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Top Customer Reviews: Design Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Minda
I have been presented in this product for has sawed he-the worker and I he very wants to know where has been the all my life!! Has 3c/4a/4b the texture and he separate my curls PERFECTLY. Before this mousse my wash and goes did not go never really the wash and go. I actuate At least 5 no. This has cut my time to fix down the half (only 15 in 20 mins) and my hair takes for at least 3 in 4 days. Quan Need in refresh I re-has put my hair and attaches more produced.

Also like me that it is free cruelty . It does not leave my dry hair and has the control adds. Amazing incredible product.
3 / 5 Dante
Well - But no that looked for - any one 'enhance' natural curl....

Has of course wavy hair that, with a right product, can result good CURLS , durable, loose very time.

ABBA Has used for years the Finn of crimps Pure. This product has been sold and a new formula - ABBA Arrived of Frisia - is at all like an original, but he still kinda work.

Has been looking for the product that law similarly in some Arrival of ABBA of the originals of Frisia Pure. Quan Has used use ABBA Arrive of Frisia Pure in humid hair, or could blow=dry with diffuser Or scrunch dry for curls. It take still use a product of ABBA newer, but only is not to add he in an original.

Has tried only this product. I have used in humid hair and scrunched And diffuse dry. It look it adds at the beginning, but in 30 minutes some curls are fallen was. I will not purchase again.

Smells well, And my hair listens soft, but one that announces that it say it, 'enhancement to crimp' is not the definition relates in in a context these results of product. Certainly I have not had 'defined the curls'. That this the product was to give a good that way of looks (any too much volume with this product, or) and any one crimps at all in the pair of hours.

Will maintain to look for!
3 / 5 Alissa
Has converts natural hair. Among date of hair I flexi-cane my dry hair and decided to use this mousse. It IS very sticky and to dense insurance well my hair. My flexi-rodded curls (dry or at night or house the late Sunday) is exited a lot tight. Again, it is sticky and my hair has the tacky/sticky touch. It adjust a quantity has used, and while yes a More i uses a sticky and tight plus curled, but is not that it likes him a stickiness and of him frizz in bit it to to him like him to him the tensions of tentativa some curls averts. I can see this product these laws add for each natural wash and go is with the master to crimp clear-cut or zig zag. I will save it to try perhaps several months under a road when a rest of my relaxer the hair grows era. For now, I think that I bond in Nairobi cual my uses of stylist crimps of flexible cane.
5 / 5 Imelda
Amur This material! I have done in the canes posed and start well and very soft. I have used these uses to with organic unrefined coconut oil. My curls were luscious. I am type of crimps of African American 3c/4a, low density, texture of Half, Regulates hair of porosity.
5 / 5 Jenni
Usually it does not leave of the descriptions, but these warrants of product the description. Active alot Of thin curly hair that takes kinky in humid time. An only product this has done in a past was Frizz facilitated, but leave my rigid hair. State using Creation Essentials during two weeks now and is now an only product will not use never again. It maintains a curl in day two, is sper soft (More crunchy curls), and smells to surprise. Thank you For this amazing product.
4 / 5 Rena
I think that that I have taken. Has very very used the his only, even so. It has used he with leaving-in conditioners down. The beginning has listened very moisturizing and smooth, but then after my dry hair, there has any a lot of resplandor or definition to crimp, but my hair is down-porosity, wavy/the curling hair of mixed race and resists humidity. I will maintain to use the reason am trying to find a mix of right cocktail to do this work so that I have seen so description of radish enough the.
5 / 5 Titus
The works add in my natural hair. I spend the TWA and colour he frequently. This produces the curls and the humidity provided that it is not rigid and take. It has remarked that a product with an almond and the lawyer are only available on-line in Amazon. It sees OF curling mousse in the tents but he are not some same like east unit I probably normal up in this so that it can not be able to find in a future.
4 / 5 Coleman
First impressions... I very cual a quota almost melony citrusy smell. Has the sensitive hair and he was very happy an oil did not cause me any itching or irritation. I have purchased also a mist of resplandor. A small suggestion in a packaging - some bounced would have to has to focus of paper to prevents evasions. An outside of my boat was sticky and greasy.
5 / 5 Soo
These products is a better. Good smell and very clear in natural hair. That is to say my second bounce .
5 / 5 Williemae
Wonderful product for curly hair. I require at all more to maintain my very clear-cut curls, shiny, and frizz free!

