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1 first Soft Bonnet hooded hair dryer Attachment for Natural Curly Textured Hair Care| Drying,Styling,Curling,Deep Conditioning Mask Cap| Upgraded Soft Adjustable Large hooded bonnet for Hand Held hair Dryer Soft Bonnet hooded hair dryer Attachment for Natural Curly Textured Hair Care| Drying,Styling,Curling,Deep Conditioning Mask Cap| Upgraded Soft Adjustable Large hooded bonnet for Hand Held hair Dryer By BEAUT'E SEOUL
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2 Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer By REVLON
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3 best Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Set - Soft Adjustable Hooded Bonnet for Hand Held Hair Dryer - Mask Cap for Drying Styling Curling Deep Conditioning, Hair Rollers Included Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Set - Soft Adjustable Hooded Bonnet for Hand Held Hair Dryer - Mask Cap for Drying Styling Curling Deep Conditioning, Hair Rollers Included By SKYWEE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS
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4 Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black (80610) Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black (80610) By Andis
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5 Beautyours Safety Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment for Hair Styling - Deep Pink Beautyours Safety Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment for Hair Styling - Deep Pink By Beautyours
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6 Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer By Conair
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7 Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment-W/ 10 Silicone Hair Curlers-Extra Large Adjustable Soft Hooded Hair Dryer Bonnet With Extra Long Hose For Drying,Styling,Curling&Deep Conditioning Fits All Head&Hair Sizes Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment-W/ 10 Silicone Hair Curlers-Extra Large Adjustable Soft Hooded Hair Dryer Bonnet With Extra Long Hose For Drying,Styling,Curling&Deep Conditioning Fits All Head&Hair Sizes By MBM
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8 Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment - Adjustable Extra Large Bonnet Hair Dryer for Hand Held Hair Dryer with Stretchable Grip and Extended Hose Length (Purple) Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment - Adjustable Extra Large Bonnet Hair Dryer for Hand Held Hair Dryer with Stretchable Grip and Extended Hose Length (Purple) By Mifine
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9 Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment - Adjustable Extra Large Bonnet Hair Dryer for Hand Held Hair Dryer with Stretchable Grip and Extended Hose Length (Black) Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment - Adjustable Extra Large Bonnet Hair Dryer for Hand Held Hair Dryer with Stretchable Grip and Extended Hose Length (Black) By Mifine
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10 INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR GOLD Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR GOLD Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer By Conair
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Top Customer Reviews: Soft Bonnet hooded ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Maggie
The dryer adds partorisca a hair!
Like this happy with my right election.
My woman has tried use the and found the fact very well and is a lot compact.
HAS fat hair and dreadlocks and dry amiably.
When being natural my woman really does not use hot partorisca dry his hair in all the chance like this this really helps.
This was to good sure value of the money.
4 / 5 Berniece
Has used this product two times. Like this far like this good! It looks partorisca be durable. I will update if anything changes. It was the little in a fence roughly purchasing because of a lack of descriptions, this in spite of is praise and has surpassed my needs so many of now. Has long curly hair, everything of my accesses of his hair. This in spite of have not tried with the flexi the canes have dipped. They are by train of the thinks will return this in spite of.
4 / 5 Shanti
This is surprising!! My hairdresser has used his big official an and has had one the majority of amazing has has defined curls of him (more a DevaCurl ultra defining gel); because control my dryer unexpectedly (down and in fresco) in my hand, tiring my arms when I can use this and read while it is what ?

Ossia Easy to use, simple and give me adds to look hair without tiring my arms
4 / 5 Frances
Ossia an excellent product to dry hair and treating hair of breaking without going to hair salonl . Calms in boxes of house!
Is portable, compact, the travesía friendly, the cloth is instruction and main qualities a lot easy to follow.
Strongly recommends this product to any women that loves to have flawless hair.
5 / 5 Kizzie
Loves this product bc of a strap that goes under your chin. My leading hat always the slide was reason a drawstring is not quite security. This does life soooo much easier!
4 / 5 Deadra
Has used he for a first time yesterday and am satisfied extremely, has been averting doing my hair because of a quantity to time it usually volume so that it owes way a lot often in order for him to look presentable. Ossia The transmission of game because I can dry my hair in such the small quantity of time, has short hair to the equal that took 15-min or less to have my dry hair after using perm canes. A material are to add reasons he no found because of a heat, mostly uses fresh to avert harm of hot but so that hot to use frequently a material is perfect for him. Highly you recommend this to any reason is a lot effective and calm can not beat a prize.
4 / 5 Tawanna
All have dreads this has done perfectly. Dried the fast plus that normal also.
4 / 5 Elvina
Has has wanted to this to use and well has done.
4 / 5 Henry
Amur Of the amour loves this. The desire had taken a more collected.
So only with this that wishes a hat was main. Tried drying the washed n go and my hair has dried compressed to my boss. It was able to the fluff was but has lost the majority of my definition. They are sure ossia the thing for all the hats of secadors, but so only the note: so only utilisations this for braid outs, movement is, rollers, etc. A lot something uses in free hair. Also of the that dips your dryer of hair on quota! I know it is crazy, but calm fiancée you anything main and will burn your hair. A fresh setting takes “warm” over time and promise you your hair still will dry
5 / 5 Jeromy
was exactly the one who there are them wanted, used it to help my dye of hair covers my grays, has spent covers he of has spent down. It has covered easily my boss and the air have flowed during my boss. Also the has not taken a lot long and taken on hardly a lot spatial to store.

Top Customer Reviews: Revlon Ionic Soft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tatiana
This produced leave partorisca dry my hair while in fact doing something productive more than being before the mirror with the dryer unexpectedly. I so only dipped my súper often, ridiculously coarse hair in rollers, dipped in a hat, and then cruise a web, answered to emails, work, or clock Netflix. Effortless The hair that dry so that has better things partorisca do. . .
4 / 5 Stephen
Has been looking for the dryer of good hair and found is one. It is wonderful. My big curlers return easily in a hat. Stays of hat in pleasing and in any uncomfortable. The the on hot maintenances of half. A big place is so only too hot! Very happy with this dryer of hair and is compact as I can take he with me on holidays. A hose retracts as well as a cord. A cord is 6 feet long. Very good.
4 / 5 Hipolito
A tube does not close in him so that it maintains to the fall was :(
the cord would owe that exited of a fund in place of an upper as it does not fall on All the times move your boss.
5 / 5 Kasie
The one who the disappointment. This hose is so only is so only 2 calm feet so many has to that resist a car until yours head to dry ... Sending Behind ....
4 / 5 Tanya
Likes: I dry your hair less than timing that other frames of dryers , in the low setting, which is less hot to your hair.

