to last for ever and has a lot of state entertaining for my creature.
5 / 5
For any reason, my creature absolutely looooves music of Einstein of the Creature and is an only thing that soothe when it is freaking is gone in a carseat. I have used to have a mini take to the long of musical toy (which are to add), but of then has not imagined was like this to press a key still, any one has to that be there to restart a music each pocolos like this - no ideal when it is so only me (engine) and creature in a car. A star will touch the music shakes the (honradamente, any sure if she he on purpose to start with a music or so only is shaking reason ossia the one who does to toys, but any way maintains a music that goes and maintains his happy), or yes calm dipped quell'on a continuous setting (the music goes for 10-15 min). Very there is complained roughly paints to exit - I there is not remarked this closing but will update begins to spend.
4 / 5
Is smaller that that has been expecting but in general has not been bad I maintains attach my daughter the car chair and he maintain his entertain while in a car and taste that has an option of father where so only can leave on and any to concern roughly turning it was or it shaking for the do coming on. How it is like the hands free toy that will maintain my daughter entertains until you go bore or a beat careers out of that never come first.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute an original in the Gymnasium of Game of Einstein of Creature and desire could have fixed an original is 100 better then this star. A music is a lot annoying and is almost impossible to distinguish that the classical songs is touching and some lights to flash is way to fast. Also really I disturbed a way that this an attach, an original has attached so in a cup of a gymnasium like this when the creature dipped down can look up in him, this a an annex is in a cup of one stars no a backside so that it hangs awkwardly and is hard for creature to see. It can have been well to attach to the car chair if a music has not been like this horribly annoying.
4 / 5
This toy of creature are adds.. When it Operates. I bought it two month ago and when it arrives one of some lights have not done. Well, any question. I ship it behind and buy the new a. I have had a new an almost two month and now suddenly he skips. Like the CD this is lined. I have changed some batteries. At all.
My edges there is never spit up in the, is not never wet state and and 4 month that old as it is not to like paste he also hard. They are very disturbed roughly the reason now am shipping for behind another and are without my few types favourite toy...
5 / 5
Ossia The toy adds, abordable . Has he in slope in the cradle of my edges. We had it to us 4 month and some batteries are so only grieves to start with to spend was. We probably touch for an hour the day! It likes me the turn the on to to a longer way likes has dipped down for the nap or bedtime. A lot a time I so only can dip down and his looks it until it falls slept. Also I like dipped the in an interactive setting when so only is touching in his cradle. He bats in him and fell it. It likes that it is of quite small and portable. Have have attach also to his gymnasium of game and stroller before. It likes me quell'has said that we had it to us four month, and has there is has not had the subjects with start have painted. Still it looks new. Any I usually his book to suck on, this in spite of. It likes to resist a music of Einstein of toy of creature smaller with the boss. It is it is 7 month and I bought it when you are 3 month . The desire there has been of then is been born!

Top Customer Reviews: Skip Hop Moonlight ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Amada
No so well unit what mobile.. I have bought one $ 13 laptop skip hop sty that attaches in the stroller or such and absolutely wants to it. An only problem is that because of a character of a life of stack, has only the option of 60 minutes. It enters a big, can-corded sty! That is to say the add trace in theory, but some speakers or a register or something have to be different so that a sound of the calm ocean in this sty massively is quite frankly annoying in comparison in a mobile sty. And that the place/of sound was an only reason why experiences it. One poses it calmer is sper strong and basically embroils swaddles around a whole thing to try to try in smother or go down a level of sound. Otherwise, IS sper cute and has another lighting and options of projector that can enter handy later like the distraction, but now included is only the waste of spatial and the disappointment. Also, beware that the sty of the partner was directly in exorcist in the - halfway thru a lullaby the poses begins the convene Satans. All of the same averts, the mine still does sake in spite of nuisance of mine with a quality of his or level of decibel. By so, I will give it more the stars that is probably estimates simply so that it is cute and in in another can the to the to to them like them to them some few options of his different, and can do adds for them.
5 / 5 Tamika
This thing is the saver of sleep ! Has two of them for our two boys and both of them amour he. It provides some noise the cover in another accident in a house (i.et. Washing dishes, television, etc) and is in some remark the coverage of security.

A lot of good controls to modify he for the necessities of your boy (clear brilliance, volume, timeout, master of noise, etc)

like us a capacity to pose a timeout in 60 minutes so some careers of machine of the noise until some daughters is soundly has slept.

A projection of the field of the star is quite small and while a projector is adjustable, his quite difficult to plant a nightlight in a room in of the such pieces of furniture that can take you a field to star to project in a bed.
5 / 5 Long
My toddler the threads wants this sty in bedtime. A sty has the small projector of stars and moons, white noise (his favourite is some sounds of ocean ), musician and the nightlight. Has the timer in tower was or can leave race all night.

