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1 first Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash, Red, 12 fl oz Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash, Red, 12 fl oz By KERACOLOR
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2 aiHr Hairspray, 10 oz Color Lock Sunscreen Shield Humidity Control Silk Shine Enhancing Technology, Flexible Hold Products for Men, Women, Curly, Frizzy, Fine, Thin Textures by Healium Hair aiHr Hairspray, 10 oz Color Lock Sunscreen Shield Humidity Control Silk Shine Enhancing Technology, Flexible Hold Products for Men, Women, Curly, Frizzy, Fine, Thin Textures by Healium Hair By GOLDERR
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3 best Rene Furterer OKARA COLOR Color Protection Shampoo, 6.7 Fl Oz Rene Furterer OKARA COLOR Color Protection Shampoo, 6.7 Fl Oz By Rene Furterer
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4 COLOR WOW Style On Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture & Finishing Spray, 7 Oz COLOR WOW Style On Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture & Finishing Spray, 7 Oz By COLOR WOW
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5 Rene Furterer OKARA COLOR Enhancing Spray, 5 Fl oz. Rene Furterer OKARA COLOR Enhancing Spray, 5 Fl oz. By Rene Furterer
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6 Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination Pack - 13 oz. Curl & Shine Shampoo, 13 oz. Curl & Shine Conditioner & 12 oz. Curl Enhancing Smoothie Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination Pack - 13 oz. Curl & Shine Shampoo, 13 oz. Curl & Shine Conditioner & 12 oz. Curl Enhancing Smoothie By SHEA MOISTURE
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7 Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse, Quick Drying Must-Have for Perfectly Defined Luminous Curls-Almond & Avocado Collection, 7.5 Fl Oz Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse, Quick Drying Must-Have for Perfectly Defined Luminous Curls-Almond & Avocado Collection, 7.5 Fl Oz By Design Essentials
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8 Surface Hair Bassu Hydrating Oil 2 Oz Surface Hair Bassu Hydrating Oil 2 Oz By Surface Hair
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9 LaCoupe Naturals for Curly Hair, Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner Set with Avocado Oil, Hibiscus, and Coconut Water - Safe for Color Treated Hair - Vegan - Cruelty Free LaCoupe Naturals for Curly Hair, Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner Set with Avocado Oil, Hibiscus, and Coconut Water - Safe for Color Treated Hair - Vegan - Cruelty Free By LA COUPE
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10 Aunt Jackie's Curl La La, Lightweight Curl Defining Custard, Creates Long Lasting Curly Hair with Mega-moisture Humectants, Enriched with Shea Butter and Olive Oil, 15 Ounce Jar Aunt Jackie's Curl La La, Lightweight Curl Defining Custard, Creates Long Lasting Curly Hair with Mega-moisture Humectants, Enriched with Shea Butter and Olive Oil, 15 Ounce Jar By Aunt Jackie's
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What is Color Enhancing Hair Care Products?

Top Customer Reviews: Keracolor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Thalia
Absolutely I WANT this product! I actuate Of course the aim/of the ash of hair and this only give it that extra something. It takes my colour to dull pepper and of salt in shiny money. In the principle has bought this for my daughter of 17 years that had dyed his money of hair. Maintain his colour to turn and the look dulls. Desprs Decides to change vanamente the trace begun to use a product like the does not go to waste and has now reordered 3 times. I will mention that although that is to say the cleansing conditioner I shampoo of still use (lights of money) and then uses these products while be normal conditioner - combs through my hair and leaves for even so very the times take me to rain. The majority of some negative critiques has read the people are using this in place of dye of hair. This is not the dye of hair, is meant to substitute your conditioner of current/shampoo to maintain colour. Work fantastically when used while it was feigned.
5 / 5 Dann
I know a heat is different in the each picture but I have seen the enormous difference. I am so happy that platinum this has taken my hair . I hate the shampoos lived so that it always leave that it live boos for the little of the days before take in him the to a colour likes him. This work some same without a purple!!! To well sure recommend it his and will be to buy more!!!
5 / 5 Veronique
This is produced is surprising!!!
Has tried different aha poos for hair coloreado red and they only a lot anything for my hair left in my feeling of the to to hair likes him does of residue. I actuate Only the used the time that in place of conditioner and of shampoo, my hair that is to surprise!!! Sper Suau And clean but or the majority of the part of entity is how has taken my colour of hair behind in life!!!! I can not think!!! I am so happy with this product that is ordering more so tongue!!!
4 / 5 Audrea
Val How has ordered this in Rosa Trace and of Gold.

To start with of my hair was lightnened in the aim. I have used a first Rose of light. A colour was vibrant! It IS the pink of the clear brilliant after a premier washed, and taken darker after each wash.

