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Top Customer Reviews: INFINITIPRO BY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Judi
Well, I go partorisca be sincere with you: they are the daughter that, on until done the week, has known like partorisca do like, 4 things to my hair and looks to mark a bit presentable. It can blow dry it directly, attractive he behind to some class of nest on my boss, dipped some product in him and has left the dry, and sometimes look in fact well with the diffuser ( has wavy/slightly curly hair of course). I NEED THIS CURLING IRON.
Has been terrified of an idea of him at the beginning, but has taken in the prize has reduced a day or two with which Navidad with which not taking he of Santo. I have not been sure to the equal that goes partorisca do for me because another tool of hair has taken partorisca do my look of hair fabulous could any never imagine was (or was so only too lazy to take my time with him). A fact that the kinda “sucks” yours his hair was quite to do me that annoying roughly he at the beginning, but has imagined would give it the shot reason was bit it more economic that it was the few earlier days .
You. This thing is virtually foolproof. It was nervous some premiers pocolos curls have done reasons was sure go to suck mine his hair, taking stuck, taking on fire, send me that careers frenetically around a blockade until it has stuck my boss in the drift of snow, and leave me with the bald something. But then, this amazing thing is spent: I have tried to dip too much hair in a fourth (reason, again, are lazy), and paralizaciones only. It do not suck a hair in a chamber. Paralización. Calm forces to use a pertinent quantity of hair for each curl a lot so only for security, but for optimum results. Still I will admit that some first time used it on Eve of the new year, was a estaca of day -wash and has not felt likes wash and drying so only to try this thing was, and still although it says for optimum results to use on recently the hair has cleaned , dry (I knows that it is thinking: “you lil rebel, calm.” And, they are), he still resulted fabulously.
LAZY DAUGHTERS, OSSIA Yours DREAMS CURLING IRON. Some first time used it, used it on one 12 according to dipping and lame to knots almost 45 minutes to take by means of all my hair (I not having especially fat hair, but have the decent quantity of hair). You characterise? I used it 3 times a last week and last night, has taken like this well in him that took to him so only roughly 25 minutes to crimp my whole boss.
Has fallen immediately enamoured with this thing, but here is where am sold on that. Yesterday evening, I curled. I am exited in a city, the things am spent that they are not sure memory (any been due to any harm of brain of a heat of an iron, but because of my own poor decision that does entirely very joined to this compraventa), and is cold like this of the balls were spent like this the hat and it hood when it was external. I have been home, it has slept in the, has dipped around all day on he (will say that I am touched to lose” with to 24 flu “of now”), quell'pulled behind in the collected, has decided has required to go to take something to eat, has taken he out of a collected, the brushed was, has used any extra produced (last night I sprayed the minimum quantity of extra control hairspray that probably would owe that write the description in prójimo), and while it does not look one same likes yesterday, still am taking complimented in the this in spite of seat fabulous in spite of of my current state. The pictures are attached.
5 / 5 Willow
Has used twice recently and there has been resulted add! Any question at all. Some look of negative critiques to be people any when using properly. The small sections do more and so only takes some time to take used to the type of crimps master. Still in African American hair he the work adds. It takes very complete in my hair.
4 / 5 Nida
My daughter and I were very excited to use this product, this in spite of the arrival, the commentary wounded of hair around a brusheless engine inside a ceramic curling chamber. Considering pay full prize for the new element, any used, a lack of sanitary inspection previously to ship extremely is in disappointing.
5 / 5 Darleen
Has bought this infinitipro iron to crimp and was horrible! Has hair along meso and when he he curls your really good hair, but in some signals that my hair has taken stuck and has has had to that literally the turn of an iron causes my hair has been stuck in him and he of burned the even more that that it have had to yank was and pull some of my hair was, I sincere;and it think it that it have to that cut that piece of hair I so only could not take he out of a curling chamber, I honradamente panicked. I am returned this element for this reason. It does not recommend this iron. : (
4 / 5 Debora
This product COULD do for some types of hair but any mine. Has long (almost to butt of mine) hair. A first pair of time, a tool has done well. I have chosen another piece of hair, roughly 1/2 thumb and he snarled around a tool. It was able of the take was. I recombed the and has taken the little more was and has tried again. This time, the complicated like this bad that has finalised that it has to that cut my hair. Felizmente My hair is long, can very really say but has been disturbed. I have finalised grabbing my iron crimped rule and was able to achieve some same or better results. It does not recommend .
4 / 5 Lawanna
First of all, any usually write descriptions... But I chair to like if I do not write the description is, will be striked for the lightning or something reason this product is one !! Any one has invented this calm to want to you! Reason once was a daughter the one who has used to try and use the wand to crimp my hair, and arrival that burns my toes or that goes of the do reason has like this the hair and he would feel like the arm workout... But with this Conair curling thingy I curled my hair less than 10 minutes! The timed! Like this it wants to know it would have to that buy this product... Well A response is 'Daughter that is taking like this long?! It gives him your money!' This is a more buy that I have done in my whole life!!! They are sure calm will love it too much!
4 / 5 Isiah
Has bought this for my daughter of 10 years those who has long fat hair. He curled amiably, was able of the she, easy to use. Petit 5 learning of curve of small and then curled his whole boss any time without questions. When there was too the hair begins and a stop to leave knows was also and to use the smallest quantity of hair.
5 / 5 Larae
The one who the nightmare! Spent an hour and the half that looks for to pull the hair with a longitude of my daughter out of this cheat of hair on tomorrow navideño. Tried to take avert and no for the pause but after all some rays are was still will not come to avert reason have dipped the kerb in a boss to prevent calm to do like this. Finally a boss has broken in a kerb and after taking all some rays of engine can take a thing averts enough to slide a hair out of a barrel and down some bosses of an engine. Then it has less tension in a hair that is all wound calm up can begin to untangle it. Any that has loved to spend morning navideña!!!!
4 / 5 Collette
Are quite well with my hair, produced of hair, and styling tools. This produces burned my hair. When I have taken he out of a bit barrel, is singed and then come from to disintegrate to my hands. I took 4 years to grow my hair was and 10 seconds thus produced to destroy it. Besides, without the printer in my house, is the enormous hassle to return and has had to be returned to the UPS store which is not convenient for me.
4 / 5 Emory
Lustrous look
Very durable & any tangle thoroughly the hair dried and combed
has three settings for curled hair like this he loves waves of the freest beach then dipped the to one dipping a plus under & master more curled the looks then go for one dipping a big plus.
HAS the beeping timer so that use to dip to crimps your hair. It goes of

the curls am a lot of inconsistent (excepts some waves of beach because I can very included to say) and enough frankly, roughly 70 of a time, is ugly
that Use the very small quantity of hair the time, otherwise neither does not take a hair or taking has complicated. It takes the long time to do hair and does not look like this quite (in my opinion) in the smallest edges of hair for curls
Slightly weighed so when you take the full boss of hair, hurt your arm
DOES not USE SLIGHTLY HUMID HAIR, untangling is the ACHE

In general, any a lot of enjoyed this product. Still with a help of youtube, still finds a product to be a lot of inconsistent and useless. I bought it initially to help hair of the curling mark easier on its own name, of then does not crimp my thick hair but sometimes find me that need he for special occasions. Honradamente Does not recommend this for any one. For people those who curls his thick hair, these produced is not really value the penny. For quell'start, these products could be to interest your only to try it was but does not recommend he for you neither. A clamp the curler would be better for you.

Top Customer Reviews: Unbound Cordless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ludivina
I have touched curler partorisca on 4.5 hours. I have been excited partorisca use it this morning. He curls well and is easy to use. Ossia Where a pros well. Unfortunately any last the full hour and I so only was able to half of crimps of my first hair of the course was load. I have thought this would not be the question because I can cover he in and finalise a rest. This has not been a chance. Not to leave you partorisca touch and curl a same time! Any crimps the half his hair and then expect other 4.5 hours partorisca touch and curl again? It was able to finalise crimped my hair with my curler of old hair. A lot disappointed and will be partorisca return.
4 / 5 Shellie
Terrible!! My hair has taken complicated and taken in a car! It has had to that cut the piece of my hair was for the take was. Foolishly I tried It again after this thinking it was the fluke and another chunk of the hair has taken taken inner that has has had to that pry was. I have followed all the instructions. Any when trying never again!
4 / 5 Lon
Is the measures adds , and an idea of wireless is fantastic reason in the theory could take he with calm in a car, to an office, or anywhere in a gone and do the touch up. Ossia The very small annoyance , but mine, has Like this beeping. There is the succession of beeps that corresponds to a setting of timer has selected, and then he beeps two times when it is done. There is not any way could use this in my office without touching likes was in the hospital ER or something. Literally wake my husband on this morning has had so much beeping. If any one can imagine was there is the way to turn of an incessant noise and constant, will give it 5 stars.
5 / 5 Francisca
Are by train of the give 4⭐ and the chair are not when being fair, a truth is that some the young daughters gave it 5 starts but his are not one some concealed will be to dip one 💸💸 to pay for him like this 4 east.
Will say that ossia the very convenient tool , where taking all ready to camp a day this curler has arrived, as my daughter has taken in his stock exchange for the verify was later.
Camp 9follows and while all the world-wide has had a worse hair , this daughter arrives and chair down with all these quite a lot of curls and his hair done, all look in the each one another in disbelief.
Well With which conceal, daughters where increasing in my cabin and his where doing his hairs to go that they hike 🙄 then in an evening my sister and in the law each one another hair, then later for a fire my niece and his fellow better where using this wireless curler in the each one another is hair .
Like this for some premiers 2 days any one has walked around looking normal (like the disorder) cuz camping is not to walk around with the hair done. 🤦🏻‍♀️
In general an old plus some of us take the little atemp to take for the comprise, my first arrival freaking was when @subject to burn my hair of niece 😂 the little time until we have comprised like laws the hair has taken to suck in and has stuck. It is in plot simpler that everything of thought, whose grab to plot of hair, neither the little quantity, some instructions say 1 thumb, if you are some instructions this toy is easy to use and crimps it beautiful in the subject of perhaps 30 second or less, he never taken quite hot to burn a lot a hair, he tangle but never burn.
But seriously a model of everything and each one which as one of knots (any one some daughters of adolescents) was to grab the, look in him intrigued and the try, then after trying the little time some tangle on someones hair to then take some instructions, another will tire of any when taking and then read some instructions. LIKE THIS READ The first INSTRUCTIONS of the BEGIN really the easy calm is cuz is very simple.
Reason gives it 4⭐? Reason all some young daughters that use didnt struggles at all with him, but 40 and in fights 😂 I so that chair this has not been done for the oldest generations in the alcohol and concealed is not so only 😜🤣
am not sure that the times take touched but will say that in do 3 days a hair of 11 women, blond, brunettes, final and fat hair. Any one has spent any product of hair so much without any help this curler has done all bondadoso of curls. According to some daughters can has chosen that yours way curls goes to do look more way of living room, so any time his where doing a crimps L (sinister) a prójimo (R)
Is small like the easy accesses anywhere, he doesnt take that hot like calm of the that has to that be that it concerns roughly he after fact it using, and a better part in my opinion? Goodbye Of goodbye To toe burnings. 😁
4 / 5 Corrie
Ossia Long, but there is detailed. If you want to know, yes, I give this 5 stars and would purchase it again. If it love a lean, maintains to read.

Has attached the main photo (expensive blacked was) of my hair when it has been quickly blow dried with the “wet paintbrush” and at all more.

One after the photos is of my hair after using this device. My hair was on day 2 of any when being pas wash and there has been produced of zero in him before or with which have taken these photos (I wash each one that 7-10 days).

Is has LEFT ALSO RID. Ossia Of entity to remark reason basically each tool of the hair has not used never is done for legislation has to rid people, and he harder that do your hair with your dominant hand.

-I taking the Brazilian blowout in mine living room each one that 4 month, but my hair is roughly 3 past of thumbs my shoulder, and is of course very fat, incredibly coarse and wavy. It resists it crimps very a lot of ( that can take blowout in a living room with the curling iron or the wand and he will resist crimp it (and look a lot) for 3-5 days according to a time and force of hairspray used by a living room.

-I follows that I hair “of stupid call”. I have tried a “BeachWaver” (burned my hair was), a DryBar curling iron and curling wand (burned my toes and has broken my hair), and traditional curling irons and wands (burned I and always had creases in my hair of curling irons). Neither I have known never that way to crimps a hair. 🤷🏼‍♀️

-I has opened this out of a box and has touched he for an hour ( recommends 4.5 hrs, but has wanted to try my new toy). You will require your own “brick” partorisca east, but have the dozen or like this extra seating around like this this has not been the question for me. If you do not have extra, can wants to order of the some the same time purchases this.

-A device no while touching. It does not import this, reason is wireless and would be easy to travel with.

- Is weighed more than irons more the curling has used in some last two years, but has not been weighed.

-I turned it on using an on/was key. Utilisations this same key to move among settings, time/of hot, which way he curls (right, to the left, mix).

-I has chosen a setting of half heat, and curled a sinister side of my boss with a R setting, and a right side of my boss with a L setting.

- Has to that it weaves of beeping. Honradamente Did not import it, but can think of handful of friends this would drive him crazy. And alive with the significant another and share the bath, could lose his alcohol. He beeps the significant quantity.

-I place an upper half of my hair in the knot in my boss and brushed my hair, and has then taken roughly 1/2” sections of hair, and while it resists a device on right, dipped my hair in a thumb and the half of my hair in a cup where can see you a portion of curling iron.