Quan My threads was first born, has thought the machines like this were the waste of money. Then a six sleep of swipes of months of regression...And boy, has this machine have saved some sleep. At the beginning, it was only a white noise that use but, with advances in two years, then paste a regression of his prjimo, associated with nightmares and fear of a darkness. A sty gives only quite clear to do him when being better in a dark but very so much that the can not sleep.

I amour that cute a sty is and has enjoyed this little nightlight so, has ordered the second a for my second boy in a road.
5 / 5 Elsie
It listens in me.....My threads has been a terrible sleeper of a time is been born. TERRIBLE and the calm said you, absolutely TERRIBLE. It is two years old now and up until and it take this light at night was still the terrible sleeper. It was in my final of talents. My last nerve. An end of my rope. A verge of a bridge when this is coming to the long of. I can very belive at the end can take the sleep of full nights. It uses some sounds of character and a light at night with a projector of star. In front of the bed takes in pjs, reads the books of pair and and pose after in him for enough 10-15 minutes, habladura our day and look in some stars in a projector and is was!!!!! And I any awake up until 6 -7 which are the FAR CRY of one 2-3 times arouses nightly before. It tries all comprising melatonin and at all fact but this. If you are reading easterly has thought OMG the same DAUGHTER and you are enough to spill the tear so that you are so the sleep has deprived that is to say to well sure at least the values tries it. It hangs in there. PS: It goes to match he with diffuser of punctual essential oil also. FORMATION of MAMMAS of HAPPY SLEEP!
1 / 5 Nada
I have bought this cual the present of the creature and he are arrived in the condition has used. There is card in bookmark through a cup of a box that says that it does not act! Totally objectionable.
1 / 5 Madalene
We buy 2 of these and has had to the so many! One 1 one takes would not remain on all prejudices it very time. Work in a 15, 30 or 60 poses of minute, but no in a 'infinity' posing (all night). As it issues behind and it has taken to nine unit A 2 one has taken to remain on all prejudices it very time a first night, but after he a same thing how first unit My awake creature every time afterwards was. Also, you are looking for the machine to sound this has white noise, this a no. A sound a next plus has is more as the wind and his to mar.
2 / 5 Marsha
Tan Now a musician is the small creepy. It sounds like the toy with stacks in concealed is in decline. But it limits in a outlet. The perhaps salient speakers. It has Had this for less than 3 month. We use it to us all prejudices it almost nightly for my clear sleeper so to be fair is used to PLOT . This says although I am quite disappointed has spent that very money for something in any in that has of more life of bit in him that &60; 3 month
3 / 5 Corinna
A sound of of the one of the west is poor. I have been disappointed with that. It IS cute even so and some stars in a ceiling are the good touch.
5 / 5 Leona
If your compraventa for your creature-that is to say a a . If it is it purchases for more creature, that is to say a a .

Listens, has taken this of the shower of the creature of my threads. We use it to us more nights. We can not listen our dogs that acuesta at night or some television bass when other people are calm still awake. The external carts? It can not listen. This that is to say a better.

Taking fast 2 years, my threads calls this Hoot Hoot will not sleep without him. It gives it hugs and kisses nightly. It IS my favourite part of our bedtime routine. We buy or for my nephew and will continue to purchase this for each creature to come. That the cute little present.
5 / 5 Sid
We want this machine of sound. We use it to us since our twins are come house of a hospital. We use a heartbeat sound -- think is very soothing in of the creatures, and is quite abstract concealed is not that it distracts for us. I want the concealed has options of volume and options of brilliance for a light. We do not prefer any light. The more is so cute!
Quan Looking for the second machine of his for our room has moved once this one and some creatures in a nursery, compares a Skip Hop sty with a Dohm and decided prefers a Dohm - the true 'white noise' machine. Final to maintain a Dohm. I wish a Skip Hop a there has been an option of his for some 'white noise' - if so, would have maintained that or!

