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Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Platinum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tosha
I WANT a smell of of the this! Bought he because of frizzing to paint my hair, but very does not have to think that to shorten to dry time. I bad, as it can something posing humidity on you it the hair shortens a time to dry, well? I have been impacted. It was not if the cut down for 50%, but has remarked that dry paste my hair has taken to leave the less time of bit. I am sold in this material. It marks My hair listens likes him silk, but no greasy ( was preoccupied quite doing it my greasy hair) and taking only the few sprays to take some results. The line quite 15' of my leader and sprays a cup, both sides and a backwards once, one rubs in with my hands. Perfecto!
4 / 5 Barabara
I want to this material! Helps of mine was unexpectedly goes faster and does my silky hair, the smells besides adds. EXCEPT the small goes the long road and the use too much will take the bit of the greasy look especially in a crown where my hair is more final. For coarse and the thickness of hair is sure is not the problem.
5 / 5 Yee
That is to say such the grace to save ! I seat my hair down the half a time. Has very very time and the fat hair and I the dread that fix my hair so that it take subjects far too very time to dry and straighten. This spray is well and ignites, does not have the bad smell and good works.

Tends The spray this in my hair, the dry swipes my hair the little, the dry left air for 10-15 mins to apply the small less harm of heat in my hair. Then return to blow dry the directly and goes much faster! I this almost in the daily base now, that is to say like me has taken presented in Kenra the products and this are by far one of a better.
5 / 5 Jolynn
This material is quite magic . My stylist recommended the in me the year or so marks, and has been the using before this dry paste my hair never since. I have to admit that I do not know 100% duquel he -- only knows that he my look of hair So better when a paste-dry is done like opposite in that look if it have not used the. I will maintain to buy the.
5 / 5 Reginald
I produce it adds! I paint My hair each which how 5-6 weeks and inbetween touch of root ups. With that, straightening, and paste he that seats my half the long hair there has been the tendency to result course and a humidity wreaked chaos when uses to to step external. Desprs Using these products very only mark my hair my dry faster but leaves the smooth, fall in arrival to situate concealed could not take otherwise. It protects my hair of a heat of a straightener, my never looked hair better. I buy it advances in any never run out of this product. Any overspray or can take the greasy look but sprays of fast light, then paintbrush thru.
4 / 5 Debbie
The looks to balance to be a tone with this product. A right quantity and my locks are silky smooth and soft, sprays the small and remain greasy and greasy. In general (once take it a low balance) like this resulted of products and has recommended the in of the a lot of friends.
5 / 5 Matt
In these smells of materials likes him the the heaven! It IS so clear. It does not leave my hair that listens greasy and has weighed down. My rests of shiny hair and frizz same hand with a heat of a paste-dryer and straightener. This material a lot protects your hair! That is to say the mine goes-to heat protectant. It can not recommend enough!
4 / 5 Cleotilde
I have bought a small plus 1.7oz just to try it so that it is one of a heat has estimated upper protectorants in Ulta website. Have Well, normal hair and these helps of spray with detangling while the paste he that dry as well as it softens explosions of era-aways. Only I give it 4 stars so that the does not extend a way-- the usually me greasy halfway a next day, but and likes him some initial results. It can try that is to say conjunction the way that lives the test extends which are my favourite unit
5 / 5 Valentina
This material is surprising. I maintain to repurchase the, and is not the necessary a lot of products of beauty remain me to us loyal also. (I likes him change around and try new things.) This does my hair, which paint often and daily of wash, very shiny and soft. Volume to plot of greetings in those looks sos and shiny. Quan Does not use this, really remarks the difference in a resplandor and sweetness. It shortens a paste dry time. I think if your hair is very good and/or thin, would owe careful when being very to use too much, or can leave your hair the bit limps. It likes him-me the order he in Amazon, while I save me a bit money. It is not the cheap product, but is cheaper in Amazon. It IS a lot of values a money in me, and is the product is has to squander on because of some visible results. I think it very protect it my hair of harm of heat, and uses the dryer to paste daily, and the dish has crimped frequently.
5 / 5 Alease
Enamoured! I have used this product for a first time today and is hooked.
Has down, coarse, dry, wavy and hair very fat, concealed apresamiento frizzy with a slightest touch of humidity.
For my hairstyle straighten it daily. This material piece my time to dry down the half, has done my very manageable hair, soft and shiny. A smell is delicious also. The hair the utmost still looks in an end of a day.
Purchases this material now, will not be disappointed!

