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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tayna
I have tried this product partorisca 2 weeks how is really a better way to really give a product the period of test/ of just description.
Scent: I Think that that this product could use the different fragrance profile but in general is the few medications that smells but that really does not annoy me .
Control: like this ossia mine really flu with a product. It alleges partorisca have the control 'big' excepts that really it is not true the strong wind will do so that perfect fashion and a calm more try fix a plus a product loses his control.
Feels in hair: a product is alittle greasy feeling in my hair but concealed is not to treat it big.
Look: Ossia a grace partorisca save of a product and reason has given the 3 accident some looks of product is really very partorisca a short time that resists in your hair. A lot down to any resplandor.

In general thinks that does better products that is manfacturer frames. It likes- one the company and a mark so only does not concern partorisca this product a lot.
5 / 5 Lakisha
Has been using this product partorisca roughly 6 month in my hair (any beard). My hair is the big to turn with the 1 yard in some sides, and he 7 (roughly 1') in a cup. It uses this product the way my hair to the messy ide part' and resist add partorisca do that.

My only question are are now in mine second tub of this product and is the absolutely terrible smells have compared to a first tub. One first tub has odorato almost like aftershave, but my second identical tub in fact smells like skunk cánnabis. Some folks could be well with his hair that to to smells like that, but disturbed of a smell and dips an expectation that consummates cánnabis... That I no.
5 / 5 Altha
Odora Like this like this odd, and no in the good way. Honradamente Can not comprise like any one is well with east odorando in his boss all day. I have it quell'has had commentary of people, sweats that strong! Honradamente Agree of the urinal. Some properties to control is also very poor. His a does not control stronger that at all.
5 / 5 Roxy
I hair of amour incinerates of then is light and calm give you so only quite control to maintain the hair along tame while still looking messy. A downside to the plot of creams has tried is that they take too tacky too quickly so many is pulling the hair was while you are looking for to apply the. With Smooth Viking, is literally SOFTEN a whole way by means of; I have applied this by means of my hair without tugging, and same when a product solves in and closes a hair, can still dipped your toes by means of him without any surprise yanks.

Also! A scent is light and grieve noticeable when applied that they are the defender of. Any point in spending cologne if your nose results the stock exchange to paste to 2 scents consistently during a day. So only really the smell so much is applying, and still then, has the cloths litter utmost, clean type of smell. It can not recommend this enough!
4 / 5 Kennith
Yeah HAS the little very bad smell but, is the noticable when you break pause a focus. It goes it was. A firmness is very calm does not need any a lot of. I will be to stick with this mark remains compatible.
5 / 5 Nelida
According to a look loves, will use Clay or forming Cream. It likes- one Cream to Form so it can run my toes by means of him during a day and need to, can add the little water to resist a fashion bit it. My hair is 6-8' longitude and thickness and days when I want to look more random will use a Cream vs Clay. The cream leaves my hair to move more but is the windy day etc can be hard to control. It take a frizz and maintains my hair that the looks add and has controlled.
4 / 5 Chae
Are roughly halfway by means of a boot while writing a description, and think that is mine less favourite of anything has tried. I have tried all an American Crew produced, BedHead pomade, Michell hard wax, tree of Tea of Mitchell pomade, Suavecito etc. so only takes way too much produced vs another the fashion a way loves. Also, for something has announced control like this big, has found a control was very feeble. The walking is gone in the disorder of windy day he on, and has to that restyle he with water. There is disappointed slightly basic was all some big indications. Has hair quite short with paste he and wear messy. It was to buy something more, and perhaps have a rest in my car like a backup of emergency.
4 / 5 Dori
Left beginning was to say that ossia for far my preferred styling produced. Has has has tried dozens of different products in my hair but I could not find that I have required until me stumbled to Soften Viking cream to form. Any all the world has a period of same hair or styling preference, but with this product does not import if your hair is short or period of half, as I know of experience (I follows sure can do in of the ways of the longest hair but has not grown fully out of my hair to give the just evaluation).

A past year is exclusively state using this and can be used and applied to humid hair as well as to dry hair (I personally likes dry my first first hair to ask the crazy arrived). It is also water based that they are add, as that can wash was with water or go to a barber with my hair styled (as easily it can wash was with water).

