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1 first Coconut Oil Hair Care 4 Piece Set - Revitalize and Nourish Dry or Damaged Hair Coconut Oil Hair Care 4 Piece Set - Revitalize and Nourish Dry or Damaged Hair By Hair Chemist
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2 It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, 10 fl oz It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, 10 fl oz By It's a 10 Haircare
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3 best It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product, 4 fl. oz. It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product, 4 fl. oz. By It's a 10 haircare
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4 Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Conditioner and Hair Mask | Sulfate Free Organic Gift Set Best for Damaged, Dry, Curly or Frizzy Hair - Thickening for Fine/Thin Hair Safe for Color and Keratin Treated Hair Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Conditioner and Hair Mask | Sulfate Free Organic Gift Set Best for Damaged, Dry, Curly or Frizzy Hair - Thickening for Fine/Thin Hair Safe for Color and Keratin Treated Hair By Bingo
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5 It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product, 4 Fl Oz It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product, 4 Fl Oz By It's a 10 Haircare
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6 Hair Treatment Serum by Bali Secret - 2019 Improved Formula - No Need to Rinse - with Argan Macadamia Avocado Oils - Vitamins A C E Pro Vitamin B5 - Best Women Hair Oil Conditioner for All Hair Types Hair Treatment Serum by Bali Secret - 2019 Improved Formula - No Need to Rinse - with Argan Macadamia Avocado Oils - Vitamins A C E Pro Vitamin B5 - Best Women Hair Oil Conditioner for All Hair Types By HUSSELL
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7 Keratin Hair Mask - Restores Dry & Damaged Hair - Effective Keratin Treatment with Coconut Oil, Retinol & Aloe Vera - Made in USA - Moisturizing Anti Frizz Hair Mask - Powerful Keratin Complex Keratin Hair Mask - Restores Dry & Damaged Hair - Effective Keratin Treatment with Coconut Oil, Retinol & Aloe Vera - Made in USA - Moisturizing Anti Frizz Hair Mask - Powerful Keratin Complex By Revicare beauty
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8 It's A 10 Haircare Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin, 5 fl. oz. It's A 10 Haircare Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin, 5 fl. oz. By It's a 10 Haircare
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9 Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hair - 8.45 Oz Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hair - 8.45 Oz By Arvazallia
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10 Argan Oil Hair Mask - Deep Conditioner Sulfate Free for Dry or Damaged Hair with Organic Jojoba Kernel Oil Aloe Vera Collagen and Keratin Argan Oil Hair Mask - Deep Conditioner Sulfate Free for Dry or Damaged Hair with Organic Jojoba Kernel Oil Aloe Vera Collagen and Keratin By Pure Nature Lux Spa
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Top Customer Reviews: Coconut Oil Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mickey
Taken a product today... Used all the products today and any disappointed! A shampoo and the smells of conditioner soooo well! Still I can not taking odorando my hours of hair later lol a conditioner was has does not have to that súper to to the greasy feeling likes them to them the earth the conditioners that has but he still the fact adds! I have then used a material of mask of the hair and has left he in 7 mins and to the left say, this material felt sooo well has the place grieves he in! My hair is quite broken to paint and can be a lot of frizzy but the chairs Touch smooth. Like this when I am exited a shower has used a class of serum of greasy as it do not recommend that calm already the greasy hair. Maintaining I few hours later my hair is like this shiny and any frizzing and smells to surprise! To good sure will be that it buys again when the circle was and the suggest to any with the hair broken 😍😍
4 / 5 Kecia
My woman absolutely loves this product, always is complaining roughly which dry his hair is and is spent the plot of money that tries to find something these works for his hair. It spends the stumble to this product and has not purchased anything more. There is has purchased already another container!!!
5 / 5 Melania
Was hesitant because of a low prize for 4 produced but he all does astonishingly. My hair was dry and fraction in some finals and with which one uses with a shampoo and mask my hair has has felt fed and smooth. It is soft when dry and shiny too especially when it uses an oil. To good sure recommend!
4 / 5 Stanley
Has so many amazing descriptions for this together of cure of the hair and I honradamente do not comprise reasons. Odora Like artificial coconut- way too sweet for me. He also works like the normal shampoo and the conditioner can buy of Walmart. I have not seen you a lot of the miracles for my hair. If it has dipped too much of a conditioner in causes your hair to be súper greasy btw. I have it that has not had never conceal raisin of the mine but this conditioner have done.
4 / 5 Carleen
Has bought this for deception and the one who the deception adds to do. All raisin for the reason. My hair and the skin LOVE these products. Has hair along that need this class of delicious TLC. Calm will not feel yes calms “accidentally” but this also. Some bounced the small look but the small quantity a trick! And volume compliments in a smell of light coconut. They are highly sensitive the fragrances and this does not annoy me at all.
4 / 5 Daniela
Has loved to try this for my fat dry hair and coarse fraction, and want a scent of coconut. State using the months of pair now, and am remarking the marked difference in a texture of my hair. That can be bit it weighed in hair more final, but concealed is not the worry for me and my thickness, frizzy locks. Material my hair still is that it grows faster also. Amur That is an easy to follow hair regimen. Have subscribed, each one that 2 month. I produce it adds, the value adds.
4 / 5 Charlotte
Was excited like this when this is to go in a topmast has washed my good hair with which have opened a box and has used everything of some products and I can say that my hair is like this soft and odora really a lot
4 / 5 Debera
line of Amazing product!! A shampoo and the conditioner are fantastic!! A scent is delicious! A Serum is incredible!! It leaves your shiny hair, smooth, and silky! A Mask is exceptional!! An effect in your hair is unbearable!! The and the numerous products have tried, and this line for FAR is an absolute MORE!! Highly It Recommends to Try he for Calm! The calm guarantee will be surprised!!
4 / 5 Sophia
Has has used so only this once, but with which so only one uses my hair was besides soft and a lot shiny. They are very impressed with this product and I will buy it again in a future.
4 / 5 Elza
I any one where this has come from/come from, but these are some the better products have used in my hair in yrs. The utmost smells, and mine a lot dry, of course curly hair, was in shape very better after so only 1 week to use a together. A prize is unreal, is like this good. Double pays!