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Shine Spray, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Suzy
I have used this spray of resplandor before, but had purchased he in Ulta, and this is not a same formula. I have purchased it bounce he of Amazon because of consolation, and now I really remorse that decision. Ossia hairspray. It is not a spray of resplandor still has had the habit to use. Leave my hair that feels rough and dry and stuck near. There is remarked included the difference in a way he sprayed. Calm can do not returning neither because of some police of turn of the Amazon for liquids has taken.
5 / 5 Brynn
Can return this product, I . I do not take it . I assumed it it add the shiny lustrous look to my hair. As said in a description: 'This superfine the fog resupplies frizz and flyaway control and contains UV protectants to help colour on call.' It is the súper the fine fog but leaves the film in my hair; it feels dirty and it loves it wash more yield. Not to buy it never again. They are a lot disappointed in a product and there is disappointed that has lost a window for the turn.
4 / 5 Dolores
Usually uses a Tigi Headrush like my product of resplandor of the hair but I love a quality of Kenra produced and has found this in such prize abordable to the equal that have has had to that the try at least. I have found the product of new staple for my collection. Any so only resupply much more noticeable resplandor that another but also resupplies UV PROTECT that it is of entity of the mine especially of then comes my hair. Always it uses it likes him my final product. It does not take any a lot of. I shake it really well and if my hair is down, I spray so only of midlength to finals so that no hanged down my roots. I resist in period of arms and leaves my hair that the fantastically shiny looks, sãos, and vibrant. When I Spend an on I spray my whole boss and again so only leaves one the majority of gorgeous resplandor without looking greasy at all and a lot flyaway the hairs are tamed down. One can is the good measure thus prize and will last the long time... I will not look never behind!
4 / 5 Ethelyn
Like this happy you still can take Kenra Resplandor on Amazon. My leaves of local stylist to spend the, but is the hair is to dull and inert, Kenra the resplandor is a way to go ! Volume a lot of compliments. It is the resplandor natural , any something concealed the lustrous looks and fake. Amur Kenra Resplandor!
5 / 5 Helen
Ossia The product adds ! It cures of my winter 'frizzies', is very light, and does my shiny hair. There is remarked a lot of buildup of a product in my fine hair.
4 / 5 Marx
There is wanted always Kenra produced and this one is to good sure one of my must-haves and need. A spray of resplandor literally gives a hair a resplandor precise do look animate and beautiful. Always it uses this like final touch to my hair for this impulse of resplandor extra. No hanged your hair down, the smells adds, and is done for Kenra. Kenra Spray Of resplandor, 5-Ounce
4 / 5 Sheree
love a resplandor that this door to my hair, but so only 4 stars because he doesnt odora a lot at all. After my fashion is dipped for the moment, I perfume of spray or sprays of organism in my hair because of a aweful smell of this spray.
5 / 5 Odilia
This material is awesome! They are mid 40 east with ash of hair. I have tried of the like this produced so only that tries to take my hair any to be like this dry and dead looking. I have begun to use this with fekkai brilliant glossing and could not be happier. I tried it dry and invernadero resplandor of instant, but use with humid hair and there is all day shine without and sticky or heavy effects. Love it.
4 / 5 Elmer
This no really done my resplandor of hair and has to that the fact separates and look greasy. Not to think it would recommend this, although so only can be my type of hair that is a lot well.
4 / 5 Valda
Loves this product. Has very very blond to greying hair. A product adds delightfful signals underlined and shine conceal for real is that it surprises

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Daily ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Zachariah
Has hair very well. It uses the dryer unexpectedly, flat iron, hairspray, styling produced, and take the points have underlined. I have had always final to break and flyaways. There is remarked the interior of enormous difference roughly 2 weeks partorisca use this product. I use it every time I wash my hair (each 2-3 days) and of the mine last yard of peel, has not had final to break! Really it is in amazing! I have tried a lot another leaves-in of the products on some last 15+ years with small or any result.
5 / 5 Liz
There is well, the hair has underlined that tends partorisca be too dry. A spritz with this conditioner after washing the helps maintain my in good condition hair. I have begun partorisca use this on done the year and a condition of my hair has improved of then. It does not leave any noticeable residue while it is not on-has used. A light spritz is all precise . Used in this way, quite hard the long time, perhaps 6 or 7 month. Now it has included it is my preferred leave-in conditioner. I will add that they are the person the one who hates to feel any gunk in my hair, and with east a you pode does not seat in your hair.
4 / 5 Loida
Has been using this product for YEARS each day only. Never thought to look on AMAZON for him.

