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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Has three boys and I have done his own lunch every time. When Seeing this product I honradamente has assumed was 'gimmicky' and any value a hassle. This in spite of, was pleasantly surprised in what time this saved. I have used to neither bake , steam or boil a veggies and then can take a whole step with this car. And with three girls - concealed is immensely useful. Any gimmicky at all. Totally useful.

Can prep a lunch, the program and the WALK WERE. He steams and then automatically begins the blend (he selects that option). It sees video I posted can be prepping another dinner of the girls / eaten and the lunch of a creature is cooking simultaneously.

QUALIFIED: it can resist until 3 cups. But - I expósito that each batch can fill a gel whole-slowly of cube if these helps give you perspective.
TECHNOLOGY: Some characteristics and CONCENTRATED backlit the characteristic is well. Very intuitive and easy to imagine was.
CLEANSING: Some start of the pieces and they were has washed easily. I washed him manually reason have wanted to loved/ it to it the place was faster.

Are docking a star so only reason a lid stained instantly with pears and just carrots. The book has washed the interior according to partorisca finalise but can any taken was.

Used it three times more than then revising originally and loves the even more.


I desire could press a blend key and emission. (And it does not have to that it resists down.) Any one the subject enormous but he would be good in of the future models.
Like the habit - when you resist down a calm blender typically situates yours another delivery up for stabilisation. This in spite of, with which have used an a short steam is HOT. Like this ossia the hard habit to break .
A lid is quite hard to leave. It likes - a prime minister of small time was REALLY HARD to leave. It has taken easier after the little time.
Stains of lid easily.
5 / 5
Has bought a Creature Brezza Creature of Glass Alimentary Manufacturer - Steamer and Blender - Bowl of Glass – 4 Capacity of the cup so only done 2 month. They are the working mother of 3 boys down 3. My daughters of the twins of 7 months are eating the solid lunch and I have invested in a breeze of the creature while he my easier life in prepping marries eaten of the creature done. They are like this dissapointed that has has used so only a product less than 10 times and already a plastic part has attached to a leaf has been broken and the piece is start . Besides it has the chip and missing piece of glass in a spout of a bowl of glass is looked suddenly. I have done in fact the big quantity of lunch of creature and has had to launch was all of him because I have not known has had pieces of the free glass that floating in a prepped eaten. These produced is not economic and am disturbed that it already is falling averts it.
4 / 5
In the first place is of entity to remark ossia generally the element of luxury. You can fulfil virtually a just same thing steaming and using to blender of normal cookery. It saves time, or free on time, reason can press a key of the steam and he then goes to do other things. This be say and that has read some other descriptions there is some of entities info to consider.

Some times of booklet are MANAGERS , will require to adapt and use some common sense. That The booklet has said the apples of steam 15min but find 25min looks to fulfil a level of steaming investigation. It touches out of an extra water and then blend him. Secondly Knots blend some apples twice to achieve a consistency has wished. Like several descriptions have mentioned the suns blending the small leaves chunks, at all big but so only a lot fully blended. To fix this calm simply blend his by other 30 seconds. As follows a book but yes calm the want more steamed then dipped a time a big plus, if I want it more blended then blend he some more. It is quite simple to learn and regulate to a result of final is looking for.

Is easier that clean that your blender rule. Some leaves, while acute, is easy to clean without stabbing you. Some feet of the cup of the suction is really good to maintain situate while blending. A half comes to avert so that it is easy to do sure is has cleaned fully.

A tank of water takes hot, calm quite hot can not manage with coffins hands for the fast transmission. But considering is boiling water to do steam and increases of the heat and waters is quite conductive goes to be a natural occurrence . To good sure does not love of the boys in a counter around the while it is doing like the glass takes quite warm also (again, the steam is hot how is to be expected). The future models can wants to consider the tank more like this a Keurig manufacturers of caffè, where a heat does not locate directly to a tank he.

In general is generally happy with him, and is good to dip and the walk was and do other things.
4 / 5
Adore our Creature Brezza Formula Pro, as when we have loved to buy the costruttore of creature feeds this was ours first election . This in spite of, have had a subject same a lot another has experienced with metallic and black flakes in ours purees! This is to spend one very first time our creature the costruttore feeds has been used. They are like this disappointed and will be to return immediately.
4 / 5
Was so much, as excited in this creature alimentary manufacturer. Has has had to that the sell hard to my husband, the one who has has wanted to something simpler with the small plus pricetag, but he finally relented. Of course, I am eating to plot of the raven right now.

Can dip politely, but you. This. What. Swipes. No really, he in fact swipes, or to be more precise, filter of a fund. A lot. You love sauce of apple of the mark? Calm also will take juice of apple in yours contadora. Butternut Squash. Yellow oozing liquid. You can guess the look when you try to do green Hebrews.

Taking avert and reassembled, everything according to a manual of instruction, without regime.

If so only this was an only question . When A container of glass is wash, neither manually or by means of a dishwasher (and before you ask, is marketed so that he sure dishwasher), the soiled water that takes trapped among a fund of a glass and a plastic base of a container. These two pieces can not be separated to clean, and can not take a muck was. Also, more disconcerting, does not have any clue where this muck is coming from. While this water is there, obviously will not use a product he so that has any way to say takes to a lunch.

Has achieved was to Brezza Service of the almost done client the month and has been said to resupply the cast of some parts of substitution have required as well as the picture of a lot of number, which have done. Crickets. Any so only took it any one some parts of substitution, person of Brezza has followed even on with me of then.

Another value of things that comment:

A blender takes a glass a lot, a lot of heat to a point that you neither has to that expect several minutes with which is finalised to take of a car or use the headline of pot to manage.

A steamer never fully steams in a first cycle. In place of steaming in the five minutes likes him announced, usually takes more than prójimo to dec. In general any the big shot, but means that it calms can not use a esequipo and blend' function.

A leaf is supposed to go down to a container when blending, but a lot always does like this. This means that blending is not compatible. It is in plot (and bad to plot) of jostling and scraping to take all blended and exit a chunks.