If you have not used this still, the try! Calm will not be disappointed. If has, has bet is reading this description that nods your boss in consonance.
4 / 5 Madison
Has to that be in accordance with another reviewers - this odora absolutely terrible. Odora Likes him to him the smell of organism that any one is trying to cover up with economic cologne. I can not believe smooth viking would dip out of the product has - been like this generally happy with his other products. Ossia Also any one the product of strong control - a lot well to take any class of texture or structure in a Hair. I have bought he for my edges to use but goes to head to some rubbishes to the equal that hates a control and does not appreciate odorando like the soiled armpit.
4 / 5 Leonore
Well, are 70 years . I have USED to have thickness curly hair that is now thin wispy hair :-) I have tried everything to maintain he in place. They are a leader of the very big association and a lot of public tongues. Too much time, some photos have me looking Einstein with which he out of his toe in an electrical socket. Have has tried helar and hairspray... The majority of unsatisfactory. Has thinks that would try this cream, included although I have lived by means of a 'Vitalis' and 'Brylcreem' days and has thought this has not been the good idea. Law perfectly. Easy to apply, invisible, resists firmly still softly. My woman has said that the looks am not using anything in my stays of hair in place for hours. Comb Again with the touch of water, and good for other few hours. I am sold totally is and will be to order again when the circle was.

Top Customer Reviews: Hair Clay for Men, ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Emilia
That to expect:

First thing will remark is a prize. That is to say more 100% for 33% less it produce that a 'level of industry' for comparable product. But on-line descriptions of smooth viking is well and the costs of quality an extra money, as why not spending an extra money?

Quan excitedly Ploughing your new 'awesome' container of product of hair, finds one for free material pilot; it is how they is bribing people to leave good descriptions... It can be fresh, but also could be the bad sign has bought these based in on-line descriptions.

Then, opens a lid to put your toe in and can not escape a smell; it smells terrible. A more next thing can describe is stale smoked of cigarette. Any fresh smoke, but smoked old likes him 1980s bowling alley during hour of boys. It IS the small fresher that a tray of ash, like the bowling fragrance of the alley used-spray duquel piece of free shoe a rankness bit it. But it does not smell to like included tried the cover a foul aroma with something that Fabreeze. You imagine, 'looking well has some problems and is sure a smell goes era.'

In spite of a smell, applies in your hair anyways. You will find to take quite 3x produced that anything is to use to, but looking well has his costs.

Then finds does not import if your hair is place or dry, has said he in or comb he in; a clay only does not maintain these hairs where would have to when being . Sure, a volume of your hair will be well, but the hairs have lost frizz out of the that is to say odd has smooth soft hair. Calm give it the fixed final and straightens all has been before the title has been for a day.

Then, after the diverse view of hours finds calm in a restroom and take the gaze in a mirror. Basically, this material is so effective like mere water and at all when dry. Your hair is the disorder and does not have any one those that people of the idea looked in you and has thought was disheveled stupid. A container said 'waters it soluble,' as you have put your hair for the revive and walk out of one restroom looking you has taken to rain in a tank. It repeats that several times through a day.

A next morning the voice that chairs there and imagines yesterday the bad experience was the fluke, as you come from it again and perhaps changes some subjects applies it. It repeats that several days until at the end to the launch was and leave the bad description in counteract all these bribed / paid-for descriptions in Amazon
1 / 5 German
Produced of terrible hair. If you are Of it is-Asian with black hair right thickness, stays out of this cual a plague. It leaves residue in a hair and a hair do not remain posed - any one how much use of import. Very disappointed in a product.

A thing of well only in this product is that it is easy to clean which are only useful when gives that it is good cape and he only done your sticky hair.
5 / 5 Juli
I very like this produced of hair. Active Very hair of period of the half to this likes him to him the fly entered a drop of the hat, and that is to say some products of premier has used that in fact it direct it his. It was only in vacacional in the some place concealed was supremely windy this has blown my hair during a place, but was very easy to pose my hair behind in place with swipes he of pair of my hand. Also the does not have the strong to smell which are well, and no your hair that is sticky or anything. Another big plus is has has not had any problems that the wash was neither. So far I very like this produced and to well sure will buy it again when the circle has been.
1 / 5 Starr
State hunting for the wax of the new hair to use has been of tiring of my old a (Gatsby mark). Compraventa And has tried the plot of different classes of wax of hair, paste, cream, clay of the multitude of marks to find my prjimos 'vain in' wax of hair for daily use, travelling, etc. Varies of Hanz of Fuko, Baxter of California, Lockhart is, and a lot of products of hair of the pharmacy. That is to say by far a product of the clay of worse hair has used. He included the photo to aim that I have bought enough the small hair that fixes products and still is planning the flavour was more.

