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1 first Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo and Daily Deep Conditioner, 8.5 fl oz (Set of 2) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo and Daily Deep Conditioner, 8.5 fl oz (Set of 2) By Neutrogena
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2 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 fl. Oz (Pack of 3) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 fl. Oz (Pack of 3) By Neutrogena
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3 best Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 fl. oz (Pack of 3) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 fl. oz (Pack of 3) By Neutrogena
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4 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask 6 oz (Pack of 5) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask 6 oz (Pack of 5) By Neutrogena
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5 Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, Gentle Non-Irritating Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Hair Build-Up & Residue, 12 fl. oz Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, Gentle Non-Irritating Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Hair Build-Up & Residue, 12 fl. oz By Neutrogena
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6 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask Moisturizer for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating Hair Treatment with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 oz (Pack of 2) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask Moisturizer for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating Hair Treatment with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 oz (Pack of 2) By Neutrogena
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7 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream 6 oz Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream 6 oz By Neutrogena
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8 Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Original Formula, Anti-Dandruff Treatment for Long-Lasting Relief of Itching and Flaking Scalp as a Result of Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis, 16 fl. oz Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Original Formula, Anti-Dandruff Treatment for Long-Lasting Relief of Itching and Flaking Scalp as a Result of Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis, 16 fl. oz By Neutrogena
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9 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream 6 oz (Pack of 5) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream 6 oz (Pack of 5) By Neutrogena
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10 Neutrogena Clean Normalizing Shampoo & Conditioner 0.8 oz bottles - Lot of 24 - (12 each) - Total of 19.2oz Neutrogena Clean Normalizing Shampoo & Conditioner 0.8 oz bottles - Lot of 24 - (12 each) - Total of 19.2oz By Neutrogena
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Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Chelsie
Have in the first place tried a product like the hotel freebie. Masters that. My hair has the sensibility to a lot of other shampoos but this a perfect east, any irritation at all. Shoots my hair that the look adds.
5 / 5 Naida
I Like these products the plot. Celery well while applying to my hair and my combs of hair and looks a lot afterwards.
4 / 5 Maricruz
My hair recently is improving with these products. It was extremely dry and ugly but now looks 100 better times and can feel it the plot also , a lot silky every time applies them.
5 / 5 Cherilyn
Is easy to comb my kinky curly hair with which uses this product
5 / 5 Reggie
This shampoo and the conditioner is awesome, his both odorano well, any overpowering or too fragrant, your hair is silky with which uses, easier the fashion and is fatter to one feels, can use it daily without on drying my hair, the little more expensive then any shampoo of the living room but we value he.
5 / 5 Elvia
Love this shampoo and conditioner. More odorando shampoo there in my opinion. Shoots my hair and the clean hair and refreshed. Smells Like this refreshing and cleaned. Also it uses a shampoo in my face and organism like the washed of organism and have resulted exceptional. The just desire has been sold in of the main quantities
5 / 5 China
have long, hard to the comb was hair . Alternated to use these, a shampoo so only, a conditioner after the economic shampoo. My hair is shiny and easy to comb out of any way. It is taking hard to find these, the wait is not making for stages was.
5 / 5 Kendrick
Leave your paving of hair.
4 / 5 Sanda
Conditioner And utmost shampoo partorisca thin hair.
4 / 5 Joyce
Amur He