Never condition my hair in a shower to the equal that seat my hair takes too soft and then is hard the fashion and curl. So only it uses Pureology the shampoo and I also owe that wash my daily hair. Ossia A perfect alternative the real conditioner. He my soft hair/quite silky to brush by means of my hair while it is wetted still. I have been painting my blond hair for almost 20 years, each one that 4-5 weeks and I always take compliments in my hair. It does not look dry or brittle. Amur A material and also has the pleasant refreshing scent. So only I look it spritzes the day!
5 / 5 Yelena
This product is SURPRISING. It does marvels!! I have used he for years for my curly haierd boys and any of my boys when have any harm (taste with which a lot of swimming etc). I used it on its own name with which damage to paint also. It can be used for all the types of hair. Has a consistency of water and absorbs quickly, as he isnt really used like the styling produced for my edges with fat hair, but help quite the bit with frizz and softening a hair. That marks this different that other produced is that he doesnt leave the residue or film and a lot the time after a product is washed out of his hair, his hair is softer and more is. Really it is helping a hair be more is, any one only helping with styling. Recently my daughter concealed there is well, curly the hair has begun in that has it extremely tangled, frizzy hair like the result of a shampoo buys a lot when being pas well for sound. We struggle for weeks with his hair and he was a lot of hard to direct or the looks to mark enough. Interior 2 days to use this product (sprayed 2-3 times the day because it was really broken),my husband asked whay has done for his hair because it looks like this beautiful and detangled! We could not be pleased more with a product and Ive reccommended the to all the world.
4 / 5 Kayleigh
Ossia The add to leave in conditioner that that says. Has a lot well , med signals underlined and fat hair. These helps of product maintain moisture all day without weighing down a hair. Also it likes that it do not have to that any residue or greasy feels neither. He your hair feels happier.
4 / 5 Phylicia
Has tortured often of static electricity in my hair very end during a winter, in spite of using the deep conditioner well, or the discharge of same dryer. This was a chance when I have received a product... First to read instructions, I so only spritzed some in my hands to extend in my hair. The Looked'! Ido static.
Now uses it with which each shampoo and he FOR one static before it begins. Amur This, my soft hair and NO MORE STATIC.
5 / 5 Delana
Kendra produced has not used never has done as it has declared. I have been the user of product of Kendra for 5 years. I am 57 years old and my hair has a texture, fullness, and look of the 30 old year.
5 / 5 Stephanie
The product adds! When Wake in a morning with my short hair that the estacas am gone in all the directions, I slightly spray he with this product. I then comb in a direction that loves it to go. I dry quickly and it does not leave residue or any thickness goo in my hair. They are then able the way he. One produces also has the pleasant, light fragrance--no too overpowering.
4 / 5 Louann
This material are adds for my granddaughters' hair. His hair takes like this tangled. We dip water in his hair, spray he with this Kenra produced and then use the wet paintbrush!! No more tears!!! We have found that we do not wash his hair, can often so only wet a hair and a conditioner that was sprayed in previously takes actuated and so only require a wet paintbrush to exit some tangles. A bit pricey, but he a trick!!!
5 / 5 Kenya
Ossia The good leaves in conditioner, but has found that he my heavy hair that it is something comes from desperately to avert. You recommend, but sparingly.

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Volume Spray ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Fritz
I have bought this spray 100% because of all some positive critics. I have had to to attach explode in a stack. Has hair way down below that at present I am that it grows era. It IS in this terrible phase. But this has entered a clave and I have lined in of the pieces of hair and sprayed in some roots, that leaves the class of big stack regal look. It remains all day and it wants to take drawee of the yours only careers delivery softly through and dissolves. Your hair is not soft at all except the rests through all the changes to time to comprise rain.
That is to say follows it until my description. I want this product but, while another has warned, a beak has taken clogged and any quantity of the warm/hot water or the pins and the paintbrushes could unplug it. Still I have my low hair and, with half a boat that rests, is the little thwarted by a fact that has so produced and can not use. I eat:4 stars for a product but only 2 stars because of a method of delivery of a product
3 / 5 Steffanie
I like this the law produced , well for me a first time around, as I have bought the second bounce. It has remarked with my premier bounces that a clog of beak and side of spray by side often. It washes a beak was and good law. My second boat is so resulted clogged that the any spray at all! I have taken a beak was, rinsed he down hot water, has drenched he in alcohol, and still is clogged. That is to say a lot of thwarting so the boat is still 3/4 full of product.
5 / 5 Gertha
Alive in Knitting, need some heat of entity, wind and sure of humidity. Kenra 25 IS an only hairspray use. It IS more than the spray of arrival, ie: has the slightly arrived of crisp. But it is paintbrush -able. You can comb your toes through him need . If he necessities of the leaf has lost to substitute, can redo this zone with ease. My way of hair is a bit natural--like me some form, but wants my hair to move, change, it natural look. This spray that for me, in the each type of time.

