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Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl Styling ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tomeka
Has 3A/3B curls and has been fixing my hair relatively a same road of a 7 note (am now 29! curlyhairproblems). Test only in the each product of pharmacy and the handful of products of the living room to the help directs my curls and has been using DevaCurl for a past 4 month. I think that that I have found a perfect combination for my hair and he involve this product. For his sake, any one what his one cream in my hair-- listens like my hair is too many poofy and precise something stronger of the pose. Quan blended These products with equal parts Ultra defining Gel (that my too much rigid hair), the miracle is spent! Both together products very maintain my curls defines, even so bouncy. It tries this combination two times and is the fact attaches every time, as I am sold (so that, before now, the MAY has been able to reproduce days of good hair two washes in the row...Only to him it does not spend !). Also, it was able to spend my low hair for multiple days among washings. In some photos have attached, I only entered of the storm of wind, which aims that a gel/of cream combo can leave your hair to take beat he). Crossing my toes I any jinx my luck of hair to write this description. Tan Far like the smell goes, smells so of the Keels and is the small also strong for my preference. Val Still, even so!
5 / 5 Marianela
I am obsessed with this material. This is resulted my saint grail the hair that fixed produced. I use this together with Renpure coconut whipped burn and leaves my air of dry hair, then fluff with the tiny bit of oil of the thin hair and he have left my so soft hair, bouncy, and has defined!!! The smells that surprised also, like keels :)
3 / 5 Scott
I have listened that a gel is a magic and a cream of crimped that is to say to mean to be matched with this nonsensical without a gel. Has type 3b hair and honestly is not I so that it adds while it is glorified to be. In the to the east likes me is of a soft to touch, any hardness a gel leave me with when my dry hair and and lovee a fullness give me when he drys (the sure soft pillow!) --But it does not like him that it does not line enough for 2 of hair in the daytime.

Has to rewet my hair again and apply produced to take my hair to look well one 2 day. It IS too expensive to apply daily. Also it have to apply to plot of the of left oils your hair these looks dull and no shiny. Although it is soft... That can say, all still are looking for The PRODUCT PERFECTO...
1 / 5 Moshe
State using DevaCurl produced for years. I actuate Always the used a process of exact still drying, fixing routine, and cure. It uses the mix of different marks that has done supremely well with devacurl. My routine was borderline flawless to arrive to this point. Has of the amazon there has been one that fixed the cheapest cream as I bought it. State using he during the month and he did not give me some same results. My hair has dried was totally to use this product. My curls are stringy and inert. I have thought of a time is taking colder would require more humidity, as I have changed behind in just pure devacurl products to see yes improves. At all. Result of same end, stringy, secos.no of the curls are sure he has taken only the bad a, but honestly can very still of the use anymore.
5 / 5 Renetta
It have used this was and on for the few years like the backup in a Has to Frisia Ultra-defining Gel, but never very liked the reason has not been crazy in a smell. I have used a Ultra-defining Gel more regularly, included although never to to the note likes him could do of him through my hair quite and leaves my hair that listens very crunchy. I have changed then in Ouidad Tress the effects that fixed Gel, which has had, for one the majority of part, descriptions of radish. Has the sake listens in him, but as much as tried to use a "rake and shudder" method to take my curls to be defined and well, left me with piece of right, weirdly-the curls have formed, and has been worse included fact has to pose the hat on in the hair has put.

Like The last resource a day, with hair very wet, poses the half bomb of a DevaCurl Incinerates of Order in my palm and he equally through my hair. I have taken the big and wide-toothed combs through my hair the pair of time, and has used then the microfiber towel to drench in an excess water. Quan My hair has dried, has had perfectly-formed shiny and good curls- with trying very small and any one "method"! You are not crunchy, has not been that listens greasy, had any piece of odd right. During my cape was good curls .

Still can not be a smell of this product. Any one has said that this has the "cloying smell", and I have to I brought. Felizmente, after my dry hair, some subsidies of smell. And I have been using these products every day for the month, and has not had the day where has has not had good curls in my cape, included with spending the hat of winter _and_ the hull of bicycle! And again, without crunch and try very small.
5 / 5 Cliff
I am a lot of that digs this cream! My hair is the combo of course and very wavy hair. Usually some products and the flavours is or too rigid or my hair is each frizz. That is to say the good light , any sticky product these covers my hair bouncy but no fizzy. Highly it recommends!
1 / 5 Madie
Any COMPRAVENTA. The swipe was version of a real devacurl product. No a real DevaCurl Cream of Order!!!!!
5 / 5 Cristie
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I amour Each Owes products of Frisia! Some lick products - some amours of more a mark! They have left my curls hydrated, bouncy, and shiny! Any day now of wash, I spray only my hair the small and has posed the tiny quantity of of the this in my hair in refresh and BAM! My looks of hair fabulous...Again!


This produces done my curls so bouncy and full of volume. An upper generally falls flat but use this and clip he up (goes Youtube tutorial for Has to Frisia) and BAM! So much volume!

Curly And wavy daughters, precise this! This will transform your hair!

Thanks to HiF3licia, now prpers give that my plots of necessity of the curls and plots and a lot of humidity, amour, and attention. Owe The products to crimp is all silicone , paraben, and sulfate free; all of these chemicals are terrible for curly hair. Since purchasing this element in February (is not July), my hair has begun to transform of frizzy waves in torsions more clear-cut. It is not all a road where the flight STILL, but is sure that with a curling method of daughter, was punctual! Some pictures have attached is in chronological order. With compatible use of DC products, is beginning to see my curls result so good!

Recommends to learn as 'put plop' so that fulfilling this mine helps so More than the hair takes of a road when is instrumenting. Also, deep condition while rain with shampoo. It sounds like the plot but I deep condition only while I am washing my organism and shave. Some marvels of works of method of bowl, also. I take the entertainment done of for my fianc but he fly some results. Some cloaks of method of the bowl each leaf of hair equally with product. It has discovered that the majority to time crimps is going haywire, the ways do not take properly coated with product. A method of bowl deletes concealed and remark the big difference.

Oh, And the silk pillowcase is your partner, daughters! Any only for hair but also for your rind!