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Aleida
That is to say a saint grail for hair! First of all, has one the majority of hair of annoying combination never. Has sensitive rind and has has had subjects with sebhorric dermatitis. My hair tends to take greasy fast, but my hair is dry and thin. Be as the constant battle that the flavours finds the conditioner that will not break my hair was more. This material any one cause a dermatitis in clave up, and my hair only the flight. I eschew a hair and house in a half besides final and marvels of records. It see In the very dry climate also, and my hair was totally fraction and has dried was. This has revived the! Thank you Neutrogena And Amazon!
5 / 5 Vera
It does years a WSJ has had a piece in of which ingredients the shampoo of quality would have to have . My visit in the tent of the big drug found this shampoo and what closely the key ingredients have matched up. Been using it never since.
2 / 5 Sandra
I am sure that some works of product very - even so a fragrance was road overpowering. He in fact begun to break me has assisted my line of hair. NEUTROGENA The products in general are built typically for sensitive rind. If has an aversion in strong fragrance - is chosen better something more.
3 / 5 Susy
This Neutrogena the conditioner is very only the basic conditioner. It was excited really so that I have read such good descriptions, and my hair is recovering to dye, bleaching, and harm of heat. But really, he any one anything special. My hair is not very much more exert that any one another conditioner of pharmacy. I prefer OGX conditioner of Keratin. It was cheap for 3 bounced even so. A smell is kinda odd...The flange Plants my toe in that is. I will use the up, but probably wont purchase again.
5 / 5 Cassaundra
That is to say a first time has not used never this conditioner. It leaves my hair that listens so soft.
My hair is usually very dry in some final and curly/frizzy.
-The commentaries sideways that is to say very fat and to to the smells like them to them the lotion of coconut of butter. If any calm like his that the smell then aide to look spent the reason listens it so hydrating.
Although it is hydrating my alleys have required still some extra amour how and has posed the tiny point and massaged concealed in my humid and only alleys is returned in life. The happy tan has taken 3 bounced
5 / 5 Arica
Has the very picky hair that tends to the accident has been with more conditioners or 2in1s. I am pleased to say that this Neutrogena works of product surprisingly well, the utmost smells, and I greetings taken in fact in my hair when changing.
5 / 5 Tari
This material is awesomeness! An only conditioner that is been in sufficient fat to condition my hair after Nizoral shampoo. The flight!
4 / 5 Lorinda
Active Very time very well very tangling blond hair that is dyed black. My hair any dye of semence very he so has to when being very careful of a shampoo or the use of conditioner. My hair has drought very taken this winter/to fall has so decided to try this because of a prize and revises. Has the a lot of supple listen and does my hair the less dry bit without listening heavy. It IS very dense but has to use the plot the cover my hair like the small tube like this any last very very time. Still I am happy with him and will maintain in my rotation of moisturizers.
5 / 5 Meaghan
I use this for years and still wants to it. My hair is very good and has the organism perm in him and sometimes has excel. This shampoo the help.
5 / 5 Raphael
These marks to surprise on easily tangled fine hair! Test soooo a lot of marks of tent of the drug, tent of department of marks of big final, and marks of same living room only, even so that is to say an only mark that instantly fall my tangles. Especially after spending the hoodie or shirt of the big collar all day. The flight!

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tisa
State using this product to take to find in of the tents, like the compraventa on-line. The mine helps very well has crimped the hair has finishes the loosest bond together. It tries other products, but always returned is. All the world is hair is only helps my curly stay of hair clumped together in ringlets while the air that dry. I do not want to frizz, and does not want curling textured.
Only tries or bounced, and the voice helps calm.
4 / 5 Anglea
Easy to use and no-greasy.
5 / 5 Allen
That is to say a more leaves the conditioner has not used never. Aveda Has interrupted his leaves the conditioner and I was so disappointed. I have tried then Neutrogena is, which have resulted to be same better. Only I desire enters the main boat! Very leave it my curly, hair of course very soft, and softens some curls only slightly. The prize and the wonderful product are utmost on !
5 / 5 Sharmaine
This material is a BETTER! It smells it Adds, it does not weigh -under my hair, and is good to use in my red (dyed) hair and turn of leader in him.
Has been since using it (almost 2 month now) my hair has listened to good sure less frizzy and dry, more visibly shiny, and more espaired'.

Would recommend this product 100%!
; )
5 / 5 Queen
It attaches to leave in conditioner
5 / 5 Arlinda
I very like this produced. It has used he during several years, and is pleased to be able to buy in 3-joins in the reasonable prize through Amazon. Importing to use slightly - too hair of leaves the bit gunky. Highly it recommends for the whoever protects his hair - particularly yes accused (colour, perm, etc.).
5 / 5 Magen
This quite smelling the product has has done really my 'frizz prone, semi-wavy in all some wrong situate' the look of hair adds. I am out of regular conditioner, which usually scares me, but this produces very done a trick. Has the hair by heart largo has treated that usually it listens likes him the straw after shampoo and any conditioner. Has very hard a lot of water, included although we use waters it softener my very sudden hair! A living room the marks are subjects in pricey for me, as I have decided test Neutrogena produced. I am very happy so far with some results. I use the Wet2Dry the dish plans quite every day and very his this has been protects well for this process.
Has read a reveiwer said has the problem that paintbrushes his hair after dry, can see he so that it can spend if too much it uses, the smallish dollar of the money sized squirt was all required for my low hair of period of the shoulder, always can attach more once is dry in these zones that necessity the small extra. Some directions say humid to dry hair.
Like the side remarks my hair has not listened to like straw after using a Neutrogena shampoo, but that it is the separate description .
Has used this product in my curly daughter frizz prone hair. A lot the can not go with out something to tame his hair, apresamiento very dry and frizzy look around his face. Any tangle and his hair was very smooth and enough. It thinks that that it smells very well, almost fruity. It IS the fragrance of the good light concealed does not persist or enter a road other oils or perfume you can quite wear.
5 / 5 Sophie
That is to say my favourite product . It IS ones only 'leaves in' conditioner that maintains was static subjects with my long hair and never spent in my feeling of the to to hair likes him does of the product in him that would have to has been rinsed was. It IS impossible to find in of the tents anymore so many is so excited to be able to take this in ships of cart with Amazon.
5 / 5 Lance
My secret weapon some months of winter. It was not that it live without it leave-in conditioner!
5 / 5 Jospeh
Material adds, smooth and easy for my hair after I blow dry. It can not say it is in your hair. I use it sometimes in my hair put and of the toes of race through my hair and leave the dry. It is not sticky or rigid. And The flight

