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Top Customer Reviews: Mandydov 20 Pcs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified these ScRUncHIes has CHANGED my life
was the darkness , mundane life until bands of the mine of colour legustado. THE didm't knows that to expect, has not known my life would change for ever. But like this it wrap it a scrunchie in my hair has known every day of this point on would be different. I have gone back to highschool the person has changed. Acne of mine has been cleared, my collected was thriving, anxiety was down, the notes were up. In general, my life has improved so only. It was Heather Chandler of my school. It was the God . It was SCRUNCHIED.
5 / 5
The cost has verified My purpose in revising this product is partorisca help the potential buyers do a polite decision and know a quality of a product. An ideal user is any the one who there is meso to period along fat hair and enjoys to join the up. This produces especially is appealing to that like this of the brilliant colours but there is also abundance of Mandydov scrunchies in this container that is darker, paints more subtiles; one produces can be any showy or more hid according to the preference of an user. Partorisca Value this product, has considered durability, consolation, and aesthetic.

These scrunchies is strong and quite durable to resist on your hair when exerting for just wrapping them around twice. You can run or I jump it and they resist strong in your hair. Also they extend easily and it does not break , and they do not result shabby or feeble to extend constants. Besides, his vibrant colours do not turn of time or regular use. Still with which month of use, a scrunchies is in good condition and entirely functional. This in spite of, another appearance of this product that is of the entity is if it is comfy wrapped around your hair or wrist.

In of the considerations to comfort, does not give you headaches or pull your hair too closely in your boss like other bands of has beaten of hair. Also they return comfortably around your wrist and is very soft against your skin; they do not leave imprints or red frames in your wrist to be too tight. Finally, I am not too big that goes in a way or the look that distracts like this wristbands. There is paints that pode pair with more outfits and more flavours, which spends the aesthetic appeal.

All 20 of a scrunchies arrived and was some correct colours to the equal that has described. They are a lot visually pleasing in a sense that some colours are very brilliant and good-looking to look in. There is the plot of variance in of the colours so that has the scrunchie to use for almost a lot conceivable outfit. A brilliant and more intrepid plus colored scrunchies could be better like the piece of statement to add to the yours outfit. A dark plus colored scrunchies is equally useful in yours another outfits like complete to a colour of your cloths or other accessories. These scrunchies would be good to exert or alternately would be adicins/good additions of more stylish outfits.

In general, highly recommends this individual scrunchies. They are preferred in other types of bands of hair because they are more comfortable and supportive of hair, especially yes is the fattest hair . Also they resemble outshine another scrunchies reason are softer, stretchier, more durable, and have more beautiful and paints more vibrant. If you are looking for the new type of band of hair that will not hurt your hair, Or yes is looking for the main quality scrunchie, to good sure would suggest these.
4 / 5
The cost has checked I recieved everything of a scrunchies in everything of some paints seen.
Has fat wavy/curly hair that often hurts my hair when it spends the collected.
Has had one of these in my hair partorisca the pair of hours now, any ache and he has resisted my hair up with him when being wraped around two times (I usually require wrap bands of hule around my hair 3 times loves it to him to remain arrive well). A scrunchie feels too tight to wrap around 3 times, which is well. Hopefully, Resists up.
4 / 5
The cost has verified these scrunchies is like this pleasant and durable. A selection by heart is surprising, a quantity takes partorisca a price also is in amazing! The must buys partorisca scrunchie enthusiastic and collectors (taste)
5 / 5
The cost has verified My Daughter of Brat the master! For some reason, all some the young daughters are by train to love them. These are quality very better that one some use behind a day.
4 / 5
The cost has checked the really liked a variety by heart and that in fact maintain mine on pending hair of the sports and exiting. THE I Desires were quite big to spend like an accessory in my wrist this in spite of
4 / 5
The cost has checked is sper pleasant and the work well excepts that small an elastic is. They are perfect partorisca boys or of the people without of fat hair.
My hair is not sper thickness but are prone the headaches like these scrunchies is too tight, my favourite colours have extended was quite for now, but has bought these months.
Would say that has half thickness of the hair and I can wrap on around the bun 2x.
If the fat curly the hair or you maintain your hair in braids then to good sure so only would be able of the wrap around 1x.