Generally, is so only the bad product drawn and has gathered. Unfortunately, for some time begins to use the, a window of turn partorisca to the amazon there has been has expired already. Material so only the go to suck on, accepts that this was the total bust and waste of $ 100, and take the Ball. As there is disappointed.
4 / 5
Was very excited in this product because I want to do my creature feeds I. Unfortunately it is such an expensive car and disappointed me in of the so many ways: A first car there is prendido to do after so only 2 uses. He beep and swimming. I have called a company to take the substitution thanks to a 1 guarantee of year. After several calls and of the emails, finally send me another car. An attention of them was good but very slow. Some second looks of car to be that it does well, state using he for 2 weeks now without the question and I expect continuous that way. This in spite of, am not happy with this product reason:
1. It is supposition to be the friendly dishwasher but has so many moving parts that accrues suds and material and water with which washed. As it is not never súper cleaned. The material always takes stuck among a glass and an external plastic of a vase.
2. A reservoir of the water is not easy to clean. I seat in timing it will resist mould.
3. A blender any one the work adds. A puree is not never smooth, although it press a blend key extra time. My creature hates a texture in him. It could be much more late, but my creature so only begun with purees and love smooth purees.
Conclusion: it was better was with steamer of mine in a cup of stove and to hand-held blender. Easier That wash and better results was although it was the process of two no . You save of the money. It would be returned this car yes could. But I bought it before my creature is born and could does not return anymore.
4 / 5
Has purchased this element in November. It has not been the year still and a car there is prendido to do. A blender there is prendido to turn. I have had to contact service of disguise in this @@subject and have them substitute a whole car. A bit those that weeks previously to this accident, has has had to that also service of the contact of client to have them substitutes a half piece with some leaves. A way is drawn, this piece especially is extremely difficult to wash. Also it takes to dull a lot quickly, with which a prime minister 2-3 uses, has turned the dark orange and the alimentary particles were hard to the thicket was. His service of client are add, with substituting the elements but can not answer any questions in of the considerations the pertinent cure. I also found that it was such the hassle to have that takes to avert all some the different pieces the washed has been once done the using.
5 / 5
The alimentary particles take stuck down glass the one who looks a lot unsanitary mine. Otherwise A product extracted awesome and has loved using he- I are so only apprehensive of the use of then can very effectively the cleaned. Have emailed Creature Brezza two times and any one have received the response. I will be to return. Some pictures are after him simply rids to wash in a tank. Some particles are under a fund of glass.
5 / 5
A product is easy to use this in spite of some smells of tank of the water to the equal that resumes pharmaceutical / plastic . I have thought after washing a product, a smell would go was but he no . The cooked and blended carrots and then the potatoes and a water still have odorato . The service of client was very useful and offered to send the new an out of mine if a smell has not been was after trying clean again with vinegar and of the water . This in spite of , before it could try that there is remarked that a leaf has had metal a lot well the shavings that exited of him!!!! These pieces of the probably finalised metal in some alimentary and to good sure would have fallen off finally reason I slightly brushed on with the cloth and is exited! Felizmente My creature has had so only some bites of some carrots, but still scary to think these shavings of the probably finalised metal in a lunch . I plan on returning a product and taking my money behind . Some photos show resupplied some zones of a leaf that has had shavings exiting . Had uneven kinks in a leaf (circled) where some pieces am exited.
4 / 5
Has had has purchased previously a Delux version and in spite of a plastic container, use a heck out of him and really liked the. So much, when after the year of heavy use has broken finally, has think that a version of the container of the Glass was a upgrade. It was sure knots would love it to knots. A Glass, as compared to a Delux, has has had to that fact leaves more acute a lot of. This was an improvement , but a container of the glass there has been the a lot of wobbly uncomfortable access with a lid, and also a whole thing was a lot of wobbly and no quite returning to a base - would return it and feel likes is not quite seating well. Included when it was, always was behaving like an access has not gone really sure and pertinent. It was to like you it has manufactured some base in a factory and a container and lid in another, and any one has annoyed to see like the together returns. In all the chance, thinks because of this bad access, some connection has taken broken, because inner 20 days to purchase a steamer there is prendido steaming. A unit can be turned on and accounts down like this doing, but any steaming is spending. Shame. I will consider to buy a Delux again yes accuse my repayment properly.

Top Customer Reviews: Baby Food Maker | ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
They are like this happy has decided to take this product in a ball of creature. It is like this easy to clean and directed. Also it does partorisca do lunch of creature really fun! I want that he beeps when finalised so much can multitask while a lunch is steaming. Such the cost adds and recommend to all the mammas that eaten of creature!
5 / 5
Like this in a ploughing of a box was the little anxious. These looks of device partorisca be sold under several frames and like this difficult to take the real description of or same boss in a date of emission/of version of exact/product.
Has taken even more anxious when I powered the on and has seen an error other descriptions have spoken roughly : E1, has begun then a sterilize cycle and expected for something to spend for 4 long minutes...
Well My doubts have been relieved, has done perfectly well! A E1 the error is simply always aiming when a bowl is not attached properly to a base and a sterilize the cycle has required the water of full prime minister for gone trough.
Of then was the new mark has odorato the little plastic smell in a very first course but has escaped with the second sterilize cycle.
Doing courgette puree is was the breeze, any calm included has to that be in front of him while a mixer done a puree right to a good texture.
Looking forward to tries another vegetable and same mixes and full lunches...

-- A good to know --
- need the sterilize first cycle of the each career, at least I , and ossia 10 min, the cookery of base is 15 min, 20 with flesh then the the pocolos small to mix. In general you would owe that have 45 min to an hour of use for batch, felizmente steps less than 15 min in front of him
- A lid of bowl has the tendency to open for behind the little while it ensures an all the thing to a base, attention of paralización precise otherwise can see the steam that is exited
- has the characteristic of more cleaned but frankly rinsing a thing down running water a work a fast plus
- can You basically steam a quite sized courgette the time to give you an idea of a measure of basket, but he seams to be able to mix two times this volume (has not tried the this in spite of)
- Meant to prepare some lunches of a day, no more

will update on longevity, used it so only once for now
4 / 5
has taken he out of a box and has used an on-line manual like the reference. It was extremely easy to use.

-Has loved that it could sterilize he first my first use.
-Has WANTED TO the one who big a tank of water is. I have not had any question that takes my hand-held interior for the clean interior and fully dry he and I do not anticipate that they have to that treat any subjects of mussel.
-Does not take on a lot of space like this easily can store he in my small cookery.
- No too much lunch immediately but for me concealed is the no @@subject because of my small refrigerator.
I steamed a small potato with relieving after peeling and chopping and a processor feeds blended the to perfect smoothness.
I apple done also, cranberry, oatmeal and the other that expects the coming up with any one another combos.
-A self the clean function is more like this “self the rinse” but is not difficult to the wash was manually.

In short, looked for and reading descriptions for days that tries to solve in an of these and a @subject another was having with the competitors do not look to be applicable with Evla is. It does not feel like an addition my long cast of “mommy cry”. I am excited in fact to use it more due to the fact that easy is to use. A lunch of reusable creature pouches is the good plus also and appreciates some ideas of recipe in a web of place. Has the robotically time of on-line fast response also.
4 / 5
In the first place when I have signed on to do all my lunch of creatures, has not had any one has thought that that have taken to, until any one has mentioned the creature alimentary manufacturer. Afterwards it submerges on Amazon and researching roughly 10-15 costruttrici different, has decided to give Evla is the shot how is an only creature of 5 stars the costruttore estimated feeds on Amazon, and in fact recommended so that the election of the amazon.

Packaging - Very easy open, very easy setup, any extra disorder, any unnecessary packaging, quite sincere

Creation - At the beginning looked, a costruttore feeds is light and lustrous, is also small and add for travelling, my Keurig is roughly 3 times a measure of this therefore this element will be level in my counter of cookery.

Setup - Beautiful hands down, this in spite of BEDS The INSTRUCTIONS. They are directly to a point and will do yours yours life easy plus. Calm once imagine out of a way to take all dips together use , the future is the breeze .

Functionality - at the beginning ailing admit, has had the light dysfunction, but a response was well in some instructions, is not uploaded with atrocity info, and when it has taken an error E1 was reason has not closed a lid all a way, closed it, and of has used there a sterilize key to well, sterilize.

Uses daily - 6oz of water in a reservoir, 1' chopped veggies, dipped a cup has jointed, steam unexpectedly, choose any manual/of car blend and is done. Right after only paste a clean key and he a cleaner for you that is incredibly times to save.