Not liking: This noise of dryer is very big, sound like SEEING IT, very last yours ear.
5 / 5 Chris
Is returned immediately. Produced defective. It does not squander your time.
4 / 5 Dani
These produced is not to value of the money. It is very noisy and taking too hot included down. Not to buy it again.
20 years ago has bought the alike product and he am lasted for 20 years and has not been noisy and has had a correct heat on that . It was also the easiest plot
to store with an interior of hat.
5 / 5 Lino
A hose is too short how is a cord to be able to. The product was overpriced. You do not recommend to any one.
5 / 5 Latrina
Has taken this element for as the present. I used it and it is very strong. I any sudgest to used he in the house with thin wall. My brother compained roughly wake arrivals while it was in a half of his sleep of beauty. Some returns of discharges in curlers, but is that annoying when chairs in a forhead partorisca to long. For some reason of the also liked discharges to find my eyes, air like this hot would blow to my eyes. Also it would like to say that my boss is quite big for the human boss. Some controls of heat comprise fresh, down, average, and hot. It DOES not USE The HEAT. Included a half was the small the heat for my sensitive skin. I have seated with a car down for 35 mins and my hair still has not dried. Also it vibrates the plot so much clock was reason can come alive and try walk of a table. I will say that I like him to him an idea of him and a colour that is reason has given the to 2 description of star.
4 / 5 Renita
Has had this dryer of hair now for four month. At the beginning use it was apparent that was bad engineered and has considered to return the then. The desire has had! A space for a hood of the vinyl and the storage of electrical cord is very small and some inaugural are surrounded for hard plastic flanges. A hood has to that be forced physically in and out of a compartment, and is to struggle to do that! A result? When I Have pulled a hat was to use he for an eighth time have remarked the tear in a vinyl caused by a hard plastic flange of a compartment of storage. To arrive to this point had had a dryer of hair for two month and returning it would require to send the to a vendor I and that pays a nave. A real ache in a with the! As I taped the and was able of the use two times more. Taking a hose has the tent was the integer another @subject @. A hose has to that be crammed closely to another zone of storage and then twisted to resist he in place. A hose is done on the boss and coil of vinyl, a bit like the cradle. If it conceal the hose coiled is not dipped attentively behind to this zone of storage , a structure of boss tends to bend out of form. Supposition that! A hope will not remain is zone of storage unless it is with energy jammed in place and twisted for the maintain coiled. Like this here we are. With which less than the dozen has used a hose is stuck and will not go in or era. A hood of the vinyl now has two tears in him and he STILL will be the ache in a with the hassle for the turn! A dryer of hair is now unusable. But an engine the still law adds would like to awkwardly resist it up in of an air with both hands and try use likes the blowdryer. Personally It Wins to have the cat along good with an idiot the one who has drawn this element and a company Exec. The one who thought it would be the good idea to offer he for sale!

Top Customer Reviews: Bonnet Hood Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Luis
I love my dryer of hair of hood of hat. It comes with the little stock exchange partorisca maintain he in and 10 rollers. There is the strap that or can presionar around your boss partorisca the sure access and his also mention it snaps strap. My main reason partorisca buy is was so that I can begin deep conditioning my hair and I didnt loves the big bulky chairs down dryer of hair. This dryer of the hood of the hat is awesome. I have tried also he with my big rollers for the together of the roller and my curls are exited fantastically.
4 / 5 Jeana
Like this has produced. It is bending and portable. It can easily hook he until your dryer of hand-held hair, and work! You owe that find that something sweet to where yours the boss does not take too hot. But calm once learn like this to regulate a hat in your boss, around your ears, and in a nape of the yours with the, is very comfortable and works so only well. It recommends this product for any the one who can not have spatial in his house for the dryer of hood, or any in a gone the one who is travelling and can be swimming, or so only wants to maintain his hair, when they are out of his stylist.
4 / 5 Kristi
Does well, any leak. Like a coverage of silicone and elastic to connect to a dryer that the series of draw. 4 stars because precise to use this strap of the with the and he would HAVE TO THAT have the light cushioning in the reason constantly is pulling in yours with the.
5 / 5 Willie
Absolutely LOVE this hat. Has hair of period of the waist that is a lot well, and used to condition my hair to use the hot towel . This help for cutting down my time and conditions my hair really well. A period of hose is perfect, of a dryer of hair to a hood in my boss. A strap of chin helps any to disengage and maintains it on quite well. I want that it can be cleaned easily of then is waterproof and some oils can be dried easily was. Also it was happy to see some curlers of hair of extra silicone.
4 / 5 Geneva
In this point of prize, has has not expected things of sound, but has been this in spite of disappoint. In the first place, against a description of product, a hose in this hat does not return all the unexpectedly hand-held dryers. In fact, it does not return neither one of some two dryers to attack to the to the equal that has looked for to use he--both marks of entity , populate. An end of hose, although returned with the thin band of elastic piece , resupplied very small, and same when fully widespread, a start was still quite small. It was attacked also reason cheaply this product has been done--again, has included to consider a point of low prize. A material of the like a hat and the hose is built is in pair with that would take of a hat of rain of pocket of emergency--which is reason these bands of element to the tiny, stock exchange-sized band of zip. It is basically he disposable element that I wager any one last stops more than pocolos use before it finalises of the like this floating rubbish in an ocean. Really I have not thought never it see anything this be economic has sold on Amazon.
4 / 5 Loriann
My daughter and has run them 4c the hair and ossia that use to deep treat and the dry time our hair. It takes long time to dry our hair because of a texture. But has a patience to good sure laws. The temperature is a lot while it has dipped your dryer to attack on dipping of half. I enjoy to use this product and he there is has done to good sure my life alot easier.
5 / 5 Latrisha
Has bought this Dryer of Hair of the hood of Hat Attaches for my promise, his hair is too fat and taken too much long to blow-dry. It is very satisfied with this product after using it. This hooded dryer of the to plot more coverage when it comes to dry yours your hair fast plus. It produces very good!
5 / 5 Randa
Was so only 10 bucks tin a lot really expect to plot, but takes a work done. Really I do not dip heat in my hair I so only required to give mine self the protein deep conditioning. Like the guess expensive when you are in the estimativa. Taking very hot but an elastic around a boss is extending out of place. 😩
4 / 5 Valencia
Loves this dryer of hat! Quality very good. Turn my boss perfectly. Some straps of chin and a series around a help of boss maintains it sure and tight. It can be used he for treatments of hot oil also! This are adds to buy for me.
5 / 5 Ted
This dryer of hair of hood of the conjoint hat of annex is exactly the one who my hair has required. A hat is soft and very comfortable. It is done of quality very big material that knows will last for years. It comes with an adjustable chinstrap to do sure some stays of hood in the place for a better hair is resulted. A hood is portable and can included returned in your need of purse for travesía. Global adds to buy and highly recommends.

Top Customer Reviews: Andis 500-Watt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leanne
A hose has connected with adhesive and when his heat a hose detaches of one covers of dryer.
5 / 5 Franklyn
Has purchased this element 3/24/2018 and am writing description 5/2019, go my hair daily or at least 320 days out of 356. They are in needs of the new dryer partorisca arrive to this point a hose has separated of one covers, after reading descriptions partorisca see have wanted to try the different mark or the give form have decided to write my description in mine compraventa in fact 1 year. This dryer has done faithfully wishes a real hat was main but with which some use has repeated is not like this stagnate around my boss. I have paid $ thus dryer did not expect it to last the lifetime. Course a lot and an only @@subject that cause to require the new dryer is a hose separating of one covers. The dryer the still law adds. To be just a dryer has been attacked of a stand/of table and taken by a hose more than has surprised once no longer separates punctual. I will be to purchase another today.
5 / 5 Tamala
Has been using this dryer of miserable hair for the year, but no more. I go to order another mark. An elastic in a hat was like this tight, could do not taking on my small rollers have it like this the cut was and threaded the shoelace by means of a casing. Now, constantly it has to that be pulled on or he slides down in my face. There are two temperatures, hot (which is way too hot) and warm, (that takes an hour to dry my well, thin hair), as you owe that maintain alternating behind and advances, any those remain in heats long enough to take burned.
4 / 5 Karl
Ossia Simply the loan little dryer of portable hood. Has prisoner perming my roughly done hair 7 years but the still paving the past. Last month I yard off4 the thumbs of the hair relaxed old and am LIKE THIS HAPPY to have this dryer now to quickly dry my braids or transfers for my twistouts. Start with big heat and big power until heat taking then turn it down to low and that reads for me.