After I have me abhorred with this I has moved on in Rosa is a Gold . That is to say why it has given the 4 against 5 description- while a colour in a boat has aimed the dark colour, was to purple in my hair, has not locating Gold. I Like him his of a colour, but a name launch me era. Still after washing my hair to take an era by heart is more than the lilac against the gold of Rosa.

Here is some tips: it applies to DRY the HAIR and the left wing listen, then rinse. He a clenditioner for enough 3-4 minutes in dry and cold hair only with arrests quite 10-15. This has created vibrant colour that remained in my hair for the while still with regulating wash with the shampoo concealed has sulfates. Why I wash with sulfates? To turn a colour like the experience.

This product am add, absolutely would buy it again.

A colour in a photo is Gold Rosa, 3 washes with a Klenditioner, 2 washes with the shampoo of sulfate. Pinker-ish today, but to the purple when applied at the beginning. Also it can the be so that my hair was white when has begun.
5 / 5 Maya
Wow. Already So I do not write the descriptions but I have listened likes him Has to.
Has taken my hair has dyed the good plum with the violets quite a lot of marks 3 weeks and enough has washed was totally. Mostly so that I am pregnant and has required to take the plot of showers and hot baths to help with muscle and back ache. IN ALL the CASE my good purple was almost gone so that it begins to do some investigation in that to try house, spent this and decided in only tries it. I have had at the beginning big hopes, then while while for the delivery read each bad description and is aghast result. I tried he in all the case, and give the thanks to the god does so that I took me behind in my purple. You are not so that it vibrates so when it take it fact, but is gorgeous!!! And it is there is a product and used it well after it take it my hair has done has remained it to him his subjects he the most vibrant very time. Also do my TAN of hair SUAU. Gosh!!!! Only I want this product!!!! That adds finds!!!

Is posing he in my boys virgin hair right now, will leave to know what this go, is the blond soiled darkness with red dyes- the dye there has been never.

Takes this product!!!!!!!!

(And some bombs only has to unscrew properly)
3 / 5 Toni
Recently it take the points underlined in my means in hair of dark brown, is the dark blond colour that was it toned to be more ashy. More afterwards in my roots even so, a colour is more coppery. He been that wants experiences with very ashy, money or ashes of tones in my hair.

Has bought so much a blue and blue money to flavour was. A blue money has done to well sure my points underlined fresher, but has not touched a coppery parts, but imagined it no.

A blue done a coppery the freshest parts and has given the perceivable blue dye in my points underlined afterwards 1 USE, as this produces to well sure do.

Even so, in looks them to him the once applies a product, a colour takes deposited in this portion only. You How you it it can not apply in your zone of hair and pulls a low colour while scrubbing, a colour will be where has in the first place posed a conditioner and yes try extend out of a product, you it the conditioner has extended only, any colour. The calm can not comb through some final and expect finals colored, in my experience. Like the colour has finished to suffice patchy on me with a blue concentrated where posed one the majority of product, which are above my cape. The dry likes would be likely to take included paintings himself a lot of attention to arrest very next where and is applying a clenditioner and use the most produced of plot. Probably I will try blending a blue and the blue money, in hopefully still take cooling, silvery results with less than variac. Perceivable in of the different parts if my leader.

Another problem: while these products does not look for when being sper that dry as and'voice experimented with lights of resplandor and other products to deposit, which are well, find me requiring uses another conditioner after this. I am not sure if this affects some results by heart take, perhaps that is to say why is patchy, so that some finals is taking the conditioner with cones on after I cleanse ( has found this to be a case, please left to know me). At all more time in a shower when uses cleansing conditioners in all the case, remains in my hair in condition and colour, and would prefer in does not have to use another conditioner in of the this.