Top Customer Reviews: Bubzi Co Baby & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rozanne
I have expected to revise this sty until it use it in fact consistently. My small or has 3 month and has been posing him to sleep with a same song and of the stars nightly. Absolutely it wants the, usually use it only in bedtime but has had today the very hard time has turned he on and instantly relaxes. It IS my third and the desire had had he with my another two. I produce it adds!!
5 / 5 Ralph
That taking:
A (1) soft plush sty with group of light of removable plastic/stack of fixture of musician.
3 stacks.
Screwdriver Petit.
Both Net and the grandma is enamoured with this product!
Pros -
Group of removable stack.
3 levels of control of volume.
Multiple soft songs and soothing sounds.
Very Rotating stars coloreadas.
Washable Sty when Joins of the stack is to take.
Deadened Velcro Correa to prevents boy to take lined by some sides of some rough Velcro band.
Gilipollas -
Some lights. Yes. Some lights are very brilliant. A first thing the boy wants to do when lining this is look in some holes to look in some brilliant lights. They are supremely that shines which are utmost for a wall or ceiling, but any few eyes.
Recommendation in a manufacturer. Possibly the accidents in the filter of removable freezing like the boy can line and game with him, without a fright of some brilliant lights directly in his eyes.
A Velcro strap -
Quan hangs of the medical bed of the grandma, some faces of low sty in his bed. It has to it line up for him to aim in a ceiling or wall. That kinda swipe a purpose to pose one to sleep.
With the cradle of a granddaughter (and does not have aa big elegant cradle) a strap is not very time quite and any one to the hovering of a guide of upper horizontal where some stars could at least exposure in a wall. A strap only accesses around some vertical guides but then he down slide in a fund of a cradle where some stars any exposure in a fund or in a mattress, while yes you posed you inner of sty or out of a cradle. Without that wants a creature to look directly in some lights, hang it external a cradle. This also attacks a purpose to pose one to sleep to look some stars.
Recommendation in Manufacturer: in place of a Velcro launches that attaches in him (like the wristband), recommends a strap that is longer and attaches in the piece to connect of Velcro down down in a sty, a zone of butt. This then would leave it to return the majority of leaves of cradle and horizontal guide to be the poses joined in a guide that affront a ceiling somstars can be aimed and has seen. As it IS done right now, an only road for him to be aimed in a ceiling is by train of the line, or posing he in his back bolstered on some road and out of a creature.
IS still one surprising the product but a require to do the take to do, that is supposition to do .
Which have to does not have to spend
5 / 5 Bong
This sty has saved our lives!! The May HAS LEFT the descriptions but I owe for this element. We were a lot of battling with sounds to coach our threads. Before we fulfil it to us, has 10 month even so not sleeping in his cradle. Almost it has left it until I have found a Bubzi! My amours of threads some lights and each a lullabies. Also I want a fact that some songs and last lights 30 minutes. Enough time for him to fall slept in his own!
5 / 5 Jamie
My woman stumbled on in this product and has bought he for our creature. So that it avenges with the defect has not known, has believed only that yes that the use concentrates prende our creature that the drained a stack in the subject of days. Quan Contact Bubzi has Sawed, has answered immediately and routed in the another. If it only can film the reaction of my creature in a dark everytime voice some stars and the asleep hideout with a musician. It IS one of these happy moments for each father!
5 / 5 Leonida
This sty is awesome!!! My daughter is almost two and has not been never the sake sleeper. Has always the battled to go to sleep and arouse a lot of times at night. Some helps of his music relax and WANTS TO a bit few lights! With this sty, goes to sleep easier and the rests have slept. I think that that a time to relax help his better sleep. Quan Awake at night only tower some back of sty on and resolve behind under hurriedly! That is to say the add to buy and the desire there has been he more harvest!
4 / 5 Elina
A bit material of the sty is adorable. And a musician of type of the box of music soothes a creature. But I can not give five stars so that has an enormous problem-the musician of only touches during 30 minutes. It was perfect has options that could be it has posed. My granddaughter is not totally slept in a half hour and a second to the touch begins to cry. It IS the very clear sleeper and a lack of his arouse so easily like any sudden noise. We have tried sneaking in his room in a 20 mark of minute and turning it was then behind in an others 30 minutes. This sometimes the work but she often take.
5 / 5 Reatha
My creature the flight. Very nursery rymes. An only downfall is concealed has to the click join you button to change a song. It IS what surfing a radio. Click, click, click, click, click, click theres a song and has wanted. The visit was afterwards 20 minutes to save stacks. Which are well and bad. It saves the stacks but to to the the creature does not like him when the fence was and shes very asleep. Some stars that the project is crisp and clears better that another and has for his room.
5 / 5 Suzann
That is to say a better thing never! Any only is sper soft and easy to clean has been with the cloth of humid wash but a sound and the beginnings of clear piece for easy substitution of stacks and security (in case that my boy only wants to cuddle). Any only is some lights perfects for the cradle but they also paintings of change and form. Mina L.or. You are slept in 10 minutes to look some lights (bedtime usually takes quite 30mins). Totally purchase it again !
3 / 5 Kristin
I attach small machine to sound these threads is my amours . An electronic component is easily take to leave parents to launch a sty in a wash when required. He so that it has lined it far the up well to spend and tear. An only hard noise 30 minutes, class to problem. Some lights were the distraction for our small a, issues it also brilliant and take to aim data a form rounded of a sty. Fund has posed any one in his backside in the cradle of my threads. Our main frustration is what hurriedly these crosses of device stacks. We substitute the each looks of week, has done even more problem for a necessity for the engine of tiny ray to take a tiny ray these wineries a compartment of the enclosed stack. It has to fail to substitute some stacks, a musician will retard down after the few minutes to touch and assembla a slow tone, deeper that frights lullaby in any cliche film of horror. Any one exactly that it wants to lulling your small one to sleep.
4 / 5 Stephnie
My threads ailed while in the holidays and left us his machine of house of sound. It wants to him he plush that the musician has touched, has had the sound of noise of decent aim, has had the show of clear exposure, and was washable. These accesses a bill! It IS the small expensive for the toy but I think his value a money. A musician is soft and pleasant. A white noise is also that likes him which are of entity since some machines of white noise are obnoxious and does not sound also what dohm machines of air. A clear show is very fun and shows a lot of paintings immediately, colours of changes, and some lights in fact rotate around. I want that it can take you a box of sound was and wash a whole unit of daughters is soiled and the scope of toys . A sty has the small velcro loop in a backside as it can hang it up in a cradle, game to join, or stroller. You can look a sound those uses some buttons in a front, turn in just a clear, only a sound or his touch so much immediately. A lot I like him his that it can touch you or or another so that sometimes when my awake threads up in some means of a night only wants to touch a musician without some lights. In general these looks of toy very done and is purchase very happy the. In the to to my a lot of threads like them and of helps to take him to sleep.