Top Customer Reviews: Shea Moisture ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Heidi
I love this product. Ossia Mine all time favourite product partorisca curly hair. I have done it stirs it of people with stirs it of the types of different hair test this produced, and his fact on all the world with 2b hair all a way to 4c. Has 3a/3b the hair and does my like this soft hair, is, and shiny while still giving me definition partorisca crimp adds. If you are looking for more moisture always could add leave he in before or an oil after, but finds that this produces usually done a trick partorisca me.
5 / 5 Na
Ossia One the majority of smells of the products of amazing hair likes the coconut and he feels partorisca SURPRISE!! Utilisation the hairdryer and the diffuser and exits soft and curly!! Any crunchy like the majority of products of hair
5 / 5 Eda
This product has finalised my investigation of long time styling cream. Has natural curly/wavy hair that tends partorisca be frizzy, always. I have tried all the classes of the different products a bit are expensive but has not done. This produces all that had been looking for in the cream partorisca crimp-anti frizz, moisturizing, defining, softening, good scent and no like this expensive. I recommend this product.
5 / 5 Dave
Smells partorisca SURPRISE. I apply in the measure of neighbourhood to the mine drenching wet hair in a shower and scrunch my hair with the mesh or microfiber cloth. Then when my hair is so only slightly humid, will dip bit it more in my hands and scrunch he to some finals partorisca give extra definition. It gives my very required hair moisture and help of mine 2C hair obtains more ringlets more than frizzy waves that the earth extracted. Material partorisca apply in sopping the wet hair is a tone . It is the fat cream like calm does not need a lot a lot has the 2 hair. I am not sure roughly 2 or 4 hair to the equal that am sure they needs more produced partorisca obtain one same moisture balance.
4 / 5 Duane
Fat. Too greasy partorisca my type of hair. He my hair itchy. It has had to that wash two times for the cleaned was. Done my curls tooooo curly.
4 / 5 Danna
Want to this produces like tame help frizz and gives my curls the look focused wetted. Utilisation globs of him and the air dry to help reduce frizz even more, as it takes the moment to dry. But in general a product is surprising!
4 / 5 Bud
Uses this product and another of a mark all a time. Has fat, curly, sometimes knotty hair. Help to maintain some curls and limits a frizz. The utmost smells and this hard measure the long time.
5 / 5 Fransisca
This product is the miracle in bouncing it. Work really well to condition your hair and also to define your model of crimps. Highly you recommend this for any with curly hair that loves definition but any stiffness. Also odora a lot adds.
4 / 5 Winter
Maintains our natural hair moisturized for days
5 / 5 Rebekah
has received my product today in a topmast and has been broken and broken. The produced spilt throughout some sides and the fund has been broken also. They are not even sure like this to return this invernadero UPS of then I doubt will leave me to ship the product in this condition.

Top Customer Reviews: AG Hair Curl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I have used this product AG Recoil Frisia activater partorisca prójimo to 10 years, is for far a better partorisca thickness, coarse, naturalidad curly hair. I have tried all partorisca curly the hair and ossia for far a better!!!
4 / 5
Been using this product partorisca years in mine curly the hair and I love it. I have been hard pressed partorisca find anything partorisca my hair that reads as well as Rey:coil. A note partorisca new users - does not use in dry hair. The calm product said can but my experience was the small omething roughly Mary' ;) This product is more with wet hair! You can rid scrunch or partorisca bouncier curls, bust out of your diffuser.
4 / 5
I the plot partorisca research before I have decided in crimp it enhancer there is wanted and was bit it disappointed for east a. Has the descriptions add to have it like this thought would be perfect but any a lot of to help my hair and in fact takes crunchy although utilisations the quantity of measure of the pea. Utilisation other produced now instead
5 / 5
has given so only these 4 stars because it is to good sure 5 quality of star, but filters to a packaging and I have quite lost the bit of product because of this leak (and has had to that clean on the disorder.) Now behind to a product - I actuate of course curly hair 3b and 3c curls. My hair has some describes that coil on better that another and I have the tendency the frizz. A very small quantity of this wondercream has done to my hair before it cure of diffuser of everything of my subjects of hair.
5 / 5
Simply in amazing!!!! Have curly curly frizzy Hair and the partner in acting has said required buys me this product but I so only could not justify a prize. Finally after @giving the needs to spoil my hair wants to embrace his natural beauty bought it. IM Am DISTURBED LIKE THIS has not LISTENED MORE COLLECTED and has done sure to say! A product is light and soft and does not stiffen your hair! My curls are surprising! Has a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner in my cart to the equal that writes!
4 / 5
Has the right hair but I like curly. I can not take perm reason already do the points have underlined. Rings an alternative without that has to that it operates of use or all these odd alternative things to take curly way of hair. They are in accordance with other clients, a tip of a cup has been broken for some time arrives to my hands. This in spite of, a product is perfect! They Like him of a bit the instructions say and apply it on wet hair. . With which was my hair , drought he to press with the towel softly. Once it separates my hair a way loves it, squeeze some of a product in my hands and the apply while they press a period softly doing it curly. Once a lame dry product that wet curly effect of hair :) I am enamoured with this product!
5 / 5
I amour AG king-coil. It has been using he partorisca to the long time. Has the soft and hydrating his effect. Has hair along and naturalidad a lot curly the hair and this so only done of the marvels for my daughters. It recommends this by all the world the one who asks!
5 / 5
Smells Like a same product like this probably will do to add but arrrived in the disorder in a stock exchange. The product had filtered was and still looks bounce dirty. Enough sketchy ask me. The May so only spent of a living room from now on.
4 / 5
This material was terrible!! A boat has received there has been neither been tampered with or was spent of way his expiration. There is seriously messed with my hair. With which so only an use, my type 2c/3a hair has been almost directly and sense like the plastic of hybrid/of odd straw. It has taken 3 washings, 2 deep conditionings, the treatment of protein, and the week for my hair to included begins to bounce behind (I finally am taking some free waves) of this disaster. It does not recommend purchasing this product this time. Have has had to that toss a boot because it was fearful his resale is returned. No bears to leave this to ruin more curls! Buyer beware!!
4 / 5
Has hair that is the mix of right and wavy. I have been recommended this for my hairdresser when it take my hair cut to the along bob, and is really be pleased with him. He your hair the small 'crunchy' to start with, but a second day is very better, and does curl of mine of hair fantastically.