Will touch around and the update yes improves resulted.
5 / 5 Porfirio
That is to say an amazing tinted cleansing conditioner (known like the cowash) that is to say much stronger that could think since is the colour of pale violet . But there is a bit gold VERY strong the underlying pigment and this neutralise each last bit. And I do not have to use every time. Taken through the pair of regular shampoos (the sulfate free is critical for hair to paint treaty) or very cowashes (the most cleansing method soft that colour of scratch of the turn of causes). Even so, if my hair is sper soiled with to plot of buildup of product (dry shampoo/pomade/spray of order), one Clenditioner only does not take it quite clean. The premier bronzed I cowash with the conditioner to clear (Mint of Humidity of Shea of Ginger and African Water Detox conditioner with charcoal actuated) or uses one Dphue ACV Rinse, which take a place of both shampoo And conditioner and also takes buildup without turning my colour (and also has essential oils like the smells that surprised). Any one of this used before one Clenditioner the mine that takes that clean hair occasionally one Clenditioner very only. A first use to time a platinum Clenditioner, left the on for just the few minutes (3-5) and then checks some results. Always it can have left besides long it has required. But yes calm left the on far too very time, as any one violet tinted product, your hair will take the purplish dye. If this raisin, only wash your hair with any one it sulfate free clearing shampoo or your rule sulfate free shampoo (although it can has to lather the two times in fully take one violet dye). Easy peasy. My hair is the pale metallic money , which has discovered the even more turn fast that red. As I use or bomb of platinum, a bomb of a money Clenditioner and some bombs of a blue/money (available only in Amazon). This give me the good silvery tone with the bluish undertone, which fly. And one Clenditioner in fact does better for me that some toners have tried. It leaves my hair sper soft and well hydrated so much is very heatlhy look and has very bouncy organism. Only sure being you rinse very good. My hair is VERY coarse and dry so in additon in a Clenditioner uses the a lot of moisturizing conditoner in a mid period and final after I rinse out of one Clenditioner. Doing this does not take any one of one tinted attached by one Clenditioner the uses of formula. Still for those with fine hair, one Clenditioner is the subjects adds to maintain your colour. And btw, to the amazon has a full field of shadows, which Ulta no. Very included know had the money/blue option until I have verified was Amazon. And a shadow of platinum is $ 2 cheaper in Amazon.
4 / 5 Max
These material swipes my alcohol. It deposits the considerable quantity by heart and a lot refreshes my hair to bake very time. It melts work more pose in the left wing and the dry hair remain that they hang 20 minutes or more. A colour is buildable which are the characteristic good and yes takes too much for me only can use regular condition for the wash and he turn a colour bit it. This is not the colour of long term can use with your hard shampoos and expect last. Calm only know that it is purcasing and will not be disappointed. It leaves it was some stars so that any dry is particularly attaches like the moisturizer or conditioner. He the colour adds is depositing alternative of soft shampoo. I use it leaves in conditioner after I rinse and the dry towel and has any problem that the marks eat. It IS the product adds ! I can not expect try another when the shadows take more adventurousness
5 / 5 Silas
As it take it this product and has done immediately the test of leaf. I have applied a conditioner in touch he of my dry hair and the left wing listen there during 25 minutes or so many. I rinsed, dried, and crimps that piece of hair to do sure that I very cual a colour. It was advance and conditioner applied in an upper half of my hair, dry, and chair of leaves during 25 minutes. And then rinse he with fresh water and has attached only the tiny bit of organic shampoo in my hair. Some results were phenomenal! Any one only he some results to paint fantastically but my hair is so sper soft and smells also! I can not say quite a lot of good things in this product. Still it leave it so much wing of product and can not expect try other colours also. I will leave all the world knows that my hair has been anteriorly bleached, but is to good sure light very blond. It swears bleached and painting my hair in a tentativa to leave grows era. I have been excited to find an option like this or concealed is not permanent or harm. My sister, which are the cosmetologist, has said that that is to say the very good product ! Lucky for me said me also that it can it the to him takes he for half a cost LOL. To well sure it will be to purchase other colours and would recommend any one to try this product has been!
5 / 5 Ingeborg
I no longer shampoo of use, uses this 100% in my hair, am adds. It has discovered that it can apply he in my hair pre-rains and leaves for some time (30 minutes, an hour, or more) and do very a lot of - turn my ashes of hairs the good pink. I have progressed in the mix of colours, hot rose, regular and blue rose and has developed my own to blend which has resulted the pinky-lived. The strangers in fact me prenden in a street or in of the tents and say me that to want my colour of hair - and this spends very time the week and I are 52 years. It IS road of better road that be a mousey half ash-the woman has aged was before I have discovered this product. It is I except me of obscurity and invisibility. Thank you Keracolor To maintain me youngster!

Top Customer Reviews: aiHr Hairspray, 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Control of good humidity. Has a lot of hair that is not curly and is not directly— is the mix of half wavy frizziness. I heat daily way partorisca tame it. The styled in of the free waves and is exited in a stifling NC. Humidity this morning and my hair has maintained a curl and any frizz was. Calm does not need any a lot of east. If you have used too much, would have the helmet. This material has the rigid control. And something in a smell of him agreement of a hairspray my grandmother used when it was the girl .
5 / 5
Was skeptical roughly changing my hairspray to the east a, but is dulcemente state changing on to products that is the free cruelty.
After trying really like it! Good control, the scent is well, and washes out of easy! I go partorisca be to good sure that buys again!
5 / 5
Very light but good control. Has the hair of fines of the creature, but a lot he. A lot hairsprays weigh it down. Ossia The a lot of one.
5 / 5
First time have tried this spray of hair & loves it ! It resists my fashion without feeling sticky or rigid. My hair looks soft & shiny & stays where want it to. Highly recommend !!
5 / 5
Have the plot of the hair and ossia for far one for humidity in Florida!
4 / 5
A product really well especially yes have well, thin hair!
4 / 5
Mine new preferred that continues in airy smell and well
4 / 5
the products does well . It can not decide I like him to him a scent or no. Another that a scent honradamente can say has had a lot here my whole life and this hairspray has the better work for me that anything has used before
5 / 5
am spent of so many sprays of different hair that tries to find a concealed no hanged my hair down, gives it volume, but he no the fact crunchy. There are so many elections! I want that this one has other profits, also. It protects your hair of a sun, time, and hot of styling. I recommend it 100!
5 / 5
Adds hairspray ossia light weight , control in bylines, adds resplandor and will not dry was hair. I use it daily and also it has the pleasant fragrance. I have very tried other products but this was the utmost finds