Top Customer Reviews: It's A 10 Miracle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Garret
Bought this reason my uses of stylist of the hair he in dates of mine. This odora good and works like the detangler, but somehow a lot quite do the one who my hairstylists' boot does. I have read it revises on some saying the different formulas bounced identical, so that possible with east. Still I will use a rest of him, but will take of the mine hairstylist next to do sure take a real material .
5 / 5 Trena
My daughter has a lot long dry hair that likes knotty súper easily. His boss is a lot sensitive of harm of nerve during the invasivo facial tumor reconstructive surgery. This is to be recommend for our stylist of hair but is a lot expensive in ours living room. We buy of the amazon and is much more abordable. Work like magic in his hair and his hair does not take like this frizzy more a comb of knots out of easier!
5 / 5 Ashely
Has been using this product for 10 years. There is something was in a formula. I have bought this out of several different buyers on Amazon and eBay and has has not had never a subject. Ossia Much thinner, no odora one same and no as well as earth. Ossia A better product , but his out. Included my husband the one who use him remarks that you are not one same.
5 / 5 Iluminada
The product adds. It can not live without him. Marcos a paintbrush run by means of the to to tangled hair likes any of another product there, leaving your smooth hair, silky and shiny. I have it you try him literally EVERYTHING!!!
4 / 5 Edelmira
Has taken the sample of of the this in a Ipsy the on done stock exchange the year, and has tried a lot leave-in conditioners of then, but this was always a one my alcohol has maintained to roam behind to. A prize control them to me were for the really long time, but has done finally a commitment and has been that loves a bit results of then. Has thin hair this is to suffer by means of the plot of dyes of boxes and bleaches, and this leaves he really ameno intense sweetness behind to some finals of my hair.
4 / 5 Karyl
Never found leaves he-in treatment this has done such like this material marvels. It is it adds for my dry hair, thickness in a winter and taken ALL a frizz was without weighing my hair down or doing the greasy look. He of-tangles my hair and my hair of boys so that I can easily paintbrush by means of him with which the shower/of bath, protects my hair amiably of my right iron and the smells adds.
5 / 5 Mandi
Thinks that is quell'has bitten expensive but well value a prize. The desire could find this material in some approximation of tents-me to me like this when low and forget to order first of time, could so only run to a tent instead. I do not want never live without this material again. I have received the free sample in a topmast a year and has tried never be without this material of then. There is remarked recently that diluting it some with watering still has effects ADD. I have forgotten to order some on-line before I have run was and a bit had left, has looked for to extend was until some more arrived, as I have diluted he with some water this in spite of works like this has to that. Then when a material has diluted has taken near to be empty and my new order still had not arrived, then has diluted one ' is the 10 Miracle Leaves Produced' with even more waters. My surprised, still there is a same effect. So much, there is the useful clue for you to extend your estimativa this in spite of take some same effects. To to The Sweetness likes any of another. Silky. Detangles Hair. Everything declares does. It feels he likes hair of living room when it uses this. I know any one has been in the living room for the washed, knows a tongue of chair of the living room of.
OMG Think you will love this material! Yes, to good sure recommend this and I would buy of this vendor again. I have ordered some the while behind some a more create and think that take situated in a wrong mailbox reason there is still to arrive and have abundance to time to arrive, two times. As I so only ordered more than here the few days does. Still they are while and sadly, has no more takes to dilute :-(
while Patiently..................................................................
5 / 5 Mitchel
Has impossible, thins this in spite of frizzy, hair. And any a lot him. But his conditions of spray without doing look of mine of greasy hair. It looks to tame and soften my hair. Now it uses economic shampoo and this. It saves $ . Looks Well.
4 / 5 Vergie
One of my daughters has one the majority of hair of beautiful blond longitude with curls, the thickness of hair is! And one the majority of the calm tender hair has not seen never 😳. Taking the collected elastic was will cause to complain.

Ossia For his, all the world-wide use he (my husband loves it and has had to be cajoled to cut behind in how much use) the mine thins more haired and daughters of estaca of right hair not having so much of the question that takes his hair brushed.... But Blondie grudgingly leave his hair to be brushed yes promise to 'use a spray as it does not hurt'.
Mentions hair along beautiful? If we have not had this, has to be short- really can not manage his tangled hair that is brushed without him.
5 / 5 Rebbeca
Loves a product. Ordered the 10oz bounce and has taken the 4oz for a same prize.... It does not order of this person, the tears was.