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Kent
These produced is awesome, always go back his, any one imports like another product I use. This a moisturizes like this well and leaves your hair that feels súper soft. The product has arrived promptly and was a lot of packaged.
4 / 5 Leann
Has tried a lot of product partorisca conditioner but the can not compare with east a, the frames inclusos have included,the different conditioner can no partorisca win me. It has to that be so only this product❤️❤️
5 / 5 Nolan
the work Adds in my hair has broken dry.
5 / 5 Deon
The knees of a bee partorisca hair has broken
4 / 5 Earlie
has left my dry hair
4 / 5 Geralyn
A better deep conditioner
5 / 5 Tristan
the product Adds! State using this partorisca on 7 years and counting!
5 / 5 Krystal
Does as well as the conditioner, but has not seen any results of deep recovery.
5 / 5 Cicely
I didnt sees any transmission in my hair. Infact, He drier
5 / 5 Reena
the hair is súper soft after using. Amur Of amour

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Glenna
I produce it adds! This shampoo has take years/of months of build of product-up in my hair that any included knows has had. With which so only a wash, my hair felt lighter, more final, more voluminous, and has required less styling produced partorisca achieve some same results. But be careful any partorisca use this too often to the equal that can dry out of your hair. Has long, the dark fine hair and I use this roughly once each one that 2 weeks, or once each one that 4-5 washes.
5 / 5 Erik
Utilisation this before I paint my hair with seeds-permanent dye (specifically manic panic) partorisca do sure my hair is cleaned as well as possible as it dye will fill an iron of better hair. Work partorisca this purpose, and look partorisca take the work of better dye that using the shampoo regulates before hand.
This in spite of, although one writes-he on said does not use this on the hair by heart treaty, unless you are trying to take colour.
Personally thinks these stinks of shampoos, but so only uses it once each month of pair I so that it can live with him.
Likes another has mentioned, your dry hair. He my a lot tangled hair. It uses the mask of hair after while I dye my hair, as any hard yearn me, but to good sure wants to use some class of in-shower or leave-in conditioner (or both) afterwards.
4 / 5 Nathanial
I have struggled with having greasy hair my life learns- the few hours after washing, my hair takes weighed down and almost wets to look. It is very embarrassing and has looked throughout for products that will fix this question. I have read AWESOME descriptions in this product- like this has has has changed villages greasy hair and like them of the that has to that wash his hair each day only anymore. Has has wanted to this to do in my like this bad hair, but unfortunately, he the no. can contest that he my even more greasy hair. My hair has lighter of sense and cleaned after raining, but when have wake on a next day, my hair looked very wet and has had to take another shower. I have tried these multiple times and I take a result still- the greasiest hair a day with which. These works of product differently for different people, and unfortunately, no for me.
4 / 5 Renea
Bought this to do to vitamin C mask of hair to turn my colour of hair to the equal that can do the correction by heart in the with which exit too dark for mine in pleasant. As with more clearing shampoo, found the partorisca be drying like this I the mask to condition in my hair after reason that the conditioner has not felt to like enough. It alleges to be sweet on colour-the hair treated but would not use it unless actively it try to turn a colour or the dry was.