Top Customer Reviews: COLOR WOW Style On ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Caridad
Yall, I never in the million years would spend this class of money in texture or dry shampoo the spray but some descriptions were like this convincing has has had to that the try. Saint fricken value he-for real. My hair is thin and slowly and when I use - has immediate life and bounce and has included my husband has commented on like the fattest looks. The utilisation when I have dipped in mine clip in of the extensions, tease my hair, wear he on and tease the. Def Will be partorisca buy again when roll was
4 / 5 Rudolf
This material is magic. Have Well but coarse, wavy the hair & has used he partorisca a first time another night & has taken like this compliments! Really it adds texture and definition without being crunchy or sticky. Totally you buy this again because I go it partorisca use on top of any time are sure!
5 / 5 Cornelia
Is the bit partorisca dry and has done my hair dulls a first day. But it is volumizing, and done your way last longer. My hair still looks quite well with which three days. Has hair very dry.
5 / 5 Darrel
Has has wanted to the one who net and light a product is ... I add for the thin hair could not be happier
5 / 5 Lorita
My hairdresser recommended this product of hair. I love it! It gives my volume of hair & the soft control.
4 / 5 Gertrud
Adds volume and hair of controls while still leaving it to be movable and not feeling and look there is hairspray in him.
4 / 5 Macie
Has a lot of hair. Ossia The really well styling produced to add fullness. It is pricey for a quantity, uses it sparingly for special chances and would use it more is the most reasonable discharge .
5 / 5 Weldon
Is has arrived broken. Returned.
4 / 5 Jerry
This material is the must has. It adds fullness and texture. Short mine styling time for the half.
5 / 5 Janyce
DOES not BUY THIS calm Loves It LAST MORE THAN 6 DAYS. It gives it less, May... It is not to value $ 24 and the take 6 days of the use of one can. A propellant is flies like this strong my hair around I so that there is then has had to quickly restyle first of dry. Now I can listen liquid splashing around inner one beats and at all starts. So that he all the world-wide so only takes 6 days out of can it, as it can concealed is the product adds , It is not , it is the ripoff!

