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1 first Hair Color for Men by SoftSheen Carson Dark and Natural, 5 Minutes, Natural Looking Gray Coverage for up to 6 weeks, Shampoo-in Permanent Hair Dye, Natural Black, Ammonia Free, 1 Count Hair Color for Men by SoftSheen Carson Dark and Natural, 5 Minutes, Natural Looking Gray Coverage for up to 6 weeks, Shampoo-in Permanent Hair Dye, Natural Black, Ammonia Free, 1 Count By SoftSheen-Carson
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2 Manic Panic After Midnight Blue Hair Color Cream (3-Pack) Classic High Voltage, Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, Vivid Blue Shad For Dark, Light Hair - Vegan, PPD & Ammonia-Free, Ready-to-Use, No-Mix Coloring Manic Panic After Midnight Blue Hair Color Cream (3-Pack) Classic High Voltage, Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, Vivid Blue Shad For Dark, Light Hair - Vegan, PPD & Ammonia-Free, Ready-to-Use, No-Mix Coloring By MANIC PANIC
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3 best Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade For Dry Hair and Textured Hair, with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, Paraben Free Hair Pomade, 8 fl oz (Packaging May Vary) Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade For Dry Hair and Textured Hair, with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, Paraben Free Hair Pomade, 8 fl oz (Packaging May Vary) By Carol's Daughter
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4 Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Sulfate-Free and Silicone-Free Shampoo Infused with Coconut Oil and Glycerin, System for 24 Hour Frizz-Resistant Curls, 12.5 fl. oz., Packaging May Vary Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Sulfate-Free and Silicone-Free Shampoo Infused with Coconut Oil and Glycerin, System for 24 Hour Frizz-Resistant Curls, 12.5 fl. oz., Packaging May Vary By Garnier
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5 Garnier Olia Ammonia-Free Brilliant Color Oil-Rich Permanent Hair Color, 4.0 Dark Brown (Pack of 2) Brown Hair Dye Garnier Olia Ammonia-Free Brilliant Color Oil-Rich Permanent Hair Color, 4.0 Dark Brown (Pack of 2) Brown Hair Dye By Garnier
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6 Garnier Hair Care Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Moisture Leave-in Conditioner, 10.2 Fluid Ounce Garnier Hair Care Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Moisture Leave-in Conditioner, 10.2 Fluid Ounce By Garnier
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7 ONC NATURALCOLORS 5G Light Golden Brown Healthier Permanent Hair Color Dye 4 fl. oz. (120 mL) with Certified Organic Ingredients, Ammonia-free, Resorcinol-free, Paraben-free, Low pH, Salon Quality, Ea ONC NATURALCOLORS 5G Light Golden Brown Healthier Permanent Hair Color Dye 4 fl. oz. (120 mL) with Certified Organic Ingredients, Ammonia-free, Resorcinol-free, Paraben-free, Low pH, Salon Quality, Ea By ONC NATURALCOLORS
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8 ONC NATURALCOLORS Healthier Permanent Hair Color, Certified Organic Salon Quality Hair Dye, Ammonia-free, Resorcinol-free, Paraben-free, Low pH, Best Hair Coloring (5G Light Golden Brown) ONC NATURALCOLORS Healthier Permanent Hair Color, Certified Organic Salon Quality Hair Dye, Ammonia-free, Resorcinol-free, Paraben-free, Low pH, Best Hair Coloring (5G Light Golden Brown) By ONC NATURALCOLORS
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9 Bigen Powder Hair Color #57 Dark Brown 0.21oz (6 Pack) Bigen Powder Hair Color #57 Dark Brown 0.21oz (6 Pack) By Bigen
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10 Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Paraben-free Conditioner Infused with Coconut Oil and Glycerin, System for 24 Hour Frizz-Resistant Curls, 12 fl. oz., Packaging May Vary Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Paraben-free Conditioner Infused with Coconut Oil and Glycerin, System for 24 Hour Frizz-Resistant Curls, 12 fl. oz., Packaging May Vary By Garnier
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Top Customer Reviews: Hair Color for Men ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Amur This material, has done my look of husband 15 young years. It receives like this compliments of the his peers!!!
4 / 5
Likes: Bought this reason the prize was economic.

Aversion: it does not act. My husband dipped in in his hair & of pepper of the salt. Maintained the on partorisca on 10 minutes and the at all has spent looks but has to that wash yes of fast reason burns his skin & of hair. Once finalising, still looks one same. He no at all

Result: takings which pays stops. $ $ Down a drain.
5 / 5
Like an African American male I like this painting of hair because it paints a black of hair but no the black of jet. The desire would sell the smallest quantity partorisca less than money because it does not like that it purchases of this big quantity so only partorisca die my temples and then launch a rest was.
4 / 5
One of some colours of the most economic hair can buy and one of a better. The coverage and the easy application adds. More than all any noticeable harm to hair, each box has band to condition to help with control of harm.
4 / 5
Has done adds. If has a lot Grey in some burns lateralmente Leave in 2 to 3 mins more along thian recommend
5 / 5
has has wanted really this partorisca do and has wanted to it partorisca be an effective dye, but absolutely at all. I have followed some instructions to one 'You and has been once the fact was as if I have not used anything at all. To good sure does not recommend it .
5 / 5
Awesome Estimativa. My fiancé loves this mark. Easy colouring & inclusa to apply. Wal-Mart Spends too much in the prize adds, I just amour prime of Amazon with free nave.
5 / 5
The work adds! Shoots the natural colour to a hair although left in the little more along that recommended. Highly it recommends this. It takes the little longer that a competitor to do except adding natural looking results! I have been using this of several years now and am satisfied highly!
5 / 5
Likes but swipes during my bath
4 / 5
He no last while it declares. It tends I stays in your skin or under your nails when it exits of your hair. Oil of must your hair and hair daily or more your convict.

Top Customer Reviews: Manic Panic After ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clelia
They are 43 Yrs Old has been in decline my dye of the odd hair of then was 16. I began it that mixed koolaid conditioner of the hair and the lunch was the bit of the challenge. Begun use Manic Panic when it was 19. Has read descriptions on many of the pages of manic panic of the same amazon artic the vixen is. There is the few things that could have gone bad partorisca those dying his hair with any product. As it was writing this to for haps offered the bit of my own joint of experience.

Is bleaching Your hair. Give your hair 1 day partorisca relax and condition it after Olaplex No.1 it Is partorisca add this in spite of any one my experience partorisca use a day applies your manic panic/or preffered dye

washes your hair with shampoo of dandruff I BOSS and shoulders .. This will not undress hair one same like normal shampoo

does not condition before the bed is better time partorisca dip manic panic/arctic fox to your hair . It wraps your boss with something like seran wraps do not stagnate obviously or propiciado by use he of shower. Sleep with dye in your hair .ANY ONE is seeds perminant the hair dyed that it means no harmful ammonia or other agents partorisca break.