People those who are saying does not take quite hot does not think is taking the account that unilike the dryer of hard hat, does not seat hot in your face and of the shoulders, how is easy to think is not doing is work . I stick my low hand a soft hood each one which now again and is dipping out of a heat.

In short, the tool adds to have in your hair toolbox. And I chair like my treatments of hot oil are more effective under this dryer that a tram or microwaveable covers heat.

Done well, Andis!

November of fast update 3rd
Still enjoying this dryer but some hinges in a lid have broken the little another day when a house moved and has done fall like the clamshell in a house. No the big shot to beat it already said goes to lose an upper finally. It is like this economic probably will take another for then.

Eh. I will send an email Andy is and see that it can do first.
4 / 5 Vasiliki
A product is of poor quality. A first time that has been he has used a glue that control a tube to a hat has broken down and a tube detached of a hat. I used it unfortunately after a term of time of the turn and am left now with the product that will have to try and patch until laws he. You do not recommend purchasing this product.
4 / 5 Akiko
I didnt opens it until 30 days ago but used it to them so only a time. A second time a tube has broken out of one covers. A lot cheaply you draw it. 5 yr The guarantee but you have to that it pays for the ship. Any focuses has offered. RASGA WAS!
4 / 5 Josef
This economic dryer, the horrible FIRE taken literally (sees photo of a smoke that is exited a defender)!!! It is like this economic & bad -
1. A plastic hat is like this thin and almost deep (take sticky) of a heat
2. A hat is way too tight (of the that included tries curlers of wear) literally expresses your front and leaves the deep wrinkle clue/of line
3. The DEFENDER Has DIED after so only 20 minutes ossia backsides down gradually then entirely has CHANGED WAS. Afterwards like some llamas have begun to exit a defender!
4. He literally smells of plásticoes in of the llamas. It is the horrible, produces bad fact.

A lot disappointed! Alive in South Africa and has expected excitedly for this delivery. He literally almost cost me it my life. It DOES not PURCHASE !!!!! It has broken with which first use
5 / 5 Natalya
Horrible. Experience on 3/5/17. Today, 3/14/17 in mine 3rd use of this product, pause. A hose disconnected of a source. It was not pulled or anything, he so only detached. It looks a heat has melted anything resisted it there (p. p.ej. It Paste). It is it has done bad.
4 / 5 Keven
This dryer of hair has the like this tight hat that hurts for the leave on for a time takes to dry my hair. It has given on with which so only the pocolos small reasons dona so many. It is also a dryer of the noisiest hair has has not used never. A dryer of hair vibrates so much that the scoots around a table dipped it on. I have had to that dip the tampon under the to cut down in a noise and maintain he of travelling of a table. A connection among a hat and a hose is like this difficult to snap to situate that I have thought could not be able to dip this up. It was equally difficult to take avert when I have been finalised. This dryer goes to be to good sure returned reason can not be for the use. It is a dryer of the worse hair has has not used never. A stars is too big the indication.
4 / 5 Milford
Has used this dryer for a first time yesterday for my treatment of deep conditioning and to the left say me, AWESOME! It distributes it heats like this equally that when I have taken one covers of a conditioner has penetrated really well! I love it!

Top Customer Reviews: Beautyours Safety ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 April
Really like this I have produced. Usually I air partorisca dry my hair, but always looks frizzy and unkempt. I prefer to blow dry, but am far too lazy. I have purchased also this product partorisca use when has the mask of treatment of the hair on, to the help penetrates partorisca use heat.

This also dry fast of hair! I used it tonight on drenching wet hair and in 20 minutes, my thicknesses, hair of the period of past shoulder was entirely dry. It is much easier and faster that a traditional way where owe section a hair, and blow dry piece for piece.

Also would recommend this product partorisca any the one who can not have full row of motion or use of his arms, like presents with arthritis.

Marks so only sure use a strap of chin, or flies of your boss when turned a dryer on. (This in spite of concealed gave the a lot of the laugh required)
5 / 5 Alessandra
has received a product quickly. It is the material plot fatter that has been expecting and will be quite durable for his use has feigned.
5 / 5 Vilma
My Conair hat of the dryer of the Hair had deteriorated but Conair there is there have not been substitutions. (Any one the swipe-dryer - is the fashionable dryer of the hat ) has not been sure if these discharges would do of then was drawn for dryers of bellow, but am sure happy has tried. The works perfect! It attaches with the sewed in elastic closure and has an extra elastic piece for has added for presionar. Material is of better quality that a Conair hat and does not take like this hot, which think me will last it longer. The extra long hose is the more also!
4 / 5 Rodrick
My daughter treated in a Nutcracker and was manager to produce the full boss of ringlets. I do not have any experience anything and looked in several video to see the one who my options were. You do not look to spend the plot of money in hot curlers or the curling iron. I have been a street of curler of the foam, which has done a lot well. This in spite of, a hair would not be 100 dry in a morning and concealed has meant some curls would undo . As I googled some plus and has found this annex of dryer of the hair. It is súper effective. I dipped it/ I dipped It on the spray of my daughter-gelled hair (with curlers) in an evening ( feels down he for 10 minutes) and again in a morning. A hair was entirely dry first of a show and some curls am lasted two days.
5 / 5 Nannie
This element for the majority of part is well, and can be echo-friendly and can use he further of a place in place of the bath, once be able to you on your dryer of the swipe and a hot heat comes by means of, a hat results main and a bond of with the begins the choke you, without out those use that, then a dryer of the hair can not remain in place or in my boss, and seldom uses this product.
4 / 5 Fawn
This my law of surprise adds. Have frizzy curly The hair and this has taken the PLOT of a frizzy was and in fact dips my better curls that my diffuser. It takes warm quickly have it like this dipped in warm and average in mine dryer. You look goofy with him on but work. Has the odd smell the inaugural but go was after as use.
4 / 5 Kristofer
One opening to attach to the your dryer of the hair is not like this stretchy to the equal that need to be and will not return a dryer of hair I foreseen to use he with. Of a picture, thought it would return and could be presionado with quell'I has thought was the series of draw.
4 / 5 Lurlene
Has had to return. Very small especially for my natural hair big thickness. The desire would have declared that in a listing.
4 / 5 Xavier
Master! It returns perfectly and has a series to join around my boss and another for a dryer of hair. It is surprising for my treatments of hot oil and deep conditioning.

One of some compraventa better has done reason can leave my hair dry hands free!
4 / 5 Tressa
So only 4 stars because it can be still elder but a strap to take a dryer of hair and a strap and drawstring for my boss this much easier that another has had. It is also quite roomy but the main curlers are the tight access .