Top Customer Reviews: SHILOH Baby Crib ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Stevie
In 12 weeks (a lot of bren investigation for pediatricians and of the psychologists of boy) that is to say a creature of necessities to time visual stimulation to develop acuity of view and association of both seen and sound. It can run this particular mobile with or without some familiar tunes like the creature only can see some trucks of soft toy, carts, animal, stars, etc....That any squeeze or there is ringing inner of rattles of the bell. They are soft and plush and easily cleanup so that the creature can use again and again. It breaks together easier that initiates can he of grain, literally was to arrive and that careers in of the minutes.
A small caveat,...The uses fold EA stacks like the compraventa wholesale or take at least 4 rechargeable type (obviously w/ upload he) as it likes him to him ANY ONE to break a bank And to do a planet the place the pleasant plus for future generations, no this east raisin, fellow travellers??
IS the mechanical engineer taking by trade and alas is each born with (or develop to the long of a road) OCD which alas condemns techy-geeky type in researching ALL, especially when affects our immediate famiglia, yes??
Well, Concealed to be said that thinks afterwards doing each one researches that that is to say probably a better unit there (stays Out of a projection in a wall and type of ceiling) .The cross or no, according to some experts of creature, these are far
ALSO that stimulates and in fact can have the problem that dream of pose of the creature gone to rack and sea (yes, right) and / or time of turnip!
Salvation folks, Spends the small fortune in time, energy, and moola buy and using material here in amazon so if this was of help,...Please when being quite amiable to give the click??!! Thank you very much Mamma, dad, gramma and grampa!
5 / 5 Dorla
That is to say a better mobile could any never has ordered. I am so enamoured with him. A quality is excellent and a material is so the soft level.bthe Of the sound of the musician is adjustable. It IS only perfect!!
5 / 5 Hollie
I am absolutely enamoured with this mobile. It sees dozens of mobiles in of the tents, looked in of the tonnes of the on-line mobiles, and when this taken a - was a a .

First of all, for a creature - this mobile is done with a creature in of the imports. An interior (underside) of a mobile is all the lines and the forms and some insects are affronting down (in a creature, no a father that is afterwards in a cradle). Look so mobile enough by a part, but would be abhorred in fatality join you the boy looked up in at all... Literally. Besides, of the of the point of view of development, is the very fulfilled fact that for some premiers few months/ of weeks, the creatures can see only big-colours of contrast (black and aims) and red, and likes him looks them in plaid, lines, etc. This mobile is everything concealed. Finally - it is the creature -the mobile has directed, and I very very and concealed.

So - a quality is well. It IS solid, a material is fat, and when being as the very done product. It does not fall punctual, some clips are robust, and does not look it flimsy the plastic thing done in the third-factory of tax in China. The assembly was easy, poses it together (in 8 pregnant month) in 10 minutes with minimum endeavour.

Tercero - some characteristic and the musician are well. Some buttons are easy to use. A musician is pleasant, with 60 songs to choose of, will not be in crazy leader to listen in a same 'twinkle twinkle little star'... A musician here is the most evolved bit, and with so many elections, is well to be able the rotate through songs for 5-10 minutes and not listening how is in him Barney cartoon. They still his so of the mobile songs, only very troubling.

So many - that it is all has wanted in the mobile, and has taken he in easterly the unit Am so so so happy with this product.
4 / 5 Janette
I the cradle has thought always the mobiles were only for parents (and no for creatures) to decorate the cute nursery with, but our pediatrician recommended the mobile for our daughter of creature to have the good association with a cradle. There roughly debate apparently is considering mobile, if it also is augmenting and that distracts for sleep. For our creature, this cake of light toned the mobile is not too many to augment. These accesses our Babyletto cradle well and the place up was the breeze.

Bronzed Far like the characteristic goes, has a capacity to go in a next song or a song before, changes a rotation in an in a clockwise direction the direction against of the contadoras in an in a clockwise direction direction, and adjusts a volume up and down. It was pleasantly surprised what strong this taken. Automatically the fence was afterwards 30 minutes. Only it can have a mobile rotates but has a sound in silent. It opens With AC on in a room for a summer, movements some wrists to hang never so slightly and any same problem to turn the on. If my daughter begins to cry from time to time after I have posed down in a cradle, simply shakes some pink bears or blues the plan sounds a bell, felizmente distract his for the second, and sneak out of a room. Law like the charm!