1. A smell is so medicinal, almost which as an old group of the cigarettes of menthol the smell has remained in a rain repeatedly.
2. Control - Non-existent. Period. After application and remolding in a way this wants to, a clay disappears and he so done a control. Calm bet can it to you try and the use the averages the boot and he still control for perhaps 20 minutes at most.
3. Washability - 5/5 stars so that it likes him has said anteriorly, disappears after application in an abyss so that it has at all in wash of anyways.

That when being said, listens a OCD present that is, will try a Smooth Viking cream to form of the Cream to try that only to bend me confirm to swing out of this mark. This knows? Perhaps It Softens Viking done a cream of better hair but a clay of absolute worse hair???

Thank you To read.
5 / 5 Trudie
It tries all some clays. This clay is to 9 out of 10. I want to that dry quite fast. That is to say that imports so that calm once has poses the the stays have posed. I this with humid hair and then once dried totally comb it a same road. It opens My pompador the looks concealed is like my hair of course grows era. It looks perfect hair without trying. Pomade Looks the product posed in and has taken time the way he. Even so, you apply this to put hair and just comb, look to regulate pomade. I wish this clay there has been the plus that the fragrance but any fragrance is only well. The lava very has been with the just water and he never aims of tower or flakey. Active Very hair but with this clay my volume is unbelievable. Another positive in this clay is that it does not leave never the residue in my plastic combs, only to comb little aim specs behind in my use of aspired of next time the. Some clays very blend well with hairspray to pose and this clay is well with him. Desprs Using this day in and day out of my hair is not dried was or crispy. My main complaint is that he only entered of beat them small. Salvation Viking. Where it IS one 12 oz beat?
5 / 5 Margarete
Some of a product of the better hair has not used never. Has curling thickness/wavy the hair and I hate to use pomade or anything shiny in my hair. Only the no apt my way. This form of helps of the clay my hair and maintains in place. This totality...'bedhead The look but you know his on purpose' look. I will continue to take this overtime need some clay. It smells it Adds also!
5 / 5 Myung
This material am ADDS! My husband uses it, and has hair very fat concealed is to take the fashion. It looks to do for him. I also uses for my two few boys that has the hair the fine plus, and is terrific - does not look greasy or shiny, and leaves a hair VERY pliable. No it likes him to Him one listens of of typical gel in hair so that it take it each what crispy, but this clay any one concealed. To well sure it will be to buy the again. The precise use more when has the coarsest hair, but the hair the much more very precise no a lot of!
5 / 5 Lorretta
It uses the strand of the American crew in fact a lot of years, always reverting behind in him after trying other products that only has not offered one all day fixing pot. Any anymore - am very happy concealed found this clay of order for Smooth Viking. It applies easy, and very easy to do in and way. It leaves a hair with the net, mate the arrival and the calm can run your hands through him without having taken bonded in the new gesture like a Strand. It IS the sake , be natural. Quan Wake up in a morning, is the night and day differentiates like these looks of products in your hair against. An another. With Strand, had no just 'the combs was and could exit in public has had to before aiming'. No the problem with a Smooth Viking clay! It IS very fire and pardon. An only downside in this product is a smell - is very medicinal. Another that concealed, will be to order more than these sure products, if any only for some uncomfortable looks in the faces of the people that ask me that a esmooth Viking the material in a bath is?'
1 / 5 Derek
A smell of this material remember me to walk in the trailer of Sally of aunt adds that smokes 3 groups of Marlboros the day. A control is terrible, especially if your hair is fat. If test and rubs your toes through your hair, this material will come the right has been for midday. It takes the full big toe in of the orders for him to take any class of control, so final to use the plot. It does not think to have never the left the negative critic, but disturb this so material that felt he thank you to do so.
4 / 5 Bessie
Have Down right hair, as I am looking for something to give texture and control without being too rigid or sticky. This the material to good sure returns that invoices!
For years, the pike used Messy paste of Cairo, which has done well. Then, any one bought me some Monat fixing Clay, and has wanted that material! I me give the product of the hair of the main quality has done the difference. I have read enough the few descriptions and decided to try Strand of American Crew, which has done well, but he a lot of way my hair quite while I have wanted. He clumped my up more hair and was the small also rigid. Then, since I waste to spend $ 30 in Monat, coverage Lisa Viking and has given to try it. State using he for almost the month, and a lot likes him in me. It takes some test and error to imagine out of a right quantity into use and what put to leave my hair to take some better results, but think that have it quite dialed maintaining. It gives only a right quantity of texture, and is not too rigid, but still wineries all day. Still I can try some other marks, but to good sure am that it likes him easterly of one!