Service of client - to sign up for a guarantee, raisin for Facebook which do not have , as I have achieved was. Shy surprised, has registered my device and sent a present to guarantee after going back mine inside only the few hours. Still it sends me the PDF with ideas of recipe of the creature and was awesome to do with.

Global experience - very happy has invested in this product, highly recommend for the mamma is concealed loves to stick to doing his lunch of own creature and included can require something concealed can be taken to the long of in some travesías familiarised or getaways. Everything is spent he in and is good to go!

Thank you Evla Is to resupply such awesome produced to maintain my creature that eats is :)
5 / 5
This creature the costruttore feeds is one the majority of aesthetic creature the costruttore feeds has possessed.
Previously to of the this, has had the Beaba how is lasted by means of 2 boys but was full of subject - a short has not ensured well (key of press clipped) and has filtered horribly. A reservoir of water in a Beaba was also almost impossible to clean, which is clearly any one a chance with this creature alimentary manufacturer.
This has been the horse of work ! Incredibly resilient and effective. It cooks an alimentary equally and quickly, does not filter , and is SÚPER easy to clean. An element of fold of rear heating like the warmest boot and ossia the saver of ENORMOUS time .

Some additional presents together with a creature the costruttore feeds is the total prize . My little one LOVES a stuffing bunny this is coming with a costruttore feed. This was the touch adds .
A metal VIP the paper of CLIENT was also the touch adds, so only an addition of plus to a character of quality of a product.
An alimentary pouches is resealable, easy to clean, and is the way adds and effective to pack an alimentary until using later.

In general, am very happy with this compraventa and highly would recommend it to any the one who is looking for the creature alimentary manufacturer.
5 / 5
Our third (and last boy) has turned so only 5 month and is beginning solid. Always it stores mine bought the lunch of creature of prime minister two. Has thinks that would try to do my own this round. You!... It has known no the one who easy this could be! I have done potatoes, bananas and lawyer less than 30 min start to finalise. I love this car! I have used a water of nutrient has left on steaming some potatoes to help his purée to the simple and smooth consistency. With some bananas, has used the little milk of heart because has thinks that that they can be the little fat consistency . And I have not used any additives for a lawyer. They are like this happy with this compraventa! I know EXACTLY that is going to the lunch of my creature. And, we are saving money 🥳. To good sure recommend!!
4 / 5
In a start, was bit it anxious roughly in the first place taking this product (so that knockoffs, marks that disappears, etc., Was here) and then beginning to use it. It does not look to like a lot, of a car is not very bulky and looks fragile. Calm once begin to use the, this in spite of, obtains your confidence. They are still he bit it apprehensive in a longevity of an inferior plastic cane that walks a blender, but he so that it went it far reasonably the free question. We are in blend number 30+ right now, without subjects. We are to spend different types of fruit (green of apples and red, pears with diverse level of rigidity, boss, banana), veggies (broccoli, carrot, potato, potato), and is so only missing flesh (planned for a next future). A result is almost always perfect, with exception of few smaller pieces that can remain it here and there. It is not the breaker to treat big for us any way, of some needs of creature to accept no-blended eaten finally in all the chance.

Some commentary of things a last month or like this of constant use:

- a tank of water is very small, especially yes fill on a cup with 2 apples; I need to constantly of change he. It could be the good idea to have a container of external water of classes, and already looked to like this to do this raisin.
- A tank of water will take discolored, any one imports the one who calm , although utilisations demineralized water. Our , at least.
- Cleaning the cycle is ... Quite unnecessary. It is much simpler to estaca only some elements of cup down running water and rinse him.
- During a blend cycle, especially a cup is fill on, a car will jump around the has bitten. We finalise to add tampons of foam and so only attaching it to a surface with the piece of the scotch tape. It looks to be that it resists reasonably a lot for now and frames less noise when blending.

After a month of use, certainly would recommend it to any parents that loves skip buying feed pouches all a time and save some money in a process. Our little one has transmission to homemade feed quickly and looks to enjoy unsweetened fruit and veggie blends more and more each day.
4 / 5
Are the first time mommy and my little a recently has taken a green light to start with that eats! I have loved to take to do my lunch of own creature reason in this way know exactly that goes to the lunch of your creature. Anyways, I my investigation, has looked video, has read descriptions and explored, to plot.

Has found this creature the costruttore feed and I have maintained to go back his until me finally committed to the east a. I owe that say... There is not disappointed!

Is súper easy to cruised. They are not a type of the person to the that likes read or included glaze in instructions, but there the web of place has like this to video in his products that is perfect! They are the simple person and master that there has no the million keys in a screen. Everything is quite self explanatory.

At the beginning, was having the question that accesses my guarantee. Inside a box, comes with the number the message Ruth in east is exactly the one who has done them. It has actuated my guarantee for me and has sent my free present. Súper Easy. (I usually never actuate guarantees because I am such the hassle, but no east a!)

I amour that has gone back mine inside a day and the request like the things has come together with mine costruttore feeds new. An only thing is, some natural dyes in of the fruits and veggies could be the little hard to exit. I have done carrots for a first time and I has had to wash a basket the time of pair and the leave drenching in of waters he soapy for one the majority of a discoloration to go was. But it concealed it is not the failure with a blender reason a carrot puree there is stained my spoons of creature also!

On everything, to good sure recommends. I know to choose the creature the costruttore feeds is hard and when being the first mamma of time is the little overwhelms it reason calms is not sure, but the other has ensured this well your money. To good sure are that it looks forward to that he the majority of the plot eaten of creature for my forward little a.
5 / 5
Asked if this would finalise to be it artilugio that has bought out of mamma guilt that it wants to all my alimentary edges and has not used never. This in spite of, is LIKE THIS SIMPLE. And I am intoxicated.

Easy to operate.
Easy to clean.
Petit, taking on cup of small space.

A lot especially this in spite of, his calms. Like this CALM! Included a blending the function is in a side a calm plus. Also, a beeps that indicates an end of the cycle is quite strong to leave know is finalising is listening but no quite strong that will annoy the little a napping afterwards.

An only with has is smaller. A clear and stain of white plastic pieces easily. Everything is easy to clean, but calm still will see some colour after doing peas, beetroot or potatoes. No the enormous shot, so only a bit annoying.
4 / 5
Are the grandmother the one who takes an organic box to produce rid weekly. I have loved the way to take some of him and lunch of mark for my local granddaughter. After the good quantity of investigation, has solved in a Evla and has not complained that decision for a moment.

Doing purees was easy. A timed steaming the yard bakes on potatoes, green Hebrews, squash, apples, pears, etc. (Sometimes required to steam the little of a fibrous plus veggies more than a time). With which steaming, there was usually a right quantity of water in a fund of a pureeing container so that all have has had to that it was to touch a steamed veggies or fruit in and press an automatic puree timer (again, has required sometimes to cycle he by means of two times to take a perfect, smooth puree).

Has any negative, is a need to add water to a rear reservoir after each pair of cycles. But it is extracted no big .

Considering cleansing, any generally uses the cycle of more cleaned of a car, of then is like this easy to clean he in a tank among uses.

Ours the net has moved now on to the solid lunch and I still use a steaming leaves of a Evla to do portions for his lunches. I so only a lot puree his

EXCEPTS: it loves these containers of squeeze for the fast bite and Evla has sent diverse reusable some with a unit. So much, now I puree combinations of fruits and veggies and dip a puree to a squishies (like my daughter the llama).