Have mixed the small quantity of a shampoo with roughly 7500mg of the vitamin runs over C pills until it forms the paste and applied it to wet hair for an hour and has washed + conditioned like normal to relieve my hair for several shadows.
4 / 5 Darin
I love this shampoo that considers once-a-use of month to take to excess products likes him leave the conditioners etc. Have dry, curly hair and require a lot moisturizing conditioners and leave-in of the products, but those can build up over time (was washing hair three times the week). This anti-resets of shampoo of the residue an air and the frames seats like this light and cleaned. I have been using he for on two decades. Unfortunately it is really hard to find this in mortar-and-of the tents of brick today for some odd reason (and alive in the big-ish city) to the equal that am happy of the find on to the amazon in the prize adds.
4 / 5 Terri
This does the work adds that it takes a build-up out of my hair. Has slowly, directly greasy hair of course; taking a lot of stringy a lot quickly. Also, material there are some minerals that resulted in hardness in my water that is causing build-up in my hair. It does not use any products of hair another it shampoo and conditioner, as I do not have a subject with mousse build-arrive or anything, as it can not testify to if these works in that. I have been using this once the week for the month now. Always it leaves my very cleaned hair that looks. My sister has bought some also with which have begun to use the. There is much more volume in his hair, and produced of uses of hair. It says that it leaves his clean hair and bouncy after his weekly use.

This in spite of, has taken my hair there is dyed this week. My stylist has revised a product and of the ingredients and has said any to use it anymore unless has has wanted to all a colour to leave quickly.
5 / 5 Carol
Absolutely I love this shampoo. Has fat but well, curly hair. Volume to plot to build on been due to some products I use to define curls of mine and control frizz. Curly The hair is very dry so shampooing daily is the no-no. This shampoo is perfect reason can use it on my roots once (sometimes twice) the week to cut down any one builds up. Highly it recommends for any the one who uses to plot of products but is not able to thick shampoo.

A scent is VERY STRONG. Any the import any a lot of anymore but persists all day. If you are prone the headaches of strong scents, this can not be for you.
5 / 5 Barton
Dud advertising, announces to three band but all takings is the alone band. On this mine has filtered was as it has been missing in a thumb of a cup.
4 / 5 Ignacio
I have bought this shampoo the little month done and used it 1-2 times the week for roughly 3 weeks before have has had to that take. It causes my hair to result súper red, airado, and itchy and then has caused also my hair to fall and thin was, leaving enormous bald something in of the sure sections of my boss. These produced is not to VALUE HE. Especially it has hair or sensitive skin. They are PAST MONTH trying take my hair behind to where once is and spoken with my stylist of hair the one who has said that that knows multiple people those who have has has had reactions to this same product. No SHABBY.
5 / 5 Antione
Shampoo Very global; this in spite of, a description for this element said 'Neutrogena Shampoo 6 oz (Sale of 3)'. Now call me an idiot, but would assume '(Sale of 3)' meant you in fact purchased to a sale of 3 bounced of shampoo. I have received a boat, as it does not purchase thinking calm in fact is that it takes a band of 3 likes alleged in a listing.