Top Customer Reviews: Pomade for Men, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
One benefits there is not remarked in an information of product, and lost it perhaps, was that it is also the wonderful conditioner.

Has has used so only this product partorisca the week, but a plus noticeable effects it a sweetness of my beard. It uses this in my beard also, like a afterthought when applying to my hair.

Several months, partorisca some very personal reasons, has decided CREW HE!' And leave my hair and the beard grow was once again. In university has had hair my tape and the Grizzly Adams beard. And then I graduated and it has required the work, as I have found the barber and has done my way by means of Maslow Hierarchy of Need. A next phase of my life was the model partorisca hold. I any precise to be the millionaire ( is often dicks), and have enough money to be comfortable, and are lazy. I have begun to consult so only enough to pay bills and does not have to that undermine to some accounts of retreat. As I so only mentioned, are lazy, like this the phase is lasted awhile.

Then this year my world has been turned in his ass. Easily a worse year of my life, and ossia saying something. With which some soul looking for has agreed when it was university when I have had beard and long hair. As have prendido to cut my hair and shaving.

To his credit, my Lady has not said anything for some premiers two months. Then it mentions that a beard was scratchy and my hair was unruly. But it thinks that that it was so only the phase and finally spends. It does not have ANY IDEA that time my phases can be. Finally you result reluctant to cuddle because of a coarse hair a scratchy beard. Another example of as bad the year ossia.

A pair in fact the weeks have determined that my hair was finally long enough to do with, and has begun to look looking for produced. Any that loves the Mohawk or crack it, chooses Smooth Viking Pomade mainly because of some descriptions and information of product. Immediately a bat has been pleased with as my hair looked and that does exactly that it love it to do. (Full disclosure: in my age, having the full boss of hair give bragging right. Hell, having the boss of hair, the together of the teeth and the shows in bylines me he endangered especially.) When being able to the lame way point very additional of mine contemporaries second that it can say.

This weekend spent, my Lady commented in a new fashion and that exert so much my hair and the beard are. Then it proclaims that they are once again cuddly...

Which is well.
4 / 5
First time that use Pomade I. But HAVE IT that MASTER!!! Little bit goes the long way. The mine of control of the helps frizzy curly hair. The when being the type has used gel the fashion and control my hair. But that the rock taken always solid and has not looked a better. But this pomade is surprising. Helps the fashion and Is not mecer solid. Easy to clean hair and no the good only looks but has the light good smell also!! To good sure was to use this from now on.
5 / 5
Am giving these 4 stars so only because of a cost. All more roughly are adds. It resupplies the very solid control, has the good, subdued scent ossia reminiscent of leaves of grape and polish.

But, is so only 2 oz for 11 bucks. In my opinion ossia the little overpriced, considering you can take two times has produced for almost an exact same prize other costruttrici.
4 / 5
Controls and hair of utmost product in place without 'fat'. Another Pomade that has used is more like this vaseline. A Viking the mark feels - with which his applied and dry- like 'hairspray'. Shopping this again.
4 / 5
Behind a day has used to use Roal Crown pomade that was material adds , but greasy like all the start. Has-liked me a control and a resplandor but always so only felt greasy. I have tried the pocolos other produced but all meh. I have seen then this 'waters it has based pomade'. This material is fantastic. Good control, resplandor adds, and any fat! The better way that anything has tried of Crew.
4 / 5
This material is surprising! My hair of husbands has the control adds but any crisp which are adds! It resupplies a perfect quantity of control but still leaves a hair to look natural and effortless. My husband loves it and asked even to take more. A must has!
4 / 5
Has used to use American Crew Pomade and the law adds until a quality of a product has declined, and took it handful of shipments this has been spoilt because of harm of heat.