Highly recommended and a point of prize is significantly go down that a lot a plus-processors of the name of mark has recognised.

Top Customer Reviews: Baby Food Maker | ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are the mother of 2 and with mine 1st, has had a Beaba. At the same time, I thought that it that it was a better invention never- súper easy to use and sincere and saved so much time partorisca do lunch partorisca my little a. 2.5 years later, has been for solids partorisca begin with mine 2nd, so only partorisca find that it was questionable to use eat .5 diameter Of the hole where a water among, was almost impossible to clean, included with vinegar, as have has had to that the unfortunately the launch was. After reading descriptions, has found that was to suppose for the cleaned after 6-8 uses, which I didnt know until after a fact (true be said, I skimmed a manual of instruction).

Of then was in a phase for another alike product, has purchased to to this element likes him zone to dip a water was very big and easy to access when it has been ready to clean. With which to the long of the month into use, here is my thoughts-

1. Characteristic boot warmer- Want to that it folds up like the costruttore good and bottle warmer, this in spite of, takes the moment for him to cover- I quite the clave with my boat soul concealed has the dial- much faster

2. Facilitated of use- no easy or sincere- I has had to read a manual diligently to do sure has taken a lot - no a harder thing to imagine was, but calms he- has to that read a manual in east a sure, any skimming!

3. Quality- is state to add like this far, any complaint. It takes something of water in a reservoir quite quickly, but already was like this to clean this characteristic

4. Blending Noise- I comparison to a Beaba, his slightly stronger and he blends he with an option the blend more, with a Beaba has to that blend he you

5. Liquid surplus- with a Beaba, liked like this of a liquid of all a steam and the steam is remained in a fund of a basket because you can dip more than him in a basket if a puree is too fat, which this car can a lot of that, the bit of the with for me also although puree can be the little thickness and hard to swallow- I water added to do to a consistency prefers

6. Chicken and flesh- I likes that it can cook you flesh and raw chicken in this car- a beaba doesnt leave you to customise a time ot would take for the cook, like the pro for me

7. It measures- compact and resemblance to the Beaba , so pro for me!

8. The blender warns that a blender is slightly better with a Beaba, to ensure plums and a skin the fruits, like some apples, is entirely blended, transfers it to them my ninja blender- no an end of a world-wide but would be good to have better blender.

In general, taste and of him a work, as I will be to maintain the and would recommend it , especially with some enormous savings- the Beaba easily costs $ 150 without tax and nave. Good regime and expect this was useful!
4 / 5
Where was this car when it is resulted the mamma a first time around? I am shooting I in a foot for not taking the processor of creature feeds more collected. I have used the hand-held blender to do the alimentary back of my boy my old more a day. Well, they are the second mamma of time and would like me think are older and wiser now lol. Now I have the rambunctious 3 yr old and the 5 old months those who is a lot ready to start with solid. Ive Been struggling with timing when juggling 2 little some for me. A day, has seen an ad partorisca Grownsy on Facebook and decided to discover more on Amazon. With which some comparison and careful investigation, there is remarked that his prize is much more reasonable that other very known frames.

Has been using he partorisca to the long of the week now. And honradamente can say that I am pleased with him. A function of steam saved like this time. I simply cut on any I slowly to feed my creature, dipped he in a car and press a key of steam of the car. I give a has not been and more has to that do. In 15 minutes, goes back to feed steamed, blended and ready to do fault. No more guarding a stove; I am able the multitask. A whole process of prep to do fault has taken 30 minutes less. Any to mention is easy to clean. The the course under a tap and drench he with watering so much can go back his later that the clean. If you presoak taste , will take less than the minute to slightly thicket 3 parts (lid, leaf and cup) with a paintbrush partorisca bounce to take it sparkling cleaned. Have Still to try a sterilize characteristic as it can not speak his closing.

An only complaint has if they are nitpicking is that when blending bit and pieces kinda splatter out of some holes of small steam by means of a lid. I so only dipped the burp lines until solving a question to the equal that can spend for big that a small inconvenience. I have recommended already my fellow the one who is foreseen in January to add to his register!
5 / 5
Ossia A better and very easy to prepare lunch of creature . The operation is much simpler and easier with this awesome processor.
Preparing eaten of the creature is so only very simple with east a like this he automatically steams very alimentary and blends to fine paste.
Is so only like this saving of time ,less work and less cleaner also .
Does not have any a lot of the confusion to the equal that has simple and much less operating options and any needs to change a steamed eaten of a container to another concealed the a lot of easier fact.
Some starts to eat almost smooth ,but sometimes has had to use blending pair of option partorisca time more to take that extra smooth consistency.
Together of eight pouches is a lot handy when it wants to store that extra lunch or wants to spend some lunch in travesías.unla The spoon is well to mix on an alimentary and to verify a consistency while my creature so only has eaten with this spoon he .
Ossia So only a awesome the processor feeds that has done our like this happy lives and has been able to prepare alimentary quotas each like this and every time without any one maintains to feed warm this in spite of maintains it fresh .

A quality and the quantity of this processor is so only perfect and a pouches is of decent measure ,no too small or no enormous .
5 / 5
Ossia One of some better inventions never. They are the mamma of 2 the one who has done homemade lunch for both creatures. My prime minister was easy in disposal with feeding this in spite of in 6 will eat almost anything been due to an amazing variety and unprocessed the lunch has offered like the creature. But my boy of 7 month - I can not maintain up with him! It has had surgery of open heart in 5 month and has begun to devour solids never of then! It was really against these 'hyped alimentary processors' but am coming around to an idea of any in that has this EXTRA involved when doing lunches. I have bought this reason found supplementing with packaged eaten of creature so only to maintain up with a quantity has eaten.

This 400 ml the capacity is the transmission of game - I can do stirs immediately and freezing to cubes without extra endeavour.