These cloaks of material fantastically without the tez big-up. In of the humid days, or when wants to line the way/to crimp, uses more spray, even so any hull-cape.
5 / 5 Temika
Have Well the thin hair and this are a spray of the better hair has not used never. With him, my hair does not look rigid, but place of rests and when the turns blown in an original look. Some the old sprays would maintain my way for in an hour and then suddenly backside of flat hair in my eyes again. It opens to remain it posed for hours and maintains is organism but does not look is sprayed. That is to say more expensive this has used before but estimate each penny.
1 / 5 Neva
Based in some calm mostly informs of sound, was has disappointed really. In the first place you are, found a smell of strong chemist this overwhelms. I have continued to smell he in my hair for the hours afterwards apply. A control looked adds at the beginning. In fact, if I have not been careful easily could take big 80s hair. But surprisingly, my hair would fall quite flat in 20 minutes or so, included before leaving a house. Have Well, the right hair like my hair is of course very flat. Besides, I have found one hairspray left the bit of the film in my hair that has taken was any resplandor. It does not leave my hair sper rigid, but very exactly flexible or. For my fine hair, a lot prefers Paul Mitchell Ruixa to Finish of Extra Organism or Amika Headstrong Hairspray, but both are more expensive that Kenra.
5 / 5 Annalisa
Use John Frieda Volumizing spray of hair for years and very which he, but a pair spent of the years a bit beat has had subjects of entity with clogging. Taking so tired of constantly that washes a tip of spray; a last straw there has been two bounced simply rebuff the spray with half can he in the left. As I have to find something new. This Kenra is an acceptable substitute--so far; I am quite halfway through my in the first place can. Active Very time (low covers of shoulder) hair of fines. It is not particularly thin, although it is thinning up. I to precise insurance well volumizing produced and the hairspray that control a way. Also I have bad allergies in the plot of fragrances, but this an any problem me. Has an another marks concealed wants to try so that it is cheaper; but if it does not act, it return it is.
3 / 5 Shavon
Clogs Of valve VERY easily. I call Kenra to see that to do the rinse tried has been afterwards. We said me to us to do sure to shake an anterior boat in application and in the rinse was afterwards every time. They have suggested also to take a sprayer was and cleaning/rinse of an inner tube. That aided. Considering control, this spray of hair has good control but does my hair that is very rigid and dry.
1 / 5 Pearle
Very unhappy with a quality. State using this cement hairspray for years and has been purchasing he of Ulta but the way prendi a main measure as I have decided in Amazon of tent and has ordered two beat. It IS not EQUAL hairspray! He sprays horribly - sper place and heavy. Also it have it a stronger smell.

Continues to use it each morning so that I do not want to be splurge (half road through in the first place can with the left wing of beats full remaining) but every time spray he, nettled and angry volume, but is done with him maintaining! I am by train of the launch Was and go in Ulta.