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5 / 5 Eunice
These products is fantastic for hair of curling agent without looking greasy or greasy. State using he that hangs 2 years, and maintains my curls forms utmost, any-frizzy, with organism and natural movement. I use it so much in the hair put after the shower, and the tiny bit in dry hair to retain form after it arouses. Has curls of natural corkscrew with coarse hair , dense and totally had left in that spends my curly hair. Desprs Taking signalled in this product, has been that spends my hair has crimped felizmente in of the terrific greetings of friends and has sawed-hard-working. A product has the clear, to to that likes him lemongrass fragrance. Has hair quite down, and a last container me quite 3 month so that has valuable abundance for me in a prize.
5 / 5 Tiana
It has lined behind on buying Has to produced so that has thinks that that it was all the big hype. At the end decided to try this product and I have to say is to good sure very all the hype. I can not think that well this Cream is. It is surprising. It has matched he with a b-leaves in and work also. I have bought the second a just to have manually. Awesome Produced. Has 3B hair very well and does not weigh my low hair, he a complete opposite give me incredible definition, any frizz and sper volume. Truly a better fix the cream has not used never.

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl How to ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A prime minister two times have used this product in mine toddler natural hair , thin curls , dry, no really commentaries the difference. This in spite of, with which in a 4th time, calm really can see the enormous difference. His hair is now sper silky and form ringlets of course. I have washed his hair in the each one 3-4 days. Today it was able to run the paintbrush by means of him in roughly 5 shots, where usually spends roughly 45 mins detangling the. A paintbrush done the difference also, this in spite of. A smell of product is quell'has bitten odd, likes the soap concentrates, but does not leave the strong smell behind after rinsing. I will dip up with a smell partorisca some results. I have not used a towel still.
1 / 5
You are better bought a conditioner/of shampoo in a DevaCurl put web. Has sales quite often and then with which steps the sure quantity, takes samples release or the free Owe towel of Frisia. A towel that comes with this neighbour is marketed like original Owes towel of Frisia (ash, main that the hand-held towel, and very a lot of microfiber), this in spite of that taking is the dumbed down version for the amazon ossia smaller that the hand-held towel (sees picture) and is economic like a microfiber the cloths can use to wash your pavings. I am disappointed in a marketing to deceive and the amazon that accepts such the economic product substitution.
5 / 5
As I have decided to try this reason my hair was all blah and not looking well when the air has dried. Utilisation partorisca wash EVRY day because I go to a gymnasium and of course my hair takes all gross. I have listened in a curly method of daughter and decided partorisca give this tries it. I have bought a a partorisca wavy hair! OMG Left to say you!! So only it take my professionally cut hair and there is dyed he roughly done four days and has washed he partorisca a first time this morning. It was skeptical reason a shampoo has not foamed like another earth. THE rinsed and conditioned and has on followed with a recapturis whip, plopped partorisca roughly ten minutes and the dry sinister air. An accident is this morning and a legislation afterwards is running almost four miles that sweat with tieing up.. omg!! Amur This!! Highly recommend and will be to buy more produced. Has my eye in a place the free spray.
4 / 5
It has been using iron of hair in mine curly hair partorisca the few years now reasons my curls were terrible. I am determined partorisca take my backside of natural curls and a lot has announced this product like the miracle produced working. As I have decided to try the, and of my experience, no alive until my expectations. My curls still look terrible but the one who the the amour in these products is that I help hydrate my hair, does not seat greasy or rigid likes a bit produced has tried them. A smell is well, like this the think that is to say well for people those who already has a lot of naturalidad curly hair and no for people that wants to revitalize his curls behind the life. Lol
4 / 5
In the first place, one with. A microfiber the towel is a measure of your towel of half bar, smaller that the towel of cookery. There is any way to wrap it around your boss.

Now a pro. These produced is fantastic partorisca thirsty frizzy curly hair. It does not have the strong fragrance. It IS fat and penetrating. Perfecto partorisca my unruly hair. It IS quite sweet that does not nettle my extremely sensitive skin (other products have caused the pause was and rashes). They are very pleased and would order again.
5 / 5
They are the product junkie. I am gone in recently partorisca the baylage colouring. I have loved the thin brown because has thickness curly hair and has experienced already my hair that the pauses were after the blond die when it was younger. In all the chance, a beautician has left a bleach in the along and woe mine sper blond baylage. I have begun immediately research that to do the dmsave some locks are spent of the years regrowing to such the period adds that it was them sure owe the rib was. I decree it that it straightens, weekly deep conditioning, and my no broken hair was at all. But, these curls of creature have had to that grow is on state gone! My hair so only looked sad wavy half twisty shapeless. I have read in devacurl and gave it the gone. Together with fingertwisting and just curly daughter TLC there is revived so much crimps. And this dips so only leaves my hair that looks touchable and soft, the difference of another product that has your greasy or hard roots. Really I love it.
5 / 5
After reading descriptions and looking video on Youtube, has decided to order this together. Wow, The one who the product adds. A sum of laws of the towel to scrunch your hair and control frizz. Amado a way my hair felt after a No Poo and a Conditioner. And no, an A lot of Poo any suds, but does not require it to. Still cleanses Add and promotes crimp natural.
5 / 5
Trying grow my curly time of hair in 30 years,,,this shampoo and the conditioner is helping maintains it the
1 / 5
I have tried this product partorisca the month before writing the description partorisca do sure has left time partorisca build until being takes of my hair and partorisca give this quite a lot of time to do. I do not have remarked any difference at all. My hair is still quite frizzy, and my waves are not discernibly different. It likes-me a smell of a shampoo (under poo), which odora likes the calm mine essential oils, but another that that I am a lot disappointed with this product and would not recommend it , especially partorisca like this expensive. It IS no better that a lot conditioners of the most economic/shampoos.
4 / 5
It feels and odora fantastic but my hair was sper complicated when you wash it. It thinks I products partorisca need that is has bitten more moisturizing. As I will be partorisca return this and ordering a Devacurl box of Decadence.