Top Customer Reviews: It's a 10 Haircare ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Otis
It buys this product very time before in a supply of beauty, and a product in a boot is not an original product or he are expired. It does not smell a same and does not have a same texture. Any refilled is to bounce with another product. I am so unbalanced that it can not returning . It does not have any tone why any one would sell the product and has posed something more in a boat.
1 / 5 Cierra
Used this product of a tent and has wanted to it. Bought he through vendor here in the amazon and the product are much fatter and does not smell a same. In planting to do the hair of my silky and manageable daughter, faiths his sticky hair, dulls, and unmanageable.
1 / 5 Darryl
Very Disappointed. 1 - A boot has not gone included full, more so half full when open it in the first place to verify. 2, SINCE it is the Very GONE BACK element , imagined would use it since is bonded with him in all the case - is used this product ahead of time a lot the tent has bought, does not know that it is is - is the fattest road and leaves my hair that listens to litter and does not smell a same. I am supremely disappointed it that I recieved the element USED and now, can very still of the return! The desire had known before, so usually will not buy something concealed can any one when being pas returned out of here because of the only risks have taken. Also, it is more expensive was here then is in my venue Wallgreens... I have imagined it is only easy to order out of Amazon but results, in this case, paid by something has not taken and any option to return or change. Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Sharell
The better element to use for the hair broke. Mark sure spray in your hands and then posed in hair, when spraying a boat in hair results the sticky bit
1 / 5 Julianna
If it can not choose any star I .. My element was has the pound cracked and with the fraction was bomb and there is any option to return or substitute an element. That is to say only bad
1 / 5 Kimber
It IS fatter like the conditioner, still when being very but in at all likes him that a be of real product. If I no in that the roughly has left in that has to my stylist has not remarked a difference. That is to say something certainly the value that expects for a ULTA coupon or go in Nordstrom Storm/TJmaxx/Ross/Marshall is.
5 / 5 Blossom
Three words to describe this product. It IS Some jumps ! It IS the 10 products is some absolute more. Has shampoos and conditioners and the whole myriad of products. Has very dry, brittle hair after it uses heat for the moment or dye it. This stuffs a lot of hydrates he of a root in some finals. I very which is the 10 Leaves of Miracle in with Keratin in him, also. They both left my hair that listens very soft and shiny! 10 10 10!
2 / 5 Waneta
As I have decided to try this in mine 2 daughters with the very tangled hair (right hair). I have applied 5 sprays in the hair put in an of some daughters and 10 in another to experience. Some smells of spray like resumas chemical that applies in perm hair. One in the morning that follows has seen the very small difference in a daughter that is hair sprayed 10 times and Any difference in one another unit So that it is to say to well sure any one he 10, unless the amazon is selling the product of fake. You are not that they buy again.
5 / 5 Alethia
Mina 10 yr the old daughter is knot ' take so bad as has the plot of final, of course curling, hair very very time. At all several days the week and he are always to struggle to comb through his hair. A partner recommended this product and he are the miracle! It can not think! We have tried each product there. And any calm included use needs the plot. His tangles exit much easier. It continues to buy. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 Lashaun
I have found this bad boy when was in necessity to take hydratation behind in my hair after the die the small time - has not had never dyed my hair until mid-last year. It was of dark brunette in the copper/auburn in blond and behind in my copper/auburn. All the year would say. Obviously my hair has required some TLC and after reading some descriptions in this product, decided to verify it was. The amazon has a cheap plus so far as it has found - Walmart, Aim, CVS, RiteAid etc. - The amazon is one a (unless takings CVS 40% was an element lol) I only taken some new shampoo and conditioner, ArtNaturals Argan (AMAZING!) And I spray this in detangle and hydrate my hair and only the small quantity of Chi Infusion of Silk and mine oh mine my returns of hair to look mark when was virgin hair . I RECOMMEND this element. That is to say it splits of my routine of cure of the hair and uses it almost every day. It is not heavy, no your greasy hair, change his texture another concealed to do your soft hair, and smells lovely but any too so much. It recommends this product in the friends and has been hooked.

A small cute thing - was in my dog groomer and has seen this in his counter - the use of suppositions for dogs also (control w/ the vet before the test pleases - I saw it only a counter!).

Top Customer Reviews: Moroccan Argan Oil ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Loyd
This shampoo of hair and neighbour of the conditioner is surprising. It gives my hair directly and shiny clocks first use! It does not leave my greasy hair or to to the feeling likes has to that the texture. Justo amazing hydration and repairing! Love it! Also this neighbour has the very good smell and a packaging is a lot also. To good sure can recommend for all the world-wide the one who looking for conditioner and perfect shampoo.
5 / 5 Sylvie
I love this new sulfate free line of products. After washing done my like this light and silky hair. Very easy brushing and styling. Sulfates Essentially is that tower of shampoo of the mark when thinking lather in a shower , and he also harm of hair of the cause. Sulfate Free shampoo , conditioner and hydrate partorisca mask my hair partorisca a next level moisture. It do not fade or break your colour. The shampoo maintains my colour that the vibrant and lustrous looks. 100 it recommends.
5 / 5 Leila
They are very satisfied with a together , quality and utmost value of a product. Creation of good boat , leaves my a lot manageable hair, easy to comb and in brilliant. Usually final volume partorisca break much faster, but with this conditioner/of shampoo a question looks for partorisca be solved - I has taken the hair cut the week previously partorisca begin to use it and some finals still look perfect.
4 / 5 Wendell
I try to look for more natural, conditioners of cleansing type that it is sulfate free like this is harmful partorisca yours hare.
A packaging is that it has taken it initially my eye. Compared to the plot has seen, ossia well. They are the visual Designer so that the details to the presentation + of details is tones and I tonnes of opinions of terrible things all a time.

A way a subject partorisca a mask likes filter in a box. The vendor is very good and ready of the do well. I will be partorisca receive the substitution on that.

Odora Well, would like Me see the fattest conditioner partorisca this together. It is the tad has watered down, at least to my flavour because like the conditioner, would want to it partorisca remain in your edges.

Will update when I take a mask and is able of the try was.
5 / 5 Emilie
Present amazing. The box looks very good! I have ordered this shampoo and the conditioner dipped like the present partorisca my partner. I have tried these products before and wants the a lot of and wants to share my good experiences with my partner. You love it too much.
5 / 5 Ida
Has hair a lot greasy and this shampoo and neighbour of the conditioner has done utmost partorisca me. Leave my soft and lustrous hair. A mask odora good and leaves your hair that feels smooth. This neighbour left partorisca go days among washing when previously it seats likes has had to wash daily. Highly you recommend!
5 / 5 Germaine
Ossia An excellent shampoo and near of conditioner. It leaves my smooth and shiny hair. I love this shampoo and neighbour of conditioner. You recommend to any the one who is looking for the shampoo adds and conditioner.
5 / 5 Brigida
I have been using Moroccan Argan shampoo of oil and conditioner partorisca the while now . Absolutely I Love this mark. It is perfect that calm now can gat conditioner of shampoo and mask of hair like the together partorisca such the price adds. And it is an amazing present partorisca fellow and family...
5 / 5 Julie
I have bought this shampoo and the conditioner dipped like the present partorisca my mamma! You love it and happy to use every day. Thank you Thank you!!!
5 / 5 Randee
I have tried like this shampoo and this shampoo and conditioner like this far is my preferred! Ossia My second time that orders a together and I have to that say: I helped partorisca reduce my hair of falling was with which having the creature!
A mask is fantastic!!!! I use it well after conditioning my hair and maintain on partorisca roughly 10 min. Happy Hair-happy me!!! Absolutely recommend and will take some plus!!!