The rinse when awake . Calm more lavas your hair a fast plus will exit it . Some types of hair require partorisca people partorisca wash daily. It maintain to a shampoo of dandruff. Personally I mine of wash 2 to 3 times the week max and my hair does not turn like this fast.

is been the month my hair has turn to the light inhabited.. It was likely to go more along before entirely twists was.

My recommendations any prenden attention to one some the one who has given the bad is Manic and new Panic does not mention that a rest of the long plus in a plus along will last it. This could solve some questions. I seat before you have chosen any seeds perm dye partorisca do the bit of investigation and do your elections for those of us that been doing this partorisca years or the stylist of hair.
5 / 5 Kimi
Has been expecting the dark blue but a result was the a lot of frosty looking light blue in my white beard. It is lasted so only the roughly 5 days in my beard but my daughter-in-law have had better regime in his hair. It have to that have something partorisca do with a coarseness of some hairs?
5 / 5 Marcelo
Left beginning was partorisca say are quite new to a game to paint of the hair. I began it among a living room; I have been bleaching my blond hair for the pair of years now. Usually, my colorist the variac. Of a same thing -the points underlined and/or alone process. When I Have been, this time, felt bit it bored with this routine. During a surgery, has mentioned that his, and speak roughly going lavender, which was something has been that breaks roughly on and out of moment. I have decided to go for him! It uses the combo of the haze Lived of the Manic panic, conditioner, blue toner, and hairdressers wizardry. She my hair, and look freaking that has surprised, likes a bit class of mermaid princess. It is awesome!!!
But then.... I washed it! Immediately twists go to some blah pinky has lived nondescript gross colour. As I imagined it it go to Sally is, spent any dye, and touch on home. I have been, it has asked an extremely unhelpful employed for some joint. I have bought to the haze more Remain, any conditioner, mixing bowl and the paintbrush by heart. Also it take another colour has lived; I forget an exact mark, but involves argan oil. It take home, mixed on a colour and dip the on (a lot of the process it hard plus that looks in a living room). I have left he in still 20 minutes; OSSIA! Rinsed The, And my hair was the COLOUR of DEEP magenta lived with red undertones. WHOA!

I messaged mine colorist and has asked to please forgive me and to say me that I badly. I forgave and it has explained that that there is not dipping quite conditioner in and that a colour in a bowl is roughly the one who a colour in my boss will finalise to be. I have grown the class of as magenta, likes I a lot anything immediately and has tried another argan dye of oil with quite a lot of some same results. Then this has begun to turn also, turning to a same patchy the rose/of disorder has lived.

So much, am gone in to the amazon and the Manic panic have bought Mixer/Wry-izer and Colour of Manic Panic of the hair Amplified in Ultra Violeta. I have not been messing around anymore; has has wanted to do sure take a cake lived some that has looked for. I have mixed those up with a joint of mine colorist there has been given me in alcohol. I left it on for roughly the averages an hour and then rinsed a colour was and shampooed and has conditioned. A new colour was to add, to good sure a bluer toned the inhabited fresco has been interested to go/ stops.

A Cake of Manic Panic-izer exactly which are supposition to do . This be has said, chair that conditioner a same thing esatta and is probably quell'better bang for your buck. If has of the money to spend, spent a Wry-izer, but yes calms no, would not concern me roughly he at all. Probably unnecessary but good to have.

Hope That it help of long history - haha. To the left know me be any one question the dyes of Manic Panic there is of then does enough the bit to research when it look for to imagine was like this to maintain my purple of hair. '
5 / 5 Bethel
Left so only begins was to say that they are the daughter of adolescent and ossia my dad counts that I use from time to time. Well, to the left it is to locate with a description!

Has black jet of Asian hair as I have not known if this dye would look in my colour of hair. In spite of, I have decided to give that come from it reason a worse thing that could is that a colour does not look . I had it it have not dyed never my hair before he so that it was the total noob die my hair.

To the equal that orders of has followed some directions in a web of place of Manic Panic (checkout this before it dye your hair with Manic Panic[...]). I began it it was with shampooing my hair a day before and any conditioner. A next day, has wake on prompt and dip newspapers in a paving of bath to protect he of staining. I also used will be to wrap in a tank of bath to protect he of a dye. Literally, raisins each surface that thinks that a dyes will go in contact with (for me, some have the trace even some wall lol). After, I sectioned my hair to four sections (like upper legislations, the cup has left, inferior legislation, the fund left) and I clipped the partorisca plant with this little black claw clips. This helped in fact later on. It has put Vaseline around mine hairline, ears, behind and sides of the mine with the (this in fact a lot really help; my still skin stained of a dye). Then, it has dipped in of the plastic gloves and has used so only my toes to distribute a dyes. Like this with which have finalised a section, I clip he behind in place and then moves on to a next section. When I Have been finalised with a dye, has wrapped plastic to wrap around a hairline of my hair and has covered a rest with discharges he of plastic shower. I have left a dyes in still around 7 hours.

Later, I rinsed a dye was with a colder water could be and then softly has dried my hair (please use an old towel when doing this reason I totally stained my entirely pink towel). I have expected until my hair was entirely dry (ossia a lot of entity!! Otherwise Mancha all) and is then be to sleep. When Have despertador on, pillow of mine was entirely pink to the equal that suggest to cover your pillow a prime minister 2-3 days with which dye your hair.

Has done like this some looks of colour? Yes, he (classifies of). In the interior that lights, looks the half brown which is very odd but black of looks in of the pictures. This in spite of, in direct sun, calm to good sure can see a colour although it is like the dark fuchsia/pink/ red-ish colour. They are in fact really happy with him because of him is qualified to change colour in different lighting. Some finals of my hair are in fact it tad lighter of has bitten that to some roots likes them the colour was more vibrant there. An only downside is that it turn really fast. I wash my hair once the week and when I have used shampoo the week with which I colored my hair, turns a shampoo the light rose to the equal that have known a colour is exited :(. As it calms more lavas your hair, a fast more a colour will turn.