Top Customer Reviews: Shea Moisture ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Janie
The cost has checked Shea Moisture Conditioner: Thy the better conditioner has not used never, literally can dip this in my hair and skip using Shea Moisture smoothie partorisca 1-2 days and so only wet my hair (If no partorisca the import will not maintain partorisca situate your curls like a smoothie want to) Also Maintain import this in spite of has short curly hair, concealed can not be a chance although the long hair. It does not seat never my like this soft hair with the resplandor a lot his, any partorisca mention little to any knot in mine curly hair at all? Has the smell really a lot of his, very impressed. I have had a lot anti produced of dandruff partorisca years now and all have failed, never has used of these products so only that the question is goodbye frizzy hair. Shea Moisture Shampoo: The majority of us knows would not owe that use these very thick well? We require partorisca do sure our curly the hair remains dry, but hardly remarks any fight that do my hair after applying this shampoo. Odora Fantastic, and goes really very remained with a conditioner. I still 'nt suggests partorisca use thick shampoo this in spite of, but feels good to have the shampoo a lot entirely ruins your hair when calm the precise. Shea Moisture Smoothie: I have saved a better partorisca last, was blown already behind for a Conditioner & an applied owe the orders of scent have included almost like this well like conditioner, no more knots, hair of resplandores a lot amiably, stays in place for a whole day for me. A next day your hair will not feel all crunchy hard likes produced of hair more economic and all frizz has gone. The mine of short long history frizzy the hair has been gone under the week, looks like this a lot is now. I can no to see me giviing another produced he casualidad against east to arrive to this point!
5 / 5 Callie
The cost has verified Ossia literally incinerates of miracle and are not lying or paid partorisca say like this. I recently permed my right hair, Asian and is the ENORMOUS transmission. Calm king-learn everything of like this paralizaciones partorisca brush, comb, sleep, wash, condition, . My routine is as follows: I wash my hair two times the week or more am exiting and require the quota does and way. I exert with the dutch french braid My-Fri the mornings and I do not press a sweat to my hair like my roots do not take greasy, I toallita humid so only was the one who drips in my face. I wash each Wed prejudices, uses a curl and hair of resplandor chew in Fri or the prejudices have seated with which washes/condition. After conditioning I work so much a curling gel the swipe+the crimps that it enhances smoothie to my humid hair, squeeze out of excess water, scrunch, diffuse, plop, the dry air ( can see reason so only wants to do this 2x/wk). Among days of wash I fog my hair with water and a curl and fashionable tins to my slightly humid hair, scrunch, plop or air dry (If I am too greasy a day of wash of the first day will use first dry shampoo). Utilisation the boars paintbrush of hair partorisca root to touch every time before it washes/condition, and also among washes when my hair is feeling the little dry. Utilisation the comb of wide tooth down running water in a shower before and after dipping produced in. Finally I sleep with a XL hat of silk every night this takes washed 1-2x/me it.
5 / 5 Jacinta
The cost has verified This has been I adds partorisca my hair! They are the Caucasian woman with longitude, curly/wavy, seeds hair of course and has taken it casualidad in this product because all have tried more hanged my hair down. Apresamiento A lot little of a shampoo (which does not foam on so as the shampoo regulates law like this need he besides) and conditioner partorisca be effective likes of bounced them can look small, but go the long way. One leaves-in the cream probably will last me partorisca to to month likes so only of the use needs a tinier quantity. Too many Frames my greasy hair, but the small quantity leave to not using any mousse or spray of hair this in spite of maintains my soft curls. I have used at all but this produced partorisca the month during my routine of normal daily shower and are to good sure the believer. Absolutely it repurchases and recommend!
5 / 5 Delaine
The cost verified has ordered a combo sale (shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in), and am very pleased with everything of some products. The good smells and resupplies good slip partorisca we curly daughters. I am satisfied with each of some elements and anticipate that they order again. The container arrived without any harm. THE prices were more abordables that my local tents.
4 / 5 Loura
Shampoo partorisca Purchase the net has checked my hair really well without overdrying the. A hair of leaves of the soft Conditioner, but still recommends the hair chews partorisca the effect of complete conditioning. Of the bombs of a conditioner is partorisca come broken when book. A curl smoothie the cream is sum , bit it too fragrant, but this in spite of sper hydrating partorisca a hair, can be weighed yes has applied too much.
5 / 5 Jae
The cost has checked Transitioning to the natural products can be defies it . Your responses of hair differently to the natural product, as you owe that a bit experimentation. Ossia Finally the product adds. Odora Really adds. So only it takes some taking used to.
There is remarked when have in the first place begun to use natural products my hair was the little more weighed at the beginning. I read it it conceal it is so only your hair taking used when ridding synthetic ingredients.
5 / 5 Edward
The cost checked Want to this produces does my hair the main lions of curls but after the while my mother and I ome the hairs have been more itchy that when we use nexus has produced. As it was not cleaned your hair a better or a product of coconut is leaving the residue that mark your greasy hair faster.
4 / 5 Carolann
The cost checked there is Disappointed that when I have had recieved these elements a bomb of conditioner has been broken and slightly had filtered to a packaging. Besides these subjects concealed looks partorisca be common, really enjoyed these produced and the one who naturalidades is. They are a curly method (cgm) partorisca mine 2b/2c the curls and my hair loves this material!
5 / 5 Allie
The cost has checked are the type with 3B curls. My hair is roughly 16 thumbs these days. I have been that tries to find the product partorisca substitute the mine Owe routine to crimp, reason so only maintains partorisca take more expensive that maintain. I can say, this is not the.

A conditioner is aight. A shampoo leaves my feeling of hair like some straws. In the bad bad way. A smoothie the thing is well. Any one creates like this are supposition partorisca the apply on hair that is not partorisca wet (the instructions say humid/droughts) and has tried. It was so only the fudged on disorder. The shower of estaca is well. Honradamente Any to like me any of these. The conditioner was just passable.

