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Top Customer Reviews: Pearhead Animals ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It has looked for the book by heart of the good creature and I have found is one. It is exactly that has looked for. Some pages included are:
-on cover you can dip the impression of feet of the creature (comes with tampon of ink) and the coverage also has the place partorisca you partorisca dip the picture of the creature.

-In mommy
-pictures of mommy
-roughly dads
-photos of dads
-the history of mommy and dad ( asks likes to fulfil, ours first date was, when we have taken partorisca involve, our day of pair was)
-photo of mommy and dad
-my tree familiarised (a partorisca mamma and a partorisca dad)
-mommy pregnancy ( ask when we discover, felt, has in the first place said, celebrates for) and has the page partorisca dip before picture of sonogram of the creature.
-Visiting a doctor (the name of the doctor, the mamma and the first dad have listened a heartbeat, first has fallen, the sex of the creature discovered)
-when mommy was pregnant (has liked the eat, likes sense, the mamma and the poised dad partorisca the arrival of the creature for, and has the space partorisca the pic of the pregnant mamma.)
-Shower of creature (date, location, guests, the games have touched, and spatial to dip invitation.)
-Here see (anniversary, time, hospital, the work has begun in, labour history, hanged, people in room of delivery, reason the parents have chosen a name, and the spatial to dip creature pic.)
-My first impressions (space partorisca impression and handprint.)
-My ad of birth (spatial to dip ad of birth)
-page partorisca list the visitatore and the presents of the creature each person taken partorisca creature.
-Home sweet house (when the creature has been house has spent , like the mamma and the dad felt, the new home address was, has slept in, a colour of a creature of room has slept was, and has the spatial to attach photo)
-the wine of world-wide creature to (current chances of entities, world-wide leaders, famous celebrities, popular music, in some films, TVs shows, plants popular web, fashionable tendency
Also, stops of prizes:
focus of Surpassed, bounces water, chevron of tins, chevron of gas, entrance of film, band of diapers, cup of caffè.
-Creature firsts (bath, laugh, words, crawl, the travesía external, no, and another)
-the favourite things of the creature (lunch, toy, game, animal, colour, place, book, song, the babysitter and has the page partorisca the picture of the what preferred of the creature)
-growth of creature and map of weight
-the sleep of the creature (those hours by night, that has done sleep of creature, the preferred besieges it of sleeps, and space partorisca photo.)
-The first eaten of the creature
-first bath
-prevail anniversaries of 1 year to 5 years (with spatial partorisca photos)
-fellow premiers (space partorisca picture)
-favourite activities (space partorisca photo)
-first day of preschool (space partorisca photo)
-first day of nursery(space partorisca photo)
-pages of spatial partorisca the art done in pupil
-first holidays (space partorisca photo)
-Finally pages of spatial partorisca memories

Adorable little book!
4 / 5
A book is beautiful. A tampon of ink is pathetic. A content is more rigid that has assumed

the questions comprise:
Mommy /the full name of the dad
Is been born in
Has on grown in
Has been/ in pupil in
Mommy /the favourite things of the dad
Likes to fulfil
first quotes Ours was
When they have taken has has involved
Our day of pair was (which is spatial partorisca this mommy and dad, reason is not a @@@1950s)
My tree Familiarised
When we have discovered mommy was pregnant
there is in the first place says
celebrate for
the name of my doctor
Mommy and the first dad has listened my heartbeat
Mommy felt has fallen partorisca a first time
has discovered was the boy or daughter
When mommy was pregnant...
Has liked him eat
You and the poised dad partorisca my arrival for
My shower of creature...
Location/partorisca date
the games have touched
Present/of Guest
Here come ...
Is been born____in
Where has been rid
the work has begun in
A history of my work
was pounds and _____ounces __. It was thumbs _____ long
Some people in a room of delivery was
My parents appoint me
has chosen that nomination because
[now the something partorisca impressions of ink of hands and feet]
[ad of birth]
[the register of the visitatore]
has taken these presents
Home sweet house...
mommy And the dad spent home when it was old ______ days
spending me home, felt
My new home address was
has slept in
A colour of a room has slept in era
When chance taken in the first place, am spent the majority of my time
A world am coming the
current chances Of entities
the leaders of Some world-wide
Famous celebrities
Popular music
in some films
shows of television
put Popular web
fashionable tendency
The one who the things cost when it is been born: boot/of Focus of chevron/of water of chevron/of tins of band/of entrance of gas/film of cup/of diapers of caffè