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Vicente
I have read so many descriptions add partorisca Devacurl produced and was excited like this to finally try some. That the enormous disappointment. A smell was quite terrible and done my look of terrible hair. Any definition of curls, any volume, so only the stringy the pieces was disorder . A first picture is my hair usually, so only using conditioner and gel both of Walmart. You do not recommend this at all, probably not even will use a rest that is still in some bounced. In general the enormous left down and at all value of the money.
5 / 5 Hanna
This material are adds for curly hair. The clock “owes video of method” of the crimps to learn like the fashion. Works more without hot- the air has left dry and does not touch curls. They will maintain his form more than way. It uses a gel some days wash my hair, and a styling incinerates in alone curls to freshen on a prójimo few days.
4 / 5 Kasandra
Good product with the scent cleaned. Works a lot well in short hair. Nizza, has has defined curls.
5 / 5 Qiana
Are 58 years ,and alive the Georgia, where is very hot and humid
has washed and conditioner my hair and has been to sleep with him wet!
Has wake on a next morning and could not believe my eyes
has had for a first time in my perfect life ringlets and curls without frizz for a first time in my life !
And not even tried to fix my hair
My hair was like this soft and silky
I just desire has had has not had to expect so many years to finally find something this work
have a lot of fine Frizzy curly spiraled hair
Thank you Jesus I found this after spending hundreds and hundreds of the dollars on have produced that he no
will use this from now on💞💖🙏
4 / 5 Nicolette
A control is quell'has bitten feebler that would like me, but of a neighbour is the life changes like this really takes all the variables out of the equation that ensures that your curly the stays of hair have fed, hydrated and well has defined.
5 / 5 Rebecka
Has bought this box because travesía the plot and tired of lugging my plenary-sized produced with me. I have looked for on-line for travesía-sized produced for curly hair and there is not founding a lot a lot, included in of the places like Ulta and Sephora. It was a lot pleasantly surprised to find travesía-sized DevaCurl! Especially it likes that it comes with of both a styling incinerates and light defining gel - do very good near and without them are the frizzy disorder. Maintaining I professional of look and polished while travelling for work.
5 / 5 Sharee
The product adds for curly hair and measure of travesía ideal. I have taken this for my neice to the equal that has his shampoo when it goes to the friends situates in prejudices. The product is light in a hair with definition to crimp well. Control of helps frizz. Some scents are surprising
4 / 5 Joaquina
has not been pleased at all. My hair felt dry. They are happy bought a measure of travesía and no full measure
4 / 5 Annelle
(1) little creature frizzies during a cup of my hair and around the mine expensive (2) has caused my finals to be EXTREMELY DROUGHT and unhealthy looking (3) has odorato well, but swimming concealed would do me that wants to buy. (4) Happy has had this option to purchase small measures he so that it can try is gone in put that has to buy it the product of full measure. (5) I will not buy this again!
5 / 5 Colette
Has has used so only a product once, but can say a difference. Once my hair was dry, seats softer and looked to have more resplandor then when usually it washes my hair. Purchased a measure to trip to see would like before buying of a full measure, but think the'll goes for a full measure. Had the description in a smell, but disagree, thinks that smells well :)

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl Frizz-Free ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Thomasina
I actuate Always there is frizzy hair, which would result in loss of curls haflway through a day. Another anti-frizz the products or would weigh my low hair or look of greasy mark. That is to say the balance adds and works wonderfully for my thin hair. I have posed he in sake after a gel (The oreal Evercurl) and my looks of hair adds and soften for a whole day. It can be pricier that other products, but is 100% value he for me.
5 / 5 Jacquelyne
Has wavy 2b hair that can not handle the products the fat plus so that they will weigh it down. That is to say perfect. He my hair frizz free. It Likes him really, frizz-of free. If it has battled your whole life with frizz, will know how much peace this can take.
5 / 5 Teodoro
State using east arrests quite 2 month. Mina very crimped the hair is beginning to thin up, and the volumizer looked the good idea. This does a trick, and does not leave my hair that listens rigid or 'crunchy.' (Occasionally fulfilling has used mass and my hair when being the rigid bit , but I just fluff he up with my toes and a rigidity disappear.
5 / 5 Tamesha
--If you have found this useful description, please click 'useful'--

This produces done my curls so bouncy and full of volume. An upper generally falls flat but use this and clip he up (goes Youtube tutorial for Has to Frisia) and BAM! So much volume!


Curly and wavy daughters, precise this! This will transform your hair!

Thanks to HiF3licia, now prpers give that my plots of necessity of the curls and plots and a lot of humidity, amour, and attention. Owe The products to crimp is all silicone , paraben, and sulfate free; all of these chemicals are terrible for curly hair. Since purchasing this element in February (is not July), my hair has begun to transform of frizzy waves in torsions more clear-cut. It is not all a road where the flight STILL, but is sure that with a curling method of daughter, was punctual! Some pictures have attached is in chronological order. With compatible use of DC products, is beginning to see my curls result so good!

Recommends to learn as 'put plop' so that fulfilling this mine helps so More than the hair takes of a road when is instrumenting. Also, deep condition while rain with shampoo. It sounds like the plot but I deep condition only while I am washing my organism and shave. Some marvels of works of method of bowl, also. I take the entertainment done of for my fianc but he want to a bit few results. Some cloaks of method of the bowl each leaf of hair equally with product. It has discovered that the majority to time crimps is going haywire, the ways do not take properly coated with product. A method of bowl deletes concealed and remark the big difference.

Oh, And the silk pillowcase is your partner, daughters! Any only for hair but also for your rind!

--Stops more than descriptions of Amazon, follows CassandraMercedes in Instagram--
5 / 5 Marilyn
That is to say so far one of some the majority of the incredible foams for hair have has not had never. It does not weigh my low hair at all. I have used he in combination with leaving in the conditioner and he give my curls that volume of surprises and texture. Any crunchy at all.
4 / 5 Ellamae
Active Very hair but alot of him of course curly and ash. This give me the volume well when applied in some anterior roots in diffusers.
5 / 5 Synthia
My eldest the daughter has type of ray ringlets for hair. Has always bemoaned his say of the hair is likes him straw. We have read in the curling hair in a soyanual Curling of Daughter' (?) And devacurl has been suggested. We try it to us and our whole family now uses almost everything of a line of product. My daughter is the hair is softer and more manageable. Has the curly thin end vhair like a volumizing the foam is perfect!
1 / 5 Chrissy
The product was meso full when arrived the. He my hair takes and very crunchy same after I have broken a race of crimps. Always I have luck with foaming mousse products but alas any one with easterly unit... Very disappoint it....
5 / 5 Scarlett
Only it begin it to use east! I expect that he also like the majority of users said!
IS that it wants my curls thanks to DevaCurl! Seriously it have to the the video of curls before and after devacurl! SURPRISING
1 / 5 Judy
They that me very Owe the products but this are the total failure. This product has done my sticky hair, stringy and has not taken any volume of him. There is so another well the products have crimped of hair. It does not waste your money in easterly unit Thank you Amazon for your police of excellent/on duty repayment.