Top Customer Reviews: Conair Soft Bonnet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I use mine partorisca treatments of weekly deep conditioning

has had mine partorisca years, and there is remarked recently a hat there has been the tear in him
has not saved my box as I have not had a number of the model and I certainly have not agreed if a hat is exited to even the substitute.
Has not wanted to launch a whole thing was yes a hat was easily replaceable
has looked for like this some descriptions and of the questions on Amazon, to see if the people have substituted his hat, and where to take them.
Not seeing any posting in of the descriptions or of the questions, this substitutes theres or where to take one, has ordered the whole new dryer

The HAT Is REPLACEABLE and all take was the call to Conair
He rasga to the yours to hat likes with which a lot of years of use, at all last for ever, call Conair 1-800-326-6247 (A side the integer $ )
With which have received this dryer of new hair really hating an idea to launch out of a perfectly good dryer, and that sees that inside a box, a hat was packaged for separate that trying can be taken was, I @@give that hurt to call them. I will be to receive my new hat in 7-10 days,,, and more than returning this dryer, am maintaining this dryer I so only ordered for my partner...
Saves your hair and your money of all a step and do a deep condtioning with this sure, relaxing in your favourite chair in your own house, and if your hat YOU rasgas CAN SUBSTITUTE It

has launched out of your box likes here is to of the precise knows:
A number of model is SB1XR
has Located:
Conair Undertaken
Windsor, NJ 08520

I mine of use for treatments of weekly deep conditioning, and ossia that read:

HAVE YOU THAT has spent he of shower of LOW profile with SEMENCE he of SATIN ( I has the plot of hair, and has dipped once all a conditioner on can return my hair a lot easily to discharges he of low profile) under no circumstances NEVER DIPPED Any CLIPS of METAL in your HAIR DURING THIS TREATMENT
If yours covers of the shower is not profile under an air will not circulate around a boss a way that has to that it
If yours covers of the shower does not have line he of satin attack a purpose to protect your hair of in some llamas and drying out of a conditioner
Presionar on a series to return your boss
has Dipped the towel around the yours with the
Does sure a hose is situated in a backside of your boss for closing of distribution of hot (reason a hose take hot to, a towel maintains he on your with the and if any condtioner drips was does like this in a towel a lot down yours with the
Like this to maintain a hat to slip in your face, Besiege a flange of a hat so only on yours covers of shower, (so only on your hairline in a front) that has under a hat, if it still is falling, the appeal needs a series of the tightest adjustment
then only chair behind and relax
Always agree, as with any conditioning has heated, ALWAYS has LEFT your AIR of HAIR COOLS was entirely before rinsing was conditioner
5 / 5
This product is a lot of value he. I have been concerned by some bad descriptions, but has ordered he in all the chance. I have required to underline my hair. The works add. Hot Of hat equally, easy to regulate temperature. An only difficulty has is by train of the turn everything in a canister.
4 / 5
Love a creation of this product. A hose is the perfect period when it has developed fully. Other dryers of soft hat have hoses that is too short for the practical use and ossia always the point of failure in a product. These produced is like this amiably drawn and a hat is quite big to return comfortably in big rollers. I owe that give this just 2 stars this in spite of been due to toneless drying has beaten. I owe that spend the hours that dry my hair with east. Mine Layla There the dryer takes a work done in 3 hours but hate a creation of that a, and a hose is ridiculously short.

That all has said, if has short hair or final this could be a perfect dryer for you. If has fat hair be prepared to spend an evening that dry your hair. The Conair, can please you on a horsepower, perhaps the curve? Ossia An only drawback to the otherwise be the product adds.
5 / 5
Precise look in this product like dangerous the dangerous fire hazard with each potential to cause serious harms. A heat of a unit has caused one connecting plastic tube to melt/dissolve and a heat of an engine was extremely intense same in low heat. I have sent And the topmasts are returned a product and has declared my worries, think that a subject has been given to a relative depts. I will not be looking anymore compraventa of Amazon as this has been an expensive lesson in of the products that the sold without the guarantees of security have tried. Amazon The need of company of entity to revise n revise a quality of electrical products has offered takes in the foreign clients. They are realistic this in spite of another client can be more demanding for RISARCIMENTO. Thank you
5 / 5
I use this all a time because my hair does not look well so only blown was. I require to dip it up in curlers. I can look television while I dry my hair. An engine is not silent but no real strong neither and dry a hair quickly.
5 / 5
Utilisation the deep condition my hair. An only thing I aversion in this element is a hose that attaches to a hat often undoes .
4 / 5
Has failed with which 4 month (one of a blower engines). It comes with to 2 guarantee of year, but the client has to return it the estaca paid together with the control for $ 15. Be forewarned that a dryer of hair is a lot strong when it operates. Has two big RPM blowers in him, a type has used the swipe has resisted manually dryers. Desire Conair has done still some old fashionable units that has used the much calmer, down RPM, more than confidence AC engine of induction. It has used the units occasionally look in eBay.
4 / 5
A hose is very short
A hose does not close to plant, a moment calm turn he in the explosions was!!!
A hat is too small to return in big rollers
Horribly has done produced and the waste of my money!!!
5 / 5
This does wonderfully, am like this happy spent it. Easy to use. I add for roller and insiemi of deep conditioning.
5 / 5
Uses this dryer of hair of soft hat roughly once the month to close in the treatment of deep conditioning. I used it roughly 12 times have purchased of then he in 11/2017. It was able to take a rotating lock in a hat to a hose to do, able to dry my hair while relaxing & reading the book. But 2 things are HORRIBLE: 1) a chance is not quite big to in fact take a hat of hair, cord & of the hose behind stores & it a way is has drawn at present. And, 2) A plastic piece in a rotating to close that resists a hose to a hat to air rasgado in 12th use. They are you chair a lot disappointed & Conair would have to that do the product that reads a way that is drawn to do, the access in a chance is drawn to return in & last more than 12 uses! Ossia The bad reflection to Conair. This produces precise a review. It quell'horrific Disappointment!!
4 / 5
I go partorisca say likes is... This dryer looks the toy , and work like the toy. I have seated under this dryer in a dipping a big plus partorisca in an hour, and my hair was . When I have seen a quality of a material that a unit to dry has been done of, has had my reservations, but I hope there was still, reason a plastic hat looked formidable. No! A distribution of hot and a blower was down satisfactory. I have required seriously the portable dryer. I hate to say that it take that I have paid for, but it thinks that it has done. Ossia The fact of bad dryer . It is so only any sake. (The mamma of Seth)
4 / 5
My old hang around the mine with the hoodie the dead dryer and has required the new hoodie. Well, I am light in of the funds owe that way that be with this model. And he . I will not recommend it this in spite of, for some following reasons:
1) A setting 'big' is roughly equivalen to a setting 'low' in mine old dryer. It takes a work done, finally....
2) A drawstring in a tube to develop is annoying AF. I prefer an old slide he to another method to tube that has had in my old mamma hoodie (1976).
3) Is STRONG. And it looks and chair 'economic'.