A book then begins partorisca jump by means of time. Photo of anniversaries, and school art, etc.
4 / 5
Some spaces of the picture in a coverage is entirely unusable... And when I have contacted a vendor has asked pics which have been to a question partorisca resupply and his so only ignore me. Ugh. Gotta Initiates on with the new book of the different company. Any sure the one who would give to 5 description partorisca star when have to that maintain some photos accionarías generic in a coverage of the book by heart of your creature! Unacceptable!!
5 / 5
Arrived like the element is returned. It has had more invitation of shower of the creature in him...
4 / 5
This book of the creature does not have spaces partorisca each month. It has been expecting the to have month 1, 2, 3, etc, but the jumps well dip it annual. Unfortunately, will have that search was another with the better creation.
5 / 5
Has taken this like the present 'of my husband' (the meaning bought it on its own name and dip his name on that ;) ) after listening roughly he in the few estacas of blogs and loves that! A format is like this good and cleaned. I have required something with aim and guidance to the equal that to that to fill was like this opposed to so only to the to empty notebook likes knows of some use of people. I want like a progress of sections of information roughly you and your partner ( says soyommy' and 'Dad,' as this no for pairs of same sex) to all a 'firsts' of pregnancy and creating the creature. There is everything of your ultrasound of prime minister to a first bath, nail clipping, and like this on. I have fill already out of several pages and am excited like this!
5 / 5
This has not been that it has been expecting them like the book of creature. I have expected this book to have information more detailed but this no. My book of the creature of the daughters comprises so many details like this of the shots when, where, reactions, information of tooth when they go in and lost but this book..... Has an a lot of information 'basic'. It would not purchase again neither I present the one of more. Any one a lot for record taking with this book. The desire there was the description like this when it looked in this book of creature.
5 / 5
Very pleasant for a prize for the traditional pair. I gotta admit, when I have seen some lines in a commitment and pair I class of groaned... Felizmente Decide take hitched the first month of a creature has been foreseen! Still it will have the pocolos something in a book that will remain the spatial but my creature will be necessary to forgive me :)

A tampon of ink has done amiably (as well as it could be expected of the squirming creature) and has 3 calm papers so that it has taken 3 shots for your impression of feet of the coverage. There is also inner of room for the hand-held impression and another impression. Our restless munchkin printed hand-held has has finalised to have 7 regime of toes like this well with that.

Slightly difficult to dip a picture to a front of a book to the equal that chooses your photo and clave with your decision.
4 / 5
Only aversion: A packaging was quite rough. It has taken this on its own name, but had been the present , would have required the repackage he to be presentable.

Otherwise, Loves this for my kiddo! It is a perfect quantity of pages and aims. Other books can feel overwhelm has too many aims. Especially I love a nomess dyed of the impression cushions this comes with this book.
5 / 5
Will be sincere, has not considered taking the book of creature when we begin our planning and has done the cast of soyust Haves', was the compraventa done by my husband is the one who calm traditionally is supposition to do. As we take to love the really. They are like this happy has something like this to share all some diving and moments of capture. Calm forces to retard down and appreciate these things and take the time out of life to document them before a prójimo one comes. Some day will take to read it and ossia the connection to a past that the common of the people do not take .