-I beginning unexpectedly (and resisted it down), and magically take my hair and turned it inner. Once complete this, begins a beeping.

-I has resisted down a key to start with this whole time, and once a beeps there is prendido, has left to go and there is pulled a device to an earth and he have released mine curled hair (photo of second is of a unbrushed curls).

-I has continued this in a lower section of my hair (doing sure to change a setting of L to R when it has changed a side of my boss has been crimped). I have been once he has finalised I a half section of hair, and finally a cup of my boss.

-This has taken roughly 15 minutes, and would say 95 of some curls look some same, which is that there is wanted.

-My never taken hair tangled using this device ( has expected the to, reason are stupid “ hair “) and would say that my hair usually knots and tangles quite easily ( is like this coarse I usually has to that cut these knots was). I have not had this subject with this device.

-Has finalised once, there is combed some curls were with my toes. Has not dipping any product in him (the last 3 photos).

-Some final photos have been moments taken with which there is combed by means of with my toes, and an upper discharge of my hair was still animate of a device. Fully appearance my hair to “soothe ” (ossia the pocola too much beauty pageant-and for my flavour) when I wake up in a morning.

-I will update this description with which 24, 48, and 4 days later with photo.

UPDATE 3 estaca of curling of days with this device (and day 5 of soiled hair)- my hair has his good wave, this looks something his. Have Literally so only brush it each morning and evening and has not used any product in him. It is excessively humid state and rain yesterday in Houston. This hair is pictured in a 6th photo.

I like this device, and taste that can any me of burn (at least a lot easily, like this never still seats anything animates except my hair). It was really easy for me to use (has taken roughly 2 tries to take a hangs of him). Also it likes that of this will be easy to travel with and there is not any cord to the equal that can seat in front of any mirror or curl and reflective surface my hair, and does not have to that concern roughly where a tram outlet east (especially annoying with other devices that the rests rid and a outlets is in a right side of a tank).

If not to impose you a beeping, thinks that ossia the fantastic device , and will be to take far less blowouts now that “knows” like this partorisca crimp my own hair. I have paid $ 80 partorisca east in Black Friday and he blowout in mine living room is $ 50 (this comprises his tip). If utilisation this only two times, already has paid for him. Ossia For The WIN to good sure in mine (pocket)book.
4 / 5 Heide
A thing that attracted to this curler was a wireless characteristic . Honradamente, Anytime I anything with my hair a cord always among a way, somehow someway. Some instructions are very simple to use, is quite easy to dip up. You owe that, of course, load fully before first use.

Would say legislation out of a box, one a thing I desire was included was an adapter of wall. I have looked for to use adapters that has around my house by others such elements that come with the boss of USB to touch and any of them would do. They would touch for the little bit and then stop. It go to a bath and find a curler has turned was. I have verified even some specifications for an adapter to touch and I think the mine was has gone by so the .1An or some such and a curler has required the .2A (sad I am not more technical with this). But a point is, some adapters have had manually no legislations. They are sure I could order one, but to the chair likes a curler has to that so only COME with an already.

To all the cost, I finally decided to turn in mine portable and covers a curler to that to take the load. This is to exit well, although has has had to that do sure my laptop is remained on reason go to sleep, has done like this one touching in a curler.

Now remarks that one of a marketing ploys with this curler is that it calms that can take anywhere and upload anywhere. When A time comes that I have to that take curler of mine to my office and do my hair there, am sure will enjoy a fact that can so only covers he my tower of the computer and he touch up. But it conceal it is not my ideal. I want to be able to use he in my house without the cord.

Well, like this after finally that takes one load, am like this very happy to inform that a bit curler the really good work. It is easy to use. If has the hair he long the plus like taken of the little adjustment that knows where to dip a hair to a roller to take crimps it well, but is not difficult to imagine was. Yes, I have had the few times where have tried to dip too much hair in or where in or where was having the frizzy day of hair like this more the hair would begin winding around that a barrel could manage, but does not dread never has a characteristic of automatic and free stop a hair with relative ease.

Always uses the setting of half heat. It likes-me the little wave, any typically want tight curls. It was happy that some in fact am lasted curls for a whole work day without me using any hairspray to help control.

In general, I really like this has produced. Totally it was down for the wireless straightener and the swipe-dryer. So only perhaps comprise an adapter of wall, please.
5 / 5 Merlene
Ossia The idea adds , ossia now the product adds. A Unbound Curler of Wireless Car of Conair offered to plot of flexibilities in a glam department. I see this when being really useful in a setting of office where need this fast touch-ups the transition to do the after-of chance of work. Also, I can see this that it big plus for university dorms where tram outlets is sometimes in the prize. This curler is wireless, usb-touched, and the work adds. After an initial 4 1/2 now load is ready to go. A curling process has the curve of small learning, but video of look of a short product (2 mins. And highly recommended) ossia roughly all one coaching you will require. I am surprised in as comfortable a process is, not pulling or snagging subjects at all. It beats the hands of curling iron regulate down, and some curls looked to be better formed and longer durable. Any uncomfortable navigation, not treating a heat or subjects of burn (an enormous plus), any stray cord and no bulky storage. Utmost idea, the product adds. I am impressed with a ingenuity and creation. When not using this unit can be whole and apresamiento little space in the drawer or corner.
5 / 5 Paulene
Súper Easy to use, wireless, and so only take me 20 min to do my hair.
4 / 5 Ilda
Never there is curling really annoyed my hair, reason my hair is well and thin. I take for ever that tries to take everything of some pieces to me in fact crimps, any to mention, some curls are usually limp for a time am ready to leave. This thing is surprising! He curls my hair quickly, is wireless, any clumsiness to arm that tries some pieces in a backside, and some curls were still bouncy after sleeping. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Fonda
Any all the things are created the same. This device has has saved to good sure my time/of life. The a side of my hair (I posted the picture), while looking TV, in 6 minutes and 52 second ( the timed reason have wanted to write the description). For the majority of you the one who are having question, does not know that to do, or simply not liking reason pulls of your hair, pauses, etc., calm promote to so only read some directions. It is the no brainer. You will know exactly to the equal that to do, regarding the , and know reason is doing some things are questioning. Value each cent. For reference, there is súper coarse hair, seeds-fat and very long (half of the rear mine). Appearance these helps for any doubt!!

Top Customer Reviews: INFINITIPRO BY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
3 / 5 Susie
It IS it has shot!!!

This the negative characteristic these ENORMOUS NETTLES in this cane!!!

Concept very bad... It sees video for explanation further.

These 3 few pieces of RUBBER... He this the plan has been..... No. I like perfet, the flawless curls in my clients sew-ins. They do not pay for 'jacked-arrive' curls that is that it is provides especially if yours is moving fast to maintain your chair has filled.

I amour Conair but To well sure will be to return this cane.

And for tha' the road only can me be...All the canes would owe come with the glove.... The full.... Hand-the glove has lined. Any one some 'cut-corner' piece of useless junk.

Again, video of seen.
5 / 5 Monty
Work very well for a prize! To well sure take it some taking used the he so that has the technician in him. Has no really used a glove... It was difficult to take my hair with him on. It has attached the picture to aim what my curls looked a next day .
5 / 5 Nola
Has think that this cane of curling has been to be bad but result that that is to say probably a cane of the better curling goes to find and in this prize!! They ARE it goes all some subjects until 400 titles and some curls are ready inside seconds. The just look in my photos is enamoured
5 / 5 Maynard
Amur My Infiniti Pro! Easy to use and gives curls of good torsion that last all day !
1 / 5 Peggy
That is to say the product has used . Some instructions in a box were out of a plastic, but was each shoved in a box. Some numbers for a heat are past was, had the hair bonded by a cape and lack a glove as it does not burn your hand. He the witch is an only positive.
5 / 5 Hilma
It Likes him. First time those uses this type of cane of curling. Wine with the thing of protective toes of half glove. It have purchased the heat that fixes glove to go with him already, but comes with something.
5 / 5 Marla
It can have spent more the money that buys the elegant unit But in an end, this work also and any voice like the product the elder priced could produce better quality. I want to it.
A bit 3 glove of toe comes with this kinda uncomfortable to spend. I do not use it . It is not necessary to know regarding the use. I actuate Never the used the cane before and took me only quite owe minutes for the imagine was.
2 / 5 Rosy
These heats of curler above hurriedly, but has the few subjects with his creation:
1. A location of some buttons is sper problem. I found me accidentally turning a curler was, or unwittingly changing some parameters to heat multiple time while it likes him crimp - especially when fixed a backside or my hair.
2. The looks of barrel way down below. Has hair of period of the half, and found the difficult crimps a whole period. It can be better for short hair.
1 / 5 Andria
It was advance and has purchased this product because of him when being a Bestseller of Amazon. Read some descriptions, taken very excited in such the product with such to focus to price and purchased it! I plugged in a dish and HAS SPENT AT ALL. A box has said 30 according to heating on time. Expected by a lot of mins even so it HAS SPENT AT ALL. I plugged he in another outlet, then another. Even so, a dish simply does not heat up. A clear for a Power flashed, was also able to change a parameter in the big plus temp. But a dish has not heated up. It remains so cold as before. I have concluded that there was absolutely at all bad with mine outlets of can, so has to break a product. I am disappointed and in a process to return this product.
5 / 5 Denis
The works add! It wants to something concealed could do so loose and tight curls. This both. You can choose of 4 diff time, has an on/was change, comes with the glove of heats and is clear weight. Easy to use. Amur This!
4 / 5 Cherri
It is it has shot!!!

This the negative characteristic that the ENORMOUS NETTLES in this wand!!!

Concept very bad... It sees video partorisca explanation further.

These 3 few pieces of HULE... He this the plan was..... No. The like perfet, the flawless curls in my clients sew-ins. No pagan partorisca 'jacked-arrive' curls that is that it is resupplies especially if yours is moving fast to maintain your chair has fill.

I amour Conair but To good sure will be partorisca return this wand.

And for tha' the way so only can be the wands would owe that come with the glove.... The plenary.... Hand-held glove. Any one some 'yard-corner' piece of useless junk.