A creation of a hood he, with an elastic around the, well, ossia quite common. My hang around a with the a there is had the a lot of good creation to dry my points of natural compression, but can not find this creation now. :(
5 / 5
Unless the amazon can imagine out of the way for me to return this, is for a cube. $ 25, Down a tube. A soyechanism to conclude' in a hose does not remain connected to a hood, so that has any way of the use. I a lot annoying. I do not see any way to contact a vendor, and says a esventana of tower' has closed. I have been in a half of emotional, and so only has opened now a box. I plan to give it the few days to listen of Amazon or a vendor for the repayment, an I am going to the yours he.
4 / 5
Has has had to that the give some stars to write this description but deserves zero. I have purchased a Conair dryer of hair of soft hat and deceived of not trying he for the defects hardly arrives. Tried using it and expósito that there looks to be it penuria like the dryer maintains to close was. Unfortunately, a 30 window of day with Amazon for returns is spent. Now I will owe that find the centre of the service in my zone for the fall is gone in and paid to ship and managing. The no a deception included again.
5 / 5
Is not easy to use, especially for hair of shoulder of period. Some slides of hat behind and flattens a front of your hair, while a period of your hair is out of a hat. When You tuck your hair until a hat, dry in an uneven way. Perhaps these works of secadors well with right hair, but with curly the hair is quell'has bitten dicey. I maintain to try to do do, but thinks that will give in and buy one Owes Dryer of Hair that is sweeter in the each curl. Also - a chance is the economic plastic , a hat is fragile, and is the tug of war to take all behind in a chance. You look elsewhere.
4 / 5
This was at all like a description. I have bought this mainly reason say that a hat was very big and is not . Utilisation rollers very big and the has not been able to dip in a hat. I have then tried with small rollers and although it returns, was quite uncomfortable. And then a hose has not attached properly and would not remain attached. It does not recommend . This is going back.
5 / 5
Left preface this to say my woman does not use this like this for the dryer of hair but more to dip read, read the book and relax. That can say is a heat and blower abundance of good work. A reason for my indication is is almost impossible to maintain a tube has connected to a hat he. Quite calm can not move. It is like this bad some first time has connected drove mad me thinks something wrong. Hard to believe the company the company with such recognition of strong mark would do something like this incredibly flimsy.
5 / 5
Takes really hot. It give it to two star because a dryer a lot latch to some discharges. As I have to resist it or tape he. There is it behind envoy but opened it so only and is too late for a turn.
5 / 5
A hose does not close in isnt included drawn to close in retreats to touch
4 / 5
My hair is a lot of curly for this does not like to use the dryer unexpectedly and to air left usually dry but when they are in the haste and I do not want to go external with my wet hair reason is cold or am leaving punctual using a Dryer of Hat has been the help adds can be class of uncomfortable to imagine was where for the dipped where is drying your hair especially is in the small bath but costs it
4 / 5
I have used a dryer of hair once. A second time was like this noisy could do not using. Of then you are the present is a lot spent a date has left partorisca return it but I believe is defective and for this have to that take the repayment.
5 / 5
A hat does not remain attached to a hose during use. I have not been able to dry the majority of my hair because I have not had a time partorisca seat without an use of a delivery partorisca a required drying time. It think that the smallest adjustment to a clicking the period would solve this question. I am disappointed that Conair has not solved this question of then very other clients have done a same complaint,
5 / 5
These produced no properly, is fall very fragile averts easily, can very included dry my hair correctly no longer uses these products is really so only the waste of money.
5 / 5
If hair of the ones of textures, down porosity hair, density of half edges and ends, does not doubt partorisca buy this dryer. I have been using this dryer the deep condition my hair partorisca 60 mins weekly faithfully partorisca 10 month. I have seen enormous result, growth and moisture retention with my hair. They are very careful when I store a dryer was and while utilisation a dryer. With: Because of a constant battle to attach one covers to a hose, of the discharges is rasgando was so that it can owe tape he down reason his works. Lol! In general for a prize and a quantity to use has taken of this dryer of hat, well a test. I ask they sell one covers so only to substitute a tear & of wear of an old a.
5 / 5
This product is the waste of money. A hose in a product is terrible, is to short and does not remain in an organism of a car. A time to dry taken the same long time with the small quantity of short hair. To give rule is the light weight easily transported, calm resupplied never take one covers of dryer out of a house. After your first calm use can not substitute a hose or discharges because more than likely would have has has had to that súper paste a hose to an organism for the use.
5 / 5
But the no. A main thing is that so only very dry. It dip it on and then take my sweet time that dips on trick so that this thing has abundance to time to do his thing, but my starts of hair roughly like this wetted like the d has wrapped he in the microfiber towel for the pocolos small (which is to say, perhaps 10 percent dry--any slime, but to good wet insurance and no humid). There are other things the does not like roughly the, like a hose any fasten to some discharges, just rests in an opening without any class of clip or click or anything, which means to take attention to what the movement around to be sure a hose does not fall out of one covers; or that a hose is like this short that a base has to that be seating mine quite prójima a whole time. For now, the'll clave with dryer of mine of hard hat in the stand to walk. It does not leave for a lot of mobility, but is way more effective in in fact drying.
5 / 5
Orders this for the mother and she is returned reason a hose would not remain connected. I in fact ordered on for my mother and has has had to that the turn. A second a there is had a same question. I have asked mother to send this has retreated also. It sends it behind but it has not been refunded my money. It would like to have my money refunded for this element of then was returned and does not want to order another. Thank you
5 / 5
I honradamente has not expected any one very based in some descriptions but for a prize this is not half bad. Giving it 4 stars because he a work although it is quite strong. To good sure can not look television while spending east. It likes-me that has 3 setting. The half is good and comfortable, has not tried a big setting still. Mina a complaint is that reason has short hair, a hat is quite big and does not look never to be able of the take quite tight to where feels comfortable and not undermining to front of mine. A day could invest in something better but for now this servants his purpose quite well.
4 / 5
If your hair is the little on your shoulder, this no . Some rollers owe that be measured of means to take your hair has dried entirely. If the rollers am too small, and your hair is period of shoulder then any dry well. If the rollers am too big, your boss will not return in a calm hat of then is the rollers will exit calm so that it tries to regulate your boss to a hat.
4 / 5
Can be more comfortable while drying my hair versus seating uncomfortably down the hooded dryer. I dry my hair quickly. A component is small and does not take on upper of the plot of room, but a hat develops to accommodate big curlers and big bosses. :) Very Still travelling.
4 / 5
Total piece of junk. The hat was inflated not even because of lacking to be able to. Then it can not take a hat was, is like this stagnate in big rollers. I have had to that cut a hat was with the scissors and I has launched then a whole thing in some rubbishes. Expected too much long to use it, could not return.
5 / 5
Light and hot a lot in Meso. Hot is too hot; this in spite of, a cup of my half to the short hair any dry same with which 1 now or 1 now and 20 minutes. It has to that take the curlers was and the arrival that dry with dryer unexpectedly. The compartment is not quite appropriate to return a hat without trying to stuff he in. A hose is very different and has the series for presionar he for a compartment. Like a fashion and elastic of a hat. In general the dryer of the light hair very pertinent for travesía. Vidal legustado Sassoon dryer of hair but any he more. A compartment returns all but he hanged more. Also an elastic in a hat does not have on resisted. The supposition there is the plus and minus to roughly everything.
5 / 5
There is prendido to do after roughly four uses. I sent it behind the ConAir almost done two month this in spite of has not received the new a reason his service of client is terrible. Time of wait of long call, earthy agents that knows a lot little in his own process. The next time will take the different mark.
5 / 5
A lot like dryer of the hair of the Hat has had in a @@@1960s! I can any never stuff all a hose and discharges and Hat all behind inside a tiny compartment but ossia well, takes good and warm amd has the fresh setting.
4 / 5
Has squandered my money in several dryers of hair that does not have on measured reason some hats do not return never closely. They would not remain in my boss properly, a heat seep was and has taken hours to dry my SHORT hair. Now, with this dryer, these questions are solved!!! Has the good snug access with a drawstring attaches, some stays of heat in and my hair is to dry any time! I love it. I gave it 4 stars in place of 5 reason wish a hose was longer. Another that that, is the product adds !
4 / 5
My dryer of old hat has broken recently and has looked for the substitution but this an is not the. Not to recommend it . A hose isnt long quite and is CONSTANTLY detaching and falls off it A hat as so only am seating and while to my hair to dry. It is really annoying. Also an annex of hat is quite small and literally has to that express my boss by means of him with big sized rollers that disorders bondadosos his up. A main thing to take out of this this in spite of is that a hose constantly will maintain that it falls off same although I am assuming is supposition to close in place but he no.
4 / 5
I desire has read some first descriptions to buy. A hose will not close to one covers at all. It was excited like this to use this but could no.
5 / 5
I looks to heat well although it is hard to say of a hose bursts each one that five minutes. This would have to that it has been crazy with the notch to twist to close. Instead when stains on swipes to a notch there is grieves 1/8 of a thumb to twist to close he without bondadoso of clicking mechanism. Like this slightest movement and some transfers of hose and emissions. I have had this question before with this type of the dryers but ossia I WORSE.
4 / 5
Is light weight . A hose among a dryer and the hood is not long enough. A hood any securely attaches to a hose. After twisting the time or two, calm can do not taking to remain semi-detached. They ARE it moves it bad on or was creation.
5 / 5
Has listened in this type of product through word of mouth. Failure to the has sawed-the roughly cured worker of hair. I said that it uses this type of product for deep conditioning. I have not known this type of the product is existed previously our conversation. I have compared prize among this product and a version of There of Leila. I have purchased this version because it was an economic plus of a two. I have read some descriptions with which some experiences, and has been disappointed reason the majority of them was negative. The people have said that he so only lasted for ten minutes. Contrarily, A product last while master. This in spite of, have not been achieved with insiemi of roller. Have @@give So only that has the drawstring in mine third use. My insiemi of the roller could not have is exited a way there is wanted to because I have not regulated a drawstring and reason the precise rollers smaller. Another that that, his add for treatments and deep conditioning of hot oil. I will try once again for the together of roller. I will be contained with this product although my together of next roller is unsuccessful.
5 / 5
A lot disappointed in quality. The creation is very poor, can hardly is returned a hose and hat behind inner one that resists
zone. Has has used hats of secadors partorisca fifty years and this is not a quality has the habit of in the dryer. Always I have
two available, will have to find the different a partorisca mine buys next.
4 / 5
Has had this same dryer in fact a lot of years and when you locate has thought could not take another of a same quality but I have done reason is exactly one same likes one has had. I have bought another fact a lot of years. This one was in a same prize and he the good work that dry my hair. Ossia All requires it partorisca do, drought my hair.
4 / 5
A better dry plus that has thought. I have used a Conair hat to moisturize my hair- inside small partorisca use a big temperature my hair was soft and ready the fashion. You recommend to other buyers that does not use the professional stylist weekly.
5 / 5
Well has taken this partorisca dip in mine curlers partorisca dry faster. The descriptions have said apresamiento awhile partorisca dry and ossia corrected. My only real challenge with is the one who difficult is partorisca take all behind in a compartment of storage.
5 / 5
Used it so only once. Yes, has the Whine to an engine and I would have preferred the hose the long plus. But I have known that a specs was before I purchased it. I dry my hair in the reasonable quantity of time. You recommend partorisca this time when it calms does not feel likes start partorisca take your hair done or yes calm prefer he. Any fool calms partorisca think goes partorisca take speed of living room or hot with this unit. It is that it is.
4 / 5
Comprises that it is a dryer of economic hair . With east says a hat is slowly small on dipping curlers in your first hair to dry the good regime will be partorisca struggle to take a Hat on some curlers.
4 / 5
This dryer has been the relief has compared to a hood. A question with a dryer is a hose does not remain in good. The Be better partorisca some connections to enclosed in better. Partorisca The chances when calm turns it partorisca close these small connections so only no .
4 / 5
Has looked for an old-write escole hairdryer. This returns a bill. Works wonderfully easy to dip together and take averts in the tents add. It buys it again
5 / 5
has to that it weaves of fat hair, but a unit on dipping of half the dry interior 30 minutes that curlers of use of hair.
An only question has is doing a stay of hose fastened to hood. It was not that it goes partorisca do in that.