Top Customer Reviews: Pearhead Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Grey and white pages, page roughly mamma, page roughly dad and page roughly the history of the mamma and the dad. There is the page in a shower of creature, the page of map of the growth, and the first pages of the creature. Then there is a bit first pages of anniversaries. With which conceal, is 2nd anniversary , 3rd, etc until 5th. Preschool And kindergarden, and some pages partorisca exhibit illustrations. Any month the pages of growth of the month, any a lot of 'history of creature' pages. Partorisca me This was the positive, has seated and in an hour there is almost has had a whole thing has fill was. The albums of the mine another boy are like this detailed and long that his so only seated empty and now is too late for me to fill in of the small details. Like this ossia the basic album for busy mammas, A+
5 / 5
Quality is well. Some interior of pages is white with source and to embroider them ashes- I has not loved colour but is the little bland. But in general it is the book of good creature and a yopics has covered is well.
5 / 5
This book is quality adds ! A coverage is good and sturdy, some pages have gold leafing in some flanges, and some pages are qualities very good .
Some aims is perfect and there is room to add pictures everything during a book.
Are very happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5
I have bought this for my grandson and my daughter loved it absolutely! There is put to write diving and add photo for some premiers five years!
A photo pouch in a front is easily accessible to change photo. A creation is lustrous and modern.
Pages of big quality and that bows that will resist it until years of use.
A lot to mention a prize is excellent compared to other on-line books and in of the tents.
Extremely happy with compraventa.
5 / 5
All some pages are to the rovescio and behind. A lot disappointed, again :(
4 / 5
Beautiful bought this for my first grandson, and my daughter has LOVED that!
This book has all a need of parents to start with that maintain notes, pictures, and everything in his history. The majority of girls when amour older to look behind in this material and this pound will give them a lot of info. Rid adds and would buy again take another grandbaby...:)
4 / 5
When I have ordered this has thought at the beginning that it was the little spendy. Now that I have it and there is paged he by means of him, my husband and I so much dress is totally currency he. Any so only can take the details of creature of the creature and photo, has pages for dads & of background mamma as well as to to pictures and episodes likes me to him the one of your little one grows up. It is a lot polished-looking and adorable. Excited to fill it was!
5 / 5
It likes that of east is religious neutral. The majority other books by heart comprise Navidad and Hannukah, so much duquel does not celebrate . Also it has the pages consecrated when they turn 1 all a way to 5. I wish it had and envelop to close to to the things like first tooth, bracelet of hospital etc...
4 / 5
I have ordered this on its own name, before I have known that there it was. I am not never be the defender of ascended, as I have known the be having the daughter, has does not love everything in has ascended. Some images/of the text in a book is written in ash. (The images/of flanges am very pleasant, modern & minima.) The majority of some pages comprises spaces to dip pictures.

The pages have comprised:
+ Mommy & Dad roughly me sections (where calm both have on grown, that has done mommy & the dad fulfils, etc.)
+ Albero familiarised (until great-grandparents)
+ shower of presents of creature/of guests, world of current/chances
+ first impressions - spaces/of feet of the hand
+ before coming house - with spatial for photo
+ 'firsts section' [any, words, bath] with the section poured in first bath with spatial for photo
+ years of anniversaries 1-5 (each one that like this with him is own section for spatial & of information for photo)

This book of creature was exactly that has looked for. Like this excited to fill was for my little a. :)
5 / 5
It take this in mine 9th month and the desire would have bought it sooner reason does not agree some of some things asks roughly but is good and raisin for the plot of pleasant questions.

Top Customer Reviews: Pearhead My ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
Another adds Pearhead produced! It do not expect this well of quality but a obligatory is the sake 'to the the skin him' as material, built sper robust. They that me all some tabs have and so places to insert pictures of your month in growth of belly of the month more ultrasounds. This magazine of pregnancy contains all would want to comprise of a principle in an a lot of final. Definately Has excited to fill this in! 10/10 purchase to Him again!
2 / 5
The May Written the descriptions but I have listened obliged to do so for this book. In the first place, why it did not like him. Some aims was terrible. I do not want to write in that I beats and can not eat, which beat and can any one when not being doing, that would have to be exercise . This book is the cheat of giant failure, constantly in that ask you how much weight has obtained, likes to chair enough likes him the look, the changes are seeing in your organism. All very superficial things. There are Any aims in your hopes and of the sounds for creature, fond memories to prepare his room, cute things that spent while pregnant, etc. does not want the newspaper enough like the pregnancy has changed my ORGANISM, want to or enough that to the mine was of to EXPERIENCE likes him. The MAY Gives this in any one.