Recommends that it follows one drives to cook in a booklet comes with - some lunches require enough that one 15 min timer of car. But I do I literally with butternut squash and Hebrew sees tonight. I tossed the bit of both veggies in here and beginning paste while preparing a rest of knots. Turn to the warm, ready-to-do lacking puree! I am enamoured. I have not used a warmer boat still or a sterilize the characteristic but is súper easy to clean. I love a wide mouth that the frames that cleaned and scraping easier. My only complaint is a spatula comes with this silicone as it does not scrape an alimentary was a lot. Ossia The winner for busy mammas!
4 / 5
Be hard to choose that creature alimentary processor to buy. I have chosen it is a reason some good descriptions. This in spite of is difficult to say which some are genuine. A vendor offers the present partorisca posting the positive critique. So much they are them posting mine to help another the majority of decision has informed.
Is a lot last to clean this device. In some pictures can see alimentary and waters it that it takes inside a fact of bad boss. When A cookery is done and that mixes the function begins to feed splashes around by means of a ploughing in a lid. It feeds to take to a steamer that opens also. Taking stuck in a rubbery focus. To clean it will have to that rinse and thicket he that is potentially dangerous reason manage a whole device. It waters it it can take to some parts where waters is not supposed to be on. (Like Bosses in some subordinated)
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have ordered this alimentary processor to prepare lunch of creature to the equal that thinks to do lunch of creature in home is more economic and more is that that buys a class has accused. They are very impressed for one fines-functionality of this little device. He everything! He steams a lunch, mixes it, and blends he in a goes. All have to that do is to press an automatic key. I save to plot of time and any extra. Also it maintains an alimentary warm if a creature is not on the dot to eat immediately. Really it likes that it heats to milk so that it is a less produced has to that buy! Cleanup Is the breeze and a processor has it sterilizing that is really of entity to ensure a health and security of your creature. As my creature is growing has begun to experience with the different textures and I have been using some different mixing ways. If I do not want to use an automatic mixing the function can choose two different mixing ways in a screen to touch of a processor to manually blend an alimentary to mine in pleasant. Ossia The add, produced of quality. It is very versatile, quickly, easy to clean, and will save you money and time. Highly it recommends this product to all the parents.
5 / 5
Has taken this to substitute the creature the costruttore feeds has had to has broken. It was two times a prize and is lasted the few months. They are like this happy has been with this more economic option how is in fact much easier to use and so more. This requires less any as any scrolling is required of steaming and blending. Because of that has also less clean up without the lid or the extra basket have required. I have had to use a blend key the little time to take my consistency has preferred. Has has had to that also do sure to use the kill down reason he slides enough the bit when using a blender but otherwise, really is value for money with all his different characteristics. Really it is one everything in a concealed can be used of boy to toddler phase. Still it comes with reusable extra pouches and the spoon to mix.
5 / 5
Buy this reason my sister has begun weaning his little a, feels can give the good description, sincere. When it has seen this has taken like this excited but sceptic in his perfomance. But it is not disappointed & is perfect.  It is easy to clean & any complicated to use. It is the mamma has occupied & not having long to prepare for the alimentary creature but this does his like this easy life, for just pressing an automatic key, this car can complete a steaming & mixing work for his. And also a measure of the product is not weighed too much, is good and small. Which are adds for sound. It is short on counter spatial and space of storage. So much to touch a fact that is in a side a small plus according to which the appliances goes is the enormous plus. A leaf is very acute, can grind any lunch, flesh, vegetables & of fruits. Also it comes with 8 reusable lunch pouches to store lunch of extra creature. It can not say quite honradamente. So only it loves this pocola what. Doing his lunch of the own creature is not so only economic but more is for his creature. It has said to good sure would recommend this product.
5 / 5
Has researched alimentary processors for countless hours before I finally decided is one. A lot they have had some ghastly descriptions but there is then expósito is one. There have it hardly anything negative said and comprise reason. The mine has come has gathered fully. Has has had to that the so only take avert and the washed, which was súper easy. I have read by means of a manual and there is remarked that there is the totally poured page in a quantity partorisca time precise to the steam for the concrete lunch is going to purée (i.et Bananas 10 minutes). It awesome Is concealed? The a lot of products would do you supposition and hope for some better. It resists the really good quantity to feed also. I can not say quite a lot of good things in of the this. I need this!

Update: After the months of the pair to use is, finally have a complaint. I wish a company there has been different leaves that could change was. A one this comes with a blender is sum , but the find hard to blend some things this in spite of there is chunks in some purées. I finalise that it has to that blender of mine of the use to break a chunks.
5 / 5
Has used the alike system when it has taken mine daugther a difference is that it was so only a blender! Ossia The together integer that totally complete an idea the creatures of transition the solid lunch! I love an idea and now that my grandson has begun to eat the solids have decided to take this for my sister in law, are by train to teach like this to do a lunch of creature and of then I gifted lucido this creature the costruttore feeds could not be more thabkful and happy, is like this easy to use, the the amour to the equal that can mix some ingredients cook then so only blend his, is quite easy to clean and in general save long vs doing a regular cookery in the casserole and blending in the blender of full measure! It is also well it can the to you use so only for a lunch of creature and the maintain appart of all the world-wide elses lunch!

Top Customer Reviews: Nuby Garden Fresh ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Amur Of the amour loves this thing!! The alternative sum to a processor feeds expensive and included better how is small and mobile. I mash on enough everything in here.
5 / 5
This neighbour is like this handy to have and am like this happy purchased it! A place has received is yellow and green, and some first time have used was the mash on a lawyer, which he almost easily, much faster that that uses the fork. Some focus of lid sper tight, but is not impossible of the take is gone in the pinch, and to to my daughter really likes them a spoon that comes with him! I used it the mash on a lot of things of then, and has been adds! A better part is that easy cleaned was, I hand washes all so that it is sper of entity of mine, am very happy with my compraventa of of the this!
5 / 5
A bowl has a striations in a side that help it softened out of pieces and of the swipes of your lunch of creature. It comes with the masher which are add partorisca mashing these potatoes and peas. A better thing is a spoon this in spite of. Has the good curve and roundness that smoothly slips out of the mouth of your creature without cutting his gums.
5 / 5
Our bowl of prime minister feeds. It is orderly and useful. The utilisation the puree fruits and veggies after boiling them (excepts banana). Baby has answered well. That The rice has tried also. The work cooks a good rice. Of the that Use the thicket while washing, taking lined. Prolly Goes without saying but he for deception
5 / 5
I have had this product partorisca the year, partorisca personal use, before buying a for my niece. It seals perfectly partorisca liquid. I any free is form in a microwave or with hot liquids. Cleaned easy, and does not take stained or take the smell of funky. Really they have to so only stage these partorisca adults also!
5 / 5
Amazing to do lunch of creature and then some! The majority partorisca eat a lot they was requires additional liquids partorisca take to the soft consistency. It likes- one ease of use and cleaner. You can control the one who mashed loves a consistency to be in this way. My images describe steamed kale which I mushed on using any liquid. You can achieve some the same results with others see leafy, likes spinach, etc. If I have tried this in the alimentary processor or car of the creature of costruttore feeds would have to that add some liquids of the take to this point. Any to mention, a cleanup ossia to be expected to use such the tool would be enormous compared to the this bowl and masher has dipped.
4 / 5
It have given all 5 stars but I have thought this conjoint wine with the containers of pair and spoons. But it is so only a bowl with lid and masher. Still it wants to this ! It IS exactly that has looked for a bowl has the boss and any mark and sliding background pure mashing so easier then think. The desire avenges with the little more bowls and spoons. It can it does not believe it it was so only for a low price. Much more that has paid !
5 / 5
Ossia A better mash-the feeder has tried! We use it to us almost daily for fruits and soft-boiled veggies for our 8 old month. A boss in a smasher is comfortable, and a boss in a bowl resupplies the support has required a lot. A bowl has the grip of silicone in a subordinated to prevent he of sliding around while you are by train for the use. A spoon has comprised is angled perfectly for the small mouths and a lid is the handy addition wants to take an alimentary to go.
5 / 5
Good works for soft and soft fruits and veggies. I have tried he with banana, lawyer, and the cooked apples and they have resulted utmost. It has not done I so that it adds for cooked carrots, peas, and Hebrew see - perhaps yours the creature can eat chunkier consistency then laws with these veggies. In general it likes, and also it likes that it avenges with of the lid and the spoon.
5 / 5
As well as where beginning? I do not write never of the descriptions, and buy the mine % of the things requires on Amazon, and been the member of then 15+ years. This thing is magic saver , spatial , and a lot practical. Has an eight old month, and begins solid in six months. It can calm to say you has used so only my vitamix an or two times before it has given this tries it, and never looked behind. If it is lawyer , banana or paste, I just mash and feed and eats it. In the neighbourhood of a time, anything I mark partorisca my boy my old plus, so only will be mashed with east and fed to a creature. You look!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: BEABA Babycook Solo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Súper bummed In this Babyfood manufacturer. At the beginning it was excited like this partorisca be doing eaten with him, but with which three uses, has discovered a reservoir partorisca water turned green and when I have shined my interior of torch there is remarked has had mould in increasing. It would be necessary has drawn it like this had the separate measuring cup partorisca water (averts of a blender). When Cooking multiple veggies/fruits that requires water of time of levels/of different cookery, has to cook them for separate. Like this among different lunches, when your refilling a reservoir of water, neither has to that thicket a blender and exchanges a water, or yes accidentally could fill up without the cleaned, is touching water that has alimentary particles in him to a reservoir of water. It is so only the bad creation. It feeds to take to a portion of water. I am not sure if the green mine turned because of that or if a steam of a veggies takes to a reservoir of water. Any bacteria of way grows and concealed is not well.
4 / 5
In a start was very happy with a product, a concept was a lot of until there is @@give an edifice to start with of imposición of mussel of water. We follow a costruttore that clean instructions but has not done. It would be to add could achieve and clean a imposición this in spite of ossia technically impossible.
Does not squander your money in this product, unless I want to cook your alimentary creature that use the molded tank of water.
4 / 5
Was able to properly uses for 1 month, of then can does not use at all reason, although I have been cleaning he with white vinegar once the week (which is the ache ), everytime uses for more than two cycles in the row, a water is brown/yellowish of all some stairs concealed is built.
Today I a descale indictment again, and in a third round of just water, the stairs has been built on again.
Expansionary And totally any value he.
4 / 5
Amur Of the amour of the amour loves this car! The desire would have taken a double sided version to be able to cook more the time. Cookery a lot little the time but is otherwise the car adds. I store a babyfood in a Infantino disposable pouches with which.
4 / 5
Has ordered a Beaba Cooks of Steam to use for my main mother the one who needs his feed pureed. I love a concept to be able to steam more than microwave and then the blend with a same unit. My subject only with a Beaba is that some cracks of bowl. They are in my THIRD bowl and has had so only a unit for the few months. We use it to us 3 times to the day likes to take the good workout.
Has ordered so only a Brezza with a bowl of glass. I am expecting a Brezza is like this well in steaming and blending like Beaba. Desire Beaba has had an option of having the bowl of glass more than a plastic. (Or that is not never)
will go back and left all know like this compares.
4 / 5
Would owe that it has listened to my husband.... I said a lot to buy this and to use our ninja chopper. I have convinced otherwise.