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sharell
Taking of a bowl of ethnic salad with hair of resplandor of tampon that is sometimes nappy, sometimes curling, and sometimes directly, that is to say a calm only conditioner never need for a rest of your life. It repairs and soften likes him in of absolute more, although calm say you to well sure would have to do a bit in and leaves in after washing, and to the crown was, has guessed the. These smells of materials like the magic bouquet of flowers of cradle. It takes the word of strangers.
5 / 5 Julianna
This has disappeared recently of our venue CVS and Walgreens, as I am expecting any one go to be has interrupted! Happy to see he in Amazon -- I normal above sure. That is to say in an only conditioner that in fact done my hair (which are colour has treaty, longish, and directly) soft and smooth. Only it uses the dollop, records he in some final ( was also weighed to use in my hair) and leaves in during the minute or two during my shower, does not use likes him the hair chews. I have recommended he in the partner the hair duquel was so dry that saw his doctor quite he -- and was very happy with some results -- included arrival to recommend the in his doctor.
5 / 5 Kimber
This material is Surprising! Has hair of fat course that it was arrests to break when my stylist has dyed it (w/or my consent) when has asked only the rinse. In all the case, my hair turned in taking it, in in to to the cape likes him to him his the tampon/of of resplandor of the when dry cotton. I have maintained that it has to cut some finals. It was hesitant to cut a last 3 fried inches of dry, nappy, gone in upper of frizz and now does not have to . My hair in fact aplanado has been. Although the be still frizzy and dry, is taking softer. This was only 1 use. dulcemente Is softening behind up too many. My period has aplanado has been that he perm. The May HAS GUESSED Neutrogena has done by Seriously of Ethnic hair. Read some descriptions and is believing he the work more when the hair is supremely dry, fraction or frito of to heat or to to painting likes him to the mine was ( so that it revoke it a condition). If calm only is using and has not had an attach, or can not see the difference or affect. It opens Only require something to pose say humidity behind.
5 / 5 Blossom
I have bought this out of desperation. I have achieved in a point where eye of while or touch my chair of hair really turbulent quite the. I have used to him stops to have the very well, the hair is but of resettled in Middle East, where a water is terrible, my hair dulcemente resulted frizzy and broke. The Tangled and was too dry. I have researched and expsito that the plot of good descriptions is given in this plus of product is very abordable. I tried it, his state the month now, could any one when being any happier and more satisfied. I want this product and recommends in the who can be in in to the desperate situation likes him before.
5 / 5 Waneta
My hair was soooo dry and crunchy. My blond the ends looked and has listened totally frito and fatality. It was roughly to go in my hairdresser and or taken more the low hair was (is already I quite low) or ask the treatment of professional conditioning. Like The last curb DIY endeavour, has purchased this product based in some stellar descriptions and I are so happy has done! I saved me at least $ 70 in a living room. A time to use this and my hair have been transformed. Where once it is brittle is now soft. Where Has been once dulls is now shiny. Where once it is to take in the cape is now smooth and swishy. Where once it was it creases the front is now the smile. I expect this magic and stays of conditioner abordable around for ever!!!!
5 / 5 Alethia
State using this product the long time in last very crimped the hair of the swimmer. It opens I am going thru chemotherapy and has lost all my hair. The newspaper washes my face and hair with shampoo of creature and then rubs the very small quantity of a mask of recovery in my hair, the left wing when being the pair of minutes and rinse. It listens another chemo the patients queixen in syndrome of sensitive hair. My hair has not been never sensitive. I ask me if it is a mask of recovery .
4 / 5 Lashaun
Workes Adds, although not perfecting for me. I have left he in for 10 in 30 minutes, then rinse. In a shower combs my hair in planting has posed then this on, more concealed having all my hair has pulled by behind that when rinse. My hair is dry and frizzy in an upper cloak and this the smoothest fact and softer. I have tried the product with protein what apresamiento was a frizz. As I will use that once weekly or two and Neutrogena Triple Humidity three times the week.
5 / 5 Carrie
Amur, amour, amour. It produces taken of living rooms and in in to to the places likes them-him it to them Sally Bellesa but this material is by far a better. I actuate Of course wavy hair- curly limit and very very time. I have used this material quite once the week and every time has used the in my sense of the to to hair likes him the when it calms of drought. Help with my tangles and finals to break. It does not leave my material to listen of the hair or greasy likes him a bit the products have. Has data some in my neighbour to try and she have finished to order a bit, also. His hair is very time and in a fat side. He the ways daily so much was preoccupied quite maintaining his hair is. It says that his hair there has not been never listened smoother as when she blowed has dried arrival!
Is looking for The hair of miracle softener, come from the. I can not think what economic is compared in other products. If this was two times so much, still would buy it.
Tries since you. It is surprising.
5 / 5 Elene
This material is surprising!!! He colored my hair for years. For some first time begins to look it! It was dry and frizzy. I actuate Only the used this once. Already I can see the difference. I can not expect use the the little more time. If one uses can do so much can not expect for more.
5 / 5 Eulalia
Tan very that conditioner Of neutrogena. My hair is smoother these calms, softer that anything! The happy tan with these products. I use a mask quite once or two times the week, the be of left wing while I am washing my organism for the few minutes, and take incredible results!

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
The purchase checked has looked for big and down for east some years every time grow my hair was so that any local tent spends it. My hair is well and relatively directly. In our north climate, dry , cold (for the majority of a year) here in northerner of Wisconsin, if it does not use this, when paintbrush my hair is directly was and bonds in everything, while as there it is my hand in an of this ion of money that generates spheres (has forgotten a technical name for them). These products poses the decree in that with just the little of the drops have done in when my hair is put. Like this he 6 oz the hard boot for probably afterwards by the year for me.