Opens, some good things. I gave it or stars for quality of general/drawing, has wanted to concealed has few pockets for pictures and mementos. And some stars for tabs among some sections, that is to say very well for fast navigation.
5 / 5
I took this for my mother like the present of anniversary. I think that that it is so cute and add for a mother to expect to follow a whole trip and process. Very there is not spatial to write the low plot but by behind the each tab there is the pocket that can write you note and situates in there. It expects some help of pictures to decide !
5 / 5
I WANT this magazine!!! It comes with the sections left up for Some big informative, 1 dates of doctors, 1 trimester, 2 trimester, 3 trimester, planning and a big arrival. In the each section there is questions to answer and I a lot listen like a magazine does not lose any a lot of anything at all! There are places for pictures, for documents of extras wants to comprise the and quite all would think of. I am so happy does this compraventa! It does to look behind in my pregnancy of premier like fun and ensures does not forget some things of entity! A thing has remarked is that although has spatial to the crowd was, there is not of the question cual when in the first place his movement of creature or when discover a genus. But it likes him it has said it, only take to write that of low material and will be well!!
3 / 5
It Likes him of everything of some questions this book takes. Like A measure of belly, likes him, and aversions. The May HAS THOUGHT to measure my belly :) Even so, he doesn' has very spatial in sake. Also, there it have it only a page to bond the picture of the mamma during each month. Since it has a envolope to insert some pictures. Bedides The, a book has the good end and very well has presented
4 / 5
The flight. But there is the C the section and everything speak in a natural birth
5 / 5
Magazine of the mere monthly pregnancy cute. Has the small interior of pockets for notes or something. Some aims of question are mere that asks like a pregnancy is going and has some cute subjects quite mamma and Dad, as it appoint creature, etc. If you are mere as me, would recommend this magazine.
5 / 5
I have bought this magazine for my pregnancy and he have resulted the better road that I although it was. A coverage is hard and easy to clean, the interiors are full of the questions can ask, so never race out of ideas to remark. Has spatial for the photos and another material want to maintain, room for the photo of calm in the each trimester, some help of pages to prepare for delivery of birth, has also the page for your plan of birth. I think it that the the side buys concealed!
5 / 5
This was the cute small magazine . I want to it concealed it to it has something for pictures and little maintain sakes. You are a awesome addition in or other boys before we have lost our creature.
5 / 5
He been that wants this magazine through out of my pregnancy! I am so happy has taken this an out of any another.

Top Customer Reviews: Pearhead Hello ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A third book of the creature has purchased and fact with (as has three boys), and each book has been different. This one has been my preferred of a three. Having to that like some reservation that resupplies more spatial partorisca writing (in just pictures), and this book resupplies wide room partorisca write. In the each one of my books of creature, I cram more pictures to the page that software of uses that access four pictures to the 4x6 impression of photo. Ossia Always an option partorisca people that, taste, wants more than photo in a book. This in spite of, note that does not have the TONNE of photo in this book in comparison to other books of creature have seen there. A 'Firsts' the page was simple and has comprised so only six moments, which have has WANTED TO (reasons, to the left is to be sincere-- is hard to agree the jot all these 'firsts' down), but has the generic 'Another Firsts' page that calm leave you to decide like firsts to comprise. I have WANTED that this book does not have the first page of teeth. I have tried these pages in the books of mine two leading boys, but failed with which some premiers few teeth. In general, they are súper happy with some tip/contained in this book. I have taken of the star because one joining in some backside few pages is quell'has bitten pleasant, which does not leave some pages to dip plans.
A bit those that other notes:
- has the page of Shower of the Creature, and a lot of people do not have the shower of creature with which creature 1 (I simply dip photo in this page, coverage a start with pictures)
- Of the neighbours-on a page of the tree familiarised does not resupply spatial for families without-families of parents very traditional.
- Has the whole two-the page extends poured in 'All my Visitatore' and ' has taken These Presents ' (which have found to be too spatial; again, so only I have dipped pictures in)
4 / 5
is like this pleasant the one who different types of the books of Creature are there. But this a paste all but one of my expectations/of hopes. I lose having the few pages of spatial in a stock exchange of a book to write down memories a lot quickly/something concealed does not belong under any 'the diving some'. If this there has been the place for that then literally the have everything.
Give 5 stars this in spite of reasons can find the place to dip these few commentaries of mine own, and concealed is the little picky ;)
quality Very good.
4 / 5
A book is well but there is literally ANY COLOUR in him and is a lot last to read. I think that that it is a lot of blah and drab. Any look of pages have been printed is gone in low quality black and white ink. I think that that I will be to return the.
4 / 5
That I amour the majority is this book underlines some the majority of things of entities. I have loved the book of creature without all a fluff and details other books are adding to do his his books big plus. This a really the points have underlined some memories of entities of pregnancy, delivery, creature, and underlines some premiers 5 anniversaries. Simple, sweet and perfect.
4 / 5
Súper Excited to use this so that it is to say my pregnancy of prime minister . Amur A material and a colour. Abundance of spatial to write down things for a “character of big paper.” I produce it adds.
4 / 5
Súper Pleasant book - but a content has not been like this detailed like appearances.
5 / 5
Really it likes to of me but he is súper basic. There is not anything for the month to control of month in still the first year of the creature. To good sure still use it but are the little there is disappointed.
4 / 5
A book is really pleasant, but a text in a book is such the light colour is hard to read. A coverage looks one is pleasant.
4 / 5
Ossia A book a pleasant plus - has been this in spite of disappoint that there was so only roughly 10 lines to write down Present of your shower of creature. I have bought this to use in shower of mine for presents and sign in. There is not the zone of byline to use, and hardly very spatial at all for presents, as I have not used he for that. In general it is the good compraventa this in spite of.
4 / 5
I love this book! The quality adds and is a lot of stops until 5 years ! I love a creation ! Has questions really well that your girl can wants to know in a future, and spaces of leaves for you to dip pictures. The prizes add for a quality !