Pros: It can steam.

Gilipollas: It can so only steam small quantity, for this doing time to eat to do multiple batches.
There is so only 1 level “of leaf”; trying eat of the purée was the ache . If too much lunch has been added, he a lot of purée. Our ninja chopper has 2 levels of leaf and purées like the field. I can do to plot of lunch of creature less than time.
Has black material in a reservoir of water. I suppose that it is burned water ? That The internet has said to descale. I have it quell'has used so only this costruttore of creature feeds the handful of time and no for long period. I seat it has to that no that like this punctual.

After, does not have to that it has bought this. My cup of stove and ninja chopper does astonishingly. It does not squander your money.
5 / 5
Simply that surprised and easy way to prepare fresh lunch for your creature.
In a phase when it has discovered lunch, would give his pouches of a supermarket. But now it has his own flavours and a part of the entity of him is that I want to eaten of quality - like this fresco like possible.
With this babycook also can give his of our own dinner - apresamiento less than 5 minutes.
5 / 5
Has had a BEABA Babycook Pro for roughly 2 month now. I use it usually 1-2 week/of time. Before I have purchased a BEABA, has had a Creature Brezza for the few months so that has the bit of experience with another creature the costruttore feed and go to do compares /contrast here.

A BEABA feels a lot sturdier that a Brezza, especially a part of bowl (mine Brezza the inner bowl has broken 2 weeks and I has had to return and take the new a). It resembles so only have the mark of the main quality.
A BEABA can do a lot of main batches that a Brezza and is also much easier to do multiple batches some legislations with which another with a BEABA that was with a Brezza.
A BEABA blends eat Very better that a Brezza has done. With a Brezza, any @@subject that I steamed and blended, the Jewish sees has finalised so only be really chunky. A BEABA has any question blending to to the things like that on really of smooth.
There is not remarked any one builds on minerals or anything more in a tank of steam (still) with a BEABA, but has done inside weeks of pair with a Brezza.
A Brezza steamed and blended all in a, but I in fact like a fact with a BEABA that has to that you stop after a cycle of steam to touch a lunch out of a basket of steam to a bowl to blend the, reason concealed to leave me to regulate a quantity of water in an end blended has produced. In fact almost I have not used never a esequipo/blend' characteristic with a Brezza reason have prendido usually a cycle with which a steaming to the game was waters in all the chance!
Have me concerned first to buy a BEABA that would be it to it harder that imagine was time of the steam of then is based out of the level of waters adds and no those times have dipped a still timer (how is with a Brezza), but concealed has not been it hassle at all. And reason a BEABA just steams until everything of a water in a chamber of steam is used on, does not have any worry roughly that it play out of excess water of a tank of the steam once is finalising so that has with a Brezza.
Finally, in spite of a fact that a Brezza steamed and blended all in a, for my needs, in fact prefers a BEABA. They are both good products , but create a practicality and quality of a BEABA is better that a Brezza.
5 / 5
Has ordered this car after doing long investigation and with which one 1st use are enamoured! Cooks literally everything without that has too many components to imagine was. Only day 2 but will add an update once the flesh is prepared for creature.
4 / 5
Has not been was so only me buuuut, these produced has not been like this easy to use like this ad. And with this a lot when being no a fact of American product, some instructions have not gone too useful. This in spite of, when I have been in Youtube for help and imagined it has found was for me a lunch has taken bit it more with a longitude to prepare that 15 minutes. Also I, and stress 'I', has required 2 hands to prep and prepare the lunch of the creature. Also it announces like the point has underlined to purchase a product is like this simple to use, can do he with 1 hand. And another reason because I a lot particularly like some produced has to that to the subject personnel, as my creature that love to resist all a time and concealed he also difficult to use.

Top Customer Reviews: OXO Tot Food ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
3 / 5
I have bought this the mash bananas and pleaded when the premier ours the creature has begun solid. Work well and is very designed (like each OXO products) excepts has used only the two times. A mortar is solid as eaten any mashing through him, the alimentary just accidents have been in a side - which are well, but inefficient. That is to say probably one of an only OXO buys I remorse... Only use the fork!
5 / 5
If you are looking to do lunch of creature of the youngster that is to say since you. If you want to eaten of mark of smooth creature for the creatures the young plus does not recommend this. It does not break in to the pure likes him smoothie the marks of manufacturer.
2 / 5
He no for the this has wanted to as the critic there has been signified . (For chunky eaten of cat) But no for this purpose.
5 / 5
I want to this artilugio! My boy has been dulcemente to purchase the teeth and this element have been the lifesaver the mash in grownup eaten sper fast and in the compatible texture. I have not had any idea like the terrible forks was the mash until I have found this element! My only flu is that a masher to beat when being the bit to problem to clean ( is the element of two parts and the soiled water can take trapped in some bad forgets to open he) but that it is the defect very smaller .
4 / 5
I add in all the roads except that very can not take an alimentary sper softens in here unless it is totally, totally, 100% soft (likes him, has to be able in smoosh among your yolks). But that it is well for nodes and I amour that is so compact!
5 / 5
Work well in mashing in alimentary and portable creation adds. It IS very useful and easy to take in the flight and during our trips the mash in alimentary and easily can one creature of a container with the spoon.
5 / 5
This by far is one of my favourite oxo products. My bananas of amours of the creature. So we are or some vain will launch this in my stock exchange of diaper together with the banana and the lunch or the bite are posed to go. He mashes also with net and small endeavour like the field. The amour what this functional!!
5 / 5
I can not recommend this enough. Bought this for the trip out of a country. Fact also! It can break fruit or veggies for his wherever and era. His so practical and no big at all. Easy in era also. My creature was 6 month and beginning purees.
5 / 5
This am a lot adds to be able in hurriedly mash eaten for creature when do not want to puree the plot - can vary you a texture and mashed-ness for the level of the creature. It IS easily portable and easy to clean! Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
Amur This! Work very better that the fork - feeds does not take bonded among a prongs.