Oh, And a carpet in my vanity of bath is thrashed now so that a spay is so weighed those the only earths have put in a carpet.
4 / 5 Rogelio
Wow, This can is enormous compared in an ones bought in Ulta and much cheaper for a fluent ounce. Like The daughter with the fine hair these lives in the region with big humidity, always has has wanted to Kenra 25, so now has abundance to use without being stingy when spray. And in a person that to the left a description that suggests esdesgarr one can the other way around when any one into use' - bravo in you'! It has been doing that and is doing like the charm to maintain a beak to dry up.
1 / 5 Kay
These products is not a same Kenra has used (always bought in my living room) for 10 yrs!!! This has a Kenra name but no a same product!!! This aim of left wing flakey clumps during my hair!!! It looks had lice eggs or dandruff during my hair!!! I have tried very time to think would take the different result ...And the result was always a same. Soooo Bad!!! It gives it stars of scratch!!! They go in your living room to purchase!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Platinum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tami
These produced partorisca swim to 'thicken' my hair and pleasure another has declared, seats very dry. Calm has remarked also really can feel a buildup in your hair. Tried the pair another Kenra the products and did not impress me neither. Utilisations a shampoo and conditioner but will not buy him again.
5 / 5 Ethelene
Could not manage a smell as have prendido partorisca use the. Do my look of hair adds this in spite of.
5 / 5 Albertha
Has tried all another does not leave my sticky hair, but gives it additional fullness. Have Well, short hair.
4 / 5 Lyndia
This product is wonderful.
5 / 5 Lester
5 / 5 Kylie
Absolutely love this mousse. There is to good sure thickened my fine hair.
4 / 5 Corinne
Adds the reasonable quantity of volume. Hard partorisca me partorisca compare to other products of then have not tried anything more but law partorisca me. The smell is minimum, does not add resplandor unnecessary, any dry out of real complaints.
4 / 5 Carli
Has received my mandate today and used it immediately in wet hair. I blow dried and my hair feels terrible, like this crunchy straw. A moose is not eligible to return I so that it was to the launch went it. Any looks partorisca bounce slightly different that one some have seen partorisca store he so that it can be the swipe was. I have not used this of a tent as I can not compare a quality.
4 / 5 Lia
Produced of quality a lot well that it is supposition partorisca do
5 / 5 Ena
the control Adds but no sticky

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Platinum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Julieann
Amur This material! Has hair very well. I recently chopped was (roughly 12 thumbs) and has gone with the shortcut. It thinks pixie but longer in a cup. I have tried 2 other waxes and I his hated. My stylist has said partorisca try is one. No appearances any a lot of but has been surprised! I love it. It is easy to use. No too heavy partorisca my fine hair but perfect for me partorisca use to take the bit of texture and control. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Jim
Odora Well and is probably the good product but, only no partorisca me! Has hair really fat and he so only a lot anything partorisca me! I have used always kenra grooming Pomade 4 and now can do not finding any where and so only does not like me in of absolute more!
5 / 5 Anitra
Has hair very thin, which spend short. I do not have any curl, but the pair of colics. Partorisca Give a crown of my organism of hair and partorisca direct my colics have found this product partorisca be extremely useful. It is pricey but does not take any a lot of a wax partorisca do a work. The utilisation when my hair is dry with which shampooing. Work until my next shampoo that it is two to three days later. So only take the excluyente small, rubs among your toes and then toe a zone(s) wants to do manageable. Slightly choose east describes the way he!
4 / 5 Brenda
My dresser of hair uses this and used for the sell but paralizaciones to sell reasons can be purchased for less on amazon :) has the short fine hair and I does not like him of the sprays or helar rigid. I am not looking for the 'cracked look of boss, my hair will move during a day but this gives it a bit organism and life and maintains to take frizzy or walk during a day. There is no sticky feeling neither and paintbrush or comb it quickly can king the way yes has required.
4 / 5 Hulda
There is Well the hair and this are not weighed too much. Form supervise all day and the smells adds!
4 / 5 Jeanine
Has purchased this for my period of hair of shoulder a lot well. So only it does not do doing my hair limps and greasy looking. I have cut of my hair my short plus, is very better and loves that.
5 / 5 Shane
Love this material. Has hair a lot well that walk of chairs in my boss,usually. A bit of a Kenr.One each morning and am good to go all day.
4 / 5 Michaele
Awesome! It maintains some curls in. Natural touchable same control by means of the longitude 12 hr And turn of nurses!!!
5 / 5 Von
Took it Pixy yard and has has wanted to that piecey look. A stylist has used Big Sexy mark soiled wax that was in one beats of aerosol. Has has wanted to something concealed would give me more control in a quantity of product was to apply. This boat was perfect. I have seen he in Ulta for $ 25 but took it on Amazon partorisca in $ 12. They are very pleased with him.
4 / 5 Jacquelynn
There is Of course curly hair, like this the wax has been the transmission of game for me! It softens my hair/frizz was (with which blow dry he) and leaves it odorando fresh!

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Root Lifting ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Aura
Has hair very well but the plot of him, as has has not felt never a need partorisca the product has taken. In fact, it did not like never of the product in my hair. This in spite of, almost each hair/of beauty vlog is always volumizing and adding texture to his hair. Of only take the yard to peel short new, has decided to give the the gone!