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl DUO - One ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Nichelle
The cost verified has not written never the description before but feel like this strongly on that it does not have any election. I have seen another reviewers look in this a lot when being no a true product. It have to that way that other descriptions that was positive that has expected that it was so only the bad batch. This in spite of, was bad.... oh As bad.

Arrives punctually to the equal that has promised. It was the little leary based in some descriptions have opened like this both bounced and does not have odorato bad to the equal that have on run and legustado and used him. I used him both and exited of a shower and there is give to my hair likes he has odorato finalised partorisca take the perm! I have thought perhaps it was so only me but a smell has maintained partorisca take stronger and stronger. I have used some hair gel because my hair is curly and has been it partorisca leave dry of course. They are down state partorisca take some facts of law and my mamma yelled was because smell perm produced? I roughly died as it has not done so only my smell of bad hair my hair has begun the tingle.

Has had immediately my mamma helps has washed my hair again and I scrubbed and scrubbed. It is been 30 minutes and my hair is still tingling and to the chairs Likes them to them I still smell like perm. I will owe that it was my hair again tonight in of the hopes that this no my fall of hair was. It DOES not BUY THIS PRODUCT!
5 / 5 Lashawn
The cost verified has bought this the while behind before the mine living room has bought Has to that produced of Frisia has run was reason my hair adds. My curls were soft, bouncy, and any frizzy. Now that am using this one has purchased on Amazon, has been feeling my extremely dry hair, brittle, tangled, and is not soft. I have maintained partorisca think perhaps is a transmission the times and I have required partorisca regulate what produced am using, but at all is helping. So only I do not seat a product is one same likes the living room has purchased one. That the waste of money.
5 / 5 Adam
BUYER partorisca Purchase checked BEWARE. If taken your casualidad and buy in all the chance, control a container hardly is rid.

Has opened partorisca grieve a box of the amazon there was the type of scent of strong spicy incense. I have assumed to be of wherever was packed and ignored it.

45 days with which book has finalised finally my last boat of Has to that No Poo Shampoo (experience in Ulta & adds to a last drop!), Like this this morning I have opened this shampoo and was paste immediately with a spicy scent included - quite strong to cause my asthma (I has subject with perfumes).

Has decided this scent has not been for me, but required to wash my hair as I dipped it on in all the chance and has had immediately the odd tingling feeling, like when using peppermint oil, but has had no peppermint scent or fresh feeling.... So only a tingling. I immediately rinsed was and has done the treatment to clear (sinister-in Ouidad the product has had). 6 hours later and there is still the something in my hair that feels sunburned.

Has taken so only a casualidad because it declares a costruttore was DevaCurl and was fulfilled for Amazon. Unfortunately now they are further some 30 returns of window of day and I so that it follows out of $ 53.

MODIFICATION - Thank you AMAZON - his refunded one $ 53 I paid thus same product although it is external of his window of the normal turn because of some questions has had. THANK YOU!!!!!
4 / 5 Betty
The cost has checked was has owed to bear pay to price partorisca the really excellent hair produced. But, this is not the. To my hair his to any one like him to him these products at all. They are like this fat and hard to included exited of a bomb. They are difficult to distribute during my fat hair. And still with which finalise with both of them, to the chair likes does of the left behind sticky residue. I am habituado to the conditioner that wash partorisca prevent embrague of shampoo, as it is not a lack of suds ossia a question partorisca me. So only I do not know reason this has not done partorisca me. Lame by means of for the half a botttles and has given then up. I have been to some rubbishes this morning.
4 / 5 Trang
The cost verified has to that change to this no-poo the cleansing hair regimen done several months reason my hair has begun partorisca spill the plot and I have thought this would help my hair be more is. I love a smell and texture of both a no-poo and conditioner. This in spite of, my hair has continued to spill, and has begun finally exited in an alarming tax. You are not until I am exited of city partorisca the week and has forgotten my DevaCurl produced and has been forced partorisca buy for the deceive that have give, hmmm, is possible a DevaCurl my fall of hair was? I have been using a deceives produced (RenPure cleansing conditioner) partorisca roughly are weeks now and my loss of hair is drastically state has reduced. I am losing so only roughly 1/3 of a hair has lost first, and no longer has to that pull loose hairs of my boss during a day. I will say that partorisca roughly four weeks have done masks of castor oil in my hair and hair the little time the week partorisca help regrowth, like this perhaps ossia which there is retarded my loss of hair. I have not done any masks of castor oil in two weeks and my loss of hair is still in an all time down. There is remarked that my hair is much more exert now when the tone, while when it use a DevaCurl has produced my hair felt very dry and brittle. So much, it was not if these questions there was is due to a DevaCurl produced or yes was just coincidence , but will not be going back to them.
5 / 5 Enid
The cost verified has not Been to to a smell still likes 12oz bounced has bought in of a past which there has been an orange citrus smell. I HATE a smell these have taken. An only indication this DevaCare No-Poo cleanser is different that one before class the bought has been concealed is says is a 'Original'. An only reason still is using reason he the decent work in my hair, is very expensive and has not begun the using until it was too late partorisca the turn. Sometimes I owe that the shampoo of use regulates so only partorisca give my nose the pause. I am comprising the picture of a prime minister bounces has bought partorisca aim you that there is no wording declaring this DevaCare No-Poo odora any different that any one another DevaCare No-Poo. Amazon And/or DevaCare need to have the very better description of product.
5 / 5 Danita
The cost verified has used these products partorisca the few years now and joy some products. A question here is that a method of nave in this individual shipment was horrible. It has had no plastic encasing a shampoo and conditioner partorisca ensure some cups like a ray-up in both free result bounced and the interior of a stock exchange of nave was full of shampoos and conditioner reasons the filter out of bounced them. Esteems that have lost roughly an eighth of a product because of him filtering out of bounced them. Some photos reflect the external product of some bounced before it was able to take them out of a stock exchange of nave.
4 / 5 Wilford
The cost verified has used Has to that partorisca years, and both a no-poo and produced of some conditions are white with the diverse organic scent. THE received 'orange colored/scented' produced. I will not order again of these companies.
4 / 5 Earlene
The cost verified has been using DevaCurl produced partorisca on two years now. Usually I purchase him of Ulta or of the mine Owe stylist. This in spite of, have purchased this together of shampoo and conditioner when it was especially partorisca $ 50 reason some descriptions looked good and is extracted adds . When it Arrives, I have enjoyed a shampoo but a conditioner, one that has been using for years, has not gone quite right. It does not seat one same in my hair. Usually it uses a delight a lot poo like this the shampoo has not been unusual. After the few weeks to struggle with a texture of my hair and blaming it on subjects of possible hard water, has purchased to bounce it smaller that a conditioner in Ulta to maintain in my gymnasium. Some smells of the real boat ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, less chemical, and the works like my bounced old has done in my hair.