Again, sees video.
4 / 5 Cynthia
Does a lot very partorisca a prize! To good sure takes some taking used it he so that has the his technician. Has no really used a glove... It was difficult to grab my hair with him on. I have added the picture partorisca aim the one who my curls have looked a next day.
5 / 5 Sandee
Ossia The product has used . Some instructions in a box were out of a plastic, but is all shoved in a box. Some numbers partorisca a heat are past was, has had the hair stuck for a boss and fault a glove like calm does not burn your hand. He the witch is an only positive.
5 / 5 Edra
Has think that this curling wand was partorisca be bad but results that ossia probably a curling wand goes partorisca find better and in this prize!! It is it goes all a way until 400 terracings and some curls are ready in of the seconds. The just look in my photos are enamoured
4 / 5 Dianna
Amour my Infinites Pro! Easy to use and gives curls of good-looking torsion that last all day !
4 / 5 Cheri
These heats of curler on quickly, but have the few subjects with his creation:
1. A placing of some keys is súper inconvenient. I found accidentally turning a curler was, or inadvertently changing some settings partorisca heat multiple time while trying crimp - especially when it was styling a backside or my hair.
2. The barrel looks very short. Has hair of period of the half, and found the difficult to crimps a whole period. It can be better partorisca short hair.
4 / 5 Arlie
Likes. First time that use this type of curling cane. Wine with the thing of protective toes of half glove. It have purchased the heat styling glove partorisca go with him already, but comes with something.
5 / 5 Robbyn
Could have spent more the money that buys the elegant a. But in an end, this does like this well and does not see like the product the elder priced could produce better quality. I love it.
A bit 3 glove of toe comes with this kinda uncomfortable to spend. No the utilisation . It is not necessary to know regarding the use. I have it that has not used never the wand before and took so only roughly ten minutes partorisca the imagine was.
4 / 5 Jeane
Has been advance and has purchased this product because of him when being a Bestseller of Amazon. Read some descriptions, took very excited in such the product with such partorisca seal of prize and purchased it! The plugged in an iron and AT ALL is spent. A box has said 30 according to heating on time. Expected for several mins this in spite of AT ALL is spent. I plugged he to another outlet, then another. This in spite of, an iron simply does not heat up. A light for a Power flashed, was also able to change a setting to the big plus temp. But an iron does not have on heated. It remains like this cold like first. I have concluded that there was absolutely at all bad with the mine can outlets, like the product has to that be broken. I am disappointed and in a process to return this product.
5 / 5 Vanna
Loves this wand crimped so much! I have it quell'has had always long right hair that does not resist curls, but with these hard all day and included can be slept on and have wavey curls a next day. I did not expect it to do that well at all in my hair of then at all more done. Any I same uses any spray of hair or anything with mine. I can have loose or tight curls according to what hair and that closely his on. I take roughly 30 min would say to do mine súper the hair along and I use one dipping a hot plus. A prize is fantastic!
5 / 5 Nicol
This very so only gorgeous the curls partorisca my night was but maintained them in until a next morning. I owe that straighten my first hair like my hair would not resist partorisca crimp he partorisca he very done . They are like this happy I found partorisca use and the prize adds. My snap the photo of aims of cat he
5 / 5 Cesar
the work adds! It wins something concealed could do both loose and tight curls. This both. You can choose of 4 diff time, has an on/was transmission, comes with the glove of hot and is light weight. Easy to use. Amur This!
4 / 5 Claire
The work adds and a control of curls partorisca the few days. An only negative thing has to that say roughly the like this far is that an agreement is very short like the uncomfortable fact partorisca take my hair done according to where are. In general, it is the product adds partorisca the prize a lot of abordable.
5 / 5 Cassie
Want. I have been concerned when it has seen other pictures of him with silicone in the, but there is not this “characteristic.” A mechanism partorisca change the heat is easy to use, so only the key. The only question is planting, but this'll probably be easier to avert changing time while to the curling likes them the volume used partorisca the use. Work astonishingly, has quotes lovely curls, and was easy to use. It do not take any one a lot of the imagine was. An only thing will mention is a three-fingered glove. It is quell'has bitten uncomfortable. It have preferred the whole hand-held glove how is, reason some separates spent, he well, but use everything of my hand when curling this in spite of directed partorisca touch a barrel with coffins peel the little time. I have not taken the point for he because the glove is really so only to prize to a curler, and some do not require it while another will buy a prefer. Still value a súper economic prize partorisca the curling wand that has given partorisca surprise results.
4 / 5 Mike
Has ordered one 1 1/4-thumb to 3/4 thumb wand reason have loved the loosest curls. Has a measure a thinner that the Conair wand that I amour and has wanted to measures it the fattest. These heats of wand on like this quickly which is convenient. Also among the multiple measures depend that you are in some stops of phase. I have had a smaller version of this wand for 6 years and do like this very like this never like qualities and the longevity of this product is that me clave with this mark.
4 / 5 Janean
Curls My like this good hair, and is like this quickly and easy! Has wavy hair that amours to crimp, donc.je can not speak for people with right hair. But for me it has been it to it to him awesome. Literally I can put to bed with my wet hair and in the crazy bun, and interior 15-20 min, look of mine of hair has been in the living room! A bit 3 glove of toe that comes with this quite useless this in spite of. So only buy some of these gloves of thicket of the shower, protect your hands quite well.
4 / 5 Whitley
Loves this curling wand! I have had such the hard time finding something concealed and could crimp my hair and has done now! So only be careful calm does not burn to the yours delivery likes them to of them!
4 / 5 Dusty
Has had one of these in university and adored it. Sometime among emotional of a srat castle in a real world, lost it. I am ENAMOURED WITH EAST. It heats on súper fast, is like this simple to use, and cut down curling/churning the time for the half compared to use mine straightener. Has the massive quantity of fine hair. These curls or waves perfectly without breaking my finals. A last an I was lasted 4 years and I really think this type will last like this long.
5 / 5 Timothy
There is not founding an iron that reads in my hair until east a! Law incredibly well and was very easy to use! That is better concealed it? A prize ! Calm can not find the treat also like this a never. Calm really take still bang your buck.
4 / 5 Shante
Are the curling of hair spends the one who read quite well. The mine is the big wave doing iron. They are quite happy with mine prodcut and has loved the new fashion also. This one.... I can require to the plot of practice but a time trial... It did not like. He the disorder... Any good-looking curl. I am thinking to return but is like this economic... As I am thinking to value the hustle and quell'bustles that it pays a shipment. It is the big disappointment .
4 / 5 Marcie
Absolutely we love this curling wand! I have bought this partorisca my daughter, and still although it take the little while taking used to ( have has used always a traditional curling iron), has taken in fast! It weaves it to them partorisca research before purchasing east. Rings a better a partorisca a better value, and this one has been estimated among a dec. of cup has decided to give try it, and is very pleased with some results. Highly you recommend this to any one looking to purchase the wand.
4 / 5 Katheleen
Has not been that have expected but to the equal that has taken was the curling iron. It was the little odd feeling to use at the beginning and burned me more than a swipe because of any in that has a part to clamp a hair like the normal curling iron. Law a lot but honradamente; nothing special. They have it that has has maintained so only a little creature 'half glove' - was worthless mine. An out of the transmission is located to where is easy to turn an iron was while you are in a process of curling yours add neither.
5 / 5 Lora
This was my second experience with the wand crimped first, a prime minister has not been well. So only it seats like this uncoordinated and uncomfortable using there is like this die was to the partner. It has loved to give it another has shot has like this expósito is one, informs utmost and the prize adds, the one who a heck. Like this happy gave it the second try! It is incredibly easy to use (after looking some video of Youtube for tips and of the tricks), and more than everything, can crimp my whole boss in roughly 5 minutes! I have taken he with me on the travesía in Cancún this week. My waves am remained all night without products of hair and in a humidity of Messico. Very impressed! It can not expect use he with products of real hair now that is back house and can practise even more!
4 / 5 Elma
Am enamoured with this curling wand! Has the stubborn hair and this thing have done if it marvels on that! My hair a lot usually the control heats a lot ossia the transmission of game for me! A pics of my hair has been taken 15 hours WITH WHICH I curled the! His very easy to use. A bit glove (I lovingly there is nicknamed my soyichael Jackson glove' lol) helps, but feels the little sloppy. I think that that I will buy the full glove. Some heats of wand on quickly, and some the varied settings of heat are utmost. I love a conair infinity pro tools. Has a ceramic straightener and loves that, ossia which convinced to try this wand. Calm will not be disappointed!
5 / 5 Piper
Adores this curling wand! Highly I recommend it. Have Well, fat hair that crimps well when I do with my wet hair but in a second or third day (especially) in winter, my curls are flat and boring. This wand leave to easily add bounce and definition behind to my hair and an I crimps in fact stays! I have had another curling spends that has not maintained crimps he in my hair for 5 minutes, left to the long of the majority of a day. It is súper fast and easy to use and really am happy that has purchased this in a big end expensive wands.
4 / 5 Mac
Are no pro with the curling iron to the equal that burned easily two times that use him is one ! Once in a toe with a piece of glove on. Once in an ear but this was reason take too close up. A pros hot on fast, entertainment to touch with, looked easier to curly the creature fines thin hair with then one with the clamp, last the moment. Gilipollas Take súper hot! Be careful! The product has to that it has come with the full glove for that a lot of reason! Marcos any sense some three toes. 🤔 A mark the gloves done a too rigid wear to do with probably reason has burned my toe a first time. It has given finally on and it did not use it coming from with precaution!! Another while it is easy to use and works.
4 / 5 Tatiana
Are again behind to curling my hair with which to 25 pause of year. In a past has used curling irons, curlers voters, and curlers of steam to take some looks have loved.

Has purchased this curling wand in the whim and am like this happy has done! Crimped my hair along never be like this easy or fast and my curls easily last for three days! I in the first place dipped some spray of rooms of the sea in my clue of dry hair for some heat protectant. Any I annoying use same hairspray and my curls last. My hair takes roughly 15 minutes to crimps with this curling wand.

Highly recommend this wand of crimps. An only negative thing can say roughly is that I wish a cord was longer. It buys it, calm will not feel .
4 / 5 Stephen
Has has used so only this once, BUT is a product has better used partorisca crimped my hair to take the soft wave. I have used straighteners, curling irons, included a Conair iron of crimps of the fashion, which is the second prójimo , but no also with my short hair. This curling wand is like this easy to use. A glove are not to add but was able to do without him, and has has not used never the wand before. I have used a setting to heat lower reason has hair very thin and there is utmost fact!
5 / 5 Hipolito
Has bought this for our daughter of 16 years those who has hair so only on some shoulders. Sum of curling wand, especially for a prize! It has settings of multiple heat. Heat A lot QUICKLY arrive - just 30 seconds. I add for hair along and shorter. It can leave different types of the curls according to a way turn a wand and wrap a hair. It has built in stand partorisca car and sure cooling shutoff! It does not cause a hair to frizz and creates shiny, bouncy curls. Like this always, it recommends spritzing a hair with the heat protectant has done to protect a hair when the big heat is applied. Highly recommend this curling wand. He the easy fact to achieve beautiful, shiny, bouncy curls in of the minutes!
5 / 5 Kasie
I a lot like this produced , is not the friendly user, tried for the use and already burned my same toe with a glove on. Bad waste of money. He a lot well with my hair. It will be necessary to send it behind reason does not like in of absolute.

Top Customer Reviews: INFINITIPRO BY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Cletus
Súper Product and the Subject in this Prize!

Ossia An Infinite third Pro has purchased. A prime minister two I has bought has had the 1 1/2 thumb brushes this was has attached permanently. I have spent out of some paintbrushes in both of these. This version has TWO PAINTBRUSHES!! A small plus one gives more crimps.

With which have spent out of some paintbrushes in a prime minister two, has looked for another mark that could have the better paintbrush, durable longer. I have found a Hot Revolver for Martino Cartier. This was the very poor product and extremely overpriced. A paintbrush would not slip by means of my hair and was worthless partorisca soften. A paintbrush has begun to 'click' and no longer would turn while in my hair. Terrible product.

Has bought this product because partorisca a first time, have of then have TWO different sized brushes this was detachable. They are part -Asian and has the half hair very fat of period with the moderate quantity of organism. It does not recommend using this partorisca dry hair of the entirely wet state. Usually partially I dry my hair with the dryer unexpectedly rule (especially in a crown) and then finalise a styling using this paintbrush. A turn of bosses of the paintbrush in both directions and calm once take used his, will be flipping of legislation to left with ease. I usually clip on a crown of my boss and then begin styling a 'down' hair. My hair is resulted the little unruly mainly because of an ash in my hair but this tool an exceptional work to soften my hair. I can do this with a weapon.

Has has had surgeries of the bilateral shoulder and I have the hard time that has shouted my arm in my boss. This paintbrush leave to dry and way my hair without creating my arm. Material for folks the one who has the hard time that maintains his arm has created to use the paintbrush of round and the regular dryer will find this tool to be the SLEEP! This dryer done also my a lot shiny hair.

In a fresh setting, can not turn a paintbrush. Utilisation a fresh setting loves 'lock in' curls. In a final phase of styling, I hair of circle to a paintbrush and then toe to a fresh setting with a toe. Once a hair is fresh, (less than the minute), a curl will be closed in and manually develops of my hair. This in spite of, so only uses this setting when I love the plot More crimps them.

A key to take one the majority of out this paintbrush is not uploading too hair immediately and so only doing small sections the time. This paintbrush is the saver of definite time and can take professional results without pulling. When This paintbrush for 'grabbing' your hair, is time for the new a. My paintbrushes am lasted roughly 3-4 years.
5 / 5 Lena
Has had a revlon rotating paintbrush. After several years of daily use leave rotating. I have purchased the
Conair like the substitution. It is for far a worse thing has not purchased never out of amazon. A bristles in a paintbrush is a same consistency of the paintbrush of creature of the creature. Any @subject to the equal that resists a paintbrush he snags and pulls a hair. If has hair around a paintbrush and he falls off in a cup, immediately begins to knit your hair to a hair. Also it wraps any free hair of a paintbrush around a rotating mechanism where a paintbrush joins to a boss. Continuous wrap until it is joined in some measure that a paintbrush any rotate. He this like this quickly that the time is almost impossible to prevent. I have tried situating a hair in a paintbrush to take this but I have not been achieved.

To to I Paintbrushes likes him to him-the these is adds to add volume to fine the hair but am doing way more harm to my hair that is necessary. It likes me quell'has said, have used another mark of rotating paintbrush for several years with out questions.

This brushes not even merit 1 star in my opinion. As of this moment, this paintbrush is in the mine has beaten of rubbish.
5 / 5 Zachery
Class of the mixed description. This was a first time has used the rotating paintbrush of hot air. A concept is brilliant but a reality is that I think that that these paintbrushes have some improvements that needs to be done. It likes-me the pause the things down the pros and gilipollas, like this here goes:
Pros: 1) A "engine" for a rotating the mechanism is powerful. He rotates quickly and powerfully when pressing a key/s. This are to add but has to that be careful to the equal that moves quite quickly. 2) A fact that a paintbrush is removable is convenient to clean a paintbrush.
Gilipollas: 1) A cord is so only too short. If you are looking for to be in front of the mirror and your outlet is the few feet of a mirror, then calm any he . So only I do not comprise reason his no a longer cord. 2) A wattage in this paintbrush is so only too down. There is not quite can emanating of this paintbrush to give a efffective "blowout," unless you want to spend the plot to time on says blowout. I comprise that the majority recommends that attentive until your hair is 80 dry or like this, but for us frizzy haired folks, a long plus expects to blow out of our hair, a less frizz is has deleted finally. 3) A bristles is not big quality. They remain quickly and it can very adequately withstand one has repeated tugs of hair.
Finally, thinks that this paintbrush can be a lot so that has very easy to fashionable hair and so only is looking for the tool the convenient plus. Quell'Active frizzy hair that need some help in a smoothness the department probably does not find this to be like this effective of the tool.
5 / 5 Azucena
Has purchased some Infinites Pro reasons an Art Naturals has possessed and used for any more than few weeks there is prendido to blow the hot air and I have not seen a point for the buy two times. My description is for some Infinites Pro but has dipped also in some comparisons to an Art Naturals paintbrush. If you are looking in both this could be useful. My opinion is that it calms would not owe that squander your money in an Art Naturals paintbrush of transfer, buy some Infinites Pro instead. A quality is better in the each way. Infinites Pro Is treating really well and is doing reliably. Really they Like Me To him some of two wide paintbrushes and find them to be sweeter in my hair that an Art Naturals paintbrush of transfer. Both do the good work, a difference is in a quality. We love our tools of hair, there is at all worse that to to that likes him the concrete tool, taking used his then that it has given it to it to him while your hair is wetted still. My hair is long, down to a half of the mine rear and both paintbrushes were effective to dry my hair of a crown all a way to some finals.