Top Customer Reviews: Bonnet Hair Dryer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Keila
I produce it adds! Arrived punctual. It is easy and fun partorisca use. To good sure can see save money in a future of skipping days of living room. Also it was entertainment partorisca the day of spa of the house with some daughters. I have used some curlers with slightly of humid hair and there have been good-looking curls partorisca two days! A whole thing (comprising curlers) bands to the small stock exchange that it is perfect partorisca my small bath. It enjoys!
5 / 5 Elmo
Soooo Has thickness curley hair that takes the million years partorisca fix. With which is in some kinda way usually only trace in the row of pony. But this right here! Life and saver of time! Wash, produces dipped in, dipped on hat partorisca 10 ! Amur This!
4 / 5 Malika
Has a lot curly hair and has looked for another, faster, method partorisca dry my hair another that the diffuser. This has done perfectly. Leaving it curly or with some rollers in, my hair has resulted wonderful and any frizzy.
4 / 5 Micheal
Absolutely LOVE this hat. I have tried another concealed was that it returns partorisca ail, bulky and has not done. These accesses in the little pouch, as they are adds partorisca travelling. It does not like partorisca use to plot of of heat in my hair like this this leave partorisca dip pincurls ossia slightly humid, hook on dryer of mine and am dipped less than 5 minutes. Some accesses of hat perfectly and could develop significantly use regular or big rollers. It is comfortable, portable and effective. I can not say quite a lot of good things in this product after a lot another disappointing purchases this one east AWESOME!!!
5 / 5 Jennette
This hood of hat of the dryer of hair is quite amazing! Has hair of period of the waist that is a lot well, and used to condition my hair to use the hot towel (and constantly that it has to that heat again and again). This help for cutting down my time and conditions my hair really well. A period of hose is perfect, of a dryer of hair to a hood in my boss. I want that I can do other things while this continues to do. A strap of chin helps any to disengage and maintains it on quite well. I want that it can be cleaned easily of then is waterproof and some oils can be dried easily was. Also it was happy to see some curlers of hair of extra silicone. Happy I any precise to go to expensive living rooms, this takes a do one here still house!
Has shipped quickly too much.
5 / 5 Elliott
Absolutely that the surprises want to this has the extensions and help to dry them, also styling his curly is now easier that never! Literally I chair in my bed while looking television and leave this dry my hair! Amur Of amour of the amour
4 / 5 Wanetta
I like this dryer of hair, wishes a hose has not been like this long, but in general love spent of mine abd am happy bought it! I have used he with rollers in my hair and curls of mine am exited good-looking and has long, fat hair.
5 / 5 Melanie
The law of product adds... It is very convenient and flexible ... This in spite of some bows of security concealed goes around a dryer unexpectedly has broken with which according to use... I go to try and use some pins of security to nail it behind on... As be sweet...
5 / 5 Milly
This dryer of hat are surprisingly adds. They are an African American with longitude, fat 4a-4b hair. I have bought this still dryer deep conditioning, and of course, rule to dry. I have had he for the month or the little more along, and used it three times. One first what to agree is that this product is the economic, dryer of hat (after all), and would not owe that be compared to the normal, standalone, dryer of conventional hair. Calm to good sure has to that temper your expectations. All the things have considered, really likes to of me. He so that the servant far my purposes wonderfully-- taking quite hot and circulates airs a lot enough to heat and dry my hair. It has helped the products of hair penetrate my hair deeply.