That the be has said that they are lovelier he for a price!
4 / 5
The cost has verified In the first place was, has loved a packaging well the class Of them is income the quality but simple but well of still stock exchange. Also they look seeds-big quality.

As, a scrunchies has had the few attractive in them and some colours have been suppositions to be the dark plus pallet but some colours were the pocolos different that pointed. Still in my pictures some colours look the little lighter in my pictures!

A main reason has not given this five star is been due to some attractive in a cloth.
4 / 5
The cost checked has been expecting 20 full measure coloreada scrunchies, that has received them a topmast was 18 mini scrunchies. I have not been only mini but some colours were brown darkness , blue , red dark , the black and the darkness have lived. With some products partorisca repeat. Im Any sure has taken them a wrong container, reason all some other descriptions of the client and the look of photo adds! Any way disappoints and global the would not recommend .
5 / 5
The cost has checked colours Very Vibrant! Also they resist on really well.

Top Customer Reviews: 54 Pcs Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Fidel
My daughter has hair really the fat has sold this. My daughter wants these wreaths. It wants to take like this. Some the varied colours and the bands are tight and strong. It IS perfect for him , adds the little extra to the each outfit!
5 / 5 Gertrude
54 pieces like this pictured :) I love a variety by heart and some floral impressions. They look durable, but has not had an occasion partorisca use for any long quantity of time. There is roughly three different textures of cloth in this band. Some the solid colours are the soft velvet . The majority of a form some are the regular chiffon knitted. Two of them (which there is pictured) is the class of ridged knitted. Personally any like him To him a way feels and neither like me some few models in these two as probably I will not use him . But 2 no-go scrunchies out of 54 is not bad. It IS still I extracted adds. I have purchased at the same time these a price was $ . A current price this $ (bad regime partorisca me). But any way, is better that buying of the tent where 2-3 scrunchies can be in $ 5-$ 10. To good sure recommend these!
5 / 5 Ila
I absolutely the amour of amour loves him! I have taken a 54 band and they are surprising, perfect quality for like this economic! To good sure recommends these, each one which scrunchie has had the different colour and is all like this beautiful!! I love him!
3 / 5 Reva
These scrunches is not built very partorisca people with people or fat hair the one who prefers bonds of hair More the free. It has curly and fat hair and while I can join a scrunchie around two times, is sper tight and can not spend a scrunchie in my wrist comfortably neither because it is just way too tight. A variety of colours is a lot because have something partorisca match each outfit but the desire was the little has bitten freer.
5 / 5 Neomi
My daughters love. They were excited like this when they have arrived. They tried it was immediately and have a lot elastic in them will order more when we require to. And the nave was quickly.
3 / 5 Una
Colours very good and creations. But it does not extend any a lot of. Calm can wrap two perhaps 3 times around a collected. It IS very partorisca the little daughter that does not have fat hair. But you do not recommend him partorisca an adult or has to that it weaves of hair. Or has fat hair.
5 / 5 Calista
I have bought these scrunchies partorisca my daughter, surprised partorisca a price, some colours are very good and the quality is very good and soft. My daughter that say that it wants these scrunchies. I am pleased with this compraventa. Thank you!
5 / 5 Elden
My half school the daughter aged has been thrilled with these. They are a variety of varied good-looking colours and models, and well has done. Well value of the money.
2 / 5 Josefine
These are not durable and easily the falls avert and the piece was. They are the good value , but is looking for the quality in the quantity maintains partorisca look.
5 / 5 Mohammad
It is extracted adds partorisca 54 pcs scrunchies, and a stock exchange partorisca wrap is adorable. It shares these with my friends, and there is has not had the colours has repeated. We are appreciated like this partorisca this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: 40pcs Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Vannesa
The cost has verified So only giving it 4 stars because some have come with loose edges but another that that they are really add, sper stretchy, and wants to him! What only to to that did not like was that sper glittery is.