Am not sure if ossia fake or so only the bad batch, but BEWARE. Calm will not receive an effective product.
5 / 5 Jenny
Checked Purchases No sure that it is in these bounced but is not DevaCurl produced. Both a colour and the smell are entirely different and some cups are taped down as if some bounced has been opened and refilled. They are quite sure has been scammed.

Top Customer Reviews: Devacurl Buildup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Lauryn
Measure: 8 oz. I have listened in this product as it was launched. It IS the product of type of the hallelujah that will take buildup of excess product in hair and in hair. It takes some time to learn so to use this. You would have to to the left for this curve to learn so that a tip of a boot is not quite quite long in the hair of section was and requires to express a quite a lot of boat substantially to take a liquid to exit. It notes that has to to the left you at least 20 minutes for application likes them period of hair. Also it has the time to expect for him to be in hair and hair before it is rinsed was.
He the work adds even so and any nude hair.
5 / 5 Loria
Measure: 8 oz. I chair has to say this- but in fact SITUATES buildup in my hair that can not exit. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed my hair again, and included now has STILL coating of sticky product my leaves of hair that the greasy fact and clumpy. Quan Touches my hair, my toes are sticky. It IS to like it can not take of this material has been for a life of me. I bought it and it has had the partner the door in me because of a hard water in this south asia, and now is fearful will not find another product here to be able to undo an enormous disorder this product has done.
5 / 5 Tommy
Measure: 8 oz. Update 8/19/18:
Because of a cost of this product, has not been has had to the left only an application.
Yesterday, has used he again, but in planting to apply the rinse and the deep conditioner was immediately, has used a same deep conditioner during 20 minutes. The problem has resolved. I have changed my indication of 1 star.

This product was horrible for my hair. In to the the Chairs in fact likes them-them to the same straw after applying the deep conditioner. The May Takes the tangles that combs out of my hair. Desprs Applying this product and conditioner, could not take my combs of wide tooth through my hair. That is to say a first time in my sense of the to to hair likes him to him the straw while it was wetted still. I have listened in the plot of descriptions in Youtube before I have purchased this product. It looks to do well for the black women but he have not done for this white woman. From the has not had to focuses in an inaugural, has my doubts that this product is true.
5 / 5 Darcey
Measure: 8 oz. This material is surprising. If nude your hair then has to have a type of wrong the hair by so material. Totally take everything of a built up produced in my hair and now looks to surprise, goes to do this treatment perhaps once each which how two weeks!! Absolutely it produces wonderful.
4 / 5 Angeline
Measure: 8 oz. I am sper impressed with this product! Florida live has found that the gel is a better road for my curls to be in ringlets in place of frizzy because of a humidity. But so that I use of the so produced in hair, has remarked to plot to build up. I have believed at the beginning that that was one gel flaking was, believed it then that it could it to it have dandruff but after some investigation has decided to try this buildup buster. Santo moly law! After one 1 use has remarked 100% difference! Some flakes have been gone! I used it two times now and still wants to it! To well sure it must in your routine of cure of the hair!

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl B'Leave-In ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dorathy
All can say is Or. M.G . Devacurl B'leavin Is the god sent partorisca fine hair. Have sooo A lot of volume on 1st hair of day!!! Never he not having never conceal spent with any of my products of hair. Now I owe that say that I took 2x partorisca use this product partorisca take takes it on like this partorisca use he partorisca my well, 3b/c curly down porosity hair. Mark sure partorisca apply in 4 sections in detangled wet hair after using the really a lot moisturizing conditioner or leave in reason this produces doesnt add a lot of moisture so only. I have applied once a B'leavin, there is softened in the a lot of little has bitten of Ecostyler Argan oil gel until each section for control, the air has left dry, and some results have SURPRISED!! Has like this ORGANISM,VOLUME, and RESPLANDOR. I am impacted so only and in disbelief. If you are any with the texture of the alike hair or/the thin and calm hair want to voluminous curls, this produces felizmente will achieve that calm once imagine out of a perfect quantity to use based in the needs of your hair. For me the little has been the long way but some directions says to use generously. I trust, this product cost Each penny!!!
5 / 5 Rosamond
I produce it adds ! I love a way my looks of hair!
5 / 5 Zandra
Amur This product. Ossia The repurchase . I took awhile to imagine was like this to use in my hair. But another day in the whim has dipped among my leave-in conditioner and BounceCurl incinerates gel and has been surprised in my results. Beautiful plump, has has developed curls, which is the sleep coming true in my hair partorisca thin. It was almost he was so it has ordered this in a bomb (AMUR) And has been and has bought one measures to regulate locally reason have not loved to risk when being without him!! Again, it has not gone enough sure like this access to mine routine at the beginning, (I need the true leave in condish), but now has the permanent place in mine routine.
5 / 5 Ed
Has hair a lot well that it is also thin. I want to Devacurl ArcAngel gel, as when I have seen to to the those that people like to combine he with B'Leave-in, has decided to give comes from it. Mina the only remorse is that I have bought a smaller measure. My hair is BIG. Finally I have a big, luscious, shiny, bouncy curls of my sleeps. B'Leave'in really of to the works likes them to them the promised- he plumps on curls of mine without any residue, stickiness or frizz. ArcAngel Promotes to crimp and resplandor and prevents frizz. A two near is magic.
5 / 5 Alton
I have been listening amazing things in DevaCurl for years, but a prize is always be the limiting factor. So much, I have been excited to try B'Leave-In of Amazon after the stylist used it on my hair in mine the majority of recent yard. This produces mine done soft extra curls and springy! The smells that surprised too much! It was the little has concerned that one produces could not be quality like this big that comes from/comes from Amazon, but a container was aggressively protective (a lot a plastic bubble that bands) and a product was clearly labeled like this New “” with a focuses intact. Very pleased with an action, quality, and prize!
5 / 5 Golden
I have been presented to this product during prime minister of mine Owe yard of peel. I have begun with one 8 oz, but has known has had to have a main measure reason use it every time I shampoo or has sawed-wash my hair. Have Well, half/big porosity 3c-4some curls (Afro-textured), and love this product. It has to that it weaves of protein, as it does not use he with another DevaCurl produced that contains protein; otherwise, is the protein overburdens (frizz/drought). If your hair is down porosity, does not think this will do for calm -- the yours the edges are already fat, and calm do not require an extra protein.