In a side of toe, really undermines a smell.
4 / 5 Perla
The cost has verified This shampoo is very better that a shea the version of the butter likes drought my hair out of

A conditioner is awesome

leaves he in the cream in another dry hand your hair out of the little bit but controls very better that the leaves of sound in conditioner (I still like like my hair feels better with one leaves in conditioner this in spite of)

Good value partorisca a together

Top Customer Reviews: Aunt Jackie's Curl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Salome
This material is surprising! The coverage the small boot in my venue of Familiar Dollar once but could not find again. My curls of hair in his own when put but takes the small frizzy in a back and in some sides for my expensive when dry.

For better results, a hair would have to when being put (drenched but any slime, likes him only exited of a shower put). It uses the generous quantity of a product. Also it applies the handful of some class of oil (prefers to Better Africa) to close in a humidity.

My types of hair are 4A/4B and is very porous; my hair drenches for above waters (and produced of hair) like the sponge. Your mileage can vary, but the laws add for me!
5 / 5 Vince
These products is surprising! I use everything for my hair... Mousses, galls, ointments, custards... Calm appoint it! He gone of economic in outrageously expensive. These products to take a Cake and is the economic TAN! I have taken the shower, combed out of my hair, poses the generous quantity in, flipped my cape on and scrunched the, and dry in soft bouncy curls that is not sticky or tacky and is light (any heavy low). To well sure it will be to purchase again!
5 / 5 Annika
A lot I can see a difference in the curls of my daughter.
Has tried a lot, a lot, Many The DIFFERENT PRODUCTS and this are ours 1 election.
Suau Has defined moisturized curls & it smells well.
Prefers to wash and go.
1 / 5 Damian
Disapointed With product. Any subject what little use, finished with these few particles of solid aim during my hair. His soiled
5 / 5 Shamika
I left me only it begin it it has been it to say this product is surprising! It maintains my hair frizz free, hydrated and shiny literally a whole day. Also, it smells it adds.
5 / 5 Dorthy
There it is grinded aided my curly hair! Texture very soft, likes him lotion for your hair. And a smell is surprising and always take me complimented. It IS the fat bit even so, and would have to when being applied densely according to a product, so sometimes yes uses for several days, when washed my hair is all this product and tez in guck! As it recommend it the cleansing shampoo very very when lavas after using east.
5 / 5 Farah
I want..Amur..Aunt Of the crimps of amour Jackie He He!! Has long hair, thickness with the torsion perm. My hair is so long heavy and .. I require the help that maintains my curls because of a weight of my hair! Each what so otber the product has used has left my sticky hair, crunchy or greasy! This material is awesome!!! With east... Has well, has crimped the curls and my hair are soft but any crunchy or greasy! Perfecto every time can use in my wet or dry hair and give me perfect, has defined curls every time! And I want a small quota, subtle fragrance! THANKS TO amazon of Jackie and of the aunt! You have done my life so much easier! And hailing of people my hair all a time! Highly it recommends this product. And a vendor, also!!
5 / 5 Faith
My hair achieves on like 5 different textures (2b-3c), as it is to take to find the good product that well quite law and one ones concealed is sper expensive. Sometimes the products are also clear or also heavy or the sure parts will want to, while others anger. The more can take very fizzy when any properly material moisturized.This the one work. My hair the flight. Literally drench it up. That is to say now one of some tools in my box of tool of priest of hair. AMUR!
5 / 5 Claudette
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this product. It smells to surprise! It is not also heavy and doesnt leaves white flakes. I use with lotta lotion to pose of the organism and Garnier lustrous and the covers of resplandor-in the conditioner and my curls be bursting! It order it already another boat :)
2 / 5 Noble
This description is not the light crimps Jackie of Aunt The L product while I used it before and truly wants a product. If taken a true product will be more concealed thrilled with him. But an element that took of the amazon has not entered pair with a quality of this element although has when purchasing he in a supply of tent or available real beauty to the by commercial minor like CVS.

Has purchased this element in Amazon like the substitution for a product still that has forgotten to take of my raisin-on and has been thank you to launch entered an airport while trip. The boy has been disappointed when took the and honestly would have to there is routed behind. Having Any one to products of road behind, but I recently begun to do so so that the companies/of the only people can escape with those leaves the to escape with and is diplomado to take that it pays for while it is any one more.

A product smelt a same and looked a same, but was SOOO much thinner that a product that bought in a tent of supply of the beauty directly. It does not rid a same level of the control and I have to use considerably more than him that has had before.

This very sadly researches to be the recurrent tendency with of the so produced in Amazon. It looks that the elements are being diluted and then repackaged/sealed and sold in of the consumers that is totally unconscious of these deceptive practices. Desprs The little of the incidents where have had to to return elements, honestly would suggest not purchasing the elements tried and some outsides of on-line retailers have trusted. This shady on-line resellers is giving the bad name in of the products of the quality and that is not well.