Some stars have been for some smaller subjects: Only so that it is the small expensive for the that is to say; the plastic headline looks the cheap bit; and for only taking the fragment of a main melody for each song like opposite in of the songs of full period.

UPDATE 10/2018:
has wanted bonds a photo to update these shows like an aim to title the plastic has twisted in a side in just the little month. It is installed very well so much has to be so that an only plastic can not handle a weight and a parameter a long plus. This any problem me too much like subjects our nursery is posed up, a big vantage the point is by a part.
5 / 5 Juanita
I want a selection of the musician by so mobile. Also I have the creature einstein tank of fish with toy of musician for a cradle but I are so it ails all some toys of musician 'classical'. A toy of the tank of the fish has some same old classics on repeat and is by train to direct me nuts. This mobile (thank you God) has the lovely field of classical, disney and another musician. Very refreshing. Aesthetically this mobile is very good but like other descriptions have declared is more cake this 'blues of boy' in colour. It do not conceal any problem me even so and think that is very good. More importantly, the creature the flight! This has improved a transition in an a lot of cradle.
5 / 5 Geraldine
That is to say the good mobile . Any one goes with our room, but go with the red black of my threads and ashes outdoorsy/subject of lumberjack of nursery for when is older and in his own room. I have purchased personally this mobile especially for a support and a box of musician, and was able to purchase it pre-possessed but never together place of warehouse of Amazon!

Any request if these works with the group and game. HE STILL - can does not have a parameter of the longest base, but maintain a low headline, and use a thickness more course of a group and game (where the press in some buttons to bend arrive) fence to plant. It comprise the picture of a group and game and a mobile for the the one who is asking !
4 / 5 Kiera
A box of music is point and averts and valey for his sake. It take some open boxes so that I have wanted an arm also. A mobile is the little in a cheap side some colours are good but everything is joined above nude and one of some pieces there has been a pause of series when has taken each eschew to wash. Well it does not pose anything bobo my creature can not wash. Lava well although I am my forward of the load and the place has been to air dry. In general buy it a box of musician 100 times on but a mobile part is quite type for the that is to say. If you can find a cheap arm, occupied to take concealed and a box of musician and hangs any toys that can find you cheaper. Also the view of a creature of does not look very attractive. But a musician is only something more, very lovely.
4 / 5 Jannie
- Low rotates (any one also slow or fast) and musician of games, with an option to ignite/of any option individually.
- Games the tonne of songs, comprising Disney small ones.
- Some toys are situated mostly so that a creature can see it versus some parents, which are the plus for me. They crinkle and rattle, and can be it taken for playtime.

- Difficult (for me, at least) to disassemble some the vertical pieces once are slotted together.
- A piece of the annex in a cradle was the bulky bit and has dreaded my threads these confrontations in him ( final to take some mobiles before begin to go). That is to say some only mobile flavours , like other marks could have the main or more small annexes. I can not speak for those.
- A piece of annex in some looks of cradle to require the side of flat cradle, and the side of our cradle there has been the crossbar the fat plus that some thin vertical slats. It IS to take to describe, but in order for a mobile to remain integer, has had to to pose the diaper among some slats and an annex to do a mobile vertically sure.

Remarce: I took this in mid-December 2017, and used for enough 3-4 month. My threads has not spent very time in his cradle, like our mobile at most has 24 hours of use.
5 / 5 Lenard
A prize is only in right, value he! Good product.
5 / 5 Ja
It wants to this mobile in the daytime the quality of unit adds, musician, good colours.
To start with of creature those falls slept with him nightly in his own. I can him, it situates in the cradle, visits a mobile on and is slept in 10 min. Like the mamma and the dad can have his time with each another.

Torres adds of for his sake in 15-20 min. Can regulate a volume, songs of change. It comes with stacks. It looks conclusive and insurances. Commentaries like anterior seated that the toys are only tight in cutter. Yes it is true. You can do sure it is quite tight. But I have not had any problem with that. Because of that A smal the toys can go mobile and when being used like touts for creature. It causes some of them squirm and has the interior rattle.

Top Customer Reviews: Star Sky Night ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Katelyn
I actuate There It go It only this for the few days, as I can not speak with a longevity of this product.
Has looked for big and down for the projector to star that apt the little requisites:
1. Described so limit-in (versus using stacks only): so far, some works of covers like the charm!
2. Options of variable exposure (in case that my toddler has not liked him or preset option): this has several roads to combine characteristics. You can choose in dulcemente rotate a whole exposure, and beat he of colours that is individually (objective, red, blue, green) or has combined. One can of the light aim serves like the light at night so that it is the bit more than shines that some colours.
3. Option of timer: I have tried a timer of 5 minutes until 95, and work well.
4. A light bulb any apresamiento hot ( tried this after a 95 option of the minute caducado).