Has purchased of this particular vendor (now says Amazon, but says it 'fulfilled for Amazon' when I have purchased). Ossia The first curl , how is purpose is to add fullness and organism to curls. It has dipped this on after leaving he-in, and first of the cream partorisca crimp and gel. Has a traditional DevaCurl scent, which love. To good sure will repurchase if it is still available here, and a prize does not augment substantially. To the amazon is result really inconsistent in a past three years, as we will see.

Also, as some another reviewers has mentioned, this was bad has packed. TAPE The CUP OF LIQUID PRODUCTS, AMAZON! I have ordered the diverse liquid has has based produced, and has filtered -- leaky the containers or the glass broken. You take the prize the lowest here, but some products are still expensive.
4 / 5 Elfrieda
This give the definition adds without frizz, and help with volume. It has dipped in wet hair among conditioner and gel. It can use this only and take well, soft, relaxed waves in mine 2c, well hair or pair with another product partorisca bouncy, big def curls. It wishes a volume resisted in a course of the day without other products for when I seat likes to go with waves more subtiles and master skip gel or mousse. Odora Better that another Owes the products have tried; odora likes him the candy of the grape flavoured. Of note: it does not condition and it is not to leave he in conditioner, like the name could involve. You will require to take moisture of another source.
5 / 5 Phil
Has a lot of curly, frizzy the hair and this has been an amazing product. Utilisation one Has to that A lot Poo shampoo and A first conditioner, and then while in a shower, applies this to hair very wet. You can take some of an excess water were with him microfiber towel but a lot entirely the dry towel so much work more if a hair is wetted. When they Are out of a shower, I spritz some is the 10 with keratin in palmera of mine together with him squirt of Paul Mitchell lean serum, and then applies this to my hair while scrunching some curls. It takes some time to dry but your curls will be soft and gorgeous with zero frizz.
1 / 5 Yuri
It was excited like this to take this but was short has lived. Used like this concentrated and toe curled my hair. Once to the flake has dried , white residue alllllll on has to that way that has had to that wash was. Squandered stirs It of product
3 / 5 Quincy
has the amour-report of hate with DevaCurl. Some of his products are utmost while another any a lot of for me. I have found that this was one of a ' any a lot of ' produced. I have finalised to buy an alcohol-free gel of a grocery tent for the fraction of a prize, and do like this a lot-- if any one better-- reduce mine frizz and defining curls. A smell of this product is well, but is not to value a prize at all.

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl The Curl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sherie
Material there is the few errors in this product. Partorisca Judges of start, likes all have to that produced, this really works more on hair quite wet. Otherwise, HAS the tendency to be kinda sticky. An use has found partorisca east is like the spray to dip. I remark that I use my usual has to styling produced (a condition/ supercream / ultra gel) my hair results more frizzy for an end of a day. This in spite of, if you spray the LITTLE QUANTITY of of the this in a hair after all a styling is fact, the law adds in setting all and creating the better “mould” I supposition in shielding some elements of your way.

Uses too much of of the this, any sticky only result, but weigh down in a hair and affect volume. 4-5 sprays of of the this is all precise : front, behind, left and right. I suggest to try applying all of the your styling produced in a shower (or so only have bounce he of handy spray to maintain a wet hair) and then after using the devatowel to take touched of of excess water, give your hair the pocolos sprays of of the this. You could find that it helps your way last longer.