has impressed really with this company because they are recently state contacted of one of some members of personnel regarding my feedback. Estella Was extremely apologetic and offered to give me the repayment for cost of mine. It has declined simply reason these are still my preferred scrunchies never! Really it appreciates the one who reads hard to maintain satisfaction of client.
4 / 5 Gladis
The cost has verified Ossia my first time that buys scrunchies and ossia perfect. Has fat curly the hair and ossia perfect. Usually some other bonds of hair rasgan my hair but these some slides out of those utmost. Also it has a lot of colours partorisca choose of and is a perfect measure and among a stock exchange a pleasant plus. As you recommend this especially for people that is buying scrunchies for a first time partorisca extracted adds.
4 / 5 Abe
The cost verified has received my mandate he roughly done two weeks. I do not have him it wins to revise until I have had enough time to try them was. A pros to good sure outweigh a gilipollas. A pros looks of: wide variety of colours ( split almost everything in my cupboard), a lot durable, can resist thin hair and fat hair closely, sper pleasant in hair and like an accessory, and quality quite good. A gilipollas looks of: light that loss when in the first place open and with a first wear, a scrunchie has not been sewed all an enclosed way (this so only could be the thing to time this in spite of), and the pocola serious free here and there. On everything, really likes him to of me, is my favourite addition in any outfit.
5 / 5 Karan
Purchase Mina verified 13 yr old loved a colour, texture and quantity - can not comment in the quality like so only received yesterday
4 / 5 Alva
The cost has checked the Better money NEVER is SPENT! Elections and the amazing quality by heart ADORABLE want to them! It is gone in two days also!
5 / 5 Wynona
The cost has verified My daughter there is wanted absolutely his scrunches! So many different colours and everything like this soft! Pleasant stock exchange also! Thank you So many!!
4 / 5 Samual
The cost has checked I amour this element is very soft and a right measure.
5 / 5 Niki
The cost has verified A lot well with a softer velvet! Has some the majority of colours in the amazon has not seen never! It IS an economic plus partorisca a more also! An ash a bondadoso of this free but am sure this has to to the fact that small my wrist is, concealed is not the universal question!
4 / 5 Hilary
The cost has checked Well. My net has wanted to him.
4 / 5 Thomasine
The cost has checked Soft, each colour, fat quality , good and a stock exchange goes in is very Pleasant!

Top Customer Reviews: Mandydov 24 Pcs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sade
The cost has checked I amour these scrunchies, was excited like this partorisca his partorisca go in, a packaging was like this pleasant! A velvet in a scrunchies is soft; they are not the defender of material of to the velvet like them to them the cups of harvest or trousers but this I amour !
My family has said that that has the fat hair and they resist my hair on well, can it to them wrap three times like the bond of regular hair . They are not the defender of a brown and green of file scrunchies but another that that all some colours are utmost !
Modification: have give so only so only take 23 out of 24 I has ordered
5 / 5 Meredith
The cost verified has ordered thesis partorisca my daughter. It was extremely happy with a resupplied big of colours partorisca match different outfits. With which receive a product there is give that they were qualities very big in the good price. To good sure order these again partorisca if it never pursue out of 24 hair scrunchies.
5 / 5 Anastacia
The cost has checked pleasant, soft, almost in the each colour to match perfectly w/ daily outfits. You love him
4 / 5 Rae
The cost has checked I lovveee these scrunchies!!! It looks for him everywhere and I am like this happy has found these! There are so many colours and love a velvet feels!
5 / 5 Lillian
The cost has checked Loves a quality and texture! Totally value of the money! The looks add!!
5 / 5 Felecia
The cost has verified These are really quite colours. There is not any cloth that loss, and is quite strong--I has fat hair. Amur These! I will not go never looking for it scrunchie again!
4 / 5 Paris
The cost has checked to to the My daughters likes them to them-the all some colours
4 / 5 Coletta
The cost has verified These are awesome and the quality adds! A resupplied of the colour is like this enough.
4 / 5 Wally
Bonds of the hair of Compraventa has checked
4 / 5 Karlyn
The cost has checked Perfecta..

Top Customer Reviews: 65 Pcs Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Alda
I love a variety of the colour and look durable. Each one that like this of them is very pleasant. 65 pieces like pictured, does not have to that me worry roughly in losing coverage of hair. Besides, it is not too tight or free, so only is returned my hair. They Like him.
5 / 5 Wilbur
Some colours are like this quite and vibrant! A durability is also orders! It maintains my hair has joined a lot well! This last quite long also!
4 / 5 Modesto
Ossia The newspaper consumable for my daughter
My daughter is the animate boy
often dips these things in winning
has decided like this to buy the plot for his
A lot of quantity and good quality, economic prize