Has decided test Lisa Viking.

I like a name, but LOVE a product.

Smells Well, has the control adds, and to the lava was easily with shampoo. Has the a lot demanding and active career and this control of material was for my plenary 10 turn of now and then some.

Easy 5 out of 5 for me.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this pomade, is exactly be that has been looking for out of the pomade. It resists my hair well, but am able to run my toes by means of him for the form the little during a day. It does not result the hard disorder ossia impossible to run to comb by means of a swipe dried while still that resists my hair a lot well. The only desire has done measures it the elder (although it was more expensive) but averts of that, absolutely want this pomade.

Highly recommend it!

And my woman loves some looks of way of the mine of hair with him, which is another prize .
4 / 5
Are not well look for out of produced of priest of new hair, and when meeting to one like him, prefers to stick with of him. A an I used before this has come from/come from the dollar shaves Club, and liked, but does not sell of any to other products likes him, and shipping with of them is extraordinarily less convenient and more expensive that with Amazon, as I have been in the mission to find the new product. Smooth Viking has taken my eye (as I guess a marketing folks is the winning sound maintains), as I have imagined would give comes from it, and if it did not like, chooses of something more on besides late.

Has satisfied highly. A product of control of the half is entirely different that have used before: it is the clear, quite solid, big-emulsion of gloss, which turned was the bit when I saw it, but once has taken in my hands was really surprisingly easy to do with. Dry in my hair almost as there is at all there - my hair is soft and smooth - but resists to situate fantastically.

To good sure will continue to buy this product. Hopefully To the amazon will not take he of his product lineup, and force me to spend for a traumatic process to find the new a.
5 / 5
Seriously, thinks after two years to touch around with pomade, I finally found a legislation one for me. Ossia SO ONLY that precise. Easy to apply. A control is ridiculous. And still after your hair that takes messed up in a wind, having to that comb in your pocket will save your life. More, love a resplandor that comes with him! He no my hair feels greasy or dry like another pomade. I do not think never I will owe that try the different pomade.

Top Customer Reviews: Smooth Viking, Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elvia
I have bought so much this product and a Smooth Viking Cream to Form for Men, 2 oz.

My hair is a bit longer. Has the sides have shaved of my cape with 6 inches of hair up which want to line behind in a cup of my cape. I find both products do a work in of the different roads.

This product, a Cream of Strand, produces the control the hard plus compared in a Cream to Form. A day my hair will remain to plant more rigidly, with only the little escaga' (or leaves or locks, is not sure cual to call he) falling out of place. A Cream of Strand tends to form this that asks mostly stay in place.

A hair of marks of cream to form smoother, but fewer controls. Still maintain the way and still leaves my hair to move around. With a Cream to Form, can run your hand through your hair. With a Cream of Strand, that runs your hand through your beginning of hair to displace a hair. That is to say the good thing for me even so, while I can leave my hair only with a Cream of Strand in.

Has blended a two cual products the mix among a smooth control of a Cream to Form and some extra rigidity.

Finds that it is to take to attach more cream of Strand in your hair after it is posed. It IS more as the way is lined and any one does through the arrivals the pause averts a control. Included taking my hair the small humid, still can listen some locks of the leaves/the hardest until calm a lot of works in him for the take to dissolve.

Different a lot of products of hair, or of these products do not break never averts in dusty powder or a greasy disorder. These products maintains his mate is arrived although you move your hair around the plot. A Cream the Form reduces more in the soft, even so hair very greasy (how that your hair are run your hands through him the plot and calm owe normal level of natural oil in him).