Top Customer Reviews: Shea Moisture ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Janie
The cost has checked Shea Moisture Conditioner: Thy the better conditioner has not used never, literally can dip this in my hair and skip using Shea Moisture smoothie partorisca 1-2 days and so only wet my hair (If no partorisca the import will not maintain partorisca situate your curls like a smoothie want to) Also Maintain import this in spite of has short curly hair, concealed can not be a chance although the long hair. It does not seat never my like this soft hair with the resplandor a lot his, any partorisca mention little to any knot in mine curly hair at all? Has the smell really a lot of his, very impressed. I have had a lot anti produced of dandruff partorisca years now and all have failed, never has used of these products so only that the question is goodbye frizzy hair. Shea Moisture Shampoo: The majority of us knows would not owe that use these very thick well? We require partorisca do sure our curly the hair remains dry, but hardly remarks any fight that do my hair after applying this shampoo. Odora Fantastic, and goes really very remained with a conditioner. I still 'nt suggests partorisca use thick shampoo this in spite of, but feels good to have the shampoo a lot entirely ruins your hair when calm the precise. Shea Moisture Smoothie: I have saved a better partorisca last, was blown already behind for a Conditioner & an applied owe the orders of scent have included almost like this well like conditioner, no more knots, hair of resplandores a lot amiably, stays in place for a whole day for me. A next day your hair will not feel all crunchy hard likes produced of hair more economic and all frizz has gone. The mine of short long history frizzy the hair has been gone under the week, looks like this a lot is now. I can no to see me giviing another produced he casualidad against east to arrive to this point!
5 / 5 Callie
The cost has verified Ossia literally incinerates of miracle and are not lying or paid partorisca say like this. I recently permed my right hair, Asian and is the ENORMOUS transmission. Calm king-learn everything of like this paralizaciones partorisca brush, comb, sleep, wash, condition, . My routine is as follows: I wash my hair two times the week or more am exiting and require the quota does and way. I exert with the dutch french braid My-Fri the mornings and I do not press a sweat to my hair like my roots do not take greasy, I toallita humid so only was the one who drips in my face. I wash each Wed prejudices, uses a curl and hair of resplandor chew in Fri or the prejudices have seated with which washes/condition. After conditioning I work so much a curling gel the swipe+the crimps that it enhances smoothie to my humid hair, squeeze out of excess water, scrunch, diffuse, plop, the dry air ( can see reason so only wants to do this 2x/wk). Among days of wash I fog my hair with water and a curl and fashionable tins to my slightly humid hair, scrunch, plop or air dry (If I am too greasy a day of wash of the first day will use first dry shampoo). Utilisation the boars paintbrush of hair partorisca root to touch every time before it washes/condition, and also among washes when my hair is feeling the little dry. Utilisation the comb of wide tooth down running water in a shower before and after dipping produced in. Finally I sleep with a XL hat of silk every night this takes washed 1-2x/me it.
5 / 5 Jacinta
The cost has verified This has been I adds partorisca my hair! They are the Caucasian woman with longitude, curly/wavy, seeds hair of course and has taken it casualidad in this product because all have tried more hanged my hair down. Apresamiento A lot little of a shampoo (which does not foam on so as the shampoo regulates law like this need he besides) and conditioner partorisca be effective likes of bounced them can look small, but go the long way. One leaves-in the cream probably will last me partorisca to to month likes so only of the use needs a tinier quantity. Too many Frames my greasy hair, but the small quantity leave to not using any mousse or spray of hair this in spite of maintains my soft curls. I have used at all but this produced partorisca the month during my routine of normal daily shower and are to good sure the believer. Absolutely it repurchases and recommend!
5 / 5 Delaine
The cost verified has ordered a combo sale (shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in), and am very pleased with everything of some products. The good smells and resupplies good slip partorisca we curly daughters. I am satisfied with each of some elements and anticipate that they order again. The container arrived without any harm. THE prices were more abordables that my local tents.
4 / 5 Loura
Shampoo partorisca Purchase the net has checked my hair really well without overdrying the. A hair of leaves of the soft Conditioner, but still recommends the hair chews partorisca the effect of complete conditioning. Of the bombs of a conditioner is partorisca come broken when book. A curl smoothie the cream is sum , bit it too fragrant, but this in spite of sper hydrating partorisca a hair, can be weighed yes has applied too much.
5 / 5 Jae
The cost has checked Transitioning to the natural products can be defies it . Your responses of hair differently to the natural product, as you owe that a bit experimentation. Ossia Finally the product adds. Odora Really adds. So only it takes some taking used to.
There is remarked when have in the first place begun to use natural products my hair was the little more weighed at the beginning. I read it it conceal it is so only your hair taking used when ridding synthetic ingredients.
5 / 5 Edward
The cost checked Want to this produces does my hair the main lions of curls but after the while my mother and I ome the hairs have been more itchy that when we use nexus has produced. As it was not cleaned your hair a better or a product of coconut is leaving the residue that mark your greasy hair faster.
4 / 5 Carolann
The cost checked there is Disappointed that when I have had recieved these elements a bomb of conditioner has been broken and slightly had filtered to a packaging. Besides these subjects concealed looks partorisca be common, really enjoyed these produced and the one who naturalidades is. They are a curly method (cgm) partorisca mine 2b/2c the curls and my hair loves this material!
5 / 5 Allie
The cost has checked are the type with 3B curls. My hair is roughly 16 thumbs these days. I have been that tries to find the product partorisca substitute the mine Owe routine to crimp, reason so only maintains partorisca take more expensive that maintain. I can say, this is not the.

A conditioner is aight. A shampoo leaves my feeling of hair like some straws. In the bad bad way. A smoothie the thing is well. Any one creates like this are supposition partorisca the apply on hair that is not partorisca wet (the instructions say humid/droughts) and has tried. It was so only the fudged on disorder. The shower of estaca is well. Honradamente Any to like me any of these. The conditioner was just passable.

In a side of toe, really undermines a smell.
4 / 5 Perla
The cost has verified This shampoo is very better that a shea the version of the butter likes drought my hair out of

A conditioner is awesome

leaves he in the cream in another dry hand your hair out of the little bit but controls very better that the leaves of sound in conditioner (I still like like my hair feels better with one leaves in conditioner this in spite of)

Good value partorisca a together

Top Customer Reviews: Design Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Minda
I have been presented in this product for has sawed he-the worker and I he very wants to know where has been the all my life!! Has 3c/4a/4b the texture and he separate my curls PERFECTLY. Before this mousse my wash and goes did not go never really the wash and go. I actuate At least 5 no. This has cut my time to fix down the half (only 15 in 20 mins) and my hair takes for at least 3 in 4 days. Quan Need in refresh I re-has put my hair and attaches more produced.