Top Customer Reviews: It's a 10 Haircare ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz An original 2 bounced has purchased of of the this the 10 Leaves of the miracle in the product has done I so that it adds in detangling my fine hair after raining. I have bought an on Amazon and one of a Ulta tent.

Then, has bought another was Amazon less than fact 2 month and is like this different: now ready Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone chemicals in a formula, odora bad and very different of an original, is thinner in consistency and no detangle almost also or leave my hair like smooth.

Could not find a number of telephone still Is the 10, but there is emailed his (of allocution in his web of place) many times in any one last few weeks and has not answered. I am comprising 2 photos of an original an and reformulated (?) One. Disappointing.
4 / 5
Measure: 4 oz any usually write descriptions, but has has owed of absolutely bear this product. It likes to of flat iron my hair and has looked for the product that would help partorisca protect of a heat, but has not been weighed and greasy. I have looked for an internet and discovered in this product. I have read other descriptions of Amazon and decided partorisca give try it. Ossia One of a BETTER if any BETTER product has not used never partorisca plans partorisca spend my hair. They are the black woman . It does not know my type of hair for classify, but is not closely coiled. More like the free wave. Usually I can blow dry my hair and concealed the straightens was quite easily and then flat iron he for the silky smooth arrival. I have washed, conditioned and has applied then a product to my hair. He to good sure detangles to the equal that was able to run a comb by means of my hair quite easily. As I blow has dry sections of my hair, IMMEDIATELY could see and feel that it was soft, light and has had the movement adds. Then to a flat iron. Any question. Looks Of hair so only roughly like this very like this exiting of the living room. On some years have tried a lot of serums, sprays etc, but ossia a a product for far that is instantly be to impress with. Any one has said, calm can any gone bad with this product and I TOTALLY have SPENT!!!
4 / 5
Measure: 4 oz loves sound he 10, but anything is is the boat is no where next to a same, the so only gone back out of a shower to wash he out of my hair because there it do not save the after using this product.... Initially it seats sticky as it has dried them my hair, but then when trying the way, he clumped together almost like dreadlocks of my flat iron. Time the redry and straighten my hair and head to a tent for a real shot
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz has the hair concealed is not quite wavy and no quite curly. Of course big form ringlets in of the places but also takes frizzy in another.

Has has had questions with another frizz has produced to control why have tended the neither be curls of paralizaciones or right hair, as they neither have not done or has done my rigid and uncomfortable hair. This material does not feel rigid but works to do my look of hair awesome.

Does more dipped dipped/that to him on wet and then leave my hair so only while it air dry. I will say that the sample was to go external/ in a wind while your hair still is drying, really laws very better can take dry enmedio has controlled.

I amour that does not have to that take during my hands and he does not feel sticky. Simply a better material.

An ONLY downside is that personally I hate a smell. No the dealbreaker, this in spite of, and does not look to persist in my hair, so only has to that suck on while spraying the on.
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz the Terrible product and that sells the tent does not have any repayment any police of turn. Gone on down an instruction. With which pocolos small my hair was all Glued near where has applied this produces on. It is quality of the production and the security issues no the preference of client isssue. I do not see reason the amazon can leave ANY POLICE of TURN of this tent partorisca sell.
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz This one was so only like this-like this partorisca me. A bit appearance partorisca help with softening partorisca blow to dry, but accidentally use the little too much, and seats heavy and somehow 'tacky' in my hair. ( It classifies of odd because the majority of products like this, the use bit it too much, a result is greasy or greasy, any tacky. Odd.) My hair is sper thickness and tends partorisca be quite dry. I have had better regime with the Redken anti frizz has produced, and same better regime with the economic Tresemme spray of flat iron. I have used on a boot finally but will not be that it buys again.
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz Long durable product. My woman has to bounce it compraventa smaller a lot of month and there is still the bit has left included although it use it daily. Of then it likes and it use it so that the images often was of good to take bounce it big before some other careers was. Really it likes that of helps his control his hair.
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz Reading by means of yahoo a morning has found a piece of the celebrity that swears that this product was a better thing the daughter could buy. You marvel of law in his hair to the equal that have to that on any more is. I have thought, Hmmm has left is partorisca give it shot it. It is economic and that it could hurt?
A lot To the left SAY!!!
That darn celebrity me a better favour in a world-wide and any one has included the knowledge! Has fat, course, long, wavy hair that amours the frizz up in a first sign of moisture. This Product there is softened my hair WITHOUT doing it greasy. Constantly they are that it runs my toes by means of my hair now!

A lot of value the little bucks! Thank you Hailey Bieber!
4 / 5
Measure: 4 oz loves this product. Previously it has taken it the sample of him and has has wanted to decided it so much compraventa the full measure of him. Has the thin hair and he does not weigh it down. Often it uses he for prejudices think it has helped my hair and of the chairs of the frames and the look more are. Odora Very Too much! The product is fatter that the spray. I personally spray he in my hand in the first place then rubs by means of my hair.
5 / 5
Measure: 4 oz has 'irish' hair. Ossia The product adds that really the taming. Sometimes I will dip the mask in my hair but 10 gives quite some same results. It buys it, try it, and (doubts it) does not like you , the give to of any one am guessing that will want to.