Quan Could not find this in some tents once, finished to try quite 8 other products, any duquel anything for a static or my hair in general, so at the end bought it on-line of an only place could find it, while it can not find in Amazon. I have paid more for one that ships that a product, and apresamiento almost 2 weeks to take here. Like The member of Premier has used to to ship versions of 2 days, concealed has not been ideal. As I am happy to see he in Amazon now.

Only does not use too much, pose in when your hair is wetted enough, combs he through, then the towel the dry plus afterwards so required (tip of a type that used to cut my hair) and everything is well. If it looks the visible bit when your dry hair, supposes does not blow for the dry, then the paintbrush is each takes to do that it disappears, leaving your soft hair, the shiny bit but very too much, and even so like this static free. As I am happy that this available in the reasonable prize in Amazon now, and attentive that continues.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified This looked the prize adds EXCEPT beware only will take or bounced to leave in conditioner! I want the but a description declares 3 group. It tries to notify Amazon but very sure where so that it follows to write the description. 1 Star for bad info the product only is 5 stars.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified initially discovery in NTM in the forum of cure of the hair. You are listing likes one of a cup ten covers in the conditioners for some members was very hesitant of the purchase so that I have not been the sure law for my hair relaxed. Desprs Researching varied to leave ins decided to give this tries it since he any one slope that very and has such sake of descriptions adds, is happy wants these material layers my hair that listens very soft, shiny, and the light does not cause any one above tez different another leaves in the conditioners have tried in a past. My only complaint is quite small like other descriptions have declared the desire could find this locally the eschew that the paid cost to ship but will continue to use this product and I recommend another for the give the flavour also.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified only takes the small quantity to soften my thickness of coarse hair. It Likes him so that you apply in of leaves and humid hair in. A right quantity any cause greasiness but too sure . State using he for the few years. They take in the local pharmacy then stopped to sell he in Canada for some reason. They prefer to be unscented although a smell is pleasant and is not too strong.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified Only or wine of bounced, no the group of three bounced. It IS the add to leave in conditioner, but has paid the big prize for just a boat. I advise a consumer to look for the vendor with more than precision in an advertising.
5 / 5
It buys it the work adds verified when had the relaxer. No longer I need these covers in.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified has a awesome fragrance (I really a lot of amours he) and untangles hair while in the now moisturized! You use you the hair put after washing it and is adds.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified he. The purchase. YES! I want this product with a newspaper of deep conditioner. It has changed my hair!! It smells it Adds, also :)
4 / 5
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Very well, but also greasy for my hair. They give in the partner and she want to it.

Top Customer Reviews: Neutrogena T/Gel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leana
Calm all quite well know what this shampoo , those a lot of laws, etc., As I am not that it goes in regurgitate all this material in this description. We fulfil I am add, yammer yammer yammer . That will say is cual surprised was when has taken a box and take of the concealed go me assemblar to be a the enormous boat especially given a prize paid for him. He gone in my local pharmacy and paid more for the half of boat a measure of a one am lining in my now same hand. Included a box of tax of the tents of piece that is in the each city through this nation adds our can not compete with a prize in a shampoo. Honestly I Have touched some in my hand only to verify and the view yes has been watered down ( knows like your boys of adolescents to do when assault yours or more cupboard of liquor when yours any house. This everything in a hope only has remarked in your flavours of liquor like calm in them have taken a unwashed has shot glass and used it to take the drink of water.) Well Quite strolling here. If or use it, likes, if of him a necessity to do the in, the buy, want a better prize for a quantity takes, the buy here of Amazon. The better prize against the quantity has found.
5 / 5 Daryl
It smells The small like the shampoo of the flea of cheap dog blended with the coal mine and fact in the barn and tried in hair of horses. BUT that is to say a soft more my hair has not listened never and my instant of any taken in the fine relief. Not going to enter for him romp with some hubs tonight so that to smell likes him to him one rear the yeti. Once the week in one the majority is how much will be to use this bad boy . Oh And probably the good idea ignites some sails, washed with a bit better smelling shampoo and conditioner after the rooms and then circle in the field of mint so that you STINK you. It IS only a paid of prize for this amazing material.
5 / 5 Norah
It likes him a lot of of an another 5 description to star here, after two uses and less than the week my psoriasis the hair coated has almost has totally losing. Some the red plagues are almost gone, and does not have any flake or dandruff anymore. The smell is the small odd but will take it.
5 / 5 Raul
It has had seborrheic dermatitis for the majority of my life and has is spent of the tonnes of money in shampoos of recipe of the dermatologists but I have had always these scales of failure in my hair. At all I aided me.
Then my sister recommended T Gel in me that says that it can me it he in aiding and since begun to use my hair has been clean, not even the something of dandruff.
10/10 would recommend, chair for not knowing enough the earliest. It was lost without him.
5 / 5 Teofila
Desprs Giving birth in my daughter, my hair has begun in that has it itchy problem and a lot of dandruff. I use different type of shampoo and Dr. Rx The shampoo but has done at all. This produces found in the tent of drug was one of this desperate time that expects prender an itch. It listens a right of difference after a shampoo of premier. My hair was clean and has relieved. Oh That the feeling of joy after 2 years that has a constant itch! State using this shampoo in some last 2 years and I are happy without itchy hair.
3 / 5 Cletus
Only works while you use. Desprs Repeated it used in month, for woking a mark of road for a first batch. It do not recommend It you require the use has repeated at all times. He still the a drier skull and returns itchy in his own. It listens that it is very only it has the soft or insignificant subject. Otherwise, IS to take in your sure skull. It does not take he for me. Also it can give it try it since in a lot 5 critics of stars has liked him the the. Only I do not comprise why for woking after the period submerged of use. It have begun to trust it and then has to prender the using to protect my skull and go in the different product.