Infinite Pro - Is lighter of weights that a Natural Art and some paintbrushes are softer to the equal that are easier in my hair. Reason is the weight the meeting of light plus is much easier to use and manoeuvre. Also it remarks that a paintbrush to transfer softer is not pulling was so much of my hair. Some settings of heat are well, without taking more too hot there is the fresh setting prefers the freshest air. An only complaint there is roughly this one east a cord could be longer, another 12' would have done this perfect in the each way.

Art Naturals - Some settings of heat are well, and take well and hot, the more there is the fresh setting. Some paintbrushes are rigid, they the good work is so only noticeably more rigid bristles. Now I can say after using so much that an Art Naturals pulled was more than my hair (more left in a paintbrush that some Infinites).
5 / 5 Concetta
The product adds yes calm uses it to assist with fashion! It was excited really to try this paintbrush and class of nervous thought to my hair that takes complicated with a characteristic of transfer of the car. First things in the first place, really love this tool! Has carpal the tunnel and I have thin, well hair that the horrible looks do not brush he with the paintbrush of round of the dry and this takes the enormous toll in your wrists! A function of the transfer of the car is utmost, some materials of help of the paintbrush to maintain your hair to take too taken up and like utilisations a unit over time will learn some mockery to do sure your hair does not take taken at all. For some reason a material of paintbrush creates to plot of static, included with styling the products have added. When I Am done I likes use my comb of wide tooth to toss my hair the bit and after using this paintbrush my hair separates and taking that static look, is a lot if no utilisation another type to brush this in spite of. There is two downfalls for a function of transfer: so only it does when a blower is down or big warm air, has the function of fresh air, but a paintbrush will not turn in this setting. To maintain a paintbrush that the turns has to that maintain pressing a key. It is the good characteristic so that you can take if your hair takes really taken but takes to annoy when you are going section for section. I love it but I gave it so only 3 Stars because no alive until my expectations of only using a styling tool. A function of dryer for this is the joke . There is video that suggests volume your hair 80 dry prime minister, then reason dipped a part of the dryer to this has to that use the dryer first rule? I have tried once with my entirely wet hair and take for ever I so that finally it has begun it to use my dryer of hair and this paintbrush a same time. Any all in 1 tool but a function of transfer and a measure of one 2” paintbrush is utmost when calm uses him with the unexpectedly good dryer! It depends in that is looking for, has has wanted to one everything in a styler but in an end of a day this work adds with my wrist, my main complaint is that it calms can any running of the bulls to maintain a paintbrush that the calm turns once know regarding the use. If you do not have subject with your wrist ossia probably any value of the money, will be able to do better with the paintbrush of round and dryer unexpectedly.
5 / 5 Jarrett
Ossia Mine 3rd INFINITIPRO. One 1st was with a big paintbrush has attached. One 2nd an I has purchased has had some paintbrushes some small and main more detachable - I has purchased so only this reason have not wanted never be without this type of blower/styler - I used it daily and does not think could live without him. Recently, with which a lot very a lot of use, a one with some two paintbrushes there is prendido to turn. I have ordered immediately the new a reason a paintbrush a small plus has better fact with my fashionable hair - period of chin bob. BUT a new one has an on/of/fresh/settings the big/basses around a fund approaches a cord in the circular place. A forward two has had a control in a half so only down some keys to control one turning he so that it was easy to use a transmission with your thumb. I am surprised so the person is complaining in a placing of a transmission of new control. It is impossible to use with a delivery - as another hand is resisting a sectioned was piece of hair to be styled. Literally I owe that turn a blower on, dipped the in a counter, then section my hair and choose on a blower this has been dipping in a counter has turned on. It was not the one who or reason a newer version is drawn in this way. It is for real impossible to use a setting to control while it resists a blower/styler with a delivery. This a be given east - hopefully any one will be able to take some use out of him. You do not buy this fashion again and are in a lookout for another rand ossia more the friendly user. There is DISAPPOINTED EXTREMELY.
4 / 5 Laila
Have A lot of FAT curly hair, ossia also directly in some temples. It is yard is the layered bob, but is always be the nightmare the fashion. Have Almost each appliance of hair has invented, but alas, lack some basic skills to do look decent in the daily base. A whole process to wash & the swipe that dry was negative and I he like this little to the equal that can. You cruise around youtube the thought would try some of a new clip less irons when I stumbled to this little gem. I have seen now this first, and has had any interest, but for some reason has thinks that that anything was better that a battle of a dryer unexpectedly. Ossia The miracle of hair for me! My humid curly the hair was shiny, bouncy and directly in 10 minutes, has included one rear, that can any never take well with the paintbrush of the roller before my arm gives era! Literally it take roughly 30-45 minutes of clippling, rollerbrush, secadors on and was, and touching up with curling iron, and he still looked, terrible. Of course it has the curve to learn to the boss is, has to learn to brush so that the those that goes or he tangle, but my hair has not been parched, and has not seen hair this shiny in of the years! This one is coming with 2 bosses of paintbrush, and one is really big, well has the longest hair. My hair is so only in my shoulders like this probably will not use it . It is also he adds to freshen on your hair in some calm mornings any shampoos. So only the pocolos small, and bounce and the resplandor is of tower.
5 / 5 Shalon
The product leaves defective , the plásticoes inside a unit has broken on according to use. These plastic parts are part of a unit of core, any fixable to substitute a boss of paintbrush.

Has used an old model for on 5 years without question. This new one was money down a drains. A lot of dissapponting.
4 / 5 Huey
Have period of hair of fines of the shoulder in a side a thin plus. This does to dry breaks it to him. I have been concerned one the small paintbrush would be the big but is really correctly. I dry towel previously to use and attack roughly 5 to 10 minutes then use it after adding my products of hair. He drys my hair and gives the good quantity of organism of his/light form quite quickly. A rotating the paintbrush is useful and chooses on my hair amiably. One fines-move he of direction is well according to a fashion am aiming paralizaciones.
4 / 5 Valeria
Debated to take this versus a babylis, but finally has taken this reason was more economic. It is quite easy to use calm once take a hangs of him. Has two calm keys so many can control a direction of rotation. Also I have a instyler which is alike but is more than the tool to heat more than the dryer. I like this conair better that a instyler. Has the period of shoulder bob and one 1.5 paintbrush of law of thumb well to take my hair to remain flipped in still when my hair of course loves toe outwards. Also, he mine look by heart of shiny treated hair and is.
5 / 5 Zola
Using this partorisca some first time agreed of a frustration has felt partorisca try to learn like this partorisca drive the turn of clave - not going the lie, he kinda sucked! You have it that imagines was like this partorisca do the few things simultaneously And has to that leave a thing a work - ossia the one who a characteristic of transfer is partorisca - but press a wrong side, turns a wrong way. There have it also the threat partorisca take your wound of hair on and stuck, but again, has left a paintbrush is what of transfer and will be happy with a result.
This is not partorisca short hair - both brushes is drawn partorisca half/of long fashions. Your hair would owe that be dried partially partorisca some better and calm results will be happier if works in of the sections. The mine is resulted full, smooth, and bouncy.
This tool is not light - took 15 minutes partorisca achieve a look has wanted and for some times have been done there is had the tired achy arm - likely to take a hangs of him and my control-freak grip of death. A weight is reason are by train of the give 4 stars in place of 5.
Likes and will continue to use he - some results are comparable to that I that takes of my local swipe-dry bar, but WAY MORE ECONOMIC!
4 / 5 Ferne
Has purchased this with has tempered expectations, but of the mine first ossia the mine uses all time tool of favourite hair.
Has there is not enjoyed never dry or styling my hair, and has has not felt never well in my lack of styling capacity. It adds to these 2 courses partorisca peel bad in the row and calm perhaps can imagine the one who desperate was: I have contemplated in fact shave my boss that & spends the wig.
Of then using a Paintbrush of Hot Transfer I a lot so only like this tool more with each use, but no longer hate styling my hair. One transfers are add partorisca avert the paintbrush stuck in syndrome of hair and partorisca styling. I think that that ossia a tool of better hair of all the times.
4 / 5 Tabatha
Are very unhappy with this product. Has hair of period of the shoulder, and these produced does not have quite heat or the air that exited of him to dry my hair. I also found the difficult to use (without characteristic of transfer) so only to brush by means of my humid hair for the dry . It was not if it is a bristle paintbrush, but appeals in my hair. So much, it has given on that looks for to dry my hair with him. Instead, I have looked for to use a product so only the way my hair with which blow to dry my hair. It takes time, patience and practical to use a characteristic of transfer without taking your hair has complicated up in a paintbrush. If yours any one careful, appeal your hair was. Although you master a characteristic of transfer, apresamiento like this long the way your hair and calm still can not take an effect is looking for. I have looked instructional video on like this to use this product and has tried has has suggested tips, as doing with small sections of hair the time. Still, in spite of doing is, am unable to take smooth, frizz-free curls. I think that that this spends reason there is not enough the heat that starts. I have it quell'has tried also use this product after the swipe that dry and slowly spending my hair, thinking yes have dry hair , softens that it was able to use a characteristic to transfer to take volume and curls. Well, he no for me. Has thinks that that these produced went me to save time when drying and styling my hair, but found the too the time that eats and pointless.
4 / 5 Penny
Has had the hot air curling paintbrush for years that loves. But when this one is exited, I thought 'A hot air curling paintbrush that turns ?? I gotta there is concealed'. My hair is spent so only my shoulders and layered. It is klutz with dyslexia that, any subject like hard I test, can not resemble rotate the paintbrush in a direction required And blow my dry hair a same time. It can be so only me, but a calm title say one the majority of what of entity in this device: it take the bit to practise to take it well. Once calm , give you fabulous volume and impulse. If it thinks that that you go to take curls with east, thinks again: there is simply any way to take this thing to crimps your hair because both of some paintbrushes have comprised is way too big for that. If you want to crimp real, will require the curling iron to take it with which blow dry. But yes that it is after him it is the waves and the impulse then look no further! A heat is not that hot like calm leaves you for the use while I need to take to to a look likes. And, it likes me quell'has said, with which take a hangs for the use, is adds. My question was that when that tries to blow dry the section of my hair, a hair around takes sucked the paintbrush. Agree when you were the boy and was amused to go the paintbrush (or to comb, the god forbidden) to your hair? We could any never comprise reason the mamma has taken like this crazy when this! Well this dryer that is not careful but is easy of the take untangled to revoke a direction of a paintbrush. I took the moment to conquer that this in spite of. And again, so only it can me be. He two improvements to this: 1) PLEASE send to the long of the paintbrush he small plus for those of knots those who love the curlier result, and 2) and added little @@@knob or boss in an end on the one hand to the turn would help to maintain a circle of whole paintbrush where calm loves the turning for the moment. How it is, you have to maintain it level for your account. Otherwise Is fantastic and am sure will be to use to to plot.
5 / 5 Neely
I swipes were with the paintbrush of round but wheel halfway by means of (questions of fat hair) and then looks flat and frizzed, especially in a backside. It was skeptical but that soul this would be the better option of then comprises a component to dry and TOTALLY is!
First time was the twist to learn has taken it like this dulcemente in a low setting, has looked also the little Youtube tutorials that quell'was useful. The sectioned of my hair in three third in the each side then sectioned those am gone in the neighbourhoods and he have resulted bouncy and quite good-looking.
Breakings of a trick here has not been still to drive mad immediately bending out of your hair in all the directions (which have seen the lady of Youtube/of Youtube does and his hair was all frizzy in an end) but instead the section was and does a course the time that begins with hair ossia already 80 dry and use to leave he in styling cream to control frizz and facilitate a paintbrush an easy plus. Any sure if this will save me time finally but is waaaaaaaay easier and my hair legit the look has come from/come from my living room.
Has considered one $ 450 Dyson styler that is exited so only and am like this happy has tried this in the first place, am sure a Dyson probably has cups but for 1/10 a prize ossia an absolute wins.
4 / 5 Douglas
Ossia A second time has purchased. A first time has taken of BBB. With which a lot of years a turn there is prendido to do, this in spite of an air has done still.
Hey Less than $ 50 can do not expecting last for ever! Ossia An only place where a container has 2 easily removable paintbrush bosses. Very good to have an election like my hair goes of slow in short. It likes that of a boss is the little shorter and a cord is also shorter. Some the protective coverages are economic a plásticoes a hard plus of original. I have maintained a coverage of the mine old styler. This are adds: drys and ways quickly with only a product!
4 / 5 Hong
Was like this disappointed. This element is one of one the majority of hair the clumsiest elements have there is not founding never. A course of the wand of an element is like this big hardly could take my hand around that. Some paintbrushes were way the big for my type of hair. As to use this better calm element has the fat full boss of hair that is long. I have finalised to give The my daughter and no sure included can use. It would be necessary has it turns. Another element of Amazon concealed no returned a bill. Sad amazon, thinks has to that revise your elements the little more closely and give them the little more scrutiny.
5 / 5 Marlyn
Have a lot of/wavy/kinky hair. It gives volume that is really good but in a same times no really do your shiny hair. I have used that classifies of dryer of hair before but with some class of metal where some paintbrushes and some class of chairs of fashionable comb of part in - that has done always my shiny hair and voluminous and also good curves added. Unfortunately I have not founding sth likes that in some States for the reasonable prize.
I no quite take an idea of a rotating paintbrush. One has to that be very careful to not taking an is the hair has taken. Sometimes it presses these keys unintentionally :/
has turned a dryer in those use that the transmission lived and has 3 no: warm, hot and cold in an end. I find it the small 'unhandy' that a place for 'cold' is when calm press it all a way by means of reason always any for the turn in cold first. It is so only the pocola what but be to do the hairdryer would dip cold first, then warm and then hot in an end so that yes it press a transmission all a way by means of him is hot. Besides, a control among some is not very light which also cause that you automatically the press all a way by means of.
Some two paintbrushes that come with no diverse any one a lot in measure. It does not think one can say a difference among those of the yours hairstyle. I also desire for the 'hairs' more fuertesde some paintbrushes or included some harder part (as still comb), this could help straighten a hair and he shinier.
5 / 5 Janna
My hair is well, quite fat and the short bob, almost to chin. It likes-I one soft plus bristles, a one has had before it could feel like this of the needles in my skin when touched. Using a 2 heat, 1 fresh setting is uncomfortable, but well currency he because yes it begins to take too hot in hight, can go down the down. Have Of course wavy, hair to the equal that will look if any turned down with the paintbrush, like this smoothes really well. Full disclosure : My right shoulder has metal in him so it can not dry my own hair. My own husband, the one who is older taste, and NO of the hairdresser for any half, but is the wonderful husband dry help my hair. He the work a lot the majority of time, but still has not imagined was to pull directly up in hair to take more impulse. A bit those that the time has taken on other edges of hair that tangle while it tries that!. I actuate it it has not had Never to tangle that could not be softened was. I have dried my own hair every day until I have fallen in work in age 78 and has been helping me some last four years, as has the few years to take up! These produced is very better that my old a.
5 / 5 Tod
While it likes like this of my results of hair with this dryer of hair, is not a lot well has drawn. To turn it on and was or select down or big, has to rotate a band lived in a fund of a device. With dryer of mine of old fashionable hair, can resist it and turn it on and has gone with just a hand and I do not require to look in him I so that it follows to do the. With east a, need two hands (a to resist a dryer and another to rotate a band lived) and has to turn it around to locate a wording, as I can turn a band remains a correct direction. Secondly, A zone where resists a dryer when you are by train for the use, is big and uncomfortable in my hand (and would consider my main hands that a half woman). I imagine this will be included worse for any with the smallest hands. There are two keys has lived that look exactly one same, this has the habit to transfer a paintbrush, one in the each direction - a one press depends in the side of your boss is doing on and one looks wished is trying to achieve. It is very difficult to the equal that are doing with a paintbrush, to know the key is that you want push. They have it that has did him at least different colours or was form different of the easiest that identify which love use. In a side besides, the mine will turn included when it is in a quota that dips as it is not supposition to do according to the description of a costruttore. I go to maintain this in of the hopes that takes easier likes volume more practical, but next time, will know better to the equal that to look for.
4 / 5 Cody
In 10 looks of minutes have taken the professionals blowout! My hair is wavy/curly when dry. It was dry but east softening of my locks usually takes at least the averages an hour.
5 / 5 Florene
Has ordered because of a prize and 2 changeable wands. Unbalanced: Bristles Is like this soft that the hair can mash his when going, rendering bristles totally ineffective. Have Well, thin hair, as it is not a subject of fat hair. I have had to that use two hands to use an out/in/temp & elections of speeds in an end of a wand. An automatic roller takes some practice. The right & direction has left of the circle would owe that it has to that the different surfaces have had in some transmissions, to say a difference. @@@Knob In bristle finalises no easy to take. To good sure is returned if there is not rasgado on a box. It has gone back to mine 10-yr old paintbrush. Giving 1 star been due to exceptionally poor creation. And it has not been this the produced recommended?
4 / 5 Maryanna
Is resulted my gone-to hair styling tool. Some have left/the right keys turn a paintbrush in this direction and regulate according to a setting of heat. You leave to you to the fashion with a delivery. His no in a fresh setting (to the equal that was expected of a quota has the habit to plant your way.) My hair is the half period bob and are adds to be able of the touch up in a morning with this tool. To good sure buy it again and and recommended that to another. He also done the work adds straitening out of bangs or adding the bit of volume to a zone of root.
4 / 5 Albert
Received it today and has has had to that the try. I in fact king-has washed my hair. I blew it dry--for the half way and has then used one With the air and I WANT TO that for my hair! Amur Of amour! Highly it recommends!!!
5 / 5 Bernadine
Along storey short, done a lot of years have had the product resembled this and he have done perfect for my fine hair. I have received so only this yesterday, tried it this morning and AMUR, AMUR, LOVES it! Yard my time of hair of 15 min. To 5 min. Knows, some are thinking 'yeah right'. It likes me quell'has said that have well, the thin hair and is the AWESOME the tool form :)
4 / 5 Jed
has not been like this am managed without this before. It liked really a hairstyle has chosen but working 12 of the turns of now have done styling cry it to him. I have not wanted to spend the unexpectedly still plot time the dry my hair every day has seen like this this and bought it. I have been surprised by him some very first time used it. It is like this easy the way my hair and he am exited like this well that my hair has looked was done by the professional. When I Blow dried my hair was difficult to achieve a backside and always was was to a side because of a way my hands so only could achieve like this far. With this tool my hair same and full regime. I so only rough dry my hair the first bit to begin styling. It is effortless to use and some results are surprising. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Isaac
Have LADY and has had the really hard time that anything with my hair of only a hand-held/arm is doing but a lot always in coordinamento with another arm. This Paintbrush of Transfer dies the fantastic work that gives my organism of hair of period of shoulder and big soft curls. Have There was it so only the week and hope that the will not break to like some people have said reasons so only LOVE it. No more directly rigid hair, but súper soft hair with optional big curls. Highly it recommends for people that also have upper organism, subjects/of arms of the hand.
4 / 5 Felicita
There is a lot well/thin blond the hair and this was the threat. A light press of a key to rotate a paintbrush there has been my hair in of the enormous knots. I have tried and tried to take this product to do for me, while I give to him volume and way. He the same no. with the fattest hair or fuller, still does not think these products would have done as it has announced. So only it does not squander your money or your time.
4 / 5 Dick
Styling Your hair will be faster uses the dryer of first swipe to partially dry your hair. Taken too much long to so only use a rotating styler paintbrush. I have it quell'has used so only one 2' the alleged and take 'frizzes' and softens your hair with the crimp light in some finals. If it situate your hair that extends besides a bristles wide, your hair will take complicated. One 2' the annex does not give to crimp it tight. A period of my hair is roughly 4-5' spent my shoulders. Ossia One 2nd an I has has had to that after 5-ish years of mine 1st one has lost bristles.
5 / 5 Michale
Am not sure some results when using this is any better that when I use my hand regulates has resisted hairdryer and the paintbrush of round, but is amused more than using. It takes some taking used to the the principle but same for a uncoordinated, is a lot usable calms so only leave you the little time to take used his so it does not take discouraged and give on too much quickly as there is almost fact. So only agree - begins to eat your hair or attractive he out of your hair, so only take your thumb of a key that marks rotate! I have used mine roughly two times the week for several months and like this far is that it resists on a lot well; a quality expects of Conair. One draws defect - a key that determines a airflow/the heat is in a something uncomfortable and requires two hands to use. Annoying but no the breaker to treat - I would buy this tool again.
4 / 5 Callie
I have been using this partorisca roughly 2 month. Has the long beard (yes, use he in my beard!) And it helps the taming down. It gives it 5 stars but he does not take entirely hot. An end of a shrub is a lot of & toasty but a more next section to a boss never really spent.