Two gilipollas is: a strap to resist a hose of hat to dryer of mine unexpectedly has broken with which one uses. I have seen another complains in this defect of same product, and a company has to that rethink a construction of strap or at least strengthen he somehow. This in spite of, have found that some stays of hose have connected dryer of mine unexpectedly still without a strap.

As with this that while I have mentioned a circulation of air is quite decent for MY PURPOSES, are not adds in general. Some travesías of hot air on a hose and mostly exits near of a nape of with the in a hood, and looks to travel on have spent my ears, then to a rest of my hair. This has said, a nape of the mine with the and a cup of my ears takes VERY HOT, and has to that constantly readjust a hood the more circulate an air. A serious of the draw is not quite strong to maintain a hood closely in place around my boss, evasions of air like this hot also. These frames for the less effective and sometimes uncomfortably hot drying experience.

In general, still would recommend this hat because as I have said, is adds for a prize. Also it stores among the travesía-friendly pouch, and some curlers of silicone are the good addition . It require more curlers to do everything of my hair, but there is curled some of my hair felizmente and can vouch for some curlers.
5 / 5 Hershel
--If this description helped, please click 'useful'--

CURLY DAUGHTERS - PRECISE this! Or people those who silicone of use/velcro/rollers of foam. Ossia For you!

Will admit when I saw it in the first place in Amazon of mine feeds, I only clicked in the to laugh. Then, I the little more investigations. Ossia Basically the giant diffuser Or a same thing that stick to you down in some living rooms. As I have had to order they are like this happy that has done!

Has been confused in a product has taken reason was in this tiny little stock exchange. Then, I opened it up and it was like this pleasantly surprised for like this big the taken (and while a lot it bends behind down). Probably it say this and I lost it but was like this happy with an addition of some rollers of silicone! Those are like this add!

--Stops more than descriptions of Amazon, follows CassandraMercedes in Instagram--

Top Customer Reviews: Bonnet Hood Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ouida
You go in east and the steamer of hair BETTER INVESTMENTS! If you are natural this product is any joke has your curls that the explosion uses it weekly the deep condition.
4 / 5 Carole
Use to the deep condition and work like the charm. Easy to use and does not have to that go to a living room is lighter that a dryer of the hair and the storage is obviously easy.
5 / 5 Daisy
After using my oil of deep conditioning, this coverage, after washing my hair, my hair is very soft, looks a lot of plenary after using a coverage of dryer of the hair, I like his durability is very good.
5 / 5 Amy
Ossia The very alternating to the mine hooded dryer. We have found that my hooded dryer has the big EMF indication, as I have loved really the substitution.

There is curly hair and at the beginning ticked my hair until a hood and has used a cinch cord. This has left a subordinated and sides of my hair in the clump and really wet.

So much, has begun to use so only a strap of chin and any cinching a hat. My hair hangs down, but ossia to the equal that with my hard hooded dryer. Works like the charm. Some finals could be slightly humid, but the drought of air quickly.

( Has added the little extra air holes around some flanges that use the punch of hole.)
4 / 5 Frida
Is the product adds . I have been considering buying the dryer of laptop of hooded hair for enough some time, but does not have an extra space for storage. This coverage of the dryer of the boss was the option adds . It is comfortable, wonderful delivery , free! They are still happy I has it.
5 / 5 Franchesca
Wants to this quite better that a model an old plus has used. Good solid construction, to good sure a lot of flimsy material. The stays dipped a lot well. I want to any one has invented these hats to dry. So better that that resists your arms on any stop for almost an hour. Has thick dreads that takes FOR EVER to dry. This to good sure does to dry time easier to treat. So only seating here below the while I write this description like the @@subject in fact lol! The picture are posting was also so only taken :) 5 stars!!
4 / 5 Dewey
This work adds! They are happy has seen this class of what has used on Youtube otherwise would have bought one of some fashionable dryers of bulky hairdresser. This a law adds, used it on down and settings of big heat that use my elderly conair the hand-held dryer and is perfect. Also I love a colour lived and a bit mirror that is coming with him.
5 / 5 Camellia
Ossia Such the product adds for a prize. I dry equally and more consolation that the majority. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Tien
The dryer has not been the good use for me. Has hair A lot the fat has assumed is a like this asked hat the substitution. But after seating with hat on for roughly an hour my hair still has not been to dry enough my satisfaction to be down hot for this quantity of time. Returned so much an original hat and a replicant this in spite of has not received repayment.
5 / 5 Felicidad
Has expected this would do in planting to buy the complete hooded dryer with a mechanism to heat. Dryer of mine unexpectedly has 2 settings of hot and 3 settings of defender but has included a plus down some have done my too hot hair. I have maintained to turn it quell'has been and on to cool down my hair. It has not dried although way. Sad to owe turn

Top Customer Reviews: Bonnet Hood Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Maude
Ossia My second time that uses this hat finds them down in mine hand-held dryer wasnt givin me a heat has required them like this the plant the in big, joins them the scarf around the heat like this heat burned my ears, or whose require the scarf partorisca maintain inner to heat so that has an elastic adjustabel serious tht maintains it quite tight around your boss, a scarf is so only my way to the use am pleased☺
5 / 5 Hans
has been going natural for the little a year, and has been in the travesía serious to try to do sure I well in of the hopes of someday achieving mid-rear period. My hair is spent so only my shoulders and have remarked some last few months when I A lot: deep conditioning, treatments of protein, chews, my hair feels likes straw afterwards. In my life this had not spent, likes I panicked and changed-on my products. Still the has not helped. My hair so only would not absorb some creams anymore like me to him used to before. The caved and has of several Youtubers uses the hat of dryer. I have ordered in of the hopes that would save me to him, and do. For a first time in month my hair in fact felt soft and moisturized with which chew it. Ossia The transmission of game and now knows will achieve my aim of period. I am annoyed that I have not invested in this more collected.
5 / 5 Toney
Are 32 years and has had has accepted so only that have frizzy hair. Any @@subject that. I have tried all the different products and all the different types of dryers of hair. If I did not straighten my hair, was so only the frizzy poof. I have tried this thing of hat this morning and my looks of hair to SURPRISE!! My husband has despertador up and could not take on as 'beautiful' my looks of hair. Has súper fat hair with curls of moderate/waves, as it take the moment to dry, but grieve longer that the dryer unexpectedly. I go to recommend this thing that the ridiculous looks to all the world knows. So only in amazing!!
5 / 5 Riley
Is the product adds . I have been considering buying the dryer of laptop of hooded hair for enough some time, but does not have an extra space for storage. This coverage of the dryer of the boss was the option adds . It is comfortable, wonderful delivery , free! They are still happy I has it.
5 / 5 Daron
Quality a lot well, more than has expected. Have Of course curly hair, and with which cups to peel my stylist always have chair under the dryer of hood to dry (with clips in some roots for the give a bit impulse and volume). A result is always really well, but has loved to re-create this house. As I have bought this annex of dryer for that. WOW, I Have been used the the little time and works perfectly now. It returns perfectly my swipe dry volume , well with a lot of little frizz. Some accesses of hose snugly around the mine dryer of hair, a drawstring around a boss and a work of the strap of the chin adds to maintain he in place. This are adds to buy for me.
5 / 5 Tarsha
So that it is, takes 5 stars . This substitutes your hooded dryer? Nope. But for a awesome prize that is, free your hair of any dampness. A cord of zip that saws it to your works of good boss. A strap of chin to maintain it that the flies was is adjustable. An elastic that control a hose in a dryer is so only well.