Top Customer Reviews: Hair Treatment ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Deneen
Ossia The product adds , smells partorisca surprise and maintains my like this soft and shiny hair all day! I can a lot included explain that well my smells of hair right now. I have been it rubs it a capsule to my hair partorisca stimulate growth of hair weekly, and has has begun so only use the averages the capsule after each shower, and my hair is looking fatter each one alone day. At all do this very partorisca me, and every time odorare my hair, memory I need partorisca leave the description. To the left explain me, reason is like this fresh partorisca me. I have complicated hair. It is súper curly but a lot thin. I have been looking for the product that pode my look of hair is and resupply all a precise nutrition without the give the greasy texture partorisca like this long. The majority of need of products partorisca be washes with which use, included when any one instructed because of a look of soiled hair creates. The difference of another some have tried, calm in fact can maintain this product in your hair during a day and be very comfortable with him. After the pair of uses, my hair already felt softer and more animate. I want to and highly recommend it!
5 / 5 Maximina
Has seen this product and has loved an idea. I purchased it and it has received he inside the day and the half. A packaging is súper entertainment and so only. Have curly Hair and no each works of product how is supposed to in my hair, but this produces a trick. Odora Quite incredible, and give my hair a perfect quantity of resplandor. You recommend for any one considering purchasing this product to so only the take and try was like those surprised is for calm!
5 / 5 Brant
Has listened the things add roughly using this in your hair, but is always be bit it skeptical. Dipping the oil in my hair think done my greasy hair, and ossia to good sure any which want to. My postpartum the hair is not a More adds them, as I have decided test has been. He no my greasy hair at all. Enough, it is soft and smooth! I have wanted to run my hands by means of my hair. So only it washes my hair each one that 2–3 days, and an integer of next day, my hair has not been greasy neither. Also, my hair is generally frizzy because of some natural wave, but has not had one same frizz when using east. They are by train of the master!
4 / 5 Danial
My daughter bought this for my anniversary, and absolutely love this product. It has squandered so the on produced money of hair. They are older, dye my hair, and is dry and flyaway. It uses this in my hair when wet. This does my like this soft and manageable hair. Appearance any do not interrupt never this product. It is wonderful! If I used it when my hair was dry, would have to be careful with how much to use reason a consistency of a product is fat and would have to that be used sparingly in dry hair. It finds that he wonderfully in wet hair.
5 / 5 Shavonne
Has been the bleached blond for 13 years and this has been my oil of favourite hair that maintains to go back to! Ossia The big shot for me!!! I think that that your hair takes used to the products and he to do sometimes then calms so only will owe that alternate but secret bleated of the hair does not fail never to do your hair feels silky and is, any one so only an outside but believes it has improved a quality of my hair of the the rovescio. Santo grail!!!
4 / 5 Damon
Vitamins of hair and frizz serum of defence. Ossia The add to add to your hair regimen so only to add the lil nourishment and protect extra to your hair. This is not the gone to still the softest hair (especially for multiethnic hair) and love a smell
4 / 5 Lucas
is not sure state roughly Vitamins of Hair but imagined it is cost shot it. My hair suffers harm of perming he directly and hate the one who dry feels. This serum of hair has fallen absolutely enamoured with! It leaves my hair that feels soft all day and is restoring life to mine usually hair very dry. Like this happy has found this product!
5 / 5 Bee
This is to produce well ! I love the cuz a measure is perfect ! Calm so only can twist and squeeze it on your hair with which have washed your hair. A scent is well. In all the chance, will recommend it.
4 / 5 Beau
My prime of Ucraina has recommended this product, possesses the living room there - the and his amour of the amour of the clients loves this product has decided them give try it, and is them enamoured. Has hair very thin that takes súper tangled... No more. Hair so only simply does not take tangled anymore. I love a smell one feels and of course an effect. Produced of BETTER hair! Strongly I recommend, calm will not feel !
5 / 5 Otha
Had excited really to try this product until I took it. In front of all a focus has been broken and look for likes it was has used already. Tried to look spent the and try it. All was to leave my greasy extra hair. Also all these “reviewers” says leaves the orders of scent behind. Yeah At all no odora to like anything! Really fallido and underwhelmed.