is Recently state using this product to substitute one regulates gel of Devacurl. In of the days where does not want to use too produced, I simply saturated my very wetted hair with one conditions, use the devatowel to take touched of of surplus moisture, and then spray this immediately afterwords (the hair still would owe that be humid). Work similarly to a ultra defining gel but finds that it produces the result the light more than enough eats.
4 / 5 Roseanne
The product adds to build curls. A bit it goes the long way! Use sparingly in wet Or dry hair or your hair will be rigid and crunchy. Also, it leaves the sticky residue in pavings of bath and cupboards after spraying. Clean on easily with the wet Clorox toallita humid or another type of cleaners.
5 / 5 Wan
This product is to come recommended by the fellow the one who has the hair looked the mine. Has the soft curls and I have found this produces also 'crunchy' for my hair, does not like me feeling of rigid and sprayed. It say that this product is for people with the fattest hair or coarser. Ossia A so only Owe the product has tried like this perhaps the better work mixed with another Has to that it has produced.
4 / 5 Chante
Has used this for ever, and still loves it! Has a lot curly hair. So only I wash it the little time weekly. This material maintains my curls forms yes has dipped he in the upper pony to sleep! You love it!
5 / 5 Ginger
Has coarse, weighed and often (a lot he) hair, and a question a big plus has has not had never was a weight of him pulling out of some curls. This in spite of, using the this has directed to help stimulate me mine crimp natural and the maintain looking fresco all day without him when being a rigid, rigid “wet” look of a late 80s and 90s. In fact, rings to straighten my hair recently, and my stylist of hair has commented that my simply resisted hair “ in moisture” to the equal that has prevented complete it straightening. (Which is not the bad thing - I had softened hair that was still voluminous and full.). I have recommended this product to all my friends with similarly textured hair, or that has daughters with alike hair. To good sure one of a bit those that produced in a course of the mine lifetime that in fact helps to maintain my hair.
5 / 5 Brittany
Loves this material. Has 2A/3A curly hair that spends natural every day. It uses this in combination with Bouncing curl gel/incinerates, and utmost resulted volume . This material will leave the soyould' that will owe you the fluff was, but a control, frizz control, and the volume adds well this any mine.
4 / 5 Matilda
Has paid $ 15 to bounce he of DevaCurl Spray Gel. It was really that looks forward to to use a product, but a nozzle of spray is broken. Tried to contact a vendor, Speciality Skincare, but so only has taken a saying of response has automated has taken my message and will answer, but at all with which 2 weeks... With a nozzle of the defective spray, can any spray the pertinent fog. As I have tried to situate the small puddle in my palmera to use a product, but does not think to do one same in this way, at least very based in some other descriptions. In this way, it is goopy and ways a hair down. It does not do anything to help curls at all. An economic boat of Herbal Essences Frisia has twisted Totally-that Augments Mousse that cost so only 1/5 a prize of this gel so better.
4 / 5 Nana
Am not sure am using produced correctly. I go to try to use time more afterwards as has the plot of hair . It resists I crimp it but my hair felt the little dry . They are not the enormous defender of hair gel for this reason but more raves roughly the and the have bought like this .
4 / 5 Roscoe
HAS the good smell. Some days have add soft has has defined curls and some days my looks of hair and feels crispy. Although I have not tried he with a together of shampoo. And it is boot he of decent measure for a prize.
5 / 5 Romaine
Has been that uses this line for 20 years when it was possessed still for Lorraine Massey (is possessed now for the Oreal). But, I love it still and he my soft curls, bouncy, manageable and good-looking! I love it. You owe that touch around with him and know regarding the use. I have tried another and has gone back always to this line. Highly recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl Wave Maker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elisha
--If you have found this useful description, please click 'useful'--

Curly and wavy daughters, require this! This will transform your hair!

Thanks to HiF3licia, now prpers give that my plots of needs of the curls and plots and a lot of moisture, amour, and attention. It has to Produced partorisca crimp is all silicone , paraben, and sulfate free; all of these chemicals are terrible partorisca curly hair. Of then purchasing this element in February (is not July), my hair has begun partorisca transform of frizzy waves to has defined more torsions. It is not all a way where loves it STILL, but am sure that with a curly method of daughter, was punctual! Some pictures have attached is for chronological order. With compatible use of DC produced, am beginning to see my curls result like this good-looking!

Recommends that it learns like the 'wet plop' reason finds that it helps my hair like this MORE taking out of a way when I am rigging. Also, deep condition while rain with shampoo. It touches like the plot but I deep condition so I am washing my organism and shaving. Some marvels of works of method of bowl, also. Entertainment of volume done of for my fiancé but loves some pocolos resulted. Some discharges of method of the bowl each edge of hair equally with product. It has discovered that the majority partorisca time the curl is going haywire, the half does not take properly coated with product. A method of bowl deletes concealed and remark the big difference.

Oh, And the silk pillowcase is your partner, daughters! Any only for hair but also for your skin!

--Stops more than descriptions of Amazon, follows CassandraMercedes in Instagram--
5 / 5 Patria
My hair is a lot well and slightly wavy. If I have dipped the tiny (small plus that the say me) quantity of of the this in my hair that drenches wet and follow with the bit of mousse, can use the diffuser and take amazing curls! It likes a Quenching Curls of Coco Mousse more - is of quite light to give the bit to take my fine hair, while a Diva Curls Mousse is heavy too
5 / 5 Laverna
are CGM to a paper, but so only has begun recently the uses Owe that produced of Frisia. A humidity of state to Florida is always at least 5000, and east stuffs so only any one the short ... Still with using a wide quantity, are still the frizzy disorder inside minutes to step external. Odora Well and is not heavy, greasy, or crunchy, likes two stars. Perhaps it was well to use during fall or winter, but for now, am going back to the mine enormous $ 2 boat of the Looks geles.
4 / 5 Lashandra
Has very used DevaCurl the products and ossia one of mine favourite. I run the bit of of the east by means of my hair while it is still wet in a shower, then dry with the microfiber fleece towel. My dry hair tussled and wavy, and does not feel dry or coarse. Very small frizz or flyaways. Highly it recommends for airs to dry wavy hair.
5 / 5 Narcisa
Value of the money!!!
5 / 5 Kaycee
I very a lot with my hair. But I like curls of mine to in fact crimps amiably. This is surprising. Shoots my soft hair, and some curls are much less frizzy (I alive in the the Florida of noreste and is included humid when it is cold here!). Very pleased with this product!
5 / 5 Logan
Need to use WAY more than announced to take my natural wave to look this good! But it does like this announced. It enhances your wave. Place in wet and go!
4 / 5 Deborah
Ossia One of some better products there for thin, relatively well, wavy hair. I remain with something concealed presiona a curl, but a Costruttore Wave is The THING to give my hair an illusion of fullness. All day simply I can use my toes to restore and fluff my roots and recover a look has had in a morning. Ossia An excellent prize , as I have bought two this time. It compares it to one Has to put web of Frisia and compare. It arrives promptly, and a lot of packaged. I recommend a product And a vendor.
5 / 5 Zula
Like me FINALLY TAKEN to try this product in mine wet, recently cleansed hair. The the 20min 'wet plop' and with which have left time to air dry. This was a result of final 😍

highly recommend this partorisca to to the people likes them of those who hardly have any definition to his waves, and those who typically fights with frizz.

Some days I needs for the touch on but a lot in fact cleanse my hair, will apply my dry shampoo (I likes Batiste) and then slightly spray my hair (averting some roots) until it is almost humid with PURIFIED water and the tiny bit of a Costruttore Wave mixed in. Utilisation to comb of wide tooth to disperse, and then do the 15min 'wet plop' with the soft tshirt and am done! Literally I take any time each morning to do my hair now. I am obsessed with my new heatless hairstyle 😊 here is to the hair is!