Oh, Also, has 2-3 hair of thumbs of period of the past shoulder and I so only have used the averages of one dye of hair.
5 / 5 Nigel
Has mixed the little of of the this with lavender in conditioner and he toned my golden/yellow blond to the whitest shadow. I want like this it results. The pictures have attached, before and hair.
4 / 5 Rossie
Has been using pink of candy of the cotton for the months mixed with the little bit of virgin rose for arctic vixen to take the most brilliant rose and turn a lot amiably, and thick turn. It dyes my hair in the each one two weeks and use overtone wry rose of daily conditioner, washes my hair roughly 2 or 3 times the week. Personally I enjoyed a upkeep reason dying the hair is relaxing for me but yes is occupied really or the find tedious I reccomend another mark. Has hair quite short and only need in the third of a boot for each does of dye.
4 / 5 Marquita
First time that use manic panic and has loved that , has used red of the vampire and I have left a colour a partorisca in the hour and 15 mins , and has used 2 4oz arrest it bounced all my hair
4 / 5 Zelda
am very happy with an Atomic Turquoise but any so much with Locks of Lie.
Has left a colour in still 3 hours and has washed my hair each one that 2-3 days with cold water and has not used the curling iron or any heat at all.
A turquoise and the green has taken the few weeks to for real the turn but a purple had gone almost inside the week and entirely on duty interior 12 days.
Tries Punky colour or Sparks (any vegans) for the inhabited durable longer.
4 / 5 Chastity
This product is awesome, is regarding the use. They are the professional stylist of 20 years and I have used this TONER a lot of time. An only way this anything for you is on hair has bleached recently this has been lifted to a colour of pale yellow, thinks interior of the banana. Ossia So only meaning to the time was a bit of yellow left on hair. If it has used calm properly will take the blond beautiful platinum. Do at all for virgin hair, darkness or the light blond hair same or hair this is to be bleach and already toned. For everything of these people that complains in a calm colour more to good sure is not quell'using right or so only does not comprise that it is stops . Used properly is an amazing product .
5 / 5 Gita
After relieving my hair to in the 7 in some darker zones and he 9 in a light plus (my roots were probably the 9 with which toner), has applied Heather Mystic to my hair. I have not diluted with conditioner (likes a bit the people do in a lot of tutorials has seen), has used a dyes by force full.

Has hair really fat the thumbs of pair or like this spent my shoulders and I have required 2 pots to cover my boss, but 3 would be better state has lost of then some something. After bleaching my poor hair was thirsty and basically drink arrive all a colour. I have left it accuse for 30 minutes and washed it then. I want like this it looks. I need to go in again to fix some bits have lost, but loves it. A colour is @to begin more pinkish that has lived, but I like a colour.

My suggestion: it pays next attention to some instructions and clock Tish and Snooky video in manicpanic point with. Mark sure taken a colour of hair frothy. If podes, use your hands to touch your hair to be sure is not to dry in of the zones that could take clumped near. Sectioning Go in of the helps of small bits with east has to that it weaves of hair. Shabby more the colour that calm think you in you will require, in the chance loses the something and need to go in your hair again.

Has has added photo. For some reason a front of my hair has accused differently that a rest and I have tried to aim concealed. A photo of diptych is my hair in naturalidad light right after painting.



Has loved to go back my description to leave knows like a colour has turn and some other tips have discovered. Hopefully This will help a next person that looks for info. I found it very difficult to find descriptions and help for Heather Mystic.

Like this after my description has touched on zones that accidentally had lost, and then to the left erase for the little the month. In a cup where my roots are, a colour is remained lived-and, so only take the lighter of has bitten. In a period, erases down to the pink cake. In some darker zones that had accused to the 7 and has had some orange-and of the tones, a hair has turned that really quite pink-colour of gold that taking it populate now. I have been pleased with that. In some describes that it have directed to go down to the 9 a colour has turned the money-and has ascended. Throughout, look the wry rose and lived shadow.

I shampooed like this little like this possible with a help of dry shampoo. My hair and the hair is of course very dry and alive in the dry climate to the equal that can go roughly 2 weeks without my hair that looks or odorando bad while the clean maintenances and has maintained. Any usually go that long among shampoo, but look of mine of the by heart better help for longer.

I shampoo my hair has taken: lame conditioner (usually the thickness of deep conditioner) and dip the in my finals and period. An I shampoo taken like this small to the equal that can and use that in some roots, then rinse. Then I go back on that with more conditioner.

I recently touched on my colour and this time have left a colour on for almost 3 hours in place of 30 minutes and he have turned my hair the inhabited deep. Almost colour/of eggplant of the eggplant but the little pinker. I love it and I think that that it looks he adds. A darker colour is helping to disguise my dark dark roots. My roots are chocolate very dark brown and have the tiny bit of ash. One has lived hardly affects some roots and ashes but he blend in and some roots look the little less unsightly. I am looking for to go while I can among touching on roots like this anything these helps is the good thing .

Now when I paint my hair, leave me 2 days for the do. Reason always inevitably lose the something. I do not know roughly any more but has to that it weaves of the hair and are not the professional colorist like this of some arrival of way is disappeared something to somewhere and does not see it until I am fact and a hair is dry. As I buy 3 pots and use a prime minister 2 a first day to cover my whole boss (I my first period because it takes more with a longitude to accuse that some roots. For a time am done that takes my period has covered, is already state accusing 15-20 mins when volume to some roots) and then the dry and take note of some something loses. Then it uses a 3rd pot to paint some bits have forgotten and leave it on a same quantity of time likes prime minister.

I rinse in a fresher water can be (if it stick your boss in a tub or tank in planting to rain, will find you can be the freshest water of his any paste your whole organism) and has dipped the deep conditioner on that.

Has experienced much less breakage and fallout with Manic Panic that another colour of hair has has not used never. Comprising a bleach! Usually with dye of boxes and painting of same living room, my pauses of hair or falls was bad. With Manic Panic, has no breakage and a lot little fallout, another that that it is normal to find in your paintbrush or when shampooing. When I rinse out of my colour could lose the pair of hairs down a drain and ossia. When I Brush my hair, regime of hair very small. Before I have used Manic Panic, would have the tonne of hair in paintbrush of mine, in a paving, etc. When I shampooed, I active fistfuls of him exiting. Not kidding! Any anymore. Absolutely I love Manic Panic.

A colour no last long, and almost each experience is the surprise because your colour depends on so many external factors (ossia a fun part for me but I know another loves the result can predict and comprise concealed) but can say that ossia the a lot of option more sã for my hair that other frames by heart have tried.