Top Customer Reviews: Shea Moisture ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Anamaria
After reading like this descriptions in this product, has has had to that the buy finally. It was very excited reason all the world was raving in east the. It is the heavy cream , almost like the pudding or the custard consistency. It is a lot of moisturizing and the little goes the long way. Now, it alleges that it is well for the washed does not go. There, any agreement. Has 4b-4c hair and, while it resupplies moisture, he no the good work in defining my curls (I follows to go to stick the picture of as my hair looked a first time tried it on the washed n go). Work more to the equal that leave he in (which finally is). I paired he with a curling gel swipes this in spite of have not taken the plot of definition. And I think that that it was only wishfully has thought, reason have known deep down that the cream could not resupply the plot of definition like the gel , but still has expected. I think that that ossia more for coils of toe or transfer outs. His a lot well in taming a frizz. Or perhaps it has the model to crimp freer this cream would do the better work in defining. Now, I have done it coils of toe with east and I gotta says that a moisture and a sweetness a day with which was very good. As all and all this cream is as well as the styling incinerates to add the plot of moisture and sweetness, no very well define.
5 / 5 Lilia
I alive for this material done my curls bouncy and soft, so only full of life! Utilisation this newspaper and could not live without him!
5 / 5 Breann
Took the moment to imagine was like this of more use this in my hair, but now that has, work really well. Have wavy Hair that is relatively directly in an upper but quite curly in a fund. For me, that does more is to wash, the condition and the towel dry my hair, then rub some product in my palmeras. Afterwards to my hair softens it on my hair to resist down a frizz, and approach a fund, I scrunch he to mine curls, and the air has left then dry. To good sure helps some curls remain more clear-cut and less frizzy. I have not had of the a lot of regime that use he on dry hair, this in spite of. In general, I produce it adds, odora well, the looks the washed was well, and a container will last me the LONG time.
4 / 5 Dustin
First day that uses it. I have taken the shower and dip the quantity to save in my humid hair and there is combed he in. This picture is taken after spending a product for roughly 5 hours. I have been he was the ranch to clean the stop of mine horse and then go for the 3 walk of one thousand to and for behind a park. It is very a lot windy today have it like this known would be the test adds for a product. Like this far, like this good! Little dry among some finals but I so only plant more produced there next time. Two thumbs up. And odora well.
5 / 5 Holley
Omg... I can not believe a difference this does in mine curls. I have used so only the tiny bit while my hair was wet slime so that has type 2c hair. But I have known my hair was dry and thirsty. This has done a trick. His like this soft and curls of mine are tighter that one has been in of the years.
5 / 5 Benjamin
Are like this old likes muck and has is spent of the thousands of dollars on some years that tries calm mine fuzzies. Now that my hair is ash is worse that never. Recently it has been it wetting my hair daily and dipping in products so that I have not looked the dandelion.
Has tried this product without big expectations. But the boy are I happy with him. Today it is day 3 of the mine wash, conditioner and moisturizer. I have not had to wet and reapply anything in my hair. Happy, happy, happy!
5 / 5 Al
Has bought this for my daughter of 12 years that has a lot of fat and ran curly hair. We consider to take the Brazilians blowout after all some products have tried. I have found this product and could any steps up after all some descriptions add. Imagined was more economic that the Brazilian blowout sure.

The boy are I happy tried it. My daughter has been using a soufflé and a detangler (same line of hibiscus and coconut) and loves some pocolos resulted. More the bloated hair and his hair is noticeably softer.

Give the graces for such the product adds!
5 / 5 Virgina
These produced feels likes is watered down. Odora Different of a rule one. So only I will continue that it goes to Walgreens thus produced. They are fearful any still was that I plant in my hair.
4 / 5 Ferdinand
Update (10/3/2015): My recipe (down) is for short hair (p. p.ej. No longer that 2 thumbs). My hair is now 9 thumbs long and have the entirely different hair recipe (e.g. different Products).

Has had it perm in my hair for 36 years. Has thinks that that my real hair was nappy, unruly, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable. But, my hair has begun to thin and has decided to take the BC.

After a rib, my hair was to dull, dry, has had any model of curls. But, I have washed my hair with Drawing Essentials Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Moisture Shampoo to Condition of the Retention, and has conditioned he with Stimulations Moisturizing Incinerates. Then, I have applied the Mixed chicks Leave-In Conditioner (roughly 50 piece of value of cent). Right after, equally has distributed two 50 cent value of pieces of Shea Moisturizer Smoothie. Have rubbed among my hands and there is softened he of a front of my line of hair to one rear. Then, I massaged he in. After, I softened it behind with my hands and the dry sinister air. Inside second, curls of mine are result more defines like dry. For some premiers 5 minutes, my hair there has been the light discharge of white coating. BUT, my hair drank it up. So much, inside these 5 minutes, one the white coating has been gone.

My hair is ROCKIN!! I NEVER NEVER has not thought NEVER could have curly hair. I did not think it it was possible.

My hair regimen comprises, spraying in the light quantity of Roots of Character, Oil of Sleeve & Cupuacu Butter, crimps it that it revives Spray and then applying Shea Moisturizer. Then, I take my toes and massage my hair in the circulate fasion and then has left the dry. Any paintbrush or comb it. If no utilisation Shea Moisturizer my hair looks the coverage . It do not go to coils/of curls.

These produced is not the gel or that resists formula. It is the thickness moisturizer, this does your hair shrinks to curls. He drys slightly in bylines, with the good sheen.

I To good sure recommend people with dry, dulls, hard to hair to crimp use this. I am surprised in as looks of mine of hair.
4 / 5 Jeanette
Coming on now, all the world knows these products is a bomb . It is like a number a product used for people with curly hair of all the types. But specifically for my perspective: they are them type of hair 3a-3b, white (italian-irish) and 18. When it was the creature to roughly 6 my hair was a lot of curly and then orders of soothed, until the puberties unexpectedly. When it was in roughly of fifth note (age 10-11) my hair is returned to his original curly been with the REVENGE. My mamma has pin right hair and has had any idea as to help me (she still in some signals have looked for to relax shudder of mine in a memory).

Like this after error and tries a lot of, tonnes of experimentation and investigation, are them finally to the point in my life where can say them am them happy with my hair. He still time when it has them subject and the aversion for him, but for one the majority of part are happy with curls of mine. To plot of of the this is to be due to this product. Has in the first place tried he in my partner is to house the one who is Dominican with type of hair (3b-3c) and has fallen them enamoured with like this helps curls of mine.