Some stars take launched big and widths, as has this in general room, will take projections in all the zones. Even so, they will be without him it has defined it sharply he verges. Fund in ceiling, directly up, a projection is clear. Better work that expected by $ 25.

A manual assembla has been bad translated of another tongue, but work - still has taken a gist of that to use this projector!
4 / 5 Jasper
- Petit
- illuminates The majority of a big chamber
- the boys WANT The
- Very stack powered
- big moons
- Multiple colours, parameters, rotates!
- Timer
- nightlight (w/or option of available stars)
- easy to use

- wish this was chargeable in place of covers in, this road can move use he in the zones where has very outlet afterwards
5 / 5 Zella
My original description was bad. Me excuso In this company for that. Result to be error of operator what my five old year give before I have done. Lol. So much, only like all the world knows, these light works perfectly. A d the change turns a white light on and was so it thinks that that it is was to try click that button. Some projections are surprising and prejudices the clear road is awesome mass. My boy prefers nightlight in some stars, odd knows. Amur A characteristic the rotate and what different combos of the lights there are. My boy prefers an a lot of last parameter where some lights alternate for the effect of rainbow.

And, only like all the world knows, a day after I have published my complaint, a company has tried enters touch with me to resolve a subject. Highly it recommends this light. Your boys will want to it. The mine At the end can sleep without a clear on thanks to of the this.
5 / 5 Leonor
That is to say the fun nightlight. You can control visit or only illuminates. A nightlight can be in poster stack or for power of USB. Also it comes with cover he of USB! It takes it anywhere with you, attaches in your computer, portable or to the wall was for environmental lighting.
4 / 5 Renate
That is to say honestly very awesome. An only downside can see is some the black globes are very thin and the cracked when tripped in a cord in a darkness. He still the good work, but very sure what durable would be it if my creature was able to take in him.
(A glowing the light in a picture is the use of different product for his, does not project beginning in case that concealed it to it confused)
5 / 5 Emeline
I have bought this for my twins of 19 months. We have been using it so much part of our bedtime routine for the few months now. Everything of my boys wants to this and I to well sure will be to buy the little more for his rooms.

Has ABCD buttons that posed a timer, rotation, colour, and a road of light of the night. It attaches pictures of one of a multicolor parameter as well as a nightlight road. Our boys is mesmerized for an exposure coloreada of stars. I want that clearly it can see a same projection with some daylight. That is to say a lot of the entity when there is little ones concealed put to bed among 7 and 8.
5 / 5 Federico
Very cute, soecial, sensual, romantic... Include All this. Bought to attach more colour and textured ignites isolates. Some beaks im publish is the on the way blue stars but my camera is brightening a picture and doing them look more lived that blue. Pros: Sper Cheap, well. My man the FLIGHT. Creature in a half of a night in reset a timer. Thats My main complaint... NECESSITY To be in the timer? Also, it is the small flimsy. An external dome doesnt click firmly in a light. But and of the that uses he in all the case. I maintain to go it to project some stars. Oh...Another with, his no quite strong to look if a big light is on.
5 / 5 Mariette
Mina 9 old year there has been accidents to ignite sleep of insect with and mine 2 Old year saw it recently. It wants stars in his room as I have taken this and he are the road more than impressing that his insect of star of the sisters! Big Six was the jealous bit but has seen a look of amour in his eye therefore awesome light of star. So much, I have ordered one without saying him. It IS enamoured with sound!!

Likes him more than forming that has covers it. I have used so stacks in or another light to star concealed has not had an option to limit in. This one has the option of stack also, but maintaining he in the fixed place with a outlet afterwards is very better for us.

The value this note that my first sending has comprised an adapter for a usb in a outlet of wall. My second order of a no. Of the exact same element there has Been one extra a manually so that it was not the enormous or worthy road to return, but much more turbulent had required goes compraventa unit
5 / 5 Hettie
It take this on the way timely product, but while the has not listened well, so initially gone through big some instructions. Once those have been found, then thought has not had a cord and has informed a problem in Amazon so that the could not imagine was likes him email a company. In an hour, spent a cord among some pillows of sofa and tried to notify Amazon that a failure was mine like the company would not take the mark against the. Nevertheless, I have found an email of a company this morning and was help very have with a subject and has said to publish the cord in me. I have answered that it find it a cord and excusado for an unnecessarily created chaos. They have answered that would do the present of a cord. It opens, in a product: I want to it! I have bought in fact he for my cat that is so enamoured of some lights of tree of the Christmas that has thinks that that this would be something would like me, and of marks. That the has not counted on is in the to how much would like me to him the mine is very soothing. Has the new creature in a familiar and the month or only was quite old to appreciate this, as I plan to take him or also. Good product, good action, good company in order of.
5 / 5 Marianna
In the principle has bought this for mine 4 threads of years the Saturday and taken in an evening of Sunday. With the use of several days , has resulted all some the familiar members want to it.
In the first place, has faces very cute. Quan Moving around, is like the cute and curious boy is affronting to look in a heaven.
Segundo, creates to listen of peaceful heaven, aiding little or sleeps hurriedly: now,nightly, the threads is my falls to sleep very well in 5 minutes when that turns this light by prejudices he on in his room. In an anterior, has to is spent the moment to assist him to sleep.
Third, full fact of romantic atmosphere in a room when projecting he in the ceiling of the room with lights coloreadas on. Quan My woman and I stay in a bed, would like us gone back this light and the movement left around to enjoy this mystery and romantic feeling.