Top Customer Reviews: Carol's Daughter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lyndsey
I am 60 years old and it has lived with tight, dry, frizzy hair all my I have tried all and each product in a phase. These produced is point and averts. My hair has crimps beautiful and shiny, any frizz at all. I do not comprise reason the people have said that that has the strong are not that it takes that at all. It is everything natural, which love. I am buying more! Partorisca A prize, try it!
5 / 5 Avril
This material is surprising. I want to like mositerizes and greases my hair a same time. My hair is súper dry. Like this I dry like the leaf broken in October. It is can it do not maintain properly greased or moisturized partorisca anything! But this material giiiiiiiirl!! I love it! It looks really the really believed honey and a smell is not offensive.
4 / 5 Yi
Salvation All mine 4C Divas. Ossia An amazing moisturizer. Odora A lot of ( has roughly beeswax in him) and maintains my shiny hair and has protected. It does not offer any control, but resupplies moisture, resplandor, and partorisca light pleasant scent. If you are in a fence roughly taking this product, So only he!
5 / 5 Isreal
Has transmission to all the products of Daughter of Carol of then Shea Moisture has lost his d alcohol. Very happy with a transmission like my hair is very very fat and coarse 4C hair and these products are some so only some that moisturize my hair all day (to the equal that in halfway by means of a day my hair is not to dry.)
5 / 5 Easter
A product of better hair never!!! All 6 of my daughters and mine inclusa 5 boys use it daily!! yesthatequals11kids
5 / 5 Yadira
I amour this product. Has hair very dry and fulfilling that these helps of product to give my hair moisture. It is not too greasy and a smell is very light. I love this product so much that has bought two more.
4 / 5 Leota
Does not go with my hair , my burned boss .. But do a lot well for my mother ! His hair has grown tremendously ‘!!!! His hair is “nappy” to the equal that was necessary would say but my hair is “softer”. It alleges it is for this that he no with my hair but I have said “ bought it , has to has done” hahaha !! Oh Well . The bubble gums the smell this in spite of bondadoso of annoying .
5 / 5 Jenell
Uses this in my hair of daughters. His hair is around the 4b 4c texture of type and always looks dry. These products add resplandor ,moisturizes and frames detangling the easiest attribute. Has like the texture of fat of the hair and he odora very good.
4 / 5 Justina
Fantastic! I add for locks of mine..
4 / 5 Roseline
For such inform of sound, which is reason I has ordered this. Has 3b curly the hair and my finals tend to be dry that it causes of the knots of fairy. It has squandered to plot of the money that comes from different products to moisturize my finals to any avail.
Has received grieves this there is rubbed the little in my finals and has done he by means of, two days later my finals are still moisturized and my shiny hair. My hair a lot well with the heavy oils but this was a lot of - I used it sparingly. He tingle a hair the bit, the good consistency and I love a scent that smells like the orange creamsicle icecream fences in mine. Already I know this will be the stable in my cure of hair regimen, loves it!

Top Customer Reviews: Garnier Fructis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Taryn
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Account Yes has curly hair, highly recommends this line. Still for a shampoo of premier and conditioning, could see more definition in mine when is exited curls of a shower. One leaves in the conditioner am adds. Always I will use this line when wants to spend my natural hair. Very maintain it my hair to take frizzy and done my curls look so moisturized and has defined.
4 / 5 Katharine
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Account has wavy the hair but this shampoo gave me in fact curls! The flight, will not use anything more now : )
4 / 5 Mickie
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Account has very-ish wavy/curly/frizz-prone hair that tends to take greasy in a hair but dry in some finals. Read that sulfate-the free shampoo would be well to help in in to to the hair likes him his of the mine, but has not wanted to pay an arm and the leg for something well. It tries a lot of products before, and usually at all does surprisingly in my hair. This material is paraben and the free sulfate even so lathers sake. It looks to the help rids a frizz and do my hair that is softer and more is and for $ 3!?! I am the adherent .
5 / 5 Un
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Account has used this for years and lately could not fund he in some tents. Has thinks that that it was interrupted. A company changed of bounced yellow in of the greens of file. I like this so that I am chemically sensitive and a fragrance is not too bad. It IS it adds for my curly in the laws of hair likes them crimp it to them that active gel.
5 / 5 Cody
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Clean Account well without drying. Amur That is to say free and soft sulfate in a hair! I think that that it is the curling method of the sure daughter!
4 / 5 Florene
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Account I amour this product! It reduces frizz, feeds, and defines my curls. It IS better that some of a living room-produced of quality I own. To well sure it recommends this in any one with curly hair.
4 / 5 Maryanna
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 it counts it MAY of BETTER THING!! Your hair will be SPER SUAU SPER Defines and SPER VERY SMELLING! !
A Must compraventa!!!
4 / 5 Albert
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 Account Creates the sake lather and well of smells. Layers my very soft hair with bouncy curls afterwards. Economic and pleasantly surprised does not spill while shipping. Purchase again.
5 / 5 Bernadine
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: 1 it counts it the shampoo Very fire and has cleaned my sake of soiled hair. Has hair of African American btw
4 / 5 Jed
Colour: the curl Feeds ShampooSize: it Counts 1 Covers my greasy hair and any preoccupy me for a fragrance also or.