Very easy to use and changing of 2 different shrub the measures is very easy. Word of precaution! Any discard a clear plasic coverages partorisca some paintbrushes. They help to maintain his form when any into use.

I in the first place learnt roughly this partorisca look the expert of beard on Youtube concealed recommended the.

Has tried the amazon was $ 10 more economic that of a shelf in Walmart partorisca an exact same element. It goes First!
5 / 5 Jacinta
No as well as a Revlon rotating dryer/styler. It can dry and way with him and he have done a smooth hair. With a Conair has to that have an almost dry hair and a hair does not resist a fashion as well as with my paintbrush of hot air forward. Utilisation produced to protect of a heat, but still have some fly was, frizzy something. Unfortunately a Revlon the model has had is no longer available. They are sure I can do not returning I maintaining used it of then. I hate to spend more money, but will begin to look for different mark of dryer/styler.
5 / 5 Delaine
Has has had to that at the beginning master some keys that I quickly. Has not founding any question with using this and loved it in fact. Until my hair has begun to exit in didnt included arrive mine that could be it my new styling paintbrush, but this morning used it and a paintbrush was full of hair. I will not use it again until I sure that it is not pulling my hair was. They are not that it says that a paintbrush there is pulled my hair wants to do the clear. But until I know they are by train of the give the other.
5 / 5 Loura
There is not founding never the product of hair that has loved so much! My hair is always horrible state the fashion been due to he when being really wavy. Always it have to that use the iron of hair for the take to look remotely well. I have had my hair cut on my shoulders/to chin of mine the weeks of pair behind, looked totally pleasant when a stylist he, everything uses was the paintbrush and dryer unexpectedly. It can any retorted the! This produces to the left are exactly that does and more! Look of mine of hair am coming well out of a living room. I love it!
5 / 5 Sean
Takes that title like calm , but a bristles is is like this soft, and a whispers of hot air that is exited hardly to to looks like would dry of hair in the creature! I have thought to be Conair, this tool would be amazing, and exactly that has looked for. Has a lot of fat wavy hair, but has used this with sections very tiny to begin was with. My waves and the curls are like this unmanageable in a winter (and yes know I need to go to take it thinned, but with three works that comprises the student teaching that that come from the paintbrush of hot air was an experience as I do not have a time to take to my hairdressers) has loved to see that that the paintbrush of hot air could do. Another has purchased has done enough well, but does not turn , and has not gone really able to crimp my hair. I have thought to try it Conair one this has done movement was to add, but take the good hour to included take my hair mostly dry after beginning with him on 75 already dry! I have tried different settings and at all, a bristles was so only like this soft would not turn by means of my few sections of hair, and has not had enough heat or the air that exited of him to do a lot the transmission.
4 / 5 Danyell
A paintbrush a work but looks like being engineered for people those who wouldnt be by train for the use so he doesnt adapt the smallest hands. I wish that a hand-held portion was smaller in the diameters hurts forearm of mine to use for has has extended periods, those some keys of the roller and the settings of heat were inside the hands achieve when using with a delivery but is a lot of clunky. When Dipping the curls would owe that have the option of fresh explosion but with this tool has to that twist a fund of a barrel then behind, very uncomfortable. Finally it wishes there is the little hard plastic bristles in a portion of roller likes bristles is too malleable and of the that easily the paintbrushes choose on moist or the hair has wetted the way, requiring the second hand the cup a hair around a paintbrush. Can send it behind for the different fashion but all the interior of option some the looks of EUA to have mediocre descriptions.
5 / 5 Katrice
Have hair along and expected would have quite airflow in a setting 'BIG', but is a lot unsatisfactory!
Have courts of bangs and mine really loved bangs to result like a pointed video but bangs of mine have finalised with the crimp light that is immediately flat state while I have dried a rest of my hair. Some finals of my hair were basically some same like bangs of mine. This airbrush the tool is not for me so only has 500 Watts (any one comprised in a product info on-line)
4 / 5 Milo
absolutely love ❤️ this product! Calm once take a hangs of a paintbrush of transfer, will have the professionally blown has dried hairdo, ossia shiny and lustrous without frizzy, the fly was hairs ! Personally I have creature well, the hair by heart has treated that it does not resist to crimp he for anything. But with this product, the mine looks gorgeous and some fashionable rests all day long! It is for real the product of marvel!! It buys it now, calm will not complain it ... 😉♥️🙋🏼‍♀️
4 / 5 Fatimah
These looks to be the product adds, only no for me. Has period of chin directly well ash of hair. Included one 1 1/2' the barrel is too big to crimp my hair effectively. Another question for me was a bristles has taken my hair the little too well. It seats to like it was grabbed and then besides a real mechanics to manage one rear and keys of before it was delicate for me. They are situated opposite each one which so another in a boss and he is easy (at least for me) to accidentally paste one wrong a. I imagine this styler are adds for any with the longest hair and fatter.
4 / 5 Cecille
Am using this to mimic a way my stylist fijamente my hair. I can no a paintbrush and a dryer with my hands for behind my boss, but love a volume. (Short hair) This unit comes with 2 paintbrushes that entirely detach of one the unit. It likes that reason can wash a lotion to dip out of them. A rotation of a paintbrush is controlled for an air. There are two keys in a boss that control a direction. You resist your toe in the to turn a roller. It can be place down, big and fresco. I can no any way my hair that use some paintbrushes; still I owe that use the iron crimped rule, but volume a volume.
4 / 5 Alexia
These produced was mine very lovely when I fractured my shoulder and could not use both hands partorisca dry and way my hair. There is little worse that when being in ache and that it has to look disheveled, and am like this happy that has found this tool partorisca assist with my morning grooming.

A a downside, and ossia minimum, is that while it straighten hair fantastically and soften, is not never able state to take enough volume to my hair. When I have recovered sufficiently to be able to use both hands for my styling, has used this first element to straighten my hair the small and then changed to the paintbrush of round and my dryer of usual hair to create more volume in my hair.