First of all, a boat is measured adds and looks lustrous. Calm has to it shaken up for him to mix a lot near and beg legislation. He spray the little odd (kinda among random directions unless I signal juuuust right), and ossia probably my main pet peeve and a reason for the star deduct. This in spite of, a product to good sure adds volume and texture. And, my thing PREFERRED roughly is in fact leaves for decent day-two days of hair. Usually it washes my hair daily reason my hair goes to limp and greasy fast, but these looks of product to absorb it well on, like this with the little shampoo of has bitten drought a day after the washed, in fact can direct the legit pleasant hairstyle that well likes day-of-hair of wash. Impressive!
4 / 5 Hue
Ossia Like the miracle! You owe that use he with hot, no when so only air to dry your hair. Also it does more when remained with another all-on thickening spray (I likes Caviar). The divine smells.
5 / 5 Talisha
This spray of the lifting of the root is easy to use and has resulted utmost. You will require to use the dryer of hair and the paintbrush of round to achieve some better results. If calm only spray and air dry, some results are less than lovely. Has a lot of dish, thin, and well the right hair like these helps of spray extracted adds. It is comparable to some others produced I at present use and a value for a money is very looked also.
Compares to fashionable Sea of the Caviar Chic volume and foam of spray of texture. This spray is more for roots to finals vs. Kenra Spray of lifting of the root. Fashionable sea of the caviar Chic is 5.5 oz in $ of TJ Maxx. A difference of prize adapted a product in the positive way.

Finally, Kenra spray of lifting of the looks to root to do a work and I appreciate a product, included in a point of the prize found on Amazon. Highly it recommends this product to any that looks for an extra impulse in his volume to root as well as a rest of his hair.
4 / 5 Elsa
To the equal that have aged, my hair is thinning and resulting more run, doing slowly same fallen immediately that follows the shampoo. My hairdresser recommended this product of impulse of the root and I have to that admit that I help 'promoted my fashion. And hard for the pair of days until my next shampoo.
4 / 5 Debi
For the recommendation of my hairdresser, uses this together with Redken Outshine Anti-frizz Tins to Polish. It is something on when it say a 2 work more utilisations near. Styling My hair is resulted the breeze and my hard fashion much more. Also I have a Kenra Thermal Styling Spray to use first of my flat iron or curling iron, but, any always feel likes is necessary. And, any spray of plus of hair that I amour!!! For Cindy (Tim!)
4 / 5 Luella
Not having @@give ossia the product of foam and any spray. I think it that it was necessary has been listed like Kenra Foams of Spray of the Lifting. I hate to send it behind so the supposition will maintain it but am not happy with products of foam.
5 / 5 Tyesha
The product adds. I do not want never run out of him. He the thickness of lean hair!
4 / 5 Imogene
Ossia My second can of this product. Have Well limp the hair and these helps give some his organism. Utilisation this a when I flat iron my hair and I likes him some results. I will continue to be repeat it buyer in this element.
5 / 5 Edna
Previously had been purchasing this product of the mine stylist of hair and when it takes to sell produced, has decided to order on Amazon. When it Avenges, I have thought that it has changed so only a formula, but in the feign my hairdresser, has said to be defective. It is so only thin and watery and done a rigid hair and unbendable.

Like the repayment. Please advise that it would have to that do to initiate this.

Lynda Dennemarck
5 / 5 King
Been using paralizaciones east the year now. My dresser of hair has mine of date originally. Good works to give the impulse adds to limp/fine hair. Any overdo the this in spite of or done your sticky hair and feels dirty. Slightly spray in some roots. The rake by means of with which to transport down my first hair of the swipe that dry. It gives good volume. Last quite the moment.

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Platinum Dry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Blanche
Have Well, right hair. Also I live in the region where the humidity is more orders that 90 partorisca roughly 8 month every year. These produced maintains my hair that the looks control full and basses in same a main humidity. Honradamente Love this material.