Top Customer Reviews: Garnier Olia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tamar
It was quite hesitant to buy this after reading roughly negative critic. But to the left initiate me so only to say that for me this has done adds. I know to plot of a reviewers down say that they are experienced with house haircolor. But maintain import that to plot of a yellow-haired the women that strolls around Walmart in the slippers of house are also very experienced a terrible work with his house haircolor and think that the looks adds. Really I am comfortable to say that I am experienced with house haircolor. There is dyed my hair in home of then was 13. My colour of natural hair is the blond dark ash/borderline very light mousy brown. The majority of dyes of on duty blond house of hair that colour of brilliant of orange hair. Before olia, an only some concealed could turn my quite blond hair has done like this to fry one craps out of him with bleach. Like the signal was that, any one offends the women those who dye his red of hair, brown, or black, but requires much more skill and dye of hair of better quality to go of brown to the quite blond. This dye adds this in spite of. Considering texture, my hair is of course bit it coarse and dry. They are one of these people those who can wash his hair each one another day in place of every day. Like this when I have listened that olia was oil-has based thought that it would give comes from it. I have used two colours because I always do the signals lights underlined and drops in my hair (this looks more natural, big final, and flattering) For some low lights, has chosen olia 8.0 the half blond. For some signals underlined, has chosen olia 9 1/2 .1, A lighter ash blond. Utilisation the bowl with two has has divided sides (One for each colour) more than some bounced that in fact come with this dye of hair. So much, I can not comment in the easy or last a boat is to resist during a process of application. I thought that it that it have to that remark that reason some of some descriptions down mention that it is difficult for them to resist to. Neither it uses of the gloves. I need to be able to feel with my toes that the breaking of my hair is wetted with the dye and which are not . It has dipped some two colours on in 0.5 to 1 cm increments and left it on for roughly 25 minutes. I have low seated a dryer of hair in low heat for roughly five minutes with which have been and any cry around a house. The rinsed went it well in a shower then shampooed any one the residual dye was with shampoo of lights of the resplandor for blond and money for Clairol. I followed it up with a real Olia conditioner that is coming with a dye and has thought the smell adds. I left it on for three minutes. When I rinsed has been, my hair felt soft and silky. After a shower, has dipped in any biological silk as I always do and has twisted my humid hair up in the towel for 30 minutes for the leave rest. With which have blown for the dry and curled was the curling iron like normal. My shows of picture under some results and am very happy. My hair no odora to like has dyed that so only and more importantly does not feel to like has dyed that so only but look sure there is it dyed so only. It is to win he-win!
For me of the pocolos benefit a lot outweighed some negative commentaries down. Lame paints very a lot that has done my hair in fact feels soft and was a lot of abordable and convenient. Negative commentaries in the gloves and calm bounced them would not owe that swing your decision to try this. I have it quell'has ordered already these two colours again so that they will be ready when my start of roots to go back. The wait does not leave never do this dye of hair.
4 / 5 Hyo
It was fearful to dye my very broken hair that has had accidentally has relieved on. He any yours at all and has loved so only go back my natural colour, has thinks that would give this the shot and lucky for me read like the charm and if anything my hair feels better that he first. They are like this like this happy has tried this, has taken exactly a colour has loved. It have to that it has used it two boxes but ossia my own failure. I will not use never another mark by heart of the hair again!
4 / 5 Catheryn
They are 72 and it has been painting my hair for st 40 years less, always be blond also but does not remain shiny and the ash has aimed. Had an accident the few years done and one that burns besides the really hurt produced. As I have tried Olia and loves it! My long hair is shiny and is and looks a lot enough.
Does not burn and no odora very strong.
Has the question that hangs on to a boot like this mixes he well and so only the game in dulcemente. It is a lot slippery.
4 / 5 Taisha
I have lost mine colorist of 12 years to another state! It has determined any to pay even more money and endeavour to find another has behind turned to box colouring. I have tried plot of different frames and with a lot of poor results and has come finally to this. He a better for me and in fact covered can ash of hair. I blend two colours three dark neighbourhoods blond and the half of brown neighbourhood for my colour of perfect natural hair. Having to that leave my colour in the has bitten more along that has directed to take a coverage has wished. Highly you recommend to try this product to see if it acts for you especially has stubborn ash.
5 / 5 Sunday
Have Always to to Garnier really liked him to him the dyes of of hair because they remain truer to paint and last longer in my hair, as I have thought an oil the version has based would be sweet in my virgin roots.

Was, but unfortunately, washed out of lighter and slightly more red that would have loved and does not have says true to paint for very long. It can be because my ash of hair is not like this dyable how was when it was younger. I have comprised the photo to the equal that can see a result with which roughly four weeks. It was not it can see he in a photo, but there is also to plot of visible silvery white grays.
4 / 5 Charmain
Works well to cover ash without drying was hair. People often compliment a smooth silky quality of my hair of period of long @@@cofre, which is not typical for past of women sixty years of ages. Of course, other personal habits probably add to a health of my hair ... Good diet, supplements of useful vitamin, exercise, avoidance of excessive shampooing, and use of good conditioners. But I have seen a dry straw-like result in a hair of friends those who use other dyes of hair. Fully it recommends this one for hair is.
5 / 5 Mabel
It was impressed like this with this colour of hair at the beginning, almost has run directly on to leave the perfect description. A process of application was easy and an initial result was beautiful. I have decided to give the one who some time so only to be sure. Well his summer 2 weeks now and a colour is continously when be wash out of my hair! Ash of patch of the mine has reappeared after so only 3 days! Ossia A worse colour has has not used never. It can go and buy the $ 5 box to paint that will last longer. I can not believe it is to be still has washed was. I have been painting my hair suitable for 14 years and I have has not had never this raisin. I have had seeds and half colour in my hair this is lasted more along that this. The instructions have been followed, sulfate free & colour the sure shampoo is has used.. An only thing done of the different way is using my own gloves. This is not error of user, so only crappy, overpriced colour.
5 / 5 Vincenzo
I have been painting my hair for roughly 25 years. Of you bounced, it boxes & expensive living rooms. It looks I tried it everything, to to some liked well enough, of some very so much concealed & comprises a living room! Some hang-ups never really annoyed me this in spite of as they like him try the new products and well, the hair grows was, as I never stressed on that. My half the brown hair has stubborn grays now, mostly on and has been immensely fallido for colours of boxes in of the recent years. My daughter has loved his hair done for prom, something thin & the lighter of has bitten that his normal colour, as I have tried Olia Meso Blond 8.0 in his light brown/Dk. Blond hair. First of all, a smell are to add it really is and at the beginning was reason some colours of normal box are ALL too powerful and give me the headache. A boat has done well for me still although it is that it forms of type of the drop, but can see like this can be the question for some people. Mix so only he in the dish then and the produced on, any big question & with it awesome this product is ossia the very small concession in fact yes calm the precise! A colour looked adds, but was bit it also light up for his personnel that likes (his hair looks thinner there and a colour has taken really), as I am exited quickly and has purchased Dk. Blond 7.0 And has used that in a 8.0. Wow! It results to add - beautiful shading. It say that his hair feels better that never, is shiny and so only looks really healthy - know likes hair always looks in of the magazines but never in person - up to now! Some first 2 photos are his hair , one 3rd is mine been due to course, was pleased like this with as his hair is resulted that I also bought Dark Golden Mahogany on its own name because of another reviewer the one who has has wanted to he - and of the graces, is for real the good-looking colour! Any only that, Olia has covered in fact my cup has not been a chance with another colour has tried. My hair feels luxurious also. There is remarked some bad descriptions and I can so only surmise that some practice of need of the people ( all does initially!), Perhaps the different colour or perhaps partorisca to the any reason so only did not like, but does not love never try of another product by heart of the hair again. My fast & free haircolor the days are on - this produced sold instantly. It is spectacular. Some pictures are not the quality adds & certainly any justice to that adds so much our colours have resulted, but think that the pictures are useful as I uploaded him in all the chance.
5 / 5 Isabell
I never produced of description, but reading all some the negative critiques have me to the knots here does to feel that I have had to write the description. First of all, ossia a dyes of hair I better there is never is comparable to a dyes used in Ulta when it take my hair professionally fact, excepts that they are not that it pays $ 100 an application. A dyes no odora adds, but is to good sure preferable to a smell other dyes of hair. Has long, light brown hair that it is thin and tends to be in a side a dry plus. The the dyed black each one that 4-6 weeks and I want to one looks!