Top Customer Reviews: Baby First 5 Years ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Simple and easy. Together place well. Amur A compulsory. Good-looking illustrations. It likes-me all some holidays firsts and firsts in general. A lot of questions add and spaces partorisca dip photos. There is included the decent sized pocket in a backside partorisca dip any extra photo. Also I owe that add like this want that it is neutral gender . Any same note that it is and wants to that even more.
4 / 5
This book has some more pleasant pages to write memories a lot calm included think to write down or agree. The amour that has quite spatial to write down all and add pictures. I have begun my book when my creature was 5 month and thought that it would be necessary has bought it more collected! Reason has thinks that was to agree EVERYTHING of then was my first creature and the results was bad!! If you are pregnant and debating yes would owe that expect until your creature is born or the buy for advanced so only the buy for advanced! And while taken the casualidad small begins to write down things in a book because the time spends of longitude soooo fast and before I know it your creature is 5 month and calm will not agree some things. Although calm think you , says for the buy first of the creature is born. There is the plot of pages in the creature that would have to begin write a first week of having your new creature. Have has wanted to this so it has bought one for the partner like the present for his first creature. I go to buy one for any future creatures has. It is the must -have. I can not expect until I am older and my creatures are grown and open a book and agree all some the pleasant things have written down... It is some few things .
5 / 5
Absolutely book of good-looking creature with simple and thoughtful pages to fill-in. A reason for only 4 stars:
1. A tree familiarised (pictured) incredibly is confusing and looks impossible to fill was wants to begin with grandparents.
2. A torsion that the bows is far too small doing some hard pages to turn and probably prone for rasgar with ages and use.
3. There is the very lovely section at the beginning holidays but Day/Eve of the lack of new year. This can be reason a book is sold internationally, this in spite of has all has joined other traditional American holidays is comprising a 4th July.
4. It would not classify this like this gender-neutral, the mine is a lot feminine. I am to wait twin (a boy and a daughter) and am happy has chosen to buy a reservation in place of two. I will use this one for my daughter. The desire there was the boy the traditional “more” the book done for this company because absolutely I love a format and simplicity.
4 / 5
Has looked for the book of creature that would cover more than just a first year and would comprise zones for me to dip info on creature firsts, notes for each month (likes, aversions, etc) reasons my mamma there has been one for me and I have LOVED to look by means of him!

An only thing I desire this one has has had to that he no:
-A capacity to add in of the pages
-More room for memorabilia (bday papers, bracelet of hospital, etc)
4 / 5
has purchased this book to maintain clue of growth and diving for our boy of creature. An only thing has does not want to was that it mentions our creature when being the “present “ “ from above”. He so only looked slightly religious mine. No the enormous shot but so only would prefer it be more neutral for my personal preference.
4 / 5
I of the that writes a lot of descriptions but this an I . I love this book of creature. It is quite while still when being the neutral gender (for my edges, now I of those who the gender associates colours but I personally didnt love the book of ugly pink creature, my daughters isnt same roses). It is almost like the scrapbook but with aim and the majority of some already his decorations ( has added washi flanges of tape to my photos). I cant reccomend this book of creature enough! My only down the fall is ossia need the big plus that joins. Some look of torsions to be full while I still have photo to add.
5 / 5
A lot Some days are harder that another and was having the day slightly harder when the first Years of my Creature have arrived. I have been blown was. I have purchased previously the book of another company for my pregnancy and has took it reason has had the pocolos capitulate approaches an end for premiers few months of a creature but honradamente when being pregnant was hard and he so only taken the averages have fill was. The majority of a material in these chapters have not covered a material I really need to agree. Has the terrible memory and I NEED to be able to go back and agree all one wonderfully surprising new moments and included a no like this utmost some concealed is bond me and my creature has jointed. A surprise of KeaBabies is gone in a form of the good paper that has had the paper of KeaBabies in a backside that says that they are proud of parents of knots. It has been it has required really. It gives the graces for all a cure has dipped to first Book by heart of my Creature can not expect fill has been and finally be able to look by means of him with his so that it has grown :D
5 / 5
has taken this book to maintain clue of our first born prime minister years. I want like the neutral and pleasant gender all a map is, and to I amour like him some things maintains clue of of the this an entertainment, the main diving (any one overwhelms it with a quantity of info). An only delicate part is a tree familiarised . I still emailed support that looks for to imagine was regarding the fill was, and has not had the useful response. I have finalised to group our together grandparents in of the boxes in some subordinated and has drawn semence to our parents and then ours and additions in siblings. Looked a thing that has done one the majority of sense of mine. I can not expect maintain fill out of a rest when it arrives this in spite of! To good sure will buy another of these books has the second creature.
5 / 5
Has transmission to 5 stars- after achieving was the company, is by train to ship me the new one because of some extra/pages disappeared! The service of client adds!