P.D. - Use sparingly, the little goes the very long way!
4 / 5 Brent
Has been looking for the spray that will create volume without my feeling of hair tacky. This spray of dry texture is perfect partorisca go in washings and when it crimps my hair with hot rollers. Has hair a lot well but the plot of him and could any never take my hair to maintain the crimps. Ossia A better product for that! Now I have this in my must has cast for products of hair! You love to see these measures of travesía.
5 / 5 Jannette
Any usually write the descriptions but am very impressed with this product. Has a lot well, hair very thin. Of course I have the full vanity of products of hair. When I have situated an order expected it still to be like like this another in that has to that be careful any to use too much. If I am not really careful will have sticky series in place of hair. My experience with this product has not been so that at all. I can spray and spray, give me texture but my blond the hair does not look it has been the house has bleached on or I need to add some fats to my diet. Still it looks they is and resists a simple fashion prefers. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Rhonda
Loves this material. Immediately it gives your hair the good impulse and adds depth and dimension a same time. Oh- And odora SÚPER a lot also.
4 / 5 Vena
Loves this product. Kenra There is consistently impressed with his products; I have been using a Kenra Platinum 26 hairspray for years, as I finally decided to grab this spray of texture. Wow. It is like the spray of texture/of dry shampoo in a. It uses this in my hair almost daily, especially when doing braids. And odora like this good. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Kathryne
This material is awesome. Previously it has used it spray of texture of the Garnier because it was too economic to buy this, but a cost probably equals was reason can use way less than of the this and goes the long way. Neither it leaves your hair that feels gross or am missing a way other sprays of textures do. And odora adds. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5 Freddie
Loves a smell and the initial bounce gives my hair, but no dry well. It remains that bite sticky, so much that has found the pod of seeds there is stuck to my hair! I have found to be necessary to wash my hair with which use, otherwise was impossible to brush out of resultant in tangles and numerous knots. It likes-me it washed my hair each one that three days, as I have used this product and has not washed my hair would wake up with the nest of massive birds. Reservations use of of the this for the holidays where could mecer some crazy big messy hair; otherwise is not to use regulate for my type of hair. Oh! Has the plot of hair, but is a lot well and easy the tangle. As you take this with the grain of rooms if your hair is fatter and stronger. :/
4 / 5 Diedra
Perfecto to give impulse to my hair without feeling greasy or gritty. A bit it goes the long way - has been using this product long the week for 6 month and are so only in the mine has beaten of second.
5 / 5 Rosie
To the equal that has short hair ossia a lot well and thin. This material give me an illusion of having the full boss of big hair. I can go an extra day among washing, can brush was and recite my hair a next day and any flaking. I will say that it builds up in a curling iron more further of products. If it transfers to my sobresaltos of hair was easily, does not take that gross flakey material, although utilisations the tonne.
The odd fact material applies to wet hair, FYI.
4 / 5 Cleo
I like a smell and he have taken some volume to my fine hair. It does not like that a boat has been dented and so only can see of a swipe a boat has been unwrapped. Also it looks any one used it at least once.

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Thermal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
No SHABBY! Any turn and is the SWIPE WAS! To to The Smells like to rub the alcohol. VOC I levels are 80 and in fact Kenra the products do not surpass 55.
A lot of company is will take control and of the true products to them partorisca like this long until a true company is exited with new bar codes. Then they animate-bottle them and add alcohols and another bad material to products to do currency all a hassle and take more. Ossia Exactly the one who this is. It spends an extra $ 5 and buy a true material calm worry you in your hair.
4 / 5
There is a lot well, of course the blond clave rectum of light hair that is broken easily for hot and styling. It has wanted to produce it that (1) it protects against harm of hot and a subsequent breakage cause; (2) Not weighing my fine hair down, not doing the greasy look, and no for the unmanageable—i.et. Hard to run my toes by means of; (3) it adds the touch of control for styling; and (4) Odora reasonably good and last the long time.

Found the!

Has tried Very different thermal protectors and has given finally this one shot it. It is now my gone-to thermal protectant. There is remarked the enormous difference in a health of my hair and there is significantly less breakage that before. State using he for the few months now and still is going strong.

I products add and the value adds.
4 / 5
Has used this product for more the years that have beaten was mine 1st time that buys of Amazon. It is there is disappointed highly. An only reason am giving to 2 star is reason a vendor was a lot quickly to email me partorisca say could have the repayment. It was not that it is in it bounce it, but trust me, is not Kenra Thermal Styling spray. It was not sealed. A sprayer last a common liquid more than sprays he. ( It has run included a sprayer low hot water - still no right ) Anything is in bounce it is more like liquid cement. A fog of a sprayer paste your feet to a paving. If it takes to your hands will require more water & of soap to wash a sticky was. If alive in to a country like him so only need & this spray, trust, is of better to expect til yours next excursion to the living room to buy.
4 / 5
Súper Drying and crappy! Any to mention is not eligible still turn. My hair is like this brittle and the breaking was after using it. Buy a real Kenra the unexpectedly dry spray instead - is in amazing.
4 / 5
Beware! This is not some Kenra the thermal spray. It go down in mine bounce has purchased of living room to the equal that have ordered is one. Compared any 2 bounced and any one some same AT ALL. Also it has the VERY strong smell of alcohol. I have it quell'has listened always histories of products of Amazon any when being pas true- ossia one of !
4 / 5
This is not a real Kenra spray. The desire had read a first feedback to order. It is the fake . Odora Strongly of alcohol. Of the look bounced very alike. A fake one has the creation on one 10.1 fl. oz. There is disappointed extremely. I expect repayment of Amazon my money. If you look in a photo, a one in an accident is a fake.
4 / 5
Has received this product that thinks was Kenra and am them quite positive is not ... A product was container and has filtered during a box was shipped in... It DOES not ADD . With which take my repayment has decided to use that a product has left in a boat. Has long the blond hair underlined (to the equal that background, uses sulfate free/ paraben free / phthalates Conditioner of free & shampoo my hair is usually a lot of moisturized and the chair adds) - I has used this while curling with my wand to protect of hot, to the left warn, the STAY WAS!!! My hair feels dry and has been breaking / snarling more than usual. It sees photo of snarls