Top Customer Reviews: Keratin Hair Mask - ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Patsy
In the first place, a smell of this product is SURPRISING! Tonight it was my first use as I have not expected the enormous result. There is remarked to good sure that my hair has not dried like this poofy like this usually fact! And there is the a lot of noticeable differentiates with frizz. It can not expect see a difference the few weeks!
5 / 5 Marti
So many has bought them this produces here and have use he partorisca a week. A difference was clear of then day a. My hair felt silkier and easy the fashion. A smell is surprising. Has my hair really hurts been due to too quimics. Really appearance these continuous products have my hair like this I so that it take more. It is the free disorder and a container is easy to spend out of while you go. Some instructions are clear.
5 / 5 Charity
I love this mask of hair! Odora Wonderful and my hair feels like this soft with which use it. A bit it goes s long way, like this last enough the while also. I produce it adds!
5 / 5 Charline
Law really a lot has bleached them my hair two times the month and was a lot of harm, my hair felt very fat and now feels smoother!
Has left a mask for prejudices the a second time of then in a first moment the there is not remarked the difference of has left them so only he in my hair for 3 minutes!
My recommendation is to leave it more along will be it better result.
5 / 5 Janita
With which so only an application has been surprised! Still have the way to go, returning my hair to touch to the left explains me. Red majorly prone The frizzies, under the defender for 5 month because of heat and humidity, fractions, and with hot prickly on hair my hair had been falling was. After reading some descriptions, has been for him. To the left say me calm-I slowly to never run out of this mask of hair! Although it can have the point of the main prize that that it was that it wants to spend for the miracle, the little goes the long way. My hair is period of shoulder . During time of wait (5 minutes) that could feel doing in my hair and my loss of hair there is already decreased dramatically. My hair is like this soft. A time is fresher here now, any defender, and leave a cure begins.
5 / 5 Young
I have been using this mask of hair for less than the week and am enamoured with him!!! Because of going to a group to plot this summer, my finals were súper dry & a fund of my hair felt like the broom of all some finals to break. I do not love the cut quell'has been of then in that grows was, as I have decided to try this mask of hair. Honradamente Can say that my hair feels soft again!!!! My finals to pause is beginning to & cure it has not been included the week!!! Because of constantly using produced to heat in my hair, the smell burned any @@subject that plant in the, but now odora like this good! It is usually súper frizzy, but there is has not had to the question never has begun of then use this product. I want like my hair feels smells & !! To good sure the value that shabby!!!
5 / 5 Hattie
Goodbye frizzies. Living in the humidity of Florida is hard in my hair. They are in a sun and days grupal diverse the week. These produced is now my 'gone to' to repair a harm of the colouring etc. Tries it!
5 / 5 Phung
I am enamoured with this product! My hair looked, and odorato to surprise! I have recommended. I produce it adds!
5 / 5 Numbers
Good product
I didnt uses it that a lot but already feels a difference
My hair was very broken now the feel thats his beginning that returns behind the normal
5 / 5 Chance
After so only an application has been surprised! Still have the way to go, returning my hair to touch to the left explains me. Red majorly prone The frizzies, under the defender for 5 month because of heat and humidity, fractions, and with hot prickly on hair my hair had been falling was. After reading some descriptions, has been for him. To the left say me calm-I slowly to never run out of this mask of hair! Although it can have the point of the main prize that that it was that it wants to spend for the miracle, the little goes the long way. My hair is period of shoulder . During time of wait (5 minutes) that could feel doing in my hair and my loss of hair there is already decreased dramatically. My hair is like this soft. A time is fresher here now, any defender, and leave a cure begins.

Top Customer Reviews: It's A 10 Haircare ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elvie
As I have read that more it use the so more than the mask and attached some heat.... I am coming up with transfer of mine adapted by even more resplandor and sweetness. That Am washed my hair , left the unconditioned, beginnings of a shower and has posed this conditioner in my hair (but no in some roots or near in a hair). Also it touches the portion of the measure of half dollar of CHI Infusion of Silk of the Keratin (bounces ash with gold lettering) and continues a same zone. Has very fat, long hair like calm could not require near so produced while mark. Once I law through and my hair is soppy and soggy, embroils he in the loose bun as I can pose he in the mask of the fall of plastic hair left then once is everything in a mask. I take my dryer the paste (Creature bliss the dryers are UTMOST) and his in a sofa and leaves my wet hair soyarinate' in a 10 Miracle of Minute and Chi mask of Infusion of the Silk for 10-15 minutes while looking television. My hair is taking dyed each 6 weeks now even so many was quite dry and has been exasperated to take some humidity behind in him. If you use one 10 Miracle of Minute only, was very; a Chi to the infusion has done mine very the more soft and shiny hair same after the be aplanado. And they smell UTMOST together. Any road, is a heat and time that the one main difference. Only using he in a shower will not give a same result.
5 / 5 Mona
State using this in my hair for 4 yrs now~will not use very another~ has to has yes painting or bleach your hair
1 / 5 Lenore
Leaving to 1 Star in this product so that it has also. This produces merit 0 stars. I think that that it take a unauthentic produced. A container came meso empty and unsealed. It do not purchase of here again.
4 / 5 Marc
They have to it has changed it a formula for this product so that it uses to be an only conditioner could use that it was guaranteed to combat some tangles for one of my kiddos after swimming or era. Alas, like this it does not look for when being a case any one longer and has found upper products. That is to say no longer it estimates a prize for us.
5 / 5 Evangeline
These products is appointed properly 'the the Miracle' for years and has been looking for the product that prendera my hair in the pause and this mark of product.
And IS of African descent and and relaxes my hair, and has had the times take concealed grows my hair so that his always breaking but since and the beginning those uses this product and voice the dramatic change, law so a lot of and mark sure to purchase behind so when or the tubes is arrived and has another. If there is very hair that the pause pleases to try this product will be pleased.
5 / 5 Wei
State using this deep conditioner for the few months now and truly is a better deep conditioner has not used never! And I am the product junkie with the TONNE of products in a cupboard that only has not done a piece for me. My hair is of course very curling and supremely frizzy, an amiable that poofs in the fuzz the balloon when drought! I actuate Always chemically the aplanado his has it so crossed the harm of entity. These smells of wonderful deep conditioner in me and done my hair sper soft and the a lot of stronger subjects!! Sensibly Can listen and see a difference s in my hair, and a keratin is what a lot of help!

Cela Uses it:
has wanted with you all which use the reason this a lot the helps augment one affects in my hair. I have posed he in my hair in a shower and combs he through thoroughly, then taken he with covers he of shower of chair/and plastic of covers under the hooded dryer during 20 minutes. That is to say as it take you the deep conditioner in what a lot of living room could identify you with also! A heat a lot helps a work of better product, and has both trail he in for just 5 minutes and rinse the as well as one 20 minute with method of heat and has the enormous difference. If it does not have the hooded the dryer can always only chair with covers he plastic and uses the dryer of swipes of the hand for the few minutes!