Top Customer Reviews: Baby Food Maker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken this costruttore of new Creature feeds partorisca revise and possess an old version but ossia totally the transmission of game! When being able to steam 3 different lunches some same time is surprising. At the beginning I did not believe it it could do a lunch in a steam of upper container as it has to that, but has done! Some 3 lunches are perfect result! So that it has saved the whole plot of the time and I could prepare the 3 ingredient puree partorisca my creature in almos 20 minutes!

• Cooks partorisca feed faster that an older version

• can cook You 3 lunch a same time

• purees the fastest way

• Súper easy to clean

• And on that it also can use partorisca heat bounced and defrost lunch

I totally recommend this product! They are like this happy I has it!
4 / 5
Has begun only use he partorisca mine 5 old month. His easy to use any @@subject your age. So only maintain import a time of steam and a water max. We love it to us like this far and it will be partorisca use to to plot in a future. So only it wishes it was the little elder .
4 / 5
A product was easy to use. So only gather all hover and save to plot of time for steaming 3 different classes of alimentary a same time. Ossia Something these busy mammas those who cures of two or more boys, taste, really appreciate. I love a fact that is one all-in-an useful—device partorisca travesías as we do not have to that spend the separate sterilizer, bounce it warmer, steamer and alimentary processor. I can save to plot of spatial for only that door a thing that can all the things. Also it has a defrost option that is not the common characteristic among others produced. Has the timer that the leaves regulate a time partorisca cook and the option of pause in calm chance so only paralización precise temporarily so only partorisca verify on something. It is the good thing also that it is able of sterilizing, reason my routine involves sterilizing some baskets he in the first place, first of the use partorisca do a lunch of creature. It is also good to have several options partorisca choose of when doing a lunch of creature he: rib, juice, puree. A tank of water has the main capacity has compared to another and with small window partorisca leave you the control has more rest without a need to open a real lid. This in spite of, wishes a mouth of a tank was main, in this way easily can clean an interior of a tank like this is something am very particular with. It is well that a tank has another protective coverage another that a lid he, helps partorisca avert accidents. Some three alimentary baskets are of decent measure and is easy to dip in place. Finally, there is the small drawer has hid down where another coverage is situated. A brilliant idea to maintain all near to avert losing part of him! In general, I am happy with this product. So only appearance a costruttore can dip on the video on like this partorisca use. It is easier and more saving partorisca time it partorisca read a manual of instruction. To good sure will recommend!
4 / 5
Produced excellent!!! I recommend it that I can do it eats a lot they are partorisca my drunk thank you!!!!
4 / 5
Very convenient to do lunch of fresh creature. Take the little time to unassemble a knife partorisca grind partorisca clean. In general, it is the must -have crew partorisca do lunch of creature sã.
4 / 5
This has done creature alimentary preparation súper easy. A fact that am able to steam 3 things a same time and then blend saved to them like this time. A defrost the option is the characteristic orders of then do my purees partorisca a week for advanced and store them in a freezer. To good sure recommend this product.
5 / 5
At the beginning, has think that this would be adds! This in spite of, some first time has used has @to @give two things:

1. Some baskets of steamer are tiny! It could very included apt a chopped potato, included using all three baskets of steamer.
2. With which steaming some potatoes, have gone to rib the, and there is @@give that it would be necessary he roughly 6-7 chopping groups partorisca do a steamed veggies. A bookmark in a container of rib aims a max quantity to the rib in one times, and is ridiculously small!

On everything, this was the waste partorisca me, and am returning a unit.
4 / 5
Could not believe the one who easy was partorisca do lunch of creature. Some leaves in this thing are legit! And it eats of steams like this fast!
5 / 5
Has ordered two times,
A prime minister one was with defect, has not done blend function to the equal that have asked the substitution. A second an is not better gone, has thought at the beginning that it is good but has come there another question, interior 30-40 seconds partorisca use a blend function, has begun partorisca odorare burn and see the smoke that begin. Unfortunately, this was my experience .
But a service of client is a lot well, he a lot quickly there is rid a substitution, and some processes of turn were very easy and without any questions.
5 / 5
Creature abordable costruttore feed. Cleaning the tank of water is little time taking but still value he with multiple baskets partorisca steaming a lunch.

Top Customer Reviews: Nuby Mighty Blender ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I have done the plot of investigation in that blender partorisca buy. A Nuby one looked partorisca have the better quality together with other characteristics. It comes with to 22 piece dips partorisca comprise cookbook, container feed, spatula, etc. A much better validates that some another. I have finalised partorisca buy this partorisca my grandson the one who remain with me often. It prefers cookery of house sã, any eaten of creature in can he. A cookbook has some good recipes. After the pair of weeks of use along, is tried to last. They are entirely happy with him.
4 / 5
With which roughly 2 weeks of use, some the alimentary leaves are aiming rusts in some joints of crosses. A rust in this joint of cross maintains to go back like this this is to result the real hassle and now doubt to use he in dreading to dip rusts in with our alimentary creature
4 / 5
does not write never bad descriptions but for east an I felt that has has had to that. Ossia One the majority of terrible blender has has not used never. It does not operate. A lot of dysfunctional in the each way. Still for carrots or soft potatoes all taking stuck and some leaves are like this dysfunctional. There is not any key for him on was or anything, has to have pressing a blender in a car in the way that a lot I a lot annoying and the time that waste. Some containers that comes with this súper small /no useful. It does not squander ur time & of money.
4 / 5
Can not recommend this enough! Bought this after the partner has sworn of him, and now I one same . Marcos homemade eaten of creature the breeze, was the value adds, and selfishly done my a lot of easier life! 5 Stars!
4 / 5
In general does not import a together, a blender that I require it to. It is good to be able to change out of measures of bowls of blender. Downsides Is that it is everything rids washed so only (ossia for lunch of creature, for this present with has time to handwash all that while it concerns for the creature?!), Some spoons are quite useless, and has had some minor filtering the questions that attaches a part of leaf of the blender to a big bowl.
4 / 5
Some good parts? Still we can use he for steaming and really taste that, also has to that a lot many separate so many can store some lunch.
Otherwise? It does not add . A plot of bases. It does not import has one of some bases of blender or some solid bases, in both parts, filter. A thing of plastic basket for steaming stains really easily. I did not know it it concealed it was the thing . But thanks to organic potatoes, a basket is now orange (does not treat it big). A worse part, this in spite of, is that hardly in the use still a part of the blender and a last time have tried, the liquid filtered by means of a real blender and he all has begun to smoke and maintaining can very included the use in a day or two for week that loves.
Of course, ossia something that has bought far for advanced of us requiring it, as it does not think has the option of turn. We are so only state using he for some last two months, perhaps once or twice for week, and a blender has not used more than 5 times. Unless ossia he disposable blender, ossia the question .
5 / 5
Is at present the Wednesday has received an element Sunday..... An engine today while blending the carrot has begun to smoke and there is prendido then law. I have wanted to it loved/ it That and was happy with him. Now a lot disappointed
4 / 5
has Bought this for my sister the one who there is so only be the creature! It has used he for the week now and is his element of favourite creature of everything! Works like this utmost and leave you to prep quota of organic lunch for your creature. With which a lot of looking for to blender of creature, Nuby for far is a better an I expósita in a phase. Very of confidence, durable and sturdy and to good sure an excellent value. It would recommend these products in any father or while mother.
5 / 5
Has taken really. He blends feed amiably and a steamer the work adds. This in spite of a lid in a blender a lot securely afterwards. It is very free and will fall off I a lot have easily has sent an email for the substitution and I will update hardly take a response another that that this product is surprising and to good sure would recommend it!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed doing my lunch of creature of the edges with this product! It is easy to use and cleaned. I want to all of some extras that come with him and streamer basket! You owe that do sure a fund is screwed on a lot closely when steaming, I a lot once and some boiling waters it has filtered was and burned my toe. Also more water that recommends in a booklet is required for blending some lunches, so only maintains to add the little water the time until the consistency and the thickness have wished. To good sure would recommend this product!