Also like me that it is free cruelty . It does not leave my dry hair and has the control adds. Amazing incredible product.
3 / 5 Dante
Well - But no that looked for - any one 'enhance' natural curl....

Has of course wavy hair that, with a right product, can result good CURLS , durable, loose very time.

ABBA Has used for years the Finn of crimps Pure. This product has been sold and a new formula - ABBA Arrived of Frisia - is at all like an original, but he still kinda work.

Has been looking for the product that law similarly in some Arrival of ABBA of the originals of Frisia Pure. Quan Has used use ABBA Arrive of Frisia Pure in humid hair, or could blow=dry with diffuser Or scrunch dry for curls. It take still use a product of ABBA newer, but only is not to add he in an original.

Has tried only this product. I have used in humid hair and scrunched And diffuse dry. It look it adds at the beginning, but in 30 minutes some curls are fallen was. I will not purchase again.

Smells well, And my hair listens soft, but one that announces that it say it, 'enhancement to crimp' is not the definition relates in in a context these results of product. Certainly I have not had 'defined the curls'. That this the product was to give a good that way of looks (any too much volume with this product, or) and any one crimps at all in the pair of hours.

Will maintain to look for!
3 / 5 Alissa
Has converts natural hair. Among date of hair I flexi-cane my dry hair and decided to use this mousse. It IS very sticky and to dense insurance well my hair. My flexi-rodded curls (dry or at night or house the late Sunday) is exited a lot tight. Again, it is sticky and my hair has the tacky/sticky touch. It adjust a quantity has used, and while yes a More i uses a sticky and tight plus curled, but is not that it likes him a stickiness and of him frizz in bit it to to him like him to him the tensions of tentativa some curls averts. I can see this product these laws add for each natural wash and go is with the master to crimp clear-cut or zig zag. I will save it to try perhaps several months under a road when a rest of my relaxer the hair grows era. For now, I think that I bond in Nairobi cual my uses of stylist crimps of flexible cane.
5 / 5 Imelda
Amur This material! I have done in the canes posed and start well and very soft. I have used these uses to with organic unrefined coconut oil. My curls were luscious. I am type of crimps of African American 3c/4a, low density, texture of Half, Regulates hair of porosity.
5 / 5 Jenni
Usually it does not leave of the descriptions, but these warrants of product the description. Active alot Of thin curly hair that takes kinky in humid time. An only product this has done in a past was Frizz facilitated, but leave my rigid hair. State using Creation Essentials during two weeks now and is now an only product will not use never again. It maintains a curl in day two, is sper soft (More crunchy curls), and smells to surprise. Thank you For this amazing product.
4 / 5 Rena
I think that that I have taken. Has very very used the his only, even so. It has used he with leaving-in conditioners down. The beginning has listened very moisturizing and smooth, but then after my dry hair, there has any a lot of resplandor or definition to crimp, but my hair is down-porosity, wavy/the curling hair of mixed race and resists humidity. I will maintain to use the reason am trying to find a mix of right cocktail to do this work so that I have seen so description of radish enough the.
5 / 5 Titus
The works add in my natural hair. I spend the TWA and colour he frequently. This produces the curls and the humidity provided that it is not rigid and take. It has remarked that a product with an almond and the lawyer are only available on-line in Amazon. It sees OF curling mousse in the tents but he are not some same like east unit I probably normal up in this so that it can not be able to find in a future.
4 / 5 Coleman
First impressions... I very cual a quota almost melony citrusy smell. Has the sensitive hair and he was very happy an oil did not cause me any itching or irritation. I have purchased also a mist of resplandor. A small suggestion in a packaging - some bounced would have to has to focus of paper to prevents evasions. An outside of my boat was sticky and greasy.
5 / 5 Soo
These products is a better. Good smell and very clear in natural hair. That is to say my second bounce .
5 / 5 Williemae
Wonderful product for curly hair. I require at all more to maintain my very clear-cut curls, shiny, and frizz free!