Each-in-all, recommends both of these products. Hopefully My helps to revise elect that to buy.
5 / 5 China
Has hair very well and his so taking to do anything with him so that so much. I have ordered this based in some descriptions and as it does not weigh down or do my look of greasy hair. This material am adds! Desprs Swipe to dry my hair, attaches the small quantity (plus or fewer measures of the nickel) in my hand and then begins to apply it. It gives my hair the resplandor good but more importantly, gives my hair a fullness and control that necessity. Material adds global!
5 / 5 Kendrick
Excellent product! I am the woman of 53 years with thinning and flat hair. This product give me volume, impulse, my control of hair and fatter my way. It waste $ $ $ Trying several products of hair but no more. A bit of the vain the long road. Truly I create an ingredient lanolin the wax is a support for a thickness and of texture. It has it that test!
4 / 5 Sanda
UPDATE: My distinguished stylist was that this was tackier that looks so that be required has thinned perhaps has been for my pixie piece and fine hair. It has attached the dab to put hair and has used then the dryer of swipes with the paintbrush - add! Lighter of stain and better that when used in dry hair. It IS the fine line among good control and tacky/heavy even so. If I take only the littler too much in my yolk or no the work each a through properly... A lot it likes him to of him for the dud pompadour even so.

ORIGINAL: has the pixie piece with the fine hair and he are so hard to find good products like this for women, as I have given this tries it. Taken this version against. His others products like the feedback of vendor signified this was well for fine hair. And while he the annex good texture, is only too weighed to maintain volume. In planting to line my way, tug he down and separates it where any the flight in. It tries to use different quantities also, but any real luck. It can require wax only in some roots instead? Or perhaps only I have to bond with fixing powder.

HAS the good smell even so. A bit manly but more soap what net against. Clearly it is using the product done for men.
5 / 5 Joyce
At the beginning go it when the be bit the sceptic has been using American crew for the long time, but to say a truth is very better that American crew, more feasible and far less messy, less sticky and smoother. Even so a reason has tried was becuse the American crew of some vendors is the futility, as it was the test to resolve problem of American crew, but is coming better that American crew. It opens, that is to say my second compraventa . If they maintain to produce the products of quality will be to purchase more and possibly, tries a rest of some products.
5 / 5 Wai
Test almost each product under a sun to tame my unruly hair. Smooth Viking Hydrating The cream of Strand is a first has found that provides the control adds with the natural look. There is not very big, any flecks or globs of product, only, well, sweetness. I am not sure what smooth Viking is is, but a Smooth Viking the cream of strand is exactly that need.
5 / 5 Yuette
So far so good. That with other products like this do more (for me) to use in hair very dry. Anything your looks of the hair when posed he in, that is to say that look all day. So you want a bit resplandor, or place of look, uses it after the towel of dry light. If you prefer to maintain the natural things and droughts, then the dry towel, teeth of paintbrush, has seen etc., then use it. It does not prefer any resplandor and dry so he also done your hair the small fatter in appearance that is something needs while I am taking the small thin up. Smells Very too much. Any flaking.
5 / 5 Clorinda
Work. This product has saved our again discovered intimacy! For one very first time in in three decades, my veteran husband has at the end, after the constant this defends, left his hair and beard to grow! It likes to Take longer and fatter (and like manly), result thwarted so that it was unmanageable. It IS or find the product that can control his first hair never long and the beard or he are returned in the big army and tight piece. It has not had any road has been to give in my good-looking sudden husband in his natural glory. After some intense investigation, spent this Smooth Viking and ladies and gentlemen, my Viking is looking smoother and appealing so never. This description is a earnest truth .
5 / 5 Octavia
Taking so tired to try galls that acts at the beginning, but melts to fall during a day, and flake throughout doing you the terrible look.

This product: calm only need the small quantity has to down to hair likes him (1polzada very time up, and he 2 buzz in a side, turn until an upper). This maintains my good hair and spikey/ a right quantity of messiness. All day!!!! And it does not smell, or he flake, which are utmost. Highly it recommends for any type recommends to take some way in his hair.

Personally use a cream to form of mark of Crew for my bangs. In the first place it applies this product the crown, then follows up with a cream to form very very slightly. (Less it is more).

The washes was easily with shampoo, and is easy to direct during a day, if somehow your hair takes messed up. 5/5, Done this the part of my routine.
5 / 5 Naoma
Little they go it bite the long road those uses for a slicked back look.
2 things this mark this the marvel for me.
1. If it breaks a rigid control in some point is returns the big roads only uses my toes for the press behind. Or take it the little first place.
2. The washes have been with the hot or cold watering easily. Any greasy residue.
Favour you but he maintaining. Any one still the tea am has give the thanks to later

well the months of pair later still my favourite. I am in my second container. Seriously purchase some now.