Would recommend to buy this product.
4 / 5 Manuela
This product is dangerous for long hair. An engine is like this strong doing my hair I my hair has maintained to take has taken. Has the emission but he was the ache to use. Utilisation likes him the dryer of paintbrush of of regular round. It does not use a rotator at all.
Conair Done of the products of the big quality but these looks of creation was.
5 / 5 Chery
A InfinityPro for Conair is very light. Neither of some paintbrushes taken never complicated in my hair and was easy to take a bit those that hairs of a bristles when I have finalised. My hair of the period of the shoulder is a discharge and is very fat. I have had to use another dryer to take my hair to a humid phase, which was my first disappointment . I think some keys that control an action of transfer is in a place that annoying- I has maintained to press one wrong one a wrong time! An only way could cure concealed was to to use likes him the curling iron- the section the time. Taking too long to take a fashion (a bob) I usually wear. I can see where this product could do well for those with the finest hair- the so only has not been for me is returned like this. I have appreciated a minimum packaging and a very fast repayment time.
5 / 5 Alicia
[TL;Dr.]: Bought this reason have seen Bethenny Frankel speaks roughly he on Instagram. Tried the and like. Not To Think it can substitute my tried and some hairdryer, this in spite of. 4/5 stars.

Has seen people raving in this on-line element for month. I have had partner the one who looks new people after active used this. But you are not until I have looked Bethenny Frankel ramble in his Instagram history so that felt like an eternity in Instagram time in the evening of Sunday that I finally decided to pull one causes. A lot like a Real forward Housewife of New York, hate blowdrying my hair, are not well in him, and the avert to all the cost. As to listen the sound says that it liked and to see that adds done his look of hair, has purchased. After active used a -Paintbrush of Transfer of Hot Air- on its own name, has some opinions of mine own.

- I are not that it goes the lie, some keys in a dryer that turns your hair around a barrel is the little intimidating at the beginning. But calm once take to go with him and see a good flippy final and lifted roots of your hair, forgets calm has scared you in a first place. A bristles is soft and any yank or snag, which is always it plus. This in spite of...

- A power to dry could be main. It Likes him the mine hairdryer to force of your enclosed eyes soplos he in your face. This will do blinks the little, but is not blowing your contacts out of your eyes. That I me ameno to my next point...

- Reason a power is not súper big, takes more with a longitude to dry. I do not know roughly you, but I do not have an hour to pour in styling my hair, like this hot and more powerful one more dryer, a better. I have finalised plugging in the mine regulates hairdryer and rough drying my hair with my sinister hand while using a -Paintbrush of Transfer of Hot Air- in my legislation. Although these sounds like the ache, will say...

- Looks of mine of hair to surprise. Has the organism and the volume have not had any idea was able to achieve. And, on that, it does not have to that anything to my hair with which was dry. When estyle' (Maintains in alcohol, use this designates a lot of loosely) my hair, always the dry and flatiron he well with which. With east, was able to so only leave my hair to the equal that was estaca -dry and movement together with my morning!

In general, I like a INFINITIPRO FOR CONAIR movement he of Paintbrushes of Hot Air to plot.

Recommends to the partner? Yes.
When that Goes in the travesía, band this like my only hair that dry tool? No.
Profit to look some tutorial video of people those who in fact knows that it is doing and regarding the use? Probably.
Are I satisfied with mine Bethenny Frankel-compraventa of inspired impulse? Abso-tootin-lootley.
5 / 5 Verda
This paintbrush would be to add there is the little more can and a bristles was the little more durable. I have had big hopes thus paintbrush after reading descriptions, but my own experience with him was quite disappointing. A bristles hardly included take to my hair unless I EXTREMELY thin sections. They were also flimsy the really take and do his work. And still in a big setting, a power is extremely down, which takes quite awhile to dry. In general in my opinion it dryer of the swipe and that the paintbrush is a more easy and better option . It does not recommend !!
4 / 5 Lizeth
Ossia My second compraventa of the Conair paintbrush of transfer of hot air. This last compraventa (new model) was the dissapointment, in the first place because it was dificult to change of low air , big and fresco, has had to use both hands when with an old model could control he with just a hand, but that fact me discard is that in a third use, while it was styling my hair has listened to to the the small explosion likes them the sound so only after my ear and the burned smell. I immediatly there is prendido to use the and has gone back to dryer of mine of regular hair. Ossia Neither he faulty creation or defect of factory. You think two first times to buy another of Conair.
5 / 5 Yang
Are not that it goes to Stick the full description still to the equal that have has used so only 3 times
will update later
First thoughts on is for real of the ways my hair amiably
But remarks an action to turn any airways work in one down action
are to add like this far in feathering my sides and cup in the on crimps although
will leave is to aim my global thoughts
4 / 5 Criselda
have a harm and has to that use a delivery to do my hair. Has several dryers of hair and the such the ache that dips the paintbrush to resist my hair and then choosing on dryer of mine for the dipped. Has a lot wavy hair and I like some softer waves. My hair is short as it wins to find smaller that one 1-1/2 paintbrush. I use it and I am very pleased with some results and lack of the ache that uses it. It does not use never mine 2” paintbrush. It take the little timed for me to imagine out of a direction to use for each side of the mine had taste all to the left there is rid. A lot I wish a mfg would do the paintbrush he small plus to attach for the shortest parts of my hair. Has hair a lot silky like him drys quickly.
4 / 5 Pasty
Has had the complaint was a cord could use be the foot or two long more. Always I have hated the swipe that dry my hair. I never used to annoy except very special occassions. This thing is surprising! It is easy to use, has included one there is rid. It was fearful to take my hair taken in a rotating paintbrush- has not spent never. A paintbrush is like this sweet my hair does not take taken in him, neither. It chooses on enough to dry it, but a lot so much that causes the knot. I blow to dry my hair all a time now! And master some pocolos resulted.
4 / 5 Pamelia
Has angry, spiteful hair that is to somewhere among 2B and 2C. It has broken the few paintbrushes and he occasionally forms dreads.

This paintbrush heated (with the small quantity of anti-frizz produced - has very tried with alike results), helped softens my hair to the brushable condition while dry, and has helped to prevent some the usual tangles and the small mammals take concealed is adapted of my hair among washes. Styling Takes the bit of time, but looks to be a quantity to time compatible with another styling methods.

My hair 'take' quite often, but revoking usually free my hair painlessly.

Top Customer Reviews: Conair Instant Heat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5

I amour a measure of the 1-1/2' barrel curling iron, but finding the well has drawn one has tried difficult to find. Has an old 1-1/2' Conair this has produced loose curls , good-looking & waves in my long hair.

The BAD: As another there is remarked, this 1 1/2' iron of the barrel is not partorisca like a photo & has defects to draw of entities:

is not partorisca soften shiny chrome likes photo. It is the metal brushed, rough that no free a hair on to the hair that dread he of more than heating that it has required.

A stand grupal taking and the hair of appeals was.

A WORSE is a dial of heat is situated in the place in a boss & any subject like tests, taking clashed and is any way to cool .

The hated so much am using my old, broken Conair iron and is returned is one. Hope to find the punctual good substitution.
4 / 5
Has purchased this curling iron MULTIPLE time in a past few years - no reasons have broken, but reasons likes to have a wherever I travesía (the house of the father, office, the house of the fiancé). It touches class of crazy when I write era....

Any way, partorisca $ 10 this little curler a trick. The people always ask me use some expensive wand partorisca my curls. But no, it is so only the simple 1' curling iron! You can go big or small with second east that paintbrush a crimps was (goes pics). Hot On quickly and does not spoil my fine hair.
5 / 5
There is súper thin right hair. The my hair this morning in 5 .M. It is now 7 P.m. And still although it is not extremely curly like me to him was when the he, neither is flat. My hair usually is flat with which so only the hours of pair. Still it has the tonne of his organism still! I have used a lot little hairspary! They are also he impressed it seriously that has disturb it key partorisca heat that it mark heats on súper fast. Interior roughly 2 minutes of plugging he in and it turning on was heated fully
5 / 5
are the black women with 4a/b/c hair. To the as it likes me is of some a lot of settings of the heat and a the boss there is ridges this maintains your hand partorisca slip which is of the entity uses any produced that it can cause your hands partorisca be slick. They are only trace behind to roughly 17 of some 25 settings of heat. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5
Are the simple daughter the one who has bought his first curling iron in Kmart done 10 years in the institute retail labour salary. It was this same fashion and side me roughly $ 15. He finally begun partorisca die after years of daily use (the keys no , the cord is irreparably wry), but has to that way that be happy with him has loved only substitute he with a same thing. It was like this happy to find is one, and is been doing adds for me so only like an old a. Has has attached pictures for comparison. A new version is not the shiny chrome but hot on just some same, and has a real prop/stand that an old a no. am no professional but this law adds for me.
5 / 5
Behind a day, as in 1996, has had one has ascended Conair version of this this was my gone-to when adding organism to mine Frederique Fekkai-inspired layered look and bangs. I remember an older version was bit it more effective that achieve to plot of the organism but this curling iron is The IRON to use has fat bangs reasons believes a perfect bang. Mina so only another subject with this iron is that a metal to rest piece/kickstand can take heat and a lot always movement with a More adds them of ease. Otherwise, Are really happy with this curling iron.
4 / 5
Has had 2 Conair 1in the barrel spends concealed to do fault me very on some years, has bought so only a second reason my sister has taken another does like this well has assumed this woykd laws like this fantastically like the smallest version but does not look to take like this hot and has to that resist a longer curl for him to dip properly .
4 / 5
Any, repeats, does not buy this curling iron. Seldom I write descriptions but here are reasons are like this disturbed has bought this iron and does not act! Buyer Beware: it is total craps! I have had it Conair curling iron for years that has done wonderfully and he recently died has to that way that has had to that take the new a. As I have been with this one of the mine leading Conair has done adds in fact a lot of years. I am not sure that is to change (perhaps a costruttore) but does not crimp my hair in the @@subject in fact exits even more well! And, my hair takes curls a lot well so that it is not my hair. Included leaving my hair in an extra to spend a lot the time fall off a virtually flat and inert iron with signing very small of the to mention am breaking my hair that maintains it on extra with a longitude to try to take crimps it. That I really nettle me is has been bought with the certificate of present has taken for my anniversary behind in August and I have resisted his moment to something I really required has bought like this the curling iron and now a lot so only have the terrible iron but are out of my money of paper of the present. Ugh I desire would have read thru some first commentaries to buy. Please does not make a mistake has done. CONAIR, BETTER!
5 / 5
So only love this little curling iron! I recently chopped was 8 thumbs of hair to the along bob the fashion and I has wanted to have the wave his every day, more than the spend directly and look has had it soyom yard of peel'. This thing is perfect. It is not ceramic or anything elegant, but has produced a perfect curl that lasts ALL DAY. Utilisation the heat protectant spray with him of then is using daily, and he hairspray that helps curls of mine that it utmost look, but for $ 10 I am like this happy has found this little gem. It heats up in 30 second and indicates that his loan to use with the red light in firm. Has 25 settings of hot, maintains mine to somewhere around 17. Previously utilisations some the hot tools remain curling iron that has been 3x a prize, and finds this one to be the better way.
5 / 5
Has found this iron crimped on Amazon when you look for the travesía curling iron with dual voltage for the travesía recent in Europe. Some descriptions were decent and a prize was a lot. As I have travelled by means of Oriental Europe this the curling iron has maintained my hair that the looks adds. A fact of dual voltage with the adapter of discharges in the each country and a heating of instant was the pleasure and time-saver. I have decided to buy another reason, although he still works, my Tools of house of Hot Shots the surface of the curling iron is taking the little rough. Yesterday, I have opened finally a container and plugged in a curling iron for his house of travesía maiden. I dipped it/ I dipped It to the heat of half because has thickness wavy hair. (The half is that I have used when travelling.) I have begun then it crimp my hair. There is remarked immediately the question; a heat has not looked quite hot and does not cure a cup of my hair (which is last to be wrapped). So much, any question, has shouted a heat and has tried another section of hair. Again I have wrapped my fund of hair the upper and again, a short has not been affected by a curling iron. I have tried much more time, creating a heat to a max but still no properly. Clearly a heat a lot equally distributes and unfortunately are out of a window of turn. (A a took on a travesía has done perfectly so that it means this a defective east.) Now I owe that buy another Heat has has shot Tools 3/4'. I have found felizmente one $ 45 curling iron new in Ebay for $ 27 (with free nave and any tax of sales!). Oh, Well!