Top Customer Reviews: Surface Hair Bassu ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Gwenda
My stylist began in the first place in this product. I use he every time cut my hair, and I always exited of a living room with silky, smooth, soft tresses. I use house after each wash. He any never my greasy hair or feel is weighed down. It is very light, does not take any very still partorisca to fat hair , largo likes the mine, and a smell is surprising! It is add partorisca tame frizz and flyaways, and helping partorisca soften and hair of resplandor when using the straightener. I produce it adds!
4 / 5 Joetta
Ossia A better product partorisca dry hair prone the frizzies. It is light,the smells adds,and is at all greasy, this in spite of maintains he out of your crown/of the roots yes tend partorisca have greasy skin. My hair the drenches up. Always volume compliments in the shiny and is my looks of hair when you use it. We are boot lasted well the year and I have hair along (shoulders displaced).
4 / 5 Tyron
LOVES this product! Has a lot of hair. This product has changed a way my looks of hair and feels. No hanged never my hair down and my hair always is in brilliant.
4 / 5 Lenita
Ossia My oil of favourite hair for far. Has súper the fine hair and this no hanged my hair down or look of greasy mark. Neither it manages of the products too many fragrant well and a scent is is light. They are in my third bounce.
4 / 5 Yvonne
When I have received he in a topmast was spilt throughout and enough the bit has been missing to be has spilt. A lot unbalanced. A picture aims how much failure...
Loves an oil but disturbed with as it has received the.
4 / 5 Roosevelt
Is in accordance with another reviewers that there looks to be something mixed in with an original product. Has bounce it that has bought in the living room, and when you use it, my hair is entirely different of when I use a product is boot . This a fact my greasy hair, taste to him has dipped oil of creature in him or something.
4 / 5 Eloise
Loves this hydrating oil! Usually it buys this of the mine stylist of hair. Of then I have not had a upcoming quotes, has ordered on Amazon. The product is exactly one same and costs slightly less. The utilisation with which flat spending my hair. Really it helps control frizzy hair and does not leave a greasy look or feel. The same uses for my hands and expensive like the moisturizer at night.
5 / 5 Lisbeth
Has begun to use this product when my hairdresser recommended he - more expensive that that typically spends in such the product. Still - I are so only now buying according to boat in fact+ 2 run (still have the bit has left also!!). I want like this the product returns a resplandor and sweetness to my hair that the colouring has had to take of him. It has included it goes for when I use shampoo 'dry' - this product returns a resplandor and sweetness. It runs - this product done my looks of hair/ feels soft and sãos - and no greasy (those produced looked have - with which 8 hours or as).

Living Rural - I has seen this has offered on Amazon - for $ 5 less than that I paid in tent (gas besides has saved on driving the tent) - the have ordered like this. Wary after reading the reviewer the one who has found his cost to be inferior (odd moisture bounce) - I has compared a boat that arrived with a boat that still has contained in him. Some two look bounced some same, a smell of contained/looks one same, and any moisture in a new boat. A vendor has had, the tape dipped in fact in a tip of a boot (appreciated, like the oils can seep when shipped) - as my boat arrived in the bubble on stock exchange (which was recycled), dry to the equal that can be (the desire could say one same for compraventa looked of different vendors!!!).
5 / 5 Elouise
I desire had spent of some first descriptions to order. This is not one same like this which have on elected in a living room on some years & I desire had remarked sooner & has taken my repayment. A product is watery with prójimo to any smell. I am convinced these is reused bounced them has fill with watering & some type of oil - no bassu. My hair is limps & greasy with which uses these products & does not absorb properly a lot @subject that or that little I use. They are such an avid believer in a real material to the equal that are like this bummed reasons does not invest in my products often & look for to extend them while I can. No orders this of here again. Be warned - this material probably will disappoint you too much.
5 / 5 Marry
Ossia An only oil for hair and skin that does not leave you a greasy disorder. It absorbs it wonderfully. I use it on my face, hands and of course my hair that. He a lot of pore of clog and leave my smooth silky hair and hydrated!

Top Customer Reviews: LaCoupe Naturals ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Vanetta
He for real done partorisca not undressing a provisional colour of my hair.
This picture is likes 3wks and at least 5 old washes. You owe that use coldish waters this in spite of the yours trying not undressing colour of hair. Left my very soft hair. The smell was meh. Any stinky so only likes any a lot of smell at all. It likes him another has said that is due to to the bomb him him like 10 times partorisca take quite was.
5 / 5 Caryl
A scent is strong. Odora Likes him something the man would use. Some stays of scent in your hair. I have used both conditioner & of shampoos in my hair & my hair of daughters. We both actuate long slightly curly hair. Any have to Him legustado a shampoo but a conditioner was a lot. If you are sensitive to strong scents this is not for you.
5 / 5 Inocencia
My daughters have curly/wild hair and these smells of the materials and the chair ADDS!
5 / 5 Louisa
Love this product. It was súper impressed and cant attended to try some of some other products!!
4 / 5 Alma
Are not has been was really looking for. He no really helps with my frizz. A decent conditioner. It has loved it loves it.
4 / 5 Serafina
The service of client adds, these products have arrived a lot quickly.
A shampoo and conditioner rinsed cleanly and has not looked to leave any residue.
Some bombs bounced them upper is very convenient.
4 / 5 Emile
Pro: The smells that surprised, natural, the hair has zero tangles after lavas!

With: it Takes advantage of during traffic but has sent bounced new! Also, some bombs no harm to plot of product and is not easy to pump.