This book of creature is absolutely gorgeous and a big quality. Some pages are good and fat. A compulsory is sturdy. Really I love it! An only reason for 4 in the place of 5 stars is lacking reason pages and has duplicated other pages. I have contacted a costruttore like the paper inserted in some states of container and hopefully listen behind his mornings on to the equal that goes to fix this question. Unfortunately I have begun already fill was so the daughter of creature is foreseen any day now.

Will update my description to five stars if some things of frames of the good company!
4 / 5
Was like this happy and thankful when I have seen this beautiful book in real life! I have bought he for my son-in-law & of daughter to document an amazing miracle of the his 1st creature, my first net 💙 When it has arrived my daughter and was literally in of the tears in as beautiful & a lot has done is! Some pages are fat quality , big paper. Some illustrations absolutely are stunning and some the sweet words have wanted to be all like this perfect. Any one typical, no in an upper and stuffy, fill with things that the new father is will not add never in ( and then feel bad for not doing as) is awesome, entertainment,and fact to fill in his personal experiences and all some amazing things that the new parents love document and agree, but could not have thought in. I can not think of the what that has forgotten to dip in this beautiful keepsake or anything that would not owe that have . One something to add the paper to the yours new little person in your life ( still of grandparents, and another) is like this thoughtful. When in an ad for a book has said that to to something likes, 'thoughtfully has created partorisca of any type of familiar, to all the cost of as this family is done me ' has ' asked on how was to be that they the thoughtfully, respectfully, and seamlessly? One he and with an amour, joy, and celebration all the families deserve!! I can not say quite a lot of good things in this book of beautiful creature! Oh- Except it also is done to exhibit your special one for some premiers 5 years!! It is perfect.

Top Customer Reviews: First 5 Years Baby ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this magazine partorisca my second edges those who is partorisca be born the few weeks. The book of mine first edges was partorisca add but found that the little overkill. This revised, this in spite of, adapt me perfect. Has options really fresh that my prime minister rids does not have like the place partorisca the photos unexpectedly of the mamma, the first bath of the creature, and other fun options that it is of entity of mine. Some pages are paper like calm can not write too hard but there is so only writes usually (I tends partorisca press really hard) with a pen of the ink and he have not filtered by means of a page. There is not any place partorisca a creature is feet and impressions of hands but give you to you the whole of advance of the page with at all in the like this Im fixing this question partorisca dip some impressions there. Ive Has added the photo of a page advances that has turned to the page of impressions!
In general has all I never has wanted thats of entity and has to that the left was some of an useless material that mine another book has had.
P.D. Really it likes that of this book has the section in mommy and the interests of the dad and in mommy pregnancy!
4 / 5
This book of creature is sweet but had seen the in person I wouldnt took it. He doesnt have pages like this a lot of as mine other girls' books of creature. He doesnt have a month by month to something of magazine likes them of another do for a first year that change so much east times that is to amuse partorisca maintain clue of him. If it love the simple plus a, ossia the good chooses. But you want a concealed calm to give you more pages the things of register, would go with the different a.
5 / 5
Has purchased this legislation of book of the first creature of a birth of my edges so that it could maintain clue of all some details of entities and there is to somewhere partorisca store his documentation of hospital. A thing that sold on this book of concrete creature was some colours and one pleasant teddy in a front.

When A book has arrived there is remarked a coverage there has been the pair of small dents in the, but has not gone really anything the value that worries on. I love a @subject by heart during a book and everything of a plenary-ins. I have maintained a plastic in a coverage and for behind a book because it likes having to that some pockets in an interior partorisca store photo release and other elements. A description declares that a book comes with a tampon of ink partorisca take impresa/hand-held of the impressions, but has not received one with my mandate.