Top Customer Reviews: INFINITIPRO BY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lindsy
It take this partorisca my daughter of 13 years those who is learning partorisca maintain his natural hair. Type of hair - American natural African with 3c normalised of crimps. Although seldom it spends his hair directly, this has done a more manageable process partorisca both of us. Once the hair is sectioned, this paintbrush detangles and dry his hair for the half a time of a traditional dryer. Result of final was fluffy, dry, and hair quite well without excessive heat. Easy and sure to use for these young ladies those who are in his travesía of own natural hair.
4 / 5 Elise
Has had a Revlon paddle paintbrush of hot air for the year (before it breaks,) & I honradamente like this a better! It is easier that resist, less bulky, & less strong! All of the games of air to lose in place of out a side, which is another reason I like this a better. I dry my hair of mine fast plus. More, is the averages a prize!
5 / 5 Stanford
There is kinky hair and blowdrying my hair is not never fun state. Airdrying Has not been an option neither 🤦🏾‍♀️...This has saved my life lol
4 / 5 Eleanore
has thickness kinky hair, well is roughly three different textures lol and give me the really well, easy ,well enough the swipe was. Any that has to that seat there with the paintbrush and the dryer unexpectedly is heaven. Just section and give the pocolas raisins and calm is done. You love it!
4 / 5 Corene
Has two different versions of this dryer of hair. Has has wanted to something different. This does not compare to some other models. A paintbrush is feeble, is really strong, and a heat extends too much to be effective.
5 / 5 Gala
Has natural type 3b the hair has big density this in spite of. My old blower the dryer was also of conair but loses can of life and has not dried my hair one same. All the world was raving in a dryer unexpectedly of the paintbrush to the equal that have decided to give this a the gone. This has taken my hair súper directly and that slips by means of my hair with ease. Usually I take roughly 1hr to blow dry but with using this so only take my no more than 20 min. A dryer unexpectedly has 3 settings, frescos, warm, and hot. A hot setting is hot but any harm of the dangerous hot heat wise. My hair has taken has blown was and directly enough with just some settings of means.
4 / 5 Carson
Loves this device, my sister the hates. Has hair very different to the equal that have decided to comprise his thoughts in this device to the equal that has a lot of fat curly the hair and I am wirey fine hair. To touch a process to dry taken too much long and only flattens out of his long curls. It prefers waves. Also it prefers the paintbrush of round. The in another hand loves this device like dry my hair in a sweep and straightens it. A tone is to use four sections more to dry a hair. Advance of paintbrush. A thing we both have adapted on was that a quantity to air to add volume to a crown of a boss could be more. It give a device five stars there was so only the little more can of air for volume.
5 / 5 Betsy
Gives navideño for two net adolescents that has taken rave descriptions of them. They love a control gives him the way his hair and look lustrous. For a way, both active curly hair!
5 / 5 Dorthea
A product there is prendido to do interior 30 min of use. Has the product broken after so only an use. They are a lot disappointed.
5 / 5 Jeneva
I really like this dryer. Some paintbrushes are perfect. Has the ends like the hair choose, and detangle and volumise really well. A lot easy in a hair and leave it a lot soft. A cold setting could be fresher, his more likes slightly animate that fresh. Otherwise, really likes it to me.

Top Customer Reviews: Conair Bun-2-Done, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Concepcion
These he really done my a lot of easier morning. My hair is of course wavy/curly unevenly around my boss, and generally has to that spend the time that he the a bit tame and compatible fact. These he easier that rig in some mornings, reasons have dipped my hair in the pair of pigtails, careers some curlers in, and his clip in place. While some curlers dipped, I my trick and get dressed, and for a time am done , there is really bouncy curls in much less of time. A subject only has is a fact that some clips sometimes are really hard to force to plant and in fact take them partorisca remain , as I take the little test in time. Also, some curlers sometimes do not remain prójimos to my boss and loosen his grip in a hair, like this sometimes finalise to hang out of my boss, pulling my hair with him. This is not so only uncomfortable, but also affects a fashion.
4 / 5 Jacquetta
There is wanted like this but was difficult to use, there is taken on cup of the plot of spatial, and has not produced good curls. The deception that takes. See it announced in magazine like this expected would be adds.
4 / 5 Kathyrn
Was very difficult to take this element clipped and some finals have taken REALLY HOT. Also, once the cooled and has take a bun, my hair has not looked any different that has had the collected and has taken was - some finals were wavy, but a cup was flat. I am returned this element . It has not lived until his promises.
4 / 5 Zofia
Any like this announced! But still useful. He any that the good bun but I wrap all 6 of them in my hair and leave them in still the few hours or at night (any one a lot comfy) and taking well, long that hard curls.
4 / 5 Olivia
A product no in fine hair.. Has a lot of hair.. A lot he.. But some pieces that ran a hair up is weighed too much and tend to the slide was. There is difference VERY SMALL in some 2 period of canes... It can not find what time to leave a heat of first canes to use them.. It is too big to travel with.. If there is well hair.. Although it is long probably it was not a better election.. It finds I have dipped my hair in the collected and go it around and Bobbi pin he during a day (or at night) has the crimp better that this gives it..
5 / 5 Jacqueline
Clips Of need of some class to maintain in place. Otherwise, For hair of period of the half, the curlers tend to flop out of boss, affecting consolation and way of finals. Perhaps he better with hair really long. Also, the ends take really hot.
5 / 5 Yolanda
Has had question that remain prpers in. Very difficult to direct
4 / 5 Quinn
This produces done exactly that says - the impossible curls to hair of crimps! I have taken like this compliments in mine bouncy curls! I love this product and has said a lot of people roughly that easy is to order of Amazon.
4 / 5 Tijuana
Has taken roughly 2 first test to imagine it was but his add and like this easy. I so only dipped my hair in the row of pony- the hair has left of the half and use a wand for each side. It exits with good-looking waves. Volume like this complete. Be careful- is hot.
4 / 5 Linh
Has done my right hair bouncy and full of life

Top Customer Reviews: Conair Fashion Curl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Charlene
Amur This! It was reluctant to buy he because of some descriptions but I had used my cousins and I am nailed in a prime minister tries. My hair does not resist never curls a lot @@subject the one who so many uses a spray of strong hair extra with which finalises my curls and he am lasted all prejudices it long. Shopping one for my sister in law. Absolutely recommend, while you know that it is doing, your hair will not take stuck but is does, gone back was and pull a hair dulcemente was. Any court of your hair.
5 / 5 Albina
When being the hardcore present of curling iron, after using this seldom will use one, ossia wonderful! Calm once take a hangs of him, is very fast and easy with good-looking results! Utilisation the smallest sections, attended for a third or like this beep and so only leave go - does not pull down. The prize adds also, and loves some few options by heart, easy to store.
4 / 5 Jazmine
Tries to write descriptions of the product in a lot of things compraventas on Amazon, as it also trusts strongly on the when purchasing. I have used this two times and declare very Pleased! Has fat hair meso that waste to do that I want to. If I love it directly it is wavy, love the curly, tomb, etc. to do the worse subjects, are not well do hair or patient. This has been I adds like this far! It has been easy to use and has not taken my hair stuck in him like this another has mentioned. I have not had any question that uses it and really does not take any plus along that my iron of regular cure, but some results are very better.

Has cured my hair, beginning with some low discharges in the first place, then a cup. I fluffed he with my toes and there is not dipping hairspray in the, which any does not look never to help my hair in all the chance. It looks he adds. I have slept in the and has had still some a lot beachy waves in a morning, but no like this well like night before. Same results the next time used it. It does not crimp my hair closely, which is well, but calm also can any one really burn you with him neither, which is well.

An only complaint there is roughly is that the only curls a way. It lights a right side of my hair to crimps out of my expensive any to him, but can a lot of that with this product. Another that that, any complaint. It is the little expensive, but value he, especially when you see a box of the tools of hair resupplied are money spent in that is entirely worthless!

To good sure would have to that give this tries it!
5 / 5 Oliva
Ossia awesome! I can it does not crimp my hair suitable for saving my life and when has some curls have fallen quickly. Ossia Like this easy to use and resists my curls. It is surprising and I am excited like this to use this all a time.
4 / 5 Kellie
The product adds!!!...To to The Works exactly like is described in of commercial and a simple to use, has tried among my sisters súper a lot the times grieve I toom was yes a box, usually takes an hour to crimp his a lot of hair very long and I he in roughly 20 minutes and am sure take less time to the equal that take more slowly on buying roughly more for familiar and the friends in a future😁😁😁😁GO CONAIR!!!
5 / 5 Andreas
His relatively easy to use, no like this hot like the model of main final, but in general, well partorisca tweens and this learning like the way his hair in curls without melting his hair was. His light, and only curls in a direction to the equal that owe old some dishes to a boss, then , if you are very flexible, can could resist it to the rovescio to turn a would not recommend it , this in spite of.
4 / 5 Cherry
HIS WORK ADDS ! Has the hair along and he was utmost ! I have been concerned in a 'tangle' and 'the hair that attractive' the descriptions but I have not had this @@subject
4 / 5 Phillip
to to my woman likes them to them this product but take some practice to be proficient. He no quite like this easily as there is showed.
5 / 5 Olympia
Terrrible Has produced. An iron has taken my hair of daughters of the adult a lot like the vacuum the roller would do. No free a his Burned hair in hair. It goes I way of the propagation of panic is like this in horrible. I have had to that cut enormous chunk of his hair is gone in hair to release. It has had nightmare roughly he/
5 / 5 Myrl
has purchased NEW but ossia obviously the turn! I can say of AS six packaged so that it is very disappointing! Regarding a product, goes to take more along that has expected to crimp all my hair, but taste like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: Conair 1875 Watt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lizzette
It likes-me a dryer of hair and does the work adds that I dry a hair. It is the beautiful blue colour .

A lot of dryers of the hair and other appliances do not damage a level of decibel when operating. In regular speed, is well, but in big, sound the big tone and I have tried a level of the his in 80 decibel (which is strong).

A boss partorisca be able to is some feet too many courts. There is remarked that in the costruttore leading hairdryer. The mine can outlet has not decided partorisca come mine more after I so that it can have bosses partorisca be able of shorter. Some feet of boss of the extra power does not go partorisca break a bank but can be treat he-breaker partorisca me. Door for behind a cord of 6 feet. Thank you. I am exited and buy the extension of 3 cord of feet partorisca do on partorisca a short boss in a dryer of hair. Without a cord of extension, of the discharges in a dryer of hair would pull out of a wall partway and some stops of secadors of the hair (kinda nettling mine).
4 / 5 Billie
Has bought elseveral quality of living room, dryers unexpectedly of main final on some years. When My last a, which cost in $ 90, has the data was after the few years have not wanted to spend the plot for the new a.

Spending the plot of money on something concealed no hard only looks bobo. I choose this some based in descriptions and a prize really abordable.

Ossia Any where near like this as well as my old dryers. It does not take that hot. I can not straighten my hair with just a dryer and the paintbrush to the equal that can before. Also it takes roughly two times like this long to take my dry hair.

For a money, is a lot enough. But this a lot of stack until the product of main final.
5 / 5 Elena
A power of a blower is very disappointing. Less than some dryers of hair of the hotel. Have @@give That really bad is when it has used dryer of mine of travesía in holidays last months. Both are 1875 and a dryer of travesía has the a lot of common air stronger and dry my a lot of faster hair. Needless To say, am using dryer of mine to trip all a time now and tossing this quite blue a mine ossia useless .
4 / 5 Cameron
Very bad for a prize. When Have in the first place tried a big heat that dips it has had the smell in of the llamas read but after the minute to run a warm setting and trying a big again no odora anymore. Any one the majority of powerful but has bought to to this likes the one of leftover to leave in of my fiancés and his does a lot enough. No shopping of this vendor again.
5 / 5 Trevor
Has hated This dryer. The majority of dryers of mine of hair have used has been conair. But this an alike as it dryer of economic hair that would go in the hotel or trailer of travesía. HANGED VERY LIGHT And HARDLY Any POWER. A difference among meso and big was minimum. It is it is returned.
4 / 5 Lai
Some works of secadors of the good hair but a cord is so only I too short - I can not move that far out of one covers of wall or he so only exited of a wall. Enough surprising a cord is like this small and also I quite annoying wants to move to the centres of my mirror and not being stuck by a wall. Included the foot more would have helped.
5 / 5 Lacie
Was concerned like this and nervous roughly buying the new hairdryer. I have read so many descriptions and has thought I my investigation, and has chosen finally is one. They are LIKE THIS HAPPY has done. A power of a dryer of hair are add, an adjustable heat, and my accesses of good diffuser on that. Calm give you more wind that hot, which is exactly that has looked for. I add compraventa!
4 / 5 Joel
Has been using this dryer of then April. Has thinks that that my hair was frizzy reason paint he. I have been uploading up in conditioners, sprays, etc. is not until I have been in the house of the fellow and has used his dryer, and a lot of frizz!!! It is this dryer . It is too be long now to return, then , will use it when I wet my dogs. Ossia All is a lot of stops.
5 / 5 Kaci
The work adds arrived punctually. It likes-me the use a Conair frames as they have had to that for years. Also I use him like this hot of something in the chilly wet it and take the workout but stand up his only well. Some 1875 Watts are not the question with my older wiring. Recommended.
4 / 5 Roger
Does not know reason maintains to buy Conairs. I expect that this hard longer that a last a. Opted for the right cord reason a retractable cord is lasted so only the year. Ossia Supposition to be like this powerful like my last a but does not look quite so much. Good value for a money. The time will say yes hard while it was necessary.