Thanks to shea moisture and this product. Amur yall, and to all mine curly folk (the saying of amour curly girlies but im that looks for to be included by all the world w curly hair to the equal that are using a gender neutral term curly folk) good regime in your investigation perhaps this product will help yall was.

Top Customer Reviews: Curly Hair Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Delta
I have been using one same curly produced of daughter for the moment and so only has not been taking results I amour. Well This... I want! I have used it likes to leave he in and styling cream. My stays of hair moisturized partorisca the days and my curls look utmost. Once they begin partorisca look dry, so only adds more and boom utmost curls throughout again.

The Hips odora well, which has done my husband tries it. His hair is cut down and wavy. It gives his texture of hair adds. He he soft and does not weigh it down like his leading product. As his hair is beautiful and thickness. As we are some happy curly family.
4 / 5 Belle
Was the sceptic of has bitten in this product because it feels very rich and earth the produced the thin plus. Has thinks that that it finalise with the plot of residue in my hair but concealed has not been a chance at all. They are very pleased with some results!
5 / 5 Willena
Has fat, wavy, coarse, frizzy hair and these produced didnt anything partorisca me. It seats it likes him the glue, sticky, thickness and has weighed my hair down. I have tried he with humid hair & dry hair partorisca the week that expects partorisca the different result but no, supposition he so only doesnt work with my type of hair.
5 / 5 Simone
I shampooed my hair six times with anothe produced and can not take this horrific smell out of my hair. The god helps.
5 / 5 Celinda
The smells Add and there is well take mine 4b/4c hair
4 / 5 Mara
wants to Carols produced of Daughter and was happy to see a launch of a Coconut Incinerates line. I have not been disappointed with this shampoo. My hair is extremely dry because of having several processes on that. Always I am looking for the shampoo and conditioner to help with a drought. They are very happy with some results.
4 / 5 Alysia
My sister-in-reads it gave this product of hair, been due to no well with his type of hair. I have fallen enamoured with east, has not been the defender of carols daughter. Now they are the defender , my edges and I love this product.
4 / 5 Bradford
Has subject with odors ; My friends know any to come around me with smelly ( deodorant of soaps of the perfumes etc.) This has the clean smell a lot and does not persist .
4 / 5 Danyelle
Loves this product so much. It has 4C hair that is extremely dry and does not resist moisture. With Coco Incinerates is in fact closes a moisture in and have my extremely soft hair. Any snags. A smell is amazing
5 / 5 Kanisha
I a lot like this shampoo at the beginning, and would not have used it again has had another option, but at the same time I no. am very happy I no, b/c 2 or 3 shampoo later, some materials kicked in and my hair has begun to look add and feeling soft. They are older, as my hair is dryer that use to be, and his naturalidad wavy/curly the structure has begun to lose his oomph. Once this shampoo kicked in, all has gone back the normal. The shampoos each one another day in a summer and each one that 3 days in a winter, and this shampoo is now my mark of election.

Top Customer Reviews: OGX Locking + ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marquita
Utilisation this whole line and maintain this in my shower partorisca use with which conditioner. I opt partorisca leave he in and boy oh the boy are adds! Have Down porosity the hair and is fat, as it takes the tonne of product to included penetrate. Using this while my hair is still animate/wet after the conditioner has done all a difference. With which this applies the gel and focus with an oil, and am good to go for the week!
4 / 5 Zelda
Follows the cosmetologist of 50 years! And I have done on almost each type of hair can imagine, the mine that is a hard plus! Have Of course curly hair that is like this frizzy the time have mastered one joining of the scarf to cover a madness. I want to, Amour this product. I have tried a shampoo, which I also loved, a conditioner, eh, any so much, is quell'has bitten too weighed for my hair, I mine of wear has looked for to stick the picture of me but does not spend , as you will owe that take my word like pleasant I really are after me scrunch my hair with this mousse. More, is not sticky and the smells ADDS! I have had the sticker in tin of mine to give feedback, happy to do like this ,especially when it is the product adds
4 / 5 Chastity
This mousse has chosen mostly reason was less expensive of the mine favourite (Living Test) and is supposition for odorare coconutty. A scent is really very light but terrific. Has the ridiculous nose for scents, almost all perfume-like this frames my throat has hurt. A mousse is a lot creamy and a residue in my hands has not been sticky. No respecto for crunchy the hair and this is resisting my curls softly but with control.
5 / 5 Gita
This description is unsolicited reason really want to say my history in that I amour this product. Has thickness curly hair, and like like this to the to another likes, has tried of so many produced different on some years. I have tried also a lot of combinations of oils, creams, helar, etc. Some have been quite expensive this in spite of any wow me. Some were too many heavy, some too light, and some have done my neither weighed hair down or too crunchy. I have found it bounce he of this product that had purchased done some time and had forgotten. Another day, with which shampooing, has used this with which in the first place applying leave he in conditioner to my humid hair. It was surprised really. My curls were defined like this still like this soft, any crunchy. I have thought perhaps six the fluke and tried it again the days of the result of pair adds! And odora wonderful! A lot of appearance these produced is here to remain ! It is taken the long time for me to find something concealed this well in mine curly hair!!! And a prize is to good sure !
4 / 5 Jackeline
Has used to use Pantene Pro-V whip. It is to leave he in the conditioner remained with the mousse. An interrupted the. I have tried this product because it alleges, is for the curls and is 'creamy, decadent...' Well, salts like the mousse. Any creamy, and there is not enhanced my curls. They were in fact, less curly. Upper has been, my hair was CRUNCHY! Absolute worse. Any that says that it does and is nowhere approaches 'creamy and decadent.'
5 / 5 Macy
The accident is says really love this product. A lame smell to a beach and a wavy hair the wake up with this wonderful also. One touches... It goes light. Too much of this product will leave you looking you has not washed your hair in of the weeks... Like the small quantity goes the long way.
4 / 5 Ike
Still am learning to use this. It is really fat, like the butter of organism. And it finds that my curls (thin edges, fat hair) taking really stringy and weighted down for of the this. I have tried it likes him the conditioner in a shower, but of my hair takes too frizzy the washes was. I have tried it likes to leave he-in, which really stringy the odd hair and my curls take weighed down. It take more test and error.
Used it also like the lotion, like a container has said to be able to, but no the defender of that. A smell is not a lot well, no odora at all like coconut.
If they are taste and has has wanted of something for odorare deliciously cocunutty, this is not the! Has any smell of the his coconut at all! Disappointed :(