Have the commentaries of pair to do on some of a more generally the negative points have mentioned, this in spite of.

1. For people those who are concerned in of the this weighing down his is a dye of the OIL has based. Specifically it say concealed. If there is of course greasy hair already, DOES not USE A DYE of the OIL has BASED. Ossia honradamente So only common sense and has to that no really need to be said, but too many people have spent that up. Adding oil to something greasy any he gorgeous and fluffy. Of my hair is slightly drier, this dye is perfect and does my fantastically smooth hair.

2. Ossia The dual of everything, yes, a boat is the very odd form . It does not consider this a subject, but apparently another does. If you are twisting of the propiciado by applicator was before calm shakes it, calm then would owe that be use so many hands to shake a boat. An on, to block a hole, and one in a subordinated to resist a boat. Mark sure to shake it vigorously. Has the strong that feels that to plot of some people that complains roughly subjects of coverage, patchiness, and the odd colours are not that they shake a dyes a lot enough to blend all near.

3. Ossia The quite fat hair dye. Personally, it prefers this to some dyes some thin plus, runnier. It is easier that control planting when a dyes is not running down a side of your boss. If you can not take some boats to cover your whole boss, so only mean precise to purchase the second. With hair down to a half of the rear mine, requires to use two paralización all-on coverage. One $ 20 concealed cost is me still he heck of the most economic plot that one $ 100 would cost he in a living room.

In general, am very pleased with this dye, but also was my hair and know exactly that beat and can any one with him. Calm always would owe that be careful when you are treating your hair with any product, but calm also need know your type of hair before starts anything has taken.
5 / 5 Amada
Never have I like this disappointed state for the dye of the boxes and this is far from mine first experience of dye.

No attended never some dyes to look exactly that do in a box, but expect SOME DIFFERENCE. All this colour was to give me the SLIGHTLY dustier shadow of blond ossia finally unnoticeable. It is still a lot it shades lighter that included a model of boxes (in my experience, usually exits the shadow or two dark more with more than dyes - especially before a prime minister that washes) and not even the clue of one is trace.

Has loved to be it naturalidad looking blond, would be thrilled. Of then it conceal it is not my aim, am very unhappy.

Top Customer Reviews: Garnier Hair Care ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sena
If you have curly hair, highly recommends this line. Still for a shampoo of prime minister and conditioning, could see more definition in mine curls when I am exited of a shower. One leaves in the conditioner are adds. Always I will use this line when I want to spend my natural hair. Really it maintains my hair partorisca take frizzy and done my curls look like this moisturized and has defined.
4 / 5 Holly
Decent moisturizer. Any curly the friendly daughter ( contains silicones).
5 / 5 Mari
Mina very active 2 year there is súper touch it and the tight curls take tangled very easily. These leaves has been the saver of life. Súper Easy to comb by means of his tangles after using this product. Shoots his hair with the little control, but still soft and bouncy curls.
5 / 5 Dionna
Has used a lot of oils and of the creams partorisca my curly the hair and ossia my preferred. Any only is abordable but softens my hair without adding hanged. I can spend my hair curly or straighten it. Usually it uses so much the cream and an oil in my hair but these works of product well in his own.
5 / 5 Dino
Perfecto partorisca kinky curly hair. It is not fearful to give this product tries it. Also odora adds!
4 / 5 Millicent
This is surprising partorisca curly hair. Of big curls to kinky curls! Work partorisca all some daughters in a house! He moisturizes softens some curls and defrizzes without giving a wet look. It can maintain your bouncy curls! You love it!
5 / 5 Leroy
There is a lot curly hair, and this material are adds!! It maintains my curls hydrated, and in control. Not weighing down, or leave me frizzy. Included it can use so only this like the product afterwards. Odora Very Too much.
4 / 5 Sammy
Want this material partorisca the hair of my edges. Has the plot of hair ossia curly and has the bad habit of tangling really bad in a backside, has dipped this in his hair after his bath and comb he by means of. The law adds and the smells adds also.
4 / 5 Barbar
These are my products of priest of favourite hair . They are the black woman and these utmost products partorisca my routine of natural hair. It conceal it leaves the conditioner is surprising partorisca me. This prize is very too much. Abordable!
4 / 5 Camelia
One of the products of favourite hair of my adolescent daughter. There is curly kinky the hair and this help of product maintains it moisturized and less frizzy.