This product is also very different that one is the 10 hair of mask of miracle if any one is trying to compare! State using so much of them pending month but for different reasons. If your hair is very broken and is looking for something to help the fact is again this deep conditioner is very since you, while if your hair is in good condition but very dry a mask of miracle is the good election since you. I use both products but in different time bren some current necessities of my hair :)

Expects this help of calm description write you!
1 / 5 Elna
Desprs Weighing a product expsito that the averages a product has been missing. It does not recommend purchasing this element.
5 / 5 Hyman
Absolutely IT WANTS TO this material! My hair is of course brown, crimped and thin; and for some last four years have been bleaching it totally and dyeing it blue, would find it would do my hair sper dry but thanks to of the one of the east and the pair another surprising the Amazon of trace of the products also (Pure Organism Naturalidad - Argan Shampoo of Oil and While I Am Coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner), my hair is SPER SUAU! Volume to Fall of a look surprised in the daughters when ask to touch my hair, while he to be dry and discovers is not . I use the very small quantity and generally leaves in in planting to the wash was, listens careful the eschew some roots of course.
4 / 5 Ardith
Active sper Well, colored and the hair excelled. I, also, takes sure medicines that can do it my fall of hair was / pauses after washing he with Alive shampoo, can take tangled. I have begun to use this conditioner, sparingly and no only is sper soft, hardly has any tangles in him. Once it finds the product these works, remains to me quite loyal.
5 / 5 Emmie
Has very fat, of course wavy/curly, the hair by heart has treated. The majority of the conditioners are not until a challenge and I usually have to use leave-in conditioner, in addition to one in-the-class of shower. No with this product. My stylist has used he in a living room after seeing he in the show of hair and said me does not have to use very one fixing potion so that a such conditioner the good work. I have bought a shampoo, conditioner and fixing cream of amazon. My only complaint is a shampoo , which have revised.

Top Customer Reviews: Hydrating Argan Oil ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Sharie
This conditioner is terrible and the marks have crimped the worse hair. I am the hairdresser like me ought to learn. It imagines mine when the surprised fishes some ingredients that comprises silicones and his derivatives. It returns well or recommended for of course wavy or curly hair. I have not seen Any improvement with this product. Some waste of money! It do not give it any tin of star .
5 / 5 Heidy
Crossing some steps to verify my email only to write this description. That is to say by far a product has used better in my hair still! I have been at the beginning confused in some comments these bad smells and the fall of hair of the people of marks was (which felizmente read after purchasing my first tub). Of the this has remarked, that one produces is not moisturizing or useful to tend to have well and right hair. Has 4c the curls and these really left materials that listens it soft and conditioned for days. Recently I bleached my hair, and thanks to this mask my curls are bouncy and more sos that never. My second tub is arrived only he so that it has really wanted a time to do the recommendation crafted in my curly haired daughters! I am in any subjects associated with a company, but has wanted to to share my experience so that some descriptions can be deter but very can not relate so that it is been one of my favourite things never.
5 / 5 Mabelle
State using Arvazallia for some last 3 years and I have found at all acts more concealed that well it has taken it. My hair has suffered harm very bad of years to die and bleaching. My hair was very thin and brittle in a point that race the paintbrush through my hair caused it to break. Me And my fianc there has been is spent of the hundreds of dollars in living rooms and purchasing uncountable produced to try and repair my hair but they all has failed . Desprs Using Arvazallia a first time has remarked that there is already begun to help. Desprs Quite five treatments my hair was silky smooth, thickness, hydrated and the volume had had any seen since was the adolescent . It recommends this product for any one at least gives tries it. That is to say an only moisturizing produces this has bought in a past 3 years.
5 / 5 Lita
My hair is very thin and curly. Some finals suffers harm of heat and colour, that causes my hair to look even more unruly. I treatments of oil once the week and only wash my hair 2-3 times the week but has done AT ALL my hair when being like this marks of product. There is an immediate difference ails these products touches my hair. It leaves my hair that listens so silky, included after I rinse was and dry my hair. My mamma orders these products in Amazon regularly and is happy at the end has data in and ordered it. Calm like you can see of of a photo, my cat is very interested also!! To well sure recommend it and repurchase when the circle has entered the few months.

Please estimate this description like USEFUL has taken calm to do the decision.
1 / 5 Laine
Desprs Viewing Some descriptions add in this product, has had to to give comes from it. After my first use, remained to shake my leader. Had absolutely differentiates very perceivable in my hair! I tried it a lot of time since, the wait would see some improvement, but as expected, has seen any one such thing. It DOES not WASTE YOUR MONEY in this PRODUCT! The May HAS BEEN that suffices moved to write the bad description in the product until now.
1 / 5 Melvina
The plan was, there is at all well in this product. Totally it dry out of my hair. My sense of the hair melted and lumped together while in the shower and was afterwards in impossible in detangle afterwards. My hair broken when tried in detangle and now actuate during frizzy final to break. This masks quite marred my hair. It does not waste your money has won hard- These descriptions HAVE TO BE FAKE ! For reference, active very hair, but the tonne of him. My hair tends in tangle in a shower, but the good conditioner, mask or detangling the ALWAYS done product a trick- no so with this mask. I have seen absolutely ZERO PROFIT to use this product, in fact enough an opposite. My Course of hair and will have to cut at least 2-3 inches have been to repair a harm that these masks done in my good hair.
1 / 5 Heather
There is had augmented loss of the since begun hair to use this two mark of weeks. That is to say a product of the only hair has changed in my routine, as I go for prender using a mask of oil. Yes, he your soft hair, but the looks there are the big with also. I am by train to ask me If any one has had more this problem also?
1 / 5 Onie
I have used this pending month, while more the time would try has not been the waste of money. He no. My wash regulates was the conditioner has done better that this mask of hair. This has done only my smell of hair or result greasy left it to him on far too very time. It has not had any improvement in my hair.