Hopefully can find the way to use it that works for my thin hair, but would prefer to use something lighter that this.
5 / 5 Margert
These works of materials well for one the majority of part. You recommend to use in dry hair this has been styled. Help to define a curl and reduce frizz without doing your crispy hair or that the causes build up. Have Well the hair and I use crimp it gel then the spray to dip. I have used this in an end to soften on my fashion and define. It does not have any a lot of control at all but does not create the control is is is. An only reason for some 4 stars is a smell . Odora Well but is strong. I owe that spray and then leave a room or taking to overwhelm. It is the very good product and to good sure will purchase this again.
4 / 5 Ricki
Master, maintains my curls bouncy is a lot windy this in spite of tolerance. Smells awesome!
5 / 5 Diann
OGX Better no prendiendo doing this product. Work perfectly for hair that is slightly wavy. So only the touch of a mousse and one has the new, curly hairstyle!

Top Customer Reviews: Davines This is a ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Maire
Any sure because, but these leaves of product few white flakes during my hair while the utilisations. It likes like this of a product feels in my hair and directs frizz, etc. But every time use it volume more and more white build-on flakes during my hair. I go back to my products of crimps old and has gone instantly. I want to LOVE this product but because of a build on leaves during my hair, can no.

Update - I has @to @give these products has to that it has been the fake of mine stylist uses this in my hair every time sees and never to alone white flake. Each alone time have used a product received of Amazon I taking one same flakey result. Disappointed has paid of then enough for any-legit has produced. Going down my stars now that @give that has spent.
5 / 5 Natalie
Has been using this for years. At all more approached and has tried so only in the each preparation to crimp populate that looks for to avert that it pays this seal of the prize but I have squandered like this money in of the products that has not approached to these results. Has coarse, curly Native American hair. Calm would not know never. Curls of cause of the mine look clear-cut, soft and is totally touchable. This short a frizz and gives the magic results when used appropriately.

Curly The hair would not owe that be brushed external of a shower with conditioner in. When Calm apply it, is quite fat. Usually you water it down considerably and then apply liberally. Utilisation an old mesh and scrunch up for an excess. Then the nail to my boss or diffuse.
5 / 5 Dorian
Has bought this on recommendation of the partner. I thought it it was not in plot of product but is using the neighbourhood sized quantity, his in disposal to last the moment. The good smells and give me one the curl has looked for. Good curl, any crispy, adds some volume. Mark sure you scrunch a lot of- maintain it on some tips and mid hair- no by means of a hair- will weigh down a cup.
5 / 5 Cyrstal
Are the sweet curt daughter this has struggled always with finding a product that suitable all of the mine I finally has!!!!!! This produces no only gives upper control of curls of mine also leaves curls of mine touchably soft. They are the coastal lady like this finding the product that control until some the insane temperatures and the time conditions these dishes of climate was is breathe he of fresh air. In fact I can use a same product when it likes a HVAC technical or at stake like the consecrated fond adventurous mamma! Ossia Hands down, one of some better products there!!!
5 / 5 Clelia
Still all calm “Of course Curly” gals there, are among the 2C Wavy Whirly and 3A Curly Twirly. Has a lot of density of half of course curly/wavy hair that is the few thumbs under my shoulders. To the Things liked on a product: the little goes the long way, well very too on-powering smell. To the Things do not like on a product: I have required the discharge he with other products for moisturizing and defining curls of mine. I will maintain to look for my Saint Grail of creams of crimps.
5 / 5 Kimi
Woman: My new HG serum of crimps for fat longitude curly/wavy hair. Any crunch and odora wonderful! A bit it goes the long way like this boat is going to last for enough some time. This is substituting Hair of Centre of Murphy of Kevin & Lotion of Motion for me.
4 / 5 Marcelo
Loves this serum for big curls , smooth. The utilisation after leaving he-in conditioner and first of the gel. He the enormous difference the spent some products... Used so only is not quite quite control, but forms some curls fantastically so that mine gel can maintain him in place.
4 / 5 Bethel
Loves this material - really help my of course wavy (grieve) look so much wavier & has defined more.
5 / 5 Nigel
Serum Of crimps terrific with some control minus a stickiness volume with to plot other products. It was able to cut down in my use of hair styling produced for my of course curly hair significantly to change to this Davines produced. It maintains my soft hair and frizz free, and does not look to cause any one builds up. The good smells also.
4 / 5 Rossie
Ossia Exactly that has required. I have used Bumble crimps it that it defines cream before they have changed a recipe, as I have jumped here (but a lot before trying 5 @@@drugstore cockroaches of different frames that has fried my hair.) This material gave GORGEOUS curls that is lasted all day, and looked is and any frizzy or dehydrated at all. You recommend to always, always invest in a lot of haircare.