Top Customer Reviews: ONC NATURALCOLORS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Maple
I have been painting my hair (based in mine whims) of then was 15, and has had the pocolos dressers of hair give on reasons my hair is creature well, a lot porous, grabs too colour in some zones and the slides was almost immediately and always finalises too red or green or something. As I have done mostly my colouring of own hair as there is so only I to blame. They are 70 now, and because of the catastrophic illness, my hair has been money inside a space of the year. It is the gorgeous money, some the youngest daughters bondadosos is paying big bucks to achieve, but when the senior lady (the one who spends to be in shape excellent that maintains) has ash of hair, ossia all other people see and immediately think old, decrepit lady. I know; they are not supposition to concern roughly another' thought, especially ignored, but ossia where are in my life well with which a lot of deliberation and the tonne of investigation in toxic vs ingredients sãos, has decided to try is one. The the few games of test and has thought could live with that, but a colour of full hair is resulted the hundred times better! It is the rich colour with a lot of variac. Giving it the natural look. It is the tad darker that there was has wanted, as first time I shampooed, has used the charcoal detox shampoo, and lava out of just quite colour. Now I am using the conditioner and the shampoo have lived to maintain some red was. It has been so only the week, as I can not speak to like this continuous spend, but am ordering a prójimo lighter N shadow to try after, as I am sure a gleaming the roots of money will shine when this one grows of the thumb of neighbourhood or like this, and the lightest looks better on me, in all the chance. They are of course he lights brunette. It gives the graces to leave touch me with my colour of hair again without concerning on some the chemicals have involved. I left it on for a recommended time and has used my discharges of heat in place of the dryer of hair. A heat all a difference. It was the good experience , any stinging or strong odors, any messy. My hair is quite short, and was quite colour to cover adequately, but has the longest hair, would recommend to buy an extra a.
5 / 5 Bettyann
Are EXTREMELY ALLERGIC to paint of hair. Taking like this bad that my itch of hair like crazy and blister... So much, has thinks that would give a colour of natural hair shot it. You love it! It has not had any allergic reaction anything. It takes the little more time that some frames of @the @@drugstore but some results are good-looking.
5 / 5 Daria
Has read the majority of some descriptions has like this poised state to follow some directions precisely. This in spite of, although an initially looked colour adds, and looked to cover my ash fantastically, after a second washing, a colour already has washed was. To good sure does not buy again. It have to that maintain looking. (Also, after painting and conditioning with a quantity of the minute comprised of the conditioner resupplied with a product, my wet hair felt dry and not even close to soft and silky.) Raisin and save your money.
5 / 5 Colene
Has used Blond Light Ash 10C and has followed some directions exactly so only adding an extra time for fat hair. One first photo is like my hair looked so only before I washed it and colored. A second photo is as it has looked I colored-quite orangey-red and any coverage of root. A third photo is after 20 min with blue shampoo-that tries to take a orangey-red was. This has done a bit. I have used spent to root to answer the function that late and more has tried late the HE esal has produced that stung my hair so will not use it never again. Any @@subject a cost, he any -inferior line: you do not recommend .
4 / 5 Ivonne
Easy to use, and the product of quality. You owe that use the dry plus in your hair (to open on an iron of hair) for a colour the permeate. I have purchased so only the hair-the driest hood to hook to my swipe my dry plus and used it that way - do well. A colour is exactly like in a box, and last like this long or longer that any one another product by heart has used. That I like a more roughly the, is contains no harmful chemicals.
5 / 5 Tilda
The box arrived with some of a solution am spilt. When Applied to my hair, a solution was a lot runny and has had to be applied quickly to any drip throughout. With which have followed all some instructions, left it on for roughly 30 minutes like recommended for instructions. Once my hair has been dried, has been surprised that there was little to any transmission. It has not covered my ash of hair at all. A lot of dissapointing.
5 / 5 Leonard
Has followed some instructions of application meticulously reason have wanted to loved/it to it really to do and look a lot last night when I have finalised but
the inspection further this are - I still have the majority of my ash of hair! Like this disturbed - I now has to that attended and sport my greys for at least two weeks more, has squandered my time and my money
5 / 5 Chadwick
Like this far am thrilled with this product. I used it, like the directions say to, mixing a 4MC with a 4N colour to paint white hair in of the parts of my natural hair. It have used the 2-to-1 proportion of Castor oil and oil of Almond a night before with discharges that to animate in my boss, has washed was very a lot one prejudices before using a dye. I have followed some directions in a ONC box exactly and has added some 10 minutes for the fat hair in good been. The fact adds. My hair has results a lot shiny and soft and equally colored. It can not speak to durable to arrive to this point, but result really good.

Thinks a treatment of oil a night before it has helped probably the plot. But a condition of my hair after a work of dye are ADDS.
5 / 5 Angila
Has loved that it do not stink and I amour that the has not been hard in my hair. I have followed some instructions in a box exactly. It is poor packaging . A boat by heart had filtered inside a box. It was not true to a colour, relieve my hair but does not have does looks more natural. My hair was colour ready, has not had the colour dipped in him for 3 month like this has to that it has been near to a colour of boxes but is not . I have had in a thumb of the roots and he turned YELLOW-RED. It is not even close to that is in a front of a box! It have to that it has improved it quality for $ 25 colour of hair vs one $ 8 in a grocery tent.
4 / 5 Lesley
Has been looking for the product by heart of the hair that colour my ash of hair and blend well with my colour of natural hair and a colour of henna had been painting my hair with and do. A 4N half the brown colour is natural looking and has left my silky hair , shiny and smooth. I have been using henna to paint my hair that is the much more, the time that eats method to paint my hair and a colour is not never predictable state. Natural colours 4N the brown means colored in an orange-colour of hair of red henna and blended some paints fantastically. They are very sensitive the chemicals. Colour of the hair of natural Colours odora pleasantly like the bananas is easy to use and has caused any skin sensitivies or allergic reactions. Thank you Naturall I colours are very thankful and appreciated thus produced.

Top Customer Reviews: ONC NATURALCOLORS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tamika
This colour is an absolute god sends! They are the professional colorist and has tried a lot of natural colours that demand partorisca cover ash and his no, this line does and gave some results looked for any opaque and a lot shiny. Also some odora by heart does not add any itch and exits a skin a lot easily with soap and of the water! Be sure partorisca apply hot partorisca open a cuticle otherwise a colour will not take
5 / 5 Long
so only has used 1/2 joins partorisca bounce and have total coverage, no more grays! These produced is the difference of any another has tried, my hair is soft and the looks are. I have received a lot of compliments and the chair adds! Highly recommend it!
4 / 5 Elsie
Natural hair.
5 / 5 Nada
An only question am having is that some of some ashes is beginning partorisca aim in some after only sides two weeks. Another that that a colour is soft and enough.
5 / 5 Madalene
Still without a conditioner, well with which I rinsed a colour, my hair was súper soft. It can be the little question to use the hairdryer for 10 minutes, but is worth it. I am ordering more.
5 / 5 Vikki
The so that main likes on this product is that it do not have to that to the strong scent likes him the majority of treatments to paint of the hair has and does not nettle my hair. Another utmost characteristic, is that it can resist to a product for 3 more month to touch ups!
4 / 5 Jerald
Produced excellent low smell, easy to mix, easy to apply. My hair felt very soft with which have used a product. Amur A fact does not have all some chemicals!! Found my dye of new hair!
5 / 5 Telma
The application of this colour is the integer to-do and an efficiency of a colour that takes is highly addict in an application of heat. You do not buy again.
5 / 5 Vania
The global cost has produced, but when I have received my band of prime minister was all beats up and a product has been spilt by means of a container, has ordered the seconds an and he there is not coming with that has estada supposition to be in a container, (paintbrush etc..) Some beaten on the container can any one of state his failure but was both ask to lose.
5 / 5 Britt
Too many At all

Top Customer Reviews: Bigen Powder Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dwight
A product comes now with the red has shot in a box that declares the amour has produced partorisca add, different boot' and ossia simply any one a chance! It does not look or smell or DOES one same AT ALL. Use partorisca be in the little boat of glass and he maintaining among east plastic boot. Mix differently and does not apply like an use of way to. Unless I am taking some counterfeit material, which doubt are-reasons Walmart has a red same box undressed - then Bigen goes to lose some serious money. They have changed a formula and the claim have changed so only a boat goes in! A lot a lot disappointed!

THIS In spite of! After my initial disappointment of a transmission of formula, has asked Bigen directly that gives? They have answered with him there is it detailed the instructions and I have resulted acceptable now.