Top Customer Reviews: Conair Double ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Glynis
As I know that it is thinking why troubling buy this dish of cheap curling can say has is spent of the hundreds of dollars in of the dishes of expensive curling and the flat dishes and what have wine to comprise is very does not import cual marks to take an only thing that the subjects are that calm protect you your people of the hair always finds it impacting when says those that know what my cost of dish of curling $ 20 my flat dish perhaps only cost me $ 60 some laws of dish of the curling to surprise an only thing can not be in this dish of curling is a fact that one issues that it plants my hand my inch is always in this turn and sustains that it controls a heat varies so there this is not prendiendo click that spends so that I finish sliding a change of Heat and that only irks my nerves but I headed to very attention to arrest where plants my hand and calm know what my hair is not burned is well in an end of a day yes goes to take the cheap dish only sure has a right heat protectant and serums for your literally rich hair in of the women that his up here and say that this burned his hair or this only fried his hair .... There it has a lot of any reason why this would have to be spend in any one when it can rooms and calm buy you the decent mark to heat protected and protects protectant for your hair does not burn my hair my luxurious blond the wig is still smooth and silky while it was how the very when being very to like necessity the invert in him sper dish of expensive curling so that this to well sure does heats in sper fast and this takes a work has done very good
5 / 5 Daine
Has hair of low well. I have required a barrel a small plus and could not find a locally. It have bought the different Conair but no at all. This one is probably a dish of the better curling has never has had. These heats of dish hurriedly, your hair easily slide in a barrel, and a stay of curls for the longest period of time, the more a lot reduces frizz. The calm will not be disappointed
5 / 5 Louise
True history: I have bought and it is returned enough 6 different 1.25' canes of curling. I have bought cheap ones, expensive ones, ceramic ones, metal ones. Any one of them was to add and is returned the everything. My hair is very very time and well and take crimps. I have bought this one in the whim, was so cheap and a right measure. I didnt wants a clamp, since has the times take not taking crimps marks in my hair with some clamps and the marks take crimps in a right direction sometimes (if this note) but has been limited with options in a clipless department of cane as I have bought easterly the unit First of all takes it very hot and looks to create the much better crimp that other models have tried. Some people have mentioned that a temp the dial is planted on the way that his take any one for the movement while using a cane -which are some - but here is my measure of characters: it uses the piece of medical tape to fix a wheel of the temperature where the flight and is well. Mina even more the measure of the character is this : I have used the screwdriver and takes a clip of a cane. I have pulled a cradle out of these marks an open and next clip very easily and looked is the cane without the clip the mark crimps in my hair. Everything has wanted to all to the long of arrests down $ 17 medical tape and 1.5 minutes of manual work. Yay!
1 / 5 Starla
Any COMPRAVENTA THIS DISH of CURLING. It looks well except a cord was sper down and a place where posed a temperature is very inconvenient. It can have lived with that since is so cheap but enough 1 month after I bought it (5 days after it can have is returned he ) has been crimped my hair and a suddenly heated dish sper hot and burned of the piece of hair. I fold Verified to do sure has had any one has changed accidentally a temperature but any one was still where had posed the (and there is very hair as I do not pose it very hot). Tan Now in my smells of bath like the the burned hair, is missing the piece of hair, and can very included return a dish. It does not waste your money.
5 / 5 Suellen
That is to say the dish in fact and the good curling laws adds in my thickness of coarse hair. It heats above hurriedly and has the turbo what take it bit it the need of hot plus . I Like him his of an election of 30 elections to heat. A swivel the cord maintains a cord of tangling. This has had also he 60 cart of enclosed minute was function. Has the protective coverage need to the poses was before it is has cooled totally has been. The value adds.
5 / 5 Grayce
This small thing is surprising. In a first beak I curled class of big pieces and in a second has run my toes through some curls. Hot in sper fast and is done amiably. This curled my hair after already there is aplanado he for a day. Very happy bought this.
4 / 5 Shoshana
Dish of curling adds for the prize adds. There is the few subjects to design I tweak personally even so. A gauge of the temperature is in the place where constantly is the paste he, is enough to nettle. An end is obscenely very time cual he hard to undo one crimps once goes. A heat (in my opinion) would have to take hotter without a necessity for a turbo button. But alas an only road this give me the crimp durable is to use turbo every time. Has the plus/curly the coarse hair of course. The moment wants the cart has closed was, these turns of dish of before I am done the using! The tan constantly am verifying if a green light is on But for a prize? Value he! Work, heats in fastand comes with him sheath for storage.
5 / 5 Arlen
These heats of dish in fast especially with a turbo button. Active Very hair but the plot of him and usually precise adjusts some parameters of heat in a half. A dish of curling achieved the perfect temperature and I was only in 10, can imagine that this would do to take in hair of crimps yes looks in a max. I have followed some suggestions of parameters in a backside of a container. I have not required to line a dish in my hair for very very time, different with my dish of old curling. My curls are exited perfect and is lining also.
3 / 5 Sharonda
Only I am giving these 3 stars so that a dish of curling is unable in grip small quantities of the hair the next plus in an end of a barrel. Has hair very very time, so that is to say the disadvantage of entity for me, since has to grip a hair in a half of a barrel, and then begins winding he up. These ways that a hair in a cup of my cape does not take any very crimp it, so that there is not enough the barrel left for the heat, and begins cloaks of winding of hair on hair. This type of dish of curling is probably well for people with low hair, perhaps of some shoulders up
5 / 5 Lelah
I receive it it get obsessed with this cane of curling! He such the good work.
4 / 5 Nickie
Working decree 4 days quotes of past turn. :( I have used always Conair crew of hair, dryers voters, rollers, irons. Lasted partorisca years. As there is disappointed this one was used hardly and has died 4 days after a date of turn.
5 / 5 Demetria
Are the authorised cosmetologist and has purchased this Conair 1in. Iron of barrel and absolutely loves that!! A setting to heat big taking very hot! I have used closure to this, with the good heat protectant and when the be has loved the loose curls have run so only by means of him very quickly so that no cause give. This in spite of has fat hair and the plot of him. I curled both directions throughout, curling a hair a next plus to the mine expensive all behind. When Cooled, has run my toes by means of the loosen and fluff his plus! Has feel the these curls will last a lot well! To be so only $ 10 is the iron adds ! The leading descriptions have declared some keys are in of the inconvenient places where yours travesías hand-held, which have experienced paste an on/was key while using but when be the click when calm , was able of the turn a lot behind on immediately like any @@subject there. As the one who a temp it dipping that it is regulated while using has read like this in of the leading descriptions before purchasing, has taken one is suggestion to find a temp dipping pertinent for my hair and of the electrical tapes around a circular dial! The fact adds that way🤗
4 / 5 Keira
He a work. I wish a grab in another side is little longer like my toes are not like this near of a heat, and a grib is not that comfortable but is well for a prize. Please Look in a photo to see the one who short is another side grab that am speaking roughly.
Does a lot well, and he.
5 / 5 Ezequiel
1st pic is without crimped the Sweet mouse so only used of crimps in him and the air have left dry, 2nd pic is using this Conair curling iron and 3rd pic is by train to aim you the test has it. Sometimes an iron crimped on and was the key takes paste while the curling hair and the turns were without prpers prpers give paste some keys. I have found you resist curling iron in inferior maintains calm of accidentally turning it was.
I curled my hair before leaving added some hairspray to resist the curls been was spent navideña the a lot of tent to be is gone in a time and in of the tents for totals of five hours and looks of hair exactly some same arriving house to the equal that have taken so only crimped the.
Has read the plot of some descriptions some positive some negative. They are happy has ordered this 1' curling iron. The law adds in my period of the shoulder spent with any natural curl in hair that is thin seeds. I owe that prep my hair with spray of hair to resist some curls and then the final finishing of hairspray. I have bought some other products to give my hair more than the impulse of organism to resist a curl in better to use less hairspray and the control of hot incinerates. All the world is hair is different. So only I know these works of curling iron for me and I love it!!
5 / 5 Rodger
Love this curling iron! Has hair a lot well and taste add the curls for volume. I have bought my old curling iron in general of the dollar and he have taken for ever to heat up and was cheaply does more an on/was the key has taken stuck and no I so that it has looked for the new curling iron and found is one. A colour of the gold of the rose is a lot quite and master that is ceramic. It heats on very fast and there is temp the calm control so much can regulate a temp for your type of hair. It creates a lot quite curls! They are very happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5 Boris
Break My hair. When I so only dipped my hair in the, begins to burn and my hair is exited likes has cut he with ceasing ☹️
4 / 5 Clarinda
Looked the good curling iron but the supposition have bought a wrong measure for my period of hair. Has the period of shoulder bob. I go to return and take the different styling tool. A curling iron takes much hotter that has had the habit of but guess concealed is the good thing . So only you are not for me. It seats it likes him to him he was to burn my hair and expensive was. Some last times have bought the curling iron was around 1999 and behind then the regular curling irons have not been like this hot. This one locates to 400 terracings. It takes 30 second less to heat up and has left so only he in my hair two to five second and some curls were dipped already. Has hair very fat and doing my hair with some precise small sections to the use would take me 2-3 minimum of hours. So only it does not resist of the very fat sections of hair . I tried it on my period of mothers of longitude of bra the hair along and he have done curls of good torsion. Has hair quite thin and take me to us around 50 minutes. It say that it was too hot in his too same boss in a dipping a low plus. If yours has used to curling irons that achieves 400 calm terracings probably really like this one.
4 / 5 Mercy
There is no @to @give the short a barrel is is. Has hair of period of the shoulder and I hardly can wrap around a wand without overlapping. A barrel is not still to soften and hair any slide easily - this could be a lot or bad. It likes-me a hair to be able to slide the little easier. An iron has to that it weaves of settings to heat to choose of (1-15) but does not say you a temperature. Also, a cord to be able to is very short - again, could be a lot or bad, according to preference. I am returning.
4 / 5 Pauline
LOVE this curling iron!!! I have researched to first plot to choose the new iron after my last a dead east. I finally solved is one and love the (I are súper picky in curling irons). A prime minister little time used it, does not go adds. It was neither a period of adjustment to use the new tool, or almost like a ceramic course required 'breaking in.' Any way, has taken once used to a transmission, is surprising. Taking really good and hot and has disturb it the yes calm frame master quell'included hotter. It heats on fast, there is included hot, and has to that it weaves of settings of heat. One aims protective can take hot to a touch in a dipping a big plus but is not unbearable to touch. A cermaic is legit and reduces static. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Emerita
Was a lot of disappoi that Conair has had similar hard to use produced. Unless the mine was defective. A dial of heat is right where the boss fulfils a hot iron . A dial has turned a lot easily he like this the movement of one heats to dip to another when my hand grieves brushed against that. And a shortness of a boss the mark ANY to go in constant contact with dial. It was unable to dip in in the setting of alone heat without a dial that movements freely of one dipping to another. It likes-me the low heat but turns to heat main before I really the hair taken included around an iron. I owe that think that that the mine was defective reason such the defect to draw looks like this unbelievable. It is it is returned. And changed to another mark that mark to heat maintained less something vulnerable. Too bad. I have gone always with conair. When Buying produced of the hair but this creation is a lot last to use. You do not recommend .
4 / 5 Stefania
I have used this iron crimped exactly two times. Well, 1 1/2 times, really. A first time was a lot. Fact well, has on heated quickly, blah, blah, blah. Enough that would expect of the curling iron (although some keys are oddly situated, like this precise to look that calm resist it like this any one has turned a thing was accidentally).

This morning, was halfway done with my hair when a thing has done the strong in brilliant noise, there is tripped a breaker, and has died. Freaked Goes the little. So much, yeah. Rubbish, and the little bit scary.
4 / 5 Irmgard
After my curling iron has had for 7 years are died on is gone in need of the new a. I am exited and has taken the quite expensive one to substitute a one has had before. It has been there is DISAPPOINTED HIGHLY. In need of the fast substitution and cockroach, has found is one. They are extremely happy with cost of mine. Calm can any gone bad for low $15 !
4 / 5 Sherly
Absolutely love this curling iron. It heats on fast and do like this very like this $ 100+ some. To good sure will buy again if these some pauses.
5 / 5 Melynda
Takes abundance quite hot to do in my fat hair. A measure of a tube give utmost curls. My last iron crimped there is had a thumb latch in an uncomfortable place and I always turned of a heat accidentally. Ossia The really good creation . Slides Of hair smoothly to the long of a tube - as any tangling or sticking or pulling. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Cathy
This curling iron takes EXTREMELY HOT!!! Still in the a lot of lower dial that dips it smoked and burned my hair. I have possessed curling irons for 30 years and not having never a fact this wow omg. It crimp my hair, but has left my hair frito and with the smell burned included in the dipping the low plus. They are like this disappointed. Has thickness of coarse hair that it is hard to crimps. This has done but my hair has smoked. Dry and has fried. At all esmooth: in of the this! Some settings of heat are outrageous and ridiculous. At all I needs to be that damn hot. Yikes.
5 / 5 Lore
Has loved the curling iron to travel to a beach that could leave so many have the condo in a cost. I have ordered this element and thought it would be a lot has had of the Conair before and has recognised a mark. Honradamente, A curling iron has to that arrived to be too hot to the equal that was in my hair for just the subject of as and he entirely burned my hair to rubbishes. It can odorare a hair that burns. It thanks the advantage was so only the small piece of my hair and I would not order on-line here again. It was the terrible experience like my mother has has said always the hair of the woman is his crown and glory. It does not purchase this element.
5 / 5 Janine
Absolutely love this curling iron!! Extremely sturdy and the enormous variety of settings of heat. Really I love the quell'concealed is has disturb it key to heat that takes it heat and ready to go in any time!! I add for hard to crimp or air very thin reason a big temp really after some curls in!! A lot I last to find all some positive in the alone unit but this one has it everything!!
5 / 5 Deena
Has spent for my travesía to Italy and fact like the gem!
My subject only was that my toe has maintained to turn an iron was, as I gad to maintain an eye in that. Otherwise, Fantastic!
5 / 5 Jay
Has has wanted that quickly these curls to spend my hair but (ossia class of hard to explain) a white tip does not leave me to easily slide my hair was, has the little piece that the claves was that a piece am crimped taking stuck on when liberto, his no the terrible question but just class of annoying like this im that decides to return and buy the different curler that does not have this question. Another that that has been a lot satisfy
4 / 5 Brenna
Full disclosure, my hair takes crimps easily but was surprised really in that quickly these heats to spend crimped up. Some keys to turn it on have the microscopic impression and I have has had to that literally use the glass to augment together with my readers to read an impression. Still, it was economic, has the tight grip but no like this stagnate that appeals out of my hair, and do really well.