Top Customer Reviews: Garnier Fructis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rivka
These works in my hair and I am attaching the photo so that you can see my type of hair.

Has been using this never of then I spotted some in the tent the few years done. I can you do not find like this easily here where now live so that the snap on on-line.
Reason ossia for Garnier, some people could think is not partorisca ethnic people with kinky/curly hair. It is and it is reason ossia my type of hair . It is a lot of hydrating and like me dipped roughly on first what in a morning. My hair tends partorisca dry was at night or in of the sure classes of the time and he will look utmost but feel 'crunchy'. East softens my hair. A day used it and the partner of mine there is remarked in that add smells. A lot of produced of the hair no odora well, so that it is the plus .

So only washes my hair each one that 6 or 7 days because it is very dry and does not want to undress some natural oils. Mine another help of products with that. THIS a work to maintain that moisture and sweetness among washing. If it has to that to dry to hair likes , will require to of king-use the little bit of this product 2 or 3 times the day until your hair is 'balanced'.

Ossia One of the products The PLUS ABORDABLES can use in my hair partorisca soften and condition he for a day. Now that I found it here, they are roughly to start with ubscribing' to the equal that can save included the little more pence. So as I tent here - and included repeat things of order - I there is not subscribed NEVER to the product. Ossia That a lot ossia.
5 / 5 Prince
Like apply this spray to my hair a lot afterwards wash, while wet. My hair is well and thinning ☹️. As I am trying a lot to use a dryer unexpectedly and in general, so only that tries to take well of cure. An activator of crimps work a lot well and a fragrance is one of favourites: coconut and no in powering. It maintains a frizz down and gives my hair the good texture. Highly recommend while calm like this particular scent. Any one yours scent preferred? Not to use it . In general, I have to say that I have had the good regime with Garnier has produced.
4 / 5 Katrina
Has used to use curling mousse, comprising Fructis produced, but there is not looking behind. I have launched out of a rest of the mine curling mousses bc ossia like this darn fantastic! If that can give 10 I accident .

My hair of course has the very light wave and is well, but not thinning. Once my hair has the air has dried some after washing, I spray this material in my hair, doing sure that it is throughout and down and throughout. And HE SO ONLY CURLS. I do not owe that scrunch for a prójimo 3 hours and take only satisfactory results. He the curls on is suitable and rests . If it do not wash your hair every day, usually looks included better a next day. Sometimes it combs it was and a softly king-wetted to take to a level of crimps master, but a fullness and waviness of a hair combed is the look adds also.

Launch out of your Mousses! Spent this!
4 / 5 Twana
Be in accordance with all the world-wide that these material smells well, ossia in an only good thing. Of course some days my hair does not want to cooperate have used like this for the few first weeks to do my final decision that is this product that is a reason because my hair maintains to look any like this curly, plot of strays that looks frizzy and the little greasy. It does not rejuvenate my curls and my hair so only does not look like this as well as I seat has to that in a 2nd day. Utilisations Have to that Frisia 2nd curl of spray of day, has not concerned me for a smell but he have done my look of better hair. This was my first time trying the 2nd curl of spray of day. As I have thought aventuro was. I am not happy with east and will try something new. Not going to Have to that Frisia unless the pocola test and I still ca't find anything.
4 / 5 Glennis
I really love this material! Has has has tried dozens of the produced and ossia a thing has better found to refresh my curls neither when they take frizzy or messy or on day two with which washes my hair. Has thin hair and final and find the plot of products to be heavy or greasy but this one east súper light!
4 / 5 Edison
Has has purchased also this product in my local tents, but is sometimes last to find. They are the Caucasian woman with very dry and curly hair. The shampoos so only roughly two times the week. This produces I spray in my hair partorisca rejuvenate some curls each morning. Then I so only scrunch and go. Sometimes also it rubs in the bit of coconut oil for more moisture. Works of compliments and my stylist of hair is surprised in an improvement in my hair.
5 / 5 Margareta
Ossia A product has better found to treat my curly hair! My curls look totally natural & soft to a touch. It takes a frizz was without leaving your hair crunchy likes almost each one another produces there. So only it wishes that a boat was big because eye for the spend for quickly. They are happy found quell'on Amazon reason can any never look to find he in some tents. Please NEVER to sell this product!!
4 / 5 Barrett
Does your hair feels conditioned without weighing it down. Utilisation this with a curl incinerates in humid hair so that my hair is not heavy and coated in crunchy helar. It is the add combo. He of-frizzes some curls and the smells likes him leave he in conditioner. The washes well am gone in a shower. Highly you recommend for any with of course curly hair that loves it maintain clean and is.
5 / 5 Armando
Ossia Perfect for exactly that says, reactivating. He for real ameno out of my curls and leaves my soft hair . Some downfalls for me is does really frizzy the hair and I celery this in the way contributes to the this frizzy to the disorder like him to him the use a fizz first control, another is A bit really goes the long way! If utilisations to a lot your hair will feel weighed down and calm to good sure seat to likes does the plot of product in your hair. I have bought this more than a swipe like this now that it is games 1/3 in the empty boat and substitute an empty space in mine bounce new with watering to cut down that this heavy and dulcemente add behind like utilisation produced. Has full of volume wavey to curly hair that is half way down mine behind if this help dipped for any one. It is Quite priced would say them and recommend to at least try.
5 / 5 Rolland
This produced are to add have natural curls or wavy hair and love the look 'Natural' without a lot of endeavour. It does not leave hair with the textured to to the feeling likes there is produced in of him.