Bigen The permanent powder has been king-drawn to be compatible with a new plastic boot, while it ensures a same colour and action of coverage by means of regular use. While we no longer are that they offer a leading formula, please in the leave to share some tips in painting that it can achieve it a same action.
1. It does not extend or fall short of the time of wait has specified: 20-30 minutes for natural hair and 15 min for the hair has treated chemically
2. Apply a mix immediately to hair while it is still fresh; no attended until a mix darkened (the transmission in viscosity and colour of the mix does not affect action)
3. It ensures that it calms it does not have any metallic colours forwards that remain in hair
4. If you are not using a whole boat, shaken a good product so that a colorant the mix is dispensed equally
5 / 5 Alyson
A product that this raisin of particular vendor is done in fact in Indonesia is gone in plastic boat , while the product of another vendor is of GIAPPONE in the boat of glass. I have ordered one dark brown, and a colour is exited BLACK BLACK. Extremely disappointed with this compraventa and messed on my colour of hair.
5 / 5 Shandi
Has been using Bigen for 3 years and the'goes loved that always this in spite of, with a new plastic packaging and perhaps new formula, a colour does not resist . Odd!

There is disappointed. Now I am going back the Henna.
4 / 5 Clarence
This product is paralización amazing a lot of reasons: mixes a powder with water, any peroxide. It covers Grays entirely and permanently (of course, new growth -roots- has to that be done each few weeks) but so only some roots, calm does not have to that touch a hair that was already colored! Also, it does not spoil hair. State using he for years, no the end of alone breaking.
Has to that black darker that light brown some also red colours, his no blond, reasons this formula any colour of impulse, can so only so only add. Justo FYI.
Master and totally recommend it!
4 / 5 Anderson
Has been that uses this particular mark for years when it was in bounced them of glass And facts in Giappone. A new formula is absolutely horrendous. Much darker that that supposes to be. A new a plastic bounced east, done in Indonesia and The averages has FILL.
5 / 5 Kristeen
After reading a lot of negative critics, was fearful to try he for weeks. I finally (without doing the test of patch) and the work adds. I have read of those a lot of people have questions with a dye in his skin, has dipped a dye in the comb and there is combed he by means of my hair. I never massaged he to my hair or anything. I have used included a comb in mine sideburns. I left it on for roughly 20 minutes and rinsed was. It does not seat never itchy and has not taken never any reaction of skin. They are happy reason have purchased 6 boxes. My woman has said that produced very better that all the dyes of hair of some other Men have tried. And it is an only one which has covered my temples and the hair approach my with the in a backside. In general, I am very happy with a product. I think that that I will continue to dip a dye in the comb and dye my hair that way. I will revise a product the month and to the left know if a hard colour longer that other dyes.
5 / 5 Bert
There is no @to @give this was after producing to stage until I have received the and has opened a box. A worse thing is that a colour takes to a skin quickly and is almost impossible of the clean. A wash of the original product of a skin was taken accidentally to some ears or some toes. I have purchased five as usually I do and used it once. Rubbish a rest and order an original a fact for Giappone .
4 / 5 Ozell
Always buys the product do not dry to to your hair like him to him some of a compraventa in a pharmacy. I die my hair each one that three weeks because I am taking ash of hair really fast and my hair is is,not drying and does not fall off with which to to the washed likes usually spends when you die of your hair with regular frames when I am cost until $ 10 .Ossia The chip can be the thick use and does not spoil a hair
4 / 5 Chantel
My dresser of hair has given a mine to touch rule ups. It is very easy to use. I have used five times for regular interview among date of hair. I love a result because it is always like this natural. They are like this happy found quell'on in Amazing! Such the value adds for six individual boxes. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Arvilla
Ossia My gone to for the hair does not spoil chemically treated in 20 minutes, rinses well, hard for the diverse summer that arrest of uses 10 years more

Top Customer Reviews: Garnier Fructis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Almeta
Have Of course curly hair this has been hard to control or combs included here in Ohio. This conditioner a work. It is like this good to be able to comb my hair without an ache of tangles, and partorisca run my toes by means of him all day long. A scent is surprising too much; I have had like this compliments in a way my looks of hair and the one who credit smells.
5 / 5 Krista
Ossia My daughter conditioner preferred! Has period of waist, thickness, wavy hair. We have tried the plot of different conditioners, of mark of living room the frames of @@@drugstore. I have bought this in the whim in Walgreens on done the year and want it. It is result harder and harder that find. I imagined it it verify Amazon and has had of course he lol. In the dollar fifty economic more on here too much. Look... If has thin hair or less than thickness, textured hair, this conditioner will be way too much for you. I tried it once and it was horrible for me. But has fat, wavy, curly, textured hair, some oils do the work adds to do hair easier to comb by means of and with less frizz. The prize adds, the product adds. While Garnier is not that it interrupts this anytime punctual line.
5 / 5 Donald
Him them curly Hair, highly recommends this line. Still for a shampoo of prime minister and conditioning, could see more definition in curls of mine when I am exited of a shower. One leaves in the conditioner are adds. Always I will use this line when I want to spend my natural hair. Really it maintains my hair to take frizzy and curls of mine done look like this moisturized and has defined.
4 / 5 Randall
Absolutely wants to this ! An only shampoo and conditioner I use. If you have curly the hair would owe that know that sulfates is the any a lot of and is in the majority of shampoo! I always look in some ingredients in that I use ossia for far one has found more highly recommends to try this product. I am obsessed with all the things fructis with which washes my hair with this I sound of leaves of use in conditioner, Moroccan lustrous oil and the crimps that reactive tins then walah soft bouncy curls all day !
4 / 5 Mirna
This conditioner is better for ash, colored, curly, sundrenched hair of Florida that all these expensive conditioners have been buying. I have been now using this conditioner for the year and has any better.
5 / 5 Pierre
Wants this conditioner! To the amazon shipped it wrapped in plastic wrap so it has not had any worry roughly filtering he in traffic.

There is of course ringlet-like hair, and ossia mine conditioner preferred - works like this as well as quota of some products plus very expensive! I choose to wasteful in mine styling produced, but for shampoos and conditioner this work adds. Sulfate Free and the smells adds.
5 / 5 Lisette
He detangled a lot well, has had to that weaves of slip. A side besides was had less shrinkage
4 / 5 Arcelia
One of a better any conditioners of living room! My smells of hair add and remains soft. The works add in mine curly hair!
5 / 5 Delila
Ossia A shampoo of the estimativa has better found for mine frizz-prone hair.
5 / 5 Shaunna
Loves this material. This together with Garner spray gel give me curls and utmost waves.