Of your hair is inner a hood, the hair he long the plus taken bunched up in a fund of a ossia to be expected.

Does not buy this has thought is equivalent to the hooded dryer and you will be well.
4 / 5 Stuart
For real am blown has gone by a simplicity, this in spite of brilliance of this product. I took it on a weekend and so only decided to redo my hair. Has the TWA, so only chopped everything of my hair of backside in Dec. My husband the one who is the barber has done so only the fresh yard and like my hair is very short and tapered in a backside. Im Using for ther first time and really am enamoured with this thing. Although my hair is short, is fat still and still in a living room requires at least an hour to dry. This be has said im achieving the way of living room while seating house and looking Netflix with my girls that career around. Only calm can not beat this for a prize. It can not speak to a durability, but for real would purchase again for the few dollars if this a does not have on resisted. A heat is coming by means of, an elastic all a way around a hat and some atenga utmost law to maintain a heat in. It can not listen you charge your ears on, but ossia everything .
5 / 5 Clare
Has done sure to use this the time of first pair to declare my opinion. A hose that pursues of hat in any one the dryer unexpectedly decides to the use is quite a lot the time and an end was snug enough to return in mine little dryer unexpectedly. There is drawstring on hat to maintain he to swipe was boss and for me does a lot of(with my ears out of hat). It was the little have it concerned to him would blow was but he no.
5 / 5 Vern
Update: With which roughly 4 month, a lining detached and all the flanges of a semence and an external discharge has begun takes to fray, creating long series that takes complicated up with my rollers. I often cut his, but only fray again immediately. Reason a lining and the external zone is now misaligned and any connected, the air is not distributed like this equally or effectively. Taken two times like this long to dry my hair. I have struggled with this question for 5 month and is worsening. Original description: it has Seen this hat/of hose to use in the hand hedryer. Of then all the hotels have dryers, has expected that this would do well when travelling. It has been I adds! It is returned in the each dryer of hair. The the run on down and hot on well. It is snug but at all uncomfortable in mine big rollers. I do not owe that use a strap of chin. The slide he around half-way by means of stops to be sure all the parts are drying equally. Taken roughly 15 minutes. I have read in mine iPad while my dry hair. I will enjoy to take this in of the travesías international, also, and a lot that concerns roughly 120/220 current subjects. Collapses to the tiny, walk in the chance. Thin nylon cloth but does not feel weightless. Very pleased with this compraventa!
5 / 5 Gil
Has listened once in this product, I some investigation and has given this product tries it. And confidently I can say that ossia súper awesome and value of the money!
My hair is long, and usually spends to plot to time to dry my hair. And sometimes, I course out of timing to do a trick because of that. But this hood of hat has saved like this time, and can do trick of mine while drying a hair. These produced is surprising! The desire could have found this element sooner. A must-have!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dennise
They are happy has asked; they are quite disappointed with a dryer of hair of the hat. Really it does not take quite hot . Has period of half hair quite thin. I can no images to dry longitude of hair fatter, especially for women by heart,
M Jones
4 / 5 Kami
has hair very fat, as it was intrigued for of the this. It says that it is ionic, but really no with my fat hair grieves access inside a hat, and taken roughly 2 hours for my hair to dry with this product.
4 / 5 Vivan
Has loved to dry my hair in access of hat of the rollers in mine main and dry rollers my hair in 30 - 40 minutes.
Reason has an annex of hose, can do in my computer while my hair is drying... Much more flexible that the
hoods of dome. It is light weight and he the good is that it has loved.. As I am very pleased.
5 / 5 Daniell
For my use some measures is not sufficient as having to that use some old magnetic curlers that diverse of big to small. His always the tight access and for a way, where a hose connects to a hat rasgó quite quickly, like an air does not flow in entirely and taken longer for my hair to dry. A cord could be roughly 1' more with a longitude to accommodate a row I need. This dryer is any comparison to a quality of dryers of one 1960-80 east, of this perspective. You do not recommend . Included a form of a hat is not accommodating to mine rollers.
4 / 5 Pearline
I like a black colour a plus. I dry well for a money. Has a hose of series of same draw retraction system like other dryers of soft hood the one who the immediately take. I wish a fresh setting was in fact cool in place of lukewarm.
5 / 5 Jammie
Like quota another has said a hose to a hood will not remain on. A poor creation. Have has had to that súper paste he on like my mamma could use it but then calms can do not taking behind in a chance.
5 / 5 Jodie
Access to cover good. Temp Is adjustable. A chance is too small for hose, discharges, cord, and paintbrush. The hose looks shorter that has announced.
4 / 5 Idella
There is supposition to be the low, average and big setting. I can not say to to a difference likes them to them the transmission among each..., it Is quite 'big' all a time. Also a hose is like this short that you have to find something for the dipped on afterwards to your boss. You can any one really included resist it on your lap because of a short period of a hose, but for record a hose in a compartment of the storage is likely does not do much longer... He a work but with a big setting is difficult to listen with him on.... Any sure will annoy to return the ifor a transmission has the cost and of course a hassle that has to that go to an insurance sees a value of $ 30+ for this element.
4 / 5 Eli
Well! As I have been by means of the these dryers of the hair of the hat likes him the candy because 1-the hats are plastic and usually of the burns was, 2-the hose snaps out of a compartment is inner attached of a dryer (I has had to open a whole dryer to reattach a hose), 3-the hose snaps out of a hat consistently😓...Mina very first dryer of the hair of the hat was the conair dryer of hood that lasted several years until some cradles in a with the have broken was and has has had to that toss😢... I have broken finally down and the model of Laila has purchased There-has failed! It has broken down again and it has purchased a Gold N-Hot model of the supply of beauty of Sally-has failed also! Now trying these Infinites Pro which have received interior 1 day!👍🏽 Flavour the one who compact is, to good sure smaller that some three dryers have mentioned on, but unfortunately, a hat does not return my curlers of jumbo likes him some another -is tight and uncomfortable😔 Secondly, a hose snapped was 3x already inner some premiers pocolos small, has to chair against my window ledge like the hose can be situated on a ledge for support (goes pic). Tercero, a hot air is not that it circulates during a hat, any sure if this is to be due to like stagnating a hat is due to some curlers of jumbo am using, so only can feel an air in a backside. Island, has a setting of heat in big and are not squinting or squirming in a heat that is too hot🔥to manage, a past some have done😥. Finally, in general happy with as this compact but is some the same poor structures like past dryers have possessed. Has long tri-racial (east Indian, Portuguese no black ) cultured curly hair 💁🏽‍♀️ to the equal that require some curlers of jumbo to take my hair directly.
Anyways, Esperanza this description has been the yours help,🙋🏽‍♀️✌🏽
5 / 5 Efrain