In general seat this book of creature do fault is purpose , but am not sure yes would recommend this exact listing to familiar and friends.
4 / 5
Adds partorisca follow first yours creature in everything is does in his premiers 5 years of life. The life is like this hectic during these years that wrote it down with the calm pictures leave you and your boy knows that it has been it has wanted, also helps partorisca maintain the record of all some shots and things that spends during this time. It is good to maintain record
4 / 5
Utmost details partorisca maintain the memories of the creature. Any place partorisca picutrwsor other elements (ultrasound pics, bracelets of hospital, etc.)
4 / 5
Spend the little more and buy the book of creature of better quality. I trust. Some pages are way too thin, and is so only a lot that pleasant. I have added scrapbooking his elements partorisca do it more pleasant but the desire would have bought the creature more type rid.
5 / 5
Has received so only this pleasant newspaper partorisca my Daughter of Creature. I love it! Easy to read, spacious partorisca pictures -at least enough for me. It goes until age of 5 and comes with ink of place of clean touch for feet and hand. I can lost that when I have purchased these reservations of creature so that it was the good surprise . An only thing is is quell'has bitten thin. It has been expecting the to be much fatter. But in general it is adorable. Marcos the good present.
5 / 5
Among the very good chance that it can you be supported by a book for the maintain sure when travelling. I have it quell'has begun already fill quell'has been and loves that! The book has a lot of memories to take and fill in and also has something for you to dip photo. A lot of sturdy and the quality adds.
5 / 5
Love this book! Very pleasant
Can not expect begin to do on that. My daughter is 7. Enough take that never 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Have A lot of photo and such. The figure can fill all was while still easily agree it everything.
5 / 5
Perfect measure, can resist until 24 pictures 6x4 more the picture the small plus in a front. The light witch the better fact partorisca ship to the grandma of my daughter in Cuba.

Top Customer Reviews: Baby First 5 Years ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. That the lovely book, spent of pregnancy to 1 year of birth. Each diving can think of. I can not expect begin this travesía with my little a. A must buys partorisca any parents that attended! The way adds partorisca take lovely moments! ❤️
4 / 5
Exactly that has looked for!! It is perfect and add for a prize.
5 / 5
Is the good book & will do well partorisca my purpose; but I think that that a description would owe that specify that it is geared to the Christian family. It is not overtly “religious”, but a page partorisca the first holidays of the creature comprises Easter & Navidad (& Thanksgiving). If it was Hebrew, or some another religion, would be a lot disappointed partorisca find that with which a fact.
4 / 5
Wants to which easy is the jot down all my memories of creatures.. It has looked for to do one and has finalised so only buying a reason like the mamma of creature, is already quite hard to treat all some transmissions and any sleep.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Very excited thus book of creature. Has all I need and is the neutral gender. The prize adds!
4 / 5
Am not really sure as to say in this product. I have bought he for my niece, for his shower of creature. It has been sent his house like never taken for the see. It looked well in a picture. I have not had the occasion to speak his roughly that.
5 / 5
Rid by heart neutral perfect with aims and thoughtful creations.
5 / 5
Detailed and space of leaves partorisca abundance of pictures and creativities! It loves it❤️ the desire had seen this one for my premiers two boys!
4 / 5
Has expected more.. It classifies of much less pages partorisca pre pregnancy and a wordings is not I so that it adds..
4 / 5
Absolutely wants before five memory of the years of this creature rid. You can take the details of creature of a creature and photo, also has pages for mamma and background dad as well as to to pictures and episodes likes me to him the one of your little one grows up. A photo pouch in a front is easily accessible to change the photos of a creature. It is a lot good and adorable. Big-pages of qualities and blind this will resist until years of use. Very excited to fill it was. Ossia Such the memory adds catcher for both mamma and creature. It would recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: Baby Memory Book ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Llibre Of good creature . It is camping themed. The pages are brilliant, vivid and thicknesses.
3 / 5
I am preoccupied in a obligatory holding up, very cute but no in that has very info to the crowd was... Especially in a section of years... It likes them to them 4 questions...
5 / 5
It looks for something outdoorsy subject and mere ( any Blue brilliant Hallmark way) for my first punctual year and these products has it everything, attaches very cute and he very soiled for all the classes of pictures, to good sure give shoot it
5 / 5
Has three different creations of of the this for each of my boys. They are sper cute and controls up quite well. The desire there was the pocket or thing of envelope to write he he even so.
5 / 5
This book has the void has built in and bookmarks/marcadors of location that marks for an easy and cute creature book, a creation of some pages and the organisation of a book is done very well, that is to say the robust and the reservation has built although it last he through the childhood of your boy and longer
5 / 5
Amur This book of creature. His so easy to the crowd was, a subject is so adorable, and and amour that has extra pages in a backside for more than photos!
5 / 5
Has wanted to one 'was-doorsy' subject, the dad is the external enthusiast and has been pleased. The mamma has wanted the mass!
5 / 5
That is to say exactly cual looked for in the book of creature! It IS quite mere, but there is only a right quantity of detail. I wish some zones for pictures were the touch the big plus but at all that the deter me for the buy. It IS very well it has done it to it to him.
5 / 5
Has data he in of the friends that has had his first boy. It IS the cute book and idea. I am excited to see he in an end of a year.
5 / 5
That is to say the very cute little book for creature. I want to it.