Top Customer Reviews: Simba Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
im Or the boy or the father. And it is the university student that has taken recently suspenders and can not chew in full bites. Taken to problem to ask cutter and scissor wherever and go and and found this. And The thought is expensive at the beginning but is a lot of values a prize! His quite small to spend around and has the coverage. There is the thing to close that is to say kinda cool so he doesnt taken loose and calm cut you or ur stock exchange. im Has not surprised the boys imagines this has entered the low time, sound a mere push in unlock mechanism so parents necessity for careful be. A cover is very acute, and cut me once when and washed it so careful when being! And'the voice has Cut throught each amiable of flesh, veggies, noodles, potato,the seafood and the majority of material plot without prob. A cape is strong and his soften so and is able to cut my alimentary hurriedly everywhere and go (although my friends judge me lol)
3 / 5
This look of scissors and sound adds, but has two subjects with them which caused me to return them. For a thing, is also small for hands of the adult and I have small tame. If this was an only subject , could treat it, but a characteristic of the button of the security is very the thwart. The calm can any in the the full piece likes him of course done when that short something or more fence some covers and fence in place. Perhaps it is only me, but it is not natural to do the averages the piece and he then begins again, especially in the small element that it would be necessary to be you able to cut down the half with or flavour. I can any one has cut included the strawberry down the half so that some covers are so down that I the full piece, a lock of covers.

A button of security is the two characteristic has rid , which appreciate for the sake of my boy, but is difficult to do while in a half to feed prep and has not expected some scissors to close up. They decide it is not the value those struggles some scissors every time so return and probably only use the pair regulates of scissors.

IS sad to return them so that they look utmost, has entered to appeal the packaging and some coverages of cover are the more adds also. I have wished only done on the way that it was more afterwards in my expectations.
5 / 5
Amur These scissors! We use it to us to cut up all the classes of alimentary for mine 10 old month while it is learning to eat solids. They are very acute and there is no experimented any problems to rust so far still. I seat dry every time use it when is was and would wash it when take house . They are also small and very portable. I want to so it comes with the small coverage to protect some the final treble only can launch he in your stock exchange of diaper. It IS quite small and no bulky at all. Also it wants that there it has it also the boy sure closes on there. To well sure recommend it!!
5 / 5
I have bought these scissors so many was easier to cut in the daughters is my lunch . I have used prndales all to cut up flesh of lunch, fruit, in toast and waffles. I actuate Also the used the to cut in spaghetti. There is has not had any subjects with them hack through any alimentary element. I have done to any to give what acute some scissors were until I have cleaned the. I use my toes to dry them was and sliced my open toe. The lesson has learnt!! It opens it Uses the rag when washing or launch them in an upper racks of my dishwasher. It does not use a protective case that is coming with some scissors. I have posed only the in a backside of my drawer of tableware of money with my elements of the tableware of the main money.
5 / 5
We look these alimentary scissors . Especially when eating noodles! In place of my threads that mark the enormous disorder that flavours in slurp some noodles, hurriedly can cut them down to measure for him. We want to these so scissors that buys multiple, perhaps 7 or 8 as has some in the bite Ziploc with his spoon and fork all ready in a stock exchange of diaper(s). More, having multiple in the adventures of trip he easier so that there is enough the calm cover throughout all some lunch for a day. Then, when the return in a hotel can wash the. The quality adds we - has lasted also quite 2 years now even so it goes strong. Amur, amour, amour these scissors.
4 / 5
I have required portable scissors so many can cut the lunch of my creature in a vain. Coverage these few types and has taken the. I have not had any subject with him closed without my said so much. It IS quite acute to feed and since never tried to cut flesh with them, can not say is cut to try , but any accident like this far.

A small coverage comes with clicks around just a cover. In fact it wishes a sheath was the case that closed around an integer scissor but is the smallest detail that any detract of a real scissor he - just gives some scissors the bonos drying if some sleeves littered also.

In general, quite contained with these!
5 / 5
Doubt, wants this shears. Well For toddler lunch and lunch of adult! A case is very has thought was - with him when being able to open, can be cleaned easily. Closing the mechanism in some scissors is the sake to have, but my toddler would imagine was in a flash, as it does not trust on he for real security.

The so flight, buys my parents the pair also, for when looks our daughter of creature. It recommends the in my sister-in-the law and she have wanted to he also!

5 / 5
Excellent quality , big scissors to cut my young boys' eaten when eats era. Amur A built in button of security. Like The result, some boys eats more, and my hands are less soiled. The total win-win. It buys another mark of Amazon initially and was terrible to use, basic craps compared in these. One when being of a hinge and cutting acuteness in these listen very crisp and big final.
4 / 5
I am picky with all my material of the creature and I want to these! He the quality Adds and acute. I spend it everywhere with my boy, technically never left my stock exchange of creature. An only problem is that recently some scissors have taken bonded and results very hard to open and afterwards. I have thought some lunch taken among some covers or under a white button as and soaped and washed it a lot of time, included tried with some oil of the olive but that do not resolve a subject or. Some covers only loosen up again after I am fallen he in a fund accidentally. I wash and dry after each use so that the does not have to when being a problem.. Perhaps only it take it the bad pair.. Still it wants to it.
5 / 5
Amur These things. I Like him his of a button to close so that it do not have to preoccupy in toddler toes. A plastic coverage is quite useless, but that is to say a pair maintains in a drawer of cookery like the coverage is not necessary. The covers are VERY ACUTE and will cut quite anything. I touch to change fo that short up everything of pizza and grapes to toast of butter of the peanut. And only it launches the in a dishwasher!

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