IS my very personal experience after using he for the long time ( 3 times the week for in 6 month). If he no sooth calm in bouncing it has finished, he no any sake in a future and probably to cause the dry skull and itchy the plus subjects that has expected is possible.
5 / 5 Lena
This was to recommend in me for my dermatologist so that I have been diagnosed with Lichen Planus the class of psoriasis like rash in my hair. Since using this, my hair has begun clearing up without more cracked concealed taken in my combs and bleeds.
3 / 5 Zachery
State using this on and has been for probably 40-years but does not have does so for a past 5-years. Last time has used had a look of usual medicinal smell to take it always having but now has what floral fragrance is strong and very particularly likes him in me. Some looks of shampoo to be a same and does not take very time to correct the hair of look of dry itch to enter month of winter so that it spends of the hats so often because of a cold. We have been using the dr. Forest the Castile of Soap of Liquid of Pure almond but, over time, layers our dry hairs and a quite a lot of hair unmanageable. I still like a product but a fragrance is not a same while it was with an original formula so something changed and that the change the fact something another that original. Still after washing my first hair in a shower still can smell in my hands as it has had only he in my hand. Discontent fragrances In of the things like shampoos and detergents of dirty clothes so still although some looks of product to do a same for mine any hideout the few stars so that the smell and is a troubling smell .
5 / 5 Azucena
I have expected the month to do sure laws before leaving this description. I am supremely happy to inform that yes! Work! Only like another has said, was also sceptical in this product. Research far and width for something to do and prender my hair of itching and sprinkling dandruff. After first use, remarked reduced some dry zones above my bangs and a dandruff have begun a second day, while before begin immediately after shower. After third use, a dandruff has prendido totally and an itching resulted bareable.

My process: it has put my hair throughout, touches quite two measure of neighbourhood of a shampoo in my hand and then lather only during my zone of hair. I massage a hair for in the minute and leaves it on for other two minutes and rinse. Then it uses the shampoo regulates for an inferior part of my hair ( the help taken on a smell, although a smell is not that bad) and rinse. Then it conditions so normal. Wash with him each which as another day for premier then the week reduced in only two times the week (Monday then Friday).

A measure of boat is enormous for a paid of prize. I expect that I last me small month. Any road, is happy these laws and will continue to use this product.
3 / 5 Concetta
Has a supremely the hair airado and inflame; exacerbated by tension, time, fragrances - appoint it. Tried T-Gel and help, the little. Even so it leaves my hair that listens dry and also as if he no each wash was; still after conditioning and careful rinse. I am not particularly sensitive in fragrances but this a does not smell well; more a fragrance persists after my hair is dry. Has colour-the hair treated and these products undressed a colour was afterwards only the few washes.

In my recommended living room Kerastase Dermo-calm Kerastase Specifique Bath Vital Dermo-Calm, 8.5 Ounce was sceptical but has tried he out of desperation. For me, marvels of law. My hair is totally clear now. I have not ordered via Amazon, only purchased in a living room as it can very vouch for this particular vendor.