Thank you DevaCurl To offer this product in the prize he economic plus on Amazon that yours put official web 😄
5 / 5 Tisha
is well. It does not leave my hair crunchy or sticky and helps some waves but perhaps a lot so much to the equal that had expected.

Top Customer Reviews: DevaCurl Ultra ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Merlene
Has been using DevaCurl hair gel partorisca 10 years and love some looks of way adds of day a to the day five, and still resists on partorisca the pair of days in humid time. I have been buying of different sources, comprising Amazon. These times have ordered of the Greeting of the company of Gold has called. Partorisca Some reason a gel so only has not done. So only some finals of my hair were bit it rigid, and for a next day is as if it have not used any one produces anything. I have maintained partorisca try of of the this has been always the wonderful product, and maintained slathering on more. I have called finally a costruttore partorisca see had changed a formula. They have said that a formula is one same, but has been taking complained of people that esees has bought on Amazon. Apparently any one is adulterating or counterfeiting this product. Oops! They have said partorisca be sure to so only buy of authorised resellers, as I have verified out of the mine another provider and is in a cast.
Ossia A lot of attention, of then buys the enormous quantity partorisca stuff on Amazon, and confidence some descriptions partorisca do good elections, and also appreciate an integrity of Amazon he. I have had so only good experiences with his system, and would hate to see the confidence destroyed for counterfeit produced. And ossia hair gel, for (cryings out of strong), is not to like requiring be careful buying an expensive electronic element.
Like this curly daughters, here is the bosses until maintaining these curls in your boss gorgeous!. We know the one who addicted is in our products of hair, we curlies spend more on produced of hair that any more. DevCurl The material fact adds, am hooked, so only has to that I control out of some providers.
5 / 5 Paulene
Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! (And Ladies) CAN Any one and means them can any gone bad with this gel! Has type 4 hair - 4a ish in a backside in my cookery and 4b everywhere more. Now with this be has said my wash and goes gotta be on point and so only concealed! This officialy has substituted my wash and go with my echo styler. My curls are bursting and looking juicy! This in spite of only beware that him him THICKNESS of hair Along this measure of travesa of the test aint partorisca you! It sees here it is a secret - wet it put to bed and further and have one any mark of name and take is, his both have some same ingredients so that a youre money to save and taking a product.

A boot has taken them was $ partorisca the 12 oz while this was $ 10 partorisca 3oz to the equal that touches crazy! Anywho I My wash n go in a shower with that surprise it a lot foggy mirror (also of bb&b) and has done the slicing method (the products dipped in your hands and slap your hair goes in and slide down) and boom! Curls Poppington!

Goes getchu some!
1 / 5 Ilda
Hate partorisca give this to 1 star. A product is usually 5 stars. Buy this product of a DevaCurl besiege ANY Amazon. My uses of woman DevaCurl and loves it. It finds it here on Amazon for $ 14 more economic as it buy it here. Apparently it is the swipe was one. It goes back to a one of DevaCurl his and his hair is exited 'perfect' to the equal that say. Next day, uses a one of Amazon and says ' is craps! It was better been has not used any product today.'
He, buying of DevaCurl the place is slightly more money but well validates he because this calm way in fact takes real product any one some swipe was with the god so only knows that it is really in him!!
5 / 5 Fonda
When I applied It in the first place I have not been happy reason my hair is resulted like this hard and gave flashbacks of mine economic Looks He gel days. Well you look in of the tips in youtube and recommend your hair be wetted fully. So much in planting to use bounce he of spray have dipped my boss under a tank. Applied gel while the hair was humid and when it dry it looked and felt adds. I will continue to buy this product. Any like him To You his prices but some products are magic
5 / 5 Gilberto
Absolutely I love this product! Finally after all these years partorisca look for the product that will resist my curls and reduce frizz, my curls have not looked never better!
5 / 5 Judi
Has thinks that has had wavy hair until I have used this product. I have hated That the mine never looked waves well in spite of using to different products likes him I walk has spent my hair partorisca 10 years. After using this in my recommendation of sisters has found in fact have curly hair. Of then buying these 8 months has not touched the flat iron. I apply to my humid hair, the air has left dry, then quickly diffuse my roots with the dryer unexpectedly. Better product partorisca curls, delivery down. No utilisations never another produced again.
3 / 5 Willow
I know another swears thus gel, but have reservations roughly that. I will admit with the washed and go, that comprises diffusing my wet wavy hair, my hair has looked perfect. It has resplandor, boot and wicked waves. It was very happy. A question has had is coming a day with which. My hair was hard, tangled, dry and looked at all like a day before, included after dipping my hair up for prejudices he before putting to bed and using the pillow of satin! One 3rd day was included worse, and like this on. Every day I have it have to that totally wet my hair and using a LOC method but using the different curly produced of daughter. It can not expect wash my hair again. I will give it to him it Has to that Frisia that has used perhaps too gel, but does not think so. IMO
1 / 5 Nida
It give this 0 tin of stars . I have been using Has to that produced partorisca awhile and decided partorisca invest bounce it big. First of all, this odora AT ALL like a genuine product. I have had some have left on an old boat has purchased of a living room, and the entirely different smell. A consistency is included different. There is disappointed really.
5 / 5 Darleen
They are Caucasian with frizzy, free curly the hair and I am not founding NEVER the product that reads as well as this one. It follows some directions & dipped in hair very wet & when it is dry pause up & does astonishingly. It does not find a product partorisca have a lot the correspondent when my dry hair. Seriously this in spite of, are debating on yes or any partorisca take this, he. It is pricey but value he!
2 / 5 Debora
Sad to say you ladies, this looks different because east. I have been using Has to that it has produced of then 2005 when in the first place I have moved the NYC and has visited an original living room on Broadway in Soho. I know partorisca the fact that a product has changed, together with all Have to that it has produced. When A company has been bought was, all has changed. A good informative is, a founder of original / owner is for launcher his own line, which will stick to a simple, to to few ingredients like him some good old days. In a moment, if any one has the recommendation partorisca the add, mostly natural gel concealed does not leave my dry and knotty curls like this fact, says!