This produces the control said in bylines - I usually like the flexible weightless control it and I wash my hair once each one that 4-5 days - so it does not use of the products of heavy control because of a fact that requires to brush my hair etc. - I am not pleased with this - looks for having caused more the harm that there is prendido.

The amazon was utmost and refunded my money (goes service of client of the Amazon)
5 / 5
I recently prendido in the living room and has purchased bounces he of this product, Kenra Thermal Styling Spray, to compare to that have purchased of Amazon. An Amazon-the experience of product odora VERY STRONG. A smell is OVERWHELMING!!! It can not be a product still has purchased in a past. And, really dry out of my hair. ALSO, a PACKAGING Is DIFFERENT. A packaging of the product DOES not MATCH The ON-LINE PHOTO. I have purchased the '5-for' treat it and all calm bounced was him has sealed individually that it was well, but these produced is not EQUAL. AT ALL. BUYERS IN A LIVING ROOM Or CAN TAKE DIFFERENT PRODUCT THE ONE WHO QUELL'I ARE ARE not SURE THAT PRODUCED THIS IN THE BOAT.....???? CADUCADO Or FAKE?? More to buy of the reputable living room. I have it quell'has lost probably a window of turn for the police of the amazon, but sure would like me send this material behind for genuine, any-caducado, Kenra has produced that really it likes!
4 / 5
Am enamoured with a Thermal Styling the helps of Spray control my curls when it crimps my hair still is protecting my hair of a heat. My hair is very broken and has been said that go to do anything with heating has required to use the hot protective. I do not owe that go in a something still on and on. They are very pleased with this product and will be to purchase this produces again! Utilisation this produces daily! A prize is very too much. A lot some the Thermal sprays tends to be really pricey
5 / 5
Usually love this product, this in spite of, this one has received are quite sure is 100 water! It does not have a scent of an original product, and you spray he in your skin is not sticky. A lot disappointed!!!! So only you buy this of the professional living room from now on. I love my money behind!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Kenra Platinum Heat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ka
Have Extremely fine hair & this are adds to the fashion & finalises my hair. It maintains a control to a next day, add the little more the fluff up & can extend my fashion was paralización longer of can any one another hairspray. It was not that a lot some works of blockade of the heat but like the hairspray are adds! Kenra Always has utmost products & some this work partorisca fine hair, moreso that other frames IMHO.
4 / 5 Leana
Does well partorisca resist and protect the hair but he leaves the film on bath countertop. He also done my hair feels likes straw. A nozzle has used partorisca take clogged frequently with this product, but this individual canister has no. As it can be improvement there.
5 / 5 Daryl
omg, This material has left my brittle hair, dry & sticky, has not been that it is supposition partorisca do , You do not recommend never, in fact you recommend against buying east.
5 / 5 Norah
My preferred hairspray. Has hair very a lot that does not manage wind or good humidity. Ossia An only hairspray has found that will resist pending way of the humid conditions.
5 / 5 Raul
Has been excited partorisca try this I like this want to all Kenra produced but this one leaves my hair that feels dirty. I so only clave with mine 25.
4 / 5 Teofila
I amour Kenra produced. It is all I use. These produced is the disorder . It has done really my hair to rigid to do with. It can no turns has like this launched he in some rubbishes.
5 / 5 Cletus
Kenra HAS some better products and a lot reasonably priced when experiences in Amazon.
5 / 5 Lena
Has used this product for several years and so only resists way perfectly.
5 / 5 Zachery
Does not do and can not return an element
4 / 5 Azucena
has received a blockade of heats any the spray has tried the hot water still no