Tired this so that it was out of my conditioner of usual leaves: Rusk, but I any lost of the product that law in or that it is the only positive is is delivery in my doorstep again.
5 / 5 Mui
I left me only say that I have tried a lot of masks of hair. I do in the swimming pool four days the week and long hours. Has thin, well, hair of soiled/blond brown that still is trying grows out of a three times has had to the cut. Yes of chemical harm. Of course my hair takes beat it. Like The times have been entering has found roads that the help protects my hair. I have run recently out of my old leaves in conditioner and has wanted to nine unit has seen this in him Buzzfeed piece with the bouquet of products of different hair that in the users of Amazon like the, as I have decided to give the the casualidad. I have posed he in my hair after the shower and leave the dry. A next day my sense of hair and looked to surprise. My coworker saw me and could no prender raving quite which well my hair looked. It touches my hair and has wanted to it! Has thinks that that looks well but was daunted! I have aimed that it was how can buy it. I used it two times and my looks of same hair very a next day (usually he any one). To good sure I repurchase!
3 / 5 Gary
I have bought this so that my hair has suffered some harm to paint this bleach has required on having the hair written that it is of course frizzy. It expect that this product would provide some a lot of required moisturizing properties. Knowing my hair, has not expected to take living room the silky the hair but I have expected to reduce a frizzy appearance and done my hair that is the soft plus bit. It uses this deep conditioner around six times now, applying he once in two times the week. Before applying while in a shower, softly would squeeze the good quantity of water out of my hair to help my hair absorbs a conditioner. I apply the generous quantity that I massage through my hair, no for apropar- my roots even so. Desprs While enough 5-7 minutes or so, I rinse has been with fresh water. A sake of smells of the product and thinks that taken the good quantity of the product of still has the left wing of same plot after using it glob of him every time. My hair that is silky and smooth while it is put after rinse. Even so, I do not take that same feeling after my hair drys, which has left wing the of course dry. Although it has remarked some improvement, my hair still is bit it frizzy and any one when being any so soft while it would like him be. State matching this product with leaving in condition and serum that uses after each shower. This has aided more but does not think to go to take a result wants to unless I way he while applying heat in him - which have been eschewing. Although my hair has been doing better that I only shampoo of use and conditioner in a shower (has changed in fact shampoos and prendidos to use conditioner in a shower so that dry to like the only washes was and is the waste) does not think these products could give me some few results have now on is adapted without me using some leaves in conditioner and serum also.

Top Customer Reviews: Argan Oil Hair Mask ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lloyd
The cost has checked One of some masks of better hair have has not tried never. They are the cosmetologist and has used very a lot of-cured of the professional hair known of them is pricy. I have been impressed partorisca discover one 0 the mask can be so that that!Marcos same very dry the silky stubborn hair soft with this deep conditioning add so it recommends this mask of hair!
5 / 5 Erwin
The cost has verified Ossia one of some masks of better hair have has not tried never! You can see some results a lot afterwards a first use, which is surprising, especially so that it has to that to fraction and dry hair likes him. Do my sound of smooth and silky hair, as I have left so only the good hair salon
5 / 5 Lani
The cost has verified has thin hair, as taking frizzy with which blow the dry. These produced softened was - any hair is sticking out of anymore and an organism of a hair is shiny and the looks are. A texture and a smell are pleasant. I think that that I will try to maintain he in my hair after time more along, so that an effect is even more prominent. It recommends it to the which are looking for the product that enriches hair with natural oils and smoothes the texture of hair was.
5 / 5 Donita
The cost has verified has short, crazy curly the hair & has been looking for the product that would feed it. Has come from/California come from, where my hair has had the habit of constant vitamin D & bleaching of a sun. I have moved in Washington & there is remarked immediately the one who my hair hates this state. Result frizzy, dry & brittle. My stylist is able the revitalize the when they are in his living room, but during a time among, my poor curls so only looked like this sad. Enter this product. I used it once like this far, but there is remarked an immediate difference. Any only is my curls bouncy, but after my first mask of hair, I sleeked the mine down dips curls & in the sash in prejudices & a next morning, a mask of hair has done my hair fantastically directly without need for hot spending! More, smells sper! I love this product.
4 / 5 Beatriz
The cost has checked produced Good. It has helped to good sure my hair that was entirely has fried. Remarked some sweetness before time used it after leaving it on partorisca 30 minute. Noticeable Is resulted after using 4-5 times.
4 / 5 Pandora
The cost has checked the really like it, there are them hair along, but a lot of mask too havy partorisca me. Cela One is very good and good works for me too much. My resplandor of hair and silk. Good product, will buy it again
5 / 5 Lakeisha
The cost has verified All can say is that this can be a product of the hair has better purchased this year! LIKE THIS GOOD and the smells adds!
Better that has expected and he that says that - and my hair is silky soft because of this mask - to good sure will purchase again and say all the world knows!
4 / 5 Ladonna
The cost has checked the Better products never!
Has suffered loss of hair because of giving birth, like this the used in the first place a growth of hair the stimulating shampoo and was well, but he didnt give my hair a freshness and a elegancy there are them wanted.
Has decided to try a argan the hair of oil chews! And fact of the marvels, my hair looked a lot is and shiny , seats soft and alive and my loss of hair is result null,
the seldom write descriptions, but felt them that the needs to write this like this another can benefit of my experience.
4 / 5 Miranda
The cost has verified this mask of hair was better that has thought. There is dyed my blond hair and was very dry, but after a first application of a mask of hair is resulted silky. My hair now is combing well
4 / 5 Terrence
The utmost cost checked of Smells. It is not that dipped by Any bad how was the enormous worry ! I recommend that it follows some directions (duh, rights) in a container partorisca better results. My hair thanked! Has overprocessed (dyed) the blond arrivals concealed has been craving a hydration this product gives! I have left my air of the dry hair and my hair was like this incredibly soft! I so only used in my finals partorisca a prime minister 7/8 mins reason have greasy, well hair and then a last pair of minutes has launched my hair in a cup of my boss and I have not had greasy roots later. To good sure will purchase again!