Top Customer Reviews: Kids Preferred ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Coming on now, 'Goodnight Moon' is the classical to read the girls at night! They are by train of the give Five same stars although I wish everything of some pages was in colour!
5 / 5
My boys have wanted to find a mouse in of the sure pages. An add calm reservations and your boys will want.
5 / 5
Such the beautiful book! My boys love me to us always reading it to them, and now my grandson does too much!
5 / 5
I have bought this book partorisca read to my grandson. It likes him a history, and really enjoys to turn some pages of joint.
5 / 5
Ossia A 10th copy in 25 years... Partorisca My boys & all some nephews & of grandchildren, also.
5 / 5
Still our preferred! Well together place, would have to last partorisca always.
5 / 5
You are the book that my fish of mine of the parents like the boy, that spends a memory on to friends that is having boys. Rid adds.. The nave adds!
5 / 5
It has given like the present and was sper happy with him.
5 / 5
A page has been stuck in another and when I have tried the appeal averts them, a page rasg the little has bitten. I have finalised not giving this present partorisca a shower of the creature of then there is the defect.

I amour a history.
1 / 5
Ossia A sweet plus that rhymes Book of Joint of the Creature never! This version is small partorisca the few hands of Baby. I gave it four out of five stars because I have not comprised because a book a small plus was more expensive that a big plus a. It says that it is a Keepsake Version, but an only difference in this version and a big plus one could see is that it is smaller. He also said is Friendly Asthma. An only difference could see when it has taken is that it is the Book of Joint , more than the book with pages of paper, but has not seen never this Book in any one another formed that the Book of Joint.

Top Customer Reviews: Lil Peach First 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5
Pound really pleasant but piece too much in parents all the world is not married. It do not have a lot month by month on creature at all roughly when they have lost or has has obtained teeth at all roughly those who his president is etc any documentation in experience of creatures. It asks all some the wrong questions am thinking roughly sending it behind and that buys another mark but I guess it will do.... I will write of entity info to somewhere more
5 / 5
This book of creature is exactly that has required partorisca maintain the memories of my creature in. I want that I can use it all a way until when it enters nursery. This was the wonderful prize and return the majority of my needs especially of the plot of the tents do not spend much longer. The only desire has had the little more the pages on where could register more creature firsts, likes first yard of peel, shots, etc,.
4 / 5
I am returned this product because you are not that it has been expecting. Had more questions on some parents that there was roughly creature.
4 / 5
It has given like the present partorisca the fellow the one who has had sister. The amour like economic was of then has had to that buy two. Some parents have wanted to him.
4 / 5
Bought this like the present of shower. Recipient Has loved that. Has a zone for Mommy and history of dad too
4 / 5
Exactly that has looked for. Amur That has pages roughly Mamma and Dad and pages for as has praise, a shower of creature and ll a Creature of book of book of regular creature in a phase. Now so only while our container of joy to arrive 2/11/19 Grandma has excited.
5 / 5
Bought like the present, is a lot pleasant and an interior is a lot detailed like this calm does not lose any one memories! I have bought the resemblance one on its own name also.
4 / 5
I love this book of creature. It is really easy to use and is the quality is adds !!! He the perfect present for my fellow the one who is having the creature she.
4 / 5
the book is well. Didnt Likes concealed is has been missing some of some bones of basic thousands like cooing n going in. But on everything looks adds.
5 / 5
Pound really pleasant but asks too much in parents all the world is not married. It has not had a lot month by month on creature at all roughly when they have lost or has has obtained teeth at all roughly those who his president is etc any documentation in experience of creatures. It asks all some the wrong questions am thinking roughly sending it behind and that buys another mark but I guess it will do.... I will write of entity info to somewhere more

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