Would suggest that if a producer can have the option of the musician associated with this light, faiths this perfect product. In general, I date this level of prize of a product, well merit 5 stars.

Has attached only two pictures to give you the feeling of the same awesome produced.

Top Customer Reviews: Happkid Baby Crib ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Troy
Mina almost amours of 16 months this light. I have thought quite buying the soother when had the problem those falls slept in some nights but then have doubt if this has very be to do for a purpose has feigned. Oh Well... It looks fresco at night with all some images projected in a ceiling - has to turn all some lights have been to see this effect) my daughter is fascinated with them but I have not seen his asleep fall with him even so. Also the would not leave this thing in his cradle. But it enjoys to touch with him during a day. They which presses some buttons she to take a musician, and when when being a sound of waters said of the water. As I guess it was not the compraventa bad at the end.
4 / 5 Denita
Strong For boys and quite brilliant for sleep lullaby.

An only critic has is that a light projected and the pictures are a lot of to dull. I know my camera of poor telephone, but still with normal view of 20/20 vision, can any launch picture. There is also strong mechanical noise of a moving train all immediately also.

- Shining And pint in a source
- strong musician (adjustable)
- cup of smooth rotation

- poor projection, image and colour (video of views)
- the mechanic that noise of clicks
5 / 5 Katheryn
Cute little rotating toy. A first control of thing, when has taken a toy , was a light in a cup, is smooth. Any one strong will not hurt ur eye when or look in. An upper rotates and a bit trace of arm and tomb. Calm cute when looking in him. There is option of musician and sea his wave. There is the clear road and road of musician more the 5 min timer or 15. Or only it leave the on. In general in my boy of creature him he so that it is the part more than entity ;)
3 / 5 Eura
Some beginning of toy out of adding, but after enough 3-4 days, begins jerking in planting to turn how doing bad. The stack was also fatality afterwards only two weeks. A partner there has been this same toy in the trace and our threads wants touch with him when visit. The add his laws... Ours very so much!
1 / 5 Natasha
This toy disappointed me so that hardly it can see some pictures, is too clear (dull). I have read to revise it which has declared concealed but still decided for the buy. Wrong decision
5 / 5 Pearl
I want this toy of cradle of the creature, maintains my busy creature in of the embeds and poses my creature to sleep. It wants to look some pictures that project in a ceiling. I am by train of the give 5/5!
4 / 5 Chaya
Has data five stars if he very automatically gone back of the each 15 minutes )0;
5 / 5 Gricelda
Adorable !!! My granddaughter the FLIGHT
5 / 5 Winston
Sper Cute toy. My creature has wanted to it.
1 / 5 Tarra
In Any one goes likes him any one has sufficient light to project

Top Customer Reviews: Tiny Love Meadow ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Yevette
I want a box of musician of this product and a global cuteness of him. Even so a creation is the small to disappoint. 1) An angle of a mobile is something has not seen never before that in the mobile. This cause some animals to turn to fall suddenly and done the clicking noise. 2) An engine for a mobile is stronger concealed expected
3) does not return a cradle so amiably like one this has had with my anterior boys. A backside has the piece of big place that any access through some slats besides cradles and has any ledge in some upper these hooks in a cradle. So unless bands a thing on a lot sper closely, can down slide a slat of a cradle
4 / 5 Charise
Wonderful mobile but like other descriptions have said had a troubling click while some animals would turn and was disruptive. I have read in another description that a person has used yarn to prevents a click as I have tried this and now a mobile am adds! (Beak of voice for where to join a yarn.) Has attaches in the cradle but in slope in the bassinet inner a moment in of the hopes that helps when convert me my creature in a punctual cradle. I want a variety and of the numbers of different songs and a fact these touches for 40 mins directly. It IS the slightly tinny sound but no so bad like other toys of creature of the musician, but also very also like some another that Einstein is a toy of small Creature of musician. In general I am very happy with this mobile and my looks of creature to want the also!
5 / 5 Angele
I have ordered 2 other mobiles and is returned in front of finding easterly a - and is so happy has done. It IS VERY CUTE and all some different tunes, clear, and like a movement of animals maintains my creature entertained by the good hour - that it is priceless for the mamma these necessities to take the shower, takes some dirty clothes that goes, the cook/eats something hurriedly... You know that I bad. We have done also this part of time of bed; after his bath of evening, can him while touching some slower tunes and he associate a musician with time of bed, soothe him and relaxes.
Note: it follows instructions of assembly in a T. I go me afanyar in screwing one covers green in a mobile part before attaching he in a base and he would fall was and the thought was defective... You have to I scrape one covers the green AFTER a mobile is safely attached in a base (likes show of instructions).
4 / 5 Shila
Our creature absolutely wants to this mobile. Some songs are well, wants a creation of a volume, pot, and buttons of song, and some animals maintain the attention of our creature. My only complaint is that a course to turn any click well in an arm. I have verified some instructions to do sure he properly, but still does not look for the likes was a lot. It have to it listened it he in my instinct so that final to fall in 3 old month expensive. Felizmente Some animals are soft and a thing is clear, but still pissed me was that my creature cried of the defective part. Later, a company routed out of the message that says had some class to look in suffocation, and is guessing is so that these falls of piece in a cradle with a creature and can inhibit breathe falls in a wrong place.