The shampoo is good but a conditioner won on!
5 / 5 Coleen
Any one has had more
5 / 5 Astrid
I like a measure of a product. Used he for shampoo and conditioner in a gymnasium. I didnt feel so much a hydration profits as it have expected but is the decent product .
5 / 5 Vanessa
Leaves a soft and manageable hair. Detangled My curls and my curls of daughters with eases.

Top Customer Reviews: Aunt Jackie's Curl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Salome
This material is surprising! The coverage the small boot in my venue of Familiar Dollar once but could not find again. My curls of hair in his own when put but takes the small frizzy in a back and in some sides for my expensive when dry.

For better results, a hair would have to when being put (drenched but any slime, likes him only exited of a shower put). It uses the generous quantity of a product. Also it applies the handful of some class of oil (prefers to Better Africa) to close in a humidity.

My types of hair are 4A/4B and is very porous; my hair drenches for above waters (and produced of hair) like the sponge. Your mileage can vary, but the laws add for me!
5 / 5 Vince
These products is surprising! I use everything for my hair... Mousses, galls, ointments, custards... Calm appoint it! He gone of economic in outrageously expensive. These products to take a Cake and is the economic TAN! I have taken the shower, combed out of my hair, poses the generous quantity in, flipped my cape on and scrunched the, and dry in soft bouncy curls that is not sticky or tacky and is light (any heavy low). To well sure it will be to purchase again!
5 / 5 Annika
A lot I can see a difference in the curls of my daughter.
Has tried a lot, a lot, Many The DIFFERENT PRODUCTS and this are ours 1 election.
Suau Has defined moisturized curls & it smells well.
Prefers to wash and go.
1 / 5 Damian
Disapointed With product. Any subject what little use, finished with these few particles of solid aim during my hair. His soiled
5 / 5 Shamika
I left me only it begin it it has been it to say this product is surprising! It maintains my hair frizz free, hydrated and shiny literally a whole day. Also, it smells it adds.
5 / 5 Dorthy
There it is grinded aided my curly hair! Texture very soft, likes him lotion for your hair. And a smell is surprising and always take me complimented. It IS the fat bit even so, and would have to when being applied densely according to a product, so sometimes yes uses for several days, when washed my hair is all this product and tez in guck! As it recommend it the cleansing shampoo very very when lavas after using east.
5 / 5 Farah
I want..Amur..Aunt Of the crimps of amour Jackie He He!! Has long hair, thickness with the torsion perm. My hair is so long heavy and .. I require the help that maintains my curls because of a weight of my hair! Each what so otber the product has used has left my sticky hair, crunchy or greasy! This material is awesome!!! With east... Has well, has crimped the curls and my hair are soft but any crunchy or greasy! Perfecto every time can use in my wet or dry hair and give me perfect, has defined curls every time! And I want a small quota, subtle fragrance! THANKS TO amazon of Jackie and of the aunt! You have done my life so much easier! And hailing of people my hair all a time! Highly it recommends this product. And a vendor, also!!
5 / 5 Faith
My hair achieves on like 5 different textures (2b-3c), as it is to take to find the good product that well quite law and one ones concealed is sper expensive. Sometimes the products are also clear or also heavy or the sure parts will want to, while others anger. The more can take very fizzy when any properly material moisturized.This the one work. My hair the flight. Literally drench it up. That is to say now one of some tools in my box of tool of priest of hair. AMUR!
5 / 5 Claudette
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this product. It smells to surprise! It is not also heavy and doesnt leaves white flakes. I use with lotta lotion to pose of the organism and Garnier lustrous and the covers of resplandor-in the conditioner and my curls be bursting! It order it already another boat :)
2 / 5 Noble
This description is not the light crimps Jackie of Aunt The L product while I used it before and truly wants a product. If taken a true product will be more concealed thrilled with him. But an element that took of the amazon has not entered pair with a quality of this element although has when purchasing he in a supply of tent or available real beauty to the by commercial minor like CVS.

Has purchased this element in Amazon like the substitution for a product still that has forgotten to take of my raisin-on and has been thank you to launch entered an airport while trip. The boy has been disappointed when took the and honestly would have to there is routed behind. Having Any one to products of road behind, but I recently begun to do so so that the companies/of the only people can escape with those leaves the to escape with and is diplomado to take that it pays for while it is any one more.

A product smelt a same and looked a same, but was SOOO much thinner that a product that bought in a tent of supply of the beauty directly. It does not rid a same level of the control and I have to use considerably more than him that has had before.

This very sadly researches to be the recurrent tendency with of the so produced in Amazon. It looks that the elements are being diluted and then repackaged/sealed and sold in of the consumers that is totally unconscious of these deceptive practices. Desprs The little of the incidents where have had to to return elements, honestly would suggest not purchasing the elements tried and some outsides of on-line retailers have trusted. This shady on-line resellers is giving the bad name in of the products of the quality and that is not well.