In all the case, duct the tape fixed the. It have given he less than four stars because of any defective breakings, but my threads seriously wants this thing. It was probably one of our compraventa of better creature.
1 / 5 Efren
Very unbalanced. First of all, this was to announce with the light in a cup. The mine does not have any light in an upper while you can see in my video. An afterwards two things are some sounds of an engine as well as a sound of some animal when visits around. I any one read that this was a subject in any another revises so that I ask me if the mine is defective. I go to try to achieve has been in a shower to see yes can issue leaves it to me of substitution for an upper these transfers. Perhaps they can me roads or with a real light in an upper and or concealed is not so noisy. I will update my description of them marks.
Update: the amazon has been wonderful. I routed the backside for the substitution and has honoured a prize has bought he for the most paid by one 1 day those ships ALAS some manufacturers/of vendor are deceiving so that, again, does not have very light in some upper and aimed in his photos and other descriptions. Neither I can comprise like a clicking noise when some animal rotate is not disruptive in sleepy creatures. I am not that it returns this again so that it is so of the Hassel and Im law with my threads of 3 months in the sleep is his cradle for time of turnip. I am expecting having something to look in when awake above helps to enjoy him his cradle and perhaps has calms awake time. It IS cute and wants to one issues attaches in a cradle but please does not announce a thing and sell something more.
5 / 5 Garrett
The threads the flight. You can delete a clicking noise to attach some yarn of coverage in a base of the each section where a movement of animals. Otherwise A click is the small to problem.
5 / 5 Keenan
I have bought of it is a so that (1) was unisex (2) has the variety of generates of musician and (3) some animal things were cute. It IS quite easy the total and attach in a cradle. Quan My creature is come house , hardly gives it the gaze. Even so, the little the mark of weeks, was like the whole new thing in his... As if we only attach in place of him when being the permanent fixture in his cradle for weeks...

To be fair, is born untimely and is likely can not see that far. I am not sure in a part of musician even so so that I know the sound listens was very but still does not give it any attention.

Opens That it give is there, is one the majority of awesome thing in his. It is in poster quite 40 minutes or so many and require to do something, pose his in his cradle and the turn on. Some the only times do not do to entertain his is if the visit was or is too hungry the preoccupy . Oh, And you can do a cycle the time; it abhors and uneasily easily.

I marvel when his fascination with him will begin to spend was!
5 / 5 Lanette
More. I also the mobile support bought of Korea as I can spend around and can look of his change, bouncer and in a mat of game.
1 / 5 Daren
I have read some good and bad descriptions before purchasing this and has wanted to to give it shot it. Among a clave and once at the end took it all has posed together, has attached the in the daughters is my cradle .
1) Only a bit of the circle in a base illuminates and is not even that brilliant. Which are well and bad, well so that it was not that it shines for a creature concealed has obviously trying goes to sleep, but bad so that it can you any one same see it when a room is dark! I have expected some animals the illuminate. Nope.
2) With a road that this mobile hangs, a bit idiot 2 has sustained the animals weigh each which as another record while what visits recently clicking noises. Has the machine of white noise on by prejudices the the time in the daughters is my room and calm still could listen a clicking goes. Troubling.
3) is not that easy to pose joint. My husband has had to to take nose of pliers of needle to line down a cup of a just mobile to attach some animals in him.
4) honestly only save your time and maintain to look for the different mobile. You will be disappointed yes purchases this unit
5 / 5 Tracie
It IS very hesitant to purchase after reading some descriptions enough listens it too strong, too brilliant and take the total. But I am so happy has done !!! It IS easy to pose together, has taken enough a minute. A volume goes sper down, or quite strong. Very easy to imagine was so to use, has not used some instructions for any part of him. Mina 4 old month adores this mobile and honestly gave me a lot of pause so that I can take other things have done!! A lot of different type of musician, of lullabies in classics in character and heartbeat sounds. There is the small noise when some characters kinda said while rotating , but is hardly anything to be preoccupied quite and very troubling a creature a bit so he no big me. You grieve anything at all. I am so happy trusted my instincts and has data this shot it. It IS sper cute and useful and was able to use for the years since can take a mobile part was and has a part of music was able to spend around and game with. It IS it took it included the small cape like